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Hon twinning Poitpotei BeTeral Timet
4 and Then He Id ia Rain 8torm.
epreme Coart t'pholds Omaha Pollaa
Je.r la Flnlna Walter for DIs-
trlbatln "lafnlr" Crl
Writ Reataeraats.
(From a BtatI Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb.. July . (Special Tole
Xrara.) Doubtlesx W. J. Bryan is disposed
I i'J institute an investigation of the Weather
Vureau for the shabby treatment It ha
accorded him In his effort to welcome his
friends at his splendid new home. Fair view.
First he selected two evenings In May for
the reception. Inviting about 0()O friends to
attend on the two evenings. Bad weather
prompted a postponement and later It was
announced that the functions would be
held June I and (. As those dates ap
proached it again became evident that the
' weather wis going to be Intolerable and
the receptions were declared off Indefinitely.
Duing the current wvek it was an
nounced that in view of ttve presence of
Hon. Tom L. Johnson of Clevekind, Lewis
V. Post and Dr. Howard 8. Taylor of Chi
cago at Falrview to take part In the cele
bration of the Fourth, the reception would
be crowded Into a single evening and all
who had been invited for the doublo
headod affairs previously planned were
bidden to come enmasse tonight.
The weather was Ideal up to the hour for
the guests to assemble, when there was a
terrltlo thunderstorm, accompanied by a
deluge. The result was that not mora than
half the number of Invited attended the re
ception. Most of those who did went by
the electric cars. This entailed a walk of
several blocks across the prairie to the
Uryn home, a sidewalk having been laid
expeclally for the occasion. En route the
guests passed the grove and big tent In
which tomorrow's speaking la to occur,
and the latter served as a retreat for
numerous parties that left the cars In
the midst of the rain.
The big new mansion was embellished
with flags and an abundance of flowers
and potted plants. An orchestra on the
, third floor played during the evening. In
the library punch was served by a corps
fc of women, and In the elaborate dining
3in on the half-basement floor ices and
cuke was served by a- half a dozen young
women, led by Miss Ruth Bryan.
In the receiving line were Mr. and Mrs.
Bryan, Mr. Johnson, Dr. Taylor and Mr.
l'ost. There was an absence of formality.
Many evening costumes were worn by both
women and men, but they were not an es
sential. The entire house waa thrown open
to Inspection and elicited much extrava
gant admiration. The reception continued
from 8:30 until 10 o'clock. The souvenirs
were tiny silken flag badges.
Celebration o( tho Fourth.
Hon. Tom L. Johnson of Cleveland, with
Howard S. Taylor of Chicago and Lewis
F. Post, editor of .The Public, guests of
honor at the Bryan celebration of the
Fourth of July tomorrow, arrived today,
and tonight were presented to several hun
dred Lincoln people at a reception at the
Bryan home, Falrview.
Mr. Bryan, has arranged for a celebra
tion tomorrow that Is unique and unusual,
but what he Insists, however, Is simply
a revival of old days. Mr. Bryan says
that the celebration ia not his, but that of
the Jefferson club ot Falrview, of which
ha la president, . but Just who the other
members are la not mad known.
Big delegations from out In the state ara
tx pec ted, and an immense crowd Is looked
for. .Several thousand seats have been pro
vided and there will be a big tent to house
th speakers and auditors. Tha celebration
will last the greater part of the day,
The program begins at 10 o'clock In tha
morning with a band concert. At 11 o'clock
x-State .Treasurer Wolfe and J. W. Crist
will speak on "Pioneer Reminiscences,"
nd at 12 o'clock luncheon Will be served
by the club. At 1 o'clock the speechmaklng
begins again. Mr. Bryan will preside and
Introduce each speaker. Mayor Johnson,
Mr. Taylor and Mr. Post will all speak.
Thero will be music, both vocal and In
strumental, and the oolonel has left tha
lutchstrlng hanging entirely out, with no
"Keep oft the grass" signs visible.
Waat tha goldier Boy a.
The stata militia appears to be In demand
for Fourth of July celebrations. Adjutant
.tytneral Culver has issued an oi
Hhelr movements tomorrow,
order relating
The following companies of the Nebraska
National Guard, having made aDDllcatlon
to leave their home stations to participate
company commanders are hereby granted
permission to move their commands as
follows, without expense to the state:
Company L, First regiment, from Omaha
to Cortlaad beach on July 1 and return on
in tne oeieurauon or tne f ourth or July
July .
I . . n. . . a n W. Q Ann r. A Av4mn m.
. M, I' ,J , ..' . v v. . 11.1. v. IV, 1 1 17111 V-
kamah to Oakland on July I and return on
July I.
Company O. First regiment, from Beatrice
to Wymora on July i and return on the
same aay.
J Trnrtn A fmm ftewaril (A tl.av.r Pmvm
. lng on July I and return on July 6.
r Company l, second regiment, from
Omaha to Weeping Water on July 4 and
r return on tne same aay.
Oatllng gun section of Company F. See
ond regiment, under command of lieuten
ant Under, from Uncoln to Weeping Water
on July 4 ana returning on the same day.
Company F. First regiment, from Madl-
nn' t'omnanv T . Rij . n A rnH rnanl frnm
Norfolk, and West Point Rifles, from West
Point, to Stanton on July 3 and return on
July i.
Commanding officers will take necaary
precautions to prevent accident or loss ot
property. ,
Holds Two Jobs Down.
The state superintendent has been ap
pealed to for a decision In a curious case
from Sioux county. In which a man whose
house la Just, on the state Una officiates as
a director In both states. The farts are
set forth In the subjoined letter from
resident of Harrison:
District No. SS of this county borders on
the state line between Nebraska and Bouth
Dakota. The director of dlmrlct No. 3S
For Hot, Tired, Aching
Swollen Feet.
Allen's Foot-Ease, a nowiler. It cures
painful, suiartuitr, nervous fort and ingrow
ing nails, anl instantly take the etuiR out
of corns ana bunuos. It's the frreateetoonv
fori discovery of the e. Makes tight or
new shoes easy. A oertain cure for sweating.
"Uloua and hut. tuwd, aching feet. S0.0U0
dstimouiala. lrv it Utay. Hold by all
rukimu aud bboe stores, Sio. Pool
accept substitute. Trial package F&EJS.
Address Allen B. Olmsted, Le Koy, V. Y. t
rO0T"EAJ ,J. .
owns land In earn state and the Mate line
runs through his house, leavlnj about half
of the house In each stnte. l'nrt of the
time he sleeps In the portion whleh Is In
South Dnkota. He Is a director of the ad
joining district on the Bouth Dakota side
also. He owns property In esrh state, re
sides In each state and votes at each school
meeting In each state. Is he a leral voter
of each district and a legal officeholder? In
It lawful for him to be the director of each
district If not, how can It be decided
which state and district he Is a resident ot?
This Is the first time In the history of
the department that such a question has
been put to It, but Deputy McBrten bravely
attacked the problem, and Informed the
anxious county officials that the proper
Way to do was to make a demand upon the
dual officeholder that ha choose which
state he wanted to claim a residence In.
I'ntll he makes the choice he will not be
permitted to vote In Nebraska, as Mr.
McBtien is of the opinion that a man
cannot have two residences for the purpose
of making him a school director In two
lame His Pardea.
Governor Mickey today signed the papers
which will give old Martin Haley his free
dom tomorrow. Haley is the only convict
eligible for a pardon, but it Is doubtful If
the man will ever know that liberty Is his
again. He Is now at the Hastings asylum.
and will be turned loose only If the au
thorities think It Is safe for him to go.
Elks eek Jfeir Home.
The local lodge of Elks Is having a busi
ness session tonight for the purpose of
considering a proposition to buy the old
J. D. Macfarland home at Fourteenth and
Q streets as a permanent club house. The
house Is one of the finest in the city, cost
ing about ICS, 000 In the old boom days. Its
owner Is dead and the place has gone Into
the hands of the Northwestern Insurance
company. The Commercial club had a deal
on soma time ago for buying the place, but
gave It up because a more central loca
tion was desired. The Elks have been
offered It for 130,000, and If the matter can
be financed the deal will be made. Con
siderable objection has arisen because of
the financial side of the question, but If
this can be disposed of the place will be
Governor Mickey Will Cable.
Governor Mickey will tomorrow help cele
brate the opening of the cable line to the
Philippines by sending this message to
Major Brad Slaughter, a former Nebraskan
now located at Manila: .
Congratulation!, on the lavina- of the new
cable. Great Is the triumph of genius.
ine invitation to send a message was
proffered by the new cable company, and
the message will be one of the first to go
over the cable. Other governors have re
ceived similar Invitations.
Mail Carriers to Meet.
Tha rural free mail carriers of the state
will meet here tomorrow to form a state
association. Frank H. Cunningham of
South Omaha la here and In charge of the
arrangements. The object la to strengthen
the efficiency of the service and Incidentally
to get better pay for the men, who now
carry Che mails at small salaries. Edward
Rosewater of The Omaha Bee and Con
gressman Burkett will speak.
Teaser Makes a Mistake.
W. H. Tonner of Lynch has played a
Joke upon himself by refusing to accept an
appointment for a one-year term as secre
tary of the State Board of Pharmacy be
cause he had been strongly recommended
for the long term. The appointment was
made early this week and he has Just
written the secretary of state that he
could not think of accepting the short
term because he had been tecommended by
the Board of Secretaries for the long term.
Now It transpires that his appointment to
the short term was made with the express
understanding among members of the State
Board of Pharmacy that when tha short
term should expire he would be appointed
for the full term, which la said to be Ave
years. His declination brings to the front
again the names of Messrs. Kuhn of
Omaha, Dort of Auburn and Schupbach of
Columbus, who were recommended by the
secretaries for the short term.
The Plattamouth Savings bank haa filed
articles of Incorporation, with an author
ised capital of $25,000 and with J. M. Rob
erts, Tom Parmele, 8. H. Atwood and W.
H. Newell as Incorporators.
The Farmers Exchange bank of Tamora
has Incorporated with an authorised cap
ital stock of $50,000, of which $3,000 Is paid
In. The Incorporators are L. A. Sandberg,
Anna C. Sandberg and J. R. Collins.
Mtlee Will Oaae Again.
In the case of Joseph Williams against
Joseph Miles, tha celebrated Miles, will
case, a motion to modify the former opin
ion haa been denied, holding that:
1. Declarations of the testator are compe
tent evidence on an Issue as to whether a
will was made, but will not suffice, ot
themselves, to prove Its contents.
2. Where opinions are prepared by com
missioners they must be permitted, nec
essarily, to state their reasons in their
own way, without binding the court to all
that Is said arguendo, even though It con
curs In- the conclusions of law and ex
press findings or ract.
3. Opinions expressed by the commission
ers on matters not essential to the decision.
while properly set lortn to advise counsel
that their arguments In briefs or at the
healing have been Iduly considered, do not
become necessarily the law of the case and
It will not preclude further Investigation
of such points, should they come before
the court once more.
Pretest Waa In Time.
The. court holds that the district court
of Douglas county committed no error In
granting a writ of mandamus agulnst the
Omaha Fire and Police board requiring
that board to convene and hear protests
against the Issuance of a saloon license to
Charles Metx. John D. McRae had filed a
remonstrance by mall, which the board
held was received too late for considera
tion. The court says:
A protest addressed to a board empower I
to arrant saloon licenses was sent by mall.
and reoelved prior to any action granting
the license protested agulnst. The board
took cognisance of the same and ordered It
preserved in the flies of the office. Held,
that the protest was "tiled'' In the proper
iiHIm within the meaning of the law. and
that It became the duty of the board to
"appoint a day for the hearing of the case '
under the requirements of section $, chap
ter I, of tne complied statutes.
Rehearing; la Refaaed.
The court haa overruled a motion for a
rehearing in the case ot J. C. Cleland and
other members of the Nebraska Lumber
Dealers' association against George U. An
derson. The former Judgment ia adhered
to. Commissioner Pound, who wrote the
former opinion, has written one on the mo
tion for a rehearing. Anderson was a lum
berman who alleged that the state associa
tion had damaged his business by certain
methods. He had a cause of action for In
Jury to hla business against some seven
Joint tort-feasors. He brought an action
against three of them. Pending the action
he became bankrupt and listed his Interest
therein among his aaseta In consequence
it waa sold, along with other property, and
the purchaser made a settlement with the
defendants. Afterward he brought the
present action against the other four tort
feasors, who set up the settlement In satis
faction In bar. The question is whether the
interest of the bankrupt In the pending ac
tion passed to the trustee and thence to
the purchaser, no as to enable the latter to
make a settlement The court says:
Where the state atautea make a distinc
tion between a plaintiff's interests in a
nendlng sctlon and his cause of action be
fore suit brought, making tho on assign
able In cases where the other ia not. the In
terest of a bankrupt in a pending action
which be mia-nt sell and aaatgn. and of
which hla creditors mlaht obtain the bene
fit nn administration of his estate. Is to be
hld "property" within the pervlew of sub
division i. section Ixx. national bankruptcy
act. rather than a "right of action" under
subdivision 1
Walter rtaa Stead. ,
The supreme court late this afternoon
handed down an opinion sustaining the j
finding and sentence of the police court
In Imposing $1 fines snd costs upon Sid
Anderson and HI Johnson, striking wait
ers, for distributing unfair cards, printed
circulars or handbills upon the streets,
and the action of the district court In de
nying them a writ of habeas corpus. It
holds that:
"When a municipality Is expressly au
thorised by legislation to enact a certain
ordinance In execution of the police power,
such ordinance stands on the same basis
as a statute, and Its reasonableness or
unreasonableness Is not a matter for the
courts, except as such question would
bear upon the constitutionality of a statute
of the same nature.
A police regulation, obviously Intended
an such, and not operating unreasonably
beyond the occasions of its enactment. Is
not Invalid because It may affect Inciden
tally the exercise of some right guaranteed
by the constitution.
An ordinance making It unlawful to circu
late or distribute printed or written
dodger, handbills or circulars upon the
fmblie streets, alleys, sidewalks or pub
ic grounds of the municipality does not
contravene section S, article 1 of the state
The opinion Is by Commissioner Pound.
Woodmen Verdict Stands.
In an opinion by Judge Holcomb the
court denies the Modern Woodmen of
America a rehearing of the case against
It by Asa Coleman, from Cass county.
It had been claimed because Commissioner
Ames, In the original opinion, had Indulged
In some very pointed language. Among
other things he said: "A charitable organ
ization which collects Its funds with avid
ity, but Is astute In finding excuses tor
not bestowing them upon the designated
objects of Its bounty is not entitled to
any exclusive or special consideration at
the hatyla of the court. The enormous
volume of litigation with which associa
tions of this kind have flooded the country.
and the extremely technical character of
their defenses In many cases, to actions
upon their beneficiary, certificates are a
sufficient commentary upon an appeal for
tender consideration by the Judiciary."
Judge Holcomb says tn effect that these
remarks were called forth by arguments
tn the brief and merely express the Indi
vidual opinions of the writer, who Is en
titled to express his opinions In his own
way. They were not material to the Issue,
In which the commission had given a cor
rect exposition of the lay. The parts com
plained of were not binding on the court.
nor does It wish td be understood as en
dorsing them, but they are sanctioned by
the court as an animadversion.
The court has reversed and remanded the
case wherein Qeorge P. Hoy was convicted
of assault and battery in Cuming county
because of a row over a fence across t.je
Blair road." It was because the court
denied one Instruction tending to
strengthen his plea of self-defense.
Appeals Amendment Came.
Deputy Attorney General Brown filed to
day a petition In error In the supreme
court against the recent ruling of District
Judge Holmes restraining the secretary of
state from drawing warrants In payment
of legislation at a rate more than $3 a day
or for a period longer than forty days. The
errors assigned are so formal aa to be
noteworthy. They are aa follows: .
Bald Judgment is not supported by the
evidence: said Judgment is contrary to the
evidence; said Judgment is not supported
by the laW; said Judgment Is contrary to
the law; said .court er-ed in allowing a
permanent Injunction against plaintiff in
error; the court erred in overruling the
motion ror a new trial.
Showers Come at Many Places and
Greatly Benefit Growing
GD3BON,'Keb., July a. (Special.) Almost
five Inches of rain fell here last night and
It Is still wet and threatening today.
ST. PAUL, Neb., July t. (Special.) A fine
rain fell here last night, amounting to
nearly two' Inches, Just such a rain as was
needed at this time. This will be sufficient
for all needs of small grain, and also be a
great help for corn.
SCHUTLER, Neb., July S.-(Speelal.)-Three-quarters
of an Inch of rain fell here
last night, which was very much needed,
as the surface of the ground waa so dry
and hard that working the soli was very
unsatisfactory. SmSll grains are In fine
condition, wheat and rye ripening, soms
rye being cut. Corn Is growing at a
marvelous rate, yet much of It is late and
WEST POINT, Neb.. July t.-(6peclal.)
Crops In Cuming county generally, with
the exception of corn, which Is backward,
never looked better at this season of the
year. Prospects are good for an abundant
yield of all field crops. The timely rains
have ensured a continuous, healthy growth
of all products. The Intense heat of the
last three days, which at times reached
M degrees, culminated last night 1n a severe
thunder storm, accompanied by heavy rains.
No damage was done, excepting to hay, of
which a large quantity was down.
NORFOLK, Neb., July $. (Special.) A
drenching rain visited Norfolk very earlyS
last evening and continued to pour through
out the night. The storm came after an
extremely sultry day. The water has tended
to benefit crops generally.
LEXINGTON, Neb., July 8. (Special Tel
egram.) The heaviest rain In the memory
of the oldest Inhabitant fell here last night
and today. A portion of the city had the
appearance of a lake. Sidewalks are afloat
In many place and water has entered a
number of buildings. It is feared much
damage haa been done to the grain crop.
The precipitation waa 4.S Inches.
ORANT. Neb.. July ' S.-(Speclal Tele-
grim.) it nas Deen raining steadily all
day. The wheat crop and all small grsln
Is assured.
Royal Xelshbors Har Pica to.
M'COOt, JUNCTION'. Neb.. July J.-(Sp-elal.)
Th Royal Neighbors of McCool will
picnic and celobrate the Fourth of July
on the Blue river st this place. A proa-ram,
consisting of rnuntc. recitations,
speeches, iect readings, vocal and Instru
mental music, has ben prepared for the
occasion. No admittance will be charged
to the Krounds and everybody la ini.
The Royal Neighbors, assisted by the
Woodmen, will serv Ice cream and lem
onade. Dies aa Retail of Debaaea.
KEARNEY, Neb., July I. (Special Tele
gram.) Al Young, a bartender, died In con
vulsions Just before noon today In Goodell's
livery stable, where he went at an early
hour this morning after a night spent In
playing cards and drinking. The dead man
had been formerly in th saloon business
at Olbbon and had no relatives In thes
parts, but it Is supposed that h haa some
In Kansas.
Baslaeas Ilea f Play Ball.
M'COOL. JUNCTION. Neb., July & (Spe
cial.) Th business men on th north and
south side of Main street have ahosen B.
E. Lincoln captain for th south side and
Dr. F. 8. Morris for th north sld. Al
ready the captains ar unabl to decide
on an umpire. Both aides ar practicing
baa ball for tbe contest, which will tak
plac next week.
May Nat Reaalla Mill.
YORK, Neb.. July (.(Special.) It to
learned that Messrs. Redding A Bears
may not rebuild th Red Lion mil la. which
were burned on Monday morning, Jun St.
To Had Lion mills were on of th land
marks of south York oouaty and tha first
mill buUL
As the slant? expression rocs, and become the
necessary. TAKE A
few moments to where
0 hi li!
I l ,. f s
Car Every Five Minutes
at Manhattan Iteach. 2.SOO Suits
Round Trip from Omaha, 25c
At the Casino the Coolest Theater Ever Devised
Opening Bill, "My Uncle From New York."
Opening Thursday, -
Refreshments at
Afternoon aid evening, with a startling novelty parachute jump
never seen here.
For Information regarding either park apply to J. A.
Peculiar Story Will Be Told on Stand in
Murder Trial
Hsi la Adams County Jail Bays that
Dead Woman Vu His Wlfa
and that He Sbot Her
Accidentally. "
HASTINGS. Neb.. July .-(Speclal.)-An
interesting trial which will be held at the
next term of the district court here will
be that of Charles Frymyre. now confined
In tha county Jail of Adams county,
chaVged with the murder of Tracy Odlen
burg Puis at Eustls, Frontier county,
February 21, last.
Frymyre'a parents live at Holdroge, but
the young man was reared by an uncle
who lives at Stockvllle. As he appears ia
his cell, he Is five feet eight Inches high,
compactly built, clean shaven, fairly well
educated, and discloses a neatness in
personal appearance.
Story of Jealousy.
The alleged story of the crime shows love
and Jealousy as the cause. For a year
Frymyre had been keeping company with
Miss Oldenburg, and their relation had
beuru very intimate, during the year
however. Richard Puis, a neighbor,
bachelor and ranchman appeared on th
scene, sued for tha hand of the girl, and
their marriage was the sequel.
Three days after the nuptials Frymyre
armed himself, mounted his horse and" rode
up to the ranch house of Puis, discharg
ing his pistol into the air as he rode. Mrs.
Puis was the first to hear and see him. and
she cried to her husband "Here comes
Frymyre, shooting!" Almost simultane
ously Frymyre entered the house and a
desperate hand-to-hand flgnt ensued be
tween the two men, and In the fray a
revolver was discharged.
Fry my r them ordered tne woman to go
out and Into his buggy at the same time
charging her husband torf remain in the
house. ' His orders were obeyed and he got
Into the vehicle, beside the woman, and
started for his ranch on Cannon Bank. The
had proceeded but a short distance when
he became aware that his companion was
Woiaaa Was His Wlf.
This fact, he says, surprised and shocked
him "In fact," he continued, "Tracy and
I were married fourteen months before
this affair happened. She was teaching
school last winter In a German community,
and her folks did not like me. They tried
to separate us, not knowing our relation.
She waa In a delicate condition at th time
and when this was known to them they
forced her to marry Puis ugainst her will.
As soon as I heard this, I went where she
was, to take her home, to save her honor.
But during the trouble which. followed she
was accidentally shot and nobody realised
it for several minutes after. God knows
I would not have harmed her intentionally.
When I found she was hurt I took her to
the nearest house and sent for a doctor,
and I stayed beside her until I waa arrested
that night. From that hour to this my
position has been misunderstood."
Frymyre was greatly agitated and wept
while narrating the circumstances.
Norfolk Tafclaa a Ceasas.
NORFOLK. Neb., July t (Special.) The
city is to tak a census. This was de
termined by th city council for th pur
pose of determining the population, and
thus securing grounds for the Issuance of
bonds. It is considered that th city has
grown 26 per cent since the national cen
sus In 1900.
Chanae la Firm Saaae.
WEST POINT, Neb.. July . (Special. )
The hardware firm of Schults A Neiburg
has been reorganised. Charles Btoltsman
has purchased the Interest of Mr. Schults,
who retires from the firm on account of 111
Charged with Hum (alias.
COLUMBUS, Neb.. July (.(Special.) C,
F. Beedel, a stranger. Is In Jail bare,
charged with horsestealing. A few nlgnta
ago a horse was taken from R. T. Lisco'a
pasture on mile south at town and tha
cooling breezes always blow and limpid waters ik
- "Old Farmer Hopkins."
Pavilion and Kursaal
same night a set of harness and a bugy
disappeared from D. H. Harrington's barn
on th Duncan road. Bherlff Byrnes was
at once notified and tracked his man to
Shelton, where he found the property",
which had been sold by Beedle. He turned
back and found his man at Kearney.
Beedle has nothing to say of the matter.
Yossg Man Comes to Rescue of Miss
Kackley and Assailants
ASHLAND, Neb., July S. (Special.)
News has been received here of the at
tempt made to kidnap Miss Linnle Kackley,
a former resident of Ashland, whose
parents now reside at Lena, McPherson
county. Neb. The attempt to abduct Miss
Kackley waa made in the evening. She
was a student of the Nebraskan Wesleyan
university and as she stepped out of the
back door of her boarding place, which was
located three blocks from the university,
two men gTabbed her, throwing a handker
chief over her face. The handkerchief was
saturated with some kind of drug, tho ef
fect of which was to make Miss Kackley
unconscious. The villains were thwarted
from carrying out their purpose by the
presence of mind of a young man, also an
Inmate of the boarding house, who was at
tracted by the girl's screams. Other in
mates who heard the screams thought it
was only a matter of play among the
young people, but this young man very
luckily took It seriously and jumped through
an open window, frightening the kidnapers
away betore they succeeded In bearing
their victim to a closed carriage nearby,
which stood In waiting to receive her. In
the meantime the kidnapers made their
escape In the darkness with the carriage.
Miss Kackley was badly frightened and
could not give a description of her assail
ants, but she remembered that one of the
men wore a mask. Local friends of Miss
Kackley believe that the present attempt
to kidnap her furnishes the sequence of a
ihreat made In February. 1901, while the
family resided In Ashland. At that tlm
a letter was posted near their door de
manding that tl.000 In gold be placed neat
a whistle post on the Schuyler branch ol
the B. & M. railroad, failure to do so to
result In the kidnaping of the daughter for
a ransom. It waa then thought to be th
work of parties from Ogalalla. Neb., which
was at one time the home of Miss Kackley
and her parents.
More Telephones lor Norfolk.
NORFOLK. Neb.. July a.-(Speclal )
Norfolk Is to have another telephone line.
This was definitely assured yesterday by
the incorporation of the Klkhorn Valley
Telephone company, with headquarters In
this city. The officers of the new company
are: E. Duke Naven, president ; Qeorge B.
Chrlntoph, vice president; I. S. Mahan,
secretary and treasurer; directors, O. A.
Luikart, George B. Christoph, P. C. Dings,
E. Luke Naven and I. 8. Mahan. Mr.
Luikart is president of the Citizens Na
tional bank of Norfolk, Mr. Christoph Is a
druggist. The treasurer, I. 8. Mahan. Is
a resident of Lemars, Ia. The new com
pany expects to be established with their
exchange before fall of this year.
Business Chanae at Ashlaad.
ASHLAND, Neb., July S. (Special.) Th
Depot hotel changed hands this week, W.
L Boring succeeding F. E. Whitney as
proprietor. The Edwards A Bradford Lum
ber company, which has been under the
management of J. W. Btratton In thl city
for two years post, disposed of Its stock
this week to W. 8. Parrin of Lincoln.
9. D. Russell of Sioux City, Ia.. Oeorg
A.. Shaw of Fremont and 8. H. Martin of
Beatrice are her In behalf of the com
pany In making the transfer of the stock.
Arrested for Destroyla Property.
COLUMBUS. Neb.. July I. (Special.) E.
W. Mann was fined 26 and costs In the
county court yesterday for destroying per
sonal property. He waa working In th
streets of th village of Monroe and de
liberately broke a lot of tiling with a pick.
It Is claimed that his act was In revenge
for not having been appointed overseer of
streets by the village board.
No Celebration at York.
YORK. Nab.. July . (8jril.) Hundreds
of York citizens will eel brat In the sur
rounding and nearby lawns. Many will
leave on th trains for Benedict, Aurora,
color of one in the
Sherman Ave.
The 5 Flying Banvards
Tbe Greatest High Aerial Act in the Profession Afternoon and Evening.
In Sensational Dive Into a Net from a 75 Foot Elevation.
And Exhibition Drill by
Participated in by Prof. Murphy and Miss Broadwlck
Switchback Railway, Ferris Wheel, and Scores of other Features.
Griffiths, Room 218 First National
l lenic Today. Tomorrow and Every Day Uoon
T Mr
A majestic program better than all local celebrations combined. J
Roller Toboggan and Zig-Zag Alley Now Open :
ter's Concert Band, The Tyrolean Warblers. The Pasnlon Play, Mun- T
Paintings, Balloon Ascensions and 1,000 other pastimes. 2
i Tha
Seward, Grand Island and other towns. A
large number will form small picnic par
ties and celebrate in the woods on the Lin
coln creek or Blue river. There are very
few in the city todny.
Richard Parkinson to Ue Brought to
' Kcbrnskn on Klratlon of
TACOMA, Wash., July 3. (Special Tele
gramsRichard Parkinson, who will be
released from the state penitentiary Mon
day, will be re-arrested on a governor's
warrant today, Issued at the request of
the governor of Nebraska. Parkinson Is
wanted in Nebraska for obtaining money
under false pretenses. He was convloted
In this state of a similar crime and sen
tenced to one and a half years in the peni
Two Others Are Very Low and May
Also Die front Same
PAPILLION, Neb., July S.-(8peclal.)
The 13-year-old son of Charles Sharp died
In the Omaha honpital lut night from the
effects of burns received In yesterdays
explosion here. The other children are
very low.
Settle Llglitlna Problem.
NORFOLK, Neb., July . (Special.) A
fight of long standing over the street light
ing qestlon In Norfolk was Anally settled
last night by the city council In a compro
mise between the two rival companies.
The competition has been between the Nor
folk Klectrlo Light and Power company
and the Norfolk Fuel and Light company,
who manipulate a gas plant. During th
period of unsettlement ther have been no
lights In the residence portion of tho city
at all. Now the electric light company
haa been given a five years' contract for
arc lights In the business portion and the
gas company will furnish gas lights In th
residence part. The culmination was
brought about by the republican election
tn this spring's municipal campaign. The
party stood for "better lights."
Bay Land for elevator.
YORK, Neh., July I. (Special.) A busi
ness meeting of the Farmers' Independent
Elevator company waa held at the court
house and was one of the largest attended
meetings. At this meeting stock was sub
scribed to the amount of $3,000. An option
waa purchased on property abutting rail
road property and sidetracks of the North
western railroad and an application has
been made for elevator privileges. Whether
or r.nt the Northwestern will grant the re
quest Is not known.
Dies front Alcoholism.
BEATRICE. Neb., July I. (Special Tele
gram.) Juhn A ruts, aged 95, was found
dead tn led at Wyniore tills morning. He
was addicted to th use of liquor and was
Intoxicated at the time of his death. Th
coroner held an inquest and the verdict was
that alcoholism caused his death. He waa
a single man and a painter by trad.
oss of time,
N Remedy
c It is
I Sv
X . "w f r
n a
Boating, Fishinf, all Kinds RefrestimctK
The Best Feature Thl Hot Spell
2.000 Suits All Size.
Car, 5c Great picnic grounds
Bank Building. Omaha.
A common summer 00m
plaint. Suinmer-Sult TTOUHpra
got the colic-of-too-much-weiir
Junt now.
The nunedy Is a' pair of
SlacCartUy (Soothing Hum
mer TrouHtra cut with
the MacCurtby daub, from
Homespun, l'lunnel, Serge,
Crash and Worsted
$6 10 $13.
Tailoring Company,
now at
J04-J06 S. 16th St.
Next Door to Wabash Ticket
Phone 1808,
It the watchword for health and vigor, com
fort and beauty. Mankind is learning- not
only the necessity but tbe luxury of clean
linest. SAPOLIO, which hat wrought
such changes in the home, announces her
titer triumph
A special soap which energizes the whola
body, starts the circulation and leaves aa
exhilarating glow. A 11 groan and druggiitt.
aa Ojirih by Gnj
m Ul f Blud Hair.
Imperial Hair Regenerator
will fwnoey ttila Any ibwle from Iilaek
to the U-QtaM Ata Hltmda prortui-Mt
Colortar (torts), Eullj apulir1. AO
slutlr harm). Hamplcuf tmlr raU
re tee. OerreiDoudouc coufidcutlaL
Imperial Chemical Co.. lij W. &!d St.; N. X.
sold by Sherman Ac McCottr.ell Lrug Co.,
Omaha. Neb.
PliMfm tea k . 1 ..
salfj Mavii. 1 ties Tiik.l.. ..u
m u re
Only Oa Uullar a Year.
Makes Moat I'seral Freseat.
emottHTisi e.naiiaw
a a wm
am m 1

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