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' .
Y. M. C. A. Building. Corner Sixteenth and Douglas St9
please. The facts are that Mr. Darrow
and myself agreed to got together and
talk things over. I assume that Mr. Dar
row haa the authority on hla side of the
"Have you authority to act fof the City
Railway company?" he was asked.
"My way Is to go ahead. When the
company wants another attorney it probably
will let me know."
He gave It n his opinion that he and
Mr. Darrow could reach an agreement and
ao report to the aldermanlc committee be
fore tomorrow noon.
"I believe the next proposition that will
go to the mayor will be from Mr. Darrow
and myself," he said, "and I aee no reason
why It should not lead to an amicable set
tlement of the controversy.'
"There will be no general strike of
teamsters In Chicago, and reports that
have been circulated to - that efTect are
utterly false." This statement was made
by Cornelius O'Shea, president of the
national organization, at the close of the
council of officers of twenty local unions
today. President O'Shea Insisted that
under the laws of the national brotherhojd
the local union was entitled to no support
In Its strike against the city railway strike,
but on the contrary, should have Us
charter revoked.
Council Tries Previously.
SOU clinging to the hope that a termina
tion of the street car strike might
be accomplished through efforts of ar
bitration, Mayor Harrison and the alder
men's committee gathered In the former'!
office very early today Members of th
executive board, of the, striking division cj
car men had previously assemb eti with
Present Mahon to discuss the counter
Imposition made by the railway officials
last -night. The peace board of elty offi
cials waited as patiently as posUble lor
tho strikers' representatives to make a de-'
clslon which might mean an amicable set
tlement of the strike or might mean knottier
step toward a' general demoralization of
the city's Industries. '
At the union headquarters the impres
sion prevailed that the offer would be re
jected. It was said that the company had
'offered no concessions with regard to the
routing of cars, and this wag declared to
be one of the essential points Involved
from the standpoint of the' strikers. The,
situation apparently was that the mayor
and the mediation committee would have
to try again if peace Is to be brought
about through their efforts.
Four Lines In Operation.
Operation of four 1 nes, the Cottage Grove
avenue, Indiana avenue, Wentworth ave
r.ue and Halstead street lines, w.is con
tinued today on practically the same basis
as heretofore.
Consideration of the company's proposi
tion, which was said to contain a condi
tional 'acceptance of arbitration on the
wage question, was found by the strikers'
toinmlttea to domand legal advice, and
the answer was not forthcoming promptly.
The members of the committee held a for-,
mal session and President Mahon went to
the office of Clarence Darrow. the union's
counsel, to confer with him.
Finally the matter was left to Attorneys
Darrow and Bliss.
To Care a Cold In On Day "
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(Inlet Little Mill In Mew York.
NEW YORK, Nor. 50. Despite the law, a
flt'teeu-round prize flKht has been brought
oft In liie he-art of the city between Wll
lmm HohumHcher of New York and Kid
Murphy, f wither weights. The former got
dvuialim. A big crowd witnessed the
bat'lo. which occurred In a Thirty-third
street hall. It Is raid a police sergeant offi
ciated as referee.
v iitfi Bovs V
fvKr.ti '
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nf m m . m m ASM
0UW-lA, MS '
Be. Nov. t, iat.
Will Ask Judscs Manger to F z Data of Bis
Trial ai Earl? ei Possible.
Delegation Will Bemaln In Washing
ton and Keep on Balloting; I'ntll
All Are Vnlted I'pon On
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Nov. 30. (Special Tele
gramsSenator Dietrich will leave tomor
row morning for Nebraska. He will go di
rectly to Omaha, where he will meet a
number of his friends. It is Senator Dle-
I trlch's determination to ask Judge Mutigcr
for a speedy trial in view or tne fact tnai
a a senator of. the United States the com
monwealth which he represents needs his
presence in the national capital at this
time. The senator stated tonight that he
had not yet selected his attorney. He
would bo guided by conditions as be found
them when he reaches Nebraska. Person
ally he had in his mind one or two men
whom ho had thorough confidence in, but
that for reasons which were wholly per
sonal he would not decide the attorneyship
matter until ho reached Nebraska.
The senator, In speaking of his deter
mination to return to Nebraska, said he
hoped It would not be thought that he was
returning because publlo prints had an
nounced that Mr. Bummers was coming to
' Washington. "Personally," said the sen
ator, "I hare, no knowledge as to that
I which brings Mr. Summers here at this
i tlma. . I want to go to Nebraska for the
purpose of finding out whether there are
twelve men who believe me guilty of sell
ing an office. I shall do everything in my
power to advance the trial of my case and
I will not bo satisfied until the Issues In
volved are Joined."
No Agreement on Judge.
The Iowa delegation after eight ballots
today adjourned without any determina
tion for the Shlraa succession. The confer
ence met at S o'clock and after two hours
of fruitless balloting adjourned until. Mon
day. Several of the members who had
thought of going home during the interim
decided to remain In Washington and if
possible aid in agreeing upon a name to
bi nominated for Judge of the northern dis
trict of Iowa. So far as could be ascer
tained there has been no change in those
supporting the several candidates. The
Iowa delegation Is a dose, corporation.
Wh'le they may know who Is finally to be
agreed upon for BUIras' successor they have
not permitted the Impression to . become
general. Wright and Healy still lead, unci
it Is believed thot one of .these men will bo
selected.. . . . .'
Bills (or Benefit of Wyoming;.
Representative Mondell today Introduced
a bill granting to the atate of Wyoming
60.000 acres of land to aid in the continua
tion, enlargement and maintenance of tho
Wyoming State Soldiers' and Bailors' home,
also a bill appropriating $100,000 for, the
purchase of a site and the erection of a
public building at Rawlins, Wyo.
Changes la Army.
Lieutenant Colonel George W. Adnir.
deputy surgeon general, will proceed to
St. Paul for duty as chief surgeon of tho
Department of the Dakotas, relieving
Colonel Charles D. Byrne, assistant Bur
geon general, who lias been ordered to
Omaha for duty as surgeon of the Depart
ment of the Missouri, relieving Colonel
Joseph B. . Girard, assistant surgeon gen
eral. Colonel Girard has been ordered to
San Antonio as surgeon of the Department
of Texas, relieving Major Charles Mason,
roatal Matters.
Kural carriers appoimou. I
Bennet, regular, George A. Dlehl; substi
tute, A. Vedder. Funk, regular, Fred V.
Iforne; substitute, Wllbert Garrafciant.
Prague, regular, Anton Kaspar; substitute,
Adolph Kaspar. Iowa Keokuk, regular,
Frank G. Rowland; substitute, liiiara
Long. Lucas, regular, Harlan R. Knotts;
substitute, Charles N,ckt!. Prescott, regu
lar, Austin G. Stoner; substitute, -Jennie L
Btoner. '
Postmasters appointed! Iowa Pekin,
Keokuk county, G. 11. Carter, vice T. D.
Cuddy, resigned. South Dakota Gale,
Campbell county, Wenltli R. Murchlnson,
vice H. Vanderpool, resigned. Spokane,
Custer county, Henry B. Cox, vice John O.
Tyler, resigned.
May Give Its Opinion of Designs
Without Becoming! Liable fur
Damages. (
MlLWAl'KKU, Nov. SO.-Judge Halsey of
the superior court today decided thata
newspaper has the right to criticise the
ork of an artist so long as it does not
personally httack the artist himself. The
dtlon ws la a case where a sculptor
sued a newspaper for heavy damages be
cause of a critical article published In
reference to a model prepared in the com
petition for (he making of a monument.
Take Plso's Cure for Consumption. It
will cure your cough. AU druggists. Sic
Grand Jury Indicts for Alleped Bootlegging
tti Abuse of Mail'.
James T. Walker of Lincoln and F. J.
Harrison of Kearney 4 barged
with Violating Civil
Service Lairs.
The federal grand Jury submitted a re
port to Judge Munger )as"t evening about S
o'clock In which eighteen Indictments were
returned. Three of these were for Improper
use of the malls and fifteen for selling
liquor to Indians. In the latter fifteen cases
none of. the Indicted parties is yet-Under
arrest and their names are withheld pur
suant to the custom of the United States
courts until the parties are either arrested
or have given bonds 'for their appearance.
James T. Walker of Lincoln Is one of the
parties indicted for sending unmal'.able mat
ter through the malls. Another is F. J.
Harrison, now in custody at Kearney for
using the malls for blackmailing purposes.
The third party indicted is still at large
and hence his name Is suppressed for ob
vious reasons.
The grand Jury will reassemble at 8
o'clock this morning for the further consid
eration of bootlegging cases.
No further indictments were returned In
the postofflce scandals at Alma, Orleans,
Arapahoe or Oxford, and no further in
vestigation will be undertaken in these
cases until the return of District Attorney
Summers from Washington.
Most of the witnesses in the postofflce
cases have returned to their homes with
instructions to return to Omaha by Tues
day morning, at which time the Investiga
tions will be resumed before the grand
Source of Anlmns.
A strong effort is being made to sweat a
confession out of W. M. Erwln relative to
his dealings with W. R. Blddeo regarding
the Orleans pcatofflce deaf, wherein It is
claimed that tOOO was the consideration in
volved to secure the appointment.
That the animus behind , these charges
and counter charges goes back to the sena
torial contest , of 1901 is developed in the
fact that the most-active and garrulous
witnesses belong to the defeated faction in
that contest, and their pcmonRl grievances
are distorted and elaborated- upon with the
utmost virility. This fact Is easily discern
ible to tho casual observer 'in the federal
building corridors and ho secret is made
of it. -
(Continued from First Fage.)
until 3 o'clock in t'he afternooti, when i
document was drawn up and signed by all
the commissioners, setting forth the details
of the conference. General Holguln of the
Colombian commission 'asked finally if the
Colombians could do anything whatever
to regain the Isthmus and Senor Arias an
swered that it was decidedly 'impossible.
He, however, expressed the desire of the
Isthmians for close and friendly relations
with Colombia.
The questions of Colmbla's recognition of
the Republic of Panama and Colombia's
possible equity In the canal, railroad nd
other Interests on the isthmus were not
broached. .
General Reyes Is what Is termed locally
"president in campaign of C'olornblu." Ths
power with which he is vested was con
ferred on him by President Marroquin.
The reports emanating from Buena Ven
tura of the conditions In the Departments
of Ciuca arjd Antlquta r-ppear to have
been exaggerated. Tho last reports from
these departments no not bear out tho sen
sational stories. Senor Buacamente is the
liberal leader and Senor Osnlna is the con
servative leader of Antioqula. There has
been a limited discussion on the part of
the liberal and other discontents In Anti
oqula and Cauca of inaugurating a revo
lutionary movement. Such talk may bo
expected at any time in almost any de
partment of Colombia.- The liberal revo
lutionary party Is still strong and Puna
ma's success was bound to stimulate such
General Reyes to Visit Wnablna-ton.
General Reyes says he will proceed to
Port Llmon and from there to Washington,
But otherwise he is silent regarding his
The Colombian commissioners asked per
mission to olpombark Jr a promenade
through the streets of Colon. Governor
Melendex r.ommunicsted this request to the
members of the Junta .and it was promptly
Granted. Then the Panamanian and Co
lombian commissioners left the Canada to
gether'.md arm In arm they walked to
the end of the dock, where 10 soldiers of
the new republic formed in two lines and
presented arms. As the commissioners
passed through the" lines drums were
beaten and buglen sounded. The members
of tVie party then seated themselves in
oarrlages and drove through Colon un
guarded, returning to the Canada after un
hour. In every way the Colombian gen
erals were treated as friend?.
During the trip down the Magdalena
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river General Reyes was everywhere re
ceived with enthusiasm. The people told
him they were ready and willing ty enlist
in a fight for the recovery of the Isthmian
territory. General Reyes also discouraged
this warlike attitude, declaring it better
to act through diplomatic channels, which
he told the people was the purpose of his
mission to the Isthmus. It is heard on
good authority that General Reyes coun
termanded preparations which were being
made In Buena Ventura and Barranqullla
for a march on the isthmus. The general
no doubt recognised the futility of any
such attempt In view of the protection
given by the Vnlted States to the new
Commission at State Department.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 20. The commis
sioner from Panama, accompanied by the
Panama com..i:ssIon, M. Philippe Bunau
Varilla, was received at the State depart
ment today by Secretary Hay. The ex
changes, while Informal, were most cor
dial and In Knglish.
Dr. Amador Informed the secretary that
the commissioners' Viad carefully Inspected
the Huy-Bunau Varllla treaty, and desired
to take this opportunity of expressing their
entire satisfaction with tho arrangement.
Dr. Amador assured tho secretary that no
time would be las'; in its ratification by
the Panama government. He then paid a
tribute to the service which the Panama
minister had performed In so promptly
negotiating the convention.
After these felicitations the secretary
and commissioners discussed the future
of the republic. It was pointed out by the
minister that tho junta felt that it must
first' accomplish the mission to which It
was called by the entire people of Panama,
namely, to ratify t!ie cunal treaty, and
then i. would turn its attention to the
equally Important though "ieea immediate"
work of establishing a more usual form
of government. The secretary expressed
deep Interest in the future of the ni w state.
This afternoon the president will receive
the commission at the Whlto House.
Small Ready o Grant Recognition.
Ths State department received today a
cablegram from United Btates Minister
Thompson, dated at Petropolls yesterday,
stating that the Brazilian minister of for
eign affairs had Informed him that the
Brazilian government was ready to recou
rse the nevr Renubllo of Panama when
ever application Is made In due form.
Ambassador Tower, from Berlin, made a
similar report as to the attitude of the
German government toward Panama. It
is now evident to the State department
that there will be no withholding of recog
nition by all of the powers, as their repre
sentatives seem to be convinced of the sta
bility of the new republic.
The move imminent among the Euroj in
holders of Colombian bonds to secure the
assumption by the new republic of a por
tion of the foreign Indebtedness of Col
ombia has not failed to attract the atten
tion of the commissioners and the subject
was broached in ths talk at the State de
partment today.
The first Impulse of the State depart
ment officials was to urge the new republic
to assume some share of this debt, on the
ground that such a oourse was usual in
coses of national separation, but it has now
been stated that there is really no equitabl
standing for a claim of this kind. The
bulk of the foreign Indebtedness on Col
ombia is represented to have been- con
tracted before the adhesion of the Isthmus
to the United tSates of Colombia.
The money was borrowed In the period
between 110 and 1&21. before the forma
tion of New Granada, and while what is
known as "Greater Colombia." Included
only the Colombia of todir Venesuels and
Ecuador. The Isthmus was separated and
was governed from Spain directly. It Is
probable that this fact will be advanced
as a reason for the denial of the request
expected to be forthcoming from the for
eign bondholders. .
Merman Steamer Stopped.
The Navy department received a cable
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gram from Admiral Coughlin at Colon re
plying to an inquiry whether there was any
'.ruth in the report that the German steam
ers Markomania srul Scotia had been
stopped at Co!on by American men-of-wur.
Admiral Coughlin states that the Mar
komahla stepped off Colon enro-jte to Car
tagena to land passengers, but was not in
terfered with. The Scotia arrived about
sjnset, three days overdue; was informed
that r.o armed f rce would be permitted to
land, but ha essel 'was not :nterfcr.d
with, r.nd only darkness prevented its get
ting alongside the dock ct once.
Text of IntpirtKnt .slides.
Although the Il.iy-B:innu-Vs.rilla treaty
has in substance been published In their
entirety, the Associated I'rens publishes
herewith the text of tho flrBt five articles
of the convention ' which have to do with
Article 1 The United States guarantees
and "will maintain the Independence of the
Republic cf Panama.
Art. ? The Republic of Panama grants to
the United states In perpetuity the use, oc
cupation and control of the rone of land
nnd IhihI imdpr w.ili'i', for the construction,
maintenance, operation, sanitation and pro
tection of said canal of the width of ten
milts, extending' to the distance of llvu
miles on each side of the renter of the line
of tho route of the cunal to be recon
structed: the said sons beginning in the
Caribbean sea three marine miles from
mean low Water mark, and extending to
and across tho isthmus of Panama Into the
Pacific ocean to a distance of three marine
milcM from mean low water mark, with the
proviso that the cities of Panama nnd
Colon, nnd the hfrhors adjacent to said
cities, which fire imludcd within tho boun
daries of the lone above de-scribed, shall
not ha Included within this grant. The He
ihiMIc of Panama further grants to the
United States In perpetuity tiio use. occu
pation and control of any other lauds and
waters outside of the lone above described
which may be necessary and convenient for
the. construction, maintenaiee. operation,
sanitation and protection of the said canal
or any auxiliary canals or their works
necessary and convenient for the construc
tion, maintenance, operation, sanitation and
protection of tile said enterprise. The P.e
publlc of Panama further Brants to the
United States in ierpetiilty the occupation
and control of all islands within the limits
of the zune above described, and in addi
tion the group uf small Islands; in the bay
of Panama named Perlco, Naos, Culebra
and B'Wmoneo.
Art. S The Republic of Panama grants to
the United States all IhJ rights, power and
authority within the seme mentioned and
ileacribed in article 11 of trrls agreement and
within the limits of ell auxiliary lands and
waters mentioned and described in said
article II, which the United States would
possess and exercise if it were the sovereign
of the territory within which said lands and
wnlers r loent.i lo the entire exelusion
of the exercise by. the Republic of Panama
of any such sovereign jla!n. power and
Art. 4 As rlRhts subsidiary to the above
grants the Republic of Panama grants In
perpetuity to the United Stati's right to me
the rivers, streams, lakes and other bodies
. . . 1,1.1.- i.- ! l. .......
... ..M.a v.. .(in, itiiiiia lui iiui,h.i iwii.
the supply of water or water power or
other purimses. to far us the ue of the sail
rivers, stretuus, lakes and bodies Of water
and the waters thereof may be necessary
and convenient for the construction, main
tenance, operntlon. sanitation and protec
tion of the said canal.
Art. 8 The Republic of Panama grants
to the United States In perpetuity a
monopoly for 'the construction, mainten
ance and operation of sny system of com
munication by means of c-inil across Its
territory between the Caribbean sea snd
the Pacific ocean.
(Continued from First Page.)
affirm tho right to take in firemen,, engi
neers and many others. Later the executive
council offered a report in the case of the
trouble between the brewery workers and
the firemen and engineers, recommending
that the Cincinnati agreement be reaffirmed
and exonerating the Brewery Workers' In
ternational union from any charges which
have been made against )t. Tho question
led to a general discussion. P-y a show of
hands the committee report as adopted,
101 to II.
4 Mart sever Herts
After Porter's Antiseptic Healing Oil Is ap
plied. Relieves pain instantly and heals at
lbs same lime. 'er wan or beast. Price, iSc.
m - n. .un.. . i.i u ......I ii .. i i i "
Ilnnrlxomc Soft Coal
tins nml
No. 1t I.nrKf.
High Orntle
Hose Humors, positively the bost,
fuel navel's ami great heaters
Stoves and Rangea Sold on Payments. '
Write for Circulars and Prices. ... .
. ....,,.i. .....inn,,-.,. , imiSSTB - . .i. i i. ,.i ...iiisi. ,i
ana liality quickly by usinj
"Storz Blue Ribbon Beer"
This beverage has a wonderful effct
In toning Op the human eye tern when
rundown. It cures and prevents Indi- jr"" -VS
gesiion, Insomnia and Nervouin3, f j" 1$P
Doctors approva Storz Blue Ribbon for jfii, "1
home and family use. f&&)j2Ji?f,'
Bottled at bra wery only. J'fetVeS?
is simply a mutter of ingenuity in bringing
together ' various articles of diet with
thoughtful consideration and skillful select,
lug to please the eye and gratify the
palato ' ,
To reduce difficulties and nvold dlsnp
polntmant purchase jour Meats and Gro
ceries of us, with the assurance your order
will be s-xecuted with the choicest and
most wholesome eatables obtainable.'
Head I-ettuco
c 'nuliflower
Wax Beans
KgK Plants
Wafer Cress
Jersey Sweets
J.vaf 1-jituce
Tokny Giapes
Malaga Grapes
Concord Grapes
Catawba Grupts
Grape l-'ruit
Stuffpd Dates Smyrna Kigs
Malaga Raisins C'nl. Pigs
UriHTiolile Walnuts Candied Cherries
Sweet Cider Candied Pineapple
Imported Wafers Candled Citron
Imperial Cheese Cund. Lemon Peel
Dill Pickles Cand. Urn line Peel
Exponents of good living. '
28th and Fariiam Sts.
Grocery Tels. 1329-1331. Market Tel. '
Agent For Alton Flour.
320 South 16th Street.
German fnf
vs a aaa Mil a
Exquisitely Decorated
o.. ... r? -!
oiriviiy i iim'U4
Mr. Buthorn, proprietor of the
Schllts Hotel, has added a novel
feature to his hotel In ths way of a
decidedly German cafe, fitted up in
flemish oak, being the only one of
the kind In Omaha. The decorations
ars costly and will have to be seen to
be appreciated.
Open After the Theater.
Cbarses Lege Tfasn All Other
Treats e4 ror bbs W
A Mcdlcsl Espsrt
M Years' Experience
It V ars Is Osoabs
ssf s se u CarcS
TsftsooSMl, HrSroOTls, B!o4 PaiMil, tirlrtiira.
IMS. rMM LMIHJ, Lom al ItnofUi bS VilsI
llr U.4 sit fcr ul cnr.vlc sl
TrMLmiU by Hull- CaiI r IM
r OSVj ms tit a. lit SC. ti.a.S, SmS.
Smoke Consuming
Ard you are o;ie of the few
Or.inbs iren who have not
as yet lo: ked ever a portion
cf our ),fjO . patterns ol
Winter Suitings. ., Not too
late now to have a stilt for
next Sunday. Quality marks
tt Nlcoll suit from the loom
to the finished suit. Good
clothes minus extravagant
Suits $20, $25, $30. $35
Overcoats, $2!) to $50
Trousers, $5 to $12 All
garments made in Omaha
rr-a nun rm
209-211 South 15th St
. e.fcwearM ,4jyaM
nifKi A. stars rJi4.uW) Lft4l, ssk UrusTflP
fcr i ii ItU I SI KK'a KNtiaUlKjf
la fcCi t.o4 JM ft. h! MaJ4
Wllk bin ribbon. laLsksss BtssBl
I Iaaeraa af (l utioHa amd lmtta
la). ij of jtr Jrtftti, r tsd c. 4a
rra rar r titiNltft, J Miatuinia
I "K.llafNr ruMcsa.wPi Uw. br r.
If UritftfisLa. 'Llt'r?tsr ' raileaj 4
BoVb",vv'"dwnafer.nu',r'8: .
J. II. IVOUO IH T nurt II K I UKN V K ..-
I'rlces M:itinte, ffic, jOc, tic; Night, Siu,
Wc, 76c, ll Otf.
Bunday Matinee and Night and Monday
Prices Bargain Matlnoe, Any peat 23c;
Night, 2rc. bbc, 7tc. '
Telephone 1631.
Rvery Night, Matinees Thursday, .SaturJay
and Sunday.
Kranclsca Bedding A. Co., Fa lk ft Be
men. nines Kt-mlngton, Pa user Trio.
Paulo 4V. Ulka, Alexius, Kosa Lee Tyler
and the Kincdrome.
"KICKS 10c.- IC. Vic. 1 .
ml I3-25-50-75C
on MAT.
Sunday Matinee "ROBERT EMMET.'
: HoYembar 21st T

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