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I'uaionista of Iiene, South Dakota, Outrage
tho Emblem of Liberty
1'roiierly of Mayor I'rjc Which 'it
Mm n Arrows Hie Strrrt Is Set ou
I'lrc Willie n llciiulilleu
MertliiK I lu I'roitrcM,
SIOUX FALLS, S. O., Nov. 6.-t3pcclal
Telegram.) After spending a lout cam
paign lu trying to Impress upou tho people,
their reverenua lor the bacied Honor ot too
touBtltuiluu und llag the fuslumsts of lrouo.
S. V., (lcllburatuty burned a largo American
flag at that pluco last uisht. 'Ine outrage
roporuil uy Colonm MeHlu tirigauy,
who returned this morning Itoui that town,
whoru he made a speech for tho republicans
l.ut uigut.
Governor Leo and II. II. Smith arrived
Micro eaily lu tho morning und organized
n parado Irom lreuo to a point a mllo or
two out of town, where they were to speak
at a public meeting. After their departure
the republicans also organized a procession
and marched to tho liall, shcro Colonel
Orlgsby spoke. During the progress of tho
meeting soiuo f unionism who hud remained
In town took a torch, went out to the
main street of tho town and deliberately
net Uro to and burned ti largo American
(lag which w its strung across the street.
Tho flag belonged tu Ala) or Kryo of Irene,
u veteran of tho civil wur. and was a prized
relic, having licun presented to his com
pany at tho commencement of tho civil war
und accompanied tho company throughout
that war. Tho names of eight men who
participated lu tho outrago havo been ob
tained and prosecution will follow.
Itriltii'ftt for Aimv Trlnl In South !
Until I. mill I line I"
H10UX FALLS, S. U., Nov. .- (Special.)
Tho struggle for pubsi-ssion tf nearly loo
acres of vuluublo laud within the lucotpor
utcd limits of tho city of Chamberlain, S.
I)., which has been lu pragtet.3 beforo the
fodcral laud department for many yeurs,
I.as tuken au unexpected turn. Tho claim
ants of tho land oro Cnplaln Henry J. King,
who made a homestead entry on the tract,
nud a number of townslters, who claim
tho laud under tho federal towuslto laws.
After a light lasttug for years beforo tho
lauil department a patent to tho laud wa.i
Issued by tho Interior department to Cap
tain King.
Steps wero then tuken to secure tho
ejectment of tho towuslto claimants from
tho land. The original efforts were un
successful, but borne time ago Mr. Kliu;
sold the greater portion of tho land that
occupied by tho towuslto claimants to his
son, (Joorgo II. King of Niobrara, N'eb.
Recently the latter commenced ejectment
proceedings In tho Tinted States court
hero against the towuslto claimants and,
ns ho was a resident of Nebraska, Judge
Carland ruled that his court had Jurisdic
tion In tho case. As tho result of u hear
ing Judgo Carland decided In favor of the
townsltc claimauts. Thu patent issued to
Henry J. King by tho Interior department
at Washington was offered In evidence in
behalf of tho plaintiff, but this was
virtually decided to bo Mild.
A motion for a new trial wos then mado
and this has Just becu disposed of by Judge
Cnrlnnd, who has rendered oue of tho most
important decisions Involving the public
lands which has ever been handed down
by a federal court lu tho public land states.
Tho' disputed trart was llrst mado a part
of the public domain February 27, 18S5,
when President Clcvelond by proclamation
opened to settlement n portion of tho Crow
(.'reck Indian risen atlon, of which this
tract was originally a part. On April 17
of tho same year President Arthur with
drew the land from market.
In tho Interval the legislative assembly
of Dakota Territory passed an act extend
ing tho limits of the city of Chumliorlalu
so as to Includo tho tract, which from tho
day of President Cleveland's proclamation
opening It to settlement had been claimed
by Captain King as a homestead, and a
number of townsltira as u townslto. Feb
ruary 10, 1890, tho laud again becamo a
purl of tho public domain, when a portion
of tho great Sioux reservation, of which It
wus a part, was finally opened for BOttlo
incnt. Judgo Carland decides In substance that
tho territorial usscnibly did havo powor to
extend tho limits of tho city of Chamber
lain und that, therefore, It wus Improper
for tho Land Ofllco department to permit
n homestead entry to bo mado on land
which was Included within tho limits of no
Incorporated town. Ho decides that tho
patent Issued to King was rightfully ex
cluded from tho present caBo, having for
its purpose thn ejectment of tho town; Its
claimants and denies tho motion for a now
trial, Tho case will be appealed and
promises not to bo concluded fur several
years yet.
1'lnnH for mt l'ort llnltillnsa.
POUT MKAD13, S. I)., Nov. 0. (Special.)
Plans and specifications for tho now
buildings at this fort have been received
from Washington. It Is expected that an
appropriation of (200,000 will bo mnda at
tho next session of congress. Tho fort
buildings will bo enlarged, rebuilt and
mado equal to uny government fort build
ings In tho United States. About J50.000
havo already been expended In a stone bar
racks, bakery nnd other buildings. Tho
government has mado this fort a perma
nent one.
T)rntli if Hour a Myxirry.
LEAD, S, D Nov. 6. (Special.) Tho
friends of Andrew Rose, well known In
this city, have been Informed ot the manner
of his death, near Spokane. Ills body was
found near tho placo lu a decomposed
condition, lying on the ground as though
the man had taken a rest. On the body
was found considerable ensh and a check
for JCS3.S5. It Is tho greatest question
bow ho came to dlo. Ho was rich In prop
erty and had n bank account of several
thousand dollars. He has relatives In this
The H oo has the best facilities for getting
tho quickest eloctlon returns, Puy a Uco
MIkxIiiiz SIiIii Ccmiu'k Into Port,
PORT TOWNSRN'D. Wnsh., Nov. C -Tim
steamship Roanoke, reported lost, arrived
lust night at 11:30, bringing 410 passengers
nnd JjOn.000 In golddust The Konnnke sailed
from Nnnm October "6 and reports t hut tho
steamship Cleveland was n complete wreck
twenty-live miles west of Cape Nome,
whoro It struck on n rook on October 21
nnd soon went to pieces. Its signals of ills,
tress attracted the attnntlnn of the United
States cutter McCullough, which went to
Its assistance nnd saved tho passengers
und crow, except the second officer, who
whs thrown Into tho Icy waters and went
to the bottom before assistance reached
him Officers of the Roanokn report that
Ice is forminc and when It left port had
to furco Its way through thin sheetings of
Cattle Kllltf Hall Killed.
CARLSRAO. N. M Nov. 6. Robert L,
Hall, one of the best known cattlemen In
southeastern Now Mexico, wns shot and
killed at his ranch, south of this iiluce. In
ii dispute over some trivial matter, Kayetto
reeiy. Known as -iiea tseciy, wno aiso
shot and severely wounded In tho arm Holl
Herring, is sum to nave nreu tne ratni snot
Ho began the shooting. It Is said, with lit
tin or no provocation, Scely escaped to Old
Govrrnor-IIlrct Sanfnrd Drifts',
MONTOOMKRV, Ala., Nov. 6. News from,
lipeiiKa, jiisi received, is inni uovernor
elect Hanford Is very low, with little hopes
riniviri '
Deputy MlicrlfT Attempt to Influence
Voler In Nuiiirrotm I'rceliieM
Mltli Small Success,
Thanks to ample pollco protection, elec
tion day In Omaha passed off without nu In
cident of au exciting naturo, though ex
cess ot enthusiasm or party zeal In a few
cases resulted lu bruises and contusions.
Thero were, however, many Incidents of
id ore or less humorous character at tho
various voting booths. The fact of thero
being four separate ballots to oto Instead
of ono led to somo coufuslon, and In one or
two cihcs thero was a clash of authority be
tween the deputy sheriffs and Hpocl.il pollco
ofllcers. Generally speaking, however, the
test of order was preserved.
Though every saloon In tho city was
closed the pollco detected evidence now und
then that whisky was being consumed.
I'arly In tho day four men giving tho names
of Nick Autslatsky, Joo Slatsky, Georgo
Spcllman and Joo Heltfold wero arrested
for fighting In tho rear of a saloon at Ninth
end Douglas streets. It was learned that
Bpollman had been knocked down by being
struck on the head with a Jug of whisky.
At the station tho quartet admitted It hnd
secured tho whlsgy tho day beforo and
stored It to relieve the rigors of an elec
tion day drouth.
At the Ninth precinct booth of tho Third
ward, 1203 Chicago street, cx-Polbo Cnptaln
Mostyn, acting ns a deputy sheriff .objected
to u Judge of election coaching an Illiterate
"See here, what ticket do you want to
votu?" demanded tho ox-captalu, uddrcsslng
tho would-bo voter.
A dozen voices wero raised In protest
against this Impertinent question, but tho
otor hnd already answered.
"Tho democrat ticket," ho said.
"Then I'll show you"
Mostyn wus In the net of reaching for the
ballot when two stnlwart policemen seized
him nnd ejected him from the booth. Ho
was told that ho wns usurping too much
A somowhat similar emergency nrofn nt
tho Thurston hotel, Fifteenth and Jnckcon
streets. A presumptuous deputy sheriff at
tempted to exercise the functions of both n
pence nfllrer nnd challenger. Tho Judges of
election brought him up short nnd gave
him his choice between tho two offices. lie
rhoso to abandon his deputy&hlp.
Tim .Men mIMi Tin Mnr.
Robert Dunlap and Marlon T. White were
nrrosted at th'o booth nt Fourteenth nnd
Jnckson street, First district of tho Third
ward, on tho chnrgo of Impcrfonnttng nn
officer. Kach wore on his coat n star, which
evidently had been chopped out of a pleco
of tin with n hatchet, bearing the single
word "deputy."They said they wero deputy
shelters. They will have n preliminary
hearing In police court today.
A laughable lmldcnt occurred at tho
Tenth district booth of the Third ward. A
negro named Tom Jackson presented him
self to vote, nnd was promptly challenged.
Ho kept his nerve for a moment, feigning
great surprise that his right of suffrage
should be quest toned. Then Officer Woold
ridgo mnde n motion which Jackson con
strued as n menace, whereupon tho negro
turned nnd ran down Douglas street at a
breakneck pare, with Wcoldrldgo In hot pur
suit. The officer returned ten minutes later,
somewhat crestfallen.
"Didn't you catch your man, Wooldrldge?"
asked n bystander.
"Why not?"
"I can't swim," was tho laconic answer.
Ho added later that tho fugitive had Jumped
Into tho river.
In the KIcvcnth district of the Sixth
ward. 1701 North Twenty-fourth street,
Deputy Sheriff Joseph Sherry, one of tho
Power-Shields trusties, mado himself so
obnoxious that citizens complained of him
to tho chief of police nnd to tho repub
lican county committee. Tho deputy was
stationed In tho booth at tho moment It
opened nnd assumed chargo through his
official position. Ho ordered the Judges to
glvo precedonco to certain waiting voters
over others nnd In other ways attempted to
securo favor for his party adherents.
Little Scratching In the heeond.
In tho Second ward all Indications went to
provo'that the usual democratic character of
thn voto was about to bo discarded. Tho
republican voters, so far ns could bo
learned, reached tho polls early, nnd from
tho celerity with which they disposed of
their Insk thero was little scratching. The
Seventh district probably brolto tho city
record for nn early vote In proportion to Its
size. At 10: HO o'clock ICS ballots had been
deposited, considerably more than half, In
tho total of In the Second district
thoro was not a vacant stall until the
momentary lull Just beforo noon nnd 127
votes wero cast out of a total of 270. In
tho Flrrt precinct 120 votes out of 30
registered were cast beforo 12 o'clock.
In tho First ward also tho democratic
cballcngirs could find no evidence upon
whlth to hang their cry of fraudulent
registration lu tho lower districts nnd
there had been no challenged' votes on either
side beforo noon. No deputy sheriff pre
' sumcd to put In an appearance nnd one of
I tho quietest elections known lu the ward
camo to u conclusion.
Public ut I'u nt i-nt tu llend Acitk Over
I llrrnkfiist Tnlile, hut Must lime
I It Hut from Wire.
Flection returns were received In 100
places In Omaha last night. More than
100 special telegraph and telephone opera
, tors devoted their time to Issuing bulletins
i for tho service of tho local pairons of telu
phono and telegraph companies, and the
number of clerks, chiefs nnd operators, who
labored all night In handling thu returns
exceeded 300.
In hotels, lodgo rooms, theaters, clubs,
newspaper offices, saloons and private resi
dences thousands of Omahans gathered to
hear the result of tho great contest, which
affords excitement for Americans once In
otir years. F.fty special wires flashed tho re
urns to nil parts of tho city und "hello"
girls and messenger boys afforded servleo to
tho receiving stations, which wero not ac
commodated by such wires.
Telegraph companies secured nil tho
first-class operators employed by the rail
roads, bucket shops and packing bouses.
AH "hams" wero laid off as tho wires were
so r owded that Is was necessary to savo
all tho timj pojslble. Competent telegraph
ers wero at a premium und service was
denied many applicants for bulletins be
cause tho number of such operators was
Rarly lu the evening Tho Ike bulletins
thrown on tho Now York Life building at
tracted thousunds of enthusiastic people
and the crowd did not diminish until the
hour hand hnd passed Its zenith, lletween
the nets of "At tho Whlto Horso Tavern"
at Uojd's tho returns wero listened to by
n ciowded house. Rlectton returns divided
honors with, Jcsslo Ilarllutt Davis at tho
Oiphoum and two performances wero given
at tho Trocadcro for tho benefit of "all
ulhters," who relish bulletins with nn ac
companiment of Etnoko aud burlesque.
Clubmen I.Nten nl iiit-li' llnxr.
Clubmen enjoyed election news whllo re
clining on scft ilivrns und smoking the
fragrant weed. Special wires accommodated
tho Omaha nud Metropolitan clubs. Tho
Rlks, Woodmen of tho World, I loo IIoos
and other fraternal organizations kept lu
touch 'vltu results by special wires. A
largo party was entertained at tho Young
Men's Christian association rooms, where
a musical and athletic program was given.
At tho Her Gland aud Paxtou hotels mem
bers of the republican anil democratic state
central committees aud their friends heard
tho roiurns In the party headquarters. The
county committees ulso received bulletins
and thoir rooms were thronged with iMger
olers. Thu Jncksonlan club held forth In
Its looms In (iermanla hall and other politi
cal eli.bs in different pnrts of the cit wore
nowb remura. Until a late hour laige
crowds attended thu fair, which Is being
held in Schlltz hall for tho benefit ot the
Homo of thu Gool Shepard. Special bul
letins were received ihero and young women
In dainty gowns sened icfrcshments to
tho hungry enthusiasts.
Men and women who did not caro to
leave their homes cntertuinud friends with
special service afforded by the telephone
compnny. Additional operators at the cen
tral station wero given tabulated returns
and called up patrons whenever any Import
ant news wes received. Tho saloon opened
Its doors to tho man who was unnblo to
hear tho news In more excluslvo society.
Iicor and election returns were served In
forty saloons In Omaha and South Omaha.
Neither ICieentlve's Order or Con-
lilernllou fur Hick ( till. I Af
reet Sheriffs Olllce.
An incident that took placo at tho county
Jail yeBterdny Indicates the extremity
to which tho democrats nro driven to les
son tho vot- ot their political opponents
and tho extent of the subservience, of tho
sheriff's office to the democratic machine.
The men In chargo of the olllco whllo
Sheriff Power was In hiding from tho offi
cers seeking to servo tho notice of tho Os
trom Injunction declined to release a pris
oner from tho county Jail to go to tho
bedside ot n sick child. They said ho
might tako advantage of tho opportunity
to voto tho republican ticket. If ho ro
mnlncd In Jail ho was certain to keep away
from tho polls. So tho man. was detained
in splto of the fact that tho mayor has
Issued a pardon at the request ot his
friends and tho family physician.
Tho prisoner's name Is Charles Tlncltlcr
Ho was sentenced to twenty days In Jail
for potlt larceny Only four dn of the
sentence remained. Tliukler's friends In
formed tho mayor that his offense was in
violation of a city urdluaucc, aud that tho
case was ono whero leniency might well bo
extended for the reason that Tlnekler's
child was seriously 111. Their representa
tions wero supported Ijy a uote from tho
ph)sluluu who attended tho little one.
Mayor Moorcs consented to pardon tho
man In view ot tho clrcumstnnccs. He
gavo thn applicants tho necessary papers
nnd wus surprised a few hours later to re
ceive n telephone message stating that the
sheriff's employes had refused to rccogtilzo
the pardon.
Am Immediate communication with the
sheriff's assistants elicited tho Information
that Tlnckler had becu known to voto tho
republican ticket and that until tho elec
tion was over ho would not bo released lest
ho should voto the ticket again. "Tho
mayor has no nuthorlty In n case of this
kind," was Iho word i that camo back to
Mayor Moores. "Tlnckler Is In a safo place
now nnd io arc going to keep lilm thero
till tho balloting Is completed."
Iletiutlen l.uekeil I'p.
In the Third ward, nt Fourteenth and
Jackson streets, two sheriff's deputies at
tempted to mako trouble for two repub
licans ou the ground of Illegal registration.
Tho voters who had been living at tho ad
dresses given for about n year, wero
naturally Indignant nnd expostulated. Tho
deputies showed n disposition to become
violent nnd wero on tho point of expelling
tho voters when n policeman and n special
arrived. Tho deputies' conduct wns plainly
In violation of Judge Fawcetl'a restraining
order und tho policemen proceeded to place
tho deputies tinder nrrost. Tho prisoners
wero taken to the station and locked up.
The Ree hss tho best facilities for getting
tho quickest election roturns. Ruy a Rcu
IVInler Time Cnnl lu HfTeet.
The Union Pacific placed Its new winter
time curd Into effect yestrrduy. The most Im
portant featuro of tho new card Is tho mak
ing of No. D, which leaves Omaha at 1 1 -35
p m., a Portlnnd train us well ns a Den
ver train. It having formerly been exclu
sively a Denver train. No. G will hcrcaftor
bo known as the "Mall and Rxpress " It
will arrive In Cheyonno at 11:15 tho morn
ing nfter leaving Omaha nhd consolidate
thero with No. 3 from Kansas City, running
thenco through to Portland.
Tho Ree novcr prints take extras. When
you buy a Dec extra you get tho truth.
W. 11. Mumford of Rentrlce Is In Omnhn.
Al llelslng of Wnhoo Is nt tho Merchants).
II. II. Trnffo of Chicago la nt thu Her
II. R. Rallurd of Sioux City Is at the
Mae Jucobs of St. Louis la n guest of the
F. J. Tenker of Detroit Is a patron of tho
It. II. Pnnnld of St. Paul Is stopping nt
the llelisluiw.
N. A. Drown of Fremont la staying nt
the Merchant!!.
S. Dills of Ottnwn, Knn., Is u patron of
tho Her Grand.
J. W. Turtle of Des Moines Is staying at
tho Her Grand.
C. C. Williams of Missouri Vntley is regis
tered nt the Millard.
II. II. Fleharty und wife ot Lexington,
Neb., are In tho city.
O. Ilecher nnd George Lehman of Colum
bus lire nt the Murray.
II. Rurrell of Great Falls, Mont., Is a
patron of tho Her Grand.
Eugene Moore, ex-stute nudltor. of Lin
coln la stopping at the Merchants.
.Miss Whltcomb of Clinton, IrTd.. H visiting
Miss lleleno Wymau at the Her Grand.
Misses Anna O Lacy nnd Margaret Wood
land of Milwaukee nro guests of tho Her
Grand. t,
II. C. Hansen, Georgo Hrnndt nnd W. S.
Sehelltile of Hastings registered Tuesday ut
thu Millard.
A. J. Randy, general passenger agent of
the OmHha & St. Louis rullro.nl, Is a visitor
lu the city from Kiitia.iH City.
Misses Minnie IC. Allloon and Mary O.
Itognu havo resigned their positions u
touchers In tho Omnlia fchools.
K. II. Gerecke of Norfolk. R. R. Schneider
of Fremont and K K. Vnlentliie of West
Point uro state guestH nt tho Her Grand.
Arthur M. Hdwnrds, first lieutenant of the
Fourteenth Infantry, at home on slek leave,
wus u visitor ut urmy headquarters yester
day. S. G. Rlythe of Washington. A. H. Hunt
of Philadelphia nnd M. G. SehllHliteln of
Chicago, newspaper men traveling with the
Ilryun party, stopped In tlio city last night.
Rev. Hdwurd Trefz hna been honbred
with nn ImltaMon to the llfth annual
dinner of tho Knnsaa (,ity Commercial
club, to be given In commemoration of thn
John Jny treaty, December 19. Rev. Tretz
will respond to n toast, the subject to bo
detorrnlned later.
Nobraslinns nt tlm Merchants: D. Kuhl
man, R. A. Stokes and J. L. Codington of
Auburn. C. S. Aug und A. Korb of Lln
wood. W. S. Penrne und A. L. Reegle of
Grnnd Island, Wllllnm Colton of York, F. C
Klnyon of Raymond. F. S. Howell of Rbilr,
F. A. Rigger of Holdrcgo und 10. K. Cruo
und family of Ttlden.
These unwelcome visitors usually appear in the sprint; or summer, when the bleiod Is mnkiue an extra effort to free
itself front the tumiv Iumurities that have accumulated elurini: the winter months.
Carbuncles, which are more painful and dangerous, come most frequently on the hack of the neck,
eating great holes in the tlcsh. exhaust the strength and often prove fatwl. lloils are regatded by some
people as hlcssiin;, aud thev tidtiently and uncomplainingly end-ire the pain and inconvenience under
the mistaken idea that their health is being benefitted, that their blood is too thick anyway, and this i
Nature's plan of thinning it. The blood is not too rich or too thick, but m diseased -is full of poison and
ttnlesa relieved the entire system will Buffer The boil or carbuncle gives warning of serious internal
troubles, which are only waiting for a favotablc opportunity to develop. Many aiiolei sore, running ulcer,
even cancer, is tne teiuu oi a ncfiicucu iuu.
Keep the blood pure, and it will keep the
skin clear of all the irritating impurities that
cause these painful, disfiguring diseases.
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nnd ncrinaiirntlv bv trinforcinir. purifying and
building up the blood and ridding the system of all accumulated waste matter.
S. S. S. is made of roots and herbs wliich act directly ou the blood, and nil poisons, no matter
how deep-seated, arc soon overcome and driven out by this powerful purely vegetable medicine.
b. fa. fa. is not a new, untried tenieJy, but for
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Mr. R, M Pratt, Cave.S. C, wtile
"I'or twenty yearn I ws sotrly
(filleted ttltn I'Oili and latbmicl-i
cu.ied by Impute blood, It ii it pos
sible to ifrscribc xiv aufle-rlur pail of
the time luring unable to nuticnrolefp.
Hevetnl doctots treated me. and I tiled
all the fo-callcd blood remedies, but
nothing seemed to An me any good
During the ummer of KskS I wa per
suaded to try S. S.S.,and after lakliiK
aereral bottles wneutlrely cured, and
bate had no return of theie painful
peats up t the pretent time."
proves the appetite nud digestion, builds up your
geuerai Health and keeps your blood m order.
Our nlivsii-iani have made blood and skin dis
eases a life study write them fully about your case.
and anv information or advice wanteel will be cheerfully triven. e make no charce
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Fuur now cases of scnrlet fever were re
ported to the city heu.th commissioner
Tho attendance nt tho night school In tho
Cuss building bus Inerea. ed to nlncty-llve
J. W. Russell, olty boiler Inspector. Ii.ih
reported to the Hoard of Fduc.t o Unit
the shell und flues of the smith holler l
Centrul school aro badly pitted und lu need
of repulr.
The Third precinct of the Hlxtti wnrJ
holds tho record for rapid voting. The
llrst eighty-nine men who voted In that
precinct yesterday prepared and cast their
bullots In elghty-tlvo minutes.
Many compialnta are coming to tho city
pas Inspector coiKernlnir KaoMno street
lights on the i-outl) ends of Nlneteenin
Twentieth, Twenty-llrst. Twenty-second,
Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth streets
The explosion of it gaso lne stove In Mic
ron r of u store ut 1G0.1 Leavenworth i-tro-t
cu.lrd out tho fire department. A i hemic il
engine quenched the flumes, which dam
aged the tiutldliiR to til' exti i.t of ubout "'
The heating nnd ventilating plant In t'e
now Buundcra school has not bnm glvl g
sntlsr.ie tlon, nud the R urd of l-Mm-a lu-i
bus requested the American Wnrming and
Ventl uting company of i hlengo to send an
employe to Omnhn to give Instructions con
cerning the operation of the plant.
Nick Autslatsky und Joy Slutsky were ar
rested yesterday by Ocer Woolrldgo on a
chnrgo of nssaulting George Spe.lman und
Joo Heltfold In u sulouii ut Ninth and
Dollgln street.-!. AutslntnKy, It Is nl'e (!
struck Siellmun en th head with n gnl on
Jug of whisky, breaking the Jug and split
ting Spelliuun'H our.
Onirics Smith wns nrrested yesterday
on a charge of horse steullrg. He culled at
Jones' livery stable with ,i Irindsoaic brrwn
gelding und tu-l;cd to huve the nttlm.il
boarded fur n few days, ill" conduct w is
so suspicious, however, that the po.l'io
were notified nnd he 'van lockeil up. He
wii:i unable to glvu n satii'.fuctory account
of how lie ciimn In possession of tho horse.
Authority has been receLed by l he cm
todlun of the lielerul bidding fe.r the 'ni
struetlou of a retiring room for th fema o
employed of the government. The ro ni
will be partitioned Irom thu lurg r, om
now occupied by tho rtiperlntendetit A
malls in the south wing at the llrst floor,
formerly ui-ed by the registry depurtmcrt.
It will be used until the completion of tho
nutiex. In which commodious eiuartcrs tor
thu female clerks will be piovided,
ronntublr Cola Ilia Throat.
HOLYOKH. Muss., Nov. 6. William Con
stable, ii former well known manufacturer
und business man, committed suicide this
nfternoon by cutting his throat. Ho re
tired from tho llrm of McCnllum, Constable
& Co., hosiery und silk underwear manu
facturers, n few years ago. He hud been
In poor health for some time.
INSTRUMENTS placed on record Tuesday,
November 6, 1900:
Wiirrnnty Deeds.
J. K. George to John Lane, lot 11,
block 2.1 Wilcox ,'d add S LTD
I). S. Cochran to It. A. Page, lot 27.
block 2, W. L. Belby's 1st ndd 1
1). R. Hasting to 12. C. Towslee. lots
1 und 2. block , Dupont Place 2
John McQuude und wife to M. C.
wear, lot .'l, uiock 10, ijorngan
Pin eo
C. I. Rroeffle nnd wifo to W. 11.
Green, n4 lot i, block 8, Plalmiew
Unit Claim DeriU.
A. J. Smith to M. C. I)aHstrom, ex
ecutor, lots 21 to 20, block S, Rosn
Sheriff to P. H. Goodwin, lot 7, block
8, Redford Place
Same to W. IC. F. Vila, lot 10. block
ti, ivounizo -nil nan
Same to mime, nW of e14 lot 33, block
4, Campbell's add
Sumo to M. O. LeuthMrom, e 34 feet
lot 3, bleiek "C." Prospect Place
Same to Notui tlnldwln, lot t, block
25, Knuntze Place
K. 11. Crosby nnd wifo to Phllidelphla
Mortgage, and Trust Co , part lots
13 nud H, Oak Knoll
III 5 Xjj M n 1 1
I 1 11
The Irish Girl Is the best thero Is!
It Is Cuban Hand Made.
The tobaccos used are the finest ot Old VeulU Itevama.
These tobaccos wern purchased beforo the Spanish war and
you know this means superior to recent crops.
It has been known ai a brand for 20 years and the mak
ers have a reputation to sustain.
That Is why 'hero la no better 10c clqar la the world.
Distributors. Omaha, Neb.
vCnt a-jfS. 'jA
tan, moth blotches and all
elisi'oluratiems of the skin
and complexion sjiccdily
atitl absolutely removed at
your home. 'Full informa
tion with book mailed free
joiiv ii. woonnuxr, i63 siaic si oncAce
)??)() eS5 05 t0
Total amount ot transfers (7,039
When Prof. Munyon says what his Cold
Cure will do h) only says what ull the
world knows. Nearly every body seems to
bo taking this remdy whenever a cold op-1
pears. It rolluves the head, nose, throat
und lungs so quickly thut u cold need no'
longer bo a forer-inncr of Krlppe, diph
theria or pneumonia.
Hvery ono of h's remedies Is us sure.
All elrugglsts, mostly 2.'ic vial. Guldo to
Heulth free. Write to Rroadwuy and 26th
St., New York, for medical advice free.
S)i;S (nOiS S) w
9 mm mo
aaaaaaaaV aaaVM fBMaT aaw (rt'l
That Wine of Cardui brings relief to women suffering from female
disorders is shown by its great popularity. It is not strange that women
r should have confidence in a medicine, when it has been relieving their
afflicted sisters for nearly a century. With every cure the fame of Wine
of Cardui spreads, until now it is known throughout almost the entire
civilized world. Shipments are made to England, France and Germany
and last year 5000 bottles were sold in British Cape Colony, South
Africa. The entire 1899 consumption excelled any previous record by
200,000 bottles. That is very practical testimony to the merit of this
J great medicine. It is enough to convince any suffering woman that Wineof Cardui
i is worthy of her confidence that it does what it is claimed for it. When you see
I such statements as that of Mrs. Smith, you can rely upon them implicitly. Her
original letter, showing that she received complete relief after her menstrual dis
order had developed heart trouble, is on file. Invalids considered chronic, with
sunken eyes, sallow cheeks, weak back and shattered nerves, have written earnest
letters showing how they have been restored to robust heaith by the Wine. For
women's little every day ills, Wine of Cardui has no equal. Thousands of American
homes owe a debt to Wine of Cardui they can hardly repay. . We advise you to get a
bottle of Wine of Cardui from your druggist to-day. You will be surprised at the
relief it will give you.
Metropolis, III., Jan. 15, '899.
When I wrote to you for advice my case was a bad one. The doctor said I could not be cured. My menses
came twice a month and I suffered great pain, and would give completely down. I had heart trouble and swimming
in my head, I commenced taking Wine of Cardui and Black-Draught tea as you directed, but had no faith in its
doing me any good. I was mistaken, for it brought the menses at the right time. I had no more of those terrible
pains and the heart trouble is all gone. I am thankful for this wonderful medicine. Mrs. W. G. SMITH.
In cases ren,ulrlnK special directions, address glvlnu symptoms, " The Ladles'
Advisory Department." The Chattanooga, Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Teun.
MTI'1 1 wrii if Mm r i i

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