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riiirx"! MAfAll A 11ATT.V MKV.t TT 'SHAY. .MJ V J:J M J H'J H . JLJIUU.
Thero Is no change In tho congressional
t, , . 'situation. Tho democrats say they will
Governor HooseVelt Brings Campaign to ,cct tIrtcccn out 0f fifteen congressmen
Oloso at Oyster Eay.
Canillilnte finjii Thnt If t roker Wire
tii Wittk Over .laekaon'ii (Itmc
tOlil llli'kur)" Wo ii lii Turn
NEW YOltK. Nov. Governor noose
velt wound up tho republican national cam
ralen by delivering an address at Oyster I
Bay, L. I., beforo ono of tho largest gnth- I
erlngs that over assembled at that place, t
us follows.
In this cnmlwilKti I have nul only aj
Ticaled In my speeches to rcimblluitH. but
to nil who have th honor nnl Integrlti
of the country at heart. I Iiuvo iipiienled
to higher motlveH than tmrtlsunMilli. I
lmvn nppenliO lo nil. wltln-r they ngree
cr disagree with me In politics, lo ptnml by
their roiitilry. I have appealed to thf tciieli
1II2M of Jefferoon nnd Jaokson nnd of Mn
loln. Mr. Jefferson wim an cxpiiiislon st
nml ho It wiih who expanded over NeuruMKu
nml mnennd llin Indians without their enn
Hent. Th IiicIIiiiih have been Hiiererded 1
tho populist mid lie Is governed without his
CMr?"c''roker says hn Is In imlltlrH for his
jccket. I nm not criticising lilm, nly ((uol-
"AB.'for Jackson, ho was for liard inmiev.
expansion nnd honor for the (lag. If (.rorfer
were to walk over Jncksou'N grave Jackson
would turn over In his grave with disgust.
Wo must bent Bryan mid nlso Ktatnp out
,l'?ho",r"!iubllcan parly stands today for
rnntlnucil prosperity. Comparo thji times
today with those four yars ago. when Mr.
MeKlnlev became president. Mr. Bryan
said If .Mr. MeKlnley were elected there
would be lmd times. We wild thero would
be prosperity nnd there has been.
Tho triumph of n!lver would paralyze
business end It would hurt most the labor
ing man nnd lh tneehanlc-those who are
paid bv tin- week and month. There hah
been greater prosperity In the last four
years than ever before. The price of
produce hns Increased fJ per cent! failures
have decreased; mortgages have decreased
In number and iimount', the depoalto In tho
H.ivlngs banks Imvo Increased and nil this
In spite of Mr. Hryun'ii prophecy. 'J his can
not be called an uecldcut, nor ran n return
to old conditions bo an accident. There Is
no earthlv excuse for tho return to the con
ditions that existed beforo tho present nil
inlhlstratlon. The people know what Is be
fore them and If they volo against their
own Interests It is their own fault.
The morrow promises success. The great
parade of Saturday' In Ne.v York shows
that the business men nr aroused. I-or
hour after hour they marched in the rain
to testify to their dtivollon to the cause of
the nation and the Hag and It augurs suc
cess. MMI'jl IIKFKAT is" 1'HOriAlll.i:.
Mlmienotii Urpulilleiiiin Contlileiit f
StiUe ns Well nn Nntloiml Ticket.
ST. i'AUU Minn., Nov. 5. This year1
camonlKn In Mlnnvaoln has been closely
contested at nearly all points, although
tho most work has been done by the dem
ocrats on tho governorship and tho threo
railroad commlsslonershlps. Bryan. Itoono
velt, Woolley, Hanna and other outside
epenkors havo been In tho state nnd an
ctlvo campaign has been made In many
counties wherehorotofore thoro had been
only ono ticket named. Tho republicans
closed their campaign In this city tonight
with four meetings. A letter front United
Btates Senator Davis was read In support
nf McKlnley. Senator Knuto Nelson made
Ihrco speeches in dlfferont parts of the
city and grund rally at the Auditorium
was nddrfssed by General R. S. Brngg of
Wisconsin, Hon. W. J.rPolson and Hon.
Daniel W. Lawlcr, formrrly democratic na
tional committeeman from Minnesota. The
elcctlou of McKlnley electors seems as
sured, tho democratic committee, only ex
pressing a belief In the possibility of
nryan carrying tho state without actually
claiming It. Tho republicans placo tho
McKlnley plurality at from 110,000 to 75,
000. The, re-election of Governor John
Mnd over Captain S. It. Van Sant Is
claimed by the democrats by over 20.000,
which is a figure given by tho -publicans
In tholr claim for Van Sant. Tho result
for governor will undoubtedly bo close.
Tho ropuhllcnns will elect tho balance of
their tlckqt down to railroad commis
sioners, on which tho democrats havo put
up a stllT tight, making tho result doubt
ful. ritual Ion In Missouri.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. C After ono of the
most animated light known lu tho history
of Missouri politics tho partisans of the
two. great political parties are tonight ar
rayed In solid phalanx, eager for the open
ing of tho voting booths on tho morrow.
Tho democrats express tho utmost confl
lence lu tholr ability to elect Congress
man Alexander M. Dockory governor by a
plurality ot 30.0CO nnd upward and ot glv
Ing tho national ticket u majority of from
10,000 to CO.000. Tho republicans nre
iqually hopeful. Many nre of tho opinion
that tho counting ot tho ballots on Tues
Say night will find McKlnley and Iloosevelt
Exertion a Task
Care a Burden
There Is failure of the strengthMo
do and the power to endure ; there Is
weakness "all over" that is persistent
and constant.
The vital functions are Impaired,
food does not nourish, and the whole
system Is run down.
A medicine that strengthens the
stomach, perfects digestion, invigor
ates and tones is needed.
What Hood's Sarsaparllla did for Mrs. L. B.
Garland, Shady, Tenn., It hu done for others,
the took It when she was all run down with
out tpprtlte, losing flesh, and unable to da
her work. It restored her appetite. Increased
her weight, and made her well and strong.
This Is her own unsolicited statement
Hood'm SmrmmpmrIHa
Promises to cure and keeps the prom
ise, The earlier treatment Is begun
the better begin It today.
I'rlor to the mcetlDg thero was a para.io uismcis ami luai m7 m e .u. - lu u.m v '.""'"'V TV" etc, Ind. After voting tomorrow Chalr-
led by flvo bands. "en show to win In a fifth district, which morning except to emphas Uo It. , I do not (o Cantfln anJ (,
William Howard, president of tho Me- Mr. Huffman dec Ined to name, but which share with some tho opln on , that Indiana PresWent McKlnley. Ho will
Klnlcy and Itoosevelt club of Oyster Bay. Is knon to bo the Fourth. Ho fceln that Is entirely safe for us. But . o ha o no n t,)o cyonln(? nn,,
presided over tho meeting. When the tho 7.000 or moro plurality for Haugcn two doubt of IHlnoIfl. ttc shall ccrti alnly rccelvp th-0 eloutlon roturng nt tho Union
governor appeared he was greeted by long yearn ngo can bo overcome In Chairman carry New York state by n ot less than ,5.. ciovoland. He will not return to
and continued nupLiusc. Ho spoke In part Weaver's statement he directs attention to 000 plurality and I look for so ire hlng ; over ch, , thi) Uurln(; tho lfttt0r
Help om 4arrtBf boy r girl cat a practical doeattoa FB1B.
(It. an No.)
This coupon If accompanied by
Tha OcBiba Baa counta It votas for each
Coupons with cash must ba eouatarstcned by circulation department.
At 4. T v
Will I illS LIU I
Baa, Omaha, Nab.
idiietti oiuati lieu, .trii, " o'euio. p, 111.
with n slight majority over Bryan and
Stevenson and Hnllroad Commissioner Jo
seph Klory. novcrnor-elect.
' J
to be voted for. nnd the republicans ex
to elect flvo out of tho flftcon, n gain
si.M I'm:.
iicilra uf the Ilnunltcn.
DES MOINES, la., .ov. u. ine chiui
feature of tho day beforo election in lowa
wnn a statement Issued br Chairman H. ii.
Weaver of the reDubllcan stato central
..... i i.. . ii.. ..t.1l.. Al.lm.
I "ZLvJf. I . r"r.I
unairmun iiunmnu ui iuu n.w
central committee that tho democrats win
carry fifteen moro counties In Iowa this
year than heretofore, will elect congress-
men In tho First, Second, Sixth and Klghth
tho private circulars sent out by tno ucrao-
cratlc chairman, recommending tho exor-
clslng of vigilance in watching tho count
UL l(ivit IULIJIJ1S. UUU n.t 111 (I11U.
There have never been nnv nttemnts to
Introduce southern methods In Iowa cam-
n. vniM in rnrrv tii.. ini,. uv mi over,
whelinllig majority. These votes will be
polled and counted mid no iimount of bluff
or bluster on the part of llryanltes can pre
vent u.
Thero Is absolutely no ouestlntt that the re.
publicans will carry every congressional dls
trici in lown nml tlie claim muilo lv cimlr
man HulTman on the ovo of election that the
llr.VHtutes will elect congressmen In the
First. Second. Sixth and Eighth districts
Is simply a blulT tnado for tlio purpose of
Intimidation. The republicans or Iowa are
awake this time as never before nnd will
give McKlnley and Itoosevelt 77,CW plurality
and will elect every republican congres
sional canuiuate.
MlrhlKnn Will Giro Vnr-Tlmc
Jorlly for McKlnley.
nifTiini'r Mini. Vn.. r. unit, l I
in MlclUgan aro conlldonl or BUccess to-
morrow. Both Mnyor William C. Maybury
,.f ti,.u . v. n ,i . in i.i.. . A ,..1
HIV IIL-IIJUL.ailU ItlllUllllllU IUI I
governor, nnd Colonel Aaron T. Black of
aagmaw, nis rcpuuiicaii opponent, issucu
signed statements lato today In which
each confidently asserts that ho will bo
elected, senator James .McMillan la an
iniervien- una aucruoou sum:
"I feel coufldeut of n great republican
victory, both nationally nnd In this state,
I predict our majority In Michigan will bo
Thn i1umnrMita Vinvn itlvan nut lin.nmtpnu I
but claim thnt their stato ticket will bo
elected nnd nlso that they will elect sov-
ernl rnnirrpsHim.il
Governor I'lngrec has made strenuous cf-
forts to scciiro tho adoption of tho coustl-
intlnnnt utnnmlmnnl nnrmtillm, ihn nn-l
linn nt rn 1r,,.l. n-.l .11.- ntlnn I
on tho cash value of their property In-
stead of specifically upon their earning!
as nt present. Ho has mailed circulars
thousands of voters throughout tho stat
u.ki.is im: luiporiunco 01 us auopuon.
1 1.11 1 ... r.
NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 5. Tho calm
cratlc and republican headquarters here
oday. Tho weather promises to bo fine
,.i t, ,.. i .,,ii ., m-i
nnd a largo voto Is anticipated. Chairman
Fitzpatrlck for tho democrats said to
"Wo had good news from over the state
today and 1 havo no doubt about tho re
tain In Tennessee for either Bryau or Mc-
Hon. Lee Brook, acting republican chair
man, said: "We expect to elect threo
congressmen nnd Increase our majority In
tho legislature. Wo bellove thero Is con
sldcrahlo changes over the state to M
Klnley, perhaps enough to give him tho
Clevelnnil SHlunnn (o lie Kept Closril.
CLEVELAND. O., Nov. 5. Tho police
havo been ordered by Acting Mayor IUce
to strictly enforce tho stntuto requiring
that all saloons shall be kept closed on
election day. Ho construes the law to
mean a day of twenty-four hours, whereas
It has heretoforo been enforced merely
during tho tlmo tho polls were open. Tho
saloon keepers threaten to defy tho law
and today a secret meeting of their or-
gnnliatlon, tho Uoynl Arch, was hold
to dlscUsa tho situation. They afterward
Issued a stalomcnt declaring that thoy
would obey tho law strictly In the hope ot
making It unpopular. Tho entire police
forco wllll bo on duty1 tomorrow to watch
Stutc Klectlun In .Tassaohusrtls.
BOSTON, Nov 5. It Is believed that
Governor Crano will run somewhat ahead
ot McKlnley and especially In the western
part of tho state. As usual tha republican
stnte candidates will be elected, with tho
cxcoptlon of auditor, aa thoro Is a strong
sentlment, especially among the Grand
Army voternnB, against Henry E. Turner
of Maiden, who dofented tho Incumbent,
John W. Kimball of Fitchburg, In tho con-
vention. It will not be surprising there-
foro, if William G. Merrill, tho probltlonlst
candldato for tho office, Is elected. As
for the congressmen, nlno republicans and
ono democrat are practically sure of elec-
Hon, while In two other districts Indica
tions nlso favor tho republicans.
.v llnmimlilrc lie iiiocrnta llonflenn.
CONCORD. N. H;, Nov. C Both political
parties closed the campaign In New Hamp-
shlro toulght with numerous rallies, hut
thcro was very little excitement. The dem-
ocratlo managers concedo about what tho
republican leaders claim and If tho weather
Is fine tomorrow no ono will deny President
McKlnley a 20,000 plurality and Jordan, tho
republican candidate for governor, 15,000.
Gold Democrat for McKlnley.
RICHMOND, Va., Nov. G. Bryan is ex-
pected to carry Virginia by about 20,000 and
the Democrats claim they will elect seven
ui mo iuu uuuisrciiaiiiBii. la jucumona mo
democrats expect a falling off In tho vote,
as many gold democrats have npenely an-
nounccd that they will voto for McKlnley.
mo neiuner promises io oe inir nnu cool.
Eosrmnt No fare, Si I'ay,
Your druggist will refund your money It
PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure ringworm,
totter, old ulcers and sores, pimples nnd
blackheads on tho face and all bIiLd dis
eases CO cents
The Bee will havo a atercoptlcon bulle
tin Tuesday night for the benefit of Its
readers. Watch It for election returns.
etih parmeat en subscription account far
ISa paid, 100 rotes for each $1 pall. eta.
Deposit at Bee offlee or mall to "7BB
(Continued from First IMro.)
In charge. Chairman Frank Campbell of
tho stato central commlttco Is at homo
nnd will not return until Wednesday, bee-
rotary Mason declined to make any stato- Wednesday night, as tho counting of bat
mcnt today other thnn to repeat what tho ... . . . . fhn noll ,i09C,
chairman lmd said, that Bryan's election
eclvo and give out tno returns ai uis
party b ncauquaricru on iueu,.
At repuoucan national neauquanem '"
senh II. .Manley, senator aeon 01 vem
Virginia nnd Frederick S. Olbbs ot .now or
nt.f tVitt fnUriwtm at u I ammi I ft riRnppt I
. ...
... ...
jianiey ine national coinmu uu-u
in this city, after
grams today from CI
various state coram
tho receipt ot teie-
halrman Ilanna and tho
committeemen have nothing
luu.uuu plurality, "i ao noi iuo ior imy
troublo In this city tomorrow. I bellove
Superintendent of Tollco Devcry means to
ua ..v..w, ..u ..v -
fair parade, and as ho gavo us protection
n our meetings In this city. 1 do not
stntcmr.nt an to tho result before P!30
o'clock Tuesday night."
Knnntor Scott of West Vlrclnla repeated
his former sangulno statements.
Nntlornl Committeeman lllbbs said:
"The election will bo fair. I antlclpato no
trouble. Tho worst has been done and It
' m "m'" . MC,l"" cy win lum, nol
less than 2!) votes In tho electoral ool-
lego. That I consider a conservative cs-
Hlchard Crokcr claims that Bryan will
carry Oreator New York by between 80,-
000 and !)0,000.
Dlnnitrrc an lo (Srenfrr Ncir York.
As a general thing republican leaders
will not admit thnt tho borough of Man-
hn 1 1 nn will Im rnrrleil for llrvnn liv more
man ou.uuu piurniny. unin siuoh ciaim uiu
borough of Brooklyn, tho republicans by
in nrtn .....1 itm lnmn.ni!u liv H 0110. Tlin I
-,vuv ...i. .. ....... . w,VVv. ......
population In the boroughs of tho Bronx,
wuecus anu luciiiuunn i remmtij buiuu.
Democrats nnd republicans claim all three,
boroughs, but tho democrats usunlly carry
vjucens nnu iiicnmomi. n iur xnu m uii.
uiu mci i-nu in iiupiuunuu, uiuh u iu
uptown movement, has been so great that
all estimates nre worthless, tho popula-
Hon In some districts having doubled. It
nltttnr vn . I
Democrats aro Inclined to conccdo tho
stato outside of Greater New lorlc to Mc-
Klnlev liv nn.OnO. This Is 100.000 less than
tho republicans nllow McKlnley In tho
samo territory.
Plmlrmnn nml Pnndldflto for Governor I
n,l nil Im nl h o hmnn 111 Vnu-hllrcll. lie I
will receive returns at ins nomo' and win
will receive returns at his homo' nnd will
not return hero until Wednesday. Beforo
leaving he said he had. nothing to add to
his statement that McKlnley would carry
Now York stato by 100.000, Greater Now
.v o,R 0u u, iw.vvu, --
iurn uiuiuuv.i.
r-...., ln,.H ..III ,.mn i, il hl
homo In Oyster Bay, on Long Island, un
U tho afoonr'elecUon lVo wond
up his campaign for the vice presidency
with a brief speech and then visited his
Lu -i.i. --.I ii,,,
old friends and neighbors.
Tho close of tho campaign finds tho hot
ting that has obtained during the last
fortnight practlrally unchanged. Only
comparatively small bets nre being mndo.
tho ruling odds ranging anywhere from 4
to 1 to 5 to 1 In favor of McKlnley.
I)esirriitc UlTort of Democrats Have
Conic to AmiKlit
CHICAGO, Nov. E. Both parties in II
llnols havo completed their llual arrange
ments, and nro confident of tho result of
tomorrows voting. Never havo tho plans
of campaign managers In this state been
moro comprehensive or laid with greater
care, nnd no presidential campaign slnco
t.hut of Illalno Hnd Cleveland lu 18S4. has
been fought out with gntitor enorgy In Bean victory for tho stato ticket In Con
iiiia Mntn thnn ih nnn lust closed. Both uectlcut. Both commlttoes today Issued
democratic and republican managers have
mmln oven- nreniirntlon ncalnst unlawful
omi ni Mm nniia i. Minir nnimn mi t a inn
hr i.no l,i. Iuq tnltf nf .iieli Million Miln
nr lh.n In nrlnr rnmnnln. Th,i ehnlieeu
nro that thero will bo no moro fraudulent
voting than occurs at every city election.
Tho board ot election commissioners late
at night began tho distribution of bullots
to tho various precinct Judges, und although
carefully systematized, tho work will hardly
lio completed by daylight. Because of tho
great number ot stato and county officials
to bo voted for tho ballots tlus year aro
about the slzo of a small circus poster. A
very full votu will bo polled In this stato
nt largo and especially In Chicago nnd Cook
county. Tho fight hero has been of tho
warmest description nnd every effort will
bo made to bring the full voting strength
of both parties Into tho field. Tho repub-
llcans. In particular, aro elated at the pros-
poet of flno weather tomorrow and say It
means their suro success. Tho democratic
managers declare that weather will make
no difference nnd thnt, rain or shine, the
ele;tlon Is ccrtnln to result In a sweeping
democratic triumph
rilllit of luu j- nnd Antl-llunr I'ue
tlons I.lkely to Affect McKlnley.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 5. Tho campaign
In this state was practically closed on Sat-
"rday and election nffalrs aro unusunlly
Quiet tonight. Very Utlo Intercut is manl
tested relntlvo to the voto In tho stato
or the presidential contest, it uetng con-
ceacu ny even tno democratic icnuors unit
republicans will succeed. The highest plu-
rniuy in mo siaie ior a prcsmonuai canai-
date was 135,648 for Grant lu 1872. In 1S92
Hnrrlson's plurality was 63.747.
McKlnloy's plurality of four years ago
will no doubt bo considerably reduced
inrougn mo return io meir party or many
democrats who opposed Bryan In 1800 nnd
It Is thought also that McKlnloy's voto will
bo reduced to some extent on account of
tno nerco contests or tno ijuny nnd nntl-
Quay republicans to obtain control of tho
next legisinuiro. ino nnti-yuay men in
somo sections have endorsed tho demo-
cratlc legislative candidates and It lu bo-
neveu, tins win m inose sections nave
some effect ugalnst the heads of tho re-
publican ticket. Thoro is, thorefore, every
inuicaiion or a consKioraoie reuuction in
McKlnloy's figures of four years ago.
Menus Kmplnyeil 1i- Democrat
ST. PAUL, Minn., Nov. 5, A Helena,
.i,.. i... 4 ...
H.-uicu iu V. , uKcm uclu u-
mum narn nr inn rnhll IM nun nnnf tu 1 nstm
i.. .u. ,a ' .
tared In this city who are not entitled to "Ub are ruly remarkable The first per
vote. Most of these men aro strangers In ceptlblo change was In tho : mat ter of dlgcs
h uv hn ,1M -ihMr d,ir..ru,u ... ,uf. tlon. It has been six wcoks slnco I havo
i'ji.. ... mu, ... '
be oye.r 1,000 similar colouUera In Gallatin
nmintv hiin thov nr .n ,,ii.,,rn i
ii..v.i . . '
,., ti,. ...n.,t.iin.na
, i.V.i ...
"l"lu u i" "
lltvul t'lnlms for t'uliro.-iiln.
SAN KUANCISCO. Nov. 5. According to
the wcathor bureau thero will be fair
weather In California tomorrow and lho
full reclstcred voto will nrobablv bo
polled. Campaign work practically closed
on Saturday night and while a few deter-
mined republicans aro still putting In a
little quiet work, the uuln work of both
parties Is over. Tho chairmen of tho re-
ubllcan nnd democratic state central com
mittees still Insist that their respective
parties will carry the state by from 12,000
to 15,000. They say that nothing has oc-
curred to chanso tholr opinion. Tlie vol-
,ng tomorrow w, n(.gln nt BUnrtso nnd the
pons win ciog(, nt 8Unuown. The result In
Cftllforna probably will not be known until
iroUilujy not moro tuan co per cent of tho
111 tin heard from
Tll,jnv iHf i. i. thoueht that
BUfllcIont returns will bo received to gel u
Mine on how tho stato Is going
iiaxxa iiop.s
Mnnairrr of McKlnley'. Campaign
I.rnvrn Clilcaico for UooU.
rmmnn w r.rhalrman Hanna and
' . .,. ...1i.ii,., noiint.nt
' - ' '"l"' , Mr rZ
" 7 m. .
of h . wjn 0 New Yor
4 ovcMoo lho ci08inK 0f tho New York
(.uartor8i reBlurn t0 Cleveland
and remain thero until congress opens
again In December.
Mr. Heath, after visiting Muncle, tomor
row mcrnlng will return to headquarters
In Chicago nnd will remain hero until tho
accounts of tho commlttco aro settled and
furnltury shipped. Tho commltteo's mall
ohould bo addressed during this week to
Chicago and It will be attended to by Sec
retary Heath. After this week all com-
mtlnlr.nl tnna tnlnntlml for llln cnmmlttne
b(j nddpc d t0 Washington, D. C,
vil,I, AT I.HAST 1)IK I1AMH,
Cliulrmnn Jours Slim Siren Mon of
Victory with Defeat Imminent.
CHICAGO. Nov. 5. Chairman James K
Jones of the democratic national committee,
on tho evo ot tho election, Bald
T linvn no ilonlil lli.it tlie toslllt nf the
election tnninrrniL' wilt lie the. trlutnulltint
e entlfin tit Hrvun nnd Stevenson.
1 lie
j0t reaHOniiiui conscience of
tho neonle. while the renubllcniiH havo np-
tinnleil In nnflnlnn find nreludlce. In thd
. ' Ill .lt.Ti.. f l..i'n tl
rtlir(0l,r,;,1,lJ- Xiy h,U won in
tills, tno greulest or us naiiouai iiuiiul-.h
struggles. Four years ."m.in'iprcaS
gj" ius moro perfect
eincient tiutu it nns ueen in any ci hiiuiki .
llien hns lieen In touch
. ...... V ,i, Ann, iJ Vn rimUla
".!: ,' n i h., ,i..f n ti Vr in,, work. While
tho campaign funds have, not been enriched
by the contrll.utions , ,r , lrus,s. 11
to ilnfraV fhn IXI1(11HPM Of tllO CainnalRUi
',? "n? J"" suus,1,clvry '"'""
Tno COtn,try Is now aroused as It htm
never been slnco the Krent civil war nml
J noire
ocratlc ticket
U lililA VI IIIM Wl' vm.-..
Dewo's i llrntlicr-lii-l.nw 1 retenil. to
. rJr ;-
4 CINCINNATI, No. --AU spo"''ttt'"
today la on ho nu t o o ; I
. , , .,,. ,, rm.hiicfln Haing
. . ,.,,. , n,,. r.,.,. i
McLean Is hero trying to reduco tho re-
,f i" I" f.iT nut
. , ,'n ,, ,,, nli
llcan Stato Chairman Dick says his poll
shows over 80,000 plurality for MoKlnley in
Ohio nnd seventeen of the twenty-ono con
gressmen. Democratic State Chairman Long
claims Bryan will carry Ohio, "unless
prevented by coercion and purchase."
Both sides aro Issuing notices and warn
ing about tho uso of pencils and all sorts
of fraud. Thoro Is much oxcltemont In soma
cities and especially In tho towns ot cioso
congressional districts. It was thought
that thero would be no congressional con
tests, but much fighting has devoloped to
day between Bromwoll, republican, nnd
Kettler, democrat. In the Second district.
I,nrK Vote Eiiccti-il In Connecticut.
NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. 5. Observers
who ure not Intensely partisan predict a
safo McKlnley margin and probable rcpub
w .statements. Tho republicans Insist
with Increased figures that the wholesalo
victory for that party 1b In tho air. Tho
iicmocnus aro uioru UUIIIUUWW lllilU l.mu-
toforo lllld ill addition tO Claims Of a StatO
tickot walkover uro Inclined to take Con
necticut from Its position In tho doubtful
column of their tables nnd edge It over to
1,10 n,r'n,n column.
Indications point to tho casting of an Im-
menso vote, with complications that will
result In n delayed count.
Smith Carolina Fixed for Ilrjnn.
CHARLESTON, S. C, Nov. 5. The dem
ocrats havo no opposition in South Carolina
and tho campaign, which closed Saturday
night, was fenturolcss. Tho contests In tho
congressional districts were settled sev-
eral weeks ago by primaries. Tho oloc-
torn'l voto seems certain for Bryan, but
his majority Is not expected to bo largo
Local Interest attaches In many commuul
ties to a proposed amendment to the con
stltutlon concerning debt limits In cer
tain towns
Doulitful Dlstrlsts In .Vnrtli Cnrnllnu.
RALEIGH, N. C, Nov. 5. Tho democrats
closed tholr campaign today with rallies
In every congressional district. They aro
confldent'of victory In all but the Eighth
and Ninth districts. These nro doubtful
Said to He Hard nn Operator".
The work of a typesetter In a modern
printing office la very exacting, particularly
jf ho runs a llnotypo or typesetting ma
chlno. It requires tho closest attention
nnd rnpld and sympathetic action of Doth
hraln nnd hand. This machine works
mneh like a tvnuwrlter. Such workers fed
n ordinary food clvo un because of nerv
0us prostration, some In a short tlmo nnd
BOnio nro ablo to stand It longer.
ono of theso workors snys:v "I have
hoon at thn Hnntvnn throe years. It has
mado n great chango In my onco robust
health. About threo mouths ugo, utter
ong expoctlng It, I completely collapsed
jrora indigestion and extreme nervousness
The dally nhyulc I had not darod to omit
for years, now and then, rofuscd relief
nnd a physician was consulted.
'Change of occupation and diet' read
m10 nrescrlntlon. 'ndvlso eating Grnpc-NutB
food twlco dally.' I had often sot up tho
advertisements of tho Postum Cereal Co.,
but somehow printers aro apt to think od
vcrtlsementa nro not Intended for them to
mnko uso of. I could not well chango my
occuDatlon. but did chaUKQ t"P
n, Imvn uard Grane-Nutfl. both
I M w . -
at breakfast and supper, dally. The re
had to hwuIIqw an aperient of any kind
t ,ll0K.,nTnlue ,lnmo4XP0S.
Orape-Nuts I weighed 1.4 pounds, last
evenliiR I tinned the beam at lSTh
"My nerves, which wero completely shat
tored three months ago, are now strong
nnU Bteaay and i ,io not tiro easily,- though
I' go to bed nnliour later on nn average
than formorly. and havo Incrcnseu my ca
paclty at the machine fully two columns or
typo a day. I am convinced mat urape.
Nuts food Is tho food for persona ol se
dentary occupation, ospeclnlly for those
who work with brain In lieu of brawn.'
Chnrles II. Eckhurd, 111 N. unamnera si.
Galeiburs, ill,
miM n ttila "" "t - i
and both sides nre putting forth every
effort to carry them. If thero Is any
trouble at tho polls tomorrow It will prob
ably be over the senatorial contest, which
Is hot nnd bitter. Tho great Interest man
ifested In the senatorshlp will Insure u
full voto all over the stnte.
wiiiii n.wn .no. Ma .of nitv.v.N.
Uvrn Uriimcrn Conerilt" M replug;
Itrpulillcnn Victory In Wlseoimln.
MILWAUKEE, Wis., Nov. D. ltobert M.
LaFollottc aud Louis G. Bohmrlch, candi
dates for govornor of Wisconsin of tho re
publican and democratic parties respect-
lvoly, wound up tho statu campaign In
their home towns, Madison and Kenosha
tonight. Ex-Governor John 1'. Altgold of
Illinois, closed tho national campaign In
Wisconsin, In this city tonight. Tho Indica
tions point to a republican success
throughout tho slate. Even tho democratic
press concedes the stato to McKlnley. The
republican stato ticket will undoubtedly
bo elected, with n republican legislature.
Of tho ten congressmen to be elected nine
nro practically conceded to the republicans,
tho democrats apparently having a chance
In the Second district.
Henchmen of (lie I'opourndc Mnchlne
Arrcstril for Conlrn'.
CHICAGO, Nov. C Secernl arrests wcro
made today as n result of what Is alleged
to bo an election fraud conspiracy In the
wards of tho lodging hotlsa district, notably
the Twenty-fourth ward. Tho men under
arrest Include Dr. Norman Kane,. & vcterln
nry Humcon, nnd Patrick Gibson, a Twenty
fourth ward politician, both of whom are
charged with aiding In registration frauds.
Tho other nrrests are for Illegal registra
tion. Attorneys acting for national com
mitteeman Ornemo Stowart called on State's
Attorney Dcneen today nnd naked him to
havo tlw matter brought beforo the grand
AX'oolcy Telrifrnpn Hi vis.
EL PASO, Nov. C Tho prohibition spe
clal train left Poorln this morning over
tho Big Four road for tho final day's run
of the campaign, u total ot eleven stops
being scheduled for tho trip through north
ern Illinois. The first speaking of the day
was nt Tremont. Addresses by Prcslden
tlal Caudldato John G. Woolley, National
Chairman Stewart and It. J. Iladford, can
didate for secretary ot stato of Illinois
wero well rocclved nt Bloomlngton. EI
Paso was tho last stop of tho forenoon
Mr, Woolley this morning sent tho follow-
Ing telegram to lion. C. K. Davis of St
"Mrs. Woolley nnd I send a cheer. God
bless you. John G. Woolley."
Afternoon stops woro made at Lostnnt,
LaSalle, Mendota, Amboy, Dixon, Polo and
Iteil Fire Finish In Montana.
HELENA, Mont., Nov. C Both portles
held rallies In this city tonight. Tho re
publican speaker was Senator Thomas II.
Carter, who held forth at the auditorium.
Ex-Governor Joseph K, Toole, tho fusion
nomlneo for govornor, spoko at Mings'
opera house. Both houses wcro crowded
to tho utmost capacity nnd enthusiasm was
running over. Thero woro torchlight pro
cessions before lho meetings. Both pro
cessions were liberally supplied with .j-
works and kept tho skies flaring. Them
wcro meetings nt Butto and n few other
plnccs, but for tho most part tho cam
paign ended on Saturday night. There Is
no reason to chango tho forecast sent out
North Dakota Solid far 1'ronperlty.
FAHGO, N. D., Nov. 5. At all important
points tonight closing speeches were mado.
Moro personal work vns dona during the
last two days than previously during a
campaign, most candidates giving tlmo to
their homo constituency. Neither commit.
teed has any chaugeH to make In Its esti
mates. McKlnley will carry tho state, but
the republican stato ticket will get a
smaller vote, though apparently the state
safely republican. An Increase ot 10,-
000 or 12,000 vote3 will mako tho majority"
rather uncertain. A big fight Is being
made hero for members ot tho stato senato
holding over until after the next sena
torial election.
Ohio True to McKlnley.
CINCINNATI, Nov. 6. On tho day beforo
election thero aro no Indications of radical
changes In Ohio over 1896, with which
year the Ohio returns will tomorrow night
bo compared. Four yearB ago tho republi
cans In Ohio had a plurality of G1.109 over
tho democrats nnjl 48,494 over Bryan as tho
candldato ot both tho democrats uud tho
populists. Bryan Is on only one ticket in
Ohio this year. It Is conceded that tho
democrats will make gains In Cincinnati
and lu othor cities, but the1 republicans
claim equally large gains In tho rural dis
tricts. lloth l'nrtlrs CI ill in Washington.
SEATTLE, Nov. 5. Tho work of the
campulgn has been closed and both tho re
publicans and democrats claim a completo
victory In tho state. The republicans have
announced tha complete figures ot the poll of
f.ol out of 1,031 precincts In tho state, which
gives them a majority of 7,757 over tho cn-
tlro opposition, l no remaining precincts
It Is claimed will glvo them over 12,000.
The democrats rctuso to announco their
pqll, but say Bryan will carry the, state by
10,000 and that tho entiro stato ticket from
governor down will go In by over 15,000
In tlie Slate of the Steel Tool liplcli.
LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Nov. 5. Tonight tho
democratic managers are confident Bryan
will carry Arkansas In tomorrow's election
by a majority almost equally ns great as
that of 1896, when tho figures exceoded 72,
000 on a democratic and populist fusion
ticket. In the present contest tho mlddlo-
of-tho-road populists have nominated ono
elector. Tho democrats are making strong
efforts to got out tho full party voto. Tho
republicans glvo tho sVatn to Bryau, but
will not concedo over 40,000 plurnllty.
Iteiliieeil Plurality In Vermont.
With the work of tho presidential campaign
completed the republicans are confident of
cnrrylng tho state and tho democrats are
hopeful of cutting down McKlnloy's 38,000
plurality of four years ago.
The republicans do not expect to carry
the stato by the 30,000 majority of last Sep
tember, when a senatorial contest arousoa
great Interest. They predict nt loast 27,-
000 for tho national candidates.
Xrifrnra Wlmlnnlcil In I.onlxlnnn.
NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 5. The democrats
aro confident of a swooping victory In tho
stale and think the old majority will bo
maintained, ns tho democratic registra
tion has not been reduced, while the new
republicans will not exceed In number the
eliminated nogroes. Tho republicans, how
over, say that thoy have gained largely
from democratic ranks and they have many
volunteers who will wntch tho count.
Close. Vote In Xevndo.
RENO, Nov., Nov, 5. On the surfaco tho
Indications are that the result will bo
very clno. Tho republicans havo made a
hard light to cloct Harrington to congress
and the chairman of the republican Btato
central roromltteo says Harrington will bo
elected by 500 majority. Tho democrats,
on tho olhor hand, feel vory confident that
thoy will carry tho state, as iu 1S96, for
Bryan and return Newianus to congress.
Kteveimon Confident nf Klectlun,
BLOOMINOTON, 111., Nov. 6. Adlal E.
Stevenson nrrlvod home late tonight ami
soent the day quietly with lila family. To
night ho was the principal bpcaker at tho
Colleeum, talking an hour on the question
of Impertalltm. Mr. Stevenson's reception
by tho audlenco was a great ovation. Mr.
Stevenson has spoken continuously for six
weeks In ten states, and ho said tonight
that ho was confident of tho election of
Mr. Bryan aud himself. Ho will voto early
tomorrow and will recelvo tho returns In
tho evening at his home.
lllw Vote r.xpectril in Florida,
JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Nov. D. From nil
reports there Is n large registration
throughout tho state and Bryan's majority
Is oxpected to bo larger than In 18D6 21,000
on account of tho capital ramoval ques
tion cnuslng it larger registration this
ear. Tho candldato for governor Is Wil
liam S, Jennings, Mr. Bryan's cousU.
Ilrmncrntn Concede Oregon.
POIITLAND, Ore., Nov. 5. Oregon will
voto for presidential electors only tomor
row, and the Indications aro that McKln
ley will havo a plurality of at least 10,000.
The democrats concede that tho slate will
give tho republican ticket a majority.
Monilrll I'onlldcut of WyomltiR.
CHEYENNE. Wyo., Nov. C Thoro Is no
chango In tho political situation since thn
last report. Mondcll, republican, Is cc
(ldcut of election to congress.
Watch Tho Bco bulletins on the New
York Life building for election returns to
night. ."riinlor IImvIh Much Urtter.
ST. PAl'L, Minn., Nov. 6.-Thls evening
Dr. A. J. Stone, the physician In charge of
United States Senator Davis, told the As
undated Presi representative thnt the
slight operation on the senator's foot this
afternoon showed It to bo In much better
condition than cither ho or Dr. Murphy
had expected to tlnd It mid that only the
slnitilr.it kind of un onnrntlon had been
necessary In order to clear n passiigo lor
thn pus that had collected under tho foot.
Tho former operation had been over tho
top of tho foot and this ono was under thn
foot In the same maimer as the llrst. Tho
senntor qtilcklv revived from lho operation.
1Ich y Storm at onir.
SEATTLE, Wiih Nov. F. A 'special lo
the Times from Port Townsend suys;
Tho steamship Charles Nelson nrrlvM
this morning, ten day from Nome. It
reports that four days prior lo lu sailing
Nome bench was swept by another severe
storm which did much ifnmngo to small
shipping and to such buildings ns owner. i
wero unwle enough to commence construc
tion on the bench after tho September
storm. On this ocenslon, whllu tho damute
done was heavy, thero 'was no los of I'fe
No large packets suffered In tho gale, but
smnll ones without number were demol
ished. Cnnimlsstoiirr Conies Home,
NEW YOltK. Nov. C.-Among the pas
sengers on board the steamer La Touralne
from Havre, which arrived hero today, were
Joseph flpencei Kcnnard, commissioner of
the United Stntcs to the Parts exposition;
J. P. Plodit. minister from Switzerland to
the United States und Baron nml IJarunchs
Innn Vlollni of the Wreck Is Demi.
HEDDINO- Oil,. Nov. 5 The deaths In
tho railroad wreck near Keswlrk Sundiy
morning number three. James Hurt of
dinner Oak. In., died last night from
the effects of his Injuries. Ono ol the
other killed lias lietli Mlcnovcicd to be E. J.
Uowen of Castle Hock, Wiifh.
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