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Davis sells tiru.
IXTert's glasses fit.
Btorkort sells carpets.
A tore for men "Beno's."
Peterson, gun and lorksmlth, 4.n B"y.
Diamond betrothal rings at Leffert's, 40
14-K and ls-K wedding rings at Leffert's,
Graduation gifts. C. E. Alexander & Co.,
S33 Broadway.
Furnished room for rent, beat, gas, bath,
outh front. Addreas, X cars Bee. Council
The Ladles' Aid society of St. John's
English Lutheran church, will meet Thurs
day afternoon at the residence of Mr, li.
Ouren, 124 Fourth street.
Mrs. Annie Moran of this city, committed
April 19, 19ifl. to the hoxpllal for dipso
maniacs at Mount Pleasant, has been par
oled by Governor Cummins.
Li. Williams, Indlrted on a charge of
conducting a, gambling place In a pool
room In the town of Weston, .was arrested
yesterday and later released on furnishing
bond In the sum of fcJUO.
The city council will meet this morning
at 10 o'clock In committee of the whole to
Investigate s rnotn other matters the need
of Hunts and flagmen at the Burlington
crossings on Main, Sixth, Seventh and
Klghth streets.
The funeral of the late J. C. Miller wilt
be held this afternoon at t o'clock from
the residence of his nephew, W. E. Tyson,
ttt South First street. Rev. W. 8. Barnes
of the First IVesbyterlun church will con
duct the services and burial will be in
Fairvlew cemetery.
Miss Mary C. Chrlstensen. aged 22 years,
died yesterday morning at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. J. C. Jensen. 2J30 Mouth Seventh
street, from consumption. The funeral will
be held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock
from the Scandinavian Baptist church and
burial will be In Falrvlew cemetery.
The receipts In the general fund at the
Christian Home last week were $272.1!).
being $72.19 above the heeds of the week
and decreasing the deficiency In this fund
to Sl.hK.IM to date. In the manager's fund
the receipts were $2H.50, being .50 below
the needs of the week and Increasing the
deficiency to $lj4.4tj. to date In this fund.
Oeorge Redlngton, the young man who
appropriated a diamond ring belonging to
the wife of Ir. J. H. Cole, while delivering
groceries at her home, was fined 150 and
costs In police court yesterday morning.
The fine was suspended, however, by Judge
Scott on Redlngton'a good behavior, it
being shown that It was the first time he
bad done any such thing and that he was
practically the support of his aged
grandparents, with whom he made his
borne. .
Oak Leaf camp No. 3042. Royal Nelgh
bore of America, Installed the following
officers last night, the Installation being
followed by a banquet tendered the mem
bers by the retiring and new officers:
Oracle, Mrs. Laura McMullen; vice oracle,
Mrs. Laura Marble; past oracle, Mrs. June
loigan; chancellor, Mrs. Mary E. Ingalls;
recorder, Mrs. Emma E. Luce; receiver,
Miss Made O. Wood; marshal, Mrs.
Meagher; Inner sentinel, Mrs. Fries: outer
sntlnel, Mrs. Jessie Wade; managers. Mrs.
O. A. Haller. A. P. Wood; physician, W.
The funeral of Harry Arnold, who acci
dentally shot himself at Rockwell City last
Hunday, wilt be held this afternoon at 2
p oock from the residence of his sister,
Mrs. Ella Snyder, 821 Avenue E, and burial
will be In Falrvlew cemetery, Hla other
sisters residing here are Mrs. Mary Wiatt
Mrs. Hattte Kessler and Mlsa Ella Arnold.
Mr. Arnold was not hunting when he met
his death as first reported. He was exam
ining a. 2-calibre rifle when it was acci
dentally discharged, the bullet passing
through hla left breast and causing almost
Instant death. He was 84 years of age
and moved to Rockwell city about eight
year ago. "
Real Estate Transfers.
These transfers were reported to The
Bee yesterday by the abstract, title and
loan office of Squire & Annis, 101 Pearl
street :
Ia H. Jensen and wife to Marie C.
.Larsen, e28 acres nV4 nw4 6-76-43,
,w. 1 vv.v.:?. l-80
iicn son io wiiiiam Arrut, undi
vided eH se4 36-76-41, a c d ,
August C. Berndt and wife to William
Bpeare, nH neti S-77-41. w d
C B. Bellinger and wife to Jamea
. Oeorge Jensen, lot 16, block 11, Craw
ford's add, w d
C. H. MoCready and wife to Henry
F. Wilson. r lot and lot 10, block
11, Macedonia, w d
P D. Cowan and wife to Julius Ki
telman, nH lot 4, block 1, Riddle's
sub, w d
Marie C. Iarsen and husband to Lara
H. Jensen, lota 10 and 11, block 2,
Snow A Oreeji's sub, w d 1,800
H C. Stllphen and wife to Julius Un-
Jar, Joseph and Julius Ronenfeld, lot
In lot 198, lots 1 and In lot 197 and
el foot lot 1 in lot 197, original plat,
w d 4,050
Ines Diamond and husband to Shelby
Independent Telephone company, e&
of n79 feet lot 7, block 1, Mtnden,
w d 400
W. C. Slevers and wife to Roy Blge
low, el&O feet lots 6 and a, block 4,
Hinckley's add Walnut, w d .:. 650
John 8. Woodburn and wife to Walter
C. Besore, part out lot 4. Macedonia,
w d 176
Macedonia Implement company to
Walter C. Besore, lot 6, block 10,
Macedonia, w d 400
Twelve transfers, total $16,626
Matters In District Cenrt.
The trial of the personal Injury damage
suit of Margaret Cramer against the city
of Council BlufTs will be begun in the dis
trict court today. As residents of the city
are not permitted to serve on a Jury In
a case In which the city is interested
Sheriff Canning was ordered yesterday by
Judge Thornell to secure twenty additional
jurors from four township adjacent to
Council Bluffs.
The prisoners under Indictment were ar
raigned and all took time to plead.
La A. Larkln brought a replevin suit yes
terday In the district court against Annie
Hutchison to recover seven hogs, valued
at 189. Larkln sold the hogs to Mrs. Hutch
inson and the latter paid for them with
a check on a bank In this city, which the
plain till alleges was worthless, as there
were no funds to meet It In addition to
asking the recovery of tbs hogs Larkln
sues for 336 damages.
wall Firm In Grocery.
The fire department was called at 1:30
o'clock yesterday afternoon to the store of
the Star Grocery company at 843 West
Broadway, where a blase had started In a
rear room. The fire was extinguished In
quick order with but little loss, entirely
covered by Insurance. The fire is supposed
to have started from one of the clerks
stepping on a match, the flame from which
communicated to a large can of kerosene.
Dr. Shoop's Rheumatic Cure
Cost Notblaf If It Fills
Awr Sonast parson wka auSara Iron KB.asiatlaai Is
B.lroma to tail ciBar. For raara 1 aaarcnea av.ry
wkoro to So apeelna tar Kumiimius. for aaarlr
la yaara I warkaa to tbla ana. At tool. In O.rmanr.
my Baarck woo rawaraea). I fov.D.4 a cootlf ckaaaKat
tkot all sot dUoppalut Bio othor kboumoilc pro
avrlptlaaa aa 0lpolnl4 phralciaaa aroryohoro.
I lo ot aan that Dr. Skuas a Haaumalla euro
o tors knar Jot la lata Soak agala. Tkat I alaa
poaalbla. tout It will drlva fro tho kloos tka solas
tkat oauaaa aa aa avolllna aaa Uaa ibat la tho
ua of kaauaaatiam. I kaaw ikla ao wall that 1 will
laraiak fur (ml maauk iar Rkaunatio Car aa trial.
I tancot aura aU caaaa wnkla a axMiik. u wavl ko
unraaauaaala to eipoct that, kut mat caaaa jl
ioia wukla te Sara. Tkia trial traauaoot m coa
viaia rov taat lr. Shoo a kkouaiatla Cara la
oar asatsat Rkassiaiiasr sotaal lores asalaat
ataaaaa thai Is trrautilM.
Mr oSor la aaaaa la roarlnea rou of mr faitk.
U taitk Is kul tha oulooaw at aipoi taac or actual
kuoajlaoa'a. I KNOW hal It cau So. Ana I know
tbla aa wall that I will luraiak tuj roaaed? as irlal.
write aa a saalai lor a kooa oa khoaaaa
llaoa. I will laaa Irruii wltk a OruiUM ! ,.ur
vMiullr ao that f oaa aocura iu tooitlaa of U.
luoa'i Khaaaaxia lara to awko l ha hat. Ton awr
laaa K a tall aavSlk aa Vial If U auaoaaoa tka coat
la FOU la M l. K U laila tha kwa la Blaa and
auoa aioua. t am n mii aatiraijr la yua.
that a&aot
mmIj. I Soa't ai paat a sonar frvoi roa.
i aia aa I will araa rua tka Soak. Trr
ar a aaaatk. If M (alia tka laaa la Bin
roa Ur. kkawa. Boa li. Haclaa. Wia
Aaaroaa ur. kkawa. Boa ali, Haclaa. Wia.
al.l aaaM ao4 tkraaia ara alias cara4 ar aa
la avtkaa. a aU atussiaia.
Action Broijht by Grand Hotel Bccemrs
in th Fsisral Court. '
Attorney Widiworlh Neglects
Tnsh Additional Injnactloa Proceeding-
and Thes Cases
Likely to Go Orer,
Judge Smith McPherson of the United
States court has Issued a temporary In
junction restraining Attorney Wadsworth
from proceeding against the Grand hotel
bar under the mulct law. This temporsry
restraining order was l-sued upon appli
cation of the attorneys for the receiver of
the hotel, who was appointed by the fed
eral court.
In support of the application for the In
junction it is contended that the Iowa
mulct law Is unconstitutional In that It
operates to take property without due
process of luw and without compensation.
in violation of tho fourteenth amendment
to the constitution of the United States.
The petition declares that "the statutes
named (Iowa mulct law) are unlawful, un
constitutional and void because under their
provisions private prosecutors who are ir
responsible and without the necessity of
giving security for costs or of furnishing
any bond whatever, without any protec
tion or guard for the rights of citizens,
but merely for the purpose of personal
and private gain and for the gratification
of personal malice, may be permitted to
prosecute and force the defendants or
those who they may allege have violated
the provisions of the statutes, to incur ex
pense and costs, loss of time and deprive
them of their property without due process
of law."
There were no new developments In the
saloon war yesterday. Attorney Wadsworth
did not appear in court to prosecute the
Injunction cases against the last five sa
loons on which he had served notices of,
suit, and It Is understood these will go
over for the present.
Regarding the disposition of the para
phernalia alleged to have been used for
gambling purposes, seized by Constable
Faket Monday evening under the search
warrant secured by Attorney Wadsworth,
no time for the hearing has been set by
Justice Carson.
It war reported yesterday that W. A.
Wells, local agent for the Storx Brewing
company, as a result of the fight made
against him and the company he repr
renta, had resigned and that a settlement
of the fight In consequence would be ef
fected. When asked as to the truth bf the
report t,hat he had resigned. Mr. Wells
stated: "I am resigned to the Injunction
issued against me: that Is all." By this
Mr. Wells meant the Injunction against
the Stori company's saloons secured by
Attorney Benjamin, which was also directed
against Mr. Wells personally.
K. T. Plumbing Co. Tel. 2W; night F an.
Board ef Edncatlon Decides They
Shall Be Held Regularly la
the Fat are.
At the meeting or the Board of Education
last night on the mattor being brought up
by Director Davenport It was decided to
establish a regular system of Are drill In
the publio schools of the city. The com
mittee on buildings and grounds, being
most oonversant with the different school
buildings, was named as a special com
mittee to act with Superintendent Clifford
in formulating a set of rules for the drill.'
These rules are to be printed and dis
tributed, not only among the principals
and teachers of each building, but also
among the o'der pupils.
Fire Chief Templeton appeared before
the board and in maltjng a number of
suggestions incident to the protection ot
the schools and pupils against fire, rec
ommended In the strongest terms the regu
lar enforcement of a fire drill in each
school building In the city. He called at
tention to the fact that recently at the
Washington avenue school during a fire
drill one afternoon, the building where
800 pupils assemble, was emptied In an
orderly manner In two minutes and five
seconds. He expressed the opinion that
with regular practice the pupils could be
gotten out of the building In about one
and a half minutes. At the Harrison street
school he had been informed by a teacher
that since the agitation looking to the re
vival of the fire drill had been started,
the school had been emptied In forty-seven
seconds. . Chief Templeton - recommended
that the drill be compulsory and that the
principal of each building be required to
make a regular report to the superintend
ent showing the time of holding the drill.
the number of pupils In the building and
the time in which the school is emptied.
In his report to the board Chief Temple
ton stated that he had made a personal
Inspection of every publio school building
In the city since the Iroquois disaster and
that with a few minor exceptions he had
found the buildings In the very best of
condition. ' At some of the buildings he
had found that the doors opened inwards
Instead of outwards and he had reported
to the supervisor of buildings and grounds
recommending that this be changed at
once. He also called the attention of the
board to the fact that the storage of old
material, lumber and other supplies la the
basement of the Bloomer school was a
source of considerable danger In case of
Are and suggested that the board procure
a storage place apart from a school build
ing. He suggested further that a section
of hose with proper connections be kept
In each building and that under no cir
cumstances should gasoline be permitted
In any building. Chief Templeton also
mado a few 'suggestions relative to the
fire escapes, which the board agreed to
see were carried out. One of these sug
gestions was that every window or exit
leading to a fire escape should be kept
unlocked during school hours and that
during the same time every 'door In the
building should be In a similar condition.
He did not recommend that the use of ths
fire escapee be made a part of ths fire
drill, but suggasted that a class at a time
be shown how to go down them. The
board thanked Chief Templeton for his
careful inspection of the school buildings
and for his timely advice and recommenda
oecvjtary Ross made a report of the
nuances of the school district, which
showed that In. the teachers' fund there
was just sufficient to meet the next pay
roll, but that in April thetreasunr would
agaJW be In proper condition to meet all I
obligation The school house fund shows
a balance of KfcXt on the right side of the j
ledger, while the contingent .fund ia Qver- '
drawn $7,773. There would be aufflclent )
money. Mr. Ross said. In July to rstlre
SIO.OOO of bonds, and the same amount In
January next.
The resignations' of Miss Nellie Tarsons
and Miss Mary Montgomery were favorably
acted upon. Mies Myrtle Winters mas
added to the list of teachers at IX a month,
and MIks Dairy Wood at 175 a month, the
latter to teach in the high school.
The resignation of O. B. Miles as jan
itor at the Harrison Street school was re
ceived and R. Jepson was appointed In his
place. Miles wss forced to resign on ac
count of 111 health.
The art department of the Council Bluffs
Woman's club was accorded the use of the
high school auditorium for two stereopll
con lectures on American art, to take place
after February 15.
Reporting on the midwinter graduating
class which holds Its commencement exer
cises Thursday evening, Superintendent
Clifford stated that the eleven members, all
young women, planned becoming teachers
and he suggested being permitted to estab
lish a normal class for them until the close
of the year. This he suggested would be
better for them than to begin teaching In
rural schools. The permission was granted
and the eleven graduates will receive
normal instruction so many days a week
from the superintendent and during the
other days will be turned over to the care
of some teacher or principal of the ward
Olsen Bros., plumbers,
700 B'way. Tel.
Kelt her Manager of Store Sor Fire
Chief Able to Advance Any
According to the statement made yester
day morning by James M. Shelley, the
manager, the stock of the Syndicate Trad
ing company of Kansas City, which was
destroyed by fire Monday night, would
have invoiced about $15,500. Since the close
of the holiday trade some of the insurance
had been permitted to lapfe, but he said
about $12,500 had been retained. Itcr it
was stated that the com puny was car
rying $14,000 on Its stock and fixtures at
the time of the fire.
Manager Shelley stated he spent Monday
night in the Turkish bath rooms of the Her
Grand hotel in Omaha and the first he
learned of the fire was when he came to
the store to open up yesterday morning.
He was unable to advance any theory
regarding the origin of the blase and de
clared that it was entirely a mystery to
him. He was the last to leave the store
Monday evening, shortly after 6 o'clock,
when the only light left burning was a
single gas Jet In the center of the store.
Everything was apparently all right when
he left and he could not Imagine what
had caused the fire.
Mr. Shelley stated that possibly the
firm might open up again in Council Bluffs
but that his future plans were not as
sured. Ho said he had received a tele
gram from his father, George Shelley, a
well-known j-olltlclan of Kansas City, ex
pressing regret for the loss and urging him
not to be discouraged, as they would open
up again,
The chemical engine from No. 3 house,
while on the way to the fire Monday night.
collided with a telephone Dole with the
result that the tongue of the wagon was
smashed. A defect In the hitching of the
harness made It Impossible for the driver
to guide or control his horses. Chief Tem
pleton and two of the firemen sustained
cuts from broken glass during the fire, but
the injuries were not severe.
People living across the street from the
Syndicate Trading company's store on
Main street claimed to have heard several
loud explosions when the flames were first
noticed. Mr. Shelley accounted for this
by stating that they may have been caused
by the breaking of the air-tight glass show
cases, of which there were a number in
the store.
Chief Templeton, after making an inves
tigation of the burned store, yesterday
was unable to arrive at any conclusion
as to the origin of the fire or In -what
part of the building it started.
Hafer sella lumber. Catch the Ideat
Snlt to Qnlet Title.
William Carseof Oakland, la., whose farm
the swindlers, John J. Foy and John Sny
der, claimed to have purchased and secured
$4,600 on a forged deed from N. P. Dodge,
was in the city yesterday making arrange
ments to bring suit In the district court
to quiet hla title to his property and have
the forged deed, which had been placed
on record, set aside. Such a suit will be
necessary for Mr. Carse to clear his title
to the land.
Ogden Hotel Rooms with or wlthoat
board; steam beat; free bath; publio par
lor. Plumbing and fieatlna. Blxby Bo by
New York Coart Holds aa Worthless
the Note Held by Frank A.
Bicknsi, .
BINQHAMTON. N. T., Jan. l$.-(Special
Telegram.) A trial Interesting to farmers
In all sections of this country has just
been concluded in an action brought by
Frank A. Buckman of Council Bluffs, la.,
against D. Wellington Davis of Kirk to
recover on a note for $400. the defense being
that the note was fraudulently procured.
Davis signed a contract with a lightning
rod agent to place rods on his barn for
$20 and furnish insurance gratis. The rods
were placed and a bill presented ahowlng a
total cost of $400. This Davis at first re
fused to pay, but when a threat was made
to put a Hen on the buildings he gave a
note for $400. The Insurance was never
delivered and Davis refused to pay the
note. The jury sustained him on the
ground that It was fraudulently obtained.
There are numerous other actions of a sim
ilar nature pending.
That Awfel Cold,
And Its terrible cough can soon be cured
by Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption. Try It. No cure, no pay. Kc,
$1.00. For sale by Kuhn Co.
"Ceaae, give Ba a taste el
"The bier with at. honest backing; quality,
Has ao equal la this or any old country."
Always the Same
John MaoVicar Talki of Running, ai Inde
pincUnt Oiidid&U for Mayor.
Rnmor Has It that Bryan Has Depu
tised Tonne to Write the Xest Na
tional Platform of Ills Party,
t'nttlnsj Oat Free Silver.
(From a Stall Correspondent.)
PES MOINES, Jan. 19. tSpeclal.)-The
city republican primary of yesterday left
many sore spots and there Is fair promise
of trouble yet to come. There 1 no doubt
of the nomination of George Mattern for
mayor, as he has seventy-six delegates to
the convention, or five more than enough
to nominate and has nearly 800 plurality of
the popular vote as counted. At the sume
time John MacVlcar talks of contesting the
election on the ground of the alleged gross
frauds practiced and if not, then going
before the people as an independent can
didate. The taking of some of the ballots
on the EaBt Side In one precinct has
brought about many complications. It can
have rfo effect on the mayoralty tight, and
It Is now believed it was an attempt to
Influence the aldermanlc contest. The two
thieves who entered the booth while the
count was In progreFS had an order from
Chairman Harsh of the city committee and
the man who did the shooting was a
MacVlcar judge who was armed and ready
for Just such trouble. It Is not known
that anybody was hit. The doubt ns to
how that precinct went complicates the as
sessor fight. George Schramm, the present
city assessor, has tho most delegates
pledged, but If the'preclnct should ballot
over again, as has been proposed, and A.
C. Morrison ohould get the precinct it
would be a tie between the two, with one
precinct pledged to a third man and hold
lng the balance of power. The trouble In
the precinct bIto complicates tho alder
manlc fight in the same way. The follow
lng Is the net result of the primary:
Mayor-George W. Mattern.
Solicitor W. M. Bremner.
Engineer John W. Budd.
Auditor John B. Lucas.
Treasurer Horry F. Gross.
Police Judge W. A. Trls.
Assessor George C. Schramm.
Pnrk commissioner Sidney A. Foster.
Alderman-at-lHrge in West Des Moines
L,. t . Sutherland.
Alderman-at-large In East Des Moines
Goes to convention.
Alderman First ward John G. Myerly.
Alderman 8cond ward A. L. Smith.
Alderman Third ward E. A. Hlfrglns.
Alderman Fourth ward Eugene Van
Alderman Fifth ward-C. C. Christy.
Alderman Sixth ward Goes Into conven
tion. Aldermnn Seventh ward Goes Into con
vention, but claimed by John Stewart.
Democrats Plan for Convention.
Information received here privately Is
to the effect that General James B.
Weaver of Iowa, took a conspicuous part
In the conference held in New York City
on the day of the arrival of W. J. Bryan,
wherein it was decided ihat Charles A.
Towne should prepare the draft of a plat
form for the democratic national conven
tion embodying the views of the former
populists and free silver republicans to be
presented to the resolutions committee at
St. Louis. It Is alpo announced that they
are willing to leave out all reference to
free silver and may modify, their views on
Imperialism, but desire that the other rad
ical measures In the Kansas City platform
be retained. Here In Iowa the belief Is
gaining ground that the movement also In
cludes pushing Hearst aa the democratic
nominee for president. A large element of
the conservative democrats who are In
the house and senate of the state are op
posed to the Hearst movement and there
will be a hard fight In Iowa If an effort
Is made to commit the party to Hearst.
Republican Complication.
When the republican state committee
meets to fix the time and place for the
republican state convention for the nomina
tion of delegates to the national convention
there is likely to bo a sharp contest over
the question of the representation on the
committee from the Ninth district. Asmus
Boysen of Audubon county, who was
elected two years ago, has since removed
to Chicago where he makes his permanent
headquarters and his home. Last year the
members of the committee permitted a
proxy to be admitted for him, but it is un
derstood that any proxy coming from him
will be resisted now, especially If there is
a close vote in the committee on the ques
tion of location of the convention. It Is
expected the call will be Issued soon.
Chamberlain's t'ouati Remedy
a Fa.
The soothing and healing properties of
this remedy, Its pleasant taste and prompt
and permanent cures have made It a favor
ite with people everywhere. It Is espe
cially prlxed by mothers of small children
for colds, croup and whooping cough, as It
always affords quick relief, and as It con
tains no opium or other harmful drug. It
may be given as confidently to a baby aa
to an adult.
NEW YORK, Jan. lS.-Robert Graves
and Mrs. Marguerite J. Plant, widow of
Henry B. Plant, millionaire Southern rail
road, steamship and land owner, have been
married at the Plant residence in Fifth
avenue. There were only about half a
dosen witness, all relatives of the bride and
The groom Is well known In society and
club life here. Ha ia Immensely rich, hav
ing inherited the fortune of his father, a
pioneer wall paper manufacturer of the
country. The story of Mrs. Plant's recent
fight in the courts for her dower rights In
the will that she contested and won Is well
PLATTSMOUTH, Neb., Jan. )9.-(Speclal.)
A pretty wedding service In the First
Presbyterian church in this city this even,
lng united In marriage George L. Farley,
publisher of the Plattemouth Evening News,
and Miss Mary Abble H. Baird. The cere
mony being performed by lr. J. T. Baird,
father of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. Farley
departed on the night train for Denver and
year quality." Hamlet.
America's Authority on Beer.
Good Old Blatz.
Colorado Springs for a couple of week'
stay, and will return home by way of Ft.
McQelen. Woodward.
TLATTSMOUTH, Neb., Jsn. ll(p.
clal.l-Charles McQuinn, aged 19 years, and
son of Mathew McQuinn, and Miss Aggie
Woodward, aged IS years, from near t'nlon,
were married today In this city by Justice
Drives All Before It.
Arhes and pains fly before Bucklen's
Arnica Salve. So do sores, pimples, bolls,
corns and piles, or no pay. 6e. For s:ile
by Kuhn & Co.
Fair, bnt Cooler, In Home Sections,
with Warmer Weather for
Nebraska and lovra.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 19-Forecast:
For Nebraska Fair and warmer Wednes
day and Thursday.
For Iowa Fair Wednesday, except snow
In southeast portion; colder; Thursday,
For Missouri and Kansas Rain and
colder Wednesday; Thursday, fair
For Colorado and Wyoming Fal
Wednesday, except snow in mountain dls
trlctn; Thursday, fair.
ror Boum uttKota Fair and warmer
Wednesday and Thursday.
Local Record.
OMAHA, Jan. 19. Official record of tern
lxrature and nrerlnlmtlnn mmiirH with
turrwminuiiiar cay or ina last tnree
j ears: .
. 1904. 1903. 1902. K01
MBximum temperature... 44 41 45 51
Minimum temperature.... 25 21 L'H
Mean temnerHture 'm y .ti 4
rreclpltHllon no .00 .no .00
Kecurd of temperature and precipitation
t Omaha for HiIm iIhv ai
1903: .
rwnrmni temperature v
r.xcess ror tne dav
total excess since Murrh 1 iki9 ?m
iormm precipitation 02 Inch
Deficiency for the dy 02 Inch
Precipitation since Mch. 1. 1903. .32 42 inchv-s
fi,. "'nee March 1, 1ii3 1.7 inches
i MMiciency ror cor. period, ls.. inch
LeMclency for cor. period. 19iC. . 8.55 Inches
Reports from Stations
at T P. M.
: 3
Omaha, clear
Valentine, clear
North Tlatte, partly cloudy
Cheyenne, clear
Salt Lake Citv. cloudy ....
Rapid City, clear
Huron, clear
Wllliston, clear ..'
Chicago, cloudy
St. Iuis, cloudy
fit. Paul, clear
Davenport, clear
Kansas City, cloudv
Havre, partly cloudy
Helena, cloudy
Bismarck, clear
Galveston, clear
30'. (Hi
:a no
:w .no
12 Si.ftt
3S 3S! T
Ml SB! T
201 30i. on
! 4SI.00
42 52 T
4 4'.m
4 11.01
in 4. no
en 62.oo
"T" Indicates trace of precipitation.
Indicates xero.
L. A. WELSH, Local Forecaster.
J ;
a) Li g. sr aTga-y (31
Mw.P. Larson Co.
jfiL jC
"Portfolio of Beauty" 11? i '
1 ""jL- I
m i l
V1 I I "Sr' X
MAGAZINE for 1904
will excel all magazines published. Its 160 Pages of
Beading, for 15 cents, is more than is found in some of the
35-cent magazines. Its writers and illustrators, and special
features are the test, as will be seen from the large announce
ments we are making in this paper almost daily.
eparately, as it was brought out solely to give to our subscribers.
a Ik j j "I will accept your subscription and forward
Ally JN eWSClealer the $.o for you, and so save your time.
Sleepless Nights for Mother
ant) Awful Suffering
of Child.
Had Given up All Hope of Ever
Making Any Cure.
u My llttla girl baa been tnfferlDg for
two years or more from ecieana, aad
during that time I could sot get a
lght'i tleep, as her ailaaent was very
" I kad tried ao man rambles aa4
pent moch money, deriving aa bene
C, I had absolutely given up all hop
of making any cure. Bat as a last re
sort I was persuaded to try a set of tha
Cmlcura remedies, and to my great
delight a marked change was mani
fested from the first application. I
gave the child a bath with Cutlcara
Roap, using a soft piece of muslin doth.
This I did twice a day, each time fol
lowing with the Cutlcara Ointment,
and at the same time gave the Kesol
Yent, according to directions. One bog
of the Ointment and two bottlea of the
Resolvent, together with the Soap,
effected a permanent cure. I submit
this for publication If yon desire, hop
ing It will add to your success and assist
so many thousands of sufferers In cur
ing themselves." Mas. I. B. JONES,
Addinqton, Ikd. T.
The first step in the treatment of tha
chronic forms Is to remove the scales
and crusts and soften the tlln, by
warm baths with Cutlcara Soap. Tha
ecnlp, ears, elbows, bands, ankles and
feet will require frequently a thorough
soaking In order to peaetrate the thick
ened skin and crusts with which these
parts are often covered. Dry care
fnlly, and apply Cutlcara Olntmeat,
lightly at first, and where advisable
spread It on pieces of soft cloth and
bind In place. Take the Resolvent,
pills, or liquid, In medium doses. Do
not use cold water In bathing, and
avoid cold, raw winds.
So 14 iKraagaaat Ina worlt. CnUrora .wlTrnt, me.
?a Ion. at Ckaralate Caatml Pill., xf rr rial (,
Nntai.at, ato., Baaa, V. IMpnMi ljim, r Charter
Bavaa Sq.i Pari., Fuc d. la rt Hoclan. is; (T.lnra.
B Pattar Draw a Chw. or. , Bala Proatiatsn.
aVJ-aaaa lar M llaw to Cara aaaaaaa."
CHICHttTCS'S raanau
-ffTax.0,'"' 'r Oeaataa.
a KEI) aal tialit ajrlallle baiaa.
rlUblnarlbhoa. T.k. aa other. Rrfu.a
Klaicraa, Snballi alloaa Bad lail:-
M jvmr Druggist., or aeM 4e. im
apa far
Itim Malt, i ,Ooft Ttatlmaolnla. poll h
Uri(l-t 4 t.1rfcrtr h-arnica I VmZ,
Sill fj
MWlavem Fill LA.. 12
NrweaWrratM, Mast, UiroorrlKaw, SparmttsrrhaM,
Pftes. IBS All UaaMaMt aaxaal Dltcturgaa.
' OWA Blare PrrrraUta of IUeau. -
Bent to a7 addreaa for tl.00.
aUlvaaw Ufa. Oa.. lauaaatar. O.
Ar If
II af T'wa nnuL rwnn Jai't.a B B
Km A lotion Aliim
Pictorial gems, 17x11 inches in size, represent
ing eight distinctive types of American girls ;
each study is in tones of rich brown, mounted
on a plate-marked mount ready for framing.
-. . . i- 1 1 . 1 ... ,
Ivuch set is lurnisnea wun an artistic rorr
folio Cover, stamped in gold. It is at dainty and
rich a collection as has ever been brought out, and
will beautify any home. Framed singlv, they are admir
able subjects for adorning the walls of boudoir, library, or
cozy corner. The
The regular yearly subscription of the METROPOLITAN
MAGAZINE is $1.50. To any one subscribing for on
year, we will express prepaid one of these beautiful Portfolios
of Reautv without cost. In no case will this Portfolio be sold
New York
Boston and
The East
Six trains a day from Omaha
over the North-Western Line,
the only double-track railway
from the Missouri River to
Chicago, connects at that point
with all lines, for all . points
East. These fast trains on the
North-Western Line
are most conveniently equip
ped for the safety and comfort
of patrons.
Buffet smoking .inj library cars.
Superb a la carte diniiiK car service.
Drawing-room and private compart
ment sleeping cars, free reclining
chair cars and standard dav coaches.
Leave Omaha dailv for Chicago at
3:40.a. m., 8:00 a. m.. 11:30 a m.,
4:25 p.m., 5:50 p.m. and 8:25 p.m.
Tlikrts and full Information on apollrat'on
1401-1403 Famara Street, Omaha
Charges Less Than all Others
Treats all forms of Diseases
Twenty-eight years' experience
Eighteen ears In Oman
The doctor a remarkable success has
never been equaled. His resources aad
facilities for treating this rs jf diseases
are unlimited and every day orlags many
fluttering reports of tha s-ood be la dolim,
or the relief he has given.
All Blood Poisons. No ' UKUAKINO Oi.'T"
til the skin or lace and lui external sna
o' tl,e disease dirapppar at new, A per
manent rure 'r 1'fe guaranteed.
VtDirnrH F Cures t.imrantec In
f rtKllUtLLL i.hSS THAN i DA VS.
It Tan in nAO oaiea cured if Hydrocele,
JU,UI Stricture, Gleet, Nsrvoug
iity, Lc;s of Strength and Vlloill
an forms oi cntonio Disease.
by malL
Call Kt arrlte. Boa
OtUce tit South 14th
t. t.aiaba. Nan,
It Peal Bt, Council Bluffs. .
'Phone 17.

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