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Carpenter's Letter
(Continued from Seventh I'nge.)
thing without machinery and In ns crudo a
way nn tholr forofathors did a century ngo.
They nro today far behind tho Chlncso or tho
Japanese, although thoy havo had tho Span
iards to teach them modern Inventions.
Tho plows I bco hero nro crooked sticks
with pieces of Iron fastened to them. Thoy
liuvo but ono handle, nnd as tho plowman
goes nlong with his
gond nnd his buffalo
you aro reminded tf
tho plowing of tho
dnys of tho scrlp
turcw. Tho harrow Is In
most cn.H more
rudo than the plow.
I havo seen jiomo
which were merely
sticks of bamboo
with tho branches
broken off lx Inches
from tho stem, m
Hint they ncti-d as
tho teeth of the liar
row. Several such
sticks are laid par
allel with one an
other In tho shape ft
tho ordlnnry Ameri
can harrow and nro
thiiH dragged over
tho lleldH. They
cannot do more
than scratch tho
Btirfaco of tho
Tho fnrm wngcti of
tho Philippines Is n
sled which Is dragged
over tho Holds by
buffaloed. In Luzon
tho sled hna runners
something like tho
rudest of our Ameri
can sledges, but far
ther south you find
only a framework at
Htlcks, with tho ends
cut oft nt such an angle that they serve the
purposo of runners,
Tho rlco threshing machlno Is a flail, or
moro ofton a mortar, In which tho paddy
or grnlns with tho hulls on them aro put
and pounded out by tho women and serv
ants dropping heavy woodon pcitlo3 on
them. During an excursion which I mado
Into tho country near Hollo I saw many
scaffolds of bamboo polo work, raised high
up In tho air, nnd upon soma of thorn men
and women treading out tho grnln from
tho chaff. As tho grain foil from tho plat
form to tho ground tho chaff was carried
oft by tho -wind.
I visited a carrlago factory. It had no
machinery whatovor, and Its building was a
rudo shed of bamboo. Noarby was a foun
dry whoro axes wore bolng mado. Tho fur
naco was a clay barrol standing upright on
tho ground. It was not larger than n cider
barrol, but from tho molds standing nbout
I could sea that It must turn out n con
siderable product. Tho molds wero like
wafllo Irons oponlng and shutting; thoy
wero lined with clay. Each mold had the
Imprint of nn ax.
TroUliiK IIiiIIiicUn of l'lliiuy.
Iloro In Hollo bullocks tnko, to a largo ox
tcnt, tho plncoB of horses nnd ponies. They
nro tho riding and driving animals of tho
city and Its surroundings. Thoy nro used
In carriages, enrts and nil sorts of vohlclee,
nnd thoy enn mnko good tlmo when pushed.
Thcso trotting bulls nro a cross of tho sacred
cows of tho Hindoos with tho cnttlo brought
hem from Australia. Thoy nro not so largo
as tho puro Hindoo nnlmnln, but thoy havo
pronouncod humps nnd the snmo clean, woll
foriucd limbs. Thoy somewhat rcsomblo tho
Jersey, only thoy nro much lnrgor. Thoy
aro harnessed up with yokes and nro drlvou
with lines fastened to tho horns and nlso
to a ring In tho noso. Much of tho cnrrylng
of goods for tho soldiers Is done by thorn.
Thoy form tho chief drnys for tho quarter
niastors nnd nro oven employed ns mall
As I go fnrthor south I And tho peoplo
wear less and less clothes. Out In
tho country districts you meat
ovorywhero nnkod children. Tho
wonion usually wear but n. slnglo gar
ment, consisting of n lowcut mother hubbnrd
gown, which Is often romnrkably short. Tho
men nro In many cases baro to tho waist,
and along tho shoro it Is not uncommon to
seo full grown men wenrlng nothing but
hroochcloths. Ltttlo boys go about In short
shirts and bablcfl sit nstrldo their mothor's
hips as naked as when thoy woro born. It
Is Indeed n strango part of tho animal show
of Undo Sam's grent circus of this yoar
1000, nnd n part which will need considerable
training beforo Its members can tnko their
places In the ring to do tho grent trick net
of American citizenship.
Bunch of Short Stories
"Tho ether day," says tho Washington
correspondent of tho Chicago llecord, "tho
wife of n senator, who thinks alio Is a
linguist, but whoso friends havo doubts,
sturtod u conversation with llerr von Hol-
loben, tho Oerman ambassador, In his na
tive tongue. He listened patiently for a
few niomouts, and thou gallantly remarked:
" 'Madam, you will do mo a great favur
If you will speak English. I do not under
stand Oerman vory well.'
"Mrs, Senator looked surprised, but took
tho hint."
Down In Alabama, relates the Washington
I'ost, Pcttuu was a leading democratic poli
tician with no aspirations boyond tho honor
of presiding over a stato convention. Ho
helped everybody nnd asked nothing for
himself. Ho had, howover, been a stato
Judge, nnd ono day ho thought ho would
llko to ond his days on tho federal bench.
Thero was a vacancy, and ho came to Wash
ington to boo Senator I'ugh. This was dur
ing Cleveland's last administration.
Senator I'ugh looked over Pottus' appli
cation and hesitated about signing It. "Tho
ItEV. DIl. It. S. M'A HTHUIt.
president," ho said, "wants young men on
tho bench. You aro too old."
"I am not too old to bo a senator,"
nnswerod Pottus, nnd, roturnlng to Alabama,
ho announced his candidacy. Tho contest
was one-sided. Hoforo I'ugh know what
had happened I'ettus had secured tho pledge
of all tho legislature..
It was a freak of fato that Pugh, out of a
Job, sat In tho sonnto last Friday afternoon
nnd heard his successor mako tho funniest
speech that tho sennto has listened to for
mnny a long day.
Negroes sometimes express thomsolves as
felicitously ns do tho Irish. Hero Is a
case copied from a Texas paper. Somo tlmo
ago ono of Texas' widely known statesmen,
who Is now de,ad, was passing nlong a street
In Dallas when nn old colored man who
had onco belonged to him approached, took
off his hat and passed a hand ovor bis
whlto wool ns ho asked:
"Marstor, gin do old man fifty contfl."
"Dan, you aro a robbor."
"How?" aBked tho astonlshod darkoy,
opening his oyos, nround which roughshod
ngo bad walked,
"Didn't you seo mo put my hand In my
"Yes, sab."
"Well, you old rascal, you rob mo of
tho pleasuro of giving you money without
being asked."
The old man received a dollar. Dowlng
almost to tho ground, while tears camo
out nnd coursed through tho aged prints
nround his eyes, ho roplled:
"Mnrster, wld wld such a hoart as you
halt, and with Abraham and Isaac and do
Lord on your side, I don't seo what can
keep you out ob boaben."
The Into Vlco President Onrret A. Hobart
of Washington nnd of Pnterson camo very
near being tho most important unnn In
Now Jersey. In politics his supremacy was
sohlom questioned, nnd his leadership wn
never more patent than I tho McKlnloy
Hobart campaign. Ono day, In response to
a request from a nowspapor man, relntes tho
Philadelphia Post, Mr. Hobart gavo a letter
to ono of tho republican malingers In Nownrk
asking that certain facts bo given to tho
Journalist. The following day tho cor
respondent cnlled on tho politician. Tho lat
ter was buy nnd asked him to call again In
an hour. At tho nppolnted time ho returned,
only to bo told to como back In half nn hour.
This aroused Ills Iro and when bo wns
admitted finally ho said to tho politician:
"Seo horo, I am a Now York newspaper
ninn, I nm no Jorsoyninn, I hnvo novor
used your stato except to pass through It
on my way to Washington and I nm not go
ing to wnoto any mora tlmo here now. Do
ubles, I hnvo a lottor to you from Mr. Ho
bart, and"
"Prom Mr. Hobart! Why didn't you say
that beforo?" oxclalmed tho manager.
"I recall an Incident that marked my
mombcrfthtp of tho wnys and means commit
tee of tho California legislature," relates
Hon. Julius Kahn, In Success. "The various
charitable Institutions wnnted Increased ap
propriations. I did not want to offend thoni
by refusing, yot I was anxious to economize
for tho sake of tho taxpayers, Every legis
lator In tho land knowB exactly how hard It
Is to plcaso both sides of that question the
mnn who growls If you don't grant nn appro
priation and tho man who growls If you
do. If anything ovor drives mo back to tho
Talstaff' or 'Haanlet' lino it will be this.
Well, I decided to Investigate, Unan
nounced, I visited a Juvenile asylum, known
ns tho Homo for Feeblo Minded Children.
What waB my surprise to find that many of
tho 'children' who wero being cared for at
public expenso -wero full-grown people!
Somo of them had whiskers yea, gray
whiskers! I Judged that they wero not very
feeble-minded, either, not so much so as the
legislators would havo been to grant nn In
creased appropriation, which wo didn't."
Yankee Girls in Paris
(Continued from Sixth Page.)
who pay 10 cents apleco for tho light refec
tion served nnd a penny tip to tho waiter.
At night Parisian restaurants aro not the
plnco for tho woman, or women, without
mnscullno escort; those thcreforo keeping
bouso In n studio, when walking or wheel
ing home, can market as they go along fcr
the last meal of tho day and cook It lazily
by candlo light over tho chafing dish.
Tin- l'rci NIhiwm.
Sightseeing In Paris Is ono of tho least
expensive nmusomcnts open to nn apprecia
tive public of women. Tho cntranco fee to
tho oxposltlon during tho summer Is fixed
nt 1 frnnc, or 20 cents, nnd this opens the
greatest features of tho show. There aro in
all nearly 1,000 apodal features at prices
tanging from fi to 20 cents, and for
women who wish to soo tho greatest amount
at tho least expenditure of strength the
morning will bo tho choicest tlmo.
In tho afternoon, when tho great, crowd
surges In nt every gate, It Is tho part of
wisdom to turn to Paris Itself for amuse
ment, to tho Louvro and Luxembourg gal
leries, to tho Cluny museum nnd tho famous
prisons nnd churches, nil of which aro free
as air to tho public every day In tho week
saving Monday. When these attraction'
aro exhausted tho bicycles como Into play
for tho short wheeling trips to Versailles,
Malmalson, St. Germain, Marly, St. Cloud,
tho famous cemetery of Pcro la Chalso and
oven ns far as Fontalnbloau, which last
affords an opportunity for a charming two
days' trip to women who nro fond of fine
roads, beautiful scenery and wish to seo a
palaco and forest thnt aro reckoned among
tho oldest and most famous In Europe. As
It Is presupposed that all theeo Httlo Jour
neys ora mndo nwheel tho C. T. C. map
Hhould 'bo consulted.
Ah tho cost of sights Is tho least Item of
oxponse, on somowhat tho namo basis may
tho necessary transportation prices and
gratuities to servants bo reckoned If tho
traveler la forearmed by n warning. In
Paris tho economy nnd at the samo tlmo tho
pleasure of moving by bus or train will bo
found In tho seats on top. From tho roof
soats an Interesting view of Paris Is nf
fordod and tho faro Is one-half that paid
Inside, or Just 3 cents. On tho French rail
ways a porter who lifts a trunk expects tho
equlvnlont of 10 cents of our money, tho
conclorgo who cnrrles a trunk up many
(lights of stairs charges 1 franc for his
pains nnd a cabman demands at least a 5
cont tip when his courso or hour Is paid and
10 cents when ho cnrrles a trunk on tho box
sent bosldo him.
Squelching an
Encore Fiend
Indianapolis Press: Tho long, solemn
gentlomnn with tho plorclng eyes tapped
gently on tho shoulder of tho encoro fiend
In front of him.
"Allow mo to present you," said ho, hand
ing tho npplaudor a smnll paper packngo.
"What does this mean?" asked tho re
cipient, wrnthfully, as ho opened tho pack
ago and found about $2 in dimes nnd nlckols.
"It menus this," replied the solemn gon
tlemnn: "I havo noticed your earnest ef
forts to have ovorythlng twice. Thorofore,
I have taken up this small collection In or
der that you mny como tomorrow, Instead
of trying to get your two performances in
ono evening."
Detroit Journal: "Death," he cried, In n
loud voice, "before dlfhonor!"
Other citizens of Chlengo stood aghast.
"How lacking In public spirit!" thoy ex
claimed, shuddering,
Fo, this was tho year of tho census, nnd
death was not a thing to bo thus lightly
spoken of,
P J M UM I C1HG I Uold, Mlvur, Mikel, Mftul
tf&J l'ttn, u.iog .ul UlDg lrof. Urn'
X HHneL. Machine. Hun W.icbri, Jrwrlrr.
r.bltw.rv, Hleyelri d1 fell mrt.1 go-.li.
No vxperlvuco. He.Tjr itit. Molrn
melhmli. l0 da ntillutf. mj.niirfti.iiir
ouiO'i, si I iliti. Outrinie.il. Only out
fltl MimnUla kit lA.i1a lalrlal m a .I al a
K!iftL5Svll-U 'u ,,",r for w"' We tech ;ou
f-SCS 'IfnV Uit art, furnlih teortu ta formula!
h UEC YV rile tullajr. p.mnhlrt, nmcln. t , VllV.K.
I. QUAY i CO- rutins Work., CINCINNATI. O.
April 1G, 1000.
Examine the Package !
In view of the many misleading and unscrupulous Imitations of Baker's
Chocolate " which have recently been put upon the market, we find It neces
sary to caution consumers against these attempts to deceive
and to ask them to examine every package they purchase, jj,
and make sure that It has on the tront a yellow lae-ei, with
our name and place of manufacture,
and our
"La Belle Chocolatiere
ft on the
If your grocer does not keep the genuine article, please let
us know, and we will endeavor to put you In the way of
getting It. Send for a copy of our Choice Recipe book, mailed free to any ap
plicant who mentions this paper.
Jj WALTER BAKER & CO. Limited, Dorchester, Mass.
Just Qnc Supporter
lid mmttw
Xlutle. UHHL
To got anil keep a
Perfect Figure
you must wear the
roster Hose Supporter
Wide Web,
(Patented Deo. 6, 1899.)
Bee that
the nam
la on
erery Plr
With web faner filled I Ueavy silk web
black I blaolc, white, cardinal, I large pad
wrh,u50c I SISS0; 75c I iSs $1.25
For snle In Omaha by
When ordering bo Hiiro totflvo youi HEIGHT and WAIST measure.
Tho Footer Hobo Supporter Co., ItO'ti Cottaed Orovo Avu , Chicago, 111.
,tr at a,, v a
'or Verandfl
Comfort Swing Chair
Completely supports head, back, limbs nnd
feet light and easily moved to shady spot.
Requires only one-third tho space of a ham
mockadjusts automatically to any position
by .simple movement of the body, without
lenvlnR tho chair. Tho swIiik construction
Rives a perfect balance In any position
best steel, firmly braced, enameled blnck,
strong, fancy striped canvas at furniture
dealers or sent direct to you upon receipt of
price, $4.23 you pay tho freight or If In the
United States east of tho Rocky Mountains
and north of North Carollnn nnd New Mex
ico send COo extra and wo will pay the
freight. Guaranteed ns represented or
money refunded.
(IM Haggard & Marcusson Co.
PT"J Manufacturers,
lll S. Clliilll St., CIiIciikii, ill.
-2 -ty -y 2s :
A Transparent
Glycerin Soap.
Delicately Perfumed.
Clear as Crystal.
Tho perfection in tho art of
soap making obtained oni) by
long research in tho laboratory ,
designed especially lor toilet
and bath.
JAS. S. KIRK & CO., Chicago.
Mm. WIiihIimv'h Sootlilnif Syrup.
Has been used for over FIFTY YEARS by
MIfiMONS of MOTHERS for their CHIL
CURES WIND COLIC, and Is the best rem
edy for DIARRHOEA. Sold by druggists
In every pnrt of the world. Be sure nnd
nsk for "Mrs, Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup,"
nnd tnko no other kind. Twenty-flvo cents
a bottle.
riMlnulni! I bull jou bow to jhracrriiT n
U;( jou Ml imii m lmillltU lolutncio.,, o(btn Col.
brul Iutuuntout HUi, kk b .o.bln jou to 11 f p.
.Mtlu Quick it Ijciitim.o. M uubtnl. M
,",""; lnrMT Uiuin, Vou Mn Wlformoo.
uoutilni fall id. i-rolut, fu, b, ao hour Vou em fttt
QUrttlomtBtl n4 tnoko monrv, Ui.Ttruo K 4m.
BITIOK. Comn.li oik... I. ).. mA .. .
bflLti biiltb, hip.loi aDd luortu In life Ccili.
UllllllllNDri.DllllilTl. iDViilliiloitoneo.
tilMH.a ... .
it T I i ooiinotnimtoBoJ out .
Le8SOVitjrulitnieutirii7efr An
ivuiiuhmj vi o iiiriimi. wrltitiMltr, 1 will
.rv,,,. j.nra, rror. t lltrrido.,
llJioutl.t, Slilool3,JilKui XHil.

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