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GonrtltuUonal Oonvantion Begins Ita Sea
a ods at Havana.
Sara the Fnlurc of Cnlin. In No! to lie
Settled by Ovalrr 01iar(tp, ttut
. by Prmlrnt unci L'nlm
HAVANA, Not. 6. The Cuban constitu
tional convention, which met yesterday In
the Marti theater, ro-assomljled this after
noon at 2 o'clock. Tho first business was
tho adoption of a resolution to send to
I'rosldent McKlnley tho following tele
gram: "Tho Cuban constitutional convention
has tho honor and satisfaction, respect
fully, to saluto tho prcsldont and congress
of tbs United States and to express senti
ments of gratitude to tho American peo
ple" Two committees worn appointed, one on
credentials and tha other on rules. Prob
ably several days will elapse before the
permanent organization Is effected.
Ii Oonoral Maximo domer., In a letter to
Ilavana papers, says ho will not accept
office under the Cuban republic. Ho writes
Jim a. rovuiuuumnc i nuu tii.tn uuii-
atood that thn moment tho revolution h
ended my mlnslnn will ln terminated. What
remains to bo done to attain the felicity of
the land Is not a mntter to be decided by
cavalry olmrKOs. The problems pressliiK
for solution must be solved, with prudenco
and calmness and without the anient pat
riotism that might luivo been necessary at
other times.
Cuba now presents a ureut Hold for lm-
Srovement. which must bo carried out Ju
Iclously. It Is a field where all Its children
can work. My retired life nntl my per
sistent rcfUKUl of tho positions that have
been offered mo should bo tuitllclent proof
that my determination Is Irrevocable. 1
(Irmly bollevo that the hlchest distinction
which a mnn who has fought mo much can
take with him to the srave Is the esteem of
all and this can only be attained by not
governing anybody or anything.
- ,...1 I .. 1 ..... ........... ..M.l....
Leader of TuMIc Opinion In Oermnny
Ilcpreuntr TnrltT Wnr rrlth
nBIlUN, Nov. 6. Tho Cologne Volkcs
buns, the leading consurvutlvo organ, dis
cussing the growth of the United States
In population and wealth, says: "A tarllT
war could be wnged against the United
Elates only by tho European states com
bined. If Germany alone wero to make
tho attempt Ita Industries and commerce
would have to foot the bill, wtille other na
tions would get the advantage. However
unpleasant tho admission, It nevertheless
remains true that we are unable to under
take alone economic measures against a
nation of 76,000,000 inhabitants and its
enormous resources."
D Hot Prr Turin War with Germany
BT. PETEKSBUnO, Nov. C Referring to
the report that Iluasla and America had
treed to warn Uormnny against fulfilling
tbs ulta agrarian demands regarding tho
train tariff, the proper authority In the
finance ministry has Informed the corre
spondent of the Associated Press today
that Russia does not Intend to Interfere
with 'Germany In tho conduct of her do
Biestto affairs. KUshU, ho added, will
aotlce the tariff legislation, only when It
Is enacted and commercial treaty negoti
ations oro begun. It Is possible Germany
will establish maximum and minimum
rates. Tho discussion of this point has
hitherto been academic. In any casn Russia
will calmly wait, as oho la not afraid of a
tariff war with (lermany.
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bow tbo election has gone.
PTaatan Candidate llrturiin to
Home After a MKlit
In OimiliH.
LINCOLN, Nov. 6. Mr. Hryun cabt
bis voto at 11:10 o'clock. The placo at
whlch( be exercised this public duty was
kose house No. 3, a halt dozen blocks from
bis place of residence ou II street Tho
seremony was witnessed by halt a hundred
residents who wero congregated In the hose
bouso and a dozen or so of newspaper men
who followed Mr. Ilryan from tho railroad
station. Before going to tho voting place
Mr. Bryan repaired to tho city ball, where
bo flllod out a certificate stating that ho
bad failed to register because of absence
from the city. Tho clerk at the city hall
Who supplied him with a certificate also
dlsponscd to all who would recetvn them
yellow badges bearing tho Inscription: "I
am a republican," and ho seemed qulto ns
much occupied with ono duty as the other.
Thero was quite a procession from tho
city ball to tho voting place, consisting of
sltlzons and newspaper men In carriages
and a number of Mr. Bryan's neighbors on
toot, who escorted him to tho voting place.
He reached tho Are company's house
bout 11 o'clock and Immediately proceeded
to the rear of tho building, where tho vot
ing corner was roped off from the re
mainder of the house. Ho was, of course,
recognized by almost every one present and
general handshaking ensued. Two free
boldors of his ward, ono a republican and
the other a democrat, volunteered to stand
tor him, and they, us well ns Mr. Bryan,
were ewaru as to thn facts In the cum.
Tbo presidential candidate was granted no
exemption by tho Judge of election, Hov.
lr Ludden, n Lutheran minister of repub
lican proclivities. Mr, Bryan was required
to give his place of residence, tho stato
Where ho was born and also Inform tho offl
lals as to how long he had lived In the
precinct, the wnrd and tha state. Having
obtained this Information, Mr. Ludden
asked Mr. Bryan, in accordance with the
law of tho state, whether he wished to sta.o
the name of tho party with which he affil
iated. To this Mr. Bryan promptly re
ponded: "The democratic party," and
with a smile ho added: "With friendly
feelings toward two others." Aftor this
Mr. Bryan took the ballot which was
banded blm, entered a booth und prepared
It. Emerging from tho booth, he
dropped tbo ballot Into tho tin box pre
pared for that purpose und the vote was
given tbo number 1S3, As ho was voting
So vera I cameras wore turned upon him and
tho elcctlou Judge requested all present to
remove their hats. The request was
promptly complied with. As Mr. Bryan
It is because Ayer's fhif
Vigor is i hitr-food : goes right
down to the roots of the bur :
feeds the hair bulbs just the
wiy they used to be fed when
you were younger tnd more
vigorous: Tint's why the dirk,
rich color of early life always
comes back to your gray hair.
The hiir grows longer, too.
If jcra At not obtain tha benefit you daalra
from uio of It Vie or. wrllt tin Doctor
atni' It. Ua will tell you Jut tha rlatit
thin to do. Adarau,l)r,J.C.ATsa,Lowtu,
left the booth he was asked If he had cast
a straight ballot, to which he replied:
"Vei, the electoral candidates are all
friends of mine."
The voting ovt'r, Mr. Uryan was escorted
to bis homo and there made a brief address
to the friends assembled. Standing on his
front porch, he said:
"Ocntlcraen, I want to thank you for tho
loyalty you have shown, not only In this
campaign, but In tho campaigns which have
preceded It, and I hope that within twelve
hours we may bo able to meet again and
rejoice over a victory. W'o opened this
campaign at Kansas City by Indorsing tho
Declaration of Independence,, written by
Thomas Jefferson. I want to close this cam
paign by reading an extract from a speech
mado by Abraham Lincoln, for, In this cam
paign wc bavo been quoting tho Bpceches
of Lincoln and Invoking his authority, as
Lincoln, In his first campaign, quoted from
the utterances of Jefferson and Invoked his
" 'Mauy freo countries bavo lost their
liberties, and ours may lose hers, but If sho
shall, may It be my .proudest plume, not
that I was the last to desert her, but that
I never deserted her.'
"I will add that I think we shall suc
ceed today. Hut If we fall, be It eo. Wo
shall have the proud consolation of saying
to our conscience and to the departed shade
of our country's freedom that tho course ap
proved by our Judgment and adored by our
hearts. In disaster, In change. In torture,
In death, wo never faltered In defending."
The brief address was received with cheers
and tho party took Its leave, giving Mr,
Bryan a few hours with hU family. He
repaired to his home and was sound asleep
fifteen minutes after ho entered tbo house.
lllntrhe from I'otiKlikeepale and
the V.nnt Foreslindnvr
brnaknn'a Defeat.
LINCOLN, Nov. 6. Mr. Bryan received
election returns at his residence In this
city. Ills Ih.uso was fairly overrun by
newspaper men and telegraph operators.
Not only was tho lit st floor of tho house
largely given up to them, but two of tho
rooniB In tho second story also. Tour
telegraph wires ran to tho house. Mr.
Bryan had with him his brother, CharlcB
Bryau; his former law partner, ex-3tato
Senator Talbot; National Committeeman
L'ahlman and Attorney Schmidt. Mrs.Ilryan
had as companions a cousin, Mrs. Rogers,
and Mrs. Dahlman.
Mr. Bryan took his dinner a little after
6 o'clock and later Hpcnt a fow minutes
In conversation with tho newspaper men,
referring to tho bulletins received and
nsklng some questions about different
states, but without venturing any opinion
upon tho figures. Tho first 'bulletin In
was the one announcing that Poughkeepslc,
N. Y had given McKlnley a majority of
1,327, and this was quickly followed by
another bulletin to tho effect that Elmlra
had gone In Mr. Bryan's favor to tho ex
tent of 1,722 majority. When shown this
message ho simply remarked that it was
Tho othor bulletins from Now York camo
In thick and fast aftor that and while Mr.
Bryan made no comment, thero was a feel
ing among thoso present that he was disap
pointed in the returns from New ork
City and Brooklyn. His reports up to the
last concerning thoso cities had been en1
couragtng and his own observations had
led him to bnltevo that thero would be a
larger Increase in his vote, rather than a
Iohh. On the other hand, there was con
siderable encouragement from tho Interior
of Now York stnte, and especially gratify
ing was a message from National Commit
teeman Mack, saying that Buffalo had gone
republican by a majority of only about
3,000, ngalnst a majority of 12,000 four years
ngo. Coming closely upon tho heels of tho
Buffalo dispatch was ono from a friend
In Boston announcing that city to have
gono for Bryan by a majority of 7,000, as
against 17,000 for McKlnley four years ago.
Tha early dispatches Indicated tho loss
of Marylund and this oIbo was a disap
pointment, for It had been believed that
that state was fairly safo for tho demo
cratic ticket.
After recolvlng the earlier returns In
his library, In tho midst of his friends, Mr.
Bryan retired to his private apartments,
which were connected with thb outstdo
world by a special wire. Both he and Mrs.
Bryan were In cheerful mood and n person
unacquainted with the clrcumstnnceB would
never have dreamed from their demeanor
that thoy were at this tlmo the center of
national lntorest.
At 8 o'clock, when tbo newspaper men
congregated a Mr. Bryan's houso and
sought to secure a statement from him,
they were told that ho bad Just gono to
sleep and could not bo disturbed. When
ho retired to his own room ho glanced
over tho returns with apparent Interest
and then, expressing a desire to make up
some of tho rest ho had lost In tho last
few weeks, lay down and was asleep In
Iqss than five minutes. Ho had slept an
hour In the afternoon, after which he went
for a horseback ride to his farm. He did
not, however, feel fully recuperated and
therefore sought additional rest, thuB man
ifesting probably less concern than hun
dreds of thousands of his followers.
lleujaniln Harrison Votes,
INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. 6. Benjamin Har
rison walkod to a livery stable In East
Sixteenth street three blocks from his homo
at 12:20 today and voted. The crowd at tho
polling placo made way for tho former
president, who was Inside the booth only
a short time. He then walked back to bis
WHEELING, W. Va., Nov. 6. Tho elec
tlon passed off quietly throughout this state
today. Returns nro slow, as usual. At
torney General Recker wires that McDowell
certainly has gone 2,000 republican, a gain
of 400 compared .with 1896. Cabell county
goes republican by 250 to 350, In 1896 It went
60 republican. Only two precincts of this
county (Wheeling) have been reported and
they Indicate a republican majority of 1,600
at least. In 1896 this county gavo McKlnley
l,7ro plurality
l'ARKERSRURO, Nov. 6. Tha repub
lican stnte committee says partial returns
from three counties show gains of 700 for
McKlnley over 1S96.
WHEELING, W. Va Nov. 6. Election
day In Wheeling was notable for the swear
ing out of warrants boforo the United
States commissioner for Illegal voting. All
tho warrants were sworn out by demo
crats. Republicans are Indignant over the
arrests and damage suits aro threatened.
No West Virginia returns aro In ut 8 p, rn
WfiEI'lNG WATER, Neb., Nov. 6. (Spe
clot.) Last evening at the Methodist
Episcopal church nt 8:30 Rev. J. K. Max-
field, using the Episcopal ceremony, united
in holy wedlock Mr. Edward Moeser and
Miss Lena Berry. Ab'ut 100 ruesta wit
nessed the most beautiful wedding that
ever occurred In tho city. The bride and
groom left on tho night tralu for New
Orleans and Galveston on their wedding
tour. The groom is a MUsourl Pacific
train dispatcher at Omaha.
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Youtary Juror llnrneil o Death
GEORGETOWN. Kv.. Nov. .Jame A
Norton, who was one of the Jurymen In
me muisey trial, was nurnea to aeatn in
the prison at Sadlevllle last nlcht. In which
he had been put on a charg of drunken-
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tlon as governor by a substantial majority.
CHICAGO, Nov. 6. Sven hundred and
fifty precincts out of 1,127 glvo McKlnley
125,1521 Bryan, 111,716.
At 0 p. m. Chairman Rowe of tho repub
lican state central committee claimed Illi
nois had been carried by McKlnley by :tt
least 100,000. !7t-Congrcssman Htnrlch
sen, who was at the democratic state head
quarters, conceded the stato to McKlnley
by not more than 40,000, but claimed that
advices showed that Alschulcr, democratic
candidate for governor, was elected by
about 10,000.
CHICAGO, Nov. 6. Nine hundred pre
cincts out of 1,127 glvo McKlnley 160.50S,
Brynn 136,001, Woollcy 1.872 and Debs 4,021.
CHICAGO, Nov. 6. Four hundred and
twenty precincts out of 1,127 In Chlcagi
glvo Alschuler (dem), for governor, 68,783
and Yntes (rep.) 60,694.
CHICAGO, Nov. 6. Basing their esti
mates on the first 210 precincts received
cut of 1,127, leaders of the democratic
party In Cook county say McKlntey's ma
jority, In this county will bo about 15,000,
bnt that Alschulcr, tho democratic candi
date tor governor, will carry tha state.
SAN FRANCISCO. Cal., Nov. 6. At 7
o'clock 150 ballots bad been counted In
this city. McKlnley, SO; Uryan, 51. Seven
precincts out of 2,190 In tho stato outsldo
of San Francisco glvo McKlnley 116 and
Bryan 82, Same precincts In 1896 gave Mo
Klnlcy 141 and Bryan 95.
DENVER, Colo., Nov. C Returns received
up to 11 o'clock lndlcato that Colorado has
given Bryan at least 30,000 plurality. The
fusion stato ticket is probably elected by
half that plurality, and It appears thut the
fusionlsts will havo a majority of tho legls
la tti re. Many counties have not been heard
from, others have only estimates and none
una given iuii returns,
A hard fight has been made by tho reuub
llcans all over tho stato on tho legislative
ticket In the interest of Senator Wolcott,
who Is n candidate for re-election, and It Is
possible that republican representatives
havo been elected in somo counties which
went for Bryan
There Is little doubt that Congressman
Boll has been re-elected In tho Second dls
trlct and It Is believed that Shatroth Is re
elected In the First, but this cannot be said
LEADV1LLE, Colo., Nov. 0. Indications
nro that Bryan carries Lako county by
DENVER. Nov. . Milton Smith, chalr-
mun of the democratic state central com
mlttee, at midnight made the following
statement: "I am satisfied that Bryan bas
carried Colorado by from 40.000 to 50,000
and the fuslonlst stato ticket will not run
5,000 votes behind him. Tho republicans
havo not elected more than twelvo of tho
seventy-flvo members of tho legislature-
Congressman Shafroth has n majority of
12,000, and Bell, In the Eccond district, Is
elected by 25,000."
NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. 6. Stato
Chairman Tbaycr of tho democratic com
mittee concedes defeat for tho democratic
national tlckot In Connecticut, but states
that he bolleves Judgo Bronson, tho candi
date for governor, will carry the stato by
a small majority. If tho returns from New
Haven, Waterbury and Hartford ore pro
rata ha gives a plurality of 4,000. He
claims tho election of Oliver Glldcrslcovo
for congress, but may revlso his claims In
an hour after bearing from cities.
O. R. Filer, chairman of the republican
state central commltco, nt 11:30 on the
basis of returns received at that hour
clatms Connecticut for McKlnley by 25,
000 and tho election of a republican stato
ticket by 12.000 to 16,000.
NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. fl. Thirty-
eight cities and towns In the state glvo
Bryan 3,163; McKlnley, 6,8S.
Same In 1896, Bryan, 2,344; McKlnley,
6,303; republican net loss, 6 per cent; dem
ocratic net gain, 35 per cent. Same cities
and towns for governor give McLean (rep.),
6,411: Bronson (dem.), 3,565.
NEW HAVEN, Conn., Nov. 6. One hun
dred cities and towns In Conctlcut out of
168 glvo Bryan 11.410, McKlnley 21.065; re
publican net loss, 8 per cent; democratic
net gain, 37 per cent.
On this basis McKlnley s plurality
Connecticut Is estimated at 23,2S5,
WILMINGTON. Nov. 6. Returns received
up to 10:30 o'clock Indicate a republican
majority In Newcastle county of 2,000 to
2,500. This will give the Btate to the re
publicans by 1,200 to 1,600. The democrats
havo carried Kent and Snssex counties ac
cording to early reports, electing two sena
tors nnd nine out of ten representatives
In Kcnt('county. Thla makes It certain that
the democrats will have a majority of the
next legislature.
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Nov. 6. Ten vot
ing precincts In Indiana give McKlnley
1,027 and Uryan 892. The snme precincts
In 1696 gave McKlnley 1,014 and Bryan 300.
Net republican gain, 111.
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Nov. . The Sev
enth ward, Eighth precinct, Indianapolis,
shows a republican loss of forty-aoven.
Chairman Hanlon df Floyd county demo
cratic committee wires as follows: "Floyd
shows democratic gain of 800 over 1896.
Will glvo democratic ticket 550, state and
CHICAGO, Nov. 6. Chairman Johnson of
the democratic national commlttco has re
ceived a telegram from Mr. Martin, chair
man of the democratic state committee on
Indiana, saying:
"Indiana has surely gone democratic."
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Nov. 6. Thirty
precincts out of 3,302 In Indiana glvo Mc
Klnley 2,482 and Bryan 2,580. Tho same
precincts In 1896 gave McKlnley 2,345 and
Bryan 2,580. Net republican gain, 120.
TOPEKA, Nov. 6, Based upon scattering
returns so far received republicans claim
plurality of 3,000 for McKlnley In this city
and county,
PORTLAND, Mc Nov. 6. Returns from
fifty cities and towns give Bryan 7,671
and McKlnley 12,403. Same places In 1896,
uryan 6,i&a, .MCKiniey 14,765, Tnis is a
republican net loss of 16 per ctnt and a
democrat not gain of 24 per cent.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Nov. 6. At midnight
both democratic and republican commit
tees claim the state, though they furnish
no figures In support of their claims. The
Laulsvllle nowopapers claim that Bryan
and Beckham or McKlnley and Ycrkes have
gained tho victory In this state, Just ac
cording to whether these papers supported
tha democratic or republican tickets In the
campaign Just closed. McKtnlcy's ma
Jorlty in 180 out of 200 precincts In Louis
Title and the county Is 4,059. In tho samo
precincts the majority of Yerkes, repub
llcsa candidate for overaor. orsr Bck-
ham, democrat, Is 4,498. Tho democrats
arc claiming gains out In the stnte.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Nov. . Out of 1,877
precincts In tho state 101 give Bryan 11,537
and McKlnley 11,826; for governor, Beck
ham (dem.) 11,402 and Yerkts (rep.) 12,015.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Nov. C In thl city
120 precincts glvo McKlnley 15,088 and
Bryan 12,355, Samo precincts give Ycrkcs,
for governor, 15,492 and Beckham 12,095.
BOSTON, Nov. 6. At 10:30 o'clock Ml
precincts glvo Bryan 42,329 and McKlnley
31,768, tho democratic presidential candi
date leading bis opponent by 7,661 votes.
Tho Indications were that Bryan would
carry Boston by n plurality of about 7,000.
That was tho situation, with ten precincts
to hear from. It was a net gain for Bryan
over 1S96 of 14,116 and a net loss for Mc
Klnley of 10,986. In tho vote for gov
ernor 171 precincts gave Crnno 1,417 and
I'nyno 84,617. It appeared on theso return's
that Payne would carry the city, but by a
far less plurality than that accorded to
Bryan. Goorgo Fred Williams wns asked
to give his opinion on the national result
as based on tho returns at hand, but he
said that bo would not discuss the situa
tion until tomorrow.
The Indications were that Henry F.
Maphcn Is ro-electcd over Pierce, his op
ponent, by about 2,000 plurality In tho
Tenth district. In tho Ninth Joseph Coney
(dem.) appeared to bo elected.
BOSTON, Nov. 6. Out of 191 preclncta
123 show a gain for Bryan over 1896 of
9,325 nnd a loss for McKlnley of 7,26!. The
total plurality for Bryan In the city, on
this basis, Is estimated at between 5,000
and 6,000.
BOSTON, Nov. 6. Fifty cities and towns
In the Htnte give Bryan 6,767 and McKlnley
12,368. The same In 1896 gave Bryan 4,958
and McKlnley 14.843. Republican loss, 17
per cent; democratic gain, 36 per cent.
For governor tho same cities and towns
gave Crane, republican, 11,864 and Payne,
democrat, 6,005.
DETROIT, Nov. 6. President McKlnley
has carried Michigan beyond doubt. Con
servative estimates place his majority at
65,000. His majority In 1896 was 41,542.
The Evening Nows says that If McKln
ley 's ratio of majority In tho 110 districts
henrd from Is maintained throughout the
state his majority will be 90,000. Tho re
publican state ticket has also been elected,
but by a smaller majority. At midnight
It Is thought that tho republicans havo
olected all their congressional nominees.
DETROIT, Mich., Nov. 6. Rolurns from
flvo districts In Detroit, glvo McKlnley, 7S3;
Bryan, 678.
DETROIT, Mich., Nov. 6. The News ee
tlmatcs that Bliss, (rep.) has carried the
state by 40,000.
ST. PAUL. Nov. 6. Forty-five out of 114
precincts In St. Paul glvo McKlnley 6,476
nnd Bryan 4,666.
LINCOLN, Nov. 6. Nebraska's national
committeeman, Dahlmnn," who Is very closo
to Mr. Bryan, says that whllo apparently
New York and Illinois nro lost, he doos
not by any means concedo McKInlcy's cloc
tlon. Ho thinks other states may come to
the rescue.
LINCOLN. Nov. 6. At 8:30 Mr. Bryan
raye ho will mako no statement until the
result Is definitely known.
LINCOLN, Nov. 6. According to Journal
returns, fourteen preclnct3 out of twenty
In Lincoln give SlcKInlny a gala of 5C2
over 3S96.
RENO. Nev., Nov.- 6. The election passed
off quietly throughout Nevada. Present In
dications point to Brynn by anywbero bo-
tween 600 and 1,000, and Newlands (demo
crat) for congress by about 800. Legislative
tlckot not yet canvassed.
CONCORD, N. II., Nov. 6. Twenty-ono
towns and wards give Bryan 1,678; McKln
ley, 3,378. Samo places In 1896 gave Bryan
824; McKlnley, 2,459; same places give for
governor, Jordan, republican, 2,312; Potter,
democrat, 1.584,
TRENTON, N. J Nov. 6. Incomplete re
turns from different parts of the state In
dicate that New Jersey has been carried
tor McKlnley and Roosevelt by more than
50,000. The republicans elect six of the
eight congressmen, tho samo representa
tion as last year, and will havo au over
whelming majority In both hcuscs of the
legislature, Insuring the election of a re
publican to succeed William J. Scwcll, re
publican, as United States senator.
JERSEY CITY, Nov. 6. Complete returns
from nil parts of New Jersey Indicate that
the stato, has gone republican, tho estimates
varying from 16,000 to 40,000.
CAMDEN, N. J., Nov. 6. Camden
county's plurality for McKlnley Is 12,000.
Tho entlro republican ticket wins. Harry
C. Laudenslager, republican candidate for
congress, defeated George Pfeltfer, demo
crat, NEWARK, N. J., Nov. 6. At 0 o'clock
Chalrmnn Murphy of the republican state
committee said he claimed the state by
65,000. This was based upon tho returns
from the different counties he had received.
Ho also claims six out of the eight con
gressmen, and possibly all eight He also
claims that all the eight state senators
baltoted for have been elocted.
RALEIGH, N. C. Nov. 6. The election
In North Carolina was very quiet. Returns
indicate that Bryan's majority will not be
less than 30,000.
Seven democratic congressmen are elec
ted, with two In doubt, the Eighth and
Ninth districts. It is almost certain that
the republicans have carried tho Ninth.
Democratic State Chairman Simmons Is
olected United States senator to succeed
Butler, populist, by 40,000 over his oppon
ent, General Julian S. Carr.
KARGO, N. D., Nov, 6,-Chalrman
Klolnegen of the democratic stato commit
teo conceded tho election of republican
electoral and state tickets, with the pos
slble exception of attorney general. In
thirty-seven out of 130 precincts SIcKlnley
received 2,950 nnd Bryan 1,459 against
McKlnley 2,638 and Brynn 1,836 In 1896.
This proportion of loss to democrats Is
being sustained by later reports. Thomas
Marhsall (rep,) Is certainly elected to con
gress over M. Hlldreth. Max Wlpper-
man (dem.), candidate for governor, la
running ahead of his tlckot. Republican
committee claims McKlnloy's majority Is
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn,, Nov. 6. A Times
special from Bismarck, N. D., says: "The
vote In the state Is very slow coming In.
The city of Bismarck, it Is estimated, will
give McKlnley 175 majority. -"The
republican legislative ticket Is prob
ably elected. The Judicial fight Is close bo-
tween Winchester (rep.) and Register (dem.)
Secretary Jewell estimates from returns that
ha.ve come In a majority of 8,500 for Mc
Klnley, with the state ticket a little behind.1
JfARQO, N, D. Nov, I. Seven precincts
In Pargo gltr McKlnley a majority of 461;
against 32, for tho same prfC.nets four jeurs
PROVIDENCE H. I., Nov. 6. On nn In
creased vote, Uryan bas made considerable
gains In Rhode Island. McKlntey's plural
ity of four years ago, w.u 22.P7S. Only
half of tho 113 districts In the state havo
been heard from, those mls3tng Including
most of thoso In the cttles, with tnwt of
tho flfiy-clgbt In Providence McKInlcy's
plurality will bo about 20,000, It 1b believed.
Providence, fchlch in 1896, gavo McKlnley
8,211 plurality, while electing n democratic
mayor, bas elected Granger (dem.), by a
plurality of less than 1,000. In 1S96, every
.lty and town In th slate gave a McKln'ey
plurality. Tho republican stato committee
admits a reduced plurality.
PROVIDENCE, R. I., Nov. 6. Twenty
seven districts out of 143 In Rhode Island
glvo McKlnley 4,648 and Bryan 1,880. The
same districts In 1896 gavo Brynn 1,000 and
McKlnley 3,700.
No returns yet from the five cities.
BIOUX FALLS, S. D., Nov. 0. Reports
thus far recohed from this part of tho
stnte show heavy republican gains, but re
ports from other sections of tho state yet arc
too meager to show If gains will bo main
tained throughout the state. City of Sioux
Falls complete on president gives McKln
ley a majority of 493 over Uryan; repub
lican gain, 614 over four years ago.
SIOUX FALLS, S. D., Nov. 6. McKlnley,
In twenty-one out of forty-two precincts
of this' (Minnehaha) county, Including th")
cIUcb of Sioux Fulls, Dclt Rapids, Valley
Springs and Garretson, has a majority of
764 over Bryan, a pronounced republican
gain. This Is Senator Pettlgrcw's county
nnd tho republican legtslntlvo tlokvt Is
running well up at thn head of tho ticket.
He will lose seven members of the legisla
ture. TEXAS
HOUSTON, Tex., Nov. 6. Bryan's ma
jority will bo over 175,000.
HOUSTON, Tex., Nov. 6. The demo
cratic stato ticket, headed by Joseph D.
Bayers for governor, Is elocted by a ma
jority Increase of 100,000. Tho legislature
Is almost solidly democratic. It will elect
Joseph W. Bailey United States senator to
succeed Horaco Chilton.
It Is estimated that the majority of tho
stato electors will not fall short of 175,000
and may go beyond that figure.
Ira H. Allen of Fair Haven, chairman of the
republican stute committee, at 11 o'clock to
night announced that McKtnley's plurality
In tho Htato will reach 85,000, based upon the
returns received up to that tlmo. Curtis
Emory, chairman of tho democrntlc stato
committee, would say nothing with regard
to tho result.
Twenty cltleB and towns gava Bryan 718,
McKlnley 3,241. Same In 1S96 gavo Bryan
669, McKlnley 3,964.
CHEYENNE, Wyo., Nov. 6. Returns
from the stato are coming In slowly. It
will bo some hours before the result Is
known, but Indications thus far aro that
tho stato is safo tor McKlnley and con
gressmen by 2,000 plurality. Che.ycuno will
give abotu 300 majority for tho repub
lican ticket.
"The Strong Man,"
Sa Ir. Ilennett, "I Admired ly
Krerybofly, nml Mlllloiinlrcn from
Their Glided I'nlucen Who Have
"Wrecked Their .llnnlinoil li- Indul
gences Bvny III m I Guarantee Elec
tricity na Applied ly Mr Eleelrlo
Hell to Cure IJvery Komi of Wcak
nrti In Men mill Women." The Doc
tor Cautious Yon Airalnxt MFreef)
Trial" ami "Pay When You Arc
Cured" Concerns.
If you suffer from any weakness pecu
liar to men and women one of tha dis
orders, thu direct result of youthful In
discretion or excesHes In later years the
very worst possible thing you can do Is
to put drugs Into your stomach, The medi
cines all doctors uho for these diseases
morphine, damlana, cantlmrldes, strychnia,
pnospiiorus, etc. nro aeaaiy poisons tney
stlmuluto or deaden they cannot cure.
Thero are a great many moro druir wrecks
than nlconono wrecKs. i am telling you
the truth no one can deny It, I offer yon
tho only natural remedy for nil wenk men
and women ELECTIIICITV and I abso
lutely guarantee n permanent cure when
the Electricity is applied uy trie greatest or
remedial agents.
Dr. Bennett's Electric Belt
Mr I-leetrlc SuaucnNOry for (he per
fect rare of Nen'n Wrnknriiri I Junt
as Bjrent nn Invention aa my llrlt, nnil
la free to eucli male patient. The cur
rent through thla auapenaory la dou
blet It Klvea n current Itoclf bealdea
the current received from bring; con
nected to the Ilelt.
1 vn
Vou rct Klectrlclty by trentlntr with mv
ritlt In Its purest form. There Is no possl
bin chancs for It to Injure, you. It does
not stimulate. It must strengthen. To get
pood results from Klectrlclty, you must
have constant application soveral hours at
a time. You cannot do thts with tho bat
teries used In doctors' offices. It would
keep you nway from your business. My
Ilelt does not bother you u bit and you can
work, ride, Jump or run with It on. I have
known for mam veitrs that Electricity wns
tno greatest curative agent that would over
dc Known, i no not kivo arugs at an now.
I could make more money If I did. It does
not cost nnyililnK to write a prescription.
I devoted a good portion of my life and
money In perfecting my Kloctrlo Belt. 1
do not nromtse It to cure you I cuaranteo
It. The prices of my Belts are within the
reach of nil the afflicted, You can rest ns
surtd my Ilelt will not burn or blister you,
as do all tho other kinds of Ulectrlc Holts.
It has soft, silken, cliumols-covored sponge
electrodes that entirely do nway with the
burning. They can be renewed when worn
out for 75 cents no other belt enn be re
newed for any tr!ce. and when burned out
Is worthless. The renewing feature and tho
electrodes of my Bolt are my exclusive pat
ent and are used on no other belt or appli
ance. I absolutely guarantee my Klectrlo Ilelt to
euro Lost Manhood, Varicocele, Losses rnd
all Sexual Weakness In either sex: rentorn
Shrunken or Undeveloped Organs nnd VI-
taiity; cure ttneumnusm in every rorm;
Kidney. Liver nnd Bladder Troubles. Con
stipation. Stomach Ailments, all Female
uompiainis, etc,
Call or write today. I have written
book. "The Flndlnnr of the Fountain of
Kternnl Youth," sent free, postpaid to any
nun re, ior tno uaKing. ivice Wlinoui
cost, tsoiu oniy uy
nD DCMMCTT Electric Belt
un.Ut.mil. I I Company,
Hooiua 18 to 81 Donajlaa ninck,
Dd an 10 th at.., Omaha, Neb,
And All Forms of Itching, Scaly Humors Are
Instantly Relieved and Speedily
Cured by CUT1CURA.
The Itching and burning I suftered In my feet and limbs for thrco years
were terrible At night they vfcro worse and would keep me awake u
pitals, and alt else fall. Bold throuehnat tho world. Pom a Diiua Attn Ciuuc
Cohf., Solo Props., Boston. ' llow to Purify and DuanUfy the Skin," free.
Ve only Ctmcnnx Poap for baby's ektn. scalp, and hair. It U tint only tha pom t,
Mtueteet, nnd moit rcfrei-hltig of nursery Miap, but Itruntttui delicate, emol.
MILLIONS Heut proittrlli'it, obtained flora t'trricunA.the grtut dkln cure, whleJi rreferte,
purify, and bciioltfr tho din, scalp, and hair, and pretent elmplo nVtln blcm.
Ur (she from becoming; tetlom. Kor diMreMlnc; ht ranliei, chafing, tnaani.
MnTHFne. nations and vrnptinns for ornnted, Itching trrllaUona of the cb., with dry,
mu i ntno th)rii Bni, faun), lia)r( fr rf(j, monk handa, and slupeleii naib, and simple In.
tanUle humors It Is abeolutely lodlipcntsblc.
ttiormon OishoDS' Pills
rv.s T.Z'lA."'h'.JZwu.Tr
ct telMUM, diiii;Uoa. tunwi, m
RPlfJSI: few
rrm. Sthttt! tha brtln cJ uiv ttnHn. m let, fir fi $ f rull. rrV1! Arl-rip -Mite, toj turn
aj manrwinadtj. m Uit. ocuiw bco. Adslrssnt Bishop Remedy Co., Con fr nclscot OsuU
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bovel mirror, frame made
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i largo mirror, richly ornamented with
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Eleven years ago the best office building In Omaha
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lifetimes not fcr a year or a decado. It has been kept
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"Mnn want hut
little uci e below"
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long yeur.s a no,
I'm prone to doubt
that undent auge
When I loolt ut The
Bee's great "Want
AU" puRO.
rciiter part or me mgut. i cuusuitett
tctor liter doctor, ns I was travelling
on tho roiid moat of my time, nlo one
of our city doctors. None of the doc
tors knew what the trouble wns. I got
a lot of the different wimples of tho medi
cines I hxd been using. 1 found them
of so mauy different kinds that 1 con
cluded that 1 would hare to go to a
Clnelanatl hosplul before I would get
relief. I had frequently been urged to
try Cuncuru Krmedii'j, hut 1 had no
fultli la them. My wiro lltially prevailed
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irtiUlion, ami Inflammation, and soolho and
he.il, and Cutk cha Resolvent (iOc), to
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ttulp, aud blood hamon, raphes, and Irrita
tions with loi of hair when phvilclana. hos
' s " r iim Non
cunt ma wont cunliiM M mar tiKlnr fion ta
ctfnttaMtl!i, DurSS LOt Sannhood. Int
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Pennyroyal pills
A lam M.k.l. J a . L .
IB II aT t mnA t A .i.lu. . .
" - " " a"'ll " MUM
ItkUMrtMM. T.lr..Ufr. turjM
Saiamai t-lllutloa. mm laalta-
lara Mall. Iimwiu I iiiaiaia s.Uba
r all Dr.ui.w Ckl. Lfc,ul
TtCCItKS alt Kidney
n iKHKava, tiacii-
aobn, etc. At 1rur
rlvu. rr by uall,
I Ftim boolc,a
. v I'nuwR.w
Tloe, etc, of Dt, 11. J, Ka, Sarao. M. T.

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