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Wir in Tar East Eels Local Packing
Eon ics Paring Ball Stasia.
Arailea of Ibr Csar la Maarharla !
Be Fad aa Beef laoahterra' aa
' racked la oatb
Monday afternoon the Cudahy Par sirs;
Company sent out two special refrla-erator
train1 with meat ordered by the Russin
government M. li. Murphy, general man
ager pf the Cudahy Packing company, aald
the shipment cinslsted of extra mesa beef,
mutton and dry .salt meats. The two
traJna leaving her a, yesterday must reach
Ban Francisco by January 22, as the Run
elan ships now In the harbor there will
all on January 26. Packers at Kansas
Clty'.and Chicago are also sending meats
(or these ships.
The Armour company la putting up a
large order for the t"hHed States govern
ment to be sent to Manila. This order
consists of hams and bacon and Is cured
to stand any climate. . -
With the prospects of further orders
from foreign governments, the packing
houses here are making preparations to
hip meats of all klndj to any port on
abort notice. While Just now there Is no
perceotiMe Increase In the number of men
employed at the packing houses, as this Is
the dull season, the men needed are being
held In hand and should a rush order
come It can be turned oat oh short notice.
Cudahy's two trains which left yesterday
will go through on passenger time, the
only stops to be made will be for a change
of engines, crews and for Icing the cars. '
The liritlsh government Is ordering meats
for ships stationed In the far east and tbe
South Omaha packers are looking for some
of this trade, but so far no contracts have
been entered into ytlh the packers here.
Jadsre Klnsr Seatearea Prlaoaera.
Yesterday afternoon .Police Judge King
had a number of offenders brought before
him and six were given county jail sen
tences. Charles Bralth drew thirty days
for stealing some clothing from Charles
Booker. Frank Gurness was accused of
assaulting Peter Trick and was given a
month with Sheriff Power. For a petit
rceny caBe William Ford was sent up for
twenty days. Ray Piper ifas charged with
petit larceny, and the-Judge put him away
for twenty days. Roy Fox, charged with
assisting Qurness In the assault on Urlck,
was sentenced to thirty days. All of these
prisoners were taken to the county Jail
last evening by Chief Brlggs.
v Aaaaal Charity Ball.
The annual ball given by the South
Omaha Hospital association was held last
night at the Exchange building. There
waa the usual large attendance and the
danofers made merry until quite late. An
extra effort was made to decorate the
dancing hall for this occasion and the com
mittee In charge Of this work waa com
plimented. Members of the association did
everything possible to entertain those pres
ent. It Is expected that when the tickets
are all accounted for that the association
will have several hundred dollars to Its
credit , sv. ;. ...
Nice Beaad Over. x
James Nice waa arraigned In police court
yesterday afternoon on the charge of shoot
ing James Kirk. Nice waived a preliminary
examination and was held to the district
court In tha sum' rX 'SSor.' Bond waa fur
nished at once. About two months ago
Nice took a shot at Kirk and wounded hint
allghtly. Nice runs a night lunch wagon
and had been bothered a great deal with
people who .would order sandwiches and
then not pay for them. Kirk came along
and made some remarks which Nice look
to be of an Insulting nature and he fired
a shot from a small calibre revolver. The
hot took effect and Kirk was laid up In
the hospital for about a week. It la thought
that the binding over of Nice will end the
case, as Kirk does not seem to be anxious
to prosecute.'
White Will Itesnala.
Richard O'Keeffe, chairman of the board
of county commissioners, said last evening
that there waa no prospect of any change
being made In assistant county physicians.
Dr. W. 8. White Is the physician In charge
of the county's work In South Omaha and
as he appears to suit Mr. O'Keeffe there
la no prospect of a change. Several doc
tors are applicants for the position, but
aa Mr. O'Keeffa has given It out that there
will be no change the applications now1 on
file will most likely be withdrawn.
Captala, Etta Katertelas. .
La it night twelve of. the clerks employed
at the nostnffice called UDon Postmaster
Etter at his home, 131 North Twenty-fifth
street, and' were nicely entertained. " The
postmaster was not aware that the clerks
were coming and he waa taken by surprise.
There was music, a delicious lunch and a
lot of amall talk. In entertaining tbe guests
Captain Etter waa assisted by ills son, I
F. Etter, the deputy postmaster.
Wyemlaa- Cattle Ceadltloas.
II. C. liostwlck. vice president and di
rector of the South Omaha National bank,
waa In tils office yesterday after a trip to
Sheridan, Wyo. Mr. . Boatwlck is one of
the directors of the Sheridan bank. He
reported that tbe officers and directors who
served last year were re-elected and that
the batik' was In a flourishing condition.
As for cattle conditions Mr. Bostwick
gaUd that the ranges were In fine shape.
"In fact," he 'said, "there has been very
little winter so far in Wyoming and tbe
cattle are graslng on, the ranges. Condi
tions were never better there than now
as far A -cattle are concerned. 'AH of the
rattle on the .ranges are getting fat and the
herds will come out of the winter In first
chus condition."
, Magle City Casslp.
Henry Ml, formerly of South South,
la now located at Outhrle. O. T.
Revival mwtings will be held every even
ing this wee kal the First Baptist church.
F.Ik district court No. 747. court of honor,
will give a tmll on Friday evening. January
13. at Eugloa' ball. Twenty-sixth and N
The Isdles, auxiliary of St. Martin's
church will meet Wednesday afternoon
J ar a ana eaori VtrmtuM
with Mrs. A. U Lott, Twenty-second and
H streets.
O. F. Olbhs returned yterflsy from a
bustnis trip to Chicago sntl Orsnd Rapids.
C. W. Miller, superintendent at the stock
yards postal station. Is taking a fifteen
days' vacation.
Mrs. Maaaie Buckley, mother of Captain
I. J. Burkit-y of the fire department, died
st her home In Omaha yesterdav. The re
mains will be forwarded todsy to Carleton,
la., for Interment.
Steps Takea te Form t'lvte Federatloa
' Which All.Cltlseaa Are
The Central Federation of Improvement
Clubs met last evening at the city hall In
special session to consider the proposition
of an amendment to the constitution of the
club, permitting all members of the kcal
Improvement clubs or . persons recom
mended by them to become members of the
central federation upon the payment of U.
The proposition met with considerable ob-,
J action, and after considerable descusslon
for and agsinst the resolution' was with
drawn. It was decided that the Central
Federation In Ita inception was created as
a clearing house of the various Improve
ment clubs of the city, and that' its orig
inal purpose would be destroyed by open
ing It up to miscellaneous membership.
There Is a field for the Central Federation
aa at present created, and It had a special
and Important work to perform.
A resolution waa Introduced by A. A.
Buchanan, providing for the election of
honorary members of the Central Federa
tion who are disposed to pay $2S for the
distinction and adopted.
The members remained after adjourn
ment to discuss the expediency of the or
ganisation of a central Improvement club,
for which all taxpayers of Omaha arid all
others who are Interested In the beautlfl
catlon of the city shall be eligible. Judge
Slabaugh was chosen as temporary chair
man of the meeting. A motion then pre
vailed that a committee of five be ap
pointed' to prepare a constitution for the
new organisation and to present the same
at a meeting to be held for the purpose of
taking the Initiatory steps toward
such an organisation, to be held at the
city hall Monday evening. January 15.
Chairman Slabaugh. announced as such
committee Messrs. Q. A. Pope, A. A. Bu
chanan, L. J. Blake and Charles Johnson.
Judge Slabaugh waa also made a member
of the committee.
The purpose of the new organization will
be to create a strong central club, along
the line of the Civic Federation of St
Iuls, and Minneapolis, and to Interest all
citizens of Omaha In the question of civic
Improvement Hnd all ao Interested are
cordially Invited to become members of the
new organisation and attend the meeting
called for next Monday evening.
Omaha General Secretary' Resigns to
Accept Like Position la Mass
achaaetts. F. la. Willis, general secretary of the
Toung Men's Christian association, has re
signed. He goes to assume similar duties
In Worcester, Mass., remaining here until
May 1 If necessary. The resignation waa
handed In last night at the regular monthly
meeting of the board of directors and was
a complete surprise to most of them. The
executive committee had notice before,, but
nothing had been said until Mr.' Willis had
made up his mind to' accept the call of
tbe eastern association.' A committee of
five was appointed to search for a successor
to Mr. Willis. The five are Isaac Carpen
ter J. ft.' Pumorjt. Oeorgft Gtlmore, T, T.
Bturgess and A. -P.. Tk7. ' . '
Mr. Willis, while In Portland. Ore., a
month ago, was first approached In regard
to the Worcester association. lie went
east last week and stayed three daya and
aa a result was unanimously called. The
association there Is not up to date and
Mr. Willis mapped out an active campaign
with which, the directors were pleased.
His principal reason for going to Worcester
Is the excellent - educational advantages
which It promises for his son and daughter,
who have finished the high school course.
The work is also an inducement and there
la an additional $500 In emoluments.
"Mr. Willis has been general secretary of
the Omaha association for six years," said
one of the directors, "and during that time
we have had a steady and rapid advance
ment along all lines. He was recognized
aa the foremost Toung Men's Christian as
sociation man in the state In fact, one, of
the most prominent In the. west. . We are
very sorry to receive his resignation and
do not know where we shall be able to find
a successor who will In any wsy take his
place; but still we felt that we should re
lease him, and we did. He wishes to go as
soon aa a new secretary has been secured."
High Jaalers Pretest Asralast Reports
That War Exists Betweea
the Classes.
The seniors and Juniors of the high sch jol
re Jointly prepared to do things to that
person or persons who shall aay aught
against the amicable relatione existing be
tween them. . p
"We are on the friendliest terms and
never have been at' outs and we did not
think that It was the seniors who dis
turbed us at our annual dance last week,"
quoth three Juniors, Richard Patterson, H.
C. Webb and C. Potter, all at ones, "We
think the seniors had nothing whatever to
do with thla affair, but are satisfied tt
was outsiders." continued the trio of
Juniors, who, incidentally, are very anxious
that none of their subsequent social func
tions be interfered with by authorities
who .might be led astray by reports of a
clash with the seniors last week.
May Be m Stylish Oae, hat It Makes
A man usually buys a hat that'a "la
style." but the modern hat for men has
lota to answer for.
Baldheads are growing more numerous
very day. Hats make excellent breeding
places for the parasitic germa which sap
the life from the roots of the hair.
When your hair begins to fall out and
your scalp Is full of dandruff It Is a sure
sign that these countless germs are busily
at work.
There la but one way to overcome the
trouble and kill the germs that way ta to
spply Newbro's Herpiclde to the scalp It
will kill the germa and healthy hair la aura
to esult.
Sold by leading druggists. Send 10c In
stamps- fur sample to The Herpiclde Co..
Detroit. Mich. Sherman McCunnell Drug
Co.. apodal agents.
Otvll Servtea Kxasslaatloas,
''The United States Civil BArrtc oommfs
ton announces that an examination will
be held February IT and la. lA. to secure
aUgtUes to Oil eighteen vacancies In the
uuiUua of copyist (male) at tout per annum
in the bureau of psnjoona. and other vacan
cies aa they may occur. Age limit, tb te
m years. Only graduates of regular medi
cal school will be eligible to this exam
ination. The poaltlmui wQ be thuae of
xuedlaml clerk- t
Ttasas Fwal Away,
Coughs, eolda and Tung troubles demand
prompt treafmexii with Dr. King's NewDis
oovery. No ours, ns fa. Ifau, Ls. For
OitT Council Will Bt ',in IU' littint U
Board This Vexing.
Bill ta Allew for Ereetlla af lga
posts Is Rerommeaded for ladeaV
alte Post poaemeat by Xarraw
Vete After Debate.
The city council begins Its sittings aa
the Board of Equalisation this morning at
10 o'clock and will continue In session for
five daya At the generalcommittee meet
ing Monday .afternoon preparations were
made for the work and C. C. Valentine
hired aa stenographer.
The council, in committee with City Engi
neer Rosewater, discussed the proposition)
of garbage disposition, with a view to tak
ing the matter up for action at the meeting
this evening. Mr. Rosewater said the
money expended for garbage disposition
was equal to the. sum of the hydrant and
the lighting funds and was of the greatest
Importance. He recommended Incinerating
plants, but sketched plsns for a temporary
dumping system. He said that bids should
be called for the collection and destruction
ot garbage under -two conditions by the
river and by Incineration and for tesans of
ten or fifteen years. '
A deputation from the Omaha View Im
provement club waited on the council with
a ' petition that five feet of earth be re
moved from Nicholas street west of Thirty
fourth and a bridge built to give them an
outlet to Thirty-sixth street The council
was favorable to the removal of tbe earth,
which greatly damaged property.
Jay Burns appeared with a proposition
for street lighting In competition with
others for the gasoline contract He offered
the boulevard lamp, with from-sixty to
seventy candle-power, ' at 129 60 per lamp,
he to maintain these. Mr. Burns waa asked
to submit a written proposition at the
meeting tonight Councilman Schroeder re
ported In favor of the city taking out $1,000
policies on the firemen, the cost for the
force being SS8S.50. Fred Hoye moved to
lay the matter oft the table for one week.
Tbe councllmen were entertained for an
hour and a half by a dialogue between
John W. Parish of the one part and
members of a large deputation from the
Real Estate exchange and the Prospect
Hill Improvement club of the other on the
advantages and bad points of the proposed
corner advertising posts. L F. Carpenter,
C. C. Belden, C. A. Goes, J. W. Bobbins,
President G. C. Wallace, W. T. Oraham
and others protested against the granting
of the franchise and Mr. Parrlsh presented
a list of signers to a petition in Its favor
and protested that the contract, did not
mean a franchise. A motion by President
7.immon . nut nn ffl InoflnltAl v m m
carried. Back, Evans, Schroeder and
O'Brien voting in the negative and Dybair,
Hoye, Zlmman, Nicholson and Huntington
In the affirmative.
Jadge Carlaad Modl0.es lajaactloa. la
Case Iavolvla Water Works
at Sloas Falls.
SIOUX FALLS, a D., Jan. 18.-8pecUl)
Judge Carland of the United States court
In this city. In the case Instituted by the
private water company which furnishes
Sioux Fslls with ' water to prevent the
construction of a municipal., system, of
waterworks, has modified the terms of the
temporary Injunction which he granted
last Thursday afternoon on application of
the water company.
instead of stopping all work on the mu
nicipal system Judge Carland will permit
several blocks of mains, now arranged for,
to be put In, together with fire hydrants.
By the terms of the modified temporary In
junction tbe pumping engine, which al
ready has been shipped by the manufac
turers, may be Installed In the new' build
ing prepared for It and the building com
Judge "Carland further permits the city
to pay the contractors . for work already
done and allowed to be done, according to
the terms, of the contracts, but before pay
ment is made the estimates shall be pre
sented to him and allowed by him and an
order made directing that payment be
made. . -
Judge Carland's modified order ' grants
practically all that tbe city desired and
will enable It to complete the municipal
plant The contract with the private water
company terminates April t next, but the
question of whether or not the city can
then operate the municipal plant and force
the water company to abandon the local
field has not yet been determined and may
not be for some little time.
It the water company ' aa the result of
the present litigation should defeat the
city, It will be required to purchase the
municipal waterworks plant at cost. Thus,
through the wlbdorn of Judge Carland. the
city cannot possibly lose a single dollar If
It Is defeated in the courts.
granted Mrs. Whitman a divorce on the
ground of desertion. Whitman waa also re
quired' to pay the plaintiff alimony In the
sum of I10.r&.t. The custody of their little
son was awarded to the father during the
school term, but during vacation the mother
la to have him In charge. 1
Redaeea latereat aa Warraats.
PIERRE, S. D., Jan. 1 (Special.) State
Treasurer Collins has called $100,000 of reg
istered warrants, which will be taken up
with the proceeds of an Issue of $100,000
of revenue warrants which have been Is
sued at 8 per'cent to take up the T per cent
registered warrants. Within a few daya It
Is expected to call another $100,000 of reg
istered wsrrants to be paid by a further
Issue of the revenue warrants to the same
amount The reduction In Interest Is only
1 per cent, but that will sivfe the state
$2,000 per year. The whole Issue Is being
taken by the American National bank of
Deadwood, It not being necessary to go
outside of the state to float the warrants.
Will Fix Booth Dakota Arbor Day.
PIERRE, S. D Jan. 1. Special.) Gov
ernor Herrpld has submitted to the State
Horticultural society the question aa to the
proper date for Arbor day In this state,
as they are better able to set the best date
for tree planting than any other body of
men In that slate. Ever since Governor
Herreld has been In the chair he has made
extra effort to encourage the planting of
trees In South Dakota, both through the
schools and Individuals, and In past years
has enlisted the work of school superin
tendents of the different counties In the
work, and thla year has secured the co
operation of the state Industrial depart
ment, which will assist In the work.
tor Dakota Laad Sa
PIERRE, a D., Jan. Speclal.) The
state land department haa set aa the
date for sales of state lands this year:
Kingsbury county, March 15; Beadle,
March 16; Spink, March 17; Brown, March
18. Leases will be made In Brookings,
Deuel, Hamlin, Codington, Grant. Day.
Roberta and Marshall counties on March
1; In Hughes, Sully, Hand. Hyde. Kaulk,
Potter, Edmunds, Walworth McPherson
and Campbell counties on the 17th of
March, and ln all other counties of the
state the lease offerings will be on the
Sewth Dakota Hortlealtnrlsts Meet.
SIOUX FALLS, S. D., Jan. 18. (Special.)
The fifteenth annual convention of the
South Dakota Horticultural society will
convene at Madison ' tomorrow for a ses
sion lasting until Thursday. The program,
whloh was carefully arranged by Secre
tary Hansen, professor of horticulture In
the South Dakota State Horticultural col
lege at Brookings, embraaes a wide range
of subjects and Includes some of the best
horticultural talent in the Northwest
Flantah Girl Kills Herself.
XEMMERER, Wyo., Jan. 18. (Speclal.)
Marie KunutHa, a young Finnish girl,
committed suicide Wednesday night In her
roorh In the rear of the steam laundry, but
the manner of her death has not yet been
determined. She fastened a piece of rope to
the bed post, but when found her body was
In a sitting position, the ropo hung loose
and there was no evidence of strangulation.
No cause 'Is known for the act She had
been despondent for some time.
Soath Dakota Masons.
ABERDEEN. 8. D. Jan. 18.-Speclal.)-The
Scottish Rite Masons hold their an
nual Reunion In this city beginning, Mon
day. January 18.' A,, large class Wlli be
Initiated at thla time, and the attendance
from abroad will bo quite . heavy. The
ladles of the Eastern Star will serve meals
In the banquet hall -.of, the temple each
day during the reunion.. The affair prom
ises to bo a prominent one In Masonic cir
cles. . '
Sella Valuable Copper Claims.
WHEATLAND.' Wyo.. Jan. 18. (Special.)
The Platte Canyon Mining1 company has
sold to eastern parties seven valuable cop
per claims 'In the Surprise district, two
miles north of Guernsey, for $60,000. The
present owners are E. D. Robinson,. An
thony Wilde, Joseph Wyde, Thomas Hun
ton, Carroll brothers. D. W. Brice, M. R.
Johnston, J. B. Boyer and "8. E. Saum,
alt of northern Laramie county.
Oil Inspector Has Sarplns.
PIERRE. 8. D.. Jan. 18. -(Special.) Oil
Inspector Emll Brauch, tor the 'southern
district of the state, has filed his report
with the governor, showing the business
transacted by him for the six months from
July 1 last. In which his duties have been
oaly In the southern district, and 'also
covering the first six months of the year
as inspector for the whole state.' For the
first six months as state inspector he In
spected 1,106.547 gallons of oil, for which
he received fees amounting to $3,891.37. For
thf second six months as Inspector for the
southern district alone, he passed 682,:4
gallons of gasoline and ' 744.96J gallons of
oil, receiving in fees $3,890.25. To thla he
transferred $1,138. making a grand total of
I7.S19 73 received. Out of this, expenses to.
the amount of $1.3til.n and salaries of
$1,670 and $578.25 apparatus fund were taken.
leaving H.tuS.tt, which haa been turned Into
tbe state treasury. .
, Ead af Seasatleaal Divorce Caac.
SIOUX FALLS. 8. p.. Jan. 18 (Special.)
Judge Jones of tbe state circuit court In
this city, after a trial extending over sev
eral days, haa rendered a decision In the
divorce case of Delia Whitman against Jo
seph II. Whitman, a real estate dealer of
this city who Is reputed to be worth about
$100,000. After most of the testimony had
been submitted the parties In Interest' af
fected a settlement aad Judge Jonas
Children Waader Through Saow.
SHERIDAN. Wyo., Jan. 18. (Special.)
Mattle and Caasle Valentine, aged 9 and
7 years respectively, ran away from their
home In this city last Tuesday and were
not found or several days. They tramped
alone through tho snow arid cold across
the bleak prairies to a ranch about eight
miles from the city, where, they stopped
with relatives. The girls aaid their mamma
told them they could make the trip.
Pol SapportlaW Brras Suui Re
- so-easlkle for Death af His Saa
, v la Hew Task City.
NEW YORK, Jan. U.-Jacob J. Durfleld
today received a verdict In the supreme
court for $10,000 for the loss of his son,
Charles W. Durfleld, who waa killed Sep
tember 12, 1900, by the fail of a pole sup
porting a Bryan and Stevenson banner
erected by Tammany hall at tho corner of
Broadway nd Duane street Durfleld, who
resided at Birmingham, Ala., waa here
spending his vacation and the pole fell
during a gale. The city of New York and
Charlea Bimberg, Meyer Blmberg and
Howard Clarkson, who erected the banner,
were the defendants.
Reals as hy Male.
If a pain, sore, wound, burn.scald, cut
or piles distress you, . Bucklen's Arnica
Salve will cure it. or no pay. 2&c For sale
by Kuhn ft Co. '
Ta Debate Saraveager Law.
The Prospect Hill Improvement club Is
srranglng for a big meeting at Its quarters
Thirty-fourth and Decatur streets, Wednes
day evening, January . The "scavenger"
tax law will be discussed by City Treasurer
Hennlngs. and the Tbirly-lhird street pav
ing matter will also be discussed. Another
feature of the meeting will be the discus
sion of the street car tare reduction propo
sition, and members of all Improvement
clubs of tbe cltjr are invited to be present
Atae Tribe far Ex posit lea.
ST. LOUIS, Jan. 18 Prof. Frederick Starr
of the University of Chicago left here for
the Faetnc coast, where he, will sail for
Japan, in order to secure representatives
of, the Alno people, the aborigines of the
Japanese island, for the Louisiana Pur
clitM exposition.
OP .
Every Day
be relied upon to rtlkve
hajuv a sum om Aaisxaa is rn
V 4
V A (i W
1 1
1 O
QUR California excursions are popular for
many reasons. One of them is the care
and individual attention paid to our guests.
Carefully selected men act as special
J. '4. : r a.i ti i
cuiiuutiors ui ujcsc . panics. Aiiey -iiave a ,
thorough knowledge of all points of interest
enroute, and know how to do the best thing
in the best i way. They make traveling
These Personally Conducted Excursion
parties run twice a week, via the Scenic
Route of the World through Denver, the
Rocky Mountains, Salt Lake City, eta
' I shall be glad to send our California booklet to you tree, and
It will belp you In planning your western trip. Write forit.,
lUllilUniii J. B
1502 Farnam Stroot,
i i.aWsUaeaWaa;

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