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Oraalm January 11 1899.
, , .
A January Selling
Of all odd lots of all soon unseasonable goods so as to make room
for the spring stuffs Our store is not large enough to permit of our
carrying over any large quantities , hence we make prices that sell the
goods quickly , let the loss be what it may.
dress goods
.at about
half prices.
Bargains ,
yes , genuine
Bargains that
make one richer
for buying them.
At 25c from COc , till wool checks.
At 32'/&c from COc , handsome novelties.
At 37 40 from COc , figured Arraures.
At 30c from COc , Invisible checks.
At 37c from 60e , hair ntrlpo novelty .
At 29c from 45c. chcrron novelties.
At $1.25 from $2.50 , I'nrls noverty.
At 30c from 85c , eilk and wool novelty.
At ! )8c ) from $1.75 , Imported novelty.
At S7c from $1.35 , Dengalcnc cord.
At 69c from $1.00. Poplin Novelty.
This Is the story In a nutshell : Odd lots ,
broken lines , nil marked at prices that
will close them out at once.
At 3c ! ) from $1.00 , figured novelties.
At f > 9c from $1.00 , Hendson ptalds.
Good aKirtmrnt of figured silks , 17c , 19c ,
39e , 49c , C9c , 69c , nnd 79o a yard.
Down Comforters To close .
them out we
have reduced the prices re
gardless of cost.
$4.25 , reduced to $3.28.
18.50 , reduced to $6.00.
$10.00 , reduced to $7.29.
$14.00 , reduced to $10.00.
$17.00 , reduced to $12.50.
Some of our 75c French flannels as long
as they last for 49c per yard. '
More News We have received
our full line of
spring and summer colored
32-In. colored dlmlllcs , 2Bc.
23-ln. white plqUo , special price , IBc.
Underwear Reductions in win
ter weights.
Ladlca' all wool scarlet underwear , flat
Kooda , very flno quality ; reduced to
6'Jc , regular price , $1.00.
Children's fleoccd-llned cotton union
suits , buttoned across the front , drop
sent , reduced to 35c ; 3 for $1.00.
Children's black wool tights , ankle
lengths , 76c each ; former price , $1,00.
Hosiery The good values in
our hosiery is always
Ladles' black wool hose. In ribbed or
plain , with high spliced heel nnd
double sole nnd toe , 83c ; 3 pair , $1.00.
Also a nice line of block cotton hose , with
Mnco foot , very nice quality , only 23c
Children's flno ribbed black wool hose ,
seamless , fast color , with double toe ,
sole and heel. 20c pair.
A good , strong cotton , fleccc-llncd hose ,
ribbed , In all sizes , ISe ; 3 pair , COc.
Notions M. & K. Silcoton.
What Is It ? The latest article for knit
ting , crocheting and embroidering , It
Is a rotten thread with a soft twist
and a silk finish , so close Is Its re
semblance to crochet silk that only
those familiar with both can dis
tinguish It from silk , Co per spool.
Coat's crochet cotton. In white and
colored , Cc a spool ,
Glasgo lace thread , Cc and 12 c a spool.
Sale of
Misses' Jackets ,
Wo have about 25
misses' stylish coats ,
sizes 14 to 1C years ,
these we will close
out Thursday at the following
extraordinary low prices.
$10.00 coats for $5.00 ; $9.00 coats for
$4.GO ; J7.00 coats for $3.75.
If wo have your slzo cither In a capo
or a jacket the price will suit you , as
all our $10.00 capes and coats are now
Men's ' furnishings New colored
Some with two turn down collars and
one pair of link cuffs , others made to
wear with white collars. These are
In neat stripes and checks , price $1.00
Four-ln-hand tics made of regular GOc
silk for 25c each.
Ostrich Feather
A few
ostrich feather
collars , to close
at § 1 each would
be cheap at
double the price.
No such offering was ever made before
and It will be well worth your while to
sco them.
rnlttcca that should produce results. Of the
popocratlc side , Sturgeas on the labor com
mittee , will have a chance to watch the In
terests he specially represents and Flynn , on
the committee on cities and towns , will b
on the Inside for charter revision nnd
amendment. Flynn has been suffering from
blood poisoning , which set In on the hand
cut Just before ho came to Lincoln , threat
ening to become serious , but he la still up
and about , and his physician says the hand
Is Improving.
At a table In the LIndcll this morning
John L. Webster was reading the World-
Herald and his next neighbor the Lincoln
"Well , " exclaimed or\e \ , "here the Journal
gives the senate judiciary committee to
Prout , when everybody knows It was al
lotted to Vnn Dusen. A person would think
that pnper would get the news that happens
In Its own bailiwick. "
"Look at that , " rejoined Webster. "This
headline In the World-Herald says the leg
islature voted against expansion. The ordi
nary man who simply glances nt headlines
would think that was so , whefl ns a matter
of fact the article shows that expansion was
not voted down , but the question simply
laid on the table. "
"Why not buy The Dee and read a ro
lltblo paper ? " came the apt advlco of a
man who had heard the conversation.
Senator * Hold n Cnticii * .
The senators held a caucus tonight to dis
cuss the matter of employes , but on nccount
of absentees nothing was done. The secre
tary of the senate has suggested that In case
the force of employes Is adjusted to give
him proper help when needed he will he
nble to save the state from $1,000 to J1.600
In the matter of making up the printing of
the Journal at the end of the session.
The contests that are to come before the
session nro being discussed nnd the mem
bers believe that under the provisions ot
the constitution the secretary of state should
have turned over to the house within two
days after the organization the ballots and
records in the contest cases. This the sec
retary has not done and ho maintains that
the house was not really organized until
after the appointment of the standing com
The members1 , on the other hand , hofd that
the time should date from the time when
the house resolution notified the senate and
the- governor that It Hoo4'R.
ready for business. They believe that the
secretary of state can offer no good excuse
for the holding back of the contest records.
LUt of StniidliiK Committee * In Au-
iiuunerd nnd Adopted.
LINCOLN , Jon. 10. ( Special. ) The scn-
ntu was called to order at the usual time
with nest of , the members In their seats.
After prayer by the chaplain Lieutenant
Governor Gilbert announced that It was dc-
clred that all employes of the senate shall
report to the timekeeper at both the morn
ing and afternoon sessions hereafter.
The Journal was read entire and ap
proved after slight correction.
The committee on rules submitted Its
report , recommending the adoption of the
rules of 1895 , except the rule regulating
the make-up of committees and that re
lating to a call of the house. Under the
new ruin nlno members nro required for a
call of the house , while It may be raised
by a majority of 'those present.
The committee standing committees
submittedthe fpllovylng report in accordance
ance with th'o action of last night's caucus
and It was adopted :
Judiciary J. II. Van Ousen. F. N. Prout ,
E. D. Owens , , It. Hannibal , Joseph Crow , W.
D. Holbrook. A. It. Talbot. C. A. Fowler
nnd Hugh O'Neill.
Finance , Wava and Means J. H. Arendi ,
Isaac Noycs. W. It. Barton. W. II. Reynolds ,
E. N. Allen. W. J. Hnlderman. E. n. Owens ,
J. S. Canaday and William S. Schaal.
Public Lands and Uulldlngs E. N. Allen ,
C. P. Steele. Jncob Rocke. W. It. Barton ,
J. II. Art > nds , E. D. Owens. W. II. Newell ,
J. B. Miller nnd F. J. Hale.
Agriculture Hugh McCargar. A. n. Tal
bot. O. L. Alexander. P. M. Currle. W. H.
Reynolds. W. D. Holbrook and W. A. Morgan.
Highways , Bridges and Ferries O. 0. Gtf-
ffrt , W , H. Newell , Hugh McCargar , F. N.
Prout and.J , A. Dunn.
Accounts arid Expenditures F. M. Currie ,
Btlmulato the stomach ,
rouse the liver , cure billons1T S I I _
ness , headache , dizziness , | I 11 C
lour ttomtch , conillr tlini , 40
to. J-rlc y ctnti. SolJ br til
BOUT I1IU t UK. with Hoo4'
R. Hannibal. J. H. Van Dusen. W. J. Haider-
man and P. M. Howard.
Military Affairs W. R. Barton. C. P.
Steole. C. L. Alexander , Jacob Rocke and V.
J. Hale.
Municipal Affairs C. A. Fowler , D. C. Olf-
fert , R. Hannibal , Isaac Noyes and J. S.
Internal Improvements R. Hannibal , J.
Crow , E. JD. Owens , W. H. Reynolds and A.
J. Knepper.
School Lands and Funds W. H. Reynolds ,
J. H. Arends. C. A. Fowler. W. J. Haider-
man and W. A. Morgan.
Public Printing W. J. Halderman , W. D.
Holbrook. C. P. Steele. J. H. Van Dusen and
T. F. Farrell.
Railroads C. F. Steele. E. N. Allen. A. R.
Talbot. J. H. Arends. W. R. Barton. Joseph
Crow , W. H. Reynolds , C. L. Alexander and
F. N. Prout. ' , '
Miscellaneous Corporations' Joseph Crow ,
W. R. Barton. A. R. Talbot , Hugh McCargar ,
J. H. Van Dusen. C. F. Steele and Thomas
F. Farrell.
University and Normal Schools A. R. Talbot
bet , W. R. Barton , E. N. Allen , A. J. Knep
per and Q. J. Spobn.
Constitutional Amendments and Federal
Delations Joseph Crow , F. N. Prout , A. R.
Talbot. J. H. Van Dusen. R. Hannibal , E. D.
Owens and W. H. Newell.
Public Charities W. J. Halderman. Isaac
Noyes , W. D. Holbrook. F. N. Prout and F.
J. Hale.
Privileges and Elections Jacob Rocke. J.
H. Vnn Duaen. F. M. Currle. R. Hannibal
and J. A. Dunn.
Live Stock And Grazing W. H. Reynoldo ,
F. M. Currle , E. N. Allen , Isaac Noycs and
J. E. Miller.
Miscellaneous Sublects W. H. Newell ,
: saao Novos , W. D. Holbrook , E. D. Owens ,
LIuph McCnrgar , W. J. Halderman and J. F.
S. Smith.
State Prison W. H. Newell. J. II. Arends ,
J. H. Van Dusen. A. R. Talbot and E. D.
Medical Societies W. D. Holbrook. C. F.
Steele , Jacob Rocke , C. A. Fowler and G. J.
Immigration C. L. Alexander , W. H. Rey
nolds. W. H. Newell. D. C. Glffert nnd W. D.
Mines nnd Mining T. F. Farrell. W. A.
Morgan. J. F. S. Smith , F. J. Hole. J. A.
Dunn , Hugh O'Neill , J. S. Canaday. J. E.
Miller , A. J. Knepper , F. M. Howard , G. J.
Spohn and W. D. Schaal.
Manufacturing and Commerce D. C. Glf
fert. Isaac Noyes , Hugh McCargar , W. H.
Newell and Hugh O'Neill.
Labor R. Hannibal. W. R. Barton.V. . H.
Newell. J. H. Arends and W. A. Morgan.
Counties nnd County Boundaries J. II.
Van Dusen. F. M. Currle. W. D. Holbrook. C.
L. Alexander and Hugh O'Neill.
Educational Isaac Noyes , 0. A. Fowler ,
W. D. Owens. F. N. , Prout arid J.'S. Canaday.
Library J. Rocke. J. H. Arends. W. H.
Reynolds , W. J : Halderman and J. S. Cana
Claims W. R. Barton. C. F. Steele , J.
Crow. A. R. Talbot and Hugh McCargar.
Banks and Currency C. A. Fowler , W. J.
Halrterman. W. R. Barton , D. C. Glffert and
J. II. Arends.
Enrolled and Engrossed Bill ? W. D. Hol
brook. W. B. Newell. Hugh McCargar. D. C.
Glffert. Jacob Rocke , E ; N. Allen nnd J. F. S.
Revenue F. N. Prout. J. H. Van Dusen.
A. R. Talbot. W. R. Barton. C. F. Steele , W.
II. Reynolds and J. S. Canaday.
Rules Isaac Noycs , C. F. Steele. W. D.
Holbrook , A. R. Talbot and Joseph Crow.
Soldiers' Home W. R. Barton. C. F. Steele ,
W. J. Halderman. W. D. Holbrook and R.
Irrigation E. D. Owens , F. M. Currl * , D.
C. Glffert , W. H. Reynolds , E. N. Allen , R.
Hnnnlbnl and J. E. Miller.
Reform School. Asylum and Home for
Friendless Prout , Halderman , McCarger ,
Olffort and Miller.
Insurance Owens , Holbrook , Talbot , Bar
ton and Crow.
Insane Hospital Alexander , Holbrook ,
Rocke. Allen nnd Canaday.
Deaf , Dumb and Blind Asylum Steele , i
Barton. Arends , Noyes and Schaal.
Standing Committee Talbot , Crow , Hol
brook , Steclo. Barton , Allen and Arends.
Senator Farrell nroso to thank the senate
for the courtesy extended In placing him
at the head of so Important a committee |
as that on mines and mining and good-
naturedly remarked thut ho was pleased
with the make-up , Including as It did all
his fusion brothers. Schaal of Sarpy , fu-
ilon , alsa referred to the Importance of a
committee composed ot twelve apostles.
Steele of Jefferson created a rtpplo of
laughter Inthe retort that the majority
fully understood the magnitude of the ,
courtesy extended , as at the last session ,
of the legislature the republican minority
had the same committee.
Crow of Douglas offered a resolution pro
viding for the adoption of constitutional I
amendments , as follows :
A Joint rcEolutlon proposing to amend sec _
tion 1 of article xv of the constitution of |
the etato of Nebraska relating to amend
ments to the constitution.
Bo l < t revolved and enacted by the legU-
laturo ot the slate of Nebraska :
Section 1. That section 1 of article xv of
the Constitution of the State of Nebraska
bo amended so as to read as follows :
Section 1. Either branch of the legislature
may propose amendment * to thin constitu
tion and If the name bo ngre d to by three-
fifths of the members elected to each house
such proposed amendments shall bo entered
on the journals with the yeas and nays and
published at least once each week In at
least one newspaper in each county where
a newspaper Is published for three months
immediately preceding the next general state
election , at which election the same shall
bo submitted to the electors for approval
or rejection. If a two-thirds majority of
electors voting at such election for or
against the same adopt such amendments
the same shall become a part of the con
stitution. When more- than one amendment
IB submitted at the tame election they shall
bo so submitted as to enable the electors
to vote on each amendment separately.
A resolution was sent up by Noyes of
Douglas , directing the committee on Ju
diciary to fully Investigate the 'legality ot
surety bonda such as have 'been-given ' by
Treasurer Mescrv * and report back to the
By motion the secretary of the senate
was Instructed to prepare a full list of the
standing committees and Issue a requisition
on the secretary of state for 500 copies ot
the same for USB of members. Instruction
was also given for checking up furniture
and supplies received for the USD of the
The following new bills came in and were
given first reading :
Senate File No. 10 , by Mr. Crow A Joint
resolution proposing to amend section 1 , ot
artlclo xv , of the constitution of the state
of Nebraska , relating to amendments to the
Senate File No. 11. by Charles A. Fowler
A bill for an act providing an official seal
for county treasurers.
Senate File No. 12. by Mr. Miller A bill
for an act to prohibit the platting ot en
cumbered land into city , town or village
Senate File No. 13. by Mr. Miller A hill
for en act to amend section 21 , ot chapter
Ixxvlll , of the Compiled Statutes of Ne
braska for 1897. and to repeal said original
section 21 , of chapter Ixxvlll , of the Com
piled Statutes of Nebraska for 1S97.
Senate File No. 14. by Mr. Crow A bill
for an act to amend section 21. of subdi
, vision 17 , chapter Ixxlx , of the Compiled
Statutes of Nebraska for 1897 , relating to
schools , and to repeal the said section above
named as now existing.
Senate File No. IB , by Mr. Van Dusen A
bill for an act to protect primary elections
and conventions of political parties and to
punish offenses committed thereat , and to
repeal sections 117. 118. 119. 120 , 121 , 122 ,
123 , 124 and 125. of chapter xxvl , of Cora-
piled Statutes of 1897.
Senate File No. 16 , by Mr. Prout A bill
for an act to amend section 535 , of chapter
1 , of the Criminal Code ot the State ot Ne
Senate File No. 17 , by Mr. Alexander A
bill for an act to amend section 958 , of tba
Code ot Civil Procedure , Compiled Statutes
of Nebraska , 1897 , and to repeal the same
( referring to costs on change of venue to
Justices' courts.
Senate File No , 18. by Mr. Talbbt A bill
for an act to authorize the organization of
mutual bond companies to Insure the fidelity
ot members of such companies holding
places of trust and responsibility in , to or
under any state , county , city , corporation ,
company , person or persons whatsoever and
to regulate their conduct.
BilU Introduced yesterday were read the
second time , but were not referred to com
mittees as is usual , the president of tha
senate explaining that as the personnel of
the standing committees had just hc u nn-
nounced , hewould ask a little time for
I referring this batch of nllls.
An Invitation was received from the
State Historical society to attend -the ses
sions of their annual meeting tonight and
tomorrow night.
All members of the senate were present
at the afternoon session , except Senator
Howard , who Is still detained by sickness.
Lieutenant Governor Gilbert-then referred
all bills that had been twice read to their
proper committee * .
Tbo list of new bills Introduced at tha
afternoon session la as follows :
Senate File No. 19 , by Mr. Prout A bill
for an act to amend section 6 of chapter xxv
of the annotated statutes of 1S97 , and to
repeal said < ectlon as It now stands.
Senate File No. 20 , by Mr. Holbrook A
bill for an act empoworlnc the corporate au
thorities ot the cities of the second class.
I villages and countlei to take up and pay oil
' valid outstanding bonds lamed pursuant to
vote of electors , by the laaup and sal ? , or
by the issue and exchange therefor , of bonds
bearing a lower rate ot Interest , ana pre
scribing the procedure in that behalf.
Senate File No. 21 , by Mr. Hale A bill
for an act to provide for the sale , by rail
road companies ot unclaimed goods.
Senate File No. 22 , by Mr. Noyes A bill
for an act to amend section 2135 ot lUo
Compiled Statutes ot Nebraska of 1897 , as
compiled by lllland H. Wheeler.
Senate File Xo. 23 , by Mr. Talbot A bill
for tin net to amend section 677 of the CoJo
of Civil I'roccedure of the State of Ne
braska , and to repeal said original section
Senate File No. 24 , by Mr. Talbot A hill
for nn act to amend section 2G3 , of the Cmlo
of Civil Procedure ot the State of Nebraska ,
and to repeal said original aecMon.
Senate File No. 25 , by Mr. Talbot A bill
for nn act relating to school text-books for
use In the public schools of the state of
Nebraska ; providing for state uniformity
and maximum charges for said books , creat
ing a commlslon to select the same , and
making an appropriation for carrying out
the provisions thereof ; providing for optional
district and city ownership ; providing pen
alties for the violation of this act , and re
pealing all acts or parts of acts In conflict
with the provisions of this act.
Senate File No. 26 , by Mr. Talbot A bill
for nn act to amend sections ID , 16 and 18
of chapter 1 of tlie Compiled Statutes of
Nebraska of 1897 and to repeal said orig
inal sections.
Senate Flic No. 27 , by Mr. Talbot A bill
for nn net to amend section 293 of the Code
of Civil Procedure of the State of Nebraska ,
and to repeal said original section , as now
The senate adjourned till 10 o'clock to
morrow ,
Ontllnc of Senate nilln.
Senate fllca 10 nnd 27 were Introduced In
the senate at today's session. Scnato file
No. 10 Is Senator Crow'e Joint resolution.
Senate file No. 11 , by Fowler of Flllmorc ,
provides for an official seal for county
treasurers , on which shalf be engraved the
words "County Treasurer , " the name of the
county and the word "Nebraska. "
Senate file No. 12 , by Miller of Sherman ,
provides that no person or persons , firm or
corporation shall subdivide or plat any
tract of land Into city , town or village lots ,
unless ho first procure a certificate from
the register of deeds ( or county ctcrk ) , the
clerk of the district court and the county
treasurer , that there are no liens or en
cumbrance of any kind on record against
said land and shall aha make an affidavit
that there nro no unrecorded Hens against
said land.
Senate file No. 13 , else Introduced by
Miller of Sherman , provides that appraisers
appointed to appraise damages arising out
of the opening of new roads shall be free
holders and provides for tecs.
Senate file No. 14 , by Crow of Dougras ,
makes the dutlca ot the Board of Education
moro specific regarding the matter ot an
nually estimating resources liable for tax
ation for school purposes and also the
amount deemed necessary to be levied for
carrying on the schoolwork , reporting the
same to the city council.
Senate file No. 15 , by Van Duacn of Doug
las , provides for radical changes In the pri
mary laws of the state. The present law Is
abolished and a now law enacted , the prin
cipal features being that each fall at tlie
general registration of voters each elector
registering shall be asked with what party
be proposes to affiliate and a record of the
same shall be kept by the registrars. Ho Is
not compelled to tell his party affiliations ,
but cannot participate In party primaries
the following year ot he refuses to so declare
himself. The county committee of each
county is then authorized to make certified
copies of said registration lists for Its party ,
which shall be used "by the Judges of pri
mary elections aa the registered list of voters
ers entitled to a ballot at that election. It
Is also provided that electors falling to reg
ister by reason ot clckness , removal from
one precinct to another , or new residents in
the city since the fall registration , may reg
ister by certificate , sworn to by the city
clerk. 'j
Senator Van Dusen' stales that the object
ot Ills bill is'tn pr tent 'democrats from voting
ing at republlcamiprlmaries and vice versa.
Senate file No. .15 , by Prout of Gage , pro
vides that costs may be- allowed in misde
meanors , to bo paid by the county , provided
the county attorney euall have examined
such complaint and shall endorse thereon
bis approval of the eeme. At present fees
for felony coses alone arc allowable to be
paid by the county.
Senate file No. 17 , by Alexander of Adams ,
repeals that part ot section 958 of the Civil
Code which relates to the costs to be paid
by defendants who take a change of venue
in justice courts.
Senate file No. 18 , by Talbot of Lancaster ,
provides for the formation of mutual bond
and guarantee companies surrounded with
proper safeguards for the security of the In
Senate- file No. 19 , by Prout of Gage ,
makes Insanity cause for divorce , provid
ing cither party shall have been confined
In an Insane hospital for a period of five
or moro years and Is apparently incurable ,
unless such insanity has been caused by
At Church Supper * , Wedding * nnd
Partle * .
"The minister liked coffee. His long Sab
bath day's work was begun with a cup of the
strongest coffee and ended In the same way.
Gradually the physical and mental machinery
became clogged , tongue coated , dull head
aches and a general depressed condition ot
the system , turned MB delightful occupation
Into a dreary treadmill.
Sheridan , Mich.
One day his attention -was brought to the
fact that the unsuspected coffee was very
likely the cause of bis trouble , and It was
suggested that If ho would use Postum Food
Coffee and induce the good wife to be par
ticular to bolf It long enough to extract the
delicious flavor and the elements which go
to rebuild the broken down nerve centers ,
his trouble would bo gone.
This was two years and a half ago , and
since that time not a pound ot coffee has
been purchased by the minister's family.
Morning , noon and night Poetum makes its
appearance on the table , and Is enjoyed by
all. With the departure of coffee went the
minister's bad feelings , and with the coming
of Postum , came a feeling If exhilaration , a
better appetite and a constantly Increasing
From the start , the minister's Postum has
been properly made , because of the warn
At one time during the absence of house
wife-the domestic , not being particular about
preparing Postum according to directions ,
made It weak and Insipid , which wo find Is
a very common corapfalnt among those who
do not understand that there is no way to
extract the delicious flavor from Postum ex (
cept by long boiling. Made properly , it Is
clean black and has a crisp , pungent , fas
cinating taste. Occasionally the minister
has been Induced to drink a cup of coffee at
weddings , parties , etc. , but many sleepless
hours of the night are passed In consequence.
This Is a true experience. "
the misconduct ot the party seeking the
Sonatc file No , 20 , by Holhrcok of UoJije ,
provides for refunding bonds of cities o :
the second class and smaller municipalities
nt a loner rate ot Interest , ami Semite
file No. 21 , by Hall of Stnnton , nukes pro
vision for the disposal of unclaimed goods
by railroad companies.
Senate file No. 22 , by Noyc * of Douglas ,
provides that In all counties having over
70,000 Inhabitants , not under township or
ganization , county commissioners may be
elected by a vote of the entire county.
Senate file No. 23 , by Talbot of Lancas
ter , provides that when a person appeals
from a decree granting possession ot real
estate be must give bond to pay the value
ot the use and occupation of the property
uhllo tno appeal Is pending , If the judgment
of the loner court Is afllrmcd.
Senate file No. 24 , by Talbot of Lancas
ter , provides that the adverse party In a
suit may Impose a demurrer after the
plaintiff rests his case on the ground that
no cause of action has been proved. If
the demurrer Is sustained , verdict Is to be
rendered lor adverse party , but If over
ruled , said party may make his defense.
Senate file No : 25 , by Talbot of Lancas
ter , provides for the appointment of a
school text book commission of six members -
bers , appointed by the governor , of whom
not more than three shall come from the
same political party. Their dutlca arc to
provide a uniform scries of school text
books for use In the public schools of the
state and to provide for the purchase of
the same. The superintendent of public
instruction Is made ex-olllclo chairman of
the commission.
Senate file No. 26 , by Talbot of Lancas
ter , provides that those dependent upon
husbands and fathers for support may
maintain an action for damages against
a saloon keeper for selling the husband
or father liquor , providing they served
upon the saloon keeper written notice ,
through a constable , that said husband or
father Is a habitual drunkard , prior to the
date of sale of liquors to him.
Senate file No. 27. by Talbot of Lancas
ter , provides that In all cases Juries may
be directed to find upon particular ques
tions of fact , to be stated in writing. Thec
present law restricts this privilege to ac
tions for the recovery ot money or specific
real property only.
Qucntloii of Slftlnir Committee Doc *
Not Come to u Vote.
LINCOLN. Jan. 10. ( Special. ) While the
journal was being read this morning Ben
jamin of Hitchcock ( fusion ) desired a cor
rection. He said he had noticed by the
morning Bee that ho was recorded as voting
with the majority on the roll call yesterdaj
Involving the adoption of the report of the
committee on rules. An examination of the
record , however , verified the newspaper re
port , and the chair decided that It was now
too Into to have correction made.
Taylor of Custcr offered a resolution pro-
vlding that a committee of five , consisting
of three members of the majority and two
of the minority party , be appointed by the
sneaker for the purpose of discovering the
duties of. the manner of their preference of
said duties , general Information relating to
and the necessity for the existence of oil
and deputy oU Inspectors , secretaries of
State Board of Transportation and Board
of Fish Commissioners. Said committee to
report by bill recommendation or otherwise
at an early date.
The discussion on this was short and the
resolution was tabled with slight opposition.
Thompson of Merrlck presented the fol
lowing resolution :
"Be It resolved , That the commlttco on
rules be authorized and directed to cause
to be printed In book form 600 copies of the
rules of the house for the use ot the officers
and members thereof and that one copy
of the came be placed In the hands of each
of such.officers and members as soon as
practicable. "
Thin broueht forth a discussion as to the
advisability of ordering a new lot of books
of ruff a when the members had already been
furnished with the job lot of blue books
sold the state by Eric Johnson.
Some of the members were In favor of
having the rules printed In separate form ,
Jones of Gage saying : "It Is no use to us
to have our rules printed after the session
Is ended. They would bo furnished to the
next houe and In a few days they would do
the same as we have done and make new
rules. If wo are to get any use of our rules
they ought to bo printed In some handy
form. "
The resolution was finally referred to the
printing commlttco.
Burman of Douglas offered a resolution
providing that the Introducer of any bill
should be allowed Uio privilege of explain
ing the merits of his bill to the committee
to which it was referred. Tbo resolution
was adopted.
Eastman ot Custer desired to know what
were the duties of the committee on "other
asylums. " He said be had served on that
committee all through the last session and
falling to find anything to do , bo desired
some light on the subject. Tbe chair prom
ised that the best of Information should be
tendered , at the same time admitting that
the work relating to Insane asylums was
thoroughly covered by another committee.
Forty new bills were Introduced.
After rt-cesB the bills introduced yester
day were given the second reading and re
ferred to committees.
Three o'clock , the tlmo for the special
order of the day having arrived , the
question of the adoption of rule 54
of the report ot the committee on rules
came up. This was the rule that
so much objection yesterday and
which If adopted would have empowered the
committee on rules to act as a sifting com
mittee. The matter did not come to a contest -
test today , as a resolution making rule 54
read , "It shall bo In order for the committee
on engrossed and enrolled bills to report at
any time. " This amendment was adopted
without division.
Evan * of Adams , chairman of the commit
tee on printing , moved that the rules b
amended so that they provide for the print
ing of 500 copies of each bill Instead of 250 ,
as now provided for under the rules. In '
support ot this ho said the difference In cost
under the contract would be only 7 cents
per page.
This aroused a general discussion as to
the number of copies necessary. Reuse of
Hall said that last session there was a
scarcity in the copies of some of the bills
became the printer had not delivered the
whole number contracted for.
Burman of Douglas said the State Printing
board was open to criticism for having con
tracted for the printing before the legisla
ture convened.
Eastman of Custer offered as an amend
ment that the Evans resolution be referred
to the committee on printing , which was
lost , and on roll call the original resolution
providing for the printing ot 500 copies ot
bill * was adopted by a vote of 78 to 17.
The chair announced as the committee to
confer with the senate committee on joint
convention Rouxo of Hall , Flaher of Dawea
and Moran of Platte.
At 3:30 : the house adjourned.
IIIIU Explained.
House roll 65 , by Burman of Douglas , pro
vides for the licensing of pawnbrokers , tlie
license In the cities to > be 1100 per year and
In villages { 50 per year. It also calls for a
(5.000 bond.
House roll 68 , by Beverly of Douglas , pro-
hlblts the employment of child labor. It pro
vides that no male or female child under
the ago of 10 years shall be employed In any
manufacturing or mercantile establishment ,
and that no male or female child under the
ege ot 11 years shall bo employed In such
establishment except during the regular
school vacations.
Iloilip roll 70 , by K\ans of Adams , pro-
vldcj for the creation of a reserve and gunr-
inty fund fcr the protection of depositors
111 bank * . It inntes It Itlo duty of each b.tnk
In the Mate to deposit with HID state treas
urer nn amount rqtnl to G per cent of the
Jeposlts In the bank , to ho retained n * a
guaranty fund , the deposit with the tnas-
urcr to draw Interest at the rate of 2H PCT
csnt. H nlso provides for the m.tnni-r In
whlsh the slate treasurer shall place thla
fund In depository banks.
House roll 85 , by Hallcr of Washington ,
provides for the payment of outstanding
uonds by authorities of cities of the second
class nnd villages by ttie Issuance nnd sale
of bonds bearing a lower rate of Interest ,
The manner of procedure as outlined by the
hill Is for the corporate authorities to give
public notice of the propcac.l action , which
notice U to bo given newspaper publication
of two weeks. In the absence of objection
the authorities are then empowered to Issue
and sell the bonds.
Mi-nibcru of the llouin Prove to He
Very Induxtrliiiiii.
LINCOLN. Jan. 10. ( Special. ) The fol
lowing new bills were Introduced In the
House ' Tuesday :
House Roll No. 63 , by Bilrman of Douglas
A bill for an act licensing and regjilntiiig
pawnbrokers , dealers In second-hand goods ,
junk dealers and chattel loaning and pro-
vldlog penalties for violation thereof.
House Hell No. 60 , by Mcmmlngcr of Mnd-
Isori A bill for on act to call n convention
to revise the constitution of the tate of
Nebraska , etc ,
House Roll No. 67 , by Harksoo of Lancas
ter A bill for an act to establish nnd pro
vide for a free public employment bureau.
House Roll No. 6S , by Beverly of Douglna
An act to limit and regulate the employ
ment of children In tnanutacturlng , mechan
ical and mercantile I'stELbllshtncuts
, to pro-
J vldo n penalty for Ith'lolatlon nnd the
employment of Its provision and to repeal
section 245aa 240hb and 2 5cc , chapter x.xlll ,
of the 1S07 Compiled Statutes of Nebraska.
House Roll No. CW , by Eastman of Custer
A joint resolution section to amend ar
ticle v of the Constitution of the State of
Nebraska nnd to provide for the submitting
of such amendment to a vote of the people.
Houao Roll fV. 70 , by Evans of Adams
A bill for an act to create- and maintain a
reserve end guarantee fund for the protec
tion of depositors In banks.
House Roll No. 71 , by Lane of Lancaster
A bill for an act to amend section 4 , chapter
xxxxv. Compiled Statutes , entitled "Inter-
uatlciinl Improvements. "
House Roll No. 72 , by Lane of Lancaster
A bill for an act to amend section 6 of an
act entitled "An Act Relating to the Trans
fer of Personal Property Under Mortgage , "
approved February 18 , 1867.
House Roll No. 73 , by Lane of Lancaster
A bill for an act to amend section C ot
an act entitled "An Act for a General Herd
Hv to Protect Cultivated Lands from Tres
pass by Stock. "
House Roll No. 74 , by Lane of Lancaster
A bill for an act to amend sections 5 and 7 ,
chapter xxxlxb. Complied Statutes , entitled
"Industrial Statistics. "
Housa Roll No. 75 , by Lane of Lancaster
A bill for an act to repeal section 41 , chap
ter xix , "Courts Supreme and District. "
House Roll No. 76 , by Lane of Lancaster
A bill for an not to amend section 19 , chap
ter xlx , Revised Statutes , entitled "Fees. "
Housa Roll No. 77 , by Lane of Lancaster
A bill for an act to amend section IS , chap
ter Ixxvlll , Compiled Statutes , entitled
"Roads. "
House Roll No. 78 , by Lane of Lancaster
A bill for an act to amend section 75 , chap
ter Ixxvlll , Compiled Statutes , entitled
"Hoads. "
House Roll No. 79 , by Lane of Lancaster
A bill for an act to repeal section 4 , chapter
xlx , Revised Statutes , entitled "Fees. "
House Roll No. 80 , by Lane of Lancaster
A bill for an act to repeal section 11 , chapter
xlx , Revised Statutes , entitled "Fees. "
Houao Roll No. 81 , by Lane of Lancaster
A bill for an act to amend section 7 , chap
ter xlx , entitled "Fees. "
House Roll No. 81. by Lane A1 bill for an
act to amend section 7. chapter xlx , Revised
Statutes , entitled "Fees. "
House Roll No. 82. by Lane A bill for an
act to amend sections 13 and 13a. chapter
xxvlll. Compiled Statutes , entitled "Fees. "
House Roll No. 83. by Elwood of Ante
lope A bill for an act to amend section 29 ,
chapter Ivll , of the Compiled Statutes of the
State or Nebraska for the year 1897 and to
repeal said original section and to fix the
rates of toll to be charged for grinding and
bolting ' different species of craln.
House Roll No. 84 An act to repeal sec
tions No. 10 and 11 of chaPer H , article 4 ,
of the Compiled Statutes of 1897 of the State
of Nebraska , relating to the cultivation of
House Roll No. 85. by Hftllcr of Washing
ton Relating to duties of village and city
House Roll No. 86 A bill for an act to
amend section 10. chapter Ixxxtla , Complied
Statutes , entitled "Soldiers and Sailors. "
House Roll No. 87. by Weaver of Rlchard-
B n A bill for an act relating to and to
punish and care for vagrants.
House Roll No. 88. by Weaver of Richard
son A bill for an not concerning the com
pensation of receivers.
House Roll No. 89. bv Weaver of Richard
son A bill for an act to repeal sections 24 ,
25 , 26 , 27 , 29 , 30 , 31. 32 , 33 , 34 and 35 of
chapter Iv , artlclo 1 , of the Compiled Statutes
of 1897 of the State of Nebraska.
House Roll No. 90. by Weaver of Richard
son A bill for an act providing for the pun
ishment of persons unlawfully , maliciously
and willfully making loud and unusual noises
In the vicinity of any private residence In
the night season to the annoyonco of the
occupants thereof and repealing all act * and
parts of acts In conflict therewith.
House Roll No. 91. by Weaver A bill for
an act t > amend sections 17 nnd 156 of chap
ter xxv of the Compiled Statutes of the State
of Nebraska of 1897 and to repeal said or
iginal section.
House Roll No. 92. by Weaver A bill for
an act to amend section 21. article 1 , chapter
> lxxx. Compiled Statutes , entitled "School
Lands and Funds. "
House Roll No. 93. by Weaver A bill for
an act to amend section 601a. Code of Civil
House Roll No. 94. by Hathorno of Red
Willow A bill for an act to transfer certain
funds to the general fund nnd to provide for
the credit of these funds direct hereafter and
the payment of any warrants outstanding
against said funds.
House Roll No. 95 , by Estcrllng of Buffalo
A bill for an act to amend sections 19 , 20
and 21 of chapter xlx , Compiled Statutes of
House Roll No. 98 , bv W. E. Chlttenden
Amending section 6 , chapter xxv , Compiled
House Roll No. 97. by McGlnley of Otoe
A bill for an act to amend section 377 , Crim
inal Code.
House Roll No. 98 , by McGlnley of Otoe
A bill for an act to amend section 90 , Crim
inal Code.
House Roll No. 99 , by McGlnley of Otoe
A bill for an act to amend section 378 , Crim
inal j Code.
House Roll No. 100. by McGlnley of Otoe
A bill for an act to amend section 76 ,
Criminal Code.
House Roll No. 101 , by Reuse of Hall
( Continued on Third Page. )
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