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Wintir'a Forerunnm Keep Crowd Away
front Good Daj'i Sport.
Inorr Drives the Sun of Old Chlmen
to Victory In I'oiirlrrn I'ni'lnu
(.In, Client mi t Another
TERRC HAUTE. Ind., Oct. I. The Orand
Circuit races closed here today. The pro
gram for the week war. the most attractive
ever presented, hut the weather kept the
attendanco down on alt days except Tues
day, tthon the number of spectators
leached 4,000. Today there was a blcal,
raw wind hut the full program of events
was carried out and thoso who attended
were well entertained. No sensational time
was made, but the finishes In all heats were
close and exciting. Results;
Paclnr, 2 M class, purse $1,600 (unfinished
from Thursday);
Council Chimes, blk. li., by Chimes
(Snow) 1 1 1
Theresa Wllkea. blk, m. (Msbee).... 'I 2
Cousin Mndc, blk. m. (Hcnedleti.... 5 5 2
I.ady AllrlRhl, a, m. (Roth) fi 3 5
ltenuty Spot, li. m, (Hchockensy) 7 7 3
J'nuldlni; Roy. b. b. (Vogtl) S d I
Trnb, h. m, (tl. Hoffman) I 4 tia
Nonamle, b. m. ( IIlmi 3 dr
Time: 2:09", 2:104, 2:12.
Pacing, 2:15 class, puree H.5C0:
Donna MrClrcRor, br. in., ownod by
V. O. Kversolo of HI. Louis (II.
Hoffman) ; 1 1 1
Hcnator Hnilloy, b. in. (Joseph) 3 3:
Ld Rennet, b, h. (Jnhnton) 2 2ds
Time: 2:15, 2:1$!,, 2:14.
I'acliiK, 2:11 clam, purse $1,100:
Walter Kclm, b. ., by IohK Jim
Kloer) 2 1 1
fllaey, eh. k. (Vagf) 2 1 s
I'rlnre of India, br. li. (Lyon and
Hudson) , 3 14 3
Marque, eh. g. (Kenncy) 5 S .1 4
Hbbn, r. m. (Winnings) (1 3 R S
Henator K , b, r. (Nuckols) 4 6 6 ds
Time: 2:14, 2:11U,, 2:12, 2;I3.
Pacing. 2;1I clans, purse $l,ow:
Chestnut, so. h.. by filename, Jr.
(Ilrowii) 1 1 1
Hon Ryley. b, r, (Hudson) :i 2 2
Hlondu Itedwood. cli. in. (Miller).... 2 3 I
Fred M.. h. h. ((losnelli o s s
Richard A., b. it. (Nuckols) 7 I fi
J. K.. blk. K. (Wlllnril) S fi r,
MnKle HrlKgs, b, m. (S(iilre) '17 7
Hin Hero, br. li. (Rerryi I S ds
Orace R., b. in. fJ. N. McDowell).... 8 lulu
I.ahondn, b. m. iColllnsj pi ds
Curnotte, b. m. (Irvln) ii
Time: Z;Wi, 2:0"14, 2:(9
Trotting, 2!ll class, purse II. WO:
Ilod Princess, b. m, (Hnow) 1 1
.lesslo ('., cli. in, (Sanders) 7 2 2
Princess Helmii (Ilussey) 2 S 7
Ile-Elocted. k. b. (Macey) 4 3 4
Coind, b. b. (Ol.isx) 10 I 3
J Ullant Toll, b. g. (Reneliey) ;l 7 in
Mciitworth, blk. u. (Pnrvls) fi 5
lietsey Teel, b. m. (A. McDowell) H r, r,
Kins s Clerk, ho. a, (Siiulres) s 10 S
ManmcR b. r. (Plnmore) ! 0 3
'v?dt '"' ("U"')
t'ntuh Hiisli thr Onlj- Oni lu ilnlto
Ciooil nt firn vrsrnd llc
anlln Klurrrherr.
NEW TOR1C. Oct. 4.-Seotch Rush, at 7
to B, won the slnRle winning favorite at
Oravesend today. Mnsldors. nt 2 to 1;
ItoxH.no, nt 7 In 2; Clonmell. nt -4 to 1;
l.ombre, nt 5 to 2, nnd Redeck. nt 10 to 1,
was the array of winner. Roxnne, Clon
mell and Lonihrc were nil hmvllv played
by the knowing one, particularly the Ilrst
two. Results:
First nice, nbotit six furlonKs: Musldora
won. Destitute second, Octoroon tlilrd.
Time: 1:12 1-5,
Second rnce, one mllo nnd nn eighth:
Roxane won, Ht. Finnan second, McAddlo
third. Time: t:R5 3-r..
Third race. livo unci n half fur'onu:
Clonmell won. Bctnukrt second, MuJ r
DaliiKcrfleld tlilrd. Time: 1:07 2-6.
Fourth race, one mile nnd 11 sixteenth:
l.ombro won. Peninsula second, flunllre
third. Time: 1:47 3-5.
Fifth race, itliuut six furloiiRs: Scotch
Rush won. Iird Pepper second, Riff tlilrd.
Tlmi: 1:12 1-5.
Sixth nice, one mile and seventy vnrln:
itcdeck won. Potcnte second, Criterion tb rd.
Tlmo: 1:13 2-5.
At Fair tlroniiil. Si. I.onlx,
ST. I.OCIS, Oct. 4,-Tlic execrable work
rif Starter Dade in the third race at the
fair grounds today brought down the niut
themaB of tho great majority of tho crowd
upon his head. He sent the field on In
two illvlslons, widely separated, with
Soundly, tho first choice, far In the lead.
She opened up .1 big gap, which she main
tained, winning by bnlf n dozen lengths.
The other horses Imil not 11 ghoat of n
chnnco to win. Three favorites, one aeconil
choice nnd two outsiders, won. Track fnt.
First rnce, five furlongs, purse: Jigger
won. Mr, Tlmberlake second. Klllmands
:haro third. Time: 1:02.
Hecoml race, one mile, selling: Antolec
won. Teueer ycond, Tulln Fonso third,
iime: i:4o-4,
Ttilnl race, tlvo nnd one-half furlongs,
selling: Soundly won, I.ella Borr second,
HeiiElst third. Time: Rnfi.
l'ourtli race race, six and ono-lialf fur
longs se ling: Jordan won, Snmbo sucond,
Attello third. Time: l:21;
Fifth rnce, mile nnd one-sixteenth, sell
ing: Jessio Jnrboo won, Picador second,
Renna third. Time.: 1:4714.
Sixth race, seven furlongs, purse: Schnel)
J.uufer won. Four Leaf Clover second, Miss
Theresa third. Time: 1:284.
At llnrlrin,
CHICAGO. Ocf. 4,-The only surprise In
an otherwise fcntureless progrnm at Har
em today wan In the fourth rnce, when
,ln2ni,,p."ator ,ho favorlto tlnlshed last nnd
The Conqueror, an outsider, crossed the
wlro an easy winner. The superior work
of Coburn. who had the mount on Mounte
bank, assorted Itnelf In the second race In
1 brilliant nnlsh from third place. Weather
:old: track fast, llesults:
First race, five furlongs: J. A. Clarke
won. Our Pride second, I.ndy third. Time:
1 :0t 35,
Second race, six furlongs: Mountebank
won, Dlttle l.ols second, Ilughnnu Green
third. Time: 1:14 45.
Third race, steeplechase, short course;
I-orrt Chesterfield won, Saintly second,
jueeushlp third. Time: 3:33 1-3.
Foudth rnce, mile: Conqueror II won,
Ren Rattle second, The 1. addle third. Tlmo;
Fifth race, five and one-half fuurlougs;
Julia Junkln won. Hoodwink second,
Tommy Foster third. Time: 1:00 3-5,
Sixth race, six furlongs: Krcma won, R.
O.Fox second, J. R. Names third, Time:
Seventh race, mile and a sixteenth:
Hard Knot won, Judye Redwlno second,
Barilla third. Time; ,1:45 1-3.
Verinlllun Piles I p nig; Score.
SIOCX FAl.I-S. S. l.. Oct. 4.-(Spce:nl
Telegram,) The foot ball game hero this
ifternoon between tho team of the Spencer
Fels-Naptha ig
You can't believe until
you try what Fels-Naptha
soap will do clothes-washing
and house-cleaning.
This remarkable soap,
Fels-Naptha, takes dirt out
of clothes in half usual time
with half usual work, and
the clothes last longer,
without boiling or scalding
a single piece.
Fact, or the money re
turned by the grocer you
buy it from.
Ptlt c.
J,r" AthlMlc club and Ine Vermilion unf-
to 0. Tho eiitni- was n noor one. The
Spencer players did not know the game u d
would yell duwii when no one wis within
twelve feet of them Vermilion played a
good game Hanson, the Vermilion half
back, ran nearly the length of tho field.
Spencer could do nothing with tho heavy
erminon line vermilion made most or
Its gHins by long end runs. Roth sides did
considerable fumbling.
.lull 11 rinniigiui of p- Viirk Jin lie
It In ("iimiiotlllon nt
I.Ot!SVf!,t.i:. Ky.. Oct, 4.-The athletic
games under sanction of the Amateur Ath
letic union at tho Interstate, fair today
were mude notable by the breaking of the
world's record for hnmmer throwing by
Flamgan of the Irish-American Athleilo
club ot New York. Ho threw the hammer
170 feet H Inch. The previous record of
10!) feet 4 Inches was held by him. Flanagan
1 nl3o- bri-kr the world's record In the discus
i throw. He made 119 feet 7'i Inches. Hli
previous record wna 118 feet fl inches, wnicn
woa the record. The contests today were
trials for the Onals which will bo held to
morrow. The 100-yard dash, open, was won by
A. T. Duffy of Georgetown university.
There was a dead heat for second place
between J. A. King of St. Iuls nnd M. 11.
Emmerich of Indlnnnpolls, The time wan
0:10. Second heat; (1. Senn (I'nlverslty cf
Chicago) won, W. G. Mnloney (I'nlverslty
of Chicago) second, Vernon Tower (Indian
nimlls) third. Time: 0:10 2-5. Third heat:
Hargrnve (Vale) won, William R. Hunter
' (Loulsvlllt) second, Vernon Rower (Indian
, npolls) third. Time: 0:10 1-3.
1 220-ynrd dash, open-First heat: Hargrnve
(Yale) won, O. Bonn (I'nlverslty of Chicago)
second, W. It. Hunter (Louisville) third.
Time: 0:22 1-6. Second hoar W. J. Holland
(Georgetown university) won. C. 1.. Ap
plegate (Covington, Ky.) second, H. 1'.
Avery (university of Chicago) third. Tlmo:
u:23 1-B.
120-yard Ir.lrdle. open: W. (1. Mnloney
(rnlverslly of Chicago) won. H. Arnold
(New York) second, II. Friend (University
of Chicago) third. Time: 0:10 3-5.
I3o-pound shot put, open: John Flunngnn
(Irish-American Athletic club, New York)
40 1-3, won; M. Sherldun (Pastlmo Athletic
club. New York), 30'4, second; S, P. Pet It
(I'nlverslty of Chlengo), 35.5H, third.
Six qtinmled for the running broad Jump,
open. F. C. Mnloney (Knickerbocker Ath
letic association) llnlshed first, with 19.9 feet
to his credit The others were: II. Friend
(I'nlverslty of Chicago), 19.5; O. A. Kalch
(First Regiment Athletic association, Chl
engo). 19.4?i, C. Clapper (Young Men's
Christian association, Cenlrnl Chicago!,
19.2; J. R. Pettlt (fnlveiflly of Chicago)
19; E. Frcymatk (St. Louis), i9.1
Six qualified In the running high Jump,
open in 0 ieei n incues: j ney were i
Clapper of Chlengo, M. P. Kmmerlek of
Indianapolis, I. Frc.vmark of St. Louis, O.
II. Kalch of Chicago nnd D. Davlcs of
New York.
220-yard hurdle, open: L. G. Mnlonev
(I'nlverslty of Chicago) won, H. Arnold
(I'nlon Rquiiro Athletic club, New York)
second. It. 1 1. Welling (t'nlvcrslly of Chl
engo) third. Time: 2:M.
210-yard danh, open: R. Rnrrett (Chicago)
won. R. H. Rsrlow (Indlnnnpolls) second,
F. M. Horton (I'nlverslty of Chlengo) third.
Time: o:l6'a.
In tho nolo vault, open, those who qual'
lled for the llnnls were F. A. Martin. R. M.
Albertson and E. E. Quentrcle, nil of Clr
cago. All went ten feet.
Olio mile, oncn: W. 11. l':rsl'.lnr M.nn .
villi! Young Men's Christian association)
won, T. M. Horton (I'nlverslty of Chicago)
second. J. II. Rarlow (Indluunpolls) third.
Time: 5:14,
Derby 11111I Horlitlinn Unco (I IT.
LEXINGTON. Ky.. Oct. 4. -Hurry Hnni
lln. owner of I,ord Derbv. wired Secretnry
Horace Wilson of the Kentucky Trott n'g
Horse Hrceders' association ho poMtlvoly
could not accept Ijiwsoh's amended offer
of Jin.ooo for the match race between Lord
Derby and Rnrnlmn. It Is all off.
(ieriniin-i llefent Omniins,
The Germans defeated the Omalma In a
tire. season tenpln contest nt Clnrk'R nllevs
last night by nlnny-two pins. Hoth tennis
nre members of the Omaha Rowling league,
which begins Its ienson Monday. Score:
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
Stuiienhnrst IKS 107 2C9 301
Weber 133 13 l- r.D
Heselln 212 137 173 312
c. Conrad 1H1 lfil jr.it m
A. L. Krilg 179 13S 172 ,V9
Smend ...
Furay ....
Emery ...
3 K5 2.611
5! 2
Total 9M f.1I H5 2,-i39
A nlatch tenpln contcrt of three frames
between Judge Sunder 11ml D. V. MoVea
resultrd In n victory for MoVea by eighty
two pins. Score:
,, Total.
Mc ea 1SD 130 1'6 411
Sunder 113 115 121 3(9
.Men Old lUmlM I'i-oiii .Sjii-lnnncld. '
A hot Juvenile gnme of base ball Is
scheduled foi Vinton street pnrk this after
noon, when the I'nlon Stock Ynrds Juniors
will meet the Springfield Juniors from
Springlleld, Neb, It took twelve Innings to
decide tho Inst gamo between these teams,
the final score being I to 3. The boys will
pHy ns follows:
, .fifock Yards Springlleld.
MUler catcher Cnlhoun
lark third base Tlgho
Leller second base Hr.iwir
I'tt ilrst base Sao
Austin center Held Hnmlltnn
Cnughey left field (Julnloy
Talbot shortstop clement
StnuftVr right Held Spearman
Adams pitcher McLann
OrliflmilN nnd dilqiie.
The Originals and the I'ntquos will wind
up the base ball season of 1901 with a game
at the Vinton street park Suudav afternoon.
Roth teams havo played two close nnd In
teresting games and this will undoubtedly
bo a good game. Tho teams:
Originals. Unique.
IJiwIer third base Mlnnlkns
Jellen right Held Hoffm n
Lynch second base )n
Foley. first base Kennedy
Rradfnrd shortstop Weed
JVIlltney center Held Diamond
Welch right Held Strong
Tracey catcher Henrv
Scully ....pitcher. -Snfelder or Rue'f
Atlilelle Meet 11 1 Loup C'lljr.
LOL'P CITY. Neb., Oct. 4.-(SpcclnU-The
first day of tho Athletic, Racing und Gun
club moot was n great success in attend
ance. The program consisted of icvernl
good events. Tho base ball gamo between
Mini Vnlley and Loup City was won by
Mlra Valley, 13 to S. Ilattcrlcs: Mlru Val'ey,
Dell. Tromp nnd Gray; Ixiup City, Wilson,
Carpenter nnd Ogle.
Tho half-mile nnd repent wan won by
Sunbeam, owned by Dowmau, In 0:52'J. Tho
dash by Red Riley, owned by Padler.
To Womlliliii' nnd A Kill 11 it Hellenic,
Two of tho foot ball teams of Omaha s,ro
to play today. The Omaha High school
boys go to Woodbine, la., to meet tin
Normal school elovon, which played n tie
gamo with Crelghton university here a week
ngo, The Crelghton stnlwnrts piny In
Omaha on their own Hold, their opponents
being tho Rellovuo college team.
chUy' Chiaf Coanisl Demandi That
AbMnt Admiral Taitify.
lin; nor TlilnUs Us I'resi'iit. Form
onlnlti linimrlniit Error M111
tlngo Inlendrd (o ttrnil
Clenf orftos.
(Continued from First Page.)
day of tho battlo of July 3. Ho related
particulars of that engagement, telling how
the Spaniards came nut and wore attacked
by the American ships. He said that when
Commodore Schloy was told that they were
"Coming for us," he replied: "Then go for
them, The helm was then put nport and
from that time went straight In toward the
enemy. Ho next heard the commodore say:
"look out, Cook, they are going to ram
you." The captain replied he would look
out for that. He then' heard tho com
mander sing out "Hard nport," nnd Captain
Cook replied thn helm was nport. Tho
witness said If the helm wont to starboard
the ship would ram Texas. The commodore
to tho witness replied "D Tcxns, lot It
take care of Itsolf." The commodore re
marked that ho did not mean to get blown
up by a torpedo boat. The turn was made,
ho said, In nccordance with tho command
er's orders nnd Rrooklyn swung "well clear
of the Texas."
Stnrlionrit nnd Port,
faptnln Hodgson said that he estimated
the distance ot Rrooklyn from Tcxns to
be 230 or 300 yard?. Ho said ho had for
merly placed the distance nt scventy-flvn
or 100 yards, but that ho had reached the
conclusion that he was then mlatnkcn.
Commander Hodgson said at the time of
his conversation with Commodoro Kchley
he (tho wltncns) had also expressed fenr
thnt the Rrooklyn might bo struck with ono
of Oregon's big guns. His fear had been
especially of a collision anil thin, ho
thought, had only been averted by tho
swiftness of Rrooklyn. Commander Hodg
son also told of the Interlineation In
Rrooklyn's log when tho word "port" was
substituted for "starboard" In describing
that turn of that vessel. He thought the
change had been made the next day. He
sold It was not correct to sny the helm
war. put to port In order to bring tho star.,
board battery to hear, the real reason
for It being to bring tho vessel around
as quickly as posslhlo to head off the Span
ish ships, Still, ho thought. It had made
the longest turn.
Tho court adjourned at 3:50. with Com
mander Hodgson still under examination
by Captain Lcmly.
Mnrulnir ProTcdlnn.
Tho Schloy court of Inquiry began Its
proceedings today with the recall of wlt
nesso who were on tho stnnd yesterday,
and after they had corrected their previous
testimony and made such additions thereto
as suggested themfelvcs they were ex
cused und new wltnesies were Introduced.
Captain Dawson of the Marino corps, who
was on tho stand yesterday, wr.s called to
correct the official copy of his testimony.
Ho said that while ho had not seen Rrook
lyn swing the starboard helm, he was suro
It did so swing.
Lieutenant Dyson, who was on tho wit
ness stand yesterday when the court ad
journed, was then recalled. He had added
to his coal history of the fleet Information
as to how long their supply of coal on hand
on May 28 would have held out under
forced draught. The Informntlon was con
tained In n chart which was read by Judge
Advocnto Iyemly. Tho witness also read
tho same Informntlon from n tabulated
statement. The chart covered the period
from Mny IS to June 1. It showed that on
May 20 Rrooklyn'3 supply of roal was 952
tons; Iowa's, 784 tons; Texas, 40S tons, and
Mnrblohead's, 122 tons. He said that on
Mny 21 Rrooklyn had coal enough abonrd to
have remained on blockade duty off Santi
ago for twenty-five days and then to have
returned to Key West; Massachusetts hail
enough to remain seventeen dnys and then
go to Key West; Iowa enough for eleven
days, Texas seven days nnd Marblehcad ono
day. This was assuming that they would
have gone by tho Yucntnn chnnnol. He nlso
gavu an estimate of tho length of tlmo they
could have remained nnd gone to Oonalves
channel, Cape Cruz, Molo St. Nicholas,
Kingston, Port Antonio, Jamaica, Guari
tnnamo bay, tho tlmo of remaining on
blockade being increased as the distance to
tho various points diminished.
Mr. Rnyner brought out tho Information
Concerning tho tlmo the coal on each of the
vessels would have lasted on forced drnft.
In chasing tho enemy's vessels, taking the
amount of coal on ench on Mny 20 and lenv
Ing sufficient coal to return to Key West.
Mr. Rayner rend the Information from Mr.
Dyson's tabulated statement showing that
Iowa would havo consumed 243 tonB of coal
a day, Texas 160 tons a day and Marblehead
Boventy-seven tons. That estimate would,
ho said, give Rrooklyn 2,3 days' chase, re
turning by way of tho Yucatan channel, and
2.33 days' cbaso returning by tho Windward
passage; Iowa a chaso of 1,2 days; Texas
would havo a chase of three-fourths of a
day and returning by way of the Windward
passngo nine-tenths of a day; Marblehead
would havo a chase of two-tenths of a day
by tho Yuratan channel nnd four-tenths by
iho Windward passage.
The statement showed that Massachusetts
could not havo steamed moro than flftcon
knots an hour and that In doing so It would
havo consumed ISO tons per day. At this
rate It could havo chased the enemy for
1.8 days, returning via Yucntan channel, or
for two days returning via tho Windward
The witness said In reply to questions
thnt his statement contemplated average
conditions of weather nnd of the vessels,
niapntelirs for Nchlej-,
Lieutenant Dyson wan followed on the
stand by Commander Raymond P. Rodgers,
who was executlvo officer of the battleship
Iowa during tho summer ot 189S. He testi
fied to leaving Key West on May 20 for
Clcnfuegos to Join the flylns; squadron. Re
fore leaving he had, as a representative of
Captain Evans, a conferenco with Com-mander-ln-Chlct
Sampson, nt which Cap
talts Taylor and Chadwlek were present.
At that time ho was told by Admiral Samp
son that ho had received Information from
tho department nt Washington that, the
Spanish fleet under Cervera was probably
In the harbor at Snntlagn, He had, how
ever, not been Informed of any secret code
for communication with the Cuban Insur
gents near Clenfuegos, He had. ho said,
taken dlspatchea for Commodore Schley,
and while not certain whether there wns
more than one packnge, he was under tho
lmpretslon there was more than that num
ber. One of the dispatches carried at this
time was the witness thought, that signed
by Secretary Long nnd dated Washington,
12:30 o'clock, May 20, and beginning: "The
report of the Spanish fleet being at San
tiago do Cuba might very well be correct,
so the department strongly advises that
you send word Immediately by Iowa to
Schley to proceed off Santiago with his
whole command, leaving one small vessel
off Clenfuegos."
Captain Rodgers was examined at length
concerning the coaling of tho flying squad
ron. "Could you have coaled Iowa nn the af
ternoon of May 26'" Mr, Hanna asked,
"lu the later afternoon, the time I speak
of, the weather being tine and smooth, I
think there would hava been no trouble at
all.," replied the witness,
Describing Commodoro Schley's blockade
of the harbor nt Santiago, Captain Rodgers
snld that the licet maintained a position of
teven or eight miles out, with Marblehead
and Vixen Inside the line. He remembered
Marblehcad wa on tho Inside, from tho
fact thnt some of the vessels In th4 squad
ron had fired at It. He could not say
whether tho fleet was further out In tho
day than at night or vice versa. He
thought Vixen nnd Marblehead could have
been seen by moonlight but not after the
moon had set.
Captain Rodgers had nearly concluded
his testimony when the court adjourned for
Old Omnhit Ho;- Tells of Ills (lli.rrvn
llons ns l'niilrr In Atmrl
run t.rnKiie.
Jnck Haskell, nn old Omaha boy. and
now an umpire In the American Rase Rail
league. Is In Omaha visiting home folks
nnd friends.
In sneaking on base bnll tonics last nleht.
Mr. Haskell said: "The last season baa
neen successful financially for tin; Amer
tenn lengue. This Is duo to the wise man
agement of President Ran Johnson. While
them was some trouble occnslonnllv. l'rol-
dent Johnson' proved equal to It. As to tho
talk about the major leagues not recognis
ing the contrncta of the minor leagues,
nothing has been decided on. There has
been nnd will be considerable talk on the
matter, but no one knows what will hap
pen until after the league meeting some
tlmo In Jnnunrv."
Colltlnu till. Mr. H.iNknll nh1: "('lilentrn
w;on the pennant on the strength of Its
pitchers. Roston started off well, but had
bad experiences with vnnni? niiMmra Phil
adelphia was strong nt tho close. Haiti
more had 11 streak of bad l ick nt the olo'ie
of tho season, llnrt, Ilrst base, refused to
pay a 5 Hno und wns relieved by Out
Holder McDonald. Mcllrntv u'n. .Ilunliln.i Li
lt sprained knee; Robinson wns put out bv
n bad linger. Robinson's nccldent wns the
imii-f 111 mo team umilng ono of the best
catchers In the country, Roger Rrcsnn
'"Her wns signed ns a pitcher,
but did not ulvn nt lrn,.ii, .....t i.i..
lease wns to havo been given him the day
.11 nn- nuiufin. 110 was given 11 trial tie-
uinu ine nni and caught as line 11 gnme as
1 ever saw. He will be retained by Haiti
more nnd will make a grent hit. Hresnn
1n.11 formerly nluved In thn rmvn ,.,,,1 1111.
nols lengnes."
w lien nsged In record tn the 1rmrii nnn
jenr, Mr. Haskell said: "The lengue will
lc iv strong one. mv dP1, that Ht.
in r "' ,mt t,llnk I"u'"ukeo
Mr. Haskell linn lnl trt t It,.,, Ail -.. .v. n
Visit to thn ttritl'kniti, lnh, t.
lt. where several prominent fighters nro
".J.!"."1"111.? ",' "Oscar Gardner I.i
..... . 1 1 ik mere ior ills llgnt with Forbes
next Tuesday and Is !iii,lr ih. .,i.ji,...
merit of Rooth Rawkmnn.' lie Is lu tho
Pink of condition."
, iu?" -' .wl" "Cy" ,0lK't for ICnn-
to n meeting of base bnll men to discuss
l lie lengue.
Ivnnsns city CrneU Quit nt Tnrntr.
Vlmi ninl nnd Clni'liinntl
Sinn firlw Trophy.
wvi, . . ...III, 14. IVlIlg OI
C Inclnnntl won the Glllmiin nnd Parties
live bird trophy, valued at 1150, at the
Rusch bouse grounds tndnv.
";r..w,IH ;uc last ony or tho shoot. When
1 , . i!ii.iifirii itinr
men bnd made the sunle score. Thev were
JOHt'rill A Mnrbq it llnt.r.l, t ti 'ti,.-..
of Kunins City. J A. Fanning of 'New
. I OTUOt' II till Ilfinhil T T.i.- . Jt - I i
v.. .1 , ' V . "li'lA.."' n"K "i v.-iucinn.ii .
In the shoot-off Klllott nnd King shot up to
the twi.titv. first titr.i !,.,, , i.'in,.. .1 ,
nnd King scored.
v. I.-, i rnsny or O'Fnllon. III., won the
diamond trophy for the high average In all
events and (Mleh of Mint. Mich., won tho
Kliinl ('rlrkrt Mrttch with Qnnkrrn.
cricket mitch between the English eleven.
rnP,til1MP'i ,;.U'.J T. Rosnnquet. nnd tho
nll-Phlladelphla team began today 011 th'i
..r.i m i.unii wunri uitiiiR grounds nt
MfinllHim. Thnrn u-nr,i uni.a,nl
........ r. ,rin U.tllllKt-H ill
tho local team, four new men being added
vim 11 iiyi. ui Kiit-iiKinemng me oattlng
of the eleven. There was no change In
.1 n la-iiiuiiui any
for the opening of tho match nnd the
niwnci inin ... rjMruum conuiiion.
Kilcrnr Wins I'nor Gnme.
HnR.lll. Voh rinfr 1 fll.....i n..
l.-- 11...V. '.., '. M"- 't"-l-""',--"e
ijiikui iiihii ri i.uui iciiin won ine nnse nail
gamo from Hothuny school today, 19 to 10.
Score: jt jf i
Kdgar 7 0 0 1 1 .1 7 0 03 ,j
Rethany 0 2 0 4 0 3 1 1 c18 23
Rattorles: Kdgar Garvin, Holden and
Gardner; Retliimy. Nlckolls. S. Hayes and
Koebler. T'mplre: Clnrk.
Mrnrst Cnxlinl Arrrslril nt Snp-rlnr.
SUPERIOR. Neb., Oct. 4. (Special.)
Ernest Cashal, alias Rill Dyke, was ar
rested here on r telegraphic order from
tho sheriff nt Ruffalo, Wyo. It Is not
known what tho charge 1b against him.
I'nrernnler Sees .otlilntr Abend lor
.NeliriisUn lint I'nlr Weather nlth
Vnrlnlile Winds.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 4. Forecast for Sat
urday and Sunday:
For Nebraska, North Dakota, South Da
kota, Colorado and Wyomlug Fnlr Satur
day and probably Sunday; variable winds.
For Iowa Fair Hnd warmer Saturday;
Sunday, probably fair; light, variable,
winds, mostly southerly.
For Oklahoma, Indian Territory nnd Ar
kansas Showerc Saturday and probably
Sunday; northeasterly winds.
For Arizona Fair Saturday and Sunday; I
variable winds.
For Missouri Fair In northern, probably
showers In southern portions Saturday and
Sunday; easterly wlnda.
For Kansas Fair In northern, showers
nnd warmer In southern portions Saturday;
Sunday, fair; west to south winds.
I, or 11 1 Iteeord.
OMAHA, Oct. 4.-Oniclnl record of tem
perature and precipitation compared wl'h
the corresponding day of tho past throe
1901. 1S0O, ISO'. 119'.
Maximum temperature... 00 1.9 70 7s
Minimum temperature. .. . 37 71 IS 47
Mean trTtrperatllte ts 0 ;,a CO
Precipitation CO .() .00 .00
Record of tcnipernluro nnd precipitation
nt Omaha fir this day and since March 1.
Normal temperature ,. jij
Dcllclency for the day 10
Total excess since March 1 C75
Normal preclpltutlon 09 incii
Deficiency fov the day 09 !n h
Total rainfall sluco March 1.... 20.(6 Incnes
Dcllclency since Mnrch 1 5.17 inches
Deficiency for cnr. period, 1901.., 1.03 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1899... 4.91 Inches
Heport friuu Station lit 7 p. 111,
-1 .
' r.
i 3
Omaha, part cloudy
North Platte, raining
Cheyenne, elenr
Salt Iike city, cloudy....
Rapid City, part cloudy...
K2' 60) M
52! fti T
621 00' .10
fl'M P2 T
eh r? (a
Ml v,! .co
CO 74 .(0
181 4 ,f
Ml M ,d0
50, 00 ()
Mil Srt .(10
mi r, .'o
Ml 7' 00
021 701 .00
.! 70 .(O
7i '0 .(0
SVllllHton. clear
Chicago, clear
St, Iiuls, clear
St. Paul, clear
Davenport, clear
ICansis City, clear...
Galveston, clear
T Indicates traco of precipitation
Local Forecast ofd 111
OCTOHEII 5. 15)01.
Epi-opilUni WrwtU with Their NeicU,
Particularly Financial.
Louisville, .New Orleans nnd Ctntein
'lllo Are Proniiilly 1111 Iliind
vtltli liMllntloiiK to ('nine
There .Nrit.
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 4. Today's delib
erations ot tho trennlal convention of the
Episcopal Church of America were maluly
devoted to tho missionary field nnd offered
real popular Interest. Neither the bouse
of bishops nor the houo of deputies re
mained In separato session long this morn
ing. A resolution was adopted to adjourn
the convention slue die on Thursday, Oc
tober 17, at 8 p. m. Petitions from repre
sentatives ot cities anxious to socuro tho
next triennial meeting were presented in
behalf of Pittsburg. Roston, Cincinnati.
Iyoulsvllle and New Orleans. No artlon was
taken, but, on motion of J. Plerpont Mor
Kun, a committee was appointed to decide
where tho next convention should be held.
The hoiuu of bishops decided to tako up
tho consideration of the constitution ns
soon ns It Is acted unon bv the bouso or
deputies. Tho house cf deputies decided to
tnko Up thn mntter of mnrg mil rendlncu
which wero yesterday passed on by the
blshoM as soon as It has finished the con
stitution, which It Is now considering. The
proposed canon on marrlago nnd divorce
will bo considered next
When the tljio camo for calling to order
tho board of missions thcro was scarcely
standing room lu tho auditorium of tho
church. Thn deputies remained standing
while tho bishops mnrched down tho center
nlslo and were given senls of honor. Presi
dent Lindsay relinquished the gavel to von
crablo Rlshop Tuttlo of Missouri nnd the
order of business was ro.ul by Rlshop Drew
sWr. Rlshop Doano of Albany presented
tho annual report of managers, signed by
himself. W. R, Huntington, II. It. Nelson,
A. T. Mnhan, W. W. Frarler nnd Gencrnl
Sccrotnry A. S. Lloyd. It proved to be an
exhaustive review of the mlsslonsrv work-
domestic and foreign, accomplished In t Irs
last threo years and shows that much has
been done lu every Held of Inbor.
Although the flnnnclal statement revealed
a deficit of $102.7t9. thin has been tempo
rarily covered by drawing on the rescrvo
fund. Tho statement that provision must
be mado for uccrulng liabilities lu China,
Cuba nnd tlm new possessions of tho
United Stntcs, Porto Rico and tho Philip
pines Is given special prominence In tho
report, which was referred to a special
committee. The renorts of the Women's
auxiliary and other mlfnlonary bodies wero
auo referred, after which General Secre
tary Lloyd delivered a missionary address,
which was Impressive In Its earnest elo
nuence. The afternoon serlon was devoted to ad
dresses by prominent missionary workers
and attracted a larger nttondnnce than has
been present at any meeting of tho conven
tion since Its opening. During tho day
services wero held In SI. Luke's church hv
tho Daughters of the King and tonight nt
ht. Stephen's church the nrotherhood of
St. Andrew had a quiet hour and prepara
tion for holy communion.
.MnrKlnnl ItcndliiK llesolutlnn.
The houso of bishops of tho Episcopal tri
ennial convention has by a voto of 47 to
21 decided to accept the report of the com
mltteo nppolnted nt the last convention to
report on tho marginal rendtnes thnt mav
bo substituted for thd present reading? of
tho scripture. With the concurrence of tho
house of deputies tho action of the hlshons
will becomo a canon of the church of Amer
ica. Tho resolution In full roads:
Resolved, the houso of deputies concur
ring. That tho mnrglnul readings for the
hngllsh version for the Old and New testa
niiuit, reported to this house by Iho Joint
commission appointed in 1SM5, nnd reap
pointed In lSDS to make such report, be pub
lished under the direction of said eommls
slon, and nro hereby nlowcd to be used by
ministers of this church In reading tho
lessons from the holy scriptures In morn
ing nnd evening prnycr.
From the attitude of tho bishops on this
mntter It Is supposed thnt n majority of
tho higher house Is Inclined to be liberal
nnd less orthodox, as opposed to tho de
sires of thoso churchmon of both clergy
and laity who desire high churrh fnrmii
nnd observances nnd tho chnnglng of thn j
namo from Protestant Episcopal church to i
mo uutiioiio Church of America.
Order of Illiniums Determined,
On recommendation of tho Joint rommlt
tco on order of business both houses
adopted tho following order;
Thnt the Iioubo of bishops tnke up llu
consideration of the constitution no soon
an action thereon In any 'case Is received
from tho deputies; that thn dep. Mien upon
completing consideration of the constitu
tion tnko up tho matter of maigtual read
ings nlrendy passed upon by the hlshop.i;
that the proposed canon on marrtngn and
divorce be next considered nnd then the
report of tho committee on courts of np
peal; also that tho convention adjourn sine
dlo on Thursday, October 17.
The deputies then adjourned.
In tho homo of bishops the resignation of
Rlshop Edsall of tho Jurisdiction ot North
Dakotn has been accepted In order that he
might becomo bishop of Minnesota, A rei
olutlon wns adopted Inviting Right Rev.
I. Tlkcon, the Russian Greek bishop of
Alaska, to attend tho sessions of the con
vention. After adjournment the blshons
proceeded to the main hall of tho church,
at which ploce they wero to sit with the
deputies as a missionary hoard during tho
remainder of the dav.
Mlsslnnnry nonril'n ProeectlliiK.
Tho board of missions was called to ordor
by Rlshop Tuttle. Tho triennial report of
the board of managers was presented by
Illehop Doano In a printed pamphlet ot over
200 pages. Including reports of missionary
bishops nnd financial matters, The report
shown thaf progress has been mnde In Mex
ico and In recently ncqulred Spanlsh-spca.t-lng
countries. The work among tho heathen
was reviewed, especially as affected bv Iho
trying timet cf tho year In China. Aa to
the Jiomo neld It wns recognized tint tho
claims for sympathy nnd support of tho
missionaries In Iho organized diocese were
upou nn equality with those In mltslomirv
Jurisdictions. On the whole, a hopeful tone
was apparent. The report (dated that the
policy of the church In recard to work in
certain lands claimed by tho Unman com
munion as owing allegiance to tho blshnn
of Rome, wns now plainly and positively
Indifferent matters In the report were
rapidly referred tn proper committees. At
noon thn proceedings were stopped, n hymn
wns sung and a prayer for missions was
offered. Rev. Dr. Lloyd, secreinrv of the
board of missions, then addressed the
beard. Ho said tho deficit reported was
caused by the fact that the work had
grown faster the.n had tho zeal nnd con
tributions of the church. Tho address was
an appeal for tho better support of the
church and missionary work. The least
aum, ha said, sufficient to carry on the
wnrks now planned will be 6:fi.000 for the
coming year, whllo the utmost sum seem
ingly In sight Is V( 50,000.
George O, Thomas spoke on the financial
condition of tho church. He su'd It Is ad
mirable. All funds nre guarded with nb'
solute safety Ik never knew an office In j
Dyspepsia Cure
A healthy stomach, capableof dlfjcstlno; a irootl, .squaro meal,
Is a grout blessing. It keeps the body strong by Insuring plenty
of nourishment. In fact, It means perfect health. Hut some
thing must be done when tho. stomach is so tired that it, can't
digest what you eat, for undigested food poisons tho blood.
Wo caR recommend a preparation that completely digests all
classes of roods that. Is Kodol Dyspepsia CVrk. It gives tho
stomach perfect rest and allows you to eat and enjoy tho variety
of food that Is necessary for maintaining health. It never
falls to cure. Indigestion, after everything else has failed. It Is
pleasant to tnko and can be used in all conditions.
"Kor many years I suffered from chronic indigestion, nnd It
seemed as though nothing was going to do 1110 any good. On
tho advice, of n trlend 1 commenced using Kodol Dyspepsia Cum.
It gave 1110 Immediate, relief and I continued lis use, until now
I feel that I am cured."-Henry F. Cramer, Wendelvllle, !N Y.
St can't help hut do you good
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which the business wns conducted on more
strictly business principles. He Justified
tho uso of the rcscrxe fund to (IiIp over
tho defl.-'lt ns Just what It Intended for.
Rut the rescrvo fund must bo restored and
ho appealed for help to restore It.
To lliuiiloy District Seeretn rles.
John W. Wood, corresponding secretary
of tho board, spoke of tho publications ot
the heard. Tho bishop of Georgia said moro
thorough nnd systematic effort must bo
tnndo In raising funds and offered the fol
lowlnc resolutions.
Resolved. Thai the board of managers be
nnd berebj Is authorized and lust! m tod to
employ illstrlt t secret nrlcs to nrnui In
tetest In the mlMsliitinry offerings for th
church: to sol'clt p.irlsli nnd personal
pledges; to Impart missionary Information
nnd distribute missionary literature; to
encourage nnd nmlst In the formation or
ntixlllnry molo tie ami to organize sup
plementary snr'etlcs when practicable.
Ho said the American church bail never
utilized special agents or secretaries, such
as have always been found so successful
by tho English missionary societies nnd bv
all manner of business enterprises. The
resolutions were referred to a special com
mittee of two blthops, two clergymen nnd
two lurmen.
Rlshop Satterlre offered tho following
Resolved, That n committee consisting of
five blshnpw, five clergymen and live lay
men be appointed to report to the next
meeting of this board of missions such
changes In ennon 7. title ,1, of the consti
tution, 011 domcfltlc nml foreign missions,
nn in Its Judgment will tend to more ef
ficiency in the work of execution.
The resolution was adopted.
Tho bishop of Montana spoke on tho re
port of the board of managers. He bad no
criticism to make nor did hn think any re
organization necessary. Tho great thing
needed Is more money and If this Is had
tho mouths of grumblers would bo stopped.
Should llnUe One MIIII1111.
"We ought to raise this year $1,000,000."
he said. "A specific sum should be asked
for from every dloceso and missionary
Jurisdiction tnwnrd raising this amount.
Do not call It nsscesment for no penalty
Is threatened only a measure of what Is
expected to be voluntarily given."
The bishop offered a resolution covering
his Ideas In the matter. Edward S. Tem
ple of Vermont advocated the apportionment
system In raising money for gencrnl mls-
The bishop of Marquette hoped an effort
would be mnde '.mmcdlatclv to rnl3e nn
amount equal to tho deficiency of $100,000.
Dr. Oreer criticised the reported charge
that 4,700 parishes had contributed nothing
for missionary work. Ho believed more lu
encouraging than In pessimistic talk. These ,
non-contrlhutors nnd mlssionn for the gen- j
cral work nro still all doing some mlHlon-
nry work In their own limit, he tald. '
The resolutions of tho bishop of Montana '
were, on motion of Iho bishop of .Maryland,
referred to a committee of fifteen.
Adjournment, was then taken.
r.vntt viionv ii:i,m;hti;i).
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DniidrntT Ceini I'erinniiPiitly
mill t'ui-rn llnldnran.
Quinine nnd rum nnd n whole lot of other
things nre plensnnl to rub on tho scalp after
washing It frco of dandruff, but not one
preparation of the general run will cure the
dandruff. A germ cnuscn dandruff nnd fall
ing hair. It Is necessary to kill that germ
to bo permanently cured of dandruff nnd to
stop falling hair. Nowbrn's Herplclde will
possltlvcly destroy that germ, so that there
can bo no more dandruff and so thnt the
hair will grow luxuriantly. "Destroy tho
cause and you romovo Iho effect."
Hotel Keeper AriiIii Found finllt.v,
GRAND ISLAND, Neb.. Oct. 4.-(Speclnl.)
In dUtrlct court Jamcn West, manager
of tho Occldoutul hotol, was found guilty
of renting rooms for Immoral purposes,
Woat bad been found guilty In the police
court, after a raid had been made upon
hU place, but appealed tho case.
SoIikm- In Defcnt.
Washington Star- "I have heard," said
tho philosophic person, "that defeat Is sel
dom without some solncc." I
"Well," answered tho Spanish naval offi
cer, "of eourso when you loso a battlo U
puts an end to the danger of controversy
nbout whoro the credit belongs."
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r.is. Kidney and Hlnlde- Trnublss.
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S29 NewYork and Return-$29
Tlii Wabash from CIiIcuko will sell
tickets nt tho aliovo rates dally.
Asldo from those rates the Wabush
runs through trulns over Its own rails
from Kansas City, St. I.ouls und Chi.
cao to Uuffnln and oftcra ninny spe.
rim rates dm Ink tho summer months,
allowing stop-overs at Nlugara Falls
nnd Uufftilo.
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