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November 1, 1903.
Carpenter's Letter
(Continued from rage Twelve.)
per cent and there Is a steady sale for our
flour, tools and machinery. There U no
reason why we should not sell cotton and
all porta of food stuffs.
When I visited Eim name years ago the
Oriental was the best hotel. It Is situated
right on the Menam river, with windows
opening; out upon it. There is no glass In
the windows, but the climate is warm the
year round. The only objection I had to
the- place was the lizards; they crawl up
the walls and are liable to drop In one'a
mouth if he sleeps with It open.
I could fill this paper with the oppor
tunities for the American drummer In India.
The field Is enormous. India has more than
three times as many people as the whole
United States and It buys foreign goods to
the amount of almost $1,000,000 a day the
year around. It la one of the great manu
facturing countries of the globe, exporting
more than It buys. It Is a land of big cities.
Calcutta, where the drummer first' lands
If lie goes direct from Singapore, has more
than 1,000,000 inhabitant, and Horn bay.
Where he leaves, has 800,000. Madras, In
southern India, has 500,000 people, and Hal
darabad, in the Interior, Is almost as large.
Lucknow, Benares. Delhi and Lahore have
each more than ao.OflO, and there are twenty
other cities which have more than 100,000
each. Indeed, Hindoostan Is peppered with
towns, and as you cross it on the railroad
from Calcutta to Bombay you strike many
of the principal ones.
We often hear of the poor of India. We
also bear of the rajahs and the multitud
inous rich. The rich want luxuries and the
maaufacturcrs want the best of machinery,
and machine tools. . There is an enormous
number of well-to-do people who can afford
to buy American goods, and, as It is now,
our furniture, jewelry, clocks, watches,
stationery and machinery of all kinds are
The best way to get orders Is to take
samples with you and meet the merchants
In person. You will need an Bast Indian
servant and had better hire him In Cal
cutta. This man will be a tall, straight,
black-whiskered swell, wearing a gown
A FREE came inside
each package of
Lion Oo
60 different games.
2i Feci High.
AMa. tares a Orvst Bi
Tu toe enough to wear
your oottcrown bahy drum s,
w hk' you taut plm and
tan um aad uuburtoa, to your
. ... T JJ wulu
bMutioaan. imiMiM
pofailardual vtfttte. Duittehaa
mi indeetrwellMe head, oid
11 I
aa hair, may eneasa, brown
eyas, aid eotarai uoaj, rea
aiocktuira, Mat ariose, and
will ataad aioae. Itisaaee.
art reueodurtaafi of a liand
parnasd r'ranah DoH ud will
hve U J
dare 1
pasted. Ve wal aim this
1muli fat dull absolutely Free
as a premium toreevlimr only
rvar oozes at fururau unta
and Headache labfats at t
oaau a boa. Wrftetoday and
we will eend Taatrta by mail
Eat paid. Whra aold eead us
money tl ) and we win
and yon uu Life Mu ltoii
whkk ia BH feet kick, and eao
Wear belij eekaiiet. (
If M
vttiain oaa week after repwiuig
the Tabseta, we will aaad who.
the aWl. eta tread stated ete
fcaa hu, aa aa extra presuium
for seeine vara. We sake back
lOaataootaaka, J arums,
Dad Dtft .9. L Itvltvw.OMW
Backed fey Sersnty Years cf Success
Aa lafti Car tar Mail. At alt Srana.
CL H. aiJU'.U, tMtiJ CL.KVtuLA.til, OHIO.
y f 00
l '1
and a turban. He will probably look bet
ter than you do and will add dignity to
your profession. He will Interpret for you
in your business, will wait upon you at the
table at your hotel and sleep In front of
your bedroom door on the floor at night.
Toil will pay him about 0 cents a day and
traveling expenses, but as he will always
take a third or fourth-class car the extras
will not be much. There should be no mis
take about this matter, the American drum
mer cannot get along without such a man.
and he may, In addition, have to have an
extra hand now and then to care for his
sample cases.
The distance from Calcutta to Bombay Is
something like l.ono miles. It Is almost as
far as from New York to Bait I.ake. There
Is a good railroad connecting the two cities,
and the trip can tie easily made. Among
the chief business men of Bombay are the
Pamees, who deal extensively In American
The salesman can stop at Rangoon on his
way to Calcutta, if he takes the British
India line, and this will give him a chance
to work Burmah. Rangoon has about a
quarter of a million population. General
Grant said it was bound to be one of the
greatest ports of the world, and It is fust
becoming so. It is the gateway to a coun
try six times as big as the state of Ohio,
with 10.OCIO.000 and with some of the rich
est soil of the far east, Mandalay, a city
of 183.000, the old capital of Burmah, can
be reached by rail from Rangoon.
Another way to Calcutta ia by way of
Ceylon, where there are about l.WW.OOO peo
ple, including 10.000 Europeans. The chief
port of Ceylon is Colombo, a city of 108,
000, lighted by electricity and having all
modern Improvements. The hotels are
The ordinary American drummer will
go from Bombay to the Gulf of Bites, cross
ing the Red sea and the 8ue canal, thus
making his way Into the Mediterranean.
He can if he wishes stop at the town of
Sues and ship his sample trunks direct to
Cairo by rail. In Cairo he will find a Urge
foreign colony and many native and Greek
merchants who do an enormous trade, not
only with Egypt and interior Africa, but
with different parts of the Mediterranean.
Parts of Cairo are like a European city.
The better hotels charge M and $5 a day
and upward and I bey are well patronised.
There are something like 8,000 Europeans
and Americans in Cairo every winter and
the most of these are rich men who go
thero for their health or pleasure.
Egypt Is In a prosperous condition. It
has been building new railroads and there
are 800 miles of light railway lines on the
Egyptian farms In addition to the' trunk
lines, which do a regular freight and pas
senger business. There Is an electric rail
road In Cairo and one which connects Cairo
with the Pyramid. All sorts of electrical
machinery aie In demand and also mir
hardware and farm tools.
After working Cairo the drummer will
make his way down to Alexandria by rail,
whence he con visit Palestine and Asiatic
Turkey. About one day by steam will bring
him to Jaffa. There Is now a railroad
from Jaffa to Jerusalem and a few hours
there might result in some sales to the
Jews and Turks of that city.
At Beirut, the port for Damaacus, there
1 a good chance to sell American goods.
Our agricultural Implements, leather,
pumps and canned stuffs are said to be In
demand there. Our hardware la much liked
and the country Is such that the American
wind mill is needed.
It Is the same at Smyrna and other
places In Asia Minor and all the ports of
the Mediterranean sea. By the time the
drummer reaches this part of the world
he should have his order book pretty well
filled and he can take boat for Italy or the
Strait of Gibraltar and thence in one week
go directly to New Tork. ,
What They Think of Us
(Continued from Page Three.)
our shores. If she were really our friend
she would send thosa ships down here
and blow these European Invaders out
of the water."
It wj gently suggested to him that the
European powers had other ships which
they could send out.
"What matter? he exclaimed. "The
United Sta'.ea would then gain an alliance
of Venexuela and could defy the world."
The same general was fond of comparing
Bolivar with Washington, greatly to the
detriment of the latter.
"My brother." he once remarked, be
lieves that England Is in the United
States, but I know better "than that, for I
have carefully studied foreign affairs."
Yet he refused to admit that any cities
In the United Btatea were larger than
Caracas, and he said one day:
"I meant to send my son to New York
to be educated, but I decided not to do
so. The place la such a sinkhole of filth
and disease that he would be suro to
At that time Caracas was suffering from
a twin epidemic of yellow fever and enteric
The people were dying like flies, and the
death rate was at least six times as high
as it ever is in an American city.
Life in Hot Water
The highest temperature at which a liv
ing organism can exist Is probably 89 de
grees centigrade, or 101 degrees Fahrenheit.
Thla is the temperature of hot springs, in
which filamentous micro-organisms have
been found by Prof. W. A. Sotchell. He
searched carefully for life in geysers of
Sonoma county, California, which are still
hotter, but was unsuccessful. The limits
of life In water containing silica are con
siderable lower, and they are still lower
in water containing lime. No organisms
were found in acid waters, and all the
strictly thermal organisms are of very
low grade. The cell structure is peculiar,
and the protoplasm must be different from
the ordinary kind, for that would be
coagulated by the heat. The exact nature
of this difference, however, is yet undis
covered. Success.
Wisdom's Whispers
Tell a man he is looking bad and he at
once Imagines he is 111.
Women often are deceived by the way a
man bows to their opinions.
Some men go on the principle that what
ever they do Is sure to be right.
It Is not well to take cluinces when
woman's force of character corner in.
The girl who la in love likes her girl
friends to be made aware of the fact.
When a man Is In love he wants to make
the fact known, but In afraid or appearing
A woman's nerve stands by lier when she
is giving the "social bluff" to another
The woman who sounds her own praises
overlooks the good qualities of other
women. Philadelphia Bulletin.
Call at fee Bheraiaa aV ateCaaaetl Draft Oa.
Oataaa, mr write te 1. Y. Jeaea Ce.. Klatlra. ST. T .
lor a eoa elating trial sacaasa at Dr. Whttotr'a
Narva aud Ktoak Balldar. aaaotutcly rraa. It coatt
r aatatas M My aaaaa nvca to yea ar years.
w Bvople derive from their feed the fall aawaet
af UniUiM m rt J . . . K,
tare lateodea. Tkeaaaada af lad lea aad .u..
""K ae dellzlited te take oa aaere riath mm w..- .
r" ",T'Tr"v aaara. eei incr ae aet
reandad. attractive aanra. bat tber de aet
- - m mm rowci ie eo ae. we wiiai la
IMirden of the proof, knowing If tha trial packaf
doea not nrora cBecttv cannot hope to gala a
. The earn phi win do autre. It will give almost aa
immediate Inrn-aae In appetite; Improve dlgeatioj;
Better rellah of food; better aplrlti; better color;
VZtfZLJ?"""' rnore refreahlag alee and MAKS
Special Tablet No. fnr ladle will aoaltlvelr da
velop tba form and give better color and better
general health Price reduced to 1.00 tor three
weeka treat meat.
The building up of aiy nhralcal raters by th
ef Dr. Whitney's Tablets la a wonder t- ma.
I have been depleted ae lung I am almply delighted
with the result obtained. No one need fear to uaa
thla splendid remerty. aa It I all you represent it,
and more. Any lady winning to write me I shell
be glnd to confirm thla letter, and tell them of other
benefit t mentioned here." Jean 8. Campbell, rf
Norwood Avenue. Cleveland. O.
Dr. Whitney! prenaratlona are for sale la Omaha
by the Sherman McConnell Draft Co.
Rl f X )
Who will be elected?
of "iif 'S..r!?.,M5.'?y? themselves
Stor, Blu RiCorJS iTh fiwltt h,"bhvr:,, " "a " F' 't
la -TwlvreaS? ttiTZfr-W"e f"r Blue Rlbbn bottled exclusively
- r w. j ,
Arc Engraved by tlve
For the Porm and Complexion
aing-ra and w eaten ef fashion for saure than
Wbre w applied M has laatantly absorbed throve
the pores ef tee akin aed It a woaderfa.1 autritioa
feeds the westleft ttaseea,
Reriiovinjrr Wrinkle
tM If hw ssaasrlsi sm. .
. ' , -- -aypra.vjwa,iwj4 wibWI wowing
prel.irat inn hnnsn .a ..ai i - . .. ...
- - --- v mmiicBi wienee inai win
round out hollows In the neck and produce arm.
healthy nh on thin cheeka, arms and hands.
rur IJeveIrrala.e
srbreaaw ehrankea fraas aarettuj It has the klaaeat
a.k..Vi S" '"T" heeatMat,
Reeular aetae ai as . .
j ,1., 7 ie an wee take
wjedeliar. we will aaod twa (!) bo see. ta pUut
A Bsmple lta aad ear Book.
Art af Maaaaaw." folly lllas
tratrd, will be seat free e any
ladv esttdlaa M ceats te say lor
AfiaflUtif MPDM A ffal A HaariawatajfDt tviti
inMsvniiiis ssm lwfiiis--.i lKUU
COMFANV. Oaaaka. Ncsk. ,
A KallrtMul
And Recognized
as the standard passenger line of
the Central Mates. 2.500 miles
of railway In
Ohio, Indiana, Illinois,
Kentucky & Michigan
Write for folders.
Warren J. Lynch, W. P. Deppe,
Uan'l. Pasa. . Asst. Uen'L P.
Ticket AgC 4k T. A.
una rename aaaa or womsa laaneheoanty
4 ,4e. as naaaaaer, ta aslitblt, take orders and so.
peiat asaats far Harriaom'a Olivias ritevva
lot aooaiug aad aaaUna. Vienderfnl In.
vaotiaa. Aalumatioallr csbj.
erases foel gaa from kerosaaa
k miniature Uaa Works. Ab
solutely eale. Knoiasuas da.
maad. Thooaanris sold weakly.
Olwauast, essaaast, aaf est foal.
Oustoairs dellffhted. Onts
locwe IMF.U Wrte todey.
World Mas.
Wests Bid. OlBVBlaaaa, O.
That will bei the burnins question
until the matter is settled on elec
tion day, when doubtless the most pop.
ular and worthy candidate will be
There Is, however, no doubt about
the people's choice of the mottt favor
ite beer they have already selected.
Bottling Department.
Tele, I26Q.
I ' v- ? lv? i "
"lis IFossS
Till lmi .1
( a. CSt
-1 r".

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