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"Telephone C1S-C0I.
for Everybody
IiuHoh' pure wool full regular made union suits, buttoned down
the front, silk erochot finish, color pearl gray. ?:5.u0 per suit.
Ladies' Wool Union Suits, made buttoned down the front,
color blue, good weight, $1.7") per suit.
Ladies' lino Merino Union Suits, silk finish around nock .and
down front, color silver. ?l.r() per suit. . .
Ladies' line ribbed Wool Vests and Drawers to mutch. .color
blue, 1.00 garment.
Child's )iiro wool l'nion Suits, color natural gray, sides 11 to
7, prices according to size, $1..'?0 to ?l.u0 per suit.
Child's Hlack Wool Tights, extra values, prices according to
size, fiUe to 80c jer garment.
M'e (.'lose Sntiirdnjs nl l P. SI.
Thompson, Belden &Co.
Iho better boat, but even having It mum 1
hnvo n wen hit of luck to win. 1 nm very
Krlevod Indeed, very grieved, nnd." ho
added, "I should havo liked to havo won
ono race." )
Tluinkn IteKiiltii ('oiniiilttef . ;
Hardly had Erin's anchors touched bot
tom when Corsair's launch camp alotiR
side, l.rnrlnR tho rrgntln ccminlttep. Sir
ThomiiH met It ut the Kiwg'vuy and BHld.
"Gentlemen, It was n fair beat. 1 want
(o Bay again that you have treated mo with
tho utmost f.ilmcsa and courtesy. You
havo met cvtry wish of mine, nnd from my
heart I thank you,"
Commcdcro Lewis Cass l.r-lynrd, chair-
man of the New York Yacht flub reRatln
committee1, replied: ,
"Hlr Thomas, we havo never had u truer1
tportsnian to deal with."
Many of Sir Thomaa Kticsta on board
r.rln cowded about to express tholr sym
pathy at bis defeat nnd ucsured him of
I lie hlf.h place ho had won In the heartti
of all Americans. "When a mun wIiik n
h"i!rf he has won inoro thin a cup," Bald
cue of them.
Thsro were tears In tho Irish bnronet'u
eyes when he thanked them for their kind
wcrda, Raid lie. "Tho words you havo
spoken Inuch tnc far mure than my defeat
today. I tried to win tho cup and I havo
dono my Lest. But, better than all that, 1
havo tho Kocd wishes of this country."
When iukcd abcut ) s plans for tho fu
ture Sir Thomns Bald' "It In too eatly to
talk abcut any pln:in. About Shamrock 1
cannot decldu yet what 1 Khali do nnd no
tu challenging njnln It Is too toot to think
about It."
Comment of tin: Winner.
1. D. Morgan, manager of Columbia, raid;
"I am very happy that wo won and glad
the strain Is over. Wo certainly had to
mako n splendid tight for It. We had n
cplcndtd captain nnd .1 splendid crew."
Columbia's malntnll was unbent before
It cumo to anchor and soon after dark It
was towod to City Island. Before leaving
Captain Uarr said: "We did tho best wo
could and thoy did tho best they could and
wo came out first, that's all."
At tho Mow York Yacht club tonight
Chairman nano and Secretary Oddlo wore
closely questioned by members regarding
the sensational finishes. Mr. Kane bald he
had great dldlculty In tlmelng the yachts,
but was fortunate In sighting tho mast In
proper tatige. Tho range was from a small
wblto dag on tho committee tug and tho
mainmast of tho Sandy Hook lightship.
Chester Orlswold of tho regatta committee
held tho watch that timed tbo yachts.
Jimt Ilrfurc the Ilnor.
It was fully half an hour beforo tho
preparatory gun when tho committee boat
Navigator hoisted the signal. "D. C. 8.."
Indicating that tho' course would bo fifteen
mllos to leeward and return. The wind at
that tlmo came from tho north-northwest
nnd was blowing nil of twelvo miles an
hour. Hotli racers camo out from the
horseshoe In tow of their tugs and seemed
slow In getting their sails set. Shamrock
was first to hoist Us mainsail and also
firm to get up Its largest club topsail.
Columbia, evidently waiting to test the
strength of tho wind, did not set Its club
topsail until 10:40. Captain Darr decided
that tho wind was not too strong for his
No. 1.
At tho preparatory signal dt 10:45 both
boats were far up to tho windward and camo
down toward tho lightship and Just befora
tho warning gun, again hcadod up Into tbo
wind' simultaneously arid worked brick to
tbelr former positions. Doth were on the
port tack and closo haulod with Columbia
on tbo weather quarter of the challenger.
Burr Aifiiln the Wiser.
Tho Aniorlcan boat was first to como
about aftor tho warning gun at 10:55.
Shamrock immediately fallowed nnd planted
Itself directly astern of tho defender, at tbo
snme time breaking out Us tremendous
balloon Jib and letting fall to starboard Its
spinnaker pole. It was Sycamore's game
to cross last If possible This he was ahle
to do, but whllo It bad the pride of tho
position, he found himself thirty seconds
behind the handlcnp. gun. Darr In tbo
meantime had delayed breaking out his
light sails and still hold Columbia's sheets
In flat. Thus he too, haudlcappod his boat
In crossing, but not so much aa bis rival,
for It Is estimated that he was only fifteen
seconds behind the handicap gun. The
spinnakers on both boats were broken out
on the line aud away they went on what
proved to bo the last raco of. the Inter
national series of 1901,
Both boats being haudlcappcd, tho official
tlmo of tho stnrt was posted on the bulla-
ThiaToot of many evils
Glandular tumors, nbsccsses,
pimples, anil othor cutaneous erup
tions, sore ears, inflamed eyelids,
rickets, dyspepsia, catarrh, readi
ness to catch cold nnd inability to
get rid of it easily, paleness, ner
vousness, tho consumptive ten
denoy, and other ailments
Can bo completely and perma
nently removed, no matter how
young or old the sufforer.
, Hood's Sarsaparllla was given the daughter
of Silas Veruooy, Wawarslng. N. Y., whd had
broken out with scrofula sores all over her
face and head. The first bottle helped her
'and wheti she had taken six the sores were all
beslfd and bet tace,was iwootb. He writes
that she has never shown any sign of the
scrofula returning,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Promises to cure and keeps the
promise. Ask your druggist for It
today and accept no substitute.
Dec, October 4, 1D01.
Can only (junto you a .few of the ninny
worthy linos. 1J ore's nn offering or two:
I'lio celebrated "Phyllis'' Keforin Underwear
tin bonrd of the committee boat as fol
lows: Shamrock, 11.02:00; Columbia, 11:
02:00. Sli ii in rook Onlns Kfirly-
Hardly had tbe boats gotten over tho line
beforo It was seen that Shamrock wa
gaining on Its rival. "Slowly It crept up and
at, 11:17 was on even terms. Half n minute
later It showed Its bowsprit ahead nnd
from (hero on led Columbia to tho outer
mark. The run down the wind w.ib titi
cvtnlful nftcr Shamrock took tho lead, ex
cept a few moments before the turn, when
Columbia, catching firm a fresh puff of
wind, run up on the challenger's weather
quarter Tho boats wcro then very near
tin.' turning buoy, so that Shamrock took
In Its spinnaker nnd balloon jib nnd net,
with a groiter speed than had been ynt
snown ny tnc uritlsh crew, Its Jib nnd
Htnyenlls. A scon as tbese sails tilled the
Urttleh bojt luffed out under thu bow of
Columbia, took new life nnd riimnpil nhnnit
again. Col.imbln kept Its spinnaker until
ttiihin two minutes of the mnrk, hoping
with tills additional mil to pull up. But It
wna unable to do so and had to turn forty
nine seconds behind Its rival.
Tbe olllclai time of turning the outer
mark was as follows: Shamrock, 12:4S:4G;
Columbia, 12:I&:35.
Kirs I Ilounil fur the Irish.
Thus on tho run strnlght dowr. the wind
tho challenger hnd gained, according to of
ficial tlmo, forty-nine seconds, but In re
ality It had dene bettor than this, for to
tills forty-nlno seconds are to ho added fif
teen seconds which Columbia led It over tho
starting line.
After rounding tho mark Shamrock stood
off for somo minutes on tho starboard
tack. Just beforo 1 o'clock the defender
cumi) about and stood over on tho star
bonrd tack toward Shamrock. Tho two
boais held along together on tho same
tack for somo five or rIk minutes. Thnn
Shamrock nut about and nt l:n."i rrm.rai
Columbia's bows and tacked well on tho
American boat's wenthor. Then exactly
wus the case Wednesday and nt almost
tho same tlmo of day, 1:12, another dra
matic event of tho race occurred. In throo
mute Columbia passed clean through
O Ico of tho challenger. Went nn tlin nnri
tnck and easily crossed Its bows. Sham
rock at enco tacked under tho defender's
in nnd then doveloncd a situation thnt
could not bo sxplalncd unless by chango of
I nil,
Whllo Columbia keut on nolntlne verv
high, Shamrock headed far off to leeward
and for several minutes did not point any-
wnero near ns high as Columbia, and rnp
Idly fell off. Tho Wind had now drnnnnil
mtncrlally nnd It soon became fiultv ns
well, first ono boat getting It In puffs and
men the other. At times tftoro was a great
difference In their pointing, Columbia now
leading well up, while Shnmrock fell off
and then again tho reverse was-true.
VUltor Redeems Lout lironml.
At 1:30 tho booth were standlnc nlnnif
on tho port tack, but wide nuart. Cnlnmliln
was well to windward, the distance being ea-
imatcu uy some of tho ynchtlnc shams at
nearly a mile, but nt tho same tlmo It
was slightly astern. A series of short
tacks wns then bogun by both racors nnd
n tnese Shamrock showed ovldent nalns.
being aided by friendly slants of wind.
or naif an hour these short tacks con.
tlnued and when at 2 olclock the boats
camo together near enough to afford com
parison, 'U wns soon that tho challenger
had mado up a largo part if not all Its
loss. The wind meanwhile had become
mote and more fluky and was hi nwln? nrtt
over soven or eight knots. Instead of being
a good test of sailing, the race now be
came a matter of luck In gottlng and good
seamansnip in mectlug the varying puffs.
At the samo time It became a very close
affair and thore was IntenBo excitement In
tho sight-seeing fleet.
A fow minutes after 2 o'clock Tlnrr nut
Columbia about on tho starboard tack and
headed for the Jersey shore. A mlnutu
later Shamrock followed nnd If m
beyond possibility of doubt that the Amer
ican boat was not only to windward, but
slightly ahead. Again the two racers went
Into shcrt reaches and nirnln thn rhni.
Ienger came about with gains to Its credit,
so at s:zo it took tbe lead. The wind wan
now fast droDnlne. but the hnnt ....
within five miles of the finish lino and had
plenty of tlmo In which to cross tho limit
unless tno Breeze roll to a flat calm.
Anybody's liner,
It became anybody's raco nnd the ex.
rltemeiit Increased. A few moro short
tacks and thu Uritlsh boat added to Its
lead by favoring puffs. Seamanship of tho
highest order wns now required and in
this reopect It waB hats off to doughty
Charllo Uarr. Ho nursed bis craft along
in the light airs In a wonderful manner
nnd lit ovory moment had a sharp eye out
for nny chango of wind. Shortly after
2:30 both boats wont on n long port taok,
and when at 3:17 Shamrock put about to
meot Columbia it was evident that It still
had a slight lead, for it forced tho dc
fender about. Having dono this Sham
rock again went about on tho port tack
with tho evident hope of fotchlng the line,
now nbout a mile away. Columbia kept on
a couple of minutes longer and then fol
lowed Its rival. It was In the windward
berth, but well astern, and the lead of the
Knallshman was unrulHtalcahln. Itnth hn.i.
I wero being sailed for all there wna in
mem, nnu inoy went tnrough tho water
ai a speea remaricame for the wind that
was then blowing. It was npparent that
a nerve-stralnlng finish was nt hand.
Charllo Uarr kept up hU good work and
took ndvantage of every chango of air that
could possibly help him. Columbia was
perceptibly gaining, but every soul In the
Meet was wondering It It could pull up
enough to cross tbo line ahead. The wind
headed both boats a bit and It became
apparent that noltbcr could fetch by thi
When Xervea Tlnicleil.
At 3:30 Shamrock went about on the
starboard and headed for tbe middle of
the line, Columbia tacked under Its lee,
Barr's game being to back-wind tbe head
walls of the challenger. -On they came,
the Aincrlc.in boat gaining slightly. The
crowd began to cheer, for It was a cer
tainty that the gallant defender was well
within Its time allowanco It It could not
cross first. Shamrock was tho first to
luff over, but hardly was this perceptible
beforo Darr did tho samo thing with Co
lumbia nnd they went over only two sec
onds npart, but the two seconds wcro to
the credit of Shamrock In actual time,
though It was n beaten boat, according to
the rules of the game.
l.iiii.iliin 1'mirr Cnlitex That ylininrncU
mill Co I ii ml. In Should Mnlte
Further Test.
LONDON, Oct. fi. Then It a feeling of
supreme disappointment in London over tho
falluro of Shamrock II to win even ,i single
race. Those who dedounced Sir Thomas
Upton's ambition, asserting that he vat
using bis yni'ht to advance bis business In
terests, now realize thnt hlt sportsmanlike
effort deserved a better result. When It
was announced Hint Shnmrock II was lead
In? near home tho news was received In
silence by the ciowds on the embankment.
There never was much betting on tho
outcome In this country, but the disap
pointment nmong tho masses is sluccro
nnd great. The quest Ion l raised here
whether tho defeat of tho challenger wns
due to tho superiority of American sea
manship or tho better constructive ability
of the Americans. With n view of nettling
the question tho Dally Express hai ca
bled Commodoro Morgan nml Sir Thomas
Union, suggesting thnt they should ar
range a raco with Columbia's crow on
hoard Shamrock II and tho crow of tbo
challenger on board tho defender.
(1LASOOW, Oct. I. Interest in the out
come of tho contcstB between Shamrock II
and Columbia did not diminish hero or In
tho Clyde district until the very last. Hopo
wbh still strong thnt the challenger might
retrlovo total defeat. When tho result wan
announced tho largo crowds that nwaltcd
It outside the newspaper offices quickly
nnl quietly dispersed.
Among tho yachting fraternity tho opin
ion is general that Shamrock was beaten
on its merits ami not disgraced. Admira
tion for Columbia Is expressed on nil hands.
It is likened to tho Brlttnnnln, the prlnco
of Wales' old cutter, In its all-round good
calling qualities and Its good luck. That
It whb well handled aud skippered by a
Clyde captain Is not forgottcu. There had
been no grcnt hope In the last few days
In tho challenger's chunccH nnd Its backers
could rnslly get 2 to 1 at least.
Tho secretaries of tho Clyde yacht clubu
disclaim any knowledge regnrdtng tho re-
port that n Scotch syndlcute will challenge
for tbo America's cup.
nil on em Wnrmly KnloRlr.e Splendid
(lunlltlt-n fllnplnycil hy
(Copyright. 1901. by Press Publishing Co.)
LONDON'. Oct. A. Now York World Ca
blegramSpecial Telegram.) The editor of
the Morning Express cabled Sir Thomns
Llpton and Mr. Morgan nt the cdncluslon
of the yacht raco today, suggesting a rur
thcr raco between tho yachts with tho
crews unchanged. Neither replied. Tho
Morning Post, commenting on tho results,
suggests that Barr's better knowledgo of
tho tldeB, currents and winds of tho Amcr
lean coast may havo affected the result.
"What," It BBko'L "would happen If a
Drltlsh skipper and n nritlidi crow were
kept in Now York waters for a year and
a new yacht on the latest and mct ap
proved lines wcro then sent over to themJ
Of courso It would havo to he tuned, but
would not tho crow, learned In every trick
of the American const, bo better ublo to
Dandle It when they got nccustomed to It?"
All tho I-ondon papers admit that th
challenger was beaten on Its merits and
wiirmly eulogize tho splendid qualities dis
played by Columbia.
KliiK )f IlelKlum Would Ilnve l.lkeil
to Hrr l.lpton Win
Our Clip.
(Copyright, lpOl, by Press Publishing Co.)
PARIS, Oct. 4. (Now York World Ca
blcgrnm Spcclnl Telegram.) King Leopold
of Belgium, speaking today nbout tho
yacht raco at Now York for America's cup
said he had hoped that Llpton would win
because tho American effort to recover tho
cup and tho English effort to keep It
would havo opened a most Intensely Inter
estlng chapter In the history of tho cup
whereas another American victory would
kill tho Interest In futuro struggles, Amer
leans regarding victory as a matter of
coutse nnd tho English being discouraged
by repeated failures nnd expense.
It u fill Orilem to C2el Trnimport Itcnily
to Carry Them to Scene
nf Troiihlr.
VALLEJO, Cal.. Oct. 4. Order's have
been received nt Mare Island to rush the
repairs on tho transport Solnco, aa It must
bo ready for service uy octonor i&. a rorcc
nt ahlnfllnrn. Inlnnrs and machinists worked
on It last night and the men win work
overtime continuously to get the vessel
Mitdv In limit. If Ir st.ttpil that the vessel
Is needed to tnko a forco of marines to
Hnkri n rirt-Clim, 'I'clllu Argument
" "About a your ago n doctor and his wife
come to board with us. We already hnd
Miss Q., who wnn nt that tlmo thin nnd
yellow and considerably out of health,
"The llrst morning the now boarders
camu to the tablo as guests the young
lady remarked ns nlie set her cup down
'This Is coffee!' whllo tho doctcr added
'Not at nil like tho poor coffee they hnv
been giving us ut tho hotel.' 1 smiled be
hind my napkin nnd asked If cither of
them ever used Postum rood Coffee. Th
doctor said be hnd lusted It, but It wn
weak, mlserftblo stuff. Miss O. had beard
of It and wished she could try It.
"1 said nothing, but nt the end of tlireo
months, when Miss Q. wns ready to leav
us for a new field of labor I said: 'I bnv
been giving you Postum Food Coffeo nil
the tlmo you havo been here.' 'What, I
that coffeo Postum?' she said. I remarked
that I had noticed with great pleusure lie
dally gain In health and now that she was
leaving us nftcr only three months at our
table sho hnd rosy cheeks and n plum
llgure. which wns all tho argument nny
ono needed to prove the fact that sho had
been well cared for, and tho reason for
her gain In health was the usu of Postum
.Food Coffee, for no othor change bad been
made of nny account in her food.
''The doctor wns very much delighted
with tho experiment nnd discovered that
where he had tried Postum beforo he had
been unfortunnto In having' It under
boiled. Postum must be boiled fifteen o
twenty minutes to bring out the dellclou
flavor and then It will suit the taste of
any one." Mrs. Florence Dougherty
Pluccrvlltc, Idaho,
Central Body Will Hav Award if Cadet
Uniftrm Contract InYesligateff.
Itriiiirt of l.nl.or liny Committee
Mi in, a .SurpltiN KunilH on llnnd
Six liilUt lllll Ik I. nil! nn
Tnlile InilrlliiHclr.
The Cor llulldcrs' union of Omaha sprung
a sensation at a meeting of Central Labor
union last night by submitting a request
thnt n committee from the central body bo
appointed to Investigate the award of the
ontrnct for cadet uniforms by tbo Hoard
of Education and if anything is found to
warrant It to bring the mutter beforo tho
omlng ssslon of tho grand Jury. The
matter was referred to tho law commlttco
with power to net.
I.nhnr line Committee.
Tho report of the Labor cloy commltteo
was presented. It showed that tbo total
receipts, Including $292,30 from advertising
by L. V. Ouye from tho Workers' Oazetto,
o havo been $767.63 nnd the total expenses
$719.12, which Includes two Items aggre
gating ICG. 11, tho payment of which Is con-
cstcd. At tho request of tbo committee
n special commltteo consisting of Fred
llautnann, C. A. Willis nnd K. V. Kcuncdy
was appointed to audit tho accounts and
tho Labor day tommlttoe was discharged.
On motion of the Walters' union a reso
lution was adopted censuring the mayor
nnd city council of Tnmpa, Fla., for their
action toward tho striking clgarmakcrs of
hat city.
Soolnllsl Colony.
A bill Introduced in tho last session of
congress calling for tho organization of
n socialist colony under tho management
of tho secretnry of agriculture' upon gov
ernment land, wns reported back from the
nw commlttcu without recommendation. It
was tabled.
Tho sum of $10 wns contributed to the
John P. McDonald testimonial fund. Mr.
McDonnld Is n vetcrnn editor of a New
Jersey Inbor paper and this fund is being
raised to provide for him in his old ngo.
It was decided hereafter to call tho roll
of delegates rnch evening beforo the rend
ing of the minutes.
Tho Moat Cutters' union announced that
on nnd after October 6 tho members of that
organization would refuso to work on Sun
day. Tho action of the union wns en
dorsed by tbo central body. It Is said
that the employers have practically granted
thu request.
Fifth Word Club lloliU n Meeting nt
Vhleli Severnl IntercnlliiB
Speeehe Are Mnile.
Thlrty-flvo members, candidates and
friends attended a meeting of tho Fifth
Ward Republican club nt Sixteenth and
Corby streets Inst night. Judge Dakcr
opened tho mooting with a stirring speech
on republicanism, "T.ne greatest tnlug- in
tho world toddy," sold he, "Is the record
of tho republican party In the last threo
years. No republican can bo more proud
of tho fact that he la an American than
of being a republican, nnd thcro is every
reason to bo proud of both."
Judge Baker was followed by Charles
Unltt, candl.dnto for county clork, who re
viewed tno nistory or tno republican party
from the tune of Abraham Lincoln to tbo
present dayp'nnd asked for support. Short
talks were mado by Justices Alstndt and
Crawford, C. S. Huntington, president bf
the Ninth Ward Republican club, and
Lcroy E. Lucas, nn unsuccessful can
dtdato for sheriff, told how it felt to bo
defeated, but said there were no no re spots
on him. "I am somewhat like the Baptist
church steeple thnt encountered, n tovoro
storm." he said. "It was-twistcd from Its
Pluco nnd carried several blocks, but
finally landed In a cistern it was a naptlst
to the last. I felt rather twisted' by tho
convention) but I'm still a republican."
George McBrlde, candldatn for sheriff,
was billed to nddrcss tho club, but failed
for some reason to put in an appearance
Club .aines Tlelennte to Ilnnrit nf
Kiluentlon Convention, nnd Listen
to Siceehe by Can did a tin.
Twenty-alx voters met last night at Sixth
and Pierce streets, the occasion being a
meeting of tbe First Ward Republican club,
Short talks woro made by Frank Ilatidhaucr,
president of tho club, and P. A. Edqulst,
candidate for county surveyor. Tho chair
man appointed A. M. Back, Clyde Sundblad
and F, W. Coleman ns a commlttco to uolect
delegates to tho school board convention.
Tho commlttej reported tbo following
names, which wero. accepted: A. M. Back,
Fred Stubcndorr, Sam w. Scott, J B.
Schupp, Richard Burnoll. Henry Bauman,
Thomas Astleford, Ous Helwlg, John Flala
and B. C. Miner. ,
A motion was adopted endorsing tbo ac
tion of the county convention and Louis
Borka for pollco Judge. A vote of thanks
wns tendered J. M. Hollo for presenting tho
club with a large United States flag. Tho
meeting adjourned to conveno at the call
of the president.
Owner of Vacant Iloami no Not I.Ike
to Kngawe Them to Itepreaenta
tlvea of County Clerk.
Representatives of tho county clork nro
now out attempting to securo rooms for
polling places In the various precincts of
tbo city and county.
So for they havo loented the places In
all of the wards of Omaha oxcept the
Third and Fourth. No places havo yet
been secured in South Omaha and tho
country precincts. Tho agents are having
considerable troblo In securing suitable
rooms, ns many of those usod last year aro
now tenanted and ownorn of vncant rooms
often refuse to rent them to tho county
at this tlmo for fear of losing a permanent
tenant between now and tbe day of tbo
Mr. Knte IlRenfrlls,
TABLR ROOK. Neb., Oct. 4. (Special.)
Word has been received here of tho death
of Mrs. Kate Ilgenfrltz, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. C. Wood, north, of town, of
consumption. She Is the wlfo of Wllford
Ilgenfrltz of Aurora. Mr. Ilgenfrltz Is a
brakeman on tho B. & M. Sho died at
Merwin, Mo,, at tbe homo of an aunt,
where sho had been taken in tho hope
of benefiting her health by the chango
of climate, Sho leaves a husband and a
daughter, 2 or 3 years of age. Tho body
will be brought hero for burial.
SCnps the Coiiuli
and Work ClfT the Cold,
Laxative Rromo Quinine Tablets cure a cold
In on day. No cure, no pay. ' I'rtco 23
See Mm It Ktliletiee of I'riiMierlty
While In v KtiKlnml Tell n
Tom Herd Story I p-to-Ditte,
Charles J. flreeno has returned from a
trip to tho cost, which Included visits nt
Saratoga, Boston, tho Whlto mountains.
Ryo Beach, New York City nnd Buffalo.
Speaking of his trip, Mr. Greene said:
"What Impressed mo tho most on this trio
w.tr tho evidences of the unprecedented
prosperity of the country. The trains were
filled with travelers, the sleeping cars
sold long In advanco and hotel accommoda
tions had to bo secured several dajs In
advance. I remained at Boston longer th.ui
t Intended, because I could not find onv
hotels at tho coast which could accommo
date mo.
I was nt the Mount I'lensaiu homo In
the White mountains when President Mc
Klnley wns shot. Naturally everything
turned upon tho result of that awful crime.
I never rcnllzed until then the universal
popularity of Mr. McKlnley with all classes.
There has been n change In New Etiglnnd.
You no longer hear any criticism of tho
Insular policy of the government such ns
wns heard before the last election. When It
became known thnt Mr. McKlnley must dlo.
talk naturally turned upon his successor.
Tho New Englnnd people looked upon
Roosevelt with hope. They felt that he
was a competent man, a little Impulsive nnd
given to the strenuous llfo, maybe, but one
who by breeding and training was fitted
for the position fate hnd asilgned to blm.
The sentiment generally was thnt Mr.
Roosevelt would mako one of our best prcs-
"The day of McKluley's funeral wns most
Impressive In New York. Unless ono hnd
experienced It thoy could hardly rcalUo
tho sensation produced by nn nbsolutc sus
pension of nil business nnd truffle for the
few moments they wero suspended In thnt
great city. It was bb the stillness of n Now
England village Sabbath.
"While In New York I met Loyal L.
Smith. Ho Is probubly worth between
$7,000,000 nnd $10,000,000 now nnd Is looked
upon as one of the cleor-hcndcd business
men of New York. He Is now investing
heavily In New York real cHtnte. Speaking
of the Industrial situation, Mr. Smith said
that tho feeling In the east Is that thcro
Is to be no marked dccllno In tho price of
securities. Ho pointed out tho fact thnt
among the railroads thcro aro many stocks
which havo been withdrawn from tho
market nnd ennnot be bought at nny price.
This causes a greater demand for those
on tho market and this demand will sustain
the price.
"Thcro Is much discussion of the Schlev
Sampsnn controversy In tho enst. but there
Is little partisanship displayed, All seemed
to be willing to nbldo by tho result of tho
Inquiry. In regard to this controversy I
heard .a good story on Tom Reed, who Is
now practicing law In New York. When
asked what he thought nbout It, ho repllrd;
" 'Well, I havo taken little Interest in tho
matter. It Is a question of tho manage
ment of a battle between two heroes one
of whom wub not presont. whllo the other
was trying to got away.' "
riinrlen It. Coon In SnllnUeit trltli
rronpret He Will Itctitrn
In the, Sprliiif.
Charles II. Coon, 'who has been In nnd
around Cnpe Nomo for tho laU few months,
has returned to Omaha and will remain
until noxt spring, when ho will go back to
the gold fields.
Mr. Coon Is favorably Impressed with
the Nomo country and believes tho outlook
Is ( better Uian over before. "Nome," ho
says, "la a great town, quiet nnd orderly.
Tho laws nro bboyed and people arc safe-
mt the "streets, clthor day or night. Nome
has n population of C.000 people; many
good stores and business houses have been
fMr. Coon reached Nome late In June nnd
had little tlmo to work, owing to tho
backwardness of tho season, hut Is pleased
with what ha accomplished In tho Bluo
Stono 'company's mine.
"All tho Omaha people there nro doing
well," snld Mr. Coon. "John Shcean nnd
Tom Whllo have struck a good thing near
Central City. While tbo country hat) been
prospected right up to tho Arctic ocean
many good claims havo been abandoned
end others equally as good have not been
touched. Back of Nomo for hundreds of
miles there Is a rich rriornl belt and when
It Is devoloped mauy rfrTng discoveries
will, bo made. Tbo rush Into the gold
country this year has been nothing like It'
was Jnst' year, though moro than 6,000
peoplo havo gono in. Many are now leav
lng, though most of thorn will roturn In
tho spring."
In speaking of beach raining, Mr. Coon
said: "Somo people Bay this docs not pny
That lo not true. During tho last season
many have becomo rich working tho sands
.along tbe shore of tho ocean. I havo seen
as high as $10 a pan taken out of tho sand."
Itctnrita from Knatern Trip, but Foil
tn DrliiK Definite New Coneerii
Inn Consolidation Enterprise,
Frank Murphy returned from New York
yesterday and brought back with him
no Information for the public on tho sub
Ject of tho consolidation of tho electric
lints of the city. Mr. Murphy said:
"I know nothing that can bo said for
publication on the subject of thn consollda
tlon of tho olectrlc lines of the city. Thu
nowBpapers had It that I was In Now York
for tho purposo of advancing this matter,
but this was a mistake. It was other bust
ness which took mo to New York and I
did not sco any of tho persons connected
with the consolidation Bchcmo whllo I was
away. I could hnvo soen them, nnd had no
objection to seeing them, but I was so busy
with other affairs that I had no tlm.o to
make unnecessary calls.
"Thcro has been talk of options expiring,
but strictly speaking thoro wax no option
to explro. Thero might havo boen a gen
eral understanding that at some tlmo after
tho last talk with tho eastern men thoy
would como around agnln, but so far thoy
havo fallod. Thero Is nothing now In tho
matter at all. I havo never been able to
see anything tangible In tho consolidation
plans. Tho eastern peoplo como to us with
propositions, which thoy have been doing
In n way, off nnd on, for years. Tho last
proposition may have been more flattering
than some of the others. They may do
something In n Bhort time which will cause
a consolidation of tho electric Interests,
end they may not. I am talking facts, I
never was much of n hand to denl In hot
air, nnd what I say In this matter has uo
probabilities In It."
Vnlue of the Mlnernl.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 1. A report Issuod
by the United States geological survey
ehows that the total valuo of minerals o
all kinds produced In this country In 1900
was $1,070,108,889. Tho total valuo of the
metallic products was $552,418,027, tbe lion
motalllc $S13,i;90,262, ami estimated value
of mineral products unspecified $1,000,000
lrmii, A Cure, ISo Pny.
Your druggist will refund your money If
PA7.0 OINTMKNT falls to euro Ringworm
Tetter, Old Ulcers and Sores, Pimples and
Blackheads on the face, and til tiOa dis
ties, 60 cents.
Jolti Kiilian of Inlaid Pari", Iowt, Bites
on th PadWck Game.
A r re leil for (iiiiulilltiu, He l'roni.tl
Put I p Mnelj llullnr Cnh
llnnd III I'nke 1'i.llreiiinn'
John Kllllun, nu honorably discharged
soldier from Uncle Sam's army In the Phil
ippines, admitted to the Omab.i pullet; last
night that ho had fallen ix victim to the
padlock game, which Is so old that It 1ms
whiskers. Kllllun wns on his wny home to
Island l'nrk, la., after throe years of for
eign service, during which ho doubtless
acquired n great denl of experience, but
It Hppcars that bunco giimes were no part
of It.
Tlmo hung rnlher heavily on tho former
soldier's hnnds while waiting for his train
to leave, When n wnlk was proposed by a
young fellow who hnd scraped up n dinner
iicqunlntnnco with him. Kllllan accepted
tho Invitation, As they walked nloug the
Tenth streot viaduct the chance neiiualnt
nnco spied a padlock lying on the wnlk
and picked It up. Then rnmo tho In
evitable discussion as to whether or not
It could be opened. A llttlo farther down
tho street another fellow Joined tho pair,
attracted by tho argument.
Tho uowcomer wns posltlvo the lock
could not bo opened without n key nnd
offered n wager nt odds of Ave to one-that
no member of the party could 'do it. Kll
llan bit and put up At thnt moment
a man stepped up, proclaimed himself nn
ofllcer nnd placed tho threo under arrest
on a charge of gambling. Ho woro n spe
cial policeman's star nnd bluo clothing,
carried n gun nnd seemed to be tho real
ICllllnn's companions wnxed Indignant nt
the arrest, but finally ronsented to nccom
pany tho fnko odlcer. The soldier did not
Kko Iho Idea of being nrrested nnd snld
he had papers In his vnllso nt tho depot
which would prove that ho was of good
character. Tho ofllcer said ho could be
temporarily released to get them If he
would put up n cash bond for bis appear
ance Inter. That looked llko n reasonable
proposition, so Kllllan put up $90. When
bo returned to tho plnco of nrrcst with his
clear pipers, his faith In human naturo
received n sovero bump, for ho realized
then how cruelly he had been deceived.
The pollco are still looking for tho threo
Lecture liy Ilnlibl Miiinu nt Temple
Inrrnl I n Trllintc tn the -lilllty
of .Motherhood.
Habbl Ahrim Simon delivered a loeture
nt tho Jewish synagogua Iut night, his sub
ject being "Tho Home." Tho rnbbl traced
tho evolution of tho homo from tho pri
meval stages, whou It consisted of a ro-
treat In n hollow rock or troc. He said:
"A houso alone Is not a home. The very
essence of tho latter, Its fundamental char
acteristic Is 11 ro nnd hence a hearth. That
Is tho primary meaning of a home, a
hearth with a living fire and a woman tend.
lug It."
Tho Universal longing for homo In all de
partments of life was then discussed, with
tbn conclusion that lit man this Inntlnct
was far stronger than In nny 'other typo,
Homo ties enn nevor he broken for man
kind. They are ever existent, bolng a part
of tho man
"An Ideal homo Is not one laden with
rich tapestries and furnishings Those are
mcro externals and cannot muko a real
home. Nor can a father nlono or u mother
or children. All nro concerned. Uut tho
mother does tbo moBt. Sho tends tho
flame. Sho sendn forth also tho buds and
blocsoms of her own raco to All tho world
with their fragrance learned from her. Hor
pow'er today Is the greatest of any. She In
not analytical, nor of a mathematical turn,
nor even of n strong mentality as Ib man,
but sho has Instinct and tact, thlngu far
superior lo mind, nnd thus she rulos."
Hurt .Miti'tln, Slrunite Feniule ConvloC,
"HuNlinnil" nf Ahlnud '
, LINCOLN, Oct.. t. Additional facts de
veloped this evening In connection with
Burt -Martin, tbo convict nt tho peniten
tiary who haB been regarded ns a man, but
whom Investigation proved to bo a female.
Two years ago Martin, thon 20 years
old, under the-namo of Hurt Sherman, ap
peared at the town of Ashland. Hero "he"
Induced tho daughter of the family with
whom '"ho" wna staying to elope. Thoy
wero arrested nt Nebraska City, charged
with stealing a llyery tenm, but were not
prosecuted. Tho father of the girl, how
ever, Insisted on a marriage ceremony and
tho two were married at Wahoo.
An Excellent Combination.
Tho plcnsnnt method nnd bonellclal
effects ut the well lcnowti remedy,
Hrnun of Fins, manufactured by tho
California Fin Syrup Co., Illustrate
thovnluoof olituliiitiif the liquid laxa
tive principles of plants known to bo
mcdlclnnlly Inxntivo and presenting
them lu t lie form moht ruf resiling to tho
tasto nnd acceptable to the Bj atem. It
Is tho one perfftct fctrcntftlienlncr lnxa
tl , cleansing tho system cflcotually,
dispelling colds, headaches nnd foverr
gently yet promptly and enabling one
to overcome linbitiml constipation por
manontlv. Its perfect freedom from
every objectionable quality and sub
stuncc, nnd Its noting on the kidneys,
liver mid bowels, without weakening
or irritating them, mnko It tho Ideal
In Uks process o( manufacturing figs
aro used, ns they aro plcnsnnt to the
taste, but tho medicinal qualities of the
remedy nre obtained from ucuna and
other 'aromatic plants, by a method
known to the California Fio Sviidp
Co. only. In order to get lt beneficial
effects and to avoid Imitation, plcu.se
remember the full name of tint Company
printed on tho front of every package,
rorslo3jll l''ugzlits.-lr!ce60a porbotU
Precious Lives thnt Might
Hnve Been Saved
(fPaine's Celery Compound
Had Early Seen Usid
Instead of Putting Fnitlt
in Worthless Cure-Ails.
There nliould be new legislation npaliut
Iho overclsc of criminal Ignurance In times
of sickness.
Many u good family I mourning today
for the Ins. of n relative who, when 0rt
the eyniptom iif.pcrlotis sicklies nppcared,
made the fntnl "inlotnUe of simply Inking
thn wrong tn'edliliie.
As Mion think qf Mioppliig the sun with a
wave of the hand ns stopping the oiiwnrd
course of disease In tho human system
with nny of the various pntent concoction.
under pntent names so numerously In tbo
market today.
There Is but one remedy known to medi
cine Hint run bring new lire nnd vliior to
wornout nerves, restore to their normal
condition Hie functions that depend upon
nerve aril bruin, properly lioiirlshcd tuul
fed, Hint eiires sleeplessness, iilla.vs In
digestion, send hcnltliy blood coumIiik
through ,the veins, tones up tbo syst"in
nml makes the weak strong ngnln, nnd that
I Faiiie'd celery compound tbe discovery
nf the greatest of America's many grcnt
I'Hl'ne's celery compound Is not n patent
medicine. It Is the one prepared remedy
thnt has the unqualified ondorHcmcnt ul
HON. H. 1,. M'KICE.
those physicians whose knowledge nnd abil
ity hnvo mado their names known, not
only nmnng their immediate neighbors,
but throughout the country
No other prepared remedy was cvor rec
ommended publicly or privately by tho
head of tho medical department of a
great university. No other remedy ever
hnd tho hearty, bona fldo endorsement of
the wives utid households of tho wealthiest
ns well ns tbo poorer citizens In every
A nlnclo' bottle, 'to bo hnd of nny reputa
ble druggist', v;ll"ti"e Its trnVijunled 'merit
to nny family wlio.t0duy some' member
flilffcrH from the much-to-bo feared begin
nings of what beforo' tho winter Is past,
unless attended to promptly', mny prove to
be tho final breakdown.
"Palne'H celery compound," says Hon. It.
Ii. MeKeo of Jefferson City, ono of tho
soundest men In publlo life In Missouri,
"Pnlno's celery compound Is so wollVnown
that I feel thnt n recommendation from
mo enn add very llttlo weight, Hut I do
wish to gratefully recommend It to thoso
who hnvo never 'beau so forttimito ns to
try It."
Thero Is no season so fnvornblo ns this
for taking udvnntuga of the wonderfully
renovating virtues of this remedy. Don't
begin tho winter In poor health. Nnturn
does llttlo nt thin season to rejuvenate un
aided tho fagged-out brain or to restoro
to health tho diseased nerves. I'nlno's
celery compound nourishes perfectly lbs
bodily system. It cures dlncases of th
Important orgnns of digestion, circulation
and excretion, regulates the ontlro nervous
system and supplies tho body .with strength
to combat disease.
Sf . Louis School of Flnt Arts
26th Year Opens Sept. 23, leoif
t Furnishes superior instruction In Drawing,
Modeling, Painting, ArtUtio Anatomy, n.
spootlvo Ooroponltlon. Architectural and
Meohanleal Drawing, Decprat ve Deilgn and
AppltodArt. All Instruction Individual; ad
TKneementdnpends upon proficiency.
Teachers from the Art School! ol Europe.
HtudenU may onrnll at anr time.
For illustrated circular addresi
nsustc v. ivib. isirowiuri
II. Leuli School ol Fins Art. 81. Louli.
Today at 2:00 o'clock sharp.
As Hertle, Tho I,nmb, In Hronson Howard'
I'rices Matlneo 25c Mc 75c, .'41.00.
Tonight 8:15 I,ast Performance.
DICK i nitHIH I'riienl tlin
Prlces-10c, 20o, 30c, 60o.
1 minus i' ruiiiimn i'i rnviito
VrlccH-c. 60c. 75c. Jl.OO. 11.50. J2.00. Seats
now on sale.
Sunday Miitincp and Nignt, October etn-i
"Am A nmHr-li tl Trninil" PrlfflHI V. VTIlltie.
25c, Bio, 73c; uuitlrx'.e, ot 60c.
Telephone 1531.
Mats. Hun,, Wed., Sat.. 8:16. ICves.. 8:15.
I.ui'lllo KmuiderM Tim (jreut l.c !
lire Monroe, Murk ,t l.nt reuee llari'i
r- TlioniMiin lillllnn ItiicniliHtl Hl,
Mtn, Wiilliiee JL- Co. The I'opnlur
KINOimO.Mi:, ,Ntv Motion ltiilar.
iitit i:s in h., nr. i'i nml oo ct.
Miaco's Trocadoi'o I T':uii!0NB
MATIMCi: TODAi 10,.. "Oo.
IIW wni W.lllaU vi vulliniTI
levelling I'rlce.t-lOc, 2io and 30c,
8mok! If yoa llko.
Tomorrow iiiutlnue

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