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Erw Jala Boll f qitid en Tar ej Slices
of tlii Giobi.
Bpmtfm af tbe btritfii Laasl Pirate
Make bnto mi Olker s.stisvas
Lk Like aaall rtfffi
f Silver.
E.rlt:sh esndemnaMrin of th- r.ueran fm
f Maara-urla coctrlbules mightily tu ifce j
T. ra '.h of I
JetT of cations Doa4C.
ths pot because the ktt: txk on tbe
African has is outlmvl la m!rthfain-
Possibly tk most auecfsslul UU ptraie in
history re nn the idea of rotr. petjUfn in
rabs, and aa affairs are cH la chape fi a
Bierfer of grabbers, or to ?rt la ca tti
trans. th only ccrarse ppm 1? to emulate
ths burglar and yeH "S:rp thl-f."
A writer in the Brooklyn Eaa-ie s-ivrg a
ucrinct review of Priti!h trala around
the world. Take India, few instance. T&
eUsreveriee of the Prrtuarir In tV e.
and that of a nw hm!.j,here in the t
pened a wider field for trie exerr-iee cf
England' ambltltua project; and th!r old
entarrmlyts. the French, had already n-ide
extensors aettlemeiiu In anwlfcern India,
when a entrpanr of Er.!5h ro-rtfcaxits
humbly askM and obtained permissic n to
rert a tradlra; house or fartory on th Bay
ef Central, not far from the pr'wrt !: of
CaJruta, toward the close of the sixteenth
century la lei the fam us Hat India
company w chartered be the Fritlfh
K'leei'UBaent. ard from that 1at th fate of
India was aeed. Boon arnihT ite at
Madras waa obtained for tmdir- purr.os.
nd next the places sere rnrlneed with
fort Ilk waJls and Erl!ah eolders intrv.
Dewd. Ererywhere the French eU!-r
wrers aatacnnlced and finally enpereedd.
i(Tt la tk ririnify rf PocHtherr. Tbs
entering wed being firmTy presned ;ur
rels srsr srllfaHT- en rendered and y?te
tnatically fomented between the native
princes: then aid wn-uld be offered to one
party aa-atna the other, esd'ng always with
earns gain of ten it. 'i y to the Er.jclih.
Bribery at Xatlve Oalrera.
Not only was this mode of ra'ning ln
Cusnre sad power, always tailrg ode, of
tours, with the strongest, baiitujt21y
adopted, bat ths meaner and more de-
,-raJlsins; mode of bribing native offi-ers
teketray their rulers on the field of battle,
was freely and frequently reported to. Vy
these aad similar Jntrijrues by these repre
sentauiTee of the Brtuoh gnvemmf nt the
East India company, within six years, ob
tained control of three of th richest prov
inces of eastern India. A recent English
author. Colonel C B. Mal'.eson. says of the
govern Ins; council at Calcutta, In lTffl-I.
when ths company bad succeeded in in.it
tng to rcrolt Mir K antra againrt hia father-in-law.
ths lestimaie ruler. Mir Xafar:
"This-- conduct was attributable to one
ca use only, the barest and meaneet of all.
tba destrs for personal gain, by any means,
and at any cost. It waa the same loncir.g
which has animated the robber of the
northern dimes and the pirates of the
southern sea a. which has stlxnul.td in
dividuals to robbery and murder. In point
ef morality this clique was lis whit better
than ths perpetrators of uch deeds."
From this scathes; criticism he excepts
only two persons of Influence, one of w hom
was Warren Hastings. These Englishmen
who had bea-un their career In India by bear-'
gins; the privilege of a simple trading frtte.
practically demanded the free Importation
ef their own goods, with th exoepj'in of
ens article only, salV on which they conde
scended to pay ? per cert, while the r.a
tives were taxed S per cent on nearly every -thins;.
TWl was extorted from the nswab.
whom they had aseieted In his treason.
Harlcg becoms masters of nearly all the
eastern provinces the longing eyes of the
British Intruders were next tomel to he
central and western portions of the coun
try, ts ths proTince of Oude. of the Pun
jaub. ef ths Mahrattan. and finally of
nob) and patriotic Sink, who made tl
nost superhuman efforts to preeerre their
independence, but In vain. All this time
England was sending her best military
talent to ths aid of the marauders, such
anen as OIts, Hastings. HaveWk. etc..
until ths Protestant queen of England be
raiBS ths sovereigw of the largest lioham
anedaa population or. the globe which is
ns re ass n why England .does not choose
ts InterXere too much with Turkey, lest !t
biuld arouse revolt in her Moham
snsdaa provinces In India.
' Ok sslsa; tfcs Dwtrb.
Havtns thoroughly subdued India it was
suits natural that this progressive nation
should deslrs a half way station to obtain
water and supplies for ths sailing vnwii
ftos days. What better couid bs found
rTaa Caps Colony ? True, this had been
lone settled by ths Dutch, but was a
colony of busts Hollanders to stand in the
way at ths Imperial Britisher? These plod
tftnc Dutch meat had mads southern Africa
their boms sines 1651 No matter, they
saust mass way for ths stronger race, so
they were pushed out of Cape Coluny.
First thsy migrated in a body toward a
snsrs Bortharn nsctioa of ths country, which
waa practleaJJy uninhabited, but there was
araod pausturags there and soon the Enrtfun
coior.lsts acain crowded them out. tiiea
thsy went in a body to Natal, innocently
' thinking that this was so far away thk.t
wrsly ths English would never come there.
But MS fins dsy a ship bearing ths Union
Jack appeared entering the harbor nj
sbots rest tor tbs poor Hollanders. The
ort was takes by their old mrgreseors and
r. -.-i J "
" 1 ' asawaassassssa'
tck Hsssacbs sad rai !' ab treuiiios mrk
est ts s kjiMas ataos m4 tk iaiea. ssra as Ins-s-saaa.
Kassis. bmemt. ttrsa au asusg.
Pais tse aa, aVc W a; ,a tasw bim rssaaua-
aas haa sbowa la caruuj
Ljat Carur alitu Li-r hmnouJi
i at CsaiauBsiM. &r and pR-seuucg
ratg iisiniaist. u tat. a-ao correct
a-1 St i s ii aa s of tae umrtk e aiu.at tk iixs
ssst sacsiats Iks ssvca kaa tf iy a-y cai4
rtT Hum mstrmlll4 CUObVLL bui VrUk.
fcai.wy t fa fjsafcBss 4o sW eh bw ajtgj xttm
& W? MM Wlii t4 IkM ulssrf Lic
vi la mm y-1 wf tht hm m h ot W t j
to ViUmMiC 1 hmi mtvet ki tgl
Is tks bass Was Busy Lets xtmt bar swkstsws
aaa f grass Smt. Oaf fu Lais s BS-iS
sums asset.
Caraar s Lads IJvar F3)s are sere seu.1 sad
assy Is laaa. Oae ar raw
a-y ar artur stass sas ss t4 rrpr ar
Bwsaw ban by israr a sctais .reae J wte
sea iriaai is wjs a sa fasia: B jut si. ava
kf araggsss svarysbtas. st aaal sy a-L
sav Trk Clry)
or. rr-r te T'ut.-h tnirrated. tk!rg a
t' Tf"!'ly cntr n with acce.i"'ns
er.-m other clnrieta. foi,rdd ths Crrge
Tr :e- Ft a iars number of the
m .-c f nrvr-t a mora; the H-Mlanl-rs
f'.t tat thy sere not yet at a mfe d:-U-n'
fr- m the.r pursuing enemes and
tr-ey ;'nli.i thetr wag -n with wivea. rh:l-dr"-o
a4 hoerhold aod.. crossed the
m u-tin and the P.iver VaaL to seek a
ci't'r horn, remcned f-"m the Beuchuaa
lend. "e KhtT.rf and othr eections which
te Er'.h wr lrvsdir.g Thus what we
now kr."w as the Trarwvaal was the out
C"T of five nr sit removals made by the
or a r.l Puth iwttie- to escape the ra-pa.-ity
cf BrttiFh raiders. But even this
remote settlement it seem cannot be left
in pegre a. soon c. ;d and diamonds
sre fo.jr.l wi'Mn the limit cf that little
inland republic, a grand rush wss made
to th mire, not only from Cape Colony,
but from ErgUr.d. SoUand and elsewhere,
the reeult of wiih has been that thee
rc jrh endurir Bers were compelled to
sooert the wv rair.ty cf Eneland. snd later
were forced tr.lo war ard destruction.
wae Fasasaia Grabs.
f'ther larse pro-incs tn Africa have been
s.xe l up .n and hld absolutely, or undt-r
the pnt:kn of Great Britain on the flim
fi.t cf pietex', i;ke ,hyiMnla, for In
st ar.re. An American mirht well -k.
"What had Er.stand to do in Abyssinia""
Th.. is what ehe had to do in 1WSMS: First
m.Feionar'es were ser.t to convert thce
s mi-hn!itiana to s purer faith like hr
n. Then ehe wcrked in a Eritish rir.sul.
one riowden. In some local quarrel this
m&n wHth another Englishman was killed.
P!owd-r. -joceBor in the consulate, a
military man. named Camerfm. was di-roif-ed
by Kins Thoodore. but was in
tn..ted with a letter to (jjeen Victoria In
Fetnarv. l1-: this ktter was put aiiae
ursnswered This Inrult Kir.g Thcvlore
rrestly rstnted. When Cameron returned.
vry unsi.wely. to Ahywinia. he. wi'h two
other Ers ifhrre-n, etierwted of disloyalty
were irr,;inine1. In Jar: England sent an
army to awurs their release. The prison
er were released and the invading general
given laj-c-p and valuable gift), but this was
not what the Erslieh a-overnirient wanted:
tbey had their reel upon the sofl. and did
not mean to relinquish it before obtaining
pkrarnoxint influence there. The capital.
Mardsla. wji stormed and taken; the en
aire site being burnt over by Lord NajiT.
King Theodore committed suicide and hi
on was taken a prisoner. to England.
EgTpt ha ostensibly an Independent ruler,
but practically, through diplomatic In
trigue, and as heavy holders of Egyptian
bond, the khenJlve la held fat In British
leading strinars. and dare take no step dis
approved by Downing street.
In far off China the English navy was
Uf-od to forcibly open and secure what are
known as ths "treaty ports." and this kg
(rresicn wu mainly for the purpose of
compelling the Chinese government to ad
mit the importation of that demoralizing
dros opium. A vigorous, but Ineffectual
resistance was offered, but five or six ports
were secured by the Christian English na
tion, beside a large indemnity for war ex
panse ta.f,ini for a war forced upon
this ancsnt nation without a shadow of
To come to our own hemisphere. Of all
the West Indian Islands discovered by Co
lumbus and his Immediate successors Eng
land rules over three large groups, the Ba
hamas, the Windward and the Ieeward
islands, as also Trinidad, which lies Just to
the north bf Ventuela. In Central and
South America are British juiana and
British Honduras. In North America, Eng
land controls an area greater than the
United Staus.
A a X airraaatakle Presest laaest let
lafrewaestly Wirn rewpla
f Daaiser.
A majority of women hare premonitions.
One clever matron, speakins of the Chicago
holocaust, said: I have been ia three
theaters th.it have burned down, and ca
each occasion had a forewarning of what
was to hapten. There was something in
the air. A cold bre.tb, as if a draught
had suddenly been created, indicated to
me that there was approaching Ganger.
I quietly withdrew jong before there was
any suggestion of flames. My mother was
often Influenced in ths Sams way. Some
people call it 'a rabbit running over one's
grave.' It is an uncanny feeling. When
ever muher felt it she would tell us that
someone was about to die some friend or
soqualnunce, I never knew her to be
1 wrong."
Most of TJS have experienced that mys
terious wind. God was la It, perhaps, when
the "still, small voice'' spoke to Elijah
on Mount Horeb. It koes blow, however.
The. lightest feather is not disturbed by It.
Trt we feel it. A chill sensation creeps
over us. much like that which one feels
on entering a cold storage vault, except
that it seems to affect ths mind, heart,
soul and all ths senses as well aa ths outer
cuticle. If there are spirits in th air it
may be their aura which affects us. At
sight of ghosts we feel ths same identical
sensation Let her they be nightmares or
some fantastic vision of a disordered brain.
There is unquestionably a phychle influence:
something not exaciiy det.nable, but mes
meric, clairvoyant, hypnotic and omnaa-
At the time of the Brooklyn btrror the
Kit Claxton-Two Orpha r, hecatomb,
the first man tu leave the theatre re
mained outside. "What's tba matter?"
said an acquaintance; don't like the piece 7
"Very much." was the reply, "but I some
how or other can t feel comfortable, I
feel like a haunted house. If I were super -sutious
I'd belitve fcoroeibicg bad is going
to happen around here aa explosion, a rail
road ciMrler. a rnlpwreck or that sort of
thing" H must hare telt ths speaking
winj that never blows, but always fore
marna. I have Iwii ia panics snd felt the same
sensation, of cvid and myuery before ths
outburst of unreason. Once in a railroad
train I felt it. The "rairbtt ran over my
grave and my hair almost stood an end
fallowing tli . imaginary teast's aura.
"5:methirg is about to happm." I whis
P'rd. anticipating a collision. Almost be
fore the words were cut of my acauth. and
before we I.ad tun to think of preparing
for an accident, passengers in the rear
Wgao piimg over ut ill t wild darlirium
if fear, yelling, crying, gasping! Some
crowded illmell through ths forward end
of the car Others dived through windows,
husbands pul'Ji.g thfir wives after thetn.
in a thru-e the car was empty of all ex
cept myself and my companion, who had
been pinned brtseen seats. As ws arose
ar.d looked bark tbe headlight of a fol'.ow
irg engine drt w close up to the rear of the
traia and stitl. The loctdeat happened
a short time after a homb e butchery on
tfce same road, and the nerves of piswengers
.Te uuatru.-g. tew Tor Prsss.
Tr&&i.rti rBTtr Frkoeiifg ui Eli up
E'-Mwltrf tu G?rf i Ttbtx
This Wwwld weas Drtaalu fKaai.
sas t Ity aad Milsaakee, aad
Pwsslbly t. Joseph, frsaa
tbe tlrewlt.
"DENVER. Jan. 11 .Sfcial Telegram)
After a bitter fight, lasting three years.
George Tehee u wrested the Westera league
base ball franchij from D. C. Packard
who was the csuse of Tebeau being kicked
out of the league In 1!U for alleged double
crossing. Faekjrd rei-eived for his Western
league holdings fcy.w ar.d the refresh
ment privilege for two years. Today a
compromise was the culmination cf the in
junction secured hy Tebtau agalr.st the
Western league magnate, restraining them
from meeting uniers Le was admitted as a
S'-rong influences hsve been brought into
piay In Tel-eau's behalf, with the result
that Packard became weary cf the struggle
and decided to throw up his hands and
quit tbe game. Tday s purchase by Tebeau
includes all of Packard holdings outside
of Ienver.
Otto Floto, sporting editor of the Denver
Post, will. It ha been learned, manage the
Western league team In. Denver lor Tebeau.
If Tebeau other r.ans carry Kansas
City and Milwaukee will be abandoned by
the Western league this season and possibly
EL Joserh. This gives Tebeau aad the
American association a clear fieid in Kan
sas City and Milwaukee. President Sexton
will remain at the head of the league,
which will consist of six team. Ienver,
Colorado Sprir.g. Sioux City. Omaha. St.
Joseph and Des Moines.
LINCOLN. Jan. 1 -The hearing In the
Western base ball league Injunction case
has been postponed until next Friday. C.
G Whedon. attorney for George Tebeau,
who asked for tbe restraining order that
prevented the meeting last week, asked
that ths case be continued.
The only reason given was that the
plaintiff had not had sufficient time to
prepare arguments in favor of the order
requested at the hands of the district court.
A few of the league magnates are here,
but a number sent word that they could
not reach Lincoln until later In the week.
r points tn fa r-e-ulfvs w,, tr.c
r"e at the Diver R.fe cjnn The previous
reoord. points was made by Colonel 1L
rn svenerk's aneys lst r.'ght the Omaha
ofat.d the Krug Park team by the fol
lowing score:
1st. M. M. Tot.
Wi-maa IT JT r"
Zsrp -t ii in
Uhnum v.at n jsi aT
Huntir.gtoa ;.T 1 &,
Emery i; ai i isl
Totals sn U K S.73I
kruo parks.
M Tot.
It 61
lcJI S.-J
Totals n IW ;6 4
In te ommrril league on the t.erri
snd Williams' alleys the Ients snd Will
lam tee m took three s'raisrit gurces from
the Drexel Phoe company. Scores:
Bartsch 1V2
rtr l.M
K' nt 1M
Z:trrnsn 13
Wisxard l
ti. T"t
r.i .v:
m iw n
Molyneaux ...
Ho-erberv ...
' 0
7 1.411
E. Walsh Pllats Three Wlaaera ta
tletary aad slakes Three Clasc
Fialshes at Lata Aagelea.
LOS ANGELES. Cal, Jsn. IS. The rid
ing of E. Walsh, who piloted the three
winners snd three close finishes were ths
features of today s racing at Ascot Park.
one favorite, four n-oni choices and or.e
third choice won. The hardest knock the
talent got wag in the fifth race, which the
Go4dflndr won from Rag Tag. the odds on
the favorite. Results:
First race, five furlongs, selling: Nna
B. won. Agnes Mack second. Nellie May
third. Time 1-I3S
Second race. Slauson course, selling: H
apala won. truest second. Fox Lake third
Time 1.11
Third race, one mile and seventy yards,
selling: Lunar won. Jingler second,
Schwarxweid third. Time 1:48.
Fourth race, five furlongs, selling: Beau
tiful snd Best won. Stem Winder second,
Fuatlaa third. Time 1 .
Fifth race, mile, seiung: The Gold
Finder won. Rag Tag second. Furtunatus
third. Time 1:4
Sixth rce. seven furlongs, selling:
Evander won. Ar.irad second, Taxman
third. Time 1 :.
NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 11. Results:
First race, six lurlonga: Floral King
won. Mad Mulish second. Dusky third.
Time l:lt
Second race, six and one-half furlongs:
Frontenac won. Peeper second, Russell
Garth third. Time 1.30.
Third race, selling, mile: Louisville won.
Melsteriilnger sec or. d, Bernote third. Timt
Fourth rare, seven furlongs, handicap:
Footlights Favorite won. Foresight sec
ond. Ralph Young third. Time l.TV
Fifth race, mile and one sixteenth : Bar-
kelmore won. Free Admission second. Felix
twrd third. Time 1.
Sixth race, miie and seventy yards: Bessie
McCarthy won. Burk Cochran second, fear
li.a third. Time 1 SbS
First race, seven furlongs, selling: Cele
brant won. Dutgrannon second. Coroner
Kelly third. Time 1.3o
Second rsce. three and one-half furlongs,
selling: Meada woo. Mane J. second.
A net third. Time -tr-.
Third race, eleven-sixteenths mile, sell
ing: Ananias won. Cr-rdmer second. God
dess of Night third. Time 1:10.
Fourth race, mile and sixteenth, selling:
Modicum won. Porton second. Chickauee
third Time 1 :4i
Fifth race, five furlongs, selling: Col
Van won. Matt Hogaa second. Laosdowne
third. Time 1.15.
Sixth race, mile and severity yards, purse:
Krnllworth won. Soothsayer second, Daisy
Green third. Time 1.4ieV
Makes W aria's Bil Reewrd.
DENVER, Jan. 11-D W. Klrr Jr.. pres
ident of the Colorado State Rifle aasoaa
Uon, has mads a world s record, scoring
Faaeral af Kraak Dlrkaaa.
FLATTSMOrTH. Neb.. Jan. K. .Spe
cial! The funeral of the late Frank Dick
son was conducted by Rev. J. T Balrd
in the First Presbyterian church this aft
ernoon and was largely attended. The
Masons conducted the service at the grave.
Interment was at Oak Hiil cemetery here.
Among the relatives present from abroad
were the brothers, Norman and Joseph
Dickson of Maxwell. Iowa; one sister. Mrs.
Emma Hall of Chicago; two sisters. Mrs.
Hattie Capwell and Mrs. Grace Stapley
of Elm wood. Neb. Deceased waa born in
Pennsylvania 42 years ago the Dth of this
month. He was a member of tbe Masonic
lodge. Knights Templars and Royal Ar
canum. A wife and four sons survive
Faaeral af Gearge F. Marbarger.
HUMBOLDT. Neb.. Jan. 18. (Special )
The funeral of George F. Marburger took
place yesterday afternoon at the Presby
terian church, conducted by the pastor.
Rev. Mr. Smith. It was the largest at
tended funeral service in this city for many
years. After leaving the church the exer
cises were In charge cf the Odd Fellows,
of which order the deceased had been a
prominent member for years. A special
train brought a large delegation from the
Pawnee City and Table Rock lodges of Odd
Frits Claaaea.
ELKHORN. Neb., Jan. lg. (Special
Frits Clausen, a wealthy farmer living one
and a half miles east of Elkhom. died on
Friday after a few days' jllness. Burial
took place on Sunday and the attendance
waa large. The deceased had residel in
this community about thirty-five years. The
funeral services were in charge of tbe
Modern Woodmen of America, of which
order Mr. Clausen was a member. His
age was years "nwnths. A widow, two
sons and foar daughters survive tim.
Ray Mesplay.
TORK. Neb.. Jan. 15. (Special ) News
has been received here of the death of Eoy
Mesplay a former well known resident of
York, which occurred Thursday ' at San
Francisco. ' Mr. Ueplay has hundreds of
friends here. Death .was .caused by aa
operation for appendicitis,. The remains
will be sent here for interment. The de
ceased was a member of fraternal societies
of this city.
David B, Prewratt.
KEOKUK, la Jan. U avid B. Pres
eott. well known aa a hotei proprietor and
contractor, died today of paralysis. He
was ss years of age.
rhaatberlala's Caagh Remedy a Fa
varlte. The soothing and healing properties of
this remedy, Its pleasant taste and prompt
and permanent cures have made It a favor
ite with 'people everywhere. It is espe
cially prised by mothers of small children
for colds, croup and whocping cough, as it
always affords quick relief, and aa it con
tains ne cpiura or other harmful drug, it
ray be given as confidently to a baby as
to aa adult.
"aalla Army aad arj dak Electa.
MANILA. Jan. It The Army and Navy
rluo has elected the following officers to
serve for ths ensuing year: President,
Macr General James t. Wade; first vice
president. Rtar Admiral Tales Stirling;
second vice president. Brigadier General
Francis Moore: secretary. Captain William
C Rivera. First cavalry.
I Iaiikles
Tear an Allcock's Porous
PUsirr in two kr.fth
wise, arai apply on soles
erf feet ; renew the plaster
every tine the feet are
bathed. You will be sur
prised how it will relieve
rheunutisra in the feet or
For tire J or lime feet relief
b aSorJed at once.
klkwck'a rasters sra the angiaal sad
Bcea eaas'iea as a paiaver. ws gssraj
ar say saiaue wksievar. a Basin ly asx.
geaaiae anrsaa piasters aas have sever
to. dm tam as Se.ia4aaaa. epnua
Never Accept a Substitute.
Oaaega Oil tar RheaaaatlsBa. Mr lOe.
Costs so little you aa afford ta try it.
Keaiedy tar haarraana.
On the south side of cur house a number
of aggraa:ing English sparrows insistsd
oa roootir.g behind the bUt.ds. I expen-mer,t-d
with sll kinds of solutions oa cloth
at last gave up ia dWapair. having reached
th coeciusion that theae little pests hare
no sen cf smell whatever. Finally. J
tried atl of ji permir.t, saturating a
amall rag aith it aad tying a piece behind
ra b blind on the (itch. My sparroas have
d: Herei g'uue to-oniher my neighbor.
proba.l'y Ie us charitably hope that she
aUi sv tiaa arUiJe Naiioaal lliftuia.
A Vacant Room
Eats Up Money
Every day you lose the price of i dai
rent a loss that is never made up.
It's particularly foolish when a, Want
Ad in the Bee will rent your room. Ten
words three times will cost you 30 cents.
Tel. 238. Bee Want Ad Dept.
11 MB,
The ttrongwt, most tppenling, most
engaging short story that has come
from the hand of this undisputed
ranter of fiction is his contribution,
"The Christmas Peace"
Mr. Page is undoubtedly one of the
foremost short story writers of the dav,
and this delightful Christmas tale, m
which he has woven the charm and
pathos of which he is master, will ap
peal to hundreds of thousands of
readers. This story, beautifully
illustrated with drawings by Blendon
Campbell, appears in the
MAGAZINE for January
A Christmas Reverie
by Bliss Cakmam
Lrtrve Story of Mary, Queen
of Scots
by Mauici HrwxiTT
-The Real Parsifal"
by James Hnnui'
160 Pages
cf reading. Really a 35-cent
Magazine for 15 cents.
1 12 Short Stories
(C 41) a. h. aussiox, itoushxs, 3 mtsr 9Th sr., k. t.
Prizes for
Room Renters
Room Renters
Rent a room and win a prize at the same time,
Beginning Sunday, January 17th, The Bee will give prizes
to those who rent rooms as a result of an advertisement in
The Bee Read the conditions carefully.
The prizes will be awarded either to the party letting the room or to the roomer, re
spectively, as designated In the prize list.
Prizes will be awarded in the order named to tha party letting or to the party who
rents a room according to the day and hour rented, as the result of a Want Ad ajtaring
in The Bee on Sunday, January 17th, or during the days following.
Each candidate for a prize mutt hare both the certificate, which appear below, filled
out, one by the party letting the room and the other by the roomer, attesting the genuine
ness of the transaction and the exact time that the bargain was made.
It mates no difference whether the advertisement appears under the heading of "Fur
nished Rooms, "FurnUhed Booms and Board" or -Unfurnished Rooms."
1st Norel (la th p.rt letting tbe room) $1.23
2nd -Mother Goose Paint Book" (to Uie party
Jetting tie room)
3d "Great Pk-ture by Great Paintera" (to
tlte roomen t-'1
4tb State Map (to the momeri 100
yth Cash (to the party letting the rooai 1.00
6th Novel (to the roomert X-
, rl th nartf letting tbe roornt.... 1
fcth State Map (to tbe roomeri
&tb -Life of NaroIen." three Tolumea, (to
the roomer
10th Oae 4 2-Piece Dinner Set .te the i-arty
letting the roornt ....
:ith Novel to the roomert
ltn-LlTing AnimsJa f the World" to the
party letting the roomi r'-00
13th Art Pirturea (to tbe roomer)
11th Art Picture no the party letting the
room -J
IStb Cah U roomer)
. 1.23
f" OXAHA.J. IXi. "1
2t PnUikig Co., OfWto,
Gentlemen: Tkit it to certify thai the room
advertised u followt .
(Pad hers eorT sd rilppsd from paper.)
' in Th Onuika Bee daritij the weti beginning
January 17, J&Oi, xi rrnicd frw nu i good
faiik ta January at 9 dock.
Oil A HA, January , J3CU. 1
Gi trfsata.- This is to nrtiry that ! roon
adrerfisti u abort in Je Omaha Btt during tht
sretl- btgimjutyj Janwiry 17, 1X1, ara rented by (
t,uin yjixt faitk on Jin. l'jCi, at .
' Same
Prtsent addrtu
Addresa all replies to
'Want Ad" Department, Omaha Bee, Omaha.
Read The Bee the Best Newspaper,

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