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Opportunity Awaits You
We Lave determinI to purpasH all previous efforts and make this the biggest holiday sea
son known in the history of Council Muffs jewelry business. Inspired by' the wonderful in
crease in our business tlir: past few -months we hare determined to put our holiday trade far in
advance of any previous season. , With this in view we have bought heavy the large quantity
gives us the advantage of the very liberal discounts and enables us to quote much lower prices
than smaller stores. We have new goods coming in every day and from now on until after
Xmas time our store wiil be one sea of dazzling holiday ' bargains. Thousands of new and
beautiful designs in Solid GoM, Sterling Silver Cut Glass, Hand-painted China and Leather
Goods. The more severe you are in your comparisons and criticisms of quality and prices the
more you will appreciate our claim as leaders in high grade jewelry. 1 We positively have the lar
gcst and finest stock of jewelry and most complete line of desirable gifts shown In western Iowa.
We are showing the most unique and beautiful collection of
rare gems that Council Bluffs people have had an opportunity to
see. All the new and beautiful designs in Kings, Brooches, Ten
dants, Earrings, Scarf Tins, Studs, Lockets and Cuff Buttons all
set with magnificent sparkling stones. They must- be actually
seen to be fully appreciated. We have Diamonds as precious as
1,000, or as cheap as 25. We are showing some mighty fine
solitaires at $400, fSOO, ?G00. No trouble to show them. Visitors'
always welcomed.
Solid Gold Jewelry
Our greatest efforts are behind the grand showing in this de
partment and it is without doubt the only place in the city where
SOLID GOLD JEWELKY can be selected from a really metro
politan stock of high grade goods.
Our stock consists of several hundred handsome designs in a
great variety of desirable and needful articles, such as
Chatelaine Wl-hi ' Men's Watch Chains,
Indira' Watch Chains, Ilaby Chain and Lockets,
Wedding? Minns. Children's Ki,
I.tak Buttons,
Ixtckcta and Stnda.
Iadlea' and Men's Watches,
Band King aad Bracelet.
Famous Hardin Count? Convicti Will Hive
Petit on Before lb Leffi!ature.
Were One Member a of ftoaa; Which
Terrorised Ceatral Iowa aad
Were Sentenced for 1,1 fe
for Marder.
ill -AY
m m r in
New Sterling Silverware
Some stunning bargains in our beautiful assortment of high
grade Sterling Silver. All the well known manufacturers are
represented in -this large and exclusive collection.
Special attention is called to the new designs in Toilet Sets,
Brushes and other articles in Sterling Silver; The new La Vision,
Poppy, Colonial, Daisy, 17 Art and Rose' designs entirely aew
and most beautiful.' " We have a complete assortment of
Boai ft or. Dlahea, '
Tooth Brneh Holders,
Table Ware,
Napkin Ulna's,
ninlna; Table Bella,
Caps and Mnaja,
Tea Seta,
Servers and Trays.
Moaated Flasks,
Smoking Bets,
Tobacco Jars,
Clear Jara,
Match 8a tea,
Soap Boxes.
Knives Forks 8 poena.
Gut Glass Showing
A revelation in pleasing and appropriate designs in the new
est and most exclusive patterns of Cut Glass ever brought to the
city. ,We have all the well known makes in their new and ex
clusive cuttings. .
ITaadled Napkins,
Water Pitchers,
Water Bottles, 1
Fralt Bowls, -u
anaaarc Dishes.';,
Jewel Caaes,''.'
, Decanters, '
Wiae Glasaes,
Rait aad Peppers,
Berry Bowls,
Salad Dlahea,
Planer Bowls,
Hand Painted China
We have an elaborate collection of beautiful and rare designs,
Including all the useful and desirable china ware for table use
and ornamental adornment. Notice our east show window dis
play in this line. We have a host more of good bargains, but the
only way that you can appreciate them is to come and visit our
store. If you find what you want and are not ready to buy, we
will mark and lay it. away for you.
We have the best equipped optical department in tlie state of Iowa. Glasses fitted by latest im
proved and scientific methods. Our glasses are worn and recommended by the best people in
this, vicinity. We examine your eyes free of charge. Special attention given to mail orders.
House Furnishings, Car
pets, liugs, Draperies, Cur
tains, Window H hade s,
Screens, ltockers, Dinner
bets, l'ortiers, Center Tables,
Btoves, Ranges, Cookers,
Heaterd. ' Exclusive ageut
iii th city for the famous
Acorn Stoves and 1 hinges.
A thousand and one other
all on easy payments.
lluy where you can buy
lW. Keller,
407 Broadway.
Lacks' uii Ovntl?tnf n's Clothing Cleaned,
led. I'reaaed and itepulrcd: also lry
Cleaning. No alirtukano or rubbing off
tuaranteed. Work duns on short notice.
Tel. El" J. loir Weal Uroadwn.
M Nut St, CouucU LUlt.
'Fbnne Vt
laaues at Scathing; llaUmnt Con
cernlag Her Father, Klua;
(Copyright. 1903, by Press Publishing Co.)
VIENNA. Nov. 14 (Now York World
Cablegram Special Telegram.) Tha for
mer crown princess of Auatrta-liungary,
now tho Counteas Lonyay, la atlll lying
very weak at tha HotAl Imperial. Her pri
vate secretary, Alola Fischer, publlahes thU
remarkabla statement conoernlng her 111
neas: - "It la a serious disease from which the
countres Is suffering, originating during
her married life with the late Crown Prince
Rudolph. There la no hope that she can
ever bo perfectly well. She is In no finan
cial dltllcultles. Her resources are sufficient,
besides. Emperor Francis Joseph's . gen
erosity Is munltlcent The countess l not
surprised at the brutal conduct of her
father, King Leopold, sines her mother's
death. There Is no vestige of love between
them. The countess has no suit against l.er
father. She would not condeacend to bus
hlra for an Inheritance and declined even
to join her sisters. Princess Clementine and
PrlnoeHs Louise of Coburg, In establishing
tlulr financial claims upon him.
"The countess Is on affectionate terms
with all her relatives except King Leopold,
who is a monster of a parent. Indeed In
credible In every relation of life."
The countess will settle near Vienna.
Count Lonyay belongs to the Hungarian
house of magnates, but declines to " enttr
political life.
in' spite of his strong Insistence upon being
permitted to do so.
It Is said that if the steamer St Simon is
Interfered with it will ask for the assist
nee of the Oerman cruiser Qaselle, or any
other foreign warship which may be In
Dominican waters.
The French cruiser Jurien de la Oravlere,
which was in these waters recently, is un
derstood to have returned to the Island of
Telegraphle communication with tha In
terior of San Domingo was re-estsbllahed
yesterday morning, bus is again Interrupted
and it is teported that severe lighting muit
have occurred before San Domingo. ,
Recent arrest of officers and heads of de
partments of the National bank at Port
au Prince on the charge of having bean
connected with the fraudulent issue of
bonds early in the year has caused a great
sensation here, and la commented upon
from different points of view.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DEB MOINES, Nov. 14. (Special.) Ap-
plication has been mnde by Frank and
Nathan Ralnsbarger for pardons from the
penitentiary and their raxes will be pre
sented to the next legislature. They are
both life prisoners snd It will be neceiwary
to get permission of the legislature before
they can be pardoned by the governor.
Both have been serving lime since 1ST7.
when they were sentenced from Marshall
county for murder. The murder was com
mitted In Hardin county, where thev had
lived many years and had formed the
nucleus of a gang of thieves and des
peradoes who had terrorised the people
for many years. It Is reputed that the
gang was instrumental In the theft of
many horses In Iowa, Missouri. Minnesota.
Nebraska and Wisconsin, that they had
a series of stations runnlns- into the dif
ferent states snd many persons were con
nected with them In one way or another.
They had aroused such a feeling In Har
din county and central Iowa that a con
dition of perpetual fued existed and when
one who had offered testimonv as-alnst
them was found dead popular feeling ran
high against the Ralnsbargera and they
were given life sentences. Frank Rains-
bar ger was only It years old when he was
sentenced. The applications are based on
a claim that the evidence was purely cir
cumstantial and did not prove the guilt
of the convicts and that they have been
good prisoners .all these years snd have
been sufficiently punished. An application
for pardon is to be made also by L. W.
Haley, who was sentenced from Dubuque
about ten years ago for the murder of
two policemen. He has been editor of tho
Anamosa Prison Press, published in the
prison walls.
Westera Fralt Handling.
A meeting of the Western Fruit Jobbers'
association was held here today with rep
resentatives present from nearly all the
rruit jobbing centers of the state. The
principal matter discussed was how to
checkmate the Paciflo coast fruit trust.
and it is probable that the association will
employ a buyer to be sent to California
to make purchases direct for all the houses
in Iowa and In the association Th
sncianon is also much concerned with
freight rates and the claim Is made that
the present system of arranging rates la
unjust. The members attended a banquet
ana participated in social festivities..
Oat la Cold All Nlsbt.
O. J. Graham, a farmer living near Wood
ward, started home from Des Moines last
night in a buggy and when In the edge
of the city drove o.ff an embankment about
twenty feet high. His buggy was turned
over nd he was rendered unconscious and
lay tit in the cold untii this morning, when
he was found. H had several bones
broken and Is 'otherwise seriously 'injured
and may not recover. He Is 73 years old
and had been drinking in the city.
Legislative Candldatea Vaopposed
C R. Benedict of Harlan, was in the city
today in consultation with political friends.
lie is a candidate for chlof clerk of the
next house and thus far Is unopposed. Dr,
O. A. Newman of Waterloo is a candidate
for secretary of the senate and Is unop
posed. Roth held these positions two years
ago and It would appear at present that a
majority of the good places In both houses
of the legislature will be disposed of with
out any contests, Including the speakership
of the house.
. Named Ball alios Adjataat.
Colonel W. B. Humphrey of Sioux City
has reported the appointment of M. N.
Newby of Onawa as battalion adjutant for
tha Fifty-sixth regiment, Iowa National
Guards, vice O. E. Bass, resigned. New
by was formerly a lieutenant in" the com
pany at Sac City.
Fourteen counties have not yet reported
their official returns td the secretary of
state but all are expected early next week
and tha count of the votea wilt taks place.
Wist Lleease Increased.
The executive council of the state mar
shals' club met yesterday in Newton and
has decided to ask that the mulct tax be
Increased from 1500 a year to $800 a year
and that the additional $300 be used to pay
the salaries of the marshal and his depu
ties. It was decided to call the state con
vention to be held in Des Moines January
13 and 14. It la expected the convention will
entirely rewrite the marshal's bill to pre
sent to the next legislature.
After a Horsetalet.
Racing towards the Missouri line closely
pursued by a posse of determined farmers,
an unidentified thief is making the fight of
his life. His plunder consisting of a horse
and buggy stolen from the barn of James
Bhepard residing three miles northwest of
A 1 toon a, the thief refuses to abandon his
spoils and as the exciting chase has contin
ued all through the night and far Into the
day without effecting a capture, it is be
lieved he will make good his escape into
Dry fiends Firm of D. Crawford A Co.
Forced Into laralantary
ST. IXH'IS. Nov. . The large dry goods
firm of D. Crawford Co. filed bankruptcy
proceedings in the United States district
court and went Into the hands of a re
ceiver. Hugh MoKlttrlok was appointed
receiver. He save bond and qualified. The
receiver's bond was $38,000.
D. Crawford and John F. Crawford, co
partners, acknowledged In writing their In
ability to pay the claims against them snd
expressed their willingness to be adjudged
The petition was filed In the fnlted States
district court before Judge Klmer H. Ad
ams by three firms, namely, the Consoli
dated National bnnk of Philadelphia, the
National I'nlon bank of neadirg. Pa., and
the People's Savings bnnk of lrovldence,
R. I. The petition nllrges that the firm
of D. Crawford Co. W Indebted to each
of these banks In the sum of R.ono.
According to the Joint petition of the
banks named. It Is alleged that Crowford's
assets are tKKMXO and his liabilities tMO.OftO.
Inch Answer Returned hj .klin Owners to
Colorado Arbitration Board.
Xearotlatlnns Are Pending for Consoli
dation f Inlted Mine Worker
of America and Weatern
Federation of Miners.
he can husk without unloading twenty
1itihi'l of corn per hour for ten mnw,i.
live hours, muklng n total of 2' buthrls er
Baclasd Makes Preparations to Re
ceive the King and Qoeen
f Italy. (
LONDON, Nov. 14.-Klng Victor Em
manuel and Queen Helena of Italy, who
are to arrive In Enghuid November 17, will
be received with ceremony unusual even
in the case of crowned headK. At Ports
mouth, all the home fleet will be assembled
and a great naval demonstration will take
place on their majesties' arrival. The
royal visitors will leave England Novem
ber 24.
Slgnor Tittonl, the Italian foreign min
ister, who accompanies his sovereigns to
England, will while here confer with For
eign Secretary Lansdowne, especially in re
lation to Somallland and Abyssinia, and it
is just possible that - another arbitration
treaty similar to the Anglo-French treaty
may result.
Danger Sla-nnl Thrown Late, bat
Remains In Cab mt Cost
of Llfo.
BUFFALO, N. T., Nov. 14.-One person
was killed, four were seriously wounded
and a number of others were cilghtly
bruised in a wreck of the East Aurora ac
commodation train on the Pennsylvania
road near this city today. The engineer,
A Ion to Cole, was burled under his engine.
It was said that the danger signal was
thrown against the train when It was on
the bridge. The engineer stuck to his post
and tried to check the train, but the dis
tance was too ahort.
DENVER, Nov. 14.-Vhilo there la every
projoct thut the coal miners In the north
ern Colorado field will accept the proposi
tion which the operators nave mate and
return to work' next week, no progress
toward a settlement of the strike In the
southern part of the statu has been made.
Mr. Glencnlrn, secretary of the board of
arbitration, who went tn Trinidad to offer
the services of the board as u mediator
on the strike, has reported that, wlii'.e tile
strikers were willing to confer With their
employers with the Idea of arranging for
arbitration, the corpnratljns declared they ClflNY
had nothing to arbitrate.
Neither the officials of tho Colorado Fuel I ,
, . ..... I nltsrRifR Cannot Identify Inem
and Iron company nor those of the Victor !
Fuel comnanv would alve the board anv ' i-ariieipanis in mr nrrrni
Governor Refnsea to Interfere n'th
Sentrnre of Coort In Mar
!erer'e Cnae.
riir.TEXSK, Wyo.. Nov. 14. (Special
Telegram.) Governor Chatterton this aft
ernoon denied the appeal of Tom Horn,
the convicted assnsMn or Willis Nickel,
for commutation of the death sentence tv
life Imprisonment. The declxion Is a
word review ft the cnne and a long list
of affidavits submitted In Horn's behalf
for the purpo.e of throwing suspicion upon
innocent persons. i
The governor says he Is not In favor
of capital punishment, but Jcasmuch as
Horn has been given a fair fial md no
effort was made hy his attorn ys to secure
another Mai on the ground of r.ewly dis
covered evidence, such ns was submitted
to him. he did not (eel that he had a right
to interfere.. .
MoJImsey of Maryvllle Will Change
Its Politics from 3emocratlc ' 7
to Hepnullcaa.
ST. JOSEPH, Nov. 14.-T)ie'.Gasette, Bt.
Joseph's oldest newspaper, ' wi. sold by
Louis Gaylord and the Kauffmn estate
today to a company headed by E. E.
McJlmsey, a prominent republican politi
cian, whose home is at Maryvllle, Mo. .The
purchase price was $S5,000 and .the new
management will take possession tomor
row. The paper, now a. morning demo
cratic organ, will be changed to republican.
Only Troable n Recent Ran Was
with Insufficient Sapply
of Coal.
BAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 14. -The offloers
of the monitor , Wyoming reported ipon
arrival at Acapulco that only twenty-four
tons of coal remained in the vessel's
bunkers. Had rough weather prevailed the
monitor would have had to fall back upon
Concord or Marblehdad, both of which were
not far away. The vessel behaved well on
the trip down and gave satisfactory proof
of Its seaworthiness. At last accounts the
monitor was at Acapulco.
Telephone Company's Snperlntendent
la Accidentally Eleetroented nt
T rbana, Illinois.
BLOOMINQTON, 111., Nov. 14. Frsnk
Lester, superintendent of the Home Tele
phone company at Urbana. was electro
cuted there last night while working at
the top of a pole. His wife witnessed the
accident and is prostrated.
Lester was divorced from his first wife
about two weeks sgo and the day following
the grafting of the divorce was married
to Miss Grace Harmlson of St. Joseph.
It Is reported that negotiations are pend
ing ror H consolidation of the United Mine
Workers of America and the Western Fed
eration of Miners. President CharleV D.
Moyer of the federation admitted today
that the subject wss tinder consideration,
but would not fay just how far negotiations
had progressed.
Northern District Hopeful.
LA SALLE, Colo., Nov, 14. Representa
tives of the mlnero of the northern coal
district and tho operators reached a satis
factory conclusion at an early hour today
after being In conference for nine hours,
and in consequence the mines will, beyond
a doubt, resume oners t Ions Monday morn
ing. The matter1 will have to be referred
to the various unions and the vote will be
counted Monday. It Is believed that the
agreement will be ratified with practical
The miners' proposition wss accepted by
the operators practically as presented.
Work of American Federation.
BOSTON, Mass., Nov. 14. The question
whether the Federation of Labor spend
U.000 to aid the AVestern P. deration of
Miners in their pending struggle came up
today for' a second time, 'when the com
mittee ort resolutions reported as a sub
stitute for a previous resolution that sym
pathy be expressed for minors of the west,
and that trades unions throughout tho
country be requested to tender financial
assistance to the western federation. The
report provoked a discussion. In which
many of the prominent delegates took part.
President Gompers, speaking from the
chair, answered what he termed an "In
sinuation of extravagance," mnde by Dele
gate George E. Vincents of Springfield,
who said that it might have been well If
somo of the money which the executive
council ' had expended, in visiting Boston
to arrange for the convention could now be
appropriated to the miners. Mr. Gompers
declared the expense of the committee en
tirely justified, and added:
"The federation has now many appeals
for funds before it. It is not good to give
to others who are always opposed to you
things you deny to your family."
A motion that the committee's substitute
resolution be amended to provide that
11.000 be donated at once by the federation
waa defeated by a show of hands, but a
roil tall was demanded, and tbe amended
motion waa adopted.
The Committee on 'reeolu'tlona reported
unfavorably on a proposition that "unlon
Ista Ignore unfair Injunctions by any capl
t a Untie. Judiciaries," and advocated "a
spontaneous and united opposition, which
will render such court rulings inoperative
and bring them into ridicule."
The report of the committee waa con
curred in.'
Contractors Lock Men Ont. .
PITTSBURG. Fa.. Nov. 14. The threat
ened lockout by the Builders' League ex
change against all crafts affiliated with
the Building Trades council became ef
fective today, throwing 8,000 men out of
employment. With the 1.000 men 4on sym
pathetic strikes, 10,000 are now Idle. If the
fympathntlo strlkea are not called off be
fore the close of next week the number of
men in the lockout will be Increased to
20,000. -
'if oaks a Hundred Buahels a Dyf
PAPILLION, Neb., Nov. 14.-(Speclal.)-
Sarpy county boasts of the best corn
hunker in Nebraska, In the person of Lewis
Kluck, at present working on the farm of
Joseph Pfiug near PapUllon. Each day ha
hunks and unloads an even 100 bushels of
corn besides doing minor dutlea around
the farm. The statement has been doubted
bv farmers in the neighboring counties
and now Kluck comes forward with a chal
lenge to anybody, offering to wager 1500 that
CHEYENNE. Wyo.. Nov. 11 .-(Special
Telegram.) The preliminary hearing of
the nine Sioux Indians charged with .tho
murder of two Wyoming officers on Light
ning, creek, was held st Douglas today and
this evening the Indians were discharged
and will be returned to tho Pine Rldga.
ngoncy next Monday. The evidence of ten
men who were in tho battle against the
Indians showed that the Sioux fired the
first shot but none of tho witnesses could
Identify the prisoners ns having partici
pated In tho battle.
Ask S' Htda for Paving.
FORT MEADE, S. D., Nov. 14. (Special.)
New bids arc being Invited for cement
Walks and macadam roads at this pot.
All bids on the former co" were rejected
as exeesstve. The nppropr -ion amounts
only to $30,000, nnd the lo: t bid was
something like $.l,?0. It is said that If a
few unnecessary specifications wre lopped
oft the Job could be dor.e within the limit.
Socialistic Deputy of Italy Made Ob
ject of Attack by Son
of Itlval.
ROME. Nov. 14. The campaign which
Deputy FeTl, editor of the soclnllstlo
paper AvantI, has been .carrying on for
some time ugn'.nst the vre-ent cabinet,
which practically cused the s-j'.clde of
Minister of Finances R r.i.no, 'cvemhur 8,
at his home In Naples, specially attacking
Senator Tloux, ns the friend of Sly-or Gi-
llttl, proprietor of the. Tribune, the lead
ing government organ, had an cut.-ome to
day in an assault mnde by Itoux's son on
8ignor Ferrl. The former naked the latter
tf he did not think it wtut time, tc mind
his own business and Terrl simply
shrugged his shoulders, !4irr-cpon young
Roux rushed, at him. The 'p.4y struck
his assailant en the nose with a cane, pro
ducing a violent hemorrhage. Voung
Roux, however, still attacked Ferrl and
pummeled him reverely t ntl they were
separated by the police and spectators.
Lady "William Dcreaford Devotes' All
" ' Her TInva to Care of . '
, . Her Eoy.
(Copyright. 1903, by Press Publishing Co.)
LONDON, Nov. 14. (New York World Ca
blegramSpecial Telegram.) Lily, duchess
of Marlborough, now Lady William Beres-
ford. and formerly Mrs. Lily Hammersley
of New York, haa'just sold her splendid
house on Carlton House Terrace to the An
thony Drexels, who are expected to enUr
tain lavishly there next season. She II' row
devoted heart and soul to bringing up her
only child, the son of hor last husband, a
delicate little chap, who needs all Mie caro
he can get to fortify his constitution. She
has taken a l.ouse at Brighton for the win
ter and has almost given up society. '
Recent 'Prolonged Delay In. Japanese
Kcaxotlatlons Canard by Ills De
sire for Information.
PARIS, Nov. ' 14. Paris advices show
there la a distinct Improvement In tha
Europe-Japanese situation. It Is reported
that the recent prolonged Indecision was
due to forwarding reports of the negotia
tions for the personal Inspection of tha
ciar. i -. ' i '. i : ;
Preach steamer Is Carrying General
Jlmlara to Baa Domingo's
Northern Coast.
CAPE HAYTIBN, Haytt. Nov. 14--The
French steamer St Simon, with General
Jiminrs, head of the Dominican revolution,
iu board, has left Port au Prince, Ha) tl,
with the Intention, according to report, of
forcing the blockade of Puerto Plata on
the northern coast of San Domingo.
The Hayttea authorities formally opposed
the lauding la 11m) U of General Junius
Two Amerleaaa Anions; tho Favored
Gaeate at Isslrlsghsm '
Pnlaeo. I
(Copyright, 1Du3, by Press Pueilshing Co.)
LONDON, Nov. 14. (New York World Ca
blegramSpecial Telegram.) King Ed
ward's birthday party at Sandrlngham In
cluded two Americana, Conauelo, duchess of
Mancheatar, and the countess of Essex.
Cormuolo gave him for a birthday gift an
exquisite gold enameled and Jeweled pencil
case by Lallque, which the king used in
counting - at bridge each night during
stay. Mrs.. Qeorgs Keppel waa one of the
few guesta Invited for the whole week.
She gave the king a malacca cane with an
onyx handle. -
The king's health was never better. Be
fore he went to Marlenbad he had begun
to indulge in the family tendency of over
eating, but since then he has followed
pretty regularly a modified rvglme. Four
days this week he walked eight hours out
shooting without fatigue, tiring out several
young man.
Moaey and Stamps Vanish from tho
. Government Safe nt Story
; . . . City.
WEBSTER CITY, la.. Nov. 14.-(8peclal,
Telegram.) The postofflce at Story City
was' robbed fast night of $200 in money and
about $600 worth of stamps. The robbers
effected an entrance through the back door
snd succeeded in opening the safe com
bination. There is no clue.
Des Moines Jnry So Declares In
Proseentlen on Charge of
DES MOINES, Nov. 14. -After being out
all night the Juri in the case of Constable
John Daly, In which the officer waa accused
of having committed extortion in conneo
tlon with his position., brought in a verdict
of guilty this morning.
Paris Merchant l ata Hla Throat.
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 14. R. E. Mat
ayer, the well knuwn merchant of Paris
and Australia, rnmoved recently to a local
hiMpitai on' ax-count of menial trouble, cut
hia throat einUy mlih a rasor. which
waa taarti rruin rilm before he could 1 unlet
falsi wouuua. ills condition U aerloua.
Normal School stagers Tonr.
CEDAR FALLS, la., Nov. 14. (Special. )-
The Mlnnlalngera of the Normal school
will start soon on a concert tour of the
stats'. They have made several ahort tours
and were very successful. ' Ben Parker has
been elected business manager for the
Hundreds of visitors have enjoyed the
unlyue pleasure of a trip to the top of the
huge smokesack. the largest In the state.
recently completed. It rises to a height
of 130 feet above the ground, and affords
view of the country for miles In all dtreo-
tlona. ' .
The work on the new SM.OuO gymnasium
Is progressing rapidly. 'When It Is com
pleted It Will be the most complete in the
state, and will be the result of a trip espe
cially for the purpose made by President
Eotrley through tha east.
And we will make a thorough and scientific.
EXAMINATION of your ailments FREE
OF CHARGE. An examination that will
dlscloso your true physical condition, with
out a knowledge of which you are groping
in the dark. If you have taken treat
ment without success, we will show you
why It failed. We want all ailing men to
feel that they can come to tmr office freely
for examination and explanation of their
condition without being bound by any
obligation to take treatment unless they so
desire. Every man, whether taking treat
ment or contemplating same, should taks
advantage ut this opportunity to loam hla
true condition, aa we will advise him how
to best regain his health and strength and
precerve the powers of manhood unto lipe
old age.
Wo make no mlaleadln statements or nnbnslneasllko proposition a tho artlleted, neither do wo prom- H
leo n euro In a few dare In order to aeenre their patronage, hat we gnaranteo perfcet, aafe and leal- II
tan- ears In tho quickest posslnlo tlino vtltrnnt leaving lajorloae nfle r-esTecJis in the system, aad at too tl
lowest possible ost for honest, skUMol ono aucssiai services.
.It is not so mjih f a calamity that a
man contracts disease or weaknesses, but
that he neglects them f2its tc secure the
orooer treatment for their cure or he has
Ml I
iJS;X P.
Why wait until your
comes polluted with
whole system be-
dlsea., or until your
nervous system la tottering undur the.
strain, and you are a physic and mentiil
wreck unfit f'-r work, business, study or
marriage? I'neertin or improper treat
ment can only do harm. There Is only
one perfect, afe and lasting cure for you,
which you .will And at the State Electro
Medical Institute. Btart rtttht and siart
at once. Delays are dangerous.
experimented with too many Free Ireafoieat nt Qulck-Cura Scbeir.es.
end all dlseusea and weaknesses due to Inheritance, evil habits, excesses, or tbe result of speclflo dla
Our object Is not so much to do the' work that other doctors can do, but rather to do thut which they cannot do.
The groat t' l dlihculty ws experience is in treating patients who have been 1m properly treated before coming to ua. )lv
our system of electricity and medicine combined, wa cure quickly and safelv all diseases und weaknesses of men after all
othcra have f&il-u. All that dmp knowledge, expert skill, vast experience and thorough scieullno office equipments can t-c-cuniplln
sre now being dons tor those who come to us fur the belp they need.
CONSULTATION FREt Write If you cannot call. Office Hours: 8 a, m. to 8 p. nr; Sundays, 10 to 1 nclv.
M308 Far nam Street, Detweeti 13th and 14th Street, Omaha, Neb.
1C!fffiffTIBfTltil- i

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