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7, 1900.
Ererene Anxloui to See How the Candi
date! Are Coming.
111 OnJnn Slndi! Today In lic I-'rce
Bcliolamhli Contest Clmitiri
Anionic the l.eaiters
4 j 4 In the liner.
Ono'year, $7.80 secures 70 votes
Blx months, $3.90. ...secures 390 votes
Three months, $1.95. .secures 155 votes
daily, dy mail.
One year, 18.00 secures SOO votes
Blx months, 11.00 ccures 400 vote
Threo months, $2.00.. secures 200 votes
Tho ballots are being counted as fnst as
posslblo on the national election, but tho
votes of tho Free Scholarship contest con
tlnucs and we will ho count In votes until
6 o'clock the evening of December 3. Now
that you have- voted for tho national and
other tickets, it Is your duty to cut tho
coupon out, which Is always found on the
ocond paso of The Dee, and cant your vote
for Bomo ambitious, entorprlslnR poison
who Is desirous of a better education.
Don't lose your ambition. Don't think
that bceauso you failed to get a Rood educa
tion when young yon can never get one.
You can got an education now that will
cnablo you to rlso In llfo as surely and
as high as If you went away to college.
You can get a professional education right
at home, In spare moments, and without
nn hour's loss of time from your present
Start now by voting early nml often.
Tho following shows tho standing of the
randtdntcn to date:
I- Bonzlng, Ornnd Island, Nob 4,442
W. D. Reynold, Hasting. Neb 2,231
John W. Mulr, Omaha Machine Works 1,624
Jlenry L. Casaell, 2230 Meredith avo.. 1,402
Watson n. Perkins, E. R. Drucc & Co. 903
John C. Allen, 2220 Chicago street.... 870
P. II. Itnlbrook, 110S Harney stroot... 7C5
W. V. Hatch, 1919 Spencer street.... G63
Will A. Brown, Fullorton, Neb 610
John Haynos, Dewey & Stone COB
B. E. Mullor, Fischer k Laurlo f70
Albort Sossman, Murray hotel C55
II. C. Van Avury, 1008 Capitol avenue 48
Ulancho Wlggs, Millard hotel 452
V. W. nartllng, Nebraska City, Neb. 410
15mma Ilood. telephono exchange 321
J. W. Woods, Council Bluffs, la.... 300
John Furbush, 1018 N. lflth
Frank A. Decker, Council muffs, la..
William Kochcr, 2831 Parker stroot..
Thoo. Schuotz, 2021 Howard street..
Lawrence Williams, Council Bluffs..
Daisy Hickman, Bennett's Dcp't storo
Carl Rnnch, 1103 S. 27th st
Charles I). Cole, box 903, Omaha
inoBi- ox UAHOAI5 sui'Anns.
Immense Lots I.nlf', floya', Mlasra,
looths nml Chllii'a Shorn on Hale.
at doston sTonn. omaiia.
All the youths' and little gents' flms
shoes, now fall and winter styles, made to
rotall up to 12.60, go nt $1.25.
All tho hoys' shoes made to retail up to
$2.50 and $3.00 go at $1.50.
$5, $1 AND $3 LADIES' SHOES, $1.93.
IJnrgaln squares tho entire length of
our main Hour shoe department.
Ladles' welt hnd turn, black and tan,
light, medium and henvy sole, new fall and
winter shoes, go on sale on bargain square
at $1.9K; all sizes and all widths.
Sole ngcntn for tho celebrated "Queen
Quality" $3.00 shoes for women; 30 dif
ferent now styles, all In now.
Also Edwin C. Hurt's $5.00, $6.00 and
$7.00 shoes for women.
And Trimby & Brewster's $8.00 nnd $10.00
shoes for ladles for evening wear.
Selling tho most and finest shoes of any
body in tho west.
N. W. Cor. 16th und Douglas Sts.
Tho district attorney Is preparing tho
criminal docket of tho November term of
tho United States court, which will bo held
Omaha commencing next Monday. So
far there nro thirty-four cases on
docket for trial nt tho coming term
cases against parties for selling liquor to
Indians predominate ns usual. Aside from
this feature, the postmasters and postal
clerks furnish moro work for tho prosecu
tor than any other class,
City Clcrk'n Oilier Crowded During
the l)n with Voter Who
Nrjtlroteil to Iteirlnter.
Senator John M. Thurston was among the
first men who appeared nt tho office of City
Clerk Elbourn yesterday for tho purposo
of swearing in his vote. Two freeholders
of tho Fourth ward accompanied tho sena
tor und made affidavit that they' knew him,
In accordance with tho provisions of tho
law. Mnjor T. S. Clarkson rnme from Buf
falo, N. Y., to votn and was among tho first
men who appeared beforo tho notaries.
I'll 1 1 E. Winter and many other woll known
Omaha men who were provonted from reg
istering also sworo In their votes.
During tho entire morning the clerk's
ofllco was crowded with voters who had
failed to register and wero noxious to make
affidavits that they had valid reasons for
not complying with the registration laws.
W. F. Wapplch and Georgo W. Holbrook,
tho two notaries appointed by tho mayor
to take tho affidavits, wero kept busy
throughout tho day and at 4 o'clock re
ported that more than 200 voters had qual
ified. Moro than half of the men who ap
peared at the clerk's ofllco wero voters who
failed to understand tho election laws and
lost their votes because they failed to reg
stcr and had no valid reason for not doing
I. J, Dunn tried to persuade tho notaries
that men cttnnot be allowed 'to vote unless
they swear that they wero out of tho city
all thrco of tho registration days, but th
notaries refused to put. this construction
on tho law and held that It men who wero
In thn city during tho first two days of reg
istration failed to register thoy should be
allowed to vote providing thoy were out of
tho city or had other valid reasons for not
registering tho third dny.
of the united States nralnst Albert J.
Davis, charged with embezzling tho postal
and money order funds of station 13 while
e was In chargo of that branch office upon
tho removal of Itlohard Phoenix, who con
fessed to embezzling the funds InBt March.
uavis was in charge of tho ofllco ono day
nd night. The next morning over $200
paid in by Phoenix that dny had dlsap-
eared. The only keys to tho snfo wero
those In tho hands of Davis and a pair In
tho safe. Early In tho day Davis bad called
t the home of Pboenlx and secured tho
combination to tho safe. When tho Inspec
tors visited tho office on tho morning after
tho arrest of Davis it was found that tho
Interior drawers of tho safo bad been forced
nd this fact Is ono of tho principal
features of the defenso of tho cx-postnl
Cmc of Stnte Aicnlnnt Alma llanU to
Jit Arururil In Teilernl Court
Thin Month.
On tho flrBt day of tho November
term of the federal court will bo
argued the case of the State of No
braska against tho First National bank
ef Alma and others, a suit to recover
certain money deposited In that bank by a
tato treasurer. The suit Is brought
gainst tho hank and tho persons who
Signed what purported to be a bond for
tho aocurlty of tho money deposited by the
treasurer In tho bank. Tho principal guar
ntor is ex-Judge William Oaslln, who sots
UD to his answer that tho money was not
deposited according to the torrna of tho
bond, as thore was a prlvato agreement
between the cashier of tho bank and tho
tato trcaauror In which the banker prom
lscd to pay a higher rate of Interest than
that mentioned tn the bond, thus relieving
tho security from all responsibility.
The case wan called tor trial at the Oc
tobcr term of court at Lincoln. After tho
Jury was sworn the attornoys got together
and agreed upon n statement of fucts which
was signed by the foreman of tho Jury, tho
matter bolng submitted to the Judgo for a
decision of tho caBe on points of law. Tlx
case la considered of Importnnco as show
lng tho extent to which a contract can be
altered by4parolo without releasing guar
anions from responsibility.
J. W. Bryan of Lowder, 111., writes: "My
llttlo boy was very low with pneumonia.
Unknown to the doctor we gave him Ifoloy's
Honey and Tar. The result was magical
nnd puzzled the doctor, as it Immediately
stopped tho racking cough and he quickly
recoverod." Myers-Dillon Drug Co., Omaha;
DUlon's drug store,- South Omaha.
Ilnntrra Iletnrn from Wyoming.
City Electrician E. F. Schurlg, Walter
Stark and W. B. Craig havo Just roturned
from a hunting trip In tho vicinity of New
castle, Wyo. They wero In tho mountains
bout thirty miles from Cambria most o
the time and killed six deer and a large
, amount of atnallor game. Although the
now is about four Inches deep In that part
of tho etuto Mr. Schurlg Bays tho weather
wna very pleasant and did not Interfere in
tho least with their sport.
Omaha Iloya Not ISzpelleri
A telogram from Chicago, published yes
torday, etatod that the parents of boys
expuueu irum mo wuivr. inn..
The Chliii-ftu Situation.
Tho cause for the present Chlncso cn-
tnnglcmcnt Is not religious differences, but
tho nbuso of the Chlncso Immigrants by
tho foreign powers. Another grent revolu
tion comes from tho abuse of tho stomach.
Oxcrtaxed digestion produces constipation,
Indigestion, dyspepsia nnd flatulency. Hos
teller's Stomach Bitters Is tho best medl-
Ino to tnko. It will rcstoro n healthy
tono to tho entire system and thus prevent
nervousness, sleeplessness or despondency.
Don't fall to glvo It a trial.
Buy a Bco extra If you want to know-
how tho election has gone.
Winter Mvenlnn;
nre coming, when home amusements call
for now, clean playing .cards. Our now
scries lo superb and novel. Army and
Navy heroes on court cards. Wo send
them prepaid for 23 cents a pack, money
or stamps. Malt-Nutrlne Dept., Anheuscr
Busch Browing; Ass'n, St. Louis, Mo.
Mortality Stntlatlua.
The following births nml denthn wr re.
ported to tho city health commissioner for
me iwcnty-uur nours ending at noon Tucs
Births w. AV ntlirow. 2373 Bt. Mun-'n are
nuo. bov: Henry Funk. 2627 Patrick avenue.
boy; Hugo lloven. 1925 V.inCiimp avenue,
girl; J. Jensen, 3927 North Twenty-first, boy
una gin; j. i: nui'.'n, u-- .Norm .Nineieenui
iri;tA. -v. uieKerny. ui3 rsorui Twentieth,
irl:E. 8. Bradley. 20uS North Eighteenth
girl; uert husii. .vjji miiney, Kiri; Houry
m. Biunen. iiai in on n iNineie entn, oy
Carl Wmi. Mips Cuss, boy: O. Carlson. A3
Chicago, girl and boy: Matt .filer, 1017
center, gin; Konori uoian, i.zi hoii-i six
tecum. Kin.
Deaths Mabel Matilda Carlson, 1439
Phelps, nged 7; lsudore , Kahmltc, :71B
Dodge, aged 9; Haby NecKol, 1444 South
Eighteenth, ngeil 21 days; Mrs. Florence Id
Mlckei, uu center, agcu Ji
As an external application to heal cuts,
wounds, bruises and like Injuries thero Is
nothing so good as Chamberlain's Pain
Balm. It causes the parts to heal without
maturation and In one third the time re
quired by tho old fashioned treatment.
academy had 'held a meeting nt tho Grand
Racine noiei in unicagn to accomplish the
reinstatement of their sons. IC. C. Moro
houso of Omaha was named In the list, and
although Mr. Morehouso Is In Chicago, tho
atatcmont In the telerrnm Is misleading, as
his son was not expelled from tho academv.
Charges of lnauVorllnatlon were mido
ugalnst 113 cadets, who wore expelled, nnd
tilnety-threo boys were retained in tha
school. Mr. Morehouse's son was among
the latter. It was also reported -that u son
of Mr. Klppllngcr was expelled, and this
Is also untru-9.
After exposure or when you feel a cold
coming on, taka Foley's Honey and Tar. It
never falls to cure, and will prevent pneu
monia or consumption If tnkun in time.
Myers-Dillon Drug Co., Omaha; Dillon's
4rug store, South Omaha.
Leave Omaha at 7:50
tins evening on ' the
Burlington's Chicago
Limited. Arrive in
Chicago 9:30 tomorrow
tel.. ur.o.
nltrd State Dlatrlot Attorney Work-
inn; on Crlmlnnl Docket Thlrtj
1'otir Cnsr'a to lie Tried,
W. I'arrls lilt lr 1'nsaenner far and
-Mortally Hurt Ilealded In
found! lllurlfl.
L. W, Pnrrls, a Ilock Island engineer,
xvtos accidentally killed yesterday while
nt his post of duty. Mr. Parrla was hand
Una thn ihrnMln nf rnclno No. 00. 'a switch
tho I engine, and was pulling a string of enrs
The from Council Bluffs to Omaha. About mid
way betwecu tho transfer and tho end or
tho brldgo on tho Council Bluffs sldo Mr.
Pnrrls leaned far out from his cab window
peering toward tho end of tho train and
with his head turned away from tho dlrco-
Tho most Important caso locally Is that tlon bolng pursued by his onglnc.
Announcements of the Theater.
"Tho Brownies,". a beautiful fairy spec
tacle without doubt tho most popular Ju
venile operetta on tho American stage, nt
tho Boyd Wednesday, November 7. Mat
inee, 3:30; evening, 8:15.
Tho Bee has tho best facilities for getting
tho quickest election returns. Buy a Bco
Just nt Mils Instant a string of passenger
cars, backing toward Council Bluffs on nn
ndjolnlug track, passed engine No. 06 and
tho renr end of a coach struck Mr. rams
In tho head. Ho was knocked Insensible
and blood flowed In streams from tho wound
In his head. His fireman ran tho train to
Omaha and Mr. Parrls was carried Into tho
yardmastcr's office. Medical attendance
was summoned, but nt 9:20, beforo tho ar
rival of a doctor, Mr. Parrls died.
Tho dead engineer's homo was In Council
Bluffs and the remains will bo taken thoro
for Interment, tho body having been pro-
pared for burial nt a local undertaking es
tablishment this morning.
Knea to Iteeoier I, nnd.
P.'dwnrd M. Martin, ns administrator of
tho cstuto of Michael Costcllo, has com-
Wired to Albany
He is Awful Mad.
Albany, Nov. 2, 1D0O.
Rhcrmnn JCr AtOnnnplI Drllir Co..
Gentlemen: Our western ncent has wired
us that you aro soiling Cramer's ICIdncy
Curo nt Cio n bottle. While wo cannot dlc
tftto to you what .price you ehall sell It for.
wo will mnkc you this propoltlon. Wc will
buy every hottlo of C'rnmor'n Kidney Curo
that yo.i have In stock for 63c. If you will
accept tills orter wiro us ni our cxponso,
Cramer Chemical Co,
Wo will not sell to the manufacturers
the stock of Cromer's Kidney Cure thnt
wo havo, but WE will contlnuo our special
sale on
tho balance of this week. Wo expect tho
ngcut would got awful mad, but wo can't
help that.
Sliemanr& McConnell DrugCo
rnoMOTKus or roruLAit pricks
New Location, 16th and Dodge. Omaha.
Children's Cloaks and Jackets
Because thoy aro eo pretty and so good
for tho money, our children's clpak's and
jackets are going very. fast.
Long Coats in box or full backs, from 2
to 10 years.
New Box Jackets, from 4 to 12 years- all
desirable shadoa and trimmings.
Tho Black Cat tbo best boys' heavy weight cotton hose made, sties 64 to 11, 25c
A One quality of children's seamless hose, double knee, heel and sole, sizes BH to
l',4 prices 16c, two for 26o,
I A line of children's Fleeced hose any site, ISc an extra good quality at 25c.
A lino of cashmere hose, any site, 25c better quality 35c extra good quality COc.
A good quality of Ladles' Fleeced lined bote, 25c hotter quality 36c extra
quality 60c
Ladles' Fleeced lined with white Bole, only 36c,
I Kxtra good values In ladles' Cashmoro nose qualities :3c, 35c, 50c, 75c and 1.00.
' Heavy winter weight cotton bote, double heel, to and sole,
For Men, Women and Children,
1 hese prices guod for 2 days onlv WcdnesUiiy and Thursday.
Lot 13,500 pieces 'men's natural
Gray nnd camel's hair underwear "V
skirts and druworp, nil slzo9, regular IMH
price Hoc sale price.
Lot 24,000 pieces of men's fleece
lined shirts and di awera
heavy weight, all sizes, generally jf)
nold at 50c on enlo for m
Lot 33,500 pieces men's finest
quality nntur.il Rray underwear S
BnlrtB and drawers, all sizes, good value -jMH
at 76c on ealo for
Lot 4 2,600 pieces men's silk
fleeced underwear very good' quality.
assorted colors, nil sizes, shirt and draw
ers, $1.00 values sulo price
Lot 52,800 pieces men's very finest
quality heavy riobed underwear shirts und g "V
drnwors. all sizes, assorted colors, goods that tf C
soil regular for 51.25 on sale ut .
Lot 63,500 pieces gentlemen's un
derwear Koot's colobiatcd "Tlvola" s andmd gy
goodp, 8 difforent colors to solcct from, u'armonts jC
In this lot at o worth from 5! to ull trout...
Lot 78,000 pieces children's, boys'
and girls' gr.ty and camel's hair under- rv ,
wear vests, pants and drawers, sizos for chll- 1 1 3C
..uu noun fci. ill rmoittUI III u,i ,u uwu jw (
Lot 82.700 pieces ladies' fine qual
ity camel's hair and natural gray vests and
pnntt also Egyptian yarn ribbed uudorwear
all go at -l'vv
Lot 91700 Prices Ladies finest grade camel's
liair underwear and natural pray underwear ACr ' Cr
as woll ai tho finest grado wool ribbed under- -JC KjC
wear at
" Men's and Women's
Sample Hosiery.
$1.00 Imported Hose for 25c Wo bought the
ontlro samplo lines of un&tory from a largo importer
nt tho cost of tbo duty. This lot o nsists of the tlnoit
grades of hosiery for men, womVn und oblldron, in
cluding ull wool eu-hinoro hose, lino silk lisle hso in
plain nnd fancy c lorings. '1 ho very g
cholcost pa turn ovor pr ducod, uil sizes, jjlj
worm up to Tii.o" a pnif, nt
Special Cash Purchase
10,000 Yards Eiderdown Flannels.
The Surplus Stock of a Manufacturer
Purchased for spot Cash.
ffn-s Kiderdowu l'lanno , 'Mi.
yard All Kinds of all wool fuceil
eiderdown flannels In tho new uropo
clTei!ts,und heavy tufted s- r
pluln colors, worth 76o
a yard, only
FiOi l.liloidown l lannei, line
yard Strictly all wool faced fancy
strlped,eheol:6d nnd plain eiderdown
llnnnol, that generally Cl-
sella at 50o a yard, on jZjjQ
sulo for
rrenced suit In tlio district court to get
possession from tho city ot a ploco of land I
bIoiir the rlvrr front formerly donated for
uso for wnnrr purposes, vosieno gavo inoi
mnnertv tn the city n rood mnnv years
ngo when the river was extensively used nB
a irciftm rouic nnu menmooais wero nu-,
luniulllt'M lu liu til' lit lilt; nimitci , uu
petition avers tnnt tno city never mue
wr, nf tlin land, nnd na It has not been
opened for rondway or pnrks, a ilemnnd ts
innno tor lis roiurn 10 mo ncirs oi ino
former owner. The rtroDcrtV Is nenr
Nicholas nnd Ninth streets, adjoining tho
Union l'ncinc rignt-or-wny. ,
ComlnR, Tho Itrownlcs, 400 strong, at the ,
lloyd, mntlnee, 3:30; evening, 8:1G; Wcdncs-.
day, November 7. Tho most popular on the ,
stngo. Spectacular, special electrical and
catctum effect. Boautlful tnblcauz, In
tricate marches, witty lines, catchy music.
"World's Finest Iluttcr," from pure
pastcurlud cream, at Courtney & Co.
Tbo Ileo never prints fako extras. When
you buy a Ileo extra you get tho truth.
Wednesday Morning
When you meet him on Wednesday morn
ing nnd he snys "I told you so," don't get
nngry with l.ltn. Tell htm that Loiui
Cream is the nt.me of that lino nreparattuti
that Is used i-o extensively for chapped
hnnds, fnce and lips. It Is perfumed nicely
nnd after shaving it Is Just lovely. 10c a
Cramer's Kidney Cure 75c
'e-ru-na uc
Duffy's Mnlt Whisky Wc
Wlno of Curdiil 16c
Iiromo Quinine ija
H S. S. ............ . .... ...... .......... &o
Hyrup of Figs 20c
Cnstorlu SSc
Iilrncy Catnrrh Powder..
Uom Catarrh l'owdcr ...
Aycr's Hair Vigor.. ......
l'lercc'H Prescript Ion.. ..
Cutlcura Bonp
Packer's Tar Sonp
AJnx Tablets
1 doz. 2-tirnln Oulnlnn Cntisulea
1 doz 3-grnln Quinine Capsules iOc
1 doz. 6-grnln Quinine Capsules 15c
E. V. Cor. tilth and CIiIchho.
............ ij
.......... iu
sVote the
If we can't toll you who will carry
the state, we can tell you with cer-
talnty which is the best KODAK OR O
CAMERA to buy.
greatly reduced in price. O
Call and see our complete line ot
beautiful Albums, from 10c to $5.00. 4
Tho Robert Dempster Co., o
Exclusive Dealers In Photo Supplies. Q
O 1215 Farnnm St.
Whatovor tbo uowb tho press bna gathered up for
you today, nono hnB moro diroct interest to the
'pt'oplo than what's contained in theao few items
Golf Cpes.
100 golf enpej, made o tho very best
golfing materials, in all tho newest)
shades, made with hood and trimmed
with korsoy straps, not sold QA
anywhere Iosb than 7. 50, "
Wjalking Skirts.
85 golf or walking skirts, made of
heavy cheviots, meltons and pebble
cheviots, properly made, with
pocket and the now flaring bottom,
finished willi 14 rows of stitching,
a skirt that would bo '"i Cf
cheap at $5.00 JVJ
Men's fleece lined Sc
shirts anil drnwors, oaclt
Men's jersey ribbed hirtt?and draw
ers, flcccoil, bnlbrlggnn, full wolht, Asp
funcy colors, each TJL.
Men's wool finished, silk faced striped KC)c
shirts nnd drnwors, extra good vnluo, cuoh JJ
Men's fine natural wool and camel's hair 7C
plush bnok shirts extra strong drnwors, each '
Men's all wool shirta and drawers 1 HQ
extra quality, each X.vV
Men's extra heavy Australian wool, 1 95
funcy colors, fashioned ecanis, fnst colors, each. ...
Men's fine quality, camel's hair, su- 1 AQ
porlor finish shirts or drawers, enoli '
Men's fine medium weight French mer 9 QO
Ino, fashioned scums and full regular nmdo, oach J'
Men's ribbed balbriggan combination 1 OCT
suits, at XtCiJ
Men's fino Australian wool, ribbed O QQ
coniblnation suits, at jJJ
t ililaaaaaaaaaaalal -.i
HAYDENs $225,ooo.oo
Stock of Silks,Dress Goods, Cloaks
Shoes, Carpets, Etc., Etc..
From the leading mills of the world, and the great Bankrupt New
York Jobbing house, Bigger bargains than ever Wednesday, The
entire main floor devoted to this sale,
Having made arrangements with the mills to handle all their
goods not sold before the first day of November, we have added
a new dress goods dept. of strictly new goods. In this depart
ment will be found the greatest bargains that you. ever dreamed
of. These good will go at 10c, 15c, 20c, 25c nothing higher than
25c. Some goods are made to sell from $ 1 to $2 a yard.
BOO pieces of half wool goods from 32 to 3G inches wide, in fan
cies, plains, etc., some goods worth up to 40c 1( tp
all will go at lJ
500 pieces of half wool and all wool novelties, Jackquards and
other goods that sell from 50c to 75, all will go 1
on this sale at one price only lt-Jw
1000 pieces of all .wool silk, and wool and silk, wool and mercer
ized goods, sold up as high as ?r" yard tnese are an new
fall goods and bought direct from the Botany mills at less than
one half of the cost to manufacture Q
all will go on this sale at . -
Black cheviots 49c, 75c, 08c, up to ?5 a yd.
We have them in Venetians, in plain and mixed,
all 54 inches, at from 75c to $5.00 a yard.
We have one particular grade, 14-oz finest tex
ture ever produced for the money, and defy any
house in the west to show as good goods for
Thoy are
Pennsylvania Hard
Sheridan. Wyo.. Soft
VICTOR WHITE, .605 FariiamSt. Tel. 127
350 pieces of all wool and half wool dress goods
- . ..11 MAttnUtnO
from m to 40 inches wide, in new iuu uu -,
black berbers, black Jacquards and other
weaves wortli up to 1.25 yard 20C
all on this sale at
10,000 yards of mill lengths and remnants, some
long enough to make waists some to
make children's dresses and some full dress
lengths, at 20c, 25c, 50c and 75c, for whole pie-
ce's, and judges of goods will say
they are fori h four times as much
PARTMENT. An immense line of black all wool cheviots,
shrunk, sponged and ready for use. 45 inch
black and navy cheviots, fine weight, strictly
nil wool, far superior to anything 4QC
ii.!.. i 4- 7ft mitt r.t'iri .
fl.98 it is worth this money, but Ql 1 O CC
we will sell it on this sale at ... . -
We are headquarters for golf goods,
see our leader at 98c a yard
Iu these lines we have always been recognized
as leaders an entirely new line of the finest
silk dotted French Flannel Q ESp
now on sale nt OtV
Great Bargains in the Bankrupt Stock of Notions, fancy floods and Laces.
5,000 gross fancy pluah balls, tassel nnd
novelty ornaments, regular price 20c to 50c
per doz., special price Wednesday, 5o dos.
75c ftna pearl cloak buttons, 15c per dor.,
from bankrupt stock.
2uo pearl shirt buttons, from bankrupt
stock, Co doz.
2 spools Bolrtlna: Jiros.- Dest siik, ic.
10 yards silk bnby ribbons for 7V4c, from
bankrupt stock.
Heat quality corduroy velveteen skirt
blndlnc only 2c.
From bankrupt stock. 12,00 fine neck
wear, $1.00. $1.50 One neckwear, 76c
$1.25 fine neckwear, 50c. $1.00 fine neck
weur, 6c.
Not once In a hun
dred times does
Antl-ICawf fall to
cure a cold. It's
wire. See your druf
Kist. Ho sella It
Dr. Kay's Lung Balm
forconghj. colds,
and throat dUcata

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