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$1.00 a Year
A continuation and enlargement of the policy that has made the most pronounced success in current literature. The keynote of McClure's Ahpazine is human interest; the record of human
activities and achievements, whether put into the form of fiction, historical sketches, biographical articles or descriptions of inventions and narrations of travel and exploration. McClure's Magazine contains
whatever is vital, wholesome and stimulating in the life and literary product of our time.
10c. a Copy
be found the opening chapter of
"Kim, one of the greatest novels
that has appeared in this generation.
In this wondrous story of adventure,
comparable to Robinson Crusoe, whose
chief characters are an Irish ragamuf
fin of the streets and an ancient lama
of Thibet, the reader js given pictures
of people and places and a mighty in
sight into human life, its problems, its
Raeolleetior of a Lifetime en th Stage by
Clara Marrk
OF living American actresses,
none has achieved fame
and success equal to Clara
Mom's. Her rise was full of
hardships and against obstacles
almost insurmountable. How
this frail, friendless girl fou.qht
her way from the lowest round
to the highest rank in her pro,
fession is one of the most re
markable records in dramatic
history. Aiss Morris writes as
well as she acts. She tells the
story of her trials and triumphs
with dramatic power. Her
reminiscences of the great
men and women of her pro
fession will be found of ex
traordinary in
terest. She
will tell of
John Wltko Booth,
Lawrence Barrett,
Joseph Jefferson,
Mr. Gilbert and
other greet lUn In
the dramatic firmament
"KIM," Mi. DHIbi's New Hera.
philosophy, its failures, its hopes and
traged.es. Mr. Kipling has used India
for his setting with marvellous effect.
And the keynote of the story is the
secret service of India-the institution
that keeps the British informed of local
disaffections. We see the priests and
beggars, horse traders and fakirs, danc
ing girls and detectives pass over the
stage in rapid succession. Besides be
ing a novel of surpassing interest, it is
a literary illumination of a marvellous
people, of a mysterious religious phil
osophy of a land more varied than
anywhere in the world.
Next to the Grour d.
Entertaining Jtudlti of Perm Life end Country Cuitome
MRS. WILLIAMS prew up on a firm In Tennessee.
From Infancy she lived among plants, minute and
Insects and knows them as she knows her mi ther tongue.
These articles bring one close to Mother Earth. She
writes with that knowledge of detail that con ;s only from
lone and Intimate association. She tells of the flees and
Birds, the Hounds, the Horses, the Hop, th.; Trees, the
Crops, the Soil ami the tillers with Infinite el'irm.
IT is some years since we all lost sight of that dainty,
1 flirtatious, elusive "Dolly," whose conversations
with Ar. Carter set the English-speaking world agog
with dclieht. Now the delectable Dolly appears again
on the scene, and in More Dolly Dialogues Mr. Anthony
Hope supplies us with conversat'ons more dehghttul
than ever. Illustrated by Howard Chandler Christy.
Clara UotrU la 170.
HcGvrt's MtoAiine fuu for years presented
nets light on American History . For lot coming
ytkrttft h&e some especially good feaksrts.
who, as the author of the "Life of Lincoln," "Lift of Na
poleon," etc.. has entered the front rank amon American
historians, will write a series of articles about well-known
events, presented In a new dress. The Trial of AARON
BURR, the JACKSON-CALHOUN Imbroglio and the Signing
her forthcoming articles.
his subjects for the nter future.
These will Include two articles from the papers left by
Talcs of i Merry Monarch.
Sme ef Nu tciAttc Adventure of Jamei V.
4 Scetland. by ROBERT BARR,
TTHESE have been heretofore an-
nounced as the "JIMMY" Stories,
because by this pet name this uncon
ventional mourch was known to his
people, amonj whom he often travelled
and revelled in disgu se. Some of th se
adventures are told with characteristic
humor by Mr. Barr.
MRS. PHELPS-WARD, author of "The Gates Ajar," gives in dramatic form her matured beliefs as to the
great problems of Life, Death and the Resurrection. The drama carries the characters from this world
to the next, and the action involves the problem of Redemption. It Is certain to attract world-wide attention.
Studies of life amon the Criminal Classes made during a long tour
of the larger cities, exoressly for McOure's Magazine,
THIS author, so well known for his stories of criminals and tramp
1 dom, has made searching, original investigations amonif the
criminals of many cities, studying their relations to the public and
particuUrly to the rulmg powers. These articles are not fiction,
but sociological stories of the highest value. Thev set forth condi
tions as they are. The criminals tell of their acts, their views of
lite and how they could suppress crime if thsy had police control
Stephen R. Mallory, Secretary of the Confederate Navy.
They graphically tell of the FALL OF RICHMOND, the
Two articles prepared after great research, dealing- with
the return of the Union and Confe 'erate soldiers to their
homes. Hitherto Inaccessible oflic.il records nuke these
articles of unusual value.
nokm Hrr.
People of the Woods.':affla
'THESE are drscrlptions of animal life by one who has lived long In
1 toe woods and has teen the playfellow or some and the keen ob
server of others. Mr. Hulbert not only knows his friends II,
but he writes of them with
Inimitable charm. These
ate not only absolutely
correct, but they hold an
intellectual mirror up to
nature whereby we may
know them from their
own standpoint so far is
this Is possible.
The Loon.
SHORT FIGTION Vy Best Writers.
We shall have the choicest short stories ever offered the American public. A few of the
contributors will be :
Tela at UK U tb South.
Tftlta ef Llf AM.nc lb In an
Tlfi tt UU In Alula.
BtorU H Do in Mile LU.
Slurlca ot lb Railway.
Matte. ( Nw1ounHa.
T4m M Ckila Life,
Ro:Bilr Stories ot Bjrgo.e Cars ta EnUne
A Dot Slot? lUuUti tor ttu AuUxu.
fitorits of ChtcafOL
Stories of Wall Street.
Illustrating Remarkable Incidents of the Pbancia!
World, by
AH1LE Ihejf arc fiction, they are
yy based on actual or typical events
of "The Street." They throw a flood
of light on th: way financial tramac
tions are earned on. They involve
p.ithos, humor romance and tragedy.
They are written from actual knowledge.
At U Ho' c".
nr HE very latest discoveries In science, the newest Improvements and
I the most important application in novel ways, au irtai represents
the nrogrees of the world in this great branch of human en
deaorwlll be found in our pages. Some forthcoming artldesi
By Protestor Ira Rtmsen, ol Johns Hopkins Unlvcrs ty.
THE REICHSANST ALT Germany's Liborctory of Applied Science.
How tht highest scientific standard are etUrned.
From mUrll furnished by Sir John Murray.
THE NLW NIAGARA, by hoUin Lynde Hnrtt.
The wonders In applied mechanic achieved by the felling water.
Great Character Sketches.
WHITE, LL. D., Ambassador to Germany.
RICHARD CROKEK, by Wllllnm Allen
iwln, by Ray Stannard Baker.
JOHN WILKES BOO 1 II. by Clara Moi rU.
An Encyclopedia of Business.
READERS of our magazine know that our advertising
paces are an Index of business progress ana
prosperity. They are prepared with all the skill
and artistic excellence which great commercial enter
prises can employ. They show bettw than anything
else can lust what Is being done for mankind to make
life luppler in its outward circumstances. They appeal
as strongly and profitably to the reader In their way as
the text does to the intellectual life. They are certainly
of (rreat Importance and replete with ai tlstlc attractions
$1.00 a year S. S. McCLURE CO., 155 East 25th St., New York City, ten cents a copy
Long List of Volumes Published Especially
for the Holiday Trade.
Something to Plrnae Alt Kinds of
People of Wtdelr Varying Tmetea
Luteal Work of tUe Ileat
Known Writer.
Tho last few days havo brought to hand
many new bookn well calculated tor Christ
mas gifts, In (act bo many that It Is no
easy matter to decldo where to begin. It
would seem as if any porson, even the
meat particular, might And somothlng to
please them.- For example, there la a now
edition of "David Harum," which Is al
ready an American classic. It la remarka
ble that within so Bhort a time a book
ituuiu tako hu deep uud permanent a hold
upon tho affection ot a wholo people. To
this recent comment upon a book which
liao proved Its enduring quality thero has
been added another that few books aro
o well adapted to sympathetic illustra
tion, In response to tho many Inquiries
which have shown a goneral deslro for an
Illustrated edition ot "David Harum" the
Applctons have fortunately been able to
arrnngo with tho distinguished artist, Mr.
D. West Cllncdlnst, N. A., who has beon
peculiarly Interested In tho book aud ac
cepted tho commission with an enthusiasm
and ported appreciation which have pro
duced the happiest and most sympathetic
results. In addition to somo seventy full
page and text drawings by Mr, Cllnedlnst,
which place before us In an Inimitable
fashion the progress ot the famous horse-
trader and tho other features of tho book,
there are sovernl marginal drawings by
Mr, Farrand. Tho ontlro book has been
rovlscd by Mr. Forbes lloermans, who has
furnished a new biography of the author,
and It has beon reset throughout. The
new typo and binding, as well as the nu-1
merous Illustrations, make this now Isauo
of "David Harum" practically an edition
dc luxe. D. Appleton & Co., Now York.
Prlco, 12.00.
Among the most recent publications ot
Harper & Bros. Is a strong story of con
temporary political and social life In Lon
don entitled "Lord Linlithgow," by Morloy
Roberts. It will be remembered that Mr.
rtoborts Is tho author of "Tho Colossus,"
published last year, In which Cecil Rhodes
was quite cleverly portrayed. The present
work shows tho author In an entirely new
light. Price, 11.60.
A story from tho same publishers of up-to-date
poople that will be enjoyed by mnny
Is "The Slaves of Society: A Comody In
Covers," by The Man Who Heard Some
thing. A millionaire, a beautiful music hall
singer, a daughter of a marchioness and a
"situation" are woven Into an nmuslng story
of society llfo In England. Price, $1.25.
"Lucid Intervals," by E. S. Martin, Is
another of Harper's most recent publica
tion. It Is a collection ot humorously phil
osophical essays by one ot the roost grace
ful ot the younger writers. Among the sub
jects touched upon are: "Children," "Ed
ucation," "Swains and Damsels," "Hus
bands and Wives," "Riches," "Energy and
Its C ns quet ois," "Some New York T,p ,"
etc. Price, $1.60.
"The Story of Nineteenth Century Sci
ence" Is a voluminous work by Henry Smith
Williams, also published by the Harpers.
As Its name Implies, this volume touches
upon all tho Important branches of sclenco,
explaining their .most complex developments
In a manner which, while being thorough,
Is within tbe comprehension ot the layman.
It not only brings one up to date In all tho
marvels of electricity, medical and physical
science, natural phenomena, but It gives us
an Inkling aa to how the savants wore lad
to experiment, and adds most Intone ;t lug
sketches ot the men who havo made them
solves famous by tholr researches. Price,
$2.50. ,
Stilt another valuable .work from the same
publishing houso Is "Literary Friends and
Acquaintances: A Personal Retrospoct ot
American Authorship," by William Denn
Howells. Emerson, Lowell, Hawthorne.
Julia Ward Howe, Bayard Taylor, Cella
Thaxtcr, Stodman, Holmes were all friends
of Mr. Howells and he writes ot each as
no other living person could. His work Is
not only entertaining, but Is ot such value
that It would hardly seem that any Amer
ican library could bo entirely complcto with
out It.
At this season of tho year no list of books
Ih complete without a certain proportion of
Juveniles, and among tho latest from Har
per's Is nn attractlvn volume for Uttlo
people by Gertrude Smith, entitled "Tho
I'oRglo and Regglo Stories." It Is tho story
of twin boys and Is gotten up In a way to
entertain small people. Tho Illustrations
are In colors nnd very good. Prlco, tl.R0.
I "Vosty of tho Basins," a novel by Sarnh
T. McLoan-Qrecne, has boon brought out In
n bciutirul edition by the Harpors. It la
Illustrated by Otto H. Dacher nnd Clifton
Johnson. The attractive) binding, printing
and Illustrations, p.s well as the entertain
ing character of tho story, render this
volume especially desirable as a gift book-
Probably there has never been a time when
the Interest In the Indian huB been greater
than now, and Innumerable theories nre
afloat about tho best method of eompastilnt,'
his education and enlightenment. These
thoorlos tako very little account of tho real
Indian, his character and training and tra
dltlons, They expect to change him In a
day nnd keep him changed, nnd every edu
cated Indian Ib believed to be an evangelist
to his race. Miss Constance Qoddard Du
Dots, who has made some study ot the sub
Ject, sees the man in a different light, and
In "A Soul In Ilronzo" she Bhows how dif
ficult It Is to give valuo to an Indlau'n edu
cation and how Impossible It Is for him to
make his training useful to his trlbo. She
takes an Indlnn ot tho noblest type, edu
cntes him, and then sends him back to his
tribe only to nnd that he can do nothlug to
clcvato It. He Is at onco the victim of
Jenlousy nnd suspicion, and ho cannot udapt
hlniBelt to his people, nor they to him. The
of Anything You Wish?
We are headquarters for Books, Stationery, Boheol and Offlc Supplies.
If you wish the latest popular novo) r the newest thing In labor-saving of
fice devlcss, this Is the plaoe t lok tor It.
We ate showing tht latest sty Its In an pantrs, copntr platt work and
alt stamping and wish especially to call your attention to the new term for
wedding Invitations, announcements, etc If yeu are Inttrtsttd It will cost
yeu nothing to look.
author has written an entertaining romance.
Herbert 8. Stone ft Co., Chicago. Price,
The new editions of "The Sky Pilot and
"Black Rock," Ralph Connor's woccerful
talcs of the Rocky mountains, havo Just
been Issued. They are Illustrated, hand
somely and In novel fashion, by Louis
Rhead. The success ot Connor's books has
been phenomenal and they have reached the
100,000 mark. It seems strange that the
religious stories of thj Canadian clergyman
should outsell many of the works of pop
ular novelists, but such Is tbe caso. What
arrests one In both tho stories Is a certain
wild freshness. Every page Is full of
touches. Ralph Connor haB somothlng of
his own. He has, for one thing, a new
subject. For another, he has a stylo that
fits It. There is much of the open air and
mountain air In both stories. They both
tend to Inculcate a One conception of Chris
tianity and to teach true manliness. One
la always tho better for tholr company
"Black Rock and "Sky rilot" are com
pletely unconventional, no breezy, bo ro
bust, and yet so profoundly religious.
Fleming H. Revel! company, Chicago.
Price per volume, $1.25.
Few writers have Increased their repu
tation so much recently as Joseph Conrad,
whoso lateHt book, "Lord Jim," has Just
beon published In this country. This strong
wrltor about tho sea Is of Polish ancestry
and was born and passed his boyhood in
Poland. His grandfather fought under Na
poleon and his father played n leading part
In tho Polish uprising of lfif.3. Left an
orphan at tho ago of 13, young Conrad found
his way to Paris, drifted to Marseilles,
thenco Into a merchant house, and nfter
ward to a snllor's life. As a merchant
seaman ho has gone through nil tho grades
up to that of full captain of English ma-
rli!38. He has served In every corner of tho i
6pvoii seas, but chiefly In tho Paclllc and on
tho Borneo coast, and for a tlma commanded
a steamer on the Congo. So good a Judg!
as Captain James M. Forsyth of tbe navy
has lately pronounced him tho ablest and
most compelling of living writers about thu
sea. Those who read "Lord Jim," which
has In It the very heart uud meaning of
sailor llfo, will not quarrel with this ver
dict. Doubleday, Page & Co,, New York.
There is a rapidly growing disinclination
on the part of students to spend valuablo
time trying to master the dead languages.
A few years back Creek and Latin wero the
all-Important studies ot a college course,
but In most colleges Greek Is no longer
required and Is rapidly becoming a back
umber. Some educators still cling to
Latin, but that, like Greek, Is destined to
mnko way for studies moro Important In
this day and ago of the world, Wb.lo giving
up tho study ot the languages themselves,
no ono Is willing entirely to ovorlook the
literature. Prof. William Cleaver Wilkin
eon of tho University of Chicago has
brought out a work designed for English
readors, covering that portion of the Greek
and Latin classics usually embraced In a
college course, to which ho has also added
a review of Fronch and Oermau classics
Tho work is divided Into six volumes and
the object of It Is to furnish readers not
versed In any tongue but the English with
the means of obtaining nt tholr lclsuro and
without change ot realdonco on their part
knowledge ot npproxlmntcly tho same
authors as are studied by students during a
four years' stay In tho uverngo American
college, but again with this difference that
tho knowledge Impaired by Prof, Wilkinson
Is knowledge of tho lltoraturu rather than
of tho toxt. The Inspiring aim ot the
author In tho French and German classics
has likewise been to furnish enlightened
readers with tho means for acquiring a
proportioned trustworthy and effective
knowledgo and appreciation ot the master
pieces of French and German literature.
This object has been sought not through
narrative and description, making books
and authors tho subject, but through the
Uteraturo Itself, In specimen extracts Illu
minated by tho necessary explanation and
Tho result Is a series of handy volumes
which will be suro to win the reader's
interest and impart a clear and systematic
knowledge. of thu Important foreign clusslca.
Tho course Is not Intended to be an equiv
alent for a collcgo or university course, but
It furnishes a satisfactory substitute. Tht
books will offer delightful facilities fur
home study and rending, whtlo they ore
suro to be ot practical helpfulness when
used as supplementary helps In connection
with the regular text books. Funk Ac
Wagnalls Comrany, New York! Price, per
volume, $1.
Paul Leicester Ford has written a Christ
mas story having for its title, "Wanted,
a Matchmaker." It Is a Bhort story, being
little more than a novelette in length, but
I has been brought out in a very attrac
tive volume. It Is fully Illustrated by
H, C. Christy, whoso natno is getting to
rival Gibson's as an Illustrator. Tho
decorations nnd binding design are by Miss
Armstrong and aro In harmoily with the
spirit ot the book. It should prove one of
tho most popular Christmas presents of
tho season. A story from tho same pen
tint wroto "Janlco Meredith" should
hardly fall to moot with public approval.
Dodd, Mead & Co., New York. Price, $2.
"Tho Duko" Is a new tooic by J. Storor
Clousion. In this story the author of "Tho
Lvnatlc at Largo" finds u now opportunity
for much lmraoroUs writing. Tho escapades
of tho adventurous Irishman, who plays tho
part of the duko for a brief spaco, aro
varied nnd laughable. Tho truo owner of
tho tltlo finds the Joke, to which ho lendH
ihlrctelf, moro embarrassing In Kb Immo
dtato couscqucnccs tbnn ho could have
forcEeen, but he eventually extricates him
self from bis difficulties and In tho end
finds a' wlfo to sharo his honors with him.
Thcso who enjoyed "The Lunatic at Largo"
will bo pleased with this lutcst effort ot
the author. Longmans, Green & Co., New
York. Prlco, $1.23,
A now novel from tho pon of tho author
of "The Prjsonor of Honda" Is an event
of no llttlo Importance and Its appearanco
will he 'hailed with undisguised pleasure
by tho many ndmlrers ot tho distinguished
novelist. Tho title ot this latest work
of Anthony Hope Is "Qulsanto" nnd It la
now Issued for tho first tlma without a
previous publication in sorlnl form. This
novel Is mainly concerned with the for
tunes of Alexander Qulsante, a man of
foreign extraction, whose brilliant abilities
gain him a prominent position In English
political life, nnd of Lady May Gaston, a
girl of high birth who, ngalnst the wishes
ot nil her friends, bocomcs his wife. His
character and hers, tholr history, the
Imperious alternatlvo with which ho was
faced, how ho met It, and tho ultlmato
Issue of bis chotcn form tho chief subject
ot a story which presents many phases ot
social and political life in England and
especially In London at tho present day.
Frederick A. Stokes Co., New York.
Prlco. $1.00.
humorous episodes and dramatic scenes
which marked Penelopo's progress through
England and Scotland These designs are
not only of the first order of cxccllenco as
Illustrating Mrs. Wlggln's books, but they
possess high qualities of art Which will
strongly commend thorn to many persons
who are much moved by ordinary Illus
trated books. Houghton, Mifflin & Co., New
York. "TJncanonlzc'd; a Romance ot English
Monnrchlsm," Is by Margaret H. Potter. It
Is n story of English monastic llfo In thu
thtrteentl century during the momentous
reign of King John. Tho lending character,
Anthony Fltz-IIubort, Is a brilliant young
courtier, son of thu ArchblBhop ot Can
terbury, who turns monk to Insure the
safety of his father's soul. The Interpre
tation of King John's character and nets
differs widely from tho traditional view,
but It Is one which Investigation is now
beginning to present with confidence, for
the evil rnmo which John 1ms borno for
nges wns bestowed on him by tho monks,
tho solo source of our knowledgo ot those
times, and It may well bo that they wore
biased by their acknowledged enmity to
him. A. C. McClurg & Co., Chicago. Price,
"Penelopo's Experiences," by Kate Doug
las 'Wlggln, Ib a book of two uncommonly
nttraollve volumes, both us literature nnd
ns Illustrative art. Tim 'first volume In
cludes "Penelope's English Experiences,"
published a few yenrs ago with "A Catho
dal Courtship." to which soveral chapters
are now added. Tho second Is "Penelope's
Progress," which linn enjoyed a very wide
popularity and Ib Indeed ono ot tho most
humorous and fascinating ot books. To the
literary charm of thrso volumes Is now
tdded a very generous equipment of Illus
trations from designs by Mr. Charles E,
Brock, the well known English artist. They
Interpret with great felicity the situations
and lncldunts of tho stories: they show
that the artist tins entered with rare sym
pathy Into the spirit and atmosphere ot the
"Quicksand," by Hcrvey Wblto, author
ot "Differences," Is uot merely tho story of
nn Individual, but ot the llfo history of u
family. Tho growth and education of a boy
(rearl'd by his grandparents as their sou
and In ignorance of tho tragedy of his
mother's death nnd his own birth), his
strugglo for recognition as n writer, nnd
llnulty tho tragic Incidents which end his
llfo, form tho current of the book, but thu
other characters nro no less Interesting.
Tho kindly and faithful hired man, tho qulut
father, the encrgotlo mother, the brother
and sisters, all aro drawn with Inflnlto
detail nnd astonishing vtvldncbs and real
ism. Small, Maynard & Co., Boston. Price,
With tho publication of "The Three Miss
Kings" Ada Cambridge gained at once a
place In tho affoctlou of American readers
which she has maintained. Her new novol
shows tho constant human Interest, which
characterizes the work ot this sympathetic
and charming writer. Thoro is nn enter
taining plot and tho backgrounds of tho
varying scenes of action nro sketched most
vividly. "Path and Goal" may be safely
commended as one ot the best of Ada Cam
bridge's novels. D. Appleton & Co., Now
York, Price, $1.
PolltlfH uml Wnr.
Political campaigns, llko wars, nre usu
ally accompanied by a Hood of llteruturo
of mcro or less value, frequently less. Tho
writers of bucIi volumes arc distinctly par
tisan and tholr opinions nro warped to a
degree that renders their work practically
valueless fur any other than campaign
purponns. A work that docs not In any
way corao under this head, though tho time
ot Us publication nnd Its tltlo might lead
somo to so consider, Is "A History of Po
litical Parties In tho United States," by
J. P. (lardy of tho Ohio Stato university.
Prof. Gordy has written an cxhaustlvo his
tory of political parties slnco tho founda
tion of tho government and his work Is
nlrcndy recognized as an nuthorlty. Tho
volumo now at hand Is the first and, with
three moro to follow, will constitute tho
second edition of his worlt. Slnco the first
publication of tho work the author's fur
ther studies havo led him to mako some
changes and a good many additions, so
thnt tho work has been entirely recon-oti-ucted.
Mnny of tho chapters havo boon
rccntt and others entirely rewritten. Prac
llcnlly It Is a now production and, In Its
present form, must provo a most valuablo
accession to tho library of tho student of
civics. Unmistakably thero Is a rapidly
Increasing class of Americans whe with
nn awakened sense of their cltlronuhlp In
the greatest of republics, are anxious to
familiarize themselves with tbe political
at nSanBrpaia'a nsajast jaanaaa' aaa aa-anp aBaaB" aBaa aaBa tajan
"A Representative
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history of their country. To all such Prof.
Gordy's work can bo recommended as an
impartial history ot political parties.
Henry Holt & Co., New York.
In tho great task ot opening tho empire
west ot tho Missouri tho American regular
soldier has played a part lurgo und heroic,
but unknown. Tho purpose of "Tho Story
of tho Soldier," by General Oeorge A. For
syth, a gallant oincer who has been a pan
of what ho writes, Is to picture the Ameri
can soldier in tha life of exploration, recon
nolsaances, establishing posts, guarding
wagon trains, repressing outbreaks or bat
tling with hostile Indians, which has bean
so large a part ot the army'n actlvo work
for 100 years. To this work General For
syth furnishes perspective end bainuml
by tracing the origin of the regular ool
dler, tho popular foellng regarding blm and
his relation to politics and the militia,
his training and tho manner la which he
has borno tho brunt of war at tho outsot
ot real war from tho Inception of the gov
ernment. No romanco can bo moro bug
gostlvo of herolo deeds than this story ot
the soldier which appears most opportunely
at a time when tho regular army Is facing
so many nnd so serious duties In both
hemispheres. No ono Ib bettor entitled to
wrlto this story than tho brave officer who
with his llttlo handful of mon held the
sandpit In tho Arlckarce for days against
Roman Noso and his thousands of war
riors, and Unally won their lives by sheer
doggod pluck and heroism. Mr. Zogbautn's
knowledge of military themes and westorn
army life leaves nothing to be said. His
illustrations are a most valuablo gallery of
pfcturcs of western array llfo. D, Appleton
& Co,, New York. Price, $1.60.
HeiTiit Juvrulle.
Dana, Estca & Co, has gained an enviable
reputation for the publication ot boys'
books ot a high, order. In addition to their
loug list of former publications five booku
ot more than usual' lmportaucu have beon
added during tho last week. Two of the
number are by James Otis, one ot the beat
known writers for boys. "Boston Boys of
1775; or, When Wo Boslcgod Boston," Is a
stirring talo of revolutionary times and
"Tho Armod Ship America; or, Whrn We
Sailed from Balom," Is an equally enter
taining story of tho war of 1812. Both
books broathe a Bplrlt of high-minded pa
triotism and are of such a character that
they can bo placed In the hands of any
boy without misgivings, Another volume
The greatest display of One boeka
and artistic bindings evor made was
that at 'be Exposition at Paris, where
ther wero over a thousand exhibitors
from AMURICA and EUROPE. In this
clasa there were 315 entries from the
United States alone.
BARBIE ft SON, received tbe GRAND
highest award), and the credit of pro
During the past year this Arm has
had engaged In Parts a large corps ot
Utcrateurs and artists on a work
which tho Now York Times has pro
nounced "a new standard In tbe pub
lishing and printing art." Agents
are wanted tor the sale of this work.
For particulars, address 1313 Walnut
St., Philadelphia.
from tbe tamo publishing houso bears th
title, "Ned the Sou ot Webb; What He
Did," and Is by William O. Stoddard, also;
a well-known writer of boys' books, It'
also Is a story ot war aud adventure. The
fourth volume is a dainty llttlo book for
younger children entitled "Snowwhlte?
or, tho House In tho Wood," und Is from
tho -pon of Laura E. Richards, tho author
of "Throo Margarots" and many other!
popular books for children. Tho fifth Is.
Chatterbox for 1900, The thousands of
children who have beon delighted and en
tertained by Chatterbox are tho best
recommendation of this standard child's
book that could bo offered, so that It Is
hardly necessary to say anything further
regarding It. Dana, Estes ft Co., Boston,
The above books are for sale by tbe
Megeath Stationery Co., 1008 Farnam street.

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