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County Olerk Haverly E plie3 to Criticisms
of Form of Ballot.
"IVnn Not Vrlnteil Until It llnil Hocn
ApiiriMtMl Iiy the Secrelnry of
the Drinncrntlo Countr
v , Co n trul Committee.
Y Concerning the general criticism among
fuslonlsts ot the form of the ballot relating
to district Judges , and the particular as
sault upon him because of It by the World-
Herald , County Clerk Havcrly has made
the following statement :
OMAHA , Nov. 13. To the Editor of the
World-Herald ! I have read your editorials
In your morning Issue of the World-Herald
of Tuesday , November 7 , entitled "A Warn
ing to Voters. " and that of Wednesday
evening , November 8 , under the caption
"Thou Shalt Not Steal , " In which you charge
mo with willful Intent to so construct the
omclal ballot an to befog and mislead the
voters of Douglas county , and that I was
us putty In the hands of a machine or com
bine , etc. , etc. This Is the first opportunity
1 have had to answer your unjust and un
warranted attack. I deslro to submit here
with the history of the official ballot re
ferred to , and ask that you give It equal
publicity with your two articles , that my
follow citizens may bo fully advised , to the
end that no unjust criticism may re t upon
tno In their minds In connection with this
matter. I have endeavored to bo courteous
to all In the administration ot the duties of
this offlco. I have discharged the duties
along my own Ideas and have not been
dominated by any man , combine or raa-
chlno. I have endeavored to bo a servant
ot all the people. I bellevo had you In
vestigated the matter your articles would
not have appeared.
lllntory of nniclnl Ilnllot.
After the nominations were made and were
certified to this offlco I had prepared a
bulletin upon which I placed the names of
, all parties nominated and by whom noml-
\ natcd. On the 19th day of October , 1899 , I
/ sent the following letter to tbo different
political county central committees :
"Your attention Is called to a bulletin
which shows the nominees of the different
parties to bo voted for at the coming No
vember election for Douglas county , Ne
braska , which Is now ready and open for
your Inspection.
"I would rotiucst that you call nnd cx-
nmlno tbo same , and eco that tbo names
arc correctly spelled , and that they appear
Y thereon for the offlco for which they were
J nominated. I would also call your atten-
' tlon to the fact that It Is the duty ot the
county clerk to have the sample ballots on
file for Inspection ten (10J ( days prior to
the election ( October 28) , nnd request that
you call nnd oxamlno the same and see that
It Is technically correct , that there may bo
no objections thereto after It Is too late to
correct tbo same. "
The above letter was sent to the following
named persons , tow It : Ed P. Smith , chair
man democratic Judiciary committee. New
York Llfo building ; Louis V.Guye , chair
man people's Independent Judiciary commit
tee , CIO South Thirteenth street ; Thomas
F. Sturgcsa , secretary silver republican
Judiciary committee , care Omaha Bee ;
John T. Hart , secretary democratic county
committee , 938 North Twenty-third street ;
M. H. Collins , chairman republican county
committee , Karbach block ; Lawrence Rath ,
secretary silver republican county committee -
too , 1022 Now York Life building ; John O.
YcUer. 'chairman people's * Independent
cqurity.icoranilttc .t'.iori New-P-York Llfo
building ; II. II. " BaldrTge , chairman repub
lican Judiciary committee. New York Lite
On October 27 the printers had the sample -
plo ballot printed , a copy of which was
placed In my ofllco open for Inspection. I
then sent word again to the different com
mittees Interested , as well as to many of the
prominent candidates , and earnestly re-
fiucsfcd them to promptly call and examine
It to see that there vvero no technical errors
Jn the ballot. In response to this request
the different committees examined the ballot
and the general consensus of opinion was
that the ticket ns formed was In every way
satisfactory , and I have the written O. K. of
the secretary of the republican county cen
tral committee , and the secretary of the
democratic county committee to this effect ,
/ the other committees saying that the ticket
I -xvas all right , but withheld their O. K. on
/ * account of the mandamus proceedings then
pending against the placing of the name of
Martin Langdon upon the ballot , and also
had in mind their contemplated mandamus
proceedings respecting the placing of the
names of the people's Independent party
nominees Instead ot tbo republican nominees
fliet on the ballot , which later on man
damus proceedings vvero Instituted and
decided by his _ honor , Judge Powell , In
favor of the ballot as prepared by me.
\ No objections vvero made by any ono on
J\ \ the formation ot the ticket until the 2d
Jy ' day of November , after G o'clock p m. , after
both tbo odlclal and sample ballots had
been printed and the sample ballots dis
tributed , and this single objection being
made by I. J. Dunn. I then told this party
objecting that It was too late to make any
change , that the sample ballot was dis
tributed and the offlclal ballot printed.
I would also call your attention to the
concluslvo fact that the total number of re
jected ballots on the Judiciary ticket for
the county Is 291 , This Includes blank and
rejected ballots , and the total Is Insufficient
to change the result. Furthermore , the total
of thcao rejected and blank ballots for South
Omaha Is 9. South Omaha Is democratic
and ono would expect the greatest less there
'to the judicial ticket If your assertions In
the editorials complained of herein were
correct. '
I herewith e > ubmlt affidavits of employes
In my oftlco who wcro charged with the execution
ecutionof my orders In reference to the
ballots. D. M. HAVEHLY.
OMAHA , Neb. , Nov. 13 , 1899 ,
AflliliMlt of Deputy County Clerk.
Btato of Nebraska , County of Douglas , bs :
C , L. Harris , being duly sworn , says that
bo Is deputy county clerk , and aa such has
close and confidential relations with the
county clerk , and Is knowing to all that
takes place In the county clerk's office. That
In preparing the ballot , the law and the
ichcdulo of the law fixing the form and
order of the ballot was followed with great
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\V ut your mouiuclia or b .iril a beautiful
htown or rich bltclcT alien uie
care and fidelity , and after It was prepared
the different central committees were noti
fied to call and Inspect the ballot , and they
rcaponded to the call , and we received the
written 0. K. ot the republican and demo
cratic county committed , the other commit
tees eaylng the ticket wan all right In form ,
but withheld their written approval on ac
count of the mandamus proceeding * con
templated and pending , and after the deci
sion of the court sustaining the action of
the county clerk the official ballot was
printed , and no objection was made until
after the ballot was printed and too late to
make- any change. And knowing D. M.
Haverly so well and Intimately , I am sure
that ho is Incapable of a trick to take nd-
vantage of any one In his own Interest , or
anybody cine , and I wish to eny further that
by reason of his fidelity to his'omclal duties
he neglected his canvnsa almost entirely and
depended on his friends and his administra
tion of the offlco during the past term for
Subscribed and sworn to by
Clerk Solomon' * Afllilntlt.
State of Nebraska , Douglas County , ES :
U. a. Solomon , being first duly sworn , on
oath sajs that ho Is the chief clerk In the
tax department In the ofllco of D. M. Hav
erly , county clerk ; that he , under the direc
tion of said county clerk , prepared the offi
cial and sample ballots used at the election
held on the 7lh day of November , 1899 , us
well as a bulletin upon which was placed
the name of the party nominees , and that
tbo sample ballot and bulletin wcro dis
played In a conspicuous place at all times
during office hours for the Inspection ot the
voters of said county ; that by Instruction
of the county clerk the different county
central committees were advised of the sarn-
plo ballot being on exhibition nnd were re
quested to call nnd examine the same. In
order that there might bo no technical er
rors to correct after It was too late to do
BO ; that there were no objections made by
any of the different parties to the manner
nnd form of the ballot ; thnt the 0. K. of
the secretary of the republican county cen
tral commlttco and the democratic central
committee were made In writing upon said
ballot. The other county central commlt-
tcco withheld their O. K. for the reason that
mandamus proceedings were then instituted ,
or about to bo Instituted , relating to the
placing of the name of Martin Langdon for
county Judge , and that of the nominee of
the people's Independent party being placed
first upon tbo ballot. The Judicial cart of
the ticket contained the names of fifteen
candidates , seven of whom were republicans ,
und seven had the endorsement of the pee
ple's Independent nnd democratic conven
tion , and ono nominated by petition and had
the endorsement of the silver republican
committee. That no objections were made
until the night of the 2d ot November ,
ifter the official and sample ballots were
printed and the sample ballots distributed.
This objection was to the effect that there
was not sufficient space between the names
ot the nominees of the people's Independent
party , the democratic party , and that of the
candidate by petition , who had the endorse
ment of the silver republican party. But
by reference to the election law of the
state of Nebraska , section 140 , will be found
the Instructions for making up the ballot ,
which says : "That the space intervening
between the names ot the candidates of the
same party for the same offlco anall bo 3-16
Qf an Inch , and the space between the names
ot candidates of different parties shall be
} l of an Inch , " which law was
strictly compiled with , and will so appear
by Inspection.
Subscribed and sworn to by
Clerk Snummy Mnkcn Affidavit.
State of Nebraska , Douglas County , ss :
W. A. Saussay , being first duly sworn , on
oath deposes and saje that ho Is a clerk
employed In the offlco of D. M. Haverly ,
county clerk of Douglas county , Nebraska ;
that as such clerk ho assisted In making a
bulletin which showed the names ot the
nominees of the different parties to bo voted
for at the election which took place on No
vember 7 , 1899.
That on October 20 , 1899 , by order of said
county clerk , I personally notified the fol
lowing named officers of the various com
mittees and conventions that said bulletin
was open for their Inspection , and that they
mil nnd sp thnt. thn names were correctly
spoiled , and that they appeared thereon for
the offlco for which they had been nomi
nated and certified to the county clerk by
said officers of said committees and conven
tions" : II. H. Baldrlgo , chairman republican
Judiciary committee ; Lawrence Rath , secre
tary people's Independent Judiciary commit
tee ; John O. Yelser , chairman people's In
dependent county committee ; W. W. Mc
Combs , chairman , and W. H. Gunsolus , sec
retary , of the democratic central commit
tee ; J. M. Kenney , chairman , and E. F.
Morearty , secretary , of the people's Inde
pendent county central committee ; M. H.
Collins , chairman , nnd J. A. Tucker , secre
tary , of the republican county central com
mittee. That on or about the 20th day of
October , 1899 , the above named persons
called and Inspected said bulletin , when each
were again notified that on the 26th day
of October sample ballots would bo on file
In tile offlco of the county clerk.
That on the 28th day of October. 1809.
sample ballots were on fllo In the office of
said county clerk , and the above named per
sons wcro acaln personally notified by mo
thnt said sample ballot was open for their
Inspection. That on said day , October 28 ,
1899 , W. H , Gunsolus , secretary of the demo
cratic central committee , and J. A. Tucker ,
secretary of the republican central commit
tee , approved ot said ballot and attached
their signatures thereto.
Further affiant saltb not.
Signed and sworn to byW.
J. D. Bridges , editor "Democrat , " Lancas
ter , N , II , , says : "One Minute Cough Cure
IB the best remedy for croup I ever used. "
Immediately relieves acid cures coughs ,
colds , croup , asthma , pneumonia , bronchitis ,
grlppa and all throat and lung troubles. It
prevent * consumption.
Ml line h nil u Council DniieeH.
The Mlnnchalm council , No , 2 , Degree ot
Poiahontas , met Thursday evening for a
fotlul time In P.itloison hall. Seventeenth
und Farnum Dancing wan the order of the
evening and eighteen dances were enjo > ed.
Thorn were about llfty couples prtfcnt. The
committee on arrangements consisted of :
Mrs S. F. Sldner. MrV. . II. Bouet. [ Miss
Flora Whltcly , Mr . A. L. Juckman and
Mrs ) . Khkondall. Thlc dance w.ii the tlrst
of n series of winter dances which are given
annually bv the order The money raised
will go toward buying a new lodge outtlt to
replace thfa nno lost In the Labor Temple
lire and to Increase the sick fund.
INSTRUMENTS placed on record Thurs
day , November 1C. 159 !
Wiirrnnty lee U.
A. 13 Saniuclson and wlfo to K S.
Kcrr , p 30 feet lot 9. Elizabeth Place. } 2,050
August Doll to August \Vfceiiborg , lot
18 , block 1 , Sheridan I'luce 500
H. F. Palmer and wlfo 10 Atlantlu
Realty association , lot 5 , block 5 ,
Hem'.H imrk 1
Atlantic Realty association to W , O.
I'pjohii , lot 6. block B , Boniln park. . . 600
Thomas Hector and wlfo to A. B.
Slaughter et ul , n& lot 11 , tdock S3 ,
South Omahu 2,600
Same to A. V. Calkins , lot 13 , Park
View CO ]
Heirs of Byron Reed to Catherine
ailBsman , i'W nvv W-15-12 1,973
Clau-i Jacobs nnd wlfo to same , BO nvv
uml Vt acre In svv 3M5-12 , . . . 2,000
Somerset Trust company to J. K.
George , lots H and 13 , block 25. WIN
cox's 2d tldd , , 2So
J , E , George to Annlo Boxchcrt , lot 15 ,
block 25Vllcox'i > 2d add 250
Unit Claim IleeilH ,
C. C. Parmelco nnd wife to E. P.
Rockweed , undlv 1-5 of Rockweed
Place 1,000
DeeiU ,
Sheriff to Frank' Thompson , lot S ,
block 4 , Monmouth park , and other
property . . , , , . . . , , . . . . 3iO
Total amount of transfers ? 12,011
Oonnty Committee Certifies to Its Receipts
and DisbnrsemenU.
runiU I'rotlrteil by Connty Kmp1o > cii
Arc Separately Itcpnrtcd Under
' the Innocent llcnd of
W. W. McCombs , treasurer of the dem
ocratic county central committee , has filed
his etatcmcnt of the finances of the comnilt-
tco , showing the expenditure of $1,663.03.
There are. two certificates , ono relating to
contributions to , and ono relating to assess
ments for , the fund. The assessments
amounted to | 875 and there was expended
from that fund $871. The contributions
reached the sum of $792.50 , and there was
expended from them $789 03. The report
leaves the sum of $4.45 of the Joint assess
ments and contributions accounted for , so
that the committee evidently quit business
\\lth money on hand.
The assessment list shows that the follow
ing sums were collected : Peter llofcldt ,
commissioner , $100 ; G. P. Elsasser , treas
urer , $130 ; Frank Broadwell , clerk of the
district court , $275 ; H. L. Drake , superin
tendent of schools , $60 ; E. T. Youngfelt , sur
veyor , $25 ; John Power , sheriff , $200 ; C. E.
Forbes , commissioner , $20 ; Stanley B.
Lctovesky , John Zalandek , Hobart Williams ,
Thomas Harrington , Halph Hall and Wil
liam Brodcrlck , for assessors , and Robert
King , A. U. Harvey and E. A. Shaw , for
justices of the peace , $5 each.
This fund was expended as follows : For
polling wards In the city , Kevcr Jcllcn , $3 ;
James Klnney , $10 ; F. Bapka , $5 ; Joseph Kus ,
$10 ; J. P. Butler , $36 ; Patrick Desmond , $36 ;
Michael Butler , $24 : Frank Murphy , $44 ;
J. E. Donahue , $36 ; Hobart Williams , $12 ;
Joseph Nachtnabcl , $10 ; William Herald ,
$12 ; Charles Hauba , $5.
For salary of W. II. Gunsolus , eecrotary of
committee , $150 , and that of William Shields ,
clerk of committee , $50. For rent of halls ,
$210.50 ; rent of headquarters , $36 ; printing ,
$123.25 ; posting bills , $8 ; carriage hire , $17 ;
books , $2.85 ; Joseph Bulla and E. Conlejr ,
registration In South Omaha , $18 ; express ,
The contributions came almost entirely
from county officers and their subordinates ,
as follows : George W. Shields , county at
torney , $75 ; J. H. Grossman , deputy attorney ,
$36 ; E. E. Thomas , deputy county attorney ,
$25 ; Lee Holsley , deputy county attorney ,
$20 ; Harry P. Deuel , county auditor , $40.50 ;
W. R. O'Shaughneesy , clerk for auditor , $27 ;
W. H. Olmstcad , superintendent of county
hospital , $50 ; C. L. Rustln , engineer at
county hospital , $38 ; W. H. Gunsolus , mes
senger for county attorney , $27 ; Steve War
ren , George McArdlo , B. Bicrbach , D. F. Leo ,
George Ohm and A. A. Gary , employes at
county hospital , $15 each ; Ed. J. Dee , super
intendent of court house , $25 ; Philip Wag
ner , Henry Beal and Frank Hynek , janitors
at court house , $15 each ; Thomas Hector ,
county commissioner , $54 ; F. J. WoarnD ,
county phjslclan , $15 ; J. P. Connolly , county
commissioner , $54 ; state central committee ,
$125 ; county central committee , $26 ; E. E.
Howell , $10 ; J. G. Meseath. $10.
Of this fund $42 $ was expended for postage ,
$2.80 for books , 75 cents for janitor , $22
for music , $25 to Patrick Mostyn for detec
tive work , $12050 to hustlers to get out the
voters to register , $6 for carriage hire , $10
for Incidental office expenses , $35 to W. W.
McCombs for expenses , amounts as follows
for workers on election day at the respective
polls : First ward , $40 ; Second ward , $55 ;
Third ward , $50 ; Fourth ward , $20 ; Fifth
ward , $35 ; Slxlh ward , $3'ii Seventh wara ,
$30 ; Eighth ward , $40 ; Ninth ward , $30 ;
South Omaha , $70 ; Chicago precinct , $10 ;
Clontarf , $5 ; Douglas , $5 ; East Omaha , Elkhorn -
horn , Florence , Jefferson , Union and Platte
Valley , $10 each ; Mlllard and McArdle. $10
each , and West Omaha , $20.
Other Certllluntcn Filed ,
C. C. Wright , judge of the district court ,
shows that ho did not allow the central
committee to tap him at all , but he spent
$10 for his picture In the Burtonlan at Te-
kamah and $21.75 for railroad fare , hotel
bills and printing.
James P. English got Into It for $120 , of
which $50 was assessment by someone un
known , as the report of the democratic com-
mltteo does not show It. He also went $3.50
on the Royal Woodman , $10 on the Bur
tonlan , $5 on postage and the rest went for
carriage hire , car fare , printing and hotel
The candidacy of E. G. McGllton for regent
of the university did not stand him In a red
cent.D. M. Havcrly for county clerk liquidated
to the extent of $263 , of which $175 went to
the campaign committee , $28 50 to the South
Omaha Sun , $1 to the Royal Woodman , $10
to the Western Laborer , $5 each to tbo En
terprise and Progress , $8.50 to the Excelsior
and the rest for printing and distribution of
cards , postage and livery hire.
It cost Thomas Harrington $8 to run for
assessor , of which $5 went to the central
committee , $2.50 to cards and "time lost In
coming up to the court house to file this
statement , 50 cents. " To make the race for
justice of the peace Louis V. Guyo squan
dered $18.50 , all for printing and distribu
tion of cards. Arthur E. Baldwin for the
same office laid out $8.75 , of which $5 went
to the Royal Woodman. Adam Stengler ,
running for justice of the peace , reported ,
"I have had no expense whatever in my
election. " P. P. Mergen spent $7.75 for
printing , Paul Sommer $10 , of which $10
was assessment , and H. Williams $10 , of
which half was assessment , to run for as
sessors. Henry Farmer , for the Board of
Education , put $19 Into his hustle , of which
$5 went to getting voters to register , $2 to
the Royal Woodman and the rest for cards ,
The following report expenditure of noth
ing : Chris P. Soil and William Cohrs , over
seers , and John S. Kelly and J , P. Boyer ,
constables , Jefferson precinct ; Henry Sclp ,
assessor ; Henry Peters , assessor Chicago
precinct ; C , B. Nichols , assessor Waterloo ;
Herman Tangeman , overseer Clontarf ; Mar
cus Rees , assessor Clontarf , and W , W.
Wilde , justice Clontarf.
John J. Daly blew $2 Into his contest for
constable In South Omaha.
Ferdinand Haarraann's race for state sen
ator did not cost him a red.
Cnnrrifitlnn Oterlicnril
lift w con Tnn IlliiHtrliiun I > -
Iltluul rutrlut * .
Just after The Bee had reeled off Its edi
tion on Us presses Wednesday evening a
member of the btaff took down the telephone
to call up the Milliard hotel. The wires
seemed to have been crossed on the central
keyboard , and this Is the conversation bo
heard :
"Hello , there ! IB that you , Web ? Did
5 on tec The Dee tonight ? Doesn't that beat
all ? "
" .No ; I haven't seen It yet , "What's In It ? "
"What's In It ? Why , some chump be
longing to our league has been putting down
In a memorandum book everything that's
happened since we started out , and the
blamed fool has lost It and It's been sent In
to The Hee , "
"What's tliat you say ? "
"Keep out , central. Hello , there Is that
you. Web ? "
"Yes ; go ahead. "
"Well , they've got the whole story. How
we worked Palmer Into the deal and what
a bull the World-Herald made when It gave
away the purpose of the league to knife the
whole ticket , and how wo had to send Our-
Icy down to square It and afterward call
Flehcr In so that the World-Herald wouldn't
spoil the whole pie. I wonder who It can
be. "
"Well. 1 don't know. "
"It must have been somebody right on the
Inside ; otherwise how would they know thnt
wo did not Invltn anybody except those we
could depend upon to cut the whole ticket ,
and then pulled In a few of Hosewatcr's
friends to throw them off tbo track ? And
how else would they know , too , that we had
fixed It up with the World-Herald to print
all your speeches and that jou were to keep
them supplied with Imperialism talk for use
with the foreign voters ? Do you think some
one has turned traitor ? "
"I hardly bellcvo that , H Is simply as
you eny , some chump thnt has written down
all ho know as a memorandum and then let
It get Into the hands of The Dee. How
many of us have they got In It ? "
"More than they ought to have , although
only a few names are mentioned. H tclla
nil about the way we raised our money and
the scheme for permanent quarters. Won
der how they knew Ourley had won money
on bets on democratic candidates. Hold on
there , central , we're not through yet. Is
that you yet , Web ? "
"Yee. "
"Well , I told Gurley he should not bo so
anxious to mrvko money by offering to bet
publicly on democrats oven If ho did think
It was n sure thing. John 1 > . Kennedy made
a pretty muss , too. What did ho want to
promlso a contribution to the county com-
mtttco for It ho did not Intend to put It up
and while ho was working the ether way ?
You did better than that when you told them
there was nothing In It for you and you
didn't eco why you should put up at all.
That diary Is a dead give-away on nroatch.
I thought ho was smoother than that and
that ho did not even let our own people
know ho had the key to the combination.
I don't suppose ho carea , though. Don't BOO
how It can bo stopped now. The Dee has got
the whole thing. What's | hat you say ? We
keep right on with our plan ? You would
rather see democrata In the offices than any
republican outside of our crowd ? Well , I
feel that way , too. May as well stick to our
democratic allies as long as wo can't run
the regular party organization by ourselves.
Hope no other fool will cough up our
secrete. "
"No , not through yet , central. "
"Hello , Web , hello. Well , never mind ,
central. Let It go. "
Ceremonial of I3i > lncopiil Service In
Explained nnd Defended Iiy
Itcv. IrilnK I * . Joliimon.
The ceremonies and customs which have
grown up around the Episcopal church dur
ing the centuries since Us Institution , form
a most attractvo historical study , and In
a scrlea of lectures , Ilev. Irving P. John
son of South Omaha Is taking up those
subjects In a popular way. Thursday night
at St. Paul's church Mr. Johnson answered
the question , "Why Do Wo Say Prayers
Out ot a Book ? " The speaker began by
repeating the verso from St. Matthews ,
"When yo pray , be not as the hypocrites
nre , for they love to pray standing on the
street corner and In the synagogue. "
"People say , " continued Mr. Johnson ,
"that God does not want a ceremonial wor
ship ; that Ho would prefer words spoken
In His pralso to bo extemporaneous ; from
the heart , and without set form. In the
first place , how does any ono presume to
say what God wants or does not want ? As
a matter of fact the only service that
God ever Instituted was a ceremonial wor
ship In which Ho presented very minutely
what ceremonies should bo used and even
how the priests' vestments should be
trimmed. , r > > ,
"So far as we know from the holy scrip
ture , Jesus Christ never conducted nn ex
temporaneous service. Ho preached ser
mons In public , but never , so far as we
know , made an extemporaneous prayer. He
certainly did worship frequently according
to the ritual In the temple. St. John , also ,
when he describes In Revelations the wor
ship of heaven , describes a ceremonial and
not an extemporaneous service.
"Taklnir hlHtorlcnl vlnur
n thn i =
record of an extemporaneous record before -
fore the sixteenth century. Surely If * Is
fitrango that In all the ages of Christian
worship It should have been reserved for
the last three centuries to worship God
In the only approved method.
"Tho objection Is made that prayers read
from a book do not come from the heart.
Are not hymns also printed ; could not a
similar objection bo made that they are
not sincere because they arc sung out ot
a book ? It Is sometimes said that cere
mony Is not Indicative of great Intellectual
power , but If ono goes among savages ho
finds scant ceremony , while long estab
lished forms prevail In the Court of St.
James. "
Tell 1'nlnonlni ; .
Victims of tea poisoning are becoming
alarmingly prevalent. Women demand the
llfo and variety of health , and Instead of
doing It naturally by building up their sys
tems they resort to tea. They should take
Hostetter's Stomach DItters Instead. fly
strengthening the digestive organs this
brings beauty and good spirits. It tones up
the nerves , drives away the blues , regulates
the bowels and cures all forms of dyspepsia.
All druggists sell U.
Holiiirt < ; really Improved.
PATKnSON , N. J. . Nov. 16.-Vlco Presi
dent .Hobart passed a comfortable nlirht.
Ho slept well nnd wa < Quito refreshed this
morning. Ho lite polld food for breakfast
and sat up In his chnlr in Ills bedioom
looking over the morning papers.
Tlpket llrokpm Adjourn.
DETROIT. Nov. 16J. . A. Webb of Chicago
cage WIIH elected president of the National
Ticket Brokers' association at the conclud
ing setHlon of the convention. The next
place ot meeting Is nt Cleveland.
I.lcennen ,
The following marriage licenses were
Issued Thursday :
Nu mo and Residence. Ago.
Albert W Sullivan , South Omaha . XI
May R. Hcffron , Kansas City . 'li
James lj. McDonald , Atkinson , Neb , . . . 4S
Christine Weller , Omiilm . z ;
Kdvvanl Hnmmerlck , Orrmlia . 21
ICHa Christie , South Omaha . is
William P.-.rsons , Omaha . 21
Myrtle II. Yates , Omahu . gj
Ktlmn Cole , Florence . , . -a
May nurmann , Lead City , 8. D . . . . . . 13
KrnntlH J. Glenn , Tellurldc , Cole . 'a
I.ucretla Buchanan , Nematia , Neb . 18
Divld II , Brooding , Oakland , Neb . si
Inga RonsberB , Dell Rapldx , 8. D . 20
A. S , Sands , a Wilbur attorney , Is regis
tered nt the Her annul.
W. II. Sublftte , a prominent Nebraska
City man , Is at the Mlllard.
Olive Porter of "Tho Purple Lady" com
pany U at the Her Grand.
F. W. Brown , a miner from Crlpplo
Creek , Is visiting In the city.
J , II. Ncff , proprietor of the Stockman's
Journal , In In town from Kaunas City.
Mr. nnd Mrs , Rodgers and Frank Hatch
of "Tho Purple Lady" company aie regis
tered at the Mlllard.
Mr. R. O. Herbert Is In the city to take
charge of u branch ofllco to be opened here
by u Cleveland dry goods Jobbing and
manufacturing houbc.
K. V. Qlroux , ono of the bent known
theatrical men In the country , Is in tlm
city. He Is piloting an "Uncle Torn'B
Cabin" company , which Is Hatlslled ultli
ono Topsy.
Mrs. Mary A. Barlow , a distinguished
artist und writer , now .1 resident of Colorado
Kprlngn. Colo. , Is In the city viritlDg Mrs.
J , R. Buchanan. Mrs. Barlow Is on her
way homo after an extended visit In New
York and other eastern cities ,
Fusion Managers Haye Difficulty in Satis *
fying All the Olans.
.Vlipnrilnninrnt of Appointr ! Oflleeft
Het-iveen Purlieu ntnl Within
the ItnnkH i\eltoa Turmoil
mill Contention ,
The partial victory won by the fusionIsts -
Ists In Douglas county has culminated In a
mad scramble for the loaves nnd fishes , and
promises' made before election have fallen
to a low discount. Since the returns proved
the success of the fusion candidates for
clerk of the court , sheriff and treasurer , the
leaders have been putting their heads to
gether nnd resolved arbitrarily to deter
mine who shall nnd who shall not connect
with the salary roll , The disposition of the
populists to divorce themselves from the
trlumvlrato as manifested In the last cam
paign has forced the democratic managers
to rcprcsB their ravenous appetites and con-
ccdo to the populists n share of the spoils.
Democratic conimlttccmcn luuo been busy
for several days deciding upon the appor
tionment of the officco with the end In view
of placating the hostility existing among
factions in their own ranks , even when to
do this prominent democratic workers who
have been hewing the party wood and carryIng -
Ing the party water for years have to bo
turned down.
I'nt l-oril In Cut Out.
For example , Pat Ford , the democratic
wheclhorso of the Third word , was assured
3f the position of county jailer nnd on the
strength of the assurance worked night and
: lay for Power , but Ford's laurels are to bo
snatched from him nnd given to a populist ,
James B. Jones , president of the Peter
Cooper club. Jones , although not endorsed
by the populist committee nor by the club ,
das the favor of the plecutters , with the re
sult that the ehcrlff-elcct has accepted the
edict to make Jones jailer.
Another deal said to have been closed
Is the appointment of Charles Posplssel , an
other populist , who has the support of the
machine , as ono of the sheriff's deputies.
The populists have also secured the ap
pointment of John W. Barnctt as one of
the clerks under County Treasurer-elect El-
Basscr. Secretary Morearty of the popu
list county committee has been grooming
himself for a place In the district court
clerk's office and counts on the solid backing
of the machine manipulators.
So far as the populist part of the situation
is concerned , things seem therefore to bo
in a pacific condition. But among the dem
ocrats the wool Is flying like a prize sheep-
shearing contest. All sorts of threats arc
being made against the machine. Demo
crats protest that the populists ate hogging
It and that the tall Is wagging the dog.
Content llet eeu > iitloiinlltlt < ri.
Still another source of contention is aris
ing from the allotment of the offices to the
different nationalities. The leaders have
undertaken to say that each of the suc
cessful candidates shall appoint such and
such Bohemians , such and such Germans ,
such and such Swedes , etc. , and naturally
the ordinary every-day political worker ,
who has not the advantage of foreign birth ,
wants to know where he comes in.
The Bohemians , In particular , are being
eyed with jealous glances , because , accordIng -
Ing to the slate , they nre to bo given balm
for falling to elect any of the Bohemian
nominees on the ticket.
It Is understood that Editor Roslcky , who
played a star role In the Bohemian defec
tion , Is down for a place on the revised
police commission should the Herdmanltes
get their board restored.
Vnc Buresh , whose grievance was held
up for Qvengemcnt because he slipped In
his aspiration for a republican nomination ,
expects to be kept In his present position
as a deputy In the treasurer's office , while
Vcdlcka , another Bohemian , who served on
the election board as a republican , Is to be
rewarded with a place In Broadwell's office
In recognition of his signature to the cir
cular appealing to the Bohemians to vote
the straight fusion ticket.
More ISohemlnn Discontent.
In the sheriff's office the flght Is on be
tween Prlborsky , a republican bolter , for
deputy and Havclka , a democrat , now work
ing In the capacity of bartender at the
Crelghton theater bar. Bohemian demo
crats who have been voting the ticket right
along are asking themselves what they nre
to expect If the republicans who turned
tall on the eve of election are to have all
the lucrative jobs.
Similar sources of dissatisfaction are dis
playing themselves In other nationalities
and , while the victors have the spoils , It
Is a question whether they are to be a
burden or a benefit.
Iteeltnl Iiy Minn 1'nirer.
The first public recltnl for the year of the
department of oratory of the Av'onian's
club was given Thursday afternoon at the
club rooms by Miss Prlscllla Caroline
Puffer of Boston. Miss Puffer Is n graduate
of the Emerson School of Oratory and Is
the guest of her friend Miss Alice Howell.
Her selections were "The Klng'p P.irdon , "
Gooduin : "Just Llko Other Folks , " Hnlght ;
"The Legend Beautiful. " Longfellow :
"Gulnerere , " Tennyson. Miss Puffer's work
13 artistic , especially as to word shading ,
nnd her itntCfeOtrit slmplUlty of mannct
chumml her audience. She WB nsMstcd by
MlM Sftdlo Shattook rtml Mr. Bron on
Shiltork , violinist * , nnd Mlin Stella Shntia
niul Mr. Martin McCarthy , vocalists. Mrs.
Slbl played the accompaniments.
of TlnltliiK > iire .
The women of th6 VIMtlnit Nurses' asso
ciation held nn enthuslaotlo and well at
tended meeting on Thursdaj * nt their rooms
In the Arlington block. Special Imitation- )
were Issued to nil IntcreMed In their work
and ix liberal response wn * the result. Mrs.
riemcnt Chape. the recently elected presi
dent , oi'cupled the clmlr , nnd ilargo
amount of routine business was transacted.
U Is the Intention of the vvnmen to push
the work with all possible \lgor this fall
and winter , ns there are many needy eases
In tliu city requiring attention. A general
Invitation Is extended to nil women Inter
ested In this work to become active tuom-
beis , cilftn of clothlnu , food nnd fuel will
be most gratefully received nt their supply
rooms In the Arlington block , 1511 Dodge
I'lnte ( Jinan Wlmlovr lentro > c l.
Ono of the large plate sins * windows on
the rnrnnm street front of the People' ?
furniture store , Sixteenth nnd Karnnm
streets , vvns broken jcRterdiiy. Employes
of the store were moving n rniiRo Into the
window for display nnd the shock of setting
down the heavy stove , together with
pressure of the strong wind outside , shat
tered the window Into bits. The glass was
nearly 15\9 feet nnd was worth about $330.
n. A. Baldwin tells the pollen that some
one entered his roont nt SCOS Cumlng street
Wednesday nnd stole his troiHoro , valued
nt $10.
At the Itnrncy street temple Habbl H.
Iitirlo of Chicago will occupy the pulpit of
Habbl Simon tills p\citing upon .special In
vitation , lie will npeak oh "A Message of
Peace. "
Swan Ukberg 1ms filed a complaint
ngalnst live bo > \\linnltetld the Oass street
school. Ho states that , the boys destroyed
J10 worth of property by spilling three or
four burkcta of paint over the school house
floor. The cose Is et for November 23.
The advisory board , having been notified
by the Fire and Police commNloners th.xt
the largo truck stationed at Nn 3 cncltio
house Is no longer In a serviceable condi
tion , It has decided to advertise for bids
for a now truck , which Is expected to bo
for use in ninety days.
Slnco the completion of the paving of
Capitol avenue from Sixteenth to Twen
tieth street the Park commlHlon has taken
hold of the matter and ban been beautify
ing the little parks In the street. They
arc bchiR sodded nnd Illled with large shade
trccH. Next spring shrubs and flowering :
plants will bo set out In the parks.
The work of curving the ornamental fig
ures In the stone over the doors on tbo
postolllco building and nboilt the windows
is progressing at a rapid'rate. Workmen
are well along with the Sixteenth street
side nnd If the weather continues pleasant
It Is expected that nil the work will bo
completed before the middle of the w Inter.
The carving Is principally scroll nnd vine
All tenchors of junior und primary Sab
bath schools arc Invited to attend the regu
lar weekly meeting of the Primary Tench-
eis' union Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock
In the Young Men's Christian association
rooms. Mrs. George Wnll.iro will tench the
lesson. The topic for ncneral discussion ,
"What Benefit Does the Teacher Derives
from the Cldss ? " will be opened by Miss
Minerva Jourdan.
A tniin Riving his name ns J. F. Hall
nnd his address as Thirty-second nnd
Maple streets hired a horse and saddle
from the Hartley" street llvcrv stabUs
Wednesday afternoon nnd failed to return
tbo property. The horse was found In a
Thirteenth street blacksmith shop and the
saddle wan recovered from ft harness store
by the police , whore the man hud sold the
article for a uood nrlco.
The fln-t meeting of Unity club to take
up the year's work of the study of
mcdlaevnl civic lilstorv moots at the resi
dence of C. C. Belden , 2018 California street ,
this evening. Papers touching upon
the primitive Germans will be read by JIlss
Villa H. Shlppey , Miss Lucy J. floys nnd
Mr. H. P. Leavltt. An Interesting course
has been mapped out under the direction
of Mr. Charles B. Lobingler. Former mem
bers nnd the public generally nre Invited.
Sick Women Advised to Seek
Advice of Mrs. Pinkham.
"I had inflammation and falling1
of the xvomb , and inflammation of
ovaries , and was in great pain. I took
medicine prescribed by a physician ,
but it did mo no good. At last I heard
of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound , and niter using It faithfully I
am thankful to say I am a well women.
I would advise all suffering women to
seek advice of Mrs. Pinkham. " MRS.
" For several years my health was
miserable. I suffered tl\o most dread
ful pains , and was almost on the verge
of insanity. I consulted ono of the
test physicians in New York , and ho
pronounced my disease a fibroid tumor ,
advising an operation without delay ,
saying that it was my only chance for
life. Other doctors prescribed strong
and violent medicine , and one said I
was incurable , another told mo my
only salvation was galvanic batteries ,
which I tried , hut nothing relieved me.
Ono day a friend called and begged mete
to try Lydla B. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound. I began its use and took
several bottles. From the very first
bottle there was a wonderful change
for the bettor. The tumor has disap
peared entirely nnd my old spirits have
returned. I heartily recommend your
medicine to all suffering women. "
Our Great INoveniDer bpecial sale
is a Winner.
The attention of all economical buyers has turned our way , We wish to say
that all of our high grade elegant Furniture Is marked at special November Sale
prices , as well as the cheap and medium coods.
Our Stock is the Largest and Most Complete.
Our Prices Positively the Lowest.
Dining Hoom Table , strictly high quality , handsomely carved and turned legs ,
heavy 0. G. rim , table made of select quarter sawed oak , highly hand polished , largo
48x48-lnch top , eight-foot extension , regular price $28.00 , November Sale prlco only
Very handsome Dining Table , extra largo , E2xli2-lnch square top , table made of
best figured quarter sawed cak , handsomely hand polished , French shaped legs , ait-
Istlcally hand carved , a beautiful design , twelve-foot extension ; regular price | 54.00 ,
November Sale price $30.60.
Choice solid mahogany Dining Table , art sive design , made of best quarter sawed oak ,
istically carved , very rich design , hand swell front , three largo French plate shaped
somely ornamented , 48x 18-Inch square top , mirrors , artistic and choice hand carvings ,
eight-foot extension ; regular $39.00 ; No top five feet long , worth regular and never
vember Sale price only $23.50. sold for less than $00.00 , November Sale
Flemish Oak Dining Table , high grade , prlco $ G ! > .60.
superior finish and construction , 48-Inch Sideboard , canopy top , first-class , hand
square top , choice carvings , ten-foot exten polished and nicely carved ornamentations ,
sion ; regular $30.00 , November Sale prlto extra large French bovl mirror , swell front ,
$16.I > 0 , made of choice figured quartered oak , man-
Flemish Sideboard , very rich , attractive slvo , rich design , worth regular $55,00 , No
design , strictly high grade , hand carved and vember halo price $39.00 ,
extra choice ornamentation ; jour opportunity Solid mahogany Sideboard Duffel , hand
tunity now to purchase nt about one-half some design , hand carved and hand polished ,
price ; regular $55,00 , November Sale price awcll front and swell endo , largo French bevel
only $31.50. mirror , regular prlco $60.00 , November Sale
China Closet , made of best figured quar prlco $33.00.
ter sawed oak , hand polished , has cabinet China Closet , serpentine shaped front ,
top with mirror back , extra large ; regular made ot best figured quarter cawed oak ,
$49.00 , November Sale prlco only $31.50. hand polished , regular $29.00 , November Sale
Sideboard Duffel , very artistic , rich , mas price only 121,50 ,
The above are but a few of the many startling values wo are offering In strictly
high grade furniture. You can't afford to miss tlila opportunity. It will pay you
to sco us before making your purchase.
Orchard & Wilhelm Carpet Co ,
I4I4-I4I6-I4I8 Douglas Street.
Catarrh ! Asthma !
can be permanently cured
by the constant use of
as directed.
, T T , Ttbnmy and.
Dt'prv MALT \VnysKKV Co. , Kocht ter , N. Y.
Gtnllfniitt I Imeu r l omefoutorfi\cbotl1n
of your Malt Wh ! key , and find that It IIA < benefited
m > tittair/t mote limn an ) thing tile I ha\e tiled.
Send me a cn eof ? .i > three doien tattler of Malt
and the Formula. Your * re < pectfull > ,
Spring Volley , McPhervmCo.K n.Jati. loth.
DOT * v MALT \Vinik. hv Co.
Dear Sin. 1 read jrour Annual arid 1 nm miner
your Malt Whiskey for tattrrft * nd asthma , and
It helps me , Re ptctIuHy > our ,
_ _ _ I * . MAKIIR.
fiownmeM % t\raptnatk ttir ttnulne. DrutgUtiiifuklly
tell It. U your * doM not , A txttle * lll be * * nt you , prrpaM ,
for $ i | tit lot { 5. V\ tile lot InttitOloe boot ,
Prepaid to MUmitirl ItUcr.
Trousers made to order in
one day if required.
Suite made to order in two
Our superior facilities for
prompt work enables us to
give you well-made garments
at short-time notice.
Careful dressers are rapidly
hiding out that it pays to
; rade at Nicoll's. It's not
alone the price but you'll
ind better designs here , and
nore of them.
Our prices for Trousers
are $4 to $12.
Our prices for Suits are
$15 to $50.
You'll ' save time by going
direct to Nicoll.
209-21 IS , 15th St , Karbach Blk
M E , Smith & Ga.
Goods , Furnishing Good *
U/estern Electrical
vv Company
Electrical Supplies *
Eleotrlo Wiring Bella and Gas Lighting
0. W. JOUK8TON. Ucr. Ill * Wow.rd Hi
[ ) rake , Wilson
& Williams
Bnoc n or > Wllion Si Drake.
Manufacture boilers , smoka atucki an *
raechlngi , yresnura , rendering , ihttp dip.
lard ana vratsr tanks , boiler tubes con >
iUntly on hand , second hand boiler *
bought and void Sprrlal and prompt to
f palr In cltr nr country. 19th and Pierce.
n merican Hand
l\ Sewed Shoe Go
jf//Vf \ Jobbers of Foot Wear
Th Joseph BaolgBn ZtukbMr Oa.
The Ameriotn
I Chicory Co.
Ofowv * om anufaotunri ct all form * ot
Chicory Ombaytcmont-O'NIL
'he ' Omaha Safe
and Iron Works ,
G. ANDKEEN , Prop.
MaUei a ipeclaltjr of
E80APE8 ,
. * .
ind Burxlir Proof B fet ana V u.t Doori , ta
oil ) B. HtU St. , Om U , Neb.

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