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Omak'i L'e Eall Tcaa May Glow tt Sea.
on In Thin Position.
Slici'tiltttion tin to the I'uturf of the
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Olilionnt tii i:.xiiniif loll fur
Iliifilnnnn llcnaoiin.
Omaha has a chance to finish In third
place. Denver and St. Joseph, tho only
teams In tho way, havo been nrcatly weak
ened during tho last week by the departure
of players Tor the count and there l.i no
reason to think that cither can maintain
lta placo In the standing. Tho Hourkts arc
ns strong ns they havu been at any time
during tho season and barrlns their Inability
to bat form as good a tuam us there Is In the
league. Winding up on the homo ground
Is a strong point In their favor and next
Wednesday night ought to see them safely j
niiauuiiLi-u ui uiiru Btation. tinio uiib win
not plcaso some of tho enthusiasts, who
nro only happy when tho homo team wins,
most of us will bo glad enough that It was
not worae. Manager Hourkn Is to bq com'
mended for his efforts to give Omaha good
ball during tho season and his success
financially will not be grudged him by any
one. Somo question exists as to tho futuro
of tho Western league. Only two of Its
present members nro In position to say
certainly that thoy will bo In It next year.
Denver and Colorado Springs nro atmost
morally certain to bo dropped owing to
tholr location. Knnsan City and Mlnncar.o
lis havo not supported the gamo this
season nnd prorata to bo looking for a big
ger league next year. St. Paul Is wobblv
nnd Des Moines Is nearly dead, the patrons
being out of humor with both tho team
nnd lta owner. This loaves only Omaha
nnd St. Joseph as prosperous and contented
with thlngB as they are. In tho begin
ning of the season It was said that Tebcau
got htH strong Kansas City team
togothor that ho might have tho
nucleus of nn organization with which to
enter faster company next season. Ho
certainly has tho team. It Is too fast for
tho Western league ns It Is now constituted.
Ono of tho latest reports Is to tho effect
that Teboau Intends to go back to Denver.
This Is hardly likely, If ho can hold Kansas
City, for another year tho peoplo down
there will probably get over tho chagrin
thoy felt nt tho departure of Jimmy Man
ning and his American league team and
discover that Tebcaii has been furnishing
them with a hangup article of baso ball
nil the Imo. In thli event Kansas Cltv
will pay as woll ns Denver. Teboau has
ulgned most of his players for next ncason.
Minneapolis Is in bad shape. That team
has alwnys been a hard proposition In base
ball, Its people will not patronlo a losing
team and wcro never known to go Into
hysterics' over n winner. Ilenll has had
bad luck all season and has not given his
patroiiB good ball and In turn his patrou
ngo has been decidedly slender. Whether
ho will bo nblo to hold out there another
season la doubtful, llyan has done much
better at St. Paul. He has shown great
ability as a manager and has managed to
get together and hotd a good team. How
ho .will finish tho season Is uncertain, but
It Is likely ho will havo a nice llttlo bit of
clear money. At Denver Packard went
against a llttlo the stlfTojt nrtlclo In tho
way of anvil chorus n magnate was CVer
called' on in tho west to face. All tho
papers and half tho peoplo Jumped on, , him
In scasou and out, win or lose; his gamc3
wero played to empty benches and player
nftor player loft tho team because he could
not abide the persistent nnd lll-dlrocted tiro
of criticism alined by tho knockers. In
splto of the mo3t discouraging conditions
Packard held on and finally, when his team
did strlko a winning gait under management
of Hill Rverett, his fellow townsmen began
to trickle through tho gates, but not la
such numbers ns to Inmirc him n large
profit on tho season. Colorado' Springs was
an experiment nt tho start and didn't get
beyond that point. Ilulon had tho fortuno
of all managers who aro Bet down nt tho
last moment to got a team togcthor. Ills
patronago was good and while he had much
trouble In holding together players, ho will
Ukoly bo a little to the good at tho end
of tho Benson. Over nt Des Moines Chaso
had all kinds of trouble with his players
and hlo patrons and will no doubt give a
sigh of relief when tho ninth Inning Is
played next Wednesday. His reason has
been anything but a profitable one. In
Omaha tho attendanco has nocn steadily
good all season, tho team has been con
ducted nlong lines of harmony so far as tho
publlo lias been able to Judge and the play
ers will all leave Omaha with tho best
wishes of everybody. St. Joseph has had
lomo dissensions among tho players to con
tend with, but on tho wholo tho team has
played ball and the people have given It
good patronago. Ilunclo Is not nt nil dis
turbed at tho outlook.
Nothing can be said positively as to next
year's circuit yet. It 1 not unllkoly that
tho mutter will bo left open ns long as It
was this year, when tho decision was an
nounced only n few days prior lo tho open
ing of tho playlug season. Manager Rourko
Is still opposed to oxpanhlon, for business
reasons. Ho argues that tho addition of
Milwaukee, Indianapolis and I.oulsvlllo
means nn increase In team expenses, with
no corresponding increase In patronago. Ho
Is certainly right as to the Increnso in
team expense, for If thu circuit should bo
added to as suggested, It would mean higher
salaries, with llttlo probability of better
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quickly reilored to health ami strength.
Our inarrcloiM appliance has astonished tho
rntlrn world. Humltrria of landing? rvlivslcinn
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appllnuro In tlm Jerei est cao where every other
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You will Mo and fool its liencflt from the flmt
any, for it in applied directly at tho seat of Ihu
disorder, U makes uotllCcrcrca howicrort tlio
On the other hand, three large base
'"H cerfters would be added, and the at-
tendanco at games might be Increased.
Again, there la the danger of apathy such
as that shown In Kansas City and Min
neapolis. It is equally likely that the new
circuit might rcstoro Interest In thejo
towns. Iteforo tho circuit Is decided upon
tho owners will have to determine somo
very delicate points in baso ball manage
ment. During tho week It has been rumored
that tho Mllwnukce team of tho American
league Is likely to be removed to St. Louts
noxt season. Just why this should be dono
Is not easily apparent. In tho first place,
St. Louis has bad a crackcrjack team In tho
National this year, and has given It good
support. In tho second placo Milwaukee
has had a good team hi the American and
has supported It well. Just why the deal
should bo made, unless Mr. Killlca has a
lot of surplus coin to expend, doesn't ap
pear. Tho Robinsons nro only getting
even on what they dropped In St. Louis
last year. To an outsider tho reported
move Idoks llko war for fair. Why tho
American should nssumo tho aggressive
thus early Is not quite clear. Tho season
has not been so profitable to cither side of
tho controversy that an extension of tho
warfare would seem attractive; yot It may
bo that Ilin Johnson nnd his cohorts are
proceeding on tho theory that anything Is
better than nothing, and tho best way to
harass an enemy Is to go after him. If
the American nbandons Mllwaukco It will
bo sore disappointment to the people up
there, for they hava nobly aspired to get
Into "big leaguo" company, only to bo
turned down. It la doubtful If they will
stand for minor lenguo ball now. This
will bo tho experiment asked of tho West
ern league In caso Killlca should succeed
In transplanting his Brov.crs to St. Louis.
Ono thing that doesn't sound good In con
nection with tho talo is that Tom Loftus
Is to have chargo of tho St. Louis team
In the American. Tom has too good a
thing In Chicago.
AflirnnK-u Cimilliliitcn Arc Trying Out
III Hip Ojirn Air nt
South Ilonil.
Tho foot ball squad of the University of
Nebraska has been In camp for the last
week at South Ilend, where preliminary
practice has been for tho coming hc.i
son. Tho Idea of training In camp
bo early Is a now one for western universi
ties. It seemed necessary for the 'varsltv
because several Important games come early
In tho season. Nebraska Is putting forth
ovrry effort to defeat Mlnucsotn October 12.
Tho makeup of tho team will not be defll
nltely detcimlned beforo tho Minnesota
gamo, or perhaps later. The majority of
the old men aro already In training nt the
camp. .Prominent old men who will trv
for tho team aro Urow, Captain Westover,
Crnndall. Cortelyou, Koehlcr, Render.
Ringer, Stringer nnd Kingsbury. Thoy
mako 'a strong nucleus nround which to
build' a foundation team.
Tho rains of the last few days has greatly
Interfered with good work. So far. tho
tlmo has been Bpcnt practicing punting,
passing, blocking and cross-country run
ning for endurance.
Ono of tho beat features of tho life In
enmp is the excellent training table which
the management has provided. Tho men
all show marked Improvement and by the
opening of tho season will be In the best of
The coach, who has arrived In camp, has
dono much to put enthusiasm Into the men.
Every man is putting forth his best efforts
to mako the team a winner.
Camp consists of a mess-tent nnd four
sleeping tents on tho hills north of tho
bend. The location Is a beautiful one. on
the bank of the Plntte. Good water 1b se
cured at tho spring at the state fish hatch
eries, hut a fow rods from camp. It is
an Ideal location for a training camp. Aside
from tho advantages gained from earlv
training, tho boys are deriving much enjoy
ment from their Ufo out of door3. It in
sincerely hoped that this is ono of tho
.features of university life that has come
to stay. It is unfortunate that tho pleasure
of tho first camping 'expedition has been
dnmpened so frequently with rain.
Judging from the record Nebraska made
last year, It Is safe to predict that It will
havo a championship team this season. It
is expected that severcl new men will make
a good showing before the Benson Is over.
Lchmer of Omaha and Shedd of Lincoln nre
promising men already In sight. Several
others will appear as soon as the camp Is
broken up.
Tho finances of tho team are In better
shape than ever bsfore. As this haa been
ono of the greatest handicaps to tho suc
cess of tho team In former years. It Is
hoped that the student body will glvo it
oven better support than It did last year.
Sun Antonio, Trx.
One farp plus $2 for the round trip via
the Missouri Pacific railway on September
14, 15 and 16. For further Information cnll
on or nddresn company's offices, southeast
corner Fourteenth and Douglas streets,
Omaha, Neb. THOS. P. GODFREY,
P. & T. A.
TIip tVaclcaanrRa at it All,
Chicago Tribune: "Come," said Adam,
nfter tho edict of nxmilslon had been pro
mulgated. "Wo must bo getting out of
"Now, AUnm." expostulated Eve, "what
Is tlio use of your talking to mo? Haven't
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of Dupniit tin n CI si Is.
Thero Is evidence of renewed llfo In Ne
braska sportsmen and within two weeks
mnny will havo visited the lakes and fields
of tho Btnto In search of tho -game which It
is now lawful to kill. Since September 1
ducks and waterfowl havo been legally de
clared ready to shoot, but for several
reasons Nebraska sportsmen havo not gone
Into tho field.
The first party of Omaha hunters to start
to tho field consisted of General John C.
Rates, Captain James M. Erwln, Major
Hamner, all of tho United States army, and
Arthur Gulou. They left for Fort Niobrara
Friday and will spend several daya on the
river and tho lakes In that neighborhood.
Reports from tho northwest nro to tho
effect that tho hatch of ducks is not as
largo In this state as In former years. This
Is attributed to tho drouth of last summer,
which dried up many of tho smaller lakes
and pondB, causing the ducks to seek other
quarters. There aro, however, still suffi
cient birds to keep the hunters Interested
until the migratory ducks arrive. From
present Indications these birds will bo In
the waters of the state from ono to two
weeks earlier than last year. People from
nround Cut Off lake say that they havo al
ready seen a few birds flying fiouth, but It
will bo over a week beforo enough mako
their appoarance to warrant tho attention
of tho sportsmen.
VIoliitloiiH of Ciniiio I.iisv.
Complaints ntltl come In of tho violation
of the new gamo law by the farmers and pot
hunters. Ono of tho members of the Omaha
Gun club who was a factor In securing tho
enactment of tho present law said: "Tho
sportsmen of tho state nre doing all In their
power to enforce this law, but there Is one
class of pioplc whom wo do not enro to
trouble, and that Is the farmer who only
kills tho birds he uses upon his tnble. We
know that tho birds are better food nt this
senBon than they will be In October and wo
also know that not one of us wou)d fall to
shoot what wo wanted to eat wero wo living
In tho field. Of course tho men who do this
tako chances of prosecution If they arc
caught In tho act, but llttlo trouble will be
taken to make cases against them. Tho
peoplo wo nre after aro the pot hunters and
In every comity where game abounds wo nro
exercising great caro to prosccuto all cases
of this character. Many arrests havo been
mado and the law will be enforced strictly."
Sportsmen nt this time nre requested to
bo careful about securing llccnr.o to hunt
In counllos of tho stato outsldo of tho
ono In which thoy reside. Tho enforce
ment of tho law against pot-hunters has
caused sovcral of these peoplo to vow
vongeanco against tho legitimate sports
man and If any means can be found to an
noy them It will be done. Theso Hcenso3
can bo secured from tho county clerk of
the county In which the hunter resides
upon tho payment of a fee of $1. Thcv nro
good for twelve months nnd to provide
against their transfer a brier description
of tho holder Is given.
According to reports received from tho
western part of tho state prairie chicken
will be plentiful this fall, but hunters do
not expect to kill many birds of this kind
on account of tho lato opening of the sea
son. Right now la the proper time to hunt
pralrlo chicken. They aro not ns strong
ilyers ns they will bo In two weeks and hv
that tlmo nlso they will have flocked. Now
they aro In smaller bunches, each brood
keeping to Itself. When thoy have flocked
ono shot is nil a hunter may got In a field
and that shot will probably drive all of tho
birds out of sight.
Interest of local hunters and trap shoot
ers In eastern Nebraska and western Iowa
centers in tho annual tournament of tho
Dupont Gun club, which will bo held nt
the Omnha Gun club grounds September 23.
2G and 27. In addition to the target events
there will bo a live bird handicap, which
will probably bring out somo of tho best
shots In the west. This will be tho first
llvo bird shoot of the season and there will
bo considerable money In tho pot for the
winner, as the entrance fee, Including birds,
Is $10. There will bo money for every
five entries, tho Rose system to govern.
A large number of pigeons will be on hand
for match events and the cost of birds will
be 20 cents each.
Tho target oventB will c held on threa
days, ten events each day. Flvo dollars Is
added on each event nnd the entrance foea
are fl.CO for flfteen-blrd events and $2 for
twenty-bird events. Tho Sargeant system
and Interstate association rules will he
observed, whlto flyer targets. In tho
flfteen-blrd ovents tho money will bo di
vided 35, SO, 20 and 15 per cent; In tho
twenty-bird event's, 30, 25, 20. 15 and 10
per cent.
One Content HciiiiiIiin llcforc Mminwit
SiiIIIiouIn Co Into Winter
Although the Manawa season Is closed
and tho street cars are running to that re
sort onco nn hour ouly, thero remains ono
yacht race yet to be sailed on tho lake.
This Is tho final race for the Jacnuomln cup.
This cup was ottered by the donor to bo
contested for by all yachts on the lako
under satisfactory handicaps. In tha
races thus far Balled Andover has tho
best of It and will In all probability cap
ture tho cup in the final race. No date
has been fixed for this race, but It will
probably bo held Bomo tlmo after tho closo
of tho Omaha carnival.
Ownora of boats on the lake are getting
ready to put them Into winter quarters and
U may bo necessary to Increase tho space
In tho now boat house. Some of tho own
ers havo about decided to erect sheds for
tho accommodation of the larger boats,
whllo others Insist that they should bo
stored In tho regular boat house.
They Will Teneli Hie Ynnkcca How to
lln- the FiiinoiiK ISiik
llnh fin me.
On last Friday tho famous team of Eng
lish cricket players managed by R. J. T.
Dosanquct arrived In New York City to
play a scries of matches In this country.
This event In sporting circles has been
long talked of and the IlrltlshcrJ have been
nwalted for weeks past with more than
usual Interest by tho athletic fraternity In
A committee representing the Associated
Cricket clubs of Philadelphia met tho viol
tors at tho dock where tho Red Star liner
Havcrford drew In, and conducted them
with great eclat to their quarters In tho
Quaker City, where several games will be
played. Representatives of the Metropoli
tan District Cricket league and tho New
York Cricket association were also among
those comprising tho reception committee.
Several changes were made In the Eng
lish team Just beforo leaving England, It
now has tho following personnel R, J, T
Ilcasnquet, P. F, Warner, II. E. Mo.-re, U,
0. Schwartz of Middlesex, F. Mitchell and
A. Priestly of Yorkshire, E. M. Dowson. 1.
M. Holllns, I. V. Parker and W. E. Harri
son of Oxford, E. R. Wilson and T. R.
Johnson of Cambridge
Next Monday, Tuesday and Wcdcnsday
tho cricketers will play n match against
Philadelphia players on tho grounds of tho
Philadelphia Cricket club at Wlssahlcken
Heights. September 20, 21 and 22 comes
tho principal match of tho tour, one agalnBt
tho Gentlemen of Philadelphia on the
Gcrmantowu club grounds at Mnnhelm.
Next comes the Now York match, to bo
played ngolnst a team picked from all play
ers In that city on tho grounds of the
Knickerbocker Athletic club at llayonnc.
September 25 nnd 26. Tho Hnal match
takes tho visitors back to Philadelphia,
whero thoy play at the Merlon Cricket club
at Havcrford ngalnst a picked Quaker team.
StrnlKht Itoltcrx of Oninlin Trelinre
for Hie Oiienlnu: of the
Full fcimon.
Tho bowling season proper will open In
Omaha October 1. Tho City leaguo and
the Commercial league, which Include In
their membership nearly all tho top-liners
of tho two Omnhas, havo decided upon this
date ns nn appropriate one, and thenceforth
until spring match gamca between tho
straight rollers will be of frequent occur
rence at the various alloys.
There Is not a great deal of slgnlficauco
In the phrase, "opening of the bowding
season." this fall, bocauso In ono senso of
the terra tho season has been "open" nil
summer. Though a cold weather gamo
both of the Omaha alleys have been work'
Ing overtime. Thero was seldom n moment
from 0 o'clock In the morning until 12 at
night that the musical clatter of tho pins
could not bo heard, so It Is not likely that
tbo opening of tho season will result In
the game being any more generally played
It will, however, bring to tho front the
scml-profcsslonnls nnd result In tho lines
being drawn between clubs nnd leagues In
Btead of between Individual amateurs.
At this writing thero Is no sign of tho
game falling off In popularity, and It begins
to look as though bowling Is something
more than a passing fad after all. The
wise ones who aro ali'ays looking for and
finding a reason for things Bay It Is be
cause the alley floors and balls aro moro
nearly true than thoso of n generation
ago; also because tho successful bowling
alley has been emancipated from tho dark
room In thg basement of n saloon. Tho
game, thoy say, has improved scientifically
as woll as morally. Many of tho smart
set of Omaha of both sexes now play at It.
Ono of tho big ovents In prospect for
Clark's alleys Is a match gamo to bo played
betweon a picked team from the City league
and a team ftom tho Otoo Rowling associa
tion of Nebraska City. This Is scheduled
for somo tlmo next week, the exact dato
not having been determined upon as yot.
This game will undoubtedly armiHO great
Interest among lovers of tho sport of both
cities. The plnycrs nro evenly matched
as to fcklll nnd honors nro easy, though to
tho Nebraska City team belongs tho dis
tinction of having won first blood.
C. D. Ilrldcnbcckcr of tho Gato City al
leys promises an Interesting event in tho
match game between the Western and
Orccn River teams, which is booked for
tomorrow night. Tho teams Include somo
crack rollers and It Is expected that somo
high scores will bo chalked up.
It Is announced that tho alleys at Krug's
park will bo kept open all winter to tako
care of tho overflow from tho two down
town alleys. Thero nro also rumors of
one or two new alloys being established.
Tho City Rowling leaguo will hold a
mentlng nt Clark's alleys tomorrow to map
out a schedule of match games for Octo
ber. The Commercial leaguo will prob
ably meet for a similar purpose In a few
days. Tho recent organization of private
clubs (tho membership of three of which
Include women) has bo complicated mat
ters that It Is no longer nn easy matter to
set an .-.dvanco date for a game. Somo of
the alleys havo been spoken for as far as
three weeks ahead.
Tho last contest of tho series for $50 bo
tween Arabruster and Ncale was bowled
Thursday night at Clark's alleys. In tho
three sorles bowled Ambruster won by
seventy-five pins. The score follows:
1st. 21. 3d.
Ambruster 173 17(1 12ff'77
Ncale 171 1GI 125 !ft)
The following high scores nt tenpins havo
been mado during the paBt week at the Gate
City alleys: W. S. Sheldon, 20S, 205; W.
HarriB, 227: Staponhorst, 203, 200: Charles
Seiman, 215, 201, 222, 230; II. Ueselln, 205;
C. J. Francisco, 203; W. Hartley, 205, 205,
233, 241: C. D. Rosonborry, 200, 215; John
Kelly, 200; W. H. Lehmnn, 203; nurgess,
207; Neal, 210; D. Skinner. 200; Bob Encoll.
223. 233, 227, 200, 245; A. F. Swcnsen, 205;
Frank Conrad, 200; Tom Reynolds, 223;
John Yocum, 212; Kit Carson, 202; C. n.
Rrldcnbcckcr, 205, 209, 210.
"Any Tlmo" Hartley Is high man for tho
monthly tonpln prize, with a score of 241.
Charles Seaman, former manager of the
Gato City alleys, has resigned his position
In favor of Rob Enccll.
Hero nro tho high scores at tenpins for
the week at Clark's alleys: H. Frltscher,
220, 215, 242, 202, 210, 202; W. C. Brunke,
242, 217; Bllllo Ambruster. 202: H. Beso
lln, 222, 200, 230, 201; V. H. Wlgman. 222,
203, 213; D. J. O'Brien, 212, 207; C. J. Fran
cisco, 218, 211, 200; Ed Burgess, 224; F. J.
Bongele, 211, 200, 210; Judge Sunder, 204;
C. Conrad, 201; Frank Fogg, 209; Charles
French, 214, 213, 201; W. F. Clarkson, 211,
209, 200; J. II. Vollrnth, 211; F. W.
Schneider, .212, 214; Dick Slemon, 204;
Georgo Fnrtsch, 201; Ti. W. Christie, 203;
Charles Zarp, 214, 213, 22S, 210; M. R. Hunt
ington, 222, 202; Henry Baden, 227, 203;
Tern Reynolds, 242; B. F. Miller, 200; C.
Seaman, 211; W. S. Sheldon, 211; Georgo
Sellgsohn, 211.
Charles French gets a prlzo for 161 at
Tom Reynolds' 242 at tenpins wins him
a prize.
In three successive games of ninepins C.
H. Mullln made 22, Ho gets a prize.
Two hundred and forty-threo at tenpins
wins II. Frltscher a prize.
Maiden Temilx Coiitmt on llxteimlve
Senle Ik Wnneil on Court of
Athletic Annocin Hon,
Although tho Interstate Tennis tournev
conducted by tho Amateur Athletic associ
ation last week was Interfered with bv
rain and other untownrd Incidents It was In
a largo measuro a success and will do
much toward establishing Omaha as an
Interstate tournament city. The visiting
playera were well pleased with the enter
tainment nnd expect to bring larger delega
tions with them for tho second tourna
ment, noxt August.
Tho North Platte guests, Mooney nnd Cary,
are from tho center of a thriving tennis
community In western Nebraska, whero rev
eral clubs maintain a -friendly Intercourse
with each other. The North Platto men
wero somewhat out of form nnd did not
survive the first round. It will be their
pet ambition,, howover, thoy say, to get
nearer tho finals next year.
Tho presence of Mageo of Chicago speaks
for a moro numerous visitation next year
of the dashing Chicago racquet wlelders.
Mageo won tho western Intercolleglato throe
years ago and has tbo aggressive eastern
method of play well digested, Austin,
champion of Omaha, says he has made
earnest representations to other Chicago
nlnvora and f till v rvnft ihnt iinn.i hm,i.
ner and their conteinporrlei will come west
another season.
lilt. MefillRW AT AtJi: T.a. g'M'lg-
THE DOCTOIt fully and seriously comprehends the extensive responsibility arising
from his great work among men of all classes.
26 Years' Experience. 15 Years in Omaha.
Dr. McGrcw Cures Varicocele -Hydrocele
in less than ten days without cutting or Una of time from work. AN ABSOLUTE
Rl flflfl PfllQfIN aml :l" Iis('aS('s (M1 1,(1,1 b.v " treatment which is far
WI"W'U rillwUn more satisfactory and successful than "Hot Springs"
treatment at less than half the cost. All breaking out and signs of the disease disappear
at once. A cure that is guaranteed for life.
great good can be done for men at a Nominal Expense. TREATMENT I5Y MAIL.
OFFICE HOUKS 8 a. in. to 0 p. in.: Sundays, S a. m. to i p. in. I'. O. BOX 7(5(5.
Many New Olnbi Will 0om Into Exitonce
Witiin ths Nt Yer.
From n Cuiuiinrntlvcly Small nenln
ilnn, the Knmc Sprrml. Until
Xmv It rrevnltM All
User XcliruMku.
A few hundred enthusiastic golfers havo
glvon tho gamo such nn Impetus In Nebraska
that tho year 1D02 promises to bring mail)'
additional clubs into existence. September
finds tho golfing season at Its height. Lin
coln nnd Omaha players nro making tho
best of tho fow remaining weeks of weather
during which tho courses will bo free from
winter's touch nnd tho lessor clubs In other
parts of tho state havo enthusiasm entirely
out of proportion with their size.
Columbus, Ilcatrlce, York nnd Platts
mouth nro among tho towns which havo
golf courses under consideration and will
probably celebrate tho advent of 1002 by
laying out grounds and organizing clubs.
At York n fow lovers of tho Scottish gnmo
have been teeing around over tho prairies
for several years and havo finally succeeded
In Interesting enough peoplo In tho gamo to
mako a permanent course n thing of tho
near future.
Dcatrlco nlso has n number of enthusiasts
who havo been dreaming of a golf club for
years and now feci that such an organiza
tion Is within roach. Plnttsmouth and Co
lumbus havo tho fover In such n sovero
form that It Is not likely that another sea
son will slip by without hrmslng relief In
tho way of well-equipped golf courses.
, All llolilreue Golf.
Of tho smaller organizations in tho state
tho Holdrego club Is probably tho most suc
cessful. Tho grounds nro ndmlrablo and
a houso has beon secured which Is adequate.
Everybody in Holdrego plays golf nnd plays
It woll. The town Is golf mad. Repre
sentatives of the Holdrego club have cap
tured tho scalps of the crack players of tho
Lincoln and Hastings clubs. Tho golf links
In Holdrego nro located midway betweon
tho east nnd west portions of tho town and
nro so favorably located that athletically
Inclined citizens spend all their letsuro
tlmo In golfing.
Hastings has a firm course and tho mem
bers of Its club recently voted to erect a
now houso which will surpass tho buildings
of all tho other clubn In the. ntatc. Tho
Hastings club has n largo and enthusiastic
membership. It has had n comfnrtablo
club houso for somo tlmo, but tho remark
able growth of tho organization demanded
that additional accomodations bo provided.
There aro many excellent golf players
at Leavltt and n club has been organized
thero which promises to become r; formld
nblo rival of other Nebraska clubs. During
tho present year tho Lincoln club has mado
Improvements In its links and now has a
very superior course.
Next year will find tho two Omaha golf
courses In much better condition than thoy
nro at present and promises to bring a
golf revival. Tho turf on tho Omaha
Amateur Athlotiu hssocI.UIoh'h courso Is bo
Ing looked after with great caro and un
additional year's growth will put it In ex
cellcnt condition.
Tha Omaha Country club boasts of tho
only olghtcen-hnlo courso In Nebraska. All
tbo other courses which aro In ueo
prcsont havo but nine holes.
Flxeurnlnn in Sew A'nrlc vln Ilnltlmnro
fc Ohio Itiillroiul.
Round trip tickets will bo Bold from July
I to October 20, Chicago to Now York, at
(31 for the round trip, with stopover going
nt plthe Washington, Ilaltlmore or Phila
delphia or at tho Pan-American exposition
returning. This will enable you to visit
Atlantic City or other seasldo resorts. Send
12 cents for "Outdo to Washington" and
"Reasons Why" For further Information
call on or address J, C. Ilurch, Omaha, Neb.,
or I). N. Austin, General Passenger Agent,
135 Adams street, Chicago,
Loss of Vitality, Loss of Brain Power, Poor Mem
ory, Despondency, and all weakness and unnatural
19,846-CURES LAST YEAR - 1 9,840
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"Ornn-SolTent" dlaaolvea fftrleture like annrr benenth the saa,
AltlCOOULR oud EVI,IIGKI1 PROSTATR, anil atrenalliena the Sa
tjucta, ataniilnar ilrnlna and nniliilnn IV 'iVTRriv nAva
No drnsra to ruin the alomneli, but a direct local and p'oaltlTe applica
tion to the eatlro Urethral Tract.
tery nuffcrer fi-otn Stricture, and tho offspring, Varicocele, SJJSBBJ. ajsisssk bsbssj aajjsa
Prostatitis nnd Seminal Weakness, should write to tho Ht. M
James Association, C2 St. James Uulldlng, Cincinnati, Ohio, for m MLa sb- m
the Illustrated work showing the parts of the human system mm. Mmm mm
Involved In Urethral Aliments, which they Bend to male applicants, necurcly wrapped
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aaartsa plainly written, wnsn tney will
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Urethral Ailments.
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They Go Today
Rain or Shine
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Tlilrty jennt prnctlrohns
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men. I roKtoro Lost Yj.
tw.ity, and iiulckly cum
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tho cffwlH f JIxcibhwi.
H'V'u "l;tV 'werlptlnn,"
, J-l'-etrlcnl Aiipllunco.'' ,c
,,(,.().I)."QunckB. IWt
n, a euro in worth nil
tlm world to you. Mill mo
enro nnd I will
Marshall, Mich.
m, m-Ktrimion w jour
tend jou mino tnlunhlo wlvlco,
Artdrtw., N. 1), Shkhman, M. J).
Jlox No. 10,
Relieves Kidney
a. uiauaor?
tfi uhles at once. 2
Cures in
48Hcurs an?
urinary i
I ach Can S N 5
tule liear tlie Isiimi!
name f2T"
Ilewjr ( ntrletl rnnnterfef .
DR. McGREW'S reputation as a
IST has extended until lie Is treating
men from almost EVERY STATE IN
THE WEST, Patients actually coming
treated by him,
throughout tho west will toll ,
.you that the I'OXFIDEXCIiJ
OHEW wus iH'voi- betrayed
His sympathy is over extended
to those who seek his service
or advice hence MEN HE
13 VICKY DAY brings many
llattoring reports of the good
he is doing or the relief he is
Cured While
You Sleep,
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Bt. Jamss Auoclatlcn with your nam ami
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Etsei Woman
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about it.fl wondrrfiij
MAIIVFI. Whirling Sproy
fiurlum. Ilft-.if.
it- .Most Cunrenlrnt.
il vnur dt-nl.t fr, l, 'ri
if h runnot
nthsr. I.iii e.ki
lusinleil imoV-.filKl.li nvt
lull purlli iilnrsAiiil illio-tir,
iHlmtlilelulaillba, .Mlltl'l
tomn .'.v, 'l lno.H HI W
The Whirling Sprny Hyrlngo For Halo. By
Sherman & McConnell Drug Go,,
IIKIi nn. I IIiiiIki', OiiiiiIiii, .Vi-li,
" i"Misiiini i.aiiitv, kt IlftHtTia1
tmitfllKKTKIt'.S KNOwTO
llhUMrllta, Taliii no other. nfui
!?. i ?' t. 'V.' u.""l"i." ",1 la
.! ii-ii.; ',,.'."JT5-. inian
,n 1 fW

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