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( Copyright. 1900. by 3. S. McClurc Co. )
Let xxonlth , let commerce ami let learning
lie ,
Hut loiivi } to ue our old rob-II-l-tlo
Ur.xxonis to thru effect , by unknown poet.
The carl of Slobcross vm oh ! so haughty.
Ho was nlso proud , and went about with his
thin In the air. Karls can alwas be reeoR-
nlzed by the itltUudo ot their chins. An
American visitor to Kngland once expressed
hit. regret to me that the notables ot thj
British Isle did not RO round xxlth large
printed labels on their hacks , telling who
tlicj were , so that a stranger would not
be compelled to follow the example of
Theodore Hook who , mcctlnc 11 dlstln-
KUlphcd-looking nun on the Strand , plain-
lively sold , when I remarked that the no
bility might object to bolnfc labeled , that It
would merely be reverting to an old CUB-
loni , which , had been allowed to fall Into
dleusc. In ancient times the swells carried
lh lrlabel ; 5jbn their shields , drawing pic
tures' thereon , because , as n general tule ,
they were ftot able to w'rlte. ' Then , when
> oii met a knight oul In London all you had
to do was to consult your Illustrated cata
logue of the tilled families , for the year
llfi. , for Instance , and jou spotted jour
man nt once , , and knew whether It was
hotter to take to a side street or not. An
a rule , It xou had any xaluablctt about jou
It wai safer to make a hasty mo\e clnc-
whrrc. He suggested that It the House of
Lords would consent to wear largo numer
al * on their manly bosoms , and It tonic pub
lisher would Issue a numbered catalogue
for sixpence , to bo hold at nil respcctablq
bookstalls , the arrangement would be a
great convenience to the tourist. I said
that If the tourist would merely take the
trouble In. suily trigonometry a llttlo ho
wnutd baxo no trouble.
A plain knight wears bin chin at a certain
( ingle , easily nfcertalnable by a nnn who
mixed In gqod society ; a baronet holds his
three degrees higher ; an carl flxo
degrees higher than a baronet ; a
duke Is again oxer so much more
clcvntccl than an earl , and thus
comes our phrase. "As drunk ( I. e , as ele
vated ) HH a I'd " Jly American friend
thanked me coidlally for my Information ,
and , getting some further Instruction * ou
nngle . acute- and obtuse , ho went forth on
the streets to test his newly-acquired knowl-
ndge , all of..whlch brlngn me back to where
I started , that thp e.irl of Stobcrosa held his
chin m high In the air that his nose pointed
straight up to the zenith. Captious readers
mny sny : How. thru , could a duke hold his
head higher" To explain the matter I must
refer lo the history of the carl While most
of our dukeh' ancrutoit * came oxer with
r William the Conqueror , the first carl of Stob-
cross was' dropped off on these Islands b\
Ncah OK the nrk was passing the peak of
Sklddaw. The archives In Stobcross castle
Inform us. that , although Noah booked thr
first earl Jor tho'entire Voyage , the ancient
mariner could not put tip w-Jth the earl's
pretenfclono , who Insisted on sitting at the
head of the table , while Noah held that this
chair Va < < .tho captain's place. His lordship
grumbled bo much about the food and com
plained so bitterly that there was no smok
ing room on the boat that Noah was glad to
get rid of him and when the marooned earl
threatened him for breach of contract Noah
replied that ho had hi1 } remedy at the law
courts. When the waters subsided the call
vent down the hill and seized all the land
ho cquld get his lyinds ( or feet ) on and so
'founded Stobcrcw manor. He brought , suit
against Noah , but the latter had sailed out
of thi-'Jurisdlctlon t < t the courtsr * The monk
who wrote the Slobcroas chronicles ven
tures a small pun at this point , spelling the
word "Jow-rlEdlctlon , " and explaining thus
the anil-scmltic attitude of the Stobcrcfis
family. Whether the first earl hated the
Jews or not , the seventeenth carl had a
great liking for them , mor'gaged the manor
to them and blew In the money resulting
therefrom with neatness and dispatch. Hav
ing nothing elfc to blow In hi > blew out his
well , the coroner's jury said it was his
brains , but those who knew the seventeenth
carl -maintained that ho had none , so there
la an historical discrepancy eDiuewhore
probably In the earl's hoad.
. IJo that as It. may , the Stobcross family
has been poor and mortgaged up to the hilt
ever since , but their pride never lessened In
the EllghteHt degree , which brings this bi
ographical resume to the middle of the week
i before last and to Archibald , forty-third earl
of Stobcross. and his only daughter , the
I ady Gwendolen.
Difllcult as It would bo for us to learn to
Invo the forty-third earl of Stobcross , oven
If I worn content to veil the truth and say
he was an amlablo man , which I steadfastly
refuse to do , the cane of the Lady Gwen
dolen calls , forth our deepest sympathy Thn
carl being poor , the neighboring nobles
would not look at her , but were all over In
the United States with Item of railway own
ers and pork millionaires In their pockets ,
ocklng the ellglblo daughter * thereof. The
earl lielng proud. Lady Gwendolen was not
allowed to roceixe the addresses of any of
the rich tradesmen's sons In the neighbor
hood , even though the carl's grocery bills
had not hern paid for years and years , . Now ,
If this were play Instead of a plain state
ment of actual fact. I would have the truculent -
lent butcher of the neighborhood demand
the hand of Gwendolen for his ton or tho'
Instant liquidation of the meat hill. This
would co well on the stage , jnd I cun hear
the deep beefy tonra of the butcher threat
ening to put the cringing nobleman Into the
count'- court and the bailiffs Into Stobrross
cictlc , finishing up with a prroratlnn which
would capture the gallery to the cffcil that
A hundred unpaid mutton logs
Am worth a thousand coats of urms.
However , none of these things xvi-io
thnight of. and never are , except on the
hoards. The neighboring tradesmen did not
hither about unpaid bills , but pointed with
prldo to the fact that the earl refused to
deal with the co-operatlvo stores , which was
Indeed true , for tbo stores heartlessly re
quire cash down.
In thtso circumstances the life of Lady
Gwendolen was not an einlable one , and eo
aha took to bicycling She got a machine on
Ihn Installmcnl plan , and when the Install
ments went for long unliquidated and the
ngent tornnvfully took the wheel away for
non-pa jmrnt ns was agreed , the Lady Gwen-
dqlcn got ( mother somewhere else , the maker
printing In hU catalogue "Patronized by the
rarl of Slobcrofa and others of the nobility. "
Great ro I ho blccglogs of the credit system
when > oii Know how to work It
At first she cycled on the smooth roads of
the home park 'round Stobcrofacnatle ; then.
Kfc she became wore expert , she took to the
delightfully leafy lanes of the country , and.
of course , when fcho was seven and ono-balf
rnlliM " from homo she punctured the tire of
the "blml wheel and gat disconsolate on a
-V mpagy bank , not knowing what to do with
VttV It. Tl'oro wan
a repair Kit along , but eho
Knew nothing of Ita u c. thinking It had been
put there In tmjanco the wheel or something
of that sort. *
At tM Juncture or perhaps it would
b more accurate to say at thU punc
ture there happened along a nice > oun ?
ir n. who also rode a wheel. He sprang
on * , nn seeing a maiden In dlstrows , and j
ukfd , poli ] ( > ly If he could bo ot anv nr.
flsttuit ! . H1 could , and he wa . The girl I
' < tat there , and admired JiU dcfl handling of
a tl'o that had unexpectedly sono as limp
aa rns
1 TjKi < V' raid th" joung man cheerfully ,
I h all rlgr- > now my lady "
"Oh , jou Know who I am ' eaH tbi girl,1
flushing slightly.
"Yes , my lady , but as II Is not likely
that jou recognize me , may I have thq
pleasure of Introducing myself ? "
( These board schools In England ( lo enable
a > oung man to oxpre. s himself heautlfullj.
I'rttly soon there will ho no ntoro dialect
etorlcs written , for which niurey let us too
tiuly thankful ! ) j i
"I flhould be plriuciJ to have jou do so. '
replied Lady Gwendolen with dignity , "that
1 may know to rthoni 1 am under obliga
tions. "
' There Is no obligation , my ladj' ; It was
a delight to seixe you. I am John A. nigg , I
son of the blacksmith In PodmrG ! < Mset ,
the Milage under the shadow c-f Stobcro s I
casllc , as one might say , although It Is llvo
miles away. We do cjtle icpalrlug , and If
Anything ex IT goes wren ? with your whcol
ft > will put It right as cheaply as any other
reliable house In the trade. "
"Cheapness has no attraction for mj
father , " said Lady Gwendolen with tonui
ot the hauteur of the gentleman she had
mentioned , "we hnxo never been In thq
custom of haggling about price. "
The joung man boned and was silent ,
Ho was well aware of the carl's financial
The two rode together along the lane
toward the castle and chatted In the moU
arrlablo manner of the various merits of
different machines , nad when they parted at
last the girl Impulshely held'out her hand
and If he kept It In his own a little longer
than was strictly necessary , who bhall blame
him ? Not I , for one , 1'xe done It mji-olf.
He made bold to ask her If she was ac"UE-
tomed to cjcle often In that lane , and she
anbwcred In a low voice that flhe wa .
Hut what Is the use of my dwr'Ilng ' 0:1 :
these details ? I know the reader ha.s aln-ady
fathomed my shallow plot. There la only
one ptiry to write , and that ha hrrp writ
ten o\er and over and over again. Ptlll I ,
am encomagcd to proceed because I am deal-1
Inc with fact and not fiction. This Is a
plain , uncnarnclcd record of actual o\enls
( all except the Noah story , which I am not |
rcsponslblo for ; the monk wrote that ) , and I
ns long an I stick rigidly to the truth 11
don't see how I can be found fault with If1
I wcro writing fiction I would call the1
jouns man Reginald Tr xour lusto-il of
John A Ulggs. I don't se > mm h romance ,
about the name of Dlggs rmself although
he was a fine , stalwait joung fellow , deeply i
road in clippings stolen from the American
comic papers and consequently possessing
such a vast fund of Information that It was
an education In itself for any lady In the
land to talk with him. Hut the reader who
thinks everything I going smoothly from
now on , Is much mistaken Neither of the
young people gave a thought to the proud
carl , who paced the battlements with his
chin In the air , and who was so unllterary
that he didn't oven take In a Sunday paper.
The wily reader who keeps hs | eje on that
haughty carl will run the bast chance of
gaining the guinea prize offenhl for a solu
tion of the "Stobcross Mjsterj- . "
Tbo two young people met often In that
leafy lane and talked most absorbingly of
let us say of bicycles and the component
parts thereof. And the arrogant earl kept
his noeo HO perpendicular that he saw noth
ing of what was passing under hjs chin , as
ouo might remark , nut was there none to
enlighten him ? Header , you haxe gueajed
It. No account of a grim castle can bo writ
ten without taking account of the surly scrv-
Itor the menial whoso forefathers haxe
faithfully slaved and spied for the baronial
house with which they have- been connected
all through the centuries. Novelists should
Eubscrlbo for a testimonial to the rancciions
retainer , he is a boon and a blessing to
1'etcr TrexelllLk , the crabbed nian-of-aM-
woil ; about the castle , had a suspicion of
what was gulng forward and be stealthily
watched the j-oung pair. For a long time ho
was baflled because ho waa TII jrars old and
no sprinter on the cycle , and as moot of tholr
ronferoncci took place In the aforementioned
leafy lane , on their wheels , espionage was
not without Its ilimcnltlpj. nut so ejger were
the tAaln to meet that on ocvcral occasions
when the earl was from homo the black-
smith's eon had the temerity to call on Lady
Gwendolen at the castle , and It was only too
evident that the girl was most raRer to ? o
him Tro > clllck. the better to fuithcr his
sinister purpose , fawnol on the young man
and pretended to be hU friend , actually
winning hU confidence.
Ah , youth" jouth' when will you learn
discretion ? Haxcn't you read enough dlnio
noxols to know that crawling servitors are
ex'cr to ho dUtriutod ? Subscribe for" the
Family Story Paper or Saturday Night ,
learn of thrlr wa > and hewlte
At laht the joung man gaxo Trevelllik a
note to take to Lady GncnJolen. It was to
bo slipped Into her hand secretly and Peter
wag to chnoee his opportunity , which he
promised to do. John A. gave him a slillllnc.
which the old man hit. to to.-t li * quality ,
when the donor's haclwab turned ; thtu he
rubbed hta withered hands one oxer the
other and chuckled , after the manner of
xlllalua on the mclo-drnmatlo stage. Ho
steamed open Hie note and read It. It was
without address or signature and r in 33
"I hair everthins arranged and I tMnk
there will bo no fear of dls-wcrj ifo't
"an get away without creating < - clon
meet me In the old arbrr tonight at 0 an4 I
will tell jou all" |
Rescallng the letter , Trtxelllck bunded It
to the lady and watched her furtively while
* h j read. She nnsi lt > ly agitated by ! t j 1
coMente. the colnr coming and going - UfM ) j !
on hrr fair checks. |
Ntcd I tate thnl when young Hlggs met j I
the Lady Gwendolen In the summer hous I
old Tro\elllck was listening outside ? 1
think not ; yet , fearing there may be any
mlap , < rchenlon. T will rtntc It nnd add
that he had hi * car at knothole. He heard
every palpltatl.ig word , for the two , having
no suspicion , did not speal ; In whlspnra.
Little do joung people Know of the moan-
nrjn of this.world ! If wo wore not con
fident that exprthln * would turn out all
right at laxt nud that the villain would bo
overthrown wo could not hear to read stories
lot their simple Innocence. This is what the
'lurking cavctdropper hoard
"Don't jeu think wp might try It on it
tandem ? " asked Lady Gwendolen , sweetly.
"No , no , " paid ycun ? Hlggs eagerly , "t
think wo should Imvo two bicycles Then In
case of pursuit we could go down different
roads nnd thus bcttlllcr the e who follow.
Wo could meet at the market cross In Pud-
dlebury and go together to the place of ap
pointment. "
"Yes , I suppore that would be the heller
pliin , " sighed the girl , "although 1 clI.sllUo
riding nlouc In the dark. "
"I don't suppose It will be noccfiisary for
us to separate on thp road ; 1 ntu merely
speaking of what had best be done slionl 1
our plans bo discovered , a most unlikely
oxcntuallty , fet your father hh. < t not the
slightest suspicion and may not irlm you
until It Is too late for him to do anjthing. "
Old Peter chuckled offensively and p'lently '
as ho heard this.
"Wouldn't It have been 'better to bax-o gone
to your village , which la only five miles
nway , than to Puddlcbury. which Is
twenty' "
"They arc such go lpe In our xlllago
that I dare not risk It. It we were FCCII
together thn news would IIP all over the
country In half an hour and jour father
would be fiiiro to hear of it. At Puddlchury
nn oni > Knows us , ami thp moment the csro-
mony Is over wo can snap our fingers at the
wholeworld. . I htixo witnesses ready and
thPi'p will be 1,0 delaj. "
"How thoughtful'toii aie ! Will It take
IOIIK. once wo reach there ? " I
1 Only , i few minutes. " I
" \nd to think that an action fraught with
siicl < conc-equcnce an action which chanpct
the whole course of two human lives , occu
pies but , \ few minutes ! 1 can hardly be-
llcvo that xxf arc s-o near to the realization
of iirir fondest hopes. When shall I nx'l
' '
" 1hall 1 b > In the lane with two bicycles
at ihrep lio-irs after midnight. The ligh' ' d
lamps will guide you We will ride slo.\ly
unless there Is pursuit , and should reach
I wa * honored in carrjlng out for jour
daughter. I/mly Gwendolen Quite so , quite
* o 1 am delighted tf > b abto to a ure you *
lordship that there was'not ' n hitch In the
i > roc iln s and pv rylhtn * went oft exactlj
at arranged , and 1 am sure 1 moil heartly
congratulate your lordship. " said the official ,
"Connratulate ! On a'blacksiplth's ftcii !
You you '
The haughty early bwwnp Inarllculato with
nngor. Thp rrglslrarent on susxely :
"A blacksmith's * on. Certainly find 1 doubt
'f she could hax-p had i bellcr partner. She
had the Ideas , and hd 'had"thp mechanical
ability. Experts saj lhat the bicycle jaddlij
they have Invented Is Just the thing that the
public linvo long hccii waiting for , and walt-
! lug for In Miln. 1 do a little bit iness In it
'llnnticlal ' way. and the * yonrg n.on was good
enough lo Intrust the arrangements to me.
I succeeded In Interesting tint great company
promoter , Glllooley. In Iho Invention after
wo had secured the- patents all oxer Iho
world tor It , and this morning the contracts
were signed. The joung man Is to bo made
managing director of the company at n large
salary xvhtii the saddle Is put on the publto. "
" 1 I really don't know what > ou are
talking about , " stammered the carl. "Tho
saddle on the public' 1 thought you said
It wao to he put on a blryclp "
"Quito ro , quite so. Ollloolcy has paid
your daughter GOO.OOfl cash , less my little
commission , and he Intends to pass It on to
the public for 2,000,000. And ho'll do It ,
too "
"Then you jou have marrtel nobody re
cently , I take It. " gatppd the earl.
"Not llkelyl There Is toi much money In
the ejrio business for mo to bother about
marrjlng people. 1 send them off to a
nclghboilng minister. "
"Will you e\cuse mo If I bid jou good
morning' " stammered his lordship.
"Delighted to haxo j-ou do > o , " replied
the registrar.
This brings me to the conclusion of the
episode I set out to iclate and all that now
remains for mo to do Is to marry off every
one of my character , after the manner of
accomplished story tellers , thus avoiding the
example sot by the money-making registrar.
The particulars of the Gwendolen saddle x\as
printed In most of the lending Kngllsh
papcia as ica'lmt ; matter , but paid for as an
adxuiFC ! ! > , ent by the talented Glllooley and
sxxallancd as real news by a gullible public ,
who subscilbed the capital of the new com
pany flxo tlmos oxei. The Information was
cabled to America nnd In the New York
paptru Lord dc Denture UatbirrybUHh read
that Lady Gwendolen , only daughter ot thn
carl of Stobcrcfrs , had become possessed of
$2,500,000. As his Icrdship was at that mo
ment In ncKotlatlon with a stock broker ,
who would only glx-o $1,000,000 with his girl ,
and that largely candltlonal on the success
Puddlebury about daylight. I hope you xx-IH
have no difficulty in getting nxxay from the
caHtlo unseen. "
"There will bo no trouble about that. At
3 o'clock , then. "
Thus they parted and Gwendolen eought
her own room. Had she any qualms about
leaving it thus surreptitiously ? I'm sure I
don't know. I am compelled to keep strictly
to the facts within my own cognizance.
I nm , however , dcllghte ! to be able to
Htnto that here the villain met his first dif.-
culty. Up to date ex-orythlng has been gong
hib way and if thnt kept on to the end there
would be llttlo use In xv riling tills narrative.
The proud carl x\as not at home. The county
court xxas In tension thnt week nt Scradllng-
ton , ten miles xxestwnrd from the castle ,
xvblle I'uddlebury was twenty miles to the
east , and the earl alwa > H attended the county
court , being usually summoned to do EO. He
\\iis a punctlllouH observer ot the laws of
his country nnd nexcr flouti'd a xvrlt. Old
Peter therefore hml his xvork cut out for Inn ) ,
Ho mouiitea a horse and galloped for the
carl. Trexelllck did not shlno as n liunie-
111,111 , and tile only horse at his disposal uaq
not of rue-ing block , having brer jnoro nc-
cuntomtJ to the plow than to the hurting
field. It was lontf nfter mi'lnlKlit ' x\hcn
Prior leached the county tovxu , and then
there xvas much delay In finding lil lordahlp
and In ( onxImitiB him that hln daughter had
aitually eloped with thu eon or a bluclu-mlih.
No StobticuH glnro the days of Noah had
cxvr so deme.iiic-d herself , the earl main-
tuined. He htiw th.it If this wcto Indeed
true ho could nut In future Krep his chin no
high In iho air , and iu he had become ac
customed to it In lhat position ho hated to
change. lie was very rontervatlxo , anyhow ,
nnd liad nlv. ju hilled change , inner hnxiiij
an > of it In bin pocket. At last , hot/vxcr
I'o rode grumblliiRly to his castle nnd nr-
rivcd there nbont iliollnht , fully expecting
to find ( hvemlulon In her room , nnd thin
ho told hliusolf he would in < i ) > e It lively lor
old Peter , x\ho liad thus unnccoanilly dis
turbed his rtt > l. Ho oven contldcd ihis re-
solxo to Peter , but the lattrr had a coufl-
df-nt nlr that doubled hlt > loiiUhlp.
Sure onouEh. thu crstle XV.IH empt ) ' The
1 ird had flown ! Mudly the carl galloped lo
Tiiddlfbury. lie rallo * ! llr l. raijins on the
cttablibluil clfigyman of Iho plice , but found
that placid old gentleman liiid 'nanl < M no !
CHO for wiol.s Thei < trashing on thu
lerturbiil noel < xran's distracted brain came
thi > thought that the bl.iclianiith'h ton was
tuiii to lie a dii&fJUc-r. and had doubtlos
I cm marrid by one of the numerous mlii-
Utctk of that fuitli. He visited in turn all
tb rexpreud gc < itleiiu > n In PiiddloLury. but I
without ho.irliiK of iue fugitheg. Thoie was' '
now left only iho regUlrar. The lakt of the |
tloth OH wLow ho culled had sugsefctuj thN' '
ofll-.lal , aa Ii hiJ nox'tr oce-urred to the carl
tl'ut a daughter of his would descend to a'
i iv 11 lEanidge
The eul mlled uprn chf < rc itnar In a
fnrnng rage
I an th- carl of S IITO'fd I
couic "
' 0 ) C9 iny lor I \ - ' Iho 1 HI-
iof ] the wheat corner. Lord dc Denture Im
mediately sailed for home nnd told Gwendo
len that he had been in America merely to
learn the best route to Klondike , which
was qullo true. Ho found what he Bought
by marrying Gwendolen at the parish church.
John A. Biggs ultimately wedded the
i grocer's daughter , Hannah Sprowle , after
] 1 the great aaddlo company had gone Into
j liquidation. The stubborn old earl of Stob-
j I cross , who had been a widower for twenty
I I years , ictuses to allow mo to unite him to
any one nnd sa > s ho dotsn't care a hang
xvhethcr my slory Is unpopular or not on
thnt account. Old Peter was married al
ready , ns he found out lo his cost nfler the
cplbode I hnvo related , when his Irate wife
nearly broke his head for being such a fool
as to Interfere In business that did not con
cern htm and thus offend Lady Gwendolen
nnd lose nil chance of getting n share of her
Vliiuit SHiool Children.
A forthcoming repoit of thu bureau o
rducai.uii on u fturtx' of children v,111 con-
lain fmc Interesting infut motion regard
ing Ihe "fnb child " The report ns a
whole < ] cnlitli obherx'atloijK of more thun
J3.1WVOO i hi Wren In America un < l IJurope ,
but enl > u few bundled c hlidri'il xvlthoui
ilirolhorh or Mstrrseie i xuinlncd. Mental
and ph > slc-.il ilefei-ta of a fiavo nnlurc xxrro
iiiuoh mite c immun among- them than
among tlilMien e < * noialh They entered
school later thnu nthfr olilldit'ii.ore lei
i regular In attcndaruc and their succets
with sihool xxoilt wan t nlov.tlin nx-eraco.
i Thi'y did not u.ijienr to Join r > adlly In the
iBiums I xvltli other c hlldroi , but preferred
I the quleler form of amusement
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February i6th and lyth , 10,000 sample cakes
of their famous
ythat its readers may test for themselves , freely
and without any cost whatever , the merits of this
new soap discovery.
From all the reports of the highest connoisseurs - (
seurs , Kirk's Jap Rose seems destined to become
the peer of all other soaps now in general use.
By a special arrangement between the Bee and
Messrs , Kirk & Co. , the samples will be on hand and
ready for free distribution at 9 a. m. on Friday morning1 ,
February 16th , and the Bee extends to all its readers a
most cordial invitation to call and receive one free sample
cake of this elegant preparation.
So liberal an offer from such a well-known and respon
sible firm , sanctioned as it is by the most hearty cooperation
tion of the Bee , is well worth your prompt attention.
Remember , distribution begins at our office 9 a. m.
Friday , February 10th , and ends Saturday evening at 8.
One cake to each person free.
No samples given to children. *
EST WORK , BUT QUICKWITTED U Blf u . for unn turU ,
nlichargr * infl ium lloDl
PEOPLE USE Irrlutioni or nlc rlUu | .
of muooni ntmbrinti.
J'alDlcti , nd col Mtrli *
* tDt ° '
or tent in pUIn wrivptr.
nr . eiprrii . prrpt d. . lit .
Jl.no. or I ottlM , 2.7S.
Uircuur Mat us r * iM b
For seven years I suffered from a ! thos.roubles (
peculiar to women. I had tried every doctor to. the neighborhood and
about every medicine saw aaycrtiud , without relief. Every month I emed to be at iL gates of rati. I WM oervow
and could
not sleep at all. I brlirve
it was providential that my husband cured a LadieV
BJrthdiy Almanac and
learned of Wine of Cardui. It w-s almost ( ime for we
my suifcriog to btcin I got a bottle of Wine of Cardui
proved lo be beneficial and J o.'doe another bottle. " NovTl ImVlf'dghtV NeVeThave pain"anywh e'.1 at once. It
a . Feel
and sleep aB sound as auyboay. I fccr-v. that as strong
women can avoid th e menstrual troubles by UldnjrVine of
the wife of Rsv. R. T. Thorn . ftnrih-ri.it Cardui. I
* : , - . mini er hre. Mn , IDA A. THOMAS.
Ijew women lealir.r : hovtrrt nix serious "female dise.iso " ar > . A well developed rase of such trouble , unless
speedily checked , means utoiu. . untimely grave or an insane asylUm. The numberof women thnt meet such
u fate is appalling. U tc dln * .t menstrual mid reproductive
organ * are BO intimately connected with '
wom n *
' xrhole exiBtence that every JJ/ . of the body quickly shows the cftcrt of elerau-cments of those parts. The brain
aud nervous system are vitally influenced. When the foi.olc continues the strai \ on the miud , end the diam on the body unbearable
When the body gives xvay first , it is the grave , but if the piunit is the asylum There is little excuse for tuU kind of trouble are that
of Cardui hns been placed within the reach of every v.omu1.By taking this great medicine at the first symptoms of menstrual now sufiedue Wine
xxouian never need have falling of the womb , or whites , or monthly headaches. She can fill lir-r tJosita . a
tion in life with joy and satisfaction. By keeping the mcnitiual organs in perfect coajitii/n V.inc of ta K&/2 / xeFLKEF - < ? jAtim *
Cardui makes a xvoman well all over. It is a simple , cheap reined } . WWI&ft > . m * MJT * *
Per advice in cases requiring special directions , addrf" ! giving sxniptoms , the "I adits * Adtisory
department , " The Chattanooga Medicine Co , Chattanooga , l n
Every Druggist Keeps $1.00 Bottles.

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