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'Y. M. C. A. Building Corner
waa the election of Mr. Cannon ;a apeaXer.
lie It waa the swearing In of the member
and the drawing of aeata.
The democrat today rallied around a
new leader, Mr. William (Minn.) having
been chosen to take the place of Mr. JUch
ardaon, (Tenn.) who retired Jrom the
leadership of the minority. - '
Promptly at noon ClerK of the House'
Alexander McDowell called the? hrmse to
order. Prayer by the' chaplain followed.
A 'call of the roll - by state developed a
quorum. The dark) 'heat called for 'nomina
tions for 'speaker.' Mr. Hepburn Iowa),
chalrmsjjr-.df rth 'republican caucus, form
ally nominated Mr. Cannon. Mr. Hay (Va.),
ehalrmaa -of 'the. "dedwratlo caucus, nom
inated M Wllllama -(MMa.. '
AS the 011 proceeded. It waa noted that
the old member., generally occupied their
former seats, ' while: new. members occu
pied thoso mad vacant. , l
Th red carnation wa nach ln evidence
on th republican aide," fully one-third of
th majority aid wearing the blossom on
coat lapel. It waa only her and there
that A boutonnler appeared on the demo-
urauu Man.
Caaaea aa Baas- Wlsaer,
When the vote for speaker was an-
i'um',,n snowna nr, .cannon to nave
oelvMt.lw votes rnd Mr. Williams 16o,
CAnaon- being declared duly Sleeted as
baker of h hoUM. Mr. William. (Miss
audi M.'Grosvnor (Ohio) were appointed
' a - coiamtUM1 to -notify Mr. Cannon of
his ..election and to ' escort him to the
As Mr. ''Cannon entered with Mr. Wil
liams . and Mr. Orosvenor, members of
both - side joined In the ovation to th
newly clouted speaker. Mr. William In
troduce Mr. Cannon, saying:
It la high lienor to present a speaker
of th bouse of representatives the great
est parliamentary body on the surface
of the earth. It la an especial honor to
present, to this '. hone this particular
speaker..' I am satisfied the minority will
be give 'a full measure of fairness and
Impartiality- front hrm. I have the honor
to present, your speaker, the Hon. Joseph
O. Cannon of Illinois.
x Mr. Cannon. In a brief response, said:
I aPDroclata the honor'' tou ' Minfi In
choosing me aa the presiding officer of the
houe.- After twenty-eight yearn1 aervtce in
the hnUne, such an eapr(on of your con
fidence touches m profoundly. I thank
you. If I, err in the performance of th
duties of the office It will be an error of
the heed, 'hot of the heart In the per
formance, of- the duties of speaker I 'be
speak thftklndlr-oo-eperatiaa of each anw.
ber of the house. I am readv to take the
oath-. oBet
Mr, Ulnghaan (Pa.), Upon -whom falla the
titular hohor of "father of the house," 1ft
accordance with - custom - administered the
oath- to ..th. speaker. The members were
then sworn' In by Mr, Cannon. Following
this, a jresolutlon wa- adopted re-electing
th old o'ffloera of the house.
'. -Are Ready for Message.
Bjc-resolution th speaker appointed a
comrnlfe to notify the president and tha
senate, of th election of Mr. Cannon as
peak and Mr. McDowell aa clerk: i
other Resolution wsa adopted appointing a
commute to join a committee from the
senate) to notify th president of th presence-
t4 a quorum in th two houses, and
that they were ready to receive any cora
munieatlon Jte, might have to make. .
Mr DalaeU, (Pa.y offered the resolution
adopted in th republlean- eauoua provid
ing thai th rule of the Fifty-seventh eon
grass be adopted for th Fifty-eighth, with
tha addition that th committee on Indus
trial arts and expositions be mad a stand
ing ootnraltte and Increased to: fifteen
Mr .Williams (Miss.) said ths minority
should have a larger, representation on th
eommjttee than now provided, saying that
when.' their representation was reduced It
waa arplalned to have been due to the
- fact liat th democratic membership had
' been decreased. Now, he said, It had been
Increased, and he hoped the majority
woul-grant tha request.
Mr.ftArmond (Mo.) aald ths rules should
not be' adopted for ths entire congress, but
only for th extra sessions, when, he said,
thr6.uld be tested. He alao spoke for
an lrftreaaed representation of the minority
on contmltteea. On demand the ayes and
noes Her -called,- th resolution being
agreed" to by a vote of 191 to 106.
Mr." Oroavenor offered a resolution, which
was agreed to, fixing 1$ o'clock noon as tha
dally hour of meeting. The biennial lottery
for seats was begun at I o'clock.-
Ca.aos Will ASlc that Horgaa Coaa
Area . Head , of Caae.1
; ' ' , Cosaaaltte.
WASHINGTON. Nov. .-At the caucus ot
republican senators tomorrow, a resolution
will be offered declaring that the committee
on -mteroceanle canalf should b a ma
Jortty committee; and that the chairman
should be a republics d. It I likely to be
adopted. In which Vtase th committee on
committee when U report will provide
that ' a republican senator shall succeed
Senator Morjart i:lt Is Supposed that Sena
tor Hanna will be named for th place.
The democratic' steering committee of th
X . '(- ' '
ti i.jmBj.i-iii,j. -' . !''.
i. ;-r' .
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Sixteenth and DougU S
senate was In Seoul on for two hours today,
th greater part of which time wa devoted
te consideration of the situation on the
Isthmus. , The question was discussed in all
Its aspects. A . number of senator ex
pressed the opinion that the administration
haa .not been unfriendly nor ignorant of the
movement from its beginning, but It was de
cided, to wait until there la furthor light on
the question before advising the democrats
to take a position, on the question, as a
party. Some Senators .expressed the opin
ion that the mas of Jthe people are so
anxious to secure a .canal that many per
sons would even endorse a revolution on
the isthmus If It should prove a means of
securing one. Senator Morgap was before
the committee for quite a time and advo
cated a vigorous policy of criticism.
The steering committee also discussed the
policy to be pursued with reference to th
proposed measure putting In fore the
Cuban treaty. It was decided to postpone
further consideration of this question until
the house mskes known the conditions of its
bill. It was apparent, however, that a ma
jority of the democratic senator would op
pose the bill.. The steering committee also
took up ths subject of reorganizing the
senate committees and decided to meet from
day to day for the purpose of filling the
democratio vacancies.
Meesere latrodacea Glvlaac Lalted
State Power to Panlah Harder
la Certala Case.
WASHINGTON, Nov..-A bill prescrib
ing th death penalty for the crime of
killing the president of th United States.
th vice president, ambassadors or minis
ters of foreign countries accredited to the
United States, was Introduced in the house
toaay by Mr. Littlefleld (M.) Th bill
presence lire Imprisonment for attempts
to commit bodily Injury against the presi
dent or vie president. Persons who atd or
abet any of th crimes mentioned ar
deemed principal offender. The harboring
or persons guilty of the offense mentioned
la mad punishable by twenty-five veara
Imprisonment. A fine and Imprisonment
penalty is provided for th teaching of
narchlstlc doctrines and for consnlrinr
within or without ths United States for th
killing, of a ruler or chief executive of any
otoer country
Several hundred bills were Introduced In
the house today. A statehood blU.fop.New
Mexico Introduced by Delegate Rodey, ha
tne distinction of being the first house bilr
of th Fifty-eighth congres and will b
Nd. 1." Bartholin (Mo.) sought this dis
tinction for a bill ..restoring, the army can
teen, out waa compelled to take second
place and this bill I No. t. A bill giving
congrss the right to regulate the trusts,
was imroaucea ny raimer (rep,, Pa.) Sib
ley, (rep., Pa.) introduced a bill to Increase
the pay of rural free delivery carrier.
Greene, (rep., Mass.) Introduced a bill to In
duce employment of American shirs. Suiter
(aem., N. T.) Introduced bills providing a
territorial form of government for Alaska;
ro aDousn government by Injunction: to
elect senators by popular vote: a bill rrant-
Ing rebates on exports and Imports .car
ried in American ships: an eight hour bill,
and bills for the erection of monument
in Washington to Samuel J. Ttlden and
Amoa J. Cummlngs.
Shafroth' (dem., Colo.), introduced a bill
wwwii.niiiB wit. u.uiiiu mymixm VI weignis
and measures: Tawney (Minn.), to prevent
the giving of premiums with packages of
tobacco; Wanger (Pa.), to establish a na
tional military park at Valley Forge; St
piiena (Tex.), creating a state out of the
Indian Territory and Oklahoma; providing
for the leasing for arailna nurnoaea nt
arid lands; to provide for the equitable
distribution between the United Ststes and
Mexico of the waters of th Rio Grands
river; to open for aettlement 606, too acres
of land In the Kiowa. Comanche and
Apache Indian reservations.
Muaa imo.i, ior ine construction- of a
fre ship canal aa a meana of military and
naval defense through the state of Mary.
land and Delaware. Mayor (Pa.), making
$1X0 minimum penalbh per month of all
pensioners who have rachedthe age of $3.
Diayaen (lex.). suDjectlng goods, wares
and merchandise. made by cpnvlcts "to th
laws of states or territory Into which they
ar transported. Orosvenor (O.), providing
federal Inspection and taxation of mixed
goods and the proper marking ot th same
The bill defines "pur wool," "woolen
goods" and "mixed goods.". Manufacturer
of "mixed gooibi" and dealer In mixed
goods must pay license taxes. All "mixed
good." when road Into ..clothing must be
m.A l.luUJ .....V
tagged or labeled a such,
Frlok (Ind.), recommending the appoint
ment of a commission to report on the ex
pediency of establishing publlo rifl range
throughout th United States.
A joint resolution for an Income tax
amendment to the constitution waa Intro
duced by. Mr. Stephen (Tex.).
Michigan Delegatloa Divided.
WASHINGTON, Vov. $. The Michigan
delegation In congress held a conference
this afternoon for th purpose of deciding
on th cours .they shall, pursue with ref
erence to the proposed Cuban reciprocity
legislation. Laat session th delegation
wa a unit In opposition te lower duties on
Cuban augar. but today' conference
showed that the delegates will be divided
oo the subject ot legislation to make th
Cuban reciprocity treaty effective. - No vole
wa takan.
Mr. aatd Mr. John D. Jr., Aro Visited
ny th stork for the First
, Ttsa. ...
NEW YORK. Nov. . A daughter was
born to Mr. and Mr. John D. Rockefeller,
jr., today. Mr. Rockefeller is th daugh
ter of United States Senator Aldrleh of
Rhode Island. This la their first child.
Uoodnow Denies the Tale.
CHICAGO. Nov. a0nral Manacer C.
A. Goodnow ef the Cldcase at Alton rail
way denied todsy that there had been an
attempt te hold up a pasarhger (rata near
HuoaLoum, 111. He sal4 tl report of an
ailenuld robbery i "Urly without foun
Mao? Are Luring Colorado for Goal Minei
in Other States.
Prospect . for Har4 Strangle la Cea-
teaalal Stat Btwfi Operator
al Mrmbrri of I'ntted Mine
Worker of Anrrlr.
DENVER, Nov. . More than 10.0UO coal
miners In Colorado went on strike today
for an eight-hour day, Increased wages and
other concessions. The strike was erdered
by tho national executive officers of the
United Mine Workers of America, after
the coal companies refused to confer with
union representatives concerning the de
manda of th men. . Of the Idle men $.000
are In the southern coal fields, 2,000 In
the northern coal fields, and 1.800 In Fre
mont count).
One hundred mines have been closed
down. A few Independent properties In the
northern coal fields and elsewhere will
not stop work, aa the operator have
agreed to concede the eight-hour day and
alao Increase- wages. Lss than 1,000 miners
will remain at work, according to reports
from the affected districts. The announce
ment comes that 600 have gone out In Col
fax county. New Mexico. The others In
that territory ar now negotiating with the
mine owners.
The Colorado Fuel and Iron company.
Victor Fuel company, and Northern Coal
and Coke company are the largest' pro
ducers. Practically all of their properties
hav been tied up by the action of the
miners. However, they are making efforts
to continue operations under the protection
of a strong guard. It Is estimated that
there are about 140 coal mines In the state,
with an output of some $,000,000 tons a
year, and about 1,000,000 tons of coke.
Woald Depopalate Districts.
It will be the policy of the United Mine
Workers to depopulate the various coat
districts by sending the Idle men and their
families to Illinois, Indian Jerrltory, Mis
sourl, Iowa and other states where work
ha been secured for them. Some ,000
fares to these states have already been
arranged for by the United Mine Workers,
and today hundreds of the strikers are on
their way to new fields. D. C. Evana,
member of the executive board of the na
tional organisation, from Indiana, is now
at Trinidad, to handle th financial end of
the atrlke. Other members of the execu
tlv boar1 ,n tn tate and WU have
charge or tne campaign ounnx un aiiua-
gle, on being stationed in each ot the cen
ters of the strike sones.
The storm center wlU b about Trinidad,
In the southern fields, where the number
of miners aggregates 8,000. At the town
of Hastljigi and Delagua, where the Victor
Coal company employes $.500. men, It Is
reported . that 1.000 were working today.
Both places are strongly guarded, and
strangers are not allowed to enter them.
General Manager James E. Wellborn -of
th Colorado Fuel and Iron company an
nounced today that the company will con
tinue to operate Its mines, and the public
need have no fear of a coal famine. At
the office of th Victor Fuel company It
was announced that all It mine were In
operation, and will continue to be operated.
The large companies operating in th
northern fields admitted that their mine
war closed. Not over 150 men ar working
In th northern . field.
Coatl' Searee la Denver.
Despite ths claim et th coal companies,
householders in Denver and otter cities
who hav -not laid In a winter's supply ot
coal" found It Impossible today to secure a
ton of coal for immediate delivery. The
upply of lignite is already exhausted, and
companies having other kind of coal
booked order for not more than one ton,
subject to two weeks' delay in delivery.
The railroad companies claim to nave
enough coal stored to meet all their, re
quirements for some time. The Colorado
4 Southern railroad la reported to have
confiscated nearly 1,000 cars of coal which
had been loaded last week and were
standing on siding. '
Sheriff Clark of Las Anlmaa county -has
enrolled Blxty deputies.' State militia la
held n' readiness to be dispatched to. the
coal regions at the first call from the
sheriffs of the counties affected.
A special from Trinidad says that since
Saturday and Sunday night nearly j.uw
nonunion miners hav jotnea tne unions
I In that district.
A sDeclal to the Republican from Boul
der, Colo., says that the Electric Light and
' Power company, which furnlshea light for
the city and operates the street railway
systems, announced today that the street
railway will be shut down on account of
' the threatened coal famine. Th lighting
I tilsnt will be kept running.
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.. Nov. . At tho
I headquarters of the United Mine Workers
i of America today the belie! waa expressed
that the strike of miners In District 15,
which went Into effect today, would term!
nate successfully. It waa stated that about
$S 000 miners are Involved in Colorado, Wy
omlng. New Mexico and Utah, constituting
District IS, and that, though only about
one-fourth of these miners are member
of the United Mine Workers," all expressed
a determination to strike and to Join the
SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. f.-That th
miner ar unfavorable .to the atrlke mov-
i ment Inaugurated In Colorado la indicated
by BDeclals from several mining camps. Ac
cording to the reports receivea, tne men are
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SCOTT SOWMn, "art aUert, New York,'
satisfied with the present scale of wages
snd will continue to work, disregarding the
orders to strike. There ar about 8)0 men
employed In the coal mine ef th atate.
CHEYENNE, W6.. Nov. l.-l.nlon Pa
cific officials announce today that no strlko
haa occurred at coal mines along their
lines. Dispatches from Hanna, Cumber
land, Rock Springs,' Spring Voliey, Dla
mondvllle and Cambria say the miners are
working as usual.
Kaglaeers Iaslst oa Koro Pay.
ST. LOUIS. Nov. . A committee repre
senting the engineers employed on the
Mlssoari Pacific conferred with General
Manager Harding today and presented a
demand for a wage Increase of 10 per cent.
General Manager Harding told the com
mittee the IncroaH could not be granted.
Last week It was stated that the engineers
had withdrawn their wage Increase de
mand, recently presented, .but as the ma
jority were not satisfied, the matter waa
again brought up and formally presented
to General Manager Harding today for
final answer, r
, Cooper tid oa atrlke,
MINNEAPOLIS,, , Nov. . The millers'
strike has spread (q th cooper shops. The
coopers' union celled out the men at the
Hennepin County Barrel company's shop,
where the barrels for the Washburn
Crosby mills ere made.
(Continued from First! Page.)
her Intereots demand It. take possession
of them or encourage revolution lit their
territory. Any one can see that the Inde
pendence of Panama Is but a long step
towards American annexation. Reports arc
current' that the ntstes of I'auca and An
tloquia are also In revolt. While Colombia
will not resist separation from Panama,
she certainly will oppox by force of arms
the withdrawal ot the state of Cauca.
which comprises almont halt of Colombia,
and Antloqula . probably has by these the
richest In the confederation. We have 80,000
men available, and large quantities of
arms and ammunition have: been gathered
together to suppress the revolution. Ther
is no question in my mind but that the
Panama Canal company was responsible
for the. action of . Panama, and that M.
Phllllppe Hunau-Varllla knew Its Independ
ence would be declared Is shewn by the
fact that he left here for New York ten
days before the revolution was proclaimed.
There s no doubt that the canal will be
built, but 1 assure you It would have been
constructed with Colombia's consent.
Business Condition Improve.
COLON, Nov; . A coasting vessel left
thie morning for Porto Bello, carrying a few
troops, who will hoist the. flag ot the new
republic of Panama there.
A cablegram received by iway of Port
Llmon this morning says the steam launch
which went to Bocae Del Toro for the pur
pose of capturing the place In tha name of
the Republic of Panama left there yester
day. It Is expected here momentarily.
Five dollars In gold, which last week was
worth $18.26 in local currency, has a value
today equal to only $11. Many persons will
no doubt lose heavily, while it Is hoped
that others will make considerable for
tunes. .A further drop In local exchsnge 1
expected. . The. new government Is deslrlous
of establishing Its currency on a gold basis
of abolishing- monopolies and gambling
saloona and making other radical Improve
ments. .
Dr. Manuel Amador, .minister of finance.
and Frederlco Bovd, a .member of the Junta,
have been appointed by the provisional
government a committee to go to Washing
ton and arrange with the United States for
canal and other .neoesaary . treaties. They
will sail tomorrow on. the steamer City of
Washington. It I said that the commis
sioners will endeavor to have amendmenta
made to article, t, ,C -the .Hay-Herran canal
treaty and to eliminate article 12 In order
that the entlreterrltory of th republio
msy . be inade free.tovtbe. commerce .of the
world. Stipulations .ot article li are consid
ered a Imprrfctlca J' v
new spurious ; money out
Counterfeit Five-Dollar silver
tlflcnte Is tBelna Floated
':- la the West.
The Treasury department ha sent out
a notice of the aprearance of a new coun
terfeit $6 sllver'certlflcttte that Is regarded
as likely to deceive th ordinary handlers
of .money. The counterfeit Is of the series
of 199.. check letter A, plate No. 181, Lyons
register. Roberts treasurer; blotchy appear
ance of Indian head; paper of good quality.
with red Ink line to Imitate silk thread
In genuine; lines In lathe work .on back
broken Into dot and dashes.
Dnrlna- November.
A . handsome water ootor photograph of
yourself Included, free with each order of $1
or over. Omaha's best water color artist
does th work. Insuring the quality being
the best. Stonecypher, photographer, 111$
Farnam street.
Promise of Fair for Tuesday, with
Bala and Colder Wednesday
la Nebraska.
WASHINGTON, Nov. ".-Forecast:
For Nebraska and Kansas Fair Tuesday;
rain and colder Wednesday.
For Iowa Fair Tuesday; rain Wednes
For Missouri Fair Tuesday, with colder
in east and south portlona; probably rain
For North Dakota and South Dakota-
Rain Tuesday; rain or snow and colder
ror Colorado Fair Tuesday, with warmer
in south portion; Wednesday, Increasing
cloudiness and colder.
For Wyoming and Montana Fair In east,
rain or snow In western portion Tueeeday;
Snow and colder Wednesday.
Local Reeord.
OMAHA, Nov. . Official record of tem
l'eraiure and precipitation compared with
the corresponding day of the last three
. 1903. 1902. 1901. 1900.
Maximum temperature... 45 66 it 41
Minimum temperature... 41 35 87 30
Mean temperature .. 5 . S 88
Precipitation T .00 .00
Record of temperature and precipitation
at Omaha for this dsy and since Msrch 1,
1903: ,
Normal temperature u
Liiui tor the day 1
Total exceu since March 1, 1903 VA
Normal precipitation 04 Inch
Deficiency for the day 02 Inch
Pi eclpltatlon since March 1, 1803.31. 3 Inches
Exceaa inoe March 1, 190) 3.39 inches
Deficiency for cor. period, Ii2.. t.58 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1901.. .1 inches
Henort from Stations at T P. M.
: el; 9
: 3
Omaha clear ,
Valentine, clear
North Piatt, clear
Cheyenne, clear
Salt ijLke City, cloudy:..
Rapid City, cloudy.......
Huron, clear
V'llliaton, partly cloudy.
Chicago, clear ,
St." lx)Uls, - clear
St. Paul, cloudy
Davenport, clear
Kansas City, clear
Hsvrs, partly cloudy
Heina, snowlug t.
Blsnmrt-k, cloudy
Galveston, clear. .........
411 46 .00
86! 46 .00
40 ii'i .00
34 V! .00
4S 4' .00
48' tOl .00
4, 40 .K
32 8 .00
4s ai .oo
2 1! T
Hi 4l .14
40' fi .00
H 58 .Oil
44i 4 .00
Hii , T
341- 44i .00
6M, Tt! .11)
T Indicate trace of rreclolta 'I. m.
L. A. WbLoll, t'irocaster.
Proficient Wiibei the Obioan to Bttaii
National Chairmanship.
He Weald Prefer to Retire from the
Ardaoa Position, hat May
Dissuaded at a Later
WASHINGTON, Nov. 9. A conference ot
significance and Importance was held at
the executive offices today between Presi
dent Roosevelt and Senator Hanna of Ohio.
The president formally requested Senator
Hsnna to retain the chairmanship of the
republican national committee and to con
duct the campaign next year. In the course
ot tho conference the subject ot the presi
dential campaign was considered briefly, not
only the chairmanship of the national com
mittee being involved, but Mr. Hanna' as
piration to tha presidency.
The president and Senator Hanna re
mained in conference for a considerable
time, notwithstanding the fact that several
caller of note were waiting to see the
president. The president urged the senator
to retain the chairmanship of the national
committee In order that the republican
party might In the approaching campaign
have the benefit of hi service at the head
of the national organisation. Senator Hanna,
it la understood, indicated hia desire to re
tire from the work of active political man
agement The president, however, urged
him In strong terms to continue In the
political harness, pointing out to him thst
as the head of the organisation he would
Inspire great confidence throughout the
No definite conclusion waa reached, the
understanding being that a further iand
more extended conference would be held In
the near future. When Senator Hanna left
the White House he declined to discus th
subject of the national chairmanship or to
comment on the reports that he might be a
candidate for the presidency. From other
sources It Is learned that the senator ha
Indicated that he will not be a presidential
candidate, and has let It be understood that
he meana what he says.
Postal Fraud Cases.
Justice Prltchard, in criminal court No. 1,
today heard arguments of counsel on the
application of August W. Machen, Diller
B. Groff and Samuel A. Groff of thta city
and Dr. and Mrs. George E. Lorens of To
ledo, O., Indicted In connection with post
office contracts, for permission to examine
all papers and document bearing on the
Charles A. Douglass, counsel for Machen
and Lorens, In support of the petition said
that Machen had alleged Interest In th
paper and document referred to, and that
while h had a general knowledge or their
contents, It waa impossible to expect him to
have a full and speclflo knowledge of mat
ter In connection with letterbox fasteners
and other transactions running back ten
years. To do so, he said, would require
something not expected from ordinary men.
In requesting that the application be
denied, Assistant United States Attomsy
Taggart, for the government, argued that
to grant th application would result In a
disclosure of the case of the government
before trial.
Justice Prltchard Interrupted to remark
that there waa a difference between evi
dence In the hands of the district attorney
and a publlo document. It waa not to be
expected, he said, that counsel for th de-
renaants would ask to see all the evidence
th district attorney had. and he thought It
would be Ineffectual to Issue an order on
any government official requiring-' him to
proauoe record bearing on the ease, unless
they had been asked for and the request
Will Show Records.
Assistant United States Attornev Taarart
declared that If his office had any material
documents he would gladly afford -counsel
for the defense an opportunity to see them.
Justice Prltchard thereupon remarked that
It looked aa though counsel might settle
the. case among themselves. A conference
between the Judges and attorneys- followed
at the conclusion of which, all-agreed that
counsel for deiense should submit (ut
ment of the specific evidence In the way
of records, desired from the district attor
ney, who would say whether or not ha had
It, and If he did, would grant counsel ac
cess to It. The Judge Intimated that If re
quest waa made on the heads of depart
ment for other evidence, and It waa re
fused, he would consider the question of
issuing a rule to show cause why the evi
dence should not be produced. Assistant
ITnlted States Attorney Taggart sought to
secure a postponement of the trial of Au
gust W. Machen1. the Groff brothers nrt
Dr. and Mrs. George E. Lorena. from
November 23, the date agreed upon, until
two weeks later. He gave aa hi reason
that some of the witnesses would be needed
at th preliminary hearing at Blnghamton,
N. Y., set for the 20th Instant. Mr. Mh..
who was In court, Insisted to his counsel
that the trial thould net be delayed, and
the latter entered a vigorous protest The
Judge announced that he would take up
the cases on the 23d, a agreed on.
Ask No Legislation for Army.
Secretary Root today stated that he ex
pected to begin the preparation of his an
nual report at once, but that he would not
ask for any additional legislation along
the line of th reorganisation of the army,
believing that It I advisable to give the
existing organisation more time to develop
Itself before attempting to Introduce naw
According to the present outlook. Secre
tary Root will remain at the head of the
department until the middle of January
and probably until the end of that month.
Governor Taft. who will succeed Mr. Root
at the head of the military establishment,
ha Informed tim that he will sail from
Manila December 20.
n To Cur a Cold la One Day
Take Laxatlva Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggist refund tho money If It fall to
cur. E. W Grove' signature Is on each
box. 2o.
Gets Slight Advantage Over Bread,
well a Par a Official leant
- Proceed.
The canvassing board completed Its can
vas of th Sounth Omaha and country
Draclncta yeetierday upon tho vote for
the office of clerk of th district court.
The official figure for South Omaha are:
Broadwell, 1,779; Bingham, 1,001, leaving
plurality for Broadwell of 778. The official
return for. the country precinct show
that Brosdwell has 1,111, as against 1,041
votes for Bingham, leaving a plurality of
10 for Broadwell. It waa found that tha
canvas mad but .iew change in the
original return. Broadwell lost four vote
in th country precincts, but gained that
Anti-Pain Pills
(Dr. Mllea'l oravent at well aa
headarha, tha commonest affliction of
mankind. Carry In your pocket. No
oplatea. Non-iaxstlve. Ther ar no uh
s'.ltutee. Sold and guaranteed by all drug'
rial. 28 dose 28 veal. Never sold la
number In South Omaha, which just leaves
him even with where the count ended
Saturday at noon, when Froadwell was
found to have lost four votes, reducing his
original plurality from 74 to 70.
A Bern Never Berne
After Porter' Antiseptic Healing Oil Is ap
plied. Relieves pain inatantly and heal at
the same time. For man or beast. Price, 3c.
Marriage Licenses.
Henry Martin Kpp Ksnsa City...
Ma May Hchnell, Omaha
W. R. Roberts. O-naha
Louise M. Peterno Omaha
Henry i. )ldman, Omaha
Emma Davidson, South Omaha
Arthur pearcc. Elk Cltv..,
Gertrude Ostlen, Elk City
Bam Graceman, Omaha ,
Mary Ronhert, Omaha ,
Andrew Winkler. Hastings
Fern Stribllng, Plattamouth
Many mothers administer Fiso'a Cur
when their children have spasmodlo croup.
John M. Ragan of Hastings Is an Omaha
Visitor, registered at the Paxton.
O. H. Swlngley, claim agent of the Union
raclflo pf Beatrice, is a guest at th Mur
Mrs. John A. Dempster leaves for Hot
Springs, 8. D., today, to spend a few
weeks with her husband.
Hy. Hatch of Franklin, Idaho; John New
man of Denver and J. K. McDonald of
North Platte are at th Merchants.
O. H. Gilland of Egbert, Wyo.; F. K.
Adams, A. C. Maxwell of Lexington and
W. W. Young of Stanton are at th Murray.
F. E. Bray, general western sgent for
Cook's Imperial champagne and letter
known a "the man from Cook'," Is In
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. C. Sward of Oakland,
H. J. Hatch of Denver, P. Mcintosh of
Juniata, and William Keal ot Hastings are
at the Millard.
Gwrge D. Melklejohn, former aaslstant
secretary of war, waa here Monday morn
ing. He left for his home In Fullerton,
Neb., over th Union Pacific at 10 o'clock.
W. J. White, Canadian government agent,
with headquarter at St Paul, Minn., came
Into Omaha over the Chicago aV Northwest
ern railway. He will spend a few days in
the city.
George Lehman of Columbus, C. W. Gold
man of San Francisco, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
Leroux and George Snyder of Evanstnn.
Wyo., snd F. B. Defrees of Alliance are
at the Murray.
C. B. Brush, C. E. Wentland of Denver.
H. J. Connor of Superior, Ned Barnard of
Fremont. Frank H. Young of Broken Bow,
F. B. Defrees of Alliance and William Cox
of San Francisco are at the Her Grand.
C. E. Miller of 8alt Lake City J. K.
Bchoonmaker of Spokane, W. W. More of
Bridgeport, Mr. and Mrs. i. W. Brush of
Oxnard Utah; W. A. Archer of Helepa and
J. W. Janstn of Janaen, Nab., ar at the
A. P. Savage Of Seattle, Captain and Mrs.
Richmond Smith, United States army; J.
F. McKlnney of Lincoln. Oeorg Merrill.
Otto Franck of Meeteetse, Wyo.; Mr. and
Mrs. B. O. Lester of Denver and W. D.
Driskell of Spearflsh are at the Paxton.
E. W. Wilson of Scotf Bluffs, E. F.
Francis and Jacob Fisher of Hastings, F,
I. . Fox of Lexington, W, M. Cornelius and
Ira Gate of Columbus, Mr. and Mrs. W.
J. O'Brien of South Bend, A. A. Davis of
Emerson and F. J. Nellor of Beemer are
at the Merchant.
W. O. Mitchell, Oklahoma City; Max J.
Mefers. Cheyenne; Mr. and Mrs. John
Uratt. North Platte: Mra. M. G. Perry and
Carrie Welsflow. Niobrara; J. B. Smith,
Sterling. Colo.; C. B. Sifter, Houston, Tex.;
C. J. Castillo, Tampa, Fla.; loulpe J. Cull.
Hot Springs, 8. D.; George G. Hart V. 8.
N.. and Charles L. Appel, Gillette, Wyo.,
are at tho Paxton.
Railway Notes ssl Personal.
3. A. Munroe, freight traffic manager Of
the union racinc, is in unicago.
E. L. Lomax, general passenger agent of
the union pacific is in Chicago on busi
ness. Klmer If Wood, assistant aeneral frelaht
agent of ths Union Pacific, Is expected to
arrive nome irom ugaen tomorrow.
A. B. Cutts, general passenger agent of
the Minneapolis A St. Louis railway, with
headquarter In Minneapolis, is In the city.
C. E. Lane, assistant general freight
agent of the Union Pacific, Is ill. He Is
confined to his home, but is expected to be
out in a few days. -
Many An Omaha Citizen Is
Finding It Out.
A backache alwaya mean kidney trouble
The beginning Is alwaya the backache.
The ending may be Brlght's Disease.
Read the following case of an Omaha
cltlsen, who found the remedy In time:
Mra. Kate O'Mara, 242 Paclfio street,
say: "For seven or eight yeara I waa
troubled more or less with rheumatism and
sharp pains across the small of my bask.
Working pretty hard looking after my
family 1 what I think brought on the
trouble. I waa much worse In tha morn
ings on rising and became some better after
being up and around for some time. I aaw
Doan'a Kidney Pills advertised and got
them at Kuhn A Co'a. drug atore. Before
taking all of ths box I knew they were
benefitting me. They cured my back and
helped my rheumatism."
Sold for 60ef per box by all dealer. Tom-ter-Mllburn
Co., Buffalo, N. Y. Sole agent
tor the United State.
Remember th name, uoan a, ana tax ao
What Is
Hyomci Cures This Common and Dli
' ' agreeable Disease.
Hyomel cures catarrh by the simple
method of breathing It Into the air pass
ages and lungs. It kills th germ of ca
tarrhal poison, heals and soothes th Ir
ritated mucous membrane, enter th blood
with the oxygen and kills the germ present
there, effectually driving this disease from
the system.
The complete Hyomel outfit cost but
$1.00 and comprise an inhaler, a bottle of
Hyomel and a Cropper. The Inhaler will
last a lifetime; and additional bottlea of
Hyomel csn be obtained for SOc,
If you have any of the following symp
toms, catarrhal germs are at work some
where In the mucous membrane of the
nose, throat, bronchial tubes or tissues of
the lungs.
ftonatvs braath
SrySM of lb som
husklnss of Toleo
dtM-bata from ths n
pln across in syna
silo ta bxt ot th
stoppa of th noss at
ai-hlng of ths body
ropptng la th throat
mouth epsu wall
tickling book of th SA
t foimaitoB of erusta iu
In noa
dryness ot ths throat
In th morning
loa of atrsngih
spaams of oouglilng
tough short and hack
ing 'couB wors night and
loss In vitl for
fssllng of tlghtnen
a.-ros ths ui4r part
f ths chsst
In frsnt of ths
tsnd.ncy to tshs raid
naming pain la ins
kisalug to clear th
pain In th rh.at
a cough
atttch la aids
loalng In fl.ah
varlabl ppstil
low aplrltad at Hois,
ralalng of frothy mu
cous xpcctoratlng ysllov
difficult? In brsstlilof
rrsqueat aassimg
Hyomel will destroy activity of all ca
tarrhal germs In ths respiratory organs
and In a few weeks the cure will be com
plete. This Is a strong statement, but Sherman
A McConnell Drug Co., at the corner of
Sixteenth and Dodge streets. Omaha, em
phasize it by sgreelng to refund your money
If H)omel d'es not cure.
Cos Big 1 for sBOalsra
dis hrM.laa.sa,Uos
Irritatloa .' alteration
( llllll BB.aikiBao.
lslaaa. and sot astrla.
Ol. g.ut r palsoaon.
g sot IS suwtsr..
iw: ,i si r 1 I'll
V- UAJI.T'3 awn bp brawUU.
1 V I r iprH. srspoid, lad
V o-a-Vj l . ll .
Clivals ssat I
Ca 1 J
. . . ( '
Slek Headsehe snd rlle U the trouble leel.
dent te s billon, rtsts ef tht sretem. suck s 1Mb.
Sness, Naocea, Drowslnron, Distress after setlag,
rllath.eid,. Whlls their sseet reatara
abl success hu bora shown la curing
HeatUrhe.Trt ('srter'sLltllel.lverPillsareeqaany
valnshls la t'onMlpatloa, enrtsf and preventing
this sanovlng eompla.nl, wtalis thfjr alao correct
N aiaoraars of th atosaerh, stlmnlste III liver
eodrttolsn thebowtl. Jtca if thry only cared
Aehe they would brainiest prlci-lees to those wh
ufTr from this dl'lrmalng complaint; hut fortii
natsly their goodness dors not end ber. snd tboM
who once tr them will find the tlatle nills valu
able In so many way tbotthry will not be willing
to do without thrm. But after all sick bead
I thsbanoof o many live thst here la where w
make ear great boast. Out pill cur It wail,,
Others do not .' '
Carter's Little Liver Pills are very small sad
Very essy to tnke. One or two pill makra dose.
Thry are strictly vrgrtabl snd do not gTlpe or ,
part, bat br thrlr gentle set Ion please sliwhe
tiMtbem. In vialsai KS cent: Are for II. Sold
by drs(ilts vej-ywhre, er nt by mail.
Nvv York Cltjh
A $kin ef beauty it a Joy fonvtr, ,
huh an skis U .
a4 srarf
hl.Ml a. W ... . '
21 1 - tM so Is w harmlsa
Ust It M s.
sura It is firopsrif
antds. aoa.pt
euaurfslt of alnH
tor nams. Dr. L.
A. Bam ! t
isdr ( u haut-
ton (a ss.ti.nt):
"As yos l4it
will u than. I
rssommond "QOl BAUD'S CREAM" a th losai
harmful ot all th skin sraoaratlona" rot ssl st
all Srusilsu an tasor foods assises la la Halts
Scats an Europ.
n Oiat ;n a,,
Doctor's tills, ' because'; proper ,
care of the skin promotes healthy
circulation and helps'- every
function of the body, from the
action of the muscles 'to the -digestion
of the food. The safest
soap in existence. Test it your
self. '
The Only Doubt
Track Railway
between the
Missouri River
and Chloago. -
AILV trains
OMAHA TV . - 1 ' .w
Masntflwnt solid Jstlr train, to OhtoMO. Ctemit.ijrt.. (
Mat aad Srawtus-roois alsoyis oars, RblW. b ". .
harbor, both, tolophouo. dinln sara and obosnrsUo"
ara. Elootrlo llshtod tkroobodt. . .
Pullman drawl as-room and lonrtat alpla cars and
dlula ar, sua fr rllnlal 1W1 or. ....... ..-
Fsllaaa drswlns room and tourist lPnil
fro roollnla obsir eon, buffs libra aa smokies
an. Llaias asm. . . -
3 ID lil Drawlns-room sis.
All AM ins sndllbrarr o
,HU " ,hi, par, (, Ohio
l-ronm slssptns car. hnfft mit-
oars aa-1 Iros roeitains
3 iros rrn
nam oani.
osa-o. in
II H1 in Tbrimsh asrrlos Omab ClilrA. .
1.30 am i'fc;ro?rV"di.fM1::rh-
st. paul-mineapolis
7 50 AM ooJSw10 " ci pr'pr "
81 II PU Pallswu slsoplas oar, buffs library '
.111 fl luiud tnoroouata shall car.
1 ?
JT-aeiL It I I
oh i 0 :mm
1 tlA ... . 1 ar.k nurfl Alw: ' I
U.UUPM fork, HaMlo, bswud. I""- H"f :
ftor, Korlk,"Lon Pins, CWor. ,Hot 8prfns.
bsadwood asl Lssd. Tkrouh raeuaia chair oarsi
Kllmu sloopta oar asrrloa.
7.2b AM UZixfttt?&
ossbud ladlsa Hsssrratloa oountry.
1401 and 1403 Far nam Street.
IVHITt DOVR CUatBriallatdairoy t.imr
fii for atrons drink, tha ppetll tat nl h canno
..T ... ...In ihM r-n. -.1 Itt . r . la .l.T lUiUl
wil or witltoul SDvwieac of psusnli Ustsiesst 41 r f
Bherman A McConnell Drug Co.. Omaha.
BOYD'S "StfT":
Matinee Wetneeaar
On tha Bridge at-Midnight
Pricso Mat., any seat, ' !Sc; night, Jic
Oo, Tlo. ,
Thuraxuy. ftbfili& in
The Little Princess
Prices Mat, 20c to tt , Nlht. -Kc -to ll.M.
Rvery Nlabt. Matinee . Thursday..
-Katerdar aad Sandar.. , .
Frederick Bpud Co., Agnes Mabr,
Mario & Aldo, Hal Godfrey a Crj;., Jo
Newman, Wood a Kay, Jhn rCVilr and
the Klnodrom. ' m ,,
PK1CE-I0c, lie,. tM-t .
KRU.G' l5-25?0-78c
; STONKIllT f '8:15-'
: Prrt.slar Matlne ; mg MOsleAl ("omedy.
: WKDNEriDAY." V . HI . .
: ..a.T. f.!A.T.?.' hk a iTr potrroK.'-
Th u rad 11 y - Joe Welch. In ."The Peddler.'.
" BKIOHTl.""' ,
HmKii Ro-rasdon-sid V laaa ui-(le l u..hlol.
THE PARK HOTEL. - Hlfth Class.
American and Kurnpean plan. v '
PMnest Cafs snd (Irlll Hooios wst of N. 'Sa.
Marble Hath House. Complete OvtniiaKlnins
tn-n I'e... 1st te Msy Hia. '
j A. HAVKi lanne sua htansgor.
J. C. WALKER. Associate n.r. x.
ds liwo. . i . . . i '
. . .

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