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K vii it IMIclin riilllifullr, lint 1
Wi-nrlcil vt 1 1 1, (lip I.iihk Strain mill
U Tri-ntril 1 In rxli I liy (liniilin
Timber Wlcliler.
Oranhi had a walkaway In the two Ramos
with tho "Cripples" yesterday, winning tho
first one G to 1 and shutting them out In tho
second game, 0 to 0.
Herman pitched tho first game, holding
tho Springs down to six hits. Omaha hit
the bull hard, getting nine safe ones.
Tho second guino was n farce. Tho Mid
dles won us they pleased. Several of the
hunch fattened up their nveragf u little.
Calhoun did tho heavy hitting, getting nve
clean drives In tho two Ramos. Tho
Omahans had eighteen elenn drives to their
credit whoa the end of tho suffering came.
Tho westerners played worse than a lot of
bootblacks In someone's hark lot.
There will bo two games with tho same
tram today. Tho first rbiuo begins nt 2:30.
I'll4! (illtllR,
.... 3
.... 3
n. If.
O. A. E.
5 0 0
3 4 0
2 O 0
13 0 (I
0 0 0
0 0 0
1 1 1
1 3 0
2 2 O
0 3 1
27 13 2
O. A E.
0 0 0
2 0 2
0 0 0
S 2 0
0 II 0
3 2 2
10 0 I)
1 I 0
21 10 i
Oenlns, cf
Stewart. 2b
Fleming, If
Calhoun, 11,
I.rtchcr, rf
Stone, rf
McAndrews, 3b...
Toman i sh
(limiting, o
Herman, p
.... 3
.... :i
.... i
.... t
i! 9
Hiindelln, rf 4
Holland, cf 3
Tuniit'lilll, 3b 5
O'Coniiull, lb 4
nimtun. If 2
I ton in, 2b t
Holllngsw-orth, us I
Hacrwald, e I
Kvuns, p 3
Omaha 2 () 3 1 0 0 o 0 -- 6
Colorado Springs... lOOOUOUOO 1
Two-bnto hits: Fleming, Calhoun i2.
Stolen bases: FlemliiK. Timnchlll. Struck
out: Hy Herman. 2: by Kvhiin. n. First
base on balls: Off Herman, I; nff-Evnnr, 8.
mi ny piicneu ii.wi: uy Herman, l. wild
pitch: Evans.
.Sreoitil Gump.
AH. n. It.
O. A.
Oenlns. If 5 2 4
Stewart, 2b 1 3 2
V lent nc. If 4 1 "
Calhoun, lb t 2 3
Stone, rf H o 2
McAndrows, 3b 5 0 4
lomati. us r o o
(landing, c 2 0 0
Weaver, c 2 o u
Alloway, p 5 11
Totals 41 9 IS 27 IS 1
AH. It. II. O. A. E.
Hnndelln, rf 4 0 110 0
Holland, cr 4 O 0 4 0 (I
TumiehlU, 3b 4 0 1111
o'Connoll. lb 4 o o r. o o
On stem, If 4 0 0 2 0 2
Ileum, 2Ii 2 0 0 1 1 1
Holllngsw'ortli, ss 3 0 0 fi 1 O
Itacrwuld, c 3 0 15 2 0
Evuns, p 3 0 0 0 2 0
Totals 31 0 3 21 7
Omaha 2 0 1 1 1 3 1 0 9
Colorado Springs... 0 00000000 0
Two-tMfiO hits: Stewart. Calhoun. Stolen
base: Genlns. Sacrlllcu hit: Fleming.
Struck out: Hy Alloway, 7; by Evans, I.
First base on balls: Off Alloway, 1; off
Evans, 2. Wild pitch: Evane.
Nt. Paul Mm In Out KuiiftnH City.
ST. PAUL. Sent. 14.-Ohf rlnir. a Will
amateur, was In tho box for St. Paul todav
anil Kansas City could do llttlo with him.
St. Paul o a n n n n i n i7 u i
Kansas City ..0 0000000 00 4 4
iiuuenes: hi. t'aui. Uner nir nnd Lnt ti
nier: Knnsas City. Welmer and Merrltt.
Umpire: KlBgemelcr.
St. ,Ioe AVIim on Erriira.
Mivvn.inni.ia c.ni ii..ipi,
lost tho gamo on errors. Score:
, T . R.I I.E.
.... uw.-,,.. v v u . ii v -i a
Minneapolis ..onioiioo 03 9 2
,"'" m. JOM'pn, niaupin, uoom unci
Oarvln: .Minneapolis, Swormstedt und Jlc-
Too Wrl for Denver.
DES MOISKS. Knnl 11 T-la Ml..
ver cumo postponeif on account of rain.
Wi'stcrn I.enKiic Nt 11 nil In nr.
Won. Lot. fC.
Kansas City 7. 43 MS
St. Paul 5) ,ko
St. Joseph C:l r7 ..'CT.
Denver 53 R8 .513
Omuhu 5S 01 ,4!i
Aiinncapoiis 51 12 .ifil
Colorado Springs 44 70 .S33
Des .Moines 4H 72 .3!9
Ilnldiiiorc rtlvm the l"lrt AVItliout
l'rotrst, but Mnke, It Lively
In Seeoml.
delphlu Americans won two games f-om
Raltlmoro today. Tho first contest was
wretchedly played, but the second whs 0110
or lliu nest seen on Hie local Ainerlenn
leaRUc grounds. Attcndunec, 7,4ii7. Score:
Philadelphia .. 02121100 7 11 3
Ualtlmoio ....2 000 00 000 2 7 7
Second name: R H.E.
Philadelphia .. 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 3!)!
Muuimoro ....0 ioooiooe27 2
Cli; Vfliuiil HiiiicIick IIIIm n Detroit.
DETROIT. Sent. ll.-Tho Cleveland
Amei leans bunched lilts In the seventh and
eiKhth innings today and won the Kiime.
Seven doubla plays worn mnde diirlnK tho
same, the one which Dillon made unas
sisted being the featuro of the afternoon.
Attendance, s.rjj. score:
Cleveland 0100O0220 5 12 1
uciroit u u o 0 0 1 0 0 2 3 l1) 4
Ronton llrntn WnaliliiKtnii.
HOSTON. Sent. 14. Tho Ilostnn Amnrl.
cans outclassed Washlngtoii in all depart-
ineiiis 01 1 lie name louny unu won eusliy.
Young pitched a brilliant game, lotting the
visitors down with four hits. Wnldrnn re
tired ai mo etui or 1110 fourth Inning,
Slercer going to center Held and Carrlck
taking the latter's place in tho box. At
tendance, 7,118. Score:
Roston 3 1 0 4 4 0 0 0 12 12 1
Washington ..001000000 146
IloKtniilnnn unit Wnlfi of Ximv York
I'll! KlKlileen Art l(h
I''nrelrnl Stunts,
IJOSTON, Sept, 14. An nmuslng succes
sion or errors and stupid niiiys on ino pari
of the Now York Nationals gave the home
team the gamo In tho first Inning. Nlc'-ols
pitched 11 beautiful Riimo, Attendance,
j.&oo. score:
R.H E.
Roston 5 0 3 0 1 0 0 0 0 10 1
New York 000101000206
IMttnlitirit Dccllnri, to Divide.
PITTSmtRC. Sept, H.-Tho Pittsburg Na
tlonals captured two gnmes In a ralh'r
easy style. Tho visitors' pitchers In both
games were hit when hits did the most
good, Attendance, 7.C00. ricoro:
Pittsburg 22000010 -6 10 4
Cincinnati .... 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 1- 3 10 1
Second game:
Plttshurc 130010 3 0 K 13 1
Cincinnati .... 101000020 1S1
Wrstrrn Aooeliillon.
At Columbus Marlon. 5: Columbus. 4
At Orand Raplds-Griind Rapids, i; Fort
Wayne, fi.
At Dayton Duyton-Toledo game post
poned, ram.
At Muucle-Whcellug, 11; Muncle, a.
country club golfers win
Vlltnr from Knnsni City Moot
rltli (M trivtirlniliiK
night sturdy golf players from tho Kan
sas City Country club met their Waterloo
ycsictdny afternoon nt the hands of a team
representee the Omaha Country club.
Eighteen holes nt match play were con
tested, nnd the final gross result showed
tho Omahans to be winners of tho event
by a total of eighteen holes up.
The golfers from Knw town arrived In
Omaha early In tho morning, nnd were Im
mediately taken to the Country club for
breakfast. Most of them arc still there,
having been entertained since their arrival
by the local organization, nnd they will
spend today trudging about the links. After
yesterday's contest a dinner was given at
tho club for tho visitors nnd an Informal
dance followed.
Tho record for the course nt the Country
club was broken yesterday by one of tho
Kansas City men, (leorgo Murray. Ho was
pitted ngnlnst W. J. l''oye, tho Douglas
county champion, whom he defeated by
three up. Murray made tho eighteen holes
In nnvnnlv.snvpn strokes, which Is two less
than bogey. Foye had previously held the
high murk with n score of is.
Tho contest was a match play, but medal
scores also were kept, each player holln,?
out each hole. The llRiifes were:
Omaha. Strokes, t'p.
W. J. Foye 0
J. It. Habni S 9
tr t ntvtl.. S2 0
ll' ( I i.ii vllt M 0
A. V. Klnslor , M l
J. It. Lemlst M
It. It. Kimball W
T. It. Kimball 01 2
Kansas City.
O. Murrny
.1. C. Meredith
E. O. Itragg
C. J. Hubbard....
C. It. Russell
J. W. F. I'eters...
Jack Forest
W. S. McUrcgor...
Strokes. Up.
Total 9
Only Thrcp Visitor Win.
It will bo seen that Omnha players were
up a total' of 27 holes nnd the visitors !)
holes In all, leaving a difference of 18 holes
In favor of tho locaU. Three of tho visi
tors defeated their opponents. They wero
Murray, Hragg nnd Hubbard, who Is can
tain of tho team. The other six lost.
J. I). Rahm was easily the star of tho
Omaha team. Ho not only mnde tho lowest
medal score, but also defeated his opponent
by a' larger margin than did any other
player, 9 up. The nearest to that was tho
C up made by Dick Kimball, who was nlso
closest to Rnhm's medal score, with 80.
Kahili's 78 Is one less than bogey nnd equals
anything that has ever been done on these
links by nn Omaha player. Ills work by
holes whs:
Out 4 6 3 I n 3 5 A 53!)
In 45343 5 45 39
Totnl 78
For the visitors Mr. Murray surpassed
this fecoro with 77 and Mr. Rragg equaled It.
Rolf .Mnti'li rostimnril.
ATLANTIC CITY. N. J.. Sept. 14. Tho
executive committee of tho United States
Oolf association today nnnouneed that tho
final match In the amateur championship
tournnment netwecn waiter Travis anil
Walter Egan had been indefinitely post
poned owing to tho death of President
Cntln Oft Auto Itnce,
nnCIIESTER. N. v.. Sent. 14. On ac
count of tho president's death the ondur
once race of automobiles from Now York
to Ruffalo has been declared ended nere.
Southern I.niKtiet.
At Little Rock Llttlo Rock, 5: Selmn, 4.
Take the IMcIc of County Xoiiilnntlon;,
nnd Allow Populists the
HASTINGS. Neb.. Sept. 14. (Special Tel
egram.) Tho democrats and populists hold
their county conventions today In tho court
house. Tho democrats met In the super
visors' room and tho populists In tho court
room. It was evident that tho populist con
vention was nothing but a sideshow as com
pared with tho democratic gathering. Wbllo
tho populists had the democrats outnum
bered ten to one, yet the Hastings demo
crats outgeneraled their fusion friends nnd
mado them tnko tho political medicine just
as they prescribed It. Tho principal light
was on county Judge. Tno democrats se
cured It and also surveyor and coroner. Tho
ticket nominated by the two conventions:
For treasurer. Will Rrookly; for county
clerk, Henry Fornowj for recorder, M. .
Ilurgessj for county Judge, Harry Dungan;
for sheriff, John Fahrner; for superintend
ent of schools, N. H. Jones; for coroner,
Dr. Irwin; for surveyor, Jncob Rockc. Res
olutions wero adopted deploring the death
of President MoKlnley.
Tho delegates to the democratic state
convention are: H. A. Redman, R. E. Moors,
A. M. Jeffers, J. C. Stevens, II. S. Dungan,
D. II. Wentworth, J. J. Summering, Lloyd
Lynn, (J. J. Evans, John Rarr, O. w. Tib-
bets, M. W. Ilaxter, Georgo Ml.en, James
Humphroy, Harry Rrewer, Will Ilrookly,
W. E. Shover, Teter Uerllng, U. S. MeAuloy,
W. E. Hart, II. R. Wahlqulst, W. E. Joint.
Tho delegates to tho populist state con
vention aro: Georgo Anderson, Ed Wat-
kins, Georgo Drown, A. II. Ilowen, C. W.
Urown, J. II. Sarsee, W. J. Williams, J. O.
Wilson, Georgo Cruse, E. P. Hubbard, Clar
enco Waldron, James RlchardBon, Andrew
Anderson, J. C. Wentworth, A. H. Deffen
baugh, C. P. Sorsen, E. S. Dutton, William
Kceslcr, William Kroeger, John Mnran, w.
II, Waldron, F. M. Frlnk.
IIIIl-IicocIk FiinIoii Tli'Uet.
thknton'. Neb.. Sent. 14. (Special Tel
egram.) Tho democrats und populists each
held county conventions here today and,
after considerable trouble, their conference
committees succeeded In fusing on a county
.ii.. Tk nntiilnuilnnR are: ror Clcr..
..w - j
W. II. Iliortinill Ol ireiliiiu; iur uvuauiui,
.1. P. Wortz of Trenton, the prefent deputy
treasurer; for sheriff, Jesso Rlfo of Stnrkeyj
for Judge, J. M. Williams of uuiDcrtson; ror
superintendent, Prof. J. S. O'Connoll, the
nrlnclnal of tho Pallsado school; for sur
veyor, O. R. Jones of Pleasant View; for
coroner, W. E. Stewart of Stratton; for
commissioner, F. P. Fellows of Culbortson.
W. II. Thornhlll Is tho only candidate who
Is running for a second term.
Stratum ropiillut Tlfkct In Cnn.
PLATTSMOUTH, Neb., Sept. 14, (Special
Telegram.) Tho Cass county populists held
their county convention today and nomi
nated a full ticket with tho exception of
superintendent, making tho fourth county
ticket. Tho republicans, democrats and pro
hibitionists havo also nominated straight
tickets. Tho ticket Is: For treasurer, John
Hollenbock of Elmwood; for clerk, Elmer
Rouco of Elmwood; for sheriff, John Klscr
of Maynard; for recorder, W. II. Wortraan
of South nend; for Judge, Robert Vass of
Plattsmnuth; for surveyor, E. G. Cooloy of
Cedar Creek; for coroner, Charles Powers
of Wabauh.
If you want to seo tho nUNNINO HACKS at tho
THIS AFTERNOON. Take the 21th Street or Sherman Avenue Car.
Trick Is Eomewhat Hotvy, bnt Sport Is
Lirtly Eiough.
"Hoe" Rcehforil, OM-Tlnie Turfninn,
Comcn from Ml, Louis ulth III
Mrlnn of llrlille-Wlne Ponlr
Siliiiliinr)' of i:cnlii.
A track that was somewhat heavy did not
Interfere In nny particular with the success
of the second day of tho racing meet nt
Exposition park, postponed from Friday
because of the rnln. Flvo events were
run, and each was satisfactory from tho
standpoint of spectators, bookmakers and
horse owners.
Today Is the big day of the whole meet.
Tho fcoitig will Dy this afternoon bo per
fect, and live big races will be run. One Is
an extra special, for which ten horses arc
already entered. In another twelvo ani
mals are booked. Hot competition Is as
sured In all.
Famous old "Doc" Rochford of St. Louis
made a big hit when ho appeared for tho
first time at tho track yesterday. Ho had
Just arrttcd with flvo horses from tho Kin
loch park track In tho Missouri town, und
ns soon us he saw tho character of the
meet ho telegraphed back for the remainder
of his siring, seventeen In all. "Doc" has
raced horses In Omaha slnco 1879, nnd his
quintet will bo certain to make a good
showing today, as ho has horses In every
The big hit of yesterday's card was the
third race, n seven-eighths mile dash, In
which Heme, a 3 to 2 shot, beat Robert
Homier, tho favorlto at 4 to &, In a beaut
llnlsli. Hcrno Is a little dark brown stnl
lion who has done good work hero before
nnd Is well liked, but tho talent was sure
that llonncr was the better horse, taking
into consideration tho dlstunco und tho
As usual, at tho start llonncr was slow,
and was well to tho rear. Hut on the second
lap at, tho eighth pole he camo away up
and peoplo nil said that he would cxcrclso
his usual tactics, passing tho lead horso
on tho stretch. This tlmo they reckoned
wrong. Hcrno had led all tho way, but set
such a terrific liaco that Homier could
not mnko a 11 mil spurt, and lost In tho
last hundred yards Instead of gaining.
Heme camo In a winner by two lengths
free of lash or rowels, while llonncr was
under tho whip behind. Emerald took sec
ond. After a doicn attempts to got En
chant away with the rest, ho was left nt
the post. Tho tlmo was 1:36.
Tho second race, four and a half furlongs,
brought out the big field, nine startern, with
not a singlo scratch. Hilly Derby, the
favorlto at 2 to 3, gratified tho bookies bv
taking first money In 1:02 Vii. Glards, a good
betting proposition nt G to 1, was sccdnd,
whllo Backwood took third, being rated
nt 4 to 1. Meanwhile Deceit and Coral, sec
ond placo choices at 2 to 1 and 3 to 1 re
spectively, wero not there for n place.
Great excitement resulted from tho first
event, a half-mllo dash for 2-year-olds, for
Sco Key fell at tho first turn, taking a long
slide, with his Jockey mixed In somowhero.
Neither horse nor rider was hurt. H. McFor
cst won tho raco In OifjS'A, with Manona
second and Graclo R third. Flvo youngsters
Eleven horsc3 wero entered for tho fourth
event, but Jim Hicks, Gold Hug and Hilly
Van wero withdrawn. It was n hard bunch
to start .from tho thrco-olghths pole, It
being a flvo-otghths mile dash. Finally all
wero got away savo Leostratus, who stuck
behind and was left. Virgil D, nt 2 to 1,
took first In 1:08, with Queen Ell and Joo
Foster, even choices nt 3 to 2, second and
third. It was tho prettiest bunched raco of
tho day, horses lying neck and neck for half
a mile.
A three-eighths mllo dash for maiden
starters was tho extra event. Seven horses
cntorcd, but Joo Foster dropped out. It was
a terrific race, Jim Hicks starting in tho
lead and keeping It for a quarter. Then,
towovcr, both Hay Prince and Haby Sweet
heart proved superior In tho heavy running
and they snatched first and second from
Jimmy, It taking only thlrty-nlno seconds.
First rnce, hnlf-mllc dash, for 2-yenr-olds,
purso $75: H. McForest won, Manona sec
ond, Graclo R third. Time: 0:5S',4.
Second race, four and 11 halt furlongs,
for maidens, purse $75: Hilly Derby won,
Glnrds second. Hack wood third, Tlmo:
1:02 V4.
Third race, seven-eighths of n mile, purye
$100: Home won, Robert Bonner second,
Emerald third. Tlmo: 1:M.
Fourth raeo. five-eighths of n mile dash,
purse $75: Virgil D won, Queen Ell second,
Joe Foster third. Time: 1:0S.
Fifth race, extra special, three-eighths of
n mile, for maidens: Hay Prince won, Haby
Bweethenrt second, Jim Illeks third. Time:
Races begin today at 2 o'clock.
Entries for today aro ns follows:
First race, five-eighths of a mile dash;
Druggist (Johnson), lone Parker (Eincry),
A lie Blue (Crawford). May I Go (Mend),
Hilly Van (Berry), Queen L (Stcwait),
Madam Bishop (Ed Porter), False C.uvo).
fcecond race, threo-fourths of a mile dash:
I' red Reed (Spohn), Leostratus (Zeno). El
mcru! aell). Lucuquolso (Stewart),
AS;',h.10, Mckny (Berry), Purton (Juekion).
rhlrd race, special, scveu-slxtecntlis of a
mile dash: Bay Prince (L. Spohn). Jim
Jlcks (II. Doty). Mary Ann (Cottrell).
Bettle. B (Stewart), amnio (Hull), Joe Fos
ter (Barry).
Fourth race, one mile nnd a sixteenth
dash; Robert Bonner (Berry), Chubb
(.eno), Titus (Veldlto). Montana dent
(Johnston). St. Bluff (Dallcy).
Fifth nice, four furlongs nnd a half, for
3-year-o his and under: Chandler (Johns
ton). Baby Sweetheart (Snell), Felton
(Reese), Alrcastlo (Mack), Seo Kay (Jack
son), Greenwich (Hall).
Gime Itrpuhllcnn Committor,
BEATRICE, Nob,, Sept, 11. (Special Tel
egram,) Colonel W. S. Tilton, chnlrman of
tho republican county central committee,
today announced tho members of the execu
tive committee who will assist htm In the
management of the campaign. They are: C.
H. Dempster, D, W. Carre nnd W. W. Dun
can of ncatrlce; C. I). Hensloy of Wymore,
H. J. Merrick of Adams, II. II. Smith of
Rockford, A. S. Casad of Highland precinct.
A vigorous campaign will be Inaugurated
which will Increaso tho republican majority
In this county by at least 2,000.
Ilreak In l'lmlon In I'olk Count'.
STROMSI1UHO, Neb., Sept 14. (Special
Telegram.) Today ended fifteen years of
continued fusion In I'olk county, when the
populists nnd democrats met nt Osceola to
nominate county tickets. Tho democrats
asked for ono place on the ticket, hut the
populists refused. Doth parties then put
out a full ticket. There Is some talk anions
the republicans endorsing ono man on the
democratic ticket.
rninillHt Ticket In rinnicr.
KLWOOl), Neb., Sept. tl. (Special Telo
gram. ) Tho populists held their county
convention today and nominated thlH ticket:
C. M. Hnback for county rlcrk, Joeseph
,M, nolen for treasurer, Milton Wlnslow for
sheriff, O. B. Chase for Judgo, Maude, John
son for superintendent, J. E. Chambers for
surveyor, W, M. Umbcrger for commissioner.
Tho State Electro-Medical Institute, Which Com
bines All the Curative Powers of Both Medi
cine and Electricity in Our System of
Electro-Medical Treatment.
Professional Excellence Can 13c Attained Only by
the Doctor Who Concentrates All His Facul
ties On a Single Class of Ills.
Master Specialist
I do not (rent nil diseases, but cure nil I treat. 1 treat men only, nnd cure them to
May cured.
In almost every vocation specialty work Is now called for and dcniniidcd. This Is
r.etably true when lite or death Is Involved, It Is then that the belli treatment thn
medical profession offords Is sought after, nnd this can come only from the (run
specialist, whose deep knowledge, expert skill, vast experience and thorough sci
entific equlpni"iits havo given him complete mastery over thu diseases that con
stitute his specialty.
Whatever may lie your aliment, get help from one who has mule such enscs a spe
cial study. If your eyesight Is Hilling go to u reliable optician or oculist. If your
hearing Is defective consult a competent iiurlst, If u bad tooth Is distressing you
engage the skill ot a dentist. Or If you urn burning with fever or slinking with
(hills, tell your troubles to a family physician. They ran do more good than I can,
for I do not treat such complaints, nor pretend to euro them.
But If you have one of tho sorlouM disease s peculiar to men, such as VARICOCELE
SON, NERVO-HEXFAL DEBILITY or allied tumbles, which Is depleting yout
vitality, or If your case has been nggr.ivuted mid made worse by the use of spe
cille, frce samples, trial treatments nr simitar devices If this be your unfortunate
condition, I want you to write us or en mo to our olliees, where you will lm wel
eomo to private counsel, n careful personal examination and nn. honest and selcn
tlllc opinion of your ease free of charge.
These diseases nnd weaknesses of men, anil they alone, nro my specialty. To them I
have earnestly and exclusively devoted the best years of my life, doting which
time I have discovered and developed vnrlous forms of treatment which make
their cure an unqualllled and absolute certainty. Is It not worth your whllo to In
vestigate n euro that has made life imow to multitudes of men?
tflDIPnOEl E I'nder cur Electro-Modlcnl treatment this !nll!ous disease raptd
fnnlwUuE.Ll.ly disappears. Pain .acs almost Instantly. The pools of stag
nant blood nre driven from the dilated veins and all soreness and swelling qulcklv
subside. Every Indication of varicocele soon vanishes, and In its stead comes tho
pride, power and the pleasure of perfect henllli anil restored iniiulioiiil. What
we huve done for them we can do for you.
CTOIP I IIDC Our Electric-Medical treatment dissolves the stricture com
OlnlUlUllC pletely nnd removes every obstruction from tho urinary pas
sage, allays nil Inflammation, stops uverv uunnturul discharge, rcducca the prostrate
gland, cleanses nnd heals tho bladder and kldneya, Invigorates the sexual organs and
restores health and soundness to evcrj imrt of the lioily nlTcetnl by the dl-
suit of our life work, and Is Indorsed by tl
countries. It contains no dangerous drugs or Injurious medicines of any kind. It i
goes to tho very bottom of the disease and forces out every particle of impurity.
Soon every sign und symptom disappears completely nnd forever. Tho blood, tho
tissue, tho flesh, tho bones und the wholo system are cleansed, purified und restored
to perfect health, and the patient prepared anew for the duties and pleasures tof llfq.
UCDlfn - CCVIIII nCQII ITV Men, mnny of you nre now reaping tho re
nClfffU OCAUAL IICDILIIT cult of your former folly. Your manhood
Is falling and will soon bo lost unless yon do something for yourself. There Is na
time to lose. Impotency, like all sexual diseases, Is never on Iho standstill. With It
you can make no compromise. Either you must master it or It will muster you, and
All your wholo future with misery and Indescribable woo. Wo hnvo treated so ninny
cases of this kind that wo uro as familiar with them us you aro with tho very da
light. Onco cured by us you will never again bo bothered with emissions, drains, pr
inuturcncss, small or 'weak organs, nervousness, falling memory, loss of ambition
or other symptomn which rob you of your manhood und absolutely unfit you for
study, business, pleasure or marriage. Our treatment for weak men will correct all
these evils and restore you to what uuturo intonded a halo healthy, happy man,
with physical, mentnl mill nrxiuil poivor, complete.
DCCI CV niCCACCC Many ailments nro rollcx, originating from other dls
nClLCA UIOCHOCO seuses. For Instance, sexual weakness sometimes cornea
from Varlcocelo or Stricture; lnnumerahlo blood and bono diseases often result from
contagious blood taints In tho system, or physical nnd mental decllno frequently fol
low Impotency. In treating diseases of nny kind wo always remove tho origin w
cure tho cause.
OnDDECQAIinCllOE Onn personal visit Is always preferred, but If you cannot
UUnnCOrUnilClluEi call nt our oHlce. write your symptoms fully.
I Cfiftl PflUTUAOT given to all patients to hold for our promises. Do not
LCUmL UUll I ilHU I hesitate. If you cannot cull today, wrltn and drscrlbo
your trouble.
ItElKHEXCKHl llrnt Hiiiiku nnd Lending llui.liic.ii Men lu Thin CI (jr.
Consultation Free.
Office Ilonra Prom 8 n. in. to N p. ni. Suniluj 10 n. m. to 1 p. in.
1308 Farnam Str., Between 13th and 14th Str., Omaha, Neb.
It rained in Omaha. We
said it would bo fair, but
we're just even with the
weather man.
Depot Wagons,
are ouered just as low as if it
was fair.
The Largest Stock in the City,
Drummond Carriage Co.
181 li and Harney.
,.'(1 InilliiiiiiliolU "ml Itelurn.
On sale Sept. 10, 23, 3D. Oil 7
,i!il I.oiiIhvIII.-. liy., "'id lleinri'.
On xalo Kept. 10, i'l, 30. Oi i 7.
,t!l CliirliuiHll. U',J,r"'
On sale Sept. 10. -'3, 3D, oet.
.7(1 t oll.,. '"' '-"r"-
On sale Sept 10, 23. Z. Oct. 7.
,.. s,..i..H.-i.i. ..";' ;""
On sale Sept 10. 23, ). on ,.
"d Hlo Hei't. ! s- pt--I,
vw V.irW mid Iti lurn, ilnlly.
-,(! SI. I.oiilx mid Return.
7. lliifiiilo nnd Itelurn, dull)'.
' nn walo Oct. 0 to 11.
151 I
Home-Seekers Excursions.
On salo 1st and 3d Tuesday of each Month.
Tourist Rates on sale DAILY to all Hum
mer resorts nllowim; Mop-overs at Detroit,
Niagara Falls, Buffalo and other points.
Kor rates, lake trips, Iin-Ainerlcun do
scrlntlvn matler und nil Information call
u'riti.MCT ll'nvlnn Unlnl lllock) or writ a
HAIUIY K. MOOHKS. U. A. 1'. D Omalu, j
Our special form of Electric-Medical treat
ment for this ulscnso is practically the, ro
be best physicians of this and foreign
r.vnusiitAiiM-: rooms in
Tin: hki: iiun.niNo. you
HUNT l''OR ONLY $10.00 A
The Bee
Rental Agents
Ground Floor Hcc HMfi.
(i. P. BROWN,
Mlll.i.nin. Iflnl mid Kmvlcr Mrerti.
.11 r. Ilrimn !" '' " vrv'1 M,Ul ta
Mnny Onmlm I'eimle lor llir- Vnt IO
1inr ni"' "(;il li- Crmuer'B
Ivlilnej me.
OMAHA, Dec. 9. 1900.
1 recoiled you.- sample bottlo of Cramer's
Kidney Cum, which you kindly sent mo.
It helped mo very much and I havo takon
tun bottles since. Doing out In all kinds
of weather, 1 contracted a rnld which set
tled lu my back. It was Impossible for in
to properly attend to my work and I hail to
employ a man to do my work 1 was told by
ono of my customcra what Cramer's Kidney
Curo had dono for him ami wroto for the
famplo. Today I can nitend to my duties
ami f.eel ten years younger. I certainly,
can't pralso your remedy enough,
(J. I'. I1ROWN.
Fit 1515 S.Y.N l'U5 FOR ALL
If you will cend your address to th
Cramer Chemical Co., Albany, N. Y they
will eend you a sampln bottle, frco.
Cramer Chemical Company,
Albany, N. '.
, H, i i

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