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hen you visit Omaha inako Boston Sloro your head-
A 11 next week during the Ak-Sar-Ben
Festivities half fare
rates will be in effect oh all roads
coming into Omah Liu The sights will bo won
derful and you can save enough money on your purchases
to pay for your trip
.tuartera. Arrange to meet your friends here, get
H m
your parcels checked in our check room, make use of our
waiting rooms, lavatories, etc., it all costs you nothing.
Wo have a special rccoption room for ladlea. Ask our floor walker to direct
you. Our restaurant (In basement) serves meals at popular pricce.
Souvenirs Free Ask for them.
i ni mm fj 1
k Days t Greatest
Bargain Gifiig Ewer Emm
Beginning Monday and Continuing Every Day to Saturday Night
ATE will sell the best and most desirable grades of NEW FALL AND WINTER MERCHANDISE at prices that
will astound and delight the multitudes, We will forcibly demonstrate to the thousands of visitors in the
city that BOSTON STORE GIVES THE BEST VALUES, Omaha people know this, but we want every VISITOR
to know it and they undoubtedly will know it if they attend this sale, You NEVER had a BETTER opportunity
to save money, besides the time is opportune for buying fall and winter goods, , ,,,,,,,,,,,
Opening Sale of Millinery New Dress Goods and Silks Priced Low
I A 11 tlin tnnnf. rlesir.nhln rrnnrls nilfl llOVaf, HiTn nvi clin urinrr t1u c troll oaf. m-nnl ?rma In ?m.
Special Showing1 of
Trimmed Hats
$10, $12 and $15
Here Is where tho major
ity of millinery artists fall
absolutely. Not bo with us.
Wo prlilo ourselves morn on
hats at theso figures than
at any others for tho reason
thnt wo aro nllowcil enough
latitude to bring tho French masterpieces right up
to tho perfection point, thus effecting for real swell
dressers nnd millinery connoisseurs a savins of over
100 per cent. Your presenco Is solicited nt this spe
cial showing.
$1qoo $1200 $1500
A 11 tho most dosirnblo goods and newest
fashions in new iall materials and weaves
in this immense assortment, comprising broad
cloths, Venetians, granite cloths, basket weaves,
all wool .Russian crash effects, hop sacking,
camel's hair, cheviots, whipcords and many
fancy stripes and plaid skirtings.
cheviots, storm serges, French serges, nil of thctn
puro wool, extra wldo goods, in nil the fall colorings,
including black, many of them worth up to $1.00
yard, on suit- on front bargain squaro at 43c.
ored cheviot, beautiful combination of colors, silk
and wool novelties for entire milts, on bargain
square at 29o yard.
French Flannels.
Trimmed Hats at Five Dollars A
largo number of cleverly executed
copies of, some of our Imported hats,
as well as a splondid collection of our
own Ideas. Flvo dollar hats aro a
specialty with us, nnd wc say without
reservation that wo produce tho best
hats nt that prlco
to be found In
Trimmed Hats at Thrco Ninety-eight
In this divlnlon will bo found n
host of charming conceits designed
by our best nrtlsts, who pay that
same minute attention to detail In tho
construction of theso hats as If thev
wcro worth ten times tho prlco. Thus
you get tho best styles nnd good ma
terials at n very low
price. Thoy hro
hats elsewhere,
e, at .. J
French lUnnels, In polka dots, Moral designs on light
and dark grounds, nnd plain colors, with silk strlpo
running through, for kimonus, waists and children's
UrcaecH, sold In all other stores at 85c yard, on bargain stiuaro
at 19c yard.
two-toned camel's hair, heavy homespuns, suitable
for skirts or entire suits, In navy blues nnd black.
every yard worth from $1.50 to $2.00, while, they Inst
In our dress goods department ut Wo yard.
We are showing tho swellest creations in im
ported silks, novelties of tho most cor
rect styles suitable for entire costumes, walk
ing skirts and waists.
crepe meteor, figure-' crcpo do chine, now Terry poplins, new
printed warps, now satin cnmeloons, now satin Lumlneaux, uow
peau do gain, and swell exclusive patterns In grcu- -v )
ndluca and moussellnc, nt, yard, $1.00, $1.39, $1.C0 I J 4
and -,
now colorings, inese aro mo new velvet iiiuncs tor
House waists and costumes, special price,
per yard
tic black rustling turret as, wear guaran
teed, woven on wolvodgo 21-lnch, 27-Inch
Hid CO-lnch wide, speclnl opening prlco
per yard .,..1 9
peau de luxors, black Torry poplins, black satin do Lyons, black
nuiu ijiumni'uux, uu Kuiirumi'uu pure
dye, Lyons tnffetas, perfect weave, new
soft llnlsh, wear guaranteed worth up
to $1.00 a yard, per yard
kinds of silks, Including 27-Inch and VG-lnch black and colored
dress and waist silks, suit-corded talTetas for waists, 27-lnch all
silk lining taffetas In black nnd colors, satin striped waist Bilks,
blank nnd colored satin duchessu, peau do sole, lousenes, wash
lujLuuia, uiui'ii uiiu win iu liuicy curucu
suns, wortn up 10 jz.w n yard'
on salo por yard
ijcwaim'i 11 i 1 m 11 mTTTnT
Opening Sale of Suits and Skirts
?75. 98c
satin tie i.yons, uiacic
75c, $1
49c, 69c
9 clay worsteds, broadcloths, Venetian cloths, all on sale In dress goods department I I
at, yard A-V7
Wo cordially Invito you to In
spect our dl (play of new fall suits,
wraps, waists, acparato skirts,
tailor-made gowns, etc. Every
thing we show we guarantee la
correct for thw otnliu' fnll Beacon,
nnd Just to add Interest to tho oc
casion wo will offer tho following
xpfMnl liidiivemcuts:
Correct Sl)lcs In Tailored Suits.
Tailored Stilts, made of nil wool
btondcloth. cheviots and Venetians,
new blouse styles, somo with cord
ed back and front In new fancy
designs, skirts with two lows of
cluster tucks on tho front, mndo
with high lloiincc in back, with
stitched folds of penu do nolo
around, colors black,
blue and red,
Ladles' Walking Skirts. In tho
now blouso styles, tight-fitting ef
fects, new French dip skirts with
high llouncc, Bonio taffeta lined, in
ctamlnes, broadcloths, cheviots.
Venetians, etc all A 35
Jl to
100 excellently trimmed hats that
would readily sell for $1.00 and $3.00
go on salo tomorrow
Ten styles of ladles' street hats-
draped with silk and ornaments-
regular $1.75 values
J00 prettily trimmed children's hats, in all the new and
desirable colors. These hats are produced to meet the
popular demand lor stvusli, yet inexpensive nuts.
They are actual ;5.00 values our
price is
We Do the Largest Linen Business in the West
for the. reason that we sell better linens for less money than can be bought anywhere else. Our linens
are mostly all of our own importation, thereby saving all middlemen's profits. We retail linens
cheaper than most wholesale houses sell them. .
At present wo nro selling 70-Inch extra
lino bleached, all linen, satin damask nt
Mo, yard.
Napkins to niatch this at $2.9S dozen.
7L'-lncli very fine, heavy full bleached satin
damask at HSc yard.
Napkins to match this at $2.9S dozen.
CS-lneh soft llnlsh, very fine, snow whlto
double faced satin damask, elegant do
Blgns at C9c yard.
..- str.o napkins to match at $1.59 dozen.
72-Inch extra heavy, bleached German da
mask, nnd 72-Inch extra heavy all linen
Irish cream damask, and 72-lncli full bleach
ed satin dnmask, all nt ono prlco C9c yard,
most dealers get $1.00 ynrd.
22-inch full blenched snUn dnmask, now
nnd beautiful patterns, $1.35. yard.
Nnpklns to match at $I.D0. This damask
generally retails at $2.00 yard, and tho nap
kins nt $7.&0 dozen.
All tho heavy silver bleached nnd full
bleached napkins, 51.25 dozen, generally sell
nt $1.93 dozen.
Sale of Hosiery and Underwear
moil's nnd
child rori'.s
fast blnok
nnd tan and
fancy colored
lloao, with
double, soles,
splicud heels
nnd toes, all
in ado full
bIIk finished, 20o values,
Lndles' plnln nnd fnncy Inco and drop-
Mitch lisle thread Hose,
all new patterns, S3c
values at
Ladles' Ann medium
weight 'Jersey
Ribbed Unlou Suits,
worth 50c,
on sale
tit ....
Lndles' fine Jersey
ribbed Underwear,
In medium and
heavy weight, nice
soft lleeeo lining,
Kill: trimmed, of
wool and cotton $1.00
values per garment. ..
Ladles' finest Imported plain nnd
fancy Hobo, mndo of lino maco cot
ton and French Halo thread, groat
variety of fancy
colors, 75c
values ut
Men'a flecco lined Underwear, In
wool nnd cotton, dlttcrcnt styles and
colors, worth considerably moro than
tho prices wo ask
98c 75c
50c and 29c
Notion Bargains
Our notion riomrtuunt Is the
most up-to-date department In
Omaha, everything in tho small
ware lino 1h always found at this
counter as soon as It appears In
tho east. A specialty In this de
partment In dressmaker's Humilies
and findings. Tho best goods at S
tho lowest prices. !
Klclnert's dress shields nt 15c, 39a
nnd 25c.
Htockluot shields at 5a nnd lOo.
Warner Uros. feathcrbono ut Sl-So,
10c, 15a and 22a yard.
Corallno dress stays at 19a and 23a
Dress stays nt 5c, 10a nnd 15a set.
Rest whalebouo nt 23o yard.
Horn bones 10c vet.
DoLong hooks und eyes, pntont hump,
Eo nnd lUo curd.
Hooks and oyes with patent hump
ut lu, 2o and 2o card.
Premier dress clasps at 15a dozen
King's basting cotton, 500 yards. Ea
Puritan dressmaker's pins, 1-2 pound
packages at lOo per package.
Misses', Children's and Boys'
Early Fall Underwear
In light, medium and heavy ribbed
ulso plain tleeced lined ma
nil sizes, Worth up to 75c, '3 "fl
go ut 15c, 19c nnd 4 Kj W
Men's camel hair, natural wool, scar
let and sanitary health Underwnr,
ut ono-ihlrd less than tho prices
usually charged per garment
$1.25 98c
75c and 50c
Clothing Sale of the Year
We have made greater preparations for this sale than for any we ever held every
possible opportunity that offered itself has been taken advantage of most im
mense deals have been consummated and great stocks of the finest and best cloth
ing that money can make and buy have been secured at a fraction of their value
and avc commense the sale of '
Suits, Overcoats and Ulsters
in all the latest and newest styles at
Every garment in the entire sale is the work of a master tailor every garment is
thoroughly shrunk perfectly made and perfectly trimmed every garment is cut
to hang and fit properly see the remarkable values we give at
$5 $750 $998 $1250 $15
An excellent suit, made of fine
cheviot, button oton coat, all silk
lined throughout, rulllo drop
skirts, finely stitched llounco skirt,
roat finished with strapping of silk,
black, nnvy bluo or (1
A very stylish Walking Skirt of tho
new halrllno men's wear cloths, with
llounco and 2S rows of lino stitching
on bottom, black with black, or bluo
with whiter a real
$9.00 value at ...
Some very dressy Skirts of black
point d'osprlt not, with roYs of narrow
ribbon ruchlng set closo together over
tho cntlro skirt, chiffon llounco on
bottom and ruftled taffeta drop skirt,
red, with lining
match, at
A handsomo Taffeta Silk Skirt,
trimmed with ribbon nnd ruchlng all
iirouud, well mnda and shapely In
every way. Our opening salo prlco
$6.75 $5 to $12.50
Correct Styles in Ulsters & Automobiles
Tho now Automobiles and Ulsters,
mndo of melton nnd covert cloth
theso will bo THE stylo this year
nud wo nro showing tho correct thing
in theso popular garments from
$20 to $49 9.98 to 24.50
Opening Sale of
Wo have this senson tho most
complete stock of blankets nnd
comforts In tho west. Tho prices
will speak for themselves. This
line should without question he
seen before you purchnsu your fall
. blankets and comforts. Wo men
tion n few of tho bargains:
Full- slsso llecccd cotton blankets,
4&o and Wo pulr.
11-1 extra nlzo, very heavy fleeced
blankets nt "5c und 83a pair.
u All tho very heaviest tleeced blunkcts
J1.25 und S1.WJ.
Vu size, very heavy, wool blankets,
whlto, gruy and red, at SJ.iti und J2.W
Ono big lot of nil wool blankets,
11-4 red, whlto ur gray, at $3.93 and
Jl.OS pair.
Hundreds of pairs, pf extra heavy,
lino all wool blankets In red, white,
gray or tun ut J3.0S pair.
All the heaviest .California blankets,
nil wool, largest sizes, weighing from
C to 12 pounds, ut JO.OS to J15.00 pair.
Hundreds of bales of tine sllkollno
comforts, full size, hand tufted, tilled
with tho finest white cotton, at 95a
and JI.'Jj each.
Very heavy comforts mado of
French wit eon nnd filled with fine
whlto cotton ut J1.60 and (2.00 each.
Al the very finest sateon comforts
made, extra largo, tilled with the best
whlto cotton, ut C9S and 3,00 each.
Wc arc sole agents for Regers-Peet &
Co. fine cIothing-j1,Xsmol,Jca!ni;
Boys' Knee Pauls Suits
In this sale we are able to show you ;t
stock of boys' knee pants suits that leaves
nothing to wish for we have everything;
that is up-to-date and new every style,
color and pattern of cloth, and every kind
of garment a boy will wear this fall and
winter, and what is still better, we make a
price that is just, about one-half what
othors would ask you for tho same qualities
$j25 $J50 $J98 $250 $398
Wc sell Rogers- Peet & Cos men's
suits & overcoats from fc!5 to $30.
Boys' Long Pants Suits
Just as big as the bargains are in the
, men's suits, are the bargains. in boys long
punts suits and overcoats. The quantity
and kinds and styles are almost; greater
than could be imagined we can show you
any style there is (if its new) and prices
are just about one-half of what they were
intended to sell for see some of them at
$38 $500 $750
Men's Shoes
at $3, $4 and $5 pair
Everything that Is now, everything
that Is good In vlcl kid, velours calf,
willow calf, box enlf. Ideal kid, co
rona kid, patent leather and enamel,
drill lined and leather lined. Wo pos
itively guarantee tho leather, tho fit.
tho workmanship and tho wear of
these shoes In every possible way
There Is nothing now, nothing belter
In tho way of shoes to bo bought
at 98c, $1.25, $1.59
For thoso who want shoes for lefn
money wo offor somo splendid values
for the above llgures. Wo guarantee
Hvery pair of shoes wo soil, no matter
how llttlo we cell them for. And we will
bow nny rip freo of charge, no inatlcr
If you have worn tho shoes six months
or n year.
Wo place on salo tomorrow for tho
opening over C,0l0 pair of Indies' lino
sewed shoes In lnco und button, lu
black, and a beautiful shndo of win
ter tan. Theso shoes were made to n'll
this fall nt tSM nud JI.C0 a jialr. Wo
liavo every size and every width lu
each stylo and there aro 12 stylos, In
nil tho different weights of mtU: me
dium, light nnd heavy, plain or
rut tltmnil friprt
not an old stylo In
the lot, every ono of
them mndo for this
fall's trade. Tako
your choice during
the opening salo lor .
Another special offering for tho
opening Is about 2.W0 pair of ladles'
extremely lino welt ami turn solo
shoes mndo by tho finest Hhoemnkers
In America, regular selling pr.ee of
these shoes would bo from Jl.to to
JG.00 pair, our special opening prlco
...111 l.n
$3.00, $3.50
and $4.00
Flannel Dept. Drapery Dept
Fall Opening Sale of Carpets and Rugs
In this department we can safely say Ave are showing the finest line of carpels and rugs Avest
of Chicago. Our stock has been carefully selected and includes everything that is new and desir
able, and they are soiling at Boston Store low prices, which means a groat saving.
A fov of tho things thnt wo nro
nfforlni; tiro tho finest Krench Savon
lorro enrpots nt ?1.!K) ynnl.
All tho very Intost (li'slgns In Smith's
Axuilnstcr cnriiots nt $1.10 ynrd,
All tho Intost nnd hntidspmcst rmt
torns In Wilton volvot enrnots nt $1.10
Tho finest nnnllty nnd nil tho now
patterns In ton-wire llrnssols enrpet
with border to match, nt S5c yard. .
Yarn Dept.
It Is well known Unit ut this
department you can buy anything
in tho yarn line. No ono In Oma
ha carries us complete and up-to-date
line of ynrns us we do, nnd
we nro never out of nny color.
Note tho prices:
Flelsher's knitting yarn 25o skein.
Ued Star knitting yarn, 15o slceln.
Oermantnwn ncphyr. 10c skein.
Spanish knitting yarn, I5u skein.
Hhutlaud lloss, 10c sklcu.
Imported saxony yarn, 10c skcln.
Domestic saxony, Bo nkeln.
llorlln sephvr, So lap,
leo wool, luo ball,
Angora wool lOo ball.
An oloRnnt assortment of Ilnisscls enr
pet in nil the new patterns, at C0c, r!)o
nnd (We yard.
All tho now patterns In the best qual
ity of strictly all wool ingrain carpet,
(l.'c ynrd.
Host quality of nil wool lilled, cotton
chain IiiKniln carpet nt S0c and -10c
A ba variety of Union Ingrain car
pets nt 'Sta nnd 'JDe ynrd.
Wo nre showing nil the very finest
Axminister rugs iu the latest designs,
Oxlli size, at $22.!i0.
8-HxlO-O size, nt ?1SX0.
All the best grade of Smyrna rugs,
tlx 12 size, $25.00.
7-0xl0-(i size, $17.fi0.
All the eight-wire lUusseis rugs, 0x12
size, $15.00. ,
All tho very best quality 'ro Brussels
rugs, nt 6.50, $7.D0 nnd JS.CO."
All tho 27x54 Moquotto rugs, 11.98.
All tho 27x51 Hlectrlo Axminister rugs,
at $2.50 each.
lu tills department we have an
entirely new stock. Wo mention
below n few of tho prices, but
they can give you but the faintest
Idea of the magnitude of the
51-Inch Klderdown at 39c and C9u
All wool Skirt Patterns at 75c. USc.
and $1.25 each.
Shirting Flnnnol, in chocks nnd
stripes, from 15c yard up.
Heavy wool Pants Cloth at 25c yard.
Strictly ul wool Red Medicated
Flannel nt 19c, 25c, 39c, 49c, 76c anil
Sc yard.
Kxtra wldo Klondike Flannel 39c vd.
Amana Society Flannel, made In
Iowa, lu checks, Btrlpcs and plaids,
35c yard.
Extra heavy Amana Flannels, In
whlto wool, tho best llannels uav
whero, from 16c yard up.
Kinbroldorod Flannels a Jnrge va
riety of all this season's patterns at
09o yard.
Shaker Flannol at Cc, 8fco and luo
ytgut and dark Outing Flannel at
Dc, S',4o and lOo yard.
Tonnls Flannel, 28 Inches wldo, lOo
Tennis Flaunol, 3C Inchos wldo.
12l4o yard.
All tho now Kcllpso and Wavorly
Flannels, tho largest lino shown any
where west of Chicago all thoso now
Persian patterns now bo scarce
French Flannel patterns, now so
stylish at 15c yard.
2S-lnrh wide Imitation French Flan
nol, 10c yard.
Double tleeced Oulnca Flannol, ex
tra heavy, 10c yard.
Canton Flannels from So yard up.
It is hardly possible through tho
medium of printers' Ink to give you
an Idea Just how complete our
stock 1st We havo everything in
draperies that is requisite for tho
finest house, from tho plain, sub
stantial Nottingham Curtains to
the furnishing of the finest cosy
corners and Turkish rooms. And
our prices are, as everyone con
cedes, the lowest that can bo
Wo aro at present offering n lino of
genuine Hrussols Curtains that wero
bought at a rocont laigo sate prices
range from J3.0S to 115.00 pair, nnd nro
fully W per cent under tho prevailing
A largo and completo lino of Irlfch
lolnt Curtains nt Sl.Oi to $7.50 pair.
A beautiful lino of Tolnt do Cully
Curtains thut uro now so stylish,
from J3.9S tn $10.00 pair,
l'olnt d'Arabo Curtains, elegant ni
sortmont of patterns,' from 54 'j8 to
tlO.O) pulr.
25 styles of tho now Cnblo Not Cur
tuins theso nro all In llattenberg pat
ternsfrom $2.98 to $7.50 pair.
Light, lacoy Nottingham Curtalns
from 9Sc to $3.0'J pair.
A full lino of Tapestry I'ortlcres, nil
colors, nt $1.98 pair.
20 stylos of Tapestry I'ortlercs, three,
toned Directs, nt KM pair.
All tho lino Motrins) nnd Ottoman
Itlhbed I'ortl rui4-$X9ii nnd $1.98.
An Immormo assortment of Morccr
Ized und Silk l'ortlerus from $5.98 to
J20.U0 pair.
25 different styles of Hopo I'ortlcres.
In every Imaginable combination, nt
$1 93 tn $7.60 P 'lr.
In Swiss, Mh Not. Madras, Cre
tonne, Hllkolhi), O'nlm.. llungar'nn
cloth, etc, we nro showing n larger
variety than ulUlia other uteres corn-blued.

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