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i:sTAi5Lisin:n june 10, i87i.
Remount AfTair is Ee-Aired in tho
Homo f Coramoni.
BafU tho Publication of Etidienoe
CuUiuou from doited States.
Other Member of Honsa l)eptott Method
- of Purchasing pom.
fern M.nbr Overlook tb Dlfncnl
. tm rnrchaslan; TfcoMi
of Ii.nri In
tX)NDON.' Aug. 4 Tb remount scan
dal were re-alr1 In th House of rnmnoni
today in the course ot a discussion of the
army tlniate end tb -army remounts,
Bir Chsrlea DUk (advanced radical) sug
gested tha publication of tb evidence
tearing on tbe remount scandals obtained
from tbe United Btatea and Argentine.
Colonel Joia T. Nolnn. nationalist, con
demned the loose system of contract
under which euch dreadful scandals were
possible, while several other members of
the house deprecated the method of pur
chasing borseB through middlemen,
i Mr. BroJrl' k, tbe war secretary, re
plying, ald the members overlooked the
difEcultiea la prcsrli'.ng 150.004 hoee In an
emergency. Hi said the government In
tended to probe the charges, but he be
lieved lomt remount officers had been
isrshly charged. He did not believe that
.Lord Kitchener would Join In the univer
sal cry against the remount department.
In nser. to the war aecretary John
lllon (nationalist) asserted that Mr. Brod
tlck's vague speech, only strengthened hi
pueplclons and he pointed out m an In
stance of this" that the government bad
Dot denied that Major Btuddert had profited
largely through buying horses In Ireland
tinder a false, name.
Mr. Prodrtck denied that be had no dis
position to push tha Studdert and other
'Investigations and said lb 1 government
jwouid go to the fullest extremes to convict
.the penvftrators of the conspiracy and
fraud. Tie vote on the Item of remount
was red to,
Ctrnti Pros Says Maa 'Who tyi
I ; War I Likely i ito
" ana Ivaoraat.
j. ' '
! BERLIN', Aug. 4. The utterance at
tributed to Pur Admiral Taylor of the
.United States navy a to a probable ccn
Jlirt irtweKo. Germany and the United
IPtates In 1'W . was pri-ited mipfciiouKlv
Iter. The Tageblat.t say It require all
'the ron hfadedness of a llneo eoro-
Hiln'd with cnmrlpie Ignorance of European
'.affairs to ln'r.e that Germany intenda to
annex the Netherlands. Any German ad
bnlral o indiscreet, the Tsgeblatt con
tinues, would be relieved of his duties Im
mediately. ' .
NEW YORK, Aug. 4. In a recent dls-
pstrn rrora waaningion near juimirti
Taylor, chief of tbe bureau of navigation,
was credited with having given expres
!on to the Ideas referred to in tbe fore
going message from Berlin, In this Wash
ington dlepn'rh Rear Admiral Taylor was
described as thoroughly allv to the steady
set ot a current which is carrying the
United Biates and Germany along con
verging lines ia many parts of the globe
and brlQRlng tbe two nations Into
closer rivalry elsewhere. To Rear Admiral
Taylor was given the credit of warning the
loaders ot the United 8tates navy and
army that preparations must begin at one
and- b Vigorously prosecuted from tbta
time forth for a grave crisis in German
Vkmerlcan relations tn the apring of 1907.
The time of thla crista Is fixed coincident
with tbe most efficient soa power Ger
many now contemplates, the time when
th Panama canal will be occupying much
attention In this country, the time when
tha Cuban republic rosy about have
reached th end of It tether, when Ja
maica and other West Indian islands will
t prostrate tn bankruptcy, when th
Js'sthsrlen-ls, according to Admiral Tay
lor' predictions, will have been absorbed
fcy Germany, leaving Curcao and the other
Xutch Island ot tbe Caribbean sea as
pones of contention to tore a supreme
test of the Monro dortrtn. "
CHICAGO, Aug 4. Rear Admiral Tay
lor d-sles lis story Trirtd frota V.'arhiss
ton to th effect that he believe th
United Statee and Germany may go to
war in 1907. When asked if he had set a
date for a conflict between th two coun
tries he said:
) Such exertions aa have been credited to
me are without foundation oihcr than tbt
1 have saii our wnmt defetiss should
n well protected aatHituit attack by any
j uropean power. Ail naval omrers are of
this opinion. It wrall be rtillc'iloua fir
.in to i re -t a wnr with inv nation. Our
ry eiioukt be etrei)glhii.d in readlneaa
tor any pib!e war.
UtCBlT Prepariatiutis Selcr Xade
ay C ar tor the Miioa
Aug. 4. Tbs iruperml yacht
llofceniollern,' with Eai;ror Wiillam o
tord, aailed this mor&ir.s for Reval,
Kala. bere his majeoty is tirg to pay
a vi.it to tLe ir ou tbe c aciun of the
Rusxiaa naval msneuvers.
I'lluce litiiiy J iuel tLi emperor oa the
trip and thla ois to bavi been a late
thought, as nuthliig i known until late
v! the prince's loLtntu n to go to Raval.
JYtnc lifnry WPtit en" Horterioi!ero last
n'.ht. The prince two or three days ago
as.'.vted ia earicg the life of the Austrian
tl!uiiilct, StroLsthneldar, whose balloon
co'iapd over Kiel harbor. The prince
ttf the accident, went in a plnnacs him
self to rescue the balloonist and took him
on board Kaiser W.lbflra II.
ET. rKTERSI'.ClUJ, Aug. 4. Extensive
prvparatluna ar t-i-lng ni.Je tor tha rscep
.Hon of Emperor Wiltiam on bis approach-li-.g
visit to H'j..'.a. He will be met by the
t -r la the roadstead of Rsval aud together
they will wltuess tha maneuvers of the
Kuasiau squadron oft th Uland of Carlo.
A new commercial treaty between Rus
sia and Germany is rsMrded aa still a
long wsy off, but th Tsgtbiatt thinks this
Is one of ths subjects to b di.cussed by
th emperors Eotus goveruiuent jourusl
szpress regret that there Is still a siroug
Dtl-Uru.an feeling la Kuorfta.il pullttcal
(4 M.1 fclll.lt,
Cabs Ressl Approve ' Hill to Em
sewer Rieeatlrt to Ralso Less
of Foor Mlllloa Oollara.
HAVANA. Aug. 41.
cussed and aDDroved la r..
power the executive to relv '' "if
14,000,000 at th minimum prlc l'
the maximum rat of Interest of .
cent, payable In thirty years, to bs Ik
to assist th sugarcane growers of the
Island, who will b paid at th rat ot
60 . cent per 100 a r robs of sugarcans
ground from the laat crop. Thla money
1 to be repaid by the can grower la
February, March and April of 1903 at 6
per cent Interest.
The bill provide that th executive b
authorized to pledg th customs receipts
for th republic aa a guarantee for the
principal and Interest of this loan and to
guarantee Increased expenditure on ac
count of the loan. Th executive I also
to b authorised to pledge V&o custom re
ceipt upon 'certain articles, tariff being
raised proportionately. ,
- Bis month after dat another loaa of
$.15,000,000 la to be raised on th same con
ditions a to time, price of Issue and In
terest a the abov mentioned loan. Four
million dollar' worth of the bond of the
second loan are to be devoted to taking
up the flnet loaa. The rest of tbe 136,000,
OCO loan is to b used for paying the debt
of th revolution referred la th . paper
and to pay th Cuban revolutionary army.
Thla latter obligation amount to 121,000,
OflO. It I provided that con rr ess, before
the closing of th present aesslon,' I to
vote a certain portion of tbe Income ot
the Island to pay interest oa and provide
a sinking fund for th second loan.
It I claimed that this bill will sub
stantially pas the bouse. Th senats is
said to be really opposed to raising a large
loan, but to have agreed to this loan. Th
Cuban element Is In favor of paying th
array, and It 1 said In other quarter that
the plan ha been divided into two sec
tions In order to allow tbe first loan to b
raised and .that th second or big loan
will be shelved. That part of th bill re
ferring to guaranteeing the $4,000,000 loan
by receipt from Increased duties oa cer
tain article waa aot approved by the
No project ha yet passed the house.
The council of secretaries ha decided to
ask congress to authorise th expenditure
necessary for the connection of the sea
wall at La Punta and tbe end ot the prado
in order to give work to tbe unemployed.
Want, Less of Talrty-flv Mllliea
Dollars to Moot Carroat
WASHINGTON. Aug. 4. Th Stat de-
partment has received the following cable
gram from Minister Squlera, dated Havana,
August 4:' '
Tit' house ha Passed bill authorlsine?
loan 135.0uO,iX0; minimum rat of issue 90
per cent. Maximum interest t per cent,
redeemable In forty years.
Under the Piatt amendment th United
States Is bound to take coguisatMW of every
action of the Cuban government. relating to
loan. Article t of that amendment pro
vide: !-'.,-,
That said government shall not assume
or contract any public debt, to pay th in
terest upon which and to make reasonable
sinking fund provision for th ultimate
discharge of which the ordinary revenues
of the island of Cuba, after defraying the
current expense, of the government, shall
b inadequate.
, No computation ha been made to as
certain whether or not the loan provided
for In the bill which Minister Squiera re
fers to trespasses upon th provision of
the Piatt amendment, but it la presumed
that the Cuban revenue can pay the in
terest and provide a sinking fund beside
defraying ordinary axpense of the gov
ernment, a provided In tha amendment.
. At th asm time ft will no doubt be
found very difficult to Interpret thla par
ticular provision, as th question of reve
nue may fluctuate according to th con
ditions In th island. It Is known that
the Intention of article I waa to prevent
any extraordinary issue of bonds for th
purpose of redeeming th bond of th so
called rcpublio previous to th Spanish
American war and th payment of large
bountle to those who had taken part la
th Insurrection against Spain. It was
intended a a check upon the Cuban gov
ernment In th matter, of Incurring in
debtedness, although It carries no pro
vision indicating what would be the action
ct the United States should th Cuban gov
ernment exceed the indebtedness pro
hibited by the amendment.
Neither I there anything in th amend
ment Indicating what step, th United
State would take to determine whether
the tndebtednes was beyond the proscrip
tion, or how It would, prevent th Incur
ring of such Indebtedness.
Bfow . Believe fcy Vetieaa that
Cosaae Will Desssaes tao
ROME. Aug. .Th Vatican regard tb
present situation In Franc, arising from
tbe closing ot unauthorised ongregationls,t
school, aa most grav. as it is now be
lieved to be the intention of M. Combes,
the French premier, to denounce the con
cordat. It Is reported that Cardinal Rampolla,
papal aecretary of atate, U still in favor
of temporUlng with France, fearing that
the hostile attitude of the Vatican toward
that country would lead to graver com
plications. Some of the cardinals advocate
an entire rupture with France, thus an
ticipating that republic, and prevent th
passag e there of further anti-clerical law.
CHAMBSRY. France. Aug. 4. Crowd
mad demonstration la two neighboring
townships today against commissaries ot
police who were closing up school con
ducted by nun. The tocsin waa njng tod
th staters, who refuaed to open their
doors to th commissar!, were cheered
by the peopls. Th pollc were votually
obliged te make brsacbe ia the wall of
th building, whereupon th sisters, amid
cheers ot their sympathixsrs, left by tha
front door.
Kormr Vattea State lesster Tarawa
froaa Carries at
I.ONDON, Aug 4. While Former United
Btatea Senator J. Don Cameron and Mr.
Cameron were driving this afternoon from
Fort William, InveraeM-ablr. Scotland, to
Inverlochy castle, Loihabar, which ha ha
leased for lb summer, ths horses skied
and the carriage collided with a cart. Both
Mr. aud Mrs. Cameron wer thrown out
and th souator a severely Injured la
th gruia. Vsiih tha exceptlug ot th shock
Mr. Ciuuerua waa aot hurt.
Information to tlat Effect Corn to World
Through Offioiol Chtnitia.
I to O Tareosja Coroaatlesr Cere
"ussy Before tnrgteon Ar AN
lowed o Use the Kalfe
- a leessd Time.
(Copyright. 1908. by Pre Publishing Co.)
LONDON, Aug. 4. New Tork World Ca
blegram Special ' Telegram.) Information
reaches tbe World correspondent through
an official channel tonight that King Ed
ward I really 111, but will go through the
coronation and Immediately afterward a
further operation will be perforated.
rresesee of ths Kins Give Added
laterest to the Yacht ftaee .
at Cowe.
COWES. Aug. 4. Regatta week opened
with every prospect for a record meeting
and only fine weather I needed to Insure
th complet success of the, royal yacht
squadron's racing. The presence of th
king has eansed aa added Interest- to be
taken la the event.
There was much speoulatlea as to the
performsnc of th Oermsn emperor's
Meteor III, which waa to hoist Its racing
flag for th first time la British waters.
The race for yachts ot over seventy-nine
fact proved a disappointment. Meteor and
George Waetjen's Navahoe both being
scratched. Sybalta, owned by M. B. Ken
nedy of Glasgow, sailed over th coura
The king wa on th deck of Victoria and
Albert all morning watching th yacht
There are many big steam yachts In the
roads, including Eugene Hlgglns' Varuna.
Visiter Hut Fay to View Coroaatloat
Deeorat'loa fa West
. Blaster.
LONDON, Aug. 4. Visitors who will not
be able to see the Interior of Westminster
Abbey before tbe coronation may do so
after that event. It having been officially
announced that the edifice would be open
from August 11 to August 16. The colonial
and tbe natlv Indian troop will b ad
mitted free on August 1. On other days
the entrance fees will range from td to 6s.
invitation to th coronation ceremony
hare been telegraphed, at the king's com
mand, to the mayor ot all cities of more
than 20,000 Inhabitants. '
Rehearsals ot ths coronation ceremony
ar held dally, with th exception of ths
musical program, which has bean mad a
special order for Friday.
A structure Is being erected between the
Abbey and Parliament buildings, through
which members af ths House of Lords and
of the House of Common will hays jrl.
vate access to the Abbey. ' "
For first Time Sloe. Kie llekae
Klasr Ferforsas This
. "" '
COWES. Island of Wight, Aug. 4. King
Edward today for ths 'first tlms since1 his
Illness walked up end' down a flight of
stairs without assistance. . He also en
joyed a stroll upon the upper promenade
deck of tbe royal yacht Victoria and Al
bert, from which a splendid view of the
yacht races was obtained. Empress Eu
genia, who had arrived hers on her yacht.
Thistle, visited King Edward today.
Queen Alexandra, Prtn'cMS 'Victoria and
Sir Frederick Treves took a crulss today on
board th royal yacht Osborn.
Believed They Are Coagtreaatlasjr at
. Tho Harne to Eallst Datch
LONDON, Aug. 8. Th correspondent of
ths Dally Mall at The Hague says In a
dispatch that It is becoming Increasingly
difficult to combat tbe generally accepted
Dutch theory that the Boer leaders here
are campaigning toward the ultimate sub
version of British ruls In South Africa.
Th Boer General Luca Meyer (who has
juat reached Holland from London), instead
of going to Germany, ha (topped at Th
Hagu and is going to visit Mr. Kruger,
while several other prominent Boer leader
are assembling here. Nobody at The Hague,
continue th corresponded ot th Dally
Mall, believe tbalr story that their mis
sion is to collect funds for Boer widows.
Kla.oaa of tho Fraaelseo Editor
Forced to Close Baahlagr
Hoese at Berlla.
BERLIN, Aug. 4. Peter 8prckls, a
kinsman of th San Francisco Spreckels
family, is th principal owner ot the priv
ate banking house of Eduoard Rooksch.
which closed It door oa Friday with
asset nominally ten millon marks (41.600.
000) and llabllltle ot three mlllloa marks
((750.000). Spreckels before and since the
failure cabled to bis American relative for
help. It appears that the American Spreck
els family kept a considerable deposit at
Dresden, which Peter Spreckels asked to
have uaed for the benefit of hi creditors.
Folic Fore of Five Towa la Phil
loolae Eagaae la aa
I'atkr Battle. ,
MANILA, Aug. 4. Governor Bsndolts of
Tsyabas province has telegraphed Acting
Governor Wright that the combined police
fore of five town attacked and defeated a
fore under Roberto Rio, leader of a fa
natical Filipino society.
Many of Rioc' follower wer killed or
wounded, but only a fw of th pollc were
hurt. Tbe fight occurred near Aattmonan.
General Davta baa arrived here from Min
danao and haa had an extended conference
with General Chaffee on the Moro situation.
Order Mansal lyoteas of Telecrayh
to Be lass srsltt oa All
I (alias Sals.
ROME. Aug. 4. Ths government has or
dered that th Marconi wireless teWgraoa
apparatus b( esiaUlshed oa all Italian
loeelal Asabassador to the Cereao
tloa Ceremonies Make a He
port to the Fresldeat.
OTSTER BAT, N. T., Aug. 4. Whltelaw
Reid end Mrs. Reld were, rtieets today ot
President and Mrs. Roosevelt at Ssgamore
HIM. They srrtved in th buy on ths
yacht Electric, owned by Elbrirtge T. Gerry,
whose guests they wer.
The party, landed shout nnoa at th J.
West Roosevelt pier and wer drive to
the president's country hnmr. Later tha
three guest were . Joined by Archbishop
Rysn of Philadelphia, who mad th fourth
guest at luncheon.
Mr. Reld. who arrived from England on
Saturday laet, came to Oynter Bay to re
port personally te th president upon his
trip to England.
President Roosevelt I being overwhelmed
with endorsement for canlidates for the
vacancy on the board of romrr.ltisloner ot
the District of Columbia. Thus far he baa
intimated te no one whom bs may appoint.
Ht Is going over sll the pt-r in the case,
bis desire being to select a ttita whose ap
pointment will command t';e general ap
proval of the resident of Whlngton. The
appointment probably will to mad within
th next ten days.
Gilford Plnchat of Washington, chief of
tb Bureau ot Forestry uf the Agricul
tural department, arrived ; early in, the
afternoon and was a guest tf the president
at luncheon. . During the afternoon he dis
cussed with ths . president some depart
mental matters. Including, questions thst
Lave arisen concerning tt national forest
reserves. ; i
Archbishop Rysn talked briefly with the
president about (he work being done among
the Indians by the commission to which
he wss appointed several months ago' as
successor to Bishop Whipple. They dis
cussed also the Philippine friar question
the president speaking fr-e!y and frankly
of his attitude n the matter.
Mr. Roosevelt 1 satisfied thoroughly that
the Philippine friars have not the confi
dence of the natives. It la hi wish, there
fore, to have withdrawn from the archi
pelago the friars now there, to whom the
people will pay no heed, and to replace
them with good men as many from Amer
ica as possible to whom the natives will
listen and In whom they will have confi
dence. Mr. Plnchot will leave shortly for the
Philippines, where by direction of the pres
ident he will make careful Investigation of
the forests of tbe archipelago with a view
to making an extensive report thereon.
During the afternoon the president and
Mr. Plnchot went down in. the woods below
the Roosevelt home with axes and cleared
a space around a venerable beech tree to
make practical demonstration of Mr. Pln
chot' - forestry . theories. Archbishop
-( VI- O.m mnra Kill aaM
that he agreed with the president and Gov
ernor Taft on the stand they are taking
toward tlie friars la tha Philippines. . H
believes that the present flurry among
Catholic will subside and that the church
aa a whole will reallxe that the president
is acting for the best Interests of all
concerned. , . . .
Amerlcaa Orsraalsatlon mt ConTeatloa
1st Hamilton, Ohio, la Resorted
la Excellent Coadltlost.
HAMILTON, O., Aug.- 4. The convention
of tbe German War Veterans of America
was called to order here today by President
Conrad Frank Erllng. ' '
The secretary read a number of letter
congratulatory on the succeas of the or
ganization. Reports were received from
sixty-eight societies of a membership of
nearly 4,000. The aid fund society reported
capital of 114,000 and 1,300 members and
paid death funds last year to the families
for forty-three members. The financial af
fairs of the organisation Is reported to be
In excellent condition.
- The election of officers will be held to
morrow and August Schall of Cincinnati
Is prominently spoken of as next presl-
dent. John Embs of Louisville, the pres
ent vice president. Is also a candidate.
. The discussion of the matter of publish
ing the bt-weekly organ of tbe society,
the Krleger Zeitung. resulted In tbe ap
pointment of a committee, Messrs. Vach,
Schlenseu and Moersch, who reported at
the meeting this afternoon in favor of
Rudolph von Ahlfeld as th publisher of
the official organ of the bund for the next
two year. Mr. Ahlefeld, who It a Cleve
land man, ha been the publisher for soms
time and ha given great satisfaction.
, It Is understood aa Important feature
of th convention will be the forming ot
a big organisation out of tha three distinct
flourishing organisations, the regular
Deutseher Krleger bund, tbe ststs Organi
sation ot New York, which Include other
organizations, and an organisation In Wis
consin similar to that of New York. Tbe
New York president, Richard Miller of
New York City, and the Wisconsin presi
dent, Max Hatlett of Milwaukee, are here
to discuss and perfect the plan ot consoli
dation. The meeting adjourned early this after
noon to go to the fair grounds, where a
picnic was held, with prixe-sbootlng, a con
cert snd dancing.
Mayor Johuaoa of Cleveland Join
a Flaht for Lower Street
Car rare,
CLEVELAND, Aug. ,4. The circuit eonrt
today dissolved the injunction recently Is
sued by Judge Caldwell restraining ths city
council from granting public service fran
chises and especially those giving the low
fore street railway company the right to
use the streets.
Mayor Vlohnson fought tha Injunction suit
snd as a result of bis victory today th
low fare Hoe will probably be constructed
aa soon as possible.
Judge Marvin, who read the decision ot
the court, said In part: v
' The council is conclusively a legislative
bwly. A legislative body is one that he
l lie power to enact laws. This o.urt Is
not authorised 'to enloln a legislative body
from pel forming legislative duties.
Ktstseky Has Takea from Heme,
Tied to a Treo aad Severely
OWENSBOROl, Ky., Aug. 4. WUllam
Dodwell, a farmer living near Yelvlngton,
la this county, was taken from hla borne
at midnight laat Bight, bound to a tree and
beaten with a blacksnake whip until bs
was almost unconscious from Ice of blood.
Over sventy-fiv lashes were adminis
tered.. The bark was torn from the tree
where th rope which bound th unfor-
tunat mas touched It and tb whip left
marks en th tree. Dodwell' wife and
daughter attempted to go te hi rescue,
but wer prveat4 by tha members of tie
Mob of Enraged fxio&ni Makes Attack
wita Pica! and Ehovsls.
Santa F Pssstsger Trala Crashes
Into aa Oil Trala, Wreeklasr
Both Eaglses and Killing;
Flremaa of Oae of Them.
LOS ANGELES, Cel.. Aug. 4. In the
yards of the Southern Pacific shops at Los
Angeles ths life of 14-year-old Joseph
Mirano was accidentally crushed out by th
wheels of a car. .
Acting on th Impuls of th moment a
hundred Mexican laborer mad a rush on
th train crew whose engine had caused
the accident and with spades, shovels snd
picks pursued them across the river flats
and ravines almost to ths east slds police
station, where tbe trainmen fled for pro
tection. A switch engine waa called out and
with a couple ot box ears started for the
scens of the accident with a squad of
policemen and a number of trainmen armed
with shotguns, pick handles and other
On reaching ths stock yards ths police
found the mob had subsided and there was
no further demonstration.
: Wreck oa . tho Santa Fe.
A Santa Fe passenger train returning
from Redondo beach last night ran through
an open switch snd crashed Into an oil
train. Both engines were wrecked, as was
also one coach and four oil tanka.
The fuel tank of one of the engines ex
ploded Immediately after the crash, setting
fire to the wreck. Burning oil was scat
tered la every direction and the large oil
refinery plant of the Combs Refining com
pany was set on fire. The plant was de
stroyed, ss were all tb cars in the wreck
except one.
T. D. Martin, fireman of the freight
engine. Is mtsstiig snd It Is thought bis
body Is under ths burned wreckage. Sev
eral others were badly hurt.
Houses Other Lines that it Will Cat
tho Bate oa Parkins; Hoase
CHICAGO, Aug. 4. (Special Telegram.)
Trafflo officials ot tbe Alton notified com
peting lines today that the Alton would
have to meet the rates on packing house
products and dressed meats. put in effect
by th Great Western.
- v-.. . . . V
" aM.tw " o fc ft. IMWft MO u. .u
executives of th western line with a view
to trying to determine a line of action.
The reason given by tb Alton wss ths
xlstence of sn agreement or contract be
tween that compsny snd Swift at Company
whereby the Alton guarantees as low rates
to Swift's products as those granted by
any railroad to any ether packing concern
down to II conts per 100 pounds. This con
tract wss mad over fiv year ago and the
original term which It was to run has ex
pired. '''
It Is understood that' the Alton officials
have communicated with' E. H. Harrlman
to see if he will sanction a cancellation
and stand th damages in order to remedy
the situation.
Tbe situation ot lines running Into Kan
sas ' City and also Omaha is . difficult. If
the rates ars reduced from Kansas City and
St. Joseph the Omaha packers will b In
a position to compel a similar reduction
. It developed In tbe meeting that there is
g strong determination to Ignore the action
of the Great Western, and the opinion was
expressed that the time bad come to make
a standard of rates snd their control. The
Alton's action, however, proves a severe
stumbling block and unless soms way can
be found to avoid It there will' probably
be a break in the ranks of the trafflo men.
After an extended discussion an adjourn-,
ment was taken until Wednesday, when
It Is hoped that the Alton will withdraw Its
Employe of Cleveland City Railway
- Present Hlea with Tokoa -of
CLEVELAND, O., Aug.-4--The 700 or
800 employe of th Cleveland City railway,
of which Senator Hanna Is president, met
in A downtown hall tonight and presented
Senstor Hanna with a valuable can. In
acknowledging the gift. Senator Hanna ex
pressed his sincere thank to his employes
for their gift and incidentally spoke In the
relations that hs hopes soon to see exist
ing between capital and labor.
In part he aajd:
I cannot adequately express my feelings
on this occasion. It haa been th one am
bition of my life to merit the respect If
not the affection of the men In my em
ploy. I have been with worklngmen all
my life, and have been their employer for
many years, and tonight means much to
me, for It bring the satisfaction In know
ing that such a large number of men in
my employ have been SHtlwfled with my
career as an employer. Your chairman has
referred to the Civic federation. 1 say to
you that were it not fur my official po
sition and public duties I would devote
more time to the policies on which that
organisation is founded.
When the great anthracite strike was
threatening our federation worked hard for
weeks to avert it, but fulled. After it wa
on we worked bard to settle it, but failed.
However, lu that matter it is my personal
satisfaction that the promise 1 made at
that time that the men would not go back
on their word has been kept, and' a sym
pathetic strik has been averted.
I believe lu manhood. Ijibor organisa
tions are not things that can be suexl for
breach of contract. They have no cor.
f orate existence. Hut I would rather have
lie promiae of a laboring man backed only
by his sense of honor and bis manhood
than any agreement which might be en
forced by law. '
Manhood and Integrity are the same
whether they belong to a miner, a street
railway man or a buss. Fur myself, I
have no higher ambition than to work for
the purpooe of bringing capital and labor
nearer together ana to live out my life
in Cleveland, where I have lived for fifty
two years.
First National Bank of Grand Island
Has Corporate Ealsloneo
' Extended.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. Aug. 4. (Special Tele
gram.) Additional rural free delivery
service will be established on September
1 at Salem, Henry county, Ia., with one car
rier; route embraces an area of lt square
miles, containing a population of 400.
The comptroller of tbe currency has ex
tended the corporate sxlstencs of tke First
National bank ot Grand Island, Neb., until
the close of buolnea ca August 4, 1922.
William R- Teagarden of Be tries, Neb-,
has been appointed a cleri; In th laatl
fflce at Glen wood Sprites, CJo.
Forecast for Nebraska Showers Tuesday;
Wednesday Fair.
Roar. Dear. Hoar. D.
B au sn ' l a. as Mt
6 a. sn ..... . tin So. at...... Ma
fan TO 9 p. n H
8a.a 73 4 a. m ...... A'
a. a. T4 It a. as ' T
lO a. m...... Tit ) s. tm. TM
H a. m T T p. m ..... TT
13 as 81 p. aa...... TT
a. sn TB
Defeadaat la Case . Aaralnst ' Alleged
Beef Traat Clalsa Croaada Insnf
Jtelent to Grant Injunction.
CHICAGO, Aug. 4. The government ult
against th alleged beef trust was sent a
step forward here today by the filing In
the United States circuit court of de
murrers of the defendants, both ss Indi
viduals and - ss corporations. The de
murrers set up at considerable length that
the complaint on which an Injunction I
asked I Insufficient. It 1 maintained that
th suit I multifarious snd It allowed to
stsod would tend to congest th beef trust.
In specific terms th demurrers assert
that "so much of th bill of complaint ss
asks a discovery of the seversl interests
of the defendsnts and their business
methods "has nota stated such a case as
would entitle tbe complainant to the relief
prayed for."
The effect of the filing of the demurrers
Is technically to admit sll the sllegatlons
charged in the bill of complaint. The ar
gument advanced in support of the pack
era' position ta that, admitting th truth rf
th charge, no sufficient ground has been
shown , for the Issuance of the petitioned
writ. The Instrument wa signed by John
S. Miller, counsel for all the packer.
If the demurrer 1 sustained by the
court the original complaint may- be
amended and if overruled the defendants
have the privilege of answering. It Is not
expected that any further steps will be
taken In the case by either side until about
September 1, when the federal Judge re
turn from their vacations.
Trala Robber Hyatt Heads Baad la a
Dash for Liberty irons Teaa
essee ' Prlsoa.
NASHVILLE. Aug. 4. Armed with dyna
mite with which to blow his wsy out of
prison, Louis Hyatt, ths train robber and
desperado, tonight led a desperate band
of sixteen convicts to liberty from the Ten
nessee penitentiary. Fifteen of the escap
ing party got entirely clear of the premises,
but on. Ed Career, 'a afehlower aent
up from Nashville, paid the penalty of
death In the bold undertaking. Joe Loss
and James Work wer traoed down by
bloodhounds and captured, but th rest of
the prisoners had gotten so far' out of
bounds by midnight that no trace of them
eould be had. The prisoners were evi
dently 'furnished dynamite from the out
side snd .used It In blowing an opening
In the main wing of the prison. Hyatt
stood off the Inside guard with a brace ot
revolvers, which tad been furnished from
the outside, whll the men preceded him
to liberty. Th dynamite was laid by Doe,
the Manchester train robber, snd he made
good his escape. Six of the prisoners who
got , sway were government convicts, snd
the others were state convicts. Bosses
with bloodhounds are In pursuit.
Haa Who ; Married Mis Maad
Shoafeld Waatcd la East for
Allesjed Misdeeds.
' SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 4. Th Call says
that Philip D. Watklns, society man and
member of a prominent family ot Mont
clair, ' N. J., Is being sought for by the
police for having obtained larg sums of
money in various cities ' by false pretenses.
Watklns was formerly manager of the
Amesbury (Mass.) File works and Chief ot
Police Osgood t that city wires that b Is
wanted there for fraudulent check transac
tions aggregating about 12,000.
In June of this year, while traveling west
from Boston, Watklns met Miss Maud Bhon
feld, daughter ot Henry Shonfeld of Omaha,
who happened to be traveling in the same
coach. After a few hours acqualntancs with
Watklns the girl consented to be his wife
and they wer parried.
She bed started with the Intention ot
visiting her sister, Mrs. A. L. Ball of Ogden,
Utah, but hs thuI 'ar failed to reach there.
The Plnkertons have been Instructed to
search for the couple.
Gaests Injured la Wild Rash to Escape
from Blnao la Chlcaato
CHICAGO. Aug. 4. Panic stricken, half
a hundred guests at ths Bir William hotel.
70 Randolph street, rushed through hallway
and down th stsirs tonight seeking escape
from a fire, which resulted in serious' in
juries to four persons.
Tbs sufferers:
Anderson, Grace, burned about head and
arms. '
Gray, William M., night clerk of hotel,
burned about head.
Bchefer, Fred, guest, overcome by gas and
burned about head and body.
Gray, William, guest, overcome and
burned about the head.
The fire, which was caused by escaping
gas, was extinguished without serious loss.
Vnlted Stale Realty aad Construction
Company File Article of
TRENTON, N..J., Aug. 4. The United
States Realty and Construction company,
with an autboriied capital of 166,OuO,Ot0,
was Incorporated her this evening. Of
the capital stock, 110,000,000 Is to be pre
ferred, with per cent cumulative divi
dends. The company is authorised to pur
chase, acqulr snd construct buildings. It
is understood that Its operations will bs
conducted principally In New York City.
Movements of Oeeaa Vessels, Ana. 4.
At Ply mouth-Arrived; Kron Prln Wli
belin, from New York. .
At Movllle Arrived: Pretorlan. from
Montreal and Quebvo, for Liverpool, and
At Boulogne Sur Mer Arrived: Noor
dam, from New York, for Hot let dam, and
At Cherbourg Arrived: Krn Prlns Wll
he.lm, from New York, via l'l mouth, for
Bremen, and proceeded.
At tiibraliar Sailed: Hohensollern, for
New York.
At Glasgow Balled: Laurentlan, for New
A l Now York Arrived: A Her, from Ge
noa, Naplee and U.w altar; Ucorgla, from
GoT.rnor EsTggo Hand Commissions ta
. . Touf Political rrienls.
S at na .as
Sli Into Offioe While ITo On but
Janitor it Pntsnt
Old Board Will Bring Qno Warranto
Proceeding at Ono.
Governor Sawaaro Said to Hot Threat
oaed Violence to Seat His Ap
pointees, bnt Finds It
Jtew Mercer FolleoCosamiloa.
r fN5.rn- Fnlttic. ' Term
CP h?. H--R"Publlpn, three year.
Governor Savsgs yesterday afternoon at
:0 o'clock Issued commlslsons to tbe
above ss member of the Bosrd ot Fire
and Police commissioners of the city of
Omaha, acting under the decision of the su
preme court rendered two weeks sgo.
These are tbe men agreed oa at the con
ference between the governor snd Congress
man Mercer" and John N. Baldwin of tbe
Union Pacific law department, and the con
dition ot their appointment Is understood
to be the use of all the board's authority to
for tha renomlnatlon ot Mercer for con
ares. ,,
, (Th method taken by tbe governor In
snnouatMng his selection was calculated to
throw about it the greatest secrecy. He
csme to Omaha on the Burlington train
at 1:10 o'clock and went tot the Millard
hotel, where he met the men he had se
lected and handed them their commissions.
The commissions were from August 4 end
expire on th first Monday In April of th
yesrs mentioned: J. W. Thomas, 1906; W.
J. Broatch. 1906; C. C. Wr!Eht, 1904. and
Lee Spratlen, 190S.
J. W. Thomas Is csshler of the Union Na
tional bank. He came to Omaha about six
years ago from Kay Springs, where he
was somewhat promt.ient In local politics.
Hs is a close personal friend of Governor
Savage and was selected several days be
fore be would consent to accept.
W. J. Broatch Is a former mayor of
- ----- ' " JVBI, ftlj
baa been active In uo'ltlra a.- v.
cam to th city. He wss a member of
the legislature at th ilm. n.,... o.
age wa In that body and was a member
of th former notorious ChurchllS-Russell
police board.
C. C. Wright la the attorney for W. J.
Broatch. He was ono of th. .v
' . . ... , -1 V HT- (V uie
suit by which th supreme court reversed
"""" uu emnortxea the governor to sp
point the present men to office. He ha
been' a candidate for ti.iio, .
. , juugo IUU
been mentioned as candidate for eongreesft
for county attorney and for several city
offices. ' '
Lee Spratlen was ons of the leader of
the gold democrats. Hs wa for a tlms as
sistant cashier of tbe National Bank of
Commerce and la now an .,. ... .
" " Ul IU3
office of th general manager of th Bur-
lln.tAn wall .
-- .ft. lifted.
lfw CosnsnUsloaor Enter.
As soon ss they had received their com
missions the men started for tbs city hall.
Arriving there, they entered ths Eighteenth
street entrsnce and went to tha third floor.
The news of the appointment had reached
the city hall before the appointees ar
rived and ths clerk ot the Bosrd of Firs
snd Pollps Commissioners csm to th con
clusion that It was tlms to quit for th
day. H had Just- locked tb front door
of th offlc and wss starting downstairs
when the appointees reached tha landing.
In hla hurry to closs ths room he had for
gotten that a Janitor was lnslds. Tbe Jan
itor had Just completed his work snd waa
starting out with a bucket ot water In
his hands. As he. opened ths door there
wss a precipitate rush for the entrance
on the part of the appointees. It was
touch and go between Carl Wright and
W. J. Broatch as to who crossed the line
into the rooms of ths commission first.
Arriving In the rooms a short session
wss held snd It was decided to notify the
mayor, the chief .of police and th chief
of the fire department that the new board
was In tbe office. The mayor cam down
before any business was transacted snd hs
was Invited to preside at the session of
"the bosrd." Acting on advice of th city
attorney, h refused to de this, and the
meeting wa organised by th "election of
W. J. Broatch ss president snd Lee Spratlen
a secretary, temporarily.
Chief of Police Donahue at this tlms sr.
rived and was ssked If he would recognize
the authority of the governor's appointee.
Ho asked to be given tlm for considera
tion. He was gone about fifteen minutes
and returned, saying:
"I acknowledge and recognise this as tb
legal board. I consulted with the mayor
and he told me to do just as I plsase.
Now there is another thing to this. I am
ready to carry out your orders, snd when
I cannot do that I will write my resigna
tion." Carl Wright, speaking to th ehlef, said:
"We are her becaus ot the decision of
the supreme court. If there Is to b sny
contest ws will be la possession of tbe
office until that controversy Is settled
That Is sll ws have to say."
Fraak Hansom Appear.
Th appointee then begsa to discuss th
weather and other things, snd several mem
bers ot tbe city government dropped in to
see how things were running. Frank T.
Ransom came in and the board went into
executive seaelon to consider the question
of the filing of an application for a writ
of mandamus to compel the mayor, tbe
member ot th Board of Fir snd Police
Commissioners appointed by him, th clerk
of that board and th chief ot tb fir
and pollc department to recognix their
authority. Tha recognition accorded th.
governor' appointees by the chief of po
llc caused a portion ot ths application to
be stricken out, and before It wa served
C. A. Salter, chief of the fire department,
appeared. He was ssksd to recognise tbe
board snd was given ten minute t con
sider. In less than that tlm b wss back
In th offlc and said:
"I recognls this as tb lsgal board."
W. J. Broatch was th spokesman for tbe
appointees oa this occasion. Hs said:
"That Is sll. Mr. Salter. Go back te
work and let the mea know that there will
be no change at this time; thst everything
will run along in ths same way."
Hs started to say something !, but
upon a look from another on of th sp-

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