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Brilliant bat Emtio Qurini ftnocmnba to
Itlaok f Htait BiatM.
The aeearad.
la Com
d at. the
There are plenty of wkiskics you can
get for less money than Old Underoof
Rye. ' But it is poor economy to save the
slight difference in cost when you can get
Underoof quality. It is soft. pure, de
licious, and has the least reactive effect.
CHAS. DENNEHY 6 CO.. Chicago
Exploits and WlUiui Have MUc Bli
lui a FtMlIlir One Tkrk
at the Civilised
NEW YORK, Jan. 13. G ! Franci.
: Train died laat night at MU1 hotel No. l.
where ha haa lived for aoma yeara. Heart
diaeaaa waa tha cause at his death.
John Drew and company In 'Tha Sscond
In Command." a comedy in four acts, by
Captain Robert Marshall, under direotion
of Charles Frohman. Tha oaat:
Lieutenant OUonel MIlea Anstruther,
D. P. (1. Charles F. Uotthold
Major Christopher Rlngham John Draw
Lieutenant Pir Walter Mannering
Monroe Ballsbury
Lieutenant Barker Ueorg Howard
Modenham Reginald Carrlngton
Hartopp Erneat Glendlnntng
Sergeant OKane H1I1U
Corporal George Forbes
Mr. Fen wick Lawla Baker
Vlnn VliM.hr.nil Carstalra
Robert Sehable
rink, of Hull Sidney Herbert
Mnrial Minmrtni Mtaa Mara-aret Dale
George Franc.. Train waa born In Boa- ld? hHarhurgh... .
von, oxua in, i. . vi r Tnhn Drew on tha oo
Train's Story of Hla Life. caalon of hla laat visit to Omaha and again
nnl a vr ..r. when ha waa then 74 laat nlirht would haT. little trouble In be-
v..r. M Me. Trn .lirt.ted the rami- 1 evlng that out a nay naa puseu iiicu
MnrM of hia .atraordLnarv career and or one wnoie year ana me greater m
the result waa published in book form, another. Mi. Drew gave ua Kit Btnks
I Bummarlxed In hla own aurloua faahlon,
thla contained the following information
about hla career
then Just the aame aa he la dolus cow,
with the same movements, apeechea, ges-
I tu re a, rverythlnir. aa If he had established
Shipping clerk, 18; manager, li; partner a set of forms, or codified h methods un-
Etitb1 Xirly TturuarT Fnblioitiom ire
Already the New, Standi.
PS.rsrar.t Sattoa BrUro. Benin, i
hart try Writer Accidentally
Anothr child's Rook by "W 11
11 ana J. Ropklna.
"Literary New York, Ita Lanrluiark and
JAawjciatlon," by Charles Heroslreet. The
nuhject of hlrtorlo New York is a fascin-
tine one and thla book written by a well
known authority, will appeal to a wile
circle of readers. Mr. Mernatrect's descrlp-
lions ana traditions cluster around tha
ft street literary figures who have been asso-
elated with old New York. Washington
I - rennimore cooper, -VMIam Cul
If Sjfn Bryant, Bayard Taylor, Edgar Allan
roe and many other. Then wa have lit
erary New York of the present day also.
and revel In descriptions of tha hnmn Hir.
per's Magazine, where George W. Curtis
established hie "Eaoy Clialr,' in which he
was enthroned so Ion and which Is now
occupied by William Dean Howell. Wa
have a glimpse of the building in which
Jacob Rils wrote "How the Other Half
Urea,' and of the home . of Ro.e Haw
thorn Lathrop, the daughter of Nathanloi
Hawthorne, who has given up her life to
brighten the lives of others. Horace
Greeley's home, too, and many, many
others. The work is profusely illustrated
with new and artistic illustrations. Pub
lished by G. P. Putnam's Suns.
til he could proceed without the extra ef
fort of tnlnklng, the part merely playing
Itself, while the mind is far away, maybe
In South Africa, maybe wondering what
In Train At Co.. 20, with an Income of
no rum.
fcatabllahed firm George Francla Train A
Co., Melbourne, Auatralia, Uo3; agent White
Hlir IJno Ini'ome Uli KiO. started lortV
A successful short atory was the result I clippers to California in 1M. Built railroad gort Gf a auit ef clothes his cert part will
Mrs. Hopkins Is the wife of Prof. A. J. connecting Krte with Ohlo and Mlasisaippl. . weu
Hopkins, who nils the chair of chemistry . """"7, UA , and jCnaland. assured of one thing: Mr. Drew will not
at Amherst college. Their home Is described I Built first Pacific railway. 18oi-l(f3. througn .v k. rr if it doea not permit him to
........ . .. .1 (..41. . I 4 . 1 .. . Im Mm.Kj I .
aa a moat aeiigntrui piece set in extensive E"- Seen In flTteer laila with- properly, and that doesn't mean two
grounds and commanding a superb view Ju, cVim things, either. Mr. Drew haa demonstrated
of the vM range of the Connecticut valley. H. wa orlli,...d i ical his father, hla fitness to drees weH. to conduct himself
The author's recent volume, "The Change mothar and three slaters dying at New with a certain distingue air, and to twirl
of Heart," deals with people of gentle
birth, and contains six stories. In each of
which soma tangible affair of the heart Is
Ingeniously unfolded.
Orleans of yellow fever. his moustache in a certain sort oi way,
He organised the firm of Train & Co.. and knows the correct way of doing otner
shloDing aaents with offices here and In things that are pom and proper, ana
Australia, and started the first clipper these accomplishments all stand him In
ships to California In 1845. He promoted good etead in his share of the unfolding
everal railroads and mndn an indeoendent of the modern military romance vapiain
r.ra for nn.lil.nl In 172 Ma waa noted aa Marshall has proviaeo. us wuu. major
AInslco's for February offers an especi
ally nttrnt1v. tahl. nt nnnf.nta. Tha
novelette is by Elizabeth Duer, who con- a prolific writer and for his eccentricities. Christopher Bingham, however, may be
second In command so far as the Tenth
Dragoon Guards were concerned, but not on
the stage; he'e first there, and "Alas, your
majesty, there is no second.
Supporting Mr. Drew Is a company whose
names are nearly. If not quite, all new to
Omaha, yet of such capacity as to give
The February number of The Smart Set
opens with a striking novelette, "The Wan
derers," by Gertrude Lynch a story with
a wholly new theme, as strong as It Is In
teresting. The dramatic Incidents which
follow a man who haa kidnaped his own
child, after a stormy quarrel with the wife
who naa Just divorced him. Is stirring in
the extreme, and the story Is written with
thai literary distinction which always char
acterises Misa Lynch's work. It is a
memorable novelette.
Margaret Button Briscoe, the author of
The Change of Heart," ' The Bixth Sense"
and other books of short stories published
by Harper A Bros., is one of tho writers
of short stories who began her literary
career In quite- ah accidental manner. It
Is related of Mrs. Briscoe, or Mrs. Hopkins,
as she Is known In private life, that pn
returning from a vixit to a back country
farm, she desired to Jot down an amusing
Incident related to her by her farmer host.
She began In the evening and wrote for a
long time, scarcely conscious of the length
f her narrative, until finally, us she
penned the last line, her lamp flickered out,
and aha discovered that It waa daylight.
tribuLed that for the Christmas number. I He has a career which has carried him
Her new story, "A Natural Divorce," is I to all parts Of the world and left his Im
a decided Improvement on the former. I press In many lands. He has been prom
Though Its action is laid In the same sur- Inent as a promoter, lecturer, political
roundings, there is more of the dramatic speaker and author. It waa In his days
element, the characters are more sharply as a promoter that Omaha knew him. It
drawn, and tha nlot la better balanced, waa during the construction period Of the
James H. Gannon. 1r.. berina In this num- Union Paclflo and during that time and very acceptable characterization to the
ber the first of a aeries of "Stories of the for several years thereafter he was a people who inhabit the Marshall play. Miss
Street," entitled "The Control of the Bt. well known figure In this city and many Margaret Dale is an attractive appearing
Louis Southern." It is done by one who Is of the older ridents have vivid memories young woman, with a pleasing face and a
thoroughly familiar with the subject, and of him. He was possessed of a brilliant voice full of musio and eeemlngly capable
la aa good aa Lerevre's best, which is say- mind and even then was noted for eccen- of much expression. She haa been schooled
Ing tho most that could be said. Dorothy trlcltlra which in later years have made In the quiet methods of the star and ac
Dix haa another of her delightful little his name a household word. It was one compllshes her work with a delightful re-
talks with women "Choslng a Husband" of these cecullarltlea which furnlahes the presslon. Colonel Anstruther Is very In
full of that sort of advice that. In these basis for one of the best known stories of telllgently portrayed by Mr. Ootthold, and
days, most women should take to heart. I his life In Omaha. In those days the Hern- Mr. Salisbury Is good as Lieutenant Man-
The poetry of the number Is contributed don house, now the Union Paclflo head- nerlng,
by Arthur Ketchum, Theodore Robert, quarters building, waa the most pretentious very large audience was present last
Carolyn Wells. Harold MacOrath, W. D. hotel building in the west and here Train evening and apparently enjoyed the play.
Nesblt and Madeline Windeyer. The theat- waa boarding. He became offended at
rlcal article, entitled "Midwinter Plays," what he considered lack of attention to his "CHICKEN'' JIM GETS EVEN
is oy Allan Aaie. m ne puDusnera were wants and vowed he would build a rival.
fortunate In obtaining his services. He did It and Us erection was a fine ex
ample of what a hustler could do when
President Roosevelt has had a moun- I he set about It. What for years was
tain ridge In Alaska named for him, Roose- I known as the Cotzens house, on Ninth
velt ridge. The ridge waa recently ex- street Just south of Farnam, was the re
plored and christened by Dr. Frederick suit. This large frame building was I "Chicken Jim," whose name, the police
A. Cook, who writes In Harper's Magazine I erected In thirty days and as speedily I say, comes from an Innate desire to possess
for rebruary his second paper on Amer- equipped as s hotel and for years after I chickens, no matter to whom they belong,
lea's Unconquered Mountain," which Is the Herndon ceased to be a hotel was the waa recently arrested by Detectives Davis
Mount McKlnley In Alaska. Dr. Cook leading caravansary of Omaha and known and Mitchell and la being held pending an
thus refers to the new Roosevelt ridge: from one end of the continent to the other. Investigation of a charge of committing a
"When looking at Mount McKlnley from it ceased tJ be used as a hotel a num- trivial offense. "Chicken Jim" never has
the west, during the greater part of our ber of years ago and last year was torn been known to have developed a falling for
sojourn, we couia see oniy mis great nage, down to make room for a v holesale ware- ducks, but Monday afternoon he "ducked'
me main mountain twcKinieyj vsuauy ne- house. tha two detectives, using a garden hose.
ing cDscurea under neavy eiouaa. "I Always aa Omaha Boomer. "Chicken Jim" waa cleaning the windows
nesi or nooseveu noge is a series oil ,A.. . . . . th station, and Daul and Mitchell .r
jt-i an umes ana in an places Train was i ; " -----
Tarns Hose on Detectives Davis and
Mitchell, Who Cause Ills
anow-fre fool hills, montlv rvramlfljaJ in I
al ana. for which I shall ranest th.7.m, Omaha boomer, ven after he ceased to ovrT p.clUre ooua. xi-
anna tZt hHli Dr S rive! a cH this city Us home. trte of his achieve- " Play ugerously near the
granhlo nTLuli of" ml nervous av.n- thl. line was posting advertise- "Chicken Jim', all at once lost
f.r"h ' aat V'. 0' 1 P!ri dV.en ment. of Omaha on th. at ovramld. l control of the nozzle and Mitchell received
iu mm nis in ri v pncouniarea in inui im- i - i
a. rna tiiii Trvrfga nr inn sa tu m m on nm no n
portant expedition. P:-.. . . : .. . . hrt ravl. fared a. badlv. tho t,..m
ji laie years ne nas maae nis nome in i --
t-.i. ...I i , -j, . finding a breakwater in his expansive
The Red Book seems to think It haa made ., . ' ,ulm fc .. I breaat. ."Chicken Jim" smiled as he re
a literary "find " For the March number of dealjrnlltea. Wlth tne dvanc,nf year, h,s covered his hose and went assiduously to
n.iT .1 . V peculiarities have become more pronounced. wor u" uetecuves
w... - m, - . Always klndhearted, he has turned toward wenl nomB ,m rwraeni
A V.M - I. . ,1.. I .-...vr,
some fifty year, ago and 1. declared to be from fh f men He h been
n.t Aarv 1 ar- I 4Tb...1 Jt ..I S I "
, a .v . . .. J ". " the most peculiar figures In the New
plot. Other stories In the March number
are "The Paleozoic Humor of Mr. Fltts,"
one of the tales of a picturesque young
scamp, by Rex E. Beach; "The Wing of
Recompense," by Julie M. LIppmann, being
a dramatic story of an American artist, a
London beauty and a mysterious picture.
York parks and around him could always
be found a bevy of children whom his
great, kind heart attracted to him and who
were pleased with the peculiar mannerisms Mich. There Is no question about Its being
Chamberlain's Coach Remedy the
Very Best.
"I have been using Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy and want to say It Is the best
cough medicine I have every taken," says
Geo. L. Chubb, a merchant at Harlan.
of the man.
He was possessed of a great intellect
which lacked, however, the proper balance
to enable him to be of the tuccessful
and "The Ouest of Honor." a woman's club ( worM No on rowever aw
story by Emily . Wheeler. wUh a cIearer vUon than h, the j,,,,,,.
ties that lay In the struggling frontier town
The Man with the Thumb," Is the un- 0f Omaha as It xlsted when he first knew
usual title of a new two-part novel be- n an(j began sounding its praises.
ginning in The Popular Magazine for Feb- Cf those remaining In Omaha who knew
ruary. It is a story of mystery, and the njm intimately ex-Mayor George P. Bemls.
mystery la so well sustained that it seems a nephew, is easily first, having been as-
rather cruel not to give tne story com- BOclated with him In a personal and busi-
plete. However, there are thirteen other neM capacity and has always kept up a
equally strong features in tne cumber, correspondence with him. H. T. Lemlst
one being a complete novel by Louts of ., c. B. Havens Coal company Is a
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less time than any other treatment. It
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Clark, Well-Kaowa cleatiat.
Praises Paw Paw.
Prof. E. Warren Clark, the well-known
leoturer, traveler and scientist. It Thomas
St., New York, writes: "Paw Paw is
Nature's own remedy for indigestion and
nervousness. In three trip around the
world I - have become perfectly familiar
with the medicinal virtue of thla re
markable fruit. People in India could
not do without It. I waa much Interested
when I read that Prof. Munyun had in
troduced thla remedy to the public, and
1 have been taking Munyun' l'aw Paw
with most gratifying result. The tlrst
bottle tncreaurd my .pint He - and cured,
ma or aleepleianeaa. 1 aiu now taking it
regularly, and rind that my whola sys
tem la improved and strengthened, l'aw
l'aw cert.inly M a wondrrrul ski to dlttes
tlon. I am telling all my friends about
It and what It did for me.'1
If you have Dyspepniu. try 1C
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If you are despondent, try it.
If you are weak and run down, try It.
Cast away all tonics, all medicine and
all atlmulants and let Munyon Paw Pw
make you well. It will lift you into tho
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It will give exhilaration without Intoxica
tion. Hold by all driirrlets. I.arge bottle, 11.
Munyou's Laxative Ptlla, Zaa a bottle.
Discount Sale
Joseph Vance, entitled "The Moccasin
Lode." This is the story of a mine manipu
lator who tries to do big things with a
worn-out claim. There are three two-part
atorlea and an array of short fiction by
well known authors who know how to
entertain you. '
The Sand Man," by William J. Hop
kins, is a continuation of farm stories,
written In simple language for the bed
time amusement ' and Instruction of the
very young. Every-day Incidents only are
employed to Interest the child, and nothing
to excite fear or to over-stimulate the
fancy la included. Those who are called
upon to entertain young children will hail
this book with delight. Handsomely
hound and illustrated profusely by Ada C.
Williamson. L. C. Page at Co., Boaton,
Large English end Canadian editions of
"letters from a Bon to His Salf-Made
Father" have been disposed of by the pub
lishers, the Roblnion-Luce company, and
holders of this right of publication In the
countries mentioned report that they are
aa much In demand as were the "Letters
from a Self-Made Merchant to Hla Son,"
which are so cleverly answered In this
new book.
The above books are for sale by the Me-
geath Stationery company, 1308 Farnam.
23 to M per cent on Books, Stationery.
Games and leather Goods, Pvker beta
and Playing Cant.
Bale closes Saturday.
J 13us Farnam Street. H
wnewggBjsjggssjSjjB SggrV g29rjBBjQggBsej
Tho Iwik. rlwe4
a tuia aae
Tel. BJ 234.
613 Farestn St.
As a cathartic
Safe Speedy Sure,
Wright's Indian
Vegctablo Pills
are unequalled.
A pure herb remedy.
Roman Eye Dalsam
For Weak or Sore Eyes
...p .ale by all drasatlata.
cousin of the deceased.
Dranken Man Refasee to Leave Honae
and Woman Thonghtfally Tele,
phones to Station.
"Sh'don be 'larmed, madam, ah' I'll stay
right here and keep de boogers off. Don'
be 'larmed."
This was the comforting promise Ed Por
K. Rosewater of The Bee Is another with ,, Ml.. rh Puh. sot u.h th.
wnom irain naa aepi up a uc.uiiury corre
teenth street, Monday night as he lopped
rtnwn In hr front room lntn mhl.h ti. K .1
Train always took great Interest In edu- forced M entrance. De,plt th ploUine8
cation and one of the city schools, located
at Blxth and Hickory, is named after him.
of Miss Pugh that the strange man be be
gone he persisted in keeping his seat and
At one time he po.ses.ed considerable real , tha nu W1s Pugh thoughtfully
phoned to the police station, which sent
up enough men to care for a dozen such
estate In this city, but at the present time
It ha. all passed from his control.
Ex-Mayor Bemls on Train.
Ex-Mayor George P. Bemls of this city,
fellows aa Porter.
Porter was badly whipped by John Bar-
Gold Medal
It Pan'American Exposition
Coalaenaent in Calaeon Overtimes
Workmen at Terminal Comoany'i
Caat Omaha, Bridge.
a cousin of Citizen Trsin. waa first apprised I leycorn and proved an eaay victim for the
of hi. relative's death by a Bee reporter I polloa.
at an early hour thla morning. Mr. Bemls
'Well. Is he dead? Mr. Train first came
to Omaha in 1M3, when the Union Pacific
railroad waa organized. On December t
of that year he broke ground here for the I
construction of the road and made hla fa
mous speech predicting the early comple
tion of the road over the mountains to
California. He was here on and off until
1868, when he bad an experience at the old
Herndon house, which led to the construc
tion of the Cozzens house by him. You no
doubt have heard of the particulars of the
"He waa closely identified with the city
until 186, when the gold spike was driven
In the Overland route at Promltory, Utah.
"In W& he bought 600 acres of Omaha
property south of the tracks and between
the river and Twentieth street, but he
subsequently lost this through mortgage
"His last visit to Omaha was during
October, 1K)3. when be spoke at Boyd's
theater for a week, his particular object
then being to work up Interest In the mat
ter of having an Omaha day at the Co
lumbian expos! Liu n and to take 6,000 Omaha
children there under hla guidance."
John Nelson. 821 South Nineteenth street.
who baa been working In a causwm at the
Terminal company East Omaha bridge.
waa overcome monger arternooD npon
emerging from tha caisson, the air pressure
having been too much for him. The
stricken man was removed In the poll?
ambulance to Clarksoa hospital. At -
early hour Tuesday morning he waa re
ported as resting eaully.
Deugla Printing Co, 1 Uww-vro. Tel 14
Unlike Any Other!
The full flavor, the deli
cious quality, the absolute
Purity of Lowney's Break
fast Cocoa distinguish it
from all others.
Lowncy's Cocoa Is the fnest
possible product of the choicest
Cocoa Bean.
Th Lmrr KKtiM Bat uttt torn
QmmuUlcimfittmtkmi4. Saufrm
tmWaiat H. leajOa.S mis, sum.
o o
gggmgnmmgmjmmmmmmmmmmm f
: .
- . . r ,' .. , - -
There is one way of going to California
that affords all the ease and comfort at a
minimum of expense the Burlington way.
For many years the Burlington has been
taking thousands of people annually to Cali
fornia. This travel has increased each year
because the service given was the best to be
had for the money.
The Burlington's through tourist sleep
ing cars run via Denver through Colorado's
mountain scenery, through Salt Lake City
by far the most interesting route to the coast.
Vrito or call and I will toll you all
about tho trip.
(Mi :
1502 Farnam Stroot,

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