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MUMmSI Isa MlIsMsaSel
sur-:Eii Visitor's
JP sfcagaJ' mrm "prwa lies'
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Linoon Ministerial Atcoiation DiiODur
. agtn An Mon Organiutionv
Lack of . Cells la Which te t onBae
rrlsoners et Pealealary Breeds
Spirit et Insabordlaa.
tla. '
- '
"' (From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Oct. t.-tapeclal. While the
jilnlstera ot Lincoln have signed no Iron
clad agreement to prevent the buliding of
any more churches of denominations not
now organised here, such an agreement
exists, nd a movement toward the organi
sation of any more churches would imet
with the opposition of the Ministerial as-
Rev. Luther P. Ludden, Held secretary of
the western District Board of Hume Mis
sions of the Kvangsllcal Lutheran church,
aaldrv "When Rev. Rowlumis was a cillien
"of Lincoln he was a strung advocate of
the union cf churchee snd he wanted the
smaller denominations to orrnli into oiu
largo thunh. There was none amrng us
thst objected to this union and we tach
were opposed to the organisation of other
churches in the city. .
"The board of which I am secretary is
working along the same lines, and when I
go Into-a community where there are only
a few of those of my particular belief I
will got attempt to organize, but I advUe
those fw to affiliate with, some of th
other churcht-s. Towns and cities can have
too many churches Just the sums as any
kind of business and I am itronily In
ftvor of fewer churches, with good preu-h-eis
and large membership. Instead of hav
ing the life dragged out of the people try
ing to kit-p up a large number of small
churches. l!r. Rowlsntl s Idea was to lave
all the, rhurvhes thrf believed In Imirer
'slon, such s the tiaptlit and the t'hils'ittn.
unite and not ha two churches standing
side by sld nnv would do Jut as
well, and la faut would I e tnuth Letts-.
Then, of court , those if the linit lal h
on other lines he wsnted united
"I sllli thluk we should have our denom
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inations,' because a friendly rivalry la good
for the churches the same as business, and
I am not In favor of doing away with sec
tarianism altogether, but 1 am In favor of
doing away with so many Isms."
From statistics gathered by Rev. Ludden
It is found that the number of ministers Is
not' equal to tjis demand of the churches
and makes consolidation almost Imperative.
Mr. Ludden attributes this to some extent
to the time required now fcr a man to fit
himself for the ministry. In other days
he said a man could attend school a year
and then go to preaching, but now It re
quires a college education and a four-year
special course to be able to (111 a pulpit to
the satisfaction of the congregations. A
preacher has to be us well educated as a
doctor or a lawyer. It was suggested th-tt
probably the preacher, like the male school
teacher, was quitting hla calling for some
thing more remuneiuilve, but this Is said
not to be the reason of a shortage, for
there are very few ministers leaving the
pulpits and a few new ones coming In.
The ministers of Lincoln have not given
up their Idea of a consolidation of rhurches
by any means, and the fact that all agree
to oppose the building o fnew churches for
organisations yet to te oigantxed Is cited
as a step in the direction of consolidation.
! Eleetloa Provlamatloa.
' Governor Mlcjtey today Issued his proc
' jimatlou for tho election to be held on
I Tuesday, November J. The procUunallun
! U purely formal to comply with the law
in the caae. The call shows that four rep.
lesentatlves are to be elected, three va
. canciea being occasioned by resignation
I aid one by.deith. The following officers
' are to be ekcted;
Ono Judge of the supreme court, two re-
fenls of the l"ni versiiy or Nebraska, two
udgea of the dirlrlct court for the First
Jiioitial district, one Juuge ot the district
court for the ond Jjol.tel dialrlct, three
Jotiges of the district cudrt or the T.nru
JkUKial dMtnct. seven judges of the dlsun.1
court (l.- Iha Founh Judicial t'lstrUt, two
tuiltfes of tne tiiMil. t i-jurt for the Fifth
Judicial district, two J .nigt-p of the dlmrii t
court fur the Sixth Juulcl .1 uUlrlrt. one
juib.'e of the district court tor the Seventn
Judicial dl-lrlct. one Junge of the district
court for the lghth juJictai district, one
Judse of the district court for the Ninth
judicial district, ore Juose of the district
court for the Tenth J .it iclal dtklrlcl. two
Jud jes of the dlstilct court tor the Elev
enth JtKilt'lal district, one ludae of th dls.
1 tnct court for the Twelfth Judicial dut.
trict, "i JjIk of lL district court f..r
the Thlntemii Jurlicikl dlntrtct, one jude
I of the dtxtrlcl court for the Fourteenth Ju
I dicial dttrl-t, loo Judges of the dtntrtct
' court tor the FifleuiE JuJIcUU dumel.
Ready to Wear
We extend an invitation to
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these suits are made of blue, brown
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pleated jackets,- wltH belts, T-gorei
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. buttons,, price only, 4)1 J
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ors of red. blue and brown, deep
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We now have a full line of Cravenette
Coats, deep capes, full sleeves, In
gray, tan and green
, tPrtces, $25 down to ,
one representative from the Twenty-fourth
representative -district to till vacancy, one
representative from the Eighth representa
tive clatrlct to till vacancy, one repreenta
tlve from the Forty-third representative
district to fill vacancy, one repreentatlve
from the Tenth representative district to
fill vacancy.
Spirit of Motley at Pea.
The reports published recently that a
spirit of mutiny existed among the inmates
of the stats penitentiary and that an out
break was liable to occur at any time be
cause of the lack of cells Is verified in tie
report of Warden Beemer filed with the
secretary of state today. It shows that one
convict was sent to the dungeon for a day
for slashing another with a rasor, that one
was sent up for assaulting Superintendent
Draper and thut three were placed In the
dungeon for threatening the guards and
being Insolent. About a dozen more were
punished for violating the rules, in that
they talked too much without permission,
made uncanny noises in the cells and other
minor offenses.-
Because of the absence of cells the con
victs are merely corralled, and this makes
a good breeding place for thoughts of
escape and insubordination. The warden U
using all the precaution at bis command,
but the report of so many convicts being
sent to the dungeon for offenses that very
seldom are chronicled in the report is good
evidence that those cells are badly needed.
Iu the meantime the erection of the cells
has not yet begun.
Popalatlea of Pealteatlary.
The report shows this census of the In
mates; On hand August 11, 779: received
during tl.e month, discharged. 15; paroled,
1; d ed in prison, 1; escaped, 1; booked to
contractor. 161. Those roeived at the In
atltution this month were: Alfred Lieb
scher, from Doufflas coontv, for criminal
arstult, n'e' yens: Fred liuv.ni.i" ).re,
Pawes county, for manslaughter, three
ye-irs; Henry Krum, Stanton county, at
tempted criminal assault, nine years; John
Wqulst, Key a Paha county, for hone
stealing, two and a half years; John Doe,
Hamilton county, for attempted burglary,
four years; Elmer Russell, Boone county,
for Incest, ten years; James L. Kennedy.
CTTlfax county, for buigUry and larceny,
seven years; t'hiat-r Orren, Meir tk rm .
for grsnd larceny, three years; l'.icharj
Gould. Merrick couxily, for child stealing,
six era.
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values, at per yard
$1.65, $1.26, $1.16 and
Kcw Chiffon Drape Veils
Very latest styles and color combina
tions, In dots, tucks, ribbon effects,
etc.. with hemstitched borders, 1V4
yards long, at each $1.15, .
$1.00, 75c and
Ess Trimmings
More varied and beautiful
than ever, in applique, jets,
snanirles. silk and vegetable
fibers, Bulgarian and Persian
effects, in ornaments,- drops,
pendants, bands, insertions and
garnitures all priced just as
low as they can be consistently.
Fine Freneh Crepe and
9ca-fa ass Opera ftaaares
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$3.50 to $160, $1.0 J and....
Latest Novelties la Fancy Stocks
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dalntljy embroidered, fancy stitched,
neatly trimmed with buttons, beads,
spangles, Persian effects, etc. at $3.50,
down to $1.60. $1.00. 75c, f
50c, 35o and. SmOC
Flae Imported Goose and Bilk Fans
With dainty lace, spangled and hand
painted decorations at $5.00, $4.00,
$3.00, $2.00, $1.50,
$1.00 and. .y.
The New Wide Crashed Leather Belts.
The "most popular belt of the season;
very stylish, made of fine pliable soft
lamb skin, with artistic buckles, at
$100. $2.75, $1.50. $1.00
Novelties la Wrist, Automobile and
Keatskl Bags
In the newest leathers and mountings.
at each $10.00, $8.00, $8.00, $500, down
to $1.50, $1.26
Comer Farnam and Fifteenth Streets,
Testimony of State's Witnenset ii All Pre
sented to the Oour-
laaportaat Dorament Will Be latro.
dacea at a Later Stage Defease
te Be Ulvea aa laalac
Tills Week.
STOCK VI LLE, Neb.. Oct. 1. (Special.)
The state's moHt Important witnesses lu
the Frymire murder case were put uu the
stand yeaterday afternoon and today.
Richard Puis, the , husband of the dead
woman, who was the only witness of the
shooting, testified yesterday to the shoot
ing and bruising and kicking; of. his wife
by Frymire. LouUa Oldenburg, mother of
tho dead ' woman, testified to the wounds
and bruises on the body of her daughter.
Dr. Fochtman of Cosad gave testimony
similar to that of Dr. Andrews. Both wit
nesses were of the opinion that the bullet
wound and bruises were fatal, and that the
operation was the only hope.
Minnie Oelhers testified to threats made
by Frymire against Mrs. Puis and gave
other Important ev'dence aa to the rela
tions of the defendant and the gtrl before
the shooting and before her nuurlnge with
Other wltr.sses gave evidence as to the
dying statement made by Mrs. Puis. The
statement will not be introduced for some
time yet. The following purports to be
the text of the alltged dying statement:
On November 13, :!, one Chines Frymire
drtw a i...taa0 ci.iravt an- uiae me
ks it at the point of a revolver. He taid
ha would kill me it I did not tlgti It. He
then told me last 1 was married to him
and demanded that I live with him. and
satd that he would shoot ms If I did not
submit to marriage relations. I did through
fear. I am now live mom lis prrgimrit by
C. A. Frymire under the threat ot death.
Charles A. Fryra re came to my house on
the afternoon of February tl. 113. and shot
me In my own tioune and tried to kill Dick
Puis slso. 1 ran out ot the huue and he
ran out and knocked me down a id tramped
on me. After lie had shot nil the c nrlut".
out of bis revolver be bent m- wlih bit
gun. 1 TRACT PL'Lo.
The revolver and bullets were Introduced
this afternoon and were Identified as the
New Colored
Dress Goods
Camel's Hair and Long and
Short Haired Zibeilnes
in solid colors, also in' mix
tures Nvith a dash of colors.
Are most sought after for
tailor gowns 48 to 54 Prices
a yard 1.75, A OR
$1.33 and.,
Mannish Cloth for ladies'
Smart Tailor Gowns
iu broken check elTects to
gether with their dull color
ings give them a rich tone
for street wear. We show
one of the best values to be
found in this fabric, T0 inch
wide, a A OR
. 'yard IM
Melton Cloths and CheViots
excellent materials . for un
lined skirt in a full range of
colors, 50-inch A ff
wide.. : AiUU
Voiles and Silk and Wool Crepe
prove strong favorites for
stylish evening gowns,
shades, French Grey, Heseda,
Champagne, Tabacco' brown
and new shades of blue, 44)
ttirh tv-uln ti viinl A (f !
$1.45, 51.25 and 1UU
Wool Waistings
are much used, we have a
large assortment of French
Mouiie cloth in fancy stripes
and' small, figured. Mohairs
especially made for - waists'
and Children's dresses. Prices
a yard from IRn
f 1.00 'to 'ww
Linen Department
For this week the following specials will
te sold while they last:
124c Towels at each 8 l-3o
16 t-3c Towels at each 12Vfco
40c Towels at each 23a
75c"lgix54 In. Hemstitched Linen Bureau or
Sideboard Scarfs 39c each. 40c Tray
Cloths to match, at
All the large accumulation of remnants
of Table Linen and odd dos. napkins
greatly reduced in price,
reduced In price.
Special values In Crashes, Fine Towels,
Medium and Fine Table Linen Sets, Bed
Spreads, fringed and hemmed; Hand Made
Japanese Drawn Work Doilies, Center
Pieces, Tray Cloths, Lunch Cloths, Side
board and Bureau Scarfs.
weapons taken from Frymire, after which
the state rested Its cuse.
Plattsaioata Child Walks Away with
Maa aad Gives Father aad
Frleads a' Bad Scare.
PLATTSMOUTH. Neb., Oct. J (Spcial.)
What looked very much like a case at
kldnuplng was the cause of much excite
ment on lower Main street last evening,
when Beasle, the &-year-o!d daughter of
John Corey, was reported missing. The
child had been playing In front of her
father's restaurant, and when someone re
marked thst he had seen the girl walking
down the street with a strange man, many
believed that she had been kidnaped. Mr.
Corey, In company with a number of cltl
sens. at once instituted a search for the
missing girl. About an hour lat?r their
efforts were rewarded and the little one
was found on Second street between Main
and Pearl walking toward home, unin
jured. The man wua later recognized as i
John Goodln, who Is aid to be an ex-convict
of the Iowa state penitentiary, and
who was a total stranger to the Corey
family. He offered no explanation for tak
ing such liberties with the child. No ef
fort was made to prosecute the man and
he was permitted to leave the city soon
Charged with Wife Desertion.
DAVID C1TT. Neb., Oct. S.-(8pecU!.V
The preliminary hearing of W. Ilium E.
Monk, charged with dererting his wife and
three small children, was concluded be
fore County Judge Skilea yesterday even
ing. After the state hd introu ed evi
dence and rested lis.ti.e, n un el for the
defendant bled a motion asking the court
to dismiss the case for the reason the
law as passed by the last legislature and
under which Monk Is prneecuiel, Is am
biguous and unconstitutional. The entire
day was consumed in the argument of the
motion and the citation of authorities by
the attorneys. Judge Sklles overruled the
motion and held the defendant to the next
term of the district court which convene
November 10, fixing the bond at K0, which
Mr. Monk was unable to give, and he was
remanded to thi county Jill. County At
torney Evans Is assisted In the prosecu
tion of the caHe by Matt Miller and C. H.
Aldilch. A. G. Wolfcnbargsr of Lincoln
New fall
Black Goodslllnderwear
Black Zibelines
prove to be one of the strong
favorite .for street and tailor
suits in plain and stripe ef
fects, in a full range ofj
prices we show an extra good;
value for 51 inch A OR
wide yard UV
Black French Voiles
for dressey skirts (he most
sought after and popular
fabric ever shown. We
have a large assortment in
tiine and coarse weaves.
Hanging in prices from if 1.85
v::A 1.00.
Black :anvas Weaves
in nappy effects are leading!
novelties for unlinued skirts
and suits, 50 inch wide, a
yard 11.50, A Aft
.$1.33 and 1VVJ
Black Cheviot
. . .
all wool, the best value ever
, offered at this price, 50 inch
wide a ORn
yara.. ..
w v
Black Broadcloth
and Venetians make the rich
and dressey tailor gowns.
We show a large line of these
popular weaves, 50 inch
wide, a yard 3.25, A RA
12.00, fl.75 and ..... A'U
Black Poplin
Fine Basket Melrose and
Moniie cloth, are very
desirable for medium weight
skirts. We have a large as
sortment of these weaves
from $1.50 a 70
yard to IU0
and Senator Hastings of this city are the
attorneys for the defendant.
Abaadeaa Omaha Cut-OS.
PLATTSMOUTH, Neb., Oct. t (SpeclaL)
-Since the Burlington ral'road completed
the reconstruction of Its bridge across the
Missouri river the company hua commenced
toVeplace the old bridge, which spans the
Platte between Ores polls and Iail'Utle,
with a new heavy steel one. which will be
as strong In every way as the one at Ash
land. The company has doubtless aban
doned the idea of trying to shorten the
line between this city and Omaha by build
ing through Swallow hill and crossing the
river east of Oreapolls.
Reerptlou for hvftriaa Pastor.
BEATRICE, Neb., Oct. $.-(8peclal.)-A
largely attended reception was held at
the La Belle Street Methodist church last
night in honor of the outgoing pastor.
Rev. E. L. Barch, and the Incoming pas
tor, Rev. Mr. Bean. A program of ad
dresses, music and recitations was ren
dered, following which refreshments were
served. The retiring pastor, Mr. Barch,
came here three years ago, during which
time he and h a family have made many
friends who will regret to see them leave
the city.
HayeiH'ssstr Fair Opens.
PALISADE. Neb., Oct. X (Special Tele
gram. ) The Hayes county fair Is Iu full
swing. The exhibits of all classes are com
plete and are of a flue quality. Dr. Peters
was present and delivered an address to an
enthusiastic audience on the subject of
a ill ma Is. Prof. Campbell la here today and
will deliver an address on soli culture for
this afternoon and evening. The exhibits
are as latgs us the management expected
and the gate receipts entirely satisfactory.
Sew Elevator hear Beatrice.
BEATRICE. Neb., Oct. 1. (Special.)
The work of constructing the new 10,9.0
bushel capacity elevator on the Kllpatrlck
ranch west of t lie city is now In progress,
and It is the Intention of the builders
to hsve the structure finished before cold
HastlaaV Sew Federal BallJias.
HASTINGS, Neb.. Oct. t. -(Spec lal. V
Plans and specification have now been re
ceived for the government building to be
erected at this place, and bids for the
Special Agent of the Celebrated
People who have once worn
itlie celebrated .Munsing Under
! wear will wear no other kind
;the best made, the best fitting
aud the most comfortable and
durable underwear on the mar
Ladle?' Munsing Flerct'd Vest
and Pants, natural am! crram.
LatlleM' Munsing Fk-ccJ Vnlnn Baits,
natural, ecru and cream, all oicn
fronts, V4 N'en fronts and
acroxs bust
Munsing Vest md
half wool
. Lad Iff
M.tnslng Vest and Pants, two
wool, natural 4 Cf
dream ,
Munsing Co. ton Union
light weight
Munsing Cotton Union
mudium weight
- ladles'
Munsing' Union Suits, one-half
jnc-half open a r""
Munsing . Union Suits, two
wool, all open Irouts, halt
routs and open O C
Munsing Union SJts, light
wool, half open 0-T7
I, adieu'
and open across bust..
mat . .
and Buys' Flcoced Munsing
ttuils, open and drop "7E?
ind Hoys' Munlnij Union Suits,
' Iwo-thlirdH wot.l, open ana
drop aL-at
Latest Novelties la Ladies'" .
Immenise assortment just re
will be ou special sale
all this i-eek
260 dosen
Fine Hand Embroidered Sheer
Handkerchiefs, every thread
pure li
nen, narrow hemstitched bor-
der, tin
,s worked scrip Initials, usually
sold at
lie euCh
Fine Enf broldered Sheer Linen Hand
kerchitJrs, narrow hemstitched, scol
loped Jind val lace borders, usually
sold at
20c and 35o each,
at 25c and.
Fine Irislli, Swiss and French Embroid
ered St ear Linen Handkerchiefs, nar
row h mstitched, scolloped, niocklln,
val and Irish point lace borders, very
choice leflgns, extra values, at each
$2.50, $21 10, $1.50. $L25.
$1.00, 7tl' Mid
construction! of the
until Novemfuer 2.
same will be received
Farmer Bella a Part of
Case Con ad
His Cr
p for, Aboat a Thou-
saad Dollars.
I'TH, Neb.. Oct. 3. (Special.)
-Dan Kixer
near Murray
h wealthy farmer. . residing
this county, says he has sold
over bui
els of peaches this year, and
could have
Borne he soli
best brought
ilHposed of as many more.
for 11.60 per bushel, but the
per bushel.
ouaty Fusloa Ticket.
Neb.. Oct. . (Specla! TeV
emocrats and populists held
conventions here toduy and
gram.) The
their county
fused on the
following ticket: For county
treasurer, P
K F. C. Uabcock; aanessor,
Dave lit go
; county Judge. Harry Dun-
gan; sheriff,
Clinton McCleery; clerk of
C F. Buckman; xuperin
ools, David B. Marti; county
district conn
tendent of sc
clerk, Charle
L Phillips; coroner, Dr. Bax-
ter. As neith
t-r party could furnish a man
to run for sui
Myor that place waa left va
:ounty central committee waa
cunt, and the
Instructed to
fill It.
per la
Coaasel Employed.
Neb., Oct. 8. (Special.)
i session of the county board
k of this city were employed
At yesterday
Haslett tc Ja
as extra cou
sel to asjist the county at
damage KUlts of Harry Ver
. Mary Folden, now pending
unty by reason of the coi-
torney In the )
tress and Mr4
against the
lapse of a bifi
idge went of town tin which
the latter s hu
lng the strut
chine and tin
nband was killed while cross
lure with a threshing ma
! former Injured. The cuij
it the next term of district
wilt be tried
.BEATRICE, P Neb., Oct. 3. (Special.)
The potato ct p Is short In Gage county
this tall and ou merchants are now en
gaged in shipy ti.g liA potatoes from C1 -rado
for home' consumption.
Baa Is Sltlll Htpealiig Cora.
PLATTRMOltfTH. Neb., Oct J.-(Hpeclal)
The past few! weeks of dry. hot weather
has beeri all tfiiat could have lieen desired
to rlpenf the c rn in Cass county, which It
is now Jsllmat'l l will be an average crop.

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