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think of typical of th United State
throughout lt history, the qualities of
rugged Imlependenc-e, masterful resolution
n't Individual resource.
The other dsy 1 picked up a little book
called "Th Bimplq Ufa," written by an
Alsatian, Charles Warner, and h preached
a'jrh wholesome, sound doctrine that I
wish It could b used as a tract through
out our country. To him the whole prob
lem of our complex, anmewhat feverish
modern Ufa can be solved only by getting
men and women to lead better lives. He
snee that the permanence of liberty and
democracy depends upon a majority of the
people being ateadfaut In that rood, plain
morality which, aa a national attribute,
cornea only as the remit of the alow and
painful labor of centuries, and which ran
be squandered In a generation by the
thoughtless and vicious.
Islander Oil California toast tea a
Presides an I'nnanal Meaaaae
and Ar Answered.
ELLSWORTH, Me., Aug. 27. The presi
dent tonight (tat a out the following dis
patch received and sent by him:
Ana:. 27. To President Roosevelt. White
House: Catalina Islands, California, here
tofore Isolated In the Pacific ocean, ernds
greeting to her great American president
on the occasion of -her being put In com
munication with the entire world, brought
about through the medium of the Pacific
wireless telegraph, a purely American In
vention, now In auccessful operation.
(Signed) A. L. NEW.
Oenernl Manager.
. To A. L. New, Catalina Island, Califor
nia: Pleaae extend my greeting to the
cltlxens of Catalina Island and my cordial
congratulation upon the establishment of
telegraphic communication.
aa Jaaa Coanty Sheriff Declares It la
Case of Feed or
SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. ' J7. Sheriff
Cbrlstensen of San Juan county, Utah, to
day made a formal appeal to United States
Senator Rawlins . for. tbe relief of the
Navajo Indiana of southern Utah and the
latter has telegraphed the situation to the
Indian commissioner at Washington.
BherifT Cbrlstensen confirms tbe reports
that the Navajos are In a desperate condi
tion and predicts tbat unless Immediate
relief Is given serltaus results may follow.
"Thirty thousand Navajo Indians are
actually at tbe point of starvation In south
ern Utah," said tbe sheriff today. "Unless
something is done to mitigate tbelr condi
tion soon there will be an uprising that
will not result well for tbe whites. The
Indians are practically without food and
winter coming on. Tbe deplorable state of
affairs bas been caused by nine years of
drouth. Year by year tbelr herds have been
thinned out until now many of them have
killed tbelr last pony to feed their, squaws
and papooses. It has been Impossible to
raise corn and game bas been to scarce tbat
tbe Indians have been driven to tbe last
Seventeen Loag-Tlaie Prlaonera In It.
Lonla Almost Obtain
Tbelr Liberty.
BT. LOUIS, Aug. 17. An attempt at Jail
delivery, by which seventeen long-term
prisoners would have gained their liberty,
was frustrated last night by Lieutenant A.
Jurlch, Jr., of the Fourth cavalry, who was
officer of tbe guard which bad charge of
tbe guard bouse at Jefferson barracks south
ef this city.
Six men were eaught In the act of sawing
through tbs roof of the guard house. Tbelr
work bad been carried so far that In ten or
fifteen minutes more-they would have been
on the roof, ready to lower themselves with
ropes at the first opportunity.
Besides the seventeen long-tlma prisoners,
all of whom are suspected of sharing In
tbe plot to escape, twenty-live temporary
prisoners were in tbe guard -house. None
of these is thought to have bad any part In
tbe plot, however.
Kanan City Nononionlst So Alleges
''lav Petition for Damages
to Bnslnesa.
KANSAS CITY, Aug. J7. The Master
Plumbers" association la declared to be a
trust operating In violation of the Missouri
anti-trust law. In a petition IJled here today
tn the circuit court ' by W. R. Young, a
local plumber who alleges that bis business
baa been ruined by members of the com
bine who have refused to sell him supplies
because be was not a member. Young asks
$30,000 damages. In addition to tbe suit a
letter has been sent to the attorney general
of the state urging that tbe state bring
proceedings to prevent tbe association from
continuing In business Jn Kansas City.
Montana Partner Too (talek for 'As.
aallaata, as- Roaolt Oaa la Dead
ad On Dying.
HELENA, Moat., Aug. IT. John Relt, a
farmer living south of Lewlston, took fear
ful revenge upon George Fredericks and
Jacob Btange, neighbors, who were endeav
oring to handle hint In whltacap style. He
hot and Instantly killed Fredericks and.
fatally wounded Stange.
They had prepared tar and feathers, but
Ihe managed to reach bis run befara the.
could act. Stange was shot in tbe back and
tieit has been held for his death.
Attorney General Sulla for Parla to
Investigate tfco Panama Canal
i Conpanr'i 'Affaire.
NEW YORK, Aug. 27. Attorney Oeneral
Knox sailed for Europe today on Oceanic
"I am going abroad for tbe purpose of
obtaining a clear title to the property of
the Panama Canal company," aaid Mr.
Knox. "I shall also Investigate the treaty
between the Panama Canal company and
the Colombian government, which Is to be
transferred to us, I have no doubt tbat
everything will go through all right." .
Reading; Dividend Cat In Two.
PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 17. -The director
cf th Reading railway met today and an
nounced tbat they ad declared a semi-annual
dividend of 1 per cent on the Orel pre
ferred stock of the company, payable Octo
ber 1. This cut the dividend In half and
ha the effect of prolonging the voting trust
(tow control Hug the affairs of tbe company
for a period of two year.
What is tb he of telling the rbeumatlo
tbat ho feels as U bis Joints were being dis
located t
U know that hi sufferings sre very
much like th torture of th rack.
What A HUM to know I what Will per
msnently cur bis disease.
Tbat, according to thousands of grateful
testimonials, I
Hood's Sarsaparilla
It promptly neutralises tb acid In th
' blood on wblch th disease depends, com
pletely eliminates It, and trenrtbns the
system sgstast It return. - Try sluod's.
Cornish, Brsen and Frstt Cannot Arras
with Heroer'i lUnagtr. .-
Coasreaalenal Committee Chairman
- Also Refnse to 'I14 Other Con
dltloa Considered Infalr by
The conference between the candidates
for congressional . nomination brought Bo
results Wednesday afternoon. . It was held
at th office of W. F. Ourley, with Candi
date Cornish, Breen Snd Pratt present.
Mr. Mercer wss represented by Mr. -'Blackburn
and before the conference broke up
Mr. Gos of the county commute cam
In, but took no part tn tbe proceedings.
Before the candidates presented their ob
jection to lb arbitrary action of Mr.
Mercer' committee the chairman of that
committee stated tbat he was willing to
waive the payment of the $50 entrance
fee and would consent to consult upon the
Judges and clerks and th location of poll
ing place.
The candidate then gave their principal
causes for objection, saying that upon tbelr
aid they , would waive tbe unjust appor
tionment, would nonsent to a convention
of delegates elected at primaries, would ac
cept tbe judges and clerks as agreed upon
by tbe joint committee with tbe distinct
understanding that it should not afford a
precedent. Then came th point on which
there wa no concession. , j ' ," '
Mr. Blackburn Insisted upon having the
name of the congressional candidates ap
pear upon the official ballot, With the
statement tbat a vote for tbe aandldatos
for delegates would be a vote for the con
gressional candidate whoso name sppeared
at th bead of the list. He also Insisted
upon the enforcement of the test oath, by
which restrictions unknown to the state
law would be laid upon tbe republican
voters. It , wa shown to him tbat tbls
test oath could not be enforced and a
section of tbe statute, which be had evi
dently overlooked, wa pointed out to him
making it mandatory upon th primary
election officer tp receive the vote of
every person registered a affiliating with
tbe party holding the primary election. - In
th face of this section ha atlll Insisted
upon the test oath. He would not yield
his position as cashier of the fund to be
created for the congressional primary and
insisted that the certificates of th elec
tion of delegates should be filed with him.
There wa no compromise upon these
points and th conference broke up. It Is
said tbat Mr. Blackburn , will make an
other effort to lead th candidate Into a
spirit more agreeable to being swallowed
before the call for the county and con
gressional convention Is Issued by the
Joint committee.
Mr. Ooss said that th call Would be Is
sued Saturday before 12 p. m., a there
would be no time to lose after that date.
He further said that the committee had
not decided upon all of tbe places for hold
ing the primaries In tbe ward and pre
cincts and tbat all of the election officers
had not been seiiicii upva.
In the absence of Chairman Baldrtgs th
Judicial republican committee ha been
called by Captain H. B. Palmer to meet at
hi office In th Merchant National bank
building at I o'clock next Friday afternoon.
The meeting baa been called at tbe request
of four of th candidate for Judge Key
or' plac on tbe diatrlet bench, which, It
1 said on th best authority, will be va-k
cated tn time for tbe selection of th suo
ceeaor at the coming general election . In
November. . .
The four candidates requesting th call
of tbe committee are Judge J. H. Blair,
George A. Day, L. D. Holme and A. C.
Troup. A tbe Interested parties desire to
have the delegates to tbe Judicial conven
tion selected at the same time tbe dele
gate to th county and congressional con
ventions are voted for, the eall for th com
mute meeting could not be hetd back until
th return of Chairman Baldrige.
James H. Vaa Dusen was not In an amia
ble mood yesterday when asked if he had
been quoted correctly In The Bee with ref
erence to th primary law of which he 1
the author.
"No," he exclaimed, "I have not been
quoted correctly. I haven't read th . pa
per, but If you have quoted m at all It 1
all wrong and I will writ a letter denying
anything you bav quoted m aa saying.
No matter what you say, if It' In Th Bee
I'll deny It. I ' don't want you to print
my name tn Tbe Be at. all, even If when
I make a speech at a republican meeting
all you aay la that 'James H. Van Dusen
also spoke.' " . ....
Well Attended Meeting; Listens to th
Merit of the Meroer
Primary Plan.
At s well attended meeting of the Fifth
Ward Republican club last night tb fol
lowing resolution, Introduced bjr Bryc
Crawford, wa adopted: .
Resolved, That the republican of th
Fifth ward present the name of Mr. C. W.
DeLamatre to the county convention for
nomination to the office of county attor
ney; that we pledge our earneat efforts to
his nomination end election, ,
A motion to endorse J. B." Bruner for as
sessor was unanimously adopted. '
L D. Holmes, candidate for nomination
for district Judge, apok at length upon
the constitutional amendment which is to
provide for amending the constitution by
a vote of the majority of those voting upon
the proposition.
For the second time this season D. H.
Mercer failed to acknowledge or accept aa
invitation to attend a club meeting.
J. P. Breen referred to the Action of the
county committee of last Saturday, wblch
In effect turned the Judge and clerk of
the primary election over to Dave Mercer's
committee, and said:
We maintain that Mr. Blackburn's com
mittee has no right to Invade Douglas
county, Hut ha haa dune bo. He says that
he will supervise the selecting of the 121
delegatea from Douglas county. He may
aa well aay that the state committee can
apportion the delegatea from the several
counties to the various townships or from
any one county of the state. The congres
sional committee does not attempt to In
vade Washington or Sarpy counties. But
Mr. Blackburn said today that If the
county central committee attempts to hold
a separate primary and to elect delegates
to th congressional convention he will call
separate prlmarlea and not recognise tbe
delegates chosen by the county convention
or county primary.
Further than this, the Judge and clerk
the majority Mercer men are to apply a
teat oath. Theae boards may apply almost
any teat and the voter la at their mercy.
I deny the rights of any Judge to aak any
man who he la going to aupport at an elec
tion. The right to vote a secret ballot Is
one of the rights of American cltlsenahlp
and 1 deny the right of any man or aet of
men to Invade that secrecy. They cannot
extort more from him than I required by
the naked law.
We almply want what' fair. We want
no advantage of Mr. Mercer and will con
cede much to him. We are willing to fol
low him to the country, where we are a
well acquainted aa he u.
1 am aa sorry aa anybody that this
sqabble haa arisen, but we are all In earn
eat In our canvaaa and with . fair field and
no fifor may th beat man win, and 1 11
aupport him. ,
The apeaker concluded with a discussion
of national issues.
E. J. Cornish followed Mr. Breen. The
speaker said la part:
Why doe th congreselonal committee
desire to make a change? Mr. Mercer
named every member of that committee
ann v. nen ne wants to make a change It la
auaplcloue. No candidate but Mr. Mercer
knew that there was to be a delegation se
lected In Washington county when It was
done, but If any candidate should ask to
have S new selection there we might anger
eumcieni voters to give tne democrats a
majority. We have - therefore conceded
him that delegation. Down In Sarpy
county they attempted to do th same
thing. I told members of the committee
It was Illegal, but the postmaster aild It
wa customary and that It wa my mis
fortune If the congressional committee was
against me. We had a contest and I car
ried every precinct but one In Sarpy
1 have eight delegates from Sarpy
county. He has fifteen from Washington
county. If we have no county convention
In Douglas county his higher number will
be effective. We conceded that. Then
cornea the apportionment. Mr. Mercer has
appointed the postmasters of the county,
has scattered seeds and literature at gov
ernment expense, but In every case he has
followed the gift with a letter saying that
he expects the recipient's support. Recent
events have weakened him In Omaha with
the laboring population and he believes he
can do more with the farmers; therefore
he gives to the 1,200 votes In the county
forty delegatea and to the lO.floO votes In
the city seventy-three delegates. But we
have waived that. In 1901 Mr. Mercer made
the flrat trade with the country delegatea,
giving them three tlmea the number of del
egates they sre entitled to, but we cannot
resist because It Would nrohahlv alienate
enough votes to elect the democrat.
wnen tnat committee has allied with It
every Interest which the people will not
trust It Is time to call a halt. In spite of
the chairman we have succeeded In calling
together the county committee and wa are
going to ask for fair play. Such an appeal
win iiui no unueeueci. 1 aon I want tnem
to trust me. I want them tn let the leirai
authorities select the Judges and clerks.
If there la any contest I want to know
that at least one judge would not sign his
name to the ballot unless It was used
right. Surely after Mr. Mercer has drawn
fifl,000 from the people and been given a
trip around the world twice he should not
do anything to tend to the election of a
Why doe he want a rhnr' TcnHnn
Is in the air. I was told today that while
i am a good man. I must be shot In ordei
to kill Mr. Roaewater. whn la al.l k
holding me up. This is deception. Captain
nr.imicn Knows am no tool or Mr. Rose
water. Pave Mercer knows I am tin tool
of Mr. Rosewater, and no candidate who
win apeag 10 you tonight is a tool of Mr.
The first time T herame nrnmlnMi vc
TJnnlger was candidate for mayor. Dave
Mercer was me cnairman or the commit
tee and succeeded In gettlnr aa his am.,
sessment the unprecedented nm ne nnvi
and many republicans knifed Mr. Llnlngcr.
I was a young man then and thought It
was my duty to stop the knifing If possible.
omto uitn x nave always saia: "Don t
dull the tool yon expect to use." When
any man attempts to aay that I am the
tool of any man he Is deliberately falsify.
Ine; and pay put us In a place where the
knife will be used on the party.
N. C. Pratt followed, saying In part:
It la a very serious thing which confront.
us. There Is- a time when for the good of
the party one man must be Inconvienced.
In considering: the candidate It Is not only
necessary to look to his ability, but avail
ability. When a man has ao conducted
himself as to lose the confidence of the
laboring people he la not entitled to recog
nition by the party. I believe the time has
come when It will be to the best Interest of
wie party to eiect someone besides Mr.
Mercer to congress. The party has looked
to the Interests of the whole people and
not the Interest of any one man, and this
year should be no exception.
The meeting closed by a story told by
W. A. DeBord. Illustrating th Idea that
no candidate should take any steps which
would Injur the party.
Party Conventions In Vnrlon State
nd Districts Pnt Up Their
RENO, Neb., Aug. 27. Th democratic and
silver stat convention met this morning
and appointed th usual conference commit
tees for tbe purpose of fusion. No nomina
tions are likely to be made before tomor
row. 'Sadler I out of tb race for governor
and Sparks will probably get the nomina
tion. Th diver and democratic state conven
tions adopted platform today. Balloting
for' congressman, governor and state officers
will begin tomorrow. . . .;
The democratic platform endorse the
Kansas City platform; denounce th Fow
ler currency bill; favors tariff reform; pro
nounce In favor of tbe constitution follow
ing the flag; oppose tb ship subsidy
bill; favors the admission as states of the
territories of Arltona, New Mexico and Ok
lahoma; felicitate the people of tbe region
on the passage of the Irrigation bill and
compliments Congressman Newlands on "the
able and effective part taken by blm in se
curing It enactment." Cotigretsman New-
land is endorsed for United State senator.
The silver party platform does not differ
materially from th democratic, but de
clare more specifically for free coinage.
CONCORDIA, Kan., Aug. .7. The ocial
iit of the Fifth Kansas district here today
nominated O. Eckwall of Saline county for
HIAWATHA. Kan., Aug. !7. Th demo
crats and populists of tbe First Kansas dis
trict today nominated John K. Wagner of
Leavenworth county for congress.
SALT LAKE CITT, Utah, Aug. 27. It has
been decided to hold tb democratic state
convention at Provo on Tuesday, Septem
ber If.
FREEPORT, 111., Aug. 27. Captain Lewis
Dicke wa today nominated for congress
by th democrat of th Thirteenth dis
Gige Delegates Swing; on tbe Sixth
Ballot and Give Him More Tban
Neeessary for Choice.
SACRAMENTO, Cal.. Aug. 27. Th state
republican convention today nominated
George C. Pardee tor governor.
The Gage men, finding tbey could not
nomlnat their man, threw their strength
to Pardee. Th last ballot stood: Oago,
It; Pardee, 618; Flint, 40i; Hayes, 47;
Edson, 12., Necessary to choice, 41S.
Pardee wa nominated on the sixth ballot.
J. N. Glllett wa nominated for congress
In tbe First district.
Alden Anderson wa chosen lieutenant
governor by acclamation.
When It became known tbat Pardee had
been nominated the greatest confusion fol
lowed and th chairman had difficulty In
announcing th result of tbe final ballot.
Delegates were on tbelr feet cheering. Tb
chairman vainly rapped for order. When
th enthusiasm finally came to an end and
tb chairman had announced th result
Hayes moved that (he nomination be mad
unanimous. Th motion wa seconded by
Flint delegates snd adopted by tb conveu
Dr. Pardee wa called to tbe platform and
made a brief speech, expressing hi grati
fication. He predicted success at th polls.
U. 8. Webb was tonight nominated for
attorney general.
Indian Police to Be on Hand When
Territorial Legislator Con
vaaaea Vote.
ARDMORE, I. T.. Aug. 27. In th Moss-ley-Byrd
Chickasaw governorship contest.
In Pontotoc county. Judge Oeorg Col
bert of that county declared tbe vote of
August IS void because of tbe failure of
the Judge who held tbe election to sign
tb poll book certified to him. Thai
mean that Pontotoc county will bav no
representation tn the legislature. Moseley
sow claims seventeen vote on Joint bal
lot. Byrd 1 conceded seven. Pontotoc
county's vote, claimed by Byrd, ha been
declared Illegal. Indian police are arriv
ing at Tishomingo to be present when tb
legislature canvasses th vet snd de
clare tb result.
Steamship Llruria and Steamer Fsoonio
Meat li N York Harbsr.
Ocean Liner Haa More Than Tbensand
Passengers, Who Have to Bo
Shifted to Kees Dsageroal
Hole Above.
NEW YORK, Aug. 27. In broad daylight
and bright sunshine a collision which
might have resulted la a dreadful calam
ity occurred In New York harbor this aft
ernoon between an incoming passenger
liner and sn outbound freight steamer.
Tbe steamship Ltgurla of tbe Italian
Royal Mall Steamship company, with over
1,100 passengers on board, wss run down
In the Narrows ty tho British stesmer
Peconlc of the Mediterranean snd New
York 8teamship company, bound out for
ports In tb Mediterranean. A succession
of whistle blasts, just how blows could not
be learned, wa followed by a tremendous
crash and Peconlc' bow smashed into th
hull of Ligufla, just forward of the fore
mast. The Italian's bull wa cut to th water'
edge and water poured tnts th aperture
Peconlo ss It drifted away," scraped the
white bull of Lulgurla and carried awsy
the companion ladder,- The bow of Peconlc
on th port aide wa slots ' la snd tbe
stem turned to starboard. On board ths
liner sll wa con fuel on for a few minute,
but Captain Montano restored order
promptly snd forced th steerage passen
gers over to the starboard side In order
to bring tbe bole cut by Peconlo above
the water. This effort was ao successful
tbat very little Water entered th liner.
' Pilot Blames Peconlc.
Th pilot who brought Llgurla Into port.
Frank Kramer, waa little disposed to talk,
but said that tbe fault wa all with Pe
conlc. ' He said Llgurla wa coming along
slowly toward tb Narrow. Peconlc snd
the British steamer Antllla, bound out for
Nassau, were steaming to sea a short dis
tance apart when Peconlo blew two whis
tles and then changed tbe signals. Llgurla
sheered to starboard and then back at full
speed. The Impact came with terrific
force, th sound being beard on tb shore.
Peconlo wa so damaged that It returned
for repairs. Llgurla, , after tbe Inspection
of passenger at quarantine, proceeded to
Its dock. ". ' "
On board tbe Italian liner were twenty-
one saloon, twenty-Dine aeoond cabin and
665 steerage passengers. Among the sa
loon passengers was Father Rodrigueg.
head of the Augustinian. He will proceed
directly to Washington. -
There were no casualties on board Llgurla
nor on Peconlo. Ths latter vessel was
deeply laden.
Ask Corbla and Party to Attend Gala
Opera Hope for St.
BERLIN, Aug. ,27. Malor General Sor
bin and Major General Young of tb United
States army, wh,-wlth Brigadier Oeneral
Wood, are to sttend the army maneuvers;
tneir sides snd Mrs; Corbtn snd Mrs. John
son arrived here today and found at their
hotel Emperor , William's Invitations to st-
tena in gala opera performance on Thurs
day. His majesty has intimated through
the United States ambassador that he ' win
be pleased te(;n4elrs hs American gen
erals in auaieno 'at an early date, but the
time la not specked,' doubtless because tb,e
emperftr Is occupied In entertaining the
king of Italy, the presentation .of the
generals' will probably take place at the
parade of th Tempelhof field , Saturday
next, when the American oncers' will rid
with tbs reviewing party. '
President Roosevelt Informed Msjor Oen
eral Corbln when he left Washington tbat
be had the, St. Louis exposition oeraonallv
very much at heart and asked th general
to lose no opportunity of pointing out the
trong Interest the government and th
country felt in th success of tb exposi
tion. If tb occasion presents Itself Major.
Oeneral Corbln will mention tbe matter to
the emperor. Tha form In which Germany
will officially recognise th exposition 1
now for th first Urn Indicated. Several
newspaper, discussing tha exposition this
week, intimated that th United State
should not be disappointed if Germany'
representation Is not up to American ex.
pectations because th German manufac
turers felt that they bad been spending too
much money on expositions In recent years.
Ths St. Louis exposition la, tbe torrespond
ent of tbe Associated Press learns, among
ths subjects wblch Emperor William will
dispose of during the next fortnight snd It
Is quits probable that a commissioner will
be designated, thus giving the exposition -a
somewhat broader German representstlon
than at first contemplated.
Mosoley wss first Impressed by tha suc
cess of Americsns In South Afrlcs In turn
ing old snd non-psylng properties Into
flourishing concerns, and then by his per
sonal visit to th United State.
Bom difficulties are being encountered tn
tb matter of acceptance of hi invitations
to visit America. Mr. Bachelor, secretary
of the Operative Bricklayer' society, said
be would not accept Mr. Moseley' invitation
because British bricklayers havs nothing to
learn to America. Mr. Maddlson, secretary
of tbe Iron Founders' society. Is slso reluc
tant to accept Mr. Moseley's Invitation. He
said ths American Iron founders may turn
out mors product tban the British workers,
but this Is st ths cost of shorter lives, the
average life of tbe British Iron founder be
ing fifty-four years, as sgalnst forty-four
years for tbs American iron founder. Mr.
Maddlson strongly objected to the Pittsburg
bonus system on this sccount.
In an Interview today Mr. Moseley ex
That Is tbe Trot Core for Most
A food that will help th babie and tb
grown folk too 1 worth knowing of and
keeping to the family.
A mother In Woonsocket, R. I., say: "I
bav been a user of Graps-Nuta Food for
quits a long time, but never thought of
giving It to baby, until ws had a dread
ful time with her. '
"Ws tried three kind f baby food and
condensed milk but nothing seemed to agree
with her, snd at seven months she weighed
not quit 10 pound. W were punled to
know what to do whea on day Husband
said, 'Do you ever try Grape-Nuts r I
thought she would throw up tbat food Ilk
she did the other, but to our great Joy the
softened food agreed with her perfectly.
"She ha been using it for about five
month now and. at a year old, h weighs
19 lbs., hss eight teeth snd her flesh snd
little body Is ss Arm snd round ss can bs.
Ehs walks from cbslr to chair.
"Meeting the doctor ths other day I said,
'What do you think of her now?' Hs said,
"She don't look like the sams baby. What
do you feed berT' I said, 'Grap-NuU
Breakfast Food.' Th proof of its value Is
perfectly clear, fth Is a wonder everyone
says that aaw her soma months ago. I can
not pralo Grape-Nut esocgh. Pleas do
not publish my same." Name glvea by
Postuta Co., Battl Crsth, Mica,
plained tbat tht first commission to ihe
United States would be followed by snotber
similar one for the purpose of examining
Into tbe question of Industrial education. He
said he considered It especially needful to
Inquire Into th Important question of the
different selatloo existing between employ
ers and workmen In tbe United 8tate.
which h characterized aa more friendly
and confidential tban those existing tn Great
Britain, and which he said resulted In
greater energy and adaptlblllty being thrown
Into the work and a. readiness to utilise
labor-saving Improvements.
Roosevelt' Speeches Farnlab Tople
for London Kdl.
LONDON, Aug. 2S. President Roose
velt' declarations on trusts snd th Mon
ro doctrine are both subjects of exten
sive comments in tbe London press this
morning. Discussion of ths former matter
centers less upon tbs intrinsic merits -of
th trust question than upon the outcome
of the presidential struggle with th party
leader. All tb newspaper express ad
miration of President Roosevelt's courage
and boldness, but hesitate to predict tbe
Tbs Dally News saysi "Many chances
sre on Mr. Roosevelt's side. St. Oeorg
goes out to meet th dragon snd ths wishes
of tbe whole world will be with him In
bis fight."
Tbe Dally Telegraph expresses ths
opinion that the trust question will prove
to be tbe most epoch-making Issue in
American politics since Bryan's schism on
stiver, snd says there is absolutely no
discernible limit to the vista" of political
convulsions, vicissitudes snd divisions
which may be the outcome thereof. While
recognizing tbe danger of the unchecked
growth of commercial combines, this paper
finds It difficult to ooncetve of sny form
or process of interference which would not
produce a tremendous financial crisis snd
jeopardize America's economic supremacy.
It contends tbat tariff reform would, po
litically snd economically, be ths least
dangerous and tbe most effective way of
keeping the national monopolies In order.
The Morning Post snd the Dally Chron
icle both admit that Great Britain baa no
cause to cavil at what they characterize as
"President Roosevelt's modified Interprets
tlon of Monroeism, which, plainly stated,
tbey declare to be a sanctlficatlon of the
status quo on tbe American continent and
which the Post says tbat mesns that Brit
ish possessions In the Americas are to be
secured hy what is practically a United
States guaranty. Tbe Post expresses th
hope that President Roosevelt's declara
tion foreshadows ths scceptance by the
United States of Us responsibilities for the
keeping of better order In the South Amer
ican republics.
Tbe Chronicle thinks the matter wears a
different aspect to tbe continental powers,
who see In South America tbe last and the
most tempting field for colonization and
for new market. This paper doubts, bow
ever, whether sny power will r'sk the tre
mendous chance of war With the United
States, be th prize never So seductive.
"On thing seems clear," says the Chroni
cle, "If Monroeism Is ever seriously chal
lenged it w!U be soon. Ths United States
appears to realize this and is building a
fleet to defend the doctrine."
The Time says it believes Pres'dent
Roosevelt has reasserted Monroeism in s
more distinct snd direct form than it has
been presented to ths world by sny person
with suthorlty to epeak on the subject since
the policy tbe doctrine represents csme into
being, snd says:
' "As Monroeism Is defined by President
Roosevelt In strict conformity, Indeed, with
its erlglftil conception snd objects. It Is a
policy. to which Great Britain has no right
to take exception and which we have 'no
Interest In obstructing and at the same
time we have no reason to object to th
protest of the United State against the
acquisition of new territorial right In
North or South America by any of the Euro
pean power. That 1 not a principle of
International law, but a question of policy
snd on upon which every government bas
sn Indisputable claim to take Its own line."
Captain and Other of United State
Crnlser Albany Are Having;
Pleasant Visit.
COPENHAGEN, Aug. 27. King Christian,
In the Amallenborg palace at noon today
received in audience Captain J. E. Craig
and the executive officers of the United
States cruiser Albany, now in these waters.
Crown Prince Frederick was slso present.
Lsurlts 8. Swenson, the United States min
ister, presented Captain Craig and Lieu
tenant Commander Ruh. Tbe king ex
pressed great admiration of the American
Commodore Prince Waldemar, youngest
son of tbs king snd commandeV of the
Danish training squadron, paid a long visit
to Albany and Prince Marl of Orleans,
his wife, lent her visitors' books for th
signature and photograph of th officers
Sod with ths response sent to her were
flower snd Albsny hst band.
Tbe commanding admiral has Invited
Princess Marie, Mr. and Mrs. Swenson snd
ths officers of Albany to luncheon on Friday
next. The American officers have enjoyed
their visit Immensely. Tbey are treated
most hospitably and a special officer Is de
tailed to set as their attache. The visit haa
created a warm feeling between the Amer
icans snd tbs Danish nsvy.
A banquet given this svenlng by Resr
Admiral Johncke, minister of marine, In
honor of tbe officers of Albany and of tbe
Dutch warship Holland, wblch Is now bsre,
was attended by United State Minister
Swenson Rear Admiral Johncke proposed
the health of President Roosevelt and th
queen of Holland. Toasting th king of
Denmark, Mr. Swenson said: "All nations
sdmire, love snd honor bis majesty; may
many years be added to his ideal Ufa."
Admiral Uldall, Inspector of the fleet,
toasted ths American and Dutch navies.
They Are Charged with Bentlns; the
State on a Mifaislnsai
LISBON, Aug. 27. A great sensation has
been csused her by the arrest of several
high officials, charged with defrauding the
stst to tha extent of 400,000 and with ac
cepting bribe.
Regarded Certain that Appointment
Will 'Bo Made, Altbonb ot
Yet OSsclallr Aanonneod.
ROME, Aug. 27. Although It will not bs
officially announced until tbs snd of ths
week the appointment of Mgr. Guldl ss
apostolic delegate st Manila Is considered
Boera Deny There I Frletlon.
AMSTERDAM, Aug. 27. Tb Boer gen
eral hsvs Issued a statement declaring
ther 1 no truth la th reports of dif
ferences between themselves snd Mr.
Kruger. Dr. Leyds and th Boer delegates
la Europe, sddlng that their relations
with them contlnu to be moat barmoplous.
"Conditio in tht Panther Gretk Kinlnf
Begiss is Considered Sortis.
Miners Greatly Incensed nt tb Ilolat.
Ins; of . Coal from Some of the
Mine and Thrrnta Are
" HARRISBURO, Ps.. Aug. 27. Tbs Sec
ond troop, Thllsdelphls City cavalry, waa
this evening ordered bv Governor Rtnn.
to report to General Oobln st Shenandoah
lor duty in ths anthracite coal regions.
Tbe troop Will take the plac of th Qov
ernor' troop of Harrlsburg, which wa
eht by ' General Oobln from Shenandoah
to Lansford, where ther had been seri
ous disturbance. The request for tbe City
troop wss made by General Gobln today
and the governor Immediately directed
that' the troop stsrt for Shenandoah and
assist tbe mllltls now In tbe Held to pro
tect lira snd property. No sdditlonsl
troops will bs sent to th strike region
unless there Is soother serious outbreak.
..Antlclpatlns; Tronblr.
SHENANDOAH. Ps., Aug. 27. The Gov
ernor's troop, under command of Captain
Ott, left here at 7:30 o'clock tonight for
the Pantber Creek valley. The Second City
troop or Philadelphia, under Captain Scher
merhorn, has been ordered by Governor
Stone to report to Colonel Clement, who is
in oommsnd here during ths absence of
General Gobln.
Major Oesrhart, who Is In command of a
battalion at Manila park, reported to
Colonel Clement today that things havs
been In such a state of turmoil in the Pan
ther Creek region during the last few days
that he has been unable to cover the dls.
turbed district with tbe force at his com
mand and asked for assistance. The colonel
st once got Into communication wiih r..
ernor Stone and It wa decided to send the
uovernors troop . to Gearhart's assistance
snd to reinforce th commend her with
the Philadelphia troop. Tbe latter Is ex
ported to srrlve here tomorrow morning.
The timely srrlval of a detach ment of aol.
dlera nn tha r.ni. MH Ani ...
, uug avriitu a
serious outbreak. A nonunion workman
named Qulnft was sttscked by a crowd of
strikers- near th Cambridge colliery at the
lower na or thi city and wa being roughly
handled when two ef bis friends rushed to
his assistance and kept th crowd back
with drawn revolvers. In a few minutes
all three wer surrounded by a crowd of
several hundred men snd boys and only
the timely srrlval of Provnat Marshal
Farquhar with a detail of soldiers from tbs
ikigntn. regiment prevented serious trouble.
TAMAQUA. Pa.. Aug. 27. Tha ltn.tlnn
In tb Panther Creek valley tonight 1 seri
ous. At S o'clock the streets of Lansford
snd Summit Hill wer thronged with
strikers. Early la ths evening two compa
nies of the Twelfth regiment were sent
through the vslley on a trolley csr. All
SlOSg tbe line tha aoldlara wera hnntxl mnt
Jeered snd It wss not deemed prudent tn
iaa tnem on in cars.
Women Start Tronble.
While Mary Markley wa carrying supper
to her brother, who Is employed st a col
liery near Lansford, she was set upon and
severely beaten by a crowd of women. Late
tonight ths crowds ' on tie street have
dwindled down considerably and order ha
been partially restored. Vie civil author
ities express the belief that there will be
no serious disturbance during ths night.
Tbey .srf fearfuLbowever, that a serious
clash will occur between tbe troops and
the strikers in tbe morning. The tact that
ths Lehigh Coal and Navigation company Is
hoisting cosl at Its No. 4 colliery has
greatly incensed th mln worker, espe
cially th foreigners, snd tbey are deter
mined not to allow nonunion men to go to
work tomorrow.
WILKESBARRE. Ps., Aug. 27. The cosl
operators In ths Wyoming region continue
to msks gains. Ths Avondals mln of the
Delaware, Lackawanna 4b Western company
sent 250 tons of cosl to the breaker today.
It I also said that over 100 tons were mined
st ths Darranc colliery of th Lehigh Val
ley Coal company. ,
Interfere with th Trolley Line In
Order to Delay tbe Transfer
of tho Soldiers.
TAMAQUA, Pa., Aug. 27. Several pole
of the trolley line which run from this
place to Summit Hill wer chopped down
today and tb wires cut. This was proba
bly done to prevent troops from being taken
from Manila park, where they are en
camped, to Lansford and Summit HHL
Major Oesrhart outwitted th strlksrs,
however, by taking two companies of sol
diers to Summit Hill sn hour before they
were expected.
In Lansford, Summit Hill and Coaldals
the detachments of soldiers that wars sent
out st daybreak to preserve order and pro
tect nonunion men wer greeted by large
crowd of strikers who hooted snd called
them names.
At Coaldal the soldiers were' compelled
to get off tbe cars and force tbs mob bsck
from the trscks. In Lansford s crowd of
women joined In booting tbe guardsmen.
Major Oearhart admitted that the situation
Is serious. He would not ssy whether hs
would ask tor reinforcements.
WILKESBARRE, Ps., Aug. 27. President
Mitchell of the United Mine Workers ssld
today that be had no comment to make on
th meeting of coal operators held In tbs
office of J. P, Morgan ft Co., la New York,
A large number of men ars reported to
bav gone to work today In tbs Dorrsncs
colliery of ths Lehigh Vslley Coal company.
At the offlc of tb company It was ssld
that aa Increased ' number ef applications
for work wer being received daily.
v Klondike Watktry Barned.
HAZLETON, Ps Aug. 27. Ths Klondike
waahsry at Tresckow, owned and operated
by Joeeph 8. Eager of this place, waa de
stroyed by fir of unknown origin today,
causing s loss of 17.000, partly covered by
Insurance. The. washery . suspended opera
tions when ths strike began, but resumsd
two weeks ago. Strikers rslded ths plsnt
snd closed It on Tuesday of last week and
two sttempts to resume this week were
frustrated by ths strikers.
Strike Declared Settled.
GALVE8TON.' Tex.. Aug. 27. General
Manager Dlioo of the Gulf, Colorado
Santa F states that tb strlks of ths
machinists tn ths eompsny's shops at Cls
burns snd other points hss bees declared
off. About 700 men sr Involved.
XC vv. orev.
This asm must sppesr oa every boa of
th gesulne Laxative Brome-Qulalns Tab
lets, th remedy tbat cures s sold la es
dsy. 26 cent.
, Stock of Better and Kcsjs. -
CHICAGO. Aua 27. The Dally Trad
Bulletin will issua tomorrow Its annual re
port of the stocks of butter and eggs at
cold storage point In th United State.
Stock of butter ar estimated at l.il.70O
tub, compared with 1 107w tub ona year
ago, an Increase of lOS.OuO tuba, or abojt IS
ier cent. S'ocka of egga aggregate t.tii.SuO
cases, compared with i,ikia,M cases one
year ago, a decrees of 410,00 caS, or
bout 16 Per cent.
8AL1NA, Ksn., Aug. 27.-r(Sperial Tele
gram.) Dr. A. W. Miller of Omaha and
Miss Gertrude Beagle, a teacher In ths Sa
line schools, wer married hers today.
Kwlnai aiatna vrltb Cincinnati.
CINCINNATI. Aug. 27. Pitcher Bob
Ewing tmlny etgTiert a contract- to play for
the Cincinnati base ball , club next year.
Outfielder Sam Crawford declined to sign
when een by president Herrlrnnnn. The
president will have another conference
with him tomorrow and If he then refuses
to sign It Is probable he will be released
before the team starts on Its eastern trip.
It Is believed that he has signed with the
American league for next year.
Mortenaen I Denied Nevr Trial.
SALT LAKE CITY. Aug. r.Wudg Morse
today denied the motion lor a new UIrI
for Peter Mortenaen, the contractor con
victed of Ihe murder of James R. Hay,
secretary of the Pacific Lumber company.
Pending an appeal, which will be taken to
the supreme court of the state, Morten
aen's attorneys made a motion for nrrest
of judgment, which will be argued Sep
tember 2, when sentence will be passed.
To flo Into. Second I'rlmnry.
CHARLESTON. 8. C. Aug. 27.-The latest
returns from yesterday's democratic prl
irmrles show that D. C. Hayward and V. J.
Talbert will go Into the second primary for
governor and A. C. Latimer and John Oarv
Kvans for senator. There will be a second
primary for lieutenant governor, eecetury
of state, comptroller general, adjutant gen
eral ana railroad commissioner.
Charles Kay I Helensed.
PORTLAND, Or., Aug. 27.-Ch.Hrle I,.
Fay, a Portland Insurance man, who wa
being taken to Waupaca county, Wisconsin,
on a charge of obtaining money by false
pretenses, was released at Mandan. N. I.
Governor Ge-ir revoked the warrant by vlr
tue of which Fay waa arrested on tha. alle
gation of Fay' attorney that It wa pro
cured by misrepresentation.
How to Prsvcut Sunstroke.
Ths heated term' Is withstood without sj
whimper by those people who have sj
healthy etomsch. Hot weather cannot hurt
tbe man or woman whose stomaoh and dl
geativ . organ ar perfeotly healthy. ' But
you go into July and August with a dis
ordered stomach and ee what tbs result!
will bs. Sunstroke attacks only the mao,
or women whose stomach snd digestive or
gans sre too feeble to protect the strength,
snd maintain one's physloal power to raalak
ths depressing effects of tbe summer's sun.'
Bummer diet, with sll Its vegetables ' and)
unrips fruits add Its unstable influanna a
ths oppressing effaot of hot weetberj
causing s atui greater decline In one's
strength and. vitality.
Ninety-nine out of every hundred nannlni
whose hsslth and strength runs down la
summer snow thstr stomach or digestive
organs to get out of order. Thi I easy
enough tn fact. It is hard to nrevant withJ
out ths use of some thoroughly reliable
Kodol after meal a la net onlv a tti.
oughly reliable dlgestant, but It oontslnW
great tonle and reconstructive propertied!
ss wsu. This famous remedy enables tho
stomach and digestive organs to thoroughly
dlgsst. ssstmtlats snd eoetrfbuts to tho
tlwues all of th nourishment that la n.
talned la such food as may he eaten.'
Kodol Clear th wsr and makea aural
the journey from sicsness to health aodl
wsaaosM to strength. If ths stomach to
disordered Kodol will eorraot It. Tf .n.J
eased Kodol will ours It.
Kodol lays th foundation for haaltk
th upbuilding of strength by cleansing,!
purifying and sweetening ths glands and
membrane of th atamajih and h
lag natural Juice sacassary to perfect dt'
neaunuauon ua nutrition. Kodol
prTsats oollo, oholera, dlarrhssa, flu, dy-,
ntery and summer complaints gsasrally.
and US ass will eur . IndlsMUmL
chronlo dyspspsla permasenUy. Kodol Isi
good sJOts for young sad old. Tour drug-,
gist sells M,
This famous tonlo la prepared In tho
laboratories of B. O. DWttt Co. of Chi
cago, who fsollitlss for ths manufacture
ef msdlssl preparations ar us squalled asy
wher la th country. '
DON'T . 1
. Don't daisy ordering your -suit
until ths crowd comes.
By ths way orders sre coming
In . this month ah unprecedented
business Is bsfors us this fsll. .
Be wise snd t'order your suit
early of '
Paris Woolen Go
Omaha's) Busiest Tailors.' '
They make clothes that (It,
Suits $17.50 to $33.00
Nsw location,
'Phone L222U :.
D. H. BECK, Manager.
; DAt.D
Director. .
Flfty-nvs Mualolans. Tweaty Soloists,
1:30 o'clock. , , - t:16 o'clock.
Fifteenth and Cap) tot Ave.
Oeneral admission, the Reserved seals,
lOo extra. Matinee, 3bo.
BOYD'S I OP',!Vlo0sr B
TWO KIGIITS, Commencing
Prices Z&c, 60c, The; Matinee, tbo and too.
Jacksonian Club
SATURDAY I g!!3!.'na
Tha M I LLA R 0
Omaha s Leadiag Hotsl
SftCt'lAL ttcA TlRKSl
12: to 1 p. m. .
Steadily Increasing buslnaws has aeeoaaU
tated an enlargement of th cat, dvubhua
lie foisaer rsnanltr. "

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