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Whafttoa'r Kew Brigade Advances to
Cfomil the Ewaij.
Fini it Btfor and Kore OrarfortabU
to Stay in Treacles.
"vFell Policed , but Presence of Women.
However , is Discouraged.
k In J" n Pdro
ainrntl to Join XVlirnloii'fc Ilriendr
nml 1 * 1'romlneiilljl'ltir -d in
.A ji | > r inciliic O
ASareh 18 1055 t. m. General
newly formed divisional brigade
W. 7 a. in. from Sail Pedro Macatl
lor the jmrjiosf of corralling the uncmy. It
IB BBW ranting on 1'aslg , meeting with but
iittglil xwflfllaiice.
tTlie icbds are iti full rotrcnt.
A gjoilinat is clearing the Jungle along tlie
rfver InartiB. which hsve been carrlea as Jar
8 $ < Qtmd lmipG. The i irrpo of the more
Jn to - dentbi > country to Lagune do Bay.
MANILA , March 12 6.50 p. a The P l-
ipln < rt ? apparently hafl planned an attack
upon the Hues of General Otis ana General
Hale this moraing. liut tholr courage seemed
ti fall them , though they fired signals aud
afterwards kept up the JUBillafle along the
American trout Jor an hour. Our troopB ,
In obedience to orders. refrained from shoot -
Ing. with the exception of two companies
of newly arrived men. which replied until
they hud Bupjiressed a regiment of Agtii-
ualdo's Red liricade This body of rebate
nocmed under better order than the others
A white man was seen among thf ofllcerK.
endeavoring to lead them to the attack ,
Ibut apparently all efforts to Induce them
to leave the trendies were futile.
The American authorities In Manila I.BJ
the city IB now no effectively policed that
n serious outbreak Is impossible. They be
lieve that the natives are cowed.
The -pressncc of the families of officers Is
discouraged and many are leaving on board
th United States transports , some going
to Japan for temporary residence. General
Oils has remarked "Manila IE no place
for women. This Is uwar. . not a picnic * '
The British cruiser Narcissus lias nailed
for various ports in the island of Luzon on
a cruihe to take on British subjects -who
desire protection.
T - ntjSecond on the Mnrcli.
Thle afternoon the Twentieth and Twen
ty-second infantry and several companies
nf tlie Oregon volunteers marched to San
Pedro Macatl to join General Wheaton's
new divisional tincafle , which is to consist
of the Twentieth and Twenty-second in-
.fantrjricht TOiupaclei of th 't j" = hlnpt ni
volunteers , seven companies of the Oregon
volunteer * , three troojw of cavalry , mounted.
and a battalion of light artillery.
Although the rain which fell this morning
has fooled the temjterature to t > I degrees ,
many dropped from the ranks , overcome
by the Jieat. Several soldiers were sun-
ptruck in the streets of Manila this morning
J 1ost of them were men not yet acclimated
Brigadier General Charles King has recov
ered from hit indisposition and resumed
command at the San I'edro Macati bridge.
Tie enemy IB very active north of the river ,
though not doing any firing just now.
In all -probability the current -week will
r.ee the Sieginnlng off an active campaign on
11 scale hitherto unknown to the Philippines
Tor the last few days there lias been un-
HBual activity at headquarters and there
Is every indication of reorganization of the
entire corpfc In the near future.
Oi nn ten in Orcrnnlrntinn.
Since the arrJvul of the American rein-
Joreemrnts several changes ba e been made ,
the most Important being the appointment
of -divisional brigade under General Whea-
ton. consisting of the Twentieth and Twen
ty-second rt-gularr . eight companies of the
IVuBbiiiglon and seven companies of the
Oregon volunteers , three mounted troops of
cavalry and a battalion of light artillery.
All the troojw have disembarked. A bat
talion of the Fourth regular infantry IB al
ready nn the firing line , assigned to Gen
eral ManArthur'B division. The other * have
l > een held in reserve and are cnsamped on
the Luiieta jiarade grousd. A battalion of
the Seventeenth regulars ha $ 5 > een assigned
to jirovcst guard duty , relieving the Oregon
During a rainstorm which occurred be
fore daylight this morning , the mbolE on
thH extrtrate Irfl llred sexeral vidleye at the
Americans , 1 > ut without eeffct. Otherwise
frorytblug i * quiet
Milli lirt-nUk Dev it In CJaltnnd Lli
> < llk Illflii-ultj 'Mirniich tie
Trriiiriidr 111. Srufc.
March 12 The officers of
thp Ounurd line wuamor I'uvonia , Captain
AtUiufi , from Liverpool Januarj " 4 for Bot- ,
ton , whluh W8E towed in St. Michaels * on
J tibruary 1 disabled nd which arrived here
yortwdy jnornlUF in tow of two tugb from
j'imtu IMpiido. Anort > e. maintain Uio utmost
r U euce ritgwdinK the o nier's expori-
( iHtci. . Jt was pl an ( a from the crrw , how-
iinir , that the J > uv nia pawed tlirough a
jnrribU' ordtiul. Ut. truuliltit. began with a
pevar " Ci H' un January 80 Tor three days
tJKenjdnt * were Blowwl and mountainous
f + nf tfnuit the Pavunia lllc ; a abutUeBook.
Then the bailers Iwgsjj to BIOVP In thuir
crwlli * and to bump ugatiiiii earh nther. ] t
Is iwt true , thouph , UMH they btraiptid the
(4ds. ( tor. if thie hud iieon the iwse : , the crw
( * y the tihlj ) would Tun liuvc iliniied loop ,
Qrtintvally the uiiK'nenrE , aficr the most ar
duous labnrfi , neour lat l Imllors with rep s
iind chains and the bumping ooueod
The are * . It RWHHUE. npvur lost conn-
e , tlmupli tb y awrt tlmt the vusnel
trBtttmdouBly Tbree Imats were loet.
nf the ] > orl rn.ll iu > il the galley vert
enrrifid swa > and the lmle ; liouw.1 wae brot.ri !
lu Altupntlier. us the 3'uwuiu uo llut at
th > Aook. lib jiramntE a j > IU blj- damaged
I'ltlniutuiu ! Vul Slrimc
LONDON , March IS. . The I'oUin oorr-
of llu Time * s * > , rtgurdlup tli <
daaikud , timt Btranr ir ta atiurw
time the uitlamtuai itf Sl iiur Marsno will
b < * imninMitry uiuduw unnli uo : , ut tbi
iKuuplituut * i * "taitlwO ) ieuorunt a
Italy' HUmoiwp Kiuouf Ui
H A f Rl SBf R C Pa > ] a i bi Gorruor
Siont "t ied t ) f\rr > liv tron He id
T ' \ * " > r df T' ' > ! j tt. ! ' Vgrill 2'
i-.a J.ir whe 1 t > r CJn.irrtd It
if him ihf fcj > pr > ii-n < "nt of mr"Jn6
1 < i fill tb ' r eari rrpt.ft1' 1'j fb -
fl-rb of JuleHpjir Wlilia j of
\ttm \ Mr WaiKon yii tb t afir i
( iiiKiCpratinti h > i ? tiMe to give the matter
h * In flr hituMlf utiabip 10 uof-j't 'be ' ! ' -
Allnn l > iii * Mfnincr Mrlkr * the nork
on It * dt-pond Voj ncc OH
Cnnndinii Con .t.
H iUr.\X N S March 12 Tbe new
. Hat liti < 'fmnrr CastiUhft. from Portland
u- w t' afhorf at Gannett Hock
. * } n-m > u-h at it 3P thl * nwm-
j ui 'n a denae log , 1m rtwn-
c < - utRd ] Two
( ' ant ) tugs hive snne
The Cwclliwi ar-
jlvet mol ten d ys
and -went to rort-
return. It Is 8.SOO
i > iit nr- ' ' lieiiig the largest AHab
Inn steamer
Tbf steani'-r began leaWng alter It Btruck.
bu : the lst l of disripliue rrevallea among
the fpasflrnpers They returtiBd to their
b"tth t and were called out again to don
life jireservfTE , which many Avere wearing
when they reached Yarmouth on tugs at
fi 15 71. m Sunday fifty passengers aud
the crpw all saved thair baggage. The
steamer struck % \hen on a low tide , wbic.b
M-Ul be in its favor. The plare of t3iD dls-
nster IB a few inlleE from where the Mo-
rnvian of the Allan line was lost some years
rldfiit ! > Sltrtilllfiuit of n
of Trlfiitlvlilii Bftcn tli
Gorniui < Dt * > .
LOVDON March IS Dmperor tVllliam , It
[ IB announced this niornliig. will arrive at
Clowes on July 29 for yachting week.
The Daily Graphic , commenting on the
announcement , says "Coming immediately
after -tie emperor's reception of Cecil
Rhodes , it marks the complete reconcilia
tion of Great Britain and Germany. "
uHonis i < K \IILT
Hfiul inj - < iiili Oflirlnl * on
Itnll ajI'rujet't. .
BERLIN. March 12 The emperor dined
with Prince Hohenlohe. the imperial chan
cellor , yesterday after receiving Mr Rhodes ,
with whom be had conversed for three-quar
ters of an hour.
Mr. Khodes is continuing his visits to high
officials and financiers and the general be
lief here IB that his efforts to obtain the
kaihur's adherence to the project of n rail
road from the Cape to Cairo , passing through
German East African territory.ill succeed.
Cotitrm-l * DiM-nxr Jriun HI * "Wife
TuVcu from ItliirU Umlr.
LONDON. March 13. 7tie Cairo corre
spondent of the Dally Telegraph says he
learns that Khalifa Abdullah , the dcrvlBh
mlcr in the Soudan , is suffering from lep
rosy which be contracted a few years ago
through taking unto himself the wife of a
black emii. who las since died of leprosy.
linixirti. Clu-niKT l.ul > err * .
COLOMBIA , March 12 The steamer
Finance today brought a load of laborers 10
Colon under a six months' contract with
the Panama Railroad company at woiges be
low those paid the present hands , among
whom there Is much discontent over the
arrangement The company has chartered
the British steamer Bramble. Captain Post-
lettrwuUe , from Norfolk , A'a. , February 23
for Colon and New York , to assist in re
moving the freight that accumulated during
the recent strike.
ViftorlH Voj-atrt-fc lo Mrc.
NICE , March 12 Queen Victoria arrived
by special train Jrom Boulogne Sur Mer
this afternoon. When passing through Tou
lon her majesty summoned the sub-prefect
and expressed to htm Tier sympathy with
the families of thp victims of the explosion
of the navjU powder magazine at La Gou-
bnxn early last Sunday morning , promising
to send a donation to the relief fund.
C * -lirntliic Poj rN Jlct'ovrir ,
ROME. March 12. The solemn TP Deum
was celebrated at St. Peter's today to com
memorate the iiope's recovery and his cor
onation in the Sistine chapel , March 3. 18HB.
Cardinal Rampolla. papal secretary of state ,
oluciated in ihe presence of an Immense
congregation. This evening the Piazza Di
San Pii'tre is illuminated.
Human ACIMIC ; Krlilnd
PAFJS , March 12. The Eclair confirms
I the report that the government inquiry re
garding the explosion of the naval powder
magazine at La Goubran bar shown that
It was not of accidental origin and much
i credence is now Riven to the rumor that it
I was an anarchist outrage.
I UntMiurt SliTidun OfllcrrH.
I LAVALLETA. Malta , March 12. The
Union club gave a luncheon yesterday to the
officers commanding the American troops on
board Che United StateB transport Sheridan ,
which arrived here on Thursday enroute to
Manila The transport proceeded today.
To .MnUf TaUrn-'VVnii lV - - Port.
LONDON. March 13 According to a diB-
patch to the Daily Mall from St. Peters
burg Tahen-"Wan. the Russian fortified port
in the Ltao-Tnng peninsula , will lie opened
BB a freeport on the completion of the
Manchurian railway in lliOI.
Ilcliruiiii'ft < lnrrn licit cr.
BRUSSELS , March 12. The following
bulletin wae issued this evening regarding
the condition of Queen Marie Henrient
"The qui-en it. progressing in her conva
lescence. Sir has refreshing bleep and Is
reKuininc her strength. "
' lnt * niif < iit of Irlnt't'iii > llihiunrclc.
BERLIN , March 12 Thf body of the late
PrincoKB Bismarck 111 tie trausferrnfl tomorrow -
. morrow from Varzin to Prlodrichwube ,
where on April 1 it will be buried with die
body of the prince ia the Bismarck mauso
i IH 'k l.oht In Slorni.
| BRISBANE Qneoufcland , Marrb 12 11 IB
' nov , known itiat no fever than "M UVUE
j wer - low in the recent iurricbne that rwept
I the northeast coast Onlj a few Ulle pw > -
. pie wen among the victims
Mut-t ) Ho ; * nt ClinmlxT
Cilnfck J'ni'torj Quit \Vorl. Stt-el
Mrli.cr - Itcli'iikfil ,
PITTSBUBG , Pa . Mruh li A strike to
day by nlney boy * at the Oiiamben-JicKec
G > M& tuctorj ut JuHuuetu ma ; roettU in the
i r.iwp ) down at ibc jiltajt. They dotuand a
, IV per t nt udvauw and no dork&gt.
uf ti c .wveutr-oue ttril.eru of tfac
i t Stuunui StwJ Binnjiany urr at d Saturday
on vti rfM > uf i ) ord ry
Utf > axirt * * of K UMmtlnp in Htrt-
liall , Wood * Bun , w Hdi oJuLrj Ni to-
Any withrui fines Tfa n > ww uo evidence
of u t"il.e : r V > oed ; Kuo .cidav A seitle-
jft' i' 'In . .btioI * - . ut < lt i ยง j.rnu Li.e ea'iy
i. 6 w r < i.
Franc * SEUDE Attaoie to StBdj
vritb OshcrE to Follow.
Jlndcrn nlclitlnc Mnrtiliipk Go
Tlirciuc.li Rxjieritueiit nml ( lulimk-
luc Nntlnni. Giilhcr Tiilnnttle
I'ulnifmor Tlielr O rn I'KP.
WASHINGTON , Marcli 12 Llenteniuit De
Parajntnifl of the Preach B ry recently ar
rived here in coinm jwith the rrench am-
bnsiitador , JS. Cwnboa , to booome naval ut- l
tachp of tli ? Preach embwmy. Lienteiiant
DC raratunnd has hafl wide eiyierlBnct as a
naval obgerver , following the Japanuse and
Chinese vessel * UimtiEh the China-Japan
vw ntifl aow comine here to etudy Ainer-
iuo jiBval metboc * . SpeaWng of the Amer-
iaaa navy today , Lleutonnnt De raraniond
"The Aaericnt. aavy has uttracted worlfl-
v ifle attention wiu-.ln the last year and this
IB Ipal'ng European countries to tend naval
attaciPB to WRRlanptDn. This will IK > the
first t'jne that the Trench government has
had t nuval atttu-be with the embassy. A
German imval olUrtr is coming to the Ger-
tann unbaspy and other countries doubtlebE
will follorIn the same line.
Since the Spanish-American war this
country affordp splendid facilities for naval
study. It was the first real test of modern
fighting vessels and naval silence must
draw itB conclusions largely from what the
American navy accomplished during the
war v ith Spain. 1 think it Is universally
conceded In Europe that the American navy
made a Epleudid record not only in a gen
eral way , but In technical matters of utval
dota.l. It demonstrated the effectiveness of
the rapid fire pun Of medium ccllbcr rather
than the larger guns. It also seemed to
bhow that the power of a nnvy Is more in
Its weapons of attack and offence , ItB capa
bility of giving blows , rather than In UK
heavy armor and capability of resisting
I " \7e in France wore quite aware of the
I growing power of the American navy even
before the recent war Our chief naval
I constructor , M. Bertin. cam to this country
1 prior to the war and made a tour of your
dock yards , arsenals , etc. On his return he
made an official report shoving the great itn-
! propments tie American naval constructors
I had brought nhnut. particularly in the ar-
i ranceinent of bulkheads und in the distribu-
1 tion of armor sn as to protect vital points.
AVe iiiso knev your American armor and
i are using the Harveyized American process.
vhich has been entirely satisfactory so far. "
\Vttr Sfaljifc Iiiiltr Construction.
Lieutenant De Parumoud says foreign
! naval observers are not only interested in
. - but are also obsen-
j the results of the v.-ar ,
j lug the large amount of naval construction
now in progress in the United States , and
I th naval improvement it involves. From
Italian naval statistics "he " hews that the
United States is today reckoned second
among the great powers in point of war-
1 ships unde ; construction. This tonnage l > .v
countries IB ae follows : Greet Britain ,
132,322 toni. United States. 56,445 : Japan ,
! r.uGO ; Rutsia. 2tlMO ! , France , 25CCS ; Ger
many , lC.44u , Italy , 2.1C2.
"An interesting line of inquiry , " said
Lieutenant He aramond. "js why 5 J lire
building so many heavy sTUps , ironclads aK
we call them , as against the lighter , swifter
cruisers The ironclad if essentially a
home ship , and is not fitted , owing to its
bulV and lack of coal capacity , for crossing
the ocean or for long crumeE. The French
navy .has in commission fifteen ironclads on
the Mediterranean and eight in the north
ern squadron. But these are purely defense
vessolc. and never leave tlie home ports.
The performance of your battleship Oregon
in running 13.000 miles around South
America , was remarkable for that reason ,
and itB present trip across the Pacific ifc
equally remarkable. But judged by the
usual naval stanQRrdB an armored cruiser
would have been much better equipped for
these long voyages It has the Kpned , the
coal , and at the same time sufficient armor
to make its defensive powers almost equal
to those of the ironclad "
Fra-ner T"nvorik Torpedo ItontM.
The lieutenant says that France has pone
further in adopting the torpedo boat cs an
effective naval weapon than any other coun-
! try. It has In all some 250 torpedo boats ,
some of them very swift
Lieutenant De Faraniond say ? lie thinks
the adoption of the water tube boilers in
American war ships will be a further im
provement , and will make them much more
effective for long cruising TblE class of
boilers , he sayt. . has been adopted by the
British admiralty for the Powerful , Ter
rible and ships of that claBB , and quite ge.n-
I orally by the naval authorities of France ,
KuEsia , Japan , Chill , Argentine nnd Italy.
M. Vinud , a naval conBtructor of the Fre-nch
navy , IB at present in "Washington on an
unofficial mission , and will confer with our
naval constructors on thlfi new method of
boiler construction.
"Admiral Dewey IE generally recognized
abroad as entitled to rank nf. one of the
great naval commanders , " haid Lieutenant
De Faramond. "Such a man do s tionor
to the naval fraternity the world over. "
| M-iinior I'rjr Kffcent * HI * Talk Aliont
Uie Mrarairnu Cnnal.
WASHINGTON. March 12 5ume of the
members of the senate now in the city take
exception no the statement of Representative
Cannon , published Saturday , concerning the
defeat of the recommendation of the presi
dent in regard to the Nicaragua canal. The
statement towhich the ( senators take par
ticular objection is the following one
"If the Penate ibill or any measure pro-
pored had 'been ' enacted the United States
would hate paid S5.UOO.uDD far a wortbieu ;
eoncawion and would have been committed
by law to the construction of a cunal along
the Nicaragua route and under such oondl-
j tians Jt would be contpolled , Jirtore TVS
t&rew a bpaduiul of earth or in any way
Impan aotual ooiiBtruu-tiun , to haw acquired
by treaty with Nicaragua and Costa RJca
the terrtiory whereon to conwuot a canal
and the right to construct it. Such legisla
tion would cave delayed and embarrassed
construction f an isthmian anal. "
Referring to thic statement tonight Sen
ator Frye. chairman i the committee in
the fc ratc which in&erled the
B&nal amendment in the river and
bill , fiaid
"The Btatement of Mr. Cannon , that the
Vailed Slairowould hurt jmW Ji.OOU.lWO
far a wortW w eouceoBion M either tb pen *
ate canal bill or any mwa&urf nraiiot.dd had
been enucttid , ie inoorrf-ct The neuate cana )
bill iirpvidttd tar the ujijialutiBtinl 4 y the
president of appr&iHtre to vaiut- any projt-
erty pupcimsed and the awouut to } > e jiaid
f r nucb proj > tiriv war liaritttd to t&KHi.HHi (
If U iwv ujaunJud that the Mupraifctu would
pay Jt.lMHi.Wrt ) for wane waraiUeu jvopwiy
jaid tit1 vrtwidttiu would hav ' MJlirovwd micb
acuoft Uieji Mr. CwjuoB'b auueauutt wigut
ix > urf ct But n ithtir Mr. C iutfHi tun
any out1 else awiuai * * that eucb &
would bate twee
Saline for Drutl Suldtrrt.
' .T N Mtrch 12 The t-e rr _ - \
nf war h F unit the tMBvntlK ; nr 4r to Major
New Tori
B > dirpftimi nf MM jWMMent ytw will ,
nr > ti lb ? arrival of tb * Jleweanla * ith tbf.
bodieti of the nell T who xvar millet nr
bar. , died at SanOKsw < I > rw > Rico , fire t
fitiinc Btlute , err H p ut bnlf UIHM
bed detail a , miQMMBt fiwwfl f tit no : to
th < cuhk tfi tulwn thp ship nfl st-nt l > >
exprent. to thrtr terawr J m ! Thf Rou-
iuu.nta Je ex | tft a * arrive VOT itioti
Will lelipraph fat waerrnw OF ea-ix * i
tbe PXWflt time. It. A. AL'3KR.
Iti- ] > ort tWt Ch'rrKtinnftT Will lie Of-
liclnllj Ao itt -4 ifc Drnlra lij-
IS. Mucti intrrpst
WBB n > anlft 4 , ted j In raiiorti , to the ef-
fp"t that the 3pa e * RWremmpnt IB Slh-
cuBsing B plan t4 adopl Clcrhitianity UF the
state Trillion. So fur ag oould be asper-
talned. however , the t tement lacks credi
bility or founastlon. "te fa&t. The pus > -
liiihod rej ort wift tfltHghtidipwn to Mr
Jutaro Komura , tie JifcianosemlniBter. . who
i was asked to make a. rtBtoment on the sub
ject In reply , through an attache , he spoke
' mibfit utially at follows *
"Tthfc statement thaA Anpan" B dlBCUBBing
t plan to adopt CSiiS ! trnnity as its Mate
religion ie not true , an * tbore is no possibil
ity of thiB being d ao. XJnllkt RusBia
En | and and other BUfopoan couutrltR. the
Japunese government has-po Ktaie religion.
but according * to the constitution of the
1 couhtry every religion is Riven the liberty
to esorcise its Junctions BO long BE it dnus
not Interfere or dlsnfrb peace , order und
, good moalE. " t
fc Cell Prei-lonn to HI *
' I > fp rtnr r Jor Sontu.
I TVASHINGTON. Mar-h O2. A number of
the triends of Presided and Mrt , McKinley -
ley were at the VMfllewrus.e . tonight to Bay
gotitiby und to wirfi a'fiappy journey to tlie
chief executive nnd hi * wife , who start on
their trip south tomorrow. The nflair was
j entirely an informal mie. Among those
present were all the mwnlierB of the cabinet
| crcepl Pnstmasrer General Emory Smith
i and Secretary Hltchcodk. Vice President
and Mrs Hobart. Mr. H. H. Kohlsaat of
Chicago and several r sidentB of Canton.
' O . now living in W < u3dtagto& , were
tie callers
UK Good Point * Are J-rt Ktirtli nt the
llniujuft to Mlnwotzri Stnt -
( lilic-inlK.
j ST. LOriS , Mo. , March 12. Ei-Gov-
, eraor David R. Francis , who acted as toast-
I master at the banquet given last night 10
I Missouri state officials and members of the
'legislature ' by the Louisiana Purchase
TTorld's fair oommissionerE. made un able
i uddreES. in the course of which he said
| "As representing the Louisiana Purchase
I convention held in this city on January 10
i last , composed of delegates from fourteen
'states ' ana one territory , -whuh convention
'had ' decided to celebrate stubs hundredth an
niversary by an unexcelled international es-
I position , the delegation to Washington
asked a loan of Su.UOO.OIft ) from the federal
I government to aid in the preparation for
jBUcl a celebration. A representing the
j city of St. Louis , the delegation said to con-
I Kress that Abe jppoplf- 5 > ! rtbat city pledged
'themselves ' lo i-ci-e j5tSWUo tovard sucn
a celebration and that the federal govern-
aient could make its loan conditional upon
' 110,000.000 being provided by this city , BO
, that the money need not advanced by
the general government if St. Louis did not
.provide S10.ODfl.li01) ) .
"The delegation also assured the congress
that the So , 000.000 advanced toy the congress
would 8 > e repaid in full to the federal treafc-
ury before one dollar of the tlO , 000.000 fur-
( nisbed by the city of St. Louis should be
I returned to the sources whence it came.
IThe proposition met with approval und its
'fairness ' was commended. If we secure $3-
1 000,000 from tie federal government , and
in my judgment we will , we shall then have
! Jlfi.000,000 1 do not know that ve shall
i require more , but whether -we do or not ,
jthe people of Missouri would feel offended
if not given an opportunity to aid in this
great undertaking "We are all interested
alike in the progress and welfare of this
j common wealth and equally jealous of UB
fair name. Such an expression as we have
.planned will ada to the material benefit of
the state at large and the success of the
'celebration will reflect credit on every Mif-
i-ourian. We have not , however , invited you
this oacasion for the
to be our guests upon
purpose of embarrassing you by a request
: o do anything of which your own good
judgment doet not approve
r > r. H. n-i-nn * of IVrM Prr
Cliitreh Hand ) . In KrHlcnation and
Rltfh tlie IlrsiMfin Tlierrfor.
NEW YORK. March 12. Dr. H. Evans ,
pastor of the "West Presbyterian church.
today read a latter to bis congregation an-
nounaing hie resignation. Dr. Evans suc
ceeded Rev. John Pasum , who resigned in
18IIS.The resignation is said to grow out of a
letter written by E. H. Perkins , president
of the Board of Trustees , to Rev. M. TV
Stryker , president of Hamilton college. In
thie letter Mr. Perkins said :
"The church owes J4&.000 , wlhich we have
been obliged to ralM fey mortganinr the
church property , and we are short the
necessary fund * , to pay the current expenHt *
of the church , say ? 5,000 or JC.OOO per
annum. "
In the letter iDr. Stryker was asked to
quiatly aid us in inducing the p&stor to
sever his- relation * with the church "
Dr. Era B learned of Uito letter and
, Jiandefl in his resignation a few weeks ago
i to the seseioti , tout that body retimed to
I itocept it Today lie referred the onatter to
tUe congregation .
Mr. Perkins , 'who is president of the
Bna-d of TruBieefi. i * also president of tbe
Importere' and Traders' National bank
Ruiwell ae IB atoo a prominent member
of the church
ThirlThree TlioiiHuiiA Arrrfc H re
R - < n M't'iired for Tlieiu lu the
Mute of Sumiru.
MEXICO. March 12 A laree number of
ofiicerB and toldiere who paniol-
in the racent w r in Cuba are to be
ip the districts , of Mocturoa ana
mate of Souora. vlierc t tract
SE.WiO turns ha * been w-
eurnd The colony v.-ill Imvt ubundact
caiiital lor Btarti&g asriculturaJ nad
ITeaitleut RoWa oji iiad OUiaf
Kinpuian of tlw J4 ) iclcau Central railroad
1'tvt rptunmd to t J * city Riser having
mad B careful Insp wtUw of tbe proposed
of ttw wentero division of thai
to tbf MJUW of O doni8 Uid Manau-
itiUo Tbf MMUT i * iMptli * wid Ireiftbt i
rrowded with curt *
i GeuersJ ITasidillo puvernor of the palaf
1 hf * is i"iJi'i' ' ' > i'l vl ti tin prij ejm n
IE fpi.-d if rti.rin f vcr
One to Four Test of 3aow m tbs L Tel
Sontlirrn III vision of Mltn linker ttotid
IH A1 > nndnii * il Trufllo
llli.fl.eil lu
March IS.
between Mllwuuhne find 9t. Paul
> cxsrtriencing anuch fllfflcuHj- inovlnj ;
011 account of the atorm tn lau north-
part of the state
Throughout tie AVisBOiiflin Vallpy dis
tricts tie snow is from one to lour IBPI
deep on the level.VUsnonBin Central train *
today wwe all several liours lato. The
tracks between Milwaukee anfl St. Paul ani
MlnneapollE , however , ure reported open ,
both by the Milwaukee ana the "Wisconsin
Central ofliclal * .
( Many of the stream * tn eastern Minnesota
seta and northwestern Wisconsin have
overflowed , -washing out the railway IraekB
in many places north of Lacrosse.
The Bouthorn Minnesota division of thr
Milwaukee road foai. 'jK-en abandoned. The
Chicago , Burlington & Northern 5iaB aban *
doned He division through southern Misitie-
HOta to St Paul and is reaching the latter
city over the Milwaukee tracks via La-
OSHKOSa. Wis. . Mart-h IS. A heavy
rain , preceded by a thaw , lias resulted in
Hooding various portions of the rlty and
{ partly low districts of the south side , where
| a number of streets are under water. Many
families have ben compelled to move their
household ponds to the upper ( stories. No
terlourdamage it anticipated.
Itcnv1 * nt f-tortn Known In Snow IJeJt.
DETROIT , Mich. . Marc * . 12 Nearly all
! points in the upper ipenlnsular oJ Michigan
I report railway traffic completely Worked
| by entxvMormK. A Bjmcial to the Tribune
from Bessemer. Mich. , cayh The heaviest
storm In the history of the snow belt has
been prevailing for forij-eight hours. A1J
trains have In-en sno-i-ed in at different
j places. All streets are ( blocked with Smnks
! of snow from Jour to eight feet deep. This
I with lormer storms will make a total tall
i of Btiow of about S5leet on an average. In
i some place * the drifts are from the top of
1 one roof to another. Telegraph wires are
j dt wn und all communications are 1 > y 3 > ri-
! vate lines.
j Another Tribune special Irom Hougbton
1 says. A howling blizzard for the last
i Uwenty-lour 'hours ; has tied up everything
j All trains are canceled and no railroad com-
i muuication with the east has ( been had
since Saturday A double-header sent
out this morning over the Mineral Range
railway to try to open communication
i with Calumet. It struck a snowbank twelve
feet high one mile west of Hancock and n
gang of bncmshovelers was dispatched to
nhovel the engines out. Snuwdriftb eight
i feet Jiich are in the streets
' Calumet rejiorts the streets completely
blockaded and in places the drifts cover the
first fctory of some of the 'business ' placeK.
' Joseph Willmer , a trammer in the Tam
arack mine , while coming bcme trom work
last night was. ovcrrome by the utorm and
vn > = $ uun < 1 d iud toda :
1SHPBMEVG , Mich March 12 Snow has
1 > een falling here for thlrty-Eix hours. In
places it taE drifted from ten to fifteen feet
Railway trains are abandoned and street
care are stalled. A northbound passenger
, train on the Chicayo t Northwestern line
' is stalled at Little Lake. Two engines with
a large plow "weni to the rescue but were
stalled 'between Swansy and Cascade.
Mieep Herder ntul Mail Carrier Are
Cttutrbt Out and Tlioueut to
Hnte I'erihbed.
I RAPID CITY , S. D. . March 12 ( Special )
One of the worst .blizzards ever cxpori-
en-ied in the west pasised over a section of
' the country east of this city last week ,
down near the Cheyenne river The first
reports of the storm came into the citv
today and it is feared that a number of
people have been caught out and have jier-
tshc-4. The son of Shelby Reod.vrtio WBF out
tending cattle , it is feared , if lost. His
her ! e came home during the etorm and the
saddle has been found , but the boy has no ;
yet turned up A mail carrier named Pear
son is also reported missing.
IJnfldiiii ; Concerns of tlie Grent
LuL.ei > Itciulj to J'roeeed
to Orirjiiifrntiou.
CHICAGO , 111. . March 12 A Duluth ,
jMiim. . Gpeuiul sayE *
j Captain McDougail of the American Steel
Barge company confirms the report tha * .
! plans aie now making for combining six
' of the large ( > lu ; > t > uilduig concerns of the
1 Great Lakes. Tlie plant of the American
j Steel Barge company has Just l * n appraised -
praised by expert shipyard men. With this
company will be combined the Globe Iron
Walks companj and the Cleveland Ship
building company of Cleveland , the Chicago
; Shipbuilding company of South Chicago , the
Milwaukee Ury Dock company of Milwaukee
innS tie Petrolt Dry Dock oompany The
i report that the Federal Steel company waste
to be ciim.cn ted wuh the organization IB
denied Tb" capital Block of the combine
i hue not been cluei-mined , but will be in the
i neighborhood of J1&,000,000 Captain Mr-
iJuugall t-r Prefcident J. 0 Wullnce of the
ClevB.and Shijibuildlng rwmpany IB men
tioned for presidency of the proposed com
Lurper C nr Tu > 01 Aniloni. lo Go
Into TrtiM Siuuller Deuer
liropeh I'Jntik.
NEW YORK. March 12 The Hnnildwill
Fay tomorrow Ac effort jr. . Swing made to
consolidate builders of pipe organs into an
organization. Thf initiative bag been jnudt
by Chicago capiUUiBlB , 'who visited this city.
Thooc who wore In iavor of the plsn 'wore
reported to 'be ' the smaller flrjne and the
! largitr firms are not willing to commit thom-
! s l VOK. It 1 $ ripened that the ; iropot > ed
| combination would have a capital of nearly
i J6U,000,000. One of the JargBr Imlldwg in
j the country Baj-e-
j "While wr admit that s , c < wi4 > JnaUon
l which promlt-of to > be iieueCcial lo tbe organ
I building induntry might IKjioE&lble , the
prottibilit.v of anything like a peaeral cp-ee-
jneni ujion which EUx : ht would d pcnd if
! a condiUoii which wt hardly expeci will
| ever lie lon&t-d '
Oruiilte'orl.fr Vlctorioui. .
Mau Mare i ifiar an ! ! -
the cioinnijtte * ' of the Graulte
i MorU n > ' uMtncbuuin asd tiu. nuuiiir.t-r i
i readiM ) * u frti ; iiM'iit ttiie mcirumf uud tbi
l mrika which b&fc i * ij in prugr iM , { or two
vtl.b bat U-ti ; declared off 'lit men ligrw-
ing f retun. to wurt t.u Tuebilj > Tle
niee1 r.g ri)3fJ ) bainr > rioi.i , \ uni tbt
bine tbe ' > eat of tte bi.-en'l
arm- *
1 enij emture nt UtnnliH
Ten Cnr . l.oiuledtli | Cotton Oo < M T
un llnil'nn'Unieiil T o Killfil ,
Si'irrnl litjurril.
JCAVOATITK. Cnnn. . March 12. In a
oad-eod rollishiu lietween two freight
trains } i wr Bradley's station on the Nr\v
York. New Haven i : HarWorfl railroad
Kliortly after 7 o'clock tbif tnornlug tvw
lives vere lost and several ethers of tip
train crews hevoroly injured , thouph none
Tbe VJIled are :
ENGINDUR GDOUGE DEAN , jnarrled , of
Bant Hartford
The injnered-
Flrejnan Jamee Cover , Irncturea dhow
anfl scalp wound.
Conductor Cdward Prank , cut in the bcnfl.
Brakernan T. B. Jones , scalp wonnfl nnfl
broken nose
Thirteen cars , mostly loaded with rotten ,
luft the track and tun of tbwn * vvont down
| a very steep embankment. Tie tender of
! the engine in charge cf Dean luft the traok
| and the cal ) WBF tookon off anfl wont dovn
| the embanlanent and Dean was buried un
der it and instantly killed
Kennedy's left arm was torn off at tbe
elbow He had a ver.i large hole in his
] -groin and liis 11171 was fractured He died
' a few hours Jater. Tbe damage lo rolling
] stock will not exreed IHiOOO
I It lid He Dined Iteforc He 1Vn . Shot
| He Mlcrht Hnve Died ISiniH y
Sioinueh Sin ? Sm LIIr.
BRISTOL. Tenn. , March 12. General
Talker and Attorney Hamilton , who were
! wounded In a shooting aflrny nt the court
'house ' here last night , are testing easily.
General Walker was shot through the shoul
der and Bide , the bullet penetrating the
.lung. The wound is. n dangerous one , but
I not necessarily fatal.
j Attorney Hamilton's wound was peculiar.
' The bullet entered live inches above the
juavul una ranged downward. Ordinarily it
| would have penetrated the stomach nnd
, caused his death , but Hamilton had not
] dined and , because his stomach was ro-
.lazed . , it is thought , the ball missed a vital
| point and IE lodged near the spinal column.
1 His condition IE , however , serious , and the
j phj'biciaiiE hold but Blight hope of his re
Various stories are in circulation OB to
Just who did the shooting in the court
room. One version is that General "Walkei
did no bhooting at all Another is that
i Stenographer Diivis shot 'Walker , while
I otherb say Walker WOE shot Tiy J. R. Hirk-
I man. one of his friends. Neither of the
wounded men will make a statement in rc-
{ corti in the nftnir. "
j Meet * Hit. TTTO Little Children nnil
j Guin Strencrth EIIOUKU to TuL.r
j Solid rood.
NEW YORK , March 12. Rudyard
passed n restless night on account of suf
fering a good deal of pain. Todaj , however ,
he was much better. As yet no one out
side 'his attendants and hie family has been
permitted to see him. He is not yet in i
| condition to have friendB admitted to hi !
i bedside.
| Thus evening Mr. Doubleday reported Kip-
I ling s condition BE satisfactory to the ex-
| ireme. the physical Buffering of the patient
being due to the revolution going on in the
lungs His temperature IB very little abovt
I the normal aud he is able to take a consid-
! urable amount of solid food.
' Today Mr. Kipling sow his two children
, for n Bhort time. His little girl. Elsie , it
now Buftlcicrtlj recovered from her clukiiCEc
to run about , although she has not yet been
'outmde ' the hotel The physicians have de-
1 eided that within two weeks the patient will
be well enough to remove to Home pleasant
spot not yet decided upon to convalesce.
Shooti.i > urr Uutler In Hi * . PntlirrV
J"umll ; nml Then 12Ncii ] > e > >
< m n Zlorte.
SDW1CKLEY , Pa . March 12 About 7
o'clock thiB evening Dr. Charles F. Murray ,
son of Dr. R. J Murray , one of tbe befit
known and highly lespHoted residents ol
Sewicklcy , i > bet and instantly killed John
Jennings , a negro , h'B ' father's butler
Murray for aibout n week has been actinc
strangely and it is nhought bis mind has
been affected by drluk.
After the bbooting Young Murray quiclJy
saddled a horse and was last seen riding
in the country bark of Sewickley. Tbe re
port of the ( .booting spread quickly and nu
merous parties went in search of the mur
derer , but up until a late hour tonight he
bat not been located.
Dr Murray , the murderer , IB 2G years old.
It , a graduau of Heidelberg and one of tbt
most popular physicians of the SewielJey
I ArrcM of n 1 ounu Mini of Ilnt-ion
' "Who linilierrled I'nur 'llmii-
nr.nd I > ollur > > .
BOSTON , March 12. William A. Doueette.
2S years rtd , was wrueted toatiy Jn St.
Cecilia tliurcli , Belvidere street , on the
charge of enibezslinR f4OUD from tbe oolioc-
| tion bo * of the cburub Marked billB were
iplaood in tbe bos This morning ilubillf
[ re found on lilt person af-tor bit urroet.
I"ntn3 < " < illi ! im In n I'iic.
NAVGATUCK. MaB. , Mori-b 12 In a
n cullifcion between two freight trj-lns
near Bradley fc Btittion on tbe Higblasd di-
visi'n of the Sew Tort New Hhvan r il-
j roud ihit morning Engineer George Jjfac
| of Hwifcrd wMt > buried under Uif r b and
' iiiBtanUy l.illufi and bit. fireman. Imn Ken-
ijedj uf D&nbury , d ! d u few boure lauir
Tbe engineer and liretnuii of tbe otber ti'ain
eicHjied by jumping Several
were injured but none fatUly It it '
. that tbe collieion uu cue to tbe tof ,
I M-M IluflnlIetri lt t'truiut-r Une.
DETROIT. Mich. . March 12 Tl * Pree
PrtMW tumorrow will MV A new ; ine ol
stuamere Irora Detroit tp Jiuftulo to
projected by E A Davic of thus city
< - omjjuu3is lu Ut capu&lteed at
of w'binh 11 ( > li.i > i > ( > i alfundj-
Tbe pn.jwu-re awutrt tliul tU * uootiiany will
hkMiv o 42i-tooi m am ir * capablt * i.f UiL-
np tbe irlj. from Uetrolt to Hutfaif it
flutet ijourt w itbotj t ' " } 1' ui dcr-
f n t ! M ) uM 'hf ' Ii * .1 t'jiert i ! > 't
cn'j v H' j'vehtti luituet
Sekooap EziBt Bctwrcn Genera
Lee and GeiwriO Brooks.
Doct "StA Lit * Otatinne ? ct
of Auiinritr by Broahs.
; He Msj Be AppointeS Military Govcmor of
! Bimta Glare
Gi-ncrnl l.connnlVood. . \\hfi Jlti.
OrniH-d l'i | > nntlnco. Mny l r Aji.
] > oliitil Uox-rnor Gcnrrul of
tbr Vlinlc IMniiU.
( Copyrlpbt , 18K ) hy Tres * PubllBlitnp C1
i HAVANA. Almrb IS. ( New Tori : World
'Oablepraa ' Sperlal Telepraa > It li uo
an open Reeret that the rolatlouti bet IM o
Guuoral Fltzhugh Lt-e and General IJrooue
, tire not of the tnon amicable charac- : i
Several incidontr. have recently occurred in
dlcathig tblb. Among the officers of tbe
Seventh army corps it l believed that lr , e
would be required to produce an open rjr-
iture. l ee'B resigna-tion has more than < n ,
been eo&Bidered probable , it havitip bi-wn
tbouRht he would take this method to p s-
licly mark his protest apatnst what lie fiu IB
to ! tlie continued peuy ahburaptlon of au
jthorlty by the chief of ihc military eo\enj
! The definition at General L.udlow'r m i-
tary Eovornincnt of Havana , encroaching u
it did Lee'B .
upon military juriBaiction i.\cr
j the province. SVOB hlB llrst cause of t-on.-
! plaint. Next came dlEputea innumerable , E
] reference to regiments detailed lor BQUH < ,
'dutj'in ' the rhy. Plnally thCBi- were t-np ,
by General Brooke's de-larauon that Lt k
authority erlunded only to bis militarj ( tm
mand of tliat portion of the Seventh a'n i
corps under canvas at Camp Columt. .
General Lee hab been deeply stirred i\ r
the matter and bab exprussea bis Jetliupr
| forciblj .
' 3t now appears likely that General Lee
will lie removed from his present commLi d
and appointed military governor of Sau-a
Clara province , with a repular army raub
of bripadler general.
General Brooke will Bbortlj resign Hi
place IIB governor general will more than
likely be taken by General Leonard \Vi > *
now military governor of Santiago provmit.
Aftt-r M I'nvliijr C ii < * fiiHian.
Two rlvalb are no In tbe field for the
coneeBBlon to repair Havana' * streets On-
IB Martin J Dady. the Brooklyn eontrat.or.
, the other a syndicate of New Tori. ai
UallBtB which IE represented here by T w
Dady in December Bocured a concrBBioti
, from tin1 autonomist council to lay a sew -
jUpr Kvetem and pave the uupaved pi.rtiin
of the tows. Hytolcy bnt linugh. tiui i u
I rightF of WilllHm Taylor , who two vears
1 ago was given a contract toy the same bcidv
j to pave and make croeKingE and RldevtuiUi ,
I Dadj-'t , coucesBion WUB estimated ut Til
( lOD.OnO. Owing to tbe popular outcry a ; be
I time agalnpt the granting of such an in.
I portant canreBsiou but n few weeks bc'c.-e
the change cf government. Governor Gcr
era ! CaBtellanoi , in n decree revoked tin u
tion of the autonomist council and fletlun-d
the grant void.
I Mr Dady went to Washington and > t
denvored to wirure a ratification of hit. "
ceKsiou but without success He has '
turned to Havana and is now working 't > i
wires at this nd. Mr. Hawley came '
Havana some weeks ago. HiB credent ia
to tbe North American Trust -company v < .
barked by many prominent New YOM
financiers Among the namee was that '
Corueliun Vnnderbilt. Hawley went
work verj- quietly and It wnn believed il u
hlE only business was to look after tit n
terests of an express , company with v 1 1 1
he was connected. HIE real mission v a * n
discovered until toe bad luft. The contra'
which he has acquired was given to u.e
original holder more than a year and a ha '
ago. Work was actually commenced t v
Taylor , but owing to tbe town' * , lad. "f
funds was suspended During tbe blockade
Tavr died. It IB said that be died in pov-
on/ but with a claim for several tboubund
aollan. against the city.
Tennfc of thr Contrnet ,
I'nder hit , coutrart be was to ( have til
the unpaved streets in tlie city Mmitfi wan
to repair and keep in order the street * a
raidy paved , construct sidewalks and ln >
crossings Tlie work was estimated to COM
Hawley has acquired Taj'lcr's rights from
the legal repi esentntivoh of the estate It
is claimed the resolution of congrest for
bidding the granting of concegBians during
the military government will not affect OUR
acquirement , IIB the contract wah regula > - ' %
obtained long before B change of govern
inetit could be anticipated and work wu *
actually cc-mmenred. I.tr. Hawlpy has gene
U New To h to consult iiir princlpalB uud
will prepo his claim before tiie WaBhtnE-
ton autiiaritu .
Tne Canadian syndicate which bought tbr
street railway francliiBe will probablj pri-Fi
motteri ; in the court with the view of ui
hotting the Kile of the preBout city rail tv
to the group of New Torl > financiers brut < 1
l > 5 Colonel Harvey. An Bgotil of tbc rune
dian syndlcute is now here lor tlii * I'li- '
posa. The appeal ngaintit thf Incul
decibion that corrupt measures
ployed b > tbe director of Uie rallwa > r
eolling out has not been deeiflud. The
action of tin * Canadian puople will cJci.i i i
lurpulj on tbe roeult of iliU appeal. It t .f .
aieutititiit 13it iigentB of the Ilarvoy gc > t
have tatuin noMDMion and urcraakiiir * '
vey of tbt present rq d and tb * iwnpo' o
ectiinmnris Tbey ay tbey imvi 110 Itv. of
thr rBBUit of any legU
on.MiJ.SM4S ! - i TATI3MK > T.
III l- ' ltj1 Ciiliniik und
fc * - i } 1 < i
Btiu-t-rf Lllivrtj IJ M i-r * "
HAVANA , Mftroh 1 General Mai i
i Gomez hut i ued tbe follnwlns Etuttnici ' <
tht Cuban pei pie and arruj
By the Ufce of tbe supromr fHcultlw ; v i b
vlui-h it IB eiidtiwttd tutaiiliiary tuwi-m' <
rapruwnting tbe Army oul > . biu > depUHvd r c
BB oummandBr-in-cWef of the rul wi a-n
which grattt * conferrtid on aitdur'ni '
, law war AE ooiunuuidpt -ciutf 1 ai v > u
| followed tbf dirUiis * of say bant oouw > n t
I KDd the call of pruni naudiial iiHwds. ] t
deavortid in nil circunutta&t.'M to fulfill n s
duty.The n s inby coueider tl - f .ct Unit I n
not aid it in effort * to raiw Icimw , , wj.
lutitr would > u.pixmii r the rruiU > t hntr -
citU and political tBtBi-et of Cuba , u > bt , n
Rt eg iuKulKirdltmnoc bud of want of rr
Hpect Tbe primary MUM tor tbe u ,
ttl.iu bKbiMit nr id IDI futivictluG tba.1 C ,
fcU'uld tH'ftiti t ! t rit" _ oto' iii- < i r '
tM.rii' ( J * b M-J , i ! r ft iiii" <
cord I' " J' in ttii-u L.I fcj > ii f rit , t > u tut-

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