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1 ' -i TTTE OMAHA TArLV ) 1VI3E : WEDNESDAY , MA17CTT 15 , 1805) ) ,
Missouri Pacific Structure Over the Platt <
River Dostroyed.
In < lie McnnllniK Triilnn Will He
OIHTIIIIM ! Over ( tic ( Mil l.liic
lliiiinliiK ! } AVny of
Wi'eliliiKViilor. .
Breaking up of tlic Ice In the rivers hsu
brought the llrst mntorlal damage to thi
Missouri 1'aciflc road. The north section oi
llio bridge across HIP Piatte- river between
Plattsmouth and LaPlatlo wont out ycsterdas
moraine. It was due entirely to the hcavj
movement of the Ice which has accumulated
In the river during thu winter. The bridge
building crow was sent from Atchleon , Kan.
nt once to rebuild the break , nud It la ex
pected by the olllcera of the road that the
damage will be repaired to permit the reg
ular running of trains Inside of two days.
A passenger who canto In on the tralc
from the south nald he felt the bridge sae
ns the train crossed the structure. Hi
thought the train was off the track nt the
time , 'but ' ns It continued on HB Journey
concluded there must have "been " Homo othei
cause for tbo sensation liu experienced
When. ho heard that the bridge had gone
out ho at once concluded Its weakened con
dition began to manifest itself when his
train crossed.
The Missouri 1'aclflc company has bn <
more or less trouble with this bridge fron
the day It was built , every tlmo there wai
high water or heavy Ice Mowing. A fev
years ago n man WBH drowned there whlli
engaged In protectluK the structure from tin
enormous cakes of Ice which threatened It
It la a pllo bridge , und Its stability I :
threatened by the uncertain position of tin
current of the river nnd the unreliable bei
of the stream.
The olllclnlB of the road are congratulat
Ing themselves that the break In the brldgi
was discovered In tlmo to prevent any wrecl
to the trains of the line. No. 1 , which li
duo hero nt G a. in. , was due at the bridgi
about 5 o'clock , an hour which , with tin
character of the weather prevailing , woul <
ordinarily have prevented discovery of thi
dangerous condition. It was found In time
however , to warn nil trains , and pending thi
rebuilding of tbo bridge trains will be oper
uted through Union and Weeping Wute
ulong the old main line.
aiiMi Over Forty Ynr Arc Iliirred
nH it Itnlc.
Any one thinking of applying at th (
Union Pacific headquarters for a position Ir
nny department of the road must first make
euro of his age. Age limit Is one of the
Htrlctest rules In force on the road undei
the present management. A few days age
n resident of Omaha applied ut the audi
tor's office ) for n position. There were twc
vacancies there. Ho was annulled foi
cither of them , nnd had recommendations
from many of the leading wholesalers am !
shippers In the city. Ho seemed to satlsfj
every requirement made at the ofllce , anc !
felt ho waa to bo given one of the places ,
when ho was asked his ago. He was o
year or so past 40 , nnd was Informed 'this
was an Insurmountable tor to his employ
ment ,
Inquiries at headquarters developed the
fact that thla rule prevails everywhere on
the system , 'but Is more strictly applied IE
the auditor's office. In other department !
It Is generally applied , but occasional excep
tions are made In extraordinary cases. One
of thu officers In defending the rule aali
It requires from eight to twelve years for t
man to equip himself In almost any brauc )
of railroad work. After becoming pro-
llclcnt the company Is entitled to some
years moro of his service in return fo :
preparing him Tor tlio work. "When i
man begins service at 40 years or past , '
said this official , "he Is well up In the r.O :
7 > eforo It can 'bo ' said he is a capable railroai
man , nnd another rule In force there , retir
ing a man when ho reaches the age of CO
placed the company In the position of edu
cating the employe only to discharge hire
when ho becomes of value to the road. "
Unlnll 1'liclllc K ( N Asldo Money tliul
IN to Ho Kxiioiiilod.
For permanent Improvements along th <
line of the Union Pacific road the director !
of the company a few days ago set aside tb <
mini of $9,000,000. So far as can bo learuce
Bicro this money will all bo expended ir
"work which has already been contracted for
It Is simply n provision for taking earn ol
contracts previously let to meet necessities
which required prompt action. For Instance
a largo part of the money will go to pay foi
the new depot which Is building In Omalu
nnd the securing of additional terminal fa
cilities needed to accommodate such new
lines ns may desire to use that de-pot ,
Other portions of the money will go'to paj
for the largo order for new equipment or
dered a few weeks ago , and which is nov
being built for the road. Still a much large :
portion of It will bo used In rebuilding thi
Julffiburg branch In Colorado , which was recently -
cently purchased from the Colorado South'
orn. The rest of the money will bo used It
n similar way In carrying out plans nlroad ;
arranged for , nnd the appropriation of thi
$9,000,000 does In no way Indicate nny quan
tlty of now work which has not prevlousl ;
bccu nnnouuced to the public.
Vi-nr'N IlimttipHN of MlNnoiirl I'm- 1 He-
Iron Mountain Houil TrniiKiirtcd.
ST. LOUIS , Mnrch 14. The annual meet
Ing of the stockholders of the Missouri Pa
clllc , Iron Mountain and Southern Hallrooe
companies was held hero at noon today
There wcro represented , in person and b ;
proxy , 3.10,143 shares of stock of the Mis
nourl Pacific , being over 76 per cent of thi
total. Of the Iron Mountain 257,779''j sharea
practically the entire outstanding stock , wa ;
I ! represented In person or by proxy. For tin
St. Louis , Iron Mountain & Southern rail
iway the following directors were elected
Ocorgo J. Gould , Russell Sago , 0. C. W
Lowroy , John T. Terry , Henry Whelan , A
ti. Hopkins , Henry Marquaud , U. M. Oalla
way , Howard Gould , Frank Jay Gould , R
J. Uickland , 0. G. Warner , W. II. Thompson
The following wore elected directors o
the Missouri Pacific company : Georgi
J. Gould , Ilusscll Sage , Kelwln Gould , Louli
Superior to 11 others in purity ,
richness unel leavening strength.
Highest Honors , World's Fair
Gold Aledal , Midwinter Fair
Fitzgerald , John P. Mtinn , John O. Moore
Howard Gould , Samuel Sloan , I ) . 1) . Parmley
Thomas T. Kckert , S. II. H. Clark , C. 0
Warner , D. K. Ferguson. The annual re
port , covering operations during IMS , will
comparisons with the ycnr previous , \vai
presented , llriclly It showed : Gross ennv
liiKo (26.744,822 , Increase $1,039,7,11 ; opcrat
Ing expenses $19,172,569 , Increase $1,718,150
net earnings , $7,372,2.4 ; total Income , $ S/
407(5S9 ( ; charges ngalnst Income , $7,227,790 ;
surplus , $1,179,869.
Iiioronai'K HIiiMin 111 nnrtiliiK inn1
Ninv YORK , March 14. The nnnunl rc >
port ot the Chicago , St. Paul , Mlnncapnlii
ft Omaha Hallway company for the flsca
year ended December 31 , 1898 , shows :
Amount. Increase
Oross r-arnlngs . JU ! > W,993 $ ! KtS,1 ! > !
Operating expenses . 6,0lr ! ) fi.t 354lli
Nut exiriilnps . 3.4W.430 684.0S !
Intcrp.it nnd rental . 1.505,373 .
Net Income- . l , l,05"i COI.KO
Improvpiuenls . . . . . . 420,173 , .
Dividends . 1,437,261 .
The Increase In the balance Is $181,613
The decrenso of surplus dividends Is $93,660
The amount of surplus Is $130,621.
The Hem In the Income account for Im
provement fund of $420,173 appropriated bj
the Hoard of Directors has not nppearei
heretofore , but has been Included In the
operating expenses.
The dividends on the common stock were
Increased 1 % per cent , or $278,291 over those
ot last ycnr.
There were 20,238 acres of land dlsposce
of from the several grants nnd 382,411 acre :
remain unsold. The net Income from ni :
the grouts was $30,360. The general bal
ance sheet of December 31 shows genera :
assets and property , $6,679,789 ; cash on hand
Aitvprtlttvd In Ollii-r I. Mini * .
As nn Indication ot the extensive use o :
printer's Ink by railroads to properly place
their equipment and conveniences before
the public , a case In point has been fount
at the Union Pacific headquarters. The
passenger department of the road has re
ceived several copies of papers published li
Australia In which the praises of the Over
land system were sung In the peculiar typo'
graphical style of the English press. In thi
Melbourne Age there was a reading notice
calling attention to the extraordinary offei
of ti through ticket for a trip around tin
world by the agencies ot certain steamshli
lines , the Central Pacific , Union Pacific nm
Northwestern lines nnd their connections
Some of the language used in reference te
these roads has become so familiar will
the reading public In this country as to bi
a trade mark , and Is quickly recognizee
In the advertisements published In Aus.
tralla. The advertising was contracted foi
by the Union Pacific's agent at Hong Kong
Service ConHlilerrd Too .
There Is no immediate proepcct that the
local service between Omahn and Soutr
Omaha over the -Missouri Pacific will lx
established. Residents of this city whe
work In South Omaha petitioned the road ;
few weeks ago to put on a train vhlcl
would accommodate them In going to am
from their work. The petition was sen
to the superintendent at Atchlson , nnd the
report has just ibecn returned from there
that the service desired would bo too ex
pensive for the company to Inaugurate. li
was estimated that It would cost afoou
$600 a month to operate such trains , am
the company could not see adequate re
turns In prospect. Some of those who ad
vocated I ho service are now endeavoring te
convince the management of the road thai
no such expense would be incurred In utilis
ing the switch engines which are constnntlj
plying between the two allies , tout thl :
effort Is probably destined to fall.
Slimy OuliiK to J'ort Arthur.
Local officers of the Port 'Arthur route hav <
assurances there will 'bo ' a generous turnoui
of Omaha people on the road's excursion le
Port Arthur next week to attend the cele
bration of the opening ot the Port Arthui
canal. By the terms made all passenger ;
from this city will bo carried to Kansai
City and return free of expense , provldec
they buy a ticket from Kansas City to Pori
Arthur nnd return nt the rate of $15 foi
the round trip. The local officers are putting -
ting forth every effort to have n good show
ing from this end of the line , and are en
couraged by the outlook. It Is possible
enough may bo secured to warrant the com
pany running a special train from hero foi
their accommodation. Passengers maj
leave either on the morning or evening
train next Tuesday , leaving Kansas Citj
for the south the following day.
IMctiirpN \cbriiNUu Farms.
In the March IBSUO of the Corn Belt i
publication fathered by the pasenger depart
ment of the Burlington , there appears i
number of clearly printed Illustrations o
farm scenes In Nebraska. The title page I
taken up by a picture of a cattle feedlni
lot in Furnas county , with n thick growtl
of trees In the background. Another scon
is nn alfalfa farm in Furnas county , an Jo
cutting scene In the same county , n farn
IIOUBO in Harlnn county , a creamery in th
southern part of the state , n farm horn
sccno In Phelpa county , showing the rnpli
growth of trees nnd foliage , and orchard
under the Campbell system of soil culture
Kansas also receives some attention in thl
number , as well as some other localttlc
along the lluo of the Burlington , but th
March issue may properly bo said to bo i
Nebraska number.
Short Mi-otliiif of Stiu-Uholilci-H.
PHILADELPHIA , March 14. The nnnua
meeting of the stockholders of the Pcnnsyl
vnnla railroad was held today , the sessioi
consuming three minutes , the shortest meet
ing on record. General Louis Wngnor wa
elected chairman and Colonel J. O. Slmms
secretary. The annual report of the presl
dent nnd board of directors , which has nl
ready been published , was adopted wlthon
being read , A resolution was offered thn
the chairman appoint a committee of EOVCI
stockholders to recommend , after conferrlm
with the president , n ticket for directors , ti
bo veiled by the stockholders at the ncx
meeting. The meeting then adjourned. Th
election of directors will take place 01
Tuesday , Mnrch 28.
CHICAGO. March 14. The Interstate
Commerce commission today continued in
vestigation of the charges ngalnst the rail
roads of discriminating ngalnst Chicago ant
other Illinois points In western trausmls-
slsslppl rates on grain for export. A num
ber of railroad and board of trade men tes
tified. On behalf ot the railroads it was
urged that the low rates from Iowa were
necessary for the railroads to get business
Tlie Board of Trade men said the discrimi
nation prevented them from shipping gralr
for export ; that the elevators were flllei
with grain awaiting the opening of navi
gation before they could compete with the
Iowa points.
of I'liNnriiufor AHnnchi < lon.
ST. LOUIS , March H. An adjournei
meeting of the Western Passenger nssocia
tlon Is In session at the Southern hotel wit ]
I ) . D. Cnldwoll In the chair. There nro i
number of subjects on the docket for con
slderatlon. The most important of thcs
are the large gatherings which will tnk
place this spring und summer , nnd fo
which reduced fares nro asked. Perhaps th
most Important matter to engage thu ntlcn
tlon of the members U the $25 rate to Port
land recently mode by the Northern Pacific
which is likely to cause disruption ot Call
forniu rates.
lloiiKlit III > y the Coiiiinii | > - .
Sherman R. Day of St. Paul , special roas
ter of the United States circuit court , has
returned to Omaha from a trip through the
west , eel ling the land of the Union Paclfli
railroad under the sinking fund mortgage ,
Ho reported better weather for the sale :
than ho experienced In Omaha. The Unloi
Pacific was the purchaser of all the prop
erty In each of the other stales , nnd m
protests wcro filed In nny of the sales ex
ce pt that held In this city. Mr. Day hm
filed his n-ports with Judge Sanboril , am
It will be decided -within n tiny or two whei
the matter of confirmation will bo brnugh
up 'before the court. Lawrence Oreer , at
torney for the Union Trust company of Nov
York , trustee for the sinking fund mortgage
0. M. Lambertson of Lincoln , attorney fo
the re-reivers of the Union Pacific road , am
W. U. Kelly , general solicitor for the Unloi
Pacific , held a consultation today upon thi
matter of confirmation.
llrlor'n Iloiul Aliutiilnncil.
YOUNOSTOWN , 0. , Mnrch 14. It I
stated here that the project of constructlm
the Cleveland & Newcastle railroad , whlcl
was planned by the late Senator Drlcc , hai
be-on given up and the line may not be built
The company has sold some of Its city rea
estate here to n local lumber company.
Uullxvay .Vote * iinil IVrxnuiili.
J. O. Phllllppl oC the Missouri Pacific li
visiting In Chicago.
, .I'\If' , 1)nrllC8 ) , city passenger agout fo ;
visitor ? , oclt * , lslana nt Lincoln , U an Omnlu
J. J. McCarthy of Chicago , general went
orn passenger agent for the Lake Shore , li
In Omaha.
Howard S. Abbott , special master in Unlot
Pacific cases , has returned from n trip t <
tha west , having accompanied the court of
liclals engaged lu selling Union Pacific land
J. H. llutlor nnd J. F. Hartzoll , both o
Kansas City , and traveling freight ngenti
respectively of the Nashville , Chnttnnoog !
& fat. Louis nnd the Louisville & Nashville
are doing the city together.
J. AV. Uruner.of Kansas City , general 1m
migration agent for the Port Artnur , Is li
Omnha assisting the looal agents of tin
ronil In working up an Interest iu the Per
Arthur excursion next week.
K. v. Babcock of Plttsburg , Pa. , nccom
HHiiieil byl a party of fifteen , are In Omaha
They travel in a private car nnd cnmo fron
the west n few days ago. Monday the ;
went to Sioux City nnd yesterday left ovo'
the Burlington for St. Louis.
S. A. Hutchison , assistant general passen
Ker agent for the Union Pacific , and J
Krancis , general passenger agent for tin
Burlington , have gene to St. Louis to at
tend the meeting of western passenger men
which will spend more tlmo conslderini
rates to the Pacific coast , both north am
A distinguished party of Milwaukee ofll
clals were visiting In Omahn yesterday. I
embraced "W. G. Collins , general manager
II. H. Williams , general superintendent ; C
A. Goodnow , assistant general superintend
cnt , nil of Chicago , nnd J. F. Gibson , dlvl
slon superintendent , of Marlon , la. The of
fleers are on a tour of Inspection of tin
line. They came in from the south and let
last night for the east.
PIIJS Out Moro Money oil a Cliccl
Tliim the Document
Culls For.
Hans Krause , 623 North Sixteenth street
complained to the police Tuesday that In
had been fleeced out of ? 3G 'by ' Charles Co
burn , a fireman on the Chicago , St. Paul
Minneapolis & Omaha road. Coburn , nc
cording to the story related by Krause , en
tured his saloon nnd requested him to casl
a check for $37.70. After this was glvei
him , he said ho 'had ' another check for $4' '
which ho would like to have the mono ;
on while lie was at It. Mr. Krnuse consented
sentod and gave him $40 without looking a
the check , which he put awny.
When the checks were sent to the bnnV
he found that ho was $36 short. A frlem
who had 'been ' present when Krause cashe-i
the -checks for Coburn came to him a llttl
later nnd asked him If he had not los
some money. Ho said he had and the frlem
related the circumstances of the casulni
of the checks nnd said he dbserved at thi
time that the last check was for $4 Insteai
of for $40 , as claimed t > y Ceiburn. Now thi
police arc studying whether or not the1
can prove Coburn guilty of obtaining mone ;
under false pretenses. The check for |
was good for that amount , Krause havini
paid Coburn the ? 40 on his statement with
out examining the face of the check.
nr. Bull's Cough Syrup Is used by the bes
people in the land. It cures at once hoarse
ness and throat affections. Price 25c.
Oiiiiilin to ClilcnKo.
The Chicago , Milwaukee & St. Paul rail
way has just placed In servlco two mng
niflcent electric lighted trains betweei
Omaha anil Chicago , leaving Omaha dally a
5:45 : p. m. , arriving Chicago at 8:25 : a. m.
and leaving Chicago 6:15 : p. m. and arrivlni
Omalm 8:20 : a. m. Each train is ilghtei
thoroughly by electricity , has buffet smoklii !
cars , drawing room sleeping cars , ellnlni
ears and roclinlng chair cars and runs ovc :
the shortest line nnd smoothest roadbed between
tween the two cities.
Ticket office 1504 Fnrnam street , and a
Union depot.
Fr > c TU'UotM.
those who join the PORT ARTHUR EX
CURSION. Leaving Omaha 6:60 : a. in. nm
4:50 : p , m. , March 21st. Leaving Kansas Clt'
March 22d. Round trip rate from KANSAi
Remember the date. For all Informatloi
1415 FARNAM ST. , ( Paxton Hotel Block.
Or write Harry E. Moorea , C , P. & T. A.
Omaha , Neb.
C'liril of Tim M UK.
I -.vlsli to thank the many friends and es
peclnlly the Switchmen , for the benutifu
flowers and many kindnesses shown ni' '
upon the death of my husband ,
Covnrt I , < > ( ] < \o. 11 , Attention !
Members of Covert lodge , No. 11 , A. F
and A. M. . are hereby requested to nssemhli
at Masonic hall Thursday morning , Jlarcl
16 , at 10 o'clock sharp , to attend the funera
of our late brother , George W. Armstrong
All Maator Masons Invited. Carriages pro
vlded. By order ,
You Can Snve Time.
Business men can now have a full day Ir
the city and use the now dining car cnroute
to St. Paul and 'Minneapolis ' on the "Twir
City Limited. " Train loaves Webster strco
depot daily at 5:55 : p. m. via C. , St. I1 , , M
& 0. lly. , "Tho Northwestern Lino. "
Cur Service.
Dining car is now run on "Twin Cltj
Limited" for St. Paul and Minneapolis
Train leaves Webster street depot G:55 : p , ra
dally via P. . St. , P. , M * . & O. Ry.
Sam'l Burns' Mnrch Reduction Solo i
great success 15 per cent off everything.
LARSEN S. , aged Ifi yemrs , died March 12
Funeral from family residence , 1013 Nortl
29th St. , Wednesday , 2 p. m. Intermeni
Form Lawn. 116 leaves a wife and twf
eluuBliters. Mrs. II. c. ITartry of Omahi
and Mra. J. K I'helps of Itawllns , Wyo.
Dyspepsia Cure.
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digeststliofoodand aids
Nature in strengthening nnd recon-
structinRthe exhausted digestive or
gans. It is the latest discovered digest-
ant and tonic. No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It in
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia , Indigestion , Heartburn ,
Flatulence , Sour Stomach , Nausea ,
SielcHeadacheGastralglaCrampsand ,
all other results of Imperfect digestion.
Prapared by C. C. DeWItt * Co. , Cblcago.
tohiN Iliiiult with Criitiii-s- . Ill-Kill
l tltnf TinUnite ! ! * ( Jrt-iit
OlTrr lo It * llcnilcrn.
The announcement of The tlee Conturj
club , which Is made on page 9 of this Is
sue , will bo read with gre-at Interest , for tin
opportunity offered is Indeed n great one
This club will be limited to 1,000 members
each of whom shall have the privilege o
obtaining n set of The Century Uicllotur :
nnd Cyclopedia In Its completed tcn-volunn
form , nt n saving of about -10 per sent
IJach member will also hnvo the privilege
If he chooses , of paying for his Bet in stnnl
monthly payments ,
The low prices nnd I ho easy terms MI
thei result of co-operation. Each of tin
thousand persons by combining with tin
other 9 Is placed on nn equality with tin
largest wholesaler. The Importance of thl :
splendid arrangement to the readers of Tin
lleo Is obvious , for The Century Dlctlonnr ;
and Cyclopedia Is the greatest work of tin
nineteenth century. It Is the result of man ;
years of literary labor on the part of tin
world's best experts , and HB preparatloi
alone cost over one million dollars.
The Century differs entirely from otho ;
rcferenco works In Its scope and arrange
incut. It Includes much Information ot i
practical , everyday nature that has neve ;
before been recorded in book form. Its nr
raiiKonMJnt Is now , nnd U is the first worl
to demonstrate that the hlghi-st acholarshl ]
can bo satisfactorily combined with elm
pllclty nnd practical usefulness. It IB tin
only general reference work qualified to ill
the needs of our present stnto of aelvnncee
civilization. It IB a complete worklni
library tn Itself , nnd combines in Its tei
volumes all the advantages of nn cncy >
clopedla , n dictionary anil an atlas , under :
plan that for the first tlmo meets the re
quiremcnts allko of the ) busy man ot affain
and of the most exacting student.
The lleo does not elcslro to conceal tin
true basis on which It undertakes this en.
tcrprise. It does not ask Its readers to bo
llovo that it is undertaking the formatioi
of this club , with its attendant rosponslblll
ties nnd expense , entirely for honor line
glory ; nor , on the other hand , does It wan
Its raiders to thlnlt that It hopes for an\
direct pecuniary gain. Tlio Hce will recolvi
n nominal membership fee , which will bi
sufficient to reimburse it for its expenses it
forming the club , such ns freight , delivery
postage , etc. The I3co looks to Its rownre
In the opportunity of becoming moro clospl ;
connected and associated with its old read
era nnd in the opportunities it will have o
gathering now ones.
The offer is fully explained on the Oil
page of this issue , where directions ex
plaining how membership should bo appllei
for will be found. Volumes of the Centur ;
In its various beautiful bindings will bo 01
exhibition after 10 n. in. Thursday at lloon
C04 , Uee Building.
Harry Watson and Alice Hutchlugs , as
filstcd by Ed Edwards , hnvo made a declilei
"hit" this week In their comedy sketch
"Tho Dramatic Agent. " Uilly Van continue !
to create merriment by his peculiar double
barreled voice , ns well as by his wit am
delightful stories. The usual Wediiesda ;
matlneo will bo given nt 2:30 : today. Ai
extra matinee will bo given Friday , St. Pat
rick's day , nt which Misses Dora and Miiuli
Swearingen nnd Lillia Knubla will ngali
appear , as well as tomorrow night.
This afternoon will witness the openini
presentation at Doyd's theater of "A Ho
Old Time , " a roaring farce comedy , by tin
Hays , 'Johnnie and Ernmn , and a carcfull ]
selected company of specialty artists , y
number of strong specialties ami orlglnn
sones nre introduced. The piece will rut
tonight and tomorrow night.
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venlr Spoons , 30e. (
107 K. Kith St. , Opp. I' . O.
. .VIA. ,
you will iirrlvu In
HOOM2H limn If you loft via
nny ollii-r llnu 3 exUTiliiy.
) Tli-Kot Ollli-f , litll'J Fnriiiim Sirt-ei
Take a Looking Glass
and examine your mouth every
week and save yourself much
misery that would result by let
ting your teeth become badly de
cayed before consulting a dent
Bailey , the Dentist ,
3rd J'loor Paxton Dlk. ,
J6th and Farnam Sts , Telephone 1083. Lad )
MIIIT 1'iMiiilo Tlinn "WV H\ne ' < cil.
Attended our snlo on wrappers , suits niv
Jackets today , but ns the rain kept man ;
awny , we ? will continue the snlo Weduesda ;
nt oven lower prices than we offered fo
yesterday. The flSc wrappers wo adverllsoi
at 69c we will sell Wednesday for 4flc. Th
$1.25 wrappers nt 69c. The others will b
the same as advertised , 7oc for the $1.5' '
wrappers auel OSes for the $2.00 wrappers
The sale on Jackets , giving your choice a
$3.50. continues. The $ C.OO silk waists wll
bo on sale Wednesday. We > nro showing th
largest line of ladles' tailor inndo suits li
black serges , Venetians , broadcloths .mil nl
the now styles nnd latest effects at $7.BC
$15.00 , $25.00 , $35.00 and $45.00. Our Indln *
tailor made suits are the talk ot the town.
Children's school dresses , for one da ;
only. All our $1.00 noveltlus , Venctlanr
etc. , tomorrow for only 75c ; all our 7. > c nm
Sf > t ! novelties for IPc ; nil our 5ir ! for Me ; nl
our 4ic ! novelties for 35o ; nil our 31c novel
ties for 27c. 1 case of half-we-ol cashmeres
20 new shades , only 7c yard. 1 case of ' !
double-fold cnshmures , extra heavy , enl
15c. 1 case of storm cergea , II In. wide , til
colors , only l1c. ! 1 case all wool novelties
40 In. wide , only 20c ynrd.
There is only one kind ot l.anFilowic I
la always rolled on a Lansdowne bcnrO
with name on the end and tue nara per
forato.1 on every B yards. It Is for llnlmt
and for evening dresses. Subilmo , whlcl
resembles Knnsdowne , 30 In. tide , 40 In. , fcuc
Wool dialling , 2iic , G' c , 49c , 6c. ! )
N'outchulol cream cncese , 2',4c ; Imports
hand kase , only 2Vic. Fiesh oc ; 3 , enl ;
12Vic. Swent country butter , 12'fcc ; Individ
unl country creamery , T4c ; f.incy count r :
c-eamery , ISc. Henrelslov's sluedded cod
nab , "c package. Picnic hums , 5'ic. Hlgl
patent Minnesota Hour , 9So. High Brad
Java nud Mocha coffee , ; 5c. F.incy nu\
navy beans , 10 pounds for 2oc , Twelvu tun
one-half pound sack best fancy Ornhan
flour , 29c. Condenseel milk , can , 7V4c. Te'
pounds granulated corn incnl , Sc. New Cal
Ifornla prunes , Be. Ills , large Krone :
primes , worth 15c , nt So. Two sacks IIn
table salt , 5c. 15c cans C. H. salmon , enl
9c. Seedless naval oranges , lOc dnzei
Finnan huddles , per pound , Sc. Smoked e' ,
white fish , salmon , sturgeon , herring , etc
nt low prices.
California ham , PC ; bologna sausage , 5e
pickled pigs' feet , Sc ; potted ham , per car
Cc ; 3-lb. can lard , 22c ; Xo. 1 hams , Biiga
cured , S'.fcc.
A ton-word want nd costs you hut 85 cent
for 7 days In the Morning nnd Evening Uee
Bargain matinee Wednesday afternoon n
noyd'd theater , the Rays In "A Hot OI
Time. " Any reserved seat In the house fo
25 cents.
has begun. The Burlington
is ready for It. This Is what
It offers }
CARS Omaha to Butte and
Anaconda every day in the
week. Passengers for points
west of Butte make only one
change and that in day
light from one car to an
other on same train.
Tuesdays and Thursdays for
Butte , Spokane , Seattle and
Shortest 11ns of all and
the quickest.
Very low rates. Tuesday ,
March 21st. Ask about them.
Ticket Offlco , Burlington
I5O2 Farnam. Station , loth
Tol'phono25O To .
free Hyomei-Now !
This is the afro of try It before you buy it
Cull at our store ami try Hooth'H HYOMi5
treatment FREE.
$1.00 Wine Carilul , we soil . TJ <
$1.00 Pulno'Ei Celery Compound , we > sell 7. > i
$1.00 Plnkham's Compound , we sell . 7f > i
25c Cuticura Soap , we sell . 'M
25e' Memicn's Talcum , we sell . 3.v
50c Syrup of Flcs. we sell . W <
$1.25 Warner's Safe Cure , wo sell . 8Ui
$1.00 Kllmcr'a Swamp Koot. we sell. . . . 75i
23c I'nfker's Tur Soup , we sell . ] Ji
$1.00 Mllo's Nervine , we Bell . 75i
$1.00 Maltlne Preparations , we sell . 75i
$1.00 1'erunn , wo sell . 7iii
50o Ptuart's Dyspepsia Tablet * , wo sellI0i
$1.00 bi.'irt'H liv ti"iB Tablet * , we sell M
$1,00 Ilowieiter's Stomncl. Hitters , sell. . 7.v
$1.00 Plcrce's Medk-ul Disc ivery , wo sell 7fu
$1.00 Ayer'a Hair Vltjor , we o.i ! . fiji
$1.00 Hood's SarfKiparllla , wo K > 11 . 75i
2Sc 1'lsei'B Consumption Cure , we soli. . . . 2Ui
50c Ayer's Cherry Pectoral , we sell . 40i
Slicrmiin & McConncll Drug Co.
_ _ _ _ _
a Quarter
On a twcnty-five-cent pleco there nro 1 !
stars , 13 lottrrs in the scroll held by thi
eagle's beak , 13 marfilnal feathers In oacj
wing , 13 tall feathers , 13 parallel lines ii
the shield , 13 horizontal 'bars ' , 13 arrov
heada , nnd 13 letters in the word "quarto
dollar. " Save up your quarters and liuy
nvery glassful Is worth a quarter am
moro. It's really the best tonic and etlm
ulant and la so delicious , wholesome anc
nutritious ,
Kitin Kitte ! inimvi.vr ; co , ,
Tel. 420 , 1007 Jackson Street
The Eye is
for more
troubles than all
other coodldona
combined. You
li on Id avoid such
diuicern by coniult-
Inr the bl apc-
clallvt. Dr. Mc-
Ourthy. who li
relieved thousand *
of such caxti In
> / > ' - - and old h
tuccettdi vr h e r e ,
others fall in fur- ,
mining the proper ,
SlinfU that eatot ,
u yerm n nt our *
fur the * ey * dafect. ,
KA11DACH BLOCK , Examination !
bee , Mnrch 14 , ISM.
'others ,
Wo are showing the advanced springj *
styles iu high class stylish tailored suits for
boys , at prices way below any competition.
A careful reading should hasten your buy
ing. J3c ys > * vestcc suits 3 to 8 years } , with
fancy braid trimming , made up iu a choice
selection of plain and fancy mixtures , $1.25 ,
Boys'1 vestte suits rt to 8 years , made of
strictly all wool cheviot , good assortment of
mixtures , a correct reproduction of the kind
that papa wears , neatly trimmed and braid
ed , improved waistband , largo square cut
sailor collar , three pockets in pants , two iu
vest , $1.75.
boys' * blue flannel vcstcc stti/s U to 8
years , good quality linings , largo square cut
sailor collar , trimmed in red , fancy red and
white braid trimmings , made to give perfect
satisfaction , The Nebraska price $ / . / >
Jloys vestee suits in gray all wool mix
tures , , ' 5 lo 8 years , large square cut sailor
collars , combination of brown trimming ,
brown silk braid , imitation open vest front
anchor and crescent embroidered , 2 vest
pockets an excellent suit to Avear The Nebraska's price
$2.50. /reparation , a new shoe department for ladies ,
misses and children.
Who Rets left ? A customer who buys a $500.00 piano from Schmoller &
Mueller for $250.00 or one who pays "Olltedgo" $500.00 for n $250.00 piano ?
Schmoller & Mueller's customer has certainly $250 left , whllo the "Glltedgo"
has a big prollt.
Buy your piano from Schmoller & Mueller
The largest piatio dealers in the west
and save from $75 to $1.50.
Wo are Western Representatives for Stelnway , Ivcrs & Pond , Voso , Emer
son , Sterling , Sieger , Pease , Singer and Gllmoro pianos and will until further
notice retail all Instruments nt wholesale prices.
Ebony Pease Upright , $85. Chickeriiig ,
rosewood case , $95. Cabinet Grand Upright ,
$118. 2 sample pianos , fancy cases , $138
and $168. Kimball , Mathershek , Haynes and
Chickering square pianos at $35 , $48 , $59
and $68. 'Organs , $5 , $12 , $18 , $26 and $35.
Easy monthly payments if desired. Pianos rented , tuned , repaired , ex
changed and stored. Lowest terms. Telephone 1625.
Please take notlco every piano Is warranted ns represented nnd if not sat
isfactory may be exchanged or money refunded.
Write for our bargain list , catalogue , prices and terms. '
Remember we represent the STEINWAY PIANOS , the STANDARD PIANOS
of the WORLD.
The Leading Money Saving Piano Dealers , 1313 Farnam Street ,
Whenever you .are ready io buy your spring suit we are
ready to sell it to you. AVe invite your inspection to our
magnificent line oi' sterling values in men's , boys' and cliiU-
dren's clothing. Ask to eee our men's strictly all wool spring"
suits at $3.75. We think they are fully equal io any of the
suits shown elsewhere , at $ ! " > Take our § 4.50 and $5 suits
and you will find them perfectly made and trimmed and you
save from $2 to S3. We show by far the largest assortment
of styles in men's $0.50 and § 7.50 suits. Over 50 different
styles at these prices , in meltons , cassimeres , cheviots and *
worsteds. We will ask you to come and judge their valued
for yourself. Our § 9 , $10 , $12.f)0 ) and $15 suits are equal in
workmanship , lit , fashion and fabric to any made-to-ordor
suits at 825 to § 35. We want you to see these to examine
the linings , the finishing , the lit , the beauty and variety of
the patterns and the dependable quality of the fabrics. We
wish to put special emphasis on the fact that nowhere in
America can you find better suits than are now displayed in
tht big re-modled clothing department.
MOTHEKS OK BOYS are invited to look over our
spring novelties. We show the newest and nobbiest ideas in
boys'vestee and double breasted knee pant suits. See the
new satin faced novelties for boys. We will take pleasure in
showing you thepc goods whether you are ready to buy or not ,
Special Bargains in
Odds and Ends in
Hats worth fiOc to § 4 , at 25e.
Also a fine line of fedoras , derbies and pashas , in black
brown , pearl and drab colors , worth from ( , )5c ) to § 1.50 , your
choice 50c.
A splendid line worth § 1.75 , § 2 to $2.25 at 75c.
JIats worth up to $2.50 on sale at $1.
Also special values in trunks and valises.
Selling the Alost Clotkimz in Omaha.
forAN/KMIAPOOKNn5Softhelli.OOU , '
SCKOPU1.A , ltc. !
lneimleuiluutd' ULANCAI
ALL DRunr.isTs ,
. B. POUOCKA & CO. , N. V. Atft * . for U. S.
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