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Ootsip Eolatlvo to Union Pacific's New
Portland'Ohicngo Train.
Local tlnllronil Circle * liitcrc to l In
Iteport tlin : Vetv Line U III Perm
Tlirniiuli Trnlllc Attroi'iiient
filth I'nlon 1'uclllc ,
When It first became known that Iho Illi
nois Ccnlral was extending Its line Into
Omaha persistent rumors arose thnt It en
try would witness a cessation of the close
trBfflc'arranBcmcnta between the Northwest
ern nnd the Union 1'aclflc. Shortly before
the arrival of the now road the through
transcontinental 'train ecrvlco was estab
lished from Chicago to San Francisco over
thn Northwestern and the Union 1'nclllc un
dcr such conditions as to warrant belief In
Its permanence , and rumors thnt the Illinois
Central would step Into Ihe Northwestcrn's
SHOPS In its relations to the Union I'aclflc
subsided. Speculation has ngaln been
aroused In local railroad circles by the re
port that the Illinois Central will have the
haul east of the MlEnourl river In Ihe new
Chicago-Portland iraln lo he Inauguralcd by
the Union Pacific , Oregon Snort Line ana
Oregon Railway & Navigation company
Ar.rll 1.
Reportw floated in from the west last week
that one "reason for the participation In the
Salt Lake confersnce of the Northwestern
line was to press Its claims for the through
Portland-Chicago train over Its road between
Omaha nnd Chicago. That it was consid
ered necessary on the part of the Northwestern -
western olllclals to use any persuasion In
thi ; matter Is taken to uphold Ihe belief of
several Omaha railroad men lhal a proposi
tion Is under advisement whereby Ihc 1111-
tiole Ccnlral may bo allied with the Union
Pacific and Its western connections In the
new train service to be established April 1.
M. C. Markhnm , assistant tralllc manager
of the Illinois Central , was Interviewed In
Denver last week relative to the gossip of
th dissolution of Iho existing arrangements
tctween the Northwestern and Union Pacific
and the forming of a combination between
the Illinois Central and the Union Pacific.
He professed absolute Ignorance of any such
proposition being on foot. Nothing was
mentioned , however , relative to the proposed
Portland-Chicago service.
Train * Arrive tin Time.
The snowstorm Tuesday night did not
interfere to any appreciable extent with the
oporallou of passenger trains. With one 01
two exccptlonrt the morning trains yesterday
from both east and west came in nearly on
time , the record of all Ihe roads being one
that would bo pleasing to the operating ofll-
dais oven on a fair weather day. The Mil
waukee was about two hours late. Oeorge
B. Haynes , city passenger agent , atlrlbulet
the occasional delays of the trains on hU
road to the substitution at Perry , la. , ol
lighter engines than Iho big ones which pull
1ho trains from Chicago to Perry. This I ;
necessary because the bridges west of Perrj
nrc not heavy enough to warrant the speei
nnd weight of the heavier engines. Tin
present bridges will bo replaced In the ncai
future with steel structures nnd then thi
( Milwaukee' never expect their trains
to be late , ns the big engines will bo rur
through to Omaha from Chicago.
CnniinlxNloii to Me * t nt I.ONiiueleK
LOS ANGELES , Cal. , Feb. 14. The Inter-
etate Commerce commission Is to hold i
Besslon In Los Angeles on March 25 , newi
of the fact having reached here official ! ;
from Washlnglon lotlay. The real object o
the meeting will be to continue the ills
cuBslon of alleged discrimination against Pa
clflc coast jobbers , which was taken up a1
Et. Louis. The commission , when It ad
journed at the time , gave It out that an
other meeting to go further Into Ihe merit !
of the controversy would be held at a latei
dale at various places on the Pacific coast
Meetings will also be held at San Fran
cisco'Portland and probably Seatlle.
MyMcrloiiN .MeetInn of 'I'rnIniiicn ,
PITTSnURG , Feb. 14. Prominent official !
of the Brotherhood of Railway Tralnmer
have been holding a secret conference li
thin city Tor aeveral days and all attempts
to Icarn the objects of the meeting havt
been fruitless. A rumor was current todaj
that n strike of Hwltchmen was In contem
plation. Grand Chief Morrissey of tin
Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen , wher
Been , refused absolutely to confirm or denj
the report or give any information whatever
llnllMiiy Nod-N mill I'pr
11. II. Moles , traveling pnsspimer agent ol
the Nickel Pinto , Is In the city from Kansas
Assistant General Krelght Agent Phllllpp
of the Missouri Pacific has gone to Chicago
for a brief visit.
General ilananer Bldwell and Genera
Attorney Hen White of the Klkhorn lefi
ItiHl nlulit for Olilcago.
The Burlington will provide transporta
tion facilities today for sdxty soldiers
who will be transferred from l on Crook tc
Korl Sheridan , Wyo.
Keep Well Ic I
I with
o Good Food ?
o < :
Proiier Selection tit l-'ood
Thu Sure Wlllo ( iet Well BC
o C
Anil Keep Well. I NC BC
o C
"While Rotting ever the grip and whil
cny stomnch was so Irritable I could neat
* at anything without distress , I found
could lake a dish of Orapo-.N'uts with rlc
milk , and foci built up like I hud eaten
lull inoal , and yet Imvo tiono of the unpleas
ant offncts of Indigestion. I wish poop ]
know Its worth.
"It seems to mo trained nurses and physl
clans could use It to such goad advantagi
It ID really the most nourishing nnd casll
digested food 1 ever tiled. " Sirs , Myra .
Tuller , 1023 Troost Aviv , Kansas City , Mo.
Drapn-Nuts Food Is now recommended h
rhyslclana all ever the L'nltod ' Staioi
They know It contains the delicate particle
of pliosphnto of potash obtained from tli
natural grains. This Is the element Natiu
us < es with albumen of the food to build it ;
soft Bray subslanco in thu nerve center
bralu and solar plexus , In the human bed ,
The effect Is In some ways like a stlmulun
but does not wear off , for It Is a naturi
Grape-Nuts can bu made Into a great mat
different and palatable dishes. The I'ostu
Cereal Cor Ltd. , IJattlo Creek. Mich. . U
pure food manufacturers , offer to pay
rtueonablo sum for now and deslrab
reclpea which may meet with their apprnvn
Ladles are requested to experiment and set
in their recipes. AS un Illustration :
most delicious mock pumpkin pic can I
made from Grapo-Uuta after the follou'li
roclpei Pour boll lug water over Vj ci
drape-Nuts , let stand ID minutes ; add
rggs , 4 tablespoousful ot sugar , 2 cups ewe
milk , 1-3 leaupoon ot ginger. 1 teaspoc
mixed plcea. Stir over slow fire until the
oi'Shly hollcd. Dako plo dough In deep pa
When done put In prepared Grape-Nuts , ri
turn to oven and brown.
Scrle * of Hlnr.ea with Serloti * Itcnull *
In llcaltlrncM * UIMrlcla of
riuOAOO. Kcb. 14. Eight persons were
Injured , one fatally. In four fires that oc
curred Into last night and early today In
different parts of the residence districts ol
thin city. ' In all about thlrty-Avo lives were
Imperilled by the fires , and there wcro
heroic deeds of rescue by the firemen.
The most serious occurred at n boarding
house at 2021 Indiana avenue , where the fol
lowing were Injured :
C. K. Slflde , a student at a veterinary col-
Irfie , severely burned nnd carried out un
conscious by the firemen. At the hospital
It. was said ho could not recover.
M. W. UUleflcld , ovmomc by smoke
and carried out by firemen.
Mrs. M.V. . Llttlcficld , overcome by
Curtis Jamison , Bleeping on third floor ,
overcome und rescued by firemen.
1'rank llampdcn , overcome and. carried
from building.
The two small children of Mrs. H. E.
tliitnp , sleeping on the first floor , were- also
overcome by smoke and rescued by their
mother at the peril of her own life.
The total losses will not amount to J30.000.
Most of the Ilrca wcro caused by overheated
( Continued from First Page. )
batlcry nnd the First Royal Welsh Fuslllere ,
February 15 ! , rpconnolterod the high ground
which thu enemy had been In the habit of
vising. The enemy evacualed It with the
loss of two men after slight resistance.
When the force retired on the completion
of the reconnaissance the eneony returned In
considerable numbers nnd kept up n heavy
rlllo fire , wounding slightly Lieutenant G.
Churchill of the South African Light Horse.
Five men are mlielne. "
It Is nol qulto clear who wrote the dis
patch , as Generals Lyttleton , Hlldyard , War
ren and other generals are believed to be In
Iho neighborhood of Springfield.
Lieutenant Churchill , reported to be
slightly wounded , Is probably Winston
Churchill's brother , John , who was recently
given n commission in the South African
Light Horse und who joined General Bul-
ler'n command.
Advices from Gahorcness , dated February
I , nay The artillery duel between Col
onel Plumer's force and 500 Boers continued
until today , when Ihe British dropped two
shells Into the Boer fort. The Boer guns
have since been silent. Colonel Plumer'a
advance has been checked by floods.
IlrltlNli Account of How the < lneen >
TruotfNV -re Compelled to
RENSBURG , Feb. 13. Before dawn yes-
leiday the enemy opened an attack or
Sllngersfonteln , assauliingyilh musketry the
hills on the northeast , helrl by three com
panies of the AVorccsters under Captatr
Hovel. ' The artillery altack began at sun
rise. The Boers approached in great num
bers , estimated at seven to one. The Brit
ish , under cover , restrained the attacl
throughout the day. Meanwhile two bit
guns on the west opened on the British a
daylight and fired for half an hour , whet
a British howitzer silenced them wilt
lyddllo , Iho British artillery firing will
Then another Boer gun to the north openec
on the Royal Irish Fuslleers , but rather In
effectually , as the British had good cover
Last evening the Boers brought up a forty
pounder In order to bombard the camp fron
a hill to the nortti. The atlempt wa :
plainly visible , the gun being drawn bj
eighteen oxen.
With the Boers surrounding the Brltisl
In overwhelming numbers and using artil
lery , It became evident that It would b (
Impossible to retain Slingersfontein , whlcl
Ihe Brlllsh evacuated under cover of thi
darkness , falling back upon Rensburg. Tin
British casualties were lighter than tnlgh
have been expected In the circumstances.
IillieriilN .licet lit a London Hotel mill
Allll'lt ItCNIlllltlOIIH I'lllll II
LONDON , Fob. 14. Supporters of the liberal
oral party , lo Iho number of 300 or 400 , heli
a private meeting at Iho Westmlnsler Pal
ace hotel this afternoon to protest agaios
the government's war policy. Sir Wllfrci
Lawiion , M. P. , David Lloyd-George , M. P.
and Conwright Schrelncr , the husband o
Ollvo Schrelner , the novelist , were amoni
those present. The resolutions adopted de
nomiced the war as a "crime and n blunder
dor , " committed at the Instigation of Irre
sponslblo capitalists ; demanded the publlca
lion of Ihe full correspondence rogardlm
Iho Jameson raid ; protested against the In
creasing armaments ; realflrnied the liberals
gratitude to Sir Henry Campbell-Banner
man , John Morley and James Bryee , am
decided to open a permanent fund to carr ;
on a vigorous political propaganda for thi
principles thus enunciated.
Alnjor Hnlllle Telln AVIiut TrniiNiilrei
front Inr lo Diiy.
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MAFKKING , Fob. 4. ( Hy Native Hunne
to Oaberones , Ken. 0. 4:30 : p. m. ) ( Ne < v
York World Cablegram Special Telegram ,
The following Is a recapitulation cf event
of the slego of this town since my last dls
patch was entrusted to a native runner t
lie token to Gaboronea and telegraphed fron
there :
January 30 The Ilritlsli smoothbore fire
effectively on the Boer laager waterwork
last night and the laager shifted posltlo :
| far back this morning. There was on alarr
last night on the eastern front. Today'
shelling began late.
January 31 The artillery duel today wa
a line sight. The Doers were unusual !
vicious and shelled hard nnd late. One ma
was klllod ,
February 1 There was 'much shellln
from Cannon kopje and U continued lat <
Panzoru dynamited the brickworks.
February 2 There wa much shellin
\sith tiew Intermediate shells at night.
February S The shelling \\as done by1
Nordcnfcldt , but there \WIB no damage. Tli
car-ualtlos among the while people durln
the week were three persons killed and on
\\oundrd. .Many houses wore damaged.
I'liulxlieil for l-'nlHc ItcportN ,
LADVSMITII. Feb. 8. H , C. Foss. a reel
dent cf Ladysniltb. has been court-martlalc
' and nontcncoil to a yoar'n imprisonment a
hard labor for circulating false reporl
calculated lo discourage the Iroops and fc
advising soldiers to dcvort. KOSH , who i.t
nailvo of Natal , resided for some time i
the Free Stato. He- had been twice warno
for assorting that the garrison wan on tli
eve of starvation and capture.
To I n I I.ONH of llullrltUli ,
LONDON , Feb. 14. The total British cai
1 natty returns up to tonight are : Officei
killed , 152 ; wounded , 38Q : missing , 112. M
killed , 1,477 ; wounded , 5,030 ; missing , 2,78 :
either fatalities reported , 503 ; grand tola
Iliiiiieitiinl llonnd ,
LIVERPOOL. Fob. 14. The White SU
line steamer Touioulc , which sails for Ne
York today takes among her paiseoge !
Miss Amelia Kuessncr , the American arils
will remain boverul months In Amcrk
San Francisco Pag Claims the Timektepei
Cut the Bound Off Short.
SK'llnund Co n I cut landed nt the Clour
of tlir Fourth tilth a
Chnrac t Mliorl
What promised to bo a raltllng good pugi
listic exhibition between Marlon Mclntyrc
of Omaha and Tom Carrel of San Kranclscc
was terminated abruptly nt the end of the
fourth round by Carrol's refusal to longci
continue Iho match. The bout was scheduled
as the main event of n boxing exhibition
given nt Washington hall Wednesday night ,
H was witnessed by about 125 sporting men
of Omaha and South Omaha. Carrel as
serted that the time lltnltj of the round had
been cut short when ho was getting the
uppcrhand of his opponent and dcniandcd
that his gloves bo removed.
The preliminary exhibitions were tedlouf
nnd long drawn out. The crowd became Im
patient and was not In the best of humor ,
but the first round of the Mclutyrc-Carrol
bout nrotiBcd plenty of enthusiasm nnd until
the end of the mill Interest continued at the
top notch. The first preliminary was a gc
between local colored llghtwelghts"Dangpr'
Talbot , Jr. , n brother of the hall player bj
the same name , nnd "Kid" Johnson. The
lads put plenty of ginger Into their exhibi
tion and Ihe crowd wn > fairly well pleased
At the end of the fifth round the matcli
was called nnd Talbol awarded the decision
The next two bouts were entirely too tame
to suit the spectators and their concluslor
brought a. general sigh of relief. Both were
four-round matches , the contestants bolnf
Jack Gorman and Jack Thornton , and Blllj
Barrett of Omaha nnd Jack Macnhm of Chi
No sooner did the first round of the Me-
Intyro-Carrol mill got well started than tin
spectators realized that they were' to gel
their money's worth. The two prize fighters
mixed things up In lively fashion. Thej
went so fast , Indeed , that those near thi
ringside appreciated the wisdom of tin
agreement , lhat the fight should last bui
six , Instead of twenty-five rounds , as wai
originally Intended , for neither man was It
even fair condition , nnd the labored breathIng -
Ing of both Indicated plainly that a six-roum
go would give each as much fighting as hi
had bargained for.
Mclntyre handled himself cleverly , was
light on his 'feet and reeled off a few short-
arm jolts and left-handed swings that rathei
slaggered Iho San Francisco dlsclpulus o
fisttann. In the third round the Omaha lat
had his opponent going. He had landed i
right-hand blow in Carrol's wind , followct
by a left-hand swing on the jaw and an
other punch would probably have laid Carrel
rol on the shelf , but the referee called tlmi
and Ihe fun was lemporarlly at an end.
In the fourth round both men were rapid
Carrel came up in good condition am
seemed to reverse the order of things ex
Isttng at the end of the third. He was 01
the offensive from the start and had thi
round his own way when the tlnie-keepe
shouted time. The crowd was In a hlg !
pitch of excitement , owing to the raplult ;
with which the mill was progressing am
someone started a cry that the time wai
eut short. Immediately a howl went up
punctuated hy hisses and cat-calls. Carro
took advantage of the disorder and rcfusei
to fight longer , asserting that the time ha <
been cut short because he was gelling Ihi
hotter of Mclntyre , His aptipn was op
plaudcd and he disappeared Into his dress
ing room. Within a few moments the hal
wns emptied and the first renl game prlzi
fight given In Omaha for some time cnde <
In a most unsallafactory manner.
SnortNinen'N T/cnffiic I'elltloiiH
Intnro of Fire AVcHtem Statt-N to
PIIKH Stringent
NBW YORK. Feb. H. Officers of tin
Iieaguo of American Sportsmen met in thl :
city today. There were twenty-two mem
hers present and ten states were rep
resented. A resolution wns adopted petl
tlonlng the legislatures of lonlanu , Idaho
Colorado , Wyoming nnd Utah to paas i
law prohibiting for ton yearx 'he kllllnj
of the prone-horned antelope. The reFioIii
lion sets forth lhat the slaughler of thesi
anlmala will noon exterminate them am
extols the beauty of the antelope nnd Ihi
need of a slrlngenl law to prevent furlho ;
kllllnr. Copies of the resolution will hi
sent to all the states mentioned.
\ntlonal Ormmlzatlon Kleetit OflU-eri
mill riiNHUM on Other UiiNliicNN.
XEW YORK. Feb. 14. About 140 mem
uers of the National Trotting assoclatloi
met hero today to elect officers , pass upoi
amendments to the' by-lawn nnd trunsao
otber business of the assoclallon. Then
wcro 325 voles represented , of which 2S
were proxies. The nominating commute' '
recommended for election the following
President , II. P. Johnston , Lexington , Ky.
vlco president , OeorgeV. . Archer , Roches
ter , N. Y. ; second vlco president , N. T
Smith , San Francisco : treasurer. L. J
Powers , Springfield. Mass. ; secretary , W
H. Goocher. Hartford , Conn.
Among the members of the district bean
were : Central district. William C. Pol
lock. Cleveland : William R. Allen , St
Louis : Henry Schmulbach. Wheeling. W
Va. Western district , D. C , Blake , Ceda
Rapids. la. ; J. L. Mitchell , Milwaukee
V R. Gorton , Chicago. Pacific district , K
P. Hoald , A. B. Spreckejs and John G
Klrkpatrlck , San Francisco.
llmultH oil tinIlium Inn ; TrneliN.
SAN FRANCISCO , Feb. H.-Weathe
cloudy and track fast. Tan fora n results :
First racp , six furlongs. Belling : Norton
won. Silver Tall second , Racetlo third
Time : 1:14 : % .
Second race , six furlongs , selling : Roya
Prize won , Torslna second , Slelvln Burn
ham Ihird. Tmp ! : 1-.1494 ,
Third race , five furlongs , soiling : Afgha :
won , Mafnda spcond , Rlrardo third. Time
1:02. : Slronggoli left at post.
Fourth race , ono and one-quarter miles
selling : Tempo won , Ylnotoru second , Alon
Itu Ihird. Time : 2:09Vj. :
Fifth race , tlvo furlongs , purfo : St. Cassl
mlr won. Dlomed second , Frank Duffy thin. .
Time : 1:01U. :
'Sixth ' race , six -furlongs , for maldem
purse : -hrelber won , Red Cherry tteconil
Bacdnd third. Tlmo : 1:15.
Flrsl race , ono mile : Parakeet woi
Swordsman second , Judge Magoc thin
Tlmo : 1:49. :
. Second race , one-half mile , for 2-year
olds , soiling : Wild Plrato won. Princes
i .Mai fcccoml. Ben Magen third. Time : 0:55. :
Third race. * lx furlongs , selling : Wnte
Crei-t won , Domlnls second , Postmaste
liiilloy third. Time : l:20 i.
Fourth race , ono mile , soiling : Prosper
won. Cathedral second , Mllmah third. Time
l:55i. : ! .
Fifth race , seven furlongs , nelllnc : Least
man won. .Martha Fox second , Vlscouu
third. Tlmo : l : l.
Sixth race , six furlongs , selling : Fro'lnr
huy pii won , Lomond stcond. Lovable thin
Tlmr : 1:20. :
( Illliert Milken Toil St-iii'e ,
HOT SPRINGS. Ark. . Fe > b. l4.-Thei
were ten events decided In today's prograi
of the national shooting tojrnnmont u
WhlttliiKlon park. Eight events wore ; i
fifteen targets and two were nt twenty tni
gels. Those who faced 160 targets und tirok
1W > or more wore : nilbort. 157 ; Yiuinc , 15 :
Klllott. 150 ; I If Ikes. 151. Gllborl's scorn wii
much commented on.
in addition to the vhootrrs mentioned tli
following- faced the traps : Drlonu. 11 !
Mwckle 131 ; Apporson. HI : Smith. 120 : Ef
bert , 1 ; Hawnrd. 134 ; TJUel. 138' .Miss Kim
126 ; Dr. Vincent. 13S ; I iftin. 120 ; Torrvhor
4i out of CO ; Shaw. 131 ; Halley. lti ! ; Fran
Erwin , 125 ; llollystonc. 137 : Defender , III ) .
SI. I/milt' Wulklni ; Match ,
ST. ijOl'IS , Feb. 14 Ollbort Barnes. U
soldier-editor at 10.30 o'clock tonight wu
In the van of the six-day go-an-you-pleat
uulklne match at the Natatorlum ard w $
setting a killing race. During the afti-
noon Barnes was over three mllf ahead <
his r , arost e-mietltnr < * ° f brt rt-irlrf '
evening the latter reduced this lead a couji
of miles while IJarnM wns resting. When
the latter leturncd to Iho track nl 0 o'clock
ho set n. pnco Unit bids ? fair lo place him In
Ms old position before many hours have
passdl , t'ox seoniR lo bo In good shnpp.
Yesterday he was stfft nnd sore , but today-
he had the appearanci of n trained athlete.
"Old Sport" Onmpnnri look his llr l rest
this morning.
Harnes has made .T77 mlles nnd fl laps ;
Gllck , thp last iiiun. 2 0 mllrs nnd II laps.
Oliinlin Man .Slioun Slreimlh for Vice
Prenlileiu-.v of l.eniiiie of Anier-
Ican Wheelman ,
riUI.AUKM'IllAT'T'eb. II.- Thomas .1.
Kecnan , pn-sldcnt Of Ihc League of Ameri
can Wheelmen , presided nt today's session ,
which was nlmosl entirely devoted to u dis
cussion on teed roads. Other questions will
bo tnken tip nt tomorrow's session , when the
election of ollloorst will nlso bo held.
Conway Sams of Haltlmore will mosl
likely toe chosen nresldent. Ooorgo Cf > ok of
Hhodo Island iinil A H. Choato ot Ilnno-
npolln nre candidates for llrsl vice prrsl-
ilcnl und D. ,1. o'Urlen of Omaha , chief con
sul of Nebraska , and 'I * . J. KIliRsbury of
New Hampshire for soiond vice president.
Cook nnd O'Hrlen , so fur , 4mvo shown the
greatest HtrotiKlh.
AmouK olhcr ntnendmrnts to bo consld-
orod will ln\ the iinlllliK of Hie ofllce of KCC-
relary nnd treasurer and It Is believed the
amendment will provnll and that Secretary
Abbott Hassrtt of Uoston will be elected to
the. dual ollk'o.
Plilliiiletiililnn Knocked Out lit Sun
KrnnclKeit ljSiilnr IMoxiiM Illmv.
SA'X ' KnANCISCO , Feb. U.-At the Na
tional Athletic club tonight .lack O'Hrlen
of Philadelphia wns knocked out by
"YouMS" Peter Jackson ( colored ) at the
close of the thirteenth round. O'Urlcn. up
to thp time of the knockout blow , made iv
chqpptntr block out of .lackson , but his
blown lacked nlcani. Jackson took his
punishment gamely and waited for an op
portunity , which vamc < just before the
close of the round. He caught O'Hrlen on
the jaw with his right , dazing him. O'Brlon
clinched. The referee had hard work gel-
tine the men apart. Jackson then landed
on O'Urlen's solar plexus and put him out.
O'llrlcn had to be assisted from the ring.
TroKlnnNxuctiilliiii OllicerN.
XK\V YOHIC , Kelt. 11. Thp National Trotting -
ting association today re-elected Its old of-
llcera except that George W. Archer MIIC-
'ceeds ' David Itonner an tlr.st vice president.
John P. SchuHz was added to Ibe board
membership in the Atlantic district. Henry
Schniullach succecda I ) . It. Klrkman
In thn Central district and John
G. Klrkpatrlck reiilacop C. II. Chase In
the Pacllic district. With these executions
thp old members of thp district boards were
re-elected. Thp next meeting of thu asso
ciation will occur In 1SKK.
Sharkey "Willing to Meet KU/ .
XI5W YOniC. Fc'h. U.-Toni Sharkcy to
day look up Bob Fltzslmmons" challenge to
Ihe heavyweights. O'Kourke arrived from
'Philadelphia ' this afternoon and announced
hl acceptance. Fitzslmmons was Informed
today of Slinrkey's acceptancp and said-
"If Jeffries does not como to lime within
a week 1 will niako a match with Bharkcy
'Without ' delay. 1 am willing to make the
side bet $10,000 the winner to lake every
thing. "
Complete Scheiltile at Oiniilia.
DES MOINKS. Feb. 14. The schedule
committee of the new Western Ixtague of
Base 'Ball ' Clubs adjourned today to meet
later on call of the chairman at Omaha ,
without having perfected a schedule. Sev-
c-ral drafts of schedule were under con
sideration. H was voted to hold Ihe noxl
annual meeting" al Denver In February ,
1901. Five-year Instead of three-year fran
chises were made the rule of the assocla-
I.en i ; lie of American Wheelmen.
PHILADELPHIA. Feb. H. The national
assembly the League of American
Wheelmen began today what will prob
ably bo the most Important annual session
ever held bv thai body. Thp chief quea-
llon up la Ihe continued control of racing
by the League of American Wheelmen.
Sentiment se&mK to lie evenly divided.
There will be a strong light on the election
of officers tomorrow.
Difference.-nf HcllKloiiH llellef I.ciid.s
to AlleurcUrtJliirbarlNin Sliittcr
in. Pollec Court.
Eight Syrians , men apd women , from the
Arabian colony on South Thirteenth street ,
appeared in police court Wednesday to
npswer to a charge of assault preferred
against them by .Ellas Ferris and his wife ,
also Syrians. A difference of religious belief
is at the bottom of the trouble. Having lived
In the United States for a long time , Ferris'
creed has become ojmewhat Americanized ,
while that of the other faction Is essentially
Syrian. Ferris is an Importer of European
novelties. His alleged assailants are ped
The defendants , some of whom have taken
English names , are : Abraham Risk and
wife , Mrs. Soloman , Mns. Nahll George ,
Jobra Shaboe , George Smith , Joseph Body
and Mrs. Shahoo. Ferris says these people
send their children to lorment him and hU
"They come and drag tin cans full or
gravel over the sidewalk In front of inv
house nnd yell and throw stones at mo. They
hope I'll get mad' ' and go out and slap one
of them so they'll have a case against rae.
One tlrno three women throw my wife down
and sat on her while another pulled her hair
out. "
The truth of this last statement was prac
tically vouched for by the woman's placing
govern 1 handfuls of jet black hair , long ,
j straight and coarse , on Hie- desk of the city
attorney as sbo swore to her complaint.
Upon her scalp were bald places whence the
nalr came.
The case was continued until April II.
I'yle.-.Saitliiirii ,
ST. PAUL , Sllnn. , Feb. 14. J. d. Pyle ,
editor of Ihe Seattle Post-Intelligencer , for
many years odltprlal writer on the Pioneer
Prose and later editor of the Olobo of this
city , was today married to Miss Annie
Walker Saiiborn. for several years associate
editor of the Pioneer Press , at this homo ol
the bride In this city. Mr. and Mrs. Pyic
started for Seattle tonight.
Frank Samland and MUs Alice Rick won
married Wednesday afternoon , February II
at 3:30 : p. m , , ut the People's church. Rev
Charles W. Savldge clllclutcd.
Veteran Iliillriiiuler Dlex ,
LINCOLN , Feb. 11. ( Spoilal , ) R. P. R
Miller , general agent In Lincoln for tin
Mlpsourl Pacific , was stricken down will
apoplexy this morning while at work ii
hln olllco. Ho wns unconscious when fire
found after the stroke and died a few min
utes later without uttering a word. Mr
Miller \vas nn old resident In Nubraski
and has been promliieni In railroad clrclci
for the last twonty-flvo years. He leave :
u family consisting of a wife and sevora
Voiui'j luunllH ( ioliu ; < < > Win- .
ATl'IIISON , Kan. , FeX H. C'aplnln Kiilpi
IllgallK , son of ex-l'nitod Sliuew Sonl'oi
John J. Ingalls , today lecolved order * frorr
at5an ' Fran
tin' War department to report at
clt-co'at once. Captain Ingalls has deflrn
to KO to HIP Philippines and It IH bc-Uevei
ho will bo font there In the n rvlce , al
though holias not boon assigned to nnj
INSTRt'MKNTS filed for record Thursday
Knbruury 11. lflfiO :
U'nrrinit.v Deed * .
.M. M. Huston and husb.ind to C. .M
Hllzor , lot , block t , , Mnnmouth
Park . * W
Herman KiuiniKr to C. B. ICiiinl7.p. ) lot
12 , block is. Ktiuntzit Place .
I Kllza Purcell and husband to M. A.
Mcl'uuslnnd , o < M fort lot S3 , MoKn-
teo'H add ( rellloi . t
Sheriff to J V Ciraham. irusiec part
lot 12 , Harkor'M ullotmpnt CI
Shorlff to F W Unllln. trustee lot ,
block 73 , Dundo'v Place a
Total amount of transfers. . . 5-rOl
Sergeant Ambrose King of Iho Twcn ; > -
sooonil I'nltcd States Infantry spent yester
day in the city on his way to Michigan. He
Irfi Fort Crook with his regiment on Janu
ary 26 , i8 ! ! t , nnd now carries a discharge
dated nt San Francisco , February 5. His
character Is given as excellent In Iho dis
charge , and In addition lo this he has a let
ter frosi Chaplain K , H. Fitzgerald which
s-ri > fl that ho served with distinction In Ihc
Cuban and Philippine wars. Sergeant King
participated In fifteen Important engage
ments nnd Is considered ono of the best non-
commlssloncr offlcois In Iho regiment. In
speaking about his return trip Sergeant King
said ho loft Manila on January 10 on board
the United States transport Meado. On board
were 13o prisoners destined to the military
prisons In ihis country. Al Nagasaki , Japan ,
eighteen of the prisoners escaped through n
hole inado by members of the crew of the
ship. Th0 guard on board was not blamed
for the escape , as It afterwards transpired
that the crew alone was at fault. Two pris
oners died on the way over and were burled
at sea.
When asked about the conditions In and
about Manila , Sergeant King said that on
the north line the natives wore peaceable
and wcro returning to their pursuits. Many
were starting In life again after having lost
everything In the early stages of Iho war.
On the southern line It Is only a mailer ol
a few days , said Mr. King , before Iho same
seltlod conditions will prevail.
Sergeant King said that ono ot the grand-
ml sights ho over witnessed was on Decem
ber 30 , In Manila , when the remains of Gen
eral Lawton were escorted to the transport ,
Over 8,000 troops were In line nnd the parade -
rado was a momornblo one. I2very eoliilei
nt the front mourned Lawton , who was con
sidered the best of leaders and regarded bj
the soldiers as ono of the few great gencrah
of the army.
Aa nn Indication of the loyalty of the Japanese -
aneso for the Americans , Sergeant Klnj
stated that the transport Meade took flu
Inland COUIKQ north from Nagasaki and thi
ship was guided through Iho narrow channo
by a Japanese pilot who refused the custo
mary fee for the reason that the ship car
ried the American flag. Ho said the Japan
ese generally regarded the Americans ai
tholr friends and did everything in theli
power to make the stay of the tioldlors a
Nagasaki pleasant.
.In UK inn n ii School ( VIcliriil ion.
The Bohemians of Ihe cily are greallj
elated over the action of the Board o
Education In naming the new nchool liotisi
on Twentieth street after Joseph Jungmann
the great historian of Bohemia. In certaii
circles there Is a complaint about this , am
It Is asserted that a request will be made o
the 'board to change the name of the schoo
for sonio American. AH the Second ward 1 :
populated principally by Bohemians am
those of Bohemian descent , It I declaret
that the name selected Is fitting and shouU
stand. Every 'member ' of the board presen1
at the meeting Monday night voted for tin
adoplion of the name , and It Is hardly prob'
able that the resolution naming the schoo
will be rescinded. Already the Bohemian :
of the ward are making preparations for r
proper observance of the dedication of th <
school. A parade Including all of the Bo
hemian socle-ties of Ihe clly will form :
feature of the Ceremony.
HoiMibllcaiiM for Soliool Hoard.
Republicans realize the fact that goo <
men are needed for the Board o.f Education
and with this Idea in view a canvass o !
the well known and prominent republican ;
Is oelng made. As three members of the
board arc to be elected this spring , these
names are suggested : Howard Mayers , R
C : Young and E. T. Miller. It Is assertet' '
that these men will (111 the places to tin
entire satisfaction of the party. The need
of ( business men In the board Is apparenl
from the financial condition of the- school
district. Even with the election of three
republican members this spring the demo
crats will still have control , but It Is thought
that the presence of republican * on the
board will have a tendency to curlail Ihe
exlravagence of Iho democrals and pave the
way toward the election of three more re
publicans In thci spring of 11101.
ConipIiiliitN oil Police Ji'orcc.
There Is considerable lalk about the police
department lately. Most of the complaints
are caused by the pairing of the police In
the fouslness portion of the city. On the
down town streets two policemen are al
ways together , and In some Instances three
"coppers" are found In line walking along.
This system Is supposed to result from the
fact that there is no chief of police. Captain
Hanley handles the men to suit himself on
the day side , while Captain Allle posts hlfi
men at night according to his liking. The
result appears to bo the utmost confusion
and a lack of discipline all through. Mayor
Ensor Is being urged to appoint a ohlef ol
police In order to straighten out the force
and compel patrolmen to walk beats alone ,
Instead of going about in pairs , us is now
the custom. %
Storm ToDlcN.
Wednesday's storm caused considerable
Inconvenience , 'but ' no damage to speak ol
was donp. All stock trains were a little late
In arriving , but plenty of help was nt hand
to see to the unloading as soon as the care
wcro run up to the chutcw. Quito n force
was employed In keeping the puzzle switches
In the yards clear of snow so as not to ob
struct the rapid switching of cans. Strcol
car truffle was Impeded to some extent and
motors were run without trailers. The
travel was heavy and the company's re
sources were taxed to the limit. Those wlic
were compelled to walk from Twcnty-fourtl
street to the yards complained bitterly , ani
concurred In the Htatement that the terminus
of the line should bo nearer the center ol
business , Instead of where It Is.
Iteiiiihllean Hally Krlilay MuM.
On Fridayevening , of this week there wll
be a grand republican rally at Modern Wood
man hall , given under the auspices of thi
Young Men'o Republican club , An Invita
tion Is extended to the republican city ceil-
Iral committee , and also to these who pro-
poao to bo candidates this spring. It I ;
the Intention of the dub to discuss UK
Crawford system and also have a speakci
explain the Van nuscn primary law. It 1- '
the de. lro of the club lo have every mcmbei
allcml , as well as all republicans In ih (
city. The meetings are open and all thos <
who doslro to listen to republican doctrlm
are Invited. U is expected that this moot-
Ins will be ono of the most Important 01
the season nnd ihercforo a large attendants
Is expected. >
WI-K ( Side Cluli MeelliiHT.
The WcJt SlUe Improvement club wll
hold a mretlnK Friday night for the pur
ppso of discussing matters pertaining to thi
Improvement of the ward. The prlndpa
outHllon Is the street car sorvlco , and I
the ordinance now in force Is not compiler
with steps will bo taken to force the Issue
It has been reported that Iho ordlnanci
compelling the cxtcnelcn of tho'Q street llm
is not legal , and If this Is the case a nev
ordinance will bo drafted and submlttod t <
the city council. What the people In thi
west end of ( ho oily want U adequate strce
rar service , and every candldato in tha
section.who shows his head Is being madi
to pledge himself for an enforcement of thi
ordinance and for other Improvement
Sleighs were teen < n lh streets yestcrdn :
for Iho OrM time ihli year
K L aiiHtafason rcrrctary of the Swd
ish-Amerlcan club , Is prominently men
tinned for thp ofllCP of rlty clerk on the re
publican ticket.
Harry M , Christie Is confined to his apart
ments with n. severe cold.
Thp question now Is , AVI11 thp school
bonds curry If HIP proposition Is submitted ?
Hemember the republican rally Friday
night. Every republican In ( he elty Is In
New boundaries for HIP Jungmnnti school
nrp being established by Superintendent
T. It. Frills and wife of Lyons , Neb. ,
nre the guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. H. A. Oar-
llecelpts of slock are better than ex
pected considering the condition of the
The ilghl among Ihe democrat Is given
an an Indication of n republican victory al
' the polls.
! Hveiy candidate on the united labor ticket
I. has sworn to a stateniPlit tlml Ills nomina
tion cost him iHilhlng.
Stephen Volz , HIP well known tailor , who
resides at Seventeenth and O streets , an
nounces the birth of a daughter.
Some ono dropped a. tlmeliook at The UPP
olllcp yps | ( > rda > . The owner can have same
by applying during business liours.
A meeting of Hidlrrrtnra of the mien
Stock Yatds compiim was held ve tcrdny.
but no business nt Importance wu trans
Social Cntlicrlnu * nt llllVerent Klndi
lit AVhloli Omiiliu l'coilc
I'iiijoy ' TlicmNclvcM.
The first annual ball of Omaha Printing
Prpssmcn's union , No. 32 , given Wednesday
night at the Thurston Rifles' armory , was
attended nnd enjoyed by a Inrgo number of
members and friends. Thcso cc'imnltlecs
were In charge : Master of ceremonies , J. T.
Hint ; arrangements , J. T. Hnrt , J. .1. Klr-
ley , V. G. Wallace , K. A. Willis. 12. M.
lllrch ; floor , J. J. Klrley , K. A. Willis , J.
T. Hart , R Simpson ; door , V. M. Youngs ,
F. S. Dcvor ; check room , E. M. lllrch , L.
Innnrnnce Coiiiiiniiy'n Ililiiiiiiet.
The Prudential Insurance company gave
Its Omaha district representatives the usual
annual banquet at the Mlllnrd Wednesday
evening. The ' pprcsentnlivea from Iho dis
trict , which Includes South Omaha , Pouncll
Bluffs and Sioux City , as well as Omaha ,
numbered fifty. A reception preceded the
banquet , at which Herbert Ward , son of
the vice president of the company , and O.
L. Munslck , division manager , both of the
home olllce nt Newark , N. J. , met those
present. I. K. Frederick , district manager ,
presided at the banquet and called for
speeches from the visitors and a number
of the dlHtrlct representallves , all of which
were received with hearty applause. The
event , said to ho the best ever given In the
district , was concluded by Mr. Frederick
with a brief address.
ValtMttlnu llntipc. "
Ruth Robekah lodge , No. 1 , Independent
Order of Odd Fellows , gave n valentine
dance Wednesday night at Odd Fellows'
temple , which furnished much enjoyment
to the many who attended. Refreshments
wore served during the evening. This com
mittee nmdo the arrangements : Mesdames
Wood , Standevnn , Stuht , Jones and Messrs.
Jackson and Hmmlln.
Itoyalelnliorn us IlontN.
Golden Rod lodge , No. 110. Royal Neigh
bors of America , entertained Its members
and friendsi AVednesday evening at a high
live parly and basket social held in the
lodge room at Labor temple. Vlslllng mem
bers from other lodges were present to
enjoy the good time.
I'nlty CIniPi'li Kn
Unity church entertained Its members
Wednesday evening at the usual monthly
supper , which was followed by several mu
sical selections. It was an enjoyable affair
apd .wpjl attepded.
CoiiiiiilttcoH ot CltlzuiiH mid Ilnnril of
KdnciiUnii Will Try to Arrlvi ;
nt an I'mlcrNtiiiiiliiiK ; .
The Board of Education will make a
thorough invesllgatlon of the claims of the
West Side , A'mbler and Kckermann school
patrons , who consider Ihe recent lopping off
of those districts an unwarranted hardship.
A special committee has been appointed ,
consisting of Members Black , Smith and
Johnson , who intend to visit the districts
affected and Inform themselves thoroughly
of the situation. They will Inquire regard
ing the method of Iransportallon In wagons
favored by Superintendent Penrsp nnd make
an estimate of the alleged economy of the
new Byfitem.
The West Side Improvement flub , together
with the residents of the other districts , do
not propose to subtnll to the now nr > . . P-
menl without a vigorous and contlninre
monstrance. A committee has boo | > -
polnted to urge the reopening of the HC\ \ IH.
as follows : Edgar Walsh , 0. T. Mount.n
Wlslcr , S. E. Howell , John Long. ' ( ! PI-
Duel , Frank Wagner , John Mallkle and \Vli-
llnm Stark.
In reference to the matter one of the
committee wild : "The board tried ihp
same plan ono year ago , but was unable to
carry It out in the face ot public opinion
and the Rcntlmont this year is much more
pronounced. Wo will show thp hchool
board that there Is no economy In the method
and that it Is an Injustice to the taxpayers.
At Ecltennann school , for Instance , the board
paid $25 per month lo the janitor who was
discharged and now pnyu $28 per month for a
wagon to carry the children back and forth. "
Medical advice can only foe given fey n
medical man or woman , out- educated
and trained in the profession of medicine.
or man for medical advice unless such
arc trained and qualified medical jiracti-
tioners. Offers of " medical advice " arc
made fey those who cannot j-ivc wliul
they offer , because tlicy lock tin- med
ical training nud profcshioiial ( inalifica-
tions of physicians. You will nut trust
your property to the cart-of irres.jx > iiMl > ! c
people. Wfll you trtisl your health ?
L Inquiry will show that 110 offer made- fey
, any advertising physician can compare
with that of Dr. K. V. Pierce , chief con
sulting physician to Ihe Invalids' Hotel
and burgfcal Institute , lluffulo , N. Y.
Sick women can consult Dr. 1'iercc fey
letter free. All letter * are read anil nil-
swered in strictest coiifidi-nre If you are
suffering from disease of the womanly
organs write to
Free to the Ruptured.
Dr. W. S. It lee , tin- \\ell Knoirn Vu-
tliorllj. Sends a Trial o ( UN I'a-
IMOIII .Method l-'ree (11 All.
Any One I'nnov Cure Tlicnuclt e * nt
Hume \Vltliiiut rain , Dimner ,
Oiieriitlon or an HIIIII-'M IOK
of 'I'line from \\'orl .
To the thousands upon thmt nmtx of rm > -
turod people who ale torturing themxelvoi
with trussot nnd In moiucntiiiy daujjer r > f
death from strangulation Dr. W. S. Hli-e.
i'i.p i , . .Main Mrv
Adams , N. Y . will
send free to all n
ttlnl of his fumoi-a
method that bus
fcitvcd so many llvon
and made so many
laeii , women ami
'blldrpn well and
strong and perma-
nonlly cured of old
and dllllcult rup
tures. Do not bo
backward about
writing jfor the frpo
trial. It will cost
you nothing
and will ennblp you
M K LYMV to so < : how easily
you CM ! ) euro your
self In a vprv short time without losing nn
hour trom work. Dr. Ulco Is determined
that every suffering man or woman shall
know the wonderful truth that rupture can
be i urcd , : mtl he therefore generously sends ,
piepald by mall , his nuMliod , absolutely
free , and you can make a fn > o irl.U of
It. \\rlte today without fall , as you cannot
afford to miss this free and pnurmis offer
Mr- , , , ' -yuan , a highly ostecmod clti-
ZPII of iJplriiy. Ha. . s.iys : "The Dr. Him
method Is a remarkable cure. 1 had an old
ru plu IP i lint delk-d everything. ! , ut In three
weeks there was no protrusion , and I have
remained sound nnd well ever since. I
hp.irtlly recommend Dr. nice to every suf
ferer. " Do not fall lo write at once for
the free trial and thus cure yourself at
home without pain , danger or detention
from the day's work. Write at onco. Com
mence now. and before the heavy work of
spring begins you will be cured sound us a
Write to Dr. W S. Illc-c. f.12 L. Main St. .
Ad-mis. N. Y. , you will never rcgroi hav
ing done so.
Now first-class line between Omaha and
Chicago , over new road recently built
throuKh Council Bluffs , Denlson and Rock
well City to Tarn. Iowa , to connection with
the Central's western line through Fort
Dodge , Webster Pity. Waterloo , Independ
ence , Dubuquc , Frceport and llockford to
A fast wlde-vcstlbuled iraln making prin
cipal slops only , and with new equipment
throughout , consisting at llbrnry-buftet-
smoklng car , Pullman sleeping car , free re
clining chair car , dining car.
A fast vestlbulod train doing more or lesi
local work. Included In Us equipment Is a
through sleeping car betfvutn Omaha , und
Chicago. "Diiilng car service eiiroute.
In .Addition a Kurt Oixluc I.ocnl
Train Leaves C irll IllulTN ntI.ISO
] i. in. dully cio'iit Sunday.
Through trains from New Union Station ,
lOlh St. , Omaha. Tickets and reservation at
Street. Cor Mill Street.
' 1'lione I.-J.
Walking In orliool In the slushv
Fircpti. lircalhlng this changeable Fob-
p' < iiit' > air. vnur child easily gets n mid. I
Tli it i nld can chance tn i.utlliifj ,
stringing croup In one night ! No i
dixi-ii- , . , , r chlldhuod kills so quickly '
.tllil so nfliMi ! '
; Dr , Kay'S Lung Balm Jl
' quickly renioveHthesiraiiellnpracpuinii-
latlon * that ihri'iitcp your ilurllngV
III. . . case * ill.inlliiinineil and palnl'm ;
tiirn.il and .soothed the child Into
! Mweni , ilriMinlctm slumber.
; Proof : Rev , W , T , Evans ,
j Mlnler , III. , writes ; "Tho children
sometimes have iriiuji rfymplom ,
breathe liaril and cough light. Hut a
bit of Dr. Kny'n Lung Halm Tablet ro-
inovcs the dllllciilly. Too much praise
caiinol ho given lo Ur. Kay's Luni ;
Balm. "
Ilofuso s'.bstltuti'X llcmedles " .luyt
As Good" are NOT made or sold any
where. At druggists or from us jflc
and Uf > c. Addrtas us for Free Advice ,
Sample and liook.
lilt. II. .1. KAY MICim.M , CO. ,
Siirnloua Sprlnuh. , \ . \ .
TrcilicllFsfir cl
22 Yuri Fxperltnct ,
U/eanln Umjhi ,
Jlii : ICAI < Trcatiueiit
coi'lMurd Vnrlc'/iccle ,
Stricture.SvtJiiillsJ,0saul VlforaudVitality ,
Ct'ltKSfirAltANTn : ! ) . Charpes loir. HOMK
1IIKATIK.\"I. ] ! u'jUCnnsullatf | > iianl Rxani.
iiiutiuti 1'icn , lloiirH.B n. iti. U)0 ; 7uiUji , m.
SunU.iv,9ln2 ] , P O."ll ( > x76S. 'OfTicr , N. K.
C ' - . Hlii auil 1'arnani StrtvU , OMAHA , r.T.l
Alit.Nrri'uuiMiriiirJKiiljlnB jltiia.
ffi orf. Ul.jeplf Dexi , to. , CAUIHKI Itj ov , r <
, T | worli nud InJifcireUoru. 'Jtiev ntflcMu
" ' " ' * " > 'tly ro.tor l or * Vlulltr lo r , ] < (
VT } ouue.i.nu lit u utuu lorfrluur.uoti-
"O" ot clMkiir * . 1'iuior.l ' Jnunttr no'l
oiiiiai > tiou It Jaktn ( tlu .
u i.tioitiiiniMvdlkiuinirrofeiurulaaioUMIn |
RLerimllntbo rnU , Jnt.it ui'Otiliuiioult > ii |
AJiUcTablota. 'J'Ld7lii oDrivl tliouusd
ruj jou. } V rl > ani < MillTHrilluaiuiiruul ! U > t. ' '
im-iucuro lau U c 1 4 or loliunj | h ruu& , . } >
K-M rwl Irtrrii . I rc\iirtl \ -
J/w : RBMUDY CO. , ' '
i'ur ealo in Omaha , Neb. , fcy . ua. iro.
ythc , Wl K. ! Cth St. . Kuhu & Co. , 15U
C , Do llavss , UniciTlsu

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