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The Omaha Daily Bee.
Bfltiiu Trample All Barriers In th Effort to
E;ach Bloetnfontein.
Running Action lsMlntainad Along Am of
Twelve Miles.
at Slmonstown were found boring a tunnel
under the Unci of tbc camp. The work had
mado considerable progress before discov
ered." The correspondent of the Times at Lou
ronzo Marquez says:
"Drltlsh and German citlandcra arc flock
ing here from tho Transvaal In consequence
of the feeling of Insecurity aroused by recent
.... t 1 .. 1nt.nnnAalf0 T n I Tl I fl
I several iniinjriuut. uuhihow.c
have been flooded, tho government having
forbidden pumping."
llnrKlirro AlniiK tle Border Are In
I)t-NM'rnt Stniltn llrcnd mid
AVutor Sole Subnlntcnee.
His Artillery U Woll Handled, However,
and Is Well Supported.
Doer, Follow llclilml ItlnlUK Ground
nil Aim u..t Sueeecd In OulllnnUlnis
the llrllUh AttuckliiK Ool
u nix llclmve Uullnntly.
CAPETOWN, Sunday, March 11. News
from LadvErey. HerBChel and Allwal North
show that the rebels are laying down their
nrms In largo numberu and that tho Boers
all nlong tho border aro la serious straits
The rebels wscrt that tho lloera arc
subsisting on bread and water and so-called
coffee, made from rye.
Other rebels are leaving to fight In tho
Free State.
Drltlsh rulo has been restored at Lady-
grey, where a big fight Is reported to have
occurred, many rebeltt being killed.
It la reported that thousands of rebels
contemplate surrendering to General lira
tinii-ifnWTRlM. March 11. All of ye- bant.
"L. smiled in flKhtlng. The Boers Holier!.. VUvrn Wtirnlntr.
i.i.i .luiiimrn rear guard action LONDON, March 11. The Wnr ofnee has
clone ft running front of twelve jiiIIch on received tho following advices from Lord
very dttncult ground. Tho British wero Roberts, dated Drlefonteln, March 11, 9:15
.i.....,i I., iirp rolumns. (lencral p, m.:
m..b, , ,i, ..mtliwnr.l. occunlcd l'etrus- "Tho attached dlnpnlch has been addressed
berg unopposed; General Kelly-Kenny, by mo to their honors tho state prcwldcntB of
after following tho river batik, moved In the Orange Frco State and tho South African
tho direction of Abrahams kraal. At uric- repuuues:
...... .I- i.,.i o n.. ,,nih nf Ahrahnnn " 'Another Instnnco having occurred o
bmni. Jh lin..r were found posted In con- gross nbuso of tho white Hag and of tho
slcnnl of hoMliiK up hands In token of ftur
.cvernl koolcs. where they had mounted render. It Is my duty to Inform you that If
,, such abuso occurs again I shall most re
Tho action began at 8 o'clock In the morn- luctantly bo compelled to order my troops
ing with an artillery dud. Oeneral French's " uireKaru mo nuu
cavalry and General Porter's brigades up- " 'The Instance occurred on a kopje west o
ported our gun. The Iloer artillery was nriefontcln farm yesterday evening and wai
i ,i i,.ii,i ,i ii, tiriii.h i-nviirv witnessed by several of my own staff oflV
found a task harder than they had ex- "re. n well as by myself, and resulted In
,,. tho wounding of several of my officers and
r,......t.nl nnifw1..'.tn.l w.ltt, ilnpitml nnr.A. 1 men.
mnv.i nttnptw i mil Bnnth. " 'A largo amount of exploslvo bullets o
,.,i ..i. nn.i'n .. i i nrm.n.i threo different kinds wan found In Com
v... t. ...,t,.,.t ,,.i.i.. ,1.1 o.m.i mandant Crotije's laager nnd this has been
on., ov m..i .,. n,n,,i i,. t case after every cngagenient with your
-..ni.n.. n. ou.i, .iii.,i mfnnir,. honors' troops. Such breaches of tho recog
., ,u , ,,, ,.,., ,,,, nlzed usages of war and of tho Oencva con
UUTUilt.lllK VI lilt; null iwti uiu " I J I.i .i . a i.t i
..,.. i. no,, ,i. infBi.. w, ventlon aro a dlsgraco to any civilized power.
ablo to move faste'r tho Doer., would havo A copy of this telegram has bean sent to my
Upper Hons) Will Continue Its Debita on
Porto Kfoin Bill.
Dull Week In Inspected In I. oner
HntiNf, TIiimirIi Conference Ilt-port
t'lion rimineliil Hill Will lie
l)Miocd " Tucility.
WASHINGTON. March 11. Tho senate
will continue to glvo attention to tho 1'orto
lllcan bill and tho Quay resolution this week,
with a possibility that there may bo a diver
sion In favor of tho Hay-Pauncefote treaty
and Senator Mason's Boer resolution.
MaBon says It Is his purpose to call up
his resolution again and to get a vote on It
If possible. Senator Davis has expressed
an Intention to ask tho senate to tako up
tho treaty during tho latter part of tho
week, but Senator Foraker, In charge of
tho I'orto Mean bill, oipressw confidence
that Senator Davis will not bring the treaty
forward at a tlmo to embarrass tho I'orto
lllcan measure.
Speeches on Porto Itleo will bo mado Mon
day by Senators Ilawllns and Turner and
probably later In tho week by Senator Ncl
Bon. Tho debato on this measure probably
will bo very general and possibly quite
been enveloped.
Tho last shot was fired at 7:30 p. m. Thla
morning not a Doer was to be seen. The
prisoners belonged to President Kruger's
own commando.
Iloern llcnlnt Stubbornly.
6:35 a. m. Bradwood's cavalry brigade,
ndvanclng on niocmfnnteln, unexpectedly
found tho Doers In a strong position In
tho Drlefonteln kopjes yesterday. General
Kelly-Kenny's division arriving, scvoro
fighting ensued. Tho Doers resisted stub
bornly, but were driven from their center
position, leaving a number of dead and forty
prisoners. Tho Drltlsh force Is moving for
ward today.
effect of deterring tho Intending demonstrators.
Tho Marino hospital forvlco Is keeping a
special lookout for cases, of. .bubonic plague
which tnlght reach Havana on incoming
steamers. All vessels from1 Mexico are rig
Idly Inspected. As .jet (hero Is no con
firmation of tho report of a case of tho
plague on tho steamer Yucatan, from Vera
Secretary of War Hoot was busy all tho
morning receiving tho, heads of tho various
deportments of government nnd conferring
with them. Collector Bliss, Major Ladd,
Mrs. Ilooscvclt, Mrs. Chaffee and tomo mem
bers of Secretary Hoofs party vlBlted Morro
castle and Cabanas fortress.
General Chaffee returned Admiral Farqu-
bar's call on behalf of Mr. Root.
Avcrndl Find lint n Coltl IteoepMon
AunltliiK Hint nx. I'llliiil Dclcftntc
In (lie Meilenn Cmiltnl.
and of the Mexican Smites Heavily the
Yaqul Trlbs.
All of Hie I'littncrincnl Are In Nnlnre
of SklrnilnhcM, In Which the Gov
ernment Trooim l'rovr Too
Clever (or the Snvnicc.
CITY OF MEXICO, March 11. Arch
bishop Avcradl, papal delegate to Mexico,
will probably not return here. It Is an
open secret In ecclesiastical circles that ho
was profoundly disappointed at hla reception
hero and tho scant courtesy shown him. A
friend of tho distinguished prelate says:
"When tho papal dclcgato arrived It was
but natural that tho archbishop of Mexico
Bhould offer him hospitality, but ho had to
seek lodgings with an eminent nnd friendly
phjslclan of this capital. This gave him his
first Idea of the disposition of tho Mexican
spirited. Tho members of the committee on j prelates toward him, who was tho direct
order of business) emphatically contradict j representative of the holy father, and as
tho reports that tho committee is exerting lmo went on he found tho disposition prcv
itself to Bccuro tho amendment for tho Porto aclit to regard him as an Interloper. It Is
lllcan bill, saying that tho committee tias jru that on several occasions, as at publlo
nothing to do with tho formation of legls- dinners, the papal delegate spoke his mind
latlon. entirely, but his warm Italian temperament
The senato will meet at 10 o'clocK Mon- nna tTank disposition prompted his utter
day, two hours In advance of tho usual hour ances. which wero tho reverse of compll-
of convening, In order to tako up the Alaskan montary to the natlvo clergy. It was his
code dim, tno rending or wnion nas noi yei opinion that tho clergy hero were incapaulo
been completed. 0f organization and resentful of even tho
HoiiHe i:iicctn Dull Week., slightest Interference, ns they regarded It
Tho week In tho houso promises to bo of the holy father.
rather dull. Tomorrow tho contested elec
tion caa of Wlso ngalnst Young, from tho
Second Virginia district, which has been de
bated for two days, will be voted upon. Dr.
Wlso, tho contestant, who ia a republican,
was seated by a former congress on a
contest nnd Indications aro that ho will bo
again seated.
government with tho request that It may
bo communicated to all neutral powers."
tiitcroNllnp; CIuckIIoiim llroiiKht tin by
CIiiIiiim of .liiiiiulcaii Mr rob ii n Ik
AKnliiNt I'rotcKC of KiikIiiiiiI.
KINGSTON, Jamaica, .March 11. Prince
Tuesday tho conferenco report upon the Clarence, chief of tho &lc6qulto territory
financial bill will bo disposed of. There may and protege of the British government, who
bo somo lively debate on tho report, but resides In Jamaica, has been sued by local
It will command tho full party strength morchants. His wollcltor'sctR up In defense
on tho republican LIde and will be adopted. tho allegation that Prince Clarence was th
Tho remainder of tho week will bo de- sovereign chief of tho Mosquito territory
voted to annronrlattoti bills, of which two prior to and at tho time-of tho accruing of
havo been reported to tho houso, tho army tho cause of action and therefore Is entitled
and District of Columbia bills.
IvriiKcr mill Stoyu Make Proponnl to
SiillHhiiry, hut Iteiiulre Mont
Favorable TrrniN.
LONDON. March 11. Tho Dally Mall has
received the following dispatch from Preto
ria, dated Saturday, March 10, and censored
by tho iloer government:
"President Krugor and President Steyn
havo wired to Lord Salisbury peaco pro
posals, on condition that tho Independence
During tho fighting, in which five rcgl- " two republics bo respected nnd the
mcnts took part, with artillery, tho Doers, "pel colonials amnestied.
llmnr-h fnrrr,! fmm tholr renter nosltlon "Yesterday the foreign consuls wero called
clung tonaclously to the other kopjes, shell- Into conferenco and wero requested to Invito
Ing tho Drltlsh freely with threo guns nnd mo intervention oi me powers nicy repro-
two VIckcrB-Maxlms. Tho Drltlsh cavalry sented In order to prevent further blood-
begnn to turn tho Doer position, but night ohed."
fell before tho movement was completed.
Tho nnr.ru rotlro.l ilnrlnir tbn nlcht. nelhiine In Forced Uncle.
A large number of Australians wero en- DURBAN, March ll.-Tho Natal Mercury
caged yesterday. Tho First Australian has tho following dispatch from Qreytown,
with tho Scots Grevs. nd- dated today
vanccd within 800 ynrds of tho Boers under "A forco comroscd of Bcthuno's mounted
l.rnvr flro. The New South Wales mounted Infantry, tho UmvctI mounted rifles and
Infuntry Joined tho pursuit of tho Boers tho Natal police, with three maxims, under
northward. Colonel Bethuno, reached Pomeroy Thurs-
LONDON. March 12. A dispatch to tho day, March 8. Tho following morning the
TiniM from Drlefonteln. dated Sunday. Doer pickets opened flro.
gays: "A general engagement soon ensued, the
"Tho storming of Alexander kopje by tho Doers using ponipoms nnd two big guns,
Welsh was n particularly One piece of work. Thero was heavy firing on both sides. Col
Tin, raoldltv of Iho Boers In removing their oncl Dethuno weeing tho Impossibility of dls-
guns whs very remarkable. Tho New South lodging the Doers without artillery, retired
Wales mounted Infantry mnde a gallant, south of tho Tugela with ono man wounded.
bin unsuccessful, attempt to capturo nmtuu- Tho Boer loss Is said .to ho considerable.
rdtlnn. lArrnrdlnir in thn Intent rennrts nn
other engagement today is not Improbable." CASUALTIES IN BOSTON FIRE
Troup I'rcNH Korwiir.1.
LONDON. March 11. A dispatch to tho Oni- Fireman Killed nnd Scvernl In
WASHINGTON, March 11. (Special Tele
trrrim.t Mr. Rnsownter call nil unon Gov
nrnnr Merrlnn. director of tho census, n I'nuco Clarence is coueiuerauiy in ueoi auu
relation to tho proposed annexation of South tho settlement of tho issue is an important
rVmnii nnil tho Htnr wllPtl It Wfltllfl lift OTtl- I UUti
nil. In n tinvn 4hn rt r1 1 1 n t Inti rntlirna n f tttn
two cities consolidated for tho census of DtlllUNd Ur.rLNU IMC inCHII
1900. Governor Mcrrlam utated that blanks
Jor separate enumeration of tho two cities I3nKllH Vrvnn Look with MnrUc
had already been sent to Superintendent uisrnvor on Amendment of the
Wheeler, but figures could bo consolidated Semite Committee.
If thn two corporations wero mereed on or
before Juno 1. i.umjun, .March 12. Tho Standard, dls
Considerable surnriso was expressed by cussing editorially tne Hay-l'aunceroto con
Senator Thurston nnd other NebraskaiiB over u'"li Bays: nopo uoni .sansDury
tho report that Dlackburn nnd tho congre3-
War odlco from Lord Iloberts, dated Drlefon
teln, March 11, 7:16 a. in., says- "Tho enemy
opposed us throughout yesterday's march and
from his lntlmnto knowledgo of tho country
gavo us considerable trouble. Owing, how
ever, to tho admirable conduct of tho troops I
tho enemy was unable to prevent us reaching
jurcd Diirlnir llcntmctloii of
Macaroni Factory.
DOSTON, March 11. Flro early this mora
ing In tho building of tho Massachusetts
Macaroni company on North street caused
thn death of ono fireman, tho probable fatal
our destination. Tho brunt of tho lighting of nnotilcr nua tho serious Injury of
..11 Hnitni-nl lnll u-lf .... n v'a illvletn.ia wr I . ... ...
fell on General Kelly-Kenny's divisions, two
Oattallons of which, tho Welsh nnd Essex,
turned the Boers out of two strong posi
tions at tho point of tho bayonot."
Another dispatch dated 9:55 a. m., says:
"I cannot get tho preclso number of cas
ualties before I march, but will communl
cato It as soon as possible Tho Doers
suffered heavily, 102 of their dead being left
upon tho ground. Wo captured about twenty
"Among tho killed aro Captain Eustace
of tho Duffs, Captain Ixunax of tho Welsh
regiment nnd Mr. McKnrtle, a retired In
dian civilian attached to Kitchener's Horse.
"Among tho wounded are: Duffs Colonel
Hlckson, leg, severe; Lieutenant Tllonald.
Welsh regiment Lieutenants Tarknlgton,
Pope, Wlmbcrley. Essex regiment Cap
tain Droadwood. Kleld artillery Lieutenant
Dovenlsh. Medical corps Major Walte,
Lieutenant Berne. Australian artillery
Colonel Umphcly, abdomen, dangerous,
Tho Morning Post's correspondent at
Drelfonteln, telegraphing Sunday, says: Tho
threo others, besides entailing a flnanclnl
It variously estimated from $7G,000 to
P. J. McCarthy, senior hoseman of steamer
No. 8, was Instantly killed. Ho was stand
Ing on a ladder near a cornlco of tho burn
Ing building when tho roof fell In and ho
was hurled to tho ground covered with
Christopher Curran, n member of steamer
company No. 9, while on tho roof was swept
to tho ground by ono of tho tnnny streams
that wero being played Into tho flro. II
was sovercly injured Internally and may die
Lieutenant Walter McLean of steamer No,
8 was at tho foot of tho ladder upon which
McCarthy was standing and was hit by tho
falling debris. Ho will recover.
Hoseman Galloway of cnglno No. 13 also
sustained fractures of tho shoulders and
rlba, while Hoseman Gavagban of steamer
No. 8 was somewhat brulBed by flying missiles.
Tho building, a four-story brick, was en
iltcxt Time Omaha nnd South Oninlin.
Can CoiiNolldnle find Get
In Cciimu.
to all tho rights appertaining to him as
prlnco of 'tho Mosquito territory,
Tho solicitor contends that Clarence ought
not to bo compelled against his will to
answer In a legal action before any of tho
Judges or beforo a mlnlifujr of the queen I
Jamaica, nnd, on behalf of his' client, he
denim tho Jurisdiction .of tho Jamaican
courts. -
This raises an Interesting question, a
Forecast for Nebraska
Pair nnd Warm: Variable Winds.
Tcmpcrnlnrc nt OmnlSS'j!"lcrdi yi
Hour. I)-k. ll'-Sf Mcr.
a n. m (11 1 .dSfn M
O n. m 4H UiiijVii tH
7 n. m 4S tnji Yfn 17
8 n. m 10 -SM" n
I) n. m IH r'L:rf" u
10 n. m ns Jln I'
ll n. m UO 7, 110
12 in lit Kt-T-'M no
y ii ns
AUSTIN, Tex.. March 11. A special from
'otam, Mexico, says that during four dnys
ending on Krldny the Yaqul Indians and the
Mexican troops had four engagements near
Cocorlt, Moxlco. The Mexican troops aro en-
denvorlng to force their way through this
section of tho country so as to keep a road
way between Torln nnd that point open for
travol. Thero aro a great many Indians
known to bo in this Immedlntc section, nnd
It Is evident that a very strong forco will
havo to bo put Into tho field at ouco to sup
press the uprising.
Tho engagements of the four dnys men
tioned resulted very disastrously for tho In
dians, ns In tho neighborhood of 200 aro
known to havo been killed nnd possibly
more. Tho Mexican troops suffered very
llttlo lees of life, though some twenty-live
soldiers wero wounded. All tho engage
ments wero In the nnturo of skirmishes, last
ing only a fow hours; when tho Indians
would retire.
Tho fact that tho Maya Indians hnve also
aken to tho warpath and aro harassing
the troops a great deal gives rlso to grave
surmises as to how long It will take to bring
tho uprising to a termination. It la feared
that unless both of the factions arc brought
In submission soon they will Join forces.
Indlnnn Fnll In n Trap.
A special from Ortiz, stato of Sonorn, Is to
tho effect that on Frldny reports reached
thero of n bloody skirmish between a band
of somo 300 Yaquls and about an equal num
ber of soldiers about fifty miles west of that
plnco, In which tho fighting was continued
most of the day.
The loss anions tho roldlcrs wan slight,
owing to their Eplcndld formication, being
ensconsed behind a natural breastwork of
boulders on a hillside with tho Indians In
tho open. It was a cleverly laid trap Into
which tho Indians wero led, and while they
left none of their dead on tho field It Is
thought their loss is heavy, as qulto a num
bor wero seen to fall.
Reliable Information states that fully 2,500
Yaquls are now In tho neighborhood of Guny
mns and fully as many moro arc prowling
between Medano and Potan.
M)trrlou lllncc Followlnir Two F.x
nloRlonn llocn Scrlonn DnmiiKc In
tho llnrly Mornlnr.
Tho three-story brick building nt 1311 l-'ar-nam
street, occupied by tho Omaha Tent nnd
Awning company, was totally destroyed by
fire between 2 nnd 3 o'clock this morning.
The watch-man's attention was first attracted
by two explosions, following which Humes
burst through the roof. Ho turned In tho
alarm nt 2:30 o'clock and when the flro de
partment reached tho scene the flames had
gained such headway that the wholo block
scorned likely to be sacrificed.
In splto of tho firemen's efforts the flro
extended to tho music store of Schmoeller &
Mueller on the west nnd tho Nebraska Seed
company on tho enst, doing serious damage
to the stock of both concerns.
Tho tent nnd nwnlng company's slock was
an cntlro loss, ns tho building was totally
consumed. Tho first floor contained various
ncs of rubber goods, the second was stocked
with tents nnd awnings nnd tho third con
talncd raw materials of various sorts. Tho
manager of the company, A. II. llawltzer, Is
absent from tho city.
Joseph Cushburn, tha clerk In charge, es
timates the loss sustained by tho company
at $30,000, with Insurance at $20,000. Tho
building, which is worth in the neighbor
hood of $75,000, Is tho property of W. A.
Paxton and is believed to bo protected by
Tho flro apparently originated on the lower
floor nnd was dllllcult to reach. Tho dense
fumes of burning rubber goods drove back
tho firelighters who attempted to reach tho
seat of tho flames.
Organoid Factions Promdt Conflict in tbf
BtreaU of Franltfort.
iwlj Formed State Qnard Standi Beadj t'
Protect tha Executive,
Three Frenchmen Will Trnvcl o the
Country of Gold by a Unique
slonal committee should attempt to revolu
tionize all precedent In proposing to super-
ecdo Douglas county's centrnl committee In
tho supervision of primaries for tho selec
tion of delegates to the congrosslonal district
Congressman Mercer disclaimed any active
hand in tho scheme, nor could ho explain
why tho departure was contemplated ox-
wlll not agreo to tho amendment of the
senato committee, which would emasculate
the convention. Wo. would bo no better off
than If wo toro up tho Clnyton-Bulwcr
treaty, and thnt Is what many people In the
United States who havo not Mr. McKlnloy's
regard for tho sanctity of tho treaty obliga
tions would llko to see done."
Tho Morning Post says: "If tho senate
committee's purpose Is maintained not only
would Great Britain renounco her rights
cept that ho wanted direct Prslon of ,ln(Jer , rjlayton-Bulwer convention, but
nh,l,n htf r.vnlllil Ipnna nf hn illatrlnt U'lmn I . ... ....
bho would hecomo a party to tno extension
and tho establishment of American military
power to a foreign state,"
McmlicrN of Conu-d fc Frnncnlse lte
ceived by I, a rue Audience nt
Griuid Opera. Hoimc.
cholco by republicans of tho district. When
assured that tho call of tho county com
mittee permits such expression ho stated
that this was satisfactory to him and that
ho would endeavor to get Blackburn to revise
his program nnd submit his namo to the
regular county primaries called for March
C. O. Wheedon of Lincoln arrived In tho
city thlH morning and Is a guest of Charles
E. Magoon of tho War department.
Mr. Koscwater left for Now York on tho
midnight train.
l'rc nchcr-Norcllnl Will HckIu 111m
unlitiiv Kviicrlmcut In ImniiIiik
lliilly cmiiaicr.
&i Governor He Fardoni tho AllegeS
Auasilns of Ooobel.
Court Arc Accimcd of MKIuk Thalf
Jimtlcc vtllh I'lirtlmiu Consider
ntlonx One Siiftpcct In lie- "
tuned it HcnrliiK.
FIIANKFOHT, Ky., March 11. Tho dem
ocrats and the republicans In Kentucky arn
today, for the flrst time Biuco the present
political complications assumed acute form,
divided Into two armed nnd organized fac
tions. Surrounding the capltol and tho stats
legislative building and camped In th
grounds around Governor Taylor's homo ar
nearly 200 Btato mllltla, well provided with)
ammunition, whllo In tho corridors of the
Capital hotel, In which the democratic stats
executive otllees nru located, and In tha
streets adjacent to that building, aro sixty,
special uirtccra and thu men a nil boys of o,
mllltla company that was orgunlied In
Frankfort today as the nucleus of Governor;
Beckham's state guard, besides scores of
heavily armed cltlzeiiBr partisans of tho dem
ocratic claimant.
Humors t cached the democratic leader
today that an attempt was to be made by tho
stato mllltla to take Govemur Beckhnm Into
custody, and limbic of an hour after tho re
port was circulated n petition had been clr
ciliated and signed by tho requisite number
of men necessary to form a mllltla company.
Tho men will guard tho Capital hotel alt
night against any possible attempt to ar
rest Governor Beckham.
Only two days more remain for the leg
islature to remain In session, but the de
velopments of thoao two dnys aro looked
forwnrd to with apprehension by lenders ot
both sides. The democratic partisans say
that should tho mllltla attempt to Interfere
with tho session of tho legislature, persist
ent rumors of which have been In circulation
all day. It will bo next to Impossible, to
avert bloodshed. Tho republican olllclnls,
however, deny that such action has been
oven contemplated and say that tho legis
lature will not bo molested In any way,
That tho report Is believed In democratta
circles, however, Is shown by the fact that
the advisability of holding tho session In
somo other plnco than tho state houso has
been under ndvlsemont, nnd even at a lata
hour tonight tho question had not beeni
fully settled,
Several of tho republican members of
the legislature left tho city today, presum
ably for their homes.
Nnhhuth Calm nt l,eliilon.
LEXINGTON, Ky., March 11. Tho Sab
bath day brought a calm to tho atorm which
for threo hours on Saturday night threat
ened to burst over Lexington.
Tho adopting of a dlBgulse by Davis and
Powers in order to get out of Frankfort put
nn ugly phnso on tho matter for the prison
ers. In tho opinion of somo of thulr friends
here, although they explain that they did
TOPEKA, Kan., March 11. Dev. Charles
M. Sheldon, author of "In Ills Steps" nnd
other religious stories, will tomorrow begin
the actual work of demonstrating his lde
of what n newspaper should bo. Tho flrst
edition of tho Topcka Capital under tho dl
rectlon of tho preacher-novelist will nppea
Tuesday morning. Tho Capital publishes no
Monday morning edition, and for this reason
tho question of Sunday work did not com up
at tho beginning of Hov. Sheldon's nows'pa
per work. Tho members of tho Capital staff.
at tho request of Hov. Sheldon, attended
services today at his church, tho Centrnl
Congregational, Mont of the newspaper cor
respondents who havo arrived In tho city
to report tho Incidents In the week of Hov,
Sheldon's experiment of newspaper making
nlso attended this service.
Tomorrow tho work of getting out tho
newspaper will begin. All ot the Capital
regular staff of editors and reporters will
bo retained, with tho slnglo exception of
General Hudson, editor-ln-chtef, who will
tako a week off. Very many religious en
thuslnsts havo offered their services to Hcv
Sheldon ob reporters, but all of these offers
ho has declined, believing thnt the regulnr
staff can bo molded to his way easier thnn , BO merely to get nwny from tho local Ooobel
raw recruits could bo trained In nowspapcr influences, which they allege would work
work for a slnglo week's effort. to their detriment in securing a fair trial.
Threo nights last week tho minister re- rjoth tacitly admit now that In this they
malncd In tho Capital ofllco all night famll- mny havo cnado mlstnkcs, as both strongly)
iartzlng himself with tho details of nowspa- unrn their Innocence of any connection with
per making and tomorrow ho will tako chargo tho murder of Goobel and Insist that thoy
Almoners Confer wllL Gcnernl WI1
on, AVho Approves Their Method
of ItccoiiHtriiclliiK Inland.
fight throughout was much Involved. Tho I tlrely ruined and tho firemen had nearly six
enemy evacuated and reoccupled posl- hours' hard work beforo tho flro was under
Hons, subtly concealing his Intentions, and I complcto subjection
only withdrawing his guns a row minutes
prior to their Impending capture. His guns
outranged ours, tho naval brigade not ar
riving In time.
Our cavalry horses wero completely tired
by the repeated withdrawals; Tho turning
movement was begun too lato. Tho enemy
nttemptcd with heliograph to luro us to
occupy a kopjo which they held, but seeing
tho deception wo returned.
l'oatinnNtcr nt lllnmond vllle, Wyo.,
Suddenly Leaven II In l'linltlou nnd
Taken Alonif Money.
CHEYENNE, Wyo., Mnreh 11. (Special
Telegram.) Postmaster Sullivan of Dla-
FAIUS, March 11. A largo and fashionable
audlcnco filled the Grand opera houso this
afternoon nnd gavo the members of tho Com
cdlo Francalso a warm reception on their
flrst nppenranco slnco tho flro, which de
stroyed their old home, tho Theater Franrals.
Mile. Dudley was the recipient of on es
pecially enthusiastic greeting. Handker
chiefs and hats wero waved and bouquets
of roses nnd vlolots wero thrown upon tho
HAVANA, March 11. Herbert Allen and stngo from all parts of tho houso. Deeply
Horaeo Barnes, ulmoners of tho Cuban In- moved, tho actress responded by throwing
dustrlal relief commission, which for about back kisses.
n year has been operating relief farms near "Androma" nnd "Lo, Malado Imaglnalro"
Cleba and Mochn, have Just returned to Ma- were performed and 'tho ncoustlcs of tho
tanzas, after distributing fifty-eight work opera houso proved better than had been ex
oxen among all of tho farmers. They wero pected
received by General Wilson, military gov
ernor of tho department, who conferred with Uuecn Conf.erx KnlKhthnnd.
them regarding their undertakings and ox- i-umju.n, .Yiarcn n. uoru bausuury nas
pressed cordial approval of this method of informed the lord mayor of London, A. J.
reconstructing Cuba. Nowton. that tho queen purposes to confer
General Wilson, who urged them strongly a baronetcy upon him and to confer knlght-
to contUiuo, has always been nn advocate hood upon tho sheriffs" of tho city of Lsn-
of government aid in supplying cattlo to de- don, William Purdto Treloar and Alfred
scrvlnc farmers. Henry Bevan,
El Dlaro de la Marina, discussing agrlcul- "In doing so," ,tne premier writes, -ncr
tural departments, says today: majesty will not only 'rouow tno custom in
"A noss b o solut on of tho nuestlon ot royal visits to tno city, out ucsires to marn
mortgnged property would bo to allow tho tho distinguished war "services of the city."
holders of morteaees to administer the nron
crtles until they had paid themselves off .. A " ,. . nT ... . ... . .
and then to havo tho properties returned to LONDON, March U.-Tlio will of the a o
tho mortgagors. Failing In this, tho law -inorans nenry ismu.-iouimi-r uimu .....
should tako its course, so that tho land may Star lino steamship company, who died In
como into tho hands of thoso having Liverpool last November, hts been proved.
NEW YORK, Mnrch 11. Tho French
liner l'Aqullalnc, which came Into port to
day from -Havre, brought threo Frenchmen
who say they Intend to make tho attempt to
go to tho Klondlko by nutomobllcB.
They aro E. Jonno de Lamcre, who has
been to tho Klondlko nnd was for a time
editor of tho Klondlko Review; Raphael Mer
vlllo, who Is n brothcr-ln-law of M. do La
more, and who holds a fast automobile
record, and E. Crom, private secretary to
M. do Lamero. Tho threo travelers sen
ahead of them to this country an automobile
of five horso power and a motor cycle of
threo horso power. Tho vehicles havo been
forwarded to Vancouver, whence they will
bo sent to Skaguny and on to Lake Bennett
by way ot tho Yukon and tho Whtto Tass
Do Lamero said todny that ho Intended U
start Wednesday for Montreal and on April
19 to start by automobile, from Lake Bennett
for Atlln
"The nutomobllo will go In front, tho motor
cycle will follow and a sleigh carrying pro
visions will bring up tho rear," ho said
It Is 112 miles from Lake Bennett to Atlln
and wo expect to cover that In ono day. as It I
la rnn,i cftinir tho Wn ohnii remnl,, there witn n general idea or uio wecK colore n mi. i.nvn nn fnr whatever as to ino outcome.
nliont two weeks. Then wo shall start on As to tho make-up of tho paper ho has Ideas judno Ocorco Denny, a prominent ropubll-
tho long trip to Dawson City, which Is about of his own and tneso will ho carried out. can attorney, called on the prisoners iooay
COO miles from Atlln. I shall not tako along All "scaro" news will bo at a discount nnd nnu was closeted with them several hours,
mnnv nrovlslnns. as I know tho nooolo nlona llttlo or no news will appear on tho flrst un wm represent them In whatever legal
tho route and can buy as I go along. I ex- Pago, which will bo devoted to special artl- gtps nro taken. Both men aro very calm
. . ..!., . i ,,. ri., ,. ni,n,,i i ciph nn tno. science or covornmcm. mo neeu I .,,, i,n.. f.irii.nr RtninineiiL 10 mnKO uinu
trouble." of reforms In city, stnto and national affairs wnnt was Kven out laBt night. Judgo DenOtf
M. do Lamero said that tho Idea of going and kindred topics. Many persons of prom- salrt tonight that the prisoners nro not averso
to tho Klondlko by nutomobllo was flrst sug- inenco will contnouto to mis page, siaie to ROln(! to Frankfort, hut tney woum imo
ECBted to him by seeing a lumber wagon temperance agnaiors, u is sain, aro 10 uc . havo i,rrniigomeiitB mado to try uicir maun
drawn to tho Klondlko by six horses. Ho given a freo hand and something of a shak- i,erc This cannot bo done, except ns to a
ndded: ing-up of politicians Is predicted. -writ of habeas corpus, which Ib not likely to
"At tho nlaces whero wo must travel by All advcniBing in any way oujecuonanie, bo B0Ucht n this case. . i
water I Intend to placo tho automobile In a according to tho ministers views, has been ,.,..,iviii...
largo flat canoo and use me power in u .. t . ... , n.uQvii.i.r. Kv.. Mnrch ll.-OITlcerrt
uov. iHicmon, wiio realties ill iuu uuiniwna -. -
t i. ,. .,i, frnm Frankfort arrived hero about H.30
Ul lUtiiAU, uua iviuik luutH . " I ------ - - .1., flnllnml
machine to work tho paddles."
I'rcnldcnt of Ciillfornln University
I.euriiH of Victory of Sccrctnry
of State liny.
I1PCM nnnR TO THF flRIFNT and says ho hardly expects to bo at his homo o'clock tonigni, nnving in cuiu..y """"""
OPEN UUUK IU I ML UnlLNI I Bngo Umo aurnB tho week, lie will Whlttnker who, at his prelim nary henrlna
take his meals at a restaurant near tho Cap- a few days ago, was n h'""" '
ltal ofllco. During tho wcok Hov. Sheldon on tho chargo of complicity In tho assassin
says ho will remain In tho Capital ofllco all atlon of Governor Goebel, and W. I.. cui
night until each cd Hon shall havo gono to ton. wno was urresicu
I . rr... ...n.-.. lirmii'llt hon, from
1 press. cnarge. nm m ,v. .--n - --
Thorn will be thn usual Rundav morning Frankfort because ot the fear that an at-
odltlon of tho Capital, but It -will bo printed twnpt would be mndo by the sold ors, nctin
early Saturday night,, so that all tho work under tho republican administration, to lib-
oven to tho circulating by tho carriers, may crato tncm.
According to a siaicinciu umuu .,
ernor W. S. Taylor to a representative ol
Benjamin Ido Wheeler of tho University of
California, In nn address last night to tho
Monticello club, gavo tho details ot tho no
gotlntlons which Secretary of State Hay has U flnBnC(1 tore tho beginning of Sunday
nan unuer way lur pumu i.inu ju.uuvu m
r. Mil. !.,., In ,,m Mnrnlni? l'nst I ..." " uovu.mv. ...... , -...-v.
?. . ..,,.ii. , nn !Io ,i n nroi f7,nt pin . .h now In charge ot his bondsmen.
r. ;,7.T v Tho amount ot Sullivan's embezzlement la
. .... ni....- i nnMniin his not known and cannot bo ascertained until
march at the rate of about ten miles a day." tho Inspectors make an examination of tho
. books.
Fnll of Mitfckluir Predicted. Inspectors from the Denver ofllco are
LONDON, March 12. A correspondent of novv Cn routo to Dlamondvlllo. Sullivan
tho Dally Mall at Lourenio Marquez, tele- had been postmaster for several years and
graphing Sunday, says: has borno an excellent reputation.
"According to Boer reports tho fall of
Mafeklng Is certain. Thero ha. been heavy CASHIER KILLS A BURGLAR
llgilUUu ius wren uuu iiitf Jiuurn unvu uii i
helling the town from all tho outlying forts
which thoy have captured. Colonel Badcn
Fowell cleared all tho natives out of town,
but tho Boers drovo them back. The Boers
aro preparing for a flnal assault, with tho
idea that tho capturo of Mafeklng will ralso
tho drooping spirit ot the burghers."
lln..p lrlM.l..rM Illir IL Tunnel.
LONDON. March 12. Tho Capetown corre- A quantity of Btolen valuables was found on
pondt nt of tho Standard, telegraphing Sat- tho body of tho dead man. Ho has not been
urday. savs: Identified, but Is supposed to have been a
"It Ui reported that the Boer prisoners, professional crook,
.Mode It, Olllclnl In Wnverly Hunk,
Shoot n NcKro Intruder III
Ilia Ilooiu.
SPRINGFIELD 111., March 11. A. C. Mot
felt, cashier of tho First Stats bank at Wav
erly, III., shot and Instantly killed a negro
burglar In his bedroom early tnts morning
tho China open door. Presldont Wheeler
earned tho negotiations whllo In conversa
Hon with Secretary Hay during his recent
visit to Washington. President Wheeler
"In tho courso of tho week Secretary Hay
will announco to tho people a victory, not
shoeing n personal tstato of 1,297, SSI.
Numerous legacies, In all about 25.000,
aro left to charities, and tho remainder ot
tho cstnto to members of tho family,
aulllclent money to work It."
Comparatively few people attended to
day's meotlng to protest against tho aprolnt
incnt ot Mgr. Sbarrettl to tho bishopric
of Havani. A commltteo ot four, Including
General Maximo Gomez, was appointed to
visit tho bishop and to Inform him respect
fully of tho wishes of tho Cuban people It
was arguod that It would bo better to tako
this courso on tho chanco that Mgr.
SbarrottI would express a willingness to re
sign, and thus to save the work ot organiz
ing somo forty subcommittees ot protest
from the various parts of tho diocese, as
was originally prupuseu. lliihonlo 1'luKUC Itcportrd.
A resolution was ouereu advocating mai gyDNEyt n, a. W., March 11. Three
a protest bo sent direct to tho popo and that freBn case8 ot bubonic plague In Sydney are
noiuing luriuer uu uuuu mini uis u1B,vtr officially reported today,
nau UUUU UTini'u, um una nna iiuKUMVL'ii
Colombian ltcvplutlon Continues.
KINGSTON. Jamaica" March 11. A gen
oral and fifteen men havo landed here on tho
wny to Colon. Thcr say they aro Argon
tlnans and aro going to join the Colombian
Mail advices today from Panama report
that tho Colombian revolutionary movement
by a largo majority, It being argued that
tho movement might grow cold wero tho
agitation to bo dropped for six weeks, tho
tlmo It was estimated would he required to
get a reply from Rome.
A representative of the popular commltteo
of protest, who was present, said that gen-
IIiiiiIImiii by the WIioIcniiIc.
NEW YORK. March U.-Necro men.
women and children somo deaf, somo mute
ami others, blind, but most of them whole
nnd tound to "th- number of 1M, wero
piunged Into a iar.it of water nnd brought
out of It gospfng and breathless In tho
Mount Olivet -Jtaptlst church todny.
This Is tno largest numuer oi persons
oral manifestations In curof Itlon.- to the uver baptized In ono Christian church
appointment were about lo be made In tho f',JJ of iho'rlrTpl M
provinces of Matanzas and Santa Clara on frnm ,h fQt tn a new. where tho women
tho day after tho landing of Mgr. knelt In prayer, and then, shlverlntr, went
ci .., -.. ,.n ,..Kinu I tn n mnm la the rear of tho church to
r pubed in th. H.v... pas M others who were changing their clothes
' teicgrapueu to many towns aau uaa iuu March wind.
P.nNIPNTinKI thn Hnmmerelal ho has granted n pardon to
each of tho persons for whom warrants havo
7 . . ...1.1. ,.lr... M.
...!.,.. -VVII...,, nt Vnllnnnl Committee, boon SBUOd Charging Wiuill nuu ucwh .ww
Hunt It Will lie Siinie 1'lnht I irorles to the assassinauou ui
nn in JHtw. nnM.Pi including Secretary or fciaie miou
ii..... nnd PX.Sccrcitary of Stato Charles
KANSAS CITY, Mo., March 11. Judgo .. , hi tatemcnt Governor Taylor"
of war, call It of diplomacy, If you please, Adair Wilton cf Colorado, member of tho I '' . .,,, i, inns under which he clalma
. .. . . m.1.. ...Ill ,. , ,.. . IL. ., ...!. ., I
in mui iuu iiuiia ui wuum mi. uu uibuiu BUDcommaii'ti in mu uciuuviu.iu uimuuu, ,,.. i,n piloted nnd cnarges me tieiu-
to tho coramctco of tho world. Ho has committee, arrived hero today to attend tho ,. ,otnniu fr tato ofllccs with con
reached an understanding with Great Britain, meeting tomorrow to mako arrangements ' .., , cur e control of tho government,
Franco, Russia and Germany, which does f0r tho national convention In July. Thu "' ,.... '
away with territorial spheres ol Influence. vo other members of tho commltteo nro ex- ..Mntuithstandlng theso conspirators wer
"According to this agreement mere win pected In tho morning. In tho course ol nn ,,...., at tho noIfi ns to tho stato ofllctf),
bo no longer nny Bphcrcs of mnuenco in mo interview .Judgo Wilson said: . guccceded In securing n majority la
flowery kingdom. Customs tariffs will be i think tho night of July 0 will seo every- " . lWQ naust, ot tllu Kenral tt3-
abollshed as well as all other Imposts upon Ulg finished if Wo do not get away tho . d , rotnnnK m power tho stata
shipping. Tho idea la to mane me pons day before. Bryan win to nominated wim- -- . n(J countln K machine. I
free to tho worlds commerce- am give u.i out (,0UDt. i navo not nearu ex-uovcruor . " democratic members wcr
nations a frco hand In exporting tneir mar- w. J. Stone's namo mentioned seriously, so " . ..,, vpt others wero elected b
kots. It Is tho consummation ot tho British far BB tho heads of the two tickets are con- h"cl y SJi lZ bT
l.tn. n .hn ripn .lnnr- whin), fniinil HO RtrOtltT I It ,UMI .p thn. enmn. nbl flcllt nf ISnfi; . " . . .
an advecato In Lord Bercsford."
ccrncd, it win oo mo umo am ngui 0 iDJU; - - canvassing boards befortf
MoKIn ey and Brynn will run against each "r i mi u . . J r tnJ
other. As for their running mates. I have f , "" "'; t L nt.L n .nl
Idea of tho 'open door' which found so strong ccrncd, It will bo tho samo old fight of IMG;
FUNERAL OF EDWARD PHELPS no Idea whom they will bo. I .opk for an ooc - , a -,""S
enormous crowd nero in juiy. reopio am . .,.
,.,. , m3B5... - ;.,,, ,,0. o-. ;. ju. . u-jn-j All V K
Are iieiu in iuc .i...i.. -vo. - .. . .' j,t,p.i tht tbn will of tho neonlo as 6X
. Vni,. going to let a nnt onai convention no nciu - . , , i,, tw
' Tt tL r "very doors and not see It. Nothing Pressed at tho pol U ahull be ct ld. U
NEW.HAVEN. Conn.. March ll.-Fun.ral will let them overlook this opportunity." ' V" ' ' ' d,o
services for tho lata nuward J. l-ncips, e- ...ZTZurltt for Murderer. ,pp,,, n fre neonle will not willingly ba
minister to Lngland. wero nciu touay in VALDOSTA, Ga.. March 11. -Word was acprived of their right of wuffrago or consent
Battel chapel. Dr. Timothy Dwlght dolly- rPCeVed hero tonight of a double murder ' minority Inntead of tho majority,
...... .... ... .,i .i.,,.,0 Tha wiiA rhn r n,t ivnrtiimr nenr Ilnnnlnira. Fla. Two Uiai mo minurtijr mmcuu u, t t,
CltU IHO lUlltl"! "". - n- ....... ..,;.. ,Tl'fi. ,rn I 1,M ,n
sang two hmns "Load, Kindly Light" and Vamo 'could "not con.plrucy U llnlchr.l.
" Thoepra!nhic coflln was carried Into tho K W" "" this .unfortunate struggle Horf,
ph 'i , Z dlMm nt olEht seniors, murderer nwny from the olflcers nnd swuntf William Goebel, tho cntestant Xofl
the office of governor, was aBsnsslnatcd b
somo perwin whoso Identity l unknowm
members of tho Wolf's Head fraternity, of n,m lo a 1111.
. . i n m.inn AH i,nnM morri inr I ri',.i I. . " n li f 1 11 T r II 1 1 .
I, thn honorarv pallbearers wero: BEATTLR, Wash.. . March H.-Captaln Thereupon a conBplracy was formed to fai ri
President Arthur T. Hndley of
William Graham Sumner and
Wnvland. Tuesday
,f Vnin Prof' Absrcromblo nnd forty-three government tns i(,nouH crlmo upon all or oimo of tH
VAlul aSir-nna'MWl W M'.nnr: .Ut. omeers oleet.l by the peop.s, .. purj
o., r wrtnpiinv. Thev will at onco rroso be ng to obscuro and cover tho polite
Tho bod v was taken to Burlington. VU, prepare to lay bridges over tho Copper. lcaI rohbery and to terrorize and deatro
bo made on Tuesday.
for tho telegraph line.

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