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nn ; < mn v DAILY stxnw , M viu-n TJ ,
I this week
- - H F * B '
Abundaiue ofaltie * that art * unrhaled and unapproathed by any other reputable hou e in thi * hemisphere Banrainp that are bargain- eu-iy sense exactly a ? represented and
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month i
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velour This Week
Clearance :
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in Our frlnpp nl r > und /r
J2 CO per week nr IE 00 per month wortb fZ ' > " / Just tr > t-liow how 1 lirm' wr arf we
On bill of J7B 00 -
a Mnroh Clcifance ale Jiln f ot Jin e touu " v . " o * ihrsf
51 26 per week or J.9.00 per month
elegant pr id nnh . < * . i ' ini'ri-
bill of J100 00
On a
JAPAKnSK Tire Brrpcn hanflBomely Tnbles wiM ) t rlt nhi ' ai j rrrnb
12 0 per week of J 100.00 per month decorated center , panrt bamboo frame
logs jm.ist flmsh nr ua < vnlui $ S M > -
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Vncrp-B7erl I > Bet
rinrr -
beaoti'ut fl - March Clearance Sale . . . worth " 50
BICIIS I-TIL ih war nmrror
worth lit. "fr t > Q C Dig March LAHGE3 double glass door Kltohe.i March Clearnncp
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JOO-I'inc B fthe > c dlnu I > lnncfcpts Clearance Sale sholveB w orth JU t ( > = ye
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worth 2oc yard t4o SOLID ouk J-ft f.-ln Oftlce Desk with
psr Our - -
Marc h I lowir drawers , antique fin-
with -
- -
VBIIY prett % hall Lamps In dlfferont March Clearanre Sale l1-- rolllnc wood curtain top piano finish-
" Clearance sh-worth J1Z50- " 7 = n
colom worth i : "S ttf \ - -
/ GOOD Inrraln Carpotn & en
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ilfcrch Clenrnnce ' " "
vorth B5c 'yAr' March Clearance Sale
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worth J5EO- f = C WC > C > L Inpraln CarpotB , new patterns 22.50 -piano llnlnh worth Jl" 00 < j S.f\ ANT1OTE Cano Seat RevoU'lnc Office
A > '
March ClearnnciSalf - ' - worth Kc tOc . March Clearance Sale . . * * - ' " ChMr worth M PO- O OR sppclal ( or March
" '
BUITTANMA Cl.allnB Dishes with JJarch Clearutire Sale " 3rw Elegant Murch Clearance Sale . * ' - - 89c
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double and lamp complete
van > OOr > lapestr > Brun elB Cftrpot
worth $ ' 00- AC worth T5 K OS
worth a 00- C fir1 * J c\J HTHIS beautiful
* iJ Sale
\larch Clearance
Murth Clcarai " < Snlt Mnroh Clcnnince Sale . . - * - w \ A
( > < ) CLOC K T a with quick heatlnp 1EAUTIFTL designs In Velvet Car- Bicycle ' ouk combluu- THIS hand-
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pete worth J12VftQ < - - * soiBtoulr or
" vj finish -worth Jo 00
worth 13 0 f . 7 > Mnrch Clearance Sale utid Writinp do"k !
i A u
Marcl , Clearance Sale EXQUISITE Carpats patterns in Ax- March mahogany lu-
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mlnxter o" Moouette Clearance cirt. Crossing
worth up to Jl * - ROc Suit net und Fronoh Tubie with o\al
Big March Clearance sale in our March Clearance Sale . . vjyw ] [ lbe\ol | iilute o\al mirror. vo > - \
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EPLENDIP patterns ] mirror , hiphly
worth iCc t4c 3,50 IP worth hicbly poliBhed
Waroh Clcaranoo Sale . . T polished worth 51"
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Veh ot and AxmlnBte-s at Just h Ui Clearance Sule
' price for this March Clearance Sale ance Sale
16.50 8.95
white and gold enamel
2-BURNER Gnso'lne ' Stov i warrant Big March Clearance sale in our Chain. worth J2 50- QoC
ed-worth J5 CO O- March Clearance Sale = - ' IMITATION Onyx Tables-
March PU inr. . Sil * * t\j This beautiful special nwi.dp blccle Is THIS beautiful ' worth J47& ) r\O
white and
t < l 1.CND1D took Stoves guaranteed Draperies uurtuinU th < llne t wheel eer oKr d solid onk Side Rot kerp worth K To March Clearance Sale - ' < - '
ti In a pirn i i bukrr In PV i r\ respect in Omaha It Is mode of Shelln Btam- brard w lib Alnrch OAK or Mahopan ; , Center Tables
lehs throurhout with diop forging
wuTth Slu Ut March \ r ! tublnp
Charnnci Sac JJ ing nenuliif ruul > er haiiRer bar steel French bevel Watch c U a"ance worth ilghl > MOO pollrhed 241 top-
turnnd hubs M i W tire. " nickel diamond Sale QRr *
St-el withal plute mirror , sire ; rJO
BDAl Till I 4-holi Kanpi March Cltarance Sale .
' \ r'\i pd aPb'Btos flll- DOTTED Sw Isics worth ISc , itc mend shaped forks , n feature 14x"0 vorhiuh - 1.35
al ricut
pa'tn March Cltarance Sale np\er exhibited brfore See tht wheel . GO-CARTS made bjHcvwood
liiB temp rcl slfd throughout ' KLONDIKE Draperies- and \ou will i rtalnlbuv It In fact h aolibbed , v\ell for Our worth J500 O 'Jf.
aituul va u < - 512 i" " 'fi O . * . \j
' Sale " * - ' * - ' * - ' worth 15c 9c it muil In s cn to be approclated worth ever ; cent March Clearance Sale.
March Cle 'urn r March Clearance Sale . . . Regular yrlc i UKi for this Ot TT" of 815.nO March BABY Carriages , made by HeAwood ,
BEAVTIKUL patterns of reversible sale iiflsorted colors and upholstcrlngn
denlmn worth HP- I2c Clearance sale Grand worth no 00 C , cn
March Clearance Sale . . . . v have w heals at all prices. March Clearance Sale - * cu
EILKALINE big variety- 9.75 BEAUTIFUL mahogany mu'ic cabinet
worth ISc I Oo .
worth JT o
Qf |
March Clearance Sale . . . l\J Soon in our beautiful March Clearance Sal * - * fJ
50-INCH Tipestrlfb worth 'S'Jr' BEAUTIFUL
Kc March Cl art.nre Sale < * * pattern of BEAUTIFUL lolld oak 6-drawer Chlf- SOLID oak Hall Tree with beautiful
BO-INCH Ti pentrles handpome ptt- Moqunttf Hues- fonlcrworth Jll no- 525 twelve new depart , Plate Mirror Top highlv po tshed
* -v- ' worth J9 50 Marth Clearance
worth 1150 -
tcrns Oflc worth 81 75 March March Clearance Sale Beautiful Sale
March Clearance Bale ITV/W ( Iparnuce OCn
NOTTINGHAM Lace Curtains- snic ve > c HANDSOME antique or mahogan\ - m e n t s iUilliuery-
Chiffonier wllh 14x24 plate mirror Machine
worth tl 25 E Qr EX 1 RA fine pat- drawer < 4.95
. . . v w ror highly pillshed-worth J EQ .
Murcb Clearanre Sale tprn1. of Moqurtt * March Cleat ance Sale A . t vi Ladies' Suits Underwear CALLED THE
NOTTINGHAM Lnce Curtains new Kug wortb H 5U JH 50 ,
deiilsnp wortii JS ol ) 1 xtC March EXQUISITE Bed Lounges with solid
Clearanrr Sale * ' < - ' - ' * with finest grade ' Grand
This Square Trunk painted tan\as , March HUKFLKD Muslin CurtalnP Sale i luurance t * 7X < - eaU of velour Iramr , full covered spring _ _ wear , Shoes , Boys'
hardwoofl slate on 1 ! > and bodj pro- cholc worth J3 71
ver > Y worth IK 00- gg
" CHOICE patterns . PositiMlj to do the work
. Sale * ° . . - * - " " Skirts guaranteed
d h hea
teot harct- Cle.irpncr
w j iron < lamps - March March Clearance Sale Clothing , , "
of Smvrna liuHB
Bohonette Curtains- of am ! 6" 00 machine on the morke
wend botluin < lta& lurgt Hat steel HUFFLED worth JSEO- - QQ wortb E2 75 March Clearance f f & -nl ce oal. or mahogan % frame Parlor It hat- all the l&ter.t attac hm < ; nts the
key lei k and paunt br Its heavy hln- March Clearance Sale - | * ' < - ' Stilt ! . - - Suit Kizor plush or Bilk tavesm cov- Waists Corsets , Umbrellas cab Hit work la made of 5plquar -
RCB i-et up tra\B with covered hui BRUSSELS Nrt. Curtaln EXTUA lurgu Ingrain Art Squares beautiful arlnc full * rlnc throughout aiuiort- , tertd oak wood \ \ e ha\e thK ma
box-worth J" 5u- o f > 5 w nrth J" 50 Of ) tiful patterns wortli$1250 E Z.f\ ed colorinEworth J40&0- . 22.50 brellas etc. chine In drop head st\le and we give a
March Clcarante Sale \J. f J March Clcurance Sale - * " March Olearancc Sale iJ.tJVJ March Clearance Bale , . 5- : ear guarantee tha' It will do the 22 50
w ork Sneuoj March Clearance Salt .
Formerly Morse Dry
Goods Co. Building.
Employes at Union Pacific Headquarters
Register a Eick.
IliiiliiK1 > OtliiT IlecoiirNC 'J'li - > A'iit
Tlii-lr JftM-lliiBH J > J JIiiilHK All
ICImlK of liiiinliti tin1 ii-
HI.ruUnl.ilTnli Kf.iT. | .
There are lumbllnc riolicB at Union Pa-
ctllc hcadaunrtrrt. wlilch were not notlcud u
Jew wtoks HBO. The } nro not cauhed by the
wheels , springs , or Interior niechanlfam ol
the tlmo roistering clocks which have re
cently boon put In sen Ice there , but it It
alleged they are duo to the prebonco of this
new wall decoration It has ulread } 'been
nipntlonrd thut the < ; loJkb were a tabty
onmnientntlon to the bknk walls on the In-
lorior of that building but It cannot he said
that their particular Btjle of beauty is
jiloaBlng to those who arc I'mplojed there
Some of tin-He employes uisert that since
the nd\ent of thu clocks the individuality
ot the people working there Is absorbed by
the miinerttlb usslgned to t-uch bj the audi
tor of the nmd or some other high oflittalE ,
to facilitate * his foico in keeping a record of
the hours put In by the different emplojes
It IB no longer Mif * > Smith or 'Mr. ' Joues , but
"JO" unfl " 20" The e\on numbers are suld
to be nwilgned to the lomlnlue portion of
the pay roll , with due care that none of
thea > lm\o u higher figure than 20 , to pre
sent ( millions comparisons , while the odd
imtaucrs , miwhere from " to 1,002 , me ns-
blgued to the men
In the rules goMirnlng the clocks there U
tm allowance of one mluuto for variation In
rirsiA ou soi u STOMACH ,
JNiiu Iti-cOKiil'i'il an ii CIIIIKIi"f ' rlinix
Acid dttpepBia , eommoul } ciilh'd bcart-
buru or sour stomach , lb u form of Indiges
tion resulting from fernieutution of tbe food
The stonmc-b being too weak to digebt it , tbe
food remains until fermentation begins , fill
ing tbe btoinucu wltb gas , and a bitter , our ,
burning taste lu tbe mouth Is often present
ThU condition PUOU becomes chronic uud
being un ever } dn } occurreuic lb given but
little attention Because dspopblu is not
immudlatul } fatal , many people do nothing
tor the trouble
Within a recent period a mined } hub been
discovered prepar U solely to cure dBpep-
biu and Htomuch uoulilut It lb known u
Btuart'B lbiiejBiu } ) Tablets and ib beuomlug
rapidl } u ud aud proscribed us a radical cure
for exer } form of dbpopsla
Stuurt'B D } ji ] i iia Tablets have been
jiUcud before the public and are aold by
nil drupKiBts for 60 teuiB per package U is
rrspuiud b } the r A Stuart To , Marshall.
Mich , and wblh It prompt ! } and uttoctuully
rastorak a viEiiiOUB diKi-ntion at the bamo
tiuie IB in > rftciiharmlf b aud will not in
jure the inogi vUli . i b'oinacU but on the
S5 > , rtJi . ' \ * - M"K J"rft
tie f nm b mipn VOB the
Jie'l'e rt n r e v - h I ' mi ;
Scud It r t-e b .tu , j , otnu h
when Uu records are taken from
the mnchine If 18 should bt recorded at- be
Ing one minute late In getting down in the
morning that will not count against her , for
her watch might he one .minute blow In
the running of trains there is an allowance
of five minutes for variation of watches , but
the clerks at headquarters are presumed to
have a better quality of chronometers than
MM n mill r to ltfiii tr. .
It IB reported again that nearly every
morning there IE a veritable bargain counter
crush in front of the clock by the employes
seeking to officially note their arrival
Stories are told of some narrow escapes
from injuries The odd numbers up till this
time gallantly stand back and allow the
even numbers to register first , but tblt fre
quently cants them time , uud time is money
under the new regime , nud it may not belong
long until all uncial courtesies arc absolved ,
and "first thorp , firfct served" will be the
An Interesting feature of the clocks Is
that they do not record overtime One of
the even numbers bald bbc believed tbe
wheels regulating that part ot the machine
had not iboen proper ! } oiled befoie the orna
ment wus attached to the wall The clock
begins to run ut the hour when the day's
work commences , aud stops when the offi
cial da } endfi All registers made before
and after the running Hbow up on the ribbon
uu even with the beginning uud close of the
day. One minute after the t < turt. however ,
or before thecloie. . shows plainly to the
fraction The absence of the overtime re
corder IB alleged to be In the Interest of the
puing officials , us It relieves them from
remorse of conscience If the } bud n record
of overtime without being uble to make any
allowance therefor. As it is they know
nothing except of tbe ordinary da ) s work
The employes in all the departments
secret ! } repel the spirit which prompted the ,
introduction of tbe clocks , but us thej have I
no other recourse the } walk up aud make I
their mark , contenting theniselTeB b ) getting - i
ting us much fun out of the situation as j
poBBlble Numerous appellations have been '
applied to the clocks by the different do- j
partmentB Tor instance , in the passenger
department it it dubbed tbe "mechanical
spotter , " with the freight crowd it if the
"secret knocker , " in the auditor's office It
Is the "Simon Le-gree "
Tiniimll liiiian' . Ir | > rrlrnrr.
He was un Amoricun cltl/eu und a hit
vuiuglorloiib reports the Washington Star ,
und bo wus till king to un Englibhrnuuwho
hud n wit of bib own , despite reports to
tbe contrar } The recent achievements of
Uncle Sam in various localities constituted
the subject of conversation and the Yankee
fulrl ) bulged out with prldt-
"I nm a free American I am. be Bald ,
slapping his manly bosom , though there
was no especial occation for such a demou-
l fane ) not , " responded the Englishman
In a tone that sounded us if he Knew what
be was talking about
The Yunl.ee resented It with promptness
know , Mr. why I am not ? " be
exclaimed wjtu the color of wrath rising
to Ills face. \ . ,
You are married , uron t youi
' "
And to uu American ?
' "
Wril tu t Bettleb it In my mind. I've
got un American wuiuan for a wife in-
Btilf "
The Yankee smiled bturk out bis baud
llout nmt f > T
and Biui hr though' H
ilii'in to orprnue nn Anglo -Vincri an . ' i-
auco not eniiit-l ) lor comrneruul pu-i > u. > b
Means Available for tlie Protection of Pas
sengers from Injury.
> < - ( - < -MMltj \VlltcllfllllM-KH ( III tllO
I'urt f the C < iiiclii'tiir ' nine
II < < ! n I AfdilriitN mill
"Suppose n rallrond would put upon KB
fust express trains , or , In fact , upon any
trains , an ainbltlouBjeoaductor for nn en-
clncar. some chap who HKus to ride last ,
who would open her up to the last notch
on every occasion , pa > no attention to oiling
the iuo\ln parts or adjustment , not ex
amining the bolts and nuts to see if they
hnd Jarred loose and paid no attention to
the thousand little things that go to make
up u perfect running machine , what would
> ou saj' " asked Ambrose Ellington , ouo
of the efficient elevator conductor ! ! in The
lice building , the other diij
"Statlhtlcs bhow that the last jcar there
occurred about 350 iiccldentb. Berlouslj in
juring over 300 perHous und killing about
nlnetj In sixty cases the elevator dropped
from one to nine stories The evutors In
general use at the present time haul mote
people In one day than all the rallioads and
Htenmshlp lines in the world haul in a week
This of course includes all classes ol people
The nutUanlch have oil they can do to keep
the plant below in normal operation and
the ugent of the building hnb his blmre of
the responsibility
"The following will fchow , fnr example , a
few of the ucUUeiit& that have lecently oc
' In December last Dennis Sullivan , nu
elevator conductor in u New Tork Clt )
"bky-scraper , " through his careless methods
of mopping , caused 2,000 fpounds of Iron
and ruhhl h to fall on the top of the elevator ,
breaking through and Killing the becrotary
and a director of that building and erl-
ouslj Injuring several others
"Another instance came tip In the Savoy
hotel , San Tranclsco , where the elevator
conductor , who , in ascending with n load of
pabscngerb , let n woman standing clobe to
the door fall out and down the shaft from
the third story and strike head lirbt , was at
a logs to explain how the accident occurred
' Another elevator conductor , Obcar
Wostbwg of New York , while on duty hap
pened to JBJ down and carelessly failed to
1 adjubt the lever , which resulted In the
elevator BhooUng up and thereby cutting uU
litmcl off
"Uanlel Johnson ( colored ) of Cincinnati ,
11 Uo ou watch , happonbd to fall asleep and
the oonbaquence wut that he wag orubhed to
"I could cite many eucn Instances , but
these Jour are .ufllolent for illustration.
"Tte trouble is that most of the average
elevator conductors think the neu3e ar >
point of running elevators IE simply to wall.
in morulugb and run up and down all du >
I long
"borne tell nil pa'-sengwt that will libten
liow ipligioub htuu 11 IB fatnil ) or Incuds arc
otic will t ( h how well his wife tan do ihingt
I uu i her vuil til * Ji < tciooih j h' works lut
poh.ical pull or how much bettor he occ
run < .he elevator than IIIB fnend on ilu other
bide When an elevator falls tl crv out
'Oh , why don't tUey build the elevators
better' Whj don't thej put safetj catchc-b
on them , BO they cuu't fall" ' I'll tell > ou
v\hj When an agent goes to sell an ele
vator to a man be mentions what he lius on
hand in the w ay of safety devices , states the
cost , and if purchased the apparatus It.
built in. and , good or bad , ii is neidom
looked at again , but allowed to rust tight
and clog up wifh dust and grease then
when it is needed at one certain instant it
fails to act.
"To win the confidence of the public and
maintain it , it is the first care of all leadIng -
Ing manufacturers to put in the bent of
safetj devices , but there are no parts of the
mechanism that show such careful thought
us the devices which guard against uu actual
fall 01 u too rapid descent of the car In
most cubes when the safety devices have
failed it will be found that the mishap was
due to the Ignorance or neglect of the
elevator conductor or mechanic
"The eflicieucy of the most perfect device
IB after all lurgelj determined bj tht human
element , which is more or lehs Inseparable
from the operation of all so-called automatic
"It should 1 > c incumbent on the on note of
buildings having elevator service to exercise
the greatest care for the overnight of the
elevator mechanism , and they Hhould select
and employ onlj btich mechanics and
operators as are capable , not merely in
running an elevator plant , but who can also
adjust It In cases of emergcncj "
To Indicate when a bottle has been opened
a now attachment Is composed of u glass rod
Inserted in tht cork and extending Inside
the bottle with a ball at the Inner end , the
rod breaking when the cork is removed
Zllcvclcs are easily cleaned bj a new de
vice , ronslstlng of a glove to be placed on
the hand v 1th one finger extending bevond
the re.st und ending In a flexible tip which Is
guided Into placet * difficult to reach with a
loose cloth
Elevatoi doors are made to woik automat
ic 11 > by u new patent connlstlng of a V-
bhaped slot formed In the Inner face of the
door , with the point of the V at the center
of the front edge of the door , n projection
on the car blldlng the door open and Hliut
as It passee up and down
Oars are securely attached to a boat by a
Michigan man's invention , a recess Ixilng
formed in the Bide of the luat in which a
bplndle ie placed , wltb u plate resting on
n circle of balls het in a groove rut around
the socket , the epindle being extended over
the plate to engage the oar
The excess weight of baggage Is automati
cal ! } indicated ou u new net of t > caleb having
a pointer to thow the weight ou u dial the
latter having two Bets of graduations with
the zero point of one net in Hue wltb the
150-pound mark of the other But , to uliow
the excess over that weight
A western inventor has patented an ap
paratus { 01 dispensing ice cream which is
more convenient that those now In use con
sisting of a central tube in whldi the cream
Is plucod , wltb a eliding bottom , which Is
forced up to push the cream through nil
opening to be out In elites
To prevent the reins of the harness from
dropping on the ground when thrown over
the horn's bacl. new rein holder is formed
of a spring-clip placed on the buck l > afl be
low the theck book , to receive the reins
after the } have been looped in d drawn
through the terret on iht harness
Tlic on 15 mori'K In I'tkin tha' na c plane
vuntkwb are those of the wa1 Lima KITS
TiJT'n n * ITJP m/ivr'nur1 VTr1 r * 11 T
AccumulationE of Eccentric Capitalist
Gradually Disappear.
VA Itli J"nlli 111 O urn lilt Muri-nj Ilit-fc
III I'l CM'iTtj I mil tilt ' 1 UXI-B Coii-
Kiimt * HiH SuliHlniic'C mid
blurt IllN IlrciiU.
To the immense Batisfuctlon of ull the
citUciib of Omaha , the group of buildings
which have for jcnrs disgraced Harne }
Ktreet und become known to the public n
tlie "Murray How" are to be destroyed Tor
jears overj attempt to induce Murray to
tear down the shantleb has been unsuccess
ful. But It has llnally been accomplished
The Associated Charities has entered Into
a contract wltu the mortgage company Into
whose hands the property has fallen for
the removal of the tmlldlngb to its jurd ,
whole the buildingb will be soon reduced
to kindling wood The proceeds from the
sale of the wood will be used for the benefit
of the poor of the city
Just where the majority of the buildings
that nro now being torn down were orig
inally put up no one bodnb to know Willi
the exception of two , the ramshackle af
faire liavo been moved to their prese'nt loca
tion at Komo time during the last twent }
years Tlie buildingb must nave n Oilstor } ,
as they are iudtssolubly connected witb
i Tom Murray-
Murray came to Omaha In the lnt - GO'S
and imnie-dlntuly began to accumulate a
fortune His methods were peculiarly his
own To most men bo wa- nothing more
nor lebs tliau a recluse endeavoring to make
I a fortune out of the old junl. und odds and
I pndK he picked uf. from the streets No
j matter -what Ills methods were , ho made
I money , uud a great deal of it Although
possessed of but Jlttle education , Murray
bad considerable business nbilltj and a
tfircwd sense of financial affalrb that en
abled him to get the best of roost bargains
Tor'ears he run n EecDnd-lianil CBtablifib-
ment , wliere one could purchase rin > thing
from n spinning wheel to u second-hand cof-
iln. How he came to purchase these pplti-
ulng wheels which lit * lias never been able
to Itipose of , lb told by one of Omaha's
most prosperous men
form-r ou SjiliuiliiK AVIu-rln.
In the old days home of the l > ojb wuo
had noted Murra > E uvarlclousne b docldcd
us tliej cxpreeeud It , to "take him down a
peg" One bright morning one of them
called on Murray and said that an old
maiden aunt was anxious to purchase a
spinning w he-el , in order that bhe might
I asb tuc time pleut > antl } and profllab ! }
Murray liud none on band , but promised to
ueeure one witbln the next few days At
odd Union during the ve-ok that followed
& number of different men who were in the
Joke dropped in and asked for spinning
w lu > cU
Murrj had no idea what wan causing the
boom in twinning wheelfc. but ac ull Inyuiriee
were fiom bubatantial busluege men lit
thought U would U well to la } in a buppb
At a constquciiif hit. whi-flb wer < pui
( bused i ! is iu'pflifc ! > K RUand he hut
them on his hands jc Whrn it dawned
on Muriav that he had been made the vl -
tim of a prauical Juki he was furious and
demanded that the parties purchnse the
goodh ordered , but it was of no une und the
spinning wheels have not > ut spun
Murrav had great confidence in the future
of the clt } and put most of his money into
rlt } property und farms in the suction itn-
mediatel } surrounding Omaha As his prop-
ort > Increased in value , much of it being
unimproved the tuxes became harder nnd
harder to meet He conceived the idea of
on-ctiug the hotel which now bears his
name He laid the foundation Beveral } cars
lie-fore the rest of the building and as a con
sequence when be recommenced work he
was forced to tear down a great part of it.
MuUi-H 11 financial Crror.
Murru } reached the end of hlh ready cash
long before the building WHS completed and
one piece of propcrt } ufter another was
mortgaged to meet the demuudb made upon
him When ut a IOBB for more propert } to
mortgage be mortgaged the building Itself
and In this way WHS enabled to complete
and furnlbb his hotel
It appenrb that this was one of bib few
financial errors Although It was estimated
that at one time be WUB worth neatly 11,000-
000 in unimproved eit } propert } and farm
lands , with the tnortgageb and taxes , he hud
Hhouldered n greater load than be could
bear and about three jenrs ugo the crash
came The foreclosure sale was one of the
lurgebt over held In this count } . It included
all of Murrnj'B property In Douglnb count }
Including his hotel Money wus bcarce ut
the time nnd the hotel wub bought in b } tbr
investment companj holding tlie mortgage
for JB4.0.ul > . which reprctented but a Bnmll
portion of UB original cost Murray made
u long iiglit in the courts to have the fore
closure proeec-dingB net aside on the ground
of fraud
It bah 1 > ut Intel } been decided that the sale
will stand and in conneciucnce of that dccl-
blon the old structures on Hume } street are
being torn down
I.tllOH AM ) IMM'STHV. '
America bus 1,400 knit goods manufac
Cleveland bus 2,900 mamifuctmlng estab
H lb said tlmt fully 100,000 pernonB In
London work all night.
Nlne-tentbb of ( ill the flowing tnachlneh
tiBc'd throughout the worlu are made in tuo
United Stateh
Women are employed at railway points
und crossings In. Hal ) , because they do not
get intoxicated
Calls have been Issued for the eighth con
vention of the International AswocUtluu of
Machinists to convent ) It ) Huffujo , N J .
Monda } , Ma } 1
Lemon culture is catching uji with the
ornnge business in California There are
65,000 bearing trees in the state und 250,000
non-hearing trees
H Is reported that the tobacco workers ut
Bedford Vn , have not rwolved a cent of
wageb for iive } cars on account of the truck
eyxtum in vogue
The value of cotton exports from the
port of Galveston hub not vurled much from
JS2.000.000 n } eur since 18CO Cotton whip
ping constitutes about nine-tenths of the
busluoAS ut that port
Fourte-en pattern makers , employed In the
Brooklyn navy jard who lost their toolb
through fire there recentl } have bc-en relrn-
bur * d for the lou by the Pattern Maknrs
union The value of the tools was placed
ttt Il.OWi
The HUjirenio ourt of ttah hue upheld
> . , < uiMini iomiln > of tbi ) I tab law pro
labmng tbe emiloinpnt ] of joung women
nnd children for more than eight hours In
mines and other specified unbeullliful or < u-
New York Typographical union No C is
going to tr } another Beuson of farming ( > v
the unemployed who cure to take advantage1
of the oppnrtunit } to earn Homothlng The
commltte-e in charge of the- work last sum
mer declared thut , all things considered
the venture was a Rucix-bs
New Tork Photo-Engravers' union bus
taken nteps to ubuliHh Instruction ut the
state penal institutions in phoio-engraung
and to have tbe plant ut tbe Elmlra retorts
utory removed if possible The objei lion 10
the instruction of convicts in this tradi IB
that it lltB evil-minded peisons to heroine
countorfellerB and forgers und makes them
familiar wltb the deadliest poisons
Tbe Meuomlnee Indians in northwestern
TV. isconslu are making UB much aumrv in
lumber opoiations Uh lire tbe Obages at
far in I UK I ) } tbe tmle of jilne logs in jeiirn
] > ast the 1.IHIO men \voineu und children buvu
accumuluted a tiibal fund uggrcgaUng fl
000,000 , which IB Btlll growing Tbe tribe
expends ubout J7C.OOO u jf-ar In logging oj
orations nnd clearB from JDO.OOO to tlOO 000
The Great Northern Paper compan } this
spring will construct in JHllinockeit
Aroostook county , Me , the largi-Bt paper
and pulp mill In tbe world Itill contain
eight machines , with a capacity of from ino !
to 250 tonb of newspaper dall } It Is to ho
run b } water power Mipplled from a dura
controlling the wi-Bt branch output fiom
Quukisb luke , there bulng a fall of llf > feet
The Immediate expenditure will invoiici
$1,1100.000 , while at the completion of the
mill craplojinent will be given to COO bunas
where todu } there ih u denBO wilderness
Detroit .lournal "He comes not" ' the
tailored , wringing ber bands
The hour of the trjBtun long past
"He will never come' " cried the < iis
traded girl "Hut bajipll } , I know u neat
song und dunce which will porhupb eiiuile
me to euin my living' Let bur go pm
fesBor' "
Tie ) audience thtindpred applause UJIITC
cluting ut once tin cxcjulHlte nrt w i b
which the Kpeclult } bud lie-en InterpuluKd
In the uielodramu.
IU'V Dr Johbua Young of CJroton Matt
the fiftieth unnlven.urj of whoxe ordina I D
wub oliHerM'd th < olhor du > , IH tinmiiiisiir
who otllciuted with William Lloyd Guiriht/D
at John UrowiiB fuiurul
: THIIOUGH tout jvot-u AND
ruizii rito.ii 'jius
Chronic. Kiwi ! Catarrh ic often the continued
tinuod development of aoutr uttuckB , but
lii mrnt coma it In oauhud b ) the ciireirt *
Ubu of tli-e nasal douche vuufff > w ounce uud
other dangoroub iniuilenlc Its liomule
cymptoinb such UH utopptug of tht ciou .
dropping of inucouE Into the throu uicls-
uw.ii at tnomucb und Icus of uppetuo plainly
' Indicate u coiibtHutlouui dlBturbaucu and tb
Df > ce8Blty of un tuternul remedy No r mely
is lH < tter aduptrd for < tbe cur * of this dlwH-BB
tluiu Gausu' Catarrh Tabloui They vu
tukeo intetnitlly and It is Mift to uty will
ciurn ca'trrh whorcvor locatud beuauue they
contain the r aulilten > wntlal to r a orlnj
( be Inflamed mumbraut- * und IUUCOUK nur-
( aous to their nu'ural lietlth } HWC At
drugplstB or by mull COc full sized puuka # .
Our llttln ' oU ou catturli matlud fro * .
Addrou 0. E. dam *

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