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(lakes' Weil" "
Valuable Prescription by Which Any
Man Can Make His Own Remedy
to Cure Himself at Home Sent
Free to All. Write for It.
F- th rtuni of tht' youthful feetlns ot man
ni p-v-mitr-nt Itrlt ihr'tn raTint la
i pp?w.ua of ft rept hi h h. hi himself
MM In htt cwn :Bt prtrate prrtl with tta
o ttirtllng lui'reM. Though ibt yr )tav
pta4 t qt.ai haa nTr bcn foinJ n1 with tt
tfK'uanm ' weak mn bav brought abnut th
em, tb-- n murti ond lor Tb donor willingly
nAm the formula nt.rlv frt to anjr man who
wrltea hire for :t. tn1 thVjr wt'l flu, it a lfl .of
letting ralu" It la uorwi f(,r aual wAhnean. loat
hi an hood, tiroia: a, weak tir-k. imlsvlnna, varlc
cl. lark of t'.rv. i-nnttir irouMp, ntuht awnatu,
inahlll'r anil th mauv other mlrMir mndlttnna
that IWs.ll th tful)T ini(rfri man. It rraatea
'an 1mni"1)ite r. lal ftollr.fj. warmth ni fov1 na
lurv, Innri arrive h"ni to t h muarular tlnu.
tome tht nervnun i)f'm and nut bodily confl-
' dnra. f mika th man t .s aa (riwi aa at W.
and tha vnitin man eaa n mw for r iy aitl fit
for mar-Magr ar.4 parrnHioo'l. Hatlnfaetory raulta
ar produced In a di'- ww, and a perfect cur la a
Mr wMki. prfcaMtrM at a, or ln cauaa of yomr
' If you rd aur-h a re.r1v and your nam ai1
addrwa fojr to thn Dr. Kimpp Md n Hull
tJlda: , . Detroit. Mich., ami In an utunarfcd envelope
tHm Arret nr will at nrnt an() J"! th rclpt, aa
trniiM4. riilaln!ne tn d'tnl! what Imrredlerita ta
and haw tn rompound itetm ao that any weak
tJtn nn cur himn)f In hla own home without be
Ina under ohlla-aimna to a.njrnn. It eoata o
nothing and the aooner you write the nnsntr you
-will b curwd.
Com early- Moadajr morning to tb
turf furtaln Sale.
Orchard & Wilhelm Carpet Co.
HiiWHaHM.HI !. .mil .m.iai
fzr f7e Bee.
" PMesioPrini
fivmjn one or more
1 n
When you've tried F
Hlalwst Crada mt
purity of flavor. ar f"!
Al ftJl Iwulina bar.
oalM, drug MurM
a. rirhcr a co.
Ua4l CITT, no.
Pvom I7nmin
. ill I . . .
fV MAtML Whir lino J
yea tor M,
ni.. a..,ii i.
" . ti auu aXfaiiia lur
UHI1IM SXkoaV MaavC. 14 flrM
fi.il kttcvue aad -vort it-
lu )ml.a M BL
hirtina Sorav
ft nrw fW ayrt. yavr-
For oxUy tjr
In ii t H Will He p Tbf at in Bu CoitMl
with Wff n Leigif.
Iaelatall7 Iprlnaa Maaaat
ratra He Haa Ilalr fit Evra
with Parkard af Dearer aud
Roarfce of Omaha. '
COLORADO BPRINQ8, Colo.. Jan. 18
( Special Telegram.) T. F. Burn., owner of
the Colorado Birlngt Vet-rn league base
ball franrhlfte, haa returned to thla city.
He admitted the truth of all newspaper re
port regarding hla new alliance with. Te
beau and rlalma that Measra. Packard.
Rourke and othera mlsrepreaented matlerj
to him, and that he waft formerly a party
to. the plan to ount Tebeau. Blnce that
time, he rlalma, he had made diacoverte
that place Packard art! Rourke In a bid
light, and It Is simply a question of honor
with him to see Tebeau secure what he
considers his rights. Mr. Burns expect
to return to IJncoln on Bunday to attend
the Injunction proceedings brought by Te
beau to restrain the Western league mag
nates from, meeting without admitting Te
btau to the conference.
Omaha Uitie Rollers Are Patting
the Plna Down la Bis;
At the close of the eleventh week we find
th prettleet race in the Omaha Bowling
lragua ever seen in it history, and a pos
sibility for any one of the teams to win
first money. Not a few of the teams have
added to thyelr tctal pins during the last
week, while a number of the Individual
bowlers have greatly Increased their aver
ages. The standing of. the teams Is:
Played. Won. Lost. PC
Armours js 20 1 .6?
Waverleys Sfi 13 ' 17 . .VA
Krug Parks V, 1 17 .S2X
Clarksons V 19 IT .628
Omahiis Sh m 18 . .5n0
3t. I'harles .V, 17 lf .472
Nationals 3S lij JO .M
Colts 36 1 20 . 444
The high scores for the week on Belleck's
alleys were as follows:
No. of . Bcore.
Denman 3 Z13
Brunke ! "
J. Davi 2 W
Fowler 10 J2S
Murphy t ! f52
Bartsch 1 278
Chandler S 222
Hunter 4 . 249
Bprague t 211
Huntington 6 2fM5
Frltscher 4 221
Peselln I .247
F. W. Schneider 1 i7
Conrad 9 242
Mockett I iS4fl
Bnldwln 13 ?
Kncell 6 57
Tracv 24S
Frledhorf S 111
Selleck 4 2f4
Hoilgpe IS 197
Orlfflth U . Ii
OJerde 1 2u
Norton 1 I"3
Zarp 4 24
Lehman 1 . -
Sheldon 22
Marble t 228
Adnms 1 130
Banks IK
Truman 1 VS
Chunder I 24
Potter 1 " 217
I,. J. Schneider t 2X
Wlgman 1 230
Zimmerman 1 224
C. J. Francisco 3 2T4
Olunaborg t 217
Neale ; S M
Hughes I . 2u5
Welty A......:..'... t ' 218
Hopkins I t-7
J. A. Suauldlng 1 ' 211
Mrs- R. Grotte Is' high among the women
bowlers, making 209. 211. ,
Kolranr4nt l-lh standing vf the teams la
the Commercial league: -1 . ,
I . Played. Won. Lost. P.O.
Oate Cltys ..38 22 11 .KA
Drerels .: S3 21 12 .C3
Black's Kats 33 20 It .m
W. O. W .....33 2 11 .08
Ixnts A Williams 30 14 1 .6
Westerns '....S "IS . 17 .483
Browning. 'King A Co.. 83 10 -'23 .3d
Stephens & Smith 33 24 . 273
The Individual averages are as follows:
. Played. Pins. Average.
Bartsch 27 - 4.K7S 184 6-27
baker 4 1.090 1S1 4-
Meehan 8 602 W J-S
Lavia 3 552 184
Foley 27 4.65 17314-27
Heft 30 t.lJi 170 28-3J
Buipenhorat 27 4.5K7 lti 26-27
Hull ....J 1...33 1.594 109 17-33
Tjindoh 33 t.iM lt8 12-31
Cochran 83 6 537 167 2-38
W. O. Johnson 27 4,ao4 lti 2:'-27
Tsher 3 47 MS 2-3
Beaman SI 3.473 1 13-21
lirlaon SO 4,973 16 23-30
Stearns .-..24 , 3.951 16416-24
Baldy , .' 18 2U VA 9-18
Buelow 24 3 937 14 1-24
McKelvy , 24 3.914 1V) 2-21
Hub Johrison 16 2.440 162 C-21
Bush , .". 27 4 SJ9 l!0 9-27
Button 27 4.819 159&S-27
Zltsman ..1 27 4.3o 169 7-27
Molyneaux 33 6.U6 158 12-33
Krnst 18 1,841 . 157 15-18
Bowen 3 471 167
Iiavlson 18 1M
Champion 82 4.979 155 19-32
Yalta . 2ti 4, Hi 7 154 13-24
Riaenberry 25 3.853 154 3-25
Bryant 21 . 1.223 158
H. LefholU ,..27 4.1U1 153
Grgbb a 1413 152 16-29
Weymuller .'..12 la 152 5-1!
Sullivan 27 4.3 151 1-27
Tonneman I 1,3.7 150 7-9
Jaha A. Beott Breaks the World's
Record for Sis aad Oao-Half Far.
longs at tan Praaelseo. '
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 18. John A.
Scott, an outsider, won the Adam Andrew
selling stakes from Jockey Club by a head
at Oakland today and broke tha world s
record for six and a halt furiongs. He
made the distance in 1.18, the previous
mark being 1:184a, made by Jane Holly at
Washington park. A Held of eleven met In
the event, which had a value of t,i W. Ban
Nicholas was the favorite with the Jen
nlngs pair. Arcade and Dainty, second.
They were sent away. to u good start and
uhn A. Scott led principally all the way.
There was an exciting finish, Scott getting
the verdict by a head from Jockey Club, he
being the same distance in front of Dainty.
Ban Nicholas finished fifth. Results:
First race. Futurity course, selling: Hil
nault won. Quiet second, St. Wlnuiirtds
third. Tim: l:lo.
. Serond race, one-half mile: Prince Bru
tua won, Henry Arch atecond. .Liberty Star
third. Time: 0.
Third race, six furlongs: Bear Catcher
won. Fornmster second, 11. L. Frank third.
Time: 1:12.
Fourth race, thirteen-sixteenth.. Adum
Andrews stake,' selling : John A. Scott win.
Jv-key (Tub second, Iainly third. Time:
Fifth rare, one mile, selling: Ohagen
wun. Gawr.lne second. Hurry Thatcher
third. ?lme; I 41.
Sixth lace, mil and a slkteenth, trafiA'..
cap: Joe Lrr won, Ben McLhui et:cjud.
Incubator third. Time: 1:40.
IOS ANUBLF.fi, Jan. IS Results:
First race, one mile, sellii.si'' L'ltrada
woiv, Buccleuth second, Laoon third. T.me:
Second race, three and ons.half furiongs:
Lady Isva wuit, Peggy Mine second,
WiMMlclalm third. Tme: O:!1
Third rae, six furlongs: Oehlmniis
yon. C. P. Campbell second, Skircjlsh third.
Vinie: 1:15V.
fo'.vth race, mile and a quarter, Oitn Ga
briel'u handicap, hurdle: Ciiarwlnd wi.n,
Indian second, Cambaceres third. Time:
1 -
Firth race, mile and seventy ysrds: PHn
cefcs Tulane won. Chuti second. M. F. Tur
pey third. Time: 1 liV
blxth race, mile and one-elf hth: - Bilver
W las
third Tin.e: 1:57
NEW OHLEAN3. Jan. 18 Sklllfullv rid.
4'n and full of courage, which carried h'm
through the nnl pinch Captain' Arnold
won the Lire Oaka handicap, wurth tl.IOO,
for C. U. Killaon today. Retting honors
were divided between the Llllson colt snd
Aseenaion lth tb odds sllrbtiv in favor
of the former Aarehalon had all the early
speed and hung; on longer than usual fure
trg Captain Arnold to a hard drive to win
out by a neck. Stella Allen proved earilv
the b-at of tlia -yar-olla. though Vlprrlne
proved farortte tn trie hatting - The Munli
filly broke la front cl the start, but weak
ened at the end. Fig Bn and Hnymnrd
Hnnter wre the rthT txelen favorl'es.
Major Manslr whs run up to l'5 find
b'liaht in. Niathir char nnd trnk fist.
K'rft r;tre. six ftir'ong: Kn wldge w. n.
ft. AiUgrette second. Uus Held, rn third.
Time: l.K
Srrond race, three furlonirs: Slla Aln
won, Vlr""lne second, liasswood th'rd.
Time: 0 J.',i4,
Third race, Ave furlongs: Jlmalong won,
Big Ben second, Frank Bell third. Time:
1 '.
Fourth race. Live Oaks handicap, seven
furlongs: Cantaln Arnold won. Acenrion
ecord. Vestry third. Time: 1:IV
rutn race, ml'e and three-etgntns. sen
Ing: Major Manslr won, The Messenger
second. Colonel Tuvlnr third. Time: i:.2
81xth race, mile' and three-eighths; Bar
onet won. Handspinner s.ctind, Hayward
Hunter third. Time: 2:2lS-
Illinois and Wisconsin Teams Reach
Amicable t nderstaadlaa; Orer
Protested Games.
CITICAOO. Jnn. 18-Cordlal relations be
tween the athletic departments of Illinois
and Wls'-onsln. which were severed follow
ing s forfaited base ball game last April st
Champaign, when the Wisconsin team left
the field because of a decision of I'mplre
Tindll. were restored at a conference of
the s.thletc managers of the big nine col
leges hoHl today. The college representa
tives also arranged their bane b-tll sched
ules and ileciried on a number of dates for
track mnetr nnd foot ball games. I'niler
the terms of the settlement Wlsconrin's
hilf ol thi receipts of the disputed bull
r imes, amounting to fl3n. will go to the
Purd-in eolli-Rp memorial fund nnd will be
usid in m.K tlng the losses which that team
sustained last fall In a railroad wreck.
Utah School Bnsket nII.
Bv superior team work the high schoot
basket bull team won two hotlv contested
games from two of the best teams In the
Young Mn's Christian association, defeat
ing th Invlncthlos 11 to 7 and the Cres
cents t to 4. Walsh and Mtvrr execu'ed
the best plays for the high school, but all
teams showed up well, as is attested by
the small and clse scores.
Witness Testifies Welsenbnrsr gald He
Coald Get Mebel Oet of the
Way for Five Dollars.
ALLENTOWN. Pa.. Jan. 1 Thirty-four
witnesses have thus far been called In the
Bechtel murder case and the prosecution
has not yet closed Its rase. The Interesting
feature In today's proceedings was the ap
pearance of Alois Eckstein, Mabel Bech
tel's accepted suitor, on the witness stand.
The district attorney agreed to withdraw
the ' Indictment hanging over Weisenberg
providing the latter would go on the stand
as a commonwealth witness. To this Wei
senberg consented, but his testimony was
unimportant. .Mrs. Brobst, who was re
called to the stand, testified that Wetsen
berr had said that for 35 ha could have
Eckstein and Mabel pjt ou of the way.
Po?lce Sergeant Fsank Roth testified that
at the Inquest he had given his opinion to
Mrs. Eechtel that Tom had struck Mabel,
doing ao harder than he Intended.
A friend of Mabel Bechtel testified that
on one occasion she heard Mabel and Eck
stein quarrelling on the street. Eckstein
accused the young woman of drinking anj
associating with other men. Witness was
asked If alio know whether Ecksterti gave
Mabel Bechtel an engagement ring. She
replied: v
'Yes, sir. I wore It at one time. Mabel
gave It to mo to wear a little while."
"Did you ever hear Mabel and Tom Bech
tel quarrel?"
"I know they did not speak to each
"When Eckstein and Mabel quarrelled
did you hear the exact accusation Eck
stein made?"
"Tea. Eckstein said he aaw Mabel taken
into the city ball while she was drunk."
St. Loals Attorney, I'sdtr Clond, la
Said to Be Beyond Re
covery. 8T. LOUIS. Jan. 16. A special to the
Post-Dispatch from Eustls, Fla., says that
James L. Blair of St. Louis, formerly gen
eral counsel of the Louisiana Purchase ex
position, now in that city, Is dying. He
was taken with a congestive chill -on the
night of the 11th lrrst. and since that time
has been slowly sinking.
His physicians give but little hope of re
covery. Mrs. Blair and their son Perry are
with him.
A reliable medicine and one that should
always t kept In the home for Immediate
use Is Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It
will prevent the attack If giveu aa soon aa
the child becomes hoarse, or even after the
croupy cough appears. There Is no danger
In giving it to children 4or It contains no
opium or other harmful drug.
HARVARD, Neb.. Jan. 16. -(Special.) At
tha home of the bride's parents Mr. and
Mrs. Crabbe of the New Harvard hotel. In
this city, their eldest daughter, Miss Ona
H. Crabbe, was united In marriage to
Charles Perry, who for some years has
been associated with his father In the
hardware and furniture business here.
After some days visiting friends in different
parti of the state they will return to make
their home here.
M'COOL JUNCTION. Neb., Jan. 16. (Spe
cial.) Adam Smith and Miss Mattle Miller
were married this evening at the residence
of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mra. C. W.
Miller. Rev. H. A. Wolfe officiated, and
nearly 100 guesta were present. Mr. Smith
owns a fine 120-arre - farm near here, on
which they will reside. Both are well
known in south York county and are tery
- Charet-Charet. -
BEATRICE. Neo.. Jan. 16 (Special.)
In the presence of about 100 frienJs Mr.
Edgar Chavet and Mrs. Rose Chavet were
united In marriage Thursday evening at St.
la your system weak
or run down, the nerves
unsteady appetite
poor or the blood im
pure? Loose h more time
exjredmcnti'iif: but get a bot
tle of Ilostetter'u Ktouiach
Bitters ut once from your
druggist. It always cures
eren after other remedies
have failed. Don't accept
a substitute. .
44444a4444 a4aaad4aadaddda4da40
You cannot duplicate them, for ten
times the price we are asliing.
Our lease expires Feb.
1st. We do not intend
" 1
I to take a dollar's worth ff
I of stock away with us.
Articles for which
lljW yu Paid $4-5 you can
S get to-morrow for 50c. J
Do not miss this oppor-
fnntttr r o 1 rrt r .
fsrft turnip kji ci uiiiiiii
a -ss- we
Our Necessities are Imperative. 50c, Take Your Choice, 50c
- .. - - " - - - - - - -- - - 1
Everything Must Go. Nothing BJeserved.
Actual values, $3, $4, $7 and $12.
We must bear the loss. It is your opportunity.
44444444444V4 444 444444
Joseph's Catholic church. Rev. M. M. Merk!
ofnclating. Mr. and Mrs. Chavet will make
their home at Harblne.
PLATTSMOUTH, Neb., Jan. ltj.-(8pe-clal.)
Frank E. Green and Mra. Mollle J.
Robinson were married at the home of hi
parents In this city Thursday evening, Rev.
II. B. Burgess ofilciating.
I.euion-Ilall atrotn.
' NEBRASKA CITY. Neb., Jan. 10.-(3pe-clal
Telegram.) Jess J Lemon and Hilda
Hallstrom, both of this city, were granted
a marriage license here today.
Carriage Elegance.
Omaha citizens are no longer sat sf'.el
with the old street hacks and coup s of
twenty years ago. Why thould they be,
when the very lutt-ft dcHgns and finest
workmanship that money can buy in the
way of luxurious carriages are now of
fered to the public? One of the latest ar
rivals In this line la owned by Mr. P.
Melcher, proprietor of the Melchcr Sales
Btables on South 19th street. This is a fine,
five-glass Landau, with drop top, uphol
stered In the finest American mills novelty
cloth, with silk coach lace foclnrrs and
satin trimming overhead. It Is equipped,
of course, with rubber tires, rubber spiing
bushings and rubber pole cushion, ao that
all the rattle and squesk of the carriage
is overcome.
This carriage was furniehed through the
Drummond Carriage company to Mr.
Melcher, who Intends It for afternoon calls,
weddings and theater parties, and he cer
tainly offers the finest vehicle of the kind
for this purpose.
Mr. Melcher enjoys the confidence of a
large class of people In Omaha, having
been In business here for the last five
years, tnd has built up a large and lucra
tive business. From a start of five years
ago with only three horses, he is now the
owner of over fifty head and furnlshei
complete outfits to many of the best busl
ut&s Arms In the city.
It is not so much of a calamity that a man contracts disease or
weaknesses, but that he neglects them or fail3 to get the proper
treatment' for their cure.
This Institution is legally authorized by the
State and established for the purpose of giving
proper medical treatment in Genito-Urinary and
Sexual Diseases of men.
Fair and Warmer, with Snow In
. Northern and . Eastern Parts '
of Nebraska.
WASHINGTON. Jun. K-Foreeast:
For NcbrasWu Fair Sunday, except snow
In northern and eastern portions; Monday,
For Iowa Enow Sunday, with rising tem
aicrature; Mur.duy, fair.
For Indiana Fair Sunday, warmer In
north and central portions; Monday rain,
variable wlnOs.
For llllr..j:s Itain or snow and wsrmer
H .nday; Monday, fair, variable winds, be
coming fresh southeast.
For Cokiradu and Wyoming FiJr Sunday
and Monday.
For MiesiRirt Rain and warmer Sunday;
Monday, fair.
i ' For South Dakota Sifow Sunday, Moa
: day, fair.
Fur Kansas Fair Sunday and Monday.
,leal Record.
OMAHA, Jan. It tjfliciul record of tem-
psraiuie ai.d rrecipltat:un compare J with I
the corriraponuing lu ui li.c last throe j
. 19u4. 10J.-1H. 1901.
Maximum temnerature 22 41 :j. a '
Minimum temperature H 'J lj
Mean temix ra ture 'ci IK Z
Preoipltalin u 00 oO uu
Reourd of tempeialura and prt epilation
at uniaUa fur Oils day since kjaitn 1,
i i :
, Normal temperature . n
I Kxcexa for lb day t
i I.Hal excoau since March 1, 1JJ ... 213
.-. i.mal precipitat'.on ,. .0i Ini h
h.'lency for th day .0! inch
Precipitation since Mch 1. Vfji..Z2 U tuch-s
Kaci a since March 1. '8 l.ki Inches
I-lic!ency fr tur. peri'Kl. .U inch
Deficiency fur cjr jwrlud, 1C. (.iyinchea
With niifht loBsej, (allinjj memory, achlnar
back, kljncv diseases, nervo-exual debility,
caused bv self abuse, 'resulting in sexual weak-
do?h and lost mauhond, unlit: intr them for work, buslnoas, study or mar
riajje, axe talo? quickly cured by our special treatment after all others
1 4
Diseases of m6n, (ionorrhnea. Poisonous Discharges,
GU-ct, Stricture, Eolarped I'rostale Gland, and all
Skin and lilood Diseases promptly cured by our safa
and certain rafnbod.
(VENEREAL.) By our special treatment
ail sore n body, limbi, in mouth and
throat quickly disappear, and your blood
poison is cured in leas time than anywhere else, aud at a much less ex
peoso to you.
Hydrocele and all swellings, tenderness,
wasted or shrunken condition of the sexual
ore-HQ quickly cured and the or can. restored
to their full power, sue and vigor.
Until your whole system Is polluted with dis
ease, or until your nervous system U tottering
inuer the strain, and you become a Physical
and mental wreck unfit for work, study, bu.ine-s or marrlueo. Dju'I ex
periment with dangerous or uncertain treatmant. The worst cases that
we have had to deal wi.h were those that had ben neglected or Improperly ,
treated before coming to us. ,
and certain rafnbe
to their full power, sue an
The Longest Established,
The Most Skillful and Successful
Specialists In Diseases of Meo.
Evry afflicted man owes it to himself, his family, and to tha future ffeneratlons to get cured SAFELY aud
thoroughly. We euro by restoring and preserving Important organs. We do not advUe surgical means which
mutilate, weaken and destroy. (
PfiVQIII TATIfliy FDFF Offioonours-8a.m.to8p. m.; RundayslOtol onlv.
tJUHOUL I ft I IU11 I nLL' If you cannot ca',1 writo for symptom b';aak.
l ' i :?J iguii rt a
' fct-yifoiuuSs
I 1308 Farnam St,f Dot. 13th and 14th Sts., Omaha, Web.
Temjiest-toosed. the brave seaman strains
hla sight while hU soul is filled with rej'il;- !
Ing as he catches a glimpse of the rays i
from the Unlit-house whlih penetrate the
flnotny darknets with which he Is sur- I
loundod. 'To him the light brings rescue i
from en untimely, watery grave and shelter I
In a harlor protected against the raging
storm. The light-house placed high und
In full view of the afflicted of the earth
Is Ir. Burkharfs Vegetable Cqmpound,
which cures the following diseases: Rheu
matism, Neurnlgia, Catarrh, (.'on.tipntMn,
11,-ert. iiladoVr Stomach and Liver
tiiitljl-g. It lnfuees !i:to the boly pure,
rich, hea'thy blxxl. Tie must Htrretlv
civ of dl-eHe Sire deteeie1 and tht-ir
piiaons and injurtvju st'.vMiincea are ban
lolled from the system. Thirty days' treat
ment, 2rc. All druglBts.
jf OttJT. iirsKs taVavl brmios CsvM liaia. - t r-avt-a
f 1 Oi1 LJaDlt " Wtlh FVi.L WfUfUlawa Ja4a
F1 tsssrt LAni.iia la U-tly I'f rrium kvall. Wrll
A Vacant Room
Eats Up Money
Every day you lose the price of a day,
rent a loss that is n:ver raad: up.
It's particularly fbo'ish when a Want
Ad In the Bee will rent your room. Ten
words three times will cost you 30 cents.
Tel. 238. Bee Want Ad Dept.

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