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Election Day Hardlj E-trt a R'ppls on
Surface of Affg'ri.
OM-T1m Majority Annrrd by the
Feeble KITorfs of the Faalonlsts,
M hm Practically Abaarfoa .
(rrnm a 8tfT Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb.. Nov. 3-(Speclal Tele-gram,)--Wlth
the exception of a few car
rlagea on. the streets with the red tag In
acrlptlone there wai little Indications that
an election was In progress here today.
The vote wai light and while the returns
are not all In enough have been received
to how the old-time republican, majority
This aa a matter of course, as.Lancaster
county has a majority that wnl not down.
The republican nominees for district judge
were' all endorsed by the fuslonlsts and
this aggregation put 'up little fight for
their county ticket, t'p to S o'clock 1.463
votes had been cast out of 2.532 registered
In eleven of the twenty voting precincts.
Chairman Llndsey left last night for his
home In Pawnee to cast up for the ticket,
as did all of the state officers for thyr re
spective nomes.
Body for Dissection.
At the . undertaking rooms of Walter G
Roberta, lies the remains of Charlie Green
waiting for soma medical college to claim
for dissection. - The . man died here a
stranger In a strange land and on hla
death bed he told the attending physician
that he had no friends and no home this
aide of Sweden. He came here about ten
day ago after stopping a while In Omaha.
He worked for a few days with a railroad
gang and was then taken sick. He ap
plied to the City Charity association and
by this organisation he was sent to the
city hospital, where he died. The statute
provides In c:es like this, the remains of
the dead may be taken by some medical
college for scientific purposes.
laVeatlsratins Nekratka Home.
E. P. Quivey, who ia the head of the
Nebraska Home Finding association, which
la Just now undergoing an Investigation
of its affairs at the hand of Governor
Mlckeyi waa before the governor late yes
terday evening to explain, away some of
' the charges. made by the Colorado father
whose daughter had been taken In by
the associations In a few days Mr. Quivey
expects to file, with the governor a written
statement regarding the association and
the charges, and until this la done the
chief executive will suspend hla Judgment
In the case. . ,
Inasmuch aa charges have been pre
ferred against so many associations of
this nature during the term of Governor
Mickey he lntenda. to.. use all of his in
fluence to have the next legislature enact
a. law placing all such In the hands of the
State Board of Charities and Correction
so that regular Inspections may be had.
Claims Allowed.
s " During the absence j of Commissioner
Follmer ' yesterday , afternoon the remain
ing members of the Board of Publlo Lands
and Buildings met an4 allowed the claims
of W. A. Bailey for painting and repairs
at the Grand Island Soldiers' home,
amounting In all .to. 12,877.70. Treasurer
Mortensen voted against the allowance of
the claims. These were held up some time
ago ty Mr. Follmer, and over their settle
ment the board has had much trouble.
The contract for the dynamo and engine
at the penitentiary waa let to the Western
- tectrlcaJ comrjanT;.-r-13,486." - .
T.The report of Warden Beemer of -the
state penitentiary ahowa that the prisoners
out there are by no means In a pacified
- state. Several were sent to the dungeon
during the month for assaulting a guard,
disobeying orders, using vile language and
destroying food. Simon, who escaped and
want to Texas, lost four months of good
time for being caught and brought back.
Ten prisoners were received at the prison
during the month, one waa returned, five
were discharged, on died, and two were
paroled. There are now 271 in the paUon.
Mrs. Lydia M.' Douthett of 1035 U street
recently received from an attorney in Des
Moinea, la.. Information to the effect that
her children are among the heirs of the
eMate of James ' Adams, ' wlio met death
In an accident In that city about a year
ago, and such Information as sne nas oi
the case leads her to think that her chil
dren will come Into a considerable amount.
Mrs. Douthett Is the widow of the late
John Calvin Douthett. The man whose
estate promises to enrich her children
was a brother of Mr. Douthett s mother.
Mr. Douthett had six surviving brothers
and sisters, so that .any- estate which
James Adams, the uncle, may have left,
must be divided Into seven parts, one of
which will fall to the children of John
Douthett. The seven children of his sis
ter are the only heirs left by James
Adams, who died Intestate. Mrs. Douthett
has four children. They are William Dout
hett. who in employed In Ed Stevens' cigar
store; Joy Douthett. a barber on Eleventh
street; Frank Douthett, a boy who Is In
the employ of Contractor Frits, and Grace,
a chtiii, In school.
"I first hear! of the death of Mr. Adams
about tw weeks ago," said Mrs. Douthett
this morning, "when a lawyer In Des
Moines wrote me for the names of my
children, and for certain Information In
regard to other members of the family
elsewhere. I had not heard from Mr.
Adams for several years, but some years
ago I Knew t..at he was a man of large
fortune. I hear that he was killed In an
accident by falling down an elevator shaft,
I believe, and that he left no will. Since
my husband's death I have nit heard much
about him. The attorney who wrote to
me simply Informed me that my children
were among the natural heirs to the es
tate. He did not say how large an estate
it is, or of what It consists. We have had
two ietters from him. I have given him
the Information he wanted, but we have
taken no further steps to look Into, the
matter. I did not know whether It would
be right or proper for me to Inquire as to
the slse of the estate or any of the details,
although I thought that some of us ought
to look It up."
It Is probable thst Mrs. Douthett will re
tain local counsel to Inquire Into the mag
nitude of her children's Interest In the
which was to show that the dreamers of
the world have really been our practical
men.- Such men as Franklin, Columbus, I
Morse, Nanaen and Marconi. Mr." Burdette
holds, belong to the rainbow chasers. His
discourse was well received by a select
At Least Each ii the Declaration et Fretl
dent of Panama.
slonary church and killed the native rastor.
The priests of the district are demanding
the execution of the local magistrate as
NEBRASKA MAN IS MISSING generals of Colombia under arrest
Relatives of Leoaard Welgaad Mark
Worried Over Hla Rtraago
YANKTON, S. D., Nov. . (Special.)
Belatives of Leonard AVelgand. a wealthy
Nebraska farmer, are very much worried
over his whereabouts, and are making
strenuous efforts to locate him.
On September IS last Mr. Welgand left
Yankton for San Francisco. He arrived
safely In Sioux City, then for a space of
three' weeks nothing was heard from him.
About October 10 a letter was received,
signed with his name, saying that he had
arrived safely and was making hla home
with Paul Hamann. The letter was not
In Mr. Welganda writing, and Mr. Ha
mann was wired to find out If Mr. Wel
gand was all right.
Mr. Hamann replied that Welgand had
not been at his place, and that he knew
nothing about him. A request to the San
Francisco chlet of police was equally fruit
less. A full description of Mr. Welgand
has been sent to the Ban Frahclsco police,
and further report from them Is anxiously
His relatives and friends fear foul play.
aa when he left home Mr. Welgand car
ried a large sum of money on bis parson.
Repabllo of Pliant Is Proclaimed
by Hepreaeatatlrea of All Parties,
the Actios Hating Been
' Expected.
Remarkably Distinct Mirage Is Sees
by tae People of
SUPERIOR. Neb., Nov. 1 A remarkably
distinct mirage waa seen Friday by the
people living north of the town of Nelaon.
The entire town of Edgar was reflected
in the sky. Edgar is about fourteen miles
from whore the mirage was seen.
Bert Valentine of
Charged with s
Bloom field
NORFOLK. Neb.. Nov. I. (Special.) A
special to the News tella of the marriage
of Bert Valentine and a 14-year-old girl
named Kill In South Dakota, after an ex.
citing trip from the home In Bloomfield,
The coupie stole a team and wagon from
Bloomfield and drove at a furious gait
across the country until they, got out of
Nebraska. All of the officers in this sec
tion of the state were on the lookout for
them yesterday.
The runaway couple were arrested at
Niobrara this morning. They declared that
they had been up Into South Dakota and
were married there. Hill, the girl s father,
Is Intensely Indignant over the affair. The
Bloomfield officer had not arrived at Nio
brara thta morning, but he passed through
Norfolk on the noon train enroute. Valen
tlno will be held for trial.
Bnrned by Exploding; Chemicals.
NORFOLK. Neb., Nov. I. (Special Tele
gram.) A young man named Oscar Rlche
was seriously burned and otherwise hurt
by the explosion of some chemicals he was
preparing for a atereotlplcon exhibition at
his home, about six miles south of this
city. A big hole was blown through the
roof of the house by the explosion, and
four Joists were blown Into the cellar, and
the house otherwise wrecked. Young
Rlche Is not fatally hurt.
Steady Rata at West Point.
WEST POINT. Neb., Nov. t (Special.)
Rain has been steadily pouring down for
the last twenty-four houra, effectually
stopping corn husking for the next few
days. Corn Is making a heavy yield in this
county, much more than was expected by
the most sanguine. Many fields will go
fifty-five to sixty bushels to the acre and
la of a most excellent quality.
York Pastor does to Oklahoma.
YORK, Neb., Nov. S. (Special.) Rev. O.
B. Chapman, pastor of the Christian church
of this city, has resigned, and will engage
In evangelistic work. From here Rev.
Chapman goes to Oklahoma, where he
holds a series of meetings. During the
three years Rev. Chapman haa been here
he was the means of building the large
Christian church of this city, and with
only ia few members he Increased the mem
bership until the Christian church Is one
of the largest In the city. . It "was with
considerable regret the members of the
church accepted his resignation, and every
thing waa done to get him to reconsider.
Charged with Aaaanlt.
PLATTSMOUTH. Neb., Nor. I (Special.)
Frank Benfer, for whom a warrant was
sworn out by Ed Donat, charging him with
assault and battery, appeared before Jus
tice Archer and entered a plea of not
guilty to the charge. The defendant fur
nished bond In the sum of 1200 for hla ap
pearance for trial Saturday.
Gage Coaaty Mortgage Record,
BEATRICE, Neb., Nov. 8. (Special.)
Following la the mortgage report for Gage
county for the month of October:, Number
of farm mortgages filed, 21, amount, 134,421;
number of farm mortgages released, 90,
amount, 200,952; number of cily' mortgages
filed, 21, amount, 113.402; number of cl'.y
mortgage released. 18, amount ts.486.
Bardetto Pleavaee Hastlaca People.
HASTINGS. Neb., Nov. . (Special.)
The various women's clubs were enter
tained by the American Literature club at
Masonto hall last night. Robert J. Bur
dette was the speaker of the evening. He
spoke with characteristic humor and phil
osophy upon the subject, "Rainbow Chas
ers." His discourse was epigrammatic
and abounding with humor, the effect of
Hogs Die of Cholera.
BEATRICE, Neb., Nov. S. (Special.)
E. D. Cramer, a prominent farmer who
resldea In Hanover township, baa loat
twenty-five head of hogs from the cholera
within the past few days. Strange as It
may seem the disease has not made Its ap
pearance among any of the hogs owned by
hla neighbors.
PANAMA, Colombia. Nov. 8-The Inde
pendence of the Isthmus was proclaimed at
p. m. today. A. larg and enthusiastic
crowd of all political parties assembled and
marched to the quarters. of the government
troons. where Generals Tovar and Amaya.
who arrived thia morning, were Imprisoned
In the name of the republic of Panama.
The enthusiasm was Immenae and at least
t nofl of the nen in the gathering were
There waa a persistent rumor here dur
ing the last few days that a movement waa
on foot looking to the Independence of the
isthmus. Noon of yesterday was the time
mentioned for Its active, Inauguration, but
no event publicly antagonistic to the gov
ernment of Colombia took place. Until this
time the government wss not alarmed and
apparently no steps were taken to quell
any anticipated disturbance. This seeming
Inactivity on the part of the government
waa looked upon aa showing confidence In
the reports made by Oeneral Obaldla, the
governor of the department of Panama,
who Issued a manifesto thanking all polit
ical parties for the adhesion promised to
the government when It was reported that a
revolutionary force waa marching In the
vicinity of Penomeme. In this .manifesto
the governor also thanked the Inhabitants
of the department of Panama for the sin
cere proofs of their patriotism and ex
pressed the hope that they would maintain
the same line of conduct and thus save the
government the painful duty of adopting
stringent measures.
The United States gunboat Nashville ar
rived here late last evening. The streets of
Colon present somewhat the same appear
ance as during the days of -the revolution.
Several hundred troops who arrived today
from Savanllla on the Colombian gunboat
Cartagena are eouatted on the street cor
ners. The battalion consists of 450 soldiers,
well supplied with ammunition, under the
command of General Tovar. Oeneral Tovnr
left for Panama today, but the troops still
remain here.
President Considers Situation.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 3. While the presl.
dent was receiving the election returns to
night he held a conference with Assistant
Secretary of the Navy Darling and Assist
ant Secretary of State Loomla, presumably
regarding the situation at Colon and the
necessity for naval ..vessels there. Shortly
before 10 o clock Lieutenant Belknap, the
cipher officer of the bureau of navigation.
came over from the Navy department to
the White House, bringing a message. He
was followed quickly by Assistant Secre
tary Darling. There was a hurried confer
ence between the president and two secre
taries, following which Lieutenant Belknap
returned to the Navy department In great
haste. A few minutes after the confer
ence Admiral Taylor, - chief of the bureau
of navigation, called, and was Immediately
admitted to the cabinet room, where the
president was. Up to 10:15 nothing could
be learned regarding the details of the con
ference. i -
The following cablegram was received at
the State department tonight:
An uprising took place at Panama to
?, nt- independence waa proclaimed. The
Colombian army and naval officials were
made prisoners. A governmtnt was to be
organised conaistinatf three consuls and a
cabinet. . It Is rumoned at Panama' that a
similar uprising waa to take place at Colon.
Later the following official statement was
made regarding the news from Panama:
A number of confused and conflicting dis
patches have been received from tha i.,
mua, Indicating rather serious disturbances
iMMti nuon ana colon. The Navy de
these ports, wit
Princess Saea Rhodes Eieestars.
LONDON, Nov. 3.-Prinoess Radstwlll
today Issued a writ demanding t7.0O0.000
from Lord Rosebery, Earl Grey and Al
fred Belt, Dr. Jameson, L. L. Mlchell and
B. A. Hawksley, trustees of tha estate of
the late Cecil Rhodes, under an agreement
alleged to have been made on or before
June 20, 1S99, between herself and Mr.
Rhodes. This Is a sequel to the arrest and
imprisonment of the princess at Cape
Town In 1902 on the charge of forging
Rhodes' signature to bills for several thou
sands of pounds. The case, which doubt
less will prove sensational, la expected to
lead to many exposures.
China Donates Bnffalo Dwty.
PEKING, Nov. 8. The Chinese govern
ment has Informed Minister Conger that
It will permit the water buffaloes already
bought to be exported, but the hope is
expressed that the Philippine government
will not purchase more. The government
of China Is not willing to establish the
precedent of remitting the export duty on
the aalmals, but It will send the amount
of duty collected to the Philippines, as a
donation for the relief of distress.
Aero Dlapate Is Settled.
RIO JANEIPvO, Nov. 3. The Acre terri
tory dispute between Bolivia and Brasll has
been settled. The principal points which
wers under consideration In the Acre dis
pute were whether the territory beyond the
tenth degree of latitude shall become Bra
slllan territory, Brasll to pay Bolivia $5,000,-
000 and allow Bolivia the right to send Acre
products to Brazilian ports on the Amason
Emperor to Attend Fnneral.
BERLIN, Nov. 1. Emperor William and
the empress will attend the funeral of Prof.
Mommsen Thursday If the Wiesbaden pro
gram admits of It. Otherwise they will be
represented by one of the princes. The
expenses of the funeral will be borne by
the municipality of Charlottenburg, which
years ago conferred on the deceased pro
fessor the freedom of the elty.
Klnar Lays Cornerstone.
LONDON, Nov. t-KIng Edward, in the
presence of several thousand people, today
laid the corner atone of the King Edward
VII. consumption sanitarium at Mldhurst,
Sussex, for the erection of which Sir Er
nest Cassel gave 11,000,000.
General Alexander Hamilton !
Namesake- and Descendant of the Qrcat American Patriot and Signer of the) '
Declaration ol Independence, Writes tie Waa '
And Other Serious Complications Resulting from Wounds Received In tha
Uvll war, by taking: Dulfy's 1'ura man Disney.
Alexnnder Hamilton, major general In the
Civil War, residing in Tarrytown, N. T.,
'Oontlemer: For many yewra I suffered
from. Chronic Catarrh and other complica
tions as a result of wounds received In the
Civil War. After trying almost every rem
edy without results, a few months sgo I
began tn use Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey, I
am eighty-eight years of age, feel strong
and vigorous, possess all my faculties and
my catarrh has entirely disappeared.
Is the greatest cure In the world for a
broken down constitution."
If you are run down, nervous, catch cold
easily or have a cough, your system has
not sufficient vitality to throw off the first
stages of disease and needs lonlng up at
once with Duffy'a Pure Malt Whiskey to
prevent catarrh, asthma, bronchitis, pneu
monia, grip, pleurlsv and consumption.
etqenrsAui s ao,hU.. MW ajn,r ".JJiCl
for overworked, run-down, weakened, deli
cate men and women and sickly children.
It stimulates the circulation, enriches the
blood, tones up the heart, strengthens and sustains the system. Is a promoter of
good health and longevity, makes the old young and keeps the young strong.
It la absolutely pure, contains no fusel oil, and Is the only whiskey recognised
by the Government ss a medicine. This Is a guarantee.
7,nno doctors prescribe and 1,000 hospitals use Duffy's Pure Mnlt Whiskey for all
diseases of the throat and lunga, Indigestion, dyspepsia and every form of stomach
trouble, malaria and all low fevers.
CAITIO When yoo aak for Daffy's Par Malt Whiskey he sere yoa
cot the arenaiae. 1nsrranaloaa dealers, mlndfal of the excellence of this
preparation, will try to sell yow cheap Imitations and malt vrhlakev sob
stltates, which are pat en the market tor proflt only, und which, far
from relieving the alek, are positively harmful. Demand ' Daffy's" and be
arc to get It. It Is the only absolutely pore Malt Whiskey which con
tains medicinal. health-al viae ejaalltlea. Daffy's Pare Malt Whiskey la
old la sealed bottles only, never la flask or balk. Look for tht Trade
mark, the "Old Chemist," on the label, and be certain the seal over the
eork la aabrokea. Beware of resiled bottles.
Sold by all druggists snd grocers, or direct. $1 a bottle. Medical tool-let free.
Duffy Malt Whiskey Co., Rochester, New York.
partment has dispatched several vessels to
"" iwina, wiin Directions to do everything
possible to keep travel open and maintain
4 f . Jtermfc '
My . 1 A tUUMUIW s ttk
Ghoat Meeta tha Gneata.
PLATTSMOUTH. Neb., Nov. 8.-(SpeclaL)
Miss Florence Dovey most delightfully
entertained a large number of her friends
at a Hallowe'en party Saturday evening.
The guests were met at the door . by a
"ghost," who escorted them to the parlors.
Pew Wiit to Be Soldiers.
BEATRICE. Neb., Nov. 8. (Special. )-
Tha United States recruiting station, which
has been In charge of Sergeant Hall at this
place for the past month, haa been, trana
for red to Grand Island. During the month
of October there were- three enlistments.
lrectlons to do everything
order along the line of the railroad
The sensational advices from the Isthmus
were not entirely unexpected, In view of
the other advices that had come to the de
partment very recently. The portion of the
news caused a sudden outburst of activity
at the Navy department and at once, on
President Itoqsevelt's return, he was made
acquainted with the situation. Secretary
Hay, Assistant Secretary Darling, Assistant
secretary Loomls and a number of others
were summoned to the White House and
measures were taken at once for protection
or American interests at the Isthmus.
Something t'sefal Recently Patented
and Attracting Marh Attention.
A new and useful stove Invention haa
been recently patented. It consists of
smokeless, sootless, odorless stove for soft
coal and lignite, which 4s now In practical
operation, perfected In every detail. It
utilises every particle of the energy of the
fuel, by consuming both the smoke and
gases. Contrary to the :deas of many
people, the stove Is simple In construction,
while the price is extremely low, and when
the fact that the cost of coal la so very
much lower for this stove than for operat
ing a hard coal burner, the advantage of
this fuel-saving device can be readily seen.
The stove can be supplied with coal at a
cost not exceeding 10 cents per day.
Without doubt thia is one of the most eco
nomical stoves ever Invented, not only by
virtue of Its consuming both the smoke and
gas, but because the very poorest and
cheapest of coal can be used with entire
satisfaction. It is also self-feeding, and
will keep (lie .'or forty-eight hours. With
the exception of a very fine axh, resembling
that of a cigar, there la no refuse, aa the
fuel Is being coked during the consuming
of the' gaa.
The mica front Is Illuminated by a eheet
of flame, giving a cheerful and comfortable
appearance, while the stove la equipped
with a double heating device, by which
meana an upstairs room may be nicely
heated, much after the order of a furnace.
The stove In operation Is attracting much
attention, and practical stove men say that
It Is all the name implies.
Mr. Mat R. Bingham, a special represent
ative of the Qtrland Stove Co., will show
the stove In actual use at Milton Rogers
A Bona Co. throughout the balance of the
The stove Is called the Wonder Garland
and Ita operation Is guaranteed In every
a aa
Dyaamlte for Flattsmoetb. Explodes.
PLATTSMOUTH, Neb., Nov. 8 (Special)
The car loaded with dynamite which ex-
ploded In Crestline, O., Sunday night is
supposed to be the one ordered by Newell
It Atwood, containing dynamite for their
stone quarry at Amasonia, Mo.
How Cera oa Market.
BEATRICE, Neb., Nov. 8. (Special.)
Some new corn Is being sold here for feed
ing purpose. Thirty cents per bushel Is
I the price paid by local grain buyers.
Mlaa Roosevelt Bends Picture to Offi
cers of German Vessel Alice
itnUN, Nov. 8. Ambassador Tower.
who recently returned here from a visit to
the United Statea, brought with hlra a
photograph of Mlaa Alice Roosevelt, pre
sented by Mrs Theodore Roosevelt to the
officers of the German dispatch boat Alice
Roosevelt, In consequence of the desire ex
pressed by them to have a portrait of tha
woman after whom the vessel wss named.
The photograph, which Is a soft tone.
about twelve Inches long by nine Inches
wide, and which represents Miss Roosevelt
at full length, bears her autograph.
Hot Springs, Ark.
On and after Sunday, November 8, the
Iron Mountain Route will Inaugurate its
olid through fast train service between St.
k Louis, Mo., and Hot Springe, Ark., vial
Benton. Train to be known aa No. 17, will
leave St, Louis at 8:30 p. m., arriving at
Hot Springs Sam. Returning, train No.
18 will leave Hot Springs 7 JO p. m., arrive
St.- Lou la 7:38 a. m. For further Informa
tion address Thos. P. Godfrey, Pass, and
Ticket Agent, B. E. corner 14th and Doug
las at a, Omaha, Neb., or H. C. Townsend,
Gen. Pass, and Ticket Agent, St. Louis, Mo.
Laps Are la Need of Relief.
ST. JOHNS. N. F., Nov. 8.-Kxtrme des
titution Is reported from many parts cf
Labrador, owing to the shortage nf the
fishery catch. Unlesa relief be provide by
the government It la believed vhat m&ny
people will perish. One vessel already dis
patched with provisions has not yet teen
reported as arrived.
Barn Charch and Kill Pastor.
PEKING, Nov. 8. The native papers re
port that a mob In the mining; district of
Cheklsng province recently burned a mis-
HERE Is decided luxury
in slipping on a Kirsch-'
baum coat. It fits per-'
yet is roomy and comfort
Made of Skibb ereen Frieze,
O'Fallen Frieze, Hull Melton and
other rich fabrics'
Inquire for the Kirschbaum
Overcoats Warranted). At good
stores everywhere. $ 1 0 to $40.
School Teacher Arrested for Making
Affidavit la Tom Horn
CHEYENNE, Wyo., Nov. 8. Prosecuting
Attorney Btoll today caused tha arrest of
Miss Glendolene Klrnmel on a charge or
perjury. x
Last Saturday she made affidavit that
VU tor Miller confessed to her that he killed
Willie Nickel, the crime for which Horn is
sntenced to be hanged November to, and
the prosecuting attorney declares she swore
Miss Klmmel waa teacher of a public
school near the scene of the murder. .
AskyiSur Dealer
Look for silk-woven label with trade-mark O'Fallea,
Skibbereea o- Hull insida collar of coat,
identify by linen label inside breast pocket of coat
For Sale in Omaha by
erg, Swanson and Co.
Driven by a Strike
KANSAS CITT, Nov. 8. James Hill and
I John T. Linsley, drivers for a department
store, and fCrnest H. Trekell, a driver for
the I'nlted Stales Express company, union
men, were fined tlUu each In police court
here today for atoning a wagon driven by
i nonunion man, a strike breaker.
Notice of appeal was given. The men
were sent to jail, while their friends hur
ried around to raise enough moue to pay
I their nnaa.
Frank Farrla of Mtasoarl Faces Jary
oa Charge of Taking
JEFFERSON CITT, Mo..' Nov. 8.-The
trial of Senator Frank H. Fa iris on the
charge of bribery began today In the circuit
court. Only four witnesses were examined
and theae testified regarding the records
of the legislature concerning the alum bill.
Former Lieutenant Governor Lee, witness
for the state, will take the atand as the
first witness tomorrow. His testimony was
outlined to the Jury this afternoon by At
torney General Crow, who said he would
show that D. J. Kelly and F. Kelly sent
Lee a check for 8S.S00 In March, 1901, of
which 'Senators Farrla, Orchard, Morton,
Costello, Smith and Matthews were to re
ceive 81.000 each for holding the alum bill
In the committee on criminal Jurisprudence
and 81.000 waa for Senator Haynes, who
Introduced the bill In the senate. Lee was
to keep the remaining 11,500 as a present
that Kelly came here and regiatered under
the name of "Smith;" that the check
which Lee received waa deposited In a St,
Louis bank and when the legislature ad
journed Lee drew out $7,000 and took It to
room In St. Louis, where Farrla was
stopping, and gave It to him; that Farris
divided It Into packages of 11,000 each to
give to the other senators In the deal.
Attorney Jordan for the defense denied all
the allegations of the attorney general and
said he would ahow that Kelly never knew,
aaw or had any dealings with Farrla until
December, 1901, which waa nine months
after thia alleged deal and then It waa In
relation to the enforcement of pure food
laws; that none of the aenators mentioned
had received money for their votes.
St. Louis-Hot Springs Service
. ' Iran S3iirltrt
nun muuiiidin nuuiu
Little Rock and Hot
Springs Western R, B.
Commencing Sunday, Nov. 8th, the Iron
Mountain Route will inaugurate its solid
through fast train service between St,
Louis and Hot Springs, Arkansas, via
Benton. The departing and arriving
time at St Louis and Hot Springs will
be as follows.
.! .i "
Leave 8:20 p. m, St. Louis Arrive 7:35 a. m.
Arrive 8 a. m. Hot Springs Leave 7:30 p. m.
Thos. F. Godfrey. Pass, and Ticket A;ent, Omaha.
H. C. Townsend, Gen' I Pass, and Ticket Agent St. Louis.
California r Org
Clves HlBBself ls, bat Bays He Took
No Fart la Lyarklsg of Which
ST. LOUIS. Nov. (.-Eugene Hay,
nephew of County Judge John B. Hay,
and a prominent society man of Belleville,
111., appeared voluntarily in the office of
Eherlff Thomasson In Belleville today and
surrendered under an Indictment brought
by the St. Clair county grand Jury, charg
ing him with complicity In the lynching
of David F. Wyatt. He furnished bond
for iOO promptly, and was not arrested.
He says hla Indictment la the result of a
mistake. Ha declares that he took no part
In the lynching, nor in any of the occur
rences leading up to It. George Bchupp
wss the first to be arreated under the In-
dlctmenta, wa'ch are supposed to be sgatnst
fourteen men. He was arreated today and
tuken to Jail, to await his release on bond.
The arrest of William Welmllng, Henry
Hearsy and Albert Webster, laborers, on
the same charge, quickly followed-
Baokera tslt St. Loala.
ST. LOUIS. Nov. S.-A party of eastern
bankers from tha convention of the Na
tional Bankers' association at Baa Fran
Double Derth9 $9.00
Accommodations provided for all classes of passengers
Foil Information cheerfully farqtthed en application to '
nty Ticket Office, 1824 Parnam St.
Those 816.
etsco arrived here this morning on a special
train and stopped over to visit the World s
fair. With the party waa William B.
Rldgely, comptroller of the currency, and
George E. Roberts, director of the mint.
The party left for the east over the Big
Four at noon.
fltoaaaek Troable Kot so Bad aad Ho
Is Not Coaflaed to
NEW YORK. Nov. 1-John Mitchell, the
labor leader, who .on his arrival here last
night was suffering from acute stomach
trouble, was much better today. He was
not confined to his bed.
Tarf Aesoclatloa Elects Ofieers.
NEW YORK, Nov. 1 At tha annual
meeting of the Metropolitan Turf a'aoc.a
tlun Ueorga Wheeler waa elected premdont
and Orlando Jones tressurer. Five me nlr
ahlps were reported sold at Mo.mm a n. ID)
association la comuoaed of leading book
makers of the country.
Reprlsaaad to Bo Paalahmeat.
DENVER. Nov J.-It la ststed on
i good
authority that the court-martial which
found John Marshal guilty of disobedience
nf orders fixed his sentence at dishonorable
discharge from the Colorado National
Uuard, but that Governor Feahody will
commute the sentence to a reprimand.
Is the new flaked wheat food which
is now attracting universal attention.
II is manufactured with the iiW oi
surpassing all other flaked wheat
food and is being sold at a manu
facturer's profit.
For Gents
Onr enormous production enables
ua to do this
Aik Tow flroctf for til 8rew rickijt.
If rear frocTiotm not kcrplt.arne u hit bum
a4 McaoS w. wUl jot a aaosaa'., prata.
artilin atl aommanlualkMis to
Kaa-O-see, iialatey, 111.

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