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Wheat Gain, Half a Cent in Frio on Good
Yaertalleae for Dtnukti Cora a Little
Higher, with Oata Fellawlas; la
irBMtkr-Market far
Prevlsleas Firm.
CHICAGO. Oct. HI. Small contract storks
and a fond shipping demand were Influence
that created an urgent demand for Ieem
ber wheat today and prices In that tit ruled
tronc December cloning with a gain of He.
Iecembr corn and oats were each a Bhatle
higher, while January provlalona cloned
from 10312HO higher.
There waa a better trade In wheat than
for aome time past and after an easier
opening- the market turned strong and
Srloes were well maintained throughout tke
ay. The opening waa a trifle lower on
easier cable, favorable weather and larger
receipts In the northweat, December being
HmVs lower at HOiBWic. Boon after the
opening commission houses became Active
buyers of December and with tradera show
ing a disposition to hold on to that month
the market quickly turned strong and the
price advanced to 81c within the first hour.
May waa Influenced by the strength In the
nearby delivery and showed a fair advance.
Heavy clearances were a bull factor late
In the session. Just before tke close aome
of the advance wae lost on realising, but
the oloae was strong, with December He
higher at Wuc. Clearances of wheat and
flour were equal ta 6S6.0U0 bushels. Primary
receipt were 1,223 000 bushels, against l.KS,
000 bushels a year ago. Minneapolis and
Dnluth reported receipts of 966 cars, which
with local receipts of 7 cars, none of con
tract grade, made total receipts for the
three points of 1.062 cars, against 772 'cars
last week and 1.002 cars a year sgo.
Early soiling of corn, due to the weakness
Of cables, caused an easier feeling at the
tart, but offerings were light, and when
wheat bea-ao to show signs of strength tke
corn market also became firmer. Trading,
however, was light and prices kept within a
narrow range. December cloned a shade
higher at 44c., after selling between fV?
374o and 44H'ff44Sc. Local receipts were 414
cars, with M of contract grade.
There waa a little selling pressure In oats
at the start along with the weakness In
other grain, but the strength In wheat soon
checked this selling desire, prices remaining
practically stationary. Receipts were fair
with a small Improvement In the shipping
demand. Trading waa dull the entire sen
ator). December ranged between 35c and
8fio, closing a shade higher at 3bo. Local
receipts were 2W cars.
Provisions were firm, the feature of the
trade being covering by a local packer of
January lard and rlb. Prices sdvanced
easily, helped to some extent by the better
tone of the hog market, and the gain was
well maintained, due' to 'Small offerings.
January pork closed 10c higher at 11225,
January lard was also up 10c at I.llOtJ.2H.
While ribs were 12Hc better at 16.40.
Estimated receipts for Monday: Wheat,
106 cars; corn, US cars; oata, 240 cars; hogs,
27,000 head.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Art! a) as. Open. High. Low. Close. Yes'y.
. May
Hm si
43 44
35 W
11 42Sk
12 16
12 25
11 SO
12 20
12 25
11 S)
12 2
12 17
13 SO
12 40
12 20
12 25
I 60
No. X. tNew.
Cash quotations wets as follows '
FLOUR Steady; w nter patents, 14.009
4.20; straights, M.70j?4.1f: mrlrrg . patent?,
4 1061.60; straights, S3.7C3.S; bakers. 12 66
WHKAT--NO. . I spring. 14e: No.-I
spring, 783c: No. 1 red. BlXftWHc.
CORN No. i, 44c: No. t yellow, 4V44e:
OATS-No. t. 36H4c; No. t white, KS7Hc
RYE No. 1 Me.
BARLEY Pair to choice malting, llfrMe.
SEED No. 1 flnx, fort. No. 1 northwest
ern. 96c; prime timothy, J2.90; clover con
tract grade, HO.50W10.rlO. .
PROVlSIONa-Mess nork. per bhl.. Ill M
J11.62H- Lard, per 10) lbs.. Mrg62H
Bhort ribs sides (loni-ei. 17.OC07.6O; short
clear sides (boxed), I7.2;7.50. . .
The following were the receipts of flour
and grain:
r . . Rot".. Blilotr -
Flour, bbls Jfi.v) r1
Wheat, bu 118 600 m v
Corn, bu S71.R0O tt""8V)i
ots, bu , S12.210 :r.jni
rcjre, uu .. !. ZK.tMt
Barley, bu US.) f.i'K)
On the Produce exchange today the but
ter market was easier; creameries, 16s
HHc; dalrle. Hltc. K.irg, rni-at "n...,
cases Included, 19Vj?20Ho. Cheese, steady
to nrtn, at ltHtenc.
Qaotatloas . of the Dar or Varlons
Commodities, '
NEW YORK. Oct. n-FLOI R-Recelpta
J9.098 bbls.; exports. 6,376 l.Mn. : quiet but
firm: a-inter patents, M.0Cft4.35; winter
stralghta, . t3.A54U.10; . Minnesota patn's.
t4tftu4r; winter extras, S3ttft3S40; Minne
sota bakers. I3.764.10; winter low grad s.
S2.8rx63.20. Rye flour, steadv, S3 40: choice
to fancy, $3.i6tf3.6u. Buckwheat flour, qult
St $2 40n2.60.
CORNMKATy-Steady; " yej'ow western,
SI Oil; city, S1.05; klln-drled. .rofiJ2r.
RYE Steady; No. 2 western. 2c nominal
T. o. b., stloBt; state and Jersey. 5ti(U6fc,
BARLKY-Ouiet: feertfni:. 42c r. I. f..
Buffalo; malting, 62(&&!V. c. I. f.. Buffalo
WHEAT Receipts. 1,600 bu.j exports, 25.
(46. bu.; firm: No. 2 red. 8Jc elevator: No.
X red. H74tc f. o. b.. aflnnt: Ka 1 nnrlhm
Duluth, 2s t. o. b., afloat' No. 1 hod!
jvianiitiDB, nominal i. o. D., anoai. irprinna
developed considerable firmness on bul Mh
talk about the utoveinent. light stocks and
room covering. The close a ve y firm
on further covering ond prospects for onlv
a small change In Monday's visible, with
prices HwHo net' higher; May UVfcSWfcc
closed S(o, December. tXStll,'c, -cltsad
7V, o. -
CORN Receipts. SI. 100 bu.; exports, fil.in
bu.; sales. 6.0n0 bu. futures. 48 000 bu spot.
Bpot, firm; No. 2. KJc elevator and &)e
f. o. b., afloat; No. 2 yellow, MVc; No. 2
white, 61c. Options advanced on small
receipts, due to the htavy southwest rsins
and In symnsthy with wheal. The close
was Arm and HfrUc net higher; May closed
4c; December. 61Vc. cloaed 61 He
OATS Receipts. 12R.0O0 bu.; exiorts. T 807
Vu. Byot, Arm; No. 3. 4?c; stnndard white.
Hc; No. S. 4"Hc; No. 2 white iSVtc: No.
S white, 43c: on track. wh1'. 41H445Wic,
HAY Firm; shipping. MQVKc; . good to
choice. S&tfitfSc.
HOPS Steadv; rtt. common to choice,
1!18. 4'oS2c; 112, 2l:?:Hc: olds. (r!2c; Pa
ciflo coast, 19uS..2iac; 1902. 21fi2CVliCj elds.
tf?12c. -
HIDrS 8teadv; Qnlveslnn. 70 to !5 lbs..
ISc; California. 21 to 5 lbs.. 15c; Texas dry,
tl to 30 Ihn . 14c. t
T.KATH KR Steady f acid. J3flIHc.
RICE-Steady; domestic, fair to extra.
4l6c; Jnnnn. romln".
PnnviSION8-He"f. -trsdv; famllv.
Slrt pnnrio 6o; mess, J8(yi-ri: beef h-s.
t: fo;3.00: pscker. rQuVIO.0O: city, rx'ra
Irdla mens. 14 "0. Cut meats, cu'et;
ckled bellies. SVifcMc: pickled shoidrs,
H'lk; pickled hams, llsrljc. l,ard. flre-er:
-estern steameO, S7 2. October cloeed S7 50
Nominal : ' reHn-d. r'eady: continent 17 40;
Tcuth America, ft Ou; eomjolii. $;.7
T 37H- Pork steRdy; famllv. SO; short
clear. tlS iitffU 00. rueas. $13 OfihlS 6a
HUTTER-Steadv; extrn crenmerv. 22Hc:
creamery, common to choice. I'VrrSV; ml
ntlon creamery. lW8c: s'ate dHlry
10c: renovated. lMil7c: factorv. UHWVHc.
CHEESE Strong: state full cream, f.'ncv
-nall colored. Brpternber. HHc: October.
UWc; small white. September. UHc; "co
Ver. HHc: large colored. September. HHc;
October, UHc; Urge white, September, 11 W
EitS rlns: state and Pennsylvania,
fancy mixed 27c; state and Pennsylvania,
fconds to firsts. t2'nS6c: wrs'nrn extras,
rrc; western thirds to seconds. J?4cj west
ern firsts. 25c: refrlgrtor. lsinHc.
TALJW Steady; citv tint per pack
reel, 4H--; countiy (packagrs free), 4HO
lie. . '
I. totals Grata aad PrsTiiissi.
ST. LOC1S. Oct. SI. WHEAT Higher:
No.-t red cuh. elevator, HSc; track, 83
kc: Decemrwr. 88c; May,' SavCSc; No. I
hrd. 7XHe''c
COHN-Higher: No. S cash 40Hc; track.
4; lVcerrber, 40Hc: May, 40Uc.
OATH-Ptrm: No 2 cash. 36Vc. track, 30
fcr;". May, SiV-r; No. 2 white, S'-jc.
HYB Ftrra, 64c.
PlyOl'R Steadv; red winter oatenta S4 OS
extra fancy and stralghu, S37Uu40j;
c'er S3 SV13 &0.
H K V. T Timothy. Slesdy. S! 26-1T2.80.
1'i.hN MFAl-Pteady. S2 .
PROVISION'! Prk, market eaoler: lob
tlng. staadarrl mesa- $11 is. Lard, higher,
S S2H. Baoon. steady; boxed extra sharta,
$8.26, clear rlha, 8 iS, short clear, St M.
HHRA-N Steady ; sacked east traok. It
hAY-8teady; timothy, $7 603n2.0P; prairie,
$ "J10.00.
H KM P TWlNJw-.c.
POULTRY Steady; chickens, 7H;
springs, H; turkeys, 12c; ducks, H;
gxeee. 7Hc
BUTTRH Steady; . creamery, 1822Hc;
dairy, lKlSc.
KOOS tfteady, XI He, loes off.
Receipts. Shipment".
Flour, bbls lO 12.000
Wheat, bu 68.(0 M.Ottl
Corn, bu 26.0OO S 000
Oata, bu 44.000 60,000
Candidas af Trade aad Qnatatlons
Staple aad Faacy rrodnce.
EOG8 Fresh stock, loss off, ?0c.
LIVE POULTRY Hens, 7o7Hc; spring
chickens, 80HHc; rooeters, accoroing to age,
4'yhc; turkeys, lS'lic; ducks, 8H'H-i geese,
BUTTER Packing stock, 13c; choice to
fancy dairy. In tubs, 16lc', separator, 21c.
FRESH FISH-Frrali caught trout, loo;
pickerel, Sc; plko, 10c; percu, sc; buffalo,
VMe; blueflah, 16c; whltefish, 13c; salmon,
lie; haddock, loc; codfish, Uc; reasnapper,
11c; lobsters, boiled, per lb., 70c; lobsters,
green, per lb., .8c; bullheads. 11"; catfish,
14c; black bass, 2v4t&i; nallbut, fcc; crapples,
Uc; herring, tc: white bass, loc; b.uertnn, 8a
OYHTEH8 New York counts, per can.
43c; per gal., S.UO; extra selects, per can,
H6c; per gal.. $1.76; standard, per can, 7c;
per gal., $l.si
BRAN Per ton. $14.60.
HAY Prices quoted by Omaha Whole
sale Dealers association: -Choice No. 1 up
land. $8 00; , No. 1 $7.60: medium,, fl.00;
ooarse, $4.60. Bye straw, $4.60. These prices
are for hay of good color and quality. De
mand fair and receipts light.
CORN 46c '
OATB 38c,
RYE No, , SOe, '
POTATOES Colorado, 780c; Dakota,
per b , 70ijy7Bc; native, (&97uo.
SWEET POTATOES aome grown, per
basket, 76c; Virginias, per -bu. bbl.. $3.0u.
BEANS Home grown, wax, per market
basket, 3fc0o; string, par market basket,
OMATOES Home crown, per basket,
NAVY BEANS per bu., $2.66.
CELERY Small, per dos., 2b36c; large
western, 46c.
ONIONS New home grown, dry, per lb..
Ppanlsh, per crate, $1.60.
CABBAGE Wisconsin Holland, 1H. .
TURNIPS Canada Rutabagas, per lb., lc
' ' - FRUITS.
PRUNES-Itallan, per box, 41.00.
PEARS Colorado and Utah Heifers, S1.7B;
winter Nellls, Si.2&92.M.
APPLES Jonatbbua and Orlmes Ootden.
S3.7tai.W; Michigan stock, W-2S: Call
fornra Bellflowers, per box, $1.60; New York
Oreenlngs and Baldwins, $3.26; eating
yarletiee, $3 W; Oregon stock in bushel
boxes, $1.150L2i.
OHArite-c:aUfornl. Toksys. $1.5; New
York, per 8-lb. basket, S0c; pony Catawbas,
2;c; Imported Malagas, per k? $6.000. 50.
CRANBEltRIKbT Per bbl., $0.60; per box.
$3.09 Wisconsin Bell Burle. $3.60.
ORANOES Muioan, aU sixes, M 00.
LEMONS Camornla tancy, 3u0 to 380
sixan, $4.t0; choice 240 to ill) sises, $4.004.to.
Fias California, per 10-lb. cartons. 800;
Imported Smyrna, 1-crown, 14c; 6-crown,
10c; 7-crown, 18c . , .
I1ATH8-Persian, per box of SO packages,
$2.u0; per lb.. In Ml-ib. boxes, Cc.
BANANA3--Per medium sued bunch, $2.00
f2.60; Jumbo. $J.76&3.26.
CREESE io.iisiu twins, full crciM.
12hc; V lecoiiSin loung Aiuericaa, iV-,
block bwUs,- lut; Wisconsin Luc, l.-tj;
Vvistut.o.a iiinberger, Uc.
HON ti,l tebraaKS, per 24 'rames, libv;
Utah and Colorado, per 84 rames, $8.60,
MAPLE SUGAR Ohio, per lb., 10c.
ClDbH Pet bbl., $6.76; per H-bbL, $3.26.
POPCORN Per lb.. 2Hc; ensued. Hc
HORSE KADitjll-Per case ot 2 dos.,
packed. 80c
NUTS-Walnuts,' No. 1 soft-shell, per lb.,
16c; hard-shell, per lb.. 14c; No. 2 eon-shell,
per lb, lc; ,u, i liard-ahelL per lb., ic;
Jiraiils, per II... HbllHc; filberts per lb.,
life UHc; almonds, sofi-shell, per 10 , lie;
haid-shcll, per 10., Ijc; pecans, large, per
jo., n4jiic; small, per lt.. Hic; peanuts,
per b., tiHn; rvasted peunuut, per lb., 7c;
Chile walnuts, 1.1m 14c; large hickory nuts.
rT bu.. $1.76; shell-barks, per bu., $1.7&9
U0; blsck walnut, per bu., $1.26; eastern
chestnuts, per lb., 14c.
. HIDES No. 1 green, Hc; No. 2 green,
6fcei.No, . salted. Hc; K.o. 2 salted. 6Hcs
1 veal call, j vo ihs., 8Hc; No. I vojI
culf, 12 to 16 lbs., bHc; dry salted hides. i
U'c; sheep pelis, -u;Ce. .lioi'se hlues, $1.6i"u
J.fiO. . .' 1
. '-Cotton Market. ..;; ci,-V,
NEW.' YORK. Oct. Sl.-OTTON-Thti
market Orentd steady, 2 points lower to 2
points higher, the declines being on the
high position, on the failure of snows and
frosts to materialize as predicted, and the
outlook for a heavy movement, while sell
ing was checked by the .reported heavy
rains In the southwest. Following the
call, spot people bought moderately. Eu
rope was operating on the long ride of the
market, and with bull support prices were
generally flint at a net advance of 11 to 14
Futures, firm: November. 10.02c; December.
10.2rt51o.7e; January, lO.WS 10.31c; February,
10 !Sn0.&c; March. 10. 47610. 48c; April. 10.63
triable; May, 10.6041 10.01; June, 10.6. 60 4.;
July. 10.ti3ij lO.'lc. Spot, .quiet: ordlnnry,
T-16c; good ordinary, B'V: low mddMng,
vfce: middling. 10c: good middling. 10 7-lfk-;
middling fair. 10 13-lOc. Receipts, 24,4uS;
stock. 130.W7.
ST. LOU 13. Oct. Sl.-COTTON-Firm. Hs
higher; mtddlirg, lOUc: sales, 4V bales: re
ceipts, 403 bales; shipments,- none; stock,
2.6(3 bales.
limited dnnand: prices unchanged; Amerl-
can mludltng. 5. ,4a me sales of the day
ere 4.ffl tales, of which 400
were for
speculation and export.' and Included 2.800
American; rectints. Z9.jtw bales, an Amer
ican. Futures opened qti'ef end closed
harelv steadv. Amerlran mlddllnr. m. a. c.
November, 5.6rd;, November and December,
6.60d; December and Jnpjmry. 6.485.4td:
January and February, 6.47d; February and
March. 6 4W"S.47d: M.irrh end April, 5.4 d:
Apr' I scd May. 6.4UeS.4Gd; Msy and June,
Kaasaa City Oral aad Provlalona.
KANSAS CITY. Oct 31. WHEAT -Decemberfl'6''raHc"
May. 6?Hi3Hc; c"h
No. 2 hard. 7374c; No. S hard. 70f'(72c; No.
4. SlfltWHc; rejected, 69; No. S red, 82i
82Hc; No. S, 79480c.
CORN-Decemher, !7Hc; May. 37V' Caah
No. 1 mixed. 9Hc; No. 2 white, 29 He; No.
3. 39c.
OATS-No. 3 white,
mixed. 84.
34HS7c; No. 1
RYE No. t. 48Hc
MAY-Choire timothy, $9.60610.00; choice
prairie, $S.u0. - '
m. i i it. rt creamery. lsvfcctaaic; dairy.
fancy. ISc.
EGGS Higher
Mlneouri and
2 whlte-
canes returned. a)4c; new No.
wood cases included, Zrc.
" Receipts. Shipments
Whest. bu SS.SuO 8.!0
Corn, bu .. 16.WO - 10 :01
Oats, bu , 18,000 , I9.00
Rvaporated Apples and Dried Fralts.
APPLES The market continues Arm; re
ceipts are moderate ond demand fair; com
mon quoted at 4&5c; prime at 6'g7o; choice
at 6U(h0le: fancy at 7c.
remain unchanged here, though coast ad
vices Indicate a rather easier feeling among
holders; spot quotations range Sift,o for all
frodes. Aprlcets show little charge either
'I general conditions or prices. Choice are
uuoted Ht f-V, ftflHc : extra choice, lCtflOHo;
fancy. UfrUHc. ' Peaches also ore good;
choice are held at Vta1c; extra choice. 7
fcSHe: fancy, 9V.610HC.
I.lverpant GraJa aad Prarlslons.
steady; No. S red western winter, (a Sd; No.
1 northern sp-lng. no stork; futures dull;
December, 69 6Hd; .March, (s 6d; Msy,
Is $u-d.
CORN Spot, easier; American mixed, 4s
2d; futures dull; November, nominal; De
cember. 4s mo:. January, .
Phlladelahla Predaea Market. '
Owlet snd steady; extra western creamery,
22Hc: extra nearby prints, 24c.
EGGS Firm; good demand; fresh nearby,
IVi loss off; freh western. 2fca29c; fresh
southwestern, 27il28c: fresh southern, Z-QAc.
CHEESE Unchanged.
MilpaskM Grsls Market.
No. 1 northern. 4c: No 2 northern. VJ
S2Hc; December, fOV80'. ,
RYE Steady; No. 1. 66H.
BARLEY Weak; No. 2. 6&c; sample, 409
CORN December, 44c asked. t
Mlaaeaaalls Wheat, Fleer aad Brsa.
cember. 80c; May. T8Hc. On track: No. 1
bard, t2c; No. i northern, Klc.
Itnlath Crala Market.
DfLUTH Oct. SI. WHEAT On track:
No. 1 northern, SI He; N.. 2 northern. 79c;
le emlr. 7o-c; Jdjf, Tic
AU Otttl Lower for iht Week Except Good
Oornfed tod Orims SUert,
Fat Sheep aad Until Trifle Lower
Than Week Age, hat Feeder Sheep
Age Steady, with Old Ewes aad
Light La Bibs Maeh Lawer.
Receipts were:
Ofllclsl Monday.
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
...11.23 1.7W 22.EMG
... S.b.'S 6,103 18.43
... ,163 6.141 M.iii
... 6.147 4,ut$ 12,2')7
... 2,:'!1 $.728 8.146
... 600 3.600 1,134
Ofllclal Tuesday
OlticlRl Wednesday ....
Official Thursday
Ofncial Friday
Official Saturday ......
Week ending Oct. 31
Week ending Oct. 24..
Week ending Oct. 17..
Week ending Oct. 10..
Week ending Oct. S...
Same week laat vetr..
.30, 279
Total, October, 19B 138,264 1U9.4K2 362,1
Total, October, 1S"2 148,038 109.V94 aJ4,882
Total, October, 1901 10,m 150, 7hl
Total, October, 110 103,706 137.646
Total, October. v 128.673 162,176
Total, October, 1KS8 ir?,176 161,400
Total, October, 1897 112.102 106.364
Total, October, 185 S6.730 86,184
Total, October, 1896 81,822 12,722
The following table shews the receipts of
cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha for
the year to date and comparisons wltb last
year: 1903. 1902. Inc. Dec
Cattle S0L766 SlS.tWT 82,068
Hogs 1,862,317 1,866.303 8.88S
Sheep 1.462,901 1.864.608 108,093
Average prices paid tor hogs at South
Omaha for the last several days wltb com
parisons: Data 1 1808. 1M2.1S01. 11900.11806. (1J93.I1SS1.
I 13
I 18
S i
S 73
4 89
4 42
4 s;
4 SI
4 3
t 20
t 161
S 54
S 71
6 11
3 531 3 4
4 35
4 S3
4 SI
I 681
S 64
S 67
S 64
8 62
S 63
S 56
( 64
3 61
S 69
S 64
S 60
8 64
S 52
S 63
3 46
S 41
3 42
S 38
S 38
S 71
6 08,
6 02
4 92
i so!
4 on
4 23
4 20
3 66
S 60
4 93
4 82
4 72!
4 64
4 S4
S (8
S 09
S 70
S 67
S 73
4 20!
4 16
4 621 4 lOj
4 51! 4 15!
4 bSI 4 61
8 71
I 4 131
3 66
S 65
S 56
S 68
S 64
S 62
8 47,
3 64
4 62:
4 61
4 61
4 48
4 IS
4 14
4 131
4 1S
4 10
4 10
4 (8
4 62
4 60;
4 09
4 4
4,031 S 60
Indicate Bundar-
The official number of cars of stock
brought in today by each road was:
Roads. Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
C. M. & St. P 14
Wshnsh ' 1
Missouri Fnclflc Ry .' 18
Union Pacific system
C. & N. W. Ry
F.. E. & M. V. R. R.... 1
C. Bt. P., M. & O. Ry.. ..
ii. et m. Ry
C. B. A g. Ry..
K. C. & St. J
C, R. I. & P. Ry..
C. R. 1. & P Ry.,
Illinois Cenirdl ..
east. .
Total receipts
The dNpofltion of the day's receipts was
as follows, eich lu.. er purchasing ths
number of head Indicated:
Buyers. Cattle.. Hogs. Sheep.
Oinana Packlnrr Co 1 449 .
Swift and Cnrnpanv..... 37 ' 702
Cudahy l'ackiiip Co 9J6
Armour A Co 667 ...
Cudahy from K. C 624 ....
Armour from t). C 637
L. F. Hum 18 ..,
Wolf aV Murnan 4
Other buyers 6
Total 689 S 421 994
CATTLE There were practically no
cattle on snle this morning with which to
make a. test of values. For the week there
In, very little difference In the receipts as
COthnnred ,wlth last week. ' MM there Is a
giln over the snme week' of last year
amounting to- over 8.000 head. For the
month of Ot'lobr receipts have not been
up to the enormous run of a year ago by
about 10,000 head, but they are far In ex
cess of all previous years. The Increase
over October, 1901. amounts to about 29,000
head. .
There has neen only a fair run of corn
fed steers this week and the better grades
In particular have been eenrce. As a
result those kinds are lust shout steady
for the week and could be quoted from
$4.90 to $5.40. Fair to good graden nuch as
sell from $4.60 to $4.Sd may be a trilte lower
but not much. Qulle a few warmed up
cattle are beginning to snow up In the
receipts the same as usual et this tlmeof
the year and are selling to poor advantage.
Thev do not kill out well and consequently
packers prefer the grass steers. Short
fed stuff 111 fact Is hard to sll at any price
and goes mostly from $4 to $4.25.
The cow market Is undoubtedly at the
low point of the season and extremely dull
at the decline The latter part of this
week packers have acted very indifferent
11a apparently nave not Tfirea Whether
they got many cows or not. The threatened
strikes In the canning
departments of the
packing houses may partially explain the
slump in mat riaas 01 cows, our probablv
the heavy receipts of cows st all points
doubtless have more to do with It ss the
better grades have suffered also. The gen
eral run of cows both westerns and natives
I may be quoted-right around a quarter
lower for the week while canners are !tiJ
40c lower. Canners sre selling largely from
11.50 to 81.90. fair to good cows to from
$2 to $2.40 and good to choice from $2.40
to $3. A few corn fed cows are beginning
to arrive, but the same as with short fed
ateers they sre not selling to good ad
vantage ana bring mtie more than grass
cows. There have not been enough of them
on sale so far though to establlnh a market.
Bulls are also considerably lower for the
week In sympathy with cows. Good grass
bulls are now selling around $2 and $2.25.
Veal calves are not much different, the
Ix st grades selling up to $5.
The atocker and feeder n.arket has been
rather uneven all the week. The demand
from the country has not been good and
consequently prices have eased off. The
best grades sre probably 10&15c rower,
while horned feeders and common cattle
of sit descriptions are off 16(fr2oc. The de
mand Is conllned almost entirely to the
csttle showing quality, and as a result
common stuff Is very hard to move at any
The trade on western grass beef steers
bus been In fairly good shape, as the best
grades, surh us sell from $3.90 to $4.50, are
about steady. The medijm and commoner
cradea, though, are undoubtedly a little
lower. Pretty decent cattle are now sell
Ins from $3.1 to $3.60, with common stuff
from $3 down. Western cows and atockers
and feeders are Selling as noted above.
HOGS There via another Mght run of
hogs In sight this morning and the market
opened about a nickel higher. Parkers,
tltonrh, dia not take noia witn any lire,
and did not aeem to be anxious for the
h"gs at the prices asked. After the first
rcund or two they shut down and only of
fered about steady t-rlccs with yesterday.
The bulk of the heavy hogs sold from $4.90
to $4.95. medium weights from $4.96 to $6.05
and lights sold up o t',.2. with a little
bunoh at $5.25. The same hs has been the
rase for some time paxt the trains were
very slow In arriving and the close was
s ow and weak.
The receipts of hogs this week have been
heavier than they were last week, but are
about t.Otw hesd short of the same week
of last year. For the month of October
there has also been rather a light run, as
there Is a decrease as compared with the
same month of lust year, as will be seen
from the above table. The tendency of
prices has been downward this week and
the low point of the year has been reached.
The net toss for the week amounts to
about a dime. Representative sales:
Oct 1....
Oct ....
Oot f....
Oot. 4....
Oct. I....
Oct ....
Oct. 7....
pot ...
Oct. ....
Oct. 10....
Oct. 11..,.
Oct. 12....
Oct IS..,.
Oct. 14....
Oct. 16....
Oct. 18....
Oct 17....
Oct. IS.... I
Oct. !....
Oct. 2o....
Oct. 21....
Oct. 22....
Oct. 23....
Oct. 24. ..
Oct. 25.... I
Oct ....
Oct 27....
Oct. 28....
Oct. 2....i
Oct. T.O....
Oct. 31....
I 2H I 14 75
6 l T 20 68
k 66H 7 S0 69
7 32 67
I K (62
6 ii 7 42
6 41 H 7 89 6 49
6 18 7 28 S3
6 19 7 14 1.1
t U 7 04 14
i 96 6 15
6 30H 30
S7H 7 07
s 43 7 16
& 49H 7 00 b 18
6 3H 6 91 22
6 22S 7 16 t 29
7 02 27
5 llH (23
6 08H 02
I 01 tl 82 t 26
t 16 ( 70 OS
6 14 ( 76 6 to
C 14H ( 74 6 01
71 ( 05
6 18 81
6 08 61 6 89
4 97 61 6 81
4 9?i 69 6 72
4 7H 1 5 67
Ne. . A. Bh. rr No. At. 8a. Pr.
M BM N IN U 3" 1V 4 7Vi
It Itl HI IN (I Ml 44 t 00
4T ... IN IN M tl I M
W IT 12 4 M M 134 SO I 00
to UJ J10 4 SO (2 I) 10 00
4t l ... IN 74 J-'l Ii t 00
M IK IN 44 rt IN t 00
(2 is 1M 4 1 44 M 40 I N
t Iu4 ... in M i4 40 t M
40 M4 1M 4 II 44 tl 14 t 0
t4 J4 II 4 H t !M 40 I 00
4; Ill lu 4 34 M IN i e
2t I?4 li I S& W HI 12 t
44 .1,1 ... 114 t 14 ISO IH
tl Ill 8fr 4 M tl. 144 S 6 04
44 y 4 44 M 110 ... lot
41 VI ei I M II 2J IN IS
IS u 11 I H St 121 41 t 1
It 171 mo I IS 41 Ill to i 11
41 ttT 4 4 M .. 14 IN 6 10
It. It W IH 4 14 IN I I
U k IN I 91 1.. 11 IK
SHEEP There were prsctically no fresh
arrivals of sheep snd lambs here this
morning snd as a result a esv of the
market was not made. For the k re
teijLs have been about the same as fur
last week and a trifle heavier than for ths
corresponding week of last rr. For the
month of Ootober there Is an Increase over
the same month of last year amounting to
more than 16,000 head. The receipts for
October of last year were the largest on
record up to this time, which means that
another record has been broken this year
by a vide margin.
Considering the heavy supplies the mar
ket has been In very satlsfsctory condition.
Packers have bought up the rat stuff In
rood shape all the month, so thst very few
rhlpments were forwarded or carried over
from day to day. As compared with the
close of last week the best grades of fat
sheep nnd lambs are around a dime lower,
with some of the less desirable grades per
haps a little more. Quite a tew lambs
thst a short time sgo were selling for
feeders went to killers this week St prices
that looked considerably lower,- but of
course they were lacking In quality.
Feeder wethers and yearlings 01 aesiraoie
quality are steady for the week, with the
nemana rnllv equal to tne supply, r eeoet
lamhs, however, and particularly the light
weight common kinds, are 15rJ2fo lower
and old ewes have also suffered about ths
ssme amount. The demand from the coun
try. It seems, Is confined very largely to
the better grades.
Quotations for grass stock: Choice west
ern lambs. 94 6018:4.76: fair to roo-1 lambs.
$4.25374.50; choice yearllnga. $3 8OC13.8O; fair
to goon yearlings, $.l.Wiia; cnoice Wern
ers, $3.4003.50; fair to good wethers, I3.1JM9
8.40; good to choice ewes. $2.75fT3.00; fair to
good ewes, $2.602.80: choice feeder 'smba,
84 n04.23: fair to good feedr lambs. $3.28-9
4 00; bsbv lambs. $?60r3 00: feedr veer.
lings, 3.3,rct3.6fi: reeier wetners, B.in.a;
feeder ewes, $1.5082.60; culls, $1.002.00.
Representative sales:
No. At. Pr.
101 Wyoming cull Inmbs $1 2 20
994 Wyoming feeder lambs 48 S 60
Saturday's Vaetatloaa All Klada
Rala Aboat Steady.
CHICAGO. Oct. Sl.-CATTLE Receipts.
300 head; nominal; good to prime steers,
$6.25i7S.66: poor to medium. S3.4CKi24.76: Block
ers and feeders, $2.26!i4.40; cows. $1.2594.26;
neircrs, 12.gu4M.io; canners, luzuvri w; duiis,
$2.004.25; calves, $2.00(5.75; Texas fed
steers, $i75i&3.60; western steers, $3.0004 60.
HOOS Recelnts today. 11.000 head: esti
mated Monday, 80.000; market about steady;
mixed and butchers', t5.0Wt6.45; good to
choice heavy, $4 &f1fS.20: rough heavy, $4.rV
4 85; light, lt.90tW6.36; bulk of sales, $4,864)
SHEEP AND '' LAMBS Receipts, 2.000
ers, $3.00r3.65; fair to choice mixed. $2.00
3.00; western sheep, $2.25ff3.60: native Iambs,
$3.26(56.60; western lambs, $3,504)5.25.
Kansas City LIT Stock Market.
ceipts, 1,000 head. The markets was un
changed: choice export and dressed beef
steers. $4.60f(j6.30; fair to good, $3.5094.50;
Blockers and feeders, $2 104i4.00; western
fed steers, $2.76fr4 25; Texas and Indian
steers, $2.0053.10; Texas cows, $1.2501.76;
pt!ve cows. 81-60413. 20: native heifers. $2.60
3.90; canners. 76c$2.SO; bulls, $1.0OS2.6O;
calves, $1.26ri6.60. Receipts for the week:
Cnttle, 72.600 head; calves, 8,700 head.
HOGS Receipts, ,8.000 head. The market
was strong; top. $5.40; bulk of sales, $4.86i?
6 25; heavy. $80ii612H: mixed packers,
4.n56.25; light. $5 16&4.82H; yorkers, $5 26
fau.40; pics, $6.2065.40. Receipts for the
wet-It. 83.300 head. .
SHEEP Receipts. 1.100 head. The mar
ket was steady: native lambs, $S.25!r?5 25:
western lamba. $2.9035.00; fed ewee, $2,300
3.75: Texas clipped yearlings, $2.6W4.00;
Texas clipped heep. $2,4043.75; Blockers
and feeders. $2.004(X50. Receipts for ths
week, 47,400 head.
St. I -on Is Live Sterl; Market.
ST. LOUIS, Oct. 81 CATTLE Receipts,
8E0 head, Including 300 head of Texans.
The mkrket was steady; native shlpplng
ond export steers, $4.25flT5.40; dressed beef
and butcher steers, $4.004i5.26; steers under
1.000 pounds. $3.605.25; stockers snd feed
ers, $2.50i3.76; cows and heifers. $2.10&tOO;
canners. $1.600 2.00; bulls. $3.0084.tt; calves.
t4.0Oti6.50: Texas nnd Indian steers, $2.26
3.50: cows and feeders. $2.0O2.65.
HOGS Receipts, 1.200 head. The market
was steady to 60 higher; pigs and lights.
$l.'.":gT.35; packers. $f664J6.10; bv'.chera and
be- heavy. $5 00f.40.
SHEEP Receipts, 800 head. The market
was steadv; native muttons, l3.0Mt3.70;
lambs. $4.5096.60: culls and bucks, $2,259
3.75; stockers, $2.5093.00.
!tcw Yerk Live Sleek Market.
NEW YORK. Oct. 81. CATTLE Beeves,
no receipts; no sales reported; dressetj beef
steady; city dressed native Bides extreme
range, reported exports for today. 1,800
beeves, 600 sheep. S.4,00 quarters of beef.
. CALVES Receipts, 44 head: veals, slow
and about steady In price; western calves,
dull nnd loweri mainly western reels Bold
at $4.60'i8.5O: a oar,bt westerns at $3.00; city
dressed veals, 8-6 9c - , M ,
HOOS Receipts, 2,067 head; no sales re-
PsrHrJEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 6.658
head; slow and wtak; lambs lower gener
ally and slow; sheep, 8ff6c; lambs, 6&5e;
dressed mutton, 6(Jic; dreised lambs, ,H
fc lOc. '
St. Jnsenh. Un Staek Market.
BT. JOSEPH, Mo., Oct. 31. CATTLE Re
ceipts. 622 head; market steady; natives.
$3.40(&6.15: cows and heifers, $1.604.40; stock
cm and feeders, $2.4(Vfi3.86.
. , a. , c. rj .int. n ,a h., market ateadv
to 6c higher: llght"'"$5.00.36; medium anil
SHEEP AND LAM BS Receipts, 164 head;
market steady.
gloax City Live Stack Market.
SIOITX CITY. la.. Oct. 81. (Special Tele
gram.) CATTLE Receipts 100 head. Mar
ket steady; beeves. $4.WrT5.20; cows, bul's
and mixed. $2.2OJfS.40; stockers and feeders,
$ 5063.60; calves and yearlings. $2.25S 40.
HOGS Receipts, 2.800 heed. Market strong
to fc higher. Belling at $4.80fj.OB; bulk. $4.86
Stack la Sight.
Following are the receipts of live stock
at the six principal western cities yester
day; .
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Kansas City
St. Ixu!s ,
St. Joseph
Sioux City ........
" 164
..8,872 23.77S . 4.69S
Forelga FIstaaclaL1
tivnnn Oct. . a Money was In keen
demand In the market today. Discounts
were firm, owing to the weakness of New
York exchange and feare of early exports
of gold to the United States. On this point
I he Statlnt observe: "The orlnlon la held
that the amount ot goia ueu '
be moderate." On the stock exchange the
attendance w-ts mertj-r. M'tny operato's
taking advantage or me nne snincr n,
i.,.vj town Rtistnens wss stagnant and
, Cnn.nl, were trresular. Ameri
cana opened dull on the reported Impend
ing siriKe or iron wr . ... rK--tlon
of a poor New York bank statement.
In Mjrre Instances there was an improve
ment, but the market cloeed lifeless The
failure was announced of H. E. Phillips,
s small Jobber in Americans. Bullion
a m .,1 , r, , T T, V In KV (RU WHS W HIOIBWII I I Will
the Bank of England today. 10p.000 of
which was for shipment and 50,000 to
Bouth America. . At
PARIS, Oct. 81 Trading on the bwyrse
nHjv was hesltatlna but calm and closed
Inactive with prlcea fairly strong. The
private rate of discount wan 2 13-18 per
eeni. inree per con - ;
account. Exchange, on London, fsf.ltHc
for checks. .
itcni tu nt i The weakness of vea-
terdav In the New York, Parte and Lon
don n-arkets had no Influence on the mar
kets here today.- Coal. Iron and bank
shares were higher. Exchange on London
2tlm 43pfg for checks. Discount rates;
Short bills. 2 per cent; three months
bills. 4H per cent. . . ,
Weekly Bask tlatesiiat,
NEW YORK, Oct. . The statement of
averages of the clearing nouse oanxs 01
this city for the week shows: Ixans. $911,-
r ... r j. I . , 4. KJA. n.nnalt, 14ftf. 1 .
6!rt, decrease, $4 0i 600; circulation. $469,430,-
0u. lncreaae. $31,800; legale, tue.WH.w. oe
rrlM. II to,? (AMI BOecie. it.wM,nF, or-
crease $7,022.; reserves. $231,678,300. ds
crease! $8.W,r00: reserve required. $zil.404.-
150. decrease. S1.024.dim: surplus. io.ii.iou.
decreuse, $7,670,300; United States deposits.
$19,563,360. decrease. $l.ti,a.
OMAHA, Oct. 81 Bank clearings for ths
Mb are 19 057. 0M. 83. an Increase over the
corresponding week of last year ot $931. 939.54.
Monday $1.54,ls3 70 $1,268,717 81
Tuesday 1,310 462 46 1.128.754 91
Wednesday 1,2 914 48 . 1.197.577 86
Thurwiay .269r7 19 1.126.8, 2
F-rldav 1.832.463 SI 1.118 82 81
Saturday 1,j1;6 ii 1.184.838 16
TotaU $9,067,094 H $8,126,087 89
Hew Yark In perls aad Experts.
NEW YORK. Oct. 81. Totsl Imports of
dry aoods and general merchandise at New
York for the week were valued at $123,-
641 1C6.
Exports of specie front this port for the
week were $94.9u6 silver and $8,000 gold. Im
ports of specie at New Yerk for the week
were $1,101 silver ana ii.3, goia.
Metal Market.
NEW YORK. Oct 81. MET AI A There
were no material cbansea from previous
conditions er prices today, the principal
no l.buii
300 ' 11.000
l.ono $.000
, 850 1.200
, 622 2,279
100 2.8u0
metals being In qnla. demand. The under
tone was steady for copper and spelter, but
easy on tin and dull on Iron. Tin Is quoted
at $26 6?Hfi -87H- Copper, lake, $14; electro
lytic, $13 .71; casting. $1360. Spelter, $6.12H,
Lead, $4 60. Iron, nominal.
ST. LOUIS. Oct. 31 METALS Lead, dull,
$4 26. Spelter, dull. $6 80.
Waal Market.
NEW YORK, Oct. . WOOL Firm; do
tnest It? fleece, 28tjj32c
BOSTON. Oct. $1 WOOI The following
are the quotations for leading description;
Ohio and Pennsylvnnl 1, X. mid above,
H-ltJG&c: No. 1, 32'ri3.V; No. 2. 319.12c; fine
unwnshed. 24(62oc; half blood, unwashed.
2SH126c; three-quarter blood, unwnshed,
2f"82c: quarter blood, unwashed, 26'u25Hc:
fine washed Delslne, 3 Sc. Michigan, X and
above. nbvr : No. I, 2!30c; No. 2. 2li29i:;
fine unwashed, 3l1r22c; quarter blood, un
washed. 24(?!26c; three-eiRhths blood, un
washed, 24i626c; half blood, 1nw.1shed, 246
26c; fine unwashed Delaine. 8233c. Ken
tucky. Indiana, etc., three-eighths Mood,
24ff26e; quarter blood, 24iJ26c; braid, 221i23e.
Territory, Idaho, flne, ItaiSc; fine medium
16tjl7c; medium, 18190; Wyoming, flne, 14f?jf
15c: fine medium, 169l7c; medium, lRHWlOc
Utah, fine medium. 174(i7He; medium, Wit
20c. Dakota fine, l6S16c; fine medium. 16Ht
17HC! medium, 19Sr'.0c. Montana fine choice,
lti20c; flne medium choice. 19i620c; staple,
20o"21c: medium choice. 2o21c. t
BT. IAJU1B. Oct. si. wool-Bteadv: me
dium grades, combing and clothing. 17
20Hc; light flne. 15rl7Hc; heavy fine, 12
HHc; tub-washed, 20t&30c.
IX)NDON, Oct. 31. WOO L Arrivals for
the sixth series of auction sales amount
to 68,789 bales.
Oil Market.
OIL CITY. Oct. 31.-OIL Credit balances.
$1.77; certificates, no bid; shipments. 104 585
bbls.; average, 76.479 bbls.; runs, 84.462 bbls.;
average. 78,224 bbls.; shipments, Lima, 69,723
bbls.; average, 66.501 bbls.; runs, Lima, 70.461
bbls.: average, 68,630 bbls.
SAVANNAH, Oct. 81. OIL Turpentine,
firm. Rosin, firm; A, B, C, $2.30: E, $2.56;
G, $2 66; I. $2.60; M, $3.06; N, $3.60; WO, $3.80;
WW, $4.10.
NEW YORK. Oct. 81. OIL Cottonseed.
86Hc. Petroleum, firm; refined New York.
3c; rnnaaetpnia ana Baltimore, .zt; in
bulk, $6 86. Turpentine, steady. Rosin,
firm; strained common to good, $2. TO.
CoBTee Market.
Rto. firm: No. 7. Invoice. 6Hc: mild, steadv:
Cordova, 7Hfcl2c. Futures opened strong nt
art savance or b"jn points on active and
general demand with Cotton exchange In
terests, supposed to be operating for New
Orleans, heavy buyers. Sales on the call
were 28.000 bags, and dtirins the momlnu-
the entire market ruled Inactive. Cables
were about as usual and there were further
apprehensions as to the growing crop. The
advance caught stop-loss orders and the
market c'.osed firm, net 1520 points higher.
bales were izx.500 bags. Including Novem
ber at 5.5(VffR.70c; December, 6Vf(5.80c; Jan
uary. 6.805.95o: March. 5.9wdn10c: Mav.
C.20r34.30c; July, (.35 6. 40c; September, 6.40tJ
.60C. ,
Sugar and Molasses.
steady: fair refining, SSc; centrifugal. 90
test. 8"4o; moinsses sugar, HC! refined,
quiet; No. 8, 4.35c; No. 7. 4.80c; No. 8, 4 25c;
No. 9. 4.20c; No. 10. 4.16c; No. 11, 4.10c; No.
12, 4.06c; No. 13. 4c; No. 14, 8.95c; confec
tioners' A. 4.60c: mould A. 6c: cut loaf.
6.35c; crushed, 6.56c; powdered, 4.86e; gran
ulated, 4.75c; cubes, 4c.
MOLASSES Steady. New Orleans ODen
kettle, good to choice, 81i342c.
I Dry Goods Market.
market ends the week In a Arm condition
and the volume of business shows a reduc
tion from the comparative activity which
marked the first of the week. Buvlna- Is
conservative and yet there Is Indication In
certain quarters that buyers are milling to
anticipate their needs to a certain extent.
Jobbers are transacting only a moderate
Whisky Market.
PEORIA. Oct. 81. WHISKY Steady on
basis of finished goods, $1.25.
BT. LOUIS. Oct 31. WHISKY steady at
si-si. - . ,
Chicago, oct. si. wiiibiv x on Dsaia
of high wines, steady, $1.26. -CINCINNATI.
Oct. 31WHISKY Distil
lers' finished goods, quiet on basis of $1.26.
Peoria Grata Market. .
PEORIA. Oct. 3L CORN Steady: No. 8.
43Hc; No. 4. 42Hc.
OATS Steady; No. 8 white, 83H?3&c;
No. 4 white, 34 He.
Lamb Killed by Dos;, Dog; Killed by
Maa aad Dog's Owner Look,
lag; for Vengeance.
A feud which bids fair to rival some of
the historic affairs Of old Kentucky and
which has already resulted In two deaths
Is now raging In the vicinity of Twenty
fifth and Leavenworth streets. J. I. Kemp
who runs a feed store near that corner
stayed the last victim yesterday afternoon.
Kemp owned a pet lamb which ha kept
In his barn. Having occasion to visit the
barn yesterday afternoon he discovered ths
lamb lying dead upon the floor and a large
bulldog In the act of devouring it Without
watting to consider the consequences
Kemp produced his pocket knife and
slashed a large gash In the throat of the
canine, which caused Its death In about
two minutes.
A short time later there appeared upon
the scene of Kemp's mercantile operations
one McDonald, an ex pre asms n, who as
serted In loud and threatening language
that ho was the owner of the dog Kemp
killed. He asked for satisfaction for the
death of his constant companion, ths dog.
Kemp told him firmly, but politely, that
he considered the score even.
The expressman departed without taking
any Immediate steps to vent his anger
otherwise than in conversation. He went
to some of ths friends of Kemp after his
departure and told them that he was mak
ing preparations; to get even for the death
of his dog and Intimated that they had
better warn the owner of the lost sheep
that .when he did get even It would be good
and even. As McDonald has a neighbor
hood reputation as a slugger of no mean
ability and on several occasions has at
tempted to whip the entire police force of
Omaha with more or less success, Kemp
called up the police station last night and
remarked over the telephone to Desk Ser
geant Havey that he would prefer that
the police not hold him responsible for
anything he might do In case McDonald
attempted to put his effusive threats Into
execution. The police are now snxlously
awaiting developments, which they expect
to materialize with this morning's sun.
Oae" at the Featares af the Chicago
World's Fair Reaches Its
The sliver statue of Ada Reban, which
formed part of the Montana exhibit at
the Chicago World's fair, arrived in this
city Saturday morning by Wells-Fargo
express from the Barnum Dry Goods com
pany of Topeka, and will be reduced to
silver and alloy Monday by the smelter.
The status Is a beautiful figure of Miss
Rehan In ths pose of justice with sword
nd scales. The figure Is six feet high
snd stands on a globe which surmounted
an eagle with seven feet spread of wings the
whole work being about eight feet high.
The status will weigh over (60 pounds and
the bullion will be worth approximately
$6,000. The silver is of ooln finener.s or
about one-tenth alloy. Ths smelter people
will break up this status Monday and In a
few days ship the remains.
Ths statue when first sxhtblted was ths
object of much admiration and received
a fictitious value mounting up to $100,000.
After the close of ths fair a company was
formed to exhibit the silver Rehan and did
so for soms time, showing her in Omaha
and elsewhere. A dispute arose between
the stockholders and the manager, and
about seven years ago Samuel Barnum of
Topeka was appointed receiver, and over
since It has with the exception of two
short appearances reposed In the basement
of ths dry goods store. Ths stockholders
nally coming to an agreement, a repre
sentative of ths smelter went to Topeka
during the summer and arranged for the
destruction of ths sterling work of art
Proportionately low rates to Salt Lake, Butte,
Spokane and other points.
Call and pet full information-.
Is!. .iL.
a a
Come to our office and I will make a
thorough and scientific KXAM1NA
TION of your ailments FREK OF
CHARGE, an examination that
will disclose your true phynical
condition, without a knowledge of
which you are groping In tne dark,
if you have taken treatment without
success, I will show you why It fii el
I want all ailing men to feel that
they can come to our office freely
for examination and explanation of
their condition without being bound by
. any obligation to take treatment
unless they so desire. Every man.
whether taking treatment or contem
plating same, should take advantage
of this opportunity to learn his true
condition, as I will advise him how to
best regain his health and strength and
unto ripe old age.
and quick cure schemes.
We MAKE NO MISLEADING STATEMENTS or decerttlye propositions to
the afflicted, neither do we promise to cure them IN A FEW PAYS in order
to secure their patronage, but we guarantee n COMPLETE, SAFE and LAST
ING cure in the QUICKEST POS8IBLE TIME, without leaving Injurious
sfter elTects In the svstem. and at the lowest cost possible for HONEST,
end all diseases and weaknesses due to inheritance, evil habits, excessei,' or
the result of specific diseases.
COKStXTATIOK FREE Write If yoa cannot call. Office boors, H a.
ni. to 8 p. m.l Bandars, lO to 1 ealy. ,
Stato Electro-Medical Institute,
1308 Farnam Street, Between 13th and 14th Streets, Omaha, Nob.
Director of Hint MaVei Estimate of Pro
duction bj States of Union.
Estimate of World's Prodactloa Shows
Iacrease la Gold, bat Decrease'
la Amount of Silver from
WASHINGTON. Oct. 31.-Followlng Is ths
approximate distribution by producing
states and territories of the product of gold
and silver In the United States for the
calendar year 1902, as estimated by the di
rector of the mint;
676, IK
State or Territory.
Gold Value.
t 2,600
Alabama ,.
New Mexico
North Carolina
South Carolina
South Dakota .'
Totals 180.000.000 171.757.676
Number of fine ounces of sold la given
ss 3,870,000 and of silver, 66.600.000. This
is an increase of 64.600 ounces over gold, as
compared with 1901, and an Increase of
386,000 ounces of silver. The commercial
value of the silver product Is 129,416,000, ss
against $71,757,776 as coining: value.
Estimate of World's Oatpat.
Following Is the estimate of the director
of the mint of the world's production ot
gold and silver for the calendar year 19J2:
Silver Coin
Country. Gold Value. Value.
I'nlted States S80,000,0u0 !71,7b7."0
Mexico 10,153,1-10 77.8.4,100
Canada 2u.7ll.ls) 6,6u4,a(J0
Africa 89,1124. itio
Australia tll.678.5iM 10,377,lo0
HUk,IK U.KM.tUO 6,;tu0
Austria-Hungary .... 2,171. 3o 2.4.12,1
Germany S2.50J 7,39 V 0)
Norway z,u 2tx.w
Sweden tl.M (
Italy 6i0 1.24600
Spain 10,100 4.781,100
Portugal 1.3LH.SMJ
Greece . l.MXM
Turkey 80, 21.3t
r iniana i.juu ti,.-'
France 4M.000
Great Britain 116 8t0 223.9O0
Argentina 30,0u0 4
Bolivia 4,"ou 16.7Sio.wio
Chile 675.2110 4.611.6"0
Colombia 1.622 600 1,297,000
Ecuador 20.0U0 10.000
Braxll 1.994.&0 v
Venesuela J.4O0
Guiana (British) l.ix.l)
Guiana (Dutch) 322.0)
Guiana (French) 14JO.atO y i;v;;.i
Peru z.aw.iou
Central America 232.m'l.X
Japan 1.287.0o0 ew.,000
China I.731.SHO
Curea 1,500.000
British India 9.5WI.100
Fast Indies (British). 1.027.HO i:
fcast Indies (Dutch).. 6t4.to0 ( 1S2.&00
Totals 1296.llllO.SoO 1215.861.800
As compared with 1901 these figures show
an Increase in the production of gold of
1,723.414 ounces and a decrease of 8.042.M4
ounces In the production of silver. During
the year Africa increased Its gold produc
tion from 438.704 ounces to 1.887,773 ounces
and Australsia Increased its gold produc
tion to 181,678.000. which Is over 11,600,000 In
excess of the production of the United
Ststes, which again takes wood place.
A Cat Sever Bleeds
After Porter s Antiseptic Healing Oil Is sp
plied. Reilevts pain Instantly and heals at
the Bams time, for man or beait. Prloe, its.
City Pass. Agt.,
Farnam St., Omaha
preserve the powers of manhood
It Id not so much of a calamity that man contracts
diseases or weaknesses, but that he neglects t hem
falls to secure the proper treatment for their cure, or
he has experimented with too many free treatment
Tbao All O til era
Tresti all feral at
A Medical Expert
21 Yeers' Experlencs
w ! IS Yosrs In Omahs
N,'rM'000C' tCurt4
vsrleMle. HrSreeelo, Blood Poison, Ktrlrturo,
OUot, H trees DoMlltr. Loss of Rtranstb, an Vital
It 7 sal all lonna et chramo dlKtvi.
TraataMBt r aull. Call or writ. Bex Mi.
Oraos mr HI B. ltta st. Oauka, Moe.
PfiT7 coMLiissiOM
jJ Hd GO. ""'"p0"1'")
WAV $600,000.00
Grain, Provisions,.
Stocks and Bonds i
Largest Frvate Wire System InAmerlca.
150 Branch' Offices In princi
pal northern cities from New
York to Seattle, giving a ser
vlco unexcelled. s
Responsible and Conservative.
175 National and State
Banks are our depositories
and references.
We charge no Interest for carrying;
lone; stocks.
General Offices: N. Y. LIFE BLD'G.
1618 Faraaai St., Omaba, Tel. S407.
Room A
nanhattao Bldf. B.fl
Dealer In
Grain, Provisions, Stocks
Bought and sold for rash or on reasonable
steaibers Issportaat Gickasfii. Irl.
ate "Wires.
Write for out4 dally market letter and pri
vate telegraph cipher mailed free.
Ship Your Grain to. Us.
Best Facilities. Liberal Advances,
l'rompt Returns.
109 Baa Bid. raoae Sbi
Oataha, Nebraska.
Dalath. Wlaalseg.
WEflRE: Gllflltl 00."-
110-111 Board af Trade,
C. W. award, Huiiii. Tel. 161".

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