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NOVKMItKTt 4, 10M.
Tel. 1-8M.
we close: batvr
better w ferglve.
Waa"er eel deeply,
ImIi for all wk
Dress Goods
Anil Lore is the interesting
one yard of old or trashy goods
choice remnants to choose from,
In other words, short. lengths that are left after a busy season's
,nlltArf . t i,:i.i
jvuklm iui luiiinin
lengths, handsome skirt lengths
irrrn ' t!oniaiif rf nl.mlnta
.,',, '
lies, suitings, etc. Here are a
can see the great reductions:
H yard In remnant, far 12.11.
ALL WOOL. VOILE color garnet, 44-Inch,
regular 11.00 per yard, Stt yards tn rem
nant, for 11.39. '
navy blue, shot with a small dot or fleck
. of white, very styltnh, regular II BO per
yard, H yards In remnant, for S5.2S.
. tan, SO-lnoh, regular ll.co per yard, 1
yards In remnant, for 13.19.
Ail wool navy blue broaaciotn z-lncn,
regular II. SS per yard, H ysrds In rem
. nant, for $3.M. .
ALL WOOL TAN ET AMINE color,' ton,
regular 11.00 per yard, '5S4 yards In -remnant,
for 12.39.
yds. In remnant,, for 11.89.
All wool French Gray Voile 44 In., regular
$1.00 per yard, 174 yds. .In remnant, for
ular $1.00 quality 4 yds. In remnant, for
J. 129. -
J '4 yards In remnant, for S9c.
beautiful fine quality,' 7V4 yards
In remnant, for 14 89. r '
TREL navy blue ground with a dainty
fleck of white sratrered over the sur
faee, regular ILSO quality, BV4 -yards In
ramnant. for t.11.. ' V
NOTE Perhaps some of our customers wl
a sale similar to this.. If they do, they
and that some of them were disappoint
nesday', morning, .November 4th. '
fY. M. C. A, Building, Corner
precinct, Barnes. 60; Sullivan, 44; Hostetlef,
7S; Hand. 41. Grant, Barnes, 40; Sullivan, 64;
Hostetler., 67;. Hand. B7. Hoverdale, Barnes,
49; Sullivan, 66; Hostetler, 67; Hand, 4S.
Thornton, Barnea, 24; Sullivan, Bl; llostet
ler. 89; Hand, S7. Armada, -Barnes, B7; Sul
livan, 42; Hostetler. 71; Hand, 41 Bartorla,
Barasa. 4$; . jSulllvan,- 17 Hostetler, M;
Hand, 23. (Same precincts two years ago:
Sedgwick, 800; Hollenbeck'. ' S24.) Center,
names, 47; Sullivan, 76; Hostetler, 61; Hand,
70. Beaver Barnes. Zlt PuDtvan. 38; Hos
tetler, $9; Hand, 58. Sharon, Barnea, 48;
Sullivan, 27; Hostetler. M; Hand, 23. Gar
Held. Barnes, l'4Jv Bulllvaru SO;. Hosts tier,
166; Hand. 63. Valley, Barnes, 20; Sullivan,
S7; Hostetler, 87; Hand. S3. N Elm Creek,
.Barnes, B7; Sullivan, 76: Hostetler, 82; Hand,
63. Divide, Barnea, 44; Sullivan, 43; Hostet
ler, 67; Hand, .35. (Two years ago: Sedg
wick. Sfl: Hollenbeck, .)' " '--.
V BULLER First ward, Barnes, 77; Syl
Hvan,l.. Thfrd Ward. Bnrnes, 75; .SHU1.
an, 76. Oak Creek precinct," Barnes, 91;
Sullivan, 116. Two years ago, Sedgwick,
276; Hollenbeck, 263. 1. 1 1. '
BUST T-ltamah precinct, Barnes, 214;
Sullivan; 100; Redirk, 198; Sears, 226; Sut
ton, 182 1 Troup, 185; Baxter, 228; Day,
229; Estlle, 2W) Ferguson, 95; Page, 84;
Dickinson, 154; Read, 9; Doane,v 24; Yelaer,
Si. Two years ago this' precinct gave Sedg
wick 223; Hollenbeck, 88.
CLAY Eldorado, Fairfield, Inland, Sut
ton, First district Harvard, First district
Spring Ranch 'precincts give Barnes 452,
Sullivan bit. Two- years ago, Sedgwick
Hollenbeck -492. .
WMtStO West Pont, First, Becond and
? iitrd wards and Monterey precincts gives
Barnea 261, Sullivan 244. Two years ago:
Sedgwick, 249; Hollenbeck. 230.
DEUEXs-Chappell and Green precincts
give Barnea 68, Sullivan 84.
DIXON'. .Wakefield precinct, gives
Barnes 124 and Sullivan 87. The vote on
district Judge will be practically the same.
There wars 237 votes oast, fifty-nine
straight republican and aeventeen straight
DO DQB Second ward, Fremont, Hooper
and Nlckerson and Fourth ward Fremont
aires Barnea 676, Sullivan 463. Two years
ago: Sedgwick, 499; Hollenbeck. 618.
FILLMORE Geneva City gives Barnea
$10; Sullivan, SO; Sedgwick. 190; Hollen
beck.' ii ' -FRANKLIN
Graht, Salem, Oak Grove,
Washington, Lincoln, Antelope, Turkey
Creek, Bloomlngtdn, Marlon townships
give Barnes 669, Sullivan 080. Two years
ago. Bedgewlck 641. Hollenbeck 609.
FURNAS Beaver City precinct gives
Barnea 132, Sullivan 127. Two years ago
Sedgwick, 156. Hollenbeck, 111.
HALL First precinct, Barnes, 17$
Sullivan, ' SO. Fifth precinct, Barnes, 186;
Sullivan, 117. ' Second ' prSolnct, Barnes,
141; Sullivan, $8. Same precincts In 1M
Sedgwick. 442; Hollenbeck. 263.'
HITCHCOCK-Trenton and RJdnour give
WSilsky, bat a CosTee Taaar,
Olve coffee half a chance and with eon
aaopla It sets Its grip hard and fast,,,, "Up
t 4 couple of years ego," says A business
aoaa of Brooklyu, N. "I wss aa Con
aunt a co (fee prtiiker aa It was puastbls to
; indeed, my craving for coITt was
equal to that uf a drunkard for bis regwlar
"nip," - and the effect of the coffee drug
pen my system was Indeed deplorable.
"My kln lacked- Its natural color,:, piy
feature were pinched and ray nerves were
shatler4. to such an extent aa to render
ate very irritable. I also suffered from
palpitation, of the heart,
"It waa while in this condition I read an
article about Joatura Food Coffee, and eon
eluded to try it. ' It was not long before
poetum had entirely destroyed my raging
psaion for coffee and In a short time I
had entirely given up coffee for delicious
"The change that followed was so extraor
dinar- 1 aiu- uiutDi i aeecnoe 11. ui
no It to say, however, that all my troubles
have disappeared. I am my original happy
,alf again, and on the.-whole the soothing
and pleasant effects produced by my cup
of FoetUia make me feet aa though I have
been 'landed at another station.'
"Not long ago I converted en of
- friends to Poetum, and he is now aa loud
to ita aralae aa I am." Name furnished
by Poetum Ce., Battle CYeea, Mich,
: Jxxik la each aaekag for a copy of the
famoua-.iuua-buefcv 'The -Read ta Well
mats at p. m.
Be. NoV. t. wot.
Clearing Sale
or uoiorea
part of it to you. There is not
in the lot.. A fine, collection of
at sweeping reductions in prices.
1 t -R-oiat
uiiu iiiiuntn "!. I
as Well as many full dress yat-
.IKJInno trnllflii . a ml nm irwpl I
. ' ; . . ' i I
rew items mentionea st mui you
v ' r.
( BH yards In remnant, for SLS9. , .
ported . fabric, beautlfal rich, lister, 42-
lnch. regular $1.60 per. yard, 6 yards In
remnsnt, .for $4.13. '
NET-eometlmee called lattice etamlne.
beautiful fabric, very new and stylish,
SO-lnch. regular $1.2$ per yard. 714 yaM
In remnant, for $198.'
Hera Is word of splendid value, all these
remnants to go at next to .nothing . In
price hundreds to choose from.
color light blue, regular 75c quality,
S4 yards In remnant, for. $1.11
NOVELTY very ruw, . regular 75c j?er
yard, S yards In remnant, for 88c.
color, old rose, regular 76o quality,
t yards In remnant, for $1.19.
red. regular 75c per yard. $ ' yards In
. remnant, for $117. .. .
; ELTY regular "Be per yard, t yards In
' remnant, for $1.17.
navy blue, regular 76c per yard, S yards
' In remnant, for $1.29.
6B0 Quality, BH yards In remnant, for
11 remember the last, time or two we had
will recall that the selling was very fast,
ed came, too lata. On sal I a m., Wed
Sixteenth and Douglas S$
Barnes 73; Sullivan, 75. Two years ago,
Sedgwick. 70: Hollenbeck. 68.
JEFFERSON Plymouth Club creek and
Eureka precinct gives 'Barnea 241, Built
van . 190. Two years ago: Sedgwick, 225;
Hollenbeck, 200. ' . ' '
JOHNSON Helena gives Barnes 63, Sul
livan 8 Two years ago, Sedgwick 72, Hoi
lenbeck IPS. . . ,
KEARNEY-Hy o( Mlndeii give Barnes
134, Sullivan 116. Two 'years ago: redg
wlok, 149; Hollenbeck, 103. '
KIMBALL Antelope precinct gives
Barnea 64; Sullivan, It. Two years ago,
Sedgwick, M; Hollenbeck, 26. "" 1)1
LANCASTER Twelve precincts out W
fifty-three In Lancaster' county-give, Barn
1,495 and Sullivan " f3i ab( year' Bedge
wlck received 1,668, Hpllenbeck 773.
OTOF-Delaware preefnet j gives Barnes
107;- Sullivan 68. . Two years egoi-Sedg
wick, .112; Hollenbeck, 7L.
' PAWNEE Pawnee oounty-P!um Creek,
Turkey Creek, West Branch, Clear Creak
and Table Rock precincts give Barnea 461;
Sullivan. 802; Sedgwick. 437; Hollenbeck,
PHELPS Laird and Union give Barnos
J19; Sullivan, 77. Two- years agot Sedg-
wick, 106; Hollenbeck, 86.
PLATTE Columbbs city, Columbus town
ship, Sherman, Creston and Lost Creek
precinct give Barnea 412, Sullivan 960.
Sedgwick, 617; Hollenbeck. SIS.
RED WILLOW VaTley Grange, Red Wil
low, Indlanola, Lebanon and Box Elder pre
cincts give Barnea B3, Sullivan 170. Two
year ago; Sedgwick, 212; Hollenbeck, 161.
SARPY First district Bellevue," Fairview,
Second district Forest City precincts give
Barnes 188, Sullivan 267. Two year ago:
Sedgwjck. 186; Hollenbeck, 260.
SAUNDERS Chapman,. Richland, East
Stocking and Oak Creek pracinta glva
Barnea 826, Sullivan 476. Two year ago:
Sedgwick, 440; Hoftehbeck, 401.
SIOUX Bowan and Andrew glva Barnaa
66, Sullivan' 85.
WEBSTER Pleasant Hill, Ihavale, Red
Cloud (First, and Second wards) give
Barnes 336, Sullivan 230. Two year ago
Sedgwick 364. Hollenbeck 240.
YORK Stewart, 'Thayer, McFaddea and
Second ward precinct give Barnea 462,
Sullivan 370. Two years ago: 8edgwlck,
444; Hollenbeck. 880.
FRONTIER StockvUle. Sheridan,- Sher
man and Ixwer Medicine precinct give
Bame 116, . Sullivan 76. Grant, Fairview
and Laird precinct give Barn 184, Sulli
van 79.
NUCKOLLS East Nelson. Highland,
Sherman and Victor precinct give Barnes
247, Sullivan 266. Two year ago: Sedgwick,
269; Hollenbeck, 298.
BLAINE Dunning, Barnea, 89; Sullivan,
28. Two years ago:. Sedgwick. 84; Hollen
beck, 33.
DAWSON Coyote, Fairview,, Farnam,
Oillan. lUIbide. Overton. Platte, Rlngold,
Willow Island and Wood River give Barnes
497, Sullivan 650. Two years ago: 8edgwtvk,
433; Hollenbeck. 62Lt
VALLEY Ord township, Enterprise,
Liberty, Arcadia . and Davis Creek give
Barnes 862, Sullivan 158. Two years ago:
Sedgwick, $06; HolUnbeck. 201.
LINCOLN First and Becond -wards of
North Platte, Maxwell. Brady,- Sutherland,
Hall, Antelope and Cottonwood give Barnea
$71, Sullivan 318. Two year ago: Sedg-
wk-k, 406; Hollenbeck, $40.
OOSPER Elwood, Barnes. SI: 1 Sullivan,
87. Twa year ago: Sedgwick. 100: Hollen.
beck, so. . -
Pateraal WUda
Everyone know, of th college student
who, when he was "hard up," sent home
a set of verse to which th governor replied
tn kind. Tha on penned:
Th roae la red.
The vlolrt blue.
Bend m fifty
P. V. J.
Tbla waa the reply:
The rose is red, ,
And sometime pink, -I'll
send you fifty,
I don't think.
Another lather waa looking over hi eon' I
account, when he discovered an item he did
not quite understand.
H m," he said, 130 for tennis; Isn't that
rather a Urge sum for such, a garnet Hoi
do you explain it. lrt"
"Oa," replied th hopeful, eareleuly wav
ing his hand, "that waa just for a couple of
"Why not call them batar" asked th
knowing, father. New York, Time.
Marrlaaa Ueeasaa.
Nam and Addreea. . , .
. . . I. . . V.
A Julia Muirtaoit, Oiuaha
rf.WLJIl ntiuii,, wiita.i,.
Two Klllsd and Two Wounded at Foiling
Flaw in Virginia.
Kleetloa Officer aad Reaahllcaa Caa-
aldateFlsbt Dnel la Street of
Lealavllla with Fatal
. Resalta.
BRISTOL. Tenn., Nov. 1 A fatal elec
tion row occurred In the polling tlace at
Fairview. m scott county, va., today, two
men were Kiiieci ana two mnn wuunuw,
one fatally. The dead:
john osborne.
J. H. Catron, shot through the neck, will
Alexander Keys, shot In the. right hip.
The trouble arone over objections being
mad to C, P. Roller serving as a repub
lican judge. Roller, It la claimed, had been
selected by democratic election commis
sioners for service. Osborne and Nickels,
the two dead men, were democratic judges
nd were brought Into the quarrel on ac
count of their ofliclal connection with the
election. It Is' believed that Catron fired
the shots that killed Osborne and Nickels.
The two men who were killed shot Catron
and Keys. More trouble Is feared.-
Tea Dead, Three Wonnded.
LAKE VILLAGE, Ark., Nov. 'S.-Two
people are dead and three wounded as the
renult of trouble betweon whites and blacks
here today, which was not settled until a
lynching had quieted the excited people.
The dead:
FRANK ANDERSON, white, Lake Vil
lage, killed In a fight.
HENRY JOHNSON, a negro, lynched.
The wounded are: B. Vinson, white, a
lawyer of Little Rock; Joseph Frame,
white, of. Lake Village; Ella McDowell,
A row occurred between some negroes
and whites early In the -day. It Is claimed
that 'during the altercation, Ed Coleman,
colored, pulled a pistol and began Shoot
ing. A fusillade followed and when It ceased
It was found that Frank Anderson, one
of those In the crowd, was dead. Vinson
was shot in two places, Joseph Frame
wounded In the foot and Ella McDowell,
colored, shot In the back. Coleman fled
and a posse at once started In pursuit.
Johnson, on of the negroes in the crowd,
was arrested.
Excitement ran high among the people
and Increased until noon, when the court
house 'bell sounded and most of the white
cltlsena assembled. A number of speeches
were .made and, a committee on law en
forcement was appointed. The question was
raised as to what should be don with tha
negro, Johnson. It waa announced that
Circuit Judge Wood Would be in town soon
to hold a special term of court and that
the Cftse could be heard then, but a large
number of those, present rushed out of the
court house, shouting: "Hang hlro." hang
Sledge hammers and railroad irons wr
quickly found and. in thirty, minute four
doora at . tha jail had been, .broken . down.
Tha mob quickly secured tha negro, took
him to tha oenter of town and hanged him
at noon. , . . , .
Caadtdate Kills Klectloa Officer.
LOUISVILLE, Ky Nov. 3. -In a pistol
duel in a voting place at Thirteenth and
Green streets, Tom Klley, the democratic
judge, waa this afternoon shot through the
heart and " probably fatally 'wounded by
Jacob Krteger, the, republican candidal
for sheriff. ' William Stevens, theVapublican
judge,, was crossing, th street to nta the
polls when Klley opened fir on hlro. Kr la
ger says ha believed that Stevens lire waa
about to oe taken and he opened fir on
KUey. Krteger waa subsequently releaaed
in $500 ball. -
Tha fight between Klley and Krelger waa
a three-cornered one. Aoooraing to state
ments made - by - witnesses Krelger. and
another election officer resisted an attempt
7 . ... m...
w. "'".T"" . . ""1
with the result that the poll remained
closed until noon. Klley went out and
shortly returned, accompanied by ' two
other men. A row followed and Klley
opened fire on Krelger and his companion.
Krelger atood his ground and returned the
fire, on of 'lis bullets entering Klley's
head at the right temple. At the city hos
pital tonight Klley's. condition was reported
serious. Krelger is a prominent cltlsen,
being the son of a former bank president.
At Danville, Ky., Fountain Hasby'a skull
was crushed during an election row. At
Troy Philip Rellly waa shot by a deputy
sheriff for venturing toj near the polls. At
La- a. "eburg Constant ' Jamea Edwarda
w.i Xafe "y cut by Oliver Carey during a
ftgtn .a an election booth.
Lyaehlasr at Ptttsbarar Averted.
PITTSBURG. . Nov. t.-Hugh Armstead,
a negro, narrowly escaped lynching this
evening, for tha probably fatal ahootlng
of Patrick Butler, a watcher at the poll
In the jail voting precinct. The shooting
had no connection with politics. Butler's
account 01 th affair Is that he. with sev
eral companions, were playfully contest
ing for the possession of a cane which be
longed to Butler, and in th scuffle Arm
stead waa struck by tha cane aa ha waa
passing. Without other provocation Arm
stead drew a revolver and fired. Armstead
claims that one of tha crowd hit him In
the mouth with hi fist and that In return
he shot. Other witnesses of Um shooting
say Armstead had no provocation what-
"jXmm aa Avery P .
? Bonbons
Bumni $ Warrmmfd I
If voabsy Lowney's Candies fat th
original sealed packages 70a will find them
la perfect condition, r money refunded.
"Spaelal" lawUt . 1 Ib.c; lb. Sic.
"aeareali" lb. oc; H lb. c
xtatrlMS SuttlH" I Ib.iOc.; t lb. SSc
r"rrt-a-at"i aoc., . aoc.
"Celfsr' . .... 1 lb. Sac; K lb. SOc
HoleaUl teass" . . 1 lb. Oc.; , lb. SOc
TkeeoUt TtrmW 10c. and tc
tkeceUt Ahaes ltc. Sac. aad ac.
aaaye Sacag a sr
9U WtlglkU
ever for using his revolver. The bullet
pierced Butler's liver and physicians say
he cannot recover.
After th shooting Armstead ran to the
Monongahela river, followed by at least
600 men who kept up a continual cry of
"Lynch him." When the negro was finally
captured the police had a desperate fight
With the crowd to protect their prisoner,
but eventually got him safely Into an en
gine house and later took him to jail.
kali Crashed by Blaw.
DANVILLE, Ky.. Nov. l-Durlng an
election discussion today William Middle
ton, aged 20, struck Funtaln H. Hasty With
a gun, crushing his skull. Hasty will die.
Protected by Law 4a Massaehasetta,
. Tber Ravage pardeas aad
: Orchards. .
Western Massachusetts farmers are be
rating the law prohibiting chasing, hunt
ing or shooting deer until 1908. Deer have
been protected for several years, but never
so fully as under th' present law.
Deer have been gradually Increasing in
numbers for several years. Two or- three
seasons ago their preeence In the Berk
shlres was noted by fall visitors. The last
two seasons they have multiplied rapidly,
and the past week they have been seen
within three miles of the city hall.
Recently a herd appeared in Feeding
Hills, four miles west of Springfield. On
Tuesday a doe bounded through the streets
of Chlcopee, a city of 20,000 population,
three miles north of Bprlngfleld.
In Brlmfleld and other hill towns In the
eastern part of Hampden county deer have
become a veritable pest, and the presence
of a game warden may be necessary to
secure the observance of the law. Many
fine gardens have been ruined in Brlmfleld
by the deer, which also manifest a fond
ness for orchards and ornamental shrubs.
The law provides that persons who suf
fer loss through the depredations of deer
are entitled to recover from the county,
and that the county commissioners shall
pay such claims as are properly certified
by the boards of selectmen In the various
So many claims have been coming in
that the commlsloners are beginning to
wonder If the deer overlooked any gardens
In some towns. - "
Farmer claim that under a literal Inter
pretation of the law. they have not the
right to drive from their gardens deer
Which may be destroying the labor of
weeks, while the money from which the
damages are paid Is raised by a tax levy
of which the fanrfer pays his share. They
assert that the law Was framed in the In
terest of sportsmen, ivho at the end of
the closed season will slaughter the deer
'hlch have been fostered at the expense
of farmers' right. New York World.
coarged by Fire, Flood aad Aaarehy,
Patersoa Holds Ita Head
1 . -
Tha manufacturlng-''town of Paterson,
N. J., has more troubles and worse disas
ters than. any . other City of the east. It
baa had . so many tease in the criminal
line mat wnen a-: facetious student of
social - conditions -directed ' a letter to
"Hell, N. J.," the postmaster Into whose
n&nds it fell In- transit-sent it direct to
ine town has-the most . Violent and
vicious sinices known In the history of
labor troubles,,, It, J : ,full of anarchists.
IU consumption-rtiti -bee 1 enormous. It
waa recently vlstexj'tby a destructive fire
that wiped out a Curs part if ' It busi
ness district. .It .''la sow undergoing the
danger and. sufferings of a tremendous
flopd, which is a form of visitation it ha
een -before.' -
Yet in face of these trouble tha town
Is full of life Knd vigor, and recuperative
power. New. business blocks Immediately
replaced those that, were burned. Jersey
justice Is measured out to those who have
earned for Paterson the title above be
mowea. Active measure .are taken to
keep the anarchist down. And In every
dlsaater tha mayor pf Paterson telegraphs
to me world: "We have no need of out
side help. Paterson can take car of its
own." Cleveland Plain Dealer.
, A Cat Never Bleeds
After Porter' Antiseptic Healing Oil 1 n
piled. Relieve pain Instantly and heala at
tao same time. For man or beast. Price,
Guy C. Barton has gone on a ahort trip
uiiuun 1110 veal.
H. J. Penfold returned Monday after
two-weeks' stay in New York.
W. V. Williams snd T. J. HivnM ne n.,
faJo, Wyo., are registered at th Murray,
Mr. Van Kuren ha gone east to make
vinii among inena ana relative in Chi-
CHffO. .
Mrs. jjjmer wood is Home from an
tended trip to the eastern cities, makln
vinii wMn relative.
Lee W. Snratlen. a member fit thm nMrd
of Fire and Police Commissioners, has gone
i i-iiicaiso on a ousinea trip.
Mrs. Edward Hanev left Monday evenlnar
for a visit to relatives and friends In
Peoria, expecting to be gone about two
Thomas Flynn. manager of the cloak and
suit department in Ilayuen s. returned Mon
oay rrom rsew xork, wnere ne nas Deen oa
business. -
Unorge A. Joslyn and wife have returned
irom an extended trip tnrougn the east,
during which time they visited in N
xork t-'lty.
George E. Melkleiohn. former assistant
secretary of war, has returned to bis home
at Fullerton after a short visit to friends
and relatives In this city.
Melvln Nichols of Sundance. Wyo. i C. P.
McClendon, H. C. Kummerfleld. Moorecroft,
wyo., ana n. J. ironoerg 01 jaeaicin uow
w yo., are at in atercnanis.
F. L. Abel of Rawlins. Wyo : J. M
Neeland of Los Anceles. C. R. Grlffln nt
Denver, N. 8. Harding, W. 8. Harding of
nenrtua iiy ana cnanes 1.. Allen, u.
a. a., are registered at tn Millard.
Hallway Hate aad Persoaals.
D. O. Ives. aeneraL freight a rent at lh.
B. A M . is In Chicago on business for hi
company. " .
O. R. Holton. ass stant freight aaant mt
ne j on n western, nas gone 011 a uualn
irip 10 nerr. n. if. ,
William Browne, connected with tha i
dltor'a department of th Union Paciflo,
woui vuicaau on Duauiea lonasy.
uerrit r an assistant general passenger
agnt of th Union Pacific, and his family,
left Monday for a vacation trip through
- If. E. Byram, formerly assistant te First
Vic President C. H. Warren of the Rack
Island, has been appointed assistant . w
r ourin vioe resioent j. . Stevens.
R. W. Baxter and wire have gone to New
York City,- where they expect to remain
ror.some time. Keiuralna, tliey will nutk
tha trip to the coast ancr soend several
mortttia with relatives and friend in San
srancsioo. t
The Burlington took a party of thirty-five
inuians weal Monday evening on tbelr wa
from Ht. Luula to. Valentine, where they
will remain on the- reservation during the
winter. They Were In charge of Big Chief
riuiiow ttorn and are returning from
aaaon with the Pawnee Hill Wild West
The Milwaukee's hew Kansas Otv routa
Will be opened for buslneaa about December
Ik It was lb Intention of th company to
run the first train over the short line about
November 1, but it was found that more
time waa needed to put the road In first
class condition. When the road la coin
pi tiled tweivu-hour trains will b rua be-
iw .iucao ana a.ansus niy.
a 5aaraae Sar Pllaa.
Itching. Blind.' Bleeding Or FrotrudtoS
PAZO O IN UK NT falls to our you Is I W
Piles. Your lnirw vi$ varuud aaoaar If
14 4aya St -
Insurance Company Wins Caw in United
EtaUs District Court.
Heir of Kevespaaer Maa WUo Killed
Himself la Kaasas t lrW "H
(ie Oaly Mlalaiaai Sum
Saaaed la Iolley. (
KANSAS CITY. Nov. S.--In a decision In
the United States district court here Judge
John F. Phillip ha held that insurance
companies may enforce th antl-sulctde
clause wher previously entered Into by the
Th decision was in th case of James
Whitfield, a well known newspaper sport
ing editor, who killed himself. Whitfield
Insured for $5,000, receiving a policy that
contained a clause specifying that $5oo only
should be received In case of suicide.
Althouah tha statute of Missouri declare
that Insurance ccmpanlea may not make
ulcide a defense In refusing to pay a pol
icy, Judge Phillips held that "a th plead
ings of the contract. In question, voluntarily
entered into by th parties, goes merely to
the question of the amount of the recovery
nd not to defeat a recovery, my conclu-
on is that the plaintiff Is only entitled to
recover the sum of $500.". .
Wealthy Callforalaa Bhaas the Classic
and Gives Cheerful Melody
a Seari-Off.
Funeral services with ragtime music In
place of hymn and a gayly dressed drum
major In place of a somberly robed minister
of. the gospel Is th strange stipulation In
the will of Amos Mecartney, who died Jan
uary 23, 1903, at Alameda, Cal., possessed
an estate valued at $30.00).
Alamo and "In the Good Old Bummer
Time" suVgests a funeral of striking fea
tures, yet the will which wa filed for rec
ord in Cook county, Illinois, leaves no doubt
that such a funeral was preferred by the
wealthy Csllfornlan. While the picture of
pallbearers and mourners keeping stride to
the notes of such melodies la far from con
ventlonal, it Is keeping with the Ideas of the
testator, who declared in the will that he
waa a "person of no religion and held the
Savior to be of no more consequence than
the rest of the mortals." He stated that
he did not desire any minister at his fu
neral, but would "prefer a No. 1 brass band
to entertain those who attend."
"Having had nothing to do with my ex
istence," the .testator further declares.
do not desire anyone to talk at my funeral
of the hereafter, of which he know nothing
more than I do."
The estate of the dead man consists of
property in California, Missouri, Wisconsin
and Illinois. The fact that some of the
property was In this state was why the
property wa recorded here. The entire
estate Is left to the widow and children.
H. 8. Mecartney of the law firm of Oliver
4k Mecartney Is a nephew of the deceased.
and also an attorney In the case.
'Those who would judge my uncle to
have been a bad' man, In view of his last
III, would be very much mistaken," he
said. "The old man waa as straight and
honest a man as 'ever lived and he was
very far from what ordinarily is styled sac
religious.' But he bitterly hated all sham
and pretense and he thought that he dis
covered much of this sort of thing in mod
em 'religion.
He wa -raised In .'a Mennenite comma
ttity In Lancaster county, Pennsylvania), and
h attended the servit-es of this people
whenever, he, had' an. opportunity. Being
perfectly frank, and always toady to ex
press his real thoughts, hi ?'"-! la no sur
prise to the many who knew Mm. He vas
on of the '49ers in California, There he
mad the bulk of his fortune, which would
have been much larger but fer his broad
and unstinted liberality .toward '.-.Is family
aa well aa toward all reaMy d -serving peo
ple who came under hi observation.
Chicago Inter-Ocean.
Rothschild's Maxims. '
The following twelve m&xlms form part
of th will of Mayor Anslem Rothschild,
the founder of the great banking house at
Frankfort. They are now attracting at
tention In Europe and are recommended toJ
those who desire to succeed In life:
1. Seriously ponder over and thoroughly
examine any project to which you Intend
to give your attention.
2. Reflect a Icng time, then decide
promptly. .
3. Oo ahead.
' 1 Endure annoyances patiently and fight
bravely against obstacles.
(. Consider honor as a sacred duty.
6. Never 11 about a busine affair.
7. Pay your debts promptly.
8. Learn how to sacrlMoe money when
S. Do not trust too much to luck.
10. Spend your time profitably.
11. Do nttpretend to be more Important
than you really are.
IX Never become discouraged, work seal
ously and you will surely succeed. New
York Herald.
A Maa Badly lalared
Or painfully hurt, burned, bruised or
wounded geta quick comfort from Bucklen'a
Arlca Salve. It conquers pain. 25c For
sale by Kuhh A Co.
Nathlas af Historical Valaa lajared.
ROME, Nov. $. The Osservalor Romano
published today an official communication
concerning the fire which broke out In the
Vatican Saturday evening lust, saying:
'We are authorized to announce that no
object of artistic or historic value was lost
or Injured In the recent Vatican fire."
Mortality Statistics.
The following birth and death have been
reported to th Board of Health: .
Birth Walter W. Martin. 1623 Elm, girl;
Martin Kalclk. 1318 William, girl; William
Bcwey, 3616 North Seventeenth, boy; Joseph
Rpgner, 119 Dorcas, girl; Mike Antoniak,
Twenty-third and ' Center girl; Theodore
McClure, 1726 South Twenty-ninth, girl.
Death Mrs. Lucy Veyle, Forty-eighth
and Broadway, 66.
' latcrest la Debate.
Much local Intereat Is aroused over the
coming debet Friday night at th KounU
Memorial church between the high schools
of Chicago and Omaha on the question of
municipal ownership. Many tickets for
seats are sold and everything points to a
successful affair. It is evident that the
"college" spirit will be very strong on th
night of the forensic contest.
Sh smiled on me aa I passed by, '
I saw a twinkle In her eye;
Rut aa I did not know the maid
No word of greeting I conveyed.
I 'smiled upon her In reply.
Tt other that base method try;
They may succeed so did not I.
Her anaer on my spirits weighed
Bh smiled on roe)
Too soon I knew th reason why!
My hat and hair wer both awryi
My face a coat of soot displayed.
Both optics wer in black arrayed;
But. holy smoke! I can't deny
Eh smiled on me!
New York Herald.
Always Rampnlar tb Till Ja
'Iterative Jjromo (Viinina
Cast CoM aa Oat Day, CrVk 3 Days
Greatest ,
Soft Coal Heater
Double-Heater attachment for heating room up-stalrs.
Cost of fuel less than ten cents for twenty-fcur hears.
Stove can be seen In operation at store of
ilion BogGrs :& Sons
Mr. Matt Bingham, special representative of the OJarlaml
Stove Co., will show the stove
you are interested, we would be
asked to buy just investigate.
I4th ADD
Beport Current that Harrimam and lfoores
Will Get Directors in Banta To. '
Interest of, This Compaay . in Santa
Ko Thoagat - to Be lick si
to Give Coaslderable
1 - ' . 1 V '
The-annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Santa Fe will be held In Topeka
December 10. - It la believed that two new
director will be elected who will be
friendly to the Rock Island and Union Pa
cific interests. This. It Is said, is not be
cause too Moor brother and the Harrl
bians hpye. acquired any considerable in
terest In, the Santa Fe, but because it is
deemed -advisable to bring about greater
community of intereat than ha existed
heretofore. .( The stockholders also will be
asked to vote on a change of the date for
holding .the annual meeting to the fourth j
Thursday of October. .. . 1
It is generally accepted that Interests
friendly, to the Rock Island hold sufficient
Santa Fe stock to glv them considerable
Influence over the course of the Santa Fe's
affairs. . It la generally understood that as ;
soon as the connecting link between the
Rock Island and the Santa Fe now In'
course of construction between Albu
querque and Texico has been completed the
Rock Island will run Its limited overland
trains over this route and by way of the
Southern Paciflo at El Paso.
New Rock Islaad Llae.
Plan are being prepared by the Rock
Island for a line from Llmon, Colo., to
Denver. The distance Is ninety mile and
at present the Rock Island 1 using th
Union Paciflo track under m nlnety-nlne-year
contract, which can be terminated at
any time fey the Rock Island company.
Tha Arkansas Valley & Western, which
has a line surveyed Into Denver, Is under
stood to be a Rock Island scheme, a th
surveyor are from the regular engineering
force of the Rock Island. Th cost of th
extension Into Denver will bo about $1,000,
000, according to the reports given out by
the engineer, and this is almost positive
evidence that th Rock Island-'Frlsco sya
tera will be running it train into Den
ver over it own Una before long.
The firm of Clarke, Knlcely company of
Ashland, Saunders county. Neb., has niea
voluntary application In bankruptcy with
the I'nlted States dlxtrlct court. J
ties, Sa,3i.3Z; assets. o.Mt-m , ,
The explosion of a lug of gasoline st th
residence of J. W. Craig, S703 Marcy street,
caused the fire department to make a
hurry-up run at T;3u Tuesday morning. The
kitchen was found in flames, which wer
subdued with slight effort. Damage will
not exceed 110.
The annual tax sale under the provisions
of the new revenue law will begin
this morning under the Supervision . of
County Treasurer Elsasser. The bits of
property for sale are larser this year than
ever before and the Indications are that
the sale will be attended by a large number
of interested parties.
Must fit well, wear well, look
well and feel easv in order to give
The Shoe For Entire 5atlsfactioo.
Always -$3.50
5 $2.50
Regent Shoo Go.
295 So. IStb St.
fully guaranteed
In every respect.'
Unusually large
mica illumination
in actual use. If you doubt or if
pleased to see you. You are not
She Best of
The Only Double
Track Railway
,to Chicago'--
The Omaha Train .
Par ExcelUnca
It No. t. A solid train made
up in OntaAa, daily at 6:50 p.
m., arriving at Chicago 7:15
p. tn. next morning. Library
Buffet Car Barber Aew
Standard Sleeper a Diner
Chair Cart Everything. '
1. City OfflCas
1401-1403 FARNAM ST.
TEL. 624-881
It was thundered from the heights of
Blnal, reverberating down the corridor of
ages, that -man shall pay the price of his
folly. Excesses always demand a forfeit.
Nature's law cannot be violated with im-
i.w --aiiiiui do viotaiea witn im
punity. Punishment will as truly follow
as night does the day. The picture of
human frailty would only present shadows
If Dr. Bur k hart had not given his famous
Vegetable Compound to the violators of
nature's decrees, which has restored thu
broken down constitution and freed the
body of Rheumatism, Catarrh, Nervous and
Organic Troubled, Blood Diseases and Con
stipation. Thirty days treatment IV- at
all druggists. A alx months' treatment
costs only tl.OO and Is guaranteed to cure nr
money refunded. You cannot afford to
mlas this opportunity of being restored to
health for such a small sum.
rest iiiouiniy irtu-
ur 1 uroutft:tL Lh'il
wft:eontln Crifi
TftsJir. PajoynTl( no lufie iailuri iungftau moot
OlMt.lD.lta IMMsf -1(ivt4 la tmw uu sU
BberaiM St AioOonU Druff Co.. OmahA.
In a Magnificent Production of
"Alexander the Great"
Prices Mat. 26c to tl; night, 2&o to I SO.
Thavsday might . Oaly.
In tha Remarkable . Play
Prlce-26c. UK. 76c, SI .00, S1.60.
Friday, Saturday Mat. nil Night A Sunday
Matin and Night.
Prices Mats., tic. SOc: night, i&c, SOc, 75c tl.
Every Night. Matinee Thursday, Satur
day and Sunday.
Chas. Dickson A Co., Paxton's Art
Studies, Lytton-Uerald Co., Mr. and Mrs.
Bcarl Alien, Alfred Arneaen. Almont and
Duniont, Carlston and Torre and th Kino
drum. , PRICES-IOC, J6c, SOc.
3c 23c 50c 75c
; ;: "BONIOHT AT S:lS-i
: popular Matinee.: . II 13 A llTti
Thursday and Friday War)
Heats uww ou aaU,

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