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Pennant Too Tar Away for Local Team
to Catch It.
Joe .Me!liinlt, Mtnr I'ltulicr nf I ho
HriioUl) n, nn O in n lilt Vlnllor
l,nnt Wffli-Mtutii" of
IIIk l.cnmie ( Itilm,
An even break In the week's series on
tho homo grounds with tho pennant-scorching
St. Joseph Aggregation gave tho local
ball cranks lots of ground for enthusiasm
and encouragement last week. That tt
iihould havo boon three out of four, had
Umplro Al Warner presided In Wcdncs
day's game In his usual fair manner, was
ugrced to by every ono who witnessed the
Disappointment at tho loss of this game
was Homewhat assuaged, however, by tho
splendid pci'formuuco of the homo tcm.
After a period of depressing defeats and
unlucky mishaps tho Colts .. owed that the
impressions formed of their ability early
In tho season were by no mean overdrawn
and played ball llko veterans.
Kroru this time on, until the srnion closes,
tho Itourko futnlly promises to give a good
account of Itself. There 1b every reason to
believe- that such will he tho case and tho
personnel of tho team nt this time warrants
fnlth in tho opinion, Tho arrival of .J'cte
l.ohman, tho heavy hitter, splendid fielder
nnd cool-headed general, will strengthen
tho team Immcnstirubly and makes both In
and outfield almoat Impregnable. It Is
composed, too, of ordluarlly good hitters.
Tho lineup for tho rest of tho scsson will
show Wilson behind tho wlndpad, l.o-.iman
at llrsl, O'Conncll back In his old position
at second, Jimmy Hoy on third, Stub
Toman at short, Lauzon, McVlckur nnd
llnlrd In tho Held. Thcro Isn't n team In
tho lcaguo with a hotter lot of players and
had It not been for tho unprecedented un
lucky streak, when every gamo seemed to
bo certain dcfenl, Omnhs. would bo right uj
In tho head set toduy.
As It Is, tho team has but little chancu
of winning tho pennant this season. There
nro only twcnty-slx games to bo played by
tho Omahas and Denver Is too far In tho
lend to warrant oven hope that Omaha
may pass tho Tobcaultcs. Though this Is
literally true, It does not mean that Den
ver has n cinch on tho pennnnt, although
If bets were laid on tho outcomo tho Don
vorltes would probably be tho favorite,
with odds to tho field. Such ball ns the
Saints played In Omaha last week and have
been playing for weeks past makes them
more than u possibility; ns pennant winners.
It seems almost certain now that Denver
nnd the Saints will between them have a
mortgage on first and second places and
thcro will yet bo a pretty race between
Dcs Moines and Omnha for third plue,
with the chances In favor of tho locals,
slnco Des Moines has taken n remnrkable
slump since the last series on tho western
grounds began.
The series begun In Pueblo yesterday will
end Tuesday nnd tn Thursday tho beginning
of tho last scries of games tho Colts play
nwny from home will take place nt Denver.
Four gomes will bo played nnd then tho
Rourke family return home to end tin the
season. The final scries begin Tuesday, Au
gust 21, with Denver. Then follow four
games In quick succession with Sioux City
following Denver, then Dcs Moines and I'u
cblo. The last scheduled game will bo with
i ucuio September I. One or two postponed
games will bo played off and othrr enmrn
nro likely to be arranged, but after Septcm-
hit i me western lcaguo season of 1&00 will
pass Into history, nnd, too, with a success
attending It that surpassed tho antlclpa-
iious oi me most hopeful.
Few of the enthusiastic fans whn nr-rMinleil
the reserved scats In Iluck Keith's erand-
stnnd last week little realized that tho
plainly dressed, nlcrt. octlvo and, withal,
rather pripossesslng looking man who was
to be seen occasionally on tho tilnvn'
bench or lu tho reporters' box was Joo Mc
Olnnlty. tho star pitcher of the National
league. Hut Joe McOlnnlty It was and ho
witnessed every came with ns keen rr.li.li
as though It were a 2 to 1 twclvo-lnnlrfg
affair between the Stfperbas and tho Phil
lies. McOlnnlty was In Omaha visiting rela
lives In South Omaha, with whom his wlfo
has been spending the summer. He was en
Joying a well-deserved vacation, prepara.
lory to joining his team, tho Ilrooklyns, In
8t. Louis. Previous to two yenrs ago
McOlnnlty r,as twirling ball In n small
lenguo In Illinois. In 1899 ho wns with the
Haltlmorcs nnd this season Brooklyn got
him. Ho Is n marvel In the pitching
world. Ned Hnnlon npprcclatcd his abil
ity to such nn extent that he accorded him
a great honor In tho aliening gamo nt
Ilrooklyn this season by sending him Into
tho box. For years and years Itoarlng Hill
Kennedy has hod this mark of honor be
stowed upon him, but ho wns llttlo dls
potcd to roar against McOlnnlty's selec
tion, appreciating tho excollcnco of his
young fellow-worker. Out of twenty-ono
games pitched this season McOlnnlty has
lost but two, thus holding a rocord far out
shining that of any other pitcher.'
McOlnnlty cxprrnsed himself ns agreeably
surprised In Ihe prosperous growth of tho
Western league. "There Is no game," he
said, "that no attracts nnd holds the peo
ple aa baso ball. In this Western league
there ure players who are men of reputa
tion, lots of them, nnd there Is nn reason
why It shouldn't thrive. The article of ball
played here todny Is equal to that ordinarily
put up In the big leagues. As a matter of
fact baso ball I Interesting at any time and
any place, regardless of the players, pro-
viucu tho teams are ovenly matched and
their members understand the rudiments
of tho game."
lea for twelve years. Jeffries has only
been fighting four years, but In that time
ho whipped all the good men In his class.
Yet his entire list of knockouts docs not
n any way compare with that of McGov
cm. In fact. McOovern has knocked out
moro iron this year than Jeffries has since
ho first entered the ring In 1S96. Kveiy-
thlng considered, there has never been
such a champion as McOovern In the his
tory of tho American prlie ring. Ho has
never met defeat. Out of fifty-one battles
fought he has gained thirty knockouts.
Twenty-six of the thirty knockouts were
In less than ten rounds. Ho has won four
championships tho bantam weight from
Casper I.con, featherweight from George
Dixon nnd tho 12S-pound championship
from Tommy White. )
"Ninety Per Cent"
Hnyn Ilr. Ili-iinoU, I lie Authority oil
Kli'i'trlMt)', "Mutter From Mom
Komi or Si-ximl AVonUm-im" The
Doctor AiIvInpm Yoii lo Look Hut
for Iiiillntloiix of IIU' Klrrtrla
Ili-lt Klieuiiiiitlniii Cureir li- Hire-lrlelt
Kullv 90 ner rent of tlio
present generation milter
from Sexual Weakness in
Homo form, nnd I know
there is only nuo
r it d 1 c a 1 mill per
fect cure, and that Is
,.ln..lHfl( v nrnnitrlv
applied. Nn turn gnvo
each man and wo
man certain organs
that wore to perform
a distinct service
all to net In har
mony. Nature did
not Intend thuru
should he u weak or
diseased condition
of any ono of theso
nrgaiiH. l-ixresse
make men weak.
Dr. Bennett's Electric Beit
Is n blood disease ti
poison lu tho wood.
The blood Is loaded
with urlo and lactlo acids, which Is calmed
l.v il dilliirn of the klilnevs to nerl'orm
their proper functions. Tho treatment of
ltlieiimatlsm lias always bullied the fol
lowers of drug treatmrnl, and no per
manent or nerfeet cures wore ever effected
until the scieutlllu nppllcutlon of lllectrlclly
became known that Is, how to apply an
unwavering current that would penetrate
tlio system, Tim current irom oruinary
liatlerleK slid electric. beltH will not cure.
The currant eannot nenctrnto through the
crudo electrodes used, being retained upon
the Htirfucc. .My uiecirio lieu, wiin uh sou,
silken, chamois-covered sponge water
chamber electrodes, used on no other
electrlciil ami anco. helnz my own luven
Hon. will sncedllv and ncrmummtly cure
ltheiimntlsm In nil Its various forms, and
tho cure 1 unequivocally guaruittcc. It
will reduce the swelling trom Intlninmutory
KhcuinatlHin in 21 bourse and allay nil pain
immediately. A whole family can be cured
with nno lielt. It Is the urcalest family
remedy known, nnd should bo Indispensable
in'every nouseiioni, .iy oeu, use nn outers
will burn out In time, hut can be emwod
for only 75 cents, no other belt can b- re
newed for any price, nnd when burned out
is worthless,
All othrr Hell lmvc linro in edit
MretroilcH that bur", try. Mister mtil
nliuost oremntc tlic iiutleut. Ver-
tllurln, on iiceciiint of tlio i lie illicit I
notion of flii- current, necuiiiulule
nn tlit- hurt ini'tul mill inny oiiiimc
Mood ihiIniiiiIiik ii ml iierliniiM death
If J on have lict'ii iiiIhIi'iI Into liuyluu
one of the nr. ni'iul It to mi- lis half
lirlcc of one of mine.
Some concerns attempt to Imitate my
electrodes by eilverlng the b.ire metal dlscn
with ii thin venoerliur of chumols or felt,
through which u current cannot pass, hut
llirougii which veringris win souk, iio.ware
nf "Free Trials" and "Pay when you are
cured" concerns. You wilt pay dear lu the
rmi. write to me, ami i win tea you
about their methods.
You may think 1 exaggerate and say my
Klcotrlu licit will do too much, but tho
truth Is. I cannot siiy too much about It.
for 1 worked tho best part of my Ufa to
perfect an appliance to apply Electricity
to the human system so us to make cures
nnd not inconvenience you, ana i sue
reeded, I was dlssntlsded with the onll
nary motnods or applying liieeiricity ns
taught In colleges nnd elaborated In mcdl
cat works, as experiment demonstrated
such methods a failure. This spurred mo
on to find the true way, and I found tho
true. Way, ns you will know should you
need treatment and begin with my twit.
Knowing beyond the possibility of n
doubt that mv K ertr ci He t will cure I in
potency, Lost Msnhond, Varicocele and all
Hexmil Weaknesses In either sex, restore
Shrunken nnd I'lidoveloped Organs and
Vitality, cure Kidney, I.Ivor and Madder
Troubles, Chronic. Constipation, Dyspepsia,
nil Female Complaints, etc., I absolutely
guarantee tho cure In each case. 1 hope to
obtain you us nno of my patients: ou will
not bo experimented with you will bo
1 have written ii'book, "Tho Finding o
the Fountain of Internal Youth." sent
free, .postpaid, for tho unking, which will
ien you an uDout it. can or wrlto today
Bold only by
ltoonm 18 o SI DouKlim tllock,
Onposlle llnyilfii'N,
Cor. lOtli null DiiiIku Ms. Oninhn
OFFICK lIOUItS-From 8:50 it. m. lo S:J0
p. m. Biindays From 10:30 a. m. to 1 p. m,
Wednesdays and Saturdays From S:S0 a.
u. io y,w p, in.
Tho big leagues are coming down their
homo stretches with full heads of steam
on and tho prediction mado last week that
their positions now are about nsjhcy will
bo when tho season endn Is corroborated by
another week's contests. Ilrooklyn has a lead
n the' National which Is bound to win for
Ned Hnnlon s Superbas the pennant. It
begins to look now as though Pittsburg has
tno rnnncs beat out for second place. At
any rate, they nro putlng up at this tlmo a
superior artlclo of ball and unless the
Phillies tuko a brace they aro beaten. In
the American Chicago istill maintains th
lead, while the Illsons and the Millers are
In tho slough of defeat nt the foot of the
ladder. Kansas City has taken a brace
during the week and Jimmy Manning's ag
gregation hns passed ahead of Cleveland,
thus insuring n lively race between those
two for fifth placo for the next week or
I'lnrcu-ItiMinil Contest to Ilr I'ullrd
Oir lleforr (lie I. n Ur
du h.
Articles have been signed by Jim Ornham
of Des Moines nnd Lou Friedman o
IlocheBtcr, N. Y., for a fifteen-round boxing
contest, to bo pulled off noxt Snturday after
noon nt 3 o'clock before tho Lake club nt
tho eust side of Cut-Oft lake, for which
event tho club hntigs up a purse of $100.
Tho contestants are clever mlddlewcigbts
Oruhnm has participated as n victor In about
a dozen battles during the last year. Last
I'ebrunry ho won from Marion Mclntyre nt
Des Moines In two rounds. Friedman
fought n ten-round draw recently at New
York with Harry Ilcrnsteln.
Football Managers Eefuso to Play Any
Games Hero This Season.
.Incolii Will lie Fntorcd With .Num
ber of l.'nnlrftlM, A in mm Which
Will lie ' One With
Correspondence tin me llptivccn Illitillc
mill Oinnlin (irorvliiK interrst Inn
llniiuuoiiil Wins First In Finals.
V. W. Diddle of Omaha and H. 11. Ham
mond of Wymore nro running so close to
gether In their contest for the state cham
pionship by 'correspondence that a few
specimens of their play may be Interesting.
Last week the score of a drawn game by
these players was published. Mr. Hammond
won the first gamo In the final round, de
fending a Scotch attack' by Prof. H. L.
Hlnman of Lincoln.
White Hlnman. Ulnck Hammond.
l-IMv I
2- Kt-K H 3.
3- P-Q I.
4- Kt x P.
6- Kt x Kt
G-l'-K H 3 u.)
7- Kt-Q U 3.
s-ll-Q 2.
9-P-K IJ t.
10- tJ-K 2 (h.)
11- Q-Q 3 ?
in 1 . I ....
l-l'-K t.
2- Kt-Q II 3.
3- 1' X P.
4- II-H I.
5- Q-H 3.
1' x Kt.
7- H-1C 3.
8 P-ll Kt I.
fl-Q-cj 5.
10 Kt-U 3.
11 Q-K II 7 (ch.)
12 y lt-Q Sf.
13I(mIi.,x (n
(a.) I'-K 11 4, Q-H 3, or Q-lv 2 arc usuul
hero nnd lead to nn even game.
(ti.) tl-u 3 iooks stronger.
(c.) If Q-K2 now. 13-U-K Kt wins the
Q. Resignation whs In order.
Tho third gamo In tho final round was won
by Mr. Hlddlc from A Rusmussen of South
Omaha. Mr. lllddlo has faith In Phllldor's
defense and employed It to good advantage
In this game.
pnii.iDort's dkfknsi:.
White Itusmussen. lllnek Hlddlc.
1-P-K 4.
Kt-K U 3.
3- P-Q I.
4- Kt x P.
6 Kt-Q 11 3.
ft-U-Q 3.
7 Castles.
5- I'-K IJ 4.
!-P-K C
10- P x 1.
11- K-lt 1.
12- P (K 5J X lit.
13- It x Kt.
14- P X II.
16- I1-Q 2.
Pl-Kt-K I.
17- Q-K It 3.
15- II-K L
19-U-U Jl 3.
20 Q-K Kt 3.
21- Q X Q.
Kl-lJ II 9.
2:i-Kt-lvt 3.
21 Resigns.
1- IMC 4.
2- P-U 3.
3- P X P.
4- Kt-K U 3.
6- H-K 2.
R-H-K 3.
7- Q Kt-Q 2.
8- Kt-Q U 4.
!-! X P.
10- Q X Kt (ch.)
11- Kt X 11.
12- Kt-K II 7 (ch.)
13- Q X R.
ll-K X P.
IR-K R-Q 1.
Ifi-O-Q 5.
17-R-Q 4.
1S-K-13 1.
i-W-W Kt 3.
20- CJ-K Kt 3.
21- R P x Q.
22- P-Q Kt 3.
23- K R-K 1.
In tho following end game study by
Kceek of Bohemia, It Is White's task to
play nnd win:
13 LACK.
b m m m
m H si M
mm mm
1 1 i i B
mm m m
With the motch between Fltz6lmmons nnd
Kuhlln dlspofed of, Interest now centers In
(ho grnnd wlndup of pugilism In New York
before tho explrntlon of the Horton law.
The closing event will be the go between
Corbett nnd McCoy, AugUBt 30, nnd the
Votaries of tho gamo ore wagging their
tongues industriously about it and making
all sorts of predictions, according to tho
fnvorltlsm of tho prognostlcntor. The sit
uation is well sized up by a competent au
thority, as follows:
' "It is doubtful If ever beforo two such
pastmusters of tho gamo ns great as this
pair put tip their hands In the samo ring.
The match came as a surprise, as Corbett
was anxious to meet Champion Jeffries, but
from the reports I infer that ho was
badgered Into tho match by the sarcastlo
nnd wily McCoy. Or, ns some one has sug
gested, they ore good actors.
"Figuring a winner between this speedy
pair looks like a hard proposition. .Cor
bett's grand -showing in his contest with
O.offrlcs will, of course, make him the fa
vorite. After twenty-two rounds of fight
ing, during which the agile Corbett put It
all ovr the glgantlo Jeffries, he suc
cumbed to a "chance" blow. (Jentlcman
Jim will have to be very careful with Mc
Coy or another "chance" blow will cause
him to loco his third tight,
"Carefully analyzed, Cdrbett's showing
against Jeffries did not demonstrate moro
than which we all know that ho Is n clever
boxer and had In a measure, by scientific
training, recovered his 3t.iiiilnn. There
was not much force behind bis blows,
they mado but little Impression on the
burly champion. In addition, Jeffries was
handicapped with a bad left arm.
"In his fight with McCoy Corbett will have
the advnntngo In height, weight nnd rca.-h.
Though built on lighter lines, McCoy has
provd that ho Is tho harder hitter and (his
Is his only advantage over Corbett. Recent
lights havo demonstrated that the man with
the knockout punch up his sloeve wins, and
with both men clover, as McCoy and Cor
bett are, It looks to me as though the Kid's
chances to win are nt least as good ns those
of his opponent."
Hilly Dclaney says that It Jeffries' left
arm only comes around Fltz and Itiililln will
bo very easy for him. That "If" cuts quite
n figure, ns ono of tho best surgeons says
such nn Injury to an arm as Jeff hus seldom
can be cured entirely. Tho membranes
covering tho end of tho bono at tho elbow
Joint were torn, and probably tho cartilages
and tendons are Injurad. It Is almost n
certainty that It will fall him If ho attempts
to fight In the neur future. Hill Drady has
announced that Jeff will be ready to light
Fltzslmmons beforo September 1.
There Is no way In the world to com
paro the fighting abilities of John L. Sulli
van and "Terry" McOovern as far as their
records aro concerned. Thore are but few
good heavyweights nnd consequently tho
chances offered the big fellows aro noth
ing compared with tho opportunities that
men In tho lighter division have. Two or
three fights a year Is considered a pretty
good record for oven the heavyweight
champion, while men of McOovorn's weight
can securo good matches almost at any
time. McOovern at the present day has
more knockouts to tits cnsdlt than any
two heavyweights living and more than
five times as many ns John L. Sullivan,
who was cbumploft heavyweight of Amcr-
Hot Weather of the I'nst Week linn
No lifted on nevotecs of
the (imne.
In spite of tho hot weather there was a
largo attendance nt tho Wednesday night
meeting of tho Omaha Whist club. hix
tables wore engaged nnd the winning pairs
had only a narrow margin to the goo:
nodlcic and Coo tied, with Itlnchart and
Comstock on the north and south side with
the generous plus of 11. Melklc and Scan
uell won more easily over their east ana
west comnetltors with n plus of 8. Tho
scores were as follows:
Redlck nnd Coe
ninehnrt nnd Comstock
Rurness nnd G. O. Bcrlbner
Hrnnntr and Rockfellow
White and Miller
Snckett and Alice
Mnlkln nnd ttcnnncll
Humney and Uurrell 230
Boulter nml Crummer 232
McNutt und Jordan 232
Urill nnd A. W. Scrioner 22S 3
llaer and Anthes 222 -!)
235 1
220 -10
224 12
. .239
The Omnha Elks Whist club enjoyed nn
afternoon and evening of play yesterday at
Lake Mnuawa, A number of the Council
Illuffs Klks were present ns guests, and a
thoroughly enjoyablo session was held. Tho
Omaha Klks are somewhnt young In whist
craft and havo been worsted in the contests
so fnr held with their Council Illuffs col
leagues. With faithful practice, howovcr,
thoy promtso to mnke a much better show
ing when tho season opens In the fall.
W. II, Stevens, the One Armed Itlilrr,
In Here,
W. H. Stevens, tho world's champion
ono-nrmed rider, arrived Wednesday from
Milwaukee, Wis., and has entered nil tht
amateur events for next Sunday nut at tho
Midway TracK.
Stevens is one of tho most remarkable
riders of his kind living, lie uses
specially built machine which enables him
to follow almost any kind of fast pace nnu
tho way ho holds tho turns Is romnrknble.
Wcdnesduy afternoon In a workout with
Harney Oldlleld nnd llnusman for threo
mllcH ho held his own nnd nt the finish
In an eighth of n mllo sprint, he tln'shed In
12 2-5, contesting with Harney for the tnpo
Stevens Is a valuable addition to I ho loca
amateur ranks nnd will certainly make
them look sharp to their laurels (hat they
do not loso them.
Portland Orcgonlan.
If we weren't so calmly heedless
Of the simple laws of health,
W'd he longer with the living
And accumulate more wealth.
It would puy us to bo careful
Of our bodies. It Is true.
Yet If they were never ailing,
What would nil the doctors do?
If the chilling frosts of Winter
Never caught us off our guard.
And enmo snenklng In our houses
Freezing pines up good nnd hard,
It would not bo necessary
Plumbers' bills aghast to view,
Rut If pipes were never frozen,
What would all the plumbers do?
If we carefully avoided
Wearing Jugged, ragged holes
Through our footwear till our stockings
Leak In bunches through our soles,
Wo should never pay n cobbler
To repair a single shoe;
Hut If we were all so careful,
What would all the cnbhlers do?
So It seems that If correctly
Through this vale of tears we fare.
Never turning from the pathway
Or sldo stepping anywhere,
Thinking only of our welfare.
As we journey straight ahead,
W n,o cheating other fellows
Of -chuncc to earn their bread,
Omaha will rccclvo very cold treatment
this year at the hands of tho college foot
ball players. Tho Thanksgiving gamo, the
event of magnitude of tho colleglato year,
has invariably tuken place In this city or,
on ono occasion, lu Council Bluffs, but lu
I'jOO the metropolis will bo cut off tho list.
It Is possible that the game with Orlnnoll
will occur In Omnha In the middle of tho
week, though tbero Is nn equal chanco of
tt going to Lincoln. Ou Thanksgiving day
there will be no lluttcr of banners or chrys-
nthemums In college colors on tho streets
and tho park gates will wear their pad
locks unless somo lesser attractions ure
The foot ball managers aro dlscournged
about Omaha. They say that no college
team ever profited n penny by Its visit to
the city and counted themselves fortunate
to play even. It was pointed out that the
weather was largely responsible, Thanks
giving having had nn nlmost Invariable ac
companiment of n blizzard during tho last
few years. This palliating point was ad
mitted, but the long-haired ones com
plained on tho other hand that Omaha
oughtn't to have such weather. In other
ltles, It is pointed out, the sun made n
practice of shining, On tho only occasion
when tho 'vnrslty did hope to have a mar
gin to tho good tho gamo at Council
Hluffs the proceeds were seized -by at
tachment proceedings and aro still In
litigation. So Omnha will bo disciplined
with an Intcrvnl of quiet.
The great ovent of the year will bo
held at Lincoln on Thanksgiving when the
University of Minnesota will face tho Ne
braska lino for the first tlmo In history.
For years tlio Lincoln managers havo tried
in vain to bring off such a gamo with no
success. Minnesota is naturally looked
upon as largo gamo and tho cornhuskers
will bend every nervo to their undoing,
A contest on such n scale In Lincoln Is
looked upon ns consldcrnblo of nn experi
ment, as there Is no means of knowing how
generally tho citizens will turn out to
support their favorite. Tho college at
mosphere Is so distinct In tho town how
ever, that tho management feels consider
able confidence In Its Judgment. Ono Im
portant Item In tho now nrrangoment Is
the decreased expense, the Nebrnskans
being on their own ground and so escnp,
Ing altogether the burdon of hotel nnd
railroad bills.
Sclii'ilule of (illlnes.
The first gamo on Manager Tukey's
schedule will bo tho regular contest with
tho alumni September 2 on the Lincoln
grounds. Hilly Hnyward, Hilly Wilson and
other veterans will fnco tho 'varsity and
will doubtless perpetuate the glory of the
old days when Fllppin nnd Oury and nil
the rest nailed the scarlet and cream higher
than any other rag In tho west.
For tho first time slnco one of its play
ers was killed In a scrimmage at Kansas
City several years ago. Donno college will
tako an active Interest in foot ball. A gamo
Is scheduled with Doane at Lincoln on Octo
ber 6. Doane was once the champion of tho
stato and defeated the State university
without any exceptional exertion.
For tho weok of October C Manager Tukcy
has a proposal from the University of South
Dakota at Vermillion, the gamo to bo
played at Sioux City during tho carnival.
On October 13 the 'varsity will meet tho
Iowa Agricultural college, tho gnmo to bo
played on Lincoln ground. Tho Ames boys
have the advantage of all-sutnraor practice,
as their school Iiqb a summer team, and
they aro said to be In excellent condition
even at this early date. Tho team Is built
on a large scnle and they are hard men to
beat. Ames won easily from Nebraska In
Another Iowa college. Drake of Des
Moines, bos the next date at Lincoln on
October 20. Drake was ruled out last year
on account of professionalism, but will enter
the lists this year with a strong team not
withstanding. Nebraska won Us solitary
victory of the season from Drako last year,
not from any weakness of the Iowans, but
because for that occasion only tho Lincoln
boys put their college honor beforo personal
preference and went In as one man to win.
i gamo with Wisconsin was almost
arranged for October 27, after years of
negotiations, but tho negotiations fell
through, and the Ncbrasknns will probnbly
make a- run to Colorado during that week.
Threo colleges, the State University of
Colorado, tho School of Mines and Colorado
college, have offered most favorable terms
to the NebraskiuiB, and It Is assured that
one or all threo of tho propositions will ho
accepted. Tho Nebraska hoys will probably
take out two full teams to Colorado, giving
tho second eleven the benefit of the prlzo
outing of tho season.
On November 5 the Lincoln pln'yers will
confront tho Mlssourlans nt Columbia. The
State university Is so far an unknown
quantity, but Judging from their record Inst
year will put up a formidable opposition.
Missouri vanquished the scarlet nnd cream
In 188D by tho score of 11 to 0, but were
unable to make It Interesting for tho sturdy
Jnyhawks, The gamo was fixed on Monday
because tho Mlssourlans are accustomed to
take their vacations on Hint day. Somo
lesser game will bo scheduled for tho
preceding Saturday.
Ncbrnskn will piny Orlnnell on Novem
ber 10, either at Lincoln or Omaha, Orlnnell
has como to bo credited each fall with put
ting a strong tenm Into the field. One year
ago h" lows boys worsted Llpcoln on nn
Omnha field, althoueh the scoro of 12 to
0 might hnvo been nltered undor better
playing conditions, tho gamo progressing In
tho midst of a sleet storm.
One week later the Nchrnskans will fnco
the Kaiisans at Lawrence and will undoubt
edly be afforded n very lively entertainment,
Kansas wns victorious ono year ago by tho
score of 36 to 20, In Bplto of four goalB from
tho field kicked by the Lincoln men. On
tho way home tho boys may stop at Topekn
to piny Washburn eollego and at Kmporla to
glvo battlo to tho Stnto Normal.
No schedule has been Bet for November
21, as tho schedule Is otherwise crowded
and It Is desired to glvo tho boys a rest
beforo tho Minnesota game.
DR. WcGREW Hns been a resi
dent specialist of Omaha.
DR. McGREW las proven him-
suif worthy nmi able s piy
Tno Doctor s Remarkable Suc
cess i th treatment of all forms
i Diseases and Disorders of
Iflan, lias never beun equalled.
His Large Patronage omos from
almost every state in the west.
His Resources anil Facilities for
treating this class of diseases are un
limited. He is endorsed by all for his
skill and reliability.
Dli, .MeGRi:W' has boon cou.Htiltcil by
uiL'ii of till classes ami thuir eontklciieo
in his .skill anil treatment as it special
ist is practically tiliinlleil.
DR. McOREW is tlio PIONEEK Or LOW PftlCES, Hundreds of cases of tllscnses and illsorilori of man
hiivtbcon permanently tjurcul hv Dr. MeGrow's troatiucnt for less than a month's trcatniunt wuulil cost oUcwhorc.
Only $5 a Month for Treatment.
Or a Guaranteed Cure will be Given t tlo Lowest Charges, in all curable obm. Hundreds of
Cases of Diseases and Disorders of Men bavo hoen Permanently Cured by Dr. Met; row treat
meat for Less than a month's treatment would cost elsewhere.
Hook I'reo, Iloiirw, 8 n.iiu to 5 p.m., 7 to 8 p.m. otimlav 0 to 12
Over 215 Sotitb MtuStrcct.lt tween F.iriiain anil
Douglas, 1". O. llox 7(10, Oinnlin, Nebraska,
apart nml pnckPd In a Imp 2lxlC IiicIips lius
liccn invented ly un mucinous rrareunwn,
Ijynn, Mans., carpenters havo been con
ceded eight hourn.
'Frisco plasterers' day consists of seven
bourn, for which they eot $1.60.
Sacrnmento beer bottlerH wnnt $2 per day
ami tho nliu-hour day, Instead of ten hourn
and 510 per week.
Tho pineapple crop of FlorlJn will break
all previous records. Tho Vrtluo of the crop
on tho cast coast alono will bo lu excoss of
Tho street railway employes of Dayton,
O., receive 20 cents an hour for nlno hour.,
nnd 25 cciita an hour for all tlmo over nlno
London Ik putting In Its own telephone
uystem nnd expects to furnish 4o,ooo huo
serlbers nt nominal prices. Tho cost U
A referendum voto Iuih been taken In
Switzerland, which resulted In tho rejection
of tins proposed law for compulsory insur
ance of workingmuu.
Morehead, Kan., has a co-operative hotel,
laundry, creamery and ennntme factory, anil
a co-operative dining hall, with several co
operative farms near by.
A Hungarian has discovered a method of
spinning wood pulp Into yarn, so that It
can bo woven Into a fabric that may bo
converted Into various articles of c'.othlng.
'I'lio nntlnnnl sierelarv nf tho llrolhcrhood
of Carpenters ami Joiners In his Inst report
shows a cash balance of J1,oH,Gj5 and a
membership of C2,4.'2, a gain of over 4
since. April.
There are nine branches In Now York
state of tho Women's International Labor
Leaguo, whoso object Is to persuade work
lngmen nnd women to buy only goods bear
ing tho union label.
Tho scarcity of coal In London Is becom
ing serious. Kngllsh railways nr required
by law to give precedence to passenger!
and perishable freight lo such an extent
that coal Is being retarded In transit.
The Brooklyn Department of Charities
and Corrections has agreed to recognlzo and
pay the new scnlo of $3.60 a day to car
penters, being tho iitandard wago scale, and
also agreed to tho Saturday half holiday.
Amnion of Havana clgarmnkers has been
organized In New York. The members
aro Cubans and Spaniards who work ex
clusively on hand-mado Havana cUars.
They are paid tho highest price received by
The silk trado at l'aterson, N. J., Is in a
stngnnnt condition, 30,000 textile operatives
being out or worK nnu :w luuwno, wm.
wero running night and day a few years
ago, aro either closed or busy only three-
quarters lime.
Tho lack of energy you feel, the backache
and a run down condition generally all
mean kldnoy disorder. Foley's Kidney Cure
will rrutoro your strength nnd vigor by
making the kidneys well. Tako no substi
tute. Mycrs-nillon Drug Co., Omaha; Dil
lon Drug Store, South Omaha.
There nre CJ.noo union carpenters.
Now York slate, claims 2.13,000 unionists.
A famine nf gutta perclia In threatened.
Vienna washerwomen get 41 cents a dny.
"Frisco In to have a Chinese dully paper.
Dayton, O.. has abolished bakers' night
Snglnnw, Mich., Ico wagon drivers earn $2
a rtav.
A copv of the British museum's culaloguu
COMtH $420,
Ilrooklyn painters are paid $3 for eight
hours' work.
Many New York Hebrew bakers mjny
Ihe teii'linur dny
A fclcycU tbtU In five mlnutea cn be taken
A Detroit man has perfected uu Invention
by which two men can do the work ot
twenty-seven, with a cash saving of i5
per cent, lu tlio munufactnre of brass cast
lugs. It Is so much In advance of tho old
method that It promises to dlsplnco men all
over tho world.
American Inventlvo genius Is more active,
than thnt of all other countries combined
and for the year ending July, lfcrt. h.ts been
morn In evidence thun ever, patents grunted
fnr tho period numbering 20,510 or moro than
6,000 over those of previous years,
All members of tho 'Frisco Musicians'
union who did not attend the funeral nf a
formw member wero lined DO cents each,
and those who wero absent from the city
worn lined 25 cents each. Fines wero also
imuosed on those who left the lines and
on those who appeared without Instruments.
An estlmato of tho number of organized
workers In tho t'nlted Htntca up tn May t
Ih placed at l.w)9.3oi. The IlKiires wero given
out by tho L'nited States Department of
Labor The American Federation of Labor
has 1.004,000 enrolled. Tho railway brother
hood has 11U.3IX). and tho building trades,
which are organized on Independent lines,
."K0,0000 men.
At Tacoma, Wash., cold storage men are
paying 8 cents a pound for Columbia river
salmon. Canners' prices run from ij',4 to I
cents. Tho cold storago men nro only tak
ing llsh weighing twenly-llvo pounds or
more. Steelhtmds are bringing the uniform
price or n cents. On tho Hound 2a tents a
listi Is being mild by '"", ,c,l",n1eri?n."d,H'SJ
storago men. These nre tho highest prices
ever paid for salmon.
The Fort Worth Register, a co-operative
morning paper, was sturted somo four years
ago by eight printers and a presamnn on
a vlslblo capital ot $10 and nn invisible
mountain of hopeful expectations, blnce
then tho Register has becomo the leading
Journal lu Fort Worth, with tho Inrgest
circulation of nny paper In Texas. No one
la employed except shareholders, anil all
must bo practical workers.
The gonernl Introduction of machinery
Into tho lamp chimney manufacture Is
revolutionizing tho wage scalo In that In
dustry. In factories whero machines are
operated tho plants aro all being enlarged,
whllo ninny of those employing only hand
Inbor arc being nbandoned. It Is said tho
Mncbeth-Hvans company, with plants at
r.lwood. Marlon and other points In Indiana,
has machines thnt produce three times the
amount of ware turned nut by hand.
In Kuroun the publlo laundry and tho
public oven are recognized Institutions, and
they represent tho co-operntlvo principle In
housekeeping. "In this country. ' suyH tho
Now York World, "tho Iro nnd .tho milk
supply, which nre two of tho hardest prob
lems for the families of tho wage-earners,
would bo much cnsler If co-operation could
bo mado practicable, But It Is ono of the
cniitrndlctlous of human nntiiro that this
land of equality Is ono In which the people
aro loast disponed lo co-operato with each
other. Just us It Is a contradiction thnt food
should be dearest In the food-producing
country, and that trusts should be most
oppressive In a land of fieednm. where tho
peoplo mako their laws and elect their own
Last winter about NV),OOi0in feel of logs
wero cut In tho woods of Maine, nnd of this
vast quantity tho pulp mills will consume
nt least one-half, dividing the crop abnu
evenly with the sawmills Next year tho
pulp mills will require ,M.i)M feet of
logs, so that If the sawmills are to contlniiH
the present output the log crop must be
moro than nnM).Of) feet. The cver-lncreas.
Ing ilemaipl for logs to i upply pulp mills
liar caused nlarin lest tho forests of th
stale may be destroved. but Austin Cnry
tho leading oxpert. In forestry, fays tint
there If standing lu the state today nil
letis- than 25.01 1,0un.(i0 feet of spruce and
that the annual growth Ih equal to iUfo,.
ooo feet, or Just enuiigh to offuM the esti
mated, i nnsumptlon allowinu Soonni'io fe t
niinuiuly fur pulp una 3M),ooo uci for
wmmmm waam hv Mm nn nHMvww-
- $25.00
as long ns they last. Come quick and get your choice of them.
Over 1,000 are in use in Omaha.
They aro the Strongest and smbothest running wheel msn...
Clark Bicycles, $19.50
Yolande Bicycles$25.00
SO iluys sole on new and scconu-liand Iluggies and Carrlagoa.
15th and Dotluc Street.
'Phone '2 Kit.
Why liny choiip unknown wta'els
whoso milkers tiro bankrupt when Just
u llttlo moro tiumpy will buy you houic
thlui: reliable.
If you nro tletortnlneil to hnvo u
cheap wheel we eiut glvo you the best
vnluo In the city for your money.
$13.50 to $25
We ran glvo you nu iip-lo-ilnto blcyclo
mmlc by reliable inniiufucturcn.
Sewing Machines
We employ no iiKents pay no com
missions so see us nuil we will wive
you money.
Davis, Singer,
Standard, Victoria,
nml a line of cheap iiiticliliies ns low ns
f 1(1.00, SKf'ONn-IIANU SHWIXn
I'OItU .MAIlK. Why not buy your
wlfo a ninchlneV
These Prices for Monday Only:
:i Singers
i! DiivIr
ii While
1 Noble
1 New Home
I Victor
Old Price. New.
Household $i:t.()() ? 0.00
White in.00 7.0(1
Sinner. IiIkIi arm '0.(x T.r.O
Shifter, kooiI lis now,.,. '..".(Ml i:i.."0
nomestle VJ.00 K.00
Standard, perfect condi
tion w.oo l'J.r.o
Wheeler .V: Wilson ttt.OO l'.'.r.O
Wilcox .V Olbbs :i().(K lfi.00
Wo rent Hewlw,' !lnohliio.s nt 7.1 cenls
prr week.
Wo sell purls for ami repair every
make of howIiik machines.
Nebraska Cycle' Co.,
Cor. I5tli and Harney.
Another Cut of
You will never again be nhlo to buy
a wheel as fjood aa tho Muneon tor
$25.00. It Is hotter than most wueols
uelllUK (or fM.00 and $10.00. Over
fiOO lu iiho in Omaha. Como In nnd look
thbm over. A big line of other
New Wheels
$15, $18 and $20.
Our now howling alley will be rcidy
about August 18th.
S.E. Cor. 16th and Chicago.
1:1). T. linVDKN, Mgr.
A iafc'and pcmerf.ll remtdy f - funtiotuil
troubles, delay, pain, and irrrwiilatnlc h
rii--tv fully rrr ri'i by tho Mtliet Mf Jlcal'
tlmajUu, or )' i?r., !'. o. Uo loit, U. V.
HAvn vou KViiii t.ivn.v a
FAIlt THI.U, TO. . . .
If not, ou hare missed a good tn!n.
This nxqulslto malt beverage Ma in! a on &
unlijuo bnnlB. It sell Itaelf. iu fanio nd
reputation Is the onvy of many. The na!U,
(ho beneflclul results achieved "within" the
Inner man aro the only and real Judge of
Its merits. Approved of by them, It trl.
umphantly enters innumerable householdi.
Whoro Cabinet enters, dociors aarl drug
bills exit.
;iiii;vi:i) ii v
I'll HI I Kit Mi iimnviNc cn
I'llC'ie .0. OMAHA. Xllll
Ifjrou hrm.ll wrak nrcni,
lo.t iwfr ar Mraknuinir iliaiui,
our Vacuum Orion Vtrtlvf-r will
ri-floio yuu vrliliout dniff or
rlrrtrlrltT. SV0Q0 In it.m nut nn.
fullm nui mm relinnnl. nn CO l frituili vrillofur
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10CU APPLIANCE CO., 414 Chftles Bldf., Otnvir, Colt.
'! 'I'll Ii IlKK WANT ADS

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