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/ - § 4 T-T * TV A TT tr T * l v T A "VT * i T > "V on i onn
Hamilton's ahoe store , 412 Broadway. .
Davla Hell * glass.
Btockert Carpet Co. , 205-207 Bwy.
Mooro's food kills worms and fattens.
C , E , Alexander & Co. , picture frames.
Iowa Furniture & Carpet Co. , 407 B'way.
Douglas N. Graves has returned from his
trip to California.
Mrs. Charles Haas ii cnntlnod to her lioiuu
with a relapse of the grip.
C. B. Jacquemln & Co. , Jewelers and op-
, /clann , 27 South Main street.
J. M. Lane of the Mlhvaukp raid ban re
turned from a flying trip to Chicago.
Attorney John P. Organ has been called
< o Troy , N , Y , , by tbe death of bis fntht-r.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Dalnbrldgu spent yes
terday at Crete , Neb. , the guests of Senator
McCnrgur anil family.
Mrs. William Moore ho * * returned from
Chicago. Her daughter , Mlxs Nellie , Is still
visiting frlHidB m Canada.
J , C. Blxby , heating and sanitary engineer ,
t'lani and specifications for heating , plumbIng -
Ing and lighting. 202 Main , Council Bluffs.
They had not met for years. "You have
changed , " she murmured. "Yes , " said Al
gernon. "I now send all my work to the
Eagle laundry , 724 Broadway. "
N. Y. Plumbing company. Tel. 2.0.
Davis sells drugs.
C'ltr Official ! ) Co lite nil Hint Mnln
I'olntN Are Not Touched Upon.
City Attorney Wadsworth has received a
certified copy of < the supplemental decision
of the supreme court In the city warrant case
of N. C. Phillips against W. B. Reed , city
treasurer. The decision practically decides
nothing and the city officials are still at sea
as to whether , under the existing conditions ,
the new or tbe old warrants should be paid
Despite the decision of the supreme court
City Treasurer Reed does not feel that It Is
afe for him to continue to pay warrants
Issued for current expenses and he will re
fuse to do BO until a more definite decision
Is arrived at by the courts.
The decision of the supreme court , while
ruling that the warrants Issued for the cur
rent Indebtedness of the city take prece
dence over the old warrants , falls to touch
upon the vital question Involved , namely , the
constitutionality of the law as applied to a
city Incorporated aa a city of tbe first class
subsequent to 1881. The decision as handed
down by the supreme court simply reaffirms
Ita former decision on tbe grounds that the
attorneys failed to argue the really vital
question In the case. The decision Is us fol
low * :
N. C. Phillips , appellant , against W. fi.
Reed , appellee , per curriam. The foregoing
opinion was withdrawn on our motion for
the purpose of adding u brief statement ou
a point disclosed by the record , but which
counsel did not eee fit to present. We make
mention of U to forestall any misunderstand
ing of our holding.
It appears that Council Bluffs was oigan-
Izcd as a city of tbe first class subsequent
to the year 1881 and by the terms of chap
ter Iv of tlit Tvienty-Beccnil general assem
bly it Is exempted from the application of the
provisions of that statute.
This point counsel for some reason studi
ously avoided presenting. They united In
slating two propositions only , aa raised b >
the demurrer. Thete we disposed of In the
original opinion. Moro than this no were
not permitted to do under our well-estab
lished rul to give no attention to points nov
Counsel had a right , of course , to re t
their client's claims upon any ground they
saw fit. Wo only deslro to say the case was
decided upon the theory on which It was.
then tried , viz. , tht the statute mentioned
applied to the city of Council Bluffs. Be-
ctiuno of the method of presenting the case
we assumed , but did not decide that the
statute applied. If It docs not , the effect
of the exemption Is an open queetlon to be
settled hereafter.
This second decision of the supreme court
tn this case IB received with no small
mount of astonishment In Council Bluffs ,
u when the case was brought before Judge
Smith In the district court on demurrer , at
his luggestlon the declaration that Council
Bluffs was organized ai a city of the first
dais luoiequent to 1881 was Interlined in
the petition and Incorporated In the record
that wa filed with the supreme court In
Des Molnes. The attorneys on both sides
were und r the Impression that this fact in
the cai * Dad been properly and sufficiently
brought to the attention of the court and
therefore tbe language of the ruling
handed down In this second decision comes
BB complete surprise to them.
The general interpretation .of the decision
IB that It does not decide and leaves the
main question ntlll open. AN it now U the
city authorities feel that In order to got !
tbe matter settled satisfactorily , they will j
be compelled to bring another test suit
When seen yesterday City Attorney Wads-
worth laid ho was not prepared at this time
to say whether a rehearing on tbo present
suit would be asked from the supreme
Bluff City laundry , 'ohono 314. "Domes
tic and high glona/ |
Urrthlrk Club Comnilttren.
C. B. Altchlson , the newly elected prcsl
dent of the Derthick club , has appoints
the following standing committees for th <
year , beginning March i :
Program Miss Efllo Ellis , chairman ; Mis
Lucellle Portcrflcld and Mrs. P. J , Mont
Executive L. W Tiille > s , chairman ; W
8. Rlgdon and Mrs. A. R. Brlnsmald ,
This announcement of the appointment o
these committees Is mode In advance tn orde
that the. work of the club may not be In
terrupted and that tbo new committees ma ;
bo ready to take up the work when th
present course under tbe Derthick systcu
li completed.
State Treasurer Harriott Iwues a Circular of
Instructions ,
.Nftt ItiitliiK Conic * Out In the Mntlvr
lit Colli'i'lliiK mill ItriMirtliiK tin : I
InlKTllniicM- Tux an It
llcroincn Due.
Yesterday County Attorney Kllpack re
ceived from Stnto Treasurer Herrlott a cir-
cuiur containing Instruction ! ) relative to re
porting estates subject to the state collateral
Inheritance tax. These Instructions are Is
sued with tbe purpose of slmplylng the busi
ness and Informing the county attorneys as
to the manner 111 which they can receive
their compensation for reporting and attend
ing to cases In which estates are subject to
the tax. The Instructions are as follows :
In view of the fact that tbo fee U a per.-
centuge of the tax paid Into the state treas
ury , the treasurer will not Itauo a requisi
tion upon the auditor for the fee until the
tax or a considerable portion thereof has
been paid Into the state treasury. It la nut.
Infrequent that , estates realize much UBS In
the llnal settlement und distribution than
anticipated at the time of the decedent's
enth and the tax proves to bo less Hum
200. To avoid the complications and dis-
utes that might occur , the rule of uot nl-
ivvlng the reporting fee until the tax or a
otisldcrable portion U > paid bos been
\ \ hero Information concerning the llabll-
y of an estate for the collateral Inheritance
ix reaches the treasurer of state from pri-
ate or ofllclal sources other than the county
ttoniey , no fee will be allowed. The trcas-
ry department receiver siic-h Info mint Ion
ht the ttadmirer Is served with a notice
f the time and place of appraisement of an
state , or N notified by a bunk or trust
ompany of stocks or funda ju their pos-
eswon subject to ahc tax , or obtains copies
f * the Inventory uucl appraisement , or In any
icmner leurus. of un estate. Thin IB suffl-
ont Information to enable the treabiirer to
ake the proper steps to notify the repre-
'ntutlvcs of cetatib and to' ' nfurcc the ao-
and collection of the taSulu.c -
utnt notlllcatlou by tbe county attorney IB
The treasurer A ill. however , endeavor to
otlfy county attunieys during their terms
t oluco of all ustate's reported to him by
ther parties , In older to prevent unucccs-
ary reports , but bm failuic so to notify
lorn will not bp recognise 1 as sufliclent
round for the claim for the reporting fc < -
It frequently will happen that county at-
orneys will bo dlr.KJti-d by judgetf to look
fter the Interests of the statu In accordant
Ith the general iirov l inns of the coili-
section SOI ) , prescribing their lutlei. , 01 IP
ccordance with rule6 of the "rules mm
emulations i elating to t'io ' n * , ei inont und
ollectlon of tbe collatsril Inheritance tn\ "
) r , county attorneys may , on their owl.
notion , under authority of the foregoing
revisions , represent the intercuts of the
tate In district courts. Such services , how-
vcr , performed unJer the direction of the
ourts or on motion of the county attorney.
TO not matt era wltnlii the dlscretlop. or
indor the direction of the treasurer of state :
nd where not directly confirmed and ou-
horlzed by him no fee for such legal serv-
CCH can bo allowed.
Fees for reporting estates nnd for legal
erviccu In the collection of the inheritance
ax uro allowed and paid , even though the
ax charged against nn estate Is not paid
nto the tieasury until after tne expiration
> f the term of oftlco ot the county attorney
vho renucred the services.
Where , however. Instructions have bc r.
ssued to a county nttorney to begin action to
'olloct the tax and his term of office ceases
icfore ho has taken any steps In the matter.
no fee will be allowed. In cases where a
courity attorney has Initiated pioceedlngs In
its district court to collect the tax. but Is
unable to obtain the decision before the ex
piration of hto term and It is necessary to
call upon his successor for additional lesni
scivices , the fee of It per cent upon the lax
laid will have to be apportioned between the
two attorneys by anangcmcnt.
The fcea allowed county attorneys for re
porting tstalee and for legal services are not
jmld by administrators or executoror by
ho latter deducted out of the tax assessed
against estates. Nor are such fees paid out
of or chargeable against the estates of deci-
ilonts like ordinary expenses in probate.
County attorneys' fees are to be paid only
upon requisition of the trwisurcr or state ,
who shall Usue a warrant to the person
Plain sewing , tailoring in repairing
clothes. Mrs. G H. Baker , 146 Vine street.
.VInn with u Und lleuord Arrented for
li MKMN | | | I | | lllfriler.
The .cicuncemcnt thit 'Toe" Butler ,
alias J J Wilson , had been rearrested In
Cedar Rapids on an old charge of murder
ing a deputy sheriff In Jackson , Miss. , after
being released from the state penitentiary
at Anamosa , where he had completed serv
ing a term for the robbery of the First
National bank of Orlsxvold , Is of peculiar
Interest here , as tt was In Council Bluffs
that ho was tried and convicted
Wilson was one of the gang1 which , after
robbing the Orlswold bank , came to this
city and were located at the Kiel hotel by
Deputy Sheriffs O'Brien and Hooker. After
being placed under arrest and when near
the county Jail they broke and ran. OOP
of the trio pulled his revolver and eho
O'Brien through the side nnd managed to
make his escape. O'Brien was game , how
ever , and succeeded In shooting one of th
three , a man named Bmlth. and be and Wll ' "
son were captured. Wilson and Smith were
tried In the federal court hero and con
vlcted and Wilson was sentenced to flv
years In the penitentiary at Anamosa. HI
paitner. Smith , was sent 'to Tort Madison '
Two vcars later "Buzzle" McIIuch. whi
was Identified as the third member of th
gang who shot O'Brien , was brought hero
nnd after a lomowhat sensational trial In
the district court was sentenced to ten
yearn In the penitentiary. At this trial both
Smith and Wilson were broucht from thi
penitentiary to tetitlfy on McHugh's be
From statements made while In jail here
It was evident that Wilson was In constan
dread that when he had finished his terra
for the bank robbery he would be arrestei
for the murder In Mississippi. He was H
man of considerable talent and education
as was evidenced by the letters which h
wrote while In the penitentiary to the lat
Colonel Dalley of this city , who had actec
as his attorney.
Wilson had several
aliases and was
known to the police all over the countr.
aa "Doc" Duller , "Spooney" Butler. J , E
White nnd J. J. Wilson
. , but the latter ap
pears to have been hit right name. He wa
born In Plttsburg , Pa. , about -12 years ago
where he has relatives and connection
who are some of the roost respectable an
Influential citizens of that cltv. He had tb
advantage of a first clasi education an
when a young man graduated from Ambers
His criminal career commenced about fou
years after he graduated from college. H
was holdins u lucrative and trustworth
position In a Urge steel firm when fart
living started him on the downward path.
Being preaied for money ho appropriated
the funda of hU employers and skipped tot
Cincinnati. Here Wilson made the acquaint
ance of the notorious "Buck" Wales and
with him was associated In tbe famous rob
bery of the Manhattan bank of Now York.
Wales was sentenced to twelve years In
Sing Sing , but Wilson managed to make
hla escape at the time , but was captured
after two years by the Plnkertons and was
sentenced to two years' Imprisonment. This ,
however , was commuted to six months upon
the representations of Wilson's friends that
he Intended to reform. For a year or so he
probably did. but fell from grace again and
was suspected of being mixed up In several
bank robberies In Ohio. Kentucky , Penn
sylvania and West Virginia.
In 1 1892 Wilson with two companions
planned to rob the leading bank of Jack-
eon. Miss. While In the act of drilling tbe
safe they were suprltcd by a deputy sheriff ,
who opened flre on the trio. Shots were
exchanged and the deputy -terlff was killed
. and . . one of the robbers desperately wounded.
Wilson and the other of his companions made
gooJ their escape and went to New Orleans.
The robber who was wounded turned state's
evidence and escaped the gallows by declar
ing that Wilson was the man who had shot
and killed the deputy sheriff.
The first Job of safe cracking In New Or
leans resulted In Wilson's arrest and ho was
sentenced to eighteen months' Imprison
ment. At the completion of his sentence ho
was turned over to an officer from Jackson ,
Miss. , and was being taken there to an
swer to the charge of murder when he made
his escape by Jumping through the window
of the train In which he was. Although
heavily handcuffed he succeeded In making
his escape , remaining secreted In the
stamps and subsisting on roots and berries
for several weeks. When the hue and cry
after him had died down Wilson turned up
In St. Joseph , Mo. , where he found some
of his former companions and It was there
that the scheme to rob the First National
bank of Orlswold was hatched , wfalcb
finally resulted In his arrest In this city
aud sentence to the penitentiary nt Anamosa.
Trade where they give "Stars. "
Snap Shots all go at 10 cents each at the
Council Bluffs office of The Bee.
Kimernl of Mr * . Ilnllnnl.
The funeral of Mrs. Sarah Johnson Ballard -
lard wan held yesterday afternoon from her
late residence on First avenue. The services ,
which were conducted by Rev. W. S. Barnes ,
pastor of the First Presbyterian church , of
which deceased had been one of Its most
prominent members , were largely attended ,
evidencing the esteem in which Mrs. Bal-
larcl was held. The handsome casket was
completely covered with beautiful floral of
ferings , conspicuous among the number
being one , the tribute from the members of
the Woman's Christian association , who
with their president , Mrs. O. H. Lucas , were
resent In a body. Rev. Barnes In his ser
mon paid an eloquent tribute to the de-
ased and her many noble qualities , not
'ast ' amongst which was the unostentatious
manner In which she aided charitable works
f all kinds. The remains were laid to ( rest
n Falrvlew cemetery , being followed to the
rave by a long cortege. Messrs. R. P. Of-
cer , Charles T. Officer , J. M. Flaglcr , R H.
Illl , F. B. Warner and Frank Keys acted
s pallbearers.
Remember the exposition by getting some
oples of Snap Shots at the Council Bluffs
fflco of The Bee. Ten cents each.
I'liiI'll mourn IMiik Cnrnntlnn Recently
Sold In Ilnntnn.
The Hoston florist who developed the now
'amous ' Mrs. Lawson pink sold his entire
lock of 8,000 plants to Thomas W. Lavvbon ,
lusband of the woman for whom the pink
was named , for $30,000. The florist was
charge of the plants and will manage
heir sale. The pink Is from four to five
nches In diameter , about twice the size of
he ordinary carnation. The shade Is of a
beautiful pink. The plants are hardy and
ho stems unusually long and strong.
The flower Is vigorous and has such cndur-
ng qualities that It has been known to
"keep" for fifteen days. It was at first
ultlvated by Peter Fisher of Ellis , Mass. ,
and the plant as at present grown Is the
result of years of painstaking effort and
skillful horticulture. Thomas F. Galvln of
noston got control of the flowers about three
years ago , paying about $6,000 for twenty-
live plants. Mr. Ralvln named the pink
after Mrs. Thomas W. L/awson because of
tils cldfee personal friendship with Mr. and
Mrs. Lawson and because they are Inter
ested deeply In flower culture.
Soon after setting control of the stock Mr.
Galvln began advertising the flower and ex
hibiting It In different cities. L.irgc sums
have been offered by lovers of flowers and a
fovv days ago an offer of $6,000 came from
H. N. Hlglnbotham of Chicago , who wanted
to transfer the stock to his big , new green
house and to rename the pink after his wife.
Then an offer of $15,000 , Is edld to have come
from a New York firm of florists. Then Mr.
Law son made up his mind , as ho nays In a
letter to Mr. Oalvln , that the pink should
not leave Boston If It was only a matter of
dollars , and ho offered $30,000 for the entire
stock and It was accepted. Mr. Galvln says
of the pink :
"The color of the Mrs. Lawson carnation
IB a beautiful pink on a sturdy stem , and It
has wonderful vitality. The flower Is from
four to four and one-half Inches In diameter
and will last fifteen days. Several English
noblemen have been endea\orlng to secure
a silo of It but I
, would not part with one
under any consideration. Every day I sand
orders of this carnation to different cities.
On every outgoing steamer I send orders
to persons In Europe. During the holiday
season the ( lower retailed at $5 a dozen , but
I could not get enough to supply the de
mand. I Intend under all circumstances to
hold this flower here. It Is good for from
ten to fifteen years longer. "
Mr. Fisher , the cultivator and originator
of the ( lower , la well known to the florists of
Boston and Is considered an expert In grow
Ing flowers , especially pinks. In explanation
of the culture of the Mrs. Lawson pink Mr.
Fisher Bays that he selected plants year
after year and crossed them , and employed
nil devices known to horticulturists to pro
duce a laree rink.
Huckster' * Innocence.
An English farm laborer recently went
to a small store kept by an old woman and
asked for "a oahnd o' bacon. "
Bhd produced the bacon and cut a piece
off. but could not find the pound weight
"Oh. never mind th' pahnd weight , " said
ho. "Ma fist Just weighs a pahnd , so put
ther bacon 1' t' scales"
Tne woman confidently placed the bacon
Into one side of the scales , while the man
put his fist Into the other side and , of
course , took goo I care -to have gooj weight.
Whllo the woman was wrapping the bacoa
up the pound welcht was found nnd on seeIng -
Ing it the man said-
"Naw , you see if mr Ost don't Just
weigh a pahnd "
The pound was accordingly put Into one
scale and the man's fist Into the other , this |
time only Just to balance.
The old woman on seeing this said :
"Whs. I niver aeed aught so near afore !
Here's a red herrln' for tbeo honesty , ma
lad. ! "
A CUIt Contract.
Detroit Free Press : "Did I understand
> ouV said the Imposing and handsome
woman caller , "that marriage Is a civil con
tract ? "
" .Valuing Is hotter settled , madam , " re.
plleo the lawyer , whom she was consult-
"Then I desire you to proceed against my
husband at once for broach of contract. "
"But on what grounds , my dear lady1
"Ho hasn't been civil to mo an hour since
VM > were married. "
Leader Oharlea B , Thompson and His Town of
" "
"Preparation ,
Cotuiirln Tlirm to Surrender All Thrlr
Uooiln mill Money Into Illn
llnniln The AVorui
Turn * .
SIOUX CITY. Jan. 29. ( Special ) On the
hanks of the Soldier river In Iowa , amid
rolling prairies and about fifteen miles from
the present site of the town of Onawa. In
Monona county , stands the site of the old
Mormon town of Preparation. About this
place half a century ago were enacted many
strange scenes scent * which few men now
llxlng can remember. Pieparation was
founded by Charles D. Thompson , a Mormon
prophet , ns later developments showed , prin
cipally for the benefit of Thompson. Ills
rule lasted for beveral ic-ars and while It was
In progress he certainly made the best of It.
It was In the year 1832 that Thompson left
St. Louis , where he had gone from Nauvoo ,
where he had been In company of Joseph
Smith. Thompson for a. while had conducted
a church In St. Louis , but he saw more
profit , In a community of his own. So , ac
companied by about sixty families of the
faithful , ho left St. Louis to search In the
upper Missouri river valley for a good loca
tion for a settlement. In Monona county they
found just what they wanted. Here Thomp
son founded his town and began his auto
cratic rule.
The story of his rule over this settlement
would fill volumes. At any rate. Thompson
began to have visions and communicated to
the people that they must convey all their
real and personal property to him. Ho had
taken care that they had pre-empted all the
lauds and ere long Thompson found hlnifaelt
the sole possessor of 3.000 acres of the best
land in Iowa , all the cash of the people , their
Jewels and In fact everything they had down
to clothes. Ho even took their clothing Jtid
made the people wear a garment all In one
piece mem could not be distinguished from
women In Preparation. All the people were
to receive for this submission to the "law
of sacrifice" was the teaching they received
from the prophet , or "Father Ephratm. " as
Thompson styled himself.
The DuiM-H Revolt.
This sort of thing ran alone for about five
years and then came trouble for the mon
arch of Preparation. Ills people grew sus
picious and demanded that ho give an ac
counting ( of all the money he had In hU
hands , their lands and other property.
Thompson had made several trips to St.
Louis and had lived riotously and could not
put up the property or securities. So ho
ran ; , away to Onawa and remained there for
a while. The elders demanded a settlement
and Thompson , with one other man , Guy C.
Barnum , started back to Preparation.
Thompson was going to Mve Just one more
vision for luck , but ho was met by a wo
man who told him ho would be hanged if
caught. ! Then the once high priest and
"Poo Bah" of Preparation fled back to
Onawa , followed by angry members of the
cliurch of Zlon. Thompson rushed to tbo
homo of Addlson Oliver , whcro he was se
creted In the garret. Ills wlfo came also
und she had with her a peck measure of
jewelry all taken from the people of Prep
aration. Men ca no to the house with guns
and ropes and scared ttie present judge , John
1\ Oliver , then a toy of 5 years , nearly
to death. That night Addlson Oliver , after
ward congressman and district Judge , drove
Thomp&on to Fort Dodge.
After this Thompson wandered back to
St. Louis , where ne tried to start up a new
religion. The courts divided the property
up among tbe people of the Mormon settle-
men and their once haughty leader left with
little or nothing. Ho soon wandered back
ast and stayed in Philadelphia until some
line In 1SG7 , wucn It IB aald ho died In
Judge Addlson Oliver ! s fitill living In
Onawa. and ho has In his possession the
argo shell Inhlch was fitted a moutn-
plece. with which Thompson would call his
'olloweis In. He also has flics of the old
paper , "Zlon's Harbinger and Weekly Mes
senger , " which Thompson had published
and wtilch was one of the earliest publica-
lens In western lona. Tbo papers make
strange reading and are now very val
uable. Few If any of the original members
of the strange colony still reside about
vlonona county , but the memory of their
rials and tribulations still remain In the
minds of the older members of the muni
In .No nittier Omimililp.
BOONE. la. . Jan. 29. ( Special. ) Charles
Dlsou has sold his Intel est In the Doonc
3ally News to Prof. N. E. Goldthwalt. when
n connection with Charles O. Carter , late
of the Perry Bulletin , will conduct It In the
Cold Woollier In lonn.
BURLINGTON , la. , Jan. 29. ( Special
Telegram. ) Since last night the weatlicr
has been bitterly cold , the mercury being
from G to 12 degrees below zero. The
weather tonight is still growing colder.
Itiililil PrnRremi R\iccril on tin *
TrniiM-Mlicrlnn Itnllrnnil TlilHonr. .
The latest nowb of the Trans-Siberian rail
road , reports the New York Sun. is that the
government Is already laylnc the lalls along
the southwest shore of LnKo Baikal. An Im-
meose ferryboat , largo enouph to transport
an entire train to the opposite shore , which
is also to have n powerful appliance for
breaking the Ice , ih novv building. Next spring
the grading of the very dlfllcult part of the
line around the southern end of the lake
will beeln , and when this part Is romplcteil
ferrmce ncro th lake will bo abandoned.
It Is expected to build the trans-ba'lial ' sec
tion tnis trason with remarkable raulditv.
For a long distance toward the Pacific It li
Intended to lav the rails at the rate of four
mile a flay. Whllo pa sengcrn and frrlcht
am now bflnc carried from Europe to Ir
kutsk It MO not be nald that the road 13 en
tlrely eoinoloted that far , for there are as
yet no bridges over the Oku and Yctiissol
rlvortf. across which trains are transposed
on ferryooaui.
A train oo luxo runs once a week from
Moscow as tar east as Tomsk. Ileyond that
point a passenger truln runs dally further
east to Krasnoiarsk and three tlmcu a week :
as far as Irkutsk. Only hccond-clafis cars
are run between Krasnolarsk and Irkutsk.
The cost of a second-class ticket from Mos-
tow to Lake Baikal Is about $10 and the
Journey lasts twelvedays. . All the coaches
have bleeping bunk
The Russians are now building the road
without any foreign employes , except that a
number of Italian stonecutters are at work.
The enormous Quantity of rails required U.U
belnc turned out by subsidized Siberian
foundries. Every seven miles a sidetrack It
built , so that If neceisary the entire nviln
route may bo cleared for military trains. It
Is a remarkable fact tliat the freight and
passencer movement already exceeds the
transaoratlon facilities. Thus far. however ,
tba line has been employed chiefly In carry
ing bay and the natkal to Manchuria tbe nu
merous emlcranu who are sent there by the
government. Two hundred thousand fam-
ilies wera established there list > c r nnd
inoro than 200.000 others nro hooked for the
Journey this > ear. The governmttit Is con-
ductlnc tfil cnornioiii emigration with pa
ternal care. Boiling v\ater Is supplied gratis
for tea making at every station and food
supplies are ou hand at cheap prices.
Sot Mnilt * from Mutton * of i'amnn *
Cnnrrilrrntc * .
When iMI * Lucy Ixe Hill nttcnJs the
grand reunion of the confederate veterans
next spring at Charleston , H. C. , she will be
presented with a unique and historical neck
lace set. The necklace , etc. , are made of
buttons taken from the uniforms of Generals
Lee , Jackson , Morgan , Johnston , Hill ,
Early , Ueauregnrd and others , who served
H the confederate army during the civil
The set consists of a necklace , ornamental
comb , bracelets , brcastuln , eardrops onJ
cuff buttons. It Is now owned by n veteran
living In Baltimore , For thirty > ears ho
was collecting the buttons , Recently he
carried them to a Jeweler there nnd had
them fashioned Into useful adornments ,
whoso value now cannot bo measured by
money. The nccklaco consists of twenty-
one buttons , washed In gold and Joined to
gether by gold links , nlso six buttons fash
ioned Into a pendant croe. Attached to the
fastening Is a locket set with purplu stoned
and pendant fiom a crescent. Tin- counter
part of this locket Is now worn by Mlfl3 Hill.
It was given to her by the veterans of Richmond
mend , Vn. , at the time of the unveiling of
the monument of her father. Koch button la
a souvenir of a brave soldier and lias been
baptized In the life blood of Ita wearer.
The owner of these historical articles re
cently wrote to Miss Hill asking her to wear
the Jewels at the reunions of the confederate
veterans , as ho knew of no woman more
worthy to christen them than thL daughter
of his old commander , General A. P. Hill.
Miss Hill accepted the offer and will wear
them at the next reunion and at all subse
quent gatherings of this organisation during
her lifetime. Not ono of these old veterans
who has ever attended the reunions but
knows Miss Hill to love bcr , for she has
never missed hut one of these gatherings
that of last jcar , held at Atlanta. She
knows them all , and since the death of Miss
Winnie Davis , "the daughter of the con
federacy , " has succeeded her in the hearts
and affections of the old coufedeiate tol-
Miss Hill Is the daughter of the late Gen
eral A. P. Hill , goddaughter of General Rob
ert n. Leo and niece of the dashing cavalry
genoial , John Morgan. H was during the
conflict about Petersburg , while crossing
from one to another wing of his army , that
General Hill was killed. His body was
quickly recovered by General Leo and placed
In an ambulance. Mrs. Hill , who also re
sides In Chicago , and tfr two babies were
placed on the same ambulance and taken
from the field of battle. They went through
all the horrors of that famous retreat from
Petersburg. One of the children was Miss
Lucy Lee Hill. She suffered the misery and
discomfort of the Journey without a murmur ,
meeting disaster as bravely and uncom
plainingly as she has done in later life.
fliiilv Identified.
NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 29. The body found
near Fort St. Philip was toduy Identified as
that of Captain Sturtevant , the pilot of the
launch Paul Jones. Prom the position aud
clothlne of the body It Is almost certain
thut . ' ho was off duty ntid nsleoo at the time
death came and the boat was wrecked by au
cxplo lon durlne the night.
Threatening Condition * with I.lifht
Snow , AccompimliMl liy North
erly AVIiiil * .
WASHINGTON. Jan. 29. rorccast for
Monday :
For Nebraska. Iowa. ' Missouri. Kansas
and Wyoming Threatening weather ; light
snow : colder ; variable wlndi.
I.ornI IlpiMird.
OMAHA , Jun. 29 Omaha record of tem
perature and rainfall , compared with thn
corresponding day of the last three years :
1699. 1898. 1897. 1896
Maximum temperature . .21 22 22 5J
Minimum temperature . . . 1 u 2 33
Average temperature . . . . G 16 10 41
Ii.tlnf.ill 01 .01 .W
Record of temnerature and precipitation
at Omaha for this day und slnco March
1. 1898 :
Normal for the dnv
Detlriency for the clay is
Accumulated excels since March 1 l9 ! < i
Normal rainfall for the day . . . .02 Inch
KXLCSI for the day Clinch
Totnl rainfall since March 1 2fi.C1 inchc *
Deficiency since March 1 . . . . 1.25 Inches
Deficiency corresp'j ? period 1S9S..10.81 Inches
l xreHS corrcsp'R pcilod 1S97. . . . 5.2J Inches
Ilruortii from Slutliiim at H l > . in.
eon >
Omaha , snowing
North Platte , cloudy
Silt Lake , uloudy
Cheyenne , snowing 311 T
Rapid City , cloudy sol .m
Huron , clear -10 6T \
Wllllston , clear .00
Chicago , clear . ( V
St. Louis , clear .0)
St. Paul , part cloudy 01 .01
Dawnport , clear r. | no
Helena , snowing 10 .it
Kansas City , part cloudy. 20 ! .on
Ilavro snowing 61 XI .0
HiMiTitirck clonr
Galvcaton' . cloudy . ' , ' | 4SJp5 ! ' * !
T Indicates trace of precipitation ,
below zero. ; . , . A. WULSH ,
Local Forecast Ofllclal.
Unqualified Success of Lydia B.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
Mrs. Kur.AiiKru WIIKEI.OCK , Magno
lia , Iowa , in tlio following letter de-
fccribc-b her recovery from a very critical -
cal condition :
" DKAU Mas. PIXKHAM : I have been
taUinff your Vegetable Compound , and
am now ready to .sound
its praises. It
lias dona won-
Kiy S , i ( I
v „ tr : \ . relicvlnf * me
of n tumor.
lm& bucn poor
forthrc'u years.
Change of life
. - . - - wasworkinfr
* upon me. 1
was very
much bloated
and was a bur
den to myself. Was troubled with
smothering spells , alho palpitation of
the heart and that bearing-down feel
ing , nnd could not be on my feet much.
'I was growing worse all the time ,
until I took your medicine.
"After taking three boxes of Lydia
E. I'inklmin'h Vegetable Compound
Lozenges , the tumor passed from me.
" My health lias been better ever
since , can now walk quite n. distance
and am troubled no moie with palpita
tion of the heart or bloating. I rce-
ommenrt your medicine to all sufferers
from female troubles. " ;
It is hardly reasonable to suppose
that any ouu ean doubt the cflleiency
of Mrs. I'inlcham'.s methods and medi
cine in the faee of the tremendous vol
utac of testimony ,
Madam Vale's
A Scientific Discovery by a
Women to Cure
Woman of All Ages
Attention !
MME. YALE Queen of
Beauty , who lias lectured
in all the prominent cities
- .v - . of th'e world before vast
mid has been ptonouncrd by all newspapers to be the most perfect
woman In form and font tire now living. speak * lo tlio women of the world
and confesses to them thnt the f-oeiot of lior beauty Hot. In perfect Uealth and
the secret of her health lies in tlio mo of her own remedies * . Among th tn
rrnttlenni her gieat and vvondertul tonic 1'or curing all female ailment * auU
building up the system. Kinltlcnra uvtoio * all weak organs to perfoot health ,
It cut-en the many complaint * of women thnt only women know of. It re
stores the vitality , makes the eyon bright , the stop elastic and brings the
bloom of health to ( he faded cheek. H renews the nerve tone nnd makes the
llesh lirm. hard and velvety. In lact , Its use Is the royal road to perfect health
and beautiful womanhood. It cures their complaints and ncrvo troubles of
any nature , and lovlvos the vitality w hich in lacking In all such cases. For
women of all ngos. A dUcovcry by a woman to cuic women. Price , 51.00
per bottle.
Our Special Trioe , 75o.
Boston Store Drug Dept.
M . '
"A pretty woman is alwnys a welcome |
o guest. " Welcome a guest with a Tom |
g Moore cigar. John G. Woodward & Co. , g
8 distributors , Council 15luffs , la. 8
| I
Qbsiinate Diseases
Of .Moil unil AVonion Ilruen faiiiicil
f'lirr Tlioy O | | iom > .Nnturini I2i > r >
Turn Dr. Ilriuii'H'ii iinrli ! IIM1
ItcprcKeiitN lonrn of Minly anil n
Curv IN ( Jiiiirinitcc'tl.
If jou suffer from any weakness peou-
lar to men ono of the disorders , the di
rect result of jouthful Indiscretion or ex
cesses in later years the very worst pos-
slhle thing you can do Is to put drills
nto jour stomach . The medicines all cloc-
: ors use for Ohese diseases morphine , cla-
mlana , cantharlclos , stiychnla , prosphorus ,
etc. are deadly poisons they stimulate1 or
deaden they cannot cure. There are .t
great many more drug wrecks than alcoholic
v\recks. I am telling jou the tiuth no
ono can deny It. I offer jou the only nat
ural remedy for all weak men nnd women
ELECTRICITY and I absolutely guaian-
tee a permanent cute vvhoro the eloerUelty
3 applied by the greatest of remedial agents
Dr. Bennett's
Electric BeJt
You get Electl l = -
Ity by ti eating
with my Delt In
Itn purest form.
There is no possi
ble chance for It
to Injure you It
does not stimulate.
It mtiHt btrength-
on It Is nntuin'H
strcngthencr. To
get , good rcsnlU
from Electricity
you must have
constant applica
tion several Mourn
at a time. You
cannot get thin
with the batteries
used In doctors'
offices. It would
keep you away
from jour busi
ness. My Belt
does not hnthc-r
you a bit and you
can work , ride ,
Jump or run with
It on. I have
known for many years that Electricity was
the greatest curatlvo agent that would ever
ho Known. I do not glvo drugs at all now.
I could make more money It 1 did. H does
not coat anything to wrlto a prescription. I
devoted a good portion of my life and money
in perfecting my Electric Helt. I do not
promise to cure I guarantco It. The prices
of iny Bflts are
Only $8 , $10 and $12.
And I hope they will be within the reach
of all the afflicted. You can rest assured
my licit will not burn anil blister jou as
do all other kinds , nt Electric ; Delta. U
has soft silken chamols-coveied elcc
trodes that entirely do away with the
burning. They can be renewed when worn
out for 70 cents no other belt can bo re
newed for any price. Guaranteed to euro
Sexual Impotency , IxxU Manhood , Varlco-
celo and all Sexual disorders ; restore
Shrunken or Undeveloped Organs , and Vital
ity ; cure Rheumatism In any form. Kidney ,
Liver and Bladder Troubles , Constipation ,
Dyspepsia , Female Complaints , etc.
Don't be misled by old-stylo Belts ,
have deposited In Omaha $1,000 In gold that
I will pay for an Electric Ilelt other than
mine that will not burn ami blister jou
in a frightful manner It It gives enough
current to ho curative.
Call at my olllco if jou live In the city.
If out of town , write to me sacredly confl
dontlul and I will send you my symptom
blanks , books and literature. My Electric
Suspensory for the various weaknesses of
men , FHEE , to every male purchaser of one
of my Belts Consultation and advice with
out cost. Sold only by
Dr. Bennett Company ,
KooniH 20 and 21 , Douglas block , 16th and
Dodge Sts. , Oinulia , Nub.
Open from a 0 a , m , to S 30 p m Sun
days from 10 to 12 and from 1 30 to 6 p m.
( PleaBO mention The Ilec. )
in. 206. Z * . 210. Uroa4way. Ocjunc I ) Uluffr.
Kates , } 1 25 pur day. 76 rooms.Hutclam
li eveiy rtipect. Motor line to * ll Ucuota
1 oojl agency for the CelebrntiM m i7ouj |
A 13. C. or. Klr t-clttsa bar u coil ,
uectlon. ,
The science of osteopathy was discovered
by Dr. A. T. Still of KIrksvllle , Mo. Dr.
Still reasoned that a natural flow of blood
Is health , and dlswiso Is the effect of local or
general dlsturbanco of the blood : that to
excite nerves causes niUHclcs to contract nnd
compress venous How of blood to tlio heart ,
and the hones could be u&cd as lovers to
relieve pressure on nerves , veins and ar
A slight strain or n sudden Jolting may
easily cnubc a displacement of bone , muscle ,
tendon or organ , and a consequent pressure
on the nerves , thus breaking the nerve wavn
between the brain and the part Injured ,
and wo then may have as a result any of
the numerous ailments caused from lack
of nerve supply to parts. Seldom Is thorn
a permanent cure until the machinery Is
lighted. Hcnco we treat headache ( all
kinds ) , weak eyes , cntarih , hay fever , en
larged tonsils , goiter , asthma , bronchitis ,
deafness , Irregularities of the hrait , neu
ralgia or rheumatism ( of any part ) , spinal
curvature ( nil kinds ) , dislocation of Joints ,
all kind of stomach , liver , kidney , bowel
und Bplecn troubles , bladder and urethral
roubles , uterine , female Irregularities , ns
lalnful , suppressed or excessive menstrua-
Ion , Icucorrhoca , milk leg , etc.
"I have been nn Invalid for ten years ?
liavo boon to ono of the bejt hospitals In
Jhlcago and one In low.i and have been
tieatcd by bonie of the bct doctors In both
states for kidney anil bladder trouble , but
lid not get any better , HO us a last hope I
thought I would try osteopathy. Dr. M.
W. Bailey gave mo one month's treatmrnt
nnd I am feeling better In rveiy way ; have
gained In flesh , can sleep better and feel
that I have been benefited by osteopathy
Mil * . ANN \ DON Kit.
Mliln. Monroe Count ) , Jo tin.
Wife of Sheilff John Doncr.
. , , ,
tiriidniite of the Anierlrnn School ,
KlrKHillle , .VI o.
Kooiiib 305 , 3W ( Supp Block.
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Call or write for further Information.
> | iei-llll Annauiiceinrnt.
One aero lot for sale In good location ,
Hottom farm of Ififlacies for Bale at J30
per acic- , ten and one-half miles from
Council IilulTH. on linn of Illinois Central
U. It. , one mile fiom proposed station.
liuvo uvernl houses for rent In
desirable locations ; also two Btahles
Largo list of cheap lunds In Nebraska
for sale , } 2 and upwards.
Two "mall fiult fauna for sale at n ,
loxy price Now In thu time lo Invest tti
, v iiomo If yciu want one Heal estate
valuer are low , but are picking up with
Jncreaa'U sales We liuvo a number of
small residence properties that can be
bought at low price's l.lst jour prop
erty for sale with us.
Hemeinbcr that we are making loaiin
and writing lire Insuruncu nt an low 4 ,
r.ito UK liny nno else , and we would bo
plcasc'd to be favored with a eliaro f
jour buslnc"H ,
No 102 South JIalti Street.
Council Bluffs. Iowa.
Guarantee Hoif Choler *
turo and 1'rfVtfiitlve.
hold under an absolute
Buarantco. "I ry It unrt
puvo your liogn AgcnH
wanted every wlicie.
Write iiH.
Guarantee Hog Cholera Cure Co.
| The proof
S of the
§ Pudding
o is in the
§ Eating.
H Have you tried
g u Bee Want Ad ?
S TJioy
J5 bring results.

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