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Net total sales...
Net average tales , k.t,7A3
Subacrlbed In my presence and.sworn Ao
N-fore me thl 4th ttay of October, A. t.,
' M. B. Hl'NUAl'H.,
Full return on the reonlt In Nebraska
will not b bad for a day or two yet.
but enough I at band to know that Ne
braska baa gone republican by an in-
largely heeded, but a number of promi
nent democrat did not support the
ticket and for the reason that It did
not represent any democratic principle.
The whole issue waa that of honest and
clean city government and no democrat
creased majority." True, the lead of I forfeited his pnrty loyalty who refused
Juris- Rum over .indire Sullivan at the to aunnort Tammanr in the contest. Aa
bend of the ticket may fall short of 10,- o the effect upon next year's nntlonnl
00f but the margin of the republican miHilfm. we do not believe It will be
7 . iiuiKrtnnt. It does not nttessnrlly
cnndldates for university regents over Qf y York
their fusion opponents is aure to exceed deinocrilti. ln for the state h.is
double that figure. ' frequently gone' republican when Tarn
The conditions that confronted Judge many was ln control of New York City
Barnes were out of the ordinary and In view of the result elsewhere repub-
the i ace he has run ia not only credit
able to .his vote-getting, abilities. ( but
also to the party. Opposing him was a
man asking re-election to a second term,
demanding the united strength of the
two Tings of the fusion forves and ap
pealing for republican support on the
plea for a nonpartisan judiciary.
Means have not the slightest reason for
apprehension because of the Tammany
Victory. . That corrupt organisation ex
erts little Influence beyond the munici
pality In which it carries on its demoral
ising political work.
The overwhelming republican victory
in Ohio la a signal triumph for Scnutor
The campaign waged against Judge jjanna. again attesting his great ability
Barnea was discreditable to the fualon
leaders. A desperate effort waa made
to stigmatize Judge Barnes as a corpo
ration tool,' to disparage his legal abili
ties, to Involve him In a controversy
as a political leader and campaign man
ager. More than this, it ia in the deci
sive repudiation of Johnaonlsm a lesson
to the entire country which should prove
of the greatest value. It ought to have
the effect of eliminating entirely from
over the reading of the bible In the pub- ericn . politic tha doctrine for
lie schools for the purpose of' alienating Whicjj the defeated democratic candt-
from him the church . rote . and also to date for governor in Onto stands and of
array the liberal element against him. aendlng Tom L. Johiyson into utter ob-
Aa a consequence we had appeals to the curity. The republican majority in the
voters made at the same time for Judge et,at U tb largeat of record with a sin-
, . , . . . . A . - gle exception, while the legislature will
Sullivan by misguided ministers of the ft larfter ,DUbl,can maJorltv on
gospel on one side and credulous liquor jolnt tnan ever before,
dealers on the other. It la to be hoped The campaign wns marked by extraor-
that the lesson taught will put an end dlnary activity on both sides. On the
to these dlareputable campaign methoda part of the democrats it was of the spec
for the future.
'Nebraska is to be congratulated on
standing staunchly ln the republican
column and giving evidence anew of its
tacnlar character peculiar to Johnson
and was directed mainly agulnst Mr.
Hanna. The republicans fought lu their
usual way and were splendidly organ
hied. The attack on the single tax
Political campflre stories are the order
of tho day. . ' :
v... :. ..! 1
Mark Hanna must be a mighty popu
lar man in Ohio.
Those republican harmony nfeetings
were not held in vain ftpr all.
, Now that tha returns are )n, the man
wlio "told you ia1 very'. Tumerotia.'
loyalty to President Roosevelt by fore- theory of Johnson undoubtedly had n
shadowing what It will do when given great influence upon the people, particu
nn opportunity to cast lta electoral vote lnrly the fnrmers. Senator Hannu's
for him next year., Nebraska repub- Part ,n the campaign was masterful. He
licana need take no back Beat In the "J"8 lnto t,he work Wn-t.the advice
' . - , of, his physician nnd continued in it to
party councils o long as they continu9 -j mftny
to roll up substantial republican major!- gpeechea and completely demolishing the
ties. ...,.-, pri'Mclsms" of ' his onnoiients. How ef
fective his pfTota were the result
FAVC VAKAL IMPKOrtMMT. abundantly .ttpstf, There wnB 'ver
' An Important result of the voting ln I t. 1ii1t lliat tliA . tArkti rml Imi nir wiihl
me state or .w xorx on iuesaay waa wln but the mmt MngUirje dul not ex.
the majority of a quarter of mnioU' overwhelming a victory It can-
From tho returhs,tbo kwa idea ap
pejaxa to be to Vote the republican ticket
atraJght .. " - '" '. ;j '
Now watch yoong George B. McClel
Ian fix bis opfics on the White tlouse at
Waabington. I. : ".'
Tammany haa recaptured New York
, and there la great Jubilation in the red
nst.' Autt ' - ""- t . : - "
'This has been an encouraging year for
third-tenners first Moorea and ' now
JArwer and VInsonhaler.
Mr. Yelser, donbtlesa. Is a good Indian
end that's why the democrats dis
patched hlra to the happy hunting
grounds. . v . . . , , . -
The . democratic roosters have lost
most of their tall feathers, but they
will try to grow another crop before the
. next campaign.
Harry Reed will take bla Initiation
into the county assessor's office on the
city Board of Review with Tax Com-
raissloner Fleming. - ,. - -
1 y
There will be Borne consolation . In
knowing that other states aa well aa
Nebraska i are Blow In gathering and
tabulating their election returns. .
If Bryan bad only made a few more
speeches in Ohio it. might have been
unanimous lor Colonel Herrick In his
political Joust with Tom Johnson."
Pre-election forecasts' favoring a dem
ocratic victory In Mississippi have been
verified. It is" needless to add that
titer waa no opposition ticket in the
told. ...-:;
chief objeet of maintaining lta control over
ail the approach to tidewater from Port
land channel north' has been rained. The
vital and supreme Importance of this point
has made It scarcely worth while to ob
serve In what our territorial loasea consist.
Aetlvltlea f the Weat.
Philadelphia Record.
In the eat a aood many " railroads are
reducing their construction force, but it
la reported from - Minneapolis, Denver,
Omaha. Kanns City and St. Louis that
the efforts of railway contractors to get
men for work that will go on during the
winter have raised ware, and even so
not nearly enoiifh men can be obtained.
Railroads In the far west are having more
difficulty than ever before In handling the
freight offered theoi."
Prosperity mt Home.
St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
A correspondent of the Boston Transcript
refers to the marked prosperity prevailing
throughout the west, and says: "It was
only a few years ago In Nebraaka and
Kansas that farmers were struggling with
heavy mortgages, and even leaving by
scores, unable to make agriculture pay.
This summer and fall farmers are putting
telaphones In their dwellings and using the
electric light service, which' In many com
munities Is available to them." A promi
nent business man who recently made an
extensive tour of the west says "it waa a
revelation of prosperity from the Canada
line to the gulf." These opinions are veri
fied by all trained observers.
. Gladatoae'e Errwv.
Morley'a "Life of Gladstone."
Gladstone said: "I havfe yet to record an
undoubted error, the most . singular and
palpable I may add. the least, excusable
of them all, especially since It waa com
mitted so late as the year 1841, when I had
outlived half a century. In the autumn of
that year, and In a speech delivered after a
public dinner at Newcastle-oit-Tyne, I de
clared In the heat of the American struggle
that JeffersoiK Davis had made a nation;
that Is to say, that the division of the
American republic by the establishment of
a southern or secession state was an ac
complished fact. That my opinion was
founded upon a false estimate of the facts
was the very least part of my fault. ' I did
not perceive the gross impropriety of such
an -.-.tterance from a cabinet minister of a
power allied in blood and language and
bound to loyal neutrality: the case being
further exaggerated by the fact that we
were already, so to speak, under indict
ment before the world for not (as was al
leged) having strictly, enforced the laws of
neutrality ln the matter of the cruisers.
My- offense aa. Indeed, only a mistake, but
one of Incredible groasness and with such
consequences of offense and alarm attached
to it that by falling to prove them Justly
exposed me to very severe blame."
in favor of improving the canals of the
state, the estimated cost of which will
be 101,000,000. The chief Improvement
proposed IB that of widening and deep
ening the Erie canal, bo as to admit of
the passage of 1,000-ton barges. ' This
not fall to have an inspiriting und in
vigorating effect upon republicans gen
It seems reasonable to assume that
the democrats of Ohio will now discard
Tom L. Johnson as a lender and dictator
question constituted the chief matter of flni marshal themselves under some one
interest with most of the people during wbo stands for true democratic princl-
the campaign and received thorough dis-ipIps. .At all. events Mr. Johnson -is no
cussion. The advocates of canal lm- Monger to be seriously considered as a
provement urgea tnat it was aDsoiuteiy presidential possibility. His crushing
necessary to preserve tbe commercial defeat on Tuesday settles that.- J
supremacy or the port or w rork and I . i . ' 1 4.
also thai It would be of great benefit to 1 Those emotional preachers got In their
the Industrial -interests of tha state gen-1 work- on . Jndge Barnes. Why ' they
emlly. Opposition was made chiefly on I should fly off the haudlo when they
the . ground of . coat,' which it was I know that there has never been any at
urged would prove a bnrden upon the tempt to put the blblo lu the schools of
people. It is needless to say that the Omaha or take it out of the public
railroads did all they could to aid the schools of Ouiuha, and when, moreover.
opposition. N I they must have known that Judge
The proposition to widen and deepen Bnrnea had nothing whatever to do with
the Erie canal has an Interest for west-1 the decision rendered by the supreme
ern producers, who will derive soma 1 court In the Freeman case.'or why they
benefit from such an improvement not should, have attempted to defeat tho
only in tbe better facilities it will give uandidate for supreme Judge of their
for, the shipment, of produce to the sea-1 own party,' passes comprehension. -
board, but also In keening down freleht I ' I
rates during n considerable part of the
yenr. ' Of course this will Hot bo real
ized for a considerable time, but It is a
promise of the future that means much
for western Interests.
Fusion is at an end. Next year the
populists will lie in the field against
both the republicans and tbe demo
crats," declared an ambitious populist
leader, discussing the situation ln Ne
braska. . Fusion ltf at an end indeed.
TAMMAnrx victory.. but to nna popuiiHts in numuers suin-
TUe only result of Tuesday's elections dent to take the field against anybody
from which the democracy can derive will be the chief difficulty next year,
any satisfaction or encouragement is the . -. -
vietxirT xt Taminnnv and nroneriv oon. Uompetmon xor iue immuou ou tue
sldered this Is by no means so Important upreme court commission to be vacated
to that party as Borne will- lie disposed T Jude Bnrne" when he move8 up to a
to aasume. . It was not altogether uu- CMlt on lue ""lur wl" ""w
Several weeks ago we ' interesting, mere is no aeartn
pointed out that there was danger of n -"orasKa "'s i
annex a judicial prenx oy appointment.
Recolleetlof of Red Cload aad His
Former Ulory. '
" " ' ' Portland Cregonlan. . .
Mach-pe-a-loo-ta (Red Cloud), the famous
Ogaluila chief of I he Sioux, Is dying of old
age at Pine Ridge Agency. S. D. The old J
chieftain has long been feeble, and, having
been unable tc irasp the Idea of thrift
through " long ; years of contract with
civilisation. Is qalie1 destitute. The North
Yakima, Farm and Horns thus speaks of
this laat great Chieftain of the Sioux: 1 -"The
first time he ever spoke to a white
man waa. In the spring of 1864. when he
came to the.graat, treaty of Fort. Iramle.
We see him now,;as we saw him then,
standing above six, feet In his. moccasin,
as straight a 'a door, post, his eagle aye.
Roman nose ':an4 general facial, and
cranial developtttefrt bearing all the mark's
f the born ohfrftain. His manner wa
lofty. He waa clad only in breech clout,
moccasins and a' buffalo ' robe wrapped
about his person. He knelt In front of Mr.
Taylor, the president of the council, clasped
his hands, raised' his' eyes' and In Sioux
dialect offered up. to .the Deity a prayer
Invoking the favor of the gods on the treaty
and asking for everlasting peace. He waa
the typical war Chief of all the 60.000
savages that had .been .laying waste the
settlements that the whites attempted to
form on the' great prairies between Omaha
and the Rocky- Mountains. Ho led the
massacres of Forts Fetterman and Phil
Kearny, and drove from Montana and
Wyoming the military garrisons of all the
fotts between Fort Ellis and Fort Laramie;
and reduced the barracks to ashes."
There is something pathetic about .the
end. of thla swarthy chief, though In the
name of humanity and civilisation we may
will be glad thai his lfe and Its bloody
incidents ore not to be lived over again.
. Sullivan of Iowa was knocked out by
00,000, notwithstanding tho predictions of
t'aa Omaha popocraUc organ that the re
publicans of Iowa 'were badly torn' up,
vith defeat staring them ln tne face.
Sympathy la to be extended not so
much to Mayor Low. as to the. . good
people of Ntw York, who do uot appre
date a model municipal adiv.lnlstrutlou
when they have It nor know enough to
Lold onto it. '
Dowle'a Zlon boats missed 'their 'chance
t j vote In their peregrinations back and
lorth between Chicago and New York.
It appears, however, that their' rotes
were not really needed at either point
at destination.'
the f unionists being defeated nndy Indi
cated the conditions which threatened
thla. The advices within a few days of
the election pointed to the probable de
feat of, tho fusion ticket, some of the
most earnest newspaper supporters of
that ticket conceding that it would be
liut while not entirely unexpected, at
least by those who understood the in
fluences at work for Tammany, the vic
tory of. that political organization will
Not tunny years ago there were 3,500
populists In Douglas county, but. year
by year their ranks have grown thiuner
and thinner and thinner until they have
almost disappeared from the political
map. Fusion with the democrats baa
been "pixen" to tbe popullsta.
He Vke Hesltaiee la Lost.
Detroit Free Press.
Don't wait for the automobile ordinance
uono the lesa bo regretted by all friends I to save you.- Jump!
of honest and decent municipal govern- j : .
lueut. The restoration to power of
Tntumany means the revival of air the Tne m0,t perfect of modern safety de-
evils against which the people of New vices for the protection of railroad paseen.
More than 10,000 voters In Douglas
county did not participate in the elec
tion yesterday, which goes to show that
ii very large proportion of our voting
population is either Indifferent or, too
I usy to discharge their obligation as
t itlaens. '
Over ln Russia a holiday has been pro-
dulined to commemorate the death-of
t:te Cxar Alexander 111., In tikis free
i 'public we prefer to have our holidays
it celebrate our good fortune ln the
1 1 tin of the national patriot or stnte
uan we are disposed to honor.
Uncle Sam's last quarterly financial
exhibit shows that hla incouiti and ex
itenses are almost balauYU. . A lot of
Uncle Sara's boarders envy hltu hla for
tunate condition, even though he may
(onslder It a .poor balance sheet that
rue not aliow a snug surplus takl away
lor a rainy oay.
York City revolted two years ago and
which have to a lare extent been reme
died by the Low administration. It
promises a renewal of the saturnalia of
vice nnd crime, and public, corruption
which a filleted that municipality under
Tammany adinlnUtratiou. This seems
Inevitable,, because the elements that
guve the victory to Tammany will in
sist ' upon' recognition. The gamblers,
the saloon keepers, tbe runners of dis
orderly houses, the grafters, the fellows
who seek, to get public money without
reitderlug a fair equivalent, these and
all others who prey upon the people
wll demand a return to tbe old order of
things, as they existed when that pliant
tool of tho Infamous Croker, Van Wyck.
as mayor, and there ia every reason to
expect that the demand will be com
plied with, for the new Tammany leader
was a pupil of Croker and will doubt
less be able to bend Mr. McClel lan, the
mayor-elect, by no means a strong or
forceful man, to bis will.
Democrats who ball the result as a
party triumph ahould remember that no
real democratic principle waa In Issue.
It ia true that democrats were appealed
to to, support McClellan for the effect
that might be produced upon net year's
rampalgu and evidently tha appeal was
grrs aro utterly useless If the modern rail
road employe la stupid or careless.
rtnchlaa the Com Men.
Chicago Chronicle.
A suit at law to compel the men who re
ceived stock In the shipbuilding company
without paying for It to step up to the cap
tain's office sod settle might cauae severul
cases of nervous prostration aa picturesque
aa the one which Mr. Bonwao acquired
some tlmt) ago. -
Kama's Heeor Bauaaked.
Baltimore American.
Tho record held by Esau In riving up hla
blrthr'.ght for -a mess of potta fe haa at laat
been broken by a deserter from the Vnlted
States nvy who traveled ,'M miles to ex.
change hut liberty for baked beans and pie.
He had wai.dered around the world at will,
but found freedom no compensation for his
exile from these dainties. v.
. The Vital Polat.
Bprlngfleld Republican.
Secretary Moody was accurate In spirit
but Inaccurate ln fact when he said of
the Alaskan boundary ' decision that "no
American territory la surrendered." Ao
tuaily our government has lost hundreds
of square miles by the arbitration. -tor
the line agreed upon la much nearer the
coast than the old one which our gov
ernment bas alwaya claimed. But while
the arbitration haa resulted In an actual
loss of territory to the I'nlted B tales, the
territory lost la uot eonaldered valuable
to as; and, meanwhile, the government's
Injary laBlcted I post the Ceuatry by
' ladastrlal Ballooalaa.
Springfield Republican.
The Walt Street Journal publishes a ilst
of 10J industrial combinations or trusts.
giving the amount of their capital stock
at par value; the highest and lowest prices
at which the shares have sold and the ex
tent of the valuation shrinkage In each
case. It is a remarkable exhibit, as might
be expected, and the totals are worth
giving: ,
Capital stock, par value 13,03, 410.83?
Value at highest quotations....:. 4.090.047. o
Value at lowest UOtaUoua X3Ai,(7.i;i7
Loss from highest prices v 1.764,06i,TjJ
This shrinkage of more than a billion
and three-quarters of dollars bas taken
place within three years, and for the most
part within a year, and In several caaee It
amounts to more than the par value of the
entire capital stock.
These 100 trust concerns are nearly all
engaged in manufacturing, and they rep
resent only a' very small part of the entire
manufacturing Industry of the country.
The federal census of 1(00 gave the actual
capital engaged In manufacturing that year
as amounting to H, 835,000.000; yet the. value
at one time placed upon theae 100 concerns,
representing probably lees than 10 per cent
of the actual capital employed In manufac
turing, amounted to over 10 per cent of the
total investment In all manufacturing.
Some Idea of the tremendous extent of the
recent Inflation can be obtained from this
fact, ""as well as from the extraordinary
shrinkage which has taken place ln esti
mated values.
The Injury Inflicted upon the country by
such ballooning Is Immeasurable. This la
tcue even when the case is considered In Its
most favorable aspects. Let it be assumed
that the great collapse In quoted values
has been accompanied by no reduction of
dividends on the dlvidead -paying stocks.
Still tbe holders of this great quantity of
stock feel poorer by S1,75I,Q0.000 than they
did when tha boom was at its height. As
the market went up, evea though their In
comes did not In any such degree, they felt
themselves growing so much the richer.
spent money, more freely, contracted obli
gations with greater readiness and reck
lessness and so rolled extravagantly along,
giving an Impetus to the consumptive de
mand upon production proportioned to the
extent of the rise In stocks. And so. aa
the market haa fallen, even though Incomes
have not, the holders of theae stocks feel
themselves to be about 12.000.000,000 poorer,
and proceed accordingly te ecooomnte aad
contract expenditures In proportionate
measure; which process affects production
aa adversely aa the other had favorably.
And thus aa a next step profits and In
comes are affected. ,
from such extremes of speculative In
flation as we have recently paaeed through,
a country' may well pray to be delivered.
Tby do a vast amount of harm.
Miser Sceaee aad laeldeata Sketehed
the Jpot.
The United States capltol Is just about
twenty-one tons heavier today than It was
when congress adjourned last spring. Paint
weighing (hat much has been ptit on tha
building since adjournment. The Job will
be completed 'this week. When the rep
resentatives and senators who have looked
upon the dingy- old walls of the committee
rooms and corridors for so many years
enter the building they will hardly know
the place. Not only haa the Inside of the
building been benefited by the work of the
brush wlelders. but the huge dome and the
Goddess of Liberty have also, received a
new dress. The Goddess was not painted,
but was given several coats of varnish to
prevent her flowing robes from corroding
and turning green.
The chief color used on the Interior was
light yellow, tha same hue that all of the
corrldore, hallways and committee rooms
were painted many years ago. The paint
used on the dome was all white, aa waa
that In touching up the sills, frames and
aashes of the windows and doors.
"Uncle Joe" Cannon haa mors or less
plainly Indicated to some of hla colleagues
In the house that he Intends to Inaugurate
gradually .a new regime of floor leaders.
Nothing radical toward thla end will be
done, but the older men ot the Reed and
Henderson organisation, or what is left of
them, will soon be .made to feel that they
are not the moving figures In proceedings.
Some three or four younger republicans
have already been asked by the prospective
speaker to attend the sessions this winter
more closely, aa ns wanta them on hand to
assist In carrying out his plans.
Washington Is much Interested In the fact
that Mr. Cannon will comence housekeep
ing at the capital for the first time In his
life. Heretofore "Uncle Joe" haa not been
regarded aa a society man, although he
has never evaded the duties of his petition
aa tha leading republican member of con
gress. Society Is secretly expecting great
things of the new speaker. It Is already
speculating about the character and num
ber of receptions and entertainments which
will be given In the Vermont avenue house.
Miss Cannon Is one of the most popular
young women In Washington and It Is con
ceded that whatever her plans may be
eho will betray ability of high order.
The prospect of having a speaker who
will enter tho social whirl with some out
ward evidence of enthusiasm is especially
pleasing to society because the late Speaker
Reed and former Speaker Henderson were
disposed to Ignore that feature of their
"The work of cracking an old steel safe
has become very simple." said an Inspector
of the Poslofflce department to a Washing
ton Star reporter. You see, he con
tinued, "all the burglar has to do Is to
pour nltro-g!ycerlne ln the cracks cf the
safe, then throw some combustible ma
terial over It, set It. afire and get. out of
the way. In a short time the explosion
occut-s snd the door drops out as readily
aa if it were made of pasteboard. ,
"This - method - of 21 ng into a safe Is
known to all cracksmen, and It seldom
occurs -that we heaf of a oaae of burglar
ising a postoRlce tn the small towns that
haa not been accomplished In that manner.
The old method of boring-Into a safe in
order to Insert the explosive la no longer
heard of. - I do not know how thla practice
can be stopped unless greater care la
taken in watching the postofflces or mod
ern Safes sre provided. It is Impracticable
to equip all tha postofflces with, modern
safes, so that I .think the simple methods'
of the burglars will, be used for a long
time, to come." , '. "
The Smallest salaried man in the employ
of the United States government has re
signed his office snd gone to the Sailors'
Snug Harbor on Staten Island, where he
hopes to spend the temalnder of his days
In comfort. He boasted ot getting only It
a year as his pay.
He Is Charles II. Ulbbs, and he was
keeper of Bug Light for many years. He
lived there alone, with only hens and
maltese cats ss his companions.
Thirty years ago Bug Light was on im
portant beacon on the Island. It Is on a
hill about a mile south of the town, and
In the days when Nantucket was a center
of the whaling Industry It proved of great
aid to the sallormen In making the channel
a: Want.
When the jetties were built and the chan
nel changed considerably on account of
shifting rands, the itght was discontinued
and Oibbs waa appointed to look after the
property, which constated of a cottage in
addition to the lighthouse. His pay waa
1 a year, but he made a living easily by
keeping hens and breeding cats. '
When Keeper Glbbs resigned the govern
ment decided to sell the property and It
was sold to the highest bidder laat week.
Absolutely Puro
circulation Is In marked contrast to the
west, where one ia often given nothing but
silver In change for a 15 or 110 bill. An
other peculiarity ln Washington Is that the
paper money In ' circulation Is nearly all
clean and crisp, fresh from the treasury.
It is a rare thing to get hold ot a dirty
bill In Washington.
Tounr-AlcClellan scores a political Antle
tam. Tom' Johnson's tiger met the elephant.
Whero Is the tiger now? ,
In. the opinion of the left Tammany's
victory is a low down trick.
Breathe It not In Gotham. Tha news
papers fought Tammany, Tammany won.
Tour Uncle Marcus seems to have carried
everything that wasn't nailed down In
There la some show for reform on Coney
Island since a large slice of the Midway
was purified by fire. '
The returns illumine the wisdom of Grout
and Koines In Jumping from the fusion to
the Tammany band wagon.
John Murray. Dowlo Indignantly .Insists
that he Is John Alexander's Powle's papa.
Gracious! Can It be possible that anyone
elso wants the child?
Most of the strike troubles are conflned
to Spain and the United States. Maybe
this Is a punishment to the two countries
for warring with each other. '
Thess little 'revolutions ln San Domingo
wl'l continue until someone f.tts upon the
happy Idea of stationing a dosen or two
Jr'eh policemen on the Island.
For smoothness, effectiveness and regu
larity the Philadelphia machine Is the ad
miration and the' envy of political .me
chanics. It never slips a cog.
Senator Stewart of Nevada is the only
man . In tha senate ' ho ' has never Uen
shaved.- His beard began to grow vhen
he waa It and haa been growing for elxty
years, " -,.'..". . , ' ,
Governor Batea of Massachusetts at a
banquet In Boston a few evenlnga ago
lifted high his glass and pledged a toast
In pure water, aa did Abraham Lincoln
when he drank to the health of the com
mittee which notified him of his nomination
for the presidency of the United States.
A saloon keeper lu Chicago waa nearly
drowned In lot of expensive whisky by
robbers who tied him down In a flood of
the liquor. If he had not been oppor
tunely rescued by a policeman he would
have created the paradoxical precedent of
tragically dying In high spirits. . , ,' .
Senator Gibson of Montana, 73 years old
and a widowtr, la being auggeated aa the
next of the elderly solons to take unto
himself a wife, Chauncey Depew declares
that Cupid is running riot In the '."upper
house" and It may be that Mr. Gibson may
be driven Into matrimony. - , -
starting the enterprise I find sn fern o
lltiO.mn) for "eontlngcnt expenses." Wlin
does thnl mean?
Promoter Well, thMt Is what we ma.
have tn nsv to ret Mr. Mnraan'a tiertnl
slon to embark in the business. Chlcng '
Tribune. y
"Old fellow, you ought to eat more fri.1; i
It's cheaper than paying doctor bills." .
"But I don't have to pay any doctor bill ,
as It Is. I am never sick." b
"That may be, but If you'd est more frul j
you would be able to draw dividends o
your health." Chicago Tribune. .
Chicago' Tribune
W. D. Nesbit in
You take the finest woman, with th'
ln her cheeks.
An' all th' birds a aingln' In her voice esc1
time sne speaits;
Her hair all black an' gleamln', or
eiowln' mass m' acid
An' still th' tale o' beauty Isn't mora til l .
hair way toia. ,
There ain't a word that tells It) all de ,
scrlptlon It defies
The motherlook that lingers ln a happ.x
'xoman'a eyes.
A woman's eyes will sparkle In her In- '
nocence an' fun.
Or snap a warnln' message to tn' oner
she wanta to shun.
In pleasure or In anger there ;s alway
But still there Is a beauty that was surel
made to bless
A teauty that grows . eeter an', that all ,
but glorifies
Th' motherlook that some time comes Int
a woman's eyes. -
It ain't a smile, exactly yet it's brtmmln '
full of Joy. , '
An' meltln' Into sunshine when she bends ;
above her boy
Or r-rl when it's a slespln , -with its dream
told in Its fane:
Bhe fmooths its liuir. .an' pets It as she
ilf'a It to Its place. -It
leads all th' expressions, whether grave. ,
or gay, or wise
Th' motherlook that, glimmers' In a Ibvtn'
woman'a eyes.
There ain't a p:cture of It. '.' there was
they'd have to paint
A picture f a Wytnan n.ostly angel an'.
rome tlnt . ., It f e- .
An' make it still' &'A&an-ah ?hey'd ;
have to Mend the whole.
There eln't a picture of It, tor no tne can .
paint- a soul. ' . " '
No one can paint th' glory com In' straight
from paradise
Th' motherlook that lingers in a happy
woman's eyes.
If General A. W. Greely, chief a'gnal offi
cer ot the army, has one fad It Is Alaska.
Of course he haa shown great Interest In
everything pertaining to the signal corps,
and no man was more active and'vlgllant
In looking after his branch of the service
during the Cuban, Philippine and China
campaigns than General Oreely, but alnce
business has been somewhat slack In other
places be haa been interesting hlrcself In
supplying the people of Alaska with tele
graph'o communication with the outride
world. Under his supervision the big dis
trict has been wired so that there Is com
munication to nearly every Important point.
St. Michael at the mouth of the Tukon, j
near the Nome settlement; Egbert, near j
the point where the Yukon crosses the j
eastern boundary line; Valdes, in the cen
ter of the southern coast, are all con
nected by land lines. In connection with
the Canadian system of telegraphs there
Is communication with theae points from
Washington. But General Greely Is not
satisfied. By cable from Puget Sound It
Is proposed to connect' the Unltud States
with Dyea, Skagway, Juneau and Fltka.
This connection will be completed in De
cember. And that ia not . all. General
Greely wants a cable from 81tka to Valdes,
which will ' give the United States tele
graphic communication direct with every
part of Alaska, and not be dependent upon
Canada In any way whatever.
Visitors to Waahlngton note the fact that
they are almost never given sliver dollars
in change. One may live In the city six
months without ever seeing one of the big
white dollars. The banks do not keep
them, and they are rarely found In the tills
of the shopkeepers. If sny are brought In
by visitors they quickly find their way back
Into the treasury. Waahlngtonlans do not
take kindly to the cart-wheel dollars, and
the absence ot this sort of money from
Teas Miss Passay waa In that hotel fire,
but It doesn't seem to have upset her much.
Jess Quite the contrary; she bad 'a de
lightful experience.
Teas Nonsense! I understand ahe had
a very narrow escape. ' ' -
Jess-Yes, but a handsome young . firs
man carried her to aafety In his arms.
Philadelphia Press. "f
"What your ' town neus most,'' said
the traveling man, "Is a hotel with all tbe
comforts Qf home."
"Not much." replied the housekeeper.
"A home with all tbe comforts of a hotel
is what most of us want." Chicago Journal.
Mary saya that she Is U. As a matter
of fact, she Is twloe as old as Ann was
when Ann used to say that she waa Just
1. All the neighbors know that neither
of them tells the truth. How old Is Ann?
Botnervllle Journal. , ,
"I am going to name my airship the
Tramp." said the Inventor who hd profited
by Prof. LMngley's experience. "Whv so"
asked his friend. "Then I am euro it wl:
keep away from the water." Philadelphia
Prospective Investor In looklner over
your estimate of the probable cost of
Extract of Beef
I Oeai
I bine
Oennhte with
The high arch In
some of the Sorosis
shoes makes it possi
ble for women who
have heretofore had.
their shoes made to
order to wear
; Sorosis
$3.50 always
always shapely
Wear as long as any
shoe made and look
.fine 'till the last.
Frank Wilcox tUnxter
203 S lSVSt
When Yon
Buy underwear, whose luck, your or the dealer?
If you are satisfied to wear your underwear the
way some dealers fit you that's their luck. If you
chance to get a perfect fit that's your luck. Why
not turn chance into u '.ertainly? We can ehow
you the way. The heavier weights are ready at.'.
$1.00, $1.25, $150, $2 00, etc. " ;
And like our clothing, ,
Nothing Is equal to the fit. :
R. 8. WILCOX, Manager.

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