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lie. Meeting if the Trunmissiuippi
Aeiociatioi Frobab'.y Tiiei
AHmNm( ot tbe UW4 Anaaal
Mm 9 During the Week, bat
' Details Are Sot Vet
Given Out.
drive. That Bramston admits, but you I natural advantages are concerned.
would be at sea to get the distsnce he does I A number of cltlsens of Omaha are In
uniH you went through a long siege of hard I terested In this description for they ara
work. The boy. he admit, gets the awing I trying to Induce the park board to aet
easiest. But Bramston, while willing to I sslcle one of the city parka for a golf I lnilT,.1 fr. f, Test Ifatnh Batwein
East end West.
wear that hi" own metnoos 01 driving i course and It was tnougnt mat tne wora
have brought good results, la not egotistical I of the park board of Des Moines In thua
enough to say that other methods could not I setting aside one of Its public parka aa a
be adopted which would bring good results, i golf course might not be without Ite in-
'1 he hllosyncracles of each player naturally fluence upon the park board of Omaha,
move him to adopt the style that cornea l u. T. Lemtst of the Country club and r.
most natural to him. All points In common I J. Hoel of the Field club are pushing this
In the game of Instruction may be acquired matter and have been given assurances
from a book and from the viva voce of the I that the matter will be given constdera-
rfeyward O. Levitt of Lravltt, Neb., sec
retary of the Transmlsslsflppl Oolf saso
clatlon. was In the city Friday and sail
tnat In all probability the Transmlsslsslppl
annual tourney for 1904 will be held In St.
Louis. No definite announcement to that
end la or can bo made, but the indications
point to It aa more than a mere probability.
In thla connection the announcement Is
also made that the second contest with the
Western Oolf association will also be pulled
off In St. Louis. It will bo remembered
that two weeks agT the best players repre
senting the Transmlsslsslppl and the
"Western Oolf associations held a tourney In
Chicago, which resulted in a victory for
ths1 TransmlsBlsslppI team; Since that time
the Western , Oolf association has had a
very much disgruntled lot of players In Its
ranks and they have been very anxious
for ft .return engagement. It.ia proposed
to hold this contest over the Bt. Louis
links la June preceding or immediately fol
lowing the annual tourney of tha Trana
mlasisalppl Oolf association.
In support of the plan 01 Holding inese i (i
two events In Bt. I.,ouls the argument Is
advanced that the golfers will want to
ee the exposition and that they can com
bine the two. The Bt. Louis golfers are
Antlous that the tourney be held over their
links, although members of the directory
of. the Transmlsslsslppl Oolf association
have opposed this plan. Oolf events galore
are scheduled for Bt. Louis next year and
It has been deemed beat by many to hold
the Transmlsslsslppl where the links would
not be so crowded and where there would
be no expbsltlon to detract from the In
terest and attendance upon, the annual
As showing the manner In which golf
Is ts bs conducted at Bt.. Louis next year,
president McOrew of the Olen Echo Coun
try club announces that he has completed
arrangements for the holding of the world's
amateur golf tourney over his club's links,
beginning Monday, September 19. The tour
ney Is open to the amateur golfers from
any and all parts of the globe, and the
winner Is to be known as the champion
amateur golfer of the world. A gold medal
will be awarded to the first, a silver medal
to the second and bronse medals to each of
the unsuccessful players in the semi-finals,
A driving contest will be held to determine
the world's champion driver, who will also
receive a gold medal. An Innovation will
be a putting contest over a nine-hole put
ting course at night, illuminated by electrlo
lights, tor which a gold medal will be
awarded the winner. Teams of ten men
each, representing any golf association In
the world, will compete for a handsome
trophy, each member of the winning team
receiving a gold medal and members of
the second team a silver medal. An en
trance fee of $5 for each Individual entry
will be charged. No entrance fee will be
' charged for the team competition. En
tries close with James E. Sullivan, chief
Of the department of physical culture, on
August 19, 1904. The rules of the United
States Golf association to govern.
J. A. Bramston, ths Oxonian golfer who
was one of the most distinguished players
on Captain 3. A. Low's team of English'
men who had a victorious visit to this
country this year, has gone back to his
Winchester home, where he Bleeps in a
house with one side of his room, open to
the weather the year round.
If for no other reason than his victory
In the Komewood cup tourney In which he
aet a record for ths course of 75, made
with an Aiuerlcan-made gutta percha golf
ball, "Johnny" Bramston has demon
strated that he can play golf. He la the
author of a new book on golf which is at
tracting much attention in this country,
Sramston departs somewhat from the tech'
nlque of the ordinary primer on golf for
beginners, and at the start tells the would
be bogey annlhllators that the game be
gins with a paradox. The wall of the be
ginner is always the same, be ha a Brit
lsh subaltern in ths wilds of Africa, where
the golf course Is a level stretch in the
desert, or an (J roans, player seeking to
solve the mysteries of the ancient Scot
game. Ths plaint of each beginner is; "If
only I could drive."
Ths experts will tell you tkat a short ball
iflown ths "center aisle," or "cinder path,"
as it ts known by golfers. Is often h. mnmt
V affective if the player Is good on the short
AuiM. In ether words th n,.. i. .
ways to the swift A missed putt on the
green, ten Inckes or any other distance
from tho cup In other words, counts Just
ins same ss a laiiure to make a long drive
Ths nearer you get to ths green, says
Bramston, the more difficult the game,
Taylor, Vardon and all of the world's best
known golfers, sgree on thla In cham
plonahtp matches, quite seven-tenths of the
boles are won simply and solely on the
green, owing to one of the players taking
three or more putts, or more rarely a long
ateai or a very accurate pitch, which en
ables ths fortunate competitor to get down
In one aa agnlnst the more orthodox two
putts of his rival. The tyro positively re
ruses to believe the evidence of these
worthies, snd feels that life would be
worth the living If he could hit the ball
bigh and hard with his driver. Theoretic,
ally, at least, says -Bramston and others
In about the same words driving Is the
easiest part of the game. The ball is teed
tip when hit from the tee and very little
calculation as to strength needed la ever
Indulged in, esrteclellr If the hole is long
enough to warrant two or more good hard
Shots with wooden clubs.
An sdult may scqulre the swing for the
professional teacher.
Summing It all up Bramston says that
the ability to piny a good gams of golf
may all be stated In a few words: "Every
strjke should bo played with a view to
making tho next one as easy as possible."
So Loager aa Vacertala ttaaatlts- aaa
Entitled to RecosjalUoa from
tho Die Leaders la
the bast.
Having been asked to say something
about the famous Waveland course at Pes
Moines, the writer will say that the air
Una distance from hole to hole throughout
the entire course Is 70 yards short of three
miles, or 6.210 yards, the outer nine holes
being 2,740 yards and the Inner nine 2,470
yards. Bogey for the course Is 77. This
Includes a 39 for the outside nine and a
38 for the lnttlde nine. .
The length of the various holes, together
with bogey for each hole. Is here Indicated:
In driving off to No. 1 the drive Is due
south. A good drive will bring the ball to
a point about fifty yards away from the
green and just at the brow of a very steep
and short hill. The green Is also slanting.
Next to Nob. 5 and 8 this is the hardest
hole on the course in which to mak bogey.
for there is so much uncertainty about ths
approach shot and putt. Going to No. 2
the drive Is due west. A 200-yard drive
will bring one to the brow of a raxor-back
hill, the summit of which will then be about
houf way to the green. An approach shot
strikes well on the other side of the short
hill will bring the ball to the green, which
obscured from view. The drive to No.
8, which Is the longest hole In the course.
Is also due west. On either side of the
first six holes on the outside there Is
stretch of heavy timber. Through the
green, however, the course is 200 feet wide,
No. necessitates two good drives and an
iron shot ranging from 100 to 175 yards in
length, depending, of course, upon the dls
Length In Yards.
41 3
, 160
, 1.... '&6
Totals ,6.210
3 1
tlon by the park board of Omaha.
Tho contest for the Cartan cup at the
Country club resulted In a victory fur
'Dick" Stewart. This cup is contested for
annually and is to become the property
of the player who wins It three times In
succession. Stewart's friends at the
Country club axe having considerable fun
over a little Incident In connection with
the recent match at Chicago between the
Western Oolf association and the Trans
mlsslsslppl, In which the latter was vic
torious. The player with whom Stewart
was paired was a suitor for the hand of
Mrs. Stewart at the same time that Stew
art was and the latter was eventually the
favored suitor. It was therefore a crucial
moment for Stewart when he found him
self pitted against his former competitor
for the hand of his wife, and as Stewart
afterwards said: "I wouldn't have lost
either match for the world.
In the contest at the Country club for
the women's subscription cup, the event
was won by Mrs. Redtck. This Is also an
annual event and much interest Is man
ifested In It. The finals were, contested
with Mrs. E. H. Sprague.
E. H. Sprague of the Country club was
oiilte a fartor In the' recent Transmlssls
slppl tourney at Pes Moines and won every- r Is In these sections, why a game can-
thing up to the semi-finals, when he nl arrangea oeiween in. two is a mye
bumped up against J. R. Maxwell, who Coach Yost has been anxious to ar
won the championship the next day. When rane Bucn contest, but his plans and en
th. f.rt tMmn known In Omaha that lr"" nave miirii i.i ui u..g.
. . . hi. I inat sucn a contest wouiu do a recora-
Hort. w. frwrrtd him a tleram. breaker Insofar as gate receipts are con
. . , , ,. . ... .,, . ,,- Icerned goes without saying. Such a contest
JUKI 3 11V WKB IHIlllllllB III ) ...
.,., ih vi.w.it urHn. him tof"1' b matter of national Interest.
. vi n .-j I Whereas the present contests are merely
play the game of his life, and this tele- I . .
gram, Sprague afterwards facetiously re-
Once again has tno annual cry gone up
asking that a game-between the sisr foot
ball teams of the east and the west be ar
ranged in order to determine the much
mooted question of superiority. Foot ball In
the west has made rapid strides In the last
few years. In Michigan, Wisconsin and
Minnesota the west thinks it has some
strong foot ball material.
The effete youngsters of the east have
not seen fit thus tar to book a game with
their worthy opponents of the west, and
the clamor for such an arrangement has
well-nigh reached such a stage that It will
have to be silenced by some means or
other. By what process of reasoning the
blue-blooded aristocrats at Tale, Harvard,
Princeton and other places In the east
which support strong teams, have chosen
to Ignore this demand. Is something which
the foot ball enthusiasts of the west have
been unable to fathom.
That the elevens of the west ar strong
cannot be' denied. That the elevens of the
east are stronger Is probably true, but it
will not be admitted until the matter Is d
elded by an actual conflict or battle be
tween the best teams representing these
sections. If It should be taken for granted
that Yale snd Michigan represent the best
sectional matters, a game between repre
sentatlve elevens of the cast . and west
would attract enthusiasts and' critics from
all parts of the country,
Foot ball In the west Is no longer an un
certain quantity. It has assumed that
marked, was his undoing.
Dr.. Sumney of the Field club has the
distinction of being the only golfer who
ever made a hole In one stroke over the
Waveland course at Des Moines. This feat
wu accomnllshed during the Transmls
slsslppl tourney. As he had made the two cosmopolitan character which has marked
nr.in hole. Irf- three each, he thus ln wor oi tne craca elevens oi tne east,
nntiHted three holes In seven strokes nl tday west Is able to boast of first
which has never been equaled, so far as cla The claim having been made
known, on any course In the west. "V " westerners tor tne last two or inree
jrcaiB uiui meir urei tennis are on a par
with the best In the east, vhv rnn thev not
A number of events have been chronicled j et UD . ciam for the national rhamDlon-
tance acquired by the two first shots. This during the past week which are of Interest ,j,ip on grounds which are as justifiable as
green and the No. 2 green are level and, to local golfers. Prominent among inese that on which the crack eleven of the east
as they are covered with a splendid turf, is the announcement that Fred Bartsch. the may Da80 Its claim. And If It be assumed
the approach and putt can be made with Instructor at the Country club, wiU no be tnat thi ciRlm of the west Is meritorious Is
precision. with the Country club next year, as he has it right for the easterners to turn the cold
The drive to No. 6 Is due east and Is up an I accepted a position as Instructor at ths shoulder?
Incline all the way to the green, where It Homewood club, north of Chicago. The in a probability the crack teams of the
is level. Arrived at the No. 4 green, a I Homewood course is comparatively new.
look about the surrounding portion of the having been opened up a little more than
grounds is then made, and what is re- two years ago. Its popularity has already
garded as the finest view in the west, Inso- been established and It is one of the many
far as that view may be obtained on any well patronised links about Chicago, which
golf course. Is then to bo seen. All about is fast becoming the mecca of western golf-
one can see steep hills and green places I ers and where such men as Turple, Forgan,
covered with heavy trees and shrubbery. I Clarence and Walter Egan, Louis James I done Is for the two best teams of the
Not a house Is to be seen, and the players I and Tweedie are rhaklng the game of golf I affected sections to get together In one
seem to be shut off from the world as com-1 in the west take that high plane which has I great and memorable contest, that is eas
oletely as If they were a thousand miles been reached In the east, where such
from a city, Instead of being, as they I players as Travis, Byera, Douglas, Ander
really are, at least two miles within the I son and others have long been Identified
city limits. I with all that is first class In golf. Bartsch
The Now 6 hole, which Is next, Is the hard- learned the game of golf while acting as
est hole on the course to negotiate success- I caddie at the Washington Park links at
fully. The drive is made to the southwest. Chicago. It has been" proven tepeatedly
The least bit of a slice- will get one In I that youth Is the proper time in which to
trouble, as ths land la rolling to tho north. I acquire tho abandon and swing which
A good drive will place tho ball In a little characterises ths work of the true golfer,
valley, and the next shot must bs made I ana there ts no class of persons In tho world
nearer to a point duo west, and a good I who are In a position to get next to all the
second will place tho ball within fifty or fine points In the game as the caddies. In
100 yards of tho green, although some have structor Sherwood of the Field club is also
reached the edgs of tbo green. In two. Tho I an example of tho graduated caddie and he
green Is level and smooth. I also learned the game while serving at Chl-
No. hole hasbeen dubbed Kionaute. Jt s not known who Bartsch's sue
Tho drive Is duo north. Running across cessor at ths Country club will be. His
the fair green there is a dry brook oi lair brother Frank Is a bidder for tho position.
dimensions. It Is not regarded as a nasara, Correspondence has been had with In-
provided one's drive lodges In it mors than I structor Watson of tho Des Moines Coun
150 yards from tho tee. immediately m I try club. Watson is one of a family of
front of the tee there Is a wider and run- I lifers whose names sre famous wherever
nlng brook, so that a player topping his the gutta percha Is chased from one end
ball la up sgalnst it in reality, iso. is f the land to the other. Watson Is a thor
ough gentleman and an accomplished In
structor. He holds the record for the west
In the matter of a medal score over a nine-
hole course. The Des Moines Country club
bogey is 40 and Watson has negotiated
A ro yon oos ot tho maay thousands of Waak Mea, aod
do yon wish to be cured? Multitude bring, on than,
eolreo the horrors of a lifelong disease bf ttonaturml
habits. Thousands nnd thousands of meu ar proroa
tnrelT old and diseased through excesses and unnatural
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health grid strength, and finally result! In their physical and mental wreck. Not knowing where to apply for a
cure, many of these poor sufferers, loaded with disease, remorse and humiliation, silently suffer on, going from
bad to worst or they experiment with too many FREE TREATMENT OR QUICK CURE SCHEMES
A Stitch in Time Saves Wine
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it i t
II If " '...-a
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1308 Farnam Street. Between 13th and 14th St., Omaha, Net.
stars. That u foot bull training is a good
thing for the youth goes without saying.
The rigid discipline and training have pre
pared many of them for life and Its smug
gles In that it has laid the foundation lor
a better physique. Dr. Thomas Arnold,
the noted head master of Rugby, once
said: "The men who are now ruling the
British nation In various parts of the globe
are those who once gained success as foot
ball players at Rugby and similar schools."
east, such as Tale, Harvard and Prince
ton, are superior to such teams as Mich
igan. But that Is no argument Insofar
as satisfying the people of the west . Is
concerned. While all the westerners sro
not Ulssourlans, yet they , "like to be
shown. "i And the only way this can be
lly decided. Let It be a post-season affair.
The foot ball season ends on the glorious
Thanksgiving. Let ths winners In the
east and ths west get together and fight
the annual battle for tho championship
of the Untied States. Nothing less than
this will drown the clamor which has gone
up from the rank uid file of the western
enthusiasts for the past few years.
"Bunker Hill." The drive la made due east
and If a ball Is hit squarely and well lofted
It will land directly on top of a steep hill.
from whence an approach of eighty yards
will land one on the green. This green is
rolling and tho approach and putt must bs the nine holes In 82. which Is three strokes
better than par golf. His card for this
event waa as follows: 4-4-I-4-S-4-3-4-2 32.
Bartsch expects to depart for Chicago by
November IS. Boon after his departure his
successor will be selected.
Nebraska Prohibition Against Shoot-
lug Bob White Expires Today
and Gut Are Ready.
Tbo cost of production hin
always been a aeoondaty
oonsldcvatlon. Tho very
choicest of every compouut
part of ths Blati brews la
tho Invariable rule. Exitt-rt
judgs of barley and hops
are engaged In contracting
months In advance of the
demands, and only the bt
of Mother- Earth'g crop la
ever considered.
Alutayt the nine goii old Wall
tj Omaha Branch ltij Douglas Bb TL 1061
made with accuracy In order to play even
with bogey.
Nos. 7, snd I ara each short holes, Inv
mediately on the outer edge of the Inside
nine. While there ts a wide margin for a
sliced ball to escape trouble, ths least bit of
pull will get one into trouble. No. Is a
hard bogey ths hardest on tho course, for
the green Is rolling and Is placed right at
the top of a hilly place, which !rc!lno
therefrom In all directions.
Arriving at the clubhouse again ths drive
to No. 10 is made directly to the west.
where the green Is placed on sn elevated
green. The drive to No. 11 Is straight back
toward 'the clubhouse, the grim being
within twenty yards of the No. 1 tee. The
drive to No. 12 Is made from a point riivectly
in front of the clubhouse straight toward
ths west. A good first shot will place the
ball where, on the second, the ball must
pass between a growth of young trees on
.1 i " ' Z . .1 . I . " uch weasels, skunk.
inv cu6c, vi me twv Duncnn i dams
ot trees come near converging at this point
and once a player has gotten across ths
edge his third shot, which would te a short
approach shot, would land htm In ths green,
The drive to No. 13 Is due north end Is
down hill all the way, but the green la
elevated somewhat. The drive to No. 14
Is up a gradual but not steep Incline, with
a road for a hasard and about 150 yards
distant. The drive to No. 15 Is to tho north'
west and carries across a valley between
two hills. A player who has a good long
game is in clover In driving for No. U,
the second longest hole in the course. The
bull must have a carry of 190 yards or
there Is trouble ahead for the bal) will
drop Into a soft place. It takes two good
drives snd an- eighty-five yard approach
to reach the green, which la surrounded on
the west end south by clumps of trees and
by the fence on the north, which encloses
the big herd of elks and a ball which
goes across the fence Is out of bounds.
No. 17 Is a short hole, but It Is uphill
all ths way and the green Is elevated, but
perfectly level. Ths drive to No. 18 la made
due east for the club house, with a road
skirting the path of the drive snd Just
Walter Camp and other eastern author-
ltles have seen fit thus far to disregard the
claims of the western enthusiasts. How
much longer this thing will continue Is
coming to bo a serious question and is
fast becoming a sorO spot. It Is noted, how
ever, that the crack elevens of the east are
not averse to drafting the best players
in the high schools and other places
throughout ths west that they can place
their hands upon. Liberal Inducements
are mads ths promising athletes of ths west
to mix . up In the oolleglato and athletic
affairs of the eastern elevens. If the
men from the west are eligible for the
eastern elevens, It may be rightly assumed
that the western elevens are not of that
Inferior grade which seems to have be
come the settled conviction of tho eastern
Tho demand for a national contest Is
Increasing with each year and can not
longer bo Ignored.
Tho Cl-elghton team was defeated at
Highland Park a week ago, but the de
feat was not without its blessings in dis
guise. One of ths Des Moines newspapers
prints ths following story in connection)
with the affair
All the stria of Hlshland Park college
ate chocolates shortly alter tne conclusion
of the game with Crelghlon university on
Saturday afternoon. Surrounded by a cir
cle of charming femininity, which waived
Highland Park colors In his face and de-
Local snortsmun am nnn, . iik ... I rounded his Instant capitulation and con-
hnot nii.il. in ., , 1 version, one of the Crelghton sympathisers,
snoot quails In the state of Nebraska who hid been active iu vocal dem.mstia-
wunout danger of arrest, with the oxcep- tiona during the game, hauied down his
lion o r-oout ten counties. In this state colors aim promised never to uu it any
.i i . . .. I more.
.,.. ... -n ciosea season on quails But the girls wanted proof of his sln
for three years and the season reopens I cerlty, and no ' proof la so dear or con
Oday. I vinclng to the feminine heart as chocolate
vv nen tneir victim nuu couniea
ral hard-earned dollars on the
more I counters of the Highland Park candy store
Pipe Dream Season. Opens with a
Large aad Interesting Array
of Visions.
Pipe dreams are ripe.
Not only this, but a number of them are
being sprung, almost every magnate around
the circuit having one of his own, and
some of them two or three. Out of the
St. Louis confab came Just one thing for
tho Western league; it wasn't pushed Into
class B, but with Milwaukee and Kansas
City lopped off Its circuit, what a poor
miserable ghost of Its former grandeur It
appears. The situation In Milwaukee and
Kansas City was left to arbitration, with
Bryce of Columbus to represent the West
ern. The board will meet at Jersey City
soon, and pass upon the relative merits
of the conflicting claims In the disputed
territory. Even a palmist could tell the
fats of the Western. All the fight la now
to savs the money Bums and Packard
have invested In the plant at Kansas City.
They may get something, out of this. Van
Brunt la out with a declaration that If
Kansas City Isn't In he won't play next
year. That may be interpreted to mean
that a new magnate will represent the
Joetown people next year. Simmons and his
friends at Peoria have had enough of It,
also, and that means no more Peoria, lit fact
the circuit as at present doped seems to be
Sioux City, Des Moines, Omaha, St. Joseph.
Colorado Springs and Denver, for a six-club
league. Just what George Tebeau proposed
two years ago. Soma persist In sddlna-
Pueblo and Cripple Creek to this, but It's
hardly likely that they, will be taken In.
. , . . . . - t. i creams.
"" " year me smaii pests 0ut several hard-earned dollars on the
etc., do
ge to the small game than the shot- f"4 aovera.1 pounds of alluring chocolates
.... . ... ".. , , . I had passed Into the hands of his fair cap-
olthougn the weather Is not to their tors he was Dronounced exonerated from
tne charge of treason and was suffered to
make a speech by way ot telling wftut he
thought about It.
liking Just now, despite the fact that the
fall has been ideal. In this state It la an
offense against the law to ship game the
owner must go with the game personally
and he Is not permitted to have In his pos
session more than CO pounds. That is what
makes the small game so costly. In the
western part of the state quail can be pur
chased for 19 cents each, while In this
city they are worth from 40 to 50 cents
"Dear girls,"
Now, he
he said.
ear that." remarked a fair coed.
"My fondness for HlKh.and Park college
is oi recent Dirtn, coniinuea tne unsnown,
out it is none ins ies ueep ana sincere.
It is so deeD that I have nothing left in
my pockets and so sincere thst 1 am sorry
ior it. not tor my uue. out ior yours, i
hope that there were chocolates enough to
go around and that someone will lend me
a car ticket to get home on. Furthermore,
maue several cnanges Park again. In the Brst place. It Is too
in the game laws, the more Important I expensive, and In the second my desire to
of the open seasons being here noted:
Prairie chickens. Auguts 15 to October 1.
Doves. August 1 to September IS.
Plover, July 15 to Beptemlwr 15
Ducks and geese, ik-piember 1 to April
Quail, November 1 to January 1.
In connection with the shooting of quails.
E. F. Haberleln, fish and gams warden,
has Issued a letter which Is as follows:
'In connection herewith I wish to make
suggestion apare the quails this fall to
replenish the supply. Wa hsve but few
quails left, but by allowing them to go un
molested this year the Increase hv lha fni
north of the green all the way from the lowing season should be noteworthy. Let
tee to the green, which is level. u. unlte nd mutu.iiv inH not vm
w mo iui..u nine i. ouall the com nr aeason. Now .ln
no;? was nmuB vy instructor 1 nomas
.O'Neill, . who negotiated a 56 without get
ting a, J on any of tlie short holes. His card
read as follows: 1-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4 3d. He
has made a 35 on the inside nine, thus
totaling a 71 for the course, but these
scores were not made consecutively.
j ne waveiana course is covered wit b a j
splendid turf on every Inch of ground of
the eighteen holes. The growth of blue
grass has been so heavy as to give con
stant employment to twelve men snd
horses and lawn mowers durl.ig this sea
son. Members of the Midlothian, Wheaton
and Glenvlew links of Chicago havs visited
the course and have said that it Is with
out au equal In tho west Insofar aa Its
all game birds are protected by law,
market hunting and shipping can eas
ily be stopped, snd anyone attempting
to evade the law under the pretext of only
buying and shipping rabbits will soon find
himself entangled in the meshes of the
law and come to grief. The law was
amended snd supplemented to put a stop
to market hunting and traffic In game,
and to preserve the same to the ones who
have the most right to it and who feed it,
the farmer, who with his friends can en
Joy It In a sportsmanlike manner."
Knowing ones order Cooks Imperial
Champagne not solely on accounf. vt ths
nams but tbo product,
remain In your good graces Is too strong.
If I am ever tempted to be bad again it
will only be because I want to repeat thla
deligntlul experience, dui irom now on
you can count me a true-oiu Misniander.
The last seen of the stranger he waa eat
ing a chocolate cream which someone had
riven him and trylnr to smile at all ths
Highland Park girla at once from tin rear
platform of a street car.
root Ball Brteaeta.
Tsle men seem to hsve monoeollzed ths
situation in the west. George Woodruff is
at Illinois, Btagg at Chicago and Williams
at Minnesota.
At Sharpe. the veteran Tale halfback
ana now coach of the Penn Charter school
wno lias been a.i official In two of Penn
sylvanla s games this year, says the
Wuakera will beat Harvard.
A Philadelphia paper has renewed the
aiscuaaion as to the relative merits of
foot ball training for the collealate. It
undertakes to show that foot ball players
achieve success after graduation and that
their foot ball training assists them In suc
cessfully fighting the battles of life. The
moaern game of root ball Is of such re
cent aata mat no aata is at hand upon
which t base a claim for or against this
assertion. What is known as foot ball, tn
a general way, has been played In th
I'nlied Slates for several years, but the
mure modern Kugby game is a creature of
recent years snd Its devotees have hardly
been afforded a fair chance as yet to make
a name ior tneniaeivea. Scanning the lis
ot tanious puiyers ot trie put tew years
does not disclose the fact that any of them
have naeii to fame. By this It, Is not to
bs Inferred that many of them' have not
achieved success. She mercautile and pro
teeaiunal fields are full bf f uruisr luoi ball
Carefully brewed thoroughly a ted ttbaoltrrely pure
finest quality private brand rick flavor physicians
prescribe It best of all costa no more.
' Minn U say Bart Omaha. Ceoaell Bltffa sr Beats. Oatahe.
Order a case from the -JETTER BREWING CO.
or LEE MICHELL, Wholesale Dealer, founcil Bluffs. Tel. 80,
or Huxo F. BILZ, IJ24 Douglas Street Telephone 1542.
Dint ll.tSAHSIS'J
j)jm iiM.yii
Whiskey and Beer Habit
Hero Is tho outline of one beautiful
dream that came home from Bt. Louis
with Papa Bill Rourke: The animating
desire of the Eastern and American asso
ciation delegates to control affairs In ths
National Association of Minor Leagues had
Its origin In a scheme whereby the circuits
of the two are to be eventually consult-
dated Into ons great minor league circuit.
This conditlonad on tho Inevitable drift of
the two big leagues toward consolidation.
It seems certain now that the American
and National will consolidate Into one
eight club organization before a second
season has passed. The ruinous competi
tion for both players and patronage has
reduced profits to a point where even the
most enthusiastic advocates of war are
satisfied. The peace pact of last spring was
the first step, the lnterleague series the
second, snd the third Is not very far off.
When this comes to pass Detroit and
Washington will be available for the pur
poses of the Eastern and American asso
ciation schemers. They will then be able
to spring a circuit comprising Jersey City,
Baltimore, Washington snd Toronto In the
east, Buffalo, Detroit, Louisville and Co
lumbus in the west. This will leave In-
Pbysiciaas pronounce drunkenness a disease of tbe nervous system, creating a morbid
cravlog for a stimulant. Continued indulgence in whiskey, beer or wiue eats away the
stomach lining and stupefies tbe digestive organs, thus destroying the diitestlou aud
ruiniiiv the health. No will power' can heal the Inflamed stomach membranes.
"ORRINE" permanently removes the craving for liquor by acting directly oa the
affected nerves, restoring tbs stomach snd 1 ig-estive organs to normal conditions. Improving
tl k appetite and restoring tbe health. No sanitarium treatment necessary j "ORRINE"
rr-n be taken at your own home without publicity. Can be given secretly If desired,
yon direct. I was a common drnnkard for
Mr. K. T. Sims, Brooklyn, N. Y., writes!
"Use my same as a twenty-year drunkard
restored to manhood and health br four
boxes of 'ORRINE.' It Is a wonderful and
marvelous cure for tho drink habit."
Mrs It. Wycliff. New York City, wrltest
"'ORRINE' cured my husband, who was a
steady drunkard for many years. He now
has no desire tot stimulants, bis health is
Eood aud he Is fully restored to manhood,
leased only five boxes of 'OHKINE.' "
Mrs. W. L. D., lielaua, Mont., writes: "I
have waited one year before -wrliinif you
of ths permanent cars of my son. He took
sanitarium treatment, ss welt as other ad
vertised cures, but they all failed uutll we
gave him 'ORRINE.' F.e Is now fully re
stored to health and lias aodeniie foriirlnk."
Mr. U. ti. R., Kansas City, Mo., writes:
"I am satisfied that drunkenness is a dls
Case and tbe worst In the world. 'ORRINE,
is my uoiuion, will cure uoy case if taVsii as
twenty rears, but to-dav 1 am free of an
desire for liquor. You have found tbs spe
cific. God bless yon I" '
Mr. A. K. iu., Atlanta. Gi wrltesi "I wss
born with s love of whiskey and drank it
for thirty-two years. It finally brought ma
to tbs gutter, homeless and friendless. I
wss powerlee to resist the craving and
would steal snd lie to get whlsksv. Four
boxes of 'ORRINK' cured me of all desire
and I now hate the smell of liquor.'
Price t per box, 6 boxes for S3. Mailed la
plain, sealed wrapper bv Orrine Company,
H17 14th street. Wathinaton. D. C. Interest,
lug booklet (sealed! free on reqnest,
cold and recommended by
SIterman & McGcnnsIl DrugGOa 1
Cor. loth and Doc costs., Omaha
dlanapolis, Milwaukee, St. Paul, Minneapo-
lis, Omaha, Kansas City, Dcs Moines and !
Denver available for a new Western league
circuit. The advantage of tuch a combl- J
nation is too easily seen to need any com
ment. While it is only a dream ss yet,
the fans will all hope that It comes true.
It certainly seems the most rational way
out of a bad situation.
Bowling Alleys
Blgfest Brlghest Best.
1313-15 Harney Street
rt rTI""""" ' ' "UWlWl'
1. bp' s
- Always ,
Not Much!
Her crandmother watched a f hadow on the kitchen floor, and guessed
the time. Her mother felt cf the oven and guessed the heat. This
modern, up-to-date woman does neither, for SHU KNOWS.
LTLsi.afa ha a New Moore s Steel Range with a reliable Chen
Thermometer and every facility for cooking with ease and certainty.
Be sure and give us opportunity to show you these before you buy.
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and all Large Stove Dealers.

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