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rPTT"P. nMATTA Tl ATT.A" HT' I.-?. WPnV'Ii'GTi A "V rBVTVr"ni?T T 1 OOft.
Telephones 613-C3I.
From the Black
Dress Goods Section.
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Thompsom, Beldeh 2, Co.
Lancustcr .county precincts show a repub
lican Rain on tho head of tho ticket of 636
votes over tho vote of 1806. Consorvntlve
estimates plnco the republican majority In
tho county at not less than 2,000. In most
of tho prcelnrts heard from the legislative,
cotigrcr.sItr,al and state candidates nro run
ning ahead, even with McKlnley, who will
get tho largest republican vote over polled
In the county.
Koports received at state populist head
quarters nre discouraging for the fusion
tsts, but at' 8:30 tonight Sccrotary Wilson
claimed the state for Brynu by 12.000 plu
rality. Fuslonlsts also claim the First
district for Georgo W. Borgc, but no esti
mate of plurality fs given. Heports that
are considered absolutely reliable have
been received at republican congressional
headquarters, all Indicating a victory for
Congressman Ilurkctt by a plurality of i.t
least 2,500. All reports received here Indi
cate as largo gains for Dlotrlch over the
vote for Hayward as for McKlnley over his
own vote of four years ago.
Returns received up to midnight nt re
publican congressional headquarters Indi
cate that Congressman Ilurkctt will bo re
elected with a plurality of about :i,000.
Chairman Mungor nnnounced that thcro
was no doubt as to tho result and claimed1
that the district would give nn Increased
vote for all icpubllcan candidates. At
populist stato headquarters It Is claimed
that tho stato will go fusion by from 5,000
to 8,000' plurality. This estimate Is based
entirely on supposition and Is not borno
out by returns so far received by the com
mittee. All officers hnd members of the
committee, appear badly discouraged.
Lancaster county, nuda, Centcrvllle,
Denton, Elk, Collego View, Oarfleld, High
land, University I'lacc, Havclqck, Middle
Creek, JSbuth Pass and Firth, precincts give
McKlnley 1,113 and nryan 1,030. Lincoln
complete gives McKlnley 1,571 plurality, u
gain of 553 over 1SJ6.
Briiobllenii Cnnillilntc for Governor
MaLea a Good SliiMrlnur Iii
A (In mi County.
HASTINGS, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special Tolc
rratn.) Out of-the First, Second and Fourth
wards of Hastings, Dietrich received C33;
Foyntor, 41)9, and in tho Second and final
ward, Dietrich Is also running nhead of
his ticket, which will give him a majority
of over 300 In this city and will give him
Adams county by nbout 100. Ilryan will
carry this county by 20Q, hut from the pres
ent. Indications tho republicans will elect
Alexander senator, Evans and Olmsted,
Thero has been an Increaso in tho voto
and so far the majority of precincts heard
from are tho hot beds of fuslonlsm, but no
fusion gains have been made, whllo tho re
publicans arc slowly gaining and liavo
ovqry reason to bollevo they will win out.
Attorney James, who is officiating us Mor
lan's chalrmun, claims Morlan clcrtod by
u fair nia.'or.lty, whllo on tho other hand
John Stevens, Mr. Shallcnbargcr's chair
man claims tho Fifth congressional dis
trict for fusion by several hundred, but
tho fact that all precincts so far heard
from show republican gains aud whro they
do not tu republicans aro holding their
own, causes .Mr. James to feci nrelty cer
tuln of Morlau's election. It ,s generally
concodod that Dietrich will run clear ahead
of his ticket throughout the entire western
part of tho state.
Ailnma County,
HASTINGS, Nob., Nov. C (Special Tele
gram.) Tho First ward In the city of
Hastings gives McKlnloy, 245; Bryan, 202;
Second ward, McKlnley, 270; Hryan, 170;
Third ward, McKlnley, 212; Bryan. 153.
Fourth ward, McKlnloy, 195; Bryan, 155.
In 1898, McKlnley, 783; Brynn, 663.
HASTINOS, Nob., Nov. 6. (Special Telo
gram.) In Adonis county Wanda, Blaine,
Juniata and Highland precincts and the
city of Hastings romplote glvo McKlnley
1,243 and Bryan 1,072. In 1806 McKlnloy re
ceived 1,114 and Bryan 940, McKlnley car
ries this city by 217.
Ilurfn'o County.
KEARNEY, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special Tele
gram.) puffalo county, Kearney, Armanda,
Ehclton, Gibbon, Riverdalo townships glvo
McKlnley 1,075 and Bryan 832; Poyntor is
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Help som deserving boy or trl gat a practical aducatlon FRBI.
(St. and No.)
This coupon If accompanied by cash
The Cm.iha Ben counts 15 votes for enrli
vv .h. -run essn must ne countersigned by circulation department.
Cut This Out
It), II
Dee, Nor. 6, 1000
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losing slightly. In 1606, McKlnley, 1,015;
Bryan, 060.
McKlnley nnl I'rnaperlty Arc Circnt
Favorite nt Beatrice mid
(Juice. Connt).
1JEATHICE, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special Tele
gram.) Beatrice gives McKlnley a major
ity of C31, which is a gain of 135 over 1SS3.
Tho state nnd county tickets will carry by
a like majority In tho city. Returns from
cutsldo precincts Indicate that Cage county
will glvo tho entire republican ticket a
majority of from 1,100 to 1,200, a gain over
1S96 of about 300 votes. Edgar, candidate
for stato senator; Luflln, for representa
tive, and Sackott for county attorney, will
run behind tho ticket several hundred
votes. Tho other candidates will run up
even with the national ticket.
Ilooue Count-.
ALBION, Ncb Nov. 6. (Special Tele
gram.) Four precincts in Boone county
give McKlnley a majority of 121; same pre
cincts In 1SD6 gavo Bryan majority of 77.
Hurt County.
TEKAMAH, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special Telo
grnm.) Burt county, Tokamah precinct
gives McKlnley 231, Bryan, 12G; Everett
precinct, McKlnley, 200; Bryan, 121. In
1S9C, McKlnley, 304; Bryan, 295.
flutter Count)'.
LINWOOD, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special Tele
gram.) Butler county, riatte township,
McKlnley, 76; Bryan, 60.
BRAINARD, Neb., Nov. C (Spcclnl Telo
gram.) Oak Crock precinct, Butler
county, Rives McKlnley 100 and Bryan H7.
A heavy voto was cast. Increased repub
lican majority.
LINWOOD, Nob., Nov. 6. (Special Telo
gram.) Butler county, Platto township:
Bryan. 0U McKlnley, 77; Poyntor, 54; Diet
rich, 73; Svoboda, 67; Marsh, 71; Sayage,
.72; Gilbert, 53; Weston. 74; Orlcss, 65;
Stuofor, 70'; Howard, 65; Fowler, 75; Brelc,
62; Prout, 75; Oldham, 51;' Follmer, 77;
Carey, 55; Pope, SO; Stark, 65; ' Kunkce.
73; Cummins, 53; Salsbury, 62; Mahoncy,
60; Hamilton, 50; Kavcny, 67; Barrett, 77;
Walling, 49; Duda, 93; Coufal, 37.
Cna Count)-.
UNION, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special Tele
gram.) Liberty precinct, Cass county, Mc
Klnley, 137; Bryan, 118; Deltrlch, 115;
Poynter, 105. Gavo Brynu 16 majority
four years ago.
PLATTSMOUTH, Neb.. Nov. 6. (Special
Telegram.) Cnss county. Nchawka pre
cinct, gives McKlnley 17 and Ilryan 59.
Elmwood precinct glvos McKlnloy 143 nnd
Bryan 103. West Hock Bluffs precinct
gives McKluley 12G nnd Bryan 103. Avoca
precinct gives McKlnley 100 nnd Brynn 83.
Weeping Water precinct gives McKlnley
128 nnd Brynn 08. Liberty precinct gives
Burkett (rop.), 131; Borge (dcm.), 115. In
189(5, McKlnley, 590; Bryan, 475.
Crdnr County.
ILVRTINGTON, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special
Telegram,) Hartlngton precinct, Cedar
county gives McKlnley 177. Bryan 172. In
1896. McKlnley. 147; Bryan, 131.
Cheyenne County.
SIDNEY. Nob., Nov. 6. -(Spoclol Tele
gram.) Sidney precinct gives Poynter 21,
Dlotrlch 23, Nevlllo 27, Klnltald 23, rcpuh
llcun electors 29, democratic electors 28,
Owens 27, Graham 26, Evans 25 and Roed
22. No returns from outRlil n nrnnlriitfa
Indications point to tho election of a re
publican county attorney.
Clny County.
CLAY CENTER, Nob., Nov. 6. (Special
Telegram.) Clay county returns from
Spring Ranch. Fairfield, Lone Tree, 3chool
Creek, Eldora, Marshall, Harvard city
and Edgar city glvo McKlnley 944 nnd
Dryun 873. In 1896 MoKlnley received 920
and Bryan 983.
Colfnx County.
SCHUYLER, Nob., Nov. 6. (Special Telo
irram.) In Colfax county Schuyler, Rogers,
Rlchlond. Grant and Midland give McKlnloy
536 nnd Bryan 769. In 1896 McKlnley re
celved 406 and Bryan 649. Flvo precincts
glvo Dietrich 373 and Poynter 641. In 1896
Hayward received 320 and Poynter 650, glv
Ing a net gain of 62 for Dietrich.
Cn ni I ii ir County.
BANCROFT. Nob., Nov. 0.-(Spoclal
Telegram.) Bancroft precinct gives Mc
Klnley 155 and Bryan 158; Dietrich, 145;
Poynter, 151; Robinson, 147; Hayes, 153.
Tho same precincts gavo Brynn 16 ma
Jorlty In 1896.
Cnitff County,
BROKEN BOW. Neb.. Nov. 6 (Special
Telegram.) Custor county, Broken Bow,
north nnd south side precincts give McKIn-
- '(Town!)"'
payment on subscription account far
16c paid, 100 votes for each $1 paid, sto.
Deposit at Bee office or mall to "FREE
Use, Omaha, Nsb.
llllll'l. ... Ill,
Icy 307 and Brynn 241. Indications aro
fnvorablo for republican gains on all can
didates. In 1896, McKlnley, 225; Bryan,
CALLAWAY, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special Tel
egrara.) Delight precinct, Custer county,
gives McKlnley, 10SJ Bryan, 90; prohibi
tion, C; mid-roads, 7; socialist, 3. Gain for
McKlnley of foity-clght over 1S96.
Itnkotii Count)-.
DAKOTA CITY, Ncb Nov. C. (Special
Telegram.) Dakota precinct, 277 votes
cast, 64 counted, giving McKlnley 37 and
Bryan 17. Omodl precinct, 303 votes cast,
43 counted, giving McKlnley 24 and Bryan
18. Bryan expected tb carry tho county
by 170. Total voto about 1,650. In 1S96
McKlnley received 319 and Ilryan 216.
Dixon Co a nt)-.
1'ONCA, Nob., Nov. 6. (Special Tele
gram.) Ponca city gives McKlnley 163
and Bryan 96. In 1896 Ponca city gave Mc
Klnley 110 and Brynn 111. Dietrich runs
with McKlnley. McCarthy (rep.), for rep
rcscntntlvc, has 73 majority In tho city of
Pcnca; the township elves McKlnley 98 and
Bryan 76; McCarthy (rep.), for representa
tive, 2 majority. In 1S06 tho samo
precincts gavo Bryan 91 and McKlnley 77.
Concord township gives McKlnley 15 ma
jority; in the same precincts lu 1S9C, 30
PONCA, Neb., Nov. C (Special Tele
gram.) Silver Creek precinct gives Mc
Klnley 75 nnd Bryan 47. Republican can
didates for governor and congressman the
some. McCarthy, 'republican, for repre
sentative, 23 majority. Springback pre
cinct gives McKlnley 125 and Brynn 70)
samo precinct In 1 90 gave McKlnley 98
and Brynn 96. Seven precincts out nt
seventeen In Dixon county give a repub
lican gain of 286 over 1S96.
DoiIkc Count).
FREMONT, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special Tele
gram,) Tho city of Fremont complcto nnd
Cummlng and Nlckcrson townships glvo
McKlnley, 1,257; Brynn, 941. Indications
aro that tho county ticket will bo closo.
Tho voto was tho largest ever polled lu tho
city. In 1800, McKlnley, 1,178; Bryan, 755.
Dundy Connt).
BENKELMAN. Neb., Nov. C. (Special
Telegram.) Benkelman precinct, Dundy
county, gives McKlnley 72 nnd Bryan .18.
In 1S96 MoKlnluy 73 and Bryan 42. DIot
rich received 67, Puynter 41, Morlan 72 nnd
Shellenbarger 37.
Fillmore County.
GENEVA, Neh., Nov. 6. (Special Tele
grnm.) Fillmore county, Geneva City nnd
township glvo McKlnley, 315; Brynn, 201.
Indications favor republicans for legisla
ture. In 1S90, McKlnloy, 281; Brynn, 155.
Franklin Co ii lit)-.
BLOOMINOTON, Neb., Nov. C (Special
Telegram.) McKlnley, 96; Brynn, 58; Diet
rich, 92; Poynter, 58. For congress: Mor
land, 91; Shellonbargcr, 56. In 1S96 Mc
Klnley received 83 nnd Bryan 54.
I'tirun Count)-.
BEAVER CITY, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special
Telegram.) Furnas county, Beaver City
precinct, gives McKlnley 173 nnd Bryan
139. In 1896 tho same precinct gavo Mc
Klnley 139 nnd Brynn 118. Forj governor,
Dietrich received 181 and Poynter 133. For
congress, Morlan received '174 nnd Shellen
barger 125. Indications favor Brown (rep.)
for legislature and Allen (rep.) for stato
Gnite County.
BEATRICE, Neb., Nov. 0. (Special Tele
gram.) Beatrice, First nnd Third wards
give McKlnley 402, Bryan 217; scattering
19; Gage county, Midland, Sicily and Rock
ford precincts glvo McKlnley 282, Bryan
175. In lt, McKlnley 574; Brynn, 147.
BEATRICE. Neb., Nov. 6. (Special Tele
gram, ) Sixth ward, McKlnley, 91; Bryan,
C6; Woolley, 5; scattering, 5. In 1896, Mo
Klnley, 84; Bryan. 63. Second ward gives
McKlnley, 299; Brynn, 108; Jones, 18; scat
tering, 8. In 1S96, McKlnley, 281; Bryan,
BEATRICE, Nob., Nov. C. (Special Tele
gram.) Beatrice, Fifth ward, gives Mc
Klnley 48 nnd Bryan 1Q. McKlnloy's ma
jority In tho city Is C31, against 96, with
731 votes cast. Fourteen precincts. Blakcly,
Barneston, Blue Springs, Clatontn, Flllcy,
Glenwood', Highland, Holt, Mldlnnd, Pad
dock, Rockford, Sherman. Wymuro and
North Wymoro should give McKlnley 1,618
nnd Bryan 1,150, plvlng McKlnley a ma
Jory of 368.
GnrUelil County.
D'URWELL, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special Tele
gram.) Garllold county, Rockford product,
gives McKlnloy 91 nnd Bryan SI. In 1896,
McKlnley 95 and Bryan 73. Indications
favor Dalsteln, populist, for tho legisla
ture nnd Cnmpell, fuslonist, far stnto svun-
Hull County.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Nov. 0. (Special
Tclegrnm.) Hall county. Second Third,
Fourth nnd Fifth wards, Grand Island, nnd
Wood River gives McKlnley 843, Bryan
609. In 1S9G, McKlnloy, 835; Bryan, 573.
Ilnuilltmi County.
AURORA, Nob.. Nov. 6. (.Special Telo
gram.) In Hamilton county tho Third and
Fourth wards of Aurorn und Hamilton pre
cinct glvo McKlnley .162 nnd Bryan 152.
Same precincts In 1896 gnvo McKlnloy 111
nnd Bryan 150.
llnrlnn County.
ALMA, Neb., Nov. 6, (Special Tolegrnm.)
Alma township gives Brynn 14S, McKln
ley 126, Woolley 26 ami social labor 2. Tho
samo township In 1896 gave McKlnloy 00
and Bryan 176.
Holt County.
O'NEILL, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special Tele
gram.) Holt county, O'Neill, First, Sec
ond and Third wards and Gratan town
ships glvo McKlnley 139 and Bryan 273. In
1896, McKlnley, 101; Bryan, 259.
lloiruril County.
ST. PAUL. Neb., Nov. 6. (Special Tele
gramsHoward county, St. Paul city,
Spring Creok, Logan, Warsaw, Dannebrog,
Kelso nnd St. Libory precincts glvo Mc
Klnley COS and Bryan 855. In 1896, Mc
Klnley, 470; Bryan, 853. Indications favor
Huntor for legislature.
Knox Count)'.
BLOOM FIELD, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special
Telegram.) Morton precinct, Knox county,
McKlnley, 176; Bryan, 146; republican gain,
I.tiniMinti-r County.
LINCOLN, Nov. 6. (Special Telegram.)
Lancaster county, First ward 1J, Third C
and D, Fifth B, Seventh A ond B, Denton,
Collego View, University place nnd Havo
lock products glvo McKlnley 1,998, Bryan
1,386. Indications favor entire republican
ticket. In 1896, McKluley, 1.49S; Bryan,
Lincoln County.
NORTH PLATTE, Neb., Nov. 6. (Spe
cial Telegram.) First wnrd, North Pintle,
gives McKlnloy 266 and Brynn 120; Diet
rich, 237; Poyntor, 120. Third ward gives
McKlnley 116 and Bryan 84; this word in
1896 gave McKlnloy 81 and Ilryan 85. Prob
able majority In tho city for McKlnley,
150. In 1S96, McKlnley, 157; Bryan, 225.
.MuUi-iuii County.
NORFOLK. Neb., Nov. 6. (Special
Telegram.) Norfolk city, three precincts
nnd outside precinct, McKlnloy, 63 nia
Jorlty, Tho Fourth ward reported w'll
give McKlnloy a slight majority. McKln
loy's voto has follen off lu the city proper.
Outside precincts are favorablo so far ns
heard from. Deltrlch ran slightly behind
tho head of the ticket lu tho city In the
wnrds heard from, but will have a neat
majority over Poynter,
MADISON, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special Tele-
gram.) Madison precinct gives McKlnloy
248, Bryan 153, Dlotrlch 232, Poynter 153.
Union precinct gives McKlnley 117 nnd
Bryan 72. In 1896 McKlnley received 2S9,
Bryan 211, Hayward 202, Poynter lit. Diet
rich's net gain is 21.
Mcrrlelc Count).
CENTRAL CITY, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special
Telegram.) Central City, McKlnley, 212;
Bryan, 157; Woolley, 52; Barker, 2. In
1S9, McKlnley, 172; Bryan, 137.
Nuckolla County.
NELSON, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special Tele
gram.) la NuckoJIs county Highland pre
cinct and East ward of Nelson glvo Mc
Klnley 129, Brynn 109, Dietrich 121, Poynter
108, and for congress Morlan 121 nnd Shell
enbarzer, 101.
' Otoe County.
NEBRASKA CITY, Nov. 0. (Special Tel
egram.) Nebraska City gives McKlnley 200
plurality over Bryan, a, gain for tho former
of 197 votes over 1896. This was nsccr
talncd by running over the ballots nnd
counting tho votes for tho electors. There
Is every, reason to bcllovo the republicans
hero carried Otoo county by from 160 to 200
on tho entire ticket, Including tho legisla
tive candidates. Very llttlo scratching
was done on either side.
riot to County.
COLUMBUS, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special Tele
gram.) Tho city of Columbus and Colum
bus township give McKlnley 444 nnd Bryan
638. In 1890 McKlnloy received 361 and
Bryan 636.
SMTfirl County.
SEWAni), Neb,, Nov. . (Special Tele
gram.) In Seward county A, p, F and
Cordova precincts ond tho First ward of
the city of Soward glvo McKlnley 465 and
Bryan 469. Indications fnvor Fctterman
and Beeltly, republicans, for tho legls
lature. Net republican gain of eighty over
voto of 1S9G. In 1690 McKlnley 396 nnd
Bryan 4SS.
Tliurntnu County.
PENDER, Nob., Nov. 6. (Special Telo
gram.) Pcndur, Thayer nnd Flournoy pre
cincts, Thurston county, glvo McKlnley
294 nnd Brynn 274. In 1890 they gavo Mc
Klnley 210 nnd Brynn 297.
Vnllry County.
ORD, Neb., Nov. 0. (Special Tclegrnm.)
Vnlley county returns from Ord City, Ord
township, North Loup and Enterprise pre
cincts glvo McKlnley 413 nnd Bryan 297.
In 1896 Valley couuty gnvo McKlnley 352
nnd Brynn 301.
Vnynp Comity.
CARROLL, Neb., Nov. 0. (Special Tele
gram.) Deer Creek precinct gives McKln
ley 46 majority. Same precinct In 1893
gave Hayward II majority.
WAYNE, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special Tele
gram.) Doer Creek precinct gives McKln
loy a majority of forty-six, a gain of
twenty-four over four years ago, Breuna
precldct gives Bryan 70 nnd McKlnley 60.
Tho samo precinct four years ago gavo
Brynn 114 and McKlnley 37. WlnBlrto gives
McKlnley 56 nnd Bryan 60. Four years
ago tho samo precinct gavo Bryan 55 nnd
McKlnley 25.
AWIiKtor County.
RED CLOUD. Neb., Nov. C (Speclnl
Tclegrnm.) In Wobster county tho First
nnd Second wards of Red Cloud and Red
Cloud nnd Garfield precincts glvo McKln
ley 408 nnd Brynn 270. In 1S96 McKlnley
received 310 and Brynn 272.
York County.
YORK, Neb., Nov. 6. (Special Telo
gram.) York county, Thayer, Baker,
Brown, Heudsrsou, Bradshnw, Second ward,
York precincts, glvo McKlnloy 542; Bryan,
105. Indications favor Tucker and Sandall,
republican, for legislature; N. V. Hnrtlan,
republican, for state senator. In 1S90,
McKlnloy, 566; Brynn, 523.
Buy a Bee, extra If you want to know
how tho election has gone.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 6. Up to midnight tho
returns from the state and city wcro very
meager owing to tho operation of tho new
and untried Neshitt election law, the unu
sually heavy voto and the fact that tho
counting of seven constitutional nmend
mcnts hns to bo do no first. Nothing
defintto as to the result of the voto on tho
stato and national ticket could bo had at
that time. It was known, however, thut
tho following democratic congressmen wore
re-elected: Champ Clark, Ninth district;
James Cooney, Soventh district; James T.
Lloyd, First district; Charles F. Cockran,
Fourth dlBtrlct.
Thomas J. Akin, chairman of tho repub
lican stnte committee, stated that tho
county chairman of Butler, Nodaway,
Green and Lawrence counties had received
enough returns to indicate that McKlnley
and Flory (republican, for governor, had
I carried them. Theso counties, ho said,
showed republican gains over the voto
cast In 1896 of from 400 to 1,000.
Chairman Aklns continued: "If the
remaining counties In tho stato show simi
lar gains and St. Louis, St. Joseph and
Kansas City roll up their usual repub
lican majorities, I seu no reason why our
state and national tickets should not be
successful. I know that tho sentiment In
tho stato Is ample to elect tho entire re
publican state and national tickets In Mis
souri. Dlatrlnt of Luke Alli'lilu;nn,
CHICAGO. Nov. C All election was held
today In tho so-called District of Lake
Michigan, a portion of thn lake front
clulmod by Captain George W. Streetor,
over which thcro has been much contention
with tho city nuthorltles. fitreoter wns
elected district reprc-Hentatlve by his fol
lowers nnd deelnres thut on March I he
will go before tho committee on privileges
nnd elections of tho natlpiuil Iiouho of rep
resentatives nnd that he will endeavor to
be seated us tho legitimate representative
of tho "district" in congress.
On Temperance. People,
A little woman outlu Tower Hill, 111.,
takes u fall out, of tho tcmpcranco people
In a letter containing tho following; "It
13 nmuslng to soo some staunch temper
ance people who would ns soon bo cnught
stealing a horse ns to bo seen going Into
a saloon, that aro tied down, hard aud
fast, to their eolTce cups as much ns nn
old whiskey sot Is to his morning dram.
They glvo tho samo excuso that tho old
sot docs, thoy act tho samo way, the habit
is Just ns tlxcd. Their dram does not ns
quickly intoxicate, but Its steady uso Just
hb surely breaks down tho nervous system
nnd ruins thorn phj-Blcnlly nnd mentally,
frequently setting up some fixed form of
chronic disease.
"Consistency, thou nrt a Jowfl, Just as
much today as of old. Either break away
from your slavery, tea, coffee, or any
other pernicious "huhlt you may have, or
quit preaching to others. I know what I
nm talking ubout, for I was a coffee slave
for a tlmo nnd can speak truthfully of Its
effects. It nlraost ruined my nervous sys
tem, caused constipation, headaches, nnd
sleoplnbsucsH, I suppose If I had drank
enough nt ono time to make me ontlroly
drunl:, I might have felt easier.
"Finally tho stuff began to causo cough
ing after my meals; then I concluded to
part company with tho demon, and nt
once, upon the ndvlco of some friends,
tcok up Postum Food Coffee. Tho change
wns marvelous. I passed from an Invalid
to a healthy person, lu n very short time.
I had quit a drug and taken up a strong,
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Ililirctcil tinxlici. Hlil Not Occur, but
Voters Were Out I'nrly lo
Cnit llnllotn.
NEW YORK, Nov. 6. Election day In
New York was nil that tho most captious
critic could desire. Thcro was a stint; In
tho fresh November air early In the morning
that made even tha usual lato sleepers witl
ing to bestir themselves when by so doing
they could avoid a long watt at tho polls and
bo itblo to exercise the highest duty of tho
citizen. As a result of the excellent con
ditions thcro wns n heavy vote throughout
tho city. Up to noon In most of tho election
districts tuoro than two-thirds of tho voto
was enst nud It wns necessary In but few
of tho districts to send runners out to bring
thn tardy ones to the polls.
Tho election officers did their work with
fairness and dispatch. In sotno of tho heavy
districts an nvcrngo of flvo votes were cast
every tnlnuto during tho early hours, and
strings of men stood patiently In line. Every
man seemed to think that ho would not have
to wait so long If ho enmo early, and If he
was dLappulntcd, ho stuck to his post rather
than tick the chance of being ablo to return
when tho rush was not-aa. great aud possibly
being Bhut out altogether.
Very Unlet Klcctlon.
In spite of tho clashes that occurred be
tween tho pollco authorities aud the state's
superintendent of elections au Monday, lead
ing up to the Indictment of Chief of Police
Dovcry, the election today whb one of tho
quietest that bus been held tu this city. Such
a thing us a serious disturbance was un
known. Superintendent McCullagh's depu
ties were on hand thioughout tho day, espe
cially In the suspected districts, and al
though thcro wcro somo arrests und a few
arguments, tho vote on tho whole was a
thoroughly honent one and tho count equally
so. Tho Inspectors of election as n rule
ncted with dlsccruatlon. Whenever thero was
u dilllcult problem to bo solved the enso was
scut to the courts, tho election ollk-crs pre
ferring to rely on thn opinion of tho Justices
ruthor than make a mistake for which they
could bo held liable.
Down on the cast side, whero It wns ex
pected that the turbulent spirit would make
Itself manifest, tho day went off quietly nud
utmost without Incident. Most of tho peo
ple there wcro duo at their posts at 6 o'clock
or thereabout, and they turucd out early to
As early as 5 o'clock this evening tho
crowds began to gather In front of the
bullotln boards all over town, and thoy stood
patiently for hours while tho lautcniB threw
out tho results on the white screens. There
wcro the usual scenes of enthusiasm, first
on tho part of tho one crowd, then on the
other, as tha bulletins showed that one
or Iho other candidates were gaining. It
was n good nutured crowd on tho whole and
when It was all over tho victorious rojolccd,
tho defeated BWnllowed their disappointment
without any Ill-fccllng manifesting Itself.
As a rulo business was suspended, espe
cially in tho wholesale section of the city.
Many of tho retailers were closed nil day and
still others closed at noon. Whero any store
remained open, howovcr, tho employes had
every opportunity to east their votes.
IJr-(iovernor Stone Leaves .ew York
OIIIccn with I'nronoenleil
NEW YORK, Nov. 6. Tho headquarters
of tho democratic national commlttco were
filled with loug-dlstauco telephones aud
telegraph Instruments tonight. A special
telcphono connected It with tho democratic
stato committee In the St. James building,
a block awuy, whero John A. Mason, sec
retary of tho stnto committee, nnd several
clerks received returns from up the statu
through Executive Chairmen James K. Mc
Gulrc In Syracuse. C. O. Hughes of tho
Antl-Impcriallst league, ex-Governor Stone,
vice chairman of tho democratic national
commlttco, nnd others wcro present.
Governor Stono read with liuich gusto a
dispatch from Augusta, Me., giving a demo
cratic gain of 50 per cent. Ho also read a
Connecticut dispatch saying republicans
wcro cutting the republican candidate for
Later Governor Stono nppeared to bo
discouraged, but said: "Wo have not got
nil tho returns In yet and you cannot tell
by early returns."
Then he got a number of dispatches
which ho frowned at nnd folded up nnd
put in his desk.
Normnn E. Mnck telcgrnphed from Buf
falo that that city would glvo McKlnley
30,000 majority, ns ngainst 12,000 in 1S96.
As tho returns began to show an increase
for Bryan in tho city thero was much ela
tion, but this was dampened by a Chicago
dispatch indicating over 40,000 majority for
When bulletin after bulletin showing re
publican gains began to como In ex-Gov'-ornor
Stono loft tho room. As ho was going
out somccno asked:
"What do you think of It?"
"This is nq tlmo for thinking," was tho
nnswer. "I don't think."
Neenra nt .ViUlonnl llentliiuiirtvra lu
N'otv York One of Much
NEW YORK, Nov. 6. An enthusiastic
crowd of republicans thronged tho na
tional headquarters tonight. Three hun
dred arid forty had been asked to sit down
to" a feast which hud been provided by the
national committee. By 10 p. m. nil the
rooms nnd hallwuys wero crowded with
men who chatted und laughed and Jostled
each other and moved hero aud thero car
rying tidings.
When It was announced that National
Committeeman Puyuo had telephoned from
Chicago that Chulrman Jones of tho demo
cratic national committee had conceded
Illinois aud Indiana to McKlnley a great
shout went up.
Senator Scott of West Vlrglna sent tho
following telegram to Sonator Hnnna:
"Shake, old Llmpy, shake." Tho reply
wns as follows: "Telegram received; am
not limping ns much ns I did. Congratu
lations to you, all. (Slgucdc) Hauna,"
At 10 p. in. both thu national and stato
headquarters wore crowded to their ut
most capacity. Tho crowd Btnyed for n.
while, but about 11 o'clock commenced to
get tired nud by 11:30 hnd nearly nil left,
thinking it not necessary to hear any more
Refreshments wcro served at 10 o'clock",
but all hands wero too much ongrosscd In
tho nows to leave their places, so tho food
wns brought nround by wnlters Ono room
was bountifully supplied with wlno and
this was served In prodigal fashion.
Before 11 o'clock somo of tho commit
teemen took their leave, convinced boyond
nil doubt that McKlnloy was re-elected.
I'rntillilt IoiiInIk Claim Vote Twice nn
LiirKc iin Four Yeura
CHICAGO, Nov. 6. Prohibition National
Chairman Oliver Stowart said tonight:
Tho outcome of tho election is no sur
prise, nor is It n dlt:uipointmtnt. The ehe
tlon of McKlnley will tend to focalize tlu
pentlineiit of tho ponntn on tho miIoiiii
question. Ilo Is committed to tho enntwn
policy and tho liquor Interests lu our for
eign possessions nnd his election will havo
the elfect of bringing the liquor question
tor :in Issue, The proh'liltionlsts inokfi
upon the democratic party in recont yean
as a sort of a sham which Htood In tho
wuy of reform. We feti In better shupu
now to press thn light against liquor than
If Bryan had buen tho successful candi
date. If Bryan bad been olected wo would
havo had to change our whole line of at
tack. As It Is, wo nre Inclined to felicitate
ourselves on tho result ftom tho stand
point of our party, for the returns show
nn Increase in fuvor of prohibition! tr
throughout tho United States, anil wo face
exnetly the t.ntnu condition, unclmnj 1
from what they hnvo been during the In-t
few years. Tho general returns up to
M o'clock Indicate more than u doubllntt
of the prohibition vote over ltllt).
J. G. Woolley, the prohibition national
candidate, said he would leave for New
York tho Intter part of this week to con
tlnuo tho campaign ngainst tho liquor
question. Tho campuigu will bo maintained
steadily during tho next four years, ho
said, during which tlmo ho will tour the
country. In 1901 special attention will be
given to Ohio, Iowa, Virginia, Rhodo
Island ,nnd Oregon nnd othur states that
hold elections that year.
r.vrnlnir Spent tlulctly nt Home, tut t
llln Monil In tlnnilNlnknlily
NEW YORK, Nov. 6. Governor Roosevelt
surrounded by his family tonight received
tho returns nt bis homo on Sagemu'o
Hills. The gocrnor at no tlmo during tho
evening seemed anxious about tho result.
Ho did not mnko nny speclnl nrrnugu
ments to recelvo tho news and depended on
ine.HB.ineB to bo brought from tho telo
grnph olllce, nearly three tulles away.
Thu first definite Information of tho re
publican victory wns conveyed to tho gov
ernor nt ubout 10 o'clock. The governor
wns In tho reception room with his wife
and daughter. When ho appeared at the
door to meet tho newspaper correspond
ent he was clad lu full evening dress. He
Invited his visitor Into tho parlor ami
closely scrutinized tho telegrams and
briefly commented on tho result. After
reading thn message he sold:
"Isn't that fine. it shows what tho
American people are. It shows that they
wnnt tho good times to coutlnuo nnd nre
In fayor of sound money aud nre for tho
Tho governor then directed tho following
dispatch to President McKlnley: "I con
gratulato you, and far mnro tho nation.
You hnvo my heartfelt gratitudo over tho
Governor Roosevelt also sent messages
of congratulation to Senator Mark Hanna
nud Chnirmnn Odcll, governor-elect.
Ilrynti'N Xcir York Mummer Admit
(lie Defent of I'opocrnlle
NEW YORK, Nov. 6. Ex-Governor Stono
at midnight mado the following announce
ment: "I glvo up.
"Thn returns telcgrnphed these head
quarters from New York, New Jersey and
Connecticut show that these states havo
gono republican. Returns from Maryland
and West Virginia aro incomplete. My In
formation from tho mlddlo and western
states Is so Indcllnlta that I cannot form an
opinion as to tho result. As I do not know
tho facts I will wait before I say flnully
what I think is thn result."
Mr. Stone then closed tho democratic na
tional headquarters lu New York for tho
Niltlounl Clinlriuun Seen nthlmc
Which Need Cniiac the Leant
' I'licnalncNN.
CANTON, O., Nov. 6. After dinner with
the president and going over a llood of dis
patches, Senator Hanna said:
"The advices from all sections show a
largo vote polled early; thoro Is no troublo
nt consequence. Thero Is ubsolutcty noth
ing on tho surfaco that Is unsatisfactory
und I do not believe there Is anything be
neath the surface. A dispatch from Man
ley at Now York Is very encouraging nnd
a messago from Payno at Chicago says
democrats nro looking blue. Three of tho
largo centers of Kentucky send word that
all is quiet and hopeful."
Denincrntle Mutineer Hnys Lonncn in
.mv York City Cnnnnt lie
Mnilc l' lu State.
CHICAGO, Ts'ov. 6. Senator Jones nt S
o'clock tonight said: "The republicans
havo carried New Yx)rk. Wo havo lost In
tho city nnd cannot mako up our loss In
tho state outsldo of Greater New York.
The republicans are claiming Maryland and
Ohio. I havo not tho figures to dispute
Maryland, nor havo I sufficient ndvlco from
Ohio upon which to bapo an opinion.
Chairman Joue3 of tho natloual demo
crattc state committee nt 10:15 changed
his mind to tho extent of saying: "From
tho returns now coming In Now York Is
still anybody's nnd I am not conceding it.1
Joiicn, Homtic anil AHkcIiI Tnlk of Itc-
turiiH HcliiK Dnotorcil liy Wnll
Street Gambler.
CHICAGO, Nov. 6. Tho bollcf prevails
at tho democratic national headquarters
that the battle Is lost and that McKlnloy
lias been re-elected by n larger plurality
than ho received four years ago. Sonator
Jones, near whom was scntcd cx-Qovcruor
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Altgeld of Illnnls nnd cx-Govcrnor Hogg of
Texas, wns busy reading bulletins from
various states and commenting upon thu
figures. As ho read n bulletin ho said;
"This shows a heavy falling off for
Bryan," or "a heavy falling off for Me
Kliilc;-," but when asked to express his
opinion ns to tho result, he said:
"1 do not know yet. Tho returns nro too
meager to make n prediction."
"We nro going to win yet," said rx
Governor Hogg. "Theso figures nro doc
tored nnd aro tho work of Wall street
gamblers. They do not represent the
will of the people."
"I do not know how the result will look,"
said ex-Governor Altgeld. "Tho returns
are not sutlkiently complcto to mako an
.Tniim Itcfu.r Concede McKlnley'a
Klcclloi, mi, Cliilina Ohio
the Unit.
CHICAGO, Nov.XlAt 10 o'clock to
night Cholrman Jones of tho democrats
nntlonal committee, said. "I cannot pre
dict tho result. Tho returns are so In
sufficient ns to preclude all possibility of
n good gucBs. Tho llgures from New York
Indicate that tho republicans havo cnrrled
that Btnle nnd I see that they aro clnlmlug
Maryland nnd Ohio. The former claim may
ho right, but I am unable to sny ns to
Ohio for the reason that wo do not yet
know how tho voto stnnds. The full re
turns will bo lato In coming In und (hey
may make somo surprising changes from
tho present apparent stand."
Whllo Senator Jones was talking n bulle
tin announced that MoKlnley had carried
Bryan's precinct In Lincoln by 103 votes
Tho senstor was nlmost constnntly nt tho
long-distance telephone tnlklng with Mr
Bryan nnd oilier notable dcinrcrutn. Ho
told those present that ho was still con
iident that the demoerntle ticket had tri
People Give n I.urite Mn jorlty to Mr
Ivlnley nuil Other Hcoul,.
llcun Cniiilliliitc..
CHEYENNE. Wyo., Nov. O.-tSpeclal
Tclegrnm.) Returns nru coming In slow.
Indlcntlcus point to tho election of McKln
ley by n majority of from 2,000 to 3,000.
MondclK rep.), for congress, has carried
tho stato by about 2,000 majority. Tho
legislature on joint ballot will probably
stand 12 democrnts to 45 republicans.
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