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The Omaha Daily Bee.
sixLi-: corv mrK cents.
Minister Oonirer Gables that Allies T
iturry un to resin. 'SasrW
Conimnntlcr-ln-f hlcf iif Allied l-'iirrc
In (icrinnny I AliiitiNt Three
hcore Mini Ten Ycnr.
Escort of Natives Proposed by Tsung Li
Yamon Means Certain Death.
Becoipt of Latest Message Determines Gov
ernment to Hush Belief to Capital.
JUnder Mo ClrriiniMnnrrn Will .y.
rrnmrnl Direct or IJtrit Hint
Thnt I In ltcprccnlntlt c Mm 1 1
Accede to Chinese ltciiic
WASHINGTON. Auk. 10. In the light of
the latest dlspntchcs from Minister Con
nor, received by the State department
through Minister Wu today, the ntlltudo
of tho administration 1h that thoro 1h but
nnc thlnj; to be dono In the present cir
cumstance, namely, to press .on to tho ro
llef of tho besieged garrison at l'ckln.
This wan mado known after extended com
munications between Washington and tho
president nt Canton. The Conner mos-
fnge waa accepted as showing conclusive
Justification for tho Imtieratlvo demand
of tho United States sent to tho Chinese
government on Vednenday night. Insist
lrtK that tho Imperial troops co-operntn
with the International forces In tho rescuo
of tho ministers, nnd until this condition,
3 well as tho cessation of tho bombard
ment Is fully conceded by China, there Is
no other course open but to press steadily
onwnrd In the mission of relief.
Tho Confer dispatch was received be
foro daylight at tho Chinese legation, and
hr soon as tho olllelal day opened. Mln
ister Wu presented It to Acting Secretary
Adco hs the State department. It was
In tho American cipher nnd was found
to bo an Identical note with that of tho
other ministers at Pekln (that of tho
French minister, M. l'lnchon. already hav
Ing appeared), with the additional fact
that seven members of tho American guard
had been killed nnd fifteen wounded.
Text of Conner' Mrnnc.
Tho text of tho message, us given out
by tho Stnto department. Is as follows:
Keerntnrv of State. Washington: Tlio
Kimir li viuniMi MtiiteH to tho dlrdnmntle
body that tho various foreign governments
liuvn ropeiiieiny uskcii uiiuukm -
spoctlvo Chliieso ministers that wo Imnicdl
utoiy ucpari irom i'ckiii mmi-i mm.;...
nKiir). 'i'h. viiinnn units lis to PK a oat
lor our departure and to make the noec
nary nrrnngcmeius in no no. win n-inj
un.ti liiutriii.tlniiH from fiur cov
ernments ami that In the absence of sucl
MM.fifn.lnnM l',4 Clllllint fllllt flllr POBl. I
must Inform you that In order to Insure,
our safo departure foreign troops only can
Barely escort us ami mey must uc. n mnu
clent forco to safely guard h00 foreigners,
In..liir1lmr XKI WiittlPM lltlll C h lllll'Cll . IIH WOll
bh a,0ijr) native Christians, who cannot bo
not liccciit it Chlneso escort under any
olrauinsiances. ah my coiu-ukuus mc
inhlm. ttm fnreifnlmr to their rcHlioctlVi
governments. Of tho American miirtnrH
iinvn tipixt killed and sixteen
wounded, among the latter Captain Myeni
nd Dr. Lipput. wuo uro gcuuix '"';
Aug. 10. This evening tho cor
fcjhe Associated Press had
nnottnWOBtnaBMUi count von waiucr-
see, who, aTnMM1early 6ft years old, looks
much younger. Mis step Is vigorous and
springy. His hair Is closely cropped and
n Iron gray muslncho contrasts with a
ruddy complexion. Evidently he Is under
taking his Important taBk In China with
nlrlt and energy. He expressed regret at
being unablo to talk freely about his cam
paign, but said:
'I am busy making preparations for my
departure and have been conferring at
length with tho minister of war anil with
Viunt von Schllcffen, chief of the general
taff. A list of the officers comprising my
China staff was submitted to Kmporor Wil
liam, who approved It. Some Herman olllccrs
will nccompany me.
"Yielding to potent reasons 1 gave up the
Idea of going to China by way of San Frau-
lco. I shall start from Genoa on August
I. sailing by the Snchsen and expect to nr-
Ivo at Shanghai on September li'J. There
I shall establish preliminary headquarters
and complete my staff from the contingents
of tho other powers. One reason for this
change In that I can bo better reached by
telegraph whllo on tho way.
"Tomorrow morning I shall go for a
brief visit to Hanover to arrange a number
of personal matters.
"I am very glad to hear that my appoint
ment has been received In tho United
States with approval. You seo (thin was
added smilingly) I am half an American
.etv n In Troop Wltlilielil,
On npparent authority. It Is said hero
that news regarding the military move
ments nnd tho preparations for fur
ther shipments of troops to China, will be
ofllclally withhold, so iih not to betray the
plan of campaign to China, Including the
Chinese diplomatists In Europe. As a re
suit, reports aro very contradictory. How
ever, a number of facts go to show that
(lermnny Is preparing for largo shipments
Tho Cologne Gazette, In nn Inspired ar
ticle, admlta that 5,000 additional troops
will soon leave, although It snya that at
present some 15,000 or 20,000 havo not been
ordered to proceed
Tho scml-omclul Mllltalr Wochcnblatt
this evening snys:
"According to present orders from tho
powers, tho middle of August will sec
altogether, 40,600 avallablo troops, with
162 guns, In tho provlnco of Po-Chl-Ll
Ily tho end of September there will bo
78,000, with 280 guns, not Including the
troops nt Shanghai, Canton nnd l'ckln.
"llussla now has 37.000, with 104 guns.
concentrating In Manchuria, nnd 105,000
more, with 138 guns, now forming for Invasion.
Altogether 230.000 men, with 500 guns.
will bo in China within six weeks and al
together 117 war vessels, exclusive of
twenty.-ono torpedo boats, aro now watch
ing the Chinese coast, of which seventy
are In tho gulf of I'o Chi LI."
Tho newest Gorman attitude regarding
China does not meet with genornl ap
proval, oven within tho conservative nnd
centrist parties. Several of tho leading
organs express grave doubts as (o whether
Germany should tako tho lead In China,
whero her IntoreatB are not so largo as
those of Great Urltaln nnd Franco,
(irriniin IMMiipiirove llurrnli l'ollcy.
Tho Schleslscho Zultung asks If tho gamo
Is wc'th the candle; tho Cologno Ga
zette calls It a leap Into tho darkness, and
tho National Kcitung roruqrks that Ger
many docs not need to work for prestige,
but ought to bo content to walk In tho
rank and lllo with other powers. Thu
centrist Gcrmnnia and Cologno Volks Zel-
Report Li Hung Ohang Has Been Authorized
to Negotiate with Powers.
Miilemcitt tomes from iiihiiiinmn
llinl .Inn nnd IMhsIhiik Arc In
Ilie .Mo l.ntulliiB Troop
nt MIihiikIiiiI.
UKUSSKI,S. Aug. 10. Tho Foreign office
has received tho following message, signed
Do Cartler."
"SHANGHAI, Aug. 10. An Imperial
decree names 1,1 Hung Chang na minister
plenipotentiary to negotiate pence." (fc.
do Cartler de Marehlenno, nrst sec
retary of the Uclglan minister at l'ckln.)
Tho Foreign oltlco has also received
from the Helglan minister at l'ckln n dls-
tiateh Identical with that received yester
day by tho French Foreign olllce from tho
French minister at l'ckln, M. l'lehon: tell
Ing of tho attempts made by the Chinese
to secure the foreign ministers areept
unco of a Chlncao escort to Tien Tain.
LONDON, Aug. to. -An edict emanating
from Pekln nnd authorizing LI Hung Chang
to negotiate with tho powers for peace has.
It Is reported from Shanghai under yester
day's date, been received there.
Tho correspondents at Yokohnmn again
send tho statement thnt a Uusso-Japanese
forco Is moving on l'ckln from the north
Tho movements and number of this force
nre. It Is further asserted, kept Bccrct In
order to prevent tho facts from reaching
Tho French consul at Shanghai says 3.000
Annamlto troops will arrive thcro next week
for tho protection of tho French settlement.
Tho Chinese merchants of Shanghai havo
notltloned tho forolgn eonsulH thoro to pro
vent tho landing of troops, declaring that
It will create a panic among tho Chinese
LI Pine Hcng. tho former governor of
Shnn Tung, personally commanded 15,000
Chlneso nt Yang Tsun.
Dispatches received hero from Uerlln say
that Kmpcror Francis Joseph nnd King Vic
tor Kmanuel III. have telegraphed to Field
Marshal Count Von Waldcrseo congratulat
lng him upon his appolntmont to tho chief
command of tho allied troops In Clitna.
Field Marshal Von Waldersee, It Is an
nounced here, will sail August 21 or August
22 for an Italian port and thnt ho will go
to Shanghai first.
About 5.000 moro German troops nro go
Ing to China. Tho government at Uerlln
Is necotlatlng with the North Qormnn
loyd nnd Hnmburg-Ainorlcnn lines lo
Ight transports.
l.nnl t'lilef .limtlcc nt Knitlnntl lllcn
n (lie ltcull of n Murnlcnl
LONDON. Aug. 10. Harou llussell ot
Klllowcn. lord chief Justice of England.
lied nt 1 o'clock this morning.
Huron llussell had been III for somo time.
esterdny an operation was performed,
which tho pnllent Is reported to have
passed through In good condition. This
peratlon, however, resulted In his death.
Various reports have been circulated as
to tho dlscaso from which tho lord chlet
Justice suffered. According to somo his
mnlady was gastric disorder, whllo other
repot ts were that ho had a tumor In tho
The fact of his Illness was not generally
nown until It was announced thnt at a con-
ullntlon held yesterday between Drs. Sir
William Henry Prominent, Frederick Trever,
Stephen Mackenzie and Samuel Herbert
IlnbTshon It was decided mat nn operation
wan Imperatively necessary. It was after
wards said that the patient hud stood tlie
peratlon well and thnt hlfl strenglh was
maintained. ,
At f o'clock last evening, however, Lord
llussell took a turn for tho worse, soon be
nme unconscious and passed away peace
fully at 3 a. m.
Tho War ofllee telegraphed the news ot
tho chief Justice's death to his youngest
son. Hon. Hertrand Joseph, who Is nt prercnt
Bcrvlng as a lieutenant of tho Iloyal artillery
In South Africa. Hon. Charles llussell. an
other son of the dcreaecd. Is now In Canada.
LONDON. August 10. Tho courts gen
ernlly suspended business today and the
Judges and other distinguished lawyers
nulncinin tlio deceased ch et Justice.
Tho monitor. Lord Salisbury, will select
tho successor of Lord llussell, with the
queen's appprovnl. Lord Alverstono (Sir
Hlchnrd Webster) the attorney general and
now master of the tolls, will, It Is generally
thought, be appointed lord chief Justlco of
l 111 tiimilri- CotniillnifiilH Ailmlnlitrn
(Inn mill Ailtlnen AKiilimt Joint
Action with I'liwrm.
Secret lleply to CublcKriiin.
Tho discussion with tho president led to
tho determination of tho secretary to reply
lo tho Conger mcBsngo at once and accord
lngly Secretary Hoot and Acting Secretary tung ,lcprocnto tho "present hurrah tern
Adeo conrerreu on uio icrms oi una i.-i-.j. of h cortain part of tho nation."
Tho text was ready by .1 o ciock nnu u w.is , . Vosslgcho jjeltung says: "It Is abso,
forwarded lato in mo iay. n was nniiiiuin.cu
olllclally and positively that this message
would not bo mado public, either In wholo
or In Bubstnnco. It was made plain, how
ovor, that tho message was sufllclcntly
guarded ns not to further IncrenBo tho Jeo
pardy of our minister In case tho Chlneso
havo access to our cipher. As to tho terms
of tho message, thoy nro bcllovcd to mnko
plain that this government will not advlso,
much less direct, that Mr. Conger leave
l'ckln under Chinese escort, when tho min
ister has ndvlsed Washington that this
would mean certain dcatb.
Chlnene Decent Inn Mnile I'lnln,
Moreover, tho reply doubtless lets tho
minister know that thcro Is an unaccount
nblo error in tho statement of the Chlneso
government, as convoyed to him through
tho tsung 11 yamon, thnt tho genornl gov
ernments had urged rcpoutcdly thnt tho
ministers bo sent out of Pekln under suit
able escort. This clause, contained in Min
ister Congor's Inst dispatch, clearly shows
that the Chlneso government 1b lending mm
to bellevo that It Is the wish of Washington
that ho leave under a Chlneso escort,
whereas tho United States has never enter
tained for a moment tho Idea of having tho
minister set out on a dangerous pllgrlmngo
from Pekln to the coast under Chlneso pro
tection. Thoro Is no probability that tho atten
tion of tho Chlneso government will bo
directed to Its apparent doubln dealing, as
Indicated by tho Conger dispatch. This
government has transmitted to tho othor
powers Interested the noto to tho Chl
neso government entrusted to Mlnlstor Wu
on the night of August S. It has assu
rance from tho other powers that thoy
havo not advised tholr representatives to
accept Chlneso escort from Pekln. H was
positively Btnted at tho close of the day
that no further representations have been
mado to the Chinese government since the
Adeo noto of August 8 and thnt none will
lio mado until tho Chlneso government ban
given somo Indication of the attitude It
will assume In complying with or denying
tho demnnds of tho United States.
Mcnmikc Mny nt He Delivered.
Whllo tho State department Is continu
ing to dispatch messages to Minister Con
ger on tho askurance of the Chinese gov
ernment thnt communication Is uninter
rupted, It Is doing so with comparatively
email hopo of their delivery.
This assertion was borne out tonight
when Socrctary Hoot said that there was
no 'onvlnelng evidence In possession of this
eovirnment that any of our dispatches
bad really reached Minister Conger. This
Indicated that tho minister had not given
n direct and satisfactory answer to nny
of tho queries that havo been addressed
to him by tho Department of State. ,
No additional dispatches were received
today bearing on tho military situation,
either from General Chaffeo or Admiral
Ilcmey, nnd tho latest situation leaves the
International forces nt Yang Tsun Inst
Monday night.
Ilimililirc) k In lenve nt Once.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 10. Charles W.
Humphreys, who hns been appointed chief
quartermaster of the Chlniio expeditionary
force, was at the War department today In
consultation with Secretary Hoot nnd Quar
termaster General Ludlngton. It ts deemed
lutely necessary to havo not only har
monlous forces, but nlso harmonious di
plomacy, to win ngnltiBt China."
General von Hannekcn, In tho Lokai-
nnzelger, recommonds an understanding
with Great Hrltnln nnd tho employment
of captive Chinamen ns coolies In Now
Tho correspondent then adds that tho
Urltlsh casualties wore 200 and tho Amer
lean 250, but this latter ostlmato, It will
bo noticed, Is four tlmoa greater than that
of Genernl Chaffee's report.
A St. Petersburg special says tho Chi
neso minister thcro, Yang Yu, has received
n telegram announcing that LI Hung Chang
Is dangerously 111 and confined to his bed
nnd that ho hnB boon granted a month's
Another St. Petersburg dispatch assorts
thnt tho Ilusslan genornl staff has been
notified thnt tho Chinese, 12,000 strong
aro moving from Hu Nan nnd Hu Pe
toward Pokln nnd Tien Tsln.
Tho Shanghai correspondent of the Dally
News wiring Thursday nnnom.ces that tho
Chlneso morchsnts are petitioning tho
authorities not to land troops,
United Stntrn Mny Knllnw HiiKlniid'n
Kxtiiiiple with Men from
I'rliu'ctnn mill (.'nut Inc.
Charles Lane Shot Eight Times on Panhandle
Roan Near Columbus.
niiciirniii'CN Indlcnle thnt the IJ
ireninn, Tliouuli Tnhen by snr
prlne, Mnile Desperate MriiH
ulc In Defend lllnielf.
'jiiKllnh llnr Sincerely Mourn for It
Acknnu IciIkciI nml DlMlii
Kiilshci! Lender,
LONDON, Aug. 10. Andrew Carneglo
sends to tho Associated Press this statement
regnrdlng tho situation In tho far oast and
tho relation of tho United States to future
developments there:
The refiiBul of tho United States to nnr.
tlclnato In tho attack on tho Taku fortH
miiKes mo WHsmngion government in
natural mediator between China nnd th
Utirnn'iin eovernmcntH. tint America
position may bo easily forfeited for reftm
inir in mm inn nciinn. upienne ni aiiuiHic'
Coneer nnd n demand for Indomnlty for
Injuries received nro duties Incumbent upon
tlie government, nut mo i niien ninies, in
my opinion, should tako no Hteps In con
junction wnii Kiirnpenn powers, i ihk
thin vlow because each of thoHo powers hu
sonnrutf! interests at Heart.
Great Hr ta In is co nc to land troops i
nroteet Shaiiirhal. because she looks lino
tno Yiinir thu vn ev iih nor Hnecini nrov
luce. Russia keeps her chief forces un
Mniicliiirln. Franco Is In nnotner region
and Germany Is In tho south. Tho llrst
aim or eacn or tneso powers is in saiu
gunrd her prospective domains, and If tho
Cnlted States should bo drawn Into Joint
action with them the "Washington govern
ment may even tlnd itseir pledged m go
fnnvnnl Into n cnmnnlcn nunltist China.
which would be hopeless, or may ultimately
seo the powers at war wun encu oilier.
To enter upon n contest with 100,000,0X1
Chinamen might prove us disastrous to tho
united stales ns a war tigniusi a comuiiiii
tlon of Kuropenn powers.
wasliinglon una ueen me oniy govern
ment which tins been right with regard to
Hip anfotv nf the. lpc.itlnns. From every
point of view President McKlnley nnd Sec
retary Hay must bo credited with having
placed our government in a incline nnu nei
tcr position than that occupied by any
otnor nation. . . .
l'robnbly Great Urltaln Is committing n
nerlniiH error In tiiklnc caro of Its special
department at Shanghai. President Me-
Kinicy lias oniy 10 coiumno in uiu tuunn
upon which ho 1ms stnrted to give tho
United Stntes a most commanding posi
tion, us It Is tlio only nnuon uistioseu to
give tho government of China a fair trial
and not condemn It until proved guilty.
Our policy Is clenr. European nations
nttnek China and quarrel about tho di
vision of Chlneso territory. AVo remain
friendly and nwalt events. Wo have quite
enough foreign territory nlrendy.
Not Heiionltile for Statement At
tributed to II I iti ItcKiirilliiK
Chlnii nml Philippine.
(Copyright, inoo, by Press Publishing Co
LONDON. Aug. 10.-(Now York Worlc!
Cablegram Special Telegram. )--The death
of Lord Chief Justice Russell caused uni
versal regret. Ho was the greatest figure
In Knglnnd'H legal world, nn unrivaled
advocate and a splendid Judge. He began
life as a chemist's assistant In a country
town of Ulster, beenmo an nttorncy, en
tered nt tho English bar and without
friends or Influence, a stranger, a Cnthollc
a radical and Homo ruler, still uy slice
forco of character, Incredible Industry and
brilliant forensic powers, surmounted all
obstacles and became the unquestioned
leader of the English bar. Ho reached tho
highest Judicial eminence nttalnnblo by u
Catholic, to which creed tho lord chan
cellorshlp Is still barred. Ho was a man
ot powerful physique and constitution
abounding In bodily and montnl vigor, an
no ono thought ho could succumb so sud
denly. Thcro Is no lawyer to succeed him
of anything npproachlng; tho samo din
ttnctlon. Attorney General Klnlny has tho
first claim, but tho legal profession favors
Sir Edward Clarke. , ;
LONDON, Aug. 10 The' J'lnatal of Lord
Russell will tnko place at Epsom on Tucs
day noxt
Discovery of Hxteniilvc IIciIn Neil
White Hoihc Ileiiorleil by He
(urnliiK Gold SccKcrs.
1ESSEXCER KILLBD IS niS CAR I condition of the weather
Porcenst for Nebraska .
Showers. Cooler; Variable winus
Tcmpernlnrc n Oiunhn rfcrilnjl
Hour. lieu. Hour. Ih'K.
. n. in 7. I i. in s
II n. in Tit it i. n !
7 ii. in ...... 7,i :t ii. iii ..... .tin
,S ii. m . . . . . ,7S I i. in HI
II n. in Ml ft i. Ill III!
III ii. ill s;i i, in si
II n. in ,,,,, ,., 7 p. m ST
I 'J in Ml X p. n s;t
II n. in Ml
COLU.MI1US. O.. Aug. 10. When tho Pan.
andlo oxprers train No. 8 from the wcet
pulled Into tho Union depot shortly after 11
'clock tonight Charles Lane, the cxprets
llepnrt Clrciilnlcil hy liner Lender
lo .MIkIcihI I'nlloMcr llntc nn
llnl of Kite I
PltHTOIM A. A lie. 1011 la Mild Unit
ersenger. wns found dead In tho car with ior.i Mpihuen has nrreste.l General Do
ll bullet In his heart. The safe had been wpt'n march.
timed and all the valuables taken. The A1 (1 p-prs In the, field credit n rumor
murder and robbery is supposed to have Prrtatod by their lenders that Lord ltnb-
akrn place between .Minoru icnicr uwi prtR H (ynK. Roberts, however, Is now
'olumbtis. as no h'irm had befallen the ex- , rri,ii.,n. health. Is dlsnlavlnc wonder-
prcm mi'jsenger when the train stopped at f, rnrrKy rMetl ,my long distances.
heard the shots or saw anything of the rob- . )h ...,, ,., mnnv r,iorni this mom-
hers. inc. All the minors drerv Ilia Idea ot
ll l Kiipposeu me ronuers juuipr.i uu ' trol,,K ,1P n0Pr t0o leniently
How n ShonfTs Posse Disposed of tho Union
Pacific Bandits.
Relentless Pursuit of tho Murderous Thugs
Ends in Killing Both.
rain ns It slowed up coming Into the
Union depot. Tho utmost mjetery veils tho
affair. Lano was about 28 years old. The
o!Hc!n!h of the Adams Kxprcm company
give no statement ns to the probable amount
of money neeured by the robbers, but It Is
reported to be n considerable sum.
The safe was not b'own, though that
was the first report. Tho robbers took tho
key from tho express messenger after he
had been Hilled nnd left It sticking In the
Lane was shot through tho heart and not
through the head, as first reported.
Indications nro that thero was a des
perate and bloody light.
The murder was dono possibly between-
Mnrblo Cliff and the city, surely between
"Kxnmples, nnd stem examples." nay.
the Dally Mall, "are necessary. Although
we may not agree with Sheridan's fierce
maxim, 'Nothing should be loft of nn
enemy but eyes to weep with." yet this wns
the conclusion of a not Inhuman olllcot.
who thoroughly understood wnr."
l'relilenl Kroner lleclnre (lull Itner-
llrltlnh AVnr Will l.nl I K
Time rt.
LONDON, Aug. .11. -According to the
Lourenzn Mnniucr. correspondent of I ho
Dally Kxpress. President Krilgrr, In tho
course of an Interview last Wednesday
Mllford Center nnd the Union Station In mM ho n ,)( ,,,, , Bllr.
this city. When an extra messenger, J. M. rpMpf. VM wUhml fnull,non. ,e-
Sheldon, who nsslstn Robert Mulligan,
ngent for tho Adams Hxpross company, at
tho Union Station, went to tho door ot
express car 812, which had Just pulled In
from St. Louis and lndlnnapolls, he un
locked tho door ns usual and shoved It
back. A horrible sight met his g.170.
Flat on his fnco nnd In n pool of
his own blood lay tho messenger. His
head was lying Just between tho edgo of
tho stovo and the edgo of tho door In tlie
forward end of tho car.
, careful examination revealed elgut
bullet wounds In Lane's body. Tlireo or
them were In tho right side of the back,
about eight Inches below tho shoulder. Ono
wns In tho left side, six Inches nbovo the
hip bone. Four wero In nnd nbout tho calf
of tho right leg. Two ballots were visible
tinder the skin of tho breast, ono about one
nnd one-half inches to tho right of and
elared that the war would last a long time
'A Iloer bulletin," continues tho corre
spondent," nnnnunces n big bnttle between
Lydenburg nnd Mlddleburg, In which tlio
Urltlsh had d00 killed and wounded. It also
announces the reenpture by the burghers
of Hcltbron, Dcvllllorsdorp und Frank
Iloer reports by way of Lourenzo Mar
(wz lately havo proved worthy of little
ffiiiOdci-cd nniiucroll to Allotv
Them In lleniiiln l.oiiKcr
In l'rclnrln.
LONDON. Aug. 10. A special dispatch
li,AlnMn unvti llm Ttnor tilnt In mnUn n
above the right nipple ami the other an , ,)f Lor(, Robert8 ani, Rll00l nU tho
l. 1 . .....1 IkhIiIa Mm Infl nlnnln Tlmun I . .
men nuuvB unit iiibiuu ...o u-u ... ...v, j,rll)sn cflicerB possible, discovered Thurs-
wcro extracted nnd wero tounn 10 no oi (, included tho recapture of Pretoria nnd
thlrty-elght-callbcr. Ono bullet was picked ,Qn BhootlnE of Lor, Hnbcrts and to Induce
up under tho right leg, half way between h,..,h. ,n r pmnn.B0. a numhor
the kneo and ankle, ns tho body was lying of Sllspel.te(i nccompllces ot tho conspirators
on the fnco In tho car, and another found ,mvo ,1Pen coniillcte( nrros8 the border.
near tho right root, lying bdoui iwo icoi Tno Ilrtlh authorities are nwnkenlng to
nway. th0 danger of allowing tho Hocr sympa-
Kverythlng pointed to a surprlso and n thi,er. to rnmnln In Pretoria and the lasue
deadly struggle in tno car. rrom appear- . Di)BHe8 to tho burghers has been stopped
antes Latin wns washing his face and hands ,
preparatory to leaving bis car and waB about CJEYN SAID TO BE DEAD
lo opon me sine uocr to inrow out ine uucrvi
of water when tho first shot wns fired, or
when ho wns struck from behind. Ills own
rnvolvor was found In tho safe with two
empty sholls, Indicating that ho had prob
ably fired twlco nt his assailants. He was
I'rcNlilciit ICriiKcr's Itlht nnivcr Ac-
corilliiK In liiiiiilon Advice
linn Committed .Suicide.
LONDON, Aug. 10. It Is persistently
VANCOUVER, n. C, Aug. 10. Th
stenmer Cutch from Skagwny brought sev
enty nassengera today and nlso news of
discoveries of extensive coal beds near tho
Dalton trail nnd not far from Whlto Horso.
Tho discovery was made by Oustnv ner
vals, who has been Interested In coal min
ing nt Lethbrldge. News of his find had
been received Just ns the Cutch wns sail
ing, but to substantiate his statements
nervals had brought In with him n small
sack of his samples.
Article of Incorpornllnn l-Tleil lty
l.n hoe Vnlnit .Street Hnllttny
Coniiinny nt St. I.oul.
to Si
11 Arm to
11 on ml
WASHINGTON, Aug. 10. Tho Navy de
partmeut today rocelved a cablegram from
Shanghai which, It is understood, gives
notlco of tho Intention of Admiral Sey
mour to Innd troops thcro for tho defense
of tho city. Tho Shanghai newspapers
nccordtng to the cnblo, whllo ncqulescin
In the landing of Urltlsh troops, doprccat
tho Idea that England's cxamplo should bo
followed by tho powers. Tho United
Stntes now has two war ships at Shanghai
to safeguard American Interests In case
of trouble there, tho gunboats Castluo nnd
Princeton. Tho luttor arrived nt Shang
hai today.
.Mnjor tienernl von Schvi iirtrUnp of
l'lrt .lulittlc llrlunilc lte
oclvcn Appointment.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 10. Admiral Dowey
said today, speaking of a published story
of an Interview with him In relation to
Philippine and Chinese affairs: "My atton
lion has been drawn to the article ns pub
lished, I made uso of no words saying or
Intimating that "Whatovcr show of re.
slstauco to our nuthorlty there Is nt tht,
present times In tho Phlllpplno islands will
bo kept up until after our election In No
vember. Tho Insurrection Is kept nllvo by
tho leaders, who hold out to tho soldiers
the hopo of Uryan's election.' Nolther did
I say or lutlmato thnt In my opinion a
state of war exists botween this country
I and China. Theso statements attributed to
mo uro absolutely Incorrect."
(Continued on Second Page.)
MERLIN, Aug. 10. Tho evening papers
here nnnounco that Major General von
Schwnrtzkop, commandor of tho First East
Asiatic brigade, has been nppolnted Field
Marshal von Wuldersco's chief of staff.
Tho Olllelal Rclchsanzelgor this even
ing publishes a proclamation forbidding
tho export of nrms or wnr material to
China or ports adjacent to Chlneso terri
Ailvnnec of the Cnr's Ciiliiinii on
llul Clinn Ciuic 1'iinlc
AinniiK Defender.
ST. PETERSBURG, Aug. 10. Olllelal ro-
ports say that threo separato Russian
columns succeeded In surrounding a largo
Chinese forco nt Hal Chau and that, seolng
tho Russians advancing from nil sides, the
Chinese lied In nn easterly direction, leav
ing n dozen obsoloto guns behind them.
Tho Russians purmied tho Chlneso for
thlrty-llvo versts, until they woro ex
hausted and compelled to abandon the
Chinese MlnUter Hu Not llenril Hint
1.1 lllinn ('Ilium In rotliit
Iiik for Pence,
NEW YORK, Aug, 10. A dispatch to tho
Journal nnd Advertiser from London anys:
All efforts on tho part of tho British and
foreign governments to stop tho supply
of war material to tho Chinese nre destined
to prove of no avail as long as tho
Chnmber of Commerco and legislative
council of Hong Kong mnlntnln tholr self
ish resistance to tho execution of tho
restrictive measures decreed by the powers
prohibiting the export of war material to
An immense trndo Is done nt Hong Kong
In tho sale of arms and ammunition to
both tho Chlneso and to tho- Filipino In
surgents. Indeed, the latter ns well as tho
Chlneso draw nil their supplies of this
kind from Hong Kong, whero the mer
chants aro determined to resist nny Inter
ference with tholr business.
Hong Kong has no custom houso and has
therefore no means of checking tho tin
portB or exports If the shippers do not
choose to mako a purely voluntary dec
laration nt the harbor ofllee.
Tho Chamber of Commerce and the legis
lative council of Hong Kong nre resolved
to fight tho government tooth nnd nail in
the mattor. declaring that It will con
stitute a blow at the traditional "freedom
of thu port of Hong Kong." and havo en
gaged queen's counsel, Lord rrancls, tho
chlof of tho colonial bar. to champion tholr
vIowb In the matter.
shot to death In a few minutes, but to make rumored In Lourenzo Mnrqucz, according
suro of death, it is believed somo of the to n dispatch to tho Dally Telegram, that
shots woro fired at him while he lay pros- Mr. Stoyn has committed suicide.
Tho dead man's koya were taken out of
his pockets, together with his knlfo and
what valuables ho may havo had. Ths
keys wero used to open tho strong box
nnd tho contents wero taken. The keys
nnd knlfo wero thon laid on tho body and
tho rovolvor plnccd In the snfe. Tho car ST. LOUIS, Aug. 10. Articles of Incorpo
wub deserted nt one of two points, cither ration wero filed In the recorder's ofilco this
nt Marble Cliff or at tho viaduct at the afternoon by tho Labor Union Street Rnll
entrance to Union station. w'ay company. Its capital stock Is placed
Tho train was In charge of Conductor at $3,000, nnd Its olllccrs aro named as fol
Jerry Taylor, who took It out of St. Louis, lows: President, Thomas 11. Edwards; vice
At Mlford Center, Mr. Lano and his car president, Simeon O. Collins; Bccrotnry.
were nil right, for Mr. Taylor had a con- William D. Ilenson; treasurer, John A
versatlon with him nt that point. Ono Roof,
report Is that J15.000 was taken. Messrs. Edwards, Ilenson and Collins con
fctltuto tho commltteo recently apppolntefi
nuHlPC Tfl f!CT IACI I DHCTCn hy tho local street railway unton to or-
unnuuL. iu uui iibbb i "uiuw gnnlzo n corporation to enter tho Btreot
Son of tienernl John C, Fremont Will
(in AlmiK n Ciiptnln of (Ine of
the CoiniuinlcM.
CINCINNATI, Aug. 10. Tho Second In
fantry received orders today to leave Fort
Thomas, Ky., next Wednesday for San
Francisco for servlco In China.
Colonel Corliss Is In command and among
his captains Is Francis G. Fremont, son of
Genoral John C. Fremont, the 'Tathflnder."
Trensnry IJcpitrtinent l'repnreii n Clr-
culnr of liifnrnintloii on
railway business In this city,
This committee hns engaged James Craig
as Its nttornoy and advisor. Mr. Crnlg
comes from St. Joseph, Mo. Ho was at
ono tlmo president of tho Union Rnlhvny
company of that city nnd has organlzod a
number of Missouri corporations.
Mr. Craig says there will not bo tho
WASHINGTON, Aug. 10. A. T. Hunting
ton, chief of tho division of loans and cur
rency In tho treasury, by tho direction of
Acting Sccrotnry Vandcrllp, has prepared Bichtest difficulty in bulldlnc tlio road If a
an clglity-Bovcn-page circular oi iniorma- tra.lcillgo can i,0 (curod. nut whllo Mr.
tlon concerning United States bonds, paper Cra,K acciaresl aU tUo necessary money Is
currency, coin, mu prommuuu m precmua nirendy pledged to tho enterprise, ho will
metals, etc. l nis circular is similar iu me ot te y w,ora.
ones issued in iyt. nnu mm, v. mi me naia He gny8 tlmt tho romr.anv was orcnnlzod
WASHINGTON, Aug. 10. Mr. Wu, the
Chlnejo minister. Is displaying a great deal
of Interest in the reports that Ll Hung
Chang 1wb been appointed n minister pleni
potentiary to negotiate pence with the
powers. Ho said tonight that he had not
received nny confirmation of the repops
Ll has the Implicit contldenco of tho gov
ernment nnd his appolntmont to tho place
named would be an omlncntly appropriate
Chlnene llnve Their I'lrsl l-Wperlenee
tilth l,ilillte Shell nt
Yiiiiht Tsun.
LONDON. Aug. 11. 1:10 a. m. Tho morn
ing papers express satisfaction at the lat
est developments in China. The average
comment Is that China Is now genuinely
suing for peaoo through Ll Hung Chang.
Dispatches printed this morning give
further detnllb of the taking nf Yang Tsun.
According to tho Dally Mall's correspond
ent tho attack was led by tho Americans
and Urltlsh. Tho Chinese position consisted
of seven lines of entrenchments. Tho
onemy fell bick from one to another until
driven from tho lust line. The Chlneso say
they retreated becauso the lirltlsh "poured
poison" Into their troops. This refers to
the lyddlto shells, which tho Chinese then
experienced for tho first time.
brought down to July 1, 1900.
Among tho subjects upon which Informa
tlon Is given aro tho following: Tho bonded
Indebtedness of tho United States at tho
close of tho civil war and tho chungeB In
tho debt which havo taken placo down to
tho present tlmo, tho different kinds of
money In tho United States, coinage, with
full tnbles Bhowlng tho colnngo of tho
United States nnd the principal nations ot
the world, and the production of tho pre
cious metals by countries, summary of
monetary events slnco 17S6, tables show
ing circulation of money in tho United
States since 1800; national bank currency
explained, tho selgnlorago, tho revenues
and expenditures of tho government slnco
187S, tho effects of tho different tariff
nets slnco 18M).
A large amount of othor Important Infor
mation Is given nnd tho circular also con-
tains the full text of the financial bill of
March 14. 1000.
Thiocr Klecteil Vice I'rclilent.
KANSAS CITY. Mo.. Aug. 10. At Its
general olllces Iii this city today It was nn
iimiticril that Nathaniel Thayer of Boston.
a director In the road, had been elected
vke president ot the Kansas City, Fort
Scott X. Memnlils railway. Directive, lm
mediately. Mr. Thayer would, It wus
stated, nssumo active management of the
properly during President Washburn's Ill
ness, The olllce of vice president was
abandoned some time since.
(.'oiiHtltiitloiml Qiicsllnn in Xeclcy II-
triiitltlon Clisc Will He Decided
hy HlKlicnt Trlhuiiiil.
NEW YORK. Aug. 10. John D. Lindsay,
counsol for Charles F. W. Nccley, who lo
charged with embczlement of Cuban postn:
funds nnd against whom thcro havo been
proceedings for extradition to Cubu, said
today that ho had mado application to
Judgo Wnllaco of tho United States cir
cuit court, located at Albany, yesterday, for
a writ of habeas1 corpus for Nccley. This,
Mr. Lindsay said, Judgo Walluce had de
nied. "Judgo Wallace did, however." said Mr.
LtndsAy, "allow on appeal to tho United
States supremo court and Issued nn order
directing tho marshul lo keep Neeley hero
pending tho appeal."
Mr. Lindsay explained that tho supreme
court will not meet until next October,
when he satd tho appeal will bo argued.
"Wo have simply raised a constitutional
question," eald Mr. Lindsay,
with a capital stock of $5,000 just as a
"starter," and thnt It will likely bo In
creased to n .larger flguro In tho near fu
ture. A muss meeting of tho local union
labor organizations will bo held Saturday
night, at which the new street railway pro
ject will bo formally launched.
One More. KfTort to Get Iron Worker
nml M ii n ii flic I n re ri to it it
PITTSI1URO Aug. 10. Tho wngo dlf
feremes botween tho Republic Iron and
Steel company, tho Amorlcan Tlnplato
company and tho Amalgamated Associa
tion of Iron, Steel and Tin Workers aro
approaching a climax and unless a settle
mont Is reached very shortly an extensive
strlko Is probable. Another effort to of
feet n final adjustment of tho scales, It Is
said, will be mado next weok, when n call
will be Issued for a genoral convention, to
bo hold In Detroit.
Movement of Oceilll VeelH, Ann. Ill,
At Now York Arrived Aimusto Vic
toria, from Hamburg, Southampton und
Cherbourg; stenmer Gibers, from Itlo do
Janeiro and .St. Lucas; Alsulla, from Na
At Cherbourg Sailed Fuorst Dlsmnrck
from Hamburg nnd Southampton, for New
At Havre Arrived L'Aq.i'.tnlne, from
New York, and proceeded for Cherbourg.
At .Mntunc Arrived nieatner city of
IliUf.iHi. from Ilultlmore.
At Kiistnut I'nssed Georglc, from New
York, for Mvcrnool.
At St. .Michaels Passed Kaiser Wllhelin
II, from Genoa, Naples and Gibraltar, for
At Ileueli Head Passed Hniinrndnm
from Rotterdam unci Houlngne, for New
At Huston Arrlven Now England, from
At London-Arrived Michigan, from New
At Glasgow -Sailed Sardinian, for New
At MovHIe-Snlled-Kthlonln, from !Ih
gow, ror -New yom; rarisian, irom Liver
nool, for Montreal.
At Liverpool Sailed Cevlc, for Now
At Houlogne Bulled -Hclt'nivlu, from
Hamburg, for 4scw York,
Thrco of tho Dopntics Wounded During tho
rusillado Following Discovery.
III Cniiirnilc liitrcnelicii lllnieil in
the lloiie, VA'iilch I Flreil hy
the I'lirsncr nml llnrneil
t llh It ('.intent.
GOODLAND. Km-.. Aug. 10. The two men
who held up n Union Pacific (rain near
Hitun. Colo., last Sund.iy morning, killing
W. J. Fay, a pawtiger, and plundering tho
pasnengcrs, were much touny ny u nni-im
posse at the lliirtholomew ranch threo miles
ensl ot this place. The robbers wero lo
cated In the hout.o this morning and th
poese lined up and cut oft' escape. After n
fusillade between the robbers and the posse.
In which .1. 11. Rlggs and Georgo Culllns,
deputies, wero shot, one nf the robbers
lumped from a window and Mitight to escape,
but wns sl ot to death. The iaw then lay
slrgo lo Hie house, In which tho remaining
robber stood guard wilh a title, and finally
succeeded In setting life lo tho building,
which was il(troyed with Its occupant.
The robbrrH have not been Identified.
Three miles east of hero this morning the
two men wero Mirrounded by local olllccrs. A
llorco exclmtigo of shots ensued, during
which ono of the lobbers was killed, J. ll.
Rlggs, owner nt tho Commercial hotel ot
Goodland. nnd George Collins, mem
bets nf the posse, were severely
wounded nnd nnother of tho pursuing
party, nanio unknown, wan wounded
Tho second robber barricaded "hlmHclf In
tho house, with the posse, numbering fifty
men, all armed with rllles, surrounding It.
Ilotv They Were Locntcil,
Tho second robber s barrlcnded In the
house, with tho posse, numbering fifty
men, all armed with Winchesters, sur
loundlng It.
The Union Pacific's Kansas City and Den
ver train wns robbed between Llmon Junc
tion nnd Hugo, ninety miles east of Den
ver, last Sunday morning, many rolloved
of their money nnd valuables and W. .1.
Fay, nn aged man, who resisted, was killed
by ono of the robbers. The robbers dropped
olf tho train nt Hugo nnd usenped. On
Wednesday, It Is learned, they wont to tho
ranch of D. E. Bartholomew, threo miles
out from Goodlund and 100 milcB ovcrlaud
from Hugo, und usltcd for food und lodg
ing for a fmv days. They said thoy did
not want tV go to town, as their -clothes
wero rugged. Last night a boy whom they
sent Into Goodlnnd to got tho Denver pa
pers reported tho circumstances. From
tho boy's description, tho mon wero be
lieved to bo tho Hugo robbers. This
morning a posse, consisting of Sheriff
Wnlkcr, J. B. Rlggs, Georgo CuIIIiib, R
C. BIddlson nnd several others, all heav
ily armed with rllles and revolvers, went
bver to tho Bartholomew placo from here.
Walkor nnd Rlggs wero the first to dis
mount nnd proceed to tho Iioubo whero
tho robbers wero. Ono of tho robbers
caught sight of them nnd gnvn tho alarm.
No. sooner had Walker, n moment later,
begun kicking on tho door than thoy
wero mot by n volley of shots from Inside.
Tho remaining members or tlio posse
quickly lined up around tho house and for
ten minutes bullets whirred nt n lively
rnte, the rllles of tho pursucrn pour
ing a deadly load In tho direction of tho
robbers. Tho robbers returned tho flro
strongly nnd Rlggs soon foil, hit In thn
brenst nnd back. Finally ono of tho rob
bers Jumped through n window nnd made
off In tho Bmoko. Iicforo ho had gon
half a dozen steps ho fell In his trnckB,
Bhot to death. Sheriff Wnlker In tho mean
time bad forced his way toward the houss
nnd was Intent on getting Inside. In tho
Bmoko nnd confusion CullinB got In the
wuy of Walker's gun nnd wan shot In the
back nnd seriously wounded, Whllo tlm
posso was romovlng Culllns tho lone rob
ber made his way to a sod kltchon near by
nnd barricaded tho door. Tho dead rob
ber lay where ho fell, his body In rnnge of
tho houso.
llnrneil Hint to Denlli,
After tho fight In tho morning, when the
first ono wns shot, tho citizens armed them
selves nnd wont to tho ranch. Tho mnn In-
Blde tho house was armed with a rlfio and
a too near upproach to tho house drew his
fire. About 4 o'clock the members of the
posio by crawling through n cornfield got
to a shed near tho house, setting It nllre.
It wan not long until tho building wns In
(lames, but tho robber mndo not a sign and
If ho was not shot by a bullet from tho many
that wore fired at tho houso from the out
Bide bo found his death In tho flumes.
Thero Is no douht about tho men being
the train robbers. On tho body of tho ono
shot In tho morning wero found n watch, two
black calico faco masks, a lady's watch
chain and charm nnd an opened envelope
addressed to some Ineligible nnmn at Hugo,
Colo. Ho was tall, with a black mustachn
and commonly dressed. Tho body was
brought to town tonight.
Both wero about 30 yonre old and of th
desperado stylo, having threatened to shoot
sovcrnl farmers who refused to keep them.
Tho houso on tho ranch with its contents
was valued nt J 1,200 and will bo paid for
by tho county. Tho two citizens, Rlggs and
Culllns, shot In tho fight In tho morning,
nro doing well and will recover.
OrKiinUntlon Kxlntliiir tn Wlscnnniii
I. Hinder Iteulon tn Promote noil
Protect the Industry.
LA CROSSE, Wis., Aug. 10. It was dis
covered today thnt n party of twenty-two
men from La Crosso, who make log steal
ing n profession, hnd removed a number ot
logs, valued ut $1,000, from tho raft of J.
W. Van Sant, which was tied at Dresbach,
Minn. Tho men overpowered tho wutch
man, took tho logs and (.old them. Dotcct
Ivrn aro working on the case.
Tho mon engaged In stealing logs have
a protectlvo association and all momhers
aro pledged to Bccrecy. Men who know
about tholr movements never rovenl then
knowledge, an thoy know It moans death, or
ut least personal vlnleni'o. During the last
twenty years $1,00U,000 worth of loan huv
been stolen.

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