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With Lighter Team and Lesi Practiw Tie
Kansas Oity Medics.
Cnplnln William * of Xdirnslm
t'p III Old-limn 1'oriu
nnil Benedict Sin nude * Oppo
nent * ' Line HITcctlt ( ! ) - ,
LINCOLN , Oct. II ( Special ) The first
regular foot ball game ot the- season was
played hero thin afternoon between the Uni
versity of Nebraska team and an aggregation
of players from the Kansas City Medical
college , resulting In a tic , each side securing
oao touchdown and a goal.
Thcro "waj no especially brilliant playing
during the game. All of the Nebraska men
appeared in muth better form than on any
trovloua occasion thla jcar anil the work of
the backs was especially noticeable. Tht
two teams were very evenly matched , the
doctors having the advantage In avoirdu
pois and two vcoks more of practice than
the Nebraska us.
Nubra ka'fl defensive work was a little
ncak , but the opponents were unable to
stop the tcrlfflc line bucking , which carried
the ball down the field for repeated gains
ot five and ten yards. Nebraska's ends ,
the wrakest position of the team , showed
up better than wag expected and Tukey at
quarter played a peed steady game. The
center of the line was a little weak nnd the
( Medics found little difficulty In getting
through for short gains on cro.ss and line
( bucks.
The outcome of the game today Is In ono
Eonso a victory for the 'varsity. Last jear
after Nebraska had several weeks more
practice the Mcdlca ccorcd twenty-four
jiolnts and prevented the university team
frotn petting anywhcro near their goal line.
Straight hard foot ball characterized the
work of the 'varsity today. No trick pla > s
of any kind were tried and there -was very
llttlo punting. The doctors used a modtfl-
cation of the revolving wedge with good
t-ffcct during the early portion of the game ,
Imt on subsequent trials It proved unsuccess
Wostover at left tackle put up a strong
defense- and Carver at fullback pla > ed an
exceptionally fast game. On the visiting
team the etar playing was done by Haller ,
captain , and Morley , the two halfbacks.
Captain Williams of Nebraska showed up
1n old-time form and Benedict smashed
through the opponent's line M effectively
us ever. The lineup :
K. C iMedlcs. Positions U of N.
Hnlkr , capt..niRht halfback. . . . Benedict
Morlej Left halfback. Williams , cnpt.
Jlohlman Fullback Carver
Wjatt Quarterback Tukey
J.ewls Left end Drain
„ Poorman IllKht tnd Corteljou
ft Kettle Left tackle Wwtovor
i , IJrady HIght tackle Pearse
si Ull Left guard Drew
Sj Wjsong Illght guard Ringer
Bourn Center * Koehlcr
Score : University of Nebraska C ; Knn-
t-as City Medics. C. Toudidowns. Nebraska ,
I , Knnsas City Medics , 1. Goals from
touchdowns : Wllllnmi. 1 ; Morley , 1.
lllurli .Solionl nnd IIiiMtlly
TfHiii of rolIcKliuiH I'ln > Knot Hull.
iToot ball enthusiasm asserted Itself to a
HUlHclcnt degree Saturday afternoon that a
falr-bbed cro\\d went out to the Ames
Avenue park to witness the first game of
the Intorscliolastlo league , scheduled to
take place between the High schools or
Omah.i and Tekaniab. Tor .somu reason
the Tokamah team failed to put In na ap
pearance. This fact caused no little dis
appointment. The wpectators weru privi
leged , however , to sou a. fairly good exhi
bition game , played between the High
school ele\en and n team composed ot
Hellcvue college , Crelghton college nnd
Young Men's Christian association players.
The latter organization hail never played
together before , but under the direction nt
Co.icli Kstnbrook put up an exceptionally
Kood name and held the speedy lads from
the High school down to four touchdowns.
The score resulted 21 to 0 , HnKi'lhnrd.
Orllllth , Welch and Roberts were credited
with the touchdowns , while Thomas madra
one Heal kick. The two tennis were lined
up na follows ;
Ulch School. rosltlons Collegians.
Thomas Left end Lynch
Grltnth Left tackle Whlpiilo
Itoberts Left guard Treeman
Taylor Center Lane
SocrlRt Hlght Runrrt Scolleld
Welch night t.idile . . .Fradenlniru
ralrbtcither night end Hstabrook
Prltchnid Quarterback Ackcrman
Tracy Left half Da\lson
I'arrotte lUfht halt Clark
Kniielhard 1'ullback Walker
! I.I.NGOI.V IH2ri'AT12ll IIY J.'II
t „
IllKli School Ilo > K AVI n from tlu Mii-
t-oln Mfillrox , 1" to r ,
J FHEMONT , Neb. . Oct. H-Special Tele
gram ) Fremont High School defeated Lin
coln Medical college on the gridiron this
I afternoon , the score being 12 to 0. The men
I f _ _ _ _ _
An * ( lull-It in Sri * and Approrlutillrnl
1 Jli-rll In Any rrcpnrntloii .Mimy < if
i Tli iinrc .Votv I'll roll n MIIJ | ;
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In all ca cs of dyspepsia and disordered
< , Almofit everybody's digestion IB disordered
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\ , do for It Is to take some ono of the many
J f co-called blood purifiers , which In many
' cases are merely strong cathartics. Such
j things are not needed. If the organs nre In
n clogged condition they need only a llttlo
, help and they will right tlmmselvcs. Ca-
> .thartlcH Irritate the sensltlvo linings of the
/ stomach mid bowels nnd often do more
harm than good.
Purging Is not what Is needed. The thing
1 to do is to put the food In condition to be
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stimulate the secretion and excretion
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gested condition of thu glands and mem.
braucfl They put the whole digestive sys-
.teni In condition to do its work , When
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unless > ou oat what docs not agree with
joti. Then take one or two tablets give
them needed help , and you will have no
It's a common ecnso medicine and a com'-
mon Bcnuo treatment and It will euro every
time. Not only euro the disease , but euro
the cause. Goes about It In a perfectly
benBlbln and scientific way.
l Wo uavo testimonials enough to fill n
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Mrs E. M. Faith of llyrds Creek , Wla ,
sajE : I Imvo taken nil the Tablets I got of
you and they have done their work vvell in
my case , 'for I feel llko a different person
altogether. I don't doubt If I had not gat
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' F , A. Stuart Co. , Marshall , Midi.
from Lincoln averaged twenty pounds
heavier thnn the Fremont l/id / > , but su
perior coaching and hard IralnlnK1 mft < 1e
up the difference It was n hotly contested
match. Fremont gaining on * nd runs and
plunges throug-li the line , while Lincoln's
only score was by heavy line bucking.
Captain Emmergon of the Lincoln team
Kot n hard rap on the head nnd WM de-
llrloui for n few moments after the game ,
but soon came out nil rlpht.
Flrnt TimeIn the lllnlnrr nf Intcr-
enlU'Klnte Knot Ilnll.
CHICAGO , Oct. 14-For the first timein
the history of Intercollegiate foot ball a.
strong eastern eleven was today decisively
defeated by a western team. Cornell uni
versity and the University of Chicago
elevens m on Marshall field today , Chi-
t.iro winning b > a score of 17 to C
I ull halves of thlrty-lHp minutes were
plajed. This fact was In C'hlrnRo'g favor ,
the Maroon players being evidently In bet
ter condition than their eastern opponents ,
who weakened perceptibly toward the close
of the second half. The result wan a sur
prise to en Chicago's stronRest ndhcrents ,
ns the western team wis without Captain
ICennedv , who was laid out In the Notre
Dimn p-une of two weeks airo , nnd though
it was believed Chicago would hold Cornell
down to a low score few expected the .Ma
roons to win.
In ono respect , ho\\c\er , had Cornell
shown superiority-that was In the tackling.
The Cornell backs and ends seldom failed
to null their man hard and sure. Quarter-
! VcU . ouiK In particular distinguishing
Mrn eir by three tlme-s downing a Chicago
1 > i k after the latter had broken throush
the line and had a clear Held before him
. The Chicago ends were , uncertain and
hlKh in their tackling , but their work was
iffective enough to prevent any material
gains from end runs , nnd Cornell , In consequence
quence , was often forced to punt Cornell
scored its only touchdown In the flrst half
by good hard line bucking In the line ,
where the easterners were expected to show
the greatest nuperlorlty , Chicago did the
better work nnd In the second half the Cor
nell linemen were placed oft their feet.
Sinker touring through time nnd again for
more than the distance.
It was straluht hard foot ball through
out and t = o llerco that four of Cornell's
men , Stirbuck , Wallbrldge , Cnldwell nnd
Payne , were compelled to retire In the
Kecond half Few trick plajs were at.
tempted and only two were successful ,
Maker making twenty-two > arda In a de
layed pass nnd Henry fifteen yards on a.
double pass This latter play was tried
twice afterward by Chicago , but ItlRht End
Cross nailed his man for a lo s each time.
Chicago outclassed Cornell In the quick
ness in which the ball was put Into play
and also displayed more effective Interfer
ence. The Interference of Cornell when Its
backs attempted to swing nround the ends
was too compact and for this reason was
often put out of the play altogether by the
Maroon ends and backs , who tore It to
pieces sometimes before the ball was fairly
The punting on both sides was decidedly
off color , particularly In the first half.
Once- Young , who did most of the kicking
for Cornell , kicked the ball Into his own
line and this ultimately resulted In a
touchdown for Chicago.
The teams lined up as follows :
Cornell. Positions. Chicago.
Cross Klght end Cassels
Pajne . IMght taeklc Webb
Catdwell Right guard Ahlrwede
I'lcrson Center Spe-ed
\\-irner Left guard Flannapan
FolRcr Left Tackle Frit
Duvall Left end Sheldon
\ouni * Quarterback Henry
Windsor night halfback Hamiii
Wallbrldge. . . .Left halfback . . . .Wellington
Starbuck Fullback Slaker
Touchdowns : Starbuck. Slaker (2) ( ) , Wel-
llnKton. Goals kicked : Young , Henry (2) ) .
Umpire"Bon" Wrenn. Harvard. Hefcree.
Fred Hajner , Lake Forest.
Indians Celclirntu Their Victory In
n ItcKiiInr War Dance.
PHILADELPHIA , Oct.The Univers
ity of Pennsylvania foot ball eleven was
defeated this nfternoon by the Carlisle
Indians by a score of 1C to 5 on Franklin
Field In twenty-llvc-minute halves. The
Indians won because they played the bet
ter foot ball. There was no Iluke or chance
a.bo"t it , but a cleancutlctory. . Nearly
U0"0 persons saw the Bra\ea scalp the
The enthusiasm of the Indians In nt last
conquering one of "The Big Elevens" know-
no bounds , and for a time they had a reg
ular war dance. Pennsylvania's greatest
weakness was In thu line. The redmen dis
covered this early In the game nnd went
through llko u shot countless times
"hero was not much fumbllns on either
fl"e-ljlul ° 1Iuds"n tried two goals from
the field nnd bucceeded In dropping one.
Captain Hare of Pennsylvania dropped a
dllllcult ono from the twenty-yard line.
The rcdmen's two touchdowns were made
on a series of line plunges and end runs.
Pennsjlvanla could only hold them at
Hod Oak lU-Hti Tnlior.
TABOH , la , Oct. 14 ( Special Telegram. )
In a stubbornly contested game here to
day the Heel Oak I Huh school foot ball
team defeated the Tabor colleKO team bv
the score of C to 5 Prlngle of Hud Oak
kicked a goal , while Laird of Tuber failed.
The Kamo was marked by much unneces
sary wrangllnff , in which Tabor , according
to thu decision of the umpire , was clearly
In the wrong. Laird of Tabor distinguished
hlms-elf by runs for good gains , while
bmlth of lied Oak plajeil u spectacular
game , making steady gains throughout the
opposing line. The line-up : McClure , cen
ter , Foss , right guard , Walton , left guard ;
Starr , right tackle , West , left tackle ; Has-
son. right end , Pfelfer , left end ; Hall , right
half ; TorrcnVe. left half , Thornell , quarter
back ; Laird , fullback and captain ; substi
tutes , Hussull , Welpton , F. Laird and
Barnes. lied Oak line-up : Pringlo , left
end and captain ; n Brlggs , left tackle ;
Ilntcllffe , left guard ; Prfcer , center ; C ,
Brings , right guard ; Relley , right tackle ;
Splcer , right end , II Houghton. halfback ;
Koons. fullback. Smith , right half ; B. Ap-
plcgatc , left half , substitute ! ) , Heifer. Gilmore -
more , J. HoiiKhton , S. C. llobcrts , Mlckle ,
Clark. Olllclnl , S , Pearson ; referee , Fred
Weatherheiid ; timekeepers , Campbell and
U. D. Lilrd.
Ion a IH-fcnt * I'ciui
IOWA CITY , la , Oct. H. ( Sneclal Tele
gram. ) The State University of lown de
feated Penn college , at foot ball today.
Score : 3 > to 0. Penn played stiff tiall In the
llrst half , but lost courage In the Hecond.
Kdson made the only touchdown In the llrst
half. In the becond half Warner , by ro-
neiited line smashes , made a touchdown
and "Williams followed suit. Edson made a
llfty-ynid run for a touchdown and forty
yards for another The. last score was a
place kick by Warner from Penn'H flfteen-
> ard line " \Vurner kicked llvo goals. Penn
: : t thu ball once In the Kecond half and
Immediately lost It In downs.
DuUoiuiiN SurprUe AIIICH.
SIOUX CITY , In , Oct. II ( Special )
The unexpected happened hero this after
noon when the ' 'Cyclones" of Iowa Agri
cultural college of Ames ran up against
their hardest gume of the reason In the
foot ball content wlib thu University of
South Dakota , which they defeated by the
very narrow mnrfiln of 11 to 6. The Dakotans -
kotans displayed unexpected team work ,
whllo the play of the Amen team was at
times undeniably weak.
\iirthii 1'nteriiM Knll to Score.
MADISON. WIs . Oct. U Wisconsin
pcored 3s points from Northwestern unl-
VMslty in halves of twenty-live minutes
rich on Randall field this nfternoon nnd
kept Northwestern from scoring The high
score , however , was made pocnlble by the
limiting- Captain O'Dea and the pretty
woik of the WlHcoimln ends.
Yalt * Defeat * Dartmouth.
NEWTON. Mass , Oct. -Yale defeated
Dartmouth 2 to 0 on the Athletic Associa
tion jrrounds nt Newton Center this after
noon In one of the best preliminary games
of thu gcaeon. Whllo Dartmouth failed to
ix-ore the Granite state , eleven forced Yale
to fight for every point
OIIIIMII Io c to 'IVKnmnli.
ONAWA , I , Oct. ll.-Speclal ( Tele-
lira in ) The Tcknmali eleven defeated the
Onawa High school team today by a score
of S to 0 In pplto of the largo score the
contest was exciting.
Lincoln Ulctt'ii Drfcntu York.
YOHK. Neb . Oct 14.-Special ( Telegram )
Heavier men , long end runu and good
kicking won for Lincoln High school the
foot bull Kumu hero today with York by a
score of IS to C.
llooiK * Dowim Aiiicn Illicit School.
AMES , la , Oct. 11 ( Special Telegram ) -
Bnono High school wnn from Ames Hlzh
pchool In a well played game of foot bull
hero this afternoon , resulting In a score of
12 to 5
I'rlnuuton Win * .
NEW YOHK. Oct 14 The game of foot
ball at Manhattan field today between the
Columbia and Princeton elevens was won
by Princeton. 11 to o.
AVmt I'olutcm Ilentcn.
WEST FOINT. N Y Oct. -Four thousand -
sand pcoplo today saw the Harvard foot
bull team defeat the Cadets 13 to 0. _ , _
Sbcckard Auanlts Umpire Hunt for Galling
Him Out on a Steal
An President of ItnttlmorcK nnd Mnn-
HKCT of HronkljnB lie IK Appealed
To by ( lie t'mplrr , Whom
BROOKLYN , Oct. 14. The season ended
here In a row today. In the second Inning
Shfckard assaulted Umpire Hunt for calling
him out on a steal nnd then refused to
retire from the game when ordered to do
Hunt appealed to Captain Smith nnd Man
ager McGraw without effect. Ho then ap
pealed to Hanlon , who occupied the peculiar
position of president of the IJaltlmorcs and
manager ot the Brooklyns. Hanlon told
him that ho would support the umpire In
any action that he might take , whereupon
the game was declared forfeited to Brooklyn.
The score at the tlmo was 1 to 0 in Balti
more's favor.
A come postponed from Baltimore was
then played to appease the crowd. Drookljn
won by batting Howell In timely fashion.
The Orioles tried to delay the game by
throwing the ball over the lot In the fourth
inning , but were foiled.
The Brooklyns won the aeries , eight to
six , thereby taking every league series ,
Score :
n.n o A n
Harris , Ib. . 0 1 I 0 1
llro'Uc , cf . . 1 0 3 0 0
Dcmont , ! b. 1 0 0 0 0
rultz , If . . 1 1 1 0 I
Kelxter , w. 0 1 1 0 t
Sbttkard , rf 0 1 100
IxiCh'cc , Ib 0 0 2 1 ft
Smllh , c. 0120 1
Hvnell , p. . . 0 U 1 1 0
, 3 C 12 2 i
Brooklyn 3203 * S
Baltimore 2001 0 S
Eariud runs : Brooklyn , 2. Two-base hits :
Kclley , Wrlgley rirst base on errors :
Baltimore , 1. Left on bases : Baltimore , 3 ,
Brooklyn , 3 Struck out By How ell , 2
Stolen bases : Harris , Keeler. Hit by
pitched ball : Jennings. Wild pitch.
Howell. Tlmo of game : 6" minutes Um
pires : Connolly and Hunt. Attendance :
llontoii , 1) ) I'lilliidclpliln , (1.
BOSTON , Oct. 14. Philadelphia wound
up the season today by defeating Boston
easily. Meokln's pitching was much better
than the score Indicates , many hits uolnir
safe through dumb work by the Boston
inlleld. Attendance : 2,000.
Hamllt'n. cf 0 130 I'rUck ' , rf. . . . S 1100
Tenney , Ib 01800 Crosi , us. . . . 002
I/onK , " 11642 Dcleli'ty , If. 1 3 3 0 0
Duffy , If 02400 LoJcile , cf. . 01200
00200 Chiles , Ib 0 0 13 0 0
Kilhn , : b 00223 Douglass , Sb 0 1 2 0 0
Low e , 3b. . 0 0 1 1 t Mcrarl'il. c 1 1 1 1
Merrltt , c 00211 Dolun , Sb. . . 1232
Meekln , p. 00011 , Hcrnh'dt , p 1 2 0 3 0
Totals , . 1 5 27 0 8 Totals . . C 11 57 13 1
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
Philadelphia 0 1-G
Earned run : Philadelphia , 1. Two-base
hits : Duffy , Bernhardt , McFarland , Lout ; .
Stolen bases : Delchanty ( . ) , Flick , Duffy.
Double plays : Lowe to Long to Tenney
(2) ( ) , Cross to Chiles , Dolan to Chiles. First
base on balls : By Meekln , 3 , by Bernhardt ,
1. Hit by pitched ball : Merrltt. Struck
out : By Meekln , 2 , by Bernhardt , 1.
Pasaed ball : McFarland. Wild pitch :
Meekln. Time of game : 1:57. : Umpires :
Emslle and Djer.
IMttnbiirir , Ij Lonlmllle , 4.
PITTSBURG , Oct. 11. PIttsburg lost Its
last game of the season through the ef
fectiveness of "Rube" Waddell. A hit and
a base on balls gave the locals their one
run in ths first inning After that only
one man reaehed second base. Gray was
easy for the Loulsvllles. Attendance , 3,500.
Score. :
Plttsburg 10000000 0 1
Loulsvlllo 200100001-4
Earned run : Louisville , 1. Two-base hit :
Wa < ldell. Three-base hit : Clarke. Sacrifice
hit : Kellej Stolen bases : Beaumont , Wil
liams. Clarke Double plays : Smith to Ely
to Dillon ; iMcCrccry to Dillon. First base
on balls : Off Gray , 2 , off Waddell , 1
Struck out : By Gray , 2 ; by Waddell , 3
Time : 1:63. Umpires : Swartwood and Man-
WiiNliliiKton , 12) ) New York , 1 > .
WASHINGTON. Oct. H Washington
closed the season today by winning with
a. Garrison llnlsh. New York secured a big
lead early In the game , but Gettig went to
pieces In the seventh and crrois assisted
the Senators In winning out. The came
was called at the end of the eighth
Inning on account of darkness. Attendance ,
300. Score :
Totals , .12102 1J D Totals . .0122114 2
Washington 0 0 0 0 0 J 0 3 12
New York 0 C210000 a
Earned runs : Washington. 7 ; New York ,
7. Two-base hit : Slagle. Threc-baho hits :
Uurry , Vanllaltrcn , Home run : T. O'Brien.
Stolen bases : Mercer. Davis , Glenbon (3) ( ) .
Double play : Davis to Woodruff First
base on balls : Off McFarlan , 1 ; off Gettlg- ,
5 Struck out ! By Gettlg , 1. Left on bascn :
Washington , 4 ; New York , 8. Time of
game : 1.05. Umpires : Snjdcr and Latham.
Cincinnati , 1-1 CIcM-Iiinil , I.
CINCINNATI , Oct. H.-Tho lleda hit
Hughey at will today and won a very unin
teresting game. Attendance , 400. Score :
Totals 121727 0 1 Totals . . i 92419 G
Batter for Hughey In ninth ,
Cincinnati 44020020 13
Cleveland OOOJ01000 4
Earned runs ; Cincinnati , 6 ; Cleveland , 3
Two-base hit : Sullivan Three-bafe hits :
Barret , Wood First on balls ; Off Hawley ,
2 Hit by pitched ball : By Hughoy , 1.
Struck out , By Hawlej. 4 ; by Hughc > , 1.
Tlmo of game : 1 10 Umpire ; McDonald.
.MISS u.vuiaiiiiii.i. is Tim auin.\ .
Ilcffiitn Mrx , Pox t Coif , Tbiin He-
ci > m I ii UT .Nutloiiiil Cliiiiniilon.
PHILADELPHIA , Oct. H Miss riuth
I'liderhlll of Glencove , Long Island , Is
queen of the women golfers of the United
State ? This afternoon on the links nf the
Philadelphia country club at Da I a nh de-
fe-Ued Mrs. Calbo F Fox of Rydnl , Pa , by
a score of 2 up with 1 to play , thus becom
ing the national champion
That she should win against Mrs Fox
was u surprise to those who liucl wutcheil
the playing of both of them during the
tournament this week Mrh Fox H playing
had been of the steadiest kind She had
thu hardest road to travel In the qualifying
rounds and defeated the three times chum-
plon , Miss Beatrix Hoyt on TliuiKdav.
Th golf played by Miss t'nderhlll and
Mrs. Fox today wax not nf the champion ,
ship kind and both have played better dur
ing the week.
MJW nucoiin rim TWO-YK\H.OM > .
Mnnln Drive * 1-rxlinv Fimtrnt Mile
Ktrr Mniln by Cirlillnnr tlmtK > * .
LEXINGTON. Ky. Oct. H-Tho talent
signalized the closing day of the Lexington
fall meeting by putting favorites through
In all three races. The first favorite to
land the money was Miss Edith , In tha 2:20 :
pace She won the llrst heats handily and
lost the third by n bad break at the half
She landed the fourth heut and the race
with Ilttla difficulty.
Axmere , even money favprlto for the
Blue Grass , won in the fouuh heat by a
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After all tlu".o Midway nnd exhibition
pianos have been selected and hold
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opportunity us this and as Omaha 1ms
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Wo celebrate our 25th hiinlncnft nnnl-
versnry Oct. iiaril , 180ft.
Music and Arl , 1513 Douglas ,
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If Kolng to an opera or wntchlug a
bpeaker glvi-s jou a headache theie Is
some defect of. the eyes which
oiifzht to bo coriccted. A noimal
eye Is alw.tjs In peifect icbt when look
ing at an object twenty feet or more
away. It Is a relief to raise you eyes
f lorn your woik and look across the
loom every little while. Going to the
play , as well as reading , Ib tiresome.
Correctly lilted glasses \\111 relieve all
btrain and make such pubtlincb a pleas
ure instead of a souice of suffering.
Correctly lilted glasses Is my specialty.
J. C. Hutesoii ,
Manufacturing Optician ,
KodnUi ,
Cnmerni irnn n i m
1520 Douglas St.
nose finish with Royal Baron In the Lex-
IiiKton stakes for 2-year-olds Endow scored
a hollow \lctorj In the hecond heat Mar
vin dro\e the gelding a mile In 2:1434 : , the
fastest mile by a 2-j ear-old this year and
a new world's iccord for a 2-year-old geld-
I'nlvcrNlty of low it Klelil Sport * .
IOWA OITY , la. , Oct. U ( Special. ) At
the State Unl\er"lty of Iowa homo Held
meet yesterday the winners were :
One hundred jnrd dash , Ford , :10V4 : , 220-
> ard dash Ford , .23Vfc : half mile run Brown ,
2:19',6 : ; mile run , Wilson , oil'H. s > hot-iut | ,
Welland , 33 feet 2 Inches ; high Jump. Slep-
frledt , 5 feet 2 Inches , broad Jump , Ste
phens , IS feet 3 Inches : hop-step-nnd-jnmp ,
Slegfrledt , 19 feet 5 lnchea , pole vault Wel-
Innd. 9 feet. Out of 78 points the freshmen
got i2 ; sophomoieb , 21 , Juniors , II , seniors , S.
I.nfonln llniiillrnp a hu
CINCINNATI , Oct. H. The Latonla au
tumn prize handicap resulted In a nose
llnlsh between Greatland and Miss Patron
at Latonla toda > . freatlaiul ! Rot the de
cision after .1 tcrrlllc drive throuch the
stretcli. Jllss 1'atron was u to i m me
bcttlnc and her nice was a big surprise.
1 he race for the GentleMiien's cup also fur
nished un exciting struggle , Seattle winning
by a short head. Old Krlss Krlnsle was
at tola best today and won the llfth c\ent
fram a class Held In 1 jl'i
Columbia r.iul bliiiuiroelc dct uit I'nr
tin the Stiirtiiiii l.liic , but Uo
ot CriiMM It.
NEW YORK , Oct. 11. Columbia and
Shamrock got as far as the starting line
today , but did not cross It. There was
not enough wind to blow out the signal flags
when the time came to send them away
and after waiting on hour In the hope that
a breeze might spring up from eomewhero
the committee boat hoisted the now familiar
blue flag , crossed by a white bar , denoting
that the race was oft for the day.
The usual fleet of excursion boats , jachts
and tugs was on hand to witness the mel
ancholy announcement.
After the yachts had returned to their
anchorage inside the Horseshoe and the tall
of the excursion licet had disappeared
through The Narrows a good strong breeze
blew In from the eea and held throughout
the afternoon. With tuch a wind the boats
could have covered the course In four hours.
The yachts will try again on Monday , but
the old barnacles are now saying that unless
a storm comes along to stir up the stagnant
atmosphere there Is not much chance of a
change in the weather condition until the
moon changes on Wednesday ,
hlicplicrilllcnlonupllalN. .
PLATTSMOUTH , Neb. , Oct. II , ( Special. )
Invitations have been issued announcing
the forthcoming marrlugo of Arthur F.
Shepherd nnd Miss Alice L Bcnton , daugh
ter of William M. Ilenton of Lincoln , In the
Second Presbyterian church in Lincoln
Tuesday evening , October : i. Mr. and Mrs.
Shepherd will bo at home to friends heru
after November IB , The bildefroom-to-bo
is connected with the Burlington road.
Thu "Plow Boy Preacner , " Rev. J. Kirk-
man , Belle Illve , III , fiuys , "After suffering
from bronchial or lung trouble for ten years ,
I was cured by Ono Minute Cough Cure. It
Is all that is claimed for It nnd more. " It
cures coughs , colds , grippe and all throat
and lung troubles.
Ut. Rev. Dr Mlllspaugh , bishop of Knli
sas , will preach In Trinity cathedral thla
morning at 11 o'clock
William Palmer was arrested by Officer
K\un and Special Cullum Friday night
charged with assaulting a man named
Cobeily near the corner of Ninth street
and Capitol avenue
The Omaha Philosophical society will hold
a meeting Sundav at 3 p m In the lecture
room of the nubile library building Sub
ject "The Sovereignty of the People. "
Opening address b > A W. Cant well
An Insane man , who gave hl name as
f McLaughlln was nricsted by Officer
Dan Baldwin Friday afternoon In Clark's
restaurant , 1CJ1 Farnam street Ho will be
taken before the Insane commissioner * .
Members of the White Crosn have ar
ranged to slvo a concert at the Public
Comfort building , exposition grounds. Tues
day evening Thu pruLcedM will be de
voted to the maintenance of the Wlilto
Ilusxcll Krcnzer a youth charged with
breaking and entering a houxo In thu night ,
was discharged b.v Judgu Gordon on the
motion of the county nttornuv Krunzcr
Is bald to have entered the dwelling of
John Sew ell September 8 , and fctolen a
quantity ( if lead plpu from the plumbing.
Ho was released from custody after arrest
to appear at the tlmo net for the hcarlni ; ,
but lie fulled to return and the case
Ancient Order of United Workmen Have an
Outing at the Exposition.
Unrly Tnrt of the IJny Demoted to
Aciiuulntcil Tilth the
blicevhcn uiid Music
2:30 : Sacred concert , Bellstedt's band , Au
3.00 High diving and Dewey on OKmpla
running over submarine mines at Ca\lte.
3.00 Alfreno , high wire walker , Lagoon.
1,30 Indian sham battle and Wild West
show , Bluff tract.
7 UO-Concert by Bellstedt's band , Audl-
S 30 Alfreno , high wire walker , last ap
pearance , Lagoon.
On the official card of the Greater Amcr-
1'a Exposition yesterday was designated as
Ancient Order of United Workmen day , St.
Joseph day and Mills County ( Iowa ) day.
There were several hundred Workmen on the
grounds , but there was nothing to Indicate
that the occasion was observed by others
than the members of the fraternal order
named. It was expected tint excursions
would ccmo in from St. Joseph and Des
Molnes , but owing to the /act that the rail
roads did not innku any concessions in the
way of granting rateo the people from these
cities failed to come.
The first people to reach the city were the
Workmen from Plattsmouth , who came COO
strong , headed by J. A. Gutcher , II. R. Gor
ing , John Llnderman , J. II. Gray , C. II.
Manchester , A. Lemcr and A. A. Carlson ,
mcenbers of the committee who worked up
the excursion. The members of the excur
sion party marched from the depot to the
grounds , headed by the B. & M. and the Bo
hemians bands from Plattsmouth Hcach-
Ing the tsrouuds , the members of the party
visited the Fraternal building and then
toured the Midway , after which limy dis
persed and spent an hour or so inspecting
the exhibits.
At 1 30 , notwithstanding the chilly
weather , a crowd gathered at the Audi
torium , where the program of the day was
carried out ,
The exercises opened by the band render
ing a selection , after which President Miller
of the exposition delivered the addrcvs of
welcome. Ha spaku at length on the re
sources of the state , referring to it as the
garden spot of the continent , with Ito broad
acrc.s coM'red with fields ot corn , with hun
dreds of thousands of rattle grazing on the
hills. Ho branched off to pioneer dnjn and
told of tbo chnngcfl that nnvo taken place
during the last half century , Raying that
when ho flrst came to Nebraska It was one
\ast wilderness , Inhabited by Indians and
counties herds of buffalo. Ho gave the
viblturs a most hearty welcome and afisurcd
them that the exposition management ap
preciated their prceenco and was glad to
greet them.
In responding Deputy Grand Master Work
man Van Iko spoke of the friendly feeling
that Plattsmouth has toward Omaha , saying
that every man , woman and child there had
an interest In Hfl growth and prosperity. Ho
spoke of the order , of which ho IH ono of
the chief executive olllcere , produced some
btutltitlcs relative to its growth and closed
by adding that Omaha is on. el its strong
In behalf of the Degree of Honor , thu
auxiliary organization of which women are
the only member * , Mrs. Aacita Harding re
ferred to Its growth and the help that hau
been given here In Omaha
During the afternoon the drill teams gave
an exhibition of their work , going through
the various evolutions in a manner that
evoked considerable applause.
I lltOII I'llfllll ! I.IMlKC WilIM I'rl/t ! .
The competitive drill among the different
lodge teams of tbo city and elate was ono
of the most Interesting featurta of the day
and .was held on the 1'ltiza late In the aft
ernoon , it being nearly 9 o'clock before the
last team had finished Union Pacific lodge ,
No 17. won the highest prize , $50 , and Cap
tain McCoy of the team wan given a fine
bioom , which IB to rmaln In his possession
until a better team shall claim It The sec-
ont prize of J25 was woo by Nebrask * lodge ,
Mr. Frederick Hatter
.lust wants to say to the young men of
Omaha that they might tiavel for ever
nnd never find such stylish hats as we
are showing this fall unless by elmnco
they happened to llnd the Dunlap or
Stetson hat factory We get our hat.J
there and of course they me nil right
the beit bat we have OUT shown for ? . ' !
Is wltli us no\\ \ . the new brown shadeH
and black Kvcry young man with one
of our $ ; i hats on can know ho Is vvell
ilres ed.
The llqttcr ,
The Lending Hnt Mnn of the West.
120 South 15th Street ,
A Golf Skirt Shoe-
LH'U ) shooiunu has a new ono for
the Indies a pennine vu'lt ntsStriO
youvo heard of Dtexel's special for mon ,
well this Is his special for women these
shoes mo inatlu on that cvor popular
nia cnlliio last with the Cull outside
svviii'lii } } ; sole tliu very iifoturo of the
man's shoe , yet with that tlalnty cut
that goes with dainty feet the very
itleal bhoe to wonr with the golf sklit
there Is comfuit from ihu start for
they nu shaped llko the foot no break-
liiK-ln leqtilretl.
Drexel Shoe Co. ?
Omaha' * Cp-to-dmto Slioe na B
A Good Pen Knife
Is a joy for ever lint a poor ono la
bad for the temper "We've ti line of pen
knives that nro all good even the ' 5c
ones they're as good as they can lie for
23c the best two-bladed knife in Omaha
for COc It's the same with our stoves ,
they are the best for the money the
money it takes to buy one Is less than
you would have to spend anywhere else.
"Wo would like to have you come la
and talk with us.
1514 Fariiam St.
Would a
Nice Brooch Do ?
Copley Is showing aomo beautiful brooches
In the shape of crescents , stars and wreaths.
Why not select one now , have It put away
until just before Christmas , call aad pay
for it then.
For weddings Copley has some of the late
designs In cut glass , Ice cream plat&s , cheese
plates , new shape vases , etc. The cele
brated Hawks' cut glass.
Henry Copley
Wares of GoUl and Silver ,
215 So 10th Street. Paxton Block.
No. 227 , of Omaha , whllo the third money
went to Blue Springs lodge , No. 202. North
Omaha lodge , No 159 , won the fourth place
and $10. Other lodges represented by teams
were Praha lodge , No. 328 , Patten lodge ,
No. 173 , South Omaha lodge. No. 60 , and
America lodge. No. 200. The Judges were
W. U. Arnold , deputy grand master work
man , r. P. Miller of Norfolk nnd E. T.
Garten of Boston.
MiiHlc for Sunday.
The programs arranged for today by Band
master Belletedt are far out of the ordi
nary and promise to give better satisfaction
than any fhat ho has yet given to the pub
lic. At the sacred concert he will present
the world famous "Erl Koenlg , " by Schu
bert , a surpassingly beautiful competition.
Mr. Emll Kopp , the new cornctlst , who has
Joined the band recently , will play "Tho
Holy City , " by Adams , nnd In addition Miss
Ella Ethel Free , a joung piano virtuoso , will
play Liszt's Sixth Hungarian IlLiaj sodlc.
Miss Free Is a native of Iowa and attended
school at St. Kotherlno's hall. Davenport.
She was In Germany four years , where she
studied with MorltzloBzknw. . kl , acknowl
edged to bo one of the greatest composers
and pianists of the world , Miss Free also
( itudlcd In Stern academy In Berlin and was
very successful in Europe while on a con
cert tour. The programs for the day fol
low :
2.30 p. m Bellstedt's Concert band 111
the Auditorium 1'rogiam :
Overture Festival LI\SHPII \
Variations on thu Austrian Hymn Haydn
Miniature Suite The Uinwnlfs linllsudt
( a ) Wedding March ; ( l Bridal Lmiico ,
( O All Hands 'Hound
Bulladu-The Erl King ( Erl Koenls )
. . . Schubert
Piano Solo Sixth Hungarian HlmpHodlo
. . Llxzt
Miss Ella Etliul Tree.
Sacred Aria Tim Holy City . Adams
Coinrt Obllgato , .Mr. Cmll Kopp
Scenes Nmiolltalncs ( n ) riiniuovUn-
teur , ( In La Pete . . M.irtii-net
7 D in BellHtcilt'H ( 'onicrt band In the
Auditorium I'niKram :
Oveiturc Stalmt Mater Hosslnl
I'oclle Ite\erle Lust llopu Ciottcclmlk
SiencH from "Alda" , "Vudl
1 Morning Borenrido" UoHoimes
Solo for Cornet . Selected
Mr Herman HellHtedl
Grand Selection Los IliiBuenotH
. Mejerbccr
Champagne ( luloi | ' ' . .emem. . UellHtt-dt
IllK-riilillonill MilNlt'lll lVMI\nl.
Beginning Monday night Bandmaster Bell-
Rtcdt will give .1 series of concerts Illua-
( rating the music of different nations as
represented by their Kr 'ntft nnd best com
posers. The first concert of the course will
iio made up of sclcatlons by Ilcetlioven and
Wagner , composers who are eo great Kiat
no one nation can claim them they being
of the world The bent French composers
will bo on the inimical menu for Tuesday
night and the bright and \lvaclons inutdr
made by the writers of Franco will ha > o
a flno exploitation at the hands of ( he tninil
Wednesday evening la set aside for Herman
composers , and as Germany lias ticnt nut
moro and greater writers < lun any other
ono imticn , ( hero will bo a gmit variety
of I ho very beat music o\er made.
Thursday night tint great trio of writers
Hondc ) , Haydn and Mozart- will ha\u
their inutile and will have the night 4o
thcmbches , and the program outlined showa
a fi-ast of fine tfilngn Friday night Italian
composers will bo gl\cn a hearing and ( hero
will bo many operatic Eelcctlcne , for Italy
in the home of that form of musical com
position. Saturday night will be for Auier.
If your glasses
arc skewed or pinch you como
In and wo will adjust thorn , no
charge for euch pleasantries ce
that nor for examining the ey ?
Our charges are for furnishing
the proper cyo helps but the
charge is Just right You will
eay as much.
Lcudliitf bclentlflc Optician * .
1408 Fnrnam. OMAHA.
lean composers and It Is to be n gala night
when the brightest nniBlc by Americans will
bo played. Sousa , Hill , Bcllsteilt and sev
eral other men who ha\o made gcod music
will have their names on the prcgram , and
that alone will suffice to bring out a largo
On account of the extent of the work
nnd the wide scope of compcscrs played
from , Mr. Hellstcdt will bo forced to hava
a rchcnrsal every day during the week.
There has bebn no lack of enthusiasm con
cerning the band nnd Its work after the long
engagement , and the coming week promises
to eee the organisation make a yet moro
favorable Impression on the music loving
public and win a yet stronger hold on tbs
popular fancy
The cough Is what hurts , hut the tickle IB
to blame Dean's mentholated cough drops
Ktop the tickle , five cents , druggists.
niiKlniM'r I.OHI-M Tlirci- l < 'liiKorfi.
Al Schuffor , engineer at the city Imll.
lost portions of tiiree lingers in a : > nlnful
cxticili'iuo with the pIcMitor machinery
yesterday jo | \\at preparing to make
certain repairs In the micblnery and was
working in the narrow Hlmft In which the
rods c.urjIiiK the cables work up and
down. In fome wav his hnnd caught In
the cable Hhciive of one of the. rods just
as It wnn Htarllng upward. Instantly
realizing th it If he were carried to the top
of tliti Hlmft IHI would bo dioppi-d to the
bottom or suffer Home other leirlblc Inlury
he choHc the lesser ovll and tot < > bin HMKIM
Ino'-e The llrM two Joints of Out fir.st finger
and the llrst jolutu of the weeond and third
flnucrn were ground off The miffcrer win
alUndrd bv the city ph\sUlins iinl innda
IIH tomfoi table ( IB posHlJilr on a couch In
their olllce until ho vvtnt home
A It nrl.nlilf Ili'inril ) Tlml liunifill-
alclj SlopN ( InMo ( \ lolciit
llciulnclic Ni > Miillcr U'liul
Ilii * 4 IIIIKI * in'Viiliiri - ,
A well known chemist > bai discovered a
safe and hannltrs reined ) that curc any
kind of u hcMdacho and dnro so almost | n-
Blaiitl ) .
Ho desires to let everyliody try It at bin
expeiifiu In order that Its remarkable action
may bo known to everone. It IB ubsolutuly
devoid of narcotics In any form and the
thcinUit HtaKca lilu reputation upon the pu
rity , Rifely and harmUv8 effect of the
Whuher It l > o caused by on overloaded
utomucli , IndlKt'tttlon , neuralgia , kidney dls >
order , nervousness , overwork , Btraliu-d > e-
Blght or other reasons , the remedy Instantly
removes the pressure and a grateful feeling
of freedom qulckl } follows Send > our name
and addrrxH to M&x neealer , b3l Journal
Bldg. Milwaukee , WIs , nnd ho will mall
free a trial of his Headache Wafers In
order that > ou may realize what a wonderful
comfort It Ib to know what remedy to utu
to gain qultk rcllif from a hutstlrig head'
ache. Io not fall to wrjiu at once and
make a free u-st of ilna n-rnarkablo relief
bringcr I > will < -urc Inaumriia after ever )
thing cls hus failed You will find dew.
lor'u Magio Headache \Vufcru OQ sale at U
drujr stores at 10 cents a box.

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