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Telephones 618-C94. . Dee , November 15 , 1890.
& Corsets
. . .
, Hero is our idea of n corset department. It's
only fair that you should know before you come.
It is to sell you the corset of your choice not
QHO of our choice. Help in deciding if you want
it , but no argument , no persuading. The best grades in all
the diflerpnt corsets are here. Our lines of imported and
American sorts are a very desirable style and range , in prices
irom 50c to'$7.50.
An Interesting' Hem for today is n special sale of T. D. Special Corsets made ot
a strong Jean , two slllo st'ccfs each side , boned bust sizes are broken. Wo keep
our stock eplck nnd npan , so w6 hnvo picked out thcso corsets to sell nt one-halt
price. Regular prlco EOc reduced to 25c each.
> " -
i *
Occupies'Taglanan And Qnimbal on 'tho
' * Southern Ooost'and Cordova ,
1 >
Report nil Kxneilttlon Kvnilcil Tinvy-
FOrtH.of Stilu l lili > il , Ontdlilc at
American ; Port'Are Onlcrcil
f . - Cloned to Commerce.
MANILA , Nov. 15. 1 p. m. General
Hughes , with parts of the Nineteenth and
Twenty-sixth regiments , moved from Hello
Thursday , November 7 , to Otton , six mllea
west , for the purpose of capturing Santa
Darbara , the rebel stronghold , ten miles -west
of Hollo. Heavy rains preceded the move
ment and the roads were "In places impas
sable. The same night Colonel Carpenter ,
with the Eighteenth regiment and Dattcry
G of the Sixth artillery , niado westwardly
fronvParo to connect with General Hughes.
Colonel Carpenter was forced to return to
Jaro , on account of the heavy roads and by
lack'of proper transportation. Company C
of the Twenty-sixth regiment bad the only
fighting. When only thrco miles out of Jaro
this company charged the rebel trenches and
three ot the enemy were killed. Ono man
was wounded.
General Hughes November 12 occupied
Tagbanan and Qulmbal , on the southern
coast , and also Cordova , In the interior. The
enemy did not oppose General Hughes' ad
vance. ' i
Repent orders from Agulnaldo found In tbe
trenches said : "Do not oppose the Amer
icans' advance. Durn the villages ae they
ire evacuated. . Divide the forces In small
bands and harass the Americans on every
occasion. "
Arencta , the rebel leader of the Island ot
Pa nay , was captured at Tagbanan while attempting -
I tempting to pass the lines Into IloIIq. Two
battalions of the Tnenty-slxth will garrison
Hello and , Jaro. ' ,
A signal visible from Hello has been
burned by therebels. ,
It Is reported that an expedition , evading
the navy , recently landed arms and ammuni
tion on the Antlqua coast , nnd that the
rebels threaten opposition with an armed
force of S.OOO mon. Tliesa stories are not be
lieved. ,
All.'pSrtfi of the Sdlu Islands putsldo of the
American ports 'have bcentorderei ) closed to
Gcncrnl OtlH L'nlilcHnmen of Killed
anil Wounded In Ilecent
WASHINGTON , Nov. 15. General Otis
reported tbo following casualties :
Wounded In action at San Matco , Novem
ber 11 , James Wright. K , Sixteenth Infan
try , both thighs , severe. In action at Ara-
yat , October 12 , James Turner , I , Twenty-
fourth Infantry , neck , severe. In action ,
San Fabian expeditionary brigade , Novem
ber 10 , John O'Nell , H , Thirteenth Infantry ,
chest , severe ; Tony Edcrhardt , Thirty-third
Infantry ; abdomen , slight ; John F. Coates ,
G , right arm , slight ; George Puehl , left arm ,
HlpbXIn action at Dambam , llth. James
P. AVyatt , M. Thirty-sixth Infantry , right
knee , moderate. In action nt Madelacal ,
10th , Ernest W. Rhodes , C , Seventh Infan
try , back , severe ; Dell Cudncy , right thigh ,
severe. In action , road to San Jaclnto , No
vember 11 , killed , ' Oscar K. Mercler , acting i
hospital steward ; . .Thirty-third Infantry ,
Lovcll E. Castccl , sergeant , E ; John A.
Robinson , corpoial , H ; Willie Docno , H ;
Smack Mitchell , L ; Arthur Pettus , E ;
wounded , Arthur Radzlnskl , sergeant major ,
left thorax , severe ; Herbert E. Harpold , ser
geant , O , right thigh , slight ; George R.
Sims , corporal , I , right leg , sligUt ; George
* 'The Thorn Comes Forth
N With Point Forward. "
The thorn point of disease
is an ache , or pain. But the
\ blood is the feeder of the
< whole body. Purify it with
S HoodrstSarsaparilla. . Kid
neys , liver and stomach will
at once respond. No thorn
in this point. '
Scrofula " / tvos almost bedfast
with scrofula and catarrh. Had no appe
tite. Hood's Sarsaparilla soon made me
stronger , and later U the sores disappeared
and catarrh stopped , " Nellie Osman ,
Des Moines , lofua ,
Can Eat " Was tired out , had no
appetite until I took Hood's Sarsaparilla ,
K built me right up and 1 can eat heart'
tty. " Etta & ! . Haaer , Athot , Mass.
_ _ IToodJ rilUriir liver Illil llie non Irrlutlng anil
"eiilV c tti ttle to uita wllii ll < Kl' bari
A. Matlock , artificer , A , left forearm , slight ;
Lazaro C. Castillo , E , left thorax , severe ;
Edward A. Hurth , L , left thigh , slight ;
Duke H. Howcll , M , left side , slight ; John
F. Reflet , M , left side , slight ; John W.
Stokes , M , left shoulder , slight ; Francis C.
Tanner , E , right wrist , slight ; Charles
Ulary , E , right leg , slight ; Charles T.
Throckmprton , L , right thigh , slight ;
Charles E. Rowe , corporal , M , sprain of
back , severe ; James M. Doynton , E , sub-
maxillary , slight.
Not Alloiveil to Semi
LlHtn of Kilted nnd
I NEW YORK , Nov. 15. The dispatches
I from Manila yesterday referred to Major
Marsh as commanding the loft battalion ot
the Thirty-third regiment , commanded by
Colonel Luther R. Hare , In the sharp en
gagement with the insurgents near San
Fabian , Saturday. The officer Is Major Pey
ton C. March , formerly captain of the Astor
battery and later on General MacArthur's
staff. Owing to the character of the censor
ship at Manila , General Otis is not permit
ting the sending of tbo names of the killed
and wounded. A full account of the engage
ment near San Fabian was cabled , but the
correspondents were not permitted to send {
the name of Major John A. Logan , killed
In action , or those of others killed or
IVnrtiliiK MCHHBKC Sent to Seenre Pro
tection of SimiilHh PrlNoiicm
IT Mh the I
WASHINGTON , Nov. 15. The president Is
making efforts to secure the protection of
the Spanish prisoners with the Insurgents In
the Philippines. A cable message has been
sent to General Otis , and by him forwarded
to General MacArthur , with Instructions to
get It to Agulnaldo , if possible , relating to
this subject. The president requests the
kindly and humane treatment ot the Spanish
prisoners , nnd the message also contains an
Intimation that any of the Insurgents re
sponsible for the ill-treatment of such pris
oners will bo held to strict account when
they are taken by the United States forces
operating in the islands.
Tniiiniiort 'Mende ' Did Not Get ( Airny
OIL Schedule Time Ilcrnimc ot VHK.
NEW YORK , Nov. 16. The transport
Mcade , ready to start for Manila with Iho
Forty-third Infantry , Colonel Arthur Mur
ray in command , and a cargo made up In
part of Christmas boxes , did not get away
as scheduled because of the fog. It will
sail at C o'clock tomorrow morning.
Besides Colonel Murray's command , there
are aboard tbo Mcade four women nurses , i
several assistant surgeons , Major S. C. |
Mills , an Inspector general ; Captain Crozler )
of the ordnance department , who js also
an inspector general , and John Phillips of '
the Young Men's Christian association , who
Is irolnc to Manila In connection with his '
association's work among the soldiers. The
Forty-third Is provided with a chaplain ,
Rev. J. H. Hlllman.
The SIcado was formerly the Derlln of tbe
American line. It has 1,200 men on board ,
exclusive of the crew.
FniiHton Knroiite to San Frnnclnco.
TOPEKA , Kan. , Nov. 15. General Fred-
crick Funston , recently ordered to return to
tbe Philippines for service , today started for
San Francisco , accompanied by his wife.
Mrs. Funston will remain at her parents'
homo in Oakland , .Cat. A couple of hundred
people were"nffhe depdt 16' give General
Funston a hearty farewell. Among them
were two former' Twentieth Kanaans , Lieu-
tcnantn Whlsncr and Northrup of Com
pany D. i t
Private Ilordeii Dion.
SAN FRANCISCO , Nov , 15. Private An
drew Dorden of Company D , Forty-slxfh In
fantry , died today at , the Presidio , from a
fracture ot the skull , the result of bolng I
thrown from a horse yesterdnyt Dorden was 1 '
left hero by his regiment to take care of 1 '
horses that were to bo shipped to Manila '
Tliomni Arrive" nt Gibraltar.
WASHINGTON , , Nov. 16.-The War de
partment has received the following cable
gram : . . , .
"GIDRALTAR , N'qv. 14. Transport
Thomas arrived today : condition of troops
excellent ; all are well ,
1 "IIDWE , Commanding. "
CIirintmnM Iloxe * for Soldier * .
NEW 'YORK , Nov1. 15-Chrlstmas boxes
for soldiers In Cuba and Porto Rico must
not weigh over twenty pounds each and must
be delivered to Major F.'D , Jones , pier 2 ,
Columbia Stores , Drooklyn , prior to De
cember 15 , These' boxes will go'eouth on
the government army transports and will
bo delivered to the soldiers through the
facllltlei of the eommUsarlat. '
Ncuro ItftKlment I.enven for .Manila.
ST. LOUIS , Nov. 15. The First and Second
battalions of the Forty-ninth volunteer In
fantry , colored , with the band and boepltal
corps , left Jefferaoii barracks today in sev
eral trains over the Mlsiourl Pacific rall-
rrad , The regiment U hound for the Philip
pines , via San Francisco.
o o oeoo o o o o G oo o oo o o o o o o o8o oao of
Ask for Candae Rubbers.
No Goods at Retail. Send for Catalogues , itc ,
Omaha , Neb.
Gronje is Advancing on Mtfeklne by a Suc
cession of Trenches ,
For Tlmt Itcnnoti Colonel Itnilcn-
INnvell ScndH Out I'nrtlen to Worry.
the OeuiiiintitN of Trcnchci
b > - \lKht Attack * .
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MAFEKINO , Dcchunnaland , Oct. 31. ( Dy
Way of Magalc Now York World Cable
gram Special Telegram. ) Mtesngo carried
by native runner through the Doer lints and
220 miles north to Magalapyo , Rhodesia *
Dispatch held back by the Drltlsh censor and
RHODCSIA , Nov. 8. 11:10 : n. m ; Thcro
has been n continuous but desultory bom
bardment of Mafcklng. General Crsnje's de
mand for the surrender of the town was de
clined by Colonel Dadcn-Powcll with thanks.
The successful defense of Mafcklng Is certain
as the ultimate Issue of the campaign here.
IlrltUh Make Msht AttneKn.
LONDON , Nov. Ifi. A dispatch to the
Dally Mall from Mafoklng , sent by way of
Magalapye , because the runners sent south
ward were unable to traverse the Doer lines ,
gives an Interesting account of the firing In
the last week of October. The message saya :
"After the failure to reach the town Gen
eral Cronjo had recourse to the tactics em
ployed during the sclgo of Potchofstroom In
1S81 , making an advance to the town by a
succession of trenches in Echelon. Such a
move had been nntlMpated by us for some
time and for that reason there had been ecnt
out parties to worry the Doers Incessantly
by night attacks.
"Thcso tactics the enemy disliked , but ho
contented himself with n dally shell fire
which exposed him to little personal risk.
Then Colonel Daden-Powell played his trump
card by sending out Fltz-Clarence's party
to worry the occupants of the trenches. The
little force stole out silently In the dark
ness. No shot was fired and the men with
fixed bayonets , creeping rather than walking
along , gradually approached the chief Doer
position. Then na they closed In thcro was
a shrill screech. H was Fltz-Clarence'fl
whistle and the signal for an onslaught.
Ilnjonct Sleeping Ilocm.
"A ringing British cheer , which the listen
ers back In camp caught up , was the only
reply as the party dashed Into the trenches.
There was a fearful struggle , the attacking
forces catching and bayoneting the Doers
under the tarpaulins where they crouched
crying for mercy. At least fifty bayonets
got to work and tbe havoc they wrought was
"For just a moment there was no sys
tematic return fire , but then a perfect hall-
storm of bullets poured In from the trenches
to the rear. When again Fitz-Clarcnce's
whistle sounded , it meant , 'Scatter and
homeward. ' The Drltlsh force scattered
silently , creeping back under the furious
flro In the darkness to the appointed
rendezvous , where the roll was called.
"Colonel Daden-Powcll met and congratulated
ulated Captain Fltz-Clarcnce and his men on
their splendid work , saying that It was a
heavy price to pay , but that the Doers had to
be stopped making rifle trenches within
range of the town. The members of the
party nro the envy and pride of the forces.
Even the Doer commander expresses ad
miration of the action and added he would
take Mafeklng before long , for he meant to
do ono thing or the other. "
"Sunday parsed quietly , the v6lunfoe'r
band in ' ! " ' '
playing the women's"lJiaRef. 'All
Sunday night the Boers poured a rjfjq re ,
Into the to'wn. It was set 'going after din
ner Sunday evening , when Colonel Dadon-
.Powell hoisted ared lamp on the i commonage
menage , which was the scene of. tCapfaln '
Fltz-Clarcnco's midnight attack , Thp ruse '
answered splendidly. The moment the light
appeared the Doers opened flro and their
fusillade latcd the whole night through.
"There has been a tremendous waste at
ammunition , indeed It is estimated that 30-
000 rounds of ball cartridges were wasted
on the occasion of the night attack on the a !
Deer trenches. Double rations have been | 1
served out to the men who are under shcl- '
ter , EO as to be on the safe side , if the
Doers should sweep the town by a long j1
range rifle fire. The garrison Is banging on
"Colonel Daden-Powell has the greatest
confidence in everybody , especially In the
matter of Implicit obedience to the order to
hold the fire until the Doers get to close
"Tho shelling continued nil day Sunday
at Intervals. About 4 o'clock in the after
noon General Cronjo sent In a flag of truce ,
giving Mafeklng the last chance to sur
render. While the flag was reelvlng pt-
tentlon the heavy bombardment continued. "
DcNcrllitlnit of Cronje'n Attack.
The dispatch then describes Croqje's at
tack of Monday , the details of which have
"been " cabled to Colonel Daden-Powell.
"Tho end came , " says the correspondent ,
"after five hours' fighting. The enemy re
tired , being heavily beaten for nil tliiio , EO
far as Mafeklng Is concerned. It was the
hottest day of the siege and the firing was
terrific , the Doers evidently recognizing } hat
the way Into Mafeklng , If any. Is by n kopje , '
which was gallantly defended by Colonel !
Wnlford's mm. The garrison Is jubilant ,
whllo I IIP Doerh have been hurled hack In !
dleordor on their laager and will lnyo ) to
content themselves with a long range bom
bardment until they are strongly rein
forced. '
"Tho enemy lost heavily. For hours after
lie firing line bad been burled back two
wagons went slowly along their pasltlon ,
picking up the dead and wounded , The
kopje resembled a shambles after the light.
All tbq men were killed by bullets or shells.
The lookout toner was ehot to pieces , whllo
oven the saddles of tbo horses wore fear
fully battered about. The whole place was
simply smashed up by the concentrated
fire of seven guns and a thousand rifles ,
"The Doers at first held on to their ad
vance plucklly , but they could not live
when they came to short range , the men
being shot down nt 300 yards. The enemy
Is expected to draw off early In order to de
fend Pretoria. Thcro la still no news from
the Eoutli. As I send this message 000 Doers
have gone south with wagons and have
commenced shelling. "
IIrlllnli IleliiforcementK Arriving.
LONDON , N'ov. 16. The troopship Ha-
warderi Castle , with the Second battalion of
the Royal Irish Fuslleero , has arrived at
Durban , bringing the number of relnforco-
raontri that have landed them 'up to 5,227.
Five other troopships are now cnroute from
Capetown 'to Durban :
Tbo total reinforcements that have arrived
In South Africa since Friday are 10,000 men ,
chiefly Infantry ; nearly 13,000 borers and
mules , three batteries cf Held artillery and
a number of quick-firing Maxim guns. The
fact that the Drltannlc proceeded for East
London Is taken to mean that General Duller
Is satisfied that the troops which have al
ready landed or are now on the way to Dur
ban will be sufficient to carry out hla plans
for the relief of Ladysmlth ,
TriiimnortH IlVacU C'upetim n ,
LONDON , Nov. IB. It was officially an
nounced this afternoon that the Ilrltlsb
transports Goorklm , with the First brigade
staff , tbe Third battalion of Grenadiers and
a detachment of tbe Royal Engineers ; the
transport Manila , with tbe Second Devon *
shlree ; and the transport Nomadic , with their
mounts , have arrlvn ! nt Capetown. The
transport firitnnnlc , with the Royat Irish
Rincfl , has sailed frorn Capetown for East
London ,
ttrnmrknlilc Dcnrtli ( Ncw from
Cltto * IteMetceil ' > } ' < > ic Hocra
Cntiiii'M Alnnn.
LONDON , Nov. 15. If the news contained
In the Pretorla dlnpatch , of Thursday , No
vember 9 , by way of Capetown , Friday ,
November 10 , Is correct , and thor.e is every
reason to believe It la accurate , ns the Doer
dispatches have almost Invariably hitherto
rendered fairly accurate accounts , It Is as
serted here that It Implies a general assault
on Ladysmlth was pending when General
Joubcrt's report was sent off. Attention Is
called to the fact . .that the date , November
9 , Is assumed to'bo the t date of General
White's late pigeon-post message announc
ing a Renewal of. the- bombardment , since
which nothing has been received , except
rumors frcm Estcpurt , that the bombard
ment was suspended November 10 ,
It Is asserted that If the Doers got their
forces within l.BQO yards of the Drltleh posi
tion It shows they fully realized the neces
sity of utilizing the brief Jnterval before the
arrival of the Drltlsh reinforcements to make
a determined attempt to storm General
AVhlte's position.
To euccc6ully ( adyAncq so close to Lady-
smith , It is " pointed out , the
Doers musf hayo ; , been most active
In Intrenching and the nearness , of
the beslegjng. lines , 1 } . is added , Indicates
their mujlncsa fr tho. Assault , which there
has been a disposition in military circles to
believe thq peers wcro ; not willing to under
take. It musthowever " * , have been patent
to General Joubert that Ladysmlth would
not fall to Iho fire of his artillery , and ,
therefore , ho had no choice but to assault the
place or retire to" the passes of the Drakons-
burg In the hope of Involving the pursuing
Drltlsh In the .Intricate fastnesses of the
mountains. The- cessation of the cannonade
mentioned In the' dispatch and the opening
of musketry flro Implies , It Is said , that the
Doers were obliged to" stop their artillery
for fear of hitting their own men , and that
nothing further has bbcn heard from this
movement la regarded "here as an Indication
cither that , the thrcalened assault was post
poned or that the result was Indecisive ,
otherwise , it Is said , something further
would have leaked , out before now.
IMxcrcdlt KrcncH Slorlen.
A Paris paper today gleefully announces
the fall and capture of Ladysmlth , but re
ports from this sotlrce no longer cause a
ripple of excitement- Nevertheless there
will bo conslderable nnxlety here until the
war ofllco or some Independent version of the
latest developments at Ladysmlth Is known.
A private message from Mafcklng reports
that all was wellUhere' Monday , November 6.
The details of 'the' fighting nt Mnfeklng re
ceived by way"of Capetown and Magalapye
relate to the engagement of October 25 , al
ready reported. The story , however , Is pleas.
ant reading to the British , ns It shows the
garrison was cheerful , well provisioned and
The possible revolt of the Dasuto
chief , Jocl/'who , It has been announced , may
Join the Doers , Is attributed to tribal Jeal
ousy. There has been a long feud between
the half-brothers , Jonathan and Joel , the
latter refusing tqi recognize his brother's
nomination as chief. Joel therefore took an
anti-British , side U ajnst Jonathan In 1880
and committed mosl hideous atrocities. If
he Joins the Doers ft Is prophesied Chiefs
Lerothodl , Jonathan 'and others are liable
! o make short'Worfc"'of 'the recalcitrants.
. -T t _
' °
.CAPETOWN , Friday , . , Noy , . 10. A dis
patch rre < ? ely id , 'hero frpra ! Florin , under
dote of Thursday , Novcro.l > er 9 , says thet
'reports rccelved.therofroniLadysn\lth ) sald |
heavy .cannonading started at. daybreak , that
Eome of tbo Doec forces were within 1,560
yards rqt the British , . when the cannonad
ing ceased and-rlllo fire commenced.
The Pretoria dispatch also announces that
all was quiet at Mnfeklng and Klmborley.
An undated dispatch from Mnfeklng , re-
celved by a runner via Magalapye , Wednes-
'dav. November S.isayst Today all Is nulet.
Wo have been bombarded pretty heavily all
week. Friday night Captain Fltz-Clarenco
and Lieutenant Swlnburn with D squadron
of the Protectorate regiment made a
magnificent bayon'et charge upon the Doers'
entrenchment , driving them from their posi
tions end bayonettlng numbers of the Doers ,
who must have lost very heavily. The
charge was most , gallant and determined ,
The party could not hold the trenches and
lost six men killed , two prisoners and nlno
wounded In their retirement. We expect a
general attack tomorrow. The bombardment
has been most Ineffectual. Everyone re
mains under shell-proof cover. So far the
shells have only wounded ono man.
The enemy are using one ninety-four-pound
howitzer and seven other guns from seven to
fourteen-pounders. The town Is most cheer
ful and determined to resist attack to the
utmcet. The Doers are entrenched on every
side In great nunibere and are pushing
gradually closer and closer to the town
fortifications. We are well off for provlslons
and water , though very tired dodging shells'
and fighting. "Quito on civilized lines , Gen
eral Cronjo has always Riven duo notice of
n bombardment , and allowed an ambulance
party two hours on Saturday to re
cover the bodies , of six dead left In the
vicinity of the Doer trenches.
On Friday night Jan Dotha , the well
known Doer commandant , told a man with
the ambulance party that their lofia had
I been heavy and that his heart was very soro.
! Thp wounded incTudo Captain Fltz-Clarence
rand Lieutenant Swlnburn , both slightly ,
j In a skirmish at the outposts yesterday
[ one trooper was killed and nlno were
! , v oucded ,
j Only. flf.ty-.flvo .men of D squadron were
engaged In the attack , though they were as
sisted by' the flanking flro of a gain of the
Capo police , The Doers made a desperate
attempt to drlva back the British and their
rear trenches opened a terrific flro In every
direction , the flash of tbo rifles lighting up
the entire position , A hall of bullets rat-
tjod on thy roofs of the bouses of the town.
Upon completing a circuit of the Doer front
and the line of trenches , the Drltlsh with-
digw In Independent lines of retreat , cov
ered by n .flank flro from the Cape police.
The Dpora continued to volley at intervals
during * the .nlght . , The Doer less Is esti
mated at 100 killed and wounded. The
Doer commander Informed an officer In
charge , of a flag of truce that bo estimated
the attacking squadron at 1,000 and was
not aware that tbo Drltlsh force at Mate-
king was BO large.
The Doers were observed from Mafeklng
burying their dead nil day long.
A letter In the Times written by an offl-
cer on board the transport Nubia asserts
"that 1.600 rations of Bait carrion labeled
New York , 189'J , had to bo thrown over
board , as It was full of disease , " adding :
"They only salt down S * ° very worst portions
tions of very inferior beasts and plga. "
Thla ban aroused a storm of Indignation
against the "rascally contractors and Inca
pable admiralty transport officers who al
lowed filthy , salted brisket beef to be fur
nished to tbo troops. "
Thu War pfilco has accepted a gift of
10,000 plum puddings for ttu > troops in
Somh Africa. These puddings will aggregate
gate upward ? of ( en tons In weight.
I'rorUlon Di'nlern
LIVEUPOOL , Nov. 15. The provision
trade at a meeting here recently ( subscribed
2.000 1o the Transvaal war fund , The
president cabled the result to business
friends In Chicago , who have now replied
thai $3,000 has been subscribed there and
that more Is to follow.
Itrnxll Cclchrntcn the Anniversary of
the 12nd ot ( lip .lloit-
1UO DB JANEIRO" Nov. 15. Orazll today
Is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the
proclamation of the republic. There was n
military parade and n naval review , the
president. Dr. Campos Salles , held a recep
tion of the diplomatic corps , ministers , etc. ,
and tonight there will bo balls and other
public entertainments.
The agitation In the province of Dahl.i
The pest has appeared at several places
outside of Rio do Janeiro.
At Santoa yesterday the supreme tribunal
granted fifty-six write of habeas corpus In
the cases of political prisoners at Matte
Grosse , Including the governor , vice gov
ernor , secretaries , judges and n number of
citizens of Importance.
The German minister here , Count von
Arco-Vnllcy , has presented a diplomatic note
to thb Brazilian government protesting
against the arrest of a German subject on
board a steamer nt Porto Alcgro , on tha
charge of gross Immorality ,
The Dollvlan government has declared free
of duty all merchandise shipped from Brazil
ian ports to Aero until September , 1900.
American and Uuropcnn goods enjoy the
benefit of this decree.
of IlrlMtol l.nvlnhly Decorated
for ( InOuciiNlnn. . * '
DRISTOL , Nov. 15. The visit of Queen
Victoria hero today to open the Convalescent
Homo of Clifton was cundo the occasion for
a great display of patriotism. The town was
lavishly decorated and her majesty passed
through six miles of Venetian masts , im
perial standards , heraldic designs and gar
lands of flowers. Thirty trains brought Im
mense crowds of visitors to Bristol. The
queen , who was accompanied by Princess
Christian of Sclileswlg-Holstcln , Princess' '
Henry of Dattenberg and the duchess of Con- '
naught , was received with a royal salute and |
escorted by a detachment of the Houschol
cavalry. The procession started for ditto
In thi ) midst of a tumultuous popular accla
Making a stop nt the council house , th
queen knighted the mayor of Drlstol. Sh
expressed her gratification nt the city'
growth since she had visited It ni a princes
and nt the fact that Gloucestershire had con
trlbuted so many members of the army nm
navyi who had recently been so consplcuou
for their valor and devotion. The route t
Clifton was lined with a force of 7,000 volun
teers and regulars. The school chlldrc
gathered In the park and sang the natlona
anthem. An address by the mayor and cor
porntlon was presented to her majesty In
gold casket. Her majesty returned to Windsor
ser this evening.
During the ceremony of the Inauguration
of the home 27,000 children sang the Jubllc
hymn and an address was presented to th
queen , who expressed the deep , personal In
terest which she took In the charity ant
earnestly expressed the hope that the horn
would contribute in no small degree to the
alleviation of human suffering. The homo
IB intended as an adjunct to the Drlsto
Royal hospital , cost 100,000 and was prl
vately donated.
Rol > licr IIuiulH Commit Crimes anil d
UIIJMI M lulled.
-.VjCTORIAT D. C. . , Nov. IB. 'An 'even
which epeaks for Itself of the lawless state
of the country bordering on and beyond the
now territory , Kowloon , China , took place
quite recently. A gang of scoundrels kid
naped a lad of 7 years , with a view to hold
Ing him for ransom. A message was sen
to tbo father demanding of him n ransom
somewhat beyond his means , and consequently
quently the father could not pay It. The
fiends , believing that he was able to raise
the money if ho wished , again sent to htm
threatening that If the money was not sen
out within a specified time the boy would
be returned to him In pickle , and , the money
not being sent , actually put their threat
Into effect , the dead body of the lad being
i returned to the father in a jar of brine
The perpetrators of this horrible outrage
nro still at largo and apparently the Chinese
authorities are making no effort to nrrce
Captain Raymond of the steamer Whlto
Cloud , which foundered on the way to
Manila , has just been arrested in Hong
Kong for taking the vessel to eca In an
unseaworthy condition.
French OllleerN Killed liy ( "hlncNe.
PARIS , Nov. 15. Admiral Courrejolos
cables from Kwang-Chow-Wnng that two of
his officers , who , at Montao , Imprudently
crossed the river , were murdered by Chinese.
The French admiral then seized the profocl
of the province of Hainan and his gunboat.
The French minister at Pekln has been In
structed to demand from the tsung-11-
yemen the punishment of the murderers
by the responsible authorities.
In Peril.
LIMA , Peru , Nov. 16. ( Via Galvcston ,
Tex. ) There -were no celestial phenomena
last night , but at 12:30 : o'clock this morning
thcro was a strong earthquake chock , ac
companied by a great rumbling. The people
of Lima and Callno were alarmed and rushed
to the streets , public squares and sea beach.
JVew I'rexldent of Itnllnti Cliiimlipr.
ROME , Nov. 15. The Chamber of Dep
uties today , by a vote of IDS to 179 , elected
Scnor Colombo , formerly minister of the
treasury and tbo government candidate
to the presidency of tbo house , against the
opposition candidate , Senor Dlancherl , for
merly president of the chamber.
Defeat Columbian
LIMA , Peru , Nov. 15. ( Via Oalveston ,
Tex. ) The latest news received hero In re
gard to the revolution Is that Colonel Ore
of tbo insurgent forces made an attack on
Pisco , In the department of Lima , but was
utterly defeated , losing many rifles , mules
and ammunition.
Gift to the lied CroHH.
PAR19. Nov. 15. The Central Red Cross
society has received from the French Red
Crops EOclety , through Its president , the
duke of Aucr&tadt , the gift of a complete
equipment of medical appliances , Instru
mcntH , etc. , sufficient for two field hospitals.
C > vlnnu DOCK On-lit IlnmiiKC * ,
LONDON , Nov. IB. Special dispatches
frcm Dombay state that a cyclone baa
wrought hovoo in the atato of Nevagatpam ,
Hundreds of nntlvo dwellings have been
razed. There were no fatalities , but the
property loss was Immense.
( iiierln Trlnl Conlliiiit > nt 1'nrlN ,
I'ARIIS , Nov. 15 , The senate , Bitting as
a high court , pasted the day deliberating
on and rejecting various Impossible appli
cations In behalf of M. Querln and other
prisoners , whoso object , apparently , waste
to drag tbo proceedings.
Train * Colllil In u l' ' xr.
AMSTERDAM , Nov. 15. A London ex
press from Flushing collided with another
train near Capcllo during a fog today. Five
personi ! were killed outright and twonty-
nine were injured , fifteen fatally.
I'rlee of Tin ( iolnif DiMtn ,
LONDON , Nov. IB. After a considerable
rise yesterday tin today again collaptcd and
Is now 118 % , There were large transac
MoLain Brothers of Chicago Charged -with
Using Mails to Defraud ,
Conduct Thrlr OncrnllotiN wllli C -
( onier * In Ynrlon * I'nrtn nt the
Country It IN Claimed They
Reullred ? , - | ( > 0nO .
CHICAGO , Nov. 15. The federal authori
ties today took cognizance of the reports
which had been made concerning the alleged
fraudulent business of the Hoard of Trade
firm of McLaln Dros. & Co. and arrested
Charles K , and Albert L. McLiln of the
firm. The charge was using the United
States malls an n scheme to defraud. The
prisoners were taken bcforo United States
Commissioner Humphrey , where they waived
examination on the charge and were held to
the federal grand jury In bonds of $5,000.
The ball was what Is known ns n joint and
several bond , the whole of which will bo
forfeited , If cither or both of the defendants
fall to appear in court when called upon.
The two Doard of Trade men are said to
have run their operations with customers
In various parts of the country two years
ago and It Is claimed they realized (500,000
through their "bucket shopping" scheme.
They will not appear In court again until
next spring and not then unless the federal
grand jury finds true bills on the charges.
The firm of McLaln Dros. & Co. has
stopped all operations on the market , hav
ing transferred its trade. The case which
will be presented before the next grand jury
Is said to show most flagrant violations of
the Doard of Trade rules , as well as offenses
against the postal laws. The firm's busi
ness consisted principally of deals for coun
try customers. The members of the firm
are eatd to have "matched" buying or sellIng -
Ing orders from customers with the reverse
trade on Us own account and the work Is
said to have been carried on so quietly that
many customers lost money on the fictitious
The evidence In the case Is In the custody
of the postplllcc inspectors and Is made up
of a bundle of several hundred letters writ
ten by the defendants to their customers.
Some of thcso customers were : F. A.
'Hykc ' , Luverne , Minn. , H. M. Lloyd , Sterl-
, lng , Knn.j J. J. Stevens , Dalton , Kan. ; Hun
ter Milling company , Wellington , Kan. ; A.
C. Mains , Philadelphia , 111.
The warrant for the arrest of the McLaln
brothers was based on the alleged swindle
of L. A. Hyko of Luverne , Minn. , who seems
to have lost about $20,000 In his dealings
with the firm. The Doard of Trade rules pro
vide that when sales or purchases are made
for n customer the firm must furrtlsh _ the
former with memoranda , giving the natno of
the firm from which the purchases were
made or to which the commodity was soli ) ,
as well ns the prices at which the deals were
made. The evidence consists of letters and |
memoranda of transactions made with cus
tomers and shows that while an effort wnfi
made to keep within the letter of tbe Donrd
of Trade rules , a conspiracy existed among
certain local firms to violate them. It Is
eald thcso deals , which were made by the
McLaln brothers for customers In the west ,
were "bucket shopped" and never reached
the grain pit.
Uvldciict'it nt the Good I'nilerHlnml-
Ine Iletwceii < Iic Tno
YOKOHAMA , Oct. 3. , Via Victoria , D. C. ,
Nov. . ID.-rThe last , regiment ot returning
volunteers , thp-Tenneasceane , passed through
here last wcek and the most extraordinary
record made by any army Is now complete
and unbroken. Twelve thousand troops hnvo
occupied the city for an average ot two days
and nights without the slightest disturbance
ot any kind.
The general Impression that a close under
standing now exists bctwcn China and Japan
has Its latest confirmation In the fact that
Kang Yu Wei , leader of the Chinese reform
party , who , at the time of the coup d'etat ,
fled from the wrath of the empress dowager ,
Is now , on his return from America , re
fused an asylum here. Arriving on October
23 by the Empress , he was not permitted
to land. When the steamer reached Kobe ,
however. It appearing that If he was obliged
to stay on board he would have to proceed
to Shanghai , where complications were to b *
feared , he was allowed under police escort
to go by rail to a port on tbe Inland sen ,
where be could take passage direct to Hong
Kong. Today his arrival nt the latter place
Is reported. The opposition papers make
much of the Incident , to the discredit of the
Japanese government.
Comment on the Mosampo affair con
tinues to be InccEsant. Report has It that
Russia has secured thcro a tract of 170
acres , although not tbo coveted location
which the Japanese were so fortunate as to
pre-empt. Thn latter was also credited with
an arrangement In conjunction with the
Corean government to build a dry dock there.
On the 17th and 18th ultimo , In a terrific
gale off the coast of Hokkaido , out of n fleet
of thirteen schooners , which had set oul
together to cross tbe China sea , ten wcnl
down with all on board , numbering ninety
On the continent Russia Is now showing
Its hand without reserve. Llao Tung pcnln-
sula , which Japan was forced to tedo back
o China , IB now Russian territory. Its gov
ernment Is administered by the commandant
ot tbe nufolnn naval and military forces
under order of the minister of the treasury
at St. Petersburg. Port Arthur Is the scat
of the government. A Russian diplomatic
agent and a financial commissioner nro np
pointed and judicial procedure of the reign
of Alexander II Is enforced throughout the
whole territory.
SI ore Cnni'M of I'lnuiir ,
OPORTO , Nov. 15. Flvo additional plague
cases were reported yesterday , with ono
death from the same cause.
Dr. Camara Pcdtana/ director of tbe Dae-
erlologlcal Institute , died hero today of the
tlague. Ho contracted the disease whllo nt-
ending patients. >
King Charles visited the Pestana hospital
Can't ' Stand Cold
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stand cold weather. The
sharp winds pierce them ,
and the keen air hurts them.
They have cold after cold ,
lose flesh , and spring-time
finds them thin and delicate.
will make such boys and
girls hearty and strong. The
body is better nourished ,
and they are better pro
tected. The blood becomes
richer , and that makes them
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sun * It It properly
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name. Dr. I * .
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The Tro cad er o S' v-affi !
Latst Two Shows , Sunday , Nov , 10th.
Matinees Saturday and Sunday.

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