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Davis sells Rlnss.
"Mr. Ulley,' G-ccnt clgnr.
Oas fixtures and Klobes at Illxby's.
Fins A. II. C bpor Noumnyer's hotel.
Wollman, sclcntinc optician. 109 ll'd y.
Bchmldt's photos, new and latest style.
V. J. Hostettr.r, dentist. llaldwlti block.
Moore's stock food kills worms, fattens.
Drink IJudwelser beer. U. nosenfeld.
Lefrort. Jeweler, optician 230 Ilroadwny.
Attend thu anlversary ball, W. of . ball,
Wednesday evening. November .
Get your work done at tin popular Ragle
laundry, 724 Broadway. 'Phono 157.
W. C. Kstep. undertaker, is 1'iarl street.
Telephones, Ofllfe. ; residence, 23.
C. E. Alexander & Co. liao Just Im
ported lornn beautiful Italian pictures.
W P Clriiff. undertaker and llct.nscd em
balmer, 101 South Main street. I'hono KtJ.
Mrs. Ernest E. Hart of Park avenue Is
borne from a visit with friends In Chicago.
CleorKo Oerner, Jr returned home In
time to votf from C'lilcnuo, where ho wit
nessed the Clilcnico-Iowa foot ball game.
Colonel V. J. Davenport of tho Hurling
ton left last evening on n short trip to
Colorado on business connected with hw
Don't burn your old wool mattress. Mor
gan fc Klein will do them over by the now
broccsBbetlur than new. 122 Bouth Main
Mr. and Mrs. 1". M. Oault, former resi
dents of Council muffs, now of Kansas
City, are here visiting Mr. and Mrs. D. .
Tho Athenian rlub will be entertained
this afternoon by Mrs. Hamilton, 1002
Third avenue.
Charles U. Ellis, cushler In the local ollleo
of the Adams Express company, has been
called to Denver, Colo., by tho serious III
jiess of his mother.
Herman I.ttmhrldct and Matnlo Nelson,
both of Hod Oak, la,, were, married In this
city yesterday. Hev. H. Venting of tho
llaptlst church performed the ceremony
at his home.
At the annual meeting of the stockholders
of tho State Savings bank tho board of di
rectors was Increased by the ulectlnn of
two new members. They aro August Here
shclm and N. I. Dodge, Jr.
l'hlllp Altmans whh run down by a hack
Monday night on West Hrondway nnd tho
back wheel of his bicycle demolished. The
police have been asked to discover tho
identity of tho driver of the hack.
Victor l.eo opens u two nights' engage
ment nt tho Dohany theater this evolilng.
Ho Is called tho "Kunny Wizard" and it Is
claimed that there are few men who can
perform the tricks with the onso and per
fection that Victor In can. Thoso who go
will certainly have an evening of raro en
tertainment. Isaac Carlylo, sr., a well known farmer of
this county, died yesterday morning at his
home In Underwood from cancer of tho
stomach, aged SO yours. Ho was a widower
and leaves a crown up family. Tho funeral
will be held this morning at 10 o'clock from
the family residence ami burial will be In
Walnut I fill cemetery In this city.
P. F. Maxllnld, whoso homo on Harrison
street was broken Into and robbed last Sat
urday night, has given tho police descrip
tions of additional property since discov
ered to bo missing. The list Includes, be
sides a quantity of wearing apparel be
longing to Mrs. Maxllcld, somo valuable
iiteces of Jewelry and u lot of bed cloth
ing and tablo linen.
The city Jail was without a prisoner yes
terday morning. O. H. Ballard of Tabor,
la., who was won ring a plcturo of Hrynn
about the sire of u soup pinto when ar-
Iestcd Monday for being drunk, whs re
eased In time yesterday morning to permit
dm to return home and cast his ballot. Tho
only other occupant of tho Jail, a plain,
everyday drunk, was let go so that ho could
The receipts at tho Christian home last
week were again below tho financial needs
of the Institution. In the general fund
they amounted to JS7.S7 being J32.13 below
the estimated needs for the current ex-
Reuses of tho week anil Increasing the u
clency In this fund to dato to J1.O02.O4. In
the mannger'n fund tho receipts were $17.
being SIS below tho needs of tho week and
Increasing the deficiency In this fund to
Hate to J316.4S.
K. T. Plumbing Co.. telephone 250.
Prepilums given with Domestic soap.
Howell's Antl-"Kawf" cures coughs, colds.
Harry Ilelxer on n Tear.
Harry HeUcr when' placed under arrest'
by Officer Chrlstensen for being drunk
and disturbing tho peace last cvcnlnir,
showed fight and tho officer was compelled
to break his club over tho young fellow's
tiead before ho could land him In Jail.
Ilolscr mannged to throw tho officer and
Kicked him In tho face Just beneath the
right eye. Ofllcer Chrlstcnsen knocked
Holaor down three times with his club, tho
third blow breaking the club In two. It
took threo men to put Helser In tho steel
ell at tho Jail. Holser was arrested about
two years ago for shooting a man named
McCalmont In tho mouth, but escaped con
viction. Best weight Domestic soap.
Par IIIckmI Votlnar.
The police received word yesterday after
boon to Intercept and arrest two farm hands
named Charles Mack Alexander and John
Weaver, who wero charged with Illegal
rotlng at Glenwood, In Mills county. Tho
men after voting boarded a rig and started
for Omaha. Word was received later that
the deputy sheriffs had caught them beforo
they crossed tho county lino. Tho men
had beon shucking corn In Nebraska an-'
went to Olenwood yostorday morning and
It Is charged voted In a township where
tlieoy did not have a legnl residence.
Domestic soap has no equal.
Davis sella paint.
Turk Cominltnors Meet.
The Hoard of Tark Commissioners held
their regular monthly mooting last night
and allowed tho bills and salary rolls for
the preceding month. Chairman Schmidt
announced that threo does purchased fr.r
Falrmount park hnd arrived that mornlns
and woro safely housed nt tho park. Thoy
wero purchased from C. Ilushenlleld of
riumer settlement and cost $75.
Tho high bridge at Falrmnunt park oyer
tho cut was reported to have been safely
anchored In caso of tho embankment cav
ing la.
fliirlnl for VnrrUit.
The remains of Lou V. Tarrlsh, tho
nock Islatid engineer who was killed near
the Union Pacific bridge yesterday morn
ing, will bo shipped from Omaha to his
home at Stuart, la.. It Is understood that
no Inquest will bo held. Pnrrlsh was a
lnglo man and resided In this city,
for a shoe when you can
buy tho
Best Shoe Made for. $3. 50
uud you save $l.Ed ut
Shoe Store.
4ia imoAinvAV.
Monniini.ul In Eastern Nebraska
and Iowa James N. Casady, Jr.,
12C Main 8t , Council Muffs.
Savt Your Money;
I Inventing
IWlth lh
U3 ral Attract, CuaMotl Bluffs, la.
w : . -.
Quietest Eyer Hold and Largest Vote Ever
Cast in Council BlufFi.
Voters Qnletlr I'roceeil to Mark Tliclr
Jliillut Mild (iu About Their
L'Hiinl lluslnesi V Ithout
Ally I'iini.
The election In Council Hluffs yesterday
was a record-breaker in moio respaciB than
one. Not only was tho vote tho largest
ocr cost in thu city, but It was tho quiet
est and best conducted election lu the his
tory of tho city. Tho precautions taken by
tho municipal authorities, assisted by tho
chairmen of tho republican and democratic
committees, resulted In a total absence
of any lawlessness or disturbance during
tho entire tlmo that the polls wero upon.
The plan of roping tho "dead line" around
tho voting places proved effectual In pro
venting any crowds congregating around
the bootb3 and did much undoubtedly to do
away with the usual loitering of peoplo In
tho vicinity of tho polls.
Tho polls opened at 7 o'clock In tho morn
ing and tho voting was brisk for an hour
or so, those casting their ballots In tho
early hours being mcu anxious to get to
their work. During tho entlro morning up
to noon the voting was steady and It was
estimated that in most of the precincts
u third of the vote had been cast In that
time. During 'tho dinner hour tho voting
slackened, but about 2 o'clock It got brisk
again and continued so all the afternoon.
Tho lust two hours, from C to 7 o'clock, tho
balloting In several of tho precincts was
tho heaviest and In some precincts thoro
wns a regular rush of voters to get their
ballots In at tho last moment. When tho
polls closed at 7 o'clock, It was generally
estimated that tho full voto In tho city, as
shown by tho registration lists, had been
Incidents nf (lie I'olltiiK.
In some of tho precincts, especially In
tho First ward, there was evidence of
considerable scratching, while In others the
opinion prevailed that tho majority of tho
voters wero casting straight ballots. Tho
latter was noticeably true In the Third and
Fourth wards. In the First ward soma of
tho voters romalned so long In the booths
that tho Judges were compelled to notify
them that they wero overstaying their
limit. This was taken to Indicate that
the ballots wero being scratched. In tho
Third and Fourth wards and In tho Second
precinct of tho Second ward the voters as
ageneral rule stayed in the booths but a
very short time, and this was taken to in
dicate that they voted straight ballots.
In tho First precinct of tho First ward a
very largo voto was cast and at an early
hour the ballot box was Jammed full and a
barrel with the head securely nailed up
had to bo pressed Into service In which to
deposit tho ballots.
Around somo of the polls thoro was llttlo
to Indicate that a presidential election was
In progress except for the presence of tho
party of challengers and tho two special
policemen. Voters wont to the polls,
cast their ballots and then went back to
their places of business or homes. From
tho rapidity In which tho votes were cast
In somo of tho precincts It was ovldent
that tho voters had fully doclded before
hand how they intended to voto.
The usual electioneering around tho polls
was conspicuous by Its absonce.
Toward tho close of tho polls tho crowds
Increased somewhat, but nt no tlmo was
there the slightest disturbance. It was t
typical republican day even to tho weather
and by 4 o'clock In tho afternoon It was es
timated that the republicans had carried
tho city by at least 400. Even Mayor Jen
nings, who had boen most sangulno of a
democratic victory In tho city, conceded at
4 o'clock that his party was beaten and
beaten badly.
Public Interest Is Croat.
Tho deep Interest In tho outcome of tho
election was signified by tho throngs which
gathered nt every placo where roturns
wero received. As each bulletin was throwu
on tho screen or read by somo strong
lunged Individual deafening applause would
rend tho nlr and tho only complaints to
bo heard were on tho ground that tho ro
porta wore all one way. Early In the even
ing it became apparent that tho repub
licans hadwon a victory, not only locally,
but In tho country at large, and tho demo
crats soon vanished, leaving tho town In
tho possession of their opponents.
Tho novel fenturo Introduced by Manager
Atkins of tho telephone company by which
subscribers wero furnished tho returns as
fast as they came In proved to bo a popular
Owing to tho slzo of tho ballot and the
numerous scfatchlngs, no definite figures
wero obtainable In tho city at midnight,
although tho straight tickets Indicated that
tho republicans had carried tho day by
from COO to 600 votes. This practically
Insures tho election of tho entlro repub
lican ticket from top to bottom, as this
plurality cannot be overcome by tho demo
crats In the country precincts.
Four precincts out of twelve In Council
Bluffs, glvo McKlnley, 797: flryon. 709. "Nine
precincts outstdo of Council Hluffs In Pot
tawattamlo county, glvo McKlnley, 1,281;
Hryan 817.
Ilrookn Hood Given lip.
Chairman Heed of the democratic county
central committee at midnight conceded a
republican victory In the county by a good
plurality. '
Itoturus received by midnight showed
that In tho First precinct of the First
ward 467 votes wore cast, ns against n
registration of 4S3. The straight ballots
woro 193 republican and 196 democratic,
Sevcnty-olght wero scratched. In tho Soc
ond precinct GIG votes wore enst, as against
a registration of D20, thero being 2,'.S
straight republican, ISO straight democratic
and 109 scratched. In tho First product
of tho Second ward tho total voto cast
was 511, as against a registration of D36.
Thero woro 231 straight republican, 160
straight democratic and 121 scratched.
In tho First precinct of the Third ward
tho straight bnllots gavo tho republicans
33, as against 125 for tho democrats,
In tho Second precinct of tho Third ward
4ir votes woro cant, as against a registra
tion of 433. Tho straight ballots gavo the
republicans 200, against 164 for tho demo
crats, with 45 scratched.
In tho First precinct of the Fourth ward
381 votes were oast, 195 being straight re
publican, 83 straight democratic and 103
wore scratched. '
In tho First precinct of tho Sixth ward
527 votes wore cast, against a registration
of 547, the straight ballots being 264 repub
lican and 220 dotuncratlo and 43 wero
scratched. In tho Second precinct of the
Sixth ward the republicans got 25 straight
ballots and tho demo"rata 33.
Indue Smith' Majority.
At midnight it was Estimated that Judgo
Smith would have a plurality of over 4,000
In the Ninth congressional 'district. Chair
man Wright of the republican county cen
tral committee estimated a nluralltr of
from 1,000 to 1,500 for McKlnley In ho
county at largo. In ISOti Pottawattamie
county gnve McKlnley 5,810 nnd Uryati
In 1899 Pottawattamie county gave Gov
ernor Shaw (rep.) 5,247 and White (dem.)
In ISO'! the voto In Council Hluffs for
president gavo McKluluy about ten plu
rality. In 1S99 Council Hluffs gave Shaw
2,242 and White 1,640.
Domestic soap gives best satlsfactloa
Commonwealth 10-cunt cigar.
All grocers sell Domestic soap.
Intends to Give the City Council a
f'luim-L- to Hecover Hi Semes.
Whon City Marshal Albro acting under
tho Instructions of tho city council, went
to notify tho mo'.or company to stop tho work
of laying n second track on South Main
street, ho discovered one louo laborer
leisurely tearing up tho granlto paving.
He notified tho mnu to itilt work and he
did so. Marshal Albro then served formal
notice on General Manager Dlmmock.
After tho action of tho city council Mon
day night, tho motor compnny decided to
practically stop tho work until tho alder
men seo the error of their ways. Ono man,
however, was left on the Job, so that tho
program of tho city council ordering the
work stopped might be carried out. This
having been done, Manager Dlmmock nnd
Attorney Wright arc now laughing up their
Tho aldermen In tholr anxiety to ques
tion tho right of tho motor company to
lay any tracks on South Main street en
tirely overlooked tho fact that the right
to lay a sh'g!o or a double track was granted
to the Council Hluffs, Lako Manawa &
East Omaha Construction compiny In Do
cember, 1607, when the people voted fnvor
ably on tho franchise. Tho Construction
company's franchise wns later assigned
to tho Surburban company, when Town
send & Hoed purchased tho old Lake
Manawa railway's property. It Is under
this franchise which tho motor company
now claims Its rights on South Main street.
The records of tho city council show
that nt tho time tho Council Hluffs, Lako
Mauawa & East Omaha Construction com
pany filed Its acceptance of tho franchise,
It presented a list of streets which it
elected to occupy under Its. charter. In
cluded In tho list are South Main street
from its Intersection with Sixteenth avenuo
to Its Intersection with Washington avenuo
and Peari street, from Its Intersection with
Uroadway, to Its Intersection with Main
Mayor Jennings admitted yesterday that
ho had all along been under tho Impres
sion that these two streets wero not In
cluded In tho Construction company's fran
chise, but tho right to occupy them had
been granted to tho Surburban company at
th time of Its supposed troublo with the
old motor company. Tho mayor said that
his object In calling a halt on the work
on South Main Btrect was simply to secure
to tho city In a proper manner tho cost
of the paving, which tho Suburban company
tindor tho law was compelled to pay be
fore laying any tracks on that street. As
far ns he could sco tho company had a
right to lay a second track If It so desired.
City Solicitor Wadsworth stated that ho
would bo unable to furnish ,tho council
with a written opinion by tomorrow night
when It meets In adjourned session, but
hoped to have ono ready If still desired by
next Monday night. Ho Bald that by Its
action Monday night the council apparently
did not now want an opinion, but a suit.
Gcorgo F. Wright, general counsel for tho
motor company, said yesterday that his
company would not do any more work
on Mnln street until after tho council meet
ing Thursday night. What the council did
that night would guide tho company's future
course. Tho motor company had no desire
to fight tho city eounctl, but he expected
that by this tlmo the aldermen havo real
ized thnt tho company has somo rights on
South Main street. Ho believed that after
tho aldermen havo carefully read the terms
of tho franchlss granted tho Construction
company that tho whole matter will be
satisfactorily settled without any litigation.
Most for your money Domestic soap.
Gravel roofing. A. H. Head, C41 Broadway.
A I'oivilerleas Mnclilne Gnu that FIrca
:i,000 Prujri'tllen a Mlnntr.
Our Newcustlo-on-Tyne correspondent
Informs us, says the London Times, that
a tuachjno gun of a novel character has
been Invented by Jnmes Judgo, a well
known cnglneor of Newcastle, who thus
describes It:
Tho gun Is a patent centrifugal. quick
firing machine gun; It Is five feet high and
weighs about five hundredweight. It Is In
tended for battleship, earthworks and gar
rison purposes. Tho motlvo power Is elec
tricity transmitted to a motor attached
to tho side of the gun. The motor causes
a disk to rovolvo at a very high rato of
speed. Tho bullets, which are Introduced
Into the Interior of tho disk at the axle,
travel along curvos In the Interior to the
clrcurafcrenco, and are thoro Impelled
through a barrel. It 13 claimed that this
disk will rotate, under the Influence of tho
motor, at tho rato of 12,000 revolutions a
minute, nnd will ojoct shots from tho
muzzle of tho gun with an Initial velocity
of 2,000 foet per second. Ono of tho chief
characteristics of tho gun Is that It will
maintain a continuous flro. If necessary, a
shot may bo discharged at every half
revolution, but In practico one shot every
fourth rovolutlon will bo found sufficient.
Tho bullets aro spherical and mcasuro 3-1S
Inch in dlnmotor.
Tho following aro tho results of the tests
already tnado with the gun: Eighteen
thousand rounds of shot at tho rata of
8,000 a mlnuto havo been discharged from
tho gun. Theso bliotH consisted of nickel
steel, somo of brass (as used In Franco),
lead nnd chilled metal. It was tested seven
times privately, no motor was used, nor
Is ono yet attached to the gun, although
tho gun Is constructed for an electric
motor, Tho tests wero made by means of
a belt driven by a steam engine. Under
theso conditions tho velocity required and
which it is maintained an electrle motor
will produce was not, of course, attained,1'
but tho practical working of the gun was
fully demonstrated. A long range could
not be had because of the necessity of
secrecy, and tho testing was done In a
covered shed at niyth dry docks.
A stcol target, 3-32-lnch thick, was
shattered, tho disk of tho gun revolving
at n speed of 2,600 revolutions per minute.
From the penetration of the target It Is
calculated that at a dlstanco of 400 yards
a penotratlon of a similar character will
bo effected of a. plato 7-10-lnch thick under
tho lnfliienco of an electric motor. Thero
Is uo heating of tho barrel of tho gun, be
cause of tho continuous stream of cold air
which Is Impelled through It by tho turn
ing of tho disk. The disk Itself is also
freo from beating on account of the special
bearings on which It Is constructed. These
bearings aro a highly complicated, me
chanical contrivance, and are similar to
thoso tued In Parson's turblnes.'whlch can
rovolvo at thu rato of' 22,000 revolutions a
minute, and Lovall'a motor, which revolves
at the rate of 39,000 a minute. To test
the gun thoroughly It will be necessary to
affix a motor which will be a five-horse
power motor oounled direct onto th shaft.
Republicans Eipect to Carry the State by
Ono Hundred Thousand.
llennlta In the Congressional Fliclitii
Cannot Yet lie Told, Although
(he Indication Are That Ite
pnhllcann Are Klooteil.
DES MOINKS Nov. 6. (Special Telegram.)
At mldnnlght 243 precincts out of the
2,137 In tho state have been heard from
and 'these compared with the ote of 1896,
shows a net gain to the republicans of
twenty to a precinct. If this rut to Is main
tained, and It Is more than likely that It
will bo, McKlnley plurality In Iowa, will
bo 100,000, In view of the great confidence
felt by all republicans In the result In Iowa
and thu lack of any great contest In this
state, the result Is espectaly gratifying,
At midnight, Chairman Weaver of tho
republican state central committee said:
"Iteturns from 263 precincts la Iowa bo
far recolved show a net gain for tho re
publicans of twenty votes to the precinct.
This ratio, carried out, will mean a plurality
for McKlnley In Iowa, of over 100,000. Cer
tainly Iowa will glvo that much, which
would bo tho largest majority ever given
by tho state for any party," Tho plurality
for McKlnley In 1896, was 65,552. '
Returns show that a heavy vote has
beon cast nil over tho stato. The result
In the congrerslonal fights cannot yet bo
told, although tho indications are that all
tho republican congressmen will bo elected.
In tho Second and Sixth districts tho fight
Is closo. In Muscatine, In the Second dis
trict, Ilumplo, republican, has a majority
of 500.
Thero seems no doubt that the amend
ment to thu stato constitution for biennial
elections instead of annual ones haa car
ried. Polk county, In which Is Dcs Moines,
will glvo about 6,000 majority an Increase
of about 2,000 for tho republicans.
Tho voto on the stato ticket In Iowa Is
running very close to tho national, show
ing that most of tho members of other
political organizations who havo laid asldn
patty lines, have left tho old party on
tlrely and havo voted a straight ticket. The
entire republican stato ticket has boen
elected by a most complimentary vote.
Tho returns from tho eleven congressional
districts of the stato aro meager, but there
is every reason to believe that tho dele
gation will be solidly republican.
International Aasoelatron of Machln
Inta Make Demand for Ad
vance la Wigta,
SIOUX CITY, la.. Not. 6. (Special.) H.
J. Conlon of this city, one of the four mem
bers of tho board of arbitration of the In
ternational Association of Machinists, to
day announced that a demand bad been
made for a 10 per cent advance In wages.
A strike of 60,000 men Is threatened. Tho
settlement of tho strike this spring for a
nlno-hour day lias been construed by the
national metal trades to include a reduc
tion of pay. Tho men want ten hours' pay
for nlno hours' work.
Fall Mar Prove ratal.
BOONE, la.. Nor. . (Special.) This
morning Andrew Anderson, foreman of the
pile driver, whllo working on the high
bridge across tho Des Moines river, lost
his footing and fell a dlstanco of forty-five
feet, striking on his face, receiving Injuries
which will probably prove fatal. He was
brought to this city on tho work train and
taken to his home at 1304 Carroll street,
where the physicians gave no hope for his
recovery. Ho has worked for tho North
western railroad many years and was a
steady, reliable man.
Woodknry County.
SIOUX CITY, la., Nov. 6. (Special Tele
gram.) Sioux City and Woodbury counties
will go 2,000 republican. Lot Thomas of
Storm Lake, Is re -elected congressman
from the Eleventh district by an over
whelming majority.
Kalla Into Vat of Lime.
CLINTON, la., Nov. 6. (Special. Wohn
Johnson, while Intoxicated, fell Into a
vat of lime and was terribly burned. He
will lose the sight of both eyea and will
probably die.
reople Who Have Stubbe Their Tees
Atratnat Genuine Gold Brloka.
"I dare say every great Invention, beforo
It la finally hit upon," remarked a New
Orleans lawyer to a Times reporter, "has
been within hand's reach of dozens of men
who were unawaro how near they stood
to fortune. Thero Is nothing more singu
lar In fact than the way peoplo can skate
around somo huge Idea without seeing It.
When the foreordained fallow comes along,
grasps the practicability of the thing and
reaps the reward of perspicacity, tho others
who have been so near and yet so far,
feel somehow that he has Interfered with
their vested rights. Lots of famous law
suits have grown "out of thoso conditions.
Dut It Is certainly exasperating to realize
that you havo stubbed your toe on a gen
uine gold brick and then were fool enough
to walk off and let somo other chap pick
It up.
"I had an experience of that kind once
myself. It occured to me that a revolv
ing bookcase would bo a handy thing for
office use and I bad one built to order.
It proved a success and on several occa
sions I thought vaguely of having the
device patented, but dismissed the scheme
as 'not worth while.' Nearly two years
afterward a moro Intelligent gentleman up
in New England did what I wouldn't do
and today ho Is rolling In riches. I have
been obliged to buy ono of his canes since
and I nover hated to give up the money so
badly In my life. Several other Instances
In the same lino havo coma under my
personal observation.
"I havo a friend, for Instante, who
stumbled upon the principle of tho nell
telephone long beforo tho war. He was
at college at the tl.ma and he and a fel
low student actually went so far as to
construct an experimental line over half
a mile long. They had It In successful
operation for several weeks, whon It was
discovered and destroyed by a cantankerous
professor, and thus vanlMhed what might
have been one of the biggest fortunes In
tho world. The Incident had almost faded
from my friend's mlud when Prof. Hell
launched his Invention on the public.
"Another gentleman who was formerly
n client of mine anticipated the pneumatic
tiro years beforo somebody else patented
it. He Is fond of One horses, and away
back in the. 70s he had a light road
cart made that wan almost the exact
counterpart of the modern pneumatic su'ky,
The big, clumsy-looking tires excited great
merriment among his friends. They dubbed
them 'sausage wheels, and ho has told mo
mora than onco that that fooliah Joke was
the thing that caused him to abandon tho
oxporlraont. Pneumatic tires have since
made half a dozen big syndicates rich.
"Still another acquaintance figured out
tho exact mechanism of the self-binding
reaper nearly ten years beforo the machine
was covered by patents. Not being a far
mer, he failed to approclato tho Importance
of tho thing. It impressed him as being
chimerical and he pigeonholed his drawings
to gathor dust until he awakened to the
fact that he had a fortuno by the throat,
only to let go again. His comments on the
Incident wouldn't sound well at n prayer
ICatlniateil In Vnrlom Warn-V'or In
Inner In ItrKiiril to lleulili.
The cost of a day's gcnulno fog in town
can be estimated lu different ways, says
a writer In the Contemporary Hovlew.
About a dozen years ago, I. o., Just beforo
tho electric light had seriously Interfered
with the street Illumination by gas alone,
tho calculation In pounds, shillings nnd
pence worked thus: Statistics furnished
by ono chief company showed that 35,000,-
000 cubic foet In excess were consumed on a
slnglo day of fog. This wns computed to
b.i a quantity sufficient for a year's supply
of gas to a town of 10,003 or 12.000 Inhabi
tants. Adding to this the "extra supply de
manded at the snmo tlmo of two other
metropolitan companies, tho total excess of
gas amounted to 150,000,000 cubic feet, or,
put It In another way, tho cost of the day's
fog In gas to London could not bo put at u
loss figure than $35,000 or $40,000.
Then, as to the cost In health, wo have a
statement In tho Lancot from a health
officer who Is proparcd to take tho lenient
view, that In splto of a few days' discom
fort peoplo after a fog llvo on-pretty much
ns before. Ho is ready to admit that to
counterbalance tho bad effect of mochan-
tcal Irritation thoro Is possible good to bo
derived from Inhaling carbonaceous matter
by reason of such matter being a disin
fectant, whllo, as tho result of actual meas
urement, thoro Is shown to bo present nil
tho whllo pretty much tho normal amount
of oxygen. For all this, the writer Is con
vinced that tho mischief wrought goes far
beyond streaming eyes and smarting nos
trils. Thero nro other products in tho
banoful nlr besides the particles of slmplo
soot, sulphurous ammonlcal acid nnd or
ganic particles, which, whon added to tho
usual accompaniment of a loworlng of tern
pcrature, must tell materially against tho
Infirm or aged.
Dut this question has beon approached In
yet anothor way. Prof. Oliver, In a pre
llmlnary roport to the scientific committee
tit tho Royal Horticultural society a few
years back, details tho result of scraping
twenty square yards of tho roofs of glass
houses at Kew and also at Chelsea, which
had been carefully washed dowr previous
to a visitation of a fog. c In both cases
the weight of doposlt wus about the Bamo,
thirty grains per square yard, or six tons
per square mile. Proceeding to nnalyzc tho
deposit collected nt tho moro densely In
habited locality, thero was found about 40
per. cent of mineral mattor to 36 per cent of
carbon, whllo tho analysis yielded 6 per
rent and 14 per cent of sulphurous acid and
hydroclorlc acid, respectively. Thoro was
also a considerable proportion viz., 15 per
cent of hydrocarbons, to which was at
tributed tho familiar oleaginous character
of fogs as wo know them.
Wise Nerr York Cat IXnlillHhod Her
Authority In a Cafe.
Cats and dogs do not fraternize as a gen
eral thing, though now and then they
strike up an alliance. An interesting In
stanco of this took placo lu an uptown
enfo tho other night, but not until after
tho cat and tho dog Involved were, in ac
cordance with tho usual custom, at swordB'
point. The dog was Captain, a particu
larly smart cocker npanlol. Tho cat was
Lona, who as her namo suggests, Is fond
of frankfurters and Swiss chceso, and who
hitherto has maintained a standing feud
against all dogs. Lena Is a fighter and
dogs, barrlnc Cnptnln, aro her pet aversion.
Captain belongs to John Hogan, the old
tlmo mlnstrol man, and it canto to pass
that tho first time be ventured into Lena'd
stronghold ho wan looking for troublo, soys
tho New York Times. Lena never exerts
herself to avoid troublo and Captain was
accommodated boforo his visit was over.
Lena posted her forfeit nnd lost no time
in quibbling over tho tlmo for weighing In.
The point of tho story, however, is tho de
liberate manner in which Lena brought
about the conflict.
It seems that Lena has two feline, as
sociates who aro of a pcaceablo nature.
When Captain appeared on tho sccnu tho
two timid cats wore sharing a bono which
Cnptaln at onco appropriated. Lena was
closo by taking note of thn proceedings.
For a minute sho did nothing but think.
Her plan of campaign figured out, she
arose and slowly walked behind the luuch
counter. Her actions were noted by Cap
tain's owner and others, who, knowing
Lean's prowess as a rcpoller of dog
boarders, had regurded Captain's temerity
with amazement.
Lena's plan was apparent when sho
emerged from behind the lunch counter
with another bono. This eho carried to
within a few feet of Captain, where- sho
laid It down and then coolly Bteppcd asldo
to await developments. It was a palpable
challenge. Captain accepted the lssuo In-
stanter. He walked over, took Lena's bono
In his teoth and then put his foot on tho
other bono. Thn next Instant he had other
things to attend to than bones, Lena was
on his back and tho battle was on. Captain
Is a valuable dog and tho combatants wero
quickly pulled apart. Cnptaln was minus
a few locks of hair, whllo Lena had tho
bono and a smtlo of triumph.
Captain and Lena are friendly enough
now, although Captain has not yet r'ecoV'
ered from his surprise at discovering that
there Is one cat that not only doesn't go
out of Its way to avoid dogs, but lures them
Into conflict as well.
Once Wealthy Farmer llnnkruiil.
LOUI8VILLI3, Ky., Nov. 6. Richard
Wuthen. a fnrmor and stocktrador of
Hardstown Junction, filed u petition In
bankruntcy today. He owes J20l,07o and has
no assets.
The Opportunity is Here, Backed by
Omaha Testimony.
Don't tako our word for It.
Don't depend on a stranger's state
ment; Head tho statements of Omaha cltl
zens, And decide for yourself:
Here Is ono case of It.
Mr. It. L. Uowe, 2621 Bristol street, who
has charge of tho transmitters between
Chicago, St Louis and California In the
Western Union Telegraph company's ofllce,
says: "nefore I procured Doan's Kidney
rills at Kuhn & Co.'s drug store, corner
Fifteenth and Douglas streets, I tried sov
eral well known proprietary medicines
guaranteed to be suro cures for any form
of kidney troublo, but at best they only
gave me temporary relief. Finally I gavo
up searching for a remedy, but as my back
ached and thrfre was too frequent action of
the kidney secretions, It struck me If
Doan's Kidney Pills performed half what
they promise, they might help me over tho
difficulty. The treatment has apparently
cured me, for up to date I havo not noticed
a symptom of a recurrence."
Sold by all dealers. Prlco 60a per box,
Foster-Milburn Co., Huffalo, N. Y sole
agents for the United States.
nemember the name Doan's and take
no substitute.
Weak and trembling, unsteady of hand, uneasy
of mind. Frightened at trifles. Tortured by an
indefinable feeling of fear.
Excited by noise, oppressed by quictncver at
ease. Irritable and miserable.
Forerunning symptoms of Nervous Prostration
brought on by a debilitated system and over-taxed
body or brain.
THE CURE is Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People.
They bring new life to . . sufferers
send rich blood tingling through every vein,
soothe and strengthen every nerve.
They have restored to the Paralytic the use of
his limbs; to the victims of Locomotor Ataxia and
St. Vitus' Dance the full control of the nerves ; have
raised up the sufferer from Nervous Prostration J
freed thousands from the pangs of Neuralgia and
Rheumatism, and saved the lives of many who were
threatened by Brlght's Disease and Consumption.
AtnJlDrmgliHonllr.ct from the Dr. Wllllm Mrtlcln C'ofchfnfc-
udy, N.Y., pustiuUilon rtcll or
Good Prope
Is a Good Investment
Fifteen lata in a body for sale at a rary reasonable prloa. Thasa
lots are locatod In Omaha addition and 11a hlfh and dry. They
will make a splendid location tor soma factory. Sararal othar lots
suitable for bulldlns purpose ana of them especially will raaka
a Una location for a home, batnc within oaa block of th motor
Una and within two blocks of a achaol housa aad churok laoatad
la tha wattern part of tho oily.
Apply at
Bee Office,
Council Bluffs.
S5.00 A MONTH.
All Private Diseases
and Disorders of Men
12 Years in Omaha.
' Method new, nevar falls,
wiUnut cutting, pain or
loi-H nt tlmo.
S YPHlLIRc1,rectl,,rll'eBDdtbpPol'o
w aBBiwtborouy'jIy cleaned from
thoNytem, Soon every nlpn and symptom
?i?a.I2P??.r?..,C0,nl,'tey B"d forever, Wo
'UetlSAICINU OUT" of the illease on the skin
or face. Treatment rnutatns co dangerous
drucsor Injurious medlrltien.
WEAK MEN ''0SR ol' MANnoonfrom &e
evn i v Teenies or VltrilMiToNrlivous
SHXUH1.UT Dkihi.itT or K.XHAtlbTtuK,
Wxstino Weaknkm Involuntary l.ossrs,
with KAntA- dkoat In Young aud Middle
Aocu. lack of vim, vigor nnd strength, with
sexual oruans Inipalrtd andwoak,
STRICTURE Hadlrally oured with a new
nrt rLFFT"4. I'jfslllble Home Tr-it-una
ii.tti ment. Noinstruments.nopaln,
no detention from boolm-is. Gonorrhoea,
Kidney and llbiilrtrr Trnutilef.
;tllti:. UUARANTKRD.
Contultallon Tree. Treatment hy Mall.
Call on or address 119 S. 14th St.
Dr. Searlss & Searlos. Omaha. Neb.
It you have small, wrak organf.
Ion power or itrakrnlnir drains,
our Vacuum Organ l0Telir will
rr.torn you without dm? or
elrctrlcttri SS.WO In i not nn
failure I not one returned i no C o. t). fraud i writ for
partfruian. enl sealed In rlnln enrelope.
LOCAL APPLIANCE CO.. 414 Crimes list.. Dmvir, Cila.
lest Olnlnc C Sirdci
price, toe. per box; tlx boie, liw.
Our Customers
Sell Our Stoves.
AlUill I Cd K the rciihoii,
asic Tiir.sn ruoi'i.u what
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nnd Second street.
W. H. Dalboy, 515 Mnln xtrcct.
3. J. Ferguson, M7 Third avenue.
Mr. Maybee, Oakland nvenue,
A. P. Iluoves, Silver City, la.
With No. 165 Favorite Hosoburner,
heated live rooms from October 1. till
May, and only burned 2'. tons hard
coal. Kept all doors open tho whole
winter. One room 12x19, ono room 12x
14; two rooms 10x12; ono romn 10x10.
T. 11. ItlLBY.
615 Seventh Avenua.
41 Mm In .Street,
Charter Oak Stove & Range Co
two Mt.irrs,
.Vovrmlirtr 7 nnd 8.
The firent A merlon" SIiia?lelaiii-Noro.
uiuutlgnr Conirillnn unil Ilia
Prices, 10a and lOe.
Us Lit'll ithoumatlc Cure, a sure an A
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Council Ulutfa, Iowa., Auenta.
r O- ,
I cVWb7e STOVt&lumM

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