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i j
INDIAN goods and re Ilea, u) Farnam.
IRON A wire fences, tree guards, trelllss.
Vveslern Anchor fence Cu, tub N. Lin sl
., W-ilU
CATALOGUE cut drug price free. Sher
man & McCounell Drug Co., (J ma ha.
SI &J)
FOR SALE, several scholarships In a first
clan standard school In Omana, comprls
ins complete course In bush es, short
hand and typewriting. Inquire at lie
(lice g-iJ
COR SALE, coal business. Capital required.
82.0uu.0O. Address J 21, Bee. y uil
1DHAND safe cheap. Derlght, Farnam.
SI tSl
BILLIARD and pool tables, nought, sold,
changed and repured. Bar fixtures
and saloon supplies. The Western Bar
Fixture and Motel Supply Mfg. Co., Hoi
Harney St., Omaha, Neb. J M7.ji it)
BING. Long nr timbers. Pol Douglas.
COUPE for pair or slnga horse, excellent
condition; must .sell. Address V Ti, Res
office. Q-M113 14
FOR BALE. Knabe concert grand piano;
condition good. Address Lock Box i,
Glltner, Neb. Q 195
TWO fine depot wagons, 3 rookaways, 1
coupe, t traps, 1 wiigonette, t drays.
Pnimtnnnd Carriage Co., 18th and Har
tley. Q 221
CI.OBINQ out hard coal stoves at less than
H price from 85 up. Furniture cheap.
Chicago Furniture Co., 1410 Dodge. Tel.
20). Q 374
BECOND-HAND billiard and pool tables;
billiard tables repaired; a lnrge stock of
cheap bar fixtures, clear counters, etc
The Brunswick-Balks Collender Co., 407-9
, 10th 1. Q-MJ92
to call and be convinced that our rate are
the cheapest In Omaha.
We want your business and be'leve an In
vestigation of our methods will get It
even If at the present you are dealing
MKNT to all Our offices are the best
equipped to handle your business with
privacy of any In the city. Come In and
sea us, whether you borrow or not.
Open Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays
until I p. m.
Rooms 807-9". Paxton block. Rooms 307-301.
Peat explains our methods. '
We loan on furniture, pianos, warehouse
receipts, etc Or If you have a permanent
position we can make you a
without security, except your own ngreu
ment to repay. Our service is quick and
confidential and we always try to please.
All that we ssk Is tbst you give us a call
before you borrow elsewhere.
' 1J Board of Trade Bldg. Tel.-2295.
(Established 8o So 16th 6t.
X M545
Low rates and easy terms.
Business confidential.
Try os If you wsnt to save money. .
38 Pax ton block. , 16 th and Farnam sts.
X 640
SALARIED PEOPLE, merchants, team
sters, boarding uuu.1, ate, without se
curity: easiest terms; 40 offices in prin
cipal cities. Tolman, 440 Board of Trade
P-idg. X-641
MONEY locned on plain note to salaried
people; business confidential; lowest rates.
614 Pax ton block. The J. A. Hutton Co.
MONET lonnded on pianos, furniture, Jew
elry, horses, cows, ate C. F. Reed, 819 8 IS.
CHATTEL salary and Jewelry loans. Foley
Loan Co.. R g. Barker Block. X 644
To salaried employes and wsge earners.
Get our system of loana that gets you out
of debt. Any lady or gentleman, ma
chinist or engineer, etc., having reliable
employment can get. Just on his note:
Monthly. Monthly. Weekly.
'.OA Return to us..tv'a.j or f 13.38 or I6.6S
I 60-Jteturn to ua.. 11.13 or 6.86 or 8.S5
$ 26 Return to us. t.W or i.33 or 16
f 15 Return to us.. 4.00 or 2.00 or 1.00
Easiest tenr.e, lowest rates, confidential.
No Inquiries, sjulck service. Courteous
FARM and city loans, low rates. W. H.
Thomas, First Nat l Bank bldg. Tel. 164a.
PRIVATE money. Sherwood, KIT N. T. Life.
4 TO i P. C money. Bemla, Paxton block.
PRIVATE money, F. D. Wead. 1520 Dnuglna.
.WANTED City loans and warrants. W.
Farnam Smith 4k Co., 1320 Farnam st.
WANTED Real estate loans and warrants.
R. C. Peters aV Co., Bea bldg. W-&J5
FIVB per cent loana. Garvin Bros., 1601
Farnam, W 636
n Omaha real estate; amounts of 11,000 to
110,0(10; f per cent Interest; must be good
margin of security.
Call or write 611 New Tork Life Building.
W 453 16
Joliusoo Institute, US N. T. Life Bldg. T. 1SC4
The Hunt Infirmary, McCacuo Bldg. T. 2333.
i ca
Alien ft Far well, Paxton Blk., 604-7. T. 1S66.
DR GRACE DEEGAN, 833 N. T. Ufa. Tel.
3686. &H
DR8. LAIRD 4t LAIRD. SOS Karbach Blk.
M 107 NJOx
WANTED Canvassing agents In every
county to solicit subscriptions to THU
Steady employment with assured aood in
come. Agonts In the country with horse"
ana buggy especially desired. Csnvaasers
make easily 1m to tluu per month. Ad
dress Century Farmer Bolitlturs Bureau,
Bee building, Omaha. J Z13
WK PAY 132 a wtek and expenses to men
wttn rigs to in lr ounce poultry compound;
rears' contract. Imperial Mfg. Co., Dil
'arsons, Kan. J
AGENTS 150 a week guaranteed; Auto
matic washers sell theinaelves. Agent
writes: "Exhibited sample to ten women;
. took ten ordera." Time 46 nilnuttia, profit
over Iuj; guaranteed to do a washing In
SO minutes; fumUhes its own Dower: re-
quirt'S no labor; costs les than any other
machine, rree sample and exclualva terri
tory furnished. Automatic Washer Co.,
BU4UOU j , k m.'aico. j ij u x
AGENTS WANTED-Sell our 11 bottle Sar-
suparilla for 35 cents; best seller; 200 per
cent pront. Write today fur terms ajij
territory. Address F. K. Greene, 6s Dear
born sl, Chicago.
WANTED Circular distributers. Cash
tild. Send stamp. American Distributer,
ueiiver, v.oiu , J
13 KG IN business for yourself; stop working
for others. We start you In profitable
mall oiuer business at your borne. Pleas
ant wora; Immense profits; unlimited piat
siliilltlea. Full Information for stamp.
nuiaiiu-uowara io., ijenver. ioiu.
MEN willing to work positively make 12 010
to fx.mu per year selling our Jut patente-i
ruaenme. a.agia luci io,, ts incin
nail. O. J 431 15x
WANTED, men for agencies worth 11. fO)
to 13.11 per year. Great opportunity. In
Veeilgale. C. 8. P-. Dos Moines Ta.
J-Ml.1 lbx
OUR poeket outfit starts you selling nat
ural diamonds: defy eipeitn; drop every
tt.lrig; wrlie for outfit. Ad trr N itural
DON'T be an agent; be the boss; we start
you In business; nig money: particulars
tor stamp. New Mig. Co., Kansas City,
Mo. J374 lfx
Ml WEEK LT to sell our oil burner; one
half cheaper than coal; heats stoves and
furnaces; burns crude nil; eamp.e free
Naii.inai Mfg. Co., S.atlon K, New York
City. J1 l&x
OUTFIT free, credit ( Ive n; rut-price Chrlst
miis hooks; h"o loo, 12Vc; $1 book. 25c;
$1 5" biHik, iff, 12 5 look, inc. Ferguson,
biA Fifth, Cincinnati, O. J 132 15x
AGENTS wnnted everywhere to handle
'Noveifv Mun t'irris;" every merchant
buys from 10 to ino on "lght; MO varieties;
CdtMlogUd lree. Hulilvan Co., 11S0 Mtnle
wood ave., Chicago, III. J 423 15x
AOENT8 WANTED Twenty-five dollars
weekly for twenty weeks; the best propo
sition offered agents who want money and
sre willing to work for it. George F.
Cram, fJ Wabash Ave., Chicago, III.
J-446 1BX
AGENTS, newest, fastest selling c nov
elty; can make 110 per day; no capital re
quired; over l'H) per cent profit; winner
for holldnvs. Uoodxpred Co., Dept. W 95
Wusnington St., Chicago. J 449 lax
WANTED, agents In Iowa; 75 weekly and
expenses easily made writing Health and
Accident Insurance; experience unneves
snry. Royal Fraternal Union, St. Ixicls,
Mo. J 373 15x
13 to $10 A DAY easily made by our men
selling glasses. lYotlts enormous. Full
Instructions furnished. Wholetmle cata
FREE. Jacksonlan Optical College (Char
tered), 104 Main Street, Jackson, Mich.
J 378 15x
NEW desUjns In msgnlfylng photograph
frames. Finest ever offered. Hlg money
for canvassers. Address Glen Rock Nov
el'y Works, Glen Rock, Pa. J m 15x
AGENTS WANTED We have several me
chanical tools used by all trades and pro
fessions; big money for hustlers. Circu
lars free. Watson ft Ingve, 6318 6th ave.,
Chicago. J 385 15x
STOP RUNAWAYS Hitch horses solid in
stantly; carry In pocket; sight seller;
agents wanted. Pocket Hltchlngpost Co.,
Richmond, Ind. J 381 lDx
WE PAY $32 a week and expenses to men
with rigs to Introduce poultry co-npound;
year's contract. Imperial Mfg. Co., D 64,
Parsons, Kan. J
Gcod side line for Insurance agents.
American Life Ina. Co., Box 24. Elkhart, Ind.
W ANTED Field Sunt.; wide-awake man;
no selling; established business; position
permanent. Luke Brothers Co., Interna
tional Nurseries, Chicago, III. J
AGENTS Elegant 35c novelty; no ches
nut; entirely new; attractive, ornemlntal.
beautiful; hot seller; costs you 10c; write
for particulars now. Artprint Company,
Pekfn, III. J
AGENT for Nlx-E gum and tablets, Otmha
and Council Bluffs. Address" P 1207 N
St., Lincoln, Neb. - J 631 16
THE Ashlock Hydro-Carbon Burner for
heating and cooking stoves; the only
crude oil burner on the market; on ex
hibition at 221 8. Main at., Council Bluffs.
Excellent proposition for good live agent
with small capital. Whitney & Shipley
penernl egents.
FULL'Ilna of hard coal atovea now on sale.
Chicago Furniture Co., 1410 Dodge st.
O 11
OAK sideboard for sale, 1209 Spencer st
C 6S6
GOOD messenger wanted; first-class pay.
A. D. T. Co., ili 8. Ultu B 44
WANTED, for U. 8. army, able-bodied, un
married men, between ages of 21 and li,
cltlxens of United States, of good charact
ter and temperate habits, who can speak,
read and write English. For Information
apply to recruiting officer, loth and Dodge
is., Omaha, and Grand Island, Neb.
B M154
WANTED, two agents at once; good sal
ary; city work. C. F. Adams Co., lull
Howard at. B4i
WANTED, neat, bright young man; willing
io wora ana learn optical grinding. The
H. J. Penfold Co., IMH Farnam St.
B M21S
WANTED Piano player; one who rads
uoiw, uuiio viucr iiu appiy. nn a. via
treet. 11 Miii 17x
WANTED Good, steady, reliable printer.
jruuiia man prererreo. Ad
dress Monitor, Bloomlleld, Neb.
B M263 17x
MANUFACTURER wants reliable man to
ueuver ana coneci; norse and wagon and
1130 deposit necessary; 121 a week and
expenses; permanent. Franklin, box 78,
Philadelphia, Pa. B M317 0x
MAN with references for commercial trav
eler, io can on mercnanta and agents;
experience not required; salary 124 per
week with expenses advanced. National,
Caxton bldg., Chicago. B M316 2ux
SPLENDID chance for men to learn barber
iraue uy our metntxi of free barbering
and careful Instructions; more actual
practice In one month than by apprentice
ship In years; little expense; wagea Saturdays-
tools given; particulars mailed.
Moler Barber College, 1302 Dong as at.
xi Mill 4 19X
GOOD shoemaker; good wages. 206 N. 18th
ousel.. . a BHili lt)X
WANTED, men everywhere; good pay; to
uiBinuuiu circulars, uav. matter, tack
Pinna, etc. No canvassing. National Adv.
Bureau, Chicago. B M321 15x
WANTED Experienced clothing salesman.
auisie man oreierreu. Aaaress wun par
ticulars L. Hlller. Waverly, la.
B 331 lx
IF YOU wanl a good pofltlon buy a little
bioch in ni, r-uiu new theater. Tne time
to uuy is wnen the company Is young.
Other hi. uses have started, na we hiv.
whose stock Is now worth from $6 to 121
per snare, a iimnea amount or full paid
nonassessable stock Is offered for ssle at
One Dollar tier share In blocka of rn
share and upward. We want one "book
keeper." one "stenographer." one
caFhier." one "door nun'1 and one "lan
Itor." Lady or gentleman for first three
named position. Salary of 175 per month
will be ald for all positions except jani
tor, who will receive a salary of 155 per
month. For each shsre of stock pur
chased you will be entitled to one gnieis
on the number of tickets sold for first
five nreformances.
The nearest guesses will get positions.
wnii-n win oe ior one year. Mouse will
seat 1.44(1. In event of tie guess, first re
ceived wl'l get position. Bend guess with
name and address plainly written, and
make draft paynble to Criterion Theater
Co., P. O. Box 202, St. Paul, Minn.
B 420 15x
DETECTIVES EVerv locality, good salary.
?Mi 'neiice uiinecnTv. international De
tective Agency, Milwaukee, Wis.
B-408 15 x
A NEW YORK skirt house. tablsh1
Kince 185 snd reaching the best trsde
throughout the Un'ted 8-tea (Wire hs
services of a brlaht. up-to-date and en-ers-etle
"oung man to hndle their line of
skirts throughout the stMe of Nebraska.
Liberal errangements w'll be made to one
communing a good trade. In answering
stnts fully present employment, expe-rl-'-c".
,,Ke anrf references. All anawe-a
will be kent s'-i-'v eofldntlil. Apnlv
f-- tree days to N. Rro-iv A Co.. rs and
f2T. Broadway, New York City. B 371 14.
deslrinr a hlah-rrsile position : salary, M 000
Ij.OjO: vi?e Business Onnortunlty Com
pany, 1 Union Square, New York
B 36) 15x
EXPERIENCED salesman, or phvsleisn
not prsctlcln. to sell to doctors; a'so one
for central Nebraska: established trade;
rrmsnept; remunerative. P. . Box 858,
Philadelphia. B 367 15 x
MAN Good sslarv. to handle Liberty Gss
1-amp: sells for $1.50; makes and burns its
own gas; tells the tlm: free lamo with
fixtures; credit extended on stock; sd
dresard envelope. Ur'y Gas Lamo Co.,
Dept. 32. au li way. n. t. h &j bx
GOOD WAOES st home; no canvsssln
start working day you receive- replv: ad-c-rewted
envelope brings work. Ccmblned
Growers. Ueckman, N. Y. B 3U8 lbx
MAN VVANTFI Monev earned at home
g'lding tickets: good wora. oi pay, tor
iMtrttculsm seed sle rn n- sdlretsed en-
v.ioiie, L. J. Noel, 129 W. 12&th s . New
York. B 35 15x
WANTFP Exnerlenced driver for a gro
cer store: cne who can take order and
RELIABLE man to travel; no soliciting;
eetahllshed route In Nebraska; staple line;
IVMO monthly and expenses to start; ex-
Jerlence unnecesenry. Travellers Dept.,
iii3 Manhattan Bldg., Chicago, III.
B 448 15s
LEARN deslsmlng of mantle, furniture.
Interior finish, building plans, etc., and
earn from sis to tlrni monthly. Constant
demand for designers. Russell Carrier,
6m) Division St., Chicago. B 410 lSx
MAN Under 3fi. fair education, to prepare
for Gov't Position. Begin with H(0 salary.
Box 670, Cedar Rapid.-.. Ia. B 445 D;x
CIRCULAR and rample distributers wsnted
everywhere; no canvassing; good nay.
Co-operative Adv. Co., N. Y. B 396 iox
WANTED Traveling advertising man for
Nebraska: !fu monthly from the start,1.
siso su expenses; steaoy position to satis
factory party. Address Road Supt., 368
Dearborn, Chicago. B 3N8 15x
WANTED State supt. to manage branch
office for Chicago firm. 12. fxl yearly. In
cluding commissions, also office expenses;
steady position; tlTO security required.
Address Wm. Lake, Pres., 202 Pontine
Bldg., Chicago. B 384 lux
WANTED, BOYS Under 14. send the names
and addresses of six boys and get a
pocket toilet set. Western Supplv Co.,
Coffeyvllle. Kan. . B 3S3 15x
WANTED Man with rig to Introduce our
poultry and stock remedies; straight sal
ary, 130 weekly and all expenses; send for
contract. We mean business and furnish
best of reference. Dept. 30, Royal Co
Op. Mfg. Co., Indianapolis, Ind.
B 382 15x
Is always open for a competent man. His
difficulty Is to find it. We have openings
for high grade men of all capacities Ex
ecutive, Technical and Clerical paying
from 11,000 to 110.000 a year. Write for plan
and booklet. Offices In twelve cities.
HAPOOOPS (Incorporated;
Suite 629, Monadnock Building, Chicago.
SHORTHAND In 30 days: Boyd's Syllabic;
no ruled lines; no shading; nothing to
confuse; only characters; easily read;
study by mail; circulars, testimonials and
first lesson covering one-fourth the
course for two 2-eent stamps. Chicago
Correspondence Schools, incorporated. 67
National Life Bldg., Chicago, 111. B
CLERKS and others with common school
educations only, who wisn io quaury ior
ready positions st 125 a week and over,
to write for free copy of my new pros
pectus and endorsements from leading
concerns everywhere. One graduate Mils
$8.0110 place, another $5,000. and any num
ber earn 11,500. The best clothing ad
writer In New York owes his succesa
within a few months to my teachings.
Demand exceeds supply. George H. Pow
ell. Advertising and Business Expert, 1156
Temple Court, New York. B
WANTED, a competent man with lady as
sistant to manage a saiesonice in umnna.
Must hsve a aood standing to dignify a
' clean, gilt-edge opportunity. No canvess-
Ing. Address 1 ne Jiiectrus company, jjo
2u8 E. Jefferson St., Syracuse, N. Y.
AN opportunity for educate! persons. De-
1S1IS laugr.l uy nitiun vut ico,rvu..'
School, Philadelphia. B
YOUNG men with only a common school
education may secure good civil service
government positions. Full Inform ttion
free. Columbian Correspondence Col'ege,
Washington, D. C. B
WANTED, an experienced clerk for fur
nishing goods dept.; permanent position.
Address U 12, Bee. B M527 20x
A. A. WE WILL hsve many good paying
clerical positions to nil in New iorK
and other large cities about Jan. 1st. Ap
plications should be forward-d early; In
close 2 references, also loo stamps to
cover postage for Investigation. Em
plovers' and Employes' Co-Operatlve
Assn.. 1135 Broadway, N. T. B-426 16x
MEN to distribute samples, circulars, for
14 dally; no canvassing. National Union,
236 East 8th St.. New York. B 524 15x
ARE you thinking of learning the barber
trade? If so correspond with us; you will
receive the best proposition ever offered
to bs rber. students. Address The Amer
ican Barber College, cor. 12th and Doug
lag sts. B 63) lox
WANTED, active men to canvass the city
of Omaha for homesteaders In the Brule
reservation In South Dakota; Just opened
for settlement. Inquire at room 6 Mer
chsnts hotel B 6"4 16x
WANTED Experienced salesmen to csrry
good paying side line balance of season;
satisfactory contract coming year. W. J.
Lorack, Bales Manager, Iowa, City, Ia.
371 15x
SALESMEN WANTEDVPwo traveling spe
cialty salesmen, worm iao per montn ana
. expenses; most attractive proposition to
the merchant on the market; line widely
advertised; trade established; house well
known and thoroughly responsible; write,
with age, experience and references; per
sonal Interview If satisfactory. Address
U 49, care Bee. 368 lox
no technical knowledge, but active, all
around hustler; established, well rated
house. Box 624, Detroit, Mich. 401 15x
WANTED Solicitors, salesmen and others
who desire to make an Income 12,000 to
110,000 during the coming year are re
quested to write to us. We want only live
people who appreciate a new and attract
ive proposition that has more good ta'.klng
points In It than anything ever before of
fered to the public. We have agents who
are making from $100 to $600 per week.
Their namea kr.d addresses will be fur
nished on application. The enterprise is
backed by some of tho most prominent
business men and capitalists in America,
nd offers its representatives permanent,
pleasant and profitable employment. Write
215 Dearborn St.,' Chicago, Ills.
80 East 14th St.. New York, N. Y.
3u5 15z
BALESMEN One salesman made $342.75 In
one monih sel.lng our lead on comml-swlon;
exceptionally good Bide line; beit terms
to buyers. Merchants White Led Co.,
St. Louis. Mo. 3-3 15x
SALESMEN To sell Royal Pnifslin White
Iead; commisiiiorui paid weekly; induce
ments to tho trade In iibera.1 oi counts and
dallngs: fine side line. II. G. Deed le, St.
Louis, Mo. IE
WANTED A live and energetic traveling
salesman to represent us ana iuu aim
our trade In northern Nebraska. Address,
with reference, Buckley Shirt Co.. Bu
Louis, Mo. 61 15
8ALESMEN wanted; side line, staple seller;
?ood commission; samples ni coai
tellable Jewelry Co., fc La Salle St.,
Clilcago. - lox
TRAVELING salesmen for Neb., capable
of producing resuus wun oo
country merchants; bond required. Box
. Bt. Louis, Mo. 414 15x
EXCEPTIONALLY, attractive line to both
salesmen ana aeaiers. very lame com
missions; paid weekly. Staple, e-my seller;
vest pocket sample. Address B. E. Le
Verl', Roe Building, St. Louis, Mo.
3b0 15x
WANTED, at once, experienced traveling
salesman ior rxenrasKa. we
salesman; none other need applv. Ad
dress Drawer 8, Chicago. 412 15x
CAPABLE SALESMAN, to cover Nebraska
wltn staple line; nKn tunimineum, wki.
advance of $100 monthly; permanent posi
tion to right man. Jess li. Smith Co.,
Detroit, Mich. u 15x
100 8ALE8MEN wsnted for side line; quick
seller; samples ni pocsei; goou c miuna
s'on. Photo Calendar Co., b4 LaSaMe t.,
Chicago. 400 16x
WANTED TWO experienced salesmen.
From factory to merchant, nut seinnx.
honest line in the U. 8. Address IT 45,
Bee. 37 15x
WANTED, salesman; $0 monthly and ex-
Knses; permarent. Brown Bros. Co.,
ochestcr, N. Y"..
You Can Win a Bie
salesman In your locality for city and
country trade; experience unnecessary; $0
month and expenses; enclose stamp for
particulars, pioneer Cigar Co., lept. 74,
Toledo, O. 3j lfix
100 girls. Call Canadian office, 15th ft Dodge.
WANTED A good cook. Mr. T. J. Rog.
ers, 1120 Park ave. C 26
WANTED A cook. Mrs. E. Foy, Sianton,
la. C Mixa 15
WANTED Ladles to Introduce to the fam
ily trade a tab'e luxury, both local and
for traveling; salary paid. Apply morn
ings to F. W. Tibblts, room 23, Midland
hotel. C M267 18x
SPLENDID chance for ladles to learn
halrdresslng, manicuring or facial mas
sage by our method of free work and
careful Instructions; more actual practice
In one week than by apprenticeship In
months: visit our psrlors and see for
yourself. Moler College, 1302 Douglas St.
C M315 19x
WANTED, girl for general housework;
small family; wagea $6; laundress two
davs each week does nearly all washing.
Enquire 4123 Farnam. C M325 15x
DEPARTMENT furnishes stenogrspherg
without charge. Tel. 124 or call at office,
corner 17th and Farnam Sts.
C M134 D7
LADIES $12 a week at home; send ad
dressed envelope; you can start work tha
moment you receive our reply; no can
vassing; nothing to sell. United Product
Co., Dept. 39, 200 Broadway, N. Y.
C 375 15x
PFOPLE to pant mushrooms In cellars,
rooms, etc., and send us produce; 112 per
week; wo pay all express charges; send
addressed envelope for Instructions and
year's contract. Combined Growers Co.,
630 Temple Court, New York. C 360 16x
GOOD WAGES at home; no canvassing;
start working day you receive reply; ad
dressed envelope brings work. Combined
Growers, 9, Beekman. N. Y. C 367 16x
LADY WANTED Money earned at home
gilding tickets; good work, good pay; for
particulars send stamped addressed en
velope. L. J. Noel, 129 W. 125th St., New
York. C-356 15x
EARN $25 per 100, paid weekly, writing let
ters for Asolc Chemical Co., Desk 49, Ma-
' line Bldg., Chicago. Stamped, addressed
envelope. - C 377 15x
LADIES, something new; $10 to $15 per
week; no canvassing; steady work. Bend
stamped envelope. Surety Mfg. Co., Chi
cago, 111. C 411 16x
LADIES having fancy work to sell, dollies,
centerpieces, Battenberg and drawn work,
send stamped envelope. Ladles' Exchange,
84 D, Monroe St., Chicago. C 411 15x
LADIES to do piece work at their homes.
We furnish all materials and pay from
17 to $12 weekly. Send stamped envelope
to Royal Co., 34 E., Monroe 8t.. Chlcngo.
C 409 15x
LADIES, do plain sewing at home; $8 to
$15 weekly paid; experience unnecessary:
material sent free everywhere; send
ptamped envelope for particulars. Weber
Mfg. Co., 1135 Broadway, N. Y.
C-4M 16
$30.00 per thousand psld for copying letters;
several other lines of work to give out;
la weekly, working evenings. Enclose
stamn for reply. Parisian Supply Co.,
Grand Rapids, Mich. C 395 15x
LADIES $30 per hundred writing short let
ters. No deposit. No canvassing.
Stamped envelope particulars. Ladles'
Supply Co., Dept. 11, Indianapolis. Ind.
C 386 15X
AN opportunity for educated persona. De
tails taught by Home Correspondence
Bchool. Philadelphia. C
WANTED, young lady of good address to
represent us on the road. Fine propo
sition on holiday orders. Csll 12 to 2.
C31 Paxton block. C M458 17
GOOD GIRL for general hotiework: no
washing; small famllv; no children: good
wages. Apply Sunday at 1022 8. 19th st.
C M486 16
A COMPETENT GIRL for reneral house
work. In family of three. 2906 Mason.
MONROE rtells pleasure vehicles at 811 N.
J6U st. P-611
SSCOND-HAND top buggy with rubber
tires, 130; runabouts, 112 and $16. Adder-ren-Millard
Co., 1615-118 Capitol Ave. Tel.
121. P 276D11
NEW and 2d hand vehicles for 'sale; ie
pairs. U. Frost, 14th and Leavenworth.
TOP buggy, almost new; a big snap. A. W.
Johnson, with John Deere Plow company.
P M326 D13
FOR SALE or trade, one 4-year-old bay
stallion, broke and well bred; good
speeder. H. J. Mortenson, 1916 5th ave..
Council Bluffs. P 328 1CX
FOR SALE Gentleman's roadster mare, 6
years old; guaranteed sound and gentle;
any lady can drive her; good riding horse
as well. Also high-bred Kentucky mare,
single-footer, 8 years old. Both for sale
at reasonable prices. Apply A. D. Bran
dels. Boston Store. P M52S 18x
LOW PINE In the Soft Yellow Pine
Belt. This timber compares " favorably
In quality with the White Pine of Wis
consin and Michigan. Can 'all be logged
with big wheels. No fire risk. Complete
and Vellable information. Perfect title.
LIVER 26,000 ACRES, average 2,000,000 to
the quarter section, price $7.50 per A.
10,1X0 ACRES, average 2,000,000 to the quar
ter section, price lo.OO per A.
1,000 ACRES, average 2,000.000 to thf quarter
section, price 16.00 per A.
8,000 ACRES, average 2,600,000 to the quarter
section, price $9.00 per A.
14,'JOO ACRES, Bpruce and Hemlock, aver
age l,600,0u0 to the quarter section, price
11. JO per A.
In large and small amounts at the market
price. Reference furnished. Correspond-
ence solicited. Adress
E. M. Runyan, Mgr., Marquam Bldg., Port
land, Or. MSWS dovl&x
A. C. VAN BANT S school. 717 N. Y. Life.
674 i
NEB. Business ft Shorthand College. Boyd's
Theater. 7
MME. SMITH, baths. 118 N. U, Id floor, r. 2.
T Mool D6x
HESS ft SWOBODA. 1415 Farnam. 671
L. HENDERSON, florist, 1511 Farnam 8t.
CURED. Julia Vaughn. 430 Ramge Bldg.
KEISTER'S College, 1705 Cuming. Bulls to
order. Night class. Mon. ft Tuurs. J to :la
IN FAMILIES. Miss Sturdy, JJ
STANDARD Garment Cutting College, 1231
Farnam. -M4oi Nis
WE CURE blood poison In to days,
pimples, sores, nervous debility In JOto 6J
days, nerve wsste, brain fag. bladder dls
esses, no matter how long standing.
Cook Medical Co.. 110-112 8. Dth st, over
Dally News, Omaha. Neb. Office hours,
8 a. m. to 1 p. m ; Sundays, 10 s. m. to
12:30 p. m. 281 DU
when cured; no hypodermlcs.t Write for
booklet. Gatlin Institute, 216 S. Hth St.
Piles Cured
By W. C. Maxwell, M. D,
Graduate of Bellevuo Hospital Medical Col-
lege of New York City.
524-6 Bee Building. Omaha, Neb.
Private Reception Room for Ladles.
LADIES! Chichester's English Pennyroyal
Pills are the best. Bafe, reliable. Take no
other. Send 4c.. stamps, for particulars.
"Relief for Ladles," In letter by return
. mail. Ask your druggist. Chichester
Chemical Co.. Philadelphia, Pa.
LADIES, our harmless remedy relieves
without fall delayed or abnormally sup-
Sressed menstruation. For free trial ad
ress Paris Chemical Co., Milwaukee,
DR. W. HUTCHINSON, specialist of
women and children; 10 years' practice.
Office, 22o6 Cuming. Residence telephone,
F-2790; office. B-2S36.
DR. PRIES, German graduate, renowned
for his skill and experience In confine
ments: curas sterility, long standing dis
eases of uterus and ovaries, cures painful,
profuse, retarded or suppressed menstru
ation, from any causa, recent or of long
standing. Ladles who have suffered for
years, hopeless and dejected, can be cured
without operation or the hospital. If a
personal Interview is Impossible stste your
case fully. Inclose st imp and answer and
sdvlce will promptly be given. Address
R. F, Pries. M. D., 1611 Dooge SL, Omaha,
OMAHA Hay Bala Tie Co., 811 N. 16th st
COSTUMES for rent. Sack, S318 8. 20th st.
U M65 Decl
WANTED Situation by young man, 23
years of age, good address, has had five
years' experience In clerical and office
work: can furnish first-class references.
Address U 41, Bee. A 278 18x
WANTED, position In eastern or central
Nebraska by all around, practical printer;
12 years' experience; good references;
married; do not use tobacco, liquor or
Srofanlty; prefer county seat town. Ad
ress 632 N. 7th St.. Canon City, Colo.
A M2B6 16
WANTED To borrow 1900 to $1,000 at 7 per
cent on good South Omaha rental prop
erty; security ample. Address T 28. Bee.
M 361
' i '.i 1 !
DON'T give your furniture and carpets
away. J. Levlne pays the highest cash
price. Telephone 7J1. N M213
WANT the best lot that $500 will buy. What
have you? Address U 66, Bee Office.
N M470 17
HAVE Just sold my property to the Chi
cago Great Western; am In the market
for a good bargain, either improved or
vacant. Address U 66. Bee. N M469 17
WANTED One small, seicond-hand, up
right, tubular boiler; must be In good re
pair. Address A. A. Bley. Midlsnn, Neb,
N-M521 lix
WANTED Bide line salesmen to sell from
photographs; good line; 10 per cent com
mission. American Chewing Gum Co., St.
Louis, Mo. M 262 16x
C R. HEFLIN, 809 N. 16th St Tel. 2971
ACCORDION pleating. cheapest, best,
quickest. Mrs. A. C. Mark, 17th and
Douglas. M748
Theatrical end maaq. Lleben, 10IS Far.
ALL kinds of carpenter work and repairing
promptly attended to. J. T. Ochiltreu,
' 20th and Lake sts. 370
THOS. J. KELLY, voice. Davldge block.
8AVAGE, 1822 Farnam. furnace work, cor
nices, ridgeroll gutter, skylights. Tel. 21 U.
M893 Dti
CAPT. T. CORMACK. 617 Karbach block.
Tel. A2&32. 620
DEBOUT Detective agency, 70S N. Y. IJfe.
Tel. 8540. -9S2 N18
G. R. RATHBUN. room 15, Com ! Nat l
bank. Private lessons In bookkeeping,
etc 671
OMAHA PLATING CO., Bee bldg. Tel. 2f3o.
J. E. WALLACE. Taxidermist, 606 S. 13th.
cessporla and vaulta, removes garbage
and dead animals at reduced prices, bil
N. 16th. Tel. 1779. 663
BTILLMAN ft PRICE. 410 1st Nat. Bk. bldg.
NEW SNOW-CHURCH CO., 1st floor N. Y.
Life bldg., attorney and collectors every
where. c6o
When You Write
To Advertisers
remember tt only takes an extra, stroke or
two of the pen to mention the fact that you
saw the ad lp The Bea.
HORSES wintered. 43d and Center. Tel.
Black-1123. -4t 29s
EAGLE Loan office. Reliable, accommodat
ing; all business confidential. 1301 Douglas.
H. J. COWOILL No fee unless successful.
118 8. 16th St., Ottialui. Tel. 17 J it
PATENTS Sues ft Co., Omaha. Neb. 11
lustrated patent book free. Tel. HT3.
M-5,0 N15x
OMAHA FlofCnce Sanatorium. 'Phone Red
2i-4; 1 blk. w. of car line. City 'phone. ll!i;.
City bath and massage parlors, 2121 Lake.
68 N.H
OM. Van Btor. Co., 15UH Farn. Tels. 156it-Sfii
When You Write
to Advertisers
remember I nnlv i,b,. tM .,.w -
Ltwo of the pen to mention the fact that you
raaw the ad In The Rm
CUT RATE railroad tickets everywhere.
P. II. Philbin, 1606 Farnam. 'Phone 784.
. 677
FOR SALE First mortgage on Benson
I'roreriy; worth $4,000 ; 6 per cent interest.
Address W 2, Bee.
618 15
Illinois Central'
a 8:10 pm
a 8:08 am
bl0:33 pm
a 10:35 am
Chicago Express
7:35 am
Chicago, Minneapolis &
Bt. Paul Limited a 7:50 pm
Minneapolis ft St. Paul
Express b T:8 am
Chicago Loch! 10:;5 am
Chicago Express.........
ChicaKO & Northwestern.
"The Northwestern Line.
Fast Chicago a !:to am
Mall a 8:00 pin
1h:U Stoux City a 5:10 am
Daylight St. I'aul a 7:60 am
Daylight Chicago a 8:00 um
Limited Chicago a 8:15 pm
lcal Carroll a 4:00, pm
Fast Chlcngo 5;o0 pm
Fast St. I'aul a t.10 pin
St. Paul Express
Fast Mall
Ich1 Sioux City b 4:00 pm
Norfolk & Bone t eel.... a 7:2." um
Lincoln Long Pine....b 7:25 am
Local Chicago 11:30 am
Union Pacific.
Overland Limited a 8:40 am
The Fast Mall
California express a 4:20 pm
Pacific Express all:3o pm
Eastern Express
The Atlantic Express...
The Colorado Special... a 7:10 am
Chicago Special
Lincoln, Beatrice ft
Htromsburg Express.. b 4:00 pm
North Platte Local a 8:00 am
Grand Island Local b 5:30 pm
a 7.-00 am
a 8:30 nm
a 8:30 pm
nlu:tK pm
alLlo pm
a 9:15 am
a 9:M) am
a 3:45 pm
a 7:o.i Mni
a V:30 am
a 2:40 pm
b 9:30 nm
sl0:35 am
010:35 am
a 8 60 pm
a 8:26 pm
a 8:80 pm
a 7:30 am
a 3:40 um
a 8:40 am
bl2:50 pm
a 5:15 pm
b v:35 am
Chicago, Rock Islnntl Ac 1'aciUc
Chicago Daylight L t d a 8:55 am
Chicago Daylight Locala 7.0) am
Chlcngo Express bll:15am
Des Moines Express. . .'.a 4:30 pm
Chicago Fast LxpresH. .a 6:30 pm
a 8:50 am
a 9:35 pm
a 6:35 pm
bll:6o am
a 1:26 pm
Rocky Mountain L t d. a 7:30 ara a 7:25 am
Lincoln, Colo. Springs.
Denver. Pueblo and
West a 1:30 pm
Texss, California and
Oklahoma Flyer a 6:15 pm
i'hIcaKO Great Western Ry,
21 St. Paul & Minne
apolis Limited
104 Ft. Dodge Express. .a 7:35 am
102 Ft. Dodge Express. .a 8:26 pm
20 St. Paul ft Mlniie-
n noils Limited a 7:55 Dm
a 6:00 pm
al2:40 pm
i Co,
a 6:65 am
7 Ft. Dodge Express..
103 Ft. Dodge Express..
all:10 am
a 8:30 pm
Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Panl.
Chlcngo Daylight a 7:45 am nll:15 pm
Chicago Fast Kxpres.4..a 6:45 pm - a 3:40 pm
Chicago Limited a 8:06 pm ' a 7:50 am
Des Moines Express. ...a 7:45 am a 8:10 pm
Bt. Louis "Cannon Ball'
Exp.-css a 5:66 pm
St. Louis Local, Coun- '
ell Bluffs a 8:15 am
Missouri Pacific.
St. Louis Express. .010:00 am
K. C. a St. U Express.. al0:60 pm
a 8:20 am
alO:JO pm
a 6:25 pm
u, i:U am
Chicago, Bnrliaaton ft alacy.
Leave. Arrive.
Chicago Special a 7:00 am a 6:55 am
Chicago Vestibuled ex. .a 4:00 pm a 7:45 am
Chicago Local a 9:18 am ttll:O0 pm
Chicago Umlted a 8:05 pm a 7:46 pm
FaBt Mall :40 pm
Burlington Jk MissonrI River.
Wymore, Beatrice and
Lincoln a 8:60 am bi2:05 pm
Nebraska Express a 8:50 am a 7:45 pm
Denver Limited a 4:10 pm a 8:45 um
Black Hills and Puget
Sound Express all:10 pm a 8:10 pm
Colorado Vestibuled
Flyer a 8:10 pm
Lincoln Fast Mail bl:52 pm a 9:08 am
Fort Crook and Plaf.ts-
mouth b 8:15 pm bl0:35 am
'lellevue & Pacific Jet. .a 7:50 pm a 8:27 am
Bellevue'ft Pacific Jet. .a 3:50 am
Kansas City, St. Joseph A Council
Kansas City Day Ex. ...a 9:15 am a 6:05 pm
St Louis Flyer a 5:25 pm all:06am
Kansas City Night Ex..al0:45 pm a 6:30 am
Paul, Minneapolis A
Twin City Passenger. ..a b:3o am
Sioux City Pasenger...a-2:00 pm
Oakland Local b 5:45 pm
a 9:10 pm
all a) am
b 8:46 am
Chicago Jt Northwestern, Nebraska
and Wyoming Dlvlslou.
rtla', lr Hills. Deadwood.
Lead, Hot Springs a 8:00 pm
Wyoming, Casper and
Douglas d 8:00 pm
HnstliiKS. York. David
a 6:00 pm
1:00 pm
City. Superior, Geneva,
Exeter and Seward. ..b 8:00 pm b 1:00 pm
Missouri ParlMe.
Nehrasku Lcal, Via
Weeping Water b 4:10 pm a 10:35 am
a Dally, b Duliy except Sunday, d Dally
except Saturday, e Dully except Monday.
Fully 86 per cent of the Presbyterian
ministers of the United States receive less
than I2.0U0 a year, ss shown by the statis
tics of the clerk of the genersl assembly.
Right Rev. Thomas Fielding Scott, 'the
first blahop of the Episcopal church in Ore
gon, was elected to that office In 1Ht3. The
weml-cenlennlul of his consecration will
occur In Portland, January 8 next.
The British and Foreign Bible society,
which in a few months completes a cen
tury of work, has Issued no fewer than
180.000.UO copies of the scriptures, which
ate now printed in nearly 400 different lan
guages. Rev. E. 8. UfTord, author of "Throw Out
the Life Line," hus completed his evan
gelistio tour around the world, lis has
traveled 25,oou miles and preached in
churches, missions and vailors' Institutes,
lie intends soon to engage In gospel work
In New England.
The Catholic diocese of Brooklyn, N. Y..
has Just finished a week's celebration of
its golden juhlieiis. The Catholic popula
tion of the diocese Is 5M).ii0ii. Brooklyn has
now Its second bishop. Right Rev. Charles
E McDonnell, D. !., it first bishop, Bight
Rev. John Lnughlln, D. D., having gov
erned the dlocee for thirty-eight years.
Father P. J. Lynch, pastor of St. Pat
ricks church. Gainesville, Fla.. Is endeav
oring to divert Irish immigration to the
south. He has about 1,000 acres of fine
farming land in Alachua county, f lorlda,
and wants to settle It with a colony of
Immigrants from the Green Isle, lie does
not want any but people who understand
farming, and he hopes that In a few
months all the land will be taken, rather
Lynch is a well-known citizen of Florida.
Right Rev. George Kinsulvlng. Protestant
Episcopal bishop of Texas, ia a giant In
slalure. On one occasion he was In Phila
delphia when a wild west show happened
to be In town. He was swinging alona
the street one afternoon when he stopoed
to buy a newspaper. The newsboy looked
at the massive figure, surmounted by a
big slouch hut. and ssld: "Say, mister, are
you Texas RHIT" "No. my boy, 1 m not,
was the bishop's laughing reply. "I m
Texss George."
The Christian Endeavor union of Balti
more. Md., has already begun preparations
for the national convention of the Chris
tian Endeavor society to lf held In that
city In 1!&. W. O. At wood has been made
chairman of the committee of arrange
ments snd the full committee and the
chairmen of many subcommittees hsve
been appointed. It will be necessary to
raise !elween fflS.fwO slid 840.WU Jor the
wuik of preparation,
Dexand for Seasonable Gocdi Showed Kncb
ItuproTtcient Last Week.
Heavy Receipts of Cotton at Principal
Shipping; Points Fellcel te Weaken
the Market and Jobbers Sure
Prices Will Hold Firm.
There was a decided Improvement Inst
week in the demand for ail kinds of sea
sonable goods. The cooler weather, of
course, is credited with having brought
about the change. Retailers felt tho ef
fects first and It took but a few day of ,
brisk trade to make s hols In .heir stocks
and thou who'esalers began to get fllllng-ln
orders. Merchants who have been in the
city this week say that they are more con
fident than tver of a brisk trade throughout
the winter. A couple weeks ago some of
them began to thing that ponsioiy they h ia
bought too freely, out now tnvy hna they .
did not ovcrreacu themselves in the leaai,.
but In most cases win have to place dupli
cate orders In many .lues.
Advance oroers are coming In quite freely
and with few exceptions Jobbers report
htavler sales than tney had made a year
ago up to this time. Titer, seems to h
no doubt but what traveling men will bo
able to go ahead of lust year's record tho
remainder of thu season.
There have not been many market
changes during the week under review, ami
those that have taken effect have not been
of a startling nature. With very lew ex
ceptions pikes seem to be on sa firm a
fooling an ever, and jobbers say Willi a
good deal of conlUlenco that merciiiiiils
need have no fear of carrying liberal stockv,
not only for winter, but for next spring at
Collections have Improved considerably
during tho- last few oays, und now that
trndo has picked up In the country joblMTs
believe that merchants will meet their fu
ture obligations with their usual prompt
ness. toffee Still Advancing.
The coffee market Is still advancing under
the Influence of unfavorable reiwrts regard
ing the size and qua'lty of the new crop.
As compared with a week ago the market
Is now about Vi Sic higher, and those best
posted would not be surprised to see still
higher prices at no distant dute.
The sugar market is In practically the
same position It was a week ugo both as re
gards laws and rellned grades. The de
mand Is very good for this season of the
The general Impression seems to be that
syrups have reached the low point and that
any further changes will be In the nature
of an advance. The demand Is reported ex
ceedingly heavy at present, prices showing
that the trade is anticipating future wants.
Oatmeal Is Bbotit iOc higher on bulk goodly
than a week ago and five-pound and smaller
packages have shown a corresponding ad
vance. Indications are considered favor
able for still higher prices.
The'Vean market has eased off sgsln,
present prices being per bushel lower
than those In force a week ago.
The demand for canned goons Is reported
very heavy nil along the line. Including
eastern os well ss California goods. The
only possiblo exception Is found in the case
of corn, which is being bought In small
quantities to supply the Immediate requlre
menti of the purchasers.
Dried fruits are selling the same as they
were a week ago, with the demand as ac
tive as could reasonably be expected.
As mentioned a week ago the rice market
Is in a stronger pnsltiqn than It has been
at any time since the new crop was offered.
Considerable speculative buying Is reported,
and while there has been nome advance In
prices during the last week still higher
prices r.re looked for in the near future.
Fish are selling In J-ist about the same
notches they were a week ago. with the
exception of codfish, which are still ad-
Other staple and seasonable lines of gro
ceries have not shown i.-noitgh change In
price to be worth ineniljn. Tho demand for
all lines is reported us bdng very liberal
for this season tf the year.
Cotton Market Wry Firm.
The new crop of cotton is coming for
ward very n:pidly, but me large receipts
at the principal market loints of hlpmnt .
have In nowise depressed the market. Cot
ton for use during tne. -.vinicr minhs, as
well as April and May, has been sold at
over 11 cenia and, aa this irop Is too large
to be cornered, prlcea'are LMSed strictly on
supply and demand, ana therefore Is not
speculative. That being the case, whole
salers are very confident that ti.ere can be .
no reduction In the price of manufactured
gooda lor many months to come, wlilie a
great many lines may be advanced, 'liny
are advising merchants for that reason to
anticipate their spring requiremenia i
much aa possible and In that way take ad
vantage of present pi Ices.
Traue wltn local houses Is r. porwd as
being only fair at the present tiin.i. Mire
sorting-up orders were received mat week
than the week before and, with fyorab.e
weather from this time on. st.li more im
provement Is looked for in tho nuure. A.
vance business Is coming along i.i very
satisfactory manner and or; inoet lines
sules are heavier than they wcio a eui
ago at this lime.
There have been no quotable changes lp
the pi Ice of manufactured goods during I lis
week under review. The general market, 1
though. Is very firm, and the fact Is noted
that four-yard brown goods are held at
prices ranging cenia higher than they
were thirty days ago.
Better Demand (or Hardware.
There was a better demand for hardware
last week than for some time past. All
such lines as coal rcutiles, stopeplpe and
boards, elbows and all kinds of cold
weather goods (old to good advantage.
Owing to the lack of coid weather that
class of goods have been rather neglected
up to this time, but It looks now aa though
the ueinana wouia De iuuy up to expecia"-
also selling freely, so that the trade as a
whole Is in very satisfactory condition.
The market Is practically the eume, as It
was a week ago. What few changes have
gone Into effect have been of minor Import
ance and not worth mentioning. As noted
a week ugo, however, there uro several soft ,
spots In the hardware market, and while
there is no reason for looking for any gre.it
reductions there Is undoubtedly somo
tendency to shade prices on a number of
Immediate Business Very Good.
Leather goods Jobbers report Immediate
business as being very good. They say that
every year mercnants show more and more
of a disposition not to anticipate, their
waniM, but simply to buy ss llieir needs
dlctute. Ono rcison for this Is that the
Omaha market has been greatly Improved
of late, and us a result merchants know
they can get on short order whatever they
need, and do not havo to place their orders
In the east and take chancos on the slow
movement ot irvigni. me auvuiii in
this to the retailer is tiiat lie keens big
stocks down where they belong and docg
not buy more stock than lie can sell. It
also gives him a chance to discount all lilS
bills, which he might not be able to do if
he bought far In advance. -v .
In spite of thu fact, though, rhat mer
chants are Inclined to buy us they need,
jobbers say that orders for spring linu
are coming in very fnely (ind most houses
report an Increase over lost year's sales.
To the surprise of Jobbers quite a few
rubber orders are coming In. The general
Impression was that every merchant bought
before the advance went Into effect lust
Juno, but now It Is found that quite a few
preferred to wait and place their order
when they needed the goods.
Fruits and Vegetables.
The demand for fruits and .vegetables
was of very satisfactory pio(ortloiis lust
week, but very few price changes went
Into effect. About the only new line offered
of any importance is Florida oranges,
which are worth $4 per box. Mexicans are
now practically out of the market.
Eggs have been steadily advujioing this
week, as will be seen from tha quotations
below. Poultry, however, has not changed
to any great extent with the exception of
turkes, which sre higher. The belief
among commission men is that turkeys will
be fullv aa hlsh as they were a year ago.
and predictions are freely made that during
the Thanksgiving una iirinunua rumi uuy
will Bell right around iti cents per pound.
There Is very little dressed poultry coin
ing forward as yet, und commission men
are advising their shippers not to send In
any If the weather is at all warm. Prices
on dressed stock will range about 8 cell a
per pound higher than on live stock.
School for Ladles.
"At lust," said the old bachelor, as he
glanced over his paper, " school for young
ladles has been discovered where some
thing Is taught that they will remember."
"Tell i)s about It." suggested the fair
typewriter boarder.
"It's a school in Kansas," continued tt.ft
O. B., "where the pupils are taught how
to go through the marrlarge ceremony."
Chicago News.
deliver. Address U 60. Be of ce.
- H-4U.15g
. . Ltw'.oml COjjrracus. rt. Y. J 1.1 Isx

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