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Doping Coopla lit Betlrica Are Tak to
Fo'ioe Etatioa.
lfaa ta the Cfse Haa Wife aa
Chllarra (laid ta He at
Aarora He Alio Oat aa
Bond a.
BEATRTCK. Neb.. Nor. II. (Br-Il Tele
m.) A mild sensation occurred here last
! , when Len Thompiion. a painter,
fe mit a warrant In police court for the
All l(i 0f hlfl daughter. Miss Pleura Thomp-
a charg of assaulting her mother.
' JTalr Involve a married man named
AfiOM Hvn of Kamey. because he wa
Thompson when the trouble oc-
appears that Harbert arrived
lesterday and last evening railed
GUARDS E'tnpaon home. As he and the
an, who Is about 18 years of
'leave the premises Mrs. Thomp
ropla f Id upon th scene and remcm
fA her daughter, whereupon Miss
"Soked and struck her mother.
-ly after the trouble the couple
TpitAred and were not seen again until
.1 morning, when they were arrested as
they were coming out of the Arcade res
taurant and taken to the police station.
When searched two revolvers were found
on Herbert's person. A charge of carrying
concealed weapons was lodged agalna him
and ha waa fined $26 and costs. He could
not pay the fine and waa lodged In jail.
The case against Miss Thompson was con
tinued until December. She was released
on her personal recognisance, her bond be
ing fixed at $100. Her father took her home.
Thla avenlng Harbert furnished an ap
peal bond of $100 and waa released. .
The officers believe the couple Intend to
lope, since both of them have been given
their freedom. The feeling here Is bitter
against Harbert
Miss Thompson first met Harbert when
ha waa employed In the laundry at the
Institute for Feeble Minded . Youths here
some time ago. 8he became Infatuated
with him and ha called at tjie Thompson
home a number of times before Mr. Thomp
son learned that he was a married man.
When Mr. Thompson was Informed that
ha waa a man of family he warned Harbert
not to call at his home again. According
to Mr. Thompson's statements, Harbert has
proponed marriage to the young woman
'and asked to call at her home until he se
cured a divorce from hla wife. It Is said
that he Is employed In a laundry at one
of the state Institutions at Kearney. Hla
wife and children are aald to be living at
Attorney for Fair Dcfeattant Present
Balky Docameat to the
LINCOLN. Nov. 14. (Speclal.-Th fata
of Lena Margaret Llllle. convicted by a
Butler county jury of the murder of her
husband, Harvey Lillie of David City, taw
hangs on two brlefa filed In the supreme
court, the last two of which were filed
today by Hamer & Hamer who have been
retained to appear In the case. . The last
brief Is a bulky affair of 104 pagea and It
goes Into all the evidence offered on the
trial, criticising freely the conduct of the
Judge and Jury, and the methods used to
convict Mrs. Llllle.
Norrts Brown went to work immediately
this morning on the state's brief aa soon
aa the briefs had been aerved. It la ex
pected the case will bo reached in the su
preme court within thirty daya. The brief
of the state Is not expected to be very
being shirked to Oklahoma In a car by
Albert Klurk. who was srrested here the
other day by Chief Ashenfelter and taken
bark to B'-huyler. Albert Klug had a
mortgage on the animals, and after re
plevying them from the Union Poclflo, he
shipped them home Inst night. Klurk la
In Jail at Schuyler, awaiting trial on a
charge of attempting to remove mort
gaged property from the state.
Caaa taanty I .a a 4 Reaches m Flaare
Which ladarea Ita Owaers to Let
Urn mud Mova West.
PLATTS MOUTH, Neb., Nov. 14.-(8pe-
clal.) Cass county land has become ko
valuable that many farmers are disposing
of their homes and buying where land la
chenrier, so aa to provide homes for .their
children. Henry. Will and George Wenke
have sold their farms for $75 per acre to
August Englekemeler. Henry bought 130
acres In Knox county and Will and George
each bought 160 acres In Pierce county for
$25 per acre. I
Frank Eaton has sold lfiO acres of land
to William. Edgar for $12,800.
J. M. Kiser has purchased 300 acres of
land In Texas county, Missouri, and with
his family will remove there.
W. A. Fight haa purchased 1,000 acres of
land near Akron, Colo.,' and wilt engage
In the stock business there. '
figures Hanna has only a majority of Bva.
Quite a number of people, then, will be
somewhat upon the anxious sest. until the
state board canvasses the returns rn the
offlc of the secretary of state on the third
Monday after th election.
The a He Hells th Paper aa the Beak
Befaaea to Hoaor It, la Sard,
Loses aad Appeals.
PLATT8 MOUTH. Neb.. Nov. 14.-8ps-clal.)
About twelve yeara ago George Bo
len deposited $50 In the Firt National bank
In thla city, and placed th deposit slip In
his bible for safekeeping.
Years rolled on, and Oeorg neglected to
follow hla early teachings to "study the
word," and consequently forgot where be
had placed the certificate of depoalt. On
day, recently, he got down his family blhl
to look up the exact quotation of "Seek
and ye shall find," and, opening the bible,
there lay the lost slip.
He sold It to Oeorge Amlck, who pre
sented It to the cashier of the bank for
payment, which waa refused. The cashier
claimed that the bank held Bolen'a not
for $35 and Interest, which was equal to
the amount of the deposit check. 8uit to
recover the amount of deposit was at once
Instituted, and waa decided against tho
bank. The case haa been appealed to the
district court.
Throagh Gaardlaa Attempt Is Mad!
to Compel Payment of Small 8am I
Promised for Her Support,
PLATT8MOUTII, Neb.. Nov. 14-(Spo-clal.)
John D. Ferguson, as guardian for
Elisabeth Irwin, incompetent, haa brought
suit In county court to recover the sum
of $1,000 from Thomas Irwin, her son. The
petition alleges that In 1886 William A.
Irwin, now deceased, and wife, Eliza
beth, executed and delivered to the defend
ant a warranty deed conveying to him
their farm property In Cass county, and.
that In consideration of this conveyance
the defendant verbally agreed to pay the
sum of $lfi0 per year toward tile support
and maintenance of his parents, Mr. and
Mra. Irwin, so long as either of them
should live. ' This, It Is claimed, the de
fendant failed to do, hence the suit. The
court granted the defendant ten days time
In which to prepare and file a brief.
Fremont Grocers and Batchers Agree
a Sahmlt to Violation of Charter
by Local Company.
FREMONT, Neb., Nov. 14 (Special.)
The telephone rate complication which re
sulted yesterday in all the grocera and
meat mnrket men ordering their Instru
ments out waa settled at a joint meeting of
the Ketal Grocers association and the
Butchers' association last evening by con
senting to pay the Increased rate of $2.50
per month and withdrawing their petition
to the mayor for relief. This morning
the Frefrfont company had the same force
of men who were yesterday taking out
phones putting the same Instruments bark.
It looks as though no action would be
taken against the Fremont company for a
violation of the terms of Its charter from
the city In raising its ratea 50 cents per
phone above the maximum allowed by the
ordinance. The increased rates are under
those of the Nebraska company.
bondholders and thla city. Hla clients ar
seeking to recover the sum of $30,000 from
this city In payment for the light plant.
The rase haa been pending In the highest
court for more than two years. Th city
rlalma It never bought the plant, but
simply leased It.
Fast Freight la Derailed at Ollmoro
aad Main Mae Track la
Torn Vp.
PAPILLION. Neb.. Nov. 14. (Special
Telegram.) While running at a speed of
nearly thirty miles an hour a fast east
bound freight was wrecked at GUmore
Junction today. The signals of the Inter
locking semaphores were dead against the
train but the engineer Ignored them and
ran Into a wide open derail. The engine
waa only partly derailed, but four care of
fruit, hldea and bullion were thrown from
the track, rolled over and smashed. The
main line eastbound track waa torn up
for over J00 feet. Ordera had been Issued
to the operator In the tower to block the
train on account of another train being
ahead at standstill and he displayed his
slgnala accordingly. Had he failed In this
a bad collision would have resulted. En
gineer Norrts failed to see the slgnala or
misunderstood them. The track was blocked
for over six hours. A tramp, name un
known, was reported aa Injured. The
trainmen escaped.
t J
We Invito, Inspection.
Blankets, Comforts
We Urge Comparison,
C'harch a Quarter Centnry Old.
WEST POINT, Neb., Nov. 14. (Special.)
The Congregational church of this plaee
celebrated Its silver jubilee during this
week. The pastor who founded the church,
Rev. George Scott, was present during the
hole of the celebration which lasted four
days. He was assisted by other former
pastors. The exercises wer very elabor
ate and Impressive. The church haa made
splendid growth during the twenty-fiv
years of Ita life, and the reunion , of thla
week has cemented the bonds of fellow
ship' among the members. A banquet was
spread In the church on the last evening
at which eighty-five covera wer laid.
Jadva Thompson Will Wnteti Connt
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Nov. 14.-(Spe
clal.) The official convass of the vote In the
Eleventh Judicial district will be attended
by at least two of the contesting candidates
from this district, aa Judge Thompson Is
not entirely ready to concede the election
of Judge Hanna.
Saes Railroad for Damages. .
PLATTBMOUTH, Neb.. Nov. 14-(Sp
clal.) William R. Stull, aa administrator
of the estate of William R. Webb, de
ceased, haa Instituted suit In the district
court of Mills county, Ja., against the Chi
cago, Burlington & Qulncy Railroad com
pany. In which he asks $10,000 damages.
On February 17 last Webb came to his
death as a result of a fall from the com
pany's bridge over the Missouri river al
thla point, then In course of construction,
II stepped upon a loose plank, and fell
to the Ice below, a distance of about eev
enty-flv feet, sustaining Injuries from
which he died five hours later. The de
ceased left a wife and three small children
R. B. Randerland la lajared.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Nov. 14. (Spa
clal.) While taking meaaurementa for th
Are proofing on the new Carnegie library.
In course of construction, R. E. Sunderland
of Omaha pierced hla Instep with a nail
to th depth of an Inch. "Th injury was
dressed and Mr. Sunderland returned to
Omaha. ,
Reaover Their Horace,
BEATRICE, Neb.. Nov. 14.-8peHal.)
Albert Klug and his uncle, Henry Klug,
both of Schuyler, Neb., cam here y ester
day after four head of horses which were
raw rooplo Know Bow Vaafol It la la
Preser-vtaa- Health aai Bonnty.
I Nearly ovary body knows that ohareaal la
the aaiast aad moat affioleat diets faotaat
and purifier m Datura, but few realise ta
,ralu whoa taken Into th human, system
for .th earn eleanalng purpose.
Charcoal la a remedy that the mora you
take of It the batter; It la not a drug at
all, vat simply aboorbo th gaaea and Im
purities always present la th stomach
and Intestine and carrtos them out of th
Charooal aweatena the breath after amok'
ilng, drinking or after eating oniona and
other odorous vegetables.
Charooal effectually clears and Improves
the complexion. It whitena th teeth and
further acta aa a natural and eminently
safe oarthartle.
It absorbs th injurious gaaea which col
loot la th atouiaoh and bowela; It dlsln
recta th mouth and throat from th
poison of catarrh.
All druggists aell ohareoal In ona form or
another, but probably th beat charcoal
and the moat for th money Is In Btuart
Absorbent Loaengea; they ar eompoaed of
th finest powdered Willow charooal and
'Other harmleas antlaeptlce In tablet form,
or, rather, la th form of large, plaaaan
(tasting loaengea, th charcoal being mixed
with honey. .
I Th daily uao of these losenges will soon
tU In a much Improved oonditlon of the
general health, batter complexion, sweeter
breath and purer blood, and th beauty of
It Is, that no poaaibls harm can renuK
JVon their continued uas, but. on th con
trary, great benefit.
' A Buffalo physician, la speaking of the
'benefits of charcoal, says: I advise
Stuart's Abeorbent Losenges to all patients
suffering from gas In the . stomach and
bowels, and to clear the complexion and
purify the breath, mouth and throat; I
also believe th liver la greatly bananud by
the dally us of them; they cost but
twenty-five eants a box at drug stores, and
although In soma sens a patent prepare
portion. yt I believe I get more and better
charcoal In Stuart's Absorbent Losengas
than la any of tha ardlnarjr charcoal tab
Sues neighbor on Account of Rubbish
Washed on to His Land De
fendant Pnys Costs.
BEATRICE. Neb., Nov. 14. (Special.)-:
The case of Andrew Kerr against Joseph
Mangus. In which suit was brought for
$40 damages by reason of the defendant
allowing brush and rubbish" to wash over
on plaintiff's farm, waa tried In the county
court yesterday, and a verdict waa ren
dered in favor of plaintiff, giving him one
cent damage, the defendant to pay th
costs In the case.
The case comes from Sherman township,
and about thirty wltnesaea were examined
d'jring th trial.
R. F. Baker, Otoe County Pioneer nnd
Wealthy Farmer, Meets Palatal
and Fatal Accident.
NEBRASKA CITT, Neb., Nov. 14.-(Spe-clal
Telegram.) R: F. Baker, one of the
wealthiest farmers and a pioneer settlor
of Otoe county, was fatally Injured at his
farm, near Dunbar, yesterday. Mr. Baker
harnessed a liorce with the intention of
driving to town and before starting led th
horse to a watering trough. In some. man
ner the halter rope became entangled and
the horse jerked Mr. Baker off his feet and
dragged him over the lot, breaking his
arm In two places and injuring his head.
He died this afternoon without having re
gained consciousness.
John Blodgett, a farmer residing east of
this city, waa also severely injured In a
runaway accident at Rockford last evening.
Tries to Effect Settlement.
PLATTSMOrTH, Neb., Nov. 14. (Spe
cial.) William Balrd of Omaha, attorney
According to the figures for the bondholdera of the Plattsmouth
of the republicans the majority for Hanna) Gas and Electric light company, came to
In the whole district Is 10, while Judge this city In an attempt to bring about a
Thompson claimes .that according to hla settlement of the controversy between the
Oil and Gas in the Great Plains.
i ! V I -
Cheyenne Irrr? Platte
roi L.n. ! t t
Crop Tarns Out Batter Than Expected,
Although Some Did Rot Matu
Beeta Do Well.
FREMONT. Neb., Nov. 14.-(Speclal.)
Corn husking Is well advanced and, accord
Ing to reports from the farmers, the crop
la turning out better than waa expected,
although there Is quite a little unmatured
corn. A few exceptionally good fields of
early corn In the Maple creek section are
running over seventy bushels to the acre,
but the average la between thirty and
forty. Farmers who had sugar beeta In
early would have made a good thing this
year. The few fields In this section are be
ing dug and, while not going over teven
tona to the acre, they will go over 11 per
cent In sugar, with co-efflclent of purity of
above 80 degrees.
Hunter Brings Down Rare Bird of
Considerable Slso, Which la Seat
to Omaha te Bo Staffed, s
PAPILLION. Neb., Nov. 14. -(Special.)
While Mart Mella was hunting In the west
era part of the county yesterday he shot
a genuine gray eagle. It measured seven
feet and seven lnchea from the tip of
one wing to th other. These birds are not
often seen hereabouts and It Is said that
never before waa on killed in the county,
The eagle was sent to Omaha to be stuffed,
Game la very plentiful In the bottoms
of th Piatt this year. Several coons have
been killed and not long ago a panther waa
seen. .
Is the central great plains region under
lain with oil and gaaT
- There are geologic Indications that con
ditions within an area ZU miles In length,
varying In width from two to six miles,
and comprised Within the three atatea,
Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota, are
similar to those In which oil and gaa have
been found.
In Investigating the geologic structure
of the central plains region Mr. N. II.
Darton of the United States Geological
Survey has discovered an uplift, or arch,
In the earth's crust which may prove of
greatest economic Importance. Owing to
the thick covering of clays and sands In
the plains the structure of the underlying
rocks la difficult to ascertain, but from a
careful survey of exposures In western
Kansas, the Republlcun valley In Ne
braska and the southwestern corner of
of anticlines or uplifts hsve resulted In
vast extension of known fields, and the
application of the theory has been fol
lowed by numerous discoveries of other
productive territory. Should future devel
opntents In the central great plains' area
prove the soundness of the anticlinlcal
theory, it would result In incalculable
benefit to that region. The country in
which the anticline puta out is today thinly
populated and for the moat part, given
over to stock grazing. It lies Just west of
the one hundreth meridian, and Is properly
classed as belonging to the arid region.
With the discovery of oil and gaa, a great
impetus would be given to agricultural de
velopment, aa the Bull is fertile, of great
depth, and as productive as that of any
section of the country, when irrigated. The
surface wafers are Inaquedate and uncer
tain, and. for this reason, this section has
New Court House Is Nearly Ready.
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Nov. 14. (Spe
cial.) The new court house Is so near com
pletion that It Is expected that by Decem
ber 1 several of the contractors will have
turned over their part of the work to the
county. These Include the plumbing, the
wiring, the hardware and the -Jail entire,
Contracts for the electrlo and gaa lighting
fixtures were let this week and will be put
In before February 1. The Hall county
supervisors will thla year entertain the
supervisors and county commissioners of
the state In their annual convention. The
date fixed at present la In December but
the local supervisors are making an effort
to have the officers of the association
change the date to February In order that
the meeting may e held In the new court
house which will be In completion by that
Brnkeman Haa Foot Crushed.
STELLA. Neb.. Nov. ll-(Special Teler
gram.) Frank Brown, a brakeman on the
Missouri Pacific, met with an accident
here which cost him one foot and the toea
.ft the other one. He. Jumped off the en
gin as It passed the depot and collided
with a trunk which threw him under th
train. Oh foot waa crushed above th
ankle, and the toes on the other ona were
mashed. The Injured man la about 22 yeara
of age and had been on the road only about
a month. He is a son of Engineer William
Brown who haa been running on th Crete
branch of the road for a number of years,
Hla father arrived her this evening on
a special train and took hia son to th hoa
pltal at Atchison.
South Dakota, and the consideration of not developed with the same rapidity as
much new evidence there by well borings others more favored with perennial streams.
In the last few years. Mr. Darton has A great purt of the great plains roglon la
demonstrated the existence of a narrow know to be underlain wlta water bearing
arch, or saddle back, of considerable mag. gruvels at no great depth from the surface.
nltude. extending from the vicinity of
Lenora, Kan., through Norton county,
aerosa Furnas, Frontier, Lincoln and other
counties in Nebruaka, and the white river,
where thla river crosses the Nebraska and
South Dakota 11 he. This uplift is probably
due to the Blight shrinkage of the earth's
which, when tapped by wells, furnish an
inexhaustible water supply. By untlllsiiig
the cheap fuel which would be provided in
the event of diacoverlrg til and gas, vast
areas of this region cpuld be ir-Jivled from
waters obtained by pumping plants. Mr.
Darton's discovery will undoubtedly attract
crUBt and the extensive series of cretaceous the attention of those who are seeking oil
and underlying rocks here lnvolvej. and gaa In parts of the United States.
The investigations of the bureau In th A report now In preparation on the geol
great Appluchain oil field, covering the oey of the great plalra, by Mr. Darton.
operatluna of many years, have placed the which Is to be Issued from the geological
anticlinlcal theory of the accumulation of survey In the course of a few months, will
oil and gas oa a substantial bata. While he of great interest and value to those
such accumulation have been found In DO are desirous of more knowledge con
synclinea. notable like that at Florence, cerning the geological structure and re
Colo., the practical developments in areas aouices of that region.
aro iww)f. T-V " . -' - ' '
ocntvn ie.v. -OMSaocaoiana"'
Cambrioge. . j
Rob n Hardware Stare.
HARVARD, Neb., Nov. 14. (Special.)
Last night, thieves entered the hardwar
store of L. A. Hlgglns St Company, by
breaking the glaaa in one of the back doors
and reaching through and removing the
bars and opening the spring lock to the
other door. They took three or four nloe
guns, and five revolvers and a large
amount of silverware, shears, raxor and
other fin hardware, In all amounting to
between $250 snd $300.
Clalma Eatnt for Child.
BUTTE. Mont., Nov. 14. (Special Tele
gram.) Mra. Jane Bowers of M'Cook. Neb,
has brought suit here in the name of her
child for the estate of her former husband,
who was killed In a wreck some time ago.
Mrs. Bowers waa divorced from the de
ceased and doea not claim any share of
th estate for herself. Bowers had been
married again after bla dlvorte from the
Saperlor Teacher Pay n Visit.
BEATRICE, Neb., Nov. 14.-(8pecial.)
Prof. A. A. Reed, principal of the Superior,
Neb., schools, accompanied by the follow
Ing teachers of that place, visited the
Beatrice public schools yesterday: Mtaaes
Boaserman, Beach, Johnaton. Shaulk Hop
per, Butler, Amberson, McCooaughy and
Old Resident Haa a Bad Fall.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Nov. 14. (Special.)
Harvey Oiddlngs. an old resident of th!
county, while unloading coba at bla home
In this city, fell from a wagon and frac
tured his right hip Joint. He Is 78 years
of age, and th Injury will confine him to
hut horn for aom week
fswn and
y, choco.
nlr, $5.75,
pair, $1(J.OT.
some floral
ler to match
November weather will cause you to think
of warmer bedding, and this advertisement
is a reminder that we bought our blahkete
before the general advance In wool, there
fore the following values are fully per
cent less than prevailing prices:
10-4 Fleece Blankets Tan, whit and gray,
pair, $1.00, $oc, 75c,
S9c and
11-4 Fleece Blankets Tan, white, fawn and
gray, pair, $1.85. $1.76, $1.E0, Qg
$1.16, $1.25, $1.00 and -OC
WOOL BLANKETS Fawn, gray, choco
late and black checks, at pair, $5.75,
$5 50, 15.00, $4.75, $4 25, W.75,
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klraonaa, dressing sacques. waists fc
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dressing sacques, yard, iQ
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SKIRTING FLANNEL White or gray, at
yard. $1.00, 85c, 75c, 66c, 0c, 66c, J
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Thanksgiving Linen
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Tnllor made end fancy otocks. In an end
less variety of new creations and com
binations. Including Persian and Bulgar
ian effects, at each, $3.50 down
to $1.00, 76c, COc, 85c and
Latest Novelties In Leather Bags
A very large assortment direct from the
best makers, comprising the very latest
shapes and mountings.
Carriage Bags
Black Seal, Colored Sea Lion or Walrus,
Mlk lined, at each, $6.00, $6.00,
$4 00, $3.00, $2.26, $1.60 and ,
Shelbourne Pique our famou
T glove, 2 clasps, 1 H Eat
a pair
Mocha Bilk Lined 2 clasps
brown, gray, mode "I C
and black, ft pair . .
Mocha Unlined one 1 Est
clasp, a pair lawaVOr
Dent's New Saddle Sewn
(knock around) " EIf
n nsur "-r
M '
Dent's First Quality
a pair
Ladies' Golf Gloves extra
quality, all colors, O
a niiir JJ,K
- - -
Automobile Bags
In Plack Seal, Colored Walrus, Pea Lion
and Sadan goat, gilt and oxidized frames,
silk lined, litted with coin purse and card
care, plain end tainted leather handles,
at each, $12.00, 5.00, $3.50, -4
$2.26, $160 and JafO
f ,
Nentskl Bags In Japanese ieatber
And' Japanese Dafnask Clotha and Colored
Walrue, with Japanese mountings, at
each, $16.00, down to $7.50,
$5.60, $4.60, $.150 and
Children's Wrist Bags
At each $1.00, 76c
60c and
....2 25
Ladies' Outing
Flannel Gowns
New Crash Leather Beits
All the rage in th larg eastern cities in
white, black, red, blue, tan, at each
$100, $2.76, $1.60. TEa"
$1.00 and JL QC
Plain and fancy colorings,
neatly and substantially
made, at $1.50, fri
$1.25, ?1 and vJtJy
Children'H and misses' outing
Ha unci gowns, neat designs
and dainty colorings at
75 eeuts, 80 tents A CZ
T.Oc and..., 7t-J
Ladies' Fjdtrdown Bath Robes,
In pink, blue, red and gray,
cach,from ?l6.00 O 71
down to
Cor. Fartiam and Fifteenth Streets.
Grand Etpidi Water Boaadal Promise! 8ec-
lationtl DaTelopmenta.
Details Are Held Secret aad Arrests
of Several Aldermea aad City
Officials Are Expected
at Once.
GRAND RAPIDS. Mich.. Nov. 14. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Lant K. Salsbury, former
city attorney of Grand Raplda, who was
convicted of accepting a bribe of $76,000
In connection with the voting of a fran
chise for a system of water works In thla
city In 1901-02, has mad a complete con
fession, giving the name of every man
associated with blm In tha scandal. Bala-
bury appeared In th superior court today
for sentence, but at the request of the
public prosecutor sentence was deferred
until December 14 or later. In order that
Balsbury may appear aa a witness against
the men who are to be arrested for com
plicity In the bribe taking.
Details of Salsbury' confession are kept
a cloae secret In order that all arrests may
be made before any of the Implicated
parties take flight. The arrest of several
aldermen and former city officials Is ex
pected at once. Assistant Prosecutor Ward,
In refusing to give out at present the de
tails of Salsbury's confession or the names
of the persons Implicated therein, said:
"At present the consessloii Is a part of
th case of th state against any person
or persons against whom proceedings may
b begun. It could not possibly be given
out at this time without seriously Injuring
the case."
He Intimated, however, that there will be
aensatlonal developments noon.
A prominent official who Is in clop touch
with tha prosecution stated afterward that
the developments in the water scandal
cases were to be of so sensational a na
ture that they would make this case the
worst of the kind in the history of the
nation, not even excepting the St. Louis
Salsbury, only a few daya ago, finished a
two-year . sentence at the Detroit house
of correction on a charge of accepting a
bribe and great pressure has been brought
to bear on him by hla friends, who wanted,
him to minimize his further punishment by
making a confession..
Tha first publicity attached' to the Sale
bury case came In an Indictment returned
against the Michigan official by the grand
jury of Cook county, Illinois In' February
of 1901. Th Indictment charged "one Sals
bury, aliaa William Woods," with the lar
ceny of $50,000 from Guy C. Barton of
Omaha. It waa alleged that Barton and
Salsbury had enetered Into an agreement
concerning the Grand Raplda water con
tract and that the money had been placed
In a Chicago safety deposit vault pending
the fulfillment of the agreement. Both Ban
ton and Balsbury had keys to the box, and.
It was said, Balsbury abstracted the money
without the other's permission. Soon after
th indictment' waa voted Balsbury waa
taken to Chicago by private detectives and
an all-night conference waa held In the
Grand Pacific hotel. It waa at this con
ference that Balsbury turned over the $nO,-
000 to Barton. The Chicago Indictment
was to be dropped.
$t " SIS j ' c""lo8u'
Of all "class" underwear In tho
mnrket today, JAKUKK enjoys tne
proud distinction of being at one
the oldcHt and -the ' lustiest. It
ITY: it remains THIS FIRST In
Men's Furnisher
State Agent
219 S. 14th St OflAHA.
For indigestion, Dys
pepsia.Belching.Heart burn, Insomnia, Dizzi
ness and General
Debility we urge a trial of
HostetUr'a Stomach Bit
ters, because we know it
will cure you. It has a rec
ord of 50 years of such
cures back of it, and you
can therefore rely ou it.
For Sale by Druggists.
la ( barge of Ktreroea'a Esklblt.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Nov. 14.-(8peclal.)-
J. L. Schick, a veteran fireman of thla city,
yesterday received official notification of
his appointment as one of a committee to
have charge of th International firemen's
exhibit and tournament at Bt. Louis dur
ing the Louisiana Purchase exposition.
with Moaday Pair la
WASHINGTON. Nov. 14.-Forecast :
For Nebraska and Kansas Rain or snow
Sunday; fair and colder Monday.
For Iowa and Missouri Increasing cloud
iness Sunday, followed by rain; clearing
and colder Monday.
For Colorado and Wyoming Ilalij or
snow Sunday; fair and colder Monday.
For North and South Dakota Bnow Bun
day and Sunday night; fair and colder
OMAHA, Nov. 13 Official record of tem
perature and precipitation compare! with
tha corresponding day of the last three
ion. i"S. ii. won.
Maximum temperature.... 48 47 45 43
Minimum temperature.... 32 82 30 21
Mean temperulur 40 40 38 Hi
Preciptation 00 At .00 .00
Record of temperature and precipitation
at Omaha for thla day and sine March 1,
Normal temperature 16
K areas for tha day 4
Total excess since March 1.... 142
Normal preclpltaiion . 01 nc
Ieni ier. y for tha day u3 Inch
Precipitation vine March 1 M. M Inches
Kxcens since March 1 l.lti Inches
Deflt'ieDcy for our. period, Wl... Z.uu Inches
DoAclency for cor. period, lavl... l a Inches
r b
It's as bard to find tha
trjtutl of tha swagger ef
fect of a MaeCarthy
Warmth-Wooino; Overcoat
as to hold on to the smile
- you put ou when you get
It's hurd to equal it be
CHUae It la hard to find
garment-worker capable
of putting that swagger
effect into an overcoat.
We hud hard work get
ting our corps of eiepert.
Now that wo hove them,
we ought to have your
overcoat order.
Otir overcoatings at $25
and up. Including Meltons,
Ijtml Wool and lion
tugnacs, will delight you.
Tailoring Company,
Originators snd Designers
of the MMfCurthy 3-Bnfioa
Double-Hreaated Hack.
304-JM 16th t..
Next door to
Wabash Ticket Offlc.
Pbea 10.

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