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To San Francisco, Los Ange
les, Son Diego and many
other California Points.
To Tacoma, Seattle, Everett,
Fairliaven, Whatcom, Van
couver or Victoria, via Hunt
ington and Spokane.
To Portland or Astoria, or to
Tacoma and Seattle, via
Huntington and Portland.
Lincoln High School Boorei Twmitj-iii to
Nothing for th Metropolitans.
Throaan the Mae or Aroind the End.
la All the Same to Tbem, Though
Oniik Take. Brace In
eeoad Half.
(From a Staff Orre.pondent.)
LINCOLN, Nov. 11 (Special Telegram.)
It wag the .am. old story, for th. aam.
old rewon, la- th Lincoln-Omaha Hiuh
rhool loot ball came at F. at M. park to
day, M to 0 In favor of Lincoln, and from
th. tlm. th. two trama mixed 'after the
flrat klckoff It waa Juat a question of how
many. Never for a minute waa the Lincoln
al menaced, and even with an Injunction
the Omaha boy would have failed. For
nd Tuna, through the line or quarterback
plays t-lmoln waa Invincible. It forma
tion waa (bad. with daaailng rapidity.
Omaha offered good re.latunce, and played
hard, but th. two teams ore not In the
aam. class. Uoth teams tried puntlrg
often, but In nearly every Instance Omaha
gained nothing by this,, while with Lincoln
It waa Juat th. reverse. In the matter of
penalising, both teams got abouCthe aame,
and this waa given them often.
Lincoln had. bad luck In kicking goal.
Avery landing Juat once. The boya lost
their chance at goal because once Iteferea
Hlnger dropped th. bojl while bringing It
from behind th. goal, and I'mplre Whipple
Interpreted thy rules that the team lose its
kick at goal. Penult lea .' Of . fifteen and
twenty yarda were , not uncommon.
Sensational plays began with the game
when Cameron for - Lincoln In less than
flv. minutes of play .made a twenty-yard
run for a touchdown. - In seven minutes
more Avery kicked goal from the fifteen
yard line. The. third touchdown .was made
by Cameron after a five-yard plunge
through th. line. Fur the fourth goal Coa
ner mad. a beautiful forty-flve-yard run
around th. right mud, but. by this tlm. the
iJr. Humphreys' "8eventv.-e.ven" . helps
.11 klnda of Colda, Grip. Coughs. Catarrh.
t Influenza, Pains and Sorenesa tn Cheat,
Hnaraeneaa and Bor. Throat. "77" breaks
bp Colda that "hang on."
No. I for Infanta' Discuses.
' " Neuralgia. .
" 10 - Pyapepsla.
" 14 Ecsema.
" IS " Rheuraatlam.
" 1 " Malarial
IT " Th. Kidneys.
30 " Th. Bladder.
Ia small bottles of Dleasant uellrta iht
It the vest pocket. At lruggU)ia. cents.
Medical Quids mailed fr.
Humphrey.' led. Co., Cor. William A
John eireels. New York.
helps all
atar work of the home team waa beginning
to become monotonous.
In the aecond half Omaha took a bra?e
and held th. Lincoln boya well, th.y only
making one touchdown, the ball being on
th. Omaha five-yard line when time waa
called shortly before o'clock.
The gam. waa called at 3: SO, after con
siderable wranglng aa to whether II. H.
Putnam of Omaha ahould play, h. having
attended fhe unlveralty for a portion of
the first term. A compromise waa finally
agreed upon by Lincoln playing Field, who
had been disqualified by Prof. Wolf. Blrk
ner waa taken out of th. gam. for playing
too rough. Lineup:
O. N. Munn
Bail IU
F Putnam..
H. Putnam.
Fleming ....
I. urneue
rweedvberg. .
...H. E
K. .
T. .
R. T.
, K. u.
L O.
L. T.
U E.
. H.
R. H. II
H. B.
. . ,r'imron
. .L. H..BIL H. II.
r u.ir. b
Dean Hlnger of Lincoln.' Um-
ulie: Herbert Whipple of Omaha. Lines
man: K. Drain of Lincoln. Touchdowns:
Cameron, Avery, Myers (2), Coaner. Kicked
goal: Avery. Loftus played last half In
place of Hurnette. Attendance, 1,000.
Carlisle "Indians winners
Take Game from Pennsylvania t'nt
verslty In First Half, the Quakers
Improving; Later,
PHI LA DEI-PHI A, Nov. 14. In a gam.
marked by fumbles and penalties the Car-
Hale Indian today defeated the University
of Pennsylvania foot buil eleven by the
score of 18 to t. The Indians scored a
touchdown and kicked field goal in the
firai half and null team scored a touch
down in the second hulf from which goal
iouilte.1. l'ennaylvtmla probably pljyed Its
fioorest game of the season in the first
lalf. It was a repetition of the hard game
of a week ago, with the exception that me
Indiana were penalized for a total of rlzty
yards for holding, and even with this hand
hap they got witlnng striking distance of
the Pennsylvania goal four time's. Twice
they scored; once the hall waa lost on a
fumble and the fourth time Juhnsoa mimed
a neld goal. In the second half Pennsyl
vania outplayed their opponents at all
points, but Charles skirted Pennsylvania a
rtgiit ena Tor a taticiiuown nejr the end
of the game. The teams lined up as fol
We-il. L.
Hmklewli L
l'irkerkl . . r.". . ,..L
Kik R.
Torrer ..K.
Meli,er--Uiiklei... R
Curam-Mulfurd U
. . ScoU'-huk
in Hun
... iluwvn
L. T. I R. T
It. O K. 0
.. !f
R Q it 0. ......
. TIL. T
. B.i. B
H. Bit, H. B.
. . ,.ShelJun
Iteyuolda I,.
H. II.
It- It - li. B..
n.iK. h
Touchdowns. Johnson. Chir'n ' Turnn
Field goal: Johnson. Goals: Johnson and
Penuett. Referee: Corbln of Yale. Um
pire: Landlord of Trinity. Linesman:
O Kawn of Lehigh. Halves! ' 3i minutes
Una Inbroken Record and Claeh en
College Chauploashln ef
With Its defeat of Hastings college at
Ilastu-gs on Frldny Pellevue cnlleae font
ball train closes ita state league schedule
Wllh a clear record and a cinch on the
collegiate chanipionahlp of the state. In
brief Ha record l-t: October 1. ut Lincoln.
It.e 1 locotn Vedlc ginie. It ws fou'Hl
that the Medics were playing Kloyd M.
Clark of the I'nlverslty of Nebraska iuad
under an aaiiinrd name and the Hellevue
team left the h'-hl. thiugh Hellevue had
the larger end nf the score. October SI, at
Hellevue. t lie. Presbyterians defeated the
eirong team from loane by la to 6: Grand
lalnnd fell before the purple and gold next,
November t. at Hellevue. L'l to 0; Novem
ber 11. at Hastings, the Hastings Ixiya suc
i'uml'l to the end runs of Captain Moors
and Alec Cooper by 4U to 0. The only re
niMtning game in the leaKue ia the Iiane
OrJlid litlumi iniiltll. which prmirva to
be iuleret-iiiig. but will not affect liella
vue's claim to the pennant.
Hellevue is now looking to a last Supremo
effsii t iitkl tiaturtiay aaaito.r the stalwart
CornhUBkcra at Liocolu. '1 he collega team
TO NOVEMBER 30th, 1903
will throw their best talent and strength
Into the contest against Coach Booth's
pupils and will do their best to circle the
university's end for at jeast one score.
The students, friends and faculty of Helle
vue will go down to Lincoln in a rpoclal
train to choer the boya on. Manager Nlcholl
and Coach Plpel are planning for aome
games with aome Iowa and Kansas teams
for next year. The present victorious
teams will remain Intact, except that Theo
dore Cooper, two years captain, and Km!
Pop. will retire. '
Bads with If ore tlx to Five In Favor
of the Dakota. I Diversity
MITCHELL. 8. D., Nov. 14. (Special .Tel
egram.) One of the hardest fought games
of foot ball on the local gtidl on wn, played
this afternoon between Mornlngnide Milege
and Dakota university elevens ant. both
teams were evenly matched. All through
Mitchell ehowed a stronger defense and the
greatest portion of th. time of both halves
the ball waa kept In Mornlngaide territory.
Mitchell made a touchdown and kicked goal
In the first -half and Mornlngalde secured
one In the second half, but failed on goal.
There waa considerable punting In the game.
Oregory twice attempted to kick goai trom
th. thirty-yard line and barely mUstd. Th.
core at the end of the game stood 6 to
6 in favor of Mitchell. Following I. the
uncup oi me teams.
Collins C.C. ...
Mlluer...... K. U.L. O.
Nichols. .'. U O.lR. O
Saltr L. T.iR. T,
Bquli-M. K. T.U T
K. K IL. B
f. B.IK. B
.R. H. B R. H. B.
..L. H. B.L. H. B.
. ..TllluUen
Oaine Is Forfeited.
The AVest Omahaa and the Columbias
played a hard game of font ball on Dundee
field Saturday. In the first half neither
side scored, but In the second half the
Columbias succeeded In scoring. Then Wml
Oinaha backs Woke up and, aided by the
11.... . ....... I.. V. .. .1 1 . .
iiii. , i it i . n ' n ' i uuuuihii uini u 1 1 n j ,
Brain, worked the ball within ten yarda
of goal, where Columbia waa penalized for
slugging. They refused to accept the pen
alty ana r
forfeited the game 10 to 6 In favor
of West Omaha. Dlnglnow made his debut
at half and did well. Hues and Schelbourg
also played well, carrying the ball for large
galr.s. Hurch starred ior Columbia.
S helbmirg. Ruttor.L. SIR. K Robtrtaoa
Jaikiw, Kut U Ik. H. T Lorlng
MiMl U U R O K. Bikley
Bm-klnghknt C V Maltiy
Nolan H. (1 .IL. 0 Tlataal
tloodrich H. T.!L. T Cuunlnghaiu
Trail R. K.'L B Burcn
Brain Q. D Q H Falcomr
Huea U H. H.IR. H. B A. Bl.kn.-y
Dllmmao R. H. B. I. H. B Laweraux
A. BhaltMMiri F. B. i F. B Mow
Eleven thews Improvement since
Beginning; of the Season Play
Onnlan, Iowa.
The Omaha Commercial college foot hnll
team has been making Improvement during
the laet few weeka. under the efforts of
Coach Thomas who has been putting the
boys through at a fast gait.
Manager Smith has been trying to ar
range a game Vlth t'retghlon, the Itodge
LiKht Ouards and other local teams of
note, but has been unable to xeeure a
date up to the prevent.
Some changes have been made behind
the line which add cnnsnWable Htrenxth
to that part of the team. The Commerelal
are scheduled to ay a game at the Vinton
street park next Saturday with Dunlnp,
la. The Dunlap eleven was beaten by the
Commercials lawt Wednesday at Dunlap,
even though Iui'lai was t v far superior
In weight and strength. Terry Muataln,
laup and Mills Hhowed Improvement In
field work, as well as (Junrterback Pike,
who has been using good Judgment In
working the boys serosa the field and Into
their opponents territory.
Drake Wine a Weak (iaatr.
DKS MOINKS. Ia.. Nov. 14 tflpeclal Tele
rram. lrake unlveralty won 32 to from
Grinnel rolUh'e here this afternoon. The
game waa ratbrr weak and only one of the
visitors was able to accomplish anvthlng
against the Disks plaeia and be was not
All passengers holding tickets
Cheyenne, Denver or points
thereof, to points north or west of
Ogden, will be furnished a free ticket,
Ogden to Salt Lake-City and return.
Stopovers of ten days will be al
lowed at and west of Pocatello, Idaho,
and at any point south of Portland to
Ashland, inclusive.
It will be to your advantage to make
inquiry In regard to these low rates to
the Pacific Coast and principle Western
points before deciding on the trip.
iowa Wins from Missouri
Filet Up a Score -of lix een to Koihing in
the First Bl
Fnmbles When Within Night
Tigers' Goal Prevents the Hank
ryes front llavlnaj n Much
Larger Score.
COLUMBIA, Mo., Nov. 14.-8peclal Tele
gram.) Iowa defeated Missouri, 16 to 0, on
Rollina field today. lowa'a scores were all
made In th. first half. Missouri's excellent
defense In the aecond half and lowa'a
fumbles on Missouri's ten-yard line pre
vented scoring in the second hnlf. Mis
souri played a good defensive game.
Birney,. Haggard,. Wulff and Ardinger oc
casionally did some good offensive work
far the Tigers. Missouri's weak spots wero
the ends. The Missouri line became tighter
for the Hawkeyea aa the game progressed.
Iowa's playing waa good at titties, but
too often Ita men played a listless,, loafing
game. The Hawkeyes' tackles were weak
and Allen and Glbbs, In the Iowa back
field, failed to back up the line on defense
and the posittona on the offense. The re
sult of the game la renewed hop. for Mts-
laourl for the annual gam. betwetv Mis
souri and Kansas. Iowa realises .that this
game makes a reversal of form necessary
If it la to win over Illinois and makea the
Washington game at St. IxiuLa doubtful,
since Washington played an excellent game
with, Mlaxouil, holding the Tlgera, 0 to 0.
Jones of Iowa began tha game on Rollins
field by kicking a Add goal after three
minutes of play. Then Jonea appeared
strong on and runs. McUowan scored
Iowa's first touchdown after fifteen min
utes of play, Jones mlfsed goal, making
the score; Iowa, 10; Missouri, 0. Boon after
the kickoft Allen of Iowa ran sixty yards
behind excellent Interference to Missouri's
ten-yard line. Fred Buckley then made
Iowa's aecond touchdown and Joies kicked
goal. The score was now ltt to 0 In lowa'a
favor, the figures at which It remained
throughout the remainder of the game.
Throughout the baluncc of the, first half
Iowa showed an erratic onVn.ne. Within
the Tigers' twenty-five-yard line th. Hawk
ayes allowed their mass plays to be stopped
for small gains. Iowa was forced to kick
four timea In this half after Ita aecond
In the aecond half Griffith, of Iowa tried
tackle masa plays on Misurl repeatedly.
although Missouri waa fairly able to atop
them and w us -weak around the ends. Oc
caalonally Allen of Iowa would -wake up
and hurdle or run through the Missouri
line, but these occasions were not alarm
Ingly frequent for the Tigers.
Jones waa Injured about the middle of
the half and Gibus was substituted fur
him. Griffith made two long end runs.
Iowu. was twice on Missouri's ten-yard line,
only to fumble and once to be held for
downs. Griffith missed a drop kick for goal.
The game ended with the ball in lowa'a
possession on MLsaourl'a forty-yard Un,
Wins Tenth Victory. ,
CAMBRIDGE. Mass., Nov. 14 -For tha
tenth consecutive time the Harvard fren
mei defeated the Yale freshmen at (not
ball today by a score of 17 to . Harvard
was the better team In every department
of the game.
Ames Wins from Simpson.
DKS MOINES, la.. Nov. 14'-Sneclal Tele
gram ) At Indianola Ames won from Blmp
son 11 to 2 In a loosely played game.
Platlsnionth Loses Again.
WEEPING WATLR, Neb., Nov. U-(8p-
flal Telegram.) The Weeping Water Hltfh
Ml' 1 1 onl tanm rnfunluil lha l.lu-h ......! .
of Plattsmouth here today by 1 to li. . This
in nit secona time t'lattsmouin has tteen
beaten by the Weeping Water team.
Bellevne Team Carries Pennant Home
ana Is Given an Knthnslastlc
V.'ecome. ,
F.ELLKVL'E, b.. Nov. H.-lSpeolal.)-There
was a "big time" this evening at
the college. The foot ball boys urrivud
on the 4 o'clock train from Omaha, having
Juat returned from the game at Hastlnwa.
As the result of this game gives the state
intercollegiate pennant to the college the
occasion waa deemed worthy of celebra
tion. During the fore part of the after
noon the young women of Fontanelle hall
decorated the college dray with purple
and gold bunting for the purpose of haul
ing the victors In triumph up the hill.
When the train pulled in the enthusiastic
rooters gave vent to a hysterical demon
stration of Joy. The players were fairly
buried In congratulations and compliments.
A fine oyster Hupper was served in the
dining room at Fontanelle hall, after which
Dean of the Faculty Bterrenberg, acting
as toaatmaHtir, proposed a toast, to the
victorious defenders of Hellevue s athletic
honors. Tills was responded to by Captain
Tom Moore, representing the foot ball
team. Coach Plpal, Prof. Randalls
(faculty). Perry Wheeler (seniors), Stuart
Hunter (Juniors), Archie Smith (snpho
moresi. Nathaniel Uberhardt (freshmen),
Marcus Llnsay (academy), Charles Nethery
(alumni), Ralph Guthrie (the college so
clnties), Mr. J. Runner (working depart
ment), all spoke well and wittily. After
ward studenia and faculty repaired , to the
gridiron, where a huge bonfire was pre
Frlenda of Latter Have Little to
Hope In Game Against,
v Vale.
CAMBRIDGE, Mass.. Nov. 14 A defeat
more pitiful than any recalled by the
Iriends of Harvard and on. in which there
was not a feu lute to give comfort to the
undergraduates of the university was ad
ministered to the Harvard eleven by Dart
mouth this afternoon. The final score
was 11 to 0 in favor of the New Hampshire
college team and the fact that this score
Wak made in the first contest of any sort
played upon the new stadium grounds waa
felt to add Ignominy to the Crimson. Hir
vard displayed great weakness. Fumbling
and the Instability of Harvard's defense
were most apparent and with the possible
exception of A. Marshall every man In the
line was fairly outplayed by hla Dartmouth
opponent. On almost every play the Dart
mouth men got the Jump and shoved the
Harvard line back and only once was Har
vard at le to hold Dartmouth. Even In
punting Harvard waa outclassed. Harvard's
only (dance to defeat Yale next week has
P ill
S "TMey aaaaw av
1 eel so ewoeL"
To Ashland, Roseburg, Eu
gene, Albany and Salem, in
eluding branch lines in Ore
gon, via Portland.
To Spokane, all intermediate,
main and branch lines on 0.
R. 6t N. Co., also to Wenatshee
and intermediate points
To Butte, Anaconda, Helena,
and intermediate main line
Telephone 316
been thought to be In the snapplness of Its
piny,' hut this feature was markedly ab
sent, loaay. . in tne tlrst half, after Dart- j
mouth had secured tho ball on a fumble and
carried It by short rushes across the line
for a goal. The score remained 0 to 0 In i
Dartmouth's favor until the half was ended. ;
iln till period Vaughn made a spectacular
run of. forty yards behind perfect interfer
ence. In the second Itnlf Harvard t:sedm;(ny i
l ruostiiuten. out to no uvuii. Dartmouth
I. mud every part of the Crimson line, weak.
For ellity yards It curried the ball down
me neiu, amnion at every mnge ana senn
I list Turner over for the second ".ouchdunn.
Wltham tried for the goal, but failed. Tha
. L T.i n E.DowJmh. M'lanmary
Vautha, Dillon,.
...LTRT Kuowltnn
...L t)R (J... A. Mamhall
',r Parkinson. ( ari l, k
...Ki LO Lamnyna
...R T L T Mir
...R K L E riono.r
...q H g II r. Marshall
L H l I. H B. ..Nlrhnla. Oooilhue
R H H R H B Hurlay. Dodge
.. I HU H gr'aoelkopf, Kill
Bcore: Dartmouth, 11 ; HarviTd. (. Touch
downs: Turner (2). Goal: Voughn. I-eng h
of halves: Twenty-five and twenty mlmuex
Defeat. Wisconsin by Score of 16 la O
anil, shows General Hn
perlorlt. ANN ARBOR, Mich., Nov. 14 -Mlchlgan I
uereatea Wisconsin id to o on Ferrv neld
this afternoon In one of the cleanest f o t
ball games ever played here. .Wisconsin
held Michigan in the first half, but In the
second Hammond kicked goal from place
ment twice, and Michigan scored one touch
down. Michigan in the first half beat Wis-
iMin.ln .1.. i.ui.ln . 1. a l.ull 1 .? . . .. .
' Wisconsin's 106. lu the second half Ml hlsan
carried tne nail a total or sixty-nve yards
to Wisconsin's forty-five Bush of Wiscon
sin outpunted Maddock, who did Michi
gan's kicking, his total distance being 315
yards to Maddock's 140.
Michigan's second score was very largely
contributed to by Fullback Schofield, who
fumbled a kickoff. He messed hla cstch
of the ball, recovered It, and then fumbled
again, and finally dropped the ball on his
twenty-five-ysrd line, whore Captain Red
den fell on it.
West Pointers Demonstrate Superior
k Ity of Tandem Formation, bet
Western Style Fools Them.
WKST POINT. N. T.. Nov. 14.-st I
f-oini ncreateu the strong team from the
I'nlverslty of Chicago her today 10 to
. in tne oesi game ever seen on the Armv
gridiron In tears. West Point played hard,
ciean tool nan ana went oeyun.i tne ex
pectations of the Army's supporters.
The western style of foot ball put up bv
the visitors was a revelation to the east
erners and for a time they were nonplussed.
Greatest In the World
A MILLION HBALTHT, MANLY AMERICAN MSN, father, of famlHee. bualnoesj
tnen, atevteemen, mecUanioa, fumers, lawyers, irilnistora, dot-tore, booklceepora,
bangers, eaaiors. aoldiers, traveling aaloeuion, raalroaders, laboring; men, rue a tn
verywaik; of life, n every hne of activity, keep tbolr boweld res' altar vlth CA8
LAhpS Candy Cat bavrtlc. Tbey tell other men about the wonderful merit of thle
wonderful btvletakblet. They tbke CABCAfcfi TS home to their wlvea and faxulllee.
The poneoquenco le a Bale of OVi.K A MILLION BOIEd A MONTH Diode by
Dierit and approdaUon. A man w ho keeps hla bowel, regxilar with CAftCAKtfTS.
cava keep strong and hoaUthy even without much eien-lse, for when the boweui
aro reg-ular and th. dlgeMtlon strong the system ia eato and the Ciueoies. brain
and Dereee will bavelneihauaiible elasticity and lite. All drua-glsta. loo, i6o, fcOo.
Never soidln buLs- TU. genuine tablet .leuupttd OO O. bauiplo and booklet froe.
Addreai Bterllnif
Chicago from the start commenced to
liilhim... 11'..-, IJ..I... II , i..
........... i i, r3l t iiiiit line aiifj only
changed this style if play when' LckerssH
dropped back to the 'hlrty-yi-rd line to trv
for a field k-miI. .'ho a,iHle was a difficult
one and the ball as booted Into the line
of rcrlnmuiu-e. Tho Army u-um then iook
w biMce end Its tandem formation carried
the ball tn the Chicago 11 r Men-yard line,
where Farnsworth was pushed over the
)ine for a louchduiwn, Huckeit punted out
for t try at goal, but the hall went over
Prince's head i.nd the opportunity to trv
for a goal was lost.
Chicago scored in. the second half after
carrying the ball straight down the field
trom their thirty-yard Tine, Pclvnurr going
ner the line around left end from the flf
t en-yard line. Ellsworth kicked the goal,
which made the score to 6 in Chicago's
favor. The Army team again started the
tandem formation and carried the ball tn
Chicago's ten-yard line, where a fumble
lost It tn the visitors. Then came the play
that lost Chicago the gamr. Rckersall's
punt from the tlve-yard line was caught
by Sllllwrll on the Chicago forty-flve-ysrd
line, but he wns Interfered with by a Chi
cago player and West Point was given
twenty yards und a free trial for goaf from
placement from the twenty-five-yard line.
Doe kicked the field ronl which won the
game and time was called alter darkness
had set In. Lineup:
Hammond 1, Ki R R Oarlin
I we , L V I K T Maxwell
Mtttler. Riler iL O R O. ....Tobln. Wlhluian
Itiaun CH" Elleworth
Thrnnpaon R li L fl Alaweoe
C'ava ...HTl.T Parry, Uurwln
Cnrkwall R tjut Hix-lk
Harkrlt. Btlllwell g 1), q II Erkeraall
frliu-e. Hill L KULH H BVnnurr
Karntworth H H I! R H B Braadeik
Tnrner. Davit F 111 r B v.irten, Holt
Touchdowns: Farnsworth, Bchnurr. 0al
from touchdown: Ellsworth. Goal from
placement: Doc - Score: Army 10; Chi
cago, i. Time of halves: Thirty-five min
Winners Outclass Losers and al Km
Pile tp n Score of XJ
to O.
CHAMPAIGN. 111.. Nov. 14 -The Vnl
verslty of Illinois lost Its last game of the
se-ison t.i the I'nlverslty of Minnesota,
32 to 0. Tho Illinois men played fine ball,
but were outclassed, being able to hold
Mlnnt sota for downs but three times during
the game. HasYlwood. fhe Illinois giant
center, stopped play after play tilrected at
In the first half Minnesota made four
touchdowns. Hcore: Minnesota, 21; Illi
nois, ('.
In the second hnlf both teums played a
punting game. Final scur: Minnesota, 12:
Illinois. 0. The lineup:
rllllner, Bera I. K H E Hurdlck
Mornihati, llaman...L T' R T aM
I'othlrb. Aalsate...L () H O Thorp. Pallas
HaiclwoKl , ('' Strath, ra
Kalraaatl.er RULU Warns, kicker
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