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"At Home" Gowns for Winter Afternoons
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I I noon "at home' the selection of
a.wa B niiyum w a.lclll.l VI
vital Importance. "It ahould set
the keynote of the 'at home',"
aid a well known woman of fashion. "It
hould decide whether It In Intended to be a
cosy half hour over the 4 o'clock teacups,
or an elaborate 'crush.' In the former case
he should select something which is
gweetly simple, but for the latter nothing:
an be too regal, too costly. The sown
an thus run the gamut from Inexpensive
llk wools and vlo!es, through every grade
of chiffon, silk and velvet extravagance."
It Is noticeable that the fashionable ar
biter makes no mention of the once popular
teagown. It Is a thing of the past
In England dainty lace and net coffee
Jackets over silk slips of white or some
brilliant shade have usurped Its place. On
this side of the water there has been no
substitute. The fall brides will have neg
ligees of bewildering beauty, but these are
for boudoir wear only.
For her first "at home" the bride picks
out her prettiest reception gown, for then
he makes her first bow as a married
woman, and It behooves her to support
the new dignity in a suitable fashion. One
of the late brides who Is "at home" every
Friday afternoon has thus far not re
peated a single gown. Perhaps the pret
tiest of the series Is a dress of panne vel
vet of the most delicate apricot shade,
combined with white lace spangled with
opalescent tints and medallions of Venetian
The spirt Is of spangled lace. It seems a
pity to cover such loveliness, but It Is
trimmed with shaped, graduated flounces
of the velvet. The Rpangled lace Is worn
over a silk foundation of the same apricot
hade, so that the effect is delightful. The
sure Reginald Is going to be
great mechanical engineer,"
said a fond mother recently.
"There Is nothing in the house
which he has not taken apart."
Unfortunately, this Investigating habit Is
too destructive one. If the grown-up
Reginald falls to attain distinction as an
ngtneer, he will still retain the reputation
of a breaker not only of Images, but also
of all things visible. It is for children of
bis type that parents of limited means are
seeking for Indestructible toys.
Importers and manufacturers of toys
nearly all have families, and practical ex
perience makes them fully realize the Im
portance of meeting the demands for In
destructible dolls and toys. The fad of
children, generally, for having dollies In
their bath tubs, and trying to teach swim
ming to a heavy sawdust doll and ateam
face massage to a wax one, has led to the
production of the floating doll and of sev
eral varieties of really indestructible dolls.
The floating doll Is an Imported article
and Is really beautiful, with its exquisitely
formed limbs, body and face, even to the
dimples In the baby knees and elbows. The
floating doll reconcile many a child to Its,
bath, and some children need reconcllatlon
to It, ks was Illustrated In a prominent
New York church recently, when little
Margaret Aurelia alipped from the side of
the font, where she and her baby brother
were about to be baptised, and hid under a
pew, from whence she had to be dragged
Frills of Fashion
Drawnwork medallions figure on all kinds
of wash neckwear.
Siberian blue, a medium tint, la one of
fashion's favorites.
High class milliners are ulng soft
crushed leather belts as hat bands.
Peacock feathers are mounted on
brooches, hatpins, buckle and charms.
The newest handbags are fashioned from
patent leather In a variety of colors.
Four hatpins are required to securely
anchor the modish types of headgear.
To lend a touch of brightness to gray
costumes, dark orange velvet Is employed
for garniture.
Bme of the new satins are exquisite In
texture, particularly one variety which is
as soft as spun silk.
Pretty little chain bracelets of gun metal,
with watches having cases of the same
material, are much lean expensive.
Bracelets from the severely, plain to the
elaborately decorated varieties are ex
pected to have a greater vogue this Beason
than for some time past.
Patent leather belts, so glossy and allur
ing in their dainty shades, have not es
caped the fad for open work notions, some
of them showing off very bold designH,
through the vacant spaces of which gleams
tiie color of the blouse
For the duchess of Westminster a Iondon
Jeweler has produced a costly ornament ill
diamonds. It may be used as a necklace, a
hair ornament or a corsage decoration. It
Is a flexible ribbon of diamonds and cost
$100,000. The ribbon Is formed on a founda
tion of platinum hingea. The ends are
fringes of small stones. The ribbon may
be lied in a howknot to be fastened to the
gown. Another way the duchess wears
the Jewel is to have it entwined In her
gulden-brown tresses. The diamond band,
which is a foot long and two Inches wide,
admits, of many pMsibiullea as a hair or
nament. Again the duchess may wear it
tied about her neck. Iondnn society won- '
ders why the duoheaa wants an ornament
of this sort. Bhe has enough handaoine
necklaces to fit out n half dosen women
and her tiaras and tiemiorbwns number
five. The Went minuter emeralds are wonders.
tSl wlAM
I Ml
flounces themselves are again encrusted
with lace medallions and headed and fin
ished by narrow edging of the same pat
tern lace. The full corsage Is also of the
lace, but is again covered by an unusually
long bertha flounce of the medallion en
crusted velvet. This parts In the front by
an Interval of three Inches, which Is
bridged by three velvet straps, studded
with opal and silver buttons. The bouffant
sleeves are of white chiffon run with many
tiny ruffles, each finished off by a narrow
fold of velvet. The deep cuffs are of the
spangled lace and extend far over the
This style of cuff has a maarked popu
larity for the moment. It Is not every wo
man who has a pretty wrist. For such a
woman the cuff covers something which
she would fain conceal. In any case, the
hand seems more delicate and slender
when thus appearing between the soft
folds of chiffon or lace.
I.ace ruffles are used for the same pur
pose and with even more graceful effect.
A simple gown can be quite transformed
by a bertha of lnce and chiffon, with
wrist ruffles to match. The shops are show
ing these sets at every price and In every
style. The prettiest ruffles are of accor
dion pleated chiffon, but lace Is more dur
able. If more costly.
White will be worn at receptions by
women of every age. The time la past
when black or gray was the only shade
permissable to the woman past middle age.
It was the Vienna fashion makers who
discovered that white had a far more
softening effect to the old face than the
more uncompromising black. American
mothers and grandmothers are gaining
courage to follow their example.
White cloth Is one of the prettiest fa
brics for the reception gown, especially
Toys for Curious
out and hack to the font, yelling. "I don't
want to be washed:" all the way.
Babies from S months to 6 years of age
love a floating doll In the bath. As this
species of doll Is a novelty, pleasure Is in
store for many a child this Christmas. The
doll Is of aluminum and Is colored and
made in such a way that it can be knocked
about In any sort of fashion and stilt float
serenely on top of the water. It Is made
In all sizes and is dressed and undressed,
and frequently comes In a tub of Its own,
with a folding bathroom and wash stand
all fitted up with towels, combs, brjishes,
mirrors and every accessory for the toilet
of a baby, even to the nursing bottle and
Ivory ring with Its rubber tip.
Another Indestructible doll Is of brass
or copper, made like the floating doll, only
fashioned with moveable heads and limbs.
The color of the skin Is perfect, and the
Tipples of the short metal hair artistic.
Composition dolls of the Indestructible
variety share honors with these metal nov
elties, grow in every size and are adorned
In garments suitable to either high or low
life. What these composition dolls are
made of it Is impossible to tell, but they
are pretty and valuable, since one will last
an Indefinite time. Of course, nearly every
child who has one will try to find out what
It is made of. "How Is a child to learn
any other way?" asks modern mothers,
plaintively, when this destructive element
In their offspring Is called to their atten
tion. So some baby may yet be able to
tell the construction of an Indestructible.
For and About Womeiv.
Miss Alberta Gallatin, who I a daughter
of the confederate general, Albert Gallatin,
has been denied honorary membership in
the Virginia Daughters of the Confederacy
because she is acting in the play "Ghosts."
which the Virginia daughters condemn on
moral grounds.
Evanston girls are nothing if not origi
nal. One of them accepted the attentions
of a "masher" and lured him to the police
station on pretense of letting him accom
pany her home. It waa a good stunt, but
It required a quality of nerve that few
girls outside the immediate vicinity of
Chicago possess.
The power of Hawaii's political boss is
waning since Princess Therewa Wilcox
failed to carry the home rule convention.
For Hawaii's political boss Is . a woman
and also a princess of the royal blood.
That is, she says she is u princess, and no
one who has felt the sting of her tongue
dares to say her nay. The Prlnoeaa Theresa
is the most prominent person before the
Hawaiian public today.
For the first time the board of trustees
of the Carnegie institute In Pittsburg has
elected a woman to fill one of its positions.
Miss Sara K. Weir has been chosen as
sistant secretary in recognition of her long
and faithful service as private secretary
to the different treasurers. In her new
position she will practically have super
vision over the disbursement of a building
funu which amounts to over $5,000,000.
Fencing among women promises to
achieve a popularity this season never be
fore accorded the sport by fair devotees.
Tills Is eMH-clally noticeable in the larger
eastern cities, nearly all of whom have
fencing clubs. Many competitions are
scheduled, indicating women's appreciation
of this exercise, which can be Indulged in
by them without public dlxptays and with
out fear of acquiring "manny" charac
teristics. The Fencers' club of New York
offers to Its female member advantages
that tend to advance the game. The offi
cers of the- National Amateur Fencers'
league -of .America-contemplate a series
of intercity - team con lewis between the
fencing clubs of New York, Boston, Phila
delphia and Washington.
If It Is relieved with embroidery or Inser
tions of some contrasting tint.
A charming afternoon toilette la of
Ivory white nun'a veiling, trimmed with
applique bands of the same rabrlc hand
embroidered In sage green and dull gold.
The clinging skirt la divided Into panels
by triple groups of narrow tucks.. Nar
rower stitched panels come up to meet
these from the bottom and the meeting
point Is maraked by a green and gold but
ton. These stitched panels are of. gradu
ated height, so that something of a flounce
effect Is given to the bottom of the skirt.
The tucked waist has a V shape yoke
or shallow vest of cream lace over white
taffeta. The blouse fastens over this, sur
plice fashion, and the edge is cut out In
odd points and trimmed with the hand em
broidered bands. The points of the bands
are finished off by green and gold tassels.
The sleeves are tight fitting to the elbow
and adorned by short stitched tabs, held
In place by buttons. Below the elbow each
sleeves widens out Into a decided puff, but
this is soon drawn Into a narrow, em
broidered hand cuff. This outer sleeve only
reaches to the wrist, while a tight fitting
under sleeve or cuff extends far down over
the hand In the fashion described above.
White is often flcat choice In selecting a
gown, because It makes a pleasant back
ground for the pastel colored appliques
now so much In vogue. The embroidered
flowers for appllqulng are particularly
lovely. Indeed, it would take an expert to
distinguish them from real handworked em
broidery. They can be had In roses of
many shades and In many-hued chrysanthe
mums. The new French heliotrope shade
Is as delicate as the perfume of the flower
from which It la named.
A fetching white gown Is appllqued with
chrysanthemums of this fashionable nu
Boys and Girls
doll and the component parts of Its system.
The endeavor to provide unbreakable toy
ha not ended with dolls. All the Midway
delights have beer, provided for this Christ
ma and the "loop-the-loop," the "shoot-the-chute."
the Eiffel tower, the Ferrla
wheel, and all the other whirligigs which
make a child yell with delight are made
of the strongest metal, contrived so that
It would require a good deal of force and
much trouble to destroy them.
Doll are provided with vehicles of every
description known to the world. One would
learn much about the amusement of dis
tant people by looking over the array of
wheeled vehicle of all sizes, made for and
occupied by doll attired In the costume
of the countries to which their carriage
belong. These run the gauntlet from a
first-class automobile to a garbage wagon
and a Russian drosky to a Chinese Jinrick
shaw. All are made to wear well and to
stand the rough handling of careless
Ivvery Piece a Work of Art
The clearness, brilliance, perfection of cutting and the
beauty of its exclusive design has made LIBBEY the
standard by which cut glass is judged.
The name
A tkin of beauty U a Jou fortvtr.
me, in nAulCAL BEAUTiflER
Itaatovas Tkm.
rracklaa. Moth
ar sad Ski
rl mm. ad
Jl BU K004
(. art?-!
u4 la aa I
a Uata U
U to
sua. Acmi M
oauatarfatt of
lax aataa.
I A. twin
la s
'too (a aaliant)
lad las
i of aii ua aaia araparmuoaa." For ml my
a 4 trusflau aaa taaoy oo4 Aaaiara la Ike Vsltai
featiaa anal I'm naa
ance. There are buds as well as full rounded
flowers, and they are sprinkled lavishly
over the skirt flounce and on the smart
bolero. These applique flowers are par
ticularly effective on both lace and chiffon.
Since black velvet has developed Into one
of the season's favorites. It Is being used
for reception dresses not only by milady,
but also by her debutante daughter. Noth
ing Is more striking than a sumptuous vel
vet made In a princess rashton and un
trlmmed except for some lace garnishlngs
In the form of a cape collar or bertha.
An effective black velvet gown has a
yoke of hand-meshed silk netting. The
oddly shHped bertha Is edged with black
tsffeta ribbon ruchlnga and finished with a
deep fringe. The fullness of the waist Is
drawn down under a high girdle of black
taffeta. This la well boned and shaped to
the figure. The sweeping skirt Is shirred
Into the band. It Is trimmed In flounce ef
fect by ribbon ruchlnga, while a niching
edged band of black passementerie forms
the hem at the bottom. The widely flaring
sleeve Is similarly decorated, though Its
beauty is lost sight of when Its flare reveals
the dainty ruffles of the white chiffon and
lace undersleeve.
Another striking reception gown Is of
metallic velvet. The corsage and the uoper
portion of the skirt are of the velvet In a
spangled design. The chiffon yoke Is also
spangled and ornamented with sketches,
motifs of Bruges lace, with pendant pieces
of modern Italian lace. The sleeve Is a
large circular puff of double black chiffon,
drawn Into a cap of the spangled chiffon
edged with lace. The curve of the cap Is
paralleled two Inches farther down the
sleeve by a lace applique. The circular
flounce of the skirt Is decorated with double
ch.Jfon ruchlngs. whose flufflness relieves
th. heavy folds of the velvet.
Nor I the mercenary spirit of the ago
unrepresented among the Christmas toy.
Doll have strong and well-furnished
houses built for them and also shops , of
every character likely to be congenial and
profitable to a doll, from a millinery to a
drug store, a laundry to a candy hop.
Needles to say, the latter la a favorite
among children. They well know that no
parent wilt refuse to All the Jar that stand
upon the shelves and counter with
dainties. ,
It Imperishable dolls and their belonginga
promise lasting delight at Chrlstmas-Ude,
the cheap novelty of an Inflated rubber doll
will be no less appreciated. These have
grotesque faces, which lie In shrivelled
wrinkles until a concealed tube la filled
with air, when ludicrous characters from
Dickens or the Sunday "Comic" Immedi
ately take shape, dressed In costume to
match the characters, made from tissue
paper, bits of cotton batting and a little
The World's Best
engrave J en every fiete.
Bcaatifal Craplutltav
. earn Eessma and Tat tar. Aba
aotsuiir ana rarmaawnuy
tuackhaada, ao
ktra. fimM. kaOuaaa. But
it saoia and laa. Ua-4 with
2 laraia-ItoTala Soap a tWa
aoia an 4 laa. Vmi villa
j Iso akia to laaataA. . i
fry SoM k? DraMMs. t ,
V Miy ka artiarad ircl.
at-Vale, 1 a sM-Uta. m
IMMtp, M Mil
I Vmimitt amJ Trifr aaifi ttml am
one oottie raun to Agents,
VakJB an-iMf x als col,
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aa syw
Make Moat t'sefal Present.

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