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Tebnn'i Little Injunction Salt and What
it Really Tasini.
Effort ef White WU(i Install Hlse
self la Control ef Twt Leaanes
M Tmar Haras' la
arret it ode.
Something doing.
.Unless Q. Foy 'Whit Winn Tebeau
abandon his Injunction suit, some history
Of the Western Bans Ball league will be
. reviewed by the district court of Lancaster
count r Neb., at Lincoln. Much of what
will then ha brought out has been already
told In tha columns of The Bee, but It
will bear repeating. Mr. Tebeau sued out
a temporary writ of Injunction last week to
pre rent tha annual meeting of the Western
league being held unless ha was allowed
to sit as a member, claiming that the
Denver franchise belonged to him. The
case was set for hearing on Monday and
then adjourned to Wednesday of the pres
ent week. Tebeau's Claim Is preposterous,
but not more so than many of his other
. actions, and only serves to further tm-
rni on the bsse ball world that he is a
man of Infinite reeouroe and without
oruples when It comes to harrasslng a
rtral or getting even with some one who
has Incurred his Ill-will. Ha has barely
the remotest prospect of winning any
thing In Ms present suit. "tut he takes
the gambler's chance, for he ran lose
nothing, and. If some unexpected flaw In
the proceeding should by chance land htm
ta possession of a franchise at Denver,
. be would be that much ahead.
In order to fully understand Tebeau's
present position, -it Is necessary to go back
to the beginning. Four years ago George
Tebeau was Jn Denver, apparently with
out occupation. He was In correspondence
with W. A. Rourke and others, and along
In January, 1900, at a meeting held In
Des Molnea the Western league was
formed, with Denver, Dee Moines. Omaha,
Pueblo. Sioux City and St. Joseph as
members. This little six-club league was
a winner from the word go. but before the
season closed the expansion ' fever had
struck the American league, and Milwau-
kee, Minneapolis. St. Paul and Kansas
City were thrown out Into the world. The
genius of Tebeau began to get In Its
work right there. He worked up the ex
pansion of the Western. Ostensibly dls-pc-sln
of his Interests In Denver to Mr.
J'ackard. the present owner of the fran
chise. Tebeau planted himself In Kansas
City as owner of the new franchise there,
and Induced A. B. Beal. who owned the
Sioux City franchise to go to Minneapolis.
Billy Hulen, who had the Pueblo fran
chise, moved It up to Colorado Springs,
and the circuit In 1901 was Colorado
Springs, Denver, Des Moines, Kansas City,
'Milwaukee. Minneapolis. Omaha, St. Jo
seph and ,St Pauj. This move wasn't
successful from a financial point of view,
for the big towns from the Ban Johnson
circuit would have none or very little of
the ball furnished by the Western league;
but that summer gave Tebeau a Still fur-
ther chance, and before the end of the
season, he had his plans formed for split
ting ths new league, and forming, two
more, it came about this time that Tebeau
still owned the Denver franchise. His
plan contemplated the formation of the
American association circuit as it now
exists, and the relegation of the Western
to ta condition of the six-club league in
which he found It
Tebeaa had a willing aid In fl". J.
Hickey, then president of the Western
league, who was ambitious to rise still
higher In the base ball world, and who
aided ta working- up sentiment for the
Tebeaa plan. When they approached
Rourke. who had bought out Keith's In
terests In the Omaha plant. It was with
a proposition that he remain in ih. .1..
' club circuit. This Rourke refused to listen
to. tie was asked to place a price on his
plant and franchise and did so, giving an
option In August, 1901. to run ninety days.
This option was allowed ta nin nut Kv
Tebeau and Hickey because they thought
they had their plans so welL worked .,n
, that Rourke would be forced Into a six-
elub league. In the meantime Van Brunt
of St. Joseph was getting busy, for he
had soma monev tied un in v
so wanted to know-where he was coming-
in. or rawer out At a meeting held In
Chicago after the season, knurl. ...
offered a two-year franchise for Omaha In
the American assoclatiop. Others were
being let In on the ground floor, with ten
year franchises and Rourk. inm.
having one for himself. Finally, on advice
or irienas ana to- protect his Interests.
Rourke agreed to accept a two-vase e,..
chise In the new league, and put up a for-
icit or two tnat Be would stick.
Prior to this, Tebeau and Billy Hulen
got to Tommy Burns of Colorado Springs
and sold htm tha "plant" there. When
Burns came to look over the situation.
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Wrat d la
Eery City
he found he didn't even have a bat bag
to -show for his U.V he had put up. This
riled him to such an extent that he
came charging over to Omaha to see
Rourke. and urge him to keep out of the
new league, saying ha would spend all of
Brother Jimmy Burns' millions In order to
get even with Tebeau. Van Brunt was
making some such talk himself, and Pack
ard got Into the game with a little offering
of his own. Beall was counted out by
the Tebeau-Hlckey combine from the very
start, Walter Wllniot being picked for
Minneapolis, but the question was to get
Beall's lease on ths grounds there away
from him. The Western league meeting
waa called for St. Joe In December, 1KC,
and the new league was to meet In Kan
sas City In January. When tha Western
met Hickey resigned as president, Packard
represented Denver and Tebeau claimed a
seat for Kansas City, but was expelled
under the rdles. .Prior to this meeting a
determined effort hsd been made to buy
Rourke's Omaha plant. T. J. Hickey came
to Omaha with as pretty a bunch of money
as ever tempted a man, offered to pay
Rourke cash for the ground lease and
franchise at a figure that was eminently
satisfactory under any other Conditions.
Just at that time Tommy Burns was
busiest working on Rourke to Induce him
to stick to the Western. Against the ad
vice of some of his best friends Rourke
decided to stay with the Western, and
refused to sell to Hickey. Hickey set
about then to put In a rival team In
Omaha, and went so far as to contract
for grounds and a franchise was awarded
Frank Bandle conditionally. In lieu of the
one granted , to-- Rourke for pmaha. It
was not until several weeks later, and
after It had been plainly shown that two
teams In Omaha meant certain disaster.
that Bandle declined to be a party to wreck
ing the game locally, and withdrew from the
American association. This last action re
moved Omaha from the circuit of the
American association. But the magnates
of that league have never taken their
eyes off this town.
Now the fight Was squarely on, and the
wreckers and the reorganliers went at it.
The Bee at that time, favoring the Amer
ican association, predicted disaster for the
Western, and Its predictions have been
verified almost to the letter. But here Is
what Is Interesting In the present situa
tion: A. B. Beall still held the Minneapolis
franchise In the Western and George Te
beau the Denver franchise in the Western.
Beall waa Inclined "to get out of base ball,
but he agreed to hold onto his Minneapolis
lease, the, Western magnates agreeing to
see him whole on the deal. Relying "on
this state of affairs, the Western people
held to the grounds at. Kansas City and
Milwaukee and prepared to put In Clubs
there and at Minneapolis to compete with
the American. At Denver Packard was
quietly moving along on the supposition
that he would have the franchise and the
Broadway park there, just as he had had
the season before, neglecting the element
of Tebeau altogether. Just at the most
interesting Juncture Mr. A. B. Beall
bobbed up In Denver with an assignment of
Tebeau s lease to the Broadway park, and
to his franchise In tha Western league, this
having been given In lieu of Beall's hold
ings at Minneapolis. This act of treachery
compelled the Western to hustle not only
for a town to take the place of Minne
apolis, but to secure new grounds In Den
ver. v
At a meeting of the Western league at
Kansas City Jimmy Whitfield was elected
president, the Denver franchise waa formally
awarded to Packard and Peoria was given
the place of Minneapolis. Beall. finding
that his new deal was getting him noth
ing, transferred his tease to Packard, and
the Denver situation was apparently left
In good condition. At the Kansas City
meeting Otto Floto. the sporting editor of
the Denver Post was present trying to se
cure the Denver franchise. He had the
backing of the owners of' the Post, Fred
Q. Bonflls and Harry Taratnen. and was
willing to put up any kind of money. The
franchise went to Mr. Packard.
That Is the history of the Western league
and IU dealings with Tebeau, In brief. One
may only Judge a man's Intentions by his
actions, and there 1m nothing In Tebeau's
course to Indicate that he wants to do Omaha
any good In a base ball way. He recently
offered Bill Rourke a figure which the
Utter says la satisfactory for the Omaha
plant; but Rourko Reclined to sell, because
he believes, as anyone snust. that If Tebeau
gets a foothold In Omaha, It Is goodby to
the chance of thla tnw tuver getting Into
a bigger league ba 4t -is now In. Tebeau
Is after Packard u nard as he can go,
and some reason exists for thinking thai
he has the moral If not the financial sup
port of Messrs. Tanynen and Bonflls. If
this combination can ret hold of Denver
and Omaha, they will have a great com
bination, as they will then In a great
measure absolutely control two leaguea
the Western and the American association'
In which Tebeau owns Louisville and Kan
sas City. This combination would maks
George Tebeau the uncrowned king of
western base ball. And Tommy Bums,
who was telllag how he would spend his
last cent to -et even with Tebeau two
coice4 any time
by the best
or i H
r-- ' -- -J
Columbia Phonograph
1621 Farnam St., Omaha.
years ego. Is now doing all he can to
help his ancient enemy win out and giv
ing as his reason that he doesn't like the
way that wan Rourke acted.
All that Bill Rourke ever did to Tommy
Burns was to stand by him In' his fight
two years ago. If Rourks had taken The
Bee's tip at that time, he would now be
the owner of a franchise In the American
association, and wouldn't have to worry
a rplnute about what Bums will or will
not do. But Burns has a bully forrettery,
and It Is working full time right now.
And the next meeting of the Western
league will not be held until after Judge
Holmes holds court at Lincoln next Wed
nesdsy, and maybe not then.
There's a little maxim that Tebeau
should remember: "He who seeks equity
must do equity," and a man coming Into
court asking for rejlef that the law will
not give him must come with clean hands.
Anneal Meeting of 1. 8. O. A. Has
Some Perplexlns Folate to
The annual meeting of the United States
Goll association, which is' to be held at
New Tork In February, will be asked to
award St. Louts the annual championship
event this year, but the Indications are
that It will go elsewhere. Secretary Bal
lou ' says that the association has been
arked to recognise the events already sched
uled at St. Louis In an official way, but
the parent organization has refused to do
this, and so the big golf events which are
scheduled for September 19 to 24 will not
have the official sanction.
The St Louis contests will be unique in
many ways, dne of the competitions the
putting event over a nine-hole course has
been announced as a night event to be
played by electric lights. This will surely
draw the gallery, whatever effect It may
have upon the players. There will also
be driving and approaching contests, while
the big events will be individual and team
championship competitions. The team event
mill require teams of ten men each to enter,
.representing not clubs, but associations,
and two or an ore teams may enter from the
same association if desired.
The Increasing Army of golfers who com
pose the rank and Die of the Transfhlssls
slppl Golf association are wondering where
the annual championship event this year
will be held. Borne time ago the semi
official announcement was made that It
would doubtless be held at St Louis, but
such a storm of protest against this propo
sition has been voiced by the membership
that It does not now seem that this pro
ject will be carried out It Is argued that
a city In which there Is a world-wide show
Is the poorest place on 'earth In which to
hold such an event. And then there Is this
other and more Interesting question as to
whether any of the St. Louis clubs would
entertain the Transmlsslssippl In view' of
the many events which are to be con
tested on their links during the year. It
certainly would not do to solicit such an
Invitation, for a club which la not patriotic
enough and does not want the tourney
badly enough to make a bid for It should
not have It It Is also urged that some
of the newer members of the Transmlssls
sippl, such as the St, Paul or Minneapolis
organizations, should be given an oppor
tunity. They have some first-class golfers.
So has St Louis, but the golfers of the
southern burgh are not very enthusiastic
over Transmlsslssippl affairs this year.
The suggestion was made last week that
the event should be held In this city. That
would be very acceptable so far as the
local golfers are concerned, but It Is only
two years since Omaha had the honor of
entertaining the Transmlsslssippl, and this
fact la urged against a -local reception. In
any event the officials of the Transmlssls
sippl may be trusted to do the right thing.
In P.. I Forgan of 301 North Eighteenth
street this city has one of the descendants
of the Inventor of the gutta percha golf
ball, which revolutionised the game. And
the story of how this Invention was brought
about Is almost as Interesting as Is Mr.
"Forgan. John Patterson, a Scotchman.
was surprised one day to find that some
of his friends had caused a mummy to .be
shipped to his Scottish home from Egypt
As a part of the wrapping this mummy
boasted of a bit of gutta percha, which was
put on the mummy's wrappings by - Mr.
Patterson's friends, who had shipped It
from Pharaoh's former realms. Mr. Pat
terson, being of a speculative turn of mind,
dug out seme of this gutta percha and
when he saw that It would weld together
he caused a small ball to be made of It as
he was an ardent golfer.- Imagine his sur
prise when he found that It would carry a
long dlstsnce and that It kept its shape. He
made a lot of the balls and golfers were
delighted. Unfortunately for Patterson he
did not take out a patent or attempt to
protect himself In any way or else he might
have made millions. Patterson Is a direct
relative of Mr. Forgan. Another relative,
Robert Forgan. Is club maker to the king
at the famous St Ambrose links. Where
formerly he had three or four assistants.
Whole, e
"'nmmPmk . " nggsw n
there are now about fifty. Mr. Forgan
knows the game from start to finish and
has played It on Its native heath In Scot
land. He Is a cousin to J. B. and D. R.
Forgan, the famous golfing bankers of
The general meeting of the Women's
Metropolitan Golf association will be held
In New Tork City January 29. The nomi
nating committee has made the following
nominations for. the ensuing year: Mrs.
Edward A. Ma nice. Baltusrol, preeident;
Miss Ruth Underbill, Nassau, secretary;
Miss F. E. Wlckara. Shlnnecock Hills,
treasurer: Mrs. C. L. Tiffany, Apawamls
club, fifth member executive committee.
The meeting should be one of Importance,
as the Indifference shown by the represen
tative competitors for the part two years
has lowered the standard of the organize
tlon. Five years ago the Women's Metro
politan Golf association furnished the bulk
of the competitors for the women's ns
tlonal championship, but at present largely
through indifference, they are absolutely
back numbers.
The United States Golf association .now
has an associate membership of allied
clubs, every section of the country being
represented. These are subdivided Into
twenty-nine silled organisations nine In
New Tork. live In Massachusetts, four hi
ffw Jersey, four In Pennsylvania, three In
Illinois, two In Maryland, and one each In
Maine and Missouri. These have' the power
of voting at the annual meeting which is
to be held at New Tork in February. The
west has Instituted a movement providing
for the discussion of the question as to
whether or not "taxation without represen
tation is not unamerlcanT" The advocates
of the extension of the voting power de
clare that It was well enough when qie
association was in Its Infancy to have ail
Uie power In the hands of ths associated
clubs, but the association, has grown Into
a powerful body, and the many minor or
ganisations of the country are now be
coming anxious to have a voice In the an
nual meeetlng of the parent organisation.
Walter J. Travis, the amateur golf cham
pion, came out a winner In the Flnehurst
(N. C.) Inauguration tournament, defeat
ing W. C. Fownes, Jr., of the Highland
club.' Pittsburg, 1 up and 1 to play, at
thirty-six holes, In the final round for the
championship cup. For a time It looked
as If the Plttaburg player would win. At
the end of the first round of eighteen holes
the players were even up, but the steadi
ness of the champion on the afternoon
round gave him the victory. Bernard
Nlcholls, . who was in Omaha last week,
says that two things combine to enable
Travis to win his victories. The first of
these is hfs machine-like precision, and the
next is the annoyance he causes players
with whom he Is paired by his slowness.
He always takes at least two' practice
swings; and Is exasperatlngly slow about
these, but the moment he steps up to the
ball he swings his club Quickly. He takes
three and more practice strokes with his
putter on the greens, and all of these extra
movements cause his contestant some em
barrassment and uncertainty which' Is
wearing on the nerves.
Bernard Nlcholls has a tecord for a drive
of 215 yartis over a level space, in mid
summer when the ground was soft and
with no wind to help him. He walks up
to a ball, toes It with his brassey, and
away It goes, before the ordinary indi
vidual Is aware that he Is even ready to
shoot. Nlcholls Invariably drives with a
little pull to his ball. Sometimes he gets
more than he bargained for, but in any
event the argument Is the same, as it has
always been said by Vardon. Taylor, Hil
ton and the late lieutenant Tate, who was
the highest authority on such matters, that
the golfer who .can pull a ball consistently
has the making of the best golfer In the
business. It Is an Incontrovertible fact that
a pulled ball has a longer carry after
alighting than the ball that Is hit abso
lutely straight, while a sliced ball can't be
compared with either for distance, although
some slices will carry for a great distance,
but the path of the ball after alighting Is
so nearly circular that nearly as much
Is lost as Is gained. Nlcholls has ths dis
tinction of being the only person on this
side of the Atlantlo who 'twice defeated
Harry Vardon when he was in this country.
Nlcholls Is an Englishman and his former
home was at Sandwich, where the big open
championship tournament is to be held this
year. Nlcholls will make another visit to
the west this fall, and he thinks he will
be able to spend a fortnight In this city.
HlliMikn Well Organised Capture
the 1MB Ceatren at Cleve
land Meeting;.
The Milwaukee bowlers are after the
next national bowling tournament and to
that end have formed. What Is known as
the Milwaukee Bowling Tournament com
mittee for defraying the 1906 expenses of
the American Bowling congress. It Is the
intention to Incorporate the company and
dispose of $5,000 worth of stock, of which
17.500 has already' been subscribed. The
leading candidates for ths 1X8 tournament
are Milwaukee, Louisville. Philadelphia and
Detroit. It Is announced that Milwaukee
Is the 'leading candidate, as the delegates
from Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Du
buque and Milwaukee will vote for the
city of breweries.
Boms Important developments are ex
pected at the annual meeting of the Ameri
can Bowling congress. The officials. It Is
announced, have arranged the legislative
program so that it will not Interfere with
the tourney, the sessions of the legislative
body being called early In the week, before
the visitors are scheduled to play. There
Is a new rule which has lessened the num
ber of legislators and It Is expected there
fore that the sessions of the lawmaking '
body will be short. It Is expected that the
main feature of the session will be the
three amendments which have been drawn
up by ex-President Langhenry. T4-.ese will
call for the reduction of the weight of the
ball to a sixteen-pound and all-wood sphere;
will make It obligatory on a team to be a
member of some city association before It
can bowl In a tournament bowling under
the national congress rules, and, third.
allow a team to bowl a man any time he
appears at as alley ready for a game.
allowing his score to te counted- for what
It Is worth. Of these three amendments
the first Is Intended to meet the easterners
half way la their desire to eliminate the
heavy bails, with which they claim Chi
cago's big records were made during 19A
They want an ail-wood ball of any weight.
but this the western element has objected
to and this rule Is offered as a compromise.
The second amendment will help the city
associations In making their power felt,
while the third Is merely offered to clear
up the understanding of when a game shall
be forfeited
A movement Is now en foot among the
leading Omaha bowlers, as well as a num
ber of representative business men, to
select and equip a strong team to represent
this city at the next annual meeting of
the American Bowling congress, which is
to be beld next month at Cleveland. O.
The leading western cities, including Den
ver, Kansas Ci'T. Minneapolis and St. Paul,
as well ss San Franctoeo and Los Angeles,
are regularly represented at the congress,
but up to the present tints ne Omaha tsam
has made the trip and It Is the belief
among- those interested that It would be
an advantage la a great awa&g way to
TT TT o "T
A Nurse Girl,
Cured by Uricsol.
For a booklet ask
have Omaha send a representative team to
participate in the deliberations of ths con
gress as well as compete for national
honors. The phenomenal work during the
present season of some of the local bowlers
Is stimulating Interest In this direction
and at the present time the outlook Is very
good that Omaha Is to bs represented.
The K0 mark waa nearly reached last
week when "Bill" Emery, the popular man
ager of Selleck's alleys, rolled 299. He put
up a beautiful exhibition of thl game, all
his strikes being clean and no "sloppy"
strikes being; made.
High scores on His Oats City alleys for
last week:
Snyder, 230, 207, 213; Bonlne, 233, 207, 211;
C. H. Bridenbecker, 228. 212. 210, 213, 206:
Bryant. 224. 203. 2us. 213; Dr. Tsft, 203; U T.
Stearns, 2US. 213, 235, 207: Sullivan. 222; C.
Stein 209, 205, 218; Ed Bride, 201, 210, 220.
206, 2il; Ben Hull. 207. 208. 217. 220, !"0. H;
Kelly. 2. 214. 200, 217; J. Cohen, 201, 210;
(1. Martin. DOS. 2ol, 2tt2, 236, 204; Remle. 210,
236. 207; Drshos, 217, 2ol, 2v: Henry, 204. 215.
2; J. E. Wamboldt, 200; Chris Beulow, 2J;
Seaman. 20. 214, 219; Joe Meehan. 212. 216;
Stapenhorst, 222; Jim Usher, 213, 203, 227.
Average of the Omaha league bowlers for
week ending January 16
Rank and Name.
1- Keed, H. D
2 Sprugue
1 Welly
4 FYitvcher
t Brunke
5- -Francisco
1 Emery
8 Baldwin
9 Hodges
10 Hunter
11 Chandler
12 Marble
1J Denman
14 Potter
15 Wlgman
1 Schneider, F. W.
17 Huntington
1ft Zimmerman
20 Zarp
21 Norton
22 Conrad ,
2 Mockett
24 Hughes
25 Lehman
20 Forscutt
27 GJerde
28 Weber
29 Neale
SO Schneider, Lw J...
31 Orimths
32 Christie
S3 Jones
14 Fried hot
85 Beselln
15 Banks
37 Reynolds
39 Ollchrest
40 Bengela
41 Csrter
45 Clarkson
43 Norene
Games. Pins. Average.
.... 32 6195 193 U-32
.... 1147 191 l-
.... S 774 1S8 8-38
.... 36 6756 1K7 23-36
.... 96 6724 1M6 24-36
.... 33 6124 IMS 19-33
.... i 656 14 12-36
.... 6 111 1S3 3-6
.... 16 6..SI 182 29-23
.... 18 86 182 lu-18
.... 36 , 6- S3 12 13-36
.... 36 6564 132 2-18
.... 86 '6494 10 14-86
.... S3 6'X15 1T9 28-13
.... SO 632 179 22-30
.... 21 3770 179 11-21
.... 86 6442 179
.... 24 4297 179
.... SS S420 17 12-16
.... 86 6t' 178
.... 30 6.9 176 18-80
.... 18 3161 176 11-18
...V. 15 2U9 174 9-15
.... 36 6271 173 9-36
.... 80 6226 174 6-SO
24 4172 173 t)-24
36 6250 173 22-96
.... 27 ' 4685 ITS 14-27
... 33 172 23-33
.... 26 6216 172 24-86
.... S3 6671 171 30-33
.... 12 2048 170 8-1J
,... 24 409.1 170 13-24
.... 30 6112 170 12-30
SO 6109. 170 -30
.... 38 5 '8 149 31-33
.... 13 6 lt 25-33
.... 1 f 169 1-3
.... S3 fcMl 167 80-81
.... 21 1 167 11-21
.... 9 1S07 167 4-
.... 27 4M6 17 T-27
.... 24 4016 . 167 8-2
.... 15 SW4 166 14-15
SO 499 166 9-80
.... SO 4964 168
18 2980 164 8-11
.... 4 31 162 8-24
44 Sherwood
45 Clay
4 Tracy
47 Relleck
48 Greenleaf
49 Ahmanson
M Toder
61 Smead
SO 4857 161 27-80
.... 9 . 3446 190 -
.... 13 loi 15 6-13
11 4 158
.... 18 Vm 157 6-18
.... 18 JW6 156
,... 16 2292 152 1J-15
.... 901 150 1-6
hi Fowler
RS French
M Sheldon
K Read. A. C
66 Murphy
Mldwtatvr laterstate Tearaey at
' Omaha Will Kee Crewel Basy
Fear Days. '
What Is conceded to be the biggest
shoot lately attempted In this section of
the country Is that which Is scheduled for
February 2-6 and which has been termed
the midwinter Interstate tournament.
For this event several excellent prises
have been hung up and the entries will
Include the leading sportsmen throughout
the west. Entries have already been re
ceived from St Joseph, Kansas City, Bloux
City, ths Omaha and Dickey Gun clubs
of this city, two from other points In Ne
braska and others from points In Iowa.
Entries are expected from as far west as
Denver and It Is expected that St Paul.
Minneapolis and other northern cities will
also bs represented.
The program for the tourney is as fol
lows: First Day Eight events, fifteen dickey
bird targets, entrance 11.60 each; four
eventat twenty dickey bird targets, en
trance 12 each; twenty-five dickey bird
targets for the Dickey Bird Trophy cup,
now held by W. D. Townsend of Omaha,
entrance 12.
Second Day Wx events, fifteen dirkey
bird ' targets, entrance If 60 each; thine
events, twenty dickey MM tsrs-ets. en
trance 33 each: fifty dickey bird tarrets
team .race. Open to anv team from Mis
souri. Kansas Iowa and Nebraska. Thl.
will be an optional sweers. Individual, 11
entrance. The T. L. Combs challenge cup
will go to high man in this team rue.
Third Dv Twenty-five live bird open
handicap, 27 to 31 yards. tSO entrsnce.
Fourth Day Team race. T5 live birds per
msn. ooen to any team from Missouri.
Ksnssa -Iowa and Nebraska. Optional in
dividual sweeps. 810 entrance
All moneys divided 15, 30. 20 and IS per
Local sportsmen have received notice of
a remarkable exhibition with a gun which
waa made by John W. Garrett of Denver,
Garrett shot at eBt targets and broke ML
all ef tola being a ataxia day's work,
Sought his fortune in the gold fields of the frozen North
contracted serere rheumatism and suffered for three years,
lie took Uricsol after trying many so-called cures. Read
here what he says:
Ran rranctsoo, Oct Mtt, 1ML
Vrlesol Is the only remedy I ever took that did me any good, and furthermore,
the only remedy that has not Injured my stomach.
TJrlcsol has helped me greatly and I keep my Rheumatism In control by Its oc
casional use..
' X hare commended It to others and have noted Its beneficial effects.
B. W. DENNIS, 10X1 Sacramento Street.
Miss Harris was glad to give her, testimony. She suffered
continually and had lost all hope of erer getting welL. Bix
bottles of Uricsol eliminated the excess of uric acid and she
is a well woman today. - Read her story:
Ban Francisco, Oct M. UOt.
I am n years old and hare been a nurse girl sines I was 11 years old. In ths last
Ave eara I haVe suffered with rheumatism so much that a short tlms ago It almost
became necessary to give up working. I could scarcely lift anything. Doctors have
tried to cure me, and I have tried all kinds of medicines without getting any relief,
and I was pronounced incurable. My employer bought me a bottle of UrlcsoL whloh
I tried. I noticed a flight change after the first bottlefulL After the third a decided
Improvement took place, and now after taking six bottles, I have the full use of my
once almost paralysed arms. I am now enjoying better general health, and am ale
moot entirely well and can stats positively that It has been due entirely to the use
t UrlosoL MISS KLXJk HARRIS, Sit Paclfla Are.
That quaint old
not only one of
seaside resorts
but also one of
aui also one ui S-SJSJLsfV
esting places in Wro?' the world. Here,
hundreds of years ago, cnnsuanity was
first preached to the American Indians
by the Spanish friars. The old mis
Eio ns are still there, and are vis
ited every season by tbous-
' ands of tourists who
travel over the
MTh Overland Route.
because. It Is the best and quickest lino to that noted place.
Via Omaha it i 6 hours quicker to
San Francisco than any other line.
City Ticket Offlee,
What an awful sore shoulder he must have
had the next dayl
Seme Contests mm. Band that Will
Keep the Men of Jfascle
Ths local Toung Men's Christian associa
tion has a big battls on its hands for Fri
day night of this week, when It contests a
number of athletic events at Bloux City
with the Toung Men's Christian associa
tion team of that city. Each institution is
to be represented by a team of five men
and there are to be five events in addition
to a basket ball game, and the locals .want
very much to win the latter event In view
of the fact that the lowans defeated the
Omaha Toung Men's Christian association
bunch soma time ego. The other events
will consist of the broad Jumps, shot put,
high jump and bar work. Consistent work
has been done by the local athletes In their
preparation for this event and they look
forward with confidence to a victory and
to securing a return engagement to be
played In ths city.
Another Item of news which was very
gratifying to the local Toung Men's Chris
tian association was received last week,
when notice was sent to this city by Secre
tary Hepburn of ths North American Ath-
letio association that R. E. Cornwell of
this city had been awarded the record for
the central section of the two standing
and three standing broad jumpa In the
two standing broad Jumps Cornwell's rec
ord was 20 feet 1 Inch and In the three
standing broad Jumps he covered 2s feet
It Is the Intention of the Toung Men's
Christian association to keep doing practice
work with Its gymnasium and basket ball
teams. Trouble la still experienced In get
ting dates for basket ball games, but since
the season Is early the locals have some
hopes of getting sosse dates yet Elnce the
time for beginning training for the spring
events, such aj track work and ths like. Is
drawing near the locals want to get their
games Immediately. If possible, and are
working to that end.
Sport la a; Hwtes.
New Tork patenns of base ball have prob
ably seen the last of Van Haltren, who for
year has been a fixture on the Giants'
outneld. The coming season will find, him
playing with the Seattle club of the I'kclno
C'ombi league.
The Police Gazette ' Sporting Annual,
which la Just off the preeas. Is complete as
ususl. showing the records of all ths cham
pions In every line of sport, together with
the best performances, and other valuable
and essential information.
The Amateur Athletic association of Eng
land Voted at Its annual meeting not to
send a team to ths Olvmi.io ex ma anrf
world's championships at Bt. Louis this
year. This does not signify that England
will not be represented at the games, for
sesurancee have barn received that some
of the moot prominent emteurs will be en
tered. Negotiations will probably be resumed
this winter between J ale aa Uarvxid and
mission town is
the most lovely
of California,
y the most inter-
IS 26 Farnam.
Don't foraret Tela Cartels Bale -ear
sneralas;. t t
Orchard & Wilhelm Carpet Co.
FOR to
TOO can get a good cigar! MONOGRAM, la
Is ths only kind to smoke. ' -
Ask Tour Dealer.
. 1401 Douglas St. Omaha.
For Menstrua! Sugfirejsion?'
u'il, n' . .ts u Omaka kr tMiau
" ' wmmmn sues, srua i
kMJ (J
E?"n .universities of Cambridge and
Oxford, looking to a dual International
track meet In England next summer. YmJbZ
it la understood, stands rdy to enter euca
a meet, and is only waiting for the
Harvard team to Join the movement Lask
spring Harvard declined to go to tin gland
after Taie had made arrangements fur Uie
The foot ball captains of all tha bis
teams, both east aud west, have eireadv
been elected. A comparison of the posi
tions which they piay brings out some very
Interesting facta Halfback seems to hm
the popular position from which to select
M.e captain. Of ilfty college captains ther .
are fourteen halfbacks, ten tattles, seven
auarda, six fullbacks, five quarterbacks.
fivecenters and three ends. As distinguished
between the backfield and linesmen, the
captains are evenly divided, there be In a
twenty-five of each. But as there are only'
four men In the back Held, a opposed te
the seven men In the line, the backs bava
the preference.
Arthur Duffy, the champion 100-yard run
ner of the world, will have to look to hLe
laurels when he meets Archie Hahn, the
Michlxan university crack, in New Torn
City January 8u, when the Indoor track
meet will occur. Ha tin has covered the lue
yards in ten seconds flat, only iwo-aflha
of a second slower than Duffy, and baa
never met a man who baa foroed hia im
uiioKii. aiaxnes c. Buiiivan. eere
tary of the Amateur Athletic aaaoaUUaa.
has given him the title of champion sprtuter
for lis) yards, as Duffy went abroad Use
rear Instead of staying at home and de
ending his title. Neither Hahn nor Daff
have been defeated. - ajtd they have tens
been In a race together. Duffy has tesel
ti mes wva lite K-c't-lt -j-i- hj

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