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Omaha Daily Bee
Bepnblieaiit Carry Pennsylvania, Massachu
aetti and Ohio bj Good Majorities.
George B. McClellan Carries tb City hj
About 70,000 Plwalitj.
Greater fart of JDemeoratio Ticket Carried
with the Head.
u, Hil Doubt Over Effect of Vote la
Maryland, a. Ticket la Hard to
, Coul-Dfmwrali Claim
, Ktatirkr.
NEW YORK, Nov. 8. After a remark
Able campaign, In which there was united
against him nearly all of the newspapers
and practically every minister of religion
In this city, George B. McClellan, son of
the civil war general, was today elected
third mayor of the greater New York over
Beth tow, fuslotiist, the present mayor,
by a plurality of about 70.0H0. Edward M.
Grout was elected comptroller, and Charles
V. Forties president of the board of alder
men. These two men were originally on
the fusion ticket, and were Indorsed by
Tammany, whereupon the fualonist. (took,
tbelr names from the Low ballots-and nom
inated other candidates. It was the nomi
nation of Grout and Fornes by Tammany
that caused Hugh McLaughlin, the veteran
leader of the Kings county democracy, to
bolt and declare that he would not support
men who were not democrats. In spite of
Ms defection, however, McClellan, Grout
and Fornes carried .Kings county. The
'management of their campaign there was
taken over by Stat. Senator Patrick H.
McCarren, when McLaughlin resigned: A
surprise was the low vote for -William 8.
Devery, former chief of police, who ran
on an. independent ticket, which was given
practically no support. This result shows
a tremendous change of public sentiment
since Mayor Low's election two years ago,
when he won by 81,632. At that time he
carried all the boroughs but Queens, his
plurality In Manhattan and the Bronx be
ing 6,668 and Brooklyn 25,767, and In Rich
mond 768. In Queens, Shepard, dem., had a
plurality of 606. Today McClellan carried
Manhattan and the Bronx by about 68.000,
a gain of 63,000; Brooklyn by about 6,000, a
gain of 8,000; aud Queens by about 6,000,
a gain of more than 4,000.
This makes a total net gain for McClel
lan of about 108,000. as compared with Bhep
ard's vote of two year ago. ,
Low carried only one borough Richmond
by about 200 votes. The result was known
early and at 8:15 Mayor Low sent a tele
gram of congratulation' to McClellan, as
follows: '
I congratulate you on your election. If
I can be or service o yon, rJ
me. tSigned.) - BK1H LOW.
. The mayor then aaldi think that tha
telegram suras up all that I ixav-io nay
, tonight.'. '
Colonel McClellan. who Is at present a
member of congress, made tho following
1 am deeply grateful to my fellow cltlxoiia
. ,.r thflr confidence In me. 1 renew the
promises which 1 have made before else
lhav no bitterness of feeling for any
1 shall go at opce to Washington to pre
pare for the extraordinary session and as
I..,.. u. th niiHKtlon of Cuban reciprocity
is disposed of I shall turn my attention to
the Hmurs oi mo cny. .
I Invite the co-operation Of every cltlsen.
whether he aupporieu me or nm sou re
gardlciw of his political views. In the ad'
t nf the city's Brood.
This victory should encourage and unite
all democrats for the presidential contest
In 1904.
Republicans elect entire city and
county ticket at Buffalo. No election for
mayor . this year. At Blnghaiaton the
mayor and entire, republican ticket is
elected. Republicans carry Ithaca. Demo
crats carry Auburn, except for a few minor
Offices. . 1
At Utlea the mayor and whole democratic
city ticket Is elected. Rome electa repub
lican mayor.
At Oswego the democrats elect mayor and
fi a democrat for mayor.
Returns from the state Indicate the elec
tion of republican mayors In (Syracuse,
Rome, Elmtra, Plattsburg, Rochester, Al
bany, Blnghampten, Watertown and
Oneida. -
In Oswego, Schenectady, Troy and Am
sterdam democratic mayors were elected.
Returns from the assembly districts, up
state, Indicate a few gains by the republic
ans, the returns up to 11 p. m. showing
four republican assemblymen In districts
formerly reported by democrats.
In New York county the republicans had
gained one assemblymen, seven districts
tieing unreported. The republicans gained
a state senator In the twenty-third district,
a successor to Charles McClellan. dem.
who resigned to accept a federal appoint
ment The senate holds over and
strongly republican.
Returns at midnight from all assembly
districts of the state give the-republicans
a net gain of six In the assembly, with
' two districts In doubt, thereby Increasing
the republican majority In the state
Harvey Watterson, sua of Colonel Henry
Walter-sou of Louisville, was defeated by
a very close vote In a strongly repub
lican dlMtrlct In Manhattan.
The vote of Brooklyn for mayor, with
four districts missing, give McClellan 101,
439. Low to). 123. i
8YRACl'8K, N. Y., Nov. 1 Alan C.
Fober, rep., elected mayor of Syra
cuse by about 1,400. The entire, republican
ticket, city and county, including four
members of tha assembly, Is elected.
KIM IRA. N. Y.. Nov. 8.-W. T. Coleman.
rep., defeated Mayor Sheehan, dem. En
tire republican county ticket elected.
ALBANY, N. Y., Nov. 3.-Charles H
Cans, rep., was re-elected mayor of
Albany today by a plurality larger tha
that of two years ago, defeating Colonel
William Oorham Rice, formerly United
stales civil service commissioner under
Cleveland. The entire republican city ticket
is elected. ,
BOSTON. Nov. 8. John L. Bates wss re
elected governor of Massachusetts today by
a plurality of about .7,000 over Colonel
William A. Gaston, the democratic caudl
,t dat. With a dosc-n cities and towns to
t hear from Bates had a lead of 82.816, but
I as the mlHHing towns ar all strongly re
I publican, there was every indication at a
r latt hour tonight that the plurality of
the republican candidate would be prac
tically the same as that of last year, al
though the total vote may run higher.
Th It-tflalaluiS remains praotlo&U. (ui-
changed bo far
-tocrata and re-
' the socialist
last year,
publican are com. V
party, which had tin
will be represented by"
from Brockton. The eoc.
v reii oft
considerably from last yeal .
to re-elect Rnresentatlve Ca';
hill, one of the party leader a. ;V
ber of the lower branch of the K'v
for the last five or six years, wa
the feature of the election.
With return complete from every town
and city In the state, the total vote for
governor waa: Bates rep., 199,393; Gaston
dem., 163,544.
COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 8. The republicans
broke their record In Ohio today tn plurali
ties for governor by electing Colonel Myron
T. Herrlck, rep., over Mayor Tom L. John- I
son, dcm., by considerably over 100,000. The I
plurality on joint ballot of over 100 in the I
legislature for the re-election of Senator
Itanna more than triples any previous rec
ord. Senator Foraker has a record-break
ing majority of thirty-five on Joint ballot
for his re-election two years ago and that
for JIanna this year Is three times that
majority. Hanna sucoeeded John Sherman
In the senate March 6, 1897, by appoint
ment from Governor Bushnell and when
Hanna was elected for the unexpired Sher
man term and the full term of six years
ending March 5, 1906, he had only one ma
jority after the most bitter contest that
waa ever waged in an Ohio legislature.
Senator Hanna will have the distinction
of having the largest as well as the small
est majority of any senator elected from
On account of the vote on five consti
tutional amendments the counting was de
layed all over Ohio tonight and when re-
turns were received they could not be com- j
pared with those of any preceding state
election as the seventy-one municipalities
with 6.000 population or over had been re-
dlstiicted under a new municipal code that
wont Into effect this year and changed
the voting precincts In those reorganised
municipalities. Almost all the returns re
ceived were from th'e cities in which .the I
usual rate of gains or losses could not
be definitely determined, but most of them
made such republican gains over their vote
of last April, with which comparisons
could be made as to Indicate that the drift
was with the republicans In the towns
even greater than In the rural districts,
where the republicans were gaining a doxen
to the precinct over the vote of last year,
when the republicans had a plurality of
over 90,000. At the same time the repre
sentatives of the county men, so far r.s
heard from; Indicated that the republican
tidal wave had carried without the close
or doubtful districts and counties for state
senator and representatives so that the
republican majority on Joint ballot was
larger than ever before.
As early as 10 o'clock Interest slackened,
sji there was rt longer any doubt about
the result and the only question was as to
the site of the state plurality and the ma
jority on Joint ballot for senator. It is
said that the democrats who opposed John
son today will continue their organisation
to prevent him from controlling the next I
,v ViT V w" nominating i
the Ohio delegates at large to the next
umnuUTBUO Convention.
, viiNwAIl. u., NOV. Ona hundred I
prerfnots In Ohio. -twt lncludmsr y rftylrf Low la the effect of t he ' result" of the
or s.twi inn&Dltant or over, give 'Herrlck I
15,643. Johnson ' 8,852. Earn in 190B gave
.. uigeiow s,4is. Net repub- I
Mean gain, 1,127. I
Complete returns from the city of Cln-lhls
clnnatl give Herrlck 44,149, Johnson 17,835, a I
plurality for Herrlck of 16,814. making a
republican gain of over 11,000. The entire
repuoiican ticket of Hamilton county la
elected. Including three senators and ten
Therepubllcans carried every on of the
twenty-rour wards of the city,
wu&ixj. Nov. s. Mayor Jones today Is-
sued a signed statement in which he says:
"It will be next to a miracle If the John-
son legislative ticket In .this county in
elected. It Is a question1 between demo-
crats and Jones followers." Jones also
prophesies that "there will never again
be elected a democrat or other party can-
didat as president of the United States,
save a representative of the machine now
In power."
t'uuvjsuAWjj, jmov. I. At 10:16 p. m.
Senator1 Foraker telegraphed Senator
Hanna his congratulations from Clncln-
natl. Senator Foraker said that 'Hamilton
county would give a republican plurality
of about 80,000. At the same hour Elmer
Dover, Hanna's private secretary estl-
mated that the republicans will have a
majority" of eighty tn th legislature on
Joint ballot.
RICHMOND, Va., Nov. 8.-The election in
Virginia for assembly . has resulted In a
democratic sweep of the state. There were
few contests, the fields as a rule being left
open to the democrats. At 11:80 the out
come at the hardest fought points was still
undecided. 8urnr1ses. however o nn. i
the defeat of the democratic nominees In
Botetourt and Fredericksburg.
Th vote generally was light, belne- In
Richmond, for example, about 25 Der cent
of the registration. A fierce fight between
democrats, one with and the other without
the endorsement of the state committee for
the treasurershlp of Henrico county, was a
feature of the election and led to a heavy
vote In that county. At 11:30 o'clock the
Indications favor the election of the man
without the endorsement.
, c, i-wiui repuDiicans ana
fT" c,a,mln election of Jus-
t lia fatr tha sat 1 rtsA I sa tfimi a sa a
Lr, 2 " ..
... - . . . iimi
the result will be close. ' Conservative re
publicans estimate the plurality of Wilson.
dem., ever Campbell, rep.. In Denver at
about 6,000. No returns received yet,
Chairman Fowler of th republican state
central committee claims the election of
Campbell for Justice of the supreme court
by 6,600. At democratic headquarters it Is
claimed that Wilson, dem., will have a
small plurality In the state.
LEADVILLB. Colo., Nov. 8.-Twetve pre-
. . . i i w.
" -c. tfV """"'
CAMDEN. N. J.. Nov. 8. Four demo.
oratio eiectum "' auegeo re-
pester wers unwira mrw tuuay. -in lor-
mer wr arre.tea o .u- ,ney rerusea 10
aooepi me voir. u. .r......
NEWARK. N. J Nov. S.-A light vot
waa cast In all parts of New Jersey ex-
ceptlng Jersey City. Hoboken, Paterson and
a few other cltle In which mayors went
voted for. it Is a foregone conclusion that
the republicans win control oom nouss. of
the immature.
tlghty-or.e voting Diamine war tried
In th stat. They ail appear U bav
worked satisfactorily,
Election in Hew York Plaoes Him Tinner at
Head ef Tammany.
Carrying; of Braoklya for McClellan
Caased Great Astontehment
Hay Prove to Be Downfall
of McLaughlin.
NEW YORK, Nov. 8. The victory In
this city, great as It Is for McClellan, Is
of more significance to Mr. Murphy, who
made up the democratic ticket, and who
managed the campaign. Defeat today
would have meant for him deposition from
his post as leader, with all Its powers and
opportunties, and the accession to control
of another faction. Indeed, plans had been
made by certain Independent democrats,
based on the belief that Low would be re
elected, to reorganise the democracy of the
To Mr. McCarren, bIao, the result meant
much, for had Mr. McClellan lost, Mc
Laughlin would 'again have been In control,
and McCarren and his friends would have
had little to hope for. The carrying of
Brooklyn for McClellan caused astonish
ment, as It was believed the cry of "No
red lights In Brooklyn" would cause an
Increased vote for 1aw In that borough.
The campaign was one of the mont In
teresting In the history of New York.
From the day Mayor Low was renomi
nated his supporters urged his re-election,
on the ground that no partisan question
was Involved,' but that every man' should
vote to uphold the existing administration,
because It had given the city a business
like conduct of affairs, and because It had
done much to stamp out the "red light"
evil of the east side.
Bitter Fight on McClellan,
It was argued by fuslonlst orators that
the return of Tammany men to office
would mean a ' "wide open town," unre-
stricted lawlessness, and the renewed ter
rors of the infamous system by which ig
norant girls were forced Into lives 'of
shame, 'their earnings going to men whom
they supposed to be' their husbands. Mr.
McClellan wis attacked by the speakers
for the fuslonlsts becauBe they tilleged
he had sold the name of his honored
father to cloak the designs of evil men.
To these statements the democrats re
sponded with the charge that Low's non
partisan claims masked an attempt to ke
cure control of the city In the Interest of
Governor Odell; that all the credit for the
800a U8'" administration unaer ixw oe
longed to Grout, who waa on the demo
cratic ticket, and that every democrat
should cast his ballot for McClellan in view
of the important bearing this city's vote
would have on the presidential election next
Both candidates made nightly speeches.
Low's principal supporting orator was Dis
trict Attorney Jerome, who bitterly op
posed the mayor's , renominatlon on the
ground that he was unpopular, but who.
,, in.nn ...,.,.
quent ,peeches for the fusion ticket. For
McClellan Bourke Cochran returned 'to
lnnl1Hni.t antlvKW Anil m.A bwml MvAu.Kaa
Scarcelv second In Interest tn tha WM
vote on tha fortunes of Huch McLanirhlin
who for more than a quarter of a century
had been the undisputed leader of the Kings
county democracy and who now finds that
former lieutenant. McCarren. waa able
to so manage McClellan'S candidacy that a
I democratic plurality resulted In spite of
I McLaughlin's spirited opposition. What the
I result of the situation will be cannot be
I LOUISVILLE, Xy., Nov. 8 With the
I close of an election characterised by an
I unusually heavy vote, numerous disorders
I and evidences of many gross Irregularities
I the re-election of Governor Beckham, dem.,
I over Colonel Norris B. Belknap, rep., by a
I majority of fully 15,000, seems assured. The
I republicans concede the election of Gover-
nor Beckham.
The day In Louisville -;ras an exciting one
and the election was bitterly fought. The
republican managers claim they have
proofs that In thirty-two precincts In this
c,tv the polling places In republican pre-
clnts were either kept closed all or a part
of the time or removed to obscure placer
They also charge ballot box stuffing, the
forcible ejection of republican officials and
I the Intimidation of negro voters by the
I policemen and firemen of the present demo-
cratlc city administration
These conditions led to many fights, the
most serious of which occurred between
Tom Kliey, a democratic election officer,
and Jacob Krleger, a republican Officer.
The men used pistols and Kiley Was serl
ously wounded.
Of the 119 counties tn the state returns
have been received from thirty-eight
These give Beckham 65,054 and Belknap
86,770. Over forty of these counties are
reraote' ow ot them Deln" nearly two
I Qa ,rom 'PU" r wiegrapn wires.
Louisville ana jenerson county gave Beck
ham 5 800 majority over Belknap In rojind
1 numDerBi
I Yerkes, rep., carnea lmisviuo and Jef
erBon county at the last gubernatorial
election by 6.100. This gain of 10,000 votes
added to Beckham's majority of 8,500 at the
,aBt election Insures htm a majority of
U600 If all the other counties In the state
duplicate the vote of he last gubernatorial
election. Beckham, however, has made a
total gain ot nearly 8,000 in his total vote
from the twenty odd counties heard from,
i . .,nain i... ...
nUhed republican njajorlty and will
1 probably duplicate It this year. Returns
from that district will not be completed
before Thursday night. . Beckham's ma
Jorlty outside the Eleventh district Is s
tlmated at 85.000. None of the counties in
the district has been heard from.
PHILA DELPHI A. Nov. 8-The po
closed In Pennsylvania at 7 p. m. Informs
"""'Vr.... ,1 "ICS.. Z -" !
I UlUltata ,' t iiaav ua civ-uwii w cex i iiii
prevailed th. vote was unusually light,
owing to the lark of Interest In the con
test. The republican state ticket was
sleeted by a majority exceeding 150,000. '
Reuben Moon, rep., was elected to
congress from the Fourth district, to fill the
vacancy caused by the death of Robert H,
roerderer. rep. Mr. Moon's opponent was
i jla(ji in(, dem.
1 x th. candidate, on the republican city
t,ckjt wefe tleotea today by ,h uua, ,arB4
republican plurality. Although the vote
ponej wa, not heavy the official figures
wm ,howva plurality for the several can-
atdate of probably tr.ore then 100,000. The
successful candidates are: Judge common
piea court No. 8. Robert Von Moschilsker
I )Udge common pleas court No. 4, William
Wllklns Carr. a democrat, who was noml
I nated by both republican an-l democrats
JdUtriei attorney. John C. Bell; city trsaa-
urer, Henry R. Shock! register of wills,
Joseph H. Klemmer.
Reuben -O. Moon, rep., was elected
te congress from the Fourth district, to nil
the vacancy caused by the death of Rob
ert H. Foerderer, rep.
The candidates on the republican state
ticket for state treasurer, auditor general
nd two Judges of the superl ir court car
ried the city by, pluralities as large as that
ven the local candidates.
The election was ana f the quietest held
here In years. There wre no factional dif
ferences In the republican ranks, but tho
democrats were dlvld"d. t'.ic bolting faction
tyling Itself "the Independanoe party." The
vote of the independence party was not
PITTSBURG, Nov, I. Returns from Al
legheny county are very slow coming In.
At 8:30 the county chairman of the cltisens-
republloan-democratlc fsslon said the eltl
sens would carry the tounty by between
10.000 and 12,000. The republican, chairman
will not make an estimate at this hour.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 8. The city
complete gives Ma then, rep., for state
treasurer, 163,316; Hill, dera., 26,767;' Patton,
pro., 1.154; Smith, soc, 2,766. Republican
plurality, 136.549.
The election in the 1bnrth cnnflrresiitnnnl
district to fill the vacancy caused by the
death of Robert H. Foerderer resulted:
Moon, rep.. 17,567; Raft Ind., 2,280; Ress
ler, pro., 262.
BALTIMORE. Nov. l-At 10:30 p. m. no
fficlal returns have been received from a
single one of the 308 prerlncts of Baltimore
city, nor from any onaf of the twenty-four
counties of the state. This is due to the
great length of the ballot. The indications
are that complete returns cannot be re
ceived tonight and that the result of the
state election will not be known until to
morrow. Reports from nine precincts show a demo
cratic gain of 28 votefs
At 1 o'clock this morning the returns
from Baltimore city and the Maryland
counties are meager, owing to .the length
of the ballot, and therefor It Is impossible
to accurately estimate the result. The in
dications, however, point to the election
of Edwin Warneld, dem., as governor, over
Stevenson A. Williams! rep.; and that the
legislature, which elects a United States
senator, will also be (democratic Up to
this hour' returns havej been received from
only forty of the 308 precincts tn Baltimore
city and only scattering returns from the
Ltering retur
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. S.-Incomplete
returns received up to 9:30 p. m. indicate the
probable re-election of, Schmtts, the union
labor candidate for mayor, by a email
plur- ty, Partial returns from 117 pre
cincts give Schmlts
l,f; Lane, dem., 7G6.
450; Crocker, rep.,
Nov. 8. W. J. Has-
sett, dem., was elected mayor of Sacra
mcnto over Albert Ellam, rep., by from GOO
8ALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 8. Incomplete
returns from three precincts show heavy
democratic gains and, Indicate the election
of Norris, dem., for riavor. The .vote was
very heavy, lt.irMJT-'VrUWv--nd re
turns will be late. . 't
Returns from thirteen ot th fifty-two
election precincts give Knox., rep., for
mayor, 1,936; Morris, dem., 2,280. The re
turns Indicate Morris' election by at least
1,000 plurality. '
NEW HAVEN. ' Conn.. Nov, (.-Mayor
Charters, the labor candidate. Is re-elected
in Anson la by 40 votes. Indications point
to the re-election of Dennis Mulvihlll, the
"Stoker" mayor, dem., at Bridgeport.
K-rrlsoa Goes RepablleM.
LOGAN, la., Nov. 8. (Special Telegram.)
Republicans have surely elected a full
county ticket In Harrison county. Over
half, of the returns are In, ehowlng big
majorities, .and electing Kling, representa
tive; Edgecomb, supervisor; Ogden, treas
urer; Shlnn, sheriff; Bralnard, superin
tendent; Huff, surveyor; Hosbrook, coroner.
Woodbury County Republican. ,
SIOUX CITY, la., Nov. 8. (Special Tele
gram.) Woodbury county goes republican
by about l.oOO. The only possibility of a
break Is on the senatorship, A. 8. Garret
son, dem., giving John H. Jackson, rep.,
a close rub, and is likely to win out.
Local College Eleven Will Thereby
Meaaare Power, with University
of Nebraska Team.
As showing the relative strength ot th
Crelghton and University of Nebraska foot
ball elevens, local foot ball enthusiasts are
looking forward .with Interest to the game
between Crelghton and the Haskell In
dians In this city Saturday.
The Haskell Indians were defeated by
the score of 17 to 0 by the Comhuskers.
Crelghton has no hopes of a victory, but
the question Is how low can the score be
kept. The Haskells are a whirlwind In
both defense and offense and Crelghton
will have Its hands full. It Is expected
that Captain Callahan will be back In the
game and he will be able to direct the
team to the satisfaction of Its supporters.
As Crelghton will not play the University
of Nebraska, the game Saturday with the
Haskells will give local foot ball enthusl
asts some Idea of the relative strength of
the Crelghton team a. compared with the
university team.
Mr.. Mettle O. Molhern of Reyaolds-
vllle, Pennsylvania, I. Believed
to Be la llebrnskn.
Relatives of Mrs. Mattle G. Mulhem.twho
lately resided at Re noldville, Pa., be
llev the woman and her thnw children are
now somewhere In Nebrask. Under date
of -October 80, a letter was written to the
chief of police requesting him to enlist the
service of tlje several police force, of the
state and the newspapers In locating th
missing woman. The letter Intimates that
Mrs. Mulhern Is suffering from a slight
mental .liberation and fear is expressed
that the children may com. to harm. It Is
also cited in the letter that on the death
of her husband, some months ago, Mrs
Mulhern drew several thousand dollar, in
life Insurance, which she took with her
when she departed from Reynoldsville,
August 17. Acting Chief Mostyn has taken
steps to give the matter a. much publicity
iiuwusuuui iuu mm yuMlDie. '
Argentlnn Aaarehtat Arrested.
BARCELONA, Nov. 1. Jean Casedemont,
an anarchist, who had been expelled from
th Argentine republic, and waa on his
way to Baragossa, was arrtwUd en board
a steamer her today.
Republican State Ticket is Elected hj
Large Majority.
A. Resalt the Vote Is Heavier Than
Expected, Tha. Increasing Ma
jority for Baecessfnl Ticket
Over Estimates.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
DES MOINES, la., Nov. 8. (Special Tele
gram.) At midnight the returns for the I
state of Iowa Indicate that Cummins, can
didate for governor on the republican state
ticket, was elected by about 60,01)0 majority
over Sullivan. Returns have come In
slower than usual, as not Over one-fourth
of the state was heard from tonight. Gov
ernor Cummins estimates his majority at
about the figures given, but the demo
crats, with fewer precincts hesrd from,
Insist that the republican majority Is not
above 40,000.
The returns from 400 precincts show that
th democratic) gain was about 13 to a
precinct, which would make the republican
estimate about right. In these precincts
Cummins gets 40.943 and Sullivan 88,046.
The Cummins vote Is about as It was two
years ago. but th democrats have polled
a fuller vote than before. Ther was much
scratching done, v
In the legislative districts the democrats
have poHHlhly made slight gains. They
had seventeen In the house last year, and
claim twenty-five this year, but the re
publicans do not concede over twenty.
Thomas Stapleton was elected senator
by democrats In the Iowa-Johnson district.
In the Bremer-Butler senatorial dlBtrlot
the democrats elected John Wade over E.
W. Soesbe.
In Hardin county, where there was fac
tional fighting, William Weldon Bolting,
rep., was elected over Mark Furry, regular
nominee. In the Wlnneba go-Worth district
Oleson was elected over Miller In th same
In O'Brien county George Whltmer was
elected over Donahue.
In Cass county the democrats elected
Delano over Pipper. The republicans car
ried Scott county, which was close.
On 430 precincts In Iowa the Vote is:
Cummins, 62,561; Sullivan, 84,111, or a total
loss to Cummins of 4,205, which is loss than
10 to a precinct. These returns also Indi
cate the total vote ot the state at about
400,000. .
DES MOINES, Nov. 8. (Special) Elec
tton day in Iowa waa a pleasant one and
generally favorable to a good vote. The
morning opened cloudy and" with threats
of rain, and th. night previous rain fell In
a large part of the state. As th. day
progressed the sun came out and reports
from nearly every part of the stat. in
dicated that the day wa. a good on for
yotlng. Th democrat had been hoping
for a wet and disagreeable day, claiming
that would be to their advantage, but
the day was more favorable to a full vote
and fair . expression , of opinion. Tha re
turns, however. Indicate that the vote was
not as full aa. expected and only in a few
counties jmum there, sufflniert -local. joit
merit to make th voter turn but. In many
counties of the state the falling oft in the
vote was marked.
.The returns . Indicate that the repub
licans have held their own pretty well and
their total vote will compare favorably
with that of two years ago, when they
cast 226,000 votes. The entire vote at that
time waa about 890,000. The vote last year
moved up about 6,000. This afternoon Gov
ernor Cummins estimated that his vote
would be about the same as two years
ago and that he would have about .'.0,000
plurality, which is the normal plurality of
the party In the state at this time. He
estimated that the democratic vote, be
cause of the personal popularity of the
candidate, and for other reasons, would
be at least 15,000 more than two year. ago.
Returns tonight Indicate that these figures 1
are not far from right.
In this city and county ther was no
local contest and the voting was dull end
Incomplete. A . great many republicans
bolted the ticket because of the all but
open bolt of a number of "stand-patters"
on the head of th. ticket and the deter
mination to cut down the Cummins ma
jority aa a personal affront to him. The
plurality on the state ticket will not reach
that of two years ago by at least 1.500
Returns are meager-and unsatisfactory be
cause of the lack of local Interest.
Congressman J. A. T. Hull and Governor
Cummin, walked to the polls together and
would have voted at the same time In the
same precinct but the congressman made
th discovery that he was not registered.
He had been too busy making speeches to
register and he had forgot that he lost
his vote last year by remaining In New
York tn charge ot the congressional cam
paign. DES MOINES, Nov. 8. Returns received
up to midnight Indicate the re-election of
Governor Cummins by a plurality of 60,000
and some of his associates on th. repub
lican ticket by substantial pluralities. At
democratic headquarters so large a plur
ality is not admitted. The legislature re
turns, although not complete. Indicate lit
tle change from two years ago, when the
house contained eighty-two republican, and
eighteen democrats, and thesenate forty
republicans and ten democrats. Th. demo
crat, may gain two or three members of
th. house.
The following statement, were made at
Governor Cummins Ihad estimated I
would receive a plurality of 60,000 and did
not see how I could go above that. How
ever, If th. present rat. la kept up I
will go higher.
Chairman Bpecnse, of' the Republican
Committee The returns are coming In
slowly and it Is impossible to estimate the
character of the legislature at thl. time.
I had expected a plurality of 60,000 for
Cummins, but the Indications to at least
Chairman Jackson, of th democratic
committee "I still hold that Cummin.'
plurality will not b over 80.000. W. win
several members of th. legislature."
J. B. Sullivan, democratic candidate for
governor, at his home in Creston tonight,
without giving figures, expressed a belief
that th democrats bad mad a gain over
two years ago, when Cummins was elected
by 88,000. and expressed satisfaction with
th. outcome of the campaign.
BURLINGTON, la-. Nov. 1-Sulllvan,
dem., for governor, will carry De. Moines
county by about 200 plurality. Two years
ago Cummins, rep., carried the county by
14 plurality.
CRESTON. Ia., Nov. t The city com
plete give. Cummins 774. Sullivan 714, a
net democratic gain of 175 over la.t year.
This Is Mr. Sullivan', hom. city.
DAVENPORT, la., Nov. 8 Returns from
156 precincts In Scott county show that th
democrats carried the county by 6tO plura
lity against 182 democratic plurality last
Forecast for Nebraska Rnln Wednesday
and Thursday; Cooler Thursday.
Temperature at Omaha Yeaterdsyl
Hoar. Dear. Hoar. Dear.
S a. an 54 ' 1 p. m "t
a i. i p.
T a. as...... n.'t a p. m "
a. m M 4 p. sn 61
9 a. m Ail B p. Rtt
lO a. an n e p. an...... R
It a. as 54 T p. m...... (Ml
111 an.... M M p. m
B p. m 5
Most Important Member Is Considered
Especially Favorable t- tho
tnlted States.
ROME. Nov. I Th new Italian cabinet
Is composed as follows: Slgnor Ololelti,
premier and minister of the Interior; Slg
nor Tlttonl, minister of foreign affairs;
Slgnor Ktnchettl, minister of Justice;
Slgnor Lutxuttl, minister of the treasury;
Slgnor Roseno, minister of finance; Gen
eral Penottl, minister ot war; Admiral
Mlrabello, minister of marine; Slgnor Or
lando, minister of public Instruction;
Slgnor Tedesco, minister of public works;
Slgnor Rava, minister of agriculture; Slg
nor Stellutiscala, minister of poets and
telegraphs. The ministers took th oath
today. Slgnor Luxtattl is th most Impor
tant among th members of the new cabi
net). He Is especially a friend of the
United States. Speaking of Americans, he
Th.v are the rtennle who alone In the
economic field challenge the world, while
all countries, ours included, ask now snuu
we be able to relft their power, which is
unreachable, inviolable and uncoerclble,
being welded together In a free and glo
rious nation, the richest In variety of
races. i
tat Is Well Cared For as to Loca
tion at St. Louis, Bay.
"The snac reserved for Nebraska In the
education building at the Louisiana Pur
chase exposition is a choice one," says Su
perintendent Pearse, who has Just returnea
from St. Louis. "It Is thirty feet square
and In an excellent location. This is the
Orst world's fslr to have a whole building
dedicated to education and the .tructure
Is large and Imposing. Although planned
to be as large as the machinery and elec
trical buildings. It has been found neces
sary to enlarge It by covering a large open
"With th exception of New York, Chi
lago. St. Louis and possibly Cleveland, the
cities will not be allowed Individual ex
hibitious. Therefore the showing by the
Omaha public schools must be made In
connection with the Nebraska exhibit, of
which Prof. Barber of the university ha.
charge. Until I have consulted with htm
and given mora7 thought to th matter I
cannot tell Just what the Omaha schools
will send. A great deal depends upon the
apace that will be allotted to us.
"Work on the exposition I. progressing
satisfactorily and every Indication point,
to the greatest fair In the history ot the
Man front C'blcno Arrested In
tLonl for Killing an
' , OiSeer.
ST. LOUIS. Nov. 8 Detectives arrested a
couple giving their names as George end
Maude Dolle on the street here last Satur
day, and after close examlnstlon at police
headquarters they were taken to Chicago
tonight, where Dolle will answereharge of
murder and with assault to kill. Burglar
tools were found in the room occupied by
the couple here.
"My husband hates policemen and has a
hobby of shooting them," said Mrs. Dolle
at police headquarters, "and It is a wonder
to me ho did not resist arrest." .
Dolle had a big dirk knife on his person
when arrested. He deplored the fact that
he had no revolver.
Telegrams have been received by Chief
of Police KMy saying that Dolle Is wanted
In Evansvllle, Ind., for burglary and Jail
breaking, and In Cincinnati for a daring
diamond robbery. The charge, in Chicago
against Dolle are that he killed a policeman
and wpunded another in resisting' arrest,
and escaped to St. Louis a month ago.
rdnaneo Officer of tho Battleship
Malaa Die. a. Re.nlt of
v a Fall.
NEWPORT, R. I., Nov. 8. Lieutenant
Albert M. Beecher of Dodge City, Kas.
ordnance officer of the battleship Maine,
fell from the forward turret tn the hand
ling room, a distance of forty feet, today
and died an hour later without regaining
At the time of th. accident the battle
ship was oft Gay Head, en route for Me
nemsha Light, to engage In target prac
tice. 'Lieutenant Beecher was examining
articles of ordnance when he lost his bal
a nee and pitched head foremost through
the turret to the handling room. News of
the officer', der; was communicated to
Admiral Ctiadwlck by wireless telegraphy.
ami the battleship returned to Newport,
Chief Witness In Fend Trial Assailed
by Persons Who Fall la
LEXINGTON, Nov. 8. Twelve shot,
wer. fired at Captain B. J. Ewen, th.
star witness in the feud rases, recently
tried in Breathitt county, as he passed
along the dark end of Walnut street to.
night. The shots were fired fro a a blind
alley. One shot went through hl hat and
another through the lapel of hi. coat, but
none of them touched him. II. wa. walk
ing along with' Judge W. H, Mann, at
whose home he Is stopping and the Judge
had crossed the alley In front of Ewen
when th. firing began. Ewen returned th.
Are but without effect and hi. assailant
Flra at Troy, New York, Destroys
Largo Hanker of Bualaueas
TROY, N. Y., Nov. 8 - Fire which started
on the CitIznV line: pier tonight threatens
a great property ' loss. Several of th.
largest business houses In Troy are In
flames, th. Western Union telegraph office
Is burned out, snd Its wires and those of
th Associated Press are down. Th. Troy
Record, a morning paper, has been com
pelled to vacate Its quarters and seek the
assistance bf other newspaper la getting
out It morning extra.
Over Two Hundred Freoinots Eeard from
OnUide of Dotiglai Oountv.
BaJlivan, However, Making ft Better Bun
Than Sollenbeck.
Comparison! kn Being Hade with Tot of
Two Teari Ago,
Indication, that Total Vot Wilt Bo
Somewhat Larger Thaxa that Cast
for Reaervrlrk and Hl
lenboek. At the hour of going to press the return.
from Nebraska are coming in slowly, 218
precincts outside of Douglas having been
beard from, casting more than 80,-
000 votes. Out of this number Barnes
rep., had 1C696 and Sullivan dem.. 14,037.
Tha some precinct two years ago gave
Sedgwick a majority ot 608 mora than
they glve Barnes thl. year, indicating that
Sullivan 1. running better than Hollenbeck
did then. Barnes, however. Is considerably
ahead In these precinct, ot th vot given
for governor a year ago.
The vote this year I. compared with that
of Sedgwick and Hollenbeck for .supreme
Judge two year ago, when Sedgwick, rep.,
had a plurality of 12,919.
The republican state committee at Lin
coln had return, from nearly 200 precincts
which showed only a email loss for Barnes
as compared with Sedgwick two years ago.
but the later return, were showing Im
proved figure, for Barnes. R E. Le
Hehrman, who place as clerk of th su-
prem. court depend, on Sullivan's re-elec
tion, admitted defeat early In the evening.
The World-Herald, the 1-mocratlo organ
here, conceded Barnes a majority of 8,000
outside of Douglas county, expressing a
faint hop that Sullivan might offset this
lead In this city. '
Th. weather condition, wet bad through- "
out the state, so that the vot la sure to be
In Omaha and Douglas County.
Almost nothing tangible ia available tor
thl. early mall edition bearing on th re
sult In Omaha and rkniglae county, Kot
only wa. the registration In thl. city and
South Omaha light, but the Intermittent
shower, cut the Vote down lower than It
otherwise would have been.
The election boards seem to be working
without any systematic plan, counting th
vote, tn many use. on school board can
didate, and minor offices In advance of
the head of the ticket Foil returns,, th.re
rore, will be very late, especially as the
proportion of scratched tlck.ts is larger
than usual.
Tha scratching Mem. for the moat part
to be largely dictated by personal favorit
ism or friendship for candidates, rather
than according to any prearranged plan,
except possibly with respect to the Judicial
ticket on which a special attack was mads
In th Interest of a so-called bar ticket.
A commute of union labor representatives
also' undertook to center what waa called
a "plunker" ballot tor Dickinson and
Yeiser, voting for these two only, Instead
of for seven. What few return ar in
Indicate that th republican, ar holding
their own.
Partial Returns.
Ill 5
5 I 11
: i .
ill f
624 ' &'; 6421 6HS
9M 6sa i4fi 3:
SU 28! 34 a
1 113 114 10
l?v liusl lfW jHZ
214 10U 223 K8
243 2411 276 25 J
763 6w6i 7i 43
" 6i ' 874 4!'!
2Cl 244' 249 J.O
8-t IWI ins 7
47 a.So! 4 (ul
Im'i Xiu 834 2.7
67t 453; 4W 51 a
6M 6i 641 5o
m 121) lhi 111
648 647 W4 44
HI 87 WO 96
r 87 7S 63
73 70 Wl
241 .ISO tS 2oa
62 91 72 lit
137 116 149 1
64 hh ?5
14! 733 1 158 778
871 IN 6 840
247 8h6 2 )
107 6H1 112 71
461 8t.'2' 487 261
119 77' l'r M5
412 900 617 916
213 170 2)2 K,i
1M 27l 185 ft
Vi tool tort
.' 4.5 44't 40 1
421 836. :-8 4b
8i6 2301 304.' 240
13 9S! 13611 103
2u2lM: Ml 210
lWSOol 140371 117122! 18X56
Adams, 6 out of 20
Antelope, 15 out of 86...
Blaine, 1 out of 6
Hrnvn 8 out of 9
nunalo, 19 out of 29.....
Burt, 8 out of 17
Butler, I out or zu
Cass, 10 out or 25
Clay. 7 out of 20
Cuming, 4 out of 20......
Dawes, 8 out of 9
Dawion. 10 out of 28....
Dixon, 7 out of 17
Dodge, 4 out of 20
Franklin. 9 Out of 17....
r ui iwa . vut wi
Gage, 8 out of 38
itoHocr, 1 out of 16
Mail. 7 out or ID
Hitchcock. 2 out of 20...
Jeff ei son, 2 out of 18....
Johnson, 1 out of 15
Kearney. 8 out of is....
Kimball, 1 out of 4
Lancaster. 13 out of 63.
Uiiooln. 8 out of 42
Nuckolls. 4 out of 18....
Otoe. 1 out of 23
Pawnee. 6 out of 14
Pheips, 2 out of 17
Platte. 7 out of 80
Red Willow, 6 out of 23.
Sarpy. 8 out of 11........
fcaundors, 10 out of 70...
Haunders. 4 out of 26...
Thayer, 6 out of 16......
we baler, out ot is
York, IS out of 20 ,
Valley, i out of 16
Totals 218
ADAMS Juniata precincts giv Barnes
141; Sullivan, 107. First ward. Hastings,
gives Barnes 1S4; Sullivan, l&L Third war J.
Hastings, Kenesaw and Roseland town
ships give Barn 297; Sullivan, 80S. Two
years ago, Sedgwick, 642; Hollenbeck, 666.
, BROWN Johnstown, Garfield and Buf
falo precinct, giv. Barnes 126, Sullivan 113.
Two years ago: Sedgwick, 114; Hollenbeck,
BUFFALO Gibbon give Barnes 164, Sul
livan 120; Platte, Barnes. 82; Sullivan. 8.
Judge of Twelfth Judicial district: Armada,
llostetler, 66; Hand, 46; Platte, HosUtler,
82; Hand, 7. Two year, ago: Sedgwick,
170; Hollenbeck. lit.
Kearney. Second ward, Barnea, 157;
Sullivan. 77; Hosteller, 1M; Hand, 60. Loup

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